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Claire Reppen

Many of you knew, or knew of, Claire Reppen. Some readers may have been audited by her. Some of you may have wondered whatever became of one of the FSO’s highest producing Class XII auditors in its history. Well, she passed away several years ago. As has become standard operating procedure within the C of M there was no rest nor fitting acknowledgment paid for the weary. As is becoming custom, we shall bypass in order to pay proper respects. The following is a eulogy written by Claire’s friend and pre-OT, OT VII Carol Kramer:

Any Scientologist that has been involved in the church for the period of the late 1960’s until 2000, was audited by or knew people who were audited by Claire. She audited upwards of 100,000 of WDAH. Her line-up included many artists and movers and shakers in their own rights. She started in Scientology in Toronto, Canada in the mid 60’s, when Fred Hare kick-started it as an old Guardian Office run “Franchise” as they called them back then. From there she went to Saint Hill, went Clear and did the SHSBC. Claire was also on the Royal Scottsman ship and did her OT levels in 1968 when the UK ban went into effect.

In the early 70’s Claire became a CL VIII Auditor at AOLA and joined the Sea Org. She also spent time on the Apollo while Ron was there. In the late 70’s she was a NOTS auditor at AOLA.
She went to FSO and became a CL XII Auditor and remained so until the release of the GAT. It was after this release that she was busted by RTC. What was her crime?Refusing to go along with DM’s new definition of an FN. You see, Claire was a true pillar of the tech and would not compromise standard tech in order to tow the line. She wouldn’t go along with DM’s altered version of an FN. Lucky PC’s! Unlucky Claire. At the age of 66 she was sent to the RPF to do hard labor.


While in the RPF Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer. She battled this for 2 years. Many people beat this disease but it helps to have a great support system. What kind of support did Claire get? You decide for yourself when you read the KR written on her by the woman in charge of the “care” of elderly FSO staff (click link at end of post to read). Just know, Claire’s integrity was so high she went to the RPF rather than deliver what she knew was out-tech. She wouldn’t compromise. Yes, Claire was a classy lady alright!

To know Claire Reppen was to know wisdom, strength, love, caring, selflessness, interest in all things, fun-loving: all the attributes that LRH would have ascribed to an ideal auditor. She was a Class XII of the highest caliber.

Claire worked endless hours in the L’s HGC. Her PC’s held her in the highest regard, the same way she felt toward them. Claire gave me a “New Life” and for that I’ll be eternally grateful.

Her standards were always high. Her watchful eyes could see. Her beautiful smile and laughter always brightened the day. I feel her presence and for that I am thankful. Claire, you’re always in my heart and are missed.What a classy lady!

– Carol Kramer

NOTE: Some of you may be turned off by the posting of the KR. I thought long and hard before posting it considering whether it would be disrespectful to Claire. However, I was reassured by several people who were very close with Claire that Claire herself would have insisted upon it. There is a another factor that tipped the scale toward posting it. After leaving the church I did several months of work assisting Mosey in her profession of helping elderly folks move out of nursing homes into private settings. We were both moved by the extraordinary pesonalities and wisdom that appeared once the heavy nursing home drugging regimen wore off. During that stint we did some research to present to the Texas Dept of Health in order to prevent discontinuation of funding for the program. Part of that presentation is appropriate here:

What did Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill and John F Kennedy have in common? An abiding, expressed belief that could be paraphrased thus: The health and vitality of an entire civilizaton can be determined by examining but one factor: how do they regard and care for their elderly?

I may have contributed to her fall from grace directly or indirectly.  For that, my sincere apology. Peace to you Claire and the other long-term veteran SO members who have been disregarded, disrespected, wharehoused out of sight and out of mind and left to pass on. All of our respect goes to all you all. You know where to find us.

KR link:

claire1, claire2, claire3

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  1. It is amazing to me that despite the pusilanimus report, the free theta, life and mischief and ethics presence of this being, Claire, shines through.

    I wanted to sit with her sipping a nice hot cup of coffee, suck back a couple of Camel stubbies and read the paper in the morning, under a nice umbrella.

    God, I love this woman and know, even with the comm-lag in that group bank that would dictate this report be written, her life infused them and sooner or later they’ll get her. They’ll get it. She has it and gave it to them.

    God I love this woman.

  2. Watching Eyes

    I’m glad you posted the KR. When people read it you’ll need a richter scale to measure the charge. People need to see how the CofM treats it’s sick and elderly.

    Imagine being sick and having to be “cared for” by someone so mean & hateful as the one who wrote that KR.

    I hope the press is watching.

  3. Claire audited me only a few times — for reviews I think.
    I loved her. She was very real. It is very real to me that she would take the RPF over violating what she knew.

    And I LOVED the KR — shows what a real live wire. How insane it is that one of the points on the KR is that she was always applying makeup and dying her hair … AS IF???

    Utterly appalling how the elderly Sea Org staff are treated. The church has enough money to OWN their own nursing home, staff it with manicurists and hairdressers as well as doctors.

    And NOT force a SO member onto MEDICAID — which is much different from MEDICARE. My guess is the church applies for MEDICAID … which people without ANY financial means are eligible for.

    Elderly care is so important. The elderly deserve only the best, not psych drugging into being quiet OLD people.

    Thank you Carol and Mosey for the important work you are doing for the elderly – a sorely neglected and often abused segment of our population.


  4. I’d only heard how wonderful Claire was and admired her from afar. Her integrity was more important than her body.
    Support, love and understanding are such an integral part of surviving cancer (I got these things together for a friend who had none and she lives cancer free today!)
    I hope she’s been getting her well-deserved R&R ~ I have no doubt she is being loved immensely.

    Claire ~ I look forward to meeting you. We will be here when you return and absolutely will not abandon you!

  5. Virgil Samms

    Claire was always a special person to me. I worked with her at AOLA and became good friends with her there. Then when I was at FSO she always went out of her way tosay “Hi” to me or to crack a joke.

    I can see her sitting in the morning drinking coffee and smoking. She was a trip. She should have been treated like royalty for the work and all of her contrivution she gave to the Church.


  6. Dear, wonderful Claire, that list of “out ethics” sums up what was so lovable in her; insouciant, playful, incredibly warm, and a total wise-ass in the best way. Not to mention alive, aware, really smart, sassy, artistic, and just the most wonderful person one could hope to meet. And that bubbly laugh was like magic; it just made everything sparkle.
    Claire was exterior, both to her own body, and to the viewpoints and agreements around her. Somehow just being in her space made me feel more exterior too.
    She was never my auditor, but she was and always will be my friend. I suspected something like the aboove had happened, because I could never imagine Claire putting up with out tech for a second. The story is sad, but in one way uplifting; she never lost her warmth and humor and independence, even sick and surrounded by assholes.
    Yeah, I love that picture of Clair smoking and drinking coffee and running around socializing. And saying,,” yeah, I’m hungry” and eating that guy’s pizza…I love it! Typical Clair, living and loving life to the fullest, interested in everyone and everything, like she couldn’t drink in enough of that wonderful thing called life.
    I love you Claire. I never got a chance to tell you that, but I think you knew. Wherever you are girl, you’re not alone. You go ahead and kick ass darlin’..we’ll meet again.

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  8. I just brought myself to read the KR and it makes me SICK. What an arrogant BITCH!
    I keep deleting what I really want to say.

  9. Jim, I was going to say the exact same thing. After reading that KR, I loved how much spunk Claire had right to the end. What a great being. I never met her but it did my heart good to see her being so fun and full of life to the end.

  10. I tried to read the KR, all of it. I couldn’t make it to the end. The same two question every time:

    How is this an overt?
    That’s a general accusation; got something to back it up with?

    In my world, 100000 WDAHs buys you the right to have your hair done every day if you feel like it. Now someone with that many hours in the chair isn’t likely to frittle time away, but that’s beside the point.

    100,000 WDAHs still buys a whole lotta rights. Even eating a slice of pizza that the nice official fellow on the other side of the desk offered.

    I never knew Claire – this post is the first I have heard of her – but it looks like this lady had a pair of big brass ones. Huge big brass ones.

    And I admire that. We must look after our upstats. We must doubly look after our elderly upstats.

  11. The “bizarre viewpoint” of that KR-writing S.O. Member on what is “out-ethics”, “inappropriate 2Dy stuff”, “out of exchange” behaviour (huh? of a highly productive Class XII over years – most probably having raked in millions for the FSO?) actionable and requiring “lower conditions” — it is so sick, it is so sick, so sick that I too hope there will be a public outcry about it which hits the all time high on a respective Richter Scale!

    I would consider it an immoral highest crime to work one’s ass off to get “our elderly crew onto Medicaire”. What a creepy fraud that bushy Sea Org Member committed! And boasting about it! Disgusting!

    I was so pleased seeing President Obama honour the elderlies of the Civil Rights Movement on Martin Luther’s Birthday in January this year in the Whitehouse.

    And mind you: The President of the United States and the First Lady, the Vice-President of the US, Joe Biden and Madam Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi attended the funeral of Dr. Dorothy Heights this April, acknowledging the stellar contributions of this legend of the CRM to the American Nation and to Human Rights around the world.

    This puts the deplorable treatment of our legends by the Sea Org in an even more devastating perspective which makes me choke.


  12. My mom who lives with us has Alzheimer’s. Like Claire, my mom is a warrior and a great lady.

    I will probably post more later on this important topic. Right now, I need to take a walk.

    Just Me

  13. Sorry, Carol,

    in my outrage I forgot to thank you for that post. So, THANK YOU!!!

  14. Claire sounds like a real character and real lady.

    In reading the KRs I was so encouraged to see that Claire maintained her independence, free spirit and wouldn’t be ground into the dirt by the puritanical DM robots that wanted her to live something resembling prison life and clearly gave her no credit whatsoever for a lifetime of fantastic achievements — that’s the brave new world of DM for you.

    Claire was referred to in the KR as “out-exchange”! Are you kidding me? I don’t think that situation was even possible as far as Claire is concerned

    This wonderful tech terminal put on Medicaid? Sadly, it’s true. While DM and IAS terminals shower themselves with lavish gifts and live it up, veteran staff who gave their whole life are reduced to begging for medical favors while Miscavige refuses to spend church (his) money on the “unworthy”. I think it fantastic that Claire refused to beg. Why the hell should she?

    Sadly, one of the key factors in my decision to leave the Sea Org in 2006 was my realization that Miscavige would go after the elderly with his suppressive policies in the same way he went after kids, families and marriages. It was already happening and it’s even worse in other areas, the elderly are forced to live in slum like conditions. And it’s only going to get worse as a great many Sea Org member reach old age.

    By writing this article and posting the KR you have helped Claire deliver yet another blow to the forces of suppression within Scientology to whom she would never bow her head or bend her knee.

    Claire is a true independent spirit and I join you in saluting her!

  15. Thanks for posting the KR. It is very interesting to see how a Flag staffer can consideer extremely normal activities as out-ethics. The author seems to operating on a moral code that is unreal or bizarre and cerrtainly does not align with ethics.

  16. I knew Claire at Flag and have met her son Mike Reppen. She did not audit me but was my examiner on occasion at Flag. Her quiet competence was wonderful to behold. I had heard she was RPF’d and had passed away, and was greatly saddened by this. Someone had said that she passed away on the RPF, but someone else corrected this and said she did not die in the RPF. Thank God for that! At least she had some freedom before she died to do things she wanted to do, drink coffee, read the paper, smoke cigarettes, socialize with friends, things she probably did not have time to do delivering all those thousands of hours of auditing! Thank you for posting this, and providing us who were left in the dark, a chance to quietly thank her, and honor this great lady for her service. Finding out that she preferred the RPF to being out-tech has been an inspiration to me to no longer be reasonable about the out-tech and human rights abuses my son and I have suffered, along with the thousands of other Scientologists who have suffered needlessly. I will try to live up to her memory by taking action and doing something about it.




  17. I’m curious what type of doctors treated Claire? Did she and do other S.O. members get to see qualified MDs? What type of treatments did she actually get?
    (I heard so much BS from totally unqualified people re. sickness and the treatment of.)

  18. Ray Randolph

    Standard Disclaimer: Am not, never have been a scn.

    Do you all understand how weird this KR is? Maybe it’s not a typical KR (but it’s not atypical of other KR’s I have seen).

    Can someone tell me what justification there could possibly be for having a human being write up the text version of a 12-year-old-tattletale running to mommy about another person?

    Not just the elderly… but any human being.

    Sorry for my tone on this up-front, but this is (in my mind) another example of how insipid, juvenile and authoritarian much of the scn codified “justice” really is. It’s not just bad, it’s as if it were designed to be abused. My mind struggles to come up with a system that could possibly be more easily abused. In that sense, it’s not just philosophically bad, it’s bad design.

    I have made this complaint before and get “I disagree” or “this isn’t how it should work” or whatever. But I guess maybe I have never seen a *good* application of it — granted, I’m on the outside looking in.

    The proper response to any KR that reads anything at all like this is to call the author and tell them, “grow the fuck up… sit down with that person and work through your shit together.” If it comes down to irreconcilable differences, get back to me and the three of us will come up with a plan to resolve this.

    I fail to see any redeeming qualities in the entirety of Scn “justice”. Not one good thing. I am, however, open minded… so can you all educate me?

  19. *I’m assuming whoever wrote the KR is female. If not, then what an arrogant PRICK!
    I keep imagining it were me caring for Claire and what an honor it would be and how much ARC I could have with her…

  20. はいどら

    Oh lord, the restroom!? Two times a day!?

  21. Wow, what a pistol you are, Claire! I would have loved to know you. Maybe next time, huh?

    BTW, I’m not a big fan of punitive sec checking, but I would say Nurse Rached needs to be put on the cans and asked about her crimes against “elderlies.” Her unwillingess to allow Claire to be really alive, while she was still alive, is pure evil. And I’m sorry, but her apparent preference for the elderlies who are too sick to work, those bedridden, and dreaming and postulating about returning to post and serving the group, just made me sick.

  22. Lucy James

    Wow, the KR says it all. I would have loved to sit with her scooping toppings off the pizza and drinking hot coffee!

    She wouldn’t beg for medicaid. I personally feel the C of S’s medical policy is fraudulent. How does DM spend $250,000 on a birthday party for Tom Cruise while SO staff have to go begging to get any medical treatment. It’s disgusting.

  23. Undoubtedly a very classy lady. It’s good to know that we have Beings of that caliber coming back on lines soon.

  24. becomingAware

    100,000 WDAHs! That says it all about her. I’m sure she has a new game.

    The KR – straight out of Orwell’s 1984. That KR is the most illuminating item I’ve read in a long time.

  25. Ok, here goes. This isn’t about me, you, or anyone but Claire and yet about each and everyone of us. And it speaks to me personally, literally.

    I’ve spent the past 18 years working with senior adults, and I am surviving breast cancer. Claire is guilty alright. Guilty of being there and communicating the truth in the present.

    there is something quite liberating about living up close and personal with the real possibility of this life mortality. The present is sharper, less is taken for granted, and it’s easier to just go ahead and be right there, truthful. What the hell, at this point all that’s left might just be my integrity…. I get it, Claire. God’s speed.

  26. Claire was such a beautiful, charismatic. high ARC being. Honestly, there was a light about her. She was so out of place in what the F.S.O. had become when I was there.

    I hope someday, someone with a platform will make a tribute site for Alan Hubbert. People like him made me want to be part of the group.

    We had some fine company……….

  27. “insouciant, playful, incredibly warm, and a total wise-ass in the best way. Not to mention alive, aware, really smart, sassy, artistic, and just the most wonderful person one could hope to meet.”


    I’ve met my fair share of auditors – all the ones that stand out in memory were like your description to some degree 🙂

    It takes a certain something to be an auditor, something special to be able to help overcome someone else’s bank.

    “meek and mild and toe the line” just doesn’t cut the mustard…..
    but “to hell with the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” does!

  28. I just read the KR.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or kick somebodies ass.

    There is a point of ridiculousness ……. what are you going to do?

    Just makes you want to focus in a direction that means something and suppress your recall of visiting that dimension altogether.

    It’s things like this that make me laugh at myself for having been there and contributed to this.

  29. Claire was my roommate at the FSO for almost a year at the FH. She was funny, full of life, full of facinating stories and these are all memories of her I will always treasure; I am saddened to hear about her passing.

  30. What I mean is, things like this make me feel ashamed for having been a Sea Org member.

  31. martyrathbun09

    ORACLE, can you please send me an email with what you know about Alan? I worked with him for a stint, and do not know what happened with him later.

  32. martyrathbun09

    Lunamoth and others, I wouldn’t be so quick to condemn Sherry personally. She mocked up this whole service for the elderly on her own origination when she was busted as a Cl XII. I got that she did it out of care and compassion for them. I am pretty sure she got coerced and forced into this mode of operation.

  33. OMG!!!!
    She produced millions of dollars to the church!!!!
    and they did not want to pay for her medical bills??
    they want to put her on medicare????as she said in her BS report ” medicare save us 100s of dollars”
    save???? to WHOM????DM?????
    This very disturbing OMG! Doing this to the most valuable being of the planet!!!! f……
    Sorry my english…. I am mad

  34. Very good on posting the Kr !

    It’s a shame the C.O.S wants to save money on people that produced millions of $.
    And it is very sad to see how they got no respect for elder people.
    My god.. I can’t believe that. The guy who wrote that sounds of being not a Scientologist at all but kind of a security guard in a russian prison.

  35. Claire,

    You are needed. Please report back for duty and for posting in the independent field of Scientologists as soon as you can.

    You can read the newspaper, have a smoke, eat some pizza, hug your friends, and apply LRH 100% standardly to your hearts content. And in return we will give you support, goodwill and appreciation – the opposite that the midget’s crew of zombie squirrels gave you.

    Thank you for your dedication and personal integrity. We stand ready to welcome you back with the respect and support you deserve.

    Sovereign Scientologist

  36. Ray ~ Hi. This so-called KR is her attempt to CYA – cover your ass! Your solution is actually what should have occurred.
    I don’t have a copy to quote you but a KR as intended could help resolve an issue where data was missing. Someone wrote a KR on me and it was just simply truth without all the other BS like this one.
    And being truth, it made me to take a look at what was in it and deal with it and change it. I felt absolutely no animosity towards the author and actually thanked her for writing it.

  37. Oh MAN that KR pisses me off something vile.

    Yes, this is the very prevailing attitude I remember from the church, enough to put me off ANY third dynamic forever.

    Bloody hell, I am SO annoyed!!!!

    I take care of my mother, it took me some kind of crazy struggle to get her out of the nursing home she was placed in by others, and YES she was on all manner pf traquilizers and anti-depressants. By the time I got her home with me she wasn’t making ANY sense at all.

    She is off all of them now and is doing really just pretty fine, but man oh man this KR stomped my buttons.


    Carol I hope you come round every now and then and knock some of their hidden cameras out of place!

  38. Thanks for the background, Marty. But the CYA viewpoint seeps through. I’m sorry that someone with obvious compassion felt squashed to such depths. I hope no action was taken on the KR and I hope Sherry kept all this crap to herself and behind the scenes and off Claire’s lines.

  39. Biga Watts

    This and other similar stories may be one of the reasons Debbie Cook hasn’t “come out” yet. It was on her watch that this happened. And Debbie didn’t “pull a Claire”.

    I, too, loved you Claire.

  40. This is a great insider look into the suppressive group bank agreement DM has turned this group into.

    After over 30+ years of service – Claire earned the right for some R&R, especially while sick. OH THE HORROR, reading the paper, drinking coffee, plucking your eyebrows, doing your hair, laughing with friends, hugging an 85 year old man, getting a gift or 2 from public (DM gets gifts all the time), fraternizing with public (DM does this all the time but SO members are not allowed), OMG going off for a day or 2 with family from out of town visiting her (this is standard tradition out here to visit your loved ones when they are ill, let’s not forget DM takes time off all the time but Int staff haven’t had a day off in years and years), receiving money from her F/L son!!!

    Whoa….this front and center shows the degree of brain washing this group has undergone under DM and the supression is dramatized all the way down the lines. Claire was onto it and was aware of it and was thus punished.

  41. And his $5000 suits, his $4,500,000 mil home in LA, his $70,000,000 mil office building, his expensive motor cycles and cars, vacations all around the world, etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While the elderly are left to rot, enough to rile your blood!

  42. plainoldthetan

    I for one am not offended by posting of the KR.

    A favorite trick is to use one set of standards to condemn an action disrelated to them.

    Tribe A that hates women condemns Tribe B for being nice to them.

    A man attacked by mad dogs is condemned by the SPCA for being mean to animals.

    An older generation, raised to believe a girl’s place is in the home, objects to a daughter going out to earn a living. They would object even if she were starving!

    Anyone can always be criticized for something-it all depends on what standards the critic uses.

    L. RON HUBBARD Founder


    This shouldn’t have been accepted as a “KR”. It’s actually a “GNOR” (Generalities, Natter and Opinion Report” and the person that wrote it should have gotten it back with the notation “Refused, GNOR” on it.

    This is one of the roots of our discontent. That someone’s opinion (even DM’s) outweighs common sense.

    This woman was “being made guilty of” overts that PER THE REPORT had no harmful effect and violated no HCOB, HCO PL, or ethics code.


  43. Ray,

    Miscavige works hard to create an atmosphere within which people live in such fear of his punishment, losing loved ones, losing their eternity, being cast out with nothing … on and on … that they would rather rat out their friends and even jossle and compete with each other for his attention or favors, anything not to reap the punishment they see meted out so often to others.

    It is not at all unlike the type of stuff that goes on in a prison camp.

    It is sick.

    And Miscavige is damn good at it.

  44. The way Clarie was treated illustrates how DM’s terror regime is in total contrast to LRH ethics, tech and admin.

    ARC = Understanding = Granting of beingness = Life.

    There is no LIFE in CofM.

  45. I appreciate you empathy for the caregiver/MAA, Marty, but at what point in her membership in that group did she become NOT personally responsible for her own viewpoint, her own actions and her own words? As fully into the group think as she was, I’m sure she was not aware of her own callousness and lack of compassion, but I am aware of it and so are others.

  46. Ah, I work my fingies to da bone for days around 3 fantabulous kids of course, then I get to sit here and wacky the fingies some more! Communication outburst! Love it!

    Just wanted to say, I never was in the SO so I can’t really put myself in Sherry’s shoes exactly. Of course I’ve done stupid shit in solution to stupid problems. My karma is pretty damned quick, I tell ya! As soon as I kick the door it bounces right back and whacks me in the face!

    I am only trying to duplicate this attitude, valence, persona, whatever you want to call it, that is in the KR. Does Sherry really feel that way or is it more like if I write this then I’m going to seem astute and stellar and like I really care, so that when someone comes round blasting staff for this or that, at least it looks like I knew about it? A mindfluck.

    I guess I’m having a hard time with your comment
    I am pretty sure she got coerced and forced into this mode of operation.
    I mean I understand it, but it seems like such a pathetic justification.
    I am not trying to make Sherry wrong or even making it personal to her, I’m really not.
    I am trying to understand how an obviously good person could be so petty. What would have happened if she did not write this KR?

    The real underlying upset here that creams me quite literally is how such a being as Claire could be treated like a piece of shit. That is very personal to me and grossly upsetting…

  47. oracle,
    She went out of this life as proud to be a Sea Org member as could possibly exist. No shame oracle.

  48. Dave Adams

    100,000 wdah @ a conservative $500/hour is 50 million dollars, and flag auditing is more expensive…not that anyones life and happiness and value equates in any way with money.

  49. martyrathbun09

    lunamoth, amazing how people read things into comments. I don’t think it is productive to call her an EVIL BITCH. Just as don’t think it is productive to call DM AN EVIL BITCH. You all ought dig up the lecture where LRH describes how an SP becomes one. First, step is to conceive that another being can be inherently EVIL, not do evil, BUT IS EVIL. Don’t ever lose sight infinity logic – thinking in absolutes will land you right, smack dab in the middle of nasty GPMs.

  50. I used arrogant intentionally because I do understand that.

  51. OG got pictures of Claire and others working in RPF. I do not know the year these pictures were taken. Claire looks very ill:

    Gretchen Schwartz died at her desk in AOLA in August 2009. I did a post that shows the news release CoM issued. This is maddening:


  52. “At the age of 66 she was sent to the RPF to do hard labor.”

    I am going to smoke a cigar wich is a thing I seldom do.

  53. “I may have contributed to her fall from grace directly or indirectly. For that, my sincere apology.”

    As I read it she never fell from grace but it were the people around her that did.

  54. Marty, “The RPF Insider” were a series of shocking reports written by an SO Exec, smuggled out of RPF, and published online:

    This series could be the basis of a new blog post for you. The RPF Insider shook OSA to its core.

  55. Hugging someone tightly is out-2D?

    I guess I owe my spouse some O/W writeups for hugging my friends. 🙂


    Even if what’s mentioned in the KR is KR-worthy, there’s no time, place in there. It’s all generalities.

    If Claire was going to funerals, my feeling is that she was trying to get in comm with the beings who’d died. (I never met her, but from what’s said about her above, it seems far more likely than she was trying to cave in her 1D like the KR claims.)

    She remained true to who she wanted to be. Go, her.

    And: eating pizza is a shore flap? Maybe if she’d been fed properly, it wouldn’t have been. It’s not Claire’s overt, chicka.

  56. Freewalker

    Two thumbs up for Claire! She didn´t back down when others indicated to her being out-ethics. One needs to have quite a personality to to continue with these “obvious” outpoints as drinking coffee and reading the daily newspater WITHIN the church.

    As to the person who wrote the KR. She is just PTS and behaves simpel like that. When being in the SO I had to remind myself to act not like the person who wrote the KR( for example when I was complaining about someone for being slow in handling her Condition): “Hey David, wait a minute, what are you talking about, this chick is working her ass off all the years, she deserves to take her time to handle her condition.” (and I was a little bit proud that my main junior got holidays on 2 consequutive years – for no urgent reason. But this guy deserved it like no one else. – the best commrunner of this universe – lighting fast! I hope he is out by now)

    I never experienced physical abuses, but I saw the consequences of PTSness. The reason I left the SO, was as simple as the rule that all TVs got closed away. We didn’t have a TV in our room and I was not interested in watching TV. But having not the possibilty to watch TV if I want – not with me. At that time 96/97 there were other similar rules: Everyone has to take the bus to go from the HGB to the HI. I loved the walk home… what has this to do with freedom, if I can’t decide by myself to walk or to go by bus…

    Anyways on lower echelons one needs only to open the eyes to see the PTSness and SP-rules all over the place. One doesn’t need to see DM hitting someone else.

    My deepest respekt vor Marty, Mike…. – it’s one thing to not take anymore part of this game, but it’s a complete other level when striking back.

    David Friesenbichler
    If anyone comes to Munich/Bavaria, stop by and be my guest. We have nice coffeeshops and of course I am living besides a “beergarden”….

  57. It was also on Debbie Cook watch: GAT, altering the definition of FN, and instant read, it was on her watch the endless 8 intensives FPRD that I and others got while we were on SoloNots, and a lots of sec checks to see if we can go onto OT7, and all the squirrel tech that DM implemented, the basics, the hollywood style out policy events, the out of exchange reg cycles etc, it was on her watch, and she did not do anything about it, so she is not an angel.

  58. The page clearly states these photos were taken in December, 1998.

    And Gretchen, as a reg, dying at her desk on Thursday before 2? Of a heart attack? Classic. Sorry she died, though, I was always fond of her, and she’s about the same age as some of the Scns I worked with.

  59. Marty I don’t agree with you

    Sherry is responsible for her own acts.

  60. Carol~thank you for sharing this with us.

  61. Better would be “What an evil Institution that makes people behave this way”

  62. Sherry could have been any of you.

    “When I look at you I see myself”

  63. I knew Claire for years during the 70s. Your tribute to her is a wonderfully fitting and appropriate acknowledgment of her invaluable contribution to all those she audited and to her as a being. Rock on, honey!

    I thought the BEST part of the tribute to here were the 3 pages of so called “KR” written about her. Obviously, she was totally guilty of being insouciant and self-determined! (These are huge crimes in the C of M, of course)

    Per policy, LRH states that she should have been awarded on “Kha Khan” status. Instead, she was RPFed for Keeping Scientology Working. It is any wonder why no more Class XIIs are being made?

    The Church is DEAD! Claire LIVES!

    (She’ll be back pretty soon, I imagine)

  64. The STATISTIC becomes more important then the being.

    Sherry turns into a robot and can’t get her product from the production unit (Claire) she was supposed to handle/care for.

    The production unit is malfuctioning and developing a mind of her own and even strong self-determinism.

    Sherry’s solution write-up a KR as a plea for help.

    The KR should have read; “SOS! I have lost my ability to deal with humanity please help me I can’t confront this real life thing, please help me.”

    The reply should have been; “Treat her as you yourself would like to be treated” and “Love, care and honor this treasured, elderly Cl XII beings as best you can.”

    Bless you Claire!

  65. Tara, Hello my friend, I totally understand how you are feeling. When I read this report it reminded me of a time a 3p invest was called on me and I was called into the org and presented with reports from people I did not even know.
    One report that stuck out was “she enturbulated my wife”, I thought well okay and the point is….

    I truly feel intention behind writing KR’s became attacks on others. I personally never received a KR on me that was helpful. They were very distructive full of opinions, misinterpretations, etc. I had to look at what was behind the writing of such a report and found it was written from someone who was truly coming from a place of fear and unhappyness.

    Claire was/is one of the most uptone people I have ever known. This type of report was not warrented period. It was given to her before she died.

  66. Ray,

    You are not wrong in your assessment. In fact, you are spot-on – that is exactly how Scientology justice is currently being used (for the most part) within the church. It was not designed to work like that, but it is how it is being used right now.

    The KR comes across as a juvenile tittle-tattle from a 12 year-old because it was probably written by a robotic automaton. And we all know robots can’t think.

    Your outrage is completely on the mark, and like you said “Grow the fuck up” is the only appropriate response.

  67. Thanks for posting ALL of this re: Claire.
    As public at AO and Flag, she was one of the toughest cookies, straight line, LRH following persons around, and I thank her for that.
    I have helped several OT “elderlies”. It’s interesting the thetan shines through despite the stuff: cancer, dementia, body deteriorating, not a really fun adventure to have and it can be trying, having a body that isn’t as strong and able as it was. I knew some of the elderly went to Magnolia Manor, some were also sent home to their families, and one I know is being cared for by his wife off base, “as LRH would have wanted” because he absolutely refused to get out of the car to go in there.
    Sounds like Claire lived her life as best she could in that time and space and created effects the whole time, with integrity and spirit of play.

  68. I’m assuming the caregiver was Sherry Rabey – a sweeter more caring person couldn’t have been found.

    That she was 1) busted as a Class XII is horrible and unjust 2) felt she needed to write this type of KR to save whatever bit of a “life” she might have had left is truly and utterly appalling.

    There will be many older SO members who will be aging, no longer able to put in long hours or ANY hours and they will be shunted to nursing homes or assisted living you take MEDICAID — and trust me – those places are drug dispensers with not much care.

    AND if Sherry hadn’t written the KR — we would never know about this — so,

    She did a good thing in the end.


  69. Just to be as crystal clear as possible — when I said that Sherry Rabey writing the KR was utterly appalling — I was referring to the obvious fact that she felt the NEED to write something like this when she herself was a kind and generous soul. She obviously wrote it because of the suppression she was under and had been for a long time.


  70. Yes!

  71. She was quite a character and a true LRH friend!! Knowing the twisted point of view of the SO, I guess Claire had a lot of fun creating randomity for them and disagreeing to the suppression. Well done Claire!!
    we love you!!

  72. Ray – re: a bad design, easily abused, etc. Add to that the staffing of the Sea Org primarily with hardly more than children, taken out of school and indoctrinated in only “church speak” and “church act” culture. It’s a stinking mess – yes.

  73. Ba-da-bing, Marty!

  74. Watching Eyes

    Sherry may have been the one who started the elderly service and her intentions may even have been good……at the time. But to write a KR like that tells me things went horribly wrong. POW’s are treated better.

    Being coerced & forced into acting this way is no excuse. Claire didn’t let anyone coerce & force her into calling squirrel FN’s. Her integrity kept her standing tall. What happened to Sherry’s integrity?

  75. Writing KRs is LRH policy.

  76. I think the lecture you refer to is Suppressives and GAEs 2 August 1966. In PTS/SP pack. Highly recommendable.

    “It might interest you how an SP comes about…He’s already got enough overts to deserve more motivators than you can shake a stick at, see? He has done something to dish one and all in. He’s been a bad boy.

    Now, the reason he got to be a bad boy was by switiching valences. He had a bad boy over there, and he then in some peculiar way got into that bad boy’s valence. Now, he knows what he is; he’s a bad boy. See? Man is basically good but he mocks up evil valences and then gets into them. You see, he says “The other fellow is bad. The other fellow is bad,” see? And eventually he’s got this pasted-up other fellow, and one day he becomes the other fellow, see, in a valence shift or a whole complete package of personality. And there he is. And so he’s now an evil fellow. He knows how he’s supposed to act: he’s supposed to act like the other fellow. That’s the switcheroo. That’s how evil comes into being.

    The religionists have been very – having a hard time trying to solve what evil was, and that is what evil is: it’s the declaration or postulate that evil can exist. In the absence of postulates and the declaration of such, man isn’t good. Isn’t that interesting?

    When you take all of the furniture polish off and all the cast iron and old garbage and so forth, you find a good person. That’s very lucky, because we are making very powerful persons, and it’s very fortunate that they’re good persons. Quite interesting as a mechanism. It would not be safe to embark upon such an activity as Scientology at all, you’d wreck the whole universe, if that truth wasn’t a truth – and it is a truth.

    It is the false, mocked up valence which is the evil valence. Do you follow?

    All right. Well, this fellow has been assigning great evilness to another personality or type of personality. And then one day he got into it. And then when he was in this basically evil personality he started doing other people in. And then other people got very tired of him, or something of the sort, and he got himself into an incident, after which time never advanced.

    Now this is not the type of incident of which the R6 bank is composed. This is another type of incident. This is a battle incident or some kind of an incident. He is being attacked. He’s being actively attacked by other beings and he is stuck on the track. Now that portion of the time track, or that point in time, is more real than present time” LRH

    (MOQ – not bypassing you!)

  77. Thank you, Carol for posting this.

    I never met Claire but by her description she completely embodied life with her exuberance of theta unwilling to have it squashed. She exemplifies integrity and is a model for us all.

    I agree with another poster’s statement that, for what she gave to others, she should have been treated as royalty in her golden years.

    Hello Claire, thank you for all you have done.

  78. I think the tape you allude to is 2nd August 1966 Suppressives and GAEs. Highly recommendable:

    [Begin fair use]

    “It might interest you to know how an SOP comes about. It might interest you how an SP comes about.

    He’s already got enough overts to deserve more motivators than you cab shake a stick at, see? He has done something to dish one and all in. He’s been a bad boy.

    Now, the reason he got top be bad boy was by switching valences. He had a bad boy over there, and he then in some peculiar way got into that bad boy’s valence. Now, he knows what he is; he’s a bad boy, see? Man is basically good, but mocks up evil valences and then gets into them. You see, he says “The other fellow is bad, the other fellow is bad. The other fellow is bad, see? And eventually he’s got this pasted-up other fellow, and one day he becomes the other fellow, see, in a valence shift or a whole complete package of personality. And there he is. And so he’s now an evil fellow. He knows how he’s supposed to act: he’s supposed to act like the other fellow. That’s the switcheroo. That’s how evil comes into being.

    The religionists have been very – having a hard time trying to solve what evil was, and that is what evil is: it’s the declaration or postulate that evil can exist. In the absence of postulates and the declaration of such, man is good. Isn’t that interesting?

    When you take the furniture polish off and all the cast iron and old garbage and so forth out, you find a good person. That’s very lucky, because we’re making very powerful persons, and it’s very fortunate that they’re good persons. Quite interesting as a mechanism. It would not be safe to embark upon such an activity as Scientology at all, you’d wreck the whole universe, if that truth wasn’t a truth – and it is a truth.

    It is the false, mocked-up valence which is the evil valence. Do you follow?

    All right. Well, this fellow has been assigning great evilness to another personality or type of personality. And then one day he got into it. And then when he was in this basically evil personality he started doing other people in. And then other people got very tired of him, or something of the sort, and he got himself into an incident, after which time never advanced.

    Now, this is not the type of incident of which the R6 bank is composed. This is another type of incident. This is a battle incident or some kind of an incident. He is being attacked. He’s being actively attacked by other beings and he is stuck on the track. Now, that portion of the time track, or that point in time, is more real than present time. …

    The SP never went on from there”. LRH

  79. War and Peace

    This is why the Church has been so HATED in Clearwater. The tax payer pays, they want a free ride under the cloaking of “religion”.

    With their exorbitant $600 -$1000 an hour for auditing, and the $2-$3 million a week regged, they make the TAX payer pay for Medicare after sucking out decades of performance from a staff member.

    Even taking a sick woman to get a GREEN CARD, so that MEDICARE ~~ the TAX payer foots the bill !

    I will remind readers that the reptilian predator DM lives like a rock star, with $5000 Amani suits, $40,000 sound system in his personal palatial berthing, with a bunch of 25 or so SO slaves for his personal needs, while veterans
    are treated like this, and the tax payer must bear the brunt of SO medical.

    Boggles the mind.

  80. Anyone here ever wonder why love is not on the tone scale. Hatred is. Why not love? Love is an emotion. Probably the strongest we feel.

    And what about emotions often associated with the experience God and religion: awe, veneration, joy, ecstasy, reverence, wonder. All those highly spiritual emotions.

    Emotion is feeling and some of the strongest emotions we feel aren’t on the tone scale. A lot of what we feel for beings such as Claire.

    Much love,


  81. When I met Claire I realized what a lively person she was. She was a lot of fun, I remember Carol and I took her out for lunch while at the FSO.
    She was one of the nicest people that I had ever met from Flag. She representated the church well.

    “The last shall be first and first last”. I expect to see you at the head of the table. All my admiration.

    David K

  82. Sure. Sorry if I was the one to inform you that he has passed away.

  83. froghopper

    Extremly nice thoughtful writings
    I knew Claire myself , and was around at St Hill and The ship when she was there , also at the Flag Land Base. Thank you for writing it

  84. Oops – 2 Sams??? 😀 Hi

  85. AlexMetheny

    What a repulsive KR.

    That alone speaks volumes about the “church”.

    While DM is goofing around with TC, this woman was producing her butt off. As has been said in other posts she should have been treated as royalty. So what if she wanted to spend the rest of her days smoking and drinking coffee. I think she deserved more than that.

    The small minded person who KR’d her is a total dm-bot maybe even a super-bot.

    I din’t know you Claire but you kick ass!! I hope to see you around again soon. Sorry for the way that our church treated you!!


  86. AlexMetheny

    Great point Mina,

    I forgot to mention that. She was an auditing super star and they treat her as if she was “imposing” on the all important doctor!! So she wanted a peice of stinking pizza, BFD!!

    The church tries to scrimp on medical bills while they are raking in millions from our sorry asses!!
    Sorry.. I got to go barf!


  87. “I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly, I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky…”

    and beyond.

    Thank you to all who made a wish, took a chance, made a change …

    I like your title, Marty : Fly in Peace !!!!

    And Claire surely did not forget all the ones that she loves! ∞ ♥ ∞

  88. Hands up if you’ve been in Sea Org (under Miscavige’s influence) and at some point have written a sucky, make-wrong, self-righteous KR.
    Guilty (hand up).

  89. thecountesskrak

    I know Sherry Rabey and for the most part she is well intentioned. She is dedicating her SO life to get as much help and attention to the elderly SO at Flag. Nobody else does it except for maybe one or two in the MLO office which is always short staffed.

    The KR sheds to light the way that SO members are made to “think and act”. An overt act has been redefined into something else, what someone else thinks your overt is. KR polices have been perverted to this nonsense and the MAAs and staff go around handling this kinds of “out-points” and “out-ethics” in circles. This is just one example!

    When I was in the SO I got a Hygiene Chit (KR) from a Security Staff who was doing cleaning inspection of our berthing. He was reporting me for having scented tampons. The funny thing is that he didn’t think there was anything wrong with going through my very personal items MUCH LESS writing me up for it. I wish I had kept my copy. I wrote to the Chief Security about this and never heard back.

    And they think they are clearing the planet.

  90. Yes, Carol, thank you. That KR reveals so much.

    ps: She was born in 1932 and died 7 months afetr that KR was written.

    CLAIRE REPPEN 11 Dec 1932 02 Aug 2001

    So glad she got about, read the damn newspaper, saw her family before she died and made some friends and grieved those who died before her. She obviously knew what was important to her and that’s what counts.

  91. Kick somebodies ass was my first thought too.

  92. Amen!! So do I.

  93. Not to steer off the topic of this post, but can you imagine what some of the older SO members are now facing? People who have been around for a long, long time–Norman Starkey, Lyman Spurlock, Heber, Waldo (co-star of the Pro TRs Film), just to name a few of the more well known. DM never lets up. Never. You either produce to his standards or you are a dog. And his standards are usually at a level so over the top that as to be utterly unnecessary for any sane purpose. So, most have taken up permanent residence in the dog house. At least they have a lot of company.

  94. Countess, that definitely needs to be added to the list of DEV-T. What a delirium tremens….

  95. Another Layer

    “This is one of the roots of our discontent. That someone’s opinion (even DM’s) outweighs common sense.”

    Bullseye! And thanks for the reference.

    GNOR Reports and malicious gossip in the name of “standard tech(?)” were running rampant when I began to withdraw in the mid-to-late 80’s. Maddening that such a wonderful person could have been treated so shabbily, and by my own “church.”

  96. Marty, thanks for this posting. I may have met Claire at one time or another in PAC. I did meet and work with her son Mike in the late 70’s so feel an extended connection to her through him. Thank you for this delayed honoring of a great lady, a great SO member.

    As for the KR – wow. I rather cringed in reading of Claire’s “out ethics crimes” . Having been in the SO for 13 years and most recently on public lines for the past 17 years, I can tell you that this type of tattling report is very real to me! It’s basically snitching on another so you won’t get yourself in trouble for being in agreement with such egregious behaviour!! Thus, I have found any enjoyment of life, being honest in one’s thoughts and actions has become fodder for terrible introspective thoughts – I know as I’ve suffered from them personally! How terrible it had become to hug close and passionately, someone you love, to enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of good wine, a great cigarette, to take a walk just for the joy of it and say to hell with everything else for a space of time!

    That KR was quite a mirror in which to gaze at my own actions of the past! Thank you for including it.

  97. I thought of this song several times today as I thought of Scientologists having to confront the fact that the church is no longer the same entity that it used to be.

    This is perfect for Claire!

  98. Oh, that out-ethics Claire Reppen! Imagine:

    Drinking coffee! Walking places! Visiting her daughter and socializing with friends! Reading the newspaper: how bizarre!

    And more: Accepting pizza from an italian man when he asked her if she was hungry and she told the truth!

    Well…although I never knew Claire, I can say I love her to bits just based on this KR, which at first infuriated me. Then I saw this personality come through, someone who audited 100,000 WDAHs and simply didn’t agree that she was out-exchange. Bravo Claire!

    And believe it or not, I have a lot of compassion for the KR writer. I know what it is like to be down that rabbit hole.

    Man, am I glad I left the SO still a young man…

  99. Marty, re: calling Sherry an “evil bitch.”

    Got it. But what are you referring to? Please reread my comment. I said the action was evil, the unwillingness to allow an elderly, dying woman to do those simple things that made her feel alive, was an evil unwillingess.

    I never used the phrase “evil bitch” and don’t know who did.

    I would like to suggest that you also post some background data on Sherry on this site. My only knowledge of her comes from the KR you chose to post, which doesn’t show her in a very good light. If there is something admirable there (and now there seems there is), I am very willing to admire it. But I do not admire the viewpoint from which this KR is written.

  100. one of those who see

    With all the events, events, events….An event honoring this great Auditor and Freer of Beings – that would have been a worthwhile event!
    Hi Claire! Thank you for all you have done for mankind. It is up to you ofcourse, but I hope you will continue your work. I didn’t have the opportunity to get a session from you and would like to! Lot’s of great people are working hard to put things right. Thank you for holding the line.

  101. martyrathbun09

    And A=A=A

  102. My Love to Claire, Fly in peace my darling!
    My heart goes to those older SO members who are still trapped in DM’s jail and RPF.

  103. “What happened to Sherry’s integrity?”

    That’s low Watching Eyes

  104. Posting problems… may be a duplicate.

    I think the tape you allude to is 2nd August 1966 Suppressives and GAEs. Highly recommendable:

    [Begin fair use]

    “It might interest you to know how an SP comes about. It might interest you how an SP comes about.

    He’s already got enough overts to deserve more motivators than you can shake a stick at, see? He has done something to dish one and all in. He’s been a bad boy.

    Now, the reason he got to be a bad boy was by switching valences. He had a bad boy over there, and he then in some peculiar way got into that bad boy’s valence. Now, he knows what he is; he’s a bad boy, see? Man is basically good, but mocks up evil valences and then gets into them. You see, he says “The other fellow is bad, the other fellow is bad. The other fellow is bad, see? And eventually he’s got this pasted-up other fellow, and one day he becomes the other fellow, see, in a valence shift or a whole complete package of personality. And there he is. And so he’s now an evil fellow. He knows how he’s supposed to act: he’s supposed to act like the other fellow. That’s the switcheroo. That’s how evil comes into being.

    The religionists have been very – having a hard time trying to solve what evil was, and that is what evil is: it’s the declaration or postulate that evil can exist. In the absence of postulates and the declaration of such, man is good. Isn’t that interesting?

    When you take the furniture polish off and all the cast iron and old garbage and so forth out, you find a good person. That’s very lucky, because we’re making very powerful persons, and it’s very fortunate that they’re good persons. Quite interesting as a mechanism. It would not be safe to embark upon such an activity as Scientology at all, you’d wreck the whole universe, if that truth wasn’t a truth – and it is a truth.

    It is the false, mocked-up valence which is the evil valence. Do you follow?

    All right. Well, this fellow has been assigning great evilness to another personality or type of personality. And then one day he got into it. And then when he was in this basically evil personality he started doing other people in. And then other people got very tired of him, or something of the sort, and he got himself into an incident, after which time never advanced.

    Now, this is not the type of incident of which the R6 bank is composed. This is another type of incident. This is a battle incident or some kind of an incident. He is being attacked. He’s being actively attacked by other beings and he is stuck on the track. Now, that portion of the time track, or that point in time, is more real than present time. …

    The SP never went on from there”. LRH

  105. I’m reading Amy Scobee’s book and getting more insight into the absolutely grotesque abuse at the top of “Church Miscavology.” It’s grotesque.

    Here is to all so many have gone through AND going for delivery.

    auditors ♕ rule!

    Marty, thank you for all you have done for me to further and contribute to my love of truth and love of the Universe and beyond. Every day, it’s exponential!

    Thank you all!

    here’s to “states of being” where nothing can strike us down (nothing could anyway, but life can be a lot more pleasant:-)

  106. I think the tape you allude to is 2nd August 1966 Suppressives and GAEs. Highly recommendable.

    [Begin fair use]:

    “It might interest you to know how an SP comes about. It might interest you how an SP comes about.

    He’s already got enough overts to deserve more motivators than you can shake a stick at, see? He has done something to dish one and all in. He’s been a bad boy.

    Now, the reason he got to be bad boy was by switching valences. He had a bad boy over there, and he then in some peculiar way got into that bad boy’s valence. Now, he knows what he is; he’s a bad boy, see? Man is basically good, but mocks up evil valences and then gets into them. You see, he says “The other fellow is bad, the other fellow is bad. The other fellow is bad, see? And eventually he’s got this pasted-up other fellow, and one day he becomes the other fellow, see, in a valence shift or a whole complete package of personality. And there he is. And so he’s now an evil fellow. He knows how he’s supposed to act: he’s supposed to act like the other fellow. That’s the switcheroo. That’s how evil comes into being.

    The religionists have been very – having a hard time trying to solve what evil was, and that is what evil is: it’s the declaration or postulate that evil can exist. In the absence of postulates and the declaration of such, man is good. Isn’t that interesting?

    When you take the furniture polish off and all the cast iron and old garbage and so forth out, you find a good person. That’s very lucky, because we’re making very powerful persons, and it’s very fortunate that they’re good persons. Quite interesting as a mechanism. It would not be safe to embark upon such an activity as Scientology at all, you’d wreck the whole universe, if that truth wasn’t a truth – and it is a truth.

    It is the false, mocked-up valence which is the evil valence. Do you follow?

    All right. Well, this fellow has been assigning great evilness to another personality or type of personality. And then one day he got into it. And then when he was in this basically evil personality he started doing other people in. And then other people got very tired of him, or something of the sort, and he got himself into an incident, after which time never advanced.

    Now, this is not the type of incident of which the R6 bank is composed. This is another type of incident. This is a battle incident or some kind of an incident. He is being attacked. He’s being actively attacked by other beings and he is stuck on the track. Now, that portion of the time track, or that point in time, is more real than present time. …

    The SP never went on from there”. LRH

  107. martyrathbun09

    Martin, You got it, thanks.

  108. I love you Claire! You are my hero!!
    I laughed so hard reading this garbage and could so easily picture my insouciant friend, Claire, doing and saying all those wonderful things.
    The author of this report is a failed Cl XII, who had no sense of humor and definitely no sense of flair and drama just for the sheer fun of it. Claire had it all in great abundance. I was one of those she would waste her time having coffee and smokes with….rotflmao!!!
    I cut and colored her hair a few times and gave her manicures, too. Dastardly deeds, for shame.
    Oh, my, I am still laughing at the absurdity of this report.
    KRs were initially intended to report crimes or major infractions of policy when someone was under a justice action. Funny. I don’t ever recall reading an LRH policy or FO that made any of those things Claire was doing an error, let alone something to write a KR about. I can well imagine the frustration that the author of this report must have felt when presented with the freedom of spirit, life and insouciance that was the hallmark of Claire, in everything she did.
    “Get a life” seems to be the appropriate thing to say to you SR, hope you get one soon.

    btw, Katy Botha, was not a person to believe when it came to Claire. Katy did not have the ability to see and value Claire for who she was.
    She often would, literally, sniff and put her nose up at Claire’s antics. Hahahahahhahah!

    Carol, thanks so much for posting this. It made my day, because Claire would have sooooo loved this. It is such a foot bullet.

    Love, Eileen

  109. To all: the Church of $cientology twisted sherry’s loyalty to the elderly and made it in to something dark and sinister.

  110. Tara,

    Most Sea Org members are fine and decent people willing to dedicate their lives to help their fellow man in ways similar to Claire, whose life and memory we honor in this blog.

    Sea Org members are forced into this kind of conduct and believe me when I say it takes a great deal of force to make them write these KRs and act in this way. Miscavige has turned the ethics system into a hit or be hit punishment drive machine that works for him and only him.

    Sure Sea Org members have a choice, they could leave, but for most, who have nothing by way of money or possessions and whose outside friends and family are Scientologists so also under Miscavige’s control, the punishment is harsh indeed.

  111. was she ever on the freewinds i bet her cancer was from asbestos poor woman..

  112. PERFECT.

  113. Lady Lancelot

    To Ray Randolph, the non-Scientologist who is looking in:
    LRH has said that man can not be trusted with justice. LRH then went ahead and wrote a lot of policies about ethics and justice. Go figure.
    To those who say, “Yes, but if it is applied correctly…” I say, “And when have you seen that?” I have been in Scientology 30 years and have never seen a good result from any KR written or any Comm Ev or Declare that I personally know about.
    And this view point about Exchange!!!Exchange can not be monitored on a minute by minute bases. The lady had more than earned her right to smoke cigaretts, drink coffee and socialize. AND hello, she was dying from cancer. YIKES! But no…she wasn’t pulling her weight!
    And I love the accusation about how it is out-ethics for a Scientologist to want to read a news paper. Doesn’t that just say it all!

  114. East Germany = North Korea = Int Base under DM. It wasn’t always that way, particularly when LRH was around. East Germany wasn’t always that way and isn’t today. North Korea will reform after the passing of Kim Jong Il. The Int Base will reform after the deposition of DM. Ooops, did I say deposition? I meant deposing. Unless, of course, there are depositions in his future. We shall see.

  115. Countess – now, that’s funny!

  116. When I was in the Sea Org I had so many KR’s written on me for silly things like this. Just because someone wrote the KR doesn’t mean anything came of it. Nothing ever happened to me because there are these gray areas where people just don’t really know what to do. I tended to wallow in those gray areas myself. But there are people who are violated by anything that is out of the box. I guess what makes me angry isn’t the KR it is the charge about handling an elderly staff member dying of cancer. What if she did have a 2D? What if she did read papers? How can you punish someone dying of cancer? What threats were left? They couldn’t declare her they had to care for her. Human decency is a private matter for every person and is in a dimension that is not one of group cultures. The most indecent thing I ever did was leave the Sea org and not take someone with me , who did not want to be there, because I thought it would an overt against the group to rip off a staff member. I would never do that today, and I was the most civilized staff member I knew. You will never read anything negative about me on the net from my fellow staff. But even I had my moment of violating someone else for the benefit of the group. I think a lot of these staff get sick and die because it is the only safe way out. They do not want to hurt anyone so they just die to get out. It is an acceptable way to leave. Which in itself is a horror. Why should it ever be a crime for someone to want to walk away? Even for a day off it is a crime. This is a penal culture. It is not a religous culture. There is nothing religous about owning and controlling and punishing bodies. It’s a disfunctional marriage filled with domestic abuse full of must haves and can’t haves. They have run every can’t have available on one another, there is basically nothing left to be taken away. And when you support that you contribute to it as well. I am begging anyone who is a Scientologist who has any sense of dignity and integrity to please stop contributing to this culture. The can’t haves are being run you too. Can’t have OT8 until you buy a ship. Can’t have OT8 even if you did it go back onto OT7. Can’t have Super Power until you buy another building. Can’t have you invite onto the OT levels with huge donations. Can’t have standard tech anymore. Can’t have missions anymore. This whole game was about the possibilities of BE DO HAVE. NOT what you CAN’T BE, CAN’T DO and CAN’T HAVE. This is just some aberrated culture .

  117. AlexMetheny

    I knew Mike Reppin in the early 80’s. He was sort of the Clint Eastwood of qual terminals. Anybody know what he is doing these days??

  118. Veritas, You always post exactly the right thing.
    Always very Theta! Thank you.

  119. And when you invite someone to explore all that they can be do and have, and lead them to a place where they experience only what they cannot BE DO or HAVE, that is simple bait and switch.

  120. Centurion,
    The sentiment is terrific.
    However, Claire would only be 7-8 years old now. Please do not encourage little kids to smoke…LOL!

  121. Claire would be so proud of all of you. She is thanking you for your warm and wonderful memories of her. Your music selections are so powerful and Claire loved music.

    I am thanking you all.

    With Love

  122. WN,
    Great link, thank you.
    Do you know who wrote that?


  123. It sounds female and she was probably 12!!!!

  124. What a bizarre, rambling, nattery KR.
    All it tells me is that the author has overts, probably on the elderly people in their care.

  125. When you can’t have a letter mailed to you that is the bottom of it. Inmates can receive mail unopened unless it is bulging with something and has to be scanned. Furthermore it is against the law to open someone else’s mail. Staff complying with orders to break the law and act as criminals are as PTS as you can get. They have completely abandonded their hats as citizens and Americans.

  126. Carol ~ Thanks for the ack. I really have been very upset since reading this ~ had to get away for a while with the kiddos, teach 1 to drive ~ joy joy ~NOT!
    (That example I gave was 1 of the few correct KRs I ever got (happened to be from an old timer), so I used it as an example of how it should work).
    But I know how you feel about the usual KRs.

  127. Pirate's Wife

    This point amazed me, too. An old lady needs the restroom tow times a day can be a crime?

    So unbelievable.

  128. Thanks Haydn. This I know and truly can duplicate. She was communicating as an arrogant bitch in that KR but I do realize and understand the whole valence issue, hit or be hit part of it too.
    In fact, I realized afterward that though an A.B. on paper, perhaps Sherry was MUCH nicer to Claire in real life and face to face and in that I find comfort.

  129. Perfect! Love it!

  130. Boy, Michael, that’s a good point. I don’t know the answer to that, but I would like to.

  131. Another Surfer

    Thanks for this write-up, Carol. It sounds like Claire was someone with whom to reckon!

    Despite the attempt by whomever wrote the report to chill the reader, Claire’s life force flows through — and this reader, at least, is warmed by it.

    Another Surfer

  132. Yes.

  133. Paul Copercini

    At least she abided by the truth, as opposed to when I went to Flag and was a Natural Clear and the Class XII auditor I had as well as the C/S didn’t stand by the truth and me but instead
    were detoured by the presence and decision of David Miscavage and the false data that I was an “illegal pc” was used with me.
    I had my right to be handled as a Natural Clear since it is actionable not to do so. The fact that I had contact and a purpose with LRH was used as well to stop and prevent me from going through on the Bridge. I will advance in Life and as an OT for the well being of each and every being and the mind controlled psychos in and out side any org will not prevent me from doing my job.

  134. Claire was a great lady.To think that that is how her life ended is very saddening to me.To read this Knowledge Report ,Amy Scobees book,Marc headley’s book,i really see how far the insanity and cruelty ,loss of freedome and degradation of staff members have gone…That really brings it home …
    Claire,i wish you peace and joy wherever you are.
    Much love,

  135. I just wrote a very long post about this that somehow got deleted, and I’m a little frustrated, to say the least. One of these days I have to get over the distaste at having to recreate something I just created. 🙂

    Anyhow, I’ll try to remember what I wrote, minus the frustration . . .

    The KR on Claire made my head spin. Clearly this woman was full of life. And that was strictly prohibited in the S.O.

    I mean, she drank coffee, shopped, fraternized with the public, socialized with everyone, wanted to attend the funeral of a friend. Nuts — she beautified herself with make-up, and, horror of horrors, she read the paper! That, of course, is the ultimate mark of an SP — wanting to keep yourself informed about the world around you!

    The S.O. has become a totalitarian environment, utterly suppressive to an uptone person. Robots only need apply!

    It’s a crime to have a life in the S.O.

    I never had Claire as an auditor. I had another Cl XII, Leon Steinberg, declared a long time ago. But others have told me how much they loved Claire, how special she was.

    Breast cancer is usually curable nowadays, if diagnosed early and treated agressively. How awful that people with serious health issues in the S.O. are essentially left to die.

    A Class XII who dies should be given every conceivable honor, not forgotten without a mention.

    Oh, did I say that the KR, and the way Claire was treated, made my head spin?

    Like Claire, I love coffee. I wish I could have a cup with her right now!

  136. Beyond that, let’s not forget about the people we loved back there. Because it was the love that was the glue that held us together. And from that many good things came to pass.

  137. Okay, which Sam is which?

    And, you know what? I’ll bet that the bitch who wrote that KR never wears maku-up, never does her hair, and is ugly as all you-know-what to look at!

  138. The KR has bothered me all day and I finally realized why. I couldve wrote that KR with the same conviction. I’m so glad I’m out and living in the world.

  139. Barney Rubble

    Well, at least this blog has given exposure to the fact that life is real indeed. Thanks so much to allthat posted your comments, I am in constant grief and joy. This has been an incredible day.

  140. Joe,

    Whether DM has depositions in his future or deposing in his future, it’s all fine with me. Maybe it will take depositions to depose him!

  141. Carol, Thank you for posting it. When I read the KR …I’m speechless. It’s a comical tragedy. A flea (by agreement) spying on a magnanimous giant.

    When I read this part of you post –>

    … the release of the GAT. It was after this release that she was busted by RTC. What was her crime?Refusing to go along with DM’s new definition of an FN. You see, Claire was a true pillar of the tech and would not compromise standard tech in order to tow the line. She wouldn’t go along with DM’s altered version of an FN. Lucky PC’s! Unlucky Claire. At the age of 66 she was sent to the RPF to do hard labor.

    I cheered (silently but it was loud 😉 ) and felt my cheering join the vast cheering for her.

    ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ Claire ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

    Thank you again. I didn’t meet her in the orgs, but know her now, and I just love her, and I love you and those here.

    ✩A gazillion stars salute!!✩

  142. As Joe said:
    “You either produce to his standards or you are a dog.”

    As Marty said:
    “Don’t ever lose sight infinity logic – thinking in absolutes will land you right, smack dab in the middle of nasty GPMs.”

    I for one am amazed at how often “Scientologists” think in black and white despite infinity-valued logic being a foundation of the philosophy.

  143. I still feel the quiet certitude with which Claire REFUSED to go by DMs new definition of an FN. All of Life was with her at that moment. I am still cheering and will always cheering for her in that moment.

    I can only imagine the rage of the Top Flea Leader as it was all to do with his self-importance and being obeyed. While he had people salute his dog, he treats a loyal star auditor like this.

    …and poor dog (Jellie)! DM is his own dog’s most tenacious blood-sucking flea, too.

    The RPF is abused by a flea trying to beat and chip big beings down to size.

    Claire, that moment you refused to change the definition of a FN is EPIC! It is emblazoned in eternity!!! You know how to live forever!

    An FN … wow. you do not MESS with FNs!!

  144. dear Sarge, it’s good to know, that means I’m duplicating … and you all have my attention, devotion and interest! I dearly want to acknowledge and also originate to all the amazing people and things I read here.

  145. Quicksilver


    Your answer to the ‘Love’ question is contained in this tape – about 4 minutes in.

    “Admiration … to admire existence, defined interest, pleasant interest, or pleasant excitement in life itself, is motion & action.

    To be able to respect and admire livingness in a thing, rather than to trap and cage that livingness for possession. That would be the difference between love & admiration.

    A thing which is loved has to be trapped & caged. A thing which is admired is a thing which you would like to see free.

    There is all the difference in the world then between a top-scale emotion like admiration, and a bottom-scale emotion like love.”


    … and ‘Hi’ to all!

    New poster here – I’ve been following this & a few other sites for months.

    Thanks to all for the great posts – rekindled purposes are so much fun!

    Onwards & Upwards!

  146. Claire was a wonderful auditor and Qual terminal when she was at AOLA. She had a soft and compassionate beingness that very few could match. I loved her a lot. She was a true example of technical comptence and without a doubt a being of immense value as she helped so many people, myself included, for so long and in so many ways.

  147. Doc "Smith"

    Marty, Thanks for posting this. I remember Claire from Flag early 80’s.

    I think we should keep the elderly SO and ex-SO members in mind. If the SO gets a clean-up and reboot, something must be done to correctly care for them, if it goes down they should still be cared for. Maybe one of the Idle org buildings can be sold and an upstat care home created or something. A worthwhile direction for help from us independents would be to ensure that no auditor or other theta ex-SO or ex-staff member gets left out in the cold after contributing a lifetime to helping others.

  148. Marty,

    I’m sure that Sherry was a good person who did many very good things. I don’t think Lunamoth or anyone else was condemning her.

    However, I do think that writing this KR was a pretty bitchy thing to do. It was a bad action, imbued with the color of evil. That doesn’t mean Sherry is a bad person. But, like all the ex-wives and Norman Starkey on the CNN broadcast, she’s gone into a bad valence and is forwarding evil.

    I certainly don’t condemn her. I understand what kind of pressure she’s under. On the other hand, in terms of the actions she’s aiding, abetting, and actively contributing to, I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all to call a spade a spade.

    She’s PTS, not SP, but she’s also responsible for her actions.

  149. TheEmperorIsNaked

    There are those little candy cigarettes. I thought those were pretty cool when I was 7 or 8.

  150. Quote:

    “Now what do you suppose would happen if one were to try to treat those around him with

    good sportsmanship,
    and did it with integrity?”

    by LRH

    The Way to Happiness

    Precept 20. Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You.

    These virtures are what should be most prevelent in Scn. Yet I see more of it here in the indie field.

    Let show them how it’s done. Ok?

  151. Paul,

    I’m sorry to hear you were treated so poorly in the C of M. But the good news is that you can advance to your heart’s content in the Independent Field. And I hope you do!

  152. Joe Howard

    Reading this made me think of another legendary SO member treated in a similarly shabby manner: Paul Schobel. Schobel was probably the best liked person in the history of the Int base. Even the RTC people liked Schobel. He had a way of disarming you with his nutty Oz viewpoint about life. He worked in RTC for a time as well as Exec Strata and Gold, so everybody knew him. He was the poster boy for insouciance IMO. Like Claire, had audited 10s of thousands of hours and was a tremendous auditor. Unfortunately, he had a bad body. Needed a heart bypass in the late 90s and then was shuffled off the base and back to Oz where he could get medical care. It broke his heart to be summarily dismissed from the base, so much so that he never even said good-bye to his many, many, many friends on the base. He went back to AOSH ANZO and passed away a couple years ago. For Christmas one year, while I was working on the Dictionary Project (heard a rumor it will be released this year–finally), I gave him an Xmas present the definition of a thetan, which I made up in a rare moment of clarity that I felt was very appropriate for him: “Thetan: Someone who can’t be killed but deserves to be.”

  153. There being asbestos on the ship doesn’t nessesarily make it a hazzard. What evidence is there that there is any asbestos on the freewinds? Even if there was many building contain asbestos to this day. My non-expert understanding is that if it is un-disturbed and can not make contact with the public, such as insulation between walls, there is no health risk. The risks come in if there is construction and the asbestos dust coes in contact through the sink or by breathing. The ship has had inspections and these problem would have been discovered.
    So until more evidence is available let that rumor lay.

  154. Spelling correction of my previous post:

    dust “comes” in contact through the “skin” or by breathing it in.

    I’ll get some sleep now. Thanks

  155. Joe Pendleton

    I didn’t know Claire, but the KRs are kind of a hoot. Makes me LIKE Claire! Did y’all catch that “factually…..” thrown in there? Yeah, right. Sound familiar? But really Claire, hugging that 86 year old guy!!!!! We do NOT want this man sexually stimulated!!! Who knows? He MIGHT actually have had some fun that day.

    But do you see what is really going on here? We have one of the most productive and valuable beings on the planet, a person who actually understands and can apply Scientology technology, being hounded (while she is sick yet) by one of the typical “little minded” morons who assert their idiocy and complete lack of respect AND knowledge about Scientology. Happened to a friend of mine – one of the very top auditors to ever audit in the HGC in our area – gets sick and can’t audit, put on mest work and has some 18 year old “senior” laying down the law/harassing this upstat. Makes you almost want to assert your second ammendment rights – you know, “get the hell away from me now, get me the damn coffee and put down your pen, or it’ll be the last KR you ever right, sweetie…….”

  156. Joe Pendleton

    Oh, and kudos for incluing the video of the great Shirley Horn. This was probably made shortly before her death, when she could no longer play the piano (which she was a master at as well).

  157. Mike Hobson

    I’ve been in the Sea Org and never done that. Jack Webb had nothing on me. “Just the facts, ma’am.”.

    Michael A. Hobson

  158. theoracle,

    The mail, you had to bring that up. That’s another one I was reasonable about. Greez, let me add that one to my list of out-points.


  159. Fellow Traveller

    That distribution list! I don’t recall anywhere a LRH reference for something like that. I think of whiny school kids when I see those monster cc lists.

    Perhaps I am the winy one, but like you say “Sheesh.”

  160. Peter McMahon

    I knew Claire well, worked with her at AOLA in the 70’s. We talked a lot and she was always very caring and sweet. She could be blunt but so what. She was real. The pettiness of that KR on her is beyond the pale. — Pete McMahon

  161. Concerned Citizen

    HCO PL “An Old Poem”
    Dear Jim, can you please refresh our memories? we seem to be needing this one badly

  162. Concerned Citizen

    Just want to say that the amazing thing is that there are people like Claire.

    I challenge the many people here who are so quick to point the finger, at people they know so little about to undergo just some the concentration camp type life style.

    No sleep, bad nutrition, constant emergency mode, constant invalidation, punishment for initiative, out tech, misuse of your confessions, etc. And not compromise. How do you keep you integrity when your certainty and confidence in your own judgment has been demolished?

    I have more affinity and admiration for the majority of SOM who day and day out survive this, retain enough sanity to still help some people (and believe it, here and there they manage to help people out with real Scientology)
    that is the miracle, because most other people would have long gone under.

    Many have now lost themselves, like Lesevre, Yaeger, Starkey. They were admirable at some point and it is very sad, but do you know what it took to sink these types of people?

    By the by, Debbie Cook messed up, badly, like most of us here, she handed me a couple of lemons in my time, if I saw her today I would be elated that she is aware enough, that she is out and safe, because for every mistake she made she has more than made up with all the good she has given, and she has more than paid for any mistakes overts she has committed.

    She is a wondrous person and I’ll not suffer anyone to point a finger in her direction, after all we are all in this together, if we are going to point fingers, we might as well line up because not one person here is clean. Debbie, as far as I’m concerned, the question is not what overts have you committed, but whether you can get on with life in a constructive way after such an experience, if found the strength to wake up, you got out and stopped flowing power to that midget, then you have taken the first and most crucial step and no one, who has not been in your shoes has any right to judge you

  163. theystolemychurch


    I have a sincere interest in helping SO Members get out. Many, many posts talk about how they can’t leave – no money, no food, no place to stay, no family “out” and no friends.

    I am not rich in cash. I am rich in ARC and KRC and have a help button that is bigger that the State of California. I also have a large home. Actually several large homes…… I live in a 3 story home with 5,000 square feet and have a second home (empty) with four bedrooms and two baths. I can put some people up! (10 to15 in fact)

    When I read some of the posts on your site and others, I want to drive my SUV through the fence and rescue these people!

    I am not crazy. I did 8 years on staff (huge wins) and am Grade IV (huge wins).

    I can’t stand that these people suffer for lack of help. Not difficult help, really simple help, like a place to stay and food to eat….Jesus Christ! How can we NOT do that?

    So, will you please post something about this? I probably could manage to drive to the LA area to pick them up…. I really am reminded of the underground railroad North during the abolitionists era…. not the GAT era.. lol! I grew up right on the route of the underground railroad….

    By the by, the children I have raised in Scientology, were raised by me and were taught to think for themselves and question authority….. they actually have shown me the way (out)… please email me or post something so we can offer a hand.


  164. Concerned Citizen

    the definition of love should answer that question, then there is the chapter in SOS on
    ARC as it ralets to the tone scale.

    The tone scale could be sid the scale agains which you can measurfe the various degrees of love, or lack thereof.

  165. Concerned Citizen

    You said:
    “I have been in Scientology 30 years and have never seen a good result from any KR written or any Comm- Ev or Declare that I personally know about.”
    And what may I ask, kept you in Scientology so long?
    I have seen numerous instances in which these tools helped, actually used the right way. For example the KRs in this blog and I’m sure you would find a com ev declaring Dave useful and correct, because it is the right action. I know of a com-ev that literally saved a marriage.
    So just because you have not seen the man that walked in the moon do it, you can’t say he didn’t. Same here, sorry you have not benefited from standard ethics and justice tools, does not mean no one else has.

  166. Beautifully put.

  167. As far as I know Joe we and I mean we in the broadest sence of the word need more people going to the authorities with the evidence of misconduct.

  168. “I for one am amazed at how often “Scientologists” think in black and white despite infinity-valued logic being a foundation of the philosophy.”

    Yes somethines I am amazed by how quickly they condemn their own while they preach man is basicly good. Especcially in the light that there are supose to be 12 really bad dudes wondering around on this planet.

  169. reported for scented tampons. pure INSANITY

  170. Hence the protesters are so loved, even without cash to dispurse, actually begetting free food from the local shops.

  171. Loving Claire means loving Sherry. DM sees nothing as more beutiful than Scientologists ripping eachoters guts out.

    The right thing to do is to get Sherry out and love her.

    Who do you think wanted to read those KR’s and them to be madfe. Who do you think wanted to see Claire broken.

    Why ? for the amusement of a very petty and greedy little man.

  172. Then you’re a better man that I. Well done 😉

  173. Claire was my L-11 and FPRD auditor and she was — hands down — the best. Her compassion and playfulness brought auditing to a new level for me. My wins were exceptional, in large part because she made the space so safe.

    She also knew what she was doing. It doesn’t surprise me (in fact, it makes me proud) that she wouldn’t go along with DMs definition of an F/N.

    Despite the hand she was dealt with her health, I have no doubt she enjoyed every annoyance she was able to generate within a structure that didn’t recognize and honor her contributions.

    Claire is one of the best of my Scientology memories. Although I’ve never posted here, and probably won’t again, it’s nice to see her remembered so well by so many.

  174. Another Jeff

    I wasn’t in the Sea Org but still wrote some sucky ones. Oh and delivered some sucky make wrong sec checks… guilty (my hand is up). woo that felt good.

  175. Michael,
    From P.A.B. 8, Viewpoint Processing:
    “In Viewpoint Processing we are looking for the person in the preclear’s past who did not enjoy certain positions on the tone scale. You must know that love, hate, enjoyment and admiration are not positions on the tone scale. You will not find them on any tone scale that has been released by me for they are attitudes toward emotion or characteristics of energy rather than emotion. Emotions are a set band of reactions. Any person who can be freely emotional and enjoy a “good cry,” or even enjoy being apathetic, also can hate “having a good cry,” and so it is as well with love and admiration. “

  176. Here’s something interesting on the area.

    “Love is a compound emotion. It isn’t a single emotion, which is the first thing that renders it wide-open to misinterpretation. You can make this test, if you will. If you want the preclear to turn on the emotion called love, get him to turn on sympathy and admiration in sequence. Get him to turn on sympathy for something, then admiration for something, then sympathy for something, then admiration for something. And if he gets that going, all of a sudden the sympathy and admiration will merge as an emotion and you’ll get what’s known as love.” Lecture 25 Mar 53, The Elements With Stress on How to Run Matched Terminals.

  177. Here is a CNN article about asbestos on the Freewinds

    I understand that the aged asbestos, once disturbed by repair work and/or ship vibration from normal operation, found its way into the ventilation system. This could expose anyone on the ship, not just the workers doing the repairs. As the article shows the issue is taken very seriously by authorities and encourages anyone who may have been on the Freewinds to attend their health care professional for advice and testing. The article contains several links to obtain further information on mesothelioma and other health concerns.

    I work in the health field and this message is prompted by concern for the long term health of anyone who has been on the ship. The dangers of exposure to blue asbestos are well documented in medical literature. Stay safe everyone. ❤

  178. CD,
    who or what is the ‘Church of Scientology’? This is a group made up of individuals, not some nebulous entity. Individuals can and do make choices – isn’t this the bedrock of this subject?
    Isn’t this exactly what Marty’s blog and Marty’s actions are a demonstration of? I don’t condemn this woman; I do condemn the action. I may have compassion for her predicament but she is still responsible for the act. After all why do we get the justification of when pulling O/W’s. I accept that DM is the/an SP in all this but can we really, as Scientologists, put all blame at his feet? How will anyone move forward from this nightmare without taking responsibility for their part?
    HCOB 28 January 1960, THE KEY TO ALL CASES-RESPONSIBILITY – ‘other people’s causation is not aberrative and does not hang up except to the degree that the pc is provoked into misassigning cause’.

    This is a very charged thread so forgive the outburst. End of rant.

  179. Sam,
    I’ve been on those ‘theoretical’ comm-evs. You know, where a guy being late for post is extrapolated out to destruction of the universe.

    Exaggeration of things can become insanity. It certainly has in many cases and this extension of the simplest, easy to sort out things into ‘suppressive acts’ and destructive intentions for all of life is certainly insane.

    By adding in the 10 points of KSW to the list of High Crimes, DM has opened the door to declaring somebody because they aren’t Class XII.

    Even that training is scant protection, as is evident here today.

  180. Quicksilver,

    Yes, I see what Ron is saying, but for me this is linguistic sleight of hand.

    Most words have many definitions. To take the low-toned definition of one word (love) and compare it to the high-toned definition of another (admiration) leaves me disappointed. Myopia is not clarity.

    Would it be fair of me to compare two individuals by selecting the bad aspect of one (say Marty) and the good aspect of another (say DM) and conclude that one is good while the other is bad. DM is pushing staff and public harder and harder to expand the fortunes of the legal Church of Scientology. What a hero. Marty is wearing shorts, hitting the beach and eating barbecue with others who have left the legal church. What a bum. Pictures do not lie.

    Not a fair or honest comparison. Or conclusion.

    If you patiently examine the entire scope of love and admiration from highest to lowest tones, I believe that love reaches higher. Love at its highest is total responsibility and caring, even in the face of what is not admirable. Love reaches upwards into serenity of being. As can admiration–but with a hitch.

    Admiration seems to peter out. What do you do with that which you either no longer admire or never admired at all? What do you do with a homeless family that’s starving? What is there to admire about a homeless family? What do you do with a SO member who has been unceremoniously booted out of the church or who blows? Do you disconnect because you can no longer admire him or her? What do you do with oppressed or disenfranchised members of society? Mother Theresa had an answer. Abraham Lincoln had an answer. And the answer was not to trap or cage but to set free.

    Words are tricky.

    Admiration? There are all sorts of things I admire but do not love. I can completely admire a girl with a hot body in a skimpy bikini, but I doubt that I could define the feeling as love for her. I may lust after her, but the lust is prompted by the admiration not by love. I’m not lusting after anyone I don’t admire in one capacity or another.

    The feeling of admiration can be just as easily corrupted as the feeling of love when one moves down tone and becomes more dense or solid. Either admiration or love can become the need to possess or own.

    Just as a person who admires Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” might want to own the painting because he admires it rather than loves it. He’s selfish and wants to put the painting in his study where only he and special guests can admire it. Whereas a person who truly loves that painting in a high-toned sense might want it placed in a museum so others could share the experience.

    A word is just a symbol, thus of limited importance. The idea or concept or reality the word symbolizes is the important thing. Not the distortion of the concept from moving down tone, but a broad assessment of the concept from top to bottom.

    And if hatred is an antonym for love; if hatred is the opposite of love, then why did hatred find it’s place on the tone scale but not love?

    Some of this answer will move to Concerned Citizen’s response.

    Much Love,


  181. Now if we say that love can appear anywhere on the tone scale in one form or other, what about interest? We see that interest occupies a small section of the scale:
    3.3 Strong interest
    3.0 Conservatism
    2.9 Mild interest
    2.8 Contented
    2.6 Disinterested

    Yet, when applied to life and the living, a person can have interest regardless of his or her emotional state. Even in apathy. Been there, done that from personal experience. Yet, interest is assigned a position on the tone scale. Any argument that can be applied to positioning love on or off the scale could be applied to interest, and vice versa.

    We can get into quibbling with definitions, taking one particular definition and trying to apply that meaning to all possible concepts for the word. But doing such violates the data series and the outcome becomes illogical. Doing such violates the Logics.

    What I’m trying to figure out is what is life doing–actually doing. I have this subject that I’m restudying, and I’m putting that data up against what I see occurring. I see all these beings expressing or hoping for this feeling of love. Love is very important.

    Ask Marty how he feels about Mosey. Ask Mosey how she feels about Marty. We’re not talking abstracts, we’re talking life.

    We’re not talking about love as a trap. I met a girl at the gym recently. Was a scholarship swimmer at a Big Ten school. Six foot. Model beautiful. And I’ve known her for so many life times I probably would wear out my toes counting. But I love her with a profound sincerity that stretches back millenia. Has nothing to do with wanting to own or trap or cage her. There’s no lust involved. She’s married; I’m married. And we both simply love knowing that the other exists and is having a successful life. And we will love each other when we meet in life times hence.

    And I see that kind of love expressed here on Marty’s blog amongst the posters. And it’s a feeling that goes beyond mere affinity. It’s a feeling that marries the KRC and ARC triangles in such a special way that life becomes full and rewarding.

    So, while re-reading, I keep asking. How does this apply? Is there more? Does this connect with other elements that aren’t mentioned? I’m not about to limit myself to what’s on the page or in the lecture.

    I have never limited myself to the sentence at hand. If I can not contribute ideas to what I’ve read or heard, I’ve failed in my reading or listening. That’s my opinion. It’s an opinion that has served me well.

    Much love,


  182. It’s written by Pierre Ethier

  183. I agree with most of what you say but Debbie is in the unique position of having factual information regarding the abuses and being an opinion leader of magnitude.

    While I’d not condone her for her past actions, being silent whilst the crimes continue to occur makes her part to those crimes. This would weigh heavy on my mind if I were in a similar circumstance.

  184. This is by far my favorite of the WTH precepts and the comaprisons made throughout are worthy of reading again fully in a new unit of time.

    Applying this precept has given me the fastest expansion of ARC in my life absent auditing or a really good OW write up.

  185. Cured Robot

    Some other ugly facts:

    1) It’s pretty well known by now the miniscule pay SO members receive in comparison to DM’s multi thousands and other luxurious accomodations, compare this to Claire’s $7/wk income while at the MM (Magnolia Manor) battling for her life and with this she had to buy all her toilteries, newspaper, coffee, cigs, clothing, etc.

    2) Claire was not allowed to step foot into the Ft. Harrison or even on the avenue, due to her “condition” as it would be out “PR”.

    3) Claire’s Memorial Service held at the Sand Castle was not attended by SO members, probably not even announced in the OOD’s (Orders of the Day and the Captain FSO Debbie Cook fully aware of the event didn’t even show her face and the Memorial Service was conveniently scheduled Sat morn which is the only rare time the the SO crew get to sleep in and do laundry).

    Even if Claire did commit the “crime” of protesting against the bastardization of FN’s by DM, after 30+ yrs of dedicated service to mankind by this stellar being to not be acknowledged properly is hard to fathom the mindset this group was driven to by DM and his robots.

  186. Doc “Smith”

    Absolutely! There are so many assists that would help the elderly and simple 2WC is magical and something that most have had little opportunity to experience.

    I am interested in further developments of this on the east coast, but could be a liason for the west coast. I recommend assisted living as opposed to skilled nursing as the government regulations are much less, particularly in relationship to drugs. Also the training for assisted living is much shorter and licensing much easier.

  187. Quicksilver,

    “A thing which is loved has to be trapped & caged. A thing which is admired is a thing which you would like to see free.”

    Is this correct? It seems that it would have been the opposite way around.

    Great reference, though.

  188. veritas: “Claire, that moment you refused to change the definition of a FN is EPIC! It is emblazoned in eternity!!!”

    Rather similar if not exactly the same as Rosa Parks’ intent the defining moment when she, “refused to obey the bus driver’s order that she give up her seat to make room for a white passenger.”

    Are civil rights still possible in the current regime? I’m not seeing it… 😦

  189. Old school

    I’m very sad to hear this. I worked with her in the L’s HGC. RIP, you are one of the nicest beings I ever knew.

  190. I love how Carol’s message, the publishing of this “KR” and the many messages in this posting have created so much healing and so much power and strength. Just like Claire would have wanted it. I never met her yet also feel I know her now. Thank you for all you did, Claire and thank you for showing us your passion! That, cannot ever be killed.

  191. Cured Robot

    He should be subdued-he’s been hoodwinked by his BFF who beats people, forces abortions, divorces, causes severe emotional trauma, violates confidential priest penitent privileged data, imprisons people for years and the list just goes on. Tom only brightened up after the very lively Cameron Diaz brought things uptone.

  192. Sorry to disturb your “sleep”, Because. I, like Clair, read newspapers from time to time. Here’s some snippets from one…

    “WILLEMSTAD: During refurbishing and reparatory work, which involved removing the ceiling and panelling on cruise ship Freewinds, blue asbestos was released and ended up in the ventilation system. Freewinds’ captain did not report this when it’s own personnel were working on the ship on the Mathey warf in Otrobanda.
    … The question is whether or not the blue asbestos dust, which can cause cancer, can be removed from the ship. …
    The ship was sealed and isolated and experts will investigate and measure the presence of asbestos dust in the hull and surrounding areas.
    … Samples taken from the panelling last week by inspectors that were sent to the Netherlands showed that they contained significant amounts of blue asbestos. …”

  193. “I just wrote a very long post about this that somehow got deleted, and I’m a little frustrated, to say the least. One of these days I have to get over the distaste at having to recreate something I just created. ”

    Here’s my tip, after experiencing the same frustration –

    COPY what you wrote and then hit submit.

  194. “Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You.”

    bible in Basic English:

    “All those things, then, which you would have men do to you, even so do you to them: because this is the law and the prophets.”

  195. Fu Dog “he who is without sin cast the first Stone”

  196. “CD,
    who or what is the ‘Church of Scientology’?”

    A trap

  197. Quicksilver,
    The above quote has to be taken along with the context of the tape, The Uses and Future of Scientology, 3 Oct 53.

    In the material prior to the quote you’ve given, for instance, it says this:

    “Now, where we talk about, then, broad “love,“ this mawkish horrible concept of:
    “You’ve got to love your neighbor, you son of a gun, or we’ll beat your ears in and fry you for an eternity.“ No, let’s not worry about love that close to hate.

    “Admiration betokens in itself a kind of respect. It borders on liking, admiring – it’s a much, much better word than love. Love all too often is a compulsive passion which devours the very young, and they go and starve to death and blow their brains out and pine and sigh and learn ridiculous dances. And this is love.

    “They don’t even see the person to whom they have attached their sentiment They don’t even know that person is there. They’re “in love!“”

    The whole tape, and other tapes relative to this concept of ‘love’ have to be considered as well. It’s a fascinating subject, to be sure.

  198. Mickey, get out of my head…LOL

    I just wrote about Rosa Parks on Steve’s site. Good to see others connecting the same dots.

  199. oops!

    Meant to say “condemn”, not “condone” her for her past actions.

  200. CD,
    Not quite the wavelength I had in mind.

    Embrace Claire’s attitude, it’s emanating from that picture. Amazing too, her life force infuses even the picture, the computer it appears on and if you get what she’s giving, you too.

    Very powerful stuff, this theta.

  201. Joe Howard,

    Totally agree about Paul Schobel. He was the only pluspoint in that awful Pro TRs pilot at Flag in the mid 90s. He had the best coaching critiques and people like myself did indeed improve from his work on the course. He stressed the simplicity of TRs, being in communication with the person you were drilling with, and he gave PERFECT demonstrations of how TRs should be done. (Kind of like you on the film!)
    He also gave amazing briefings on the value of Super Power. In essence, he said it was for staff so that the Bridge would be held in place (and not squirreled), and that the auditor’s TRs had to be impeccable for the rundown to be effective.
    R.I.P. Paul.

  202. Watching Eyes

    re Claire’s memorial service at the Sandcastle:

    It was held outside. That was because her son Mike was a freeloader (oh horrors) and they wouldn’t let him inside! I kid you not. So it was held on the patio behind the Sandcastle, in the sun. It was hot as blazes.

  203. Lady Lancelot

    Dear Concerned Citizen,
    Since you asked me what has kept me in Scientology so long since I have not personally seen any good results from the application of the Justice/Ethics Tech, I will tell you.
    I have a great deal of respect and affinity for the rest of it. I could go on at length about my auditing and training wins but suffice it so say, there have been many.
    Your experience has been different with the Justice/Ethics tech. For that, I am very happy for you. More power to you.

  204. Sorry because. Just finished reading Amy Scobee’s book. They were not taking anyone’s mail when I was in, at least not at Flag or in L.A..

    I am beginning to think being located way out in the desert and shut off, going out of communication with the world, contributed to much of the madness at Int. These things I am reading on the internet and in books from the Int staff are new to me. But Amy had her phone book or phone notes taken away from her in Florida! She and her boyfriend were held under arrest by security people as if someone there thought they had police privilages to arrest people! Talk about hallucinations! And what a huge red flag in the book……. all of the donations to ABLE were sent to the Church of Scientology. They were never sent to the Narconons. They were ripping off the money donated to help kids in need. And they knew this was illegal. When you have to steal from drug addicts , when you have to take the money donated to help drug addicts, that is really low! Especially when you are telling people their money is going to help kids and then you do not forward it to the drug programs. Of all the reports now surfacing, how on Earth can that be justified?
    That is plain criminal. Well, it looks like witholds are being pulled from the outside. I hope all of this leads to a better world for everyone of us.

  205. Jim I have seen other pictures. Pictures of her labouring.
    I get the truth out of the text not from the picture.
    She did not break and that is Impressive

  206. Jim,

    Thank you for the additional quote on “love” it helped to put the earlier quote Quicksilver posted into the correct perspective and it makes sense now.

  207. Cured Robot

    An FSO staff member told me that being a freeloader is considered almost equivalent to being a declared SP. Interesting bastardization. It’s like how racism gets started someone makes a 3P comment and voila! The SP now gets his satisfaction by taking people out with just an utterance. So Mike worked a quarter of century of dedicated loyal service and wasn’t allowed to step foot inside any of the Flag buildings even in light of his Mother’s death, that is pretty fucked up. With type of insane mentality I wouldn’t want to step foot in there!

  208. @OnceUponaTime — I know what you mean about love. There is one person I love and I can’t say how long I’ve loved him because that love exists outside of time. Most of the time, I feel it in the present when we’re talking to each other, but sometimes I feel that deeper connection in quiet moments.

  209. Cured Robot

    He left the SO after 25 yrs, he committed the crime of having a kid. I heard he lives in OC CA. He’s still married to that damn woman that had that kid (lol). I had the task of trying to get him to divorce her so he could stay in the SO.

  210. Mockingbird6

    I haven’t gotten through all the comments above but don’t want to forget this thought if it’s not already covered.

    Why isn’t the government investigating that statement that “getting them onto medicaid will save us hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

    As I understand it, this church has refused to pay into the medicare system for its people all these years, or at the very least, the amount per week would be extremely low based on the low “salaries.”

    But then to get the person signed up on Medicare/Aid as in indigent is to sponge off the government for something the church didn’t put in fair exchange for.

    Maybe “greatest good” for the church, but it’s false usage.

    Just sayin…

  211. I’m loathe to judge the author of this KR so quickly. It isn’t even written properly (it contains few facts (as per HCO PL 26 April 1970R, revised 15 March 1975, THE ANATOMY OF THOUGHT) and does not contain appropriate Times, Places, etc. It is, at best, an Annoyance Report, nothing more (imho). Maybe the author was 1.3 at the time and in the midst of it decided to put pen to paper. Or maybe not. Maybe the accusations were indeed warranted. I know that I don’t know.

    Despite all that, however, Claire sounds like an amazing individual, a true tech giant, and a real character. Cheers, m’dear!!! Be well. 🙂

  212. Quicksilver

    Right on, Jim

    That’s exactly what I was pointing to … the reference is out of ‘The Uses & Future of Scientology. Unfortunately, I only typed a portion, and as you mention, Ron goes into it in depth in a number of areas.

    Love & admiration do get mixed up but in any reference I have seen over the years, love has always been at the low end.

    … as for Michaels reference to the beach bunny, I get the emotion of GROK! Hmm 😛

    I did like your reference on sympathy/admiration … that’s an interesting one and quite easy to see when it occurs …

    In Michaels example:
    Just as a person who admires Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” might want to own the painting because he admires it rather than loves it. He’s selfish and wants to put the painting in his study where only he and special guests can admire it. Whereas a person who truly loves that painting in a high-toned sense might want it placed in a museum so others could share the experience.”

    I would definitely call the 1st part with putting the painting in the study ‘love’, and add toss in a bit of ‘being interesting’ instead of ‘being interested’ when he invites his friends in.

    Ah well, words is words …

  213. I met Mike on the Pac RPF, in the late 90’s. He is out of the SO. You will find him on facebook.

  214. thecountesskrak

    I will never forget Paul Shobel. I am just happy that he got to spend his last days in ANZO with his wife and his fellow Aussies and not at the Int Base.

  215. Quicksilver

    Great reference, Jim.

    I gotta dig out those P.A.B.s 🙂

  216. They were actually taking the money donated to inmates! They were stealing the donations to criminon! I am sorry, I have been looking for the moment when all of this looks funny to me and I have arrived! The Sea Org has been stealing from criminals!

  217. Jack Airey

    Do I have the context of this almost impossible to confront story envolving an upstat SO member named Claire Reppen who has 100,000 hours in the chair delivering Well Done Auditing Hours (WDAH) and as her reward she is being assigned by church management to exile in some run down facility supervised by a “Nurse Ratched” type personality who writes 3rd grade KR’s while Tom Cruise receives a special Freedom Medal of Valor for being the most dedicated Scientologist on planet earth.

    Can someone explain to me what Mr. Cruise has done to help mankind? Or better yet, how many WDAH’s does Tommie boy have under his belt.
    Must be more than 100,000 hours because he gets a complete staff of slave bots paid for with parishoners donations as his personal assistants to do slave work for $50.00 a week in his not so run down living facility in Pacific Palisades.

    LRH wrote “The Way to Happiness” not “The Way to Madness”

    It is time we started getting a little more overt with the so called leaders of this sick church.

    I am 68 years old and would love to do three rounds with bot master DM. How about at your next event you sick little bastard.

    I don’t mean to upset any of you who do not believe in violence. Sometimes all one can do is take an SP to the barn for a life long teaching lesson.

    If LRH would have spanked this pompous idiot back in the day we may not be where we are today and Claire may have received the Medal of Valor for actually helping mankind with all her many hours in the auditing chair.

    My love, admiration and respect goes out to beautiful Claire Reppen who I never met and that is my loss not hers.

  218. Concerned Citizen

    Cat Daddy,

    I must say I’m amazed at how high my affinity for you has become. In the early days, I’d feel that you were in a very different world and that try as I may, I could never fully assume your view points.

    Well, it does my heart good to read some of your post lately. I think you understand a lot more than I was prepared to give you credit for.

    For a non scientologist, I think your grasp is pretty good. I will not insist that you do scientology, instead I will thank you for your company, your view points, ( which though i don’t always share, i can more and more understand) and for the way you care enough about the Claire’s and Sherry’s of the world to try to see things through their eyes.

  219. First hand account

    I posted a google video that enheld an Interview with the architect that was flown over from England when the ship was just purchased. Search in Google *videos* Freewinds Blue Asbestos.

  220. Fu Dog,
    Excellent post and points.

  221. CD,
    A trap? To paraphrase Will S., ‘nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so’.

  222. CC,
    That’s an old poem adapted in that PL. It can be found with Google and is variously assigned as to authorship.

    Here’s a version:
    There is so much good in the worst of us,
    And so much bad in the best of us,
    That it ill behoves any of us,
    To talk about the rest of us.

  223. ubiquitous

    Jack-“Sometimes all one can do is take an SP to the barn for a life long teaching lesson.” The reference is “Ethics, The Design Of” (Rather than “the barn” Ron refers to the 9foot high fence).

  224. Obnosis,
    That is what the GPMs are all about. Pretty good at it too, wouldn’t you agree?

    Yep, so good in fact, it’s slipped right on by lo these many moons.

    Roll up your sleeves mate, get thoroughly trained and thoroughly audited and help others find out what these GPMs are and…be free.

  225. AlexMetheny


  226. AlexMetheny

    Hi Ivan!!

    I did NOTS at AOLA when you were the CO. If you want to e-mail me we can get in comm.


  227. AlexMetheny

    Great point Mockingbird6!!

  228. Concerned Citizen, I am as concerned as you are. I must admit that I avoid certain topics now adays. I (re)learned that one does not always need to pound ones own drum as it is counter productive.

    When I first encountered Scientology I thought what a bunch of evil people they must be to do such evil deeds. Think about the list of wrongs that go on and on and on. Even things like the battle of portland hold a darker more sinister purpose.

    Now I will work with the term misguided or dare I say brainwashed.
    Even if Claire did not make 50 million for Scientology she is still as valuable as a human being as you and I.
    I thank you too for listening and engaging in conversation with me.

    All Sherry wanted was to care for the elderly. I can not see David Miscavige making his manicured hands dirty like that.

  229. Concerned Citizen

    This reference Jim is fantastic. I wish i had access to the HCOBs and PAVs etc. Boy if someone were to digitalize all of these it would be a treasure.

    Michael, I see what you are saying, and I do respect the idea of creating your own ideas around what you have learned. That is how knowledge evolves actually and what LRH did often. He took some data and chewed it, tried it and developed it further into a workable or a more workable something. I believe LRH would not object. There is a lecture where LRH talks about the process to exteriorize someone, how a student did just that and brought it to his attention.

    I do feel that interest and love are not mutually exclusive.

    If Love is like I understood it and seem you did too, ARC and KRC married up, then we see that Communication is part of ARC- Interest is an integral part of communication and you can have genuine interest, or interest as a reaction emotion I suppose. See I see that each tone level has it’s quantity of Interest or lack of, of Communication or lack of, of reality or lack of, etc. I love Science of Survival, every time I read that book I get a whole new understanding of life, It’s the same book and the same understanding and yet reading it again, well just another door that I had not seen before opens.

    I love this kinds of conversations. I learn so much

  230. Jim,

    Thanks for the references. Without context, any idea or concept becomes distorted and illogical. Happened with this KR.

    Part of justice is taking care of one another. Watching one another’s backs and helping one another through the rough spots are part of the positive aspects of justice. Justice fails when the focus becomes punishment.

    Part of love is standing up for the person loved, regardless of consequences to self. It’s a point of honor. It’s the positive side of ethics. Finding rightness. And defending that rightness. And nurturing that rightness.

    I think the Achilles heel of Scientology has been the willingness to throw someone under the bus to CYA. Individuals may comprise an organization, but the strength of that organization depends utterly on the bonds formed between those individuals. A wall made of gravel will not hold form. You need cement to bond the gravel.

    And this complex attitude “love” is what will bind us as individuals and make us strong.

    The willingness to take care of one another when things get rough. To not give up. To not leave your buddy behind when he’s wounded.

    The tone scale/love angle was intended as a catalyst.

    If we are to succeed, CYA must become CEOA (cover each other’s asses.) Not as a conspiracy or cover-up or to cultivate mutual out-ruds, but merely as a point of honor.

  231. Concerned Citizen

    My hand is up, boy have I had to take a hard look at my previous viewopoints and ideas and actions. Gulty as can be. But I’m here now, willing to change things around.

  232. Definitoion of Love

    Love is patient, love is kind.
    It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
    It is not rude, it is not self-seeking.
    It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
    Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.
    It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
    Love never fails.

    I Corinthians 13:4-8

  233. Now that I’ve calmed down a bit…I feel somewhat secure that Carol probably didn’t give a crap about this stupid KR.

    I know what my mother would have said… “Get out of my face, I changed your shitty diapers, all of you.”

    I think we can rest assured that most elders have a deep wisdom of experience and an amazing ability to hold their position. Especially a woman like Carol who has audited so many hours she’s probably heard everything…TWICE!

    Bless you Carol.

  234. …and the reason I can say the KR is a flea POV is that I’ve assumed one once upon a time … or three 😉

    Yes, it is a civil rights issue. Same old story of the ages. Except what makes the current regime of the impostor “church” is its lamby costume is on the insidious wolf…a wolf growing octopus tentacles into abuse of law and other institutions.

  235. Theo Sismanides

    Tom, I didn’t know her but since I read all this I agree: she should have been treated like royalty.

  236. Concerned Citizen

    Thanks for your answer, I’m sorry I reacted thus. I’m sure glad you have the benefit of the other techs. If the justice system in scientology is not useful to you then so be it. I have great wins with the use of ethics and justice following Human Rights struggles I came to appreciate that justice is very important for humanity. When not misused, it can and does save lives. Justice is what we are involved here.
    I find there is a general dislike for most any justice system in most parts of the world, my French and Italian friends dislike their justice systems just as much as we ours, so do my Scandinavian friends.
    Someone complained to me about how in the USA you can sue anyone for anything at the slightest provocation. I agree, that is bad and it is very sad. But if you have any Mexican friends, Argentinean friends, Chilean friends, ask them how they would feel about their justice systems. These are examples of “justice systems” that are anything but. Where you cannot sue anyone really, and if you do you do so at your own risk. Apparently Mexico, that great country is destroyed in no small part by the lack of access to justice. The place is the most dangerous place to be a journalist- whistle blower, according to Amnesty international. We’ve all heard about the awful situations in Chile and Argentina under military dictatorships. And there is Cuba.
    So while perfection is un-attainable and no system of government or justice can be expected to be perfect, learning about the environment in which Cubans, Argentinean’s Chilean’s and Mexican’s live and their absolute lack of faith in any justice system gave me great appreciation for our own ( American) with all its flaws. Understanding the Scientology Justice system in its spirit was very key for me to realize how if correctly used, it is the key to combat DM and his ilk.
    I now understand why Mexicans desperately want to come to the US after hearing some of their stories. If you have no recourse, no justice, then you have no security. Sadly I think DM most have some Mexican politicians advising him on the use of justice to suppress.

    No offense to Mexicans, am no expert; I just go by my understanding, by what I’ve read and heard from those who were there. Anyway, justice is a charged subject and it does have its pitfalls, but I sure can appreciate an even moderately working system. And specially the LRH system.

  237. theoracle to quote a protest sign:

    “It is worse than you think”

  238. Another Jeff

    I concur.

  239. I said Church of Jim it traps people inside. proof me wrong.

  240. Bob Johnson

    The “KR” is so petty is not even funny. The person who wrote it lacks perspective. For example, giving a hug to an 86 year old man in a nursing home is a “2D flow”? Eating a piece of pizza is out-PR? Really??? Let the person live a little, she’s dying of cancer…

    Claire’s nursing home experience is not funny however. It’s sad to see that even a Class 12 auditor and 30 year Sea Org veteran doesn’t get proper medical care. A lot of cancers are treatable if caught early enough, but I have a feeling she wasn’t allowed to go when she felt something was wrong due to time/money considerations.

    The Sea Org has no retirement program or medical program for elderly Sea Org members. My experience in the SO is that no money is spent unless there is some kind of “bean return”, regardless of what is the right thing to do. They can spend 70 million on DM’s office, but can’t pay for nursing home for their employees. Really??? To use the welfare programs of the government, instead of payng for it out of their own pocket is fraudulent, and IMHO should raise questions about their tax exempt status. The Sea Org pays nothing into Social Security or Medicare just because they are “religious workers”.

    I’ve also heard that there were senior citizens (people in their early 60s) who were “offloaded” from the Int base to nursing homes as they had no where else to put them, i.e. no friends or family outside of the SO that they could go live with. Maybe this is what Jennifer Linson meant by “the days are numbered for the old-timers”. Again, more fraud…

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  242. I am saddened that the fullness and rich wonders of life are happening right in front of her (KR writer) eyes, but she is missing it. She is missing the beauty and utter grace of a being because she is looking through a via. More generally, what kind of life is there when you are removed from the real fabric of life. No drooling babies, no children and no old people who might be out PR. No wonder they lose perspective.

  243. Good point Mockingbird.

    Sea Org members in many cases can’t accept gifts or money from family as it is an “external influence”, but getting on medicaid when the church is sitting on millions in assets and cash is okay?

  244. Cured Robot

    I think you meant to say Claire.

  245. Michael,
    I think the writing of KRs, the ‘justice’ cycles, the gamut of this stuff, as practiced by those not yet up to the full breadth of view and ARC/KRC needed to really fulfill the promise of justice stems in large part from an effort to be right.

    That is, they think they are doing the right thing and are not viewing it from a sincere point of the entirety of 8 dynamics.

    These are ‘stable data’ they are using, ideas in the place of the being observing and actually taking in that view, the whole of life.

    Survival on the 3D or any single Dynamic, to the exclusion of other dynamics doesn’t make for much survival.

  246. Deirdre,

    Isn’t that the most wonderful, profound and rewarding experience? If I could choose between the ability to move mountains, yet feel nothing and the ability to feel that abiding faith in another, I would choose the later. What good is power if your life is empty?

    Cat Daddy,

    Now you’re talking.

  247. Closure is a wonderful thing.

  248. That’s VERY kind of you!

  249. Concerned Citizen,

    One word that always stuck with me from initially reading LRH was “heuristic.” Dianetics and Scientology were originally offered as heuristic subjects.

    One thing about SOS–and it’s been about thirty years so forgive me if I’m off here–was the concept about theta/entheta ratios. A huge being can have overwhelming amounts of entheta, enough to drive them way down tone, and yet still have more free theta available than average beings with very little entheta in restimulation. This gives you really odd and unpredictable observations about people, such as a person who seems on one hand to be a raving lunatic but who is capable of so much theta behavior and wisdom.

  250. Quicksilver,

    Good point about being interesting and being interested.

  251. one of those who see

    Tone 41, I saw that you mentioned Leon Steinberg. I was brand new in Scientology when I met him and Jill. Truthfully, it is a bit of a vague memory whether both Jill and Leon were there or just one of them. Anyway, do you have any news of him. I never saw the declare. I believe he is a Chiropractor. But would love to hear that he is still involved with the tech. Any news??? These old guys that trained under LRH are so important. I hope more of them get in comm.

  252. The more people write books and inform Scientologists out of the desert what is going on, the more violent I imagine DM is going to become. He has Celebrity public banging around Texas trying to ambush someone so leaks do not get out to Tom Cruise.
    I imagine he has indulged in some Hollywood movies??????? He has kept himself in a prison for almost three decades and now he is headed for another one.
    Except the next one he enters, he will be the one saying, “Yes Sir!” And I predicted this years ago and I will say it again, he will become the anti Christ. He will be the one who denounces L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology the loudest. After everything I’ve read I just don’t see how the execs are going to get out of all the illegal fraud, embezzlement, and grand larceny theft, bait and switch, failure to perform, tax evasion , false arrests, false imprisonments, blackmail, assaults,…these are all federal and felony crimes.
    People go to prison for these things. How is anyone going to clear the planet from prison? They have gone so far off purpose, so PTS.

  253. Jim, I just re-read the KR , and I totally get Claire having the “Yoda” beingness (from Star Wars). Like if she had a cane, she’d be smacking Sherry to get out of her way. LOL. Just enjoying life as the storm of out-of-valence, other-determined beings swirl around her.

  254. you are so right !
    we are suposed to be braking the suposed to do’s
    and what are we letting ourself talk into?

    so, lets not forget that no-one can do anything to us if we do not let them 🙂

    let’s be free the way we want !!
    Love Helmut

  255. Oooookayyyyy. Claire gets written up for buying a newspaper, but the ol’ tampon sniffer dude just plows on through, unscathed…

  256. thecountesskrak

    He was most probably commended for finding items with fragrance in his inspections. They would go through shampoos, lotions, deodorants, everything. Mind you my tampons were not laying about the room they were neatly stowed away in a drawer. I kept all my scented Bath and Body Works stuff in a box under the bed so they wouldn’t think to look there. Any items with the SLIGHTEST scent (even if the item was organic and pricey) were thrown out by Security. Even if you begged to keep them and never buy that brand again they showed no mercy.

  257. I am sure you are right – But in the big picture Lady Lancelot is more correct.
    Never mind people cannot handle justice.
    People cannot handle power and “justice is power.
    People in come eves ( and I had a truck load of them and was not even staff, but FSM ,WISE Consultant & Mission Holder.
    I have lost all of them and yet never complied to any recommendations ever – ALWAYS kept doing what I did – and this my friend is what Claire did.
    She kept her integrity and thus will be in rather good shape when it came/comes to pick another body.
    but ,the fact remains – SCN justice policies are for the birds – actually have been a majored issue of why the church is where it is -death – for the very reason Ron stated!
    Man cannot be trusted with power, & with justice.

    The church has taken ethics away since long, long time. if there would be ethics ,then well -anyone could say what he likes, could leave the church, and who knows could read the newspaper and have a coffee — I know that is farfetched ,and I am not kidding. Just look at the zombies calling themselves OT and trained auditors.
    Even the Ethics condition do not work – basically nothing wrong with the actual write up by Ron, but look – have you seen where it got us? Have you seen scientologist improving – no – not really!
    People who want to improve conditions will know what to do – the condition formula does NOT tell what to do, which is why you get stupid coping of each step on a person’s formula.
    It in the end just a bunch of unworkable significance lie the KR system – too much open to misuse and misinterpretation..
    Conditions assignments in my opinion was a bad move by Ron – it opened the door to what we have today – super PTS OT’s and no church –which is a good thing considering what results they have gotten.
    The only way to ably the condition is this :
    Figure out what will improve our situation an then see in what condition that action is in and you know what condition you agreeing.
    This is and LRH advice !
    But IF you do that – do you really need to know which condition you are in? Absolutely not!

    Scientology is great – when used and NOT complied with

    Clair knew that it looks 🙂

    Love Helmut

  258. @OnceUponaTime — I’ve certainly had periods where my life felt empty, and I would not choose them.

    I don’t believe there can ever be too much love in one’s life.

    @Cat Daddy — I was thinking of the line from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Songs from the Portuguese, but yours is also a good choice.

  259. annoymous and Vicky,

    Thanks for the additional data, but the report you refer to is a CNN iReport that has NOT been verified by CNN as stated by them;

    “iReport is a USER-generated section of The stories in this section are not edited, fact-checked or screened before they are posted”

    Is there a court case with disposition anywhere?


  260. Hey fellow Indies,

    All the support for Claire is very touching. This is a great bunch of people, except for the OSA trolls, who, in my opinion, we ought to just ignore and grant zero beingness to. For they feed and thrive upon our upset. They even turn us against eachother at times. They have no place here except to cause entheta.

    I want to take a minute to key everyone out, as a way to recover from the hideous treatment we’ve read about regarding Claire.

    If you are an artist, or if you operate at all on the aesthetic wave length, the following is an absolute must-see key-out.

    Trust me, it’s worth a view. And it aligns with everything I’ve read by LRH on the subject of ART.

    It’s also quite funny. If you don’t have a cognition or two on this, you must work for OSA.

    Just copy and paste the following link to your address bar.

    Idle Org

  261. Lady Lancelot

    Dear Once Upon a Time,
    I have wondered the same thing before about the Tone Scale. “Hate” is on it but “love” is not. There are a lot of emotions that aren’t on the tone scale. I am just thinking out loud here, but one explanation may be that LRH wrote the Tone Scale as an observation of what a pc goes through in running out an engram. I am not sure he meant it as the last word on every emotion there is. Just a thought.

  262. Lady Lancelot

    Hi Marty,
    This song could go on your Instant Hat page. 🙂

  263. Lady Lancelot

    Well said, Jim Logan about the “theoretical” comm evs. Well said.

  264. Re: Leon….asked and answered on another ex-board:

  265. OnceUponaTime,

    I haven’t had much time to contribute lately, but I love your essay on love and admiration. I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t elaborated, and I would have expected nothing less than what you wrote!

  266. Concerned Citizen,

    And that’s all that’s important now. 🙂

  267. Because,

    I was shocked, when I read everything I could find about blue asbestos on the Freewinds, at how much extremely compelling evidence existed on the subject. As far as I’m concerned, there is no question that there was blue asbestos on the ship, there is no question it was extremely “disturbed” during renos on the ship, and there is no question that DM and other execs chose to ignore the very clear health risk this posed. I don’t have references to hand, but it’s very easy to research this. I think if you Google “blue asbestos on Freewinds” you’ll probably get enough evidence to satisfy yourself about this scene.

  268. Vicki,

    Thanks for the tip. You know what? I usually do that nowadays, having lost earlier posts. But I guess I got sloppy with this one and impulsively clicked! Actually, I forget exactly what happened here, it might just be that my cat sent it before I was ready. 🙂

  269. Hi Barney,

    A blog that can make that happen is not just a blog, it’s a true group!

  270. John,

    About the Flag Pro TRs pilot: The funny thing is that I did the “Flag Tech TRs Course” in ’79, before they introduced the Pro TRs pilot. And the Flag Tech TRs course was wonderful! It was one of the best actions I’ve ever done. When they introduced the Pro TRs pilot I couldn’t figure out what they thought should or could be improved about the Tech TR’s course, and what people were spending month after month after month on. In my estimation, TR training on Flag Tech TR’s was already as good as it gets, which is mighty good indeed!

  271. KatS.,

    It’s good to see you here, and I hope you do post again!

  272. Cured Robot,

    I love your name — it says a lot!

  273. “. . . the publishing of this “KR” and the many messages in this posting have created so much healing and so much power and strength.”

    What a wonderful observation, Mary Jo!

  274. Hi One who sees,

    I haven’t heard anything about Leon since he audited me on L12, except that he’s declared. This webpage lists all the CL XII’s and their curent status:

    According to another message board that I don’t like to even look at, let alone quote, Leon indeed is a chiropractor on the west coast. One person who posted about him said he’s in comm with Leon, but that Leon doesn’t want to involve himself with message boards about Scn. Maybe if he knew about this one (a theta, intelligent one), he’d jump in!

  275. I find myself agreeing with Helmut here.

    The Justice Codes look great on paper, but have a fatal flaw – a complete lack of any oversight whatsoever. So they go the same way as every so many other systems in the past – savage autocratic rule by a dictator where justic is whatever he feels like having today. It’s what Shaka used, it’s what Attilla used, and a horde of others.

    There’s a great post on a FreeZone site somewhere (I can’t find it now, perhaps someone else knows where it is), which categorizes the various High Crimes and takes an initial look at how workable they might be. That post got me thinking, got me looking for the first time at the Justics system with a critical skeptic eye.

    My position is now:

    Throw away the Justice system. All of it.

    At least in the Western world it splits into two (perhaps three) components – stuff that is already covered by law in the greater society, and stuff that is contrary to the law in the greater society.

    If it plainly becomes that, then why do we need a Justice system at all? Others have already covered how it gets abused.

    The possible third category is those points regarding out-tech, which seem to be fine to my untrained eye (I’m not a highly trained auditor so I’m not really in a position to judge the merits of those points).

    By contrast, Ethics is useful. It’s also personal and has bugger all to do with the group. Therefore I don’t see why group Justice can possibly enforce Conditions Assignments – when you get to that point you already have things backwards. How could it possibly then work?

  276. Chad you are brutaly honest with yourself and that I respect deeply.

    Blaise Pascal:

    “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”

  277. @Deirdre Saoirse Moen, I would love to see you post your choiche of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Songs.

  278. Remember who it was written for.

  279. Re all that: Yuck!

  280. Is that his way to flourish and prosper in the face of suppression?
    Having read Amy’s book, I have an enormous difficulty to feel any mercy anymore for him.

    The most dedicated Scientologist? LAUGHABLE!

  281. Well Jim,

    in the case of Sherry Rabey, even thorough training up to Class XII didn’t help – or is it possible to get up to Class XII without having rolled up your sleeves and helped others find out what these GPMs are?

  282. Regarding the quote on admiration and sympathy as ‘love’ i.e. the little drill described that gives one an idea of this phenomenon, the definition of sympathy is from the Tech Dictionary, quoting Advanced Procedures and Axioms, and is the latter part of the description: “Sympathy can be mechanically considered as the posing of any emotion so as to be similar to the emotion of another.”

    This use of the word sympathy is differentiated from the Tone Scale position below 2.0.

  283. Fidelio,
    You must be a pretty good mind-reader to determine that this person was indeed dramatizing a GPM. And that from reading a single KR. Holy cats!

  284. As was his hHuman Right to do so.

  285. A large collection of information related to asbestos on the Freewinds is here:

  286. Idle Org,

    thank you VERY much for that link – Ken Robinson is hilarious – what a great guy!!
    Oh, will I follow that up…
    My very best, Fidelio

  287. Hi Mockingbird 6,
    There are two different medical aid systems in the US to assist the poor and elderly. One is a Federal program, MedicARE, which employers and employees pay into and folks over 65 can access to pay for medical care. The other is MedicAID which is managed by each state and is primarily for those who cannot afford health insurance or to pay for health care. Elderly folks who may not qualify for MedicARE will often qualify for MedicAID. However the fact that the CO$ is utilizing these govt sponsered and tax supported programs is pretty gross. I doubt the Catholic Church does this to pay for care for their priests and nuns. Actually this is quite an outpoint for a group that takes in the dollar amounts they do. Perhaps their tax exempt status needs investigating??? Ya think?
    Hope this helps…Vicki

  288. I haven’t read all the comments above, it’s probably been said before, but I’ll say it again:

    Carol, what you said about Claire was beautiful. That KR put a thousand exclamation points to it. Could anyone ever write a funnier, more uplifting, inspirational “reverse” obituary than that?

    Thanks for posting it. You made my day. And thank God (or whoever created us) for creating beings among us like Claire.

  289. Thanks Idle Org for the TED link. You were absolutely correct in letting us know it was worth viewing.

    There is a statement of premise put forth by the gentleman in the video linked below, that goes, “What do you need to see things in a new way? You need the willingness to think the unfamiliar.”

    As a new way of thinking about how “…they (trolls) feed and thrive upon our upset….[and] cause entheta”, I find what this good priest and man of the cloth imparts and has obviously embraced –the “unfamiliar” more radical way of seeing the normal programing we run on ourselves and each other– quite helpful and revealing.

    No trolls (or anyone or situation) in fact need cause anyone’s upset as seen from this “unfamiliar” perspective.

  290. @Cat Daddy I was thinking of this one in particular:

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
    My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
    For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
    I love thee to the level of every day’s
    Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
    I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
    I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
    I love with a passion put to use
    In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
    I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
    With my lost saints, I love thee with the breath,
    Smiles, tears, of all my life! and, if God choose,
    I shall but love thee better after death.

  291. Well, yeah, Jim, holy cats!

  292. Idle Org,

    That was hilarious and astute at the same time. Thanks for the link.

  293. Mickey,

    That was great!

    Puts one at cause over DM and OSA.

    Thanks for sharing!

  294. Fidelio,

    You bet! Glad you liked it.


  295. Virgil Samms

    While this is still here I want to also acknowledge Claires two offsprings, Chris and Mike.

    Chris went on to be a messenger in CMO CW and Mike went on to be a Class IX Auditor at AOLA.

    Mike then went to Orange County where he delivered OT Sections to staff from the first St Hill Sized org on the planet. He delivered non-stop and his products were excellent – a lot of wins and succeses from OC staff.

    Mike is a standup guy and was an asset to the Sea Org until he got blown out because of his disagrements with GAT and other squirrelyness. Did he squirrel? No. He refused.

    That particular apple did not fall far from the tree.

    ML Tom

  296. 🙂

  297. Lady Lancelot – I love you already!

  298. You bet, Karen!

  299. NOTSaware

    Thanks for letting me know it was Pierre.
    He used to crack me up.
    One of his favorite games used to be playing with Time. Like when he had OT VII Comps doing their final completion steps on Thurs before 2 pm. Every Exec over service lines in the FSO would be hanging around the Sandcastle waiting for the completions, getting in the way and being general nuisances.
    He would be so calm and relaxed, in control. Never allowing his pre-OT to feel any of the pressure. Just acted like there was all the time in the world. He would stroll and chat. He would always bring it off. But not without the pleasure of knowing how he was driving the execs all nuts…LOL!
    Naughty boy.
    I loved his golden-like motorcycle, too. He would sit on it like a king.
    You just reminded me, Ignazio, of how much fun it could be, before things started to get ugly.
    That was a nice memory.

  300. It is actually a measure of how much suppression must exist to reduce someone like Sherry to the point of writing a KR like that. She was actually a nice person and my earlier post was a unjustly harsh, even if in defense of my dear friend, Claire.
    I recalled doing something similarly unjust and undeserved when heavily pressured to “get ethics in” on a public by an IAS Exec. Everything about that entire cycle was wrong and I only just looked at it squarely for the first time. I did fight it for a time. After giving in and doing what I was told was the point where I started downhill rapidly. Only just saw this. It serves none of us any good purpose to sit in judgement of those who are still under the immense pressure of the suppression and distortion of correct LRH tech.

    Thanks Marty and Carol. I’ve gained a lot from this post.


  301. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Lady,
    I do understand your points. Let me try to elucidate mine like this.
    The system is not designed to be oppressive but it is used oppressively. That is why I emphasized the part of understanding its spirit. I befriended this young pretty Mexican girl, who changed my view of Mexicans when she explained things like the fact that both the Mexican constitution and penal code are so similar to the US ones that it is illogical that the atmosphere in Mexico is so dangerous. How can it be that under virtually the same system, 2 societies can create such different atmosphere.
    If you agree with me that while our American system is not perfect, it serves its purpose sufficiently that Americans enjoy freedoms and security that Mexicans only dream of. The difference is that most Mexicans according to my friend are not even aware of this or their rights. It is a matter of how it is used, and how much can the individual demand their rights are respected. It is not like our government has not tried to strip away those rights; it is much harder for our government to erode them. For example she said their constitution guarantees the right to protest, yet 2 years ago or something like that, it was outlawed!! If anyone tried that here in the Us…
    So if people don’t know their rights and demand they be respected, it degenerates. LRH made that very point. Now “Offenses and Penalties HCO PL” is a poor parameter. Just take 3 different editions of the ethics book and see how it has continued to lengthen, I’m pretty sure it has been re written by Miscavige to suit him, many times. Things like the fact that musical chairs is no longer there make it clear this is no longer an on source document and we can no longer go by it. But that reference is not the system and without it, the system still retains its value if you understand it well, if you can think with it not robotically. To say to hell with the whole thing is not survival, a group with no justice system is doomed, look at Mexico, look at our Church. The key like Helmut said is not to be robotic about it, but that is the key to all of LRHs tech and in I would argue, all of human knowledge. I have used the concepts of Scientology justice in the world at large to survive and they have proven quite successful, but it requires understanding of its basics. I assure you I have never walked into an office and issued a condition assignment, but I do understand that someone needs by passing, for instance, or when someone is in confusion and so take the appropriate action to prevent that condition from affecting me.
    KRs are the key tool for whistle blowers, KRs to the authorities have been ignored, we take them to the public.
    In short, systems are not harmful on their own, someone uses them harmfully, its like guns, people kill people, guns don’t kill people. You say, yes but availability of guns makes it so people kill people. Well, let’s see people are killed with knifes, with rat poison, with plastic bags, with water, with their bare hands… should we remove all things that can potentially kill people? May be we should spread reason and common sense, maybe we should restore the basic principles of life and it’s inherent value. If we remove everything that could be used to kill, man will use his ingenuity to develop other ways to kill if he feels he must. So it is with justice. It is how it is used, it is the intent behind its use that makes the outcome, not the system itself, witness Mexico /US.

  302. jswift

    Who wrote these? I prefer that when someone writes up things like this they state who they are.

  303. TheOracle

    I feel and share the pain of all that you have written. Thank you for saying it.

    Love, Eileen

  304. I see you, Quicksilver. Welcome.
    Great post and addition here.


  305. Tone 41,

    It’s been raining like crazy here lately so I’ve had to put some projects on hold. Given me a bit more time. One of the things I’ve noticed about posting: one should always leave room for contribution from others. By leaving points out, others have something to add.

    Jim Logan,

    I’m glad you clarified this. I’ve been trying to fully grasp emotions and the tone scale, and the damned language is so entangled that one word can apply to so many points on the scale and contradict itself. So I’ve been trying to move the language off to the side and simply observe the underlying concepts and realities without symbols.

    Funny story: one time I took a lighting class and was having a bit of trouble with the vocabulary so I put the text aside, went exterior and became the lighting. After a bit, I understood all those circular terms used in the field. (And I know better than to give an example here or I’ll put people to sleep.)

  306. The USGO used to give Mary Sue bottles of her favorite very expensive perfume for her birthday. It was a very sensual scent. Betcha LRH loved it.

    One of the first things I did when I was able to afford it was to buy a bottle of my favorite perfume. Such defiance and decadence….LOL!

  307. Lady Lancelot,

    That’s the conclusion I’m drawing near. Not there yet, but flirting with it.

    I’ve been watching people and aligning what I see with the basic principle SURVIVE to see how emotional bands operate as a consequence of success and failure. And trying to differentiate what is merely an attitude and what is the basic underlying “emotion.”

    I think we take for granted that we know what “emotion” is and lump a lot of adjuncts and irrelevancies into the mix. Just as we have taken for granted that we know what “soul” and “spirit” and “mind” were.

  308. I loved hearing that Paul was probably the most liked person in the history of the Int Base. I had the plesure of working with Paul in Australia. And he even gave me a session or two. Talk about TRs!! Jesus! He creates friends – just sprinkles you with a little of himself, and you’re friends for life.
    He’s the only person at Int I could write a friendly letter to (didn’t want to write anyone else), but I started the letter off with “Dear ratbag,” He loved it.

  309. Joe Howard,
    I can’t tell you how much this saddens and infuriates me. Paul Schobel was so special.
    I can’t say more right now.

  310. Lady Lancelot

    To Sam, Another Jeff and Concerned Citizen,
    My hand is up too. I wrote some sucky KRs on my husband. How stupid is that? I can think of a lot reasons not to. How about granting beingness (which I didn’t), how about flowing power to the power source (which I didn’t), how about resolving problems with communication (which I did not) and so on. I had by then become robotted: Problem=Write a KR. ARCx=Write a KR.
    Of course this is not what LRH meant. But it is what so easily comes out of many Scientologists mouths when you originate a problem or upset: “Write a KR”.
    If one looks at Ethics Gradients, writing a KR is pretty high up there. It is not step one.

  311. F,
    Good on ya. Hah!

  312. Put the above, ‘good on ya’ here. Holy cats.

  313. I have a request in the light of this post: anybody with information on the life of Uwe Stuckenbrock PLEASE get in touch with his brother Markus or if you are uncomfortable with that mail me at and I will make sure he gets it.

    With Regards Cat Daddy

  314. John Nunez

    Funny, I was just talking to Linda about how Paul would come up to the exec floor of the Coachman to look at the TRs videos. He would pop into the Capt’s office to see if me and/or Regina were there to have us look at them with him. He would ask us to see if we thought the auditor’s TRs were perfect or not. He listened to our comments and would ack us when correct and point out things we’d missed. One day he came in grinning in his lovely way. Said he thought this was a winner. After watching it, as usual, he asked us what we thought. I said she was perfect in everything she did, but I didn’t feel much ARC, thought it came across as perfectly cold. He gave me a funny look, reran the video. Didn’t say a word, just left with the video. He came back later to say I was spot on and thanked me. I did later see the passing video of that auditor and she was just as ARCful and perfect as one could wish. He could make a person feel 10 feet tall, just by simply being him and granting so much beingness. Regina and I were not tech trained, but he respected our observations. I remember laughingly telling him the first he had us do that, “I’ve only done the Comm Course from the 70’s, not finished the Pro TRs and won’t until all this is over, how can I possibly have anything sensible to say about these auditor’s TRs?” He said directly, in his way, “did you pass?” I just looked him and said, “well yes, of course I passed and was passed by Amy at CCLA. She had one of those brute Israeli guys in the Academy come down and give me a final run through in order to pass.” He laughed, and said, “Perfect! Watch this and tell me what you think.” That was Paul Schobel.

    How badly Paul Schobel was treated in the end is just another crime to be accounted for, nail in the coffin of one who is now nameless in my universe.

    To Paul Schobel, I am honored to have known you and learned from you. Hope to see you around again, soon. We need you.

    Another person who was always held in such high esteem and yet in the end treated so badly, was Alain Kartuzinski. I knew him from the 70’s-80’s when he was RTC Rep and in the FSO up to 2001 when I was transferred off the FLB. He is another that I learned much from and respect his integrity. Do well, Alain, thank you for your many kindnesses to me and direction when I asked for it.

    Love, Eileen

  315. Chris Black

    Thanks for posting this, Marty. And thank Carol for writing such a beutiful piece. Too many are left forgotten or just left. Just like the quiet not-is of MSH’s passing, no wake, no festivity, no acknowledgement. It would be best if this who era went “POOF” in such a wise. But at least she’s free.

    “I think of auditors and Scientologists as the Free People.” LRH (PAB 79, The Open Channel)

  316. AlexMetheny

    Hi Cat Daddy,

    Sometimes you seem to be a mass of contraditions. First you seem to sort of attack people who don’t like Sherry. Then you feel like kicking someones ass.

    I know you are not a Scientologist and that is ok. But I for one don’t excuse Sherry’s actions. I am sure she is basically good just like everyone, including DM. But when people do stupid shit they need to be called on it. And yes, sometimes people need a good ass kicking. If I stumbled across someone mugging an old lady, I might kick his ass if I was able to. Maybe it isn’t philosophically correct to do it and maybe it is. It is a force universe.

    Another thought I have had CD is that maybe you are some sort of a troll yourself, trying to covertly get people away from their beliefs. I have been suppressing this thought but it bubbled to the surface again today.


  317. Chris Black


    Kudos to you. That is an awesome power flow and is certainly very valuable – a safe haven. I hope to hear of a “full house” soon enough. Again, kudos.

    Chris Black

  318. Cured Robot

    It took me several years after leaving the SO to realize that perfume wasn’t going to harm me! And another few yrs to develop a connoisseur’s scent for the really fine smelling stuff again.

  319. one of those who see

    Thanks for the info regarding Leon Steinberg, Tone 41 & Mickey. Leon, if you are reading this – hello! Was a friend of Carl Adams. Would love to know how he is.

  320. Alain K. was the Senior C/S at AOLA and passed my final videos through Grad V. He would look in on my sessions~gawd I was nervous about that at first. I looked up to him like he was a god. LoL now at how awestruck I was just starting my Cl IV internship. I had to keep myself from bowing down every time I saw him. Of course over time I realized he was just a great C/S.

    I was going to say too bad he died so young, but instead I will say, Great! You can get back quicker to people who admire you and want to be around you again! You are loved ♥ and as I said to Claire, we’ll be here for you when you return!
    You bet your ass I will be looking for you, see cuz I’ll be older and wiser this time! hehe 🙂

  321. OnceUponATime,

    Very nice, the idea of leaving something out to give others something to reach for and contribute. A very pan-determined way to approach a group and to help everyone to move on up a little higher.

    Well, the rain is giving you more time just when I’m crunched for time. I’ll be traveling in a few days and I have several projects I have to keep going until then. I feel like either a juggler or a switchboard. I’m finding a few minutes to buzz in here and there to keep my finger in the theta. In a week or so I’ll have a little more time.

    I guess that’s a long way of saying that rain isn’t going to help me, at least not this week!

    But what the heck. This group is a blast. 🙂

    Meanwhile, I guess going ext is the ultimate study tech! Great story.

  322. Hi Eileen,

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Class XII C/S Alain Kartizinski. He was my favorite C/S at Flag when I did my training there. First for his technical skill, second for his ARC and care factor. Also, his wife Corrine was my favorite cramming officer. She embodied the Qual attitude of creating a safe space for correction and she never took orders from other divisions on what to do on a correction matter. If it wasn’t for her I doubt I would have endured all the b.s. that occurs in trying to get through an internship there.
    But back to Alain, he was an amazing person, someone who like Paul Schobel could make you feel ten feet tall, and bring sunshine where tempests were making things seem very grim.
    I learned so much from Alain technically. He was a master at finding THE bug on a case – it was his specialty. I saw how important case analysis was in programming and in finding the bug before writing the program. It was a pleasure to audit the programs he wrote.
    Alain was the man behind the scenes who could uphold the reputation of Flag cracking any case.
    It is no surprise to me that once Miscavige ripped him off tech lines after falsely blaming him for the Lisa McPherson catastrophe (it was DM’s squirrel C/Sing of Lisa that was at fault), that results suffered at Flag and went very downhill thereafter.

  323. Terril Park

    Only just read that KR. Its the weirdest craziest
    thing about COS I ever read. It seems written by an alien robot from another universe.

    Its essentially a KR against being alive.

  324. With this posting on the CofS treatment of high-ranking and accomplished SO members and the mention of Alain Kartuzinski I am compelled to comment on the appalling treatment such members receive at the hand of their “church”. Claire’s treatment is the rule, not the exception. I didn’t know Claire personally, but I knew Alain well and several other FSO staff very well.

    Alain was one of the principals in the Lisa McPherson debacle. He was the unfortunate CS of record for her botched and failed Introspection R/D and as such he was demoted as Senior CS FSO and busted into the RPF on heavy physical labor. For Alain, who had a serious heart condition, this was a death sentence. Attempts were made to intervene on Alain’s behalf, but he eventually disappeared off the radar screen and died a few years after my last contact with him. He was a good CS, but more importantly a good person and he didn’t deserve to take the fall for a situation he did not create and to die a premature and painful death.

    But he was in the cross hairs of DM and those running McPherson damage control and no mercy could be shown. Cruel and ruthless beyond comprehension.

    Now take the case of former FSO Qual Sec and Class IX auditor Joan Heller. What a wonderful woman she was. Joan developed a heart condition around 2004 and was fitness boarded out of the SO to fend for herself. I saw her n the grocery store about a year before her death. She was living in a little apartment and trying to get well enough to go back in the SO. She was still smiling as ever and bright and up-tone. If she felt despair at being abandoned by her group in her hour of need, she didn’t show it. But what an appalling way to treat a woman who gave her life and produced millions in services delivered for the CofS.

    Before Lisa McPherson sick, old and disabled SO members were left to rot in the Hacienda apartments or at the QI. I have visited terminal cancer patients in both places. Imagine lying in a dingy, smelly apartment shared with several other people with no air conditioning in the Florida summer and no one to care for you or keep your comfortable. It was absolutely horrifying and it shocked me to the core.

    After Lisa McPherson the old, infirm and sick were shipped off base to smaller nursing homes like Magnolia Manor. As the SO population aged and the numbers needing medical or nursing care increased, the policy (unofficial of course) became to fitness board them so the SO would have no responsibility or expense for their care. Purge those “useless eaters”.

    Medical care in the SO was always woefully inadequate, but after 1995 it became a chamber of horrors and the human tragedy and suffering was incomprehensible. In the CofS the ill and infirm are regarded with contempt. They are not valued as human beings nor or their contributions considered as any form of exchange for basic care and compassionate treatment.

    We were appalled when our babies were warehoused in crowed, filthy nurseries at AO and FSO or when our pregnant staff members were given the choice of abortion or exile or when adult staff members were worked to death on no sleep and substandard rations. It should come as no surprise that when we age, we are “old-timers” to be gotten rid of by the likes of black-hearted Jenny Linson.

    There just isn’t anything left in the Cof S even vaguely approaching a spiritual practice and there hasn’t been for decades.

    Get out, just get out and rehabilitate your compassion for your fellow man. And if you meet an old woman, dying of cancer and she wants a light or a piece of pizza, for God’s sake consider that she might be another Claire Reppen and treat her accordingly. Because some day we will all be that old woman or old man and our burden will be lessened by the compassion of another who understands that the human condition is something we all share.

  325. Terril,

    “. . . A KR against being alive.”

    Exactly! That’s the best and most succinct summary yet!

  326. @Deirdre Saoirse Moen , That was beautiful.

  327. Alexis de Tocqueville

    I would like to add this comment so as to honor Claire and the memory of the woman.

    I only knew Claire a short while. I shared berthing with her for a three or four months in the early ’90s at the Hacienda. (Yeah, my ‘name’ above belies my actual gender.)

    We got to know each other quite a little bit as one often does with one’s berthing mates on Saturday mornings’ CSP time. We would share a pot of some excellent coffee one of us had procured as we both loved and appreciated a good brew.

    Claire had wonderful havingness. She was generous, interested, intelligent and a great person to sit and have a chin wag with.

    I am happy for her that she did not fold to the bs. So many did. From the KR it would appear she never ever caved or toed the line in any regard and remained true to herself.

    Good on ya, Claire. Hope to meet up again, someday.

    I’ll bring the coffee beans.

  328. A truly wonderful post. The K/R was terrific. What a magnificently misguided miscreant for a handler. I would gold frame the K/R. Who could possibly read it and not recognize the disparity between the two viewpoints, excepting another miscreant naturally. God Bless Claire Reppen, may we see you again soon.

  329. “Get out, just get out and rehabilitate your compassion for your fellow man. And if you meet an old woman, dying of cancer and she wants a light or a piece of pizza, for God’s sake consider that she might be another Claire Reppen and treat her accordingly. Because some day we will all be that old woman or old man and our burden will be lessened by the compassion of another who understands that the human condition is something we all share.”


  330. I was briefly Claire’s daughter-in-law in the early 1980s. I loved her and thought she was one of the nicest ladies I’d ever known. Of course, with LRH at the helm, there was no dedicated family time (unless you still had kids at that crime scene known as the Cadet Org) so I spent less time with Claire than I would have liked.

    What baffles me about the comments (the KR & obsession with PR is standard Scn well before David Mascavige) is how one person, DM, can be targeted for all Scn abuses. I am so sad Claire even had to worry about LRH’s FN at any time in her life. I’m an old OEC grad – read the policies. I’m an old Cl IV – read the tech (wasn’t Dianetcis a cure for cancer?). I regret my years being brainwashed – you can quit anytime. DM = all bad; LRH = all good. Either and both are fantasies. It hurts to be duped, but please ask someone to help you with a reality check.

  331. 2 years later WE, (Pat), I could not agree more. Sherry knew what the she was writing in that KR, I can attest. It was evil to the max.

  332. Tory Christman (Magoo)

    I’m late on responding….and I was never audited by Claire, but I always felt like we were friends. She seemed to be one of the lucky ones…one who could smile and rise about the hours of BS no doubt pitched on her. The last thing she ever said to me was: “I’ve audited your Mother-in-law, and I’ve audited your husband……now I need to hear your side”. 🙂 I always wondered what they said!~ She and I smiled, I knew she knew. May she fly high and enjoy the light and calm and peace. Blessings, Tory/Magoo

  333. Tory Christman (Magoo)

    PS: I met her son at a party recently and he told me there was a write up about his Mom. He sent it to me today, which is why I’m writing this now.

  334. deElizabethan

    OMG. I just finished reading the KR’s on Claire. I had never seen any KR’s in my Org in the 70’s as a public person. Following that I volunteered for the GO to gather information and write up what i saw. However, these were supposed enemies. My goodness, these KR’s are written like their fellow member is spied on as an enemy.
    Now I understand when I went to Flag after 30 years I could make no friends. Unbelievable.
    I’m so sorry for Claire went through and all her family. This corporation will rue the day when the light shines fully on their deeds.

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