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Deconstructing the Mayo Myth

Source of NOTs technology - L Ron Hubbard


When you create a huge, open tent a lot of wonderful things occur – many of which we have been sharing on a daily basis here.


With no admission fee, no pre-requisites, no qualifications, no screening – you also get your share of hucksters, clowns and pick-pockets.  I generally let people get along and encourage them to go along their own paths for the most part.  But when the crime rate starts to escalate it doesn’t hurt to warn people about certain dark alleys.


I wouldn’t even address this subject if it were not for the demand that I do address it by several OTs who have heard me tell the story of the origin of New Era Dianetics for OTs (NOTS) technology.  It seems that three decades of insistence by certain squirrels that David Mayo is Source of NOTs technology has had an effect in some quarters.  The Mayo myth has lead many a truth seeker down a rabbit hole of bizarre, albeit sometimes interesting, diversions. It has served several not-quite-bright folk (with king-size, self-importance buttons) a handy justification that has been used for decades to palm off all manner of alterations as LRH technology.


I realize some will launch the most vicious of attacks for my presenting the facts as I witnessed them.  No matter, this has never been a popularity contest.


I’ve got news:


1 – L Ron Hubbard discovered New Era Dianetics for O.T.s.


2 – L Ron Hubbard dictated the HCOBs for New Era Dianetics for O.T.s


3 – David Mayo did not discover New Era Dianetics for O.T.s.


4 – David Mayo did not write New Era Dianetics for O.T.s.


And for those wanting to practice standard tech outside of the suppression of the church, and for those lurking church of Scientology members I have good news: all of the NOTs HCOBs that have been readily available on the internet for the past fifteen years are FAR more on Source than anything foisted off as such in Miscavige’s church of Scientology.


OT VIIs and above, hear this about all those conditions formulas you did for out security, including the tens of thousands you might have been coerced into paying to get Ethics off your backs. Those conditions assignments were bogus and meaningless. In fact, they have been ruthlessly enforced by David Miscavige’s RTC for the past two decades for no other purposes than making money and controlling you and diverting attention from the fact that Miscavige, rather than being the savior of the sacred Bridge, in fact failed miserably in one of RTC’s few stated LRH purposes; to wit, protecting the security of the upper level materials of Scientology.


Here are the facts I witnessed that lead to the four conclusions at the outset of this post.


In the early eighties Robin Scott and some cohorts executed a rather clever scheme.  They dressed up as Sea Org missionaires and strutted into AOSHEU exuding airs of strategic cunning.  Scott announced they had been sent by Int Management to straighten out the org.  Having full run of the org, they walked out with all confidential Advanced Tech material from R6EW right on up through NOTS.


Shortly after, David Mayo began heavily promoting the delivery of NOTS at his Advanced Ability Center (AAC) in Santa Barbara, California, under the name Advanced Ability 5.  RTC sued Mayo and the AAC under the federal Racketering Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute and the Trade Secret statute.


After a mini-trial (evidentiary hearing) a US Federal Judge enjoined Mayo, et al from using or distributing his AA5 material. During that hearing Mayo swore under oath that he had written the AA5 material from memory – without reference to the stolen Scott NOTs material.  The Judge made a specific finding that Mayo was not a credible witness – particularly in his claim that he had re-written the material from memory because he wrote it in the first place.


Having been found a liar, the man with the self-proclaimed eidetic memory changed his story.  He began stretching his claims to say in fact, not only did he write the materials, he discovered and developed them too.


Later the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the injunction on legal issues, not affecting the Federal Court Judge finding that Mayo was a calculating liar.  The suit was amended to include copyright claims and Mayo was enjoined again.


Somebody will likely provide a special master’s finding of fact that Mayo wrote NOTs as a work-made-for-hire for the church (an excerpt was posted by I think Cat Daddy on an earlier thread).   They won’t explain that the upshot of that later ruling – by an off the wagon alcoholic ex-judge sitting as special master – means simply that anything Mayo may have written in the name of L Ron Hubbard while in the chuch was legally written by LRH because Mayo was an employee of the church and working under L Ron Hubbard’s direction when he did so.


What the alcoholic master did not comment upon was irrefutable evidence that was placed before him that L Ron Hubbard discovered and effectively wrote every NOTs HCOB with Mayo’s assistance as a transcriptionist/compiler.  The master didn’t comment upon it as he never reviewed the evidence, hated the church of Scientology and was doing everything in his power to help Mayo – whom  he sympathized with. Now, whether Mayo was deserving of any sympathy is a matter of a decades old debate, irrelevant to the issue at hand.


The evidence the master refused to consider consisted of the original submission files for each and every original NOTs Series HCOB. Each HCOB had its own folder.  Each contained one or more CSWs (completed staff work forms) written by Mayo to LRH asking for authorization to issue each HCOB of the NOTs Series.  Each folder included each draft that was rejected enroute to full approval.  I know this because I helped compile the evidence for presentation. Michael J Rinder knows this too – because he too reviewed and compiled the same evidence with me in a number of subsequent legal cases involving the NOTs materials.


Each proposed HCOB was accompanied by tape transcripts highlighted and numbered in the margins to demonstrate where each of LRH’s spoken sentences was lifted in order to compile each line of each HCOB.  The package included the original audio tapes of LRH speaking the words that would become the HCOBs.


The audio tapes were recorded after sessions where Mayo audited LRH.  After each session LRH would tell Mayo to turn on the tape player, then he would dictate exactly what had happened in the session, plus commentary of what the technical whys and wherefores for the phenomena of the session were and instructions for compiling HCOBs on the subject.  Throughout hours upon hours of those audio tapes, Mayo can only rarely be heard with short, respectful acknowledgments.  Most of Mayo’s responses consisted of “Yes, Sir”, “Got it Sir”, “I understand Sir.”  Virtually every word of the HCOBs is taken from LRH’s transcribed spoken words.


Mayo’s job chiefly was to turn LRH’s spoken English descriptions into written English. And for those who have studied the original NOTs HCOBs I think you might agree Mayo didn’t even do such a great job of that. And now I am glad he did not.


Of course Mayo was LRH’s auditor during this period. And yes, LRH was ill and being audited by Mayo when LRH discovered NOTs. However, one thing is crystal clear when one reads the transcripts in sequence, which I did.  Mayo attempted to audit LRH on Dianetics and LRH got worse. Clearly LRH recognized that there was something else at play, described it and instructed his auditor (Mayo) on how to handle it.  Most of the transcripts consist of LRH explaining all that to Mayo and how NOTs works, how it ought to be audited, etc.


David Miscavige has made numerous alterations with “new improved” NOTs and Solo NOTs over the years.  The most on Source, unaltered HCOBs on NOTs are the original NOTs series, the ones that have been readily available on the internet for the past fifteen years.  I know that and Mike Rinder knows that because we ran litigation for more than twenty years that sought to prevent those very materials from being available in the public domain.  And we compiled the evidence from LRH’s archives – described above – in years-long attempts to keep the materials secret. Alas, we (me, Mike, Warren McShane, and David Miscavige who micromanaged every step of the way) failed.  And I could write a book detailing how Miscavige himself sabotaged even these efforts. He should be the last guy on the planet bemoaning NOTs materials in the public domain, and enforcing very expensive conditions assignments on pre-OTs who have committed alleged security breaches far less significant than his own.

I am not saying Mayo was not a good auditor or C/S.  And I am certainly not condemning him as a person – after all, irrespective of his motives, he did play a large role in breaking the monopoly.  I am saying he lied through his teeth when he said he discovered, developed and wrote NOTs.

Now, let the fur fly from both ends.  I’ll be amused. I am simply relaying facts I witnessed.  I am heading back to to my auditing room to audit some more pre-OTs, LRH style.