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What Miscavige is Trying to Stop

You may have seen that I informed “OT VIII” OTA John Allender, his three companions, and their boss David Miscavige by extension, that they were interrupting the delivery of Scientology services at Casablanca. Allender annoucned that they would be here “for weeks and weeks” and his Sonny Barger wanna be sidekick, added “for as long as it takes.”  Based on information from excellent sources, the “it” is very clear. Miscavige has ordered me closed down by any means necessary. Even if that does inestimable damage to the image of Scientology in the process.  Miscavige is reading the successes, he is seeing that his institutional implants are being remedied and exposed in short order here in a very safe environment. Therefore, he “reasons”, make the environment unsafe.  

 Just so people are not confused about the intentions and PRODUCT of David Miscavige, let’s see an example of what it is that he is investing millions in trying to STOP.

April 6, 2011

What I’m about to write may not seem like such a big deal. And the truth is that it may only be a big deal to me. After all, it’s about my life and my freedom.

I’m clear.

I am clear. Simple statement. I am clear.

But one week ago, I could not say or write those words. One week ago I thought I had a difficult case that might never be resolved. You see, I attested to clear at Flag in 1979 and again in Washington, DC after a DCSI in 1981. After that, I was repeatedly sent to the bottom of the Bridge to fill in what I had missed, until 2001, after 11 weeks on a CCRD at Flag, when I was told I was not clear. Once again, it was back to the bottom of the Bridge, after a few sessions of Dianetics to “prove that I can run Dianetics.”

That day, I was made small and I was told that my own knowingness, my own perceptions, were just not true. One week ago, I was confused about my case and about myself. But what’s worse is that I started wondering if I could know anything and I started wondering if the tech could work for me. One week ago, I made long explanations and excuses about where I was on the Bridge. One week ago, I thought I needed strange and complicated tricks and props to get into and out of session.

That was one week ago.

Then, last weekend, I went to Casablanca, where Marty Rathbun gave me back what the church took from me.

I am clear. I have been for a long time.

I’ll write it again in case anyone missed it. I was clear. The church took that from me and drove me into confusion. Marty Rathbun, probably the most on-source and effective auditor I have ever met, gave it back to me.

Everything about my trip to Casablanca aligned to provide one remarkable experience. To say that Mosey is an exceptional hostess who creates a safe and caring environment is to give her half the credit she deserves. She was that and much more.

To say that Marty has Act One in, is a weak understatement. With the standard tech that LRH gave us, and superior auditing skills, Marty audits as I imagine LRH audited. He didn’t audit the meter, or a folder or a piece of paper, or even my body; he audited the being that is me. I truly understood for the first time how the auditor and the PC work together.

And if David Miscavige, or any other SP for that matter, has trouble sleeping at night, it is because he knows that Mosey and Marty Rathbun are freeing people. He knows that Marty is undoing the church’s carefully constructed suppression. He knows that Marty is something David could never be: a great auditor. And what did LRH say about auditors? I think it had something to do with them being valuable, yes?

“There is a higher goal, a better goal, a more glorious victory than gutted towns and radiation-burned dead. There is freedom and happiness and plenty and a whole Universe to be won.” — L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health

Thank you, Marty, Mosey, Chiquita and Cat.



And I leave you with this, just because it feels right: