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Push Button McScientology – Incinerate the People


Mike Rinder has mentioned a shocking fact on this blog on a number of occasions.  Mike related that Miscavige made it clear to all Int Management personnel over several years that he wanted to replace all Div 6 and Div 2 personnel with machines.  Audio/Visual (A/V).  He wanted to bypass all living, breathing disseminators (public and staff) with movies.  Lots of them.  Miscavige spoke of this even as he was torturing Int Management into apathetic oblivion, replacing them with his own movies (his single-participant events). That began circa 2000/2001, and I saw him going in that direction myself, and speaking words to that effect.  First, carefully couched and implied, and then becoming more overt as he created the infamous HOLE where all Int Management Staff were imprisoned in late 03/early 04. (for description of the HOLE, see, http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/rathbun.shtml, segments entitled “Miscavige’s Escalating Violence”, and “A Game called Musical Chairs”)


Well, thanks to the Resistance still lurking within we now can share Miscavige’s own words proving Mike’s testimony.  By the year 2006 Miscavige had the OTAs sufficiently mesmerized that they accepted and embraced his neutron bomb strategy (wipe out all people, and preserve the MEST) with adoring laughs and cheers.  Here it is, in Miscavige’s own (verified by his own staff against audio recording) words (bold face supplied for emphasis).  





From recording of live event


That means that all we have to do is get every single person in the world into Scientology.  But at least its one cycle.  Okay, all right, (laughs). Now its one cycle that’s all you need to do. Okay so lets put aside the SPs, the job there is – the real problem we have and why we are so heavily onto AV. And you could say—what is the strat and you could almost you could almost sum it up into A-V.

And the reason is to bypass the need for brilliant disseminators everywhere in the world. So ah, If you take a look at a lot of the tech that was lost , PE – they didn’t have the tech but maybe the guy was just a bad lecturer. So we do a film on each one of these. Anatomy of the Human Mind, maybe he couldn’t really explain the time track, we are doing a film on it.  Dianetics Book One, maybe people are illiterate – we do films on every single part of it.  Our Div 6 displays I am going to tell you about in a minute. We do films on all of that, now ideally we would have every film for everything –and in such a format that anybody could have them and play them anywhere in the world…

… . Ok. Right. Ok. This here you’re going to find, upstairs.   Remember I said we reduced this down to push button and play. How big of an org do we want? – to put as many displays as possible in there. Now upstairs on the sundeck, they have built a mini exhibit, like you’ve been seeing in these fly-throughs…

… . Everyone has a basic introductory film that says what it is, and then behind that are what we call “back up films” – successes, different events that have, uh – different types of films on that subject, and ultimately we have 80 more of these back up films being produced, although they should be done in the next few months. So you’ll basically have your basic display. It’s got your basic film, and behind that, many other films that a guy could watch.  Get it on these displays, they’re not for somebody to walk around. When you see this routine going on – “Come here. Come here. Here.” He’s touring and I’m standing here explaining, “yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak.” You as an executive go up to the guy, and say, “yak, yak, yak, yak, yak” and choke him and take him away. (laughter)

Because what we want here – this has everything to do with open door, walk into the org, there you go. Now, we have somebody running that area, but it is walk over, let the guy do it. The last thing they want when they come in is this. “Do you like that? Have you cognited?” (Laughter)

… You’ll even see there’s a display up there that always has the latest event on it. So what do we want in an org, how many displays?   As many as possible. We want all of this to go AV, to take out the need to brief so many people internationally on what they are. We just take the one area and everybody gets is, meaning Gold AV, event goes out, everybody has a system, and we’ve now reduced it to baby simplicity, which is what it should be. ..

…. .  We’re actually getting every bit of Scientology back into use.  And also moving it into the field, which is why we’re doing things like this so we actually bring everybody on our org board and inject it out there.   We can do things we never – we never could do before.  I mean actually moving everything into an A/V level, an extremely professional level, without requiring any training at that level other than press a button, okay…