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Is Tom Cruise the Johnny Fontane of David Miscavige?

When the New Yorker announced David Miscavige is the primary target of a massive Federal probe into his decades long human trafficking and serial, institutionalized aggravated assaults, DM suffered a serious set back in his quest to rule Hollywood. I mean, how could he hob nob at Tom’s and John’s premiere parties with all the stars looking at him suspiciously as if they were sneaking a peak at Al Capone?

So, the audacious one figured he’d show them.  If he couldn’t be accepted, he’d just keep buying his way in. Starting with KCET studios in Hollywood:


Watch closely for his Hollywood cult friends frequenting his new digs, particularly Tom Cruise.

All but a very few people in this world, those very few being members of the vanishing cult, know that Miscavige has destroyed Tom Cruise’s career.

First Tom was unceremoniously kicked off the Paramount Studios lot.  Then he went to United Artists, and while desperately denying his who and his why and continuing to embrace him and it, he’s brought UA nothing but bad luck.  From Wikipedia on United Artists:

The Tom Cruise era

On November 2, 2006, MGM announced that actor Tom Cruise and his long-time production partner Paula Wagner were resurrecting UA[7][8] (this announcement came after the duo were released from a fourteen-year production relationship at Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures earlier that year). Cruise, Wagner and MGM Studios created United Artists Entertainment LLC and, today, the producer/actor and his partner own a small stake in the studio, with the approval by MGM’s consortium of owners.

The deal gave them control over production and development of films. Wagner was named CEO of United Artists, which was allotted an annual slate of four films with different budget ranges, while Cruise serves as a producer for the revamped studio as well as serving as the occasional star…

…On August 14, 2008, MGM announced Paula Wagner will leave United Artists to produce films independently.[1] Her output as head of UA was two films, both starring Cruise, Lions for Lambs[10] and Valkyrie, which despite mixed reviews was successful at the box office.[11] Wagner’s departure led to speculation that an overhaul at United Artists was imminent.[1]

Since then, United Artists has merely served as a co-producer with MGM for two releases: the 2009 remake of Fame and Hot Tub Time Machine. Throughout the past year, continued debt and credit issues forMGM Holdings, Inc., United Artists’ parent company has left UA’s future, as well as MGM itself, in doubt.

Could it be that Dave figures he’ll do for Tom what he did for jazz great Chick Corea?   Now, please do not confuse these two: Cruise and Correa.  Chick is an artist for the ages and a decent human being .

However, around the turn of of the millenium Chick’s disdain for the business end of things wound him up very close to bankruptcy.   Dave decided to be his savior and get his foot into the recording industry to boot.

Miscavige bought Chick’s old, dilapidated Mat Hatter Studio for about a million dollars more than its appraised value – nicely lining Chick’s pockets and subsidizing a good opinion leader to stay loyal to him.  Part of the deal was DM would gut the studio, upgrade it to beyond-the-beyond, state of the art standards, use it for the “religious” purpose of doing Golden Era Productions stuff, while giving Chick cart blanche to use the new joint as if it were his own; complete with wall to wall, slave labor wage Sea Org staff to cater to his every domestic and technical wish.

If you think I’m joking about Mad Hatter, let me give you Miscavige’s words to corroborate at least some of it.  They were spoken aboard the Freewinds in June 2003 to, you guessed it, his OT Ambassadors:

Alright, now let’s add to that.  We want to get dissemination items out for these people, too.  So to flank this we have a – Golden Era Productions has a huge movie-shooting studio, tons of recording areas where they do translated lectures, for the films, the mixing area – it’s pretty elaborate and it’s really big, and it’s also about a 24-hour operation.  

They’ve proven that at two hours sleep a night you actually can survive… 

…It’s five minutes from LRH Way.  And it’s all in addition to any other Gold areas.  Okay, and again for radio shows, news releases, radio ads, book-on-tape.  Okay.  There’s the first of the two studios at Mad Hatter, where we record those dissemination products.  Some of the things you’ve heard here actually were done there.  

And they’re fully compatible with Gold’s studios so they can do anything.  Of course it’s all based on Alice In Wonderland.  We can even do a TRs course in there.  Studio set up for any type of audio recording.  

Including CC’s there: new up-and-coming artists – another thing we can do to disseminate Scientology there.  A little serious about getting on the A/V lines of the world and keeping it expanding…  

…So that’s for— that’s sort of PR type dissemination, as opposed to just disseminating the Tech, the flanking PR. 

One has to ask himself on the KCET studio purchase, why, when Miscavige has spent upwards of one hundred million dollars on his studios at Golden Era Productions near Hemet,California?  And another many millions on Mad Hatter Studio?   The question becomes more significant when one considers that Miscavige has spent the last ten years effectively welding shut the doors to all local churches of Scientology prohibiting the delivery of the L Ron Hubbard Bridge to Total Freedom.  He has a need to promote what to whom?  Him to Hollywood?  Or is this Mad Hatter redux?

Has Tom Cruise become the Johnny Fontane of David Miscavige?