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Expansion News

How would you like some expansion news without the hype, mind-numbing made-up figures, and fictional anecdotes?   Just some straight, Indies-style dope?

Monique “Mosey” Rathbun is a natural auditor.  From the day I met her she had an innate ability to listen interestedly, duplicate, understand and without evaluation or invalidation acknowledge in such a fashion as to communicate that she got it.  She exercised those abilities to help me out of the valley of the shadows of death.   Since then she has been audited to Clear. She has listened to all LRH lectures from 1950 through 1962 (including PDC and all Congresses).  She did that during her two hours of commute each day to and from her 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. job in the city.

And even while working those hours in the city she has managed to create an incredibly theta environment in our home.  I was reminded of her aura when listening the Science of Survival lectures again recently where LRH talks of the South American chapel where people lose their crutches simply by arriving there.  Now, for the literal types I will say for the record only two out of the dozens who have been here have originated that by simply arriving they blew long time, severe somatics. But all who have spent much time around Mosey I think will agree this passage from the same lecture applies to her:

Here you have a case, then, of a tremendous amount of theta automatically disenturbulating  a little entheta. Boom.  Now, theoretically, you could actually form a group of people who are sufficiently theta that a newcomer walking into their midst would disenturbulate just through association with these people…This theta is not something intangible. We can feel it.

Mosey has been so inspired by the wins she has contributed to at Casablanca that she decided some time ago to train to be an auditor and to devote her life to giving more people those kinds of wins.

Well, being a very responsible person she executed a transition plan so that none of her many happy clients in her health care profession would suffer from her pursuit of her dreams.

I am happy to announce that today is Mosey’s last day of outside work.

She joins me full time as of this weekend.   She is on Method One Word Clearing and the Student Hat.  She’s already completed TRs, old school hard way style.  She’ll be auditing lower level pcs by mid to late summer.  Maybe supervising a bit while I  am auditing.  In any event making this old, beat-up locomotive function a lot more effectively.

Where this train goes from there is anybody’s guess.

I said from the beginning that organizationally I am following LRH’s first discovery that lead to the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology, function monitors structure.

Well, welcome to function junction.

A little song that reminds me of Mosey and I know reminds the both of us of each person we’ve hosted so far in this journey and I reckon those we have yet to meet: