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Before You Knight Mayo…


I didn’t anticipate as much worship for David Mayo as appeared in the thread on the last post, Deconstructing the Mayo Myth. Of course, quite a bit of it was from the very squirrels I was trying to warn people about.  So, it did serve a purpose. I did not set out to discredit David Mayo.  I steered clear of that route pretty carefully – simply detailing proof of one whopper he told that resulted in people being confused (the comments at issue proving the confusion proposition true).  If one studied much Scientology and applied it, it would take a rather low IQ to be confused enough to put David Mayo on the same level as L Ron Hubbard – whether Mayo’s original lie were a lie or not.


I did not even think of the following facts before last night’s posting; because I never intended to bury Mayo.  I only thought of them while scratching my head at comments seeking to raise Mayo to sainthood.  They are clearly relevant – at least to those still apt to be lead down some dead end canyon.


David Mayo did not do a single thing to make the Upper Level HCOBs available for people outside of the church of Scientology.  In fact, he swore under oath on numerous occasions he never received the Robin Scott materials. He never wavered from that position from 1983 to this day.  Rather than take on David Miscavige, David Mayo countersued and made the focus of his attack L Ron Hubbard.  He actively joined forces with a formidable government and private consortium that was dead set on harassing, jailing and forever discrediting L Ron Hubbard.  The day before L Ron Hubbard died in January 1986 the Federal Disctrict Court judge on the case denied Mayo’s motion to force LRH into the litigation and appear for deposition. Mayo’s team ruthlessly pursued L Ron Hubbard literally to the day he died.


Mayo’s AAC was closed by 1984.  His stint as a Scientology practioner outside the church lasted a far sight shorter than the existence of the modern Independent movement, which has only just begun. Mayo was unemployed for the next ten years. He may have had a side “consulting” agreement with his sugar daddy who carried him for that decade in order to justify that carrying. He spent a great deal of that time windsurfing in exotic locations.  He was taken care of financially by psychiatrist/Scientologist Frank “Sarge” Gerbode.  Gerbode hired and paid for one of the largest litigation firms on the planet to represent Mayo.


Mayo ultimately agreed to a permanent injunction against using or disseminating any Scientology upper level materials.  He agreed to do that in exchange for all Gerbode’s legal expenses being paid for and a high six figure or low seven figure chunk of change for himself.   He flew in from his digs in Hawaii to consummate the deal. And he flew off to quiet, perhaps content, oblivion. Sure, David Mayo took a beating.  You think we haven’t?  The difference is this. I will die before accepting anything from David Miscavige. And I know for a fact the same goes for Mike Rinder and dozens of others who have been shoulder to the wheel over the past two years, after several decades of having their shoulders against another wheel that they thought was the one it is on now.


As to the squirrel line that “hey, you supported the little bastard he defied”, I’d like to courteously point out a few facts.  First, David Mayo wore Commander bars, was in daily communication with L Ron Hubbard, and was one of only a handful of people who even had access to LRH when the little bastard out maneuvered him and ousted him. Mayo’s compatriots at the AAC had more combined brass than the modern Navy when the little bastard, without any stripes, kicked all their asses.  That included Sector Nine Capitan Bill Robertson and a host of others.  We – myself and a lot of others who are now forwarding LRH’s legacy – were not even pieces on the chessboard then, let alone players.  By the time I was in a Legal executive capacity, Mayo and his friends were already engaged in a full-scale attack against L Ron Hubbard.  And they were arm in arm with the Internal Revenue Service, FBI, and an array of private sector attorneys.


David Mayo may have been the greatest C/S to ever trod earth before all this started. I wouldn’t know.  I only ever talked to him casually while a 23 year old LRH External Comm courier before I’d had any tech training.  Even then his presence didn’t impress me much.


And that reminds me of an earlier beginning to my contemplating a post to distinguish us from the likes of Mayo.  I have noticed over the past year several old AACers coming out of retirement and hanging up their shingles.   While nattering about Independents being “johnny come lately” out of one side of their mouths, they are back in business only because of the exodus we have unleashed.  Well, over the past couple months I have had some bedraggled souls wind up on my doorstep who have been mauled by old-timer squirrels.  I repaired them, and will continue to do so as needed. But, it is apparent to me that a line needs to be drawn.  Squirrels leave the church seeking freedom to do whatever hair-brained scheme their banks feed them. Independents leave the church seeking freedom to practice standard tech.


I was willing to let bygones be bygones and largely have over the past two years.  But, I think it is high time to clearly delineate what we stand for and distinguish it from others with not so lofty goals.