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Miscavige’s New Shock Squads


One major reason why we are having such huge and lasting effect on Scientology Inc is that we have refused to underestimate the calculating cunning of David Miscavige.   While I have noted that he is a virtual idiot when it comes to understanding such building blocks of mankind as ARC and compassion for one’s fellows, I never said he was anything but a genius at Macheavellian maneuverings to take out potential threats to his power and greed. 

Try as we do to prevent people from listing out of session, this listing question seems to have taken on epidemic proportions: How does Miscavige get away with his smoke and mirrors gig to this day?  

I haven’t been listing on this question for some time. The answer lies in the first paragraph above.

Tonight, we’ve got some documentary evidence to support that idea.

OT VIIIs Sherry Katz and Geir Issene left clues some time ago on this blog. Both exposed how Miscavige handles OT VIIIs to make them think they are the cat’s ass provided only that they kiss the COB’s ass.

Geir related how Miscavige marched into a restaurant on the ship and “tone 40” announced to Geir that he would be the new ED of the Oslo org. He didn’t care about any lack of OEC training, Org experience or anything else. Geir was an OT VIII – and that is all that mattered, you are automatically trusted by the COB to take over a country.

Sherry later exposed a pattern along that line – OT VIIIs (OT Ambassadors) being appointed as org ED’s willy nilly by Miscavige. Sherry also hit the nail right upon the head as to why. Miscavige considered OT VIIIs as his “Ambassadors” will listen to him rather than read policy to direct an org. Obviously not the case with Geir, because he told COB what to do with that offered job).

There is another reason Miscavige thinks OT VIIIs will willingly do his bidding, irrespective of what L Ron Hubbard has to say on the matter. He’s got them hoodwinked (and desperately hoping) that Miscavige really does have more OT Levels for them. He’s been dangling that carrot for twenty-five years. While enturbulating VIIs and VIIIs no end with his endless “arbitraries cancelled” arbitraries, he holds out the promise of the next levels that will handle the enturbulation he carefully manufactured on his little own lonesome.

But, how does the public keep falling for his unceasing parade of alterations of L Ron Hubbard Scientology, foisted off as Miscavige’s latest “breakthrough”? First and foremost by brainwashing the most gullible and conditioned of all Scientologists, those OT VIIIs who eschew the ability gained at that level (to see, live with, and tolerate nothing but the TRUTH) to act as Miscavige’s personal agents, OT Ambassadors, to shill and pimp his lie laden agenda. They, being opinion leaders within the Scientology Inc public community, are the first to defend Miscavige, and the first to forward his OFF POLICY, OUT TECH PROGRAMS.

Miscavige has conditioned his OT Ambassadors to not question a single word Miscavige says. In fact, they cheer him when he makes utterances Miscavige would be forcibly removed from the stage if he uttered in a broader public event, say at the Shrine for example. Miscavige treats the Ambassadors to their own little, private briefing aboard the Freewinds during Maiden Voyage week each year. This is the only “public” venue in which he has not got a pre-written speech hard wired to his head through teleprompters.

He artfully mis-uses HCO PL Responsibility of Leaders, to create a “tight conspiracy” with OT Ambassadors. He takes them into his confidence and shares “secrets” with them, not intended or shared with the general public.

What follows is the first in a series of disclosures on the verbatim words that David Miscavige has spoken to the ears of only the OT Ambassadors. Theses were uttered during the Maiden Voyage 2004. Please note the parenthetical notations of crowd reactions to certain parts of his talk. Those were noted by official transcriptionists of Miscavige himself. This is taken from a transcript of the talk recording that was prepared by his own staff.  


Now, other things on Tech. Something I mentioned last year and I’ve been working on quite a bit. But one thing you will see coming up by the end of the year is the LOC course in 15 languages. (Cheers & applause.) There’s actually going to be some fascinating new things in there. I hate to tell some of the people who did it. And no offense, we’ll work out how you get it, okay. It’s not like that. But generally, we’ve briefed you before, but as time goes by and you finally get through all of the Archives. Which by the way, we keep talking about Archives, I wish you could get a reality on it. It’s like you take a look at LRH materials. You see the published ones. You can not believe—I cannot to this day imagine how it happened—but there is a tunnel that is oh, twice as long as this room and about 25 feet deep with high density shelving and it’s all originals stacked end-to-end. [Wow.] Now, of course, that includes a lot more than just the materials of Dianetics and Scientology. His writings, his letters, etc. But still—well, one day we’ll figure that out. We just keep going. (Laughter.)

And just keep going” he has done to this day. If this is not TECHNICAL DEGRADES – the Policy Letter (and all of the KSW series for that matter) is meaningless. If the slavish response to such degrades is not HIGH TREASON, then LRH’s legacy truly has been burned and buried.

David Miscavige has apparently convinced OT Ambassadors, as of June 2004 that he has an unending source of justifications for continuing to revise tech forever. Interesting it should start with LOC (Life Orientation Course) a course he makes mandatory at all levels and which establishes a person’s hat (and thus purpose in life). And his products of the entire bridge are applauding, cheering, and…laughing to the inside skinny that Miscavige will “just keep going” with issuing his brave new version of the tech.

For the most part Int Execs, and the rest of management for that matter, are not even players any more. They are not applauding, cheering and laughing. They are prisoners.

Miscavige put a whole new set of shock squads in their place date coincident with imprisoning management (early 2004). After all, it was the OT Ambassador 2009 Annual Program that helped destroy Class V orgs by having OT Ambassador’s divert grades and NED pcs from the orgs to Miscaviges cash cow, Flag Service Organization. The most fraudulent place on earth where you can conservatively estimate they blew off the bulk of the new arrivals with medieval reg tactics. What other chaos and destruction are they cheerfully carrying out for the mad man?

But, look at the brighter side. He can’t keep his new shock squads hidden behind razor wire topped prison fences. They are public. They are accessible and they can be communicated with by caring, creative people.

Care and create to your heart’s content. Or just chew it over and recognize you are doing the right thing already.