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Human Rights – Miscavige’s Response

I am posting Miscavige’s immediate knee-jerk response to my post last night, Human Rights Cover Up.  This is being issued on all OSA Indy Ops Unit lines. I could write a five page analysis, but I am confident that  due to the intelligence level of the participants here its signficance requires no explanation.

Think we might have struck a nerve?

Think we might be missing some withholds?

Think we’ll let go of this one?

To steal a phrase from Ronald Reagan, “I wear their indictment like a badge of honor.”

Marty Rathbun’s Desperation

I have commented before how Marty uses the words of famous Martyrs to try and forward his campaign.  He thinks that by quoting the likes of Martin Luther King or Gandhi, people will think he is a great champion for Human Rights and a great Martyr himself.

In reality, all he does is besmirch those great men by using their names in his filthy campaign.

At best, Marty is like a critic working for some sensationalist rag.  Unable to act, sing, dance, write or in any other way legitimately provide a desirable service to society, he seeks credibility by demeaning the work of others.

None of the people he quotes would have ever associated with him.

All great Martyrs, and all great achievers in any zone, have had their own backstabbers around them, requiring them to become well acquainted with the cunning ways of those whose toothy smiles hid the fact that they had black hearts and sinister motives.

Just as Marty does not hesitate to demean the great Martyrs, so it seems he does not hesitate to besmirch the great human rights campaigners in his latest attack on Tom Cruise.

Marty uses Human Trafficking as his angle, and attempts to embarrass the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the many courageous men and women associated with it with his manufactured lies.

Human Trafficking is a serious crime.  Millions of children are abused annually, imprisoned and forced into slave labor.  Countless others are forced into lives of prostitution and domination.   This is a scourge of the 21st century that needs to be firmly dealt with and which will require the combined efforts of thousands of men and women of good will to overcome the vested interests that maintain the status quo.

Human trafficking is no joking matter.  This is no subject to use to try and score some points in an endeavor of enrichment.

What Human Trafficking is Marty Rathbun talking about?  He is talking about people who voluntarily joined a religious fraternity, pledging to do whatever was required of them in line with their duties, go to whatever location was required of them, and to uphold high ethics standards and discipline.  That a tiny handful now lie and claim they were somehow forced to work against their will does not equate with human trafficking or slave labor. And any hardship of having worked in a tough, dedicated group like the Sea Org, most definitely does not in any way compare at all with the horror that is actual human trafficking and the real distress, pain, and death associated with that activity.

Marty has already tried to get his human trafficking angle into play a few times.  The idea of using the concept was dreamed up by a shyster lawyer in a recent case that was summarily rejected by the court and dismissed with prejudice.

Despite Marty’s lengthy declaration in support of this claim, the Judge threw the case out on summary judgment.

Marty and his band of merry gold diggers had already gone to the FBI with all these same allegations and demanded that the FBI accept and act on their claims in an attempt to make the accusations stick and absolutely nothing came of this.  Marty knows this yet continues to mouth off, pretending there is something going on when there is nothing.  There is no FBI investigation. Repeat, there is no FBI investigation and Rathbun is once again lying to his gullible followers.

It is notable that the great champion of this cause of action is one Amy Scobee.  Amy is an apostate, who, having been relieved of her duty within the Church due to ineffectiveness, was then invited to leave permanently after repeatedly violating one of the oldest and most sacrosanct admonitions by LRH not getting drawn into a sexual relationship with a preclear. Not only did she engage in a sexual relationship with her preclear, they had sex when they were supposed to be auditing each other and trying redeem themselves for other malfeasance of duty.

Amy wrote and published a book about her experiences within the Church.   Not once within the text of that book did she complain about human trafficking.  Not once does she describe herself as being a slave.

Fortunately the FBI can differentiate between actual slavery and the histrionics of a gold digger.

Just one look at Amy tells one that she does not know what hunger or hard physical work actually mean.

Despite the fact that there is no investigation, Marty Rathbun has knowingly and repeatedly falsely announced that there is one.  I personally know that he knows that there is no investigation, because he has admitted it to my face.

Usually when exposing Marty Rathbun’s insanities I like to poke fun at him.  In this instance though I find humor to be completely inappropriate.

One cannot in all conscience joke about things like slavery, prostitution, massacre, death camps, religious and ethnic bigotry leading to death and exterminations.  These are not laughing matters and I have never laughed at them.

On behalf of all Scientologists everywhere, I unreservedly apologize to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its supporters for any distress caused by this madman.   I, and all Scientologists I know, have the highest regard for Simon Wiesenthal personally and nothing but deep respect for the organization that continues his work and keeps his ideals alive.

I am utterly disgusted, ashamed and dismayed that one as low as Marty Rathbun was ever amongst our ranks.