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Miscavige Shock Squad Hits Casablanca

We interrupt the ongoing exposure of David Miscavige as the greatest suppressor in Scientology history for this News Flash. David Miscavige has directly responded to the posts over the last two days, entitled and subtitled King of Squirrels respectively. Apparently, unsatisfied with ending standard tech delivery behind the walls of his “church”, he’s sending goons clear to Corpus Christi to stop it where he heard it is happening.

The assault by his Scientology (OT Ambassador “VIII” John Allender and friends) Shock Squad was captured on video tape, which can be watched below.

Just a bit of background and context is in order.

This morning I had just completed Lori Hodgson’s first two STANDARD sessions, which incidentally included cleaning up the trauma of having been stalked, assaulted and threatened by “OT VIII”, “OT Ambassador” John Allender.  That assault occured the day after she returned from her first trip to Casablanca in December. For the back story see, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/lori-hodgson-is-back-in-the-saddle/

While on a lunch break, our quiet theta environment was interrupted by loud pounding at my front door.  When I opened the door, there was John Allender with three other Miscavige goons in full Miscavige squirrel regalia.  Check it for yourself – it is documented below.

After the Sheriff got done interviewing me and Allender and co separately, the Sheriff told me Miscavige’s boys wanted to make a deal.  If I did not bring CRIMINAL TRESPASSING, STALKING, AND CRIMINAL HARASSMENT charges, Allender and co would not bring “assault” and “criminal mischief” charges (the latter for having took the microphone Allender shoved in my face out of his hand and off its cord  – the former for a 250 pound guy who looks like Sonny Barger on a bender sticking his stomach into my path of progress in the doorway of my own home).

Apparently Miscavige just doesn’t get my repeated messages to him that I (and Mike Rinder, and others) just do not make deals with the devil.  I told the Sheriff I’d roll the dice.  Bring it.  Don’t worry about fees, I’m representing myself if the D/A decides to bring the counter-charges.

There will be a trial in the San Patricio County Courthouse, unless of course Allender and co plead no contest.  Should be interesting.

Doomsday Dave – KoS pt 2

What follows occurred eight years after the 1996 Golden Age of Tech implant, where Miscavige guaranteed public Scientologists that he had forever, absolutely solved TRs and Metering and all other barriers to rapid, standard training of auditors. With that, though not stated and apparently unnoticed by the many, Miscavige was also saying “Ron was wrong, his idea about the TRs and Metering films helping supervisors solve the making of auditors was plain silly.”  You may recall that in 1996 Miscavige proudly announced that based on his own “breakthroughs” that all orgs, including all Class V orgs, would be making “perfect” auditors with alacrity and in abundance. 

Eight years later Miscavige – ignoring his eight year old definitive and absolute claims – let his OT Ambassador friends in on a little secret.  In his 2004, Maiden Voyage Anniversary private OT Summit briefing, he acknowledged to the Ambassadors that students were taking literally “years” to get through his Golden Age of Tech metering course.  How he got away with blaming it on others is a marvel – given that from May 1996 forward he claimed consistently that he was Scientology’s tech God.  But you can see for yourself that his event implant technology apparently was the ONLY thing he kept working like a charm. 

And without mentioning that his 1996 hi-tech marvels (Quantum meter, reads simulator, and the doomsday machine super slow down playback reads critique player), in 2004 he promised to introduced yet another electronic via gadget to the line-up.  Recognize too, that here we are, another seven years later, and he hasn’t delivered on that new doomsday machine.  He said the doomsday machine would result in – oops didn’t he say that in 96? –  perfect auditors being made in abundance in every org in the world.  But, he said, it would be unviable to install immediately because it would cost perhaps 20,000 per org to replicate and install.  In the interim, he has collected hundreds of millions to build pretty MEST orgs across the world.  But, no new doomsday machines in any of them. And so, fifteen years have passed since David Miscavige “solved” metering by forever assuring metering is a lost science inside his “church.”  

After reading this, I encourage people to read HCO PL Complexity and Confronting in a new unit of time.  What follows comes from the official COB Office staff transcribed transcript of Miscavige’s secret 2004 briefing to OT Ambassadors on the Freewinds.  Without further ado, I give you the King of the Squirrels:


25 June 2004




OK, complexities.  Man that meter is apparently complex because people can take a long time on that metering course, okay? 


There’s two things you can bug.  People can get into this endless TRs, you need a TR supe on metering.  This is really a frontier on the Golden Age of Tech because of course the whole – if you take a look at what that was, it’s just drill in the right way to do something and you get it.  But a metering guy without somebody really knowing his stuff standing over him, the guy can really go off the rails and be at it forever and he’s positive he can’t make it.  And I run into it practically every time I go somewhere.  Even last month at Saint Hill there’s a guy there having been on it ninety months or whatever, and I’ve been at it and it’s just miscalling reads, you have to just slap him around pretty hard actually but boy, he gets it and you’re talking five minutes.


This is only the beginning, but I can’t refrain from a few comments:

a)  “People can get into this endless TRs”.  How, when you solved everything, by bypassing everyone through your Rep NW – which incidentally wiped out the tech hierarchy of the church of Scientology in the process – fifteen, count them, fifteen years ago.

b)   “And I run into it practically every time I go somewhere.”  Really?  I thought you solved this when you came up with a new doomsday meter, doomsday reads simulator, doomsday Golden Age of Tech drills for supervisors, etc, etc – fifteen, count them, fifteen years ago.

c)  “you have to just slap him around pretty hard actually but boy, he gets it and you’re talking five minutes.”  Easy then, just open an ultimate fighting prison camp for Spartan Sea Org members at Int.  Oh, forgot you did try that.  No wonder you call me a squirrel – I guess the Truth Rundown in the SP Times cut right across your STANDARD TECH handlings.  Whew – ladies and gentleman, I am not making this stuff up, it is transcribed from the actual briefing by Miscavige’s own staff.

And now, back to the rest of the KoS’s presentation:


So we’ve been working on a couple things here.   Here we go.  I’m going to show you one thing that now we got a – believe it or not – simplicity, but it does work.  Here’s a little pilot. 


Okay.  And this hopefully – look, this is – you’re seeing prototype stuff here now.  OK let’s start on this little display here.  Okay.  And this isn’t coming out tomorrow.  No really, this is between us now, this not coming out tomorrow.  This is just get – no, it is not, but I’m going to show it to you.  Deal?


What happens – anybody’s here been on a pro metering course (yeses), what, you see people and they walk over to the TV, they’re measuring the read.  Okay (laughs) we get all these things (laughs).  How long have you been on it?  Seven months.  Really, what have you been doing?  The last 6 and a half I’ve been on my final assessment.  (Exclaims) It shouldn’t be like that.  Okay.


Again, I cannot hold back another comment till the end, this guy just spits outpoints and lies faster than you can say “spit”.  If you haven’t already please read the last post on this blog, The King of the Squirrels.  Miscavige started the practice of walking over to TV screens and measuring reads.  Miscavige created and enforced the arbitraries that made “final assessment” impossible.  Nine years BEFORE this briefing. And look, he’s getting laughs as a response by the OT Ambassadors.

Ok, back to Miscavige:


Here’s a little device and here’s a training aid that really is going to speed this up.  This is a reads recorder.  And it’s right there for the guy in doing the assessment.  So here you go, student would be there, it’s got a microphone, a headset, coach would have it as well.  Right?  I’m going to play it for you over the speakers because obviously you’re not going to all be able to hear this you know.


And what this does is a guy doing an assessment or any reads it records it onto a hard drive, it’ll record hundreds of hours, you can record many assessments on it, and then play them back immediately and it plays back on the meter.  And here we go. 


I’ll give you – now you got the camera on there?  (Yes sir.) 


Okay here we go, this is just a little setup here, you can see, it looks a bit odd.  Okay.  Right here.  Various buttons and whatever, different files, meaning which assessment did they do, you know, it just goes up, I can move it up, okay I’m just going to play one now.  Imagine somebody just did an assessment.  You’re going to have to get it on the meter.  I played back their assessment that second… 


(Assessment) And there it all is right there, instantaneously.


Okay we go to the next assessment and that one they’re checking….


(Assessment)  Okay.  So we put this in a course room, and we did do it cause I thought, well I don’t know, I mean, is it really going – it’s instant, that’s the point, and the coach and the student are there.  We haven’t had a student on the pro metering that’s been doing it yet.  I mean it literally has reduced it down to checksheet time because it’s right there, we’re not to a video, we’re not to a screen, we’re not to anything else, it’s instant, anybody can go back and play it, even if the sup wasn’t watching them there it is.  (Exclaims)  So that’s step one and it’s end of metering bugs.  (Cheers, applause)


So, what he has done is put a digital recorder system into the meter itself or a plug in.  You see that is much different than having a different piece of MEST recording the drilling, because the MEST is in or on the meter instead of outside the meter.  Get it?  Oh, by the way, “we haven’t had a student on the pro metering that’s been doing it yet. I mean it literally has reduced it down to checksheet time.”  Do you realize this ass just admitted that as of nine years after his having taken over metering, that HE has not got a single person through the course in checksheet  time. Now, realize his introduction of MEST recording on the line in no small part permanently knocked off hats and responsibility from everyone from whoever his second in command is now, right on down through every hat on the org board to the supervisors in every org by introducing his electronic vias. And as of 2004 he says he’s gonna introduce more and in effect PEOPLE cannot supervise.

Sorry, back to the smartest guy in the room:

Now that’s something we’ve been developing and I just have to get all the interface ready so people can hook it up to their meters in the room and that’s probably the furthest in the distance from these quite frankly.  And there are several of these things we just developed and – okay, in any event, now here’s another one, here’s what we’re really getting.  This I’ve been able to take from Flag and I’m going to be able to take it right down to org level. 


Because one thing you know if you’ve been to the Flag AO down there you notice that they can record their sessions.  Every single one on a hard drive high security – no video tapes floating around, you can look right at the session – if you knew the cost of that baby, who, that wasn’t going to be too viable to put in the orgs. 


So we’ve been working on this for a couple of years, and we have a system here that for — fifteen, maybe twenty thousand dollars maybe we can put it into an org with two HGCs networked throughout the entire place, into the Qual cramming, into their C/S office, into everywhere, now, let’s take a – and look what you can do now.

At best what Miscavige describes is a gizmo that will eliminate the need to measure the length of read on a tv monitor; and nothing else.  But in practice it is yet another means to have his pre-selected, physically attractive, unapproachable, non-tech trained minions second guess, bypass and knock the hats off of supervisors. He’s going to have students with headsets plugging themselves into the meter in order to do e-meter drills.

Now hear this, this will further make metering impossible. The more one focuses on the MEST of it, the less they will be able to master perceiving the one and only LRH definition of INSTANT READ:


…Additionally, when looking for reads while clearing commands or when the preclear is originating items, the auditor must note only those reads which occur at the exact moment the pc ends his statement of the item or command.

–         LRH – HCOB 5 August 1978, INSTANT READS

Really folks, metering is simplicity itself.  But recognize, L Ron Hubbard did not have people sitting in course rooms for months, let alone years interiorizing further and further into the meter in order to understand what this means – at the expense, of course, of the actual magic that allows as-isness to occur, the auditor-pc comm cycle. LRH had them do drills till they were comfortable enough and confident enough to take a person in session, then they’d go in session, and they would audit, audit, audit and they would learn to the point where they would not even contemplate arguing about what is and isn’t an instant read.  The auditor would know.  And many auditors do know.  But, they ain’t anywhere near the doomsday machines, the church or Scientology, and most importantly they aren’t anywhere near – or any place they can be even indirectly influenced by –  David Miscavige.