David Miscavige the Cheater

One of the essences of Reverse Scientology as practiced in the Radical Corporate organization is to indoctrinate through the CULTure there that life is not a game.  No, they are taught that life is a deadly serious activity.  They are conditioned to believe that life is an arduous struggle against evil enemies intent on enslavement – and that any lapse in seriousness about this is a transgression requiring adjustment of attitude.  Adjustment toward a much more solid, black and white, us vs. them, seriousness.  The Radical Corporate Scientology view is that of its leader David Miscavige.  Win at any cost; defeat the designated enemy by any means necessary.  Become whatever it is that the leader has you resist.  And above all, NEVER question the enemy status of anyone Botox Dave fingers.  Thus, the cult has become a sorry example of that which Scientology once served as an alternative to: intolerant,  warring institutions.

Miscavige the Cheat

Those who know or knew Miscavige personally will tell you that he is incapable of the activity of games, by pure definition.  He is obsessed with using “games” to create “no-games” conditions (that is he must dominate and overwhelm into nothingness every opponent – real or imagined –  he perceives as confronting him).

Even on a personal level, there is no “game” Miscavige ever played that he did not cheat in order to “win.”    In basketball, he blatantly and violently fouled his opponents and required his “teammates” to do the same (he also always made sure I was on his team, who back in the day could drain ’em from just about anywhere:).  Of course, because of his position no one could argue – and by violent overwhelm, against all rules, Miscavige would invariably “win.”

Even in the card game Pinochle, which he required execs to play with him (nobody, and I mean nobody, ever played any game with the habitual cheat on his own determinism), Miscavige overtly grabbed the cards of his opponents to view them whenever he lagged behind on points.

The obsession with winning at whatever cost of course applied to the group too.  Our standard operating procedure when it came to handling a new flap, was to move in and hire the local rainmakers who, with enough palm greasing, could put the church on top at the end of the day, by any means fair or foul.  I’ll give an example to illustrate.

Between April 2002 and September 2003 Miscavige had me stationed at the Clearwater Florida Headquarters of the church (also known as Flag).  The primary program he ran me directly on with daily micromanagement orders was the Pinellas County Public Relations Area Control program.  In short, use Public Relations and money to influence local leaders and authorities to protect the church from the disasterous potential fallout from the Lisa McPherson civil cases that continued after the June 2000 dismissal of the criminal charges against the church.

First order of business was hiring – at a very handsome salary – the number one Republican political consultant (in an historically Republican region) in Pinellas county, one Mary Repper.   The program Mary and I developed under Miscavige’s direct supervision was simple.

First, Mary finds out the favorite Scientology celebrity of each influential person in Pinellas County politics and government (including law enforcement).

Second, I contact that celebrity and close him/her to come to Mary Repper’s home for a dinner with a collection of those local officials who happen to love that particular celebrity. The targets are won over by intimate face time with someone he or she is giddy over.

The Mayor of Clearwater, the Mayor of Tampa, County Supervisors, the Pinellas County Sheriff, the Pinellas County Public Defender, many prominent lawyers, and a number of other local public figures attended these special evenings with a star.

Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Greta Van Sustern, and soap star Michelle Stafford each had their own special audiences appear to be spellbound face to face at the home of Ms. Repper.

MIchelle Stafford with Mary Repper

We then used a number of the people so wowed at these events to get footholds in with judges in the Pinellas county courts – infiltrating the courts indirectly with the messages that “Scientology is good and being discriminated against”, “McPherson’s lawyers and family were bad, gold diggers exploiting Lisa’s death.” For those who haven’t read the complete St Petersburg Times Truth Revealed articles, Lisa McPherson was killed on church premises on David Miscaviges causation.

We also hired laywers who knew judges assigned to our cases in Pinellas County, and paid them so handsomely they were willing to make ex parte contact with and inculcate the judges directly with those same messages.  That occured with Judge Beach who was assigned to the civil case, Estate Of Lisa McPherson vs Church of Scientology, and Judge George Greer,  Church of Scientology vs. Executor of the Estate of Lisa McPherson in Pinellas county probate court.  The lawyer involved with Judge Beach was Lee Fugate of Zuckerman, Spaeder (Tampa Office), http://www.zuckerman.com/tampa/.  The lawyers involved with George Greer were F. Wallace Pope and Ed Armtrong of Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP.

So effective were Fugate’s many ex parte, casual meetings with Judge Beach that Beach effectively extorted the McPherson family into accepting a settlement on terms they felt degraded and disappointed with having to accept.  And that is the end product of Miscavige’s “game” – no game, no rules, just application of overwhelm by any means necessary to make the other side feel degraded and so that he can stand, chest out, boot on the necks of his prey.

Miscavige the "conquerer"

As I have noted before, David Miscvige once told Tom Cruise “I wouldn’t mind George Bush being our Constantine” (the first “Christian” Roman Emporer, who converted in a deal with the “churchies” at the time by negotating what is and isn’t Christianity and then enforcing the “faith”); because Miscavige admired Bush’s alleged lack of intelligence and willingness to enforce ideas no matter how thick headed.  In other words, his “perfect dissemination program”:  force Scientology (read, Miscavige’s Papacy) down the throats of the populace at gunpoint.

The ultimate “product” of the church of Scientology is someone firmly in Miscavige’s valence, with no conscience, programmed to do the dictator’s bidding regardless of the merits or ethics of the matter.  Devotion and surrender to the “winning” SP valence. And that product is one hundred and eighty degrees diametically opposed to what the churches promise and what the technology in good hands can deliver.

Remember that life is a game.   The references within Scientology are legion on this fact.  One I recommend in particular is Professional Auditor’s Bulletin 86 Causation and Knowledge, 29 May 1956.  It is a very concise and clear sum up of what Scientology is and what it seeks to achieve.  This has all been lost on Radical Corporate Scientologists. Yet, it is so central to what the subject is about, the fact that Miscavige has put his no-games-condition, overwhelm at all costs attitude in at all levels of Scientology, is the death knell of the subject (absent an outside agent picking up the pieces).

The end object of Scientology is not the making into nothing of all existence or the freeing the individual of any and all traps everywhere.  The goal of Scientology is making the individual capable of living a better life in his own estimation and with his fellows and the playing of a better game.

– LRH, PAB 86

UPDATE 1:30 cst, Village Voice Investigates: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/08/scientology_use.php#more

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  1. Too bad you and Botox never put on boxing gloves back in the day, Marty.

    I’d have donated my life savings to see that one.

  2. Marty, you make reference to “Botox Dave”. In the past 2 years I’ve noted that Pope on a Rope looks so odd, like he’s had a face life or something. Botox? Ya think?


  3. I can confirm the basketball games. I well remember Gary Weise’s tooth flying across the court on Sea Org day in an ASI vs Gold Basketball game thanks to a Dave Bloomberg elbow egged on by DM.

    I can also confirm his win at all costs in any friendly game. In the mid 80s DM and Shelly came home from leave to visit his family in Pennsylvania and they were all talking about a game – Trivial Pursuit. What’s that DM asked? (he had no knowledge of current events or pop culture)

    “It’s the latest thing!” he was told. So he got the game and tried playing it with various CMO execs at the time including Marc Yager, Mark Ingber etc and the next day at lunch they were talking about it and said the questions were nearly impossible.

    I said what were some of the questions? Yager says to me “What is the name of the Accounting Firm that computes the Oscar ballots every year?” I immediately said “Price Waterhouse”. DM and Yager looked at me astonished. So then they said, okay, “Name the 3 Baseball Playing Alou brothers”. No problem – Matty, Felipe and Jesus!

    That night they played the game again and this time DM insisted that I was on his team. We won that game and every other game we ever played. It’s not that I am that smart, but I have always read a newspaper daily since the age of 10 and knew what was going on in the world. Plus it probably helped that I was a High School graduate rather than a drop out like DM.

    He would also claim credit for things to LRH that others had done on a routine basis. I would see some of his reports to LRH at the time and he would blatantly say he handled something when it was done by another, not even under DM’s direction.

  4. Tom Gallagher

    I’ve referred to POB as having all of the endearing qualities of a
    rutting baboon.

    I stand by that assessment.

  5. It’s either Botox or the results of too much scotch. You know, the obvious puffy cheeks. Sort of like a squirrel.

  6. martyrathbun09

    Mark, thanks for the great post.

  7. Gotta hand it to the young men’s department at Sears. They’re putting out some mighty fine suits these days.

  8. Michael Fairman

    Is there no level to the depths this guy will sink? And the horror is,he’s taking EVERYONE who still “believes” down with him.

    To RJ: regarding your last post, taking my comment to task.(where I believed ALL who remain are PTS) to Miscavige) I was going to answer you, but I believe this post of Marty’s has done the deed, par excellence.


  9. Holy Sweet Fancy Moses!!!

  10. I think the key phrase in this LRH quote is “in his own estimation”
    It’s why I got into Scientology in the first place. Once I was not allowed to
    live my life the way I chose to, it was over. I know it’s been said a million times but looking back to 1974 when I got in, this org is unrecognizable to me now. It’s NOT Scientology any longer.

  11. Marty,

    I could fill a book with Miscavige “cheating” stories. Pinochle, cribbage, basketball, golf — anything. (The only one he could not cheat at was chess, and as soon as someone beat him, he stopped playing — he wasnt very good, and most that played against him deliberately lost to keep the peace as save hours of additional sec checking/FPRD).

    I can fully confirm everything you say about Mary Repper — as you know, after Tom DeVocht originally set up the meeting, you, me and Miscavige ate lunch with her in the Hibiscus and that was the start of the program. She was retained and after a while she invited me to dinner at her home (Tom also attended a dinner at her home with me).

    The photo of her and Michelle Stafford is at a CC Int Gala. She had been flown out to attend and I arranged for her to meet Michelle as she and her sisters were huge soap opera fans. Mary was so blown away meeting Michelle she called her sister on the East Coast in the middle of the night so she could put her on the phone with Michelle!

    As for judges, the other significant one was Frank Quesada who spent his days off with Lee Fugate on Santa Maria Island. Judge Quesada also presided over church litigation.

    This reminds me of a lot of things….

  12. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    Reminds me of the time I and Luigi were playing a game of pool in MCI during Christmas and out walks David Miscavige from the officers lounge in MCI.

    David Miscavige was obviously severely drunk, Shelly and another had to work to keep him on his feet.

    Well, Dave decides to stop by the game of pool and involve himself. He takes the cue ball and rolls it off 4 or 5 bumpers. He then takes the bottle of baby powder and shakes its contents onto the felt. Seeing that not enough was coming out to his satisfaction, fuckmidget unscrews the lid and empties the entire bottle of baby powder over the entire table.

    He then gives us, and all that were watching, his big slanted smile that gave off the same tone as Charlie Sheen does when you hear him say “Winning”!


    — Jackson

  13. One doesn’t really win unless one plays the game honestly. Nothing is better than playing a game by the rules and winning.

    Apparently in this game DM is playing the rules are that there are no rules. I feel that the same should be applied to dealing with him.

    DM is apposing an opponent he can not beat.

    That opponent the truth.

  14. I agree, Michael.

    I had just posted a comment on the last blog right before this one came up. I believe that far more than 20% are PTS in the “church”. I believe the vast majority, who refuse to look and learn, are utterly trapped, out of valence and willing to act brutally, tossing long time friends under the bus with one single Facebook command to do so. Hell, my father, my friends and I have personally lived it.

    The puny man directing the entire degraded movement that was once Scientology has cast a direct implant upon the koolaids.

    I used to be a koolaid. I’m no better than anyone else. I want everyone free. I’m grateful for this blog. There is no denying that this is the comm line of all comm lines in the movement to free the tech. The real tech, that is.

  15. Oh yeah, forgot about the scotch factor. Maybe a bit of both?

  16. This is great comedy! I can easily picture this little clown having to win in TP. LOL.

  17. Very well written post and that is exactly this stinking little turd’s attitude toward any “game” — he cannot comprehend a game. He cannot participate in any game. He can only dramatize his evil intention to overwhelm everyone (he wishes) and subjugate with (he dreams), as you said, with his foot on each person’s neck. He is a classic SP, 100% out of valence.

  18. Great post Marty. .

    Having been gone for a few years I had almost forgotten how that serious, solid, grim, game rigging, win-at-all-costs attitude had come to pervade the whole of Scientology and every aspect of it. And how, if you didn’t match it or live up to it you were just a pussy in Miscavige’s eyes, some how a lesser being.

    It made being staff a living hell and still does for those poor sods still living it. But this post reminds me how happy I am not to be one of them!


  19. If Justice was in fact compromised in all these instances, then these cases should be re-opened and new charges should be filed against the public servants which were complicit. Marty, you get to set the record straight and put “truth” on the line. Time, place, form, and event.


  20. What very simple yet keen observation, Marty. I feel that much more educated on the existing scene.

    You know, while reading this, I was reminded of something from the American Civil War. In May of 1863, General Joesph Hooker was appointed by Lincoln to use the much misued, yet numerically superior, Army of the Potomac to destroy Robert E Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Hooker, like DM, drank and talked too much for his own good, and was known as “Fighting Joe”.

    On the other side, near a sleepy crossroad town called Chancellorsville, RE Lee and his most trusted Corps Commander, Stonewall Jackson, divided their forces in the face of a numerically superior force, and using nothing but sheer audacity, completely routed the Federal Army with a sudden and unconventional flanking maneuver.

    What I see happening now with DM is almost on a striking parallel. He has you and Mike to contend with. And like Lee and Jackson, both were once inside the US Army, knew the tactics, could almost sense how the Federals would react, move, think and where they were most vulnerable.

    The fine article you wrote is convincing evidence that you know and understand your foe, what he is trying to do, how he will react, move and think.

    Many think that DM is so firmly fixed in his post with such monetary support that he will never be removed or replaced. I do not agree. I somehow, with my modest perceptions, see DM in a most vulnerable position, and subject to defeat as is anyone.

    His Chancellorsville is out there. And he knows it.

  21. Shining Star

    Great post. It’s amazing to me how manipulative they will go to influence people…

  22. Michael,
    I totally agree with you!

  23. A good measure of a man is observing not how he behaves while he’s winning, but how he behaves when he is losing. However, David Miscavige apparently behaves abhorrently both winning and losing.

    Regardless, I assign blame to all people who are benefiting from association with this lunatic. I applaud the effort to highlight these connections (and the special benefits that they enjoy). Certainly, Scientology staff and public do not benefit by associating with David Miscavige.

    One has to ask why the people around him don’t just do something, even as little as beat him at a game. It is mind-boggling and really hard to envision….it just must be just insane to work and live in such a situation.

  24. Lol!

  25. “He then takes the bottle of baby powder and shakes its contents onto the felt. Seeing that not enough was coming out to his satisfaction, fuckmidget unscrews the lid and empties the entire bottle of baby powder over the entire table.”

    For God’s sake why?!?!

  26. Expelled4Life

    I just adore Sarah Palin. I wonder if Greta can arrange a meeting if I donate 100K? Perhaps I could get Sarah & Greta to sign my “No Children in the Sea Org” Flag Order (the more truthful title would be the “Forced Abortion” Flag Order.) But seriously If Palin does run she’s got some explaining to do on why she “pals around” with Greta whose Scientology donations help fund forced abortions in the name of religion and increased production. Somehow I don’t think this will sit well with Palin’s base.

  27. The higher people like this fly, the more severe the crash when they fall, and the fall is inevitable. When someone lies ALL the time, the lies will catch up… eventually. When someone cheats ALL the time, the cheating will catch up. Someone who cheats at Pinochle and Basketball and Golf will cheat in life as well – it is his modus operandi.

    No one likes a cheat. No one trusts a cheat. No one likes a liar when he is found out.

    And the crash can come astonishingly fast. Look at Rajneesh, and Slatkin, and Madoff, and Mussolini, and Ceaușescu.

  28. Mark & Marty,

    You reminded me of those SO Days, when it was still being celebrated at the Int Base and cancelled sometime in the 90’s. It validated the individuals too much and there was too much R&R and fun to be had and validated each person’s longevity, achievements, rank and experience in the SO.

    POB used to have ASI as his Org and then later RTC, and there used to be competitions & sports games such as basket ball as you mentioned, swimming & relay races etc. between the Orgs. I observed that those staff competing for POB’s Org of the day were really deadly serious and “had” to win and could sense their individual fear of not winning one for the”Gipper”. It wasn’t a game anymore! POB had to win at all games, no matter what, and the Basketball game was just one via of this fixation – that was a really distinct point.

  29. Marty,
    Great post for the day, it’s now carried on Village Voice as well:


  30. Seeking4know

    Great article Marty!

  31. Jackson, your story reminds me of another incident that shows the kind of person dm is.

    This occurred on halloween in 1994. The movie “Interview with the Vampire” had recently come out or was about to come out. (By the way, the whole Int base had to go see that movie one Friday night, when a whole theater had been booked.)

    The Int Base galley crew were trying to make Halloween special for the base staff. These crew were hard working and really did their best to make good food and a pleasant environment for meals. So for Halloween they put on a skit with a vampire theme.

    As a part of the skit, a coffin had been propped against the wall right by dm’s table, where the senior execs sat, and a Gold staff member, who was in the skit was in the coffin pretending to be a vampire. He stood in this coffin totally motionless for like 15 or 20 minutes while the base staff got their food. The idea was that the skit would start at a certain time, at which point this guy would awaken as a vampire and walk up to the spot in the room where the skit took place.

    Now, this was all done for the entertainment of the base staff.

    So, dm saw this guy in this coffin by his table and for some reason that only he can fathom, dm decided to bullbait him in an attempt to pull him out of his pretended sleep. To do this dm got Maria Starkey, Norman’s wife, to go over to the guy and open up his pants — she undid the belt buckle, undid and unzipped his pants, and pulled the pants open so the guy’s underwear were clearly visible. I guess dm thought this was funny.

    Amazingly, this Gold staff member did not react at all. This prank by dm would have ruined the skit that these staff had obviously put a lot of work into (including making the fake coffin, costumes, rehearsing, etc.). Despite that, they pulled off the skit.

    Most of the staff in the room (the large dining area in MCI) did not see this. They only saw the skit. But I happened to be sitting where I saw dm do this.

    Truly, an asshole!

  32. Expelled4Life

    Keep swinging! Me thinks this story has legs.

  33. martyrathbun09
  34. martyrathbun09

    Bruce, thanks for the story and thanks for weighing in here. We’d love to hear more from you. And thanks for speaking out long before I did. You are courageous.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Competitions were cancelled after that infamous basketball game with Gold and ASI. DM nattered for the next year that Weise and Gold fought back against his bully tactics. “No more org vs org games, it just serves as a place for Gold and Int to dramatize their evil purposes at me.”

  36. Ziba Feulner

    Marty, can it be that no one inside the Cof$ has the balls to stand up against this psychotic DB – not one single person?? There must be some sane people in the S.O. at least who could start a sort of mutiny and throw him over – no??

  37. martyrathbun09

    Don’t get me onto golf. Rinder and I could write a short book on the subject of his majesty’s cheating in that venue.

  38. It makes total sense that Miscavige would idolize the village idiot (George W.). Amazing article Marty.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Nice analogy. Thankfully, in this case we are the ones fighting against SLAVERY.

  40. Just when I was beginning to think that nothing new could possible come out. Wow. You name names. I suspect that whatever statues there may be that make this sort of judicial tampering illegal have lapsed. None the less, this is a significant disclosure of those involved in this astoundingly unethical, amoral and illegal behavior. Not that any of this is new to public politics either but the naming of those involved is always a ray of sunshine upon these roaches operating in the dark.

    Terrific post.

  41. martyrathbun09

    Classic, Jackson.

  42. Yes, but he really doesn’t have the “numbers”, he may have superior shadows, superior money (for sure), but the numbers are no longer what they used to be I think.

  43. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mike. The three of us need to get together. Between us the whole story can unfold, it is far more creepy, illegal, and dark than so far revealed. But, between the three of us we have the entire thing covered.

  44. martyrathbun09

    No, all cajones left the house by ’07.

  45. To me a cult is a 100% PTS

  46. mrinder,

    Sounds like an avalanche of interesting news/magazine articles. Wouldn’t those judges and lawyers and politicians just love seeing their actions exposed?

  47. Leave it to Tony Ortega to do some phone calling and get even more information confirming what you are saying Marty!

    Now we have “Coconut Cake Gate” ! lol This woman was caught out lying to the press!

  48. Expelled 4 Life

    Not that it matters one way or the other but I distinctly remember DM ripping W at one of the Int events. I was a bit surprised that the head of the Church was ripping a sitting President especially since W had a religious initiative program that may have even included Narconon. This was probably about the same time DM beat up on Limbaugh over Limbaugh’s drug issue. But that at least made some sense as Limbaugh had made fun of TC and Scientology on the air. Makes me wonder how Greta has gotten so buddy-buddy with Limbaugh.

  49. You’re right Marty. But I must share one anecdote as I believe I am the only person to have hit POB with a golf drive.

    As was his habit, he tee’d off with the latest and most expensive driver available. After four whiffs he connected with one. I hit a lousy drive (as I often did — I am perhaps the most erratic golfer who has ever lined up on a tee box). Yager and Lyman or NFS were also playing and they hit their tee shots. We all got one hit.

    As soon as the last person tee’d off POB zoomed off in his golf cart heading down the fairway. Of course, the usual thing to do in gold is let the person who is furthest from the hole hit first. But that wasnt golf POB style. He took off down the fairway. Of course, if we waited for him to play his shot before we did he would be on the green, finished up with a one putt (with no witnesses) and be berating us for holding him up.

    So, with him ahead on the fairway, lininf himself up for his next shot, I played a 3 wood from about 150 yards behind him. It was a rocket — low to the ground (of course, otherwise I wouldnt have been able to hit him!) and it bounced once, and as I suddenly realized what I had done and yelled “Fore” it hit him right in the back of the head on the first bounce. He collapsed to the ground like he had been shot with an elephant gun. (it was a decent clocking, but not anything like the performance he put on). By the time we rushed up to offer our apologies he had thrown all his clubs around the fairway and was only waiting to scream about my evil purposes before driving off and leaving us standing there.

    Of course, it resulted in another sec check on my evil purposes towards DM immediately thereafter.

  50. This reminds me on some event behind MCI (the crew dining room) by the Gold Musicians. Sometime during the performance, DM gets up on stage and joins the musicians and is playing the keyboards. The part is incredibly difficult and he is playing away with the band. Then mid way through the piece, his keyboard solo is still playing and he has taken away his hands from the keyboard and the solo keeps playing.

    The joke was that the keyboard was sequenced automatically like a player piano and he wasn’t really playing at all. The staff thought he was playing this thing himself and were cheering wildly before he let them in on the joke he was playing on them.

  51. martyrathbun09

    W made a comment in a press conference that the faith based initiative specifically would NOT apply to NN. Must have been after that. A suitor snubbed can be nasty.

  52. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, Tony is fearless. Something you don’t find much of in established media these days.

  53. martyrathbun09

    Right on.

  54. The last S.O. Day I was at we were down playing a game of softball. DM showed up and took right field. Greg Wilhere was pitching slow pitch and a hit went out toward Dave. He ran at it and with his glove up above the ground, his legs open the ball proceeded to go straight through them.

    He came to a frustrated halt, and while another player ran back to get the ball he slowly turned and made a half-hearted attempt to recover.

    As the player who hit the slow single to right field got around to 2nd base, Greg went to interfere with them so they couldn’t get any extra bases out of the dribble between DM’s legs.

    From that point the game went to chaos as balls were mis-pitched, calls made to undermine the other team and generally it became a ‘no game’.

    I left. ( I don’t know if Mike recalls but he smacked one to left center that had me running my arse off. A good clean hit, ‘over the fence’. )

    It was apparent, plain as The Green Monster in Boston, this guy was a cheat and couldn’t play fair for his life.

  55. I agree.

  56. martyrathbun09

    Rinder is a lot stronger than people might think. One reason POB went after him so often. Mike could take it. And he took it many a time like a man. All of those cowards still at Int know that Mike RInder is a man that they will never be.

  57. Oh, man, I would gladly be sec checked after a shot like that. Freaking hilarious, Mike. Freaking, freaking hilarious.

  58. Bruce — no need to reply but just in case you don’t know — one of your nieces has moved from CW back to CO — I think she’s in Littleton – somewhere not far from Denver.

    We can email. Ask Marty for my hushmail account.

    (Thanks Marty)


  59. All these comments has got me on a roll today.

    I will demonstrate how “dense” DM truly was in the 1980s.

    It was election day 1988. The Presidential election was between George Bush Sr and Michael Dukakis. I always have exercised my right to vote ever since I turned 18 years old. Even when I was in the Sea Org.

    So I go into town in the morning to San Jacinto to vote. While I am voting, I get a beep on my beeper (this is before cell phones) from Shelly to call the office. Since I was just down the street from the base, I just drove back to the office.

    When I got there, DM wanted to know where I was and I told him I was in town voting. He then went on this long diatribe about what a waste of time voting was, he had never voted and didn’t I know the US Government was all screwed up yada yada yada!

    I then told him that I was glad that I did go and vote, because there was a local ballot measure concerning Highway 79 which divided our property and concerned its future.

    He immediately turned red with anger and told me to get the Port Captain on the phone who he then chewed out for 5 minutes and wanted to know why the Port Captain didn’t know about this ballot measure and that everyone on the base should have been registered and voted against it!!

  60. LOL! Thank you for the clocking and the tale.

  61. martyrathbun09

    Classic, Mark.

  62. Jim — I remember the game well!

  63. martyrathbun09

    Actually, I think Miscavige holds the distinction of the only person to be hit by a drive TWICE. Yager hit him square in the ass from about 35 yards (ironically one of Yager’s only soiid connects with a golf ball). Miscavige squeeled like a stuck pig – and of course cruelly destroyed Yager with the worst kind of hazing and inval (mo…fo… is out to kill me – evil purposes – evil purposes – he is a walking pit of evil purposes against me…etc. yada, yada yada).

  64. When I happened to be at Flag Org in 95 I think it was. Michelle kick arse Stafford asked me if I would like to come with her to the grocery store. I said yes, meaning “more than happy to” When we steped out side the Flag Org entrance lo and behold this blasted limo rolls up. I was not aware she was a USA celeb bethor then.
    Maybe I’ll bump into her again sometime touch wood:


  65. Marty, thanks so much for this excellent post about POB’s inability to understand, much less play, a game. Sounds like he has an inability to differentiate.

    Thanks also to everyone else chiming in with more examples of POB’s general assholery.

  66. Bruce,
    Great to see you here, I do remember that incident at Halloween – Maria and Norman were sitting at POB’s Captain’s table at the time.

    The guy (initials PT was very well liked by all due to his products) had his TRs totally in. Unfortunately he was made to divorce his wife of decades (with a grown up son) years later which was even worse than this POB “game”. It’s completely unreal that this broken up family is still drinking Kool Aid and still suffering more abuses.

  67. That is awesome! Asshole in one!

  68. Mark,
    Had forgotten about that funny bit though it now seems obvious – the POB doesn’t know how to really “play the piano” and is the biggest Con Job there is!

  69. Centurion,

    I love stories of numerically inferior forces kicking the crap out of supposedly superior forces.

    Genghis Kahn consistently and persistently destroyed larger armies with speed and penetration.

    Speed and penetration.

    No matter how strong an opponent seems, if you can deliver penetrating blows quickly enough you reach vital areas that destroy the ability to function cohesively. Organization becomes disorganization. Determination becomes fear and panic.

    As the opponent becomes routed, his numbers and weight actually become detriments to response. The enemies troops suddenly get in one another’s way as those fleeing block those still trying to fight.

    All of DM’s “successful actions” depend on cheating. And cheating depends on lies. The forces of DM’s lies are suddenly turned against him, like fleeing troops. He’s having to use resources to counter balance his own resource misuse.

    He’s got a hell of a problem.

    Europe would have been overrun by the Mongolians were it not for the death of Ogedai Kahn, the son of Genghis. Subutai, the amazing general of the Mongolians had just destroyed the Hungarian and Polish armies (both formidable armies at the time) and was making plans to crush the Holy Roman Empire when word of the Kahn’s death forced him to stop–the Mongolian princes thought it more important to return home to elect a new Kahn.

    Without that one death, Europe would look completely different today. As would the United States, which territories would have taken on a completely different complexion without the ideologies upon which the various founding documents were based.

    Dm’s historical significance is less than a dog turd floating from the Vatican’s sewers. Maybe a bit of hyperbole. Just a bit.

    He will drop his body. And, he as a thetan will go exterior to a universe of energy and mass and feeling for which he is ill prepared. He is the way he is because he can’t confront past his fixations. But, death can be a horrible experience for those with crimes like little Davie. The concept of Hell may be misunderstood and misapplied, but the reality upon which that concept stems is truly horrible to experience.

    Speed and penetration.

    Davey is doomed.


  70. martyrathbun09

    It was Jerry Lee Lewis’ Great Balls of Fire – and DM was trying to emulate the great, but couldn’t quite demonstrate any rhythm. Mark, he rehearsed the living hell out of it beforehand. Had to stand through it like a guy wanting to get back to work stuck in King Henry’s court.

  71. Dave cheats on his wife and cheats CoS parishioners when it comes to how their money is spent. He would of course cheat on everyone and everything else. There are clinical studies on chronic cheaters. In essence, chronic cheaters have been diagnosed as psychopaths. The traits of of psychopaths are a textbook description of David Miscavige:

    * Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
    * Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
    * Authoritarian
    * Secretive
    * Paranoid
    * Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
    * Conventional appearance
    * Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
    * Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
    * Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
    * Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
    * Incapable of real human attachment to another
    * Unable to feel remorse or guilt
    * Extreme narcissism and grandiose
    * May state readily that their goal is to rule the world
    ref: http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html

    “These people are mentally ill and extremely dangerous! The following precautions will help to protect you from the destructive acts of which they are capable. First, to recognize them, keep the following guidelines in mind.

    (1) They are habitual liars. They seem incapable of either knowing or telling the truth about anything.
    (2) They are egotistical to the point of narcissism. They really believe they are set apart from the rest of humanity by some special grace.
    (3) They scapegoat; they are incapable of either having the insight or willingness to accept responsibility for anything they do. Whatever the problem, it is always someone else’s fault.
    (4) They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed.
    (5) Genuine religious, moral, or other values play no part in their lives. They have no empathy for others and are capable of violence. Under older psychological terminology, they fall into the category of psychopath or sociopath, but unlike the typical psychopath, their behavior is masked by a superficial social facade.
    ref: ibid.


  72. martyrathbun09

    J – DM to the tee. Thanks.

  73. Golf is huge in the business circles I ended up in, and after playing several rounds, I discovered why (at least in my opinion). Golf reveals personality.

    The task is simple – get this ball into that hole by following some very specific rules (I LOVE the rules of golf. They have a rule for everything!). The problem is defined, and HOW the person solves the problem is very telling, and HOW the person deals with failure is also very telling. Even Mickelson or Woods screws up shots – gets in the trees, or in the water, or blows a three foot putt.

    How a person deals with this reveals his personality and tone level. It strips off the veneer right away. You cannot hide in golf. It does not surprise me at all that Mr. David Miscavige would act this way. It would be interesting to film him playing some time!


  75. Yes, definitely 100% completely right on.

  76. Ziba,
    Actually the POB is the most mutinous in the SO, having deposed at least 4 “seniors” including LRH. It goes directly against all SO codes, creed and allegiances which doesn’t apply to the POB. The system is so corrupted that writing reports is as effective as using toilet paper. How can the “Hole” exist at the Int Base for years?

    The cojones left by 2007 and even his own wife with some power and conscience was deposed.

  77. Wonder if her income sources from the time are documented–such as tax forms. Of course, some law firm is probably listed rather than the church. But still….

  78. Watching Eyes

    Absolutely, anyone remaining is PTS to the dwarf. No doubt about it.

    There’s an old saying, “birds of feather flock together”. It’s always been true; it will always remain true. Now, some call it the “law of attraction”. Whatever. It’s still the same. Although in the case of the dwarf it becomes rather sinister. People go beyond PTS and snap terminals with him and then start acting like him! Scary stuff.

  79. Great stories! No wonder he wouldn’t play with you guys anymore and would only go to play golf with Bob Wright the “pro” and supreme brown nose!

  80. +1 – twice!

  81. If only we could get the FBI to listen and prosecute…

  82. http://www.cassiopaea.com/cassiopaea/psychopath.htm

    “Imagine – if you can – not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.”

  83. J Swift,

    Thanks. Useful stuff to know.

  84. Hear hear! Tons of TA awaits.

  85. I think we need a “day in the life of POB.” He gets to sleep til noon, have incredible food and service,cheat at all the golf and games that he seems to have alot of time to play, he beats people up, micromanages the goon squad, and speaks at events. When does his global leadership happen? And, what does that consist of and how much time does it take?

  86. I guess you couldn’t point out that DM “pulled it in.”

    I like all these stories. So many people trying to avoid winning and fate takes over.

  87. Nice Comment Centurion.

  88. Expelled 4 Life

    Got it. I missed that. Now back to your very important post: I’d really like to see Greta get called on the carpet for this stuff and her support of the C of S and its’ human rights abuses, forced abortions, etc. It’s hard for me to watch her being so damn sanctimonious where other people are concerned but she gets a pass. Perhaps CNN will shine a spotlight on her.

  89. Brian Culkin

    Me and Marty VS Miscavige and Tom Cruise in a 2 on 2 basketball game for 1 million.

  90. martyrathbun09

    I’m in.

  91. martyrathbun09

    With you drainin’ I’ll own the paint.

  92. Tom Gallagher

    In all fairness, can the BFF’s use stilts?

    That way we can call POB th

  93. Tom Gallagher

    That way we can call POB the POS. Pope on Stilts!

  94. Yvonne Schick

    PLEASE, whether you publish all of it or any part of it, at least get the story recorded. I can see the three of you working together would assist each other in recalling details. Get the stories recorded, then you can decide what use you will make of that beyond any itsa value for each of you personally.

  95. Marty – I see that you already know about this. You can delete my comment as it is inappropriate for the thread. I’m still appalled, but people are having too much fun with the existing thread and I don’t want to digress and ruin the fun.

  96. Fellow Traveller

    There’s that word again: drainin’

    What is that? Slang for shooting baskets?


  97. Yvonne Schick

    Amen, Brother!

  98. And the meter would not show an LF but an “instant, three times swinging FN”, wouldn’t it?

  99. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Marty, Bruce, Mike. Jimbo, Sinar, Colwell etc…..

    Associate your, my name or any good hearted ex-SO or even scientologist with the word CHEATER. And you get nothing, nada, zilch, zero-a-mundo response!

    Now with DAVID MISCAVIGE you hit not just a nerve but the entire CNS ( Central Nervous Center ) of any thetan’s meat body who has crossed his shit strewn path!!

    For me, your average posts on this blog I feel gives me yet another foot of truth that I never knew about or understood
    before! It steadily fills my tank which I love!

    Now you wip out the DAVID MISCAVIGE
    — CHEATER! card and even Bruce pipes in; even though he comes here
    daily with the rest of us, cup a fresh Joe
    in hand like me!

    Cheater…. Yep that’s DAVID MISCAVIGE allright. Even Craig Jensen, whom I know sips Joe and checks in
    here like the rest of us, can not deny
    DAVID MISCAVIGE of not being a
    cheater! Craig, he cheated you out of 2 daughters! You weren’t upset nearly 1/2 as much as Sally was! I know as I was on of the hand full of people consoling her when she was bawling her eyes out in my office!

    Also he cheats you out of use of your own G4 … If you still have it. I know of actual celebrities you denied their paying use of it to afford munchkin room for himself and his applebox!

    DAVID MISCAVIGE — Yep a cheater! No denying that one!!

    And because of this fact is why I say to him…. YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!

    Salutations, good tidings, and a tip of my hat to all my good friends out there!!

    — Jackson

  100. Kudos and High Fives
    to all the INT BASE story writers.
    Some tremendous anecdotes today
    for all the world to read.
    Congratulations Marty, Mike, Mark Fisher, Bruce Hines, Sinar, and all
    who whistleblow !
    ✩ ♥ ❀ ♫ ☺ ❀. ♥ ♪ ☼ ♪ ☼ !!

  101. “The end object of Scientology is not the making into nothing of all existence or the freeing the individual of any and all traps everywhere. The goal of Scientology is making the individual capable of living a better life in his own estimation and with his fellows and the playing of a better game.
    – LRH, PAB 86”

    So, the goal is not Total Freedom…

  102. LOL, what a typical POB whine! How many times have I heard that those guys with the highest SO qualifications, were ‘agin him!

    I think Weise, Wendell and company had the advantage as these guys would play Hoops during their mandatory “exercise time” in those days and so got more practice in.

  103. martyrathbun09

    What about Jackson?

  104. Gern Gaschoen

    I agree completely. You guys have a lot of details that need to be put in writing.

    Future generations, I mean .. near-future .. generations of Scientologists are going to have to un-do the damage done by DM and his lackeys.

    I’m talking about the damage to the Church, damage to the society (who wrongly think Scientology won’t help them), damage to LRH and us, practicing Scientologists, as individuals.

    Without detailed knowledge about the scene, it will be next to impossible to establish a correct view of the events we’ve all been witnessing. Time is running out – long after DM has left the scene, in 20 or 30 years, even sooner, these events may be long forgotten, but nevertheless knowing about this time period will be of great importance to Scientologists of the future.

    You *must* apply the KR series and post for longevity, guys. Not just face up to the courts and get the criminal/legal side, finally one day, addressed – but also really, absolutely, *establish* the data line for us to dig ourselves out of this mess.

    Seriously: I’m talking, Comm-Ev level of responsibility on getting the data down, in writing, confirmed and committed and out there. DM is long, long overdue his Comm-Ev; you guys have KR’s to write.

    This blog is a wonderful – terrific! – place to establish the Div 6 realm of Recovery, but there is a Div 7 and Div 1 hat there too. You know what I’m talking about.


  105. No, actually, it is making baskets! 🙂 From all over, one after the other.

  106. I’m with Dan!! Holy cats, that was freaking hilarious!!!

  107. martyrathbun09


  108. I had a boss years ago that was a very, very short man. I am 5’4″ and he was shorter than me by a full head’s length. He would throw fits, slam the accounting ledger on the table to intimidate me, and he turned off the toilet in the winter to “save money”. On my last day working for him, I gave a month’s notice, he berated me for leaving him to deal with everything on his own. I was working overtime for minimum wage for him at the time, putting in close to 90 hours that week. After he was finished, I left. I did not use him as a reference because I was afraid of what he would say, even though back then it was against the law in my state to say anything more the confirmation of the dates I worked there. I can only imagine that this man still continues to act that way because he can. I would deal with working for him again any day over working with Dat Midget. I feel for you and everyone that had to deal with that lunatic.

  109. Yes PTSness is a techincal thing, get into the zone of an SP and the influence is unavoidable. Any willingness to fight back lessens the effect but none the less there’s an effect. Even the smartest toughest ones have under the effect of an SP at least a new game creeping in on them. The 2 1/2 percenters like POB are truly wicked and will work at incredibly subtle gradients to get those around them. There is no reasoning with them, a piece of 4×2 is probably effective as an attitude changer to some degree.

  110. Brian,
    Now THAT would be something!!

    Dave, Tom, do EITHER of you two have a set between you to take that challenge?

    There it is. C’mon Dave. C’mon…man up. Play Brian and Marty two on two.

  111. As a long-time drummer, that’s funny.

    Judging from the hatchet job DM did on Battlefield Earth, I’d say that aesthetics just aren’t his thing, no matter what form they’re in.

  112. OD,
    Geez dude, you’ve been outta touch.

  113. Dan — Yeah, looking back it probably was worth it. But no game with POB was fun — not like our Sunday morning rounds with Lyman and Kurt. Fond memories of an earlier time when POB was at ASI….

  114. Total Freedom would make one a Psychopath

    Because you would be free of a conscience too.

  115. Acceptable truth or a sales technique. You aint gonna sell a bridge to a certain amount of freedom.

  116. Marty,

    I guess that’s the reason you usually allow the guy furthest from the hole to play first!

    But thinking about anyone else isnt high on POB’s list of priorities.

    Just like anything requiring physical coordination was not Yager’s strong suit…. But now that you mention it I recall that incident too. Laughed my ass off (to myself) and was relieved it wasnt me!

  117. Achieiving Total Freedom is one thing…maintaining it as a group is a different game. The funny thing about achieving Total Freedom as a being is that it IS a “no-game” condition, and (speaking for myself) you tend to get a bit lonely. So having a group that can achieve and maintain it is something that has not been done before. Here and there, there have been “Temporary Autonomous Zones”, but never a lasting society of Free Beings. But I am beginning to see an inkling of a possibility……

  118. Ann,

    This is just the opening overture….along about Act II things will get REAL interesting…..;)

  119. oh my you beat me to it.

  120. Come on Marty, that’s not fair. Two 5’6″ guys…. That’s a man playing with boys… But then again, there’s another reason why it would be man against boys….

  121. Mike,
    I’m glad you remember it. I’ll never forget that shot you made. What a hit that was – BAM – I was stunned at the power and from then on was WAY back waiting for the next.

    A pleasure moment in this life of the sound of a well hit ball on a summer’s day flying long, long, long…OUTTA THE PARK!

  122. Marty and Mike,

    You guys really oughtta pick on someone………….wait for it…………..your own size! Hardy harrrrrr.

    Used to have a neighbor kid when I was about 5. He was a year older and a lot bigger. We played King of the Hill. The rules were, he sat atop the hill the whole time, no matter what. And when a 9 year old showed up to throw him off, he ran home screaming and crying, the victim.

    DM sounds exactly like my old, no-game, neighbor.

    They are rare. They are nuts. Nobody feels good around them. They suck! They always become the laughing stock in the end.

  123. David the scammer skims and scams again:

    “IAS Grant To Establish Detox Center For Rescue Workers In Gulf of Mexico”


  124. Maybe we can invite Lou to even things up….

  125. The cheat hates losing to girls even more than losing to boys.
    Can’t thing why – maybe it makes him feel emasculated in some way?
    Davey – I’ve got a 3 big cans of whupass with your name on it. Care to go another round? Or are you going to continue to try to intimidate the weaker beings who yet dare to stay friends with us despite all of your whining, cajoling and ‘investigations’?
    By the way – OSA UK ‘intel’ really sucks. We’ve been running rings around these guys for 2 years now. Better get them in shape Davey. The IAS event is but a few months away…

  126. Think of the net as a drain and the ball going down the drain over and over.

  127. ‘think’ not ‘thing’ – damn! bitten by typo monster!

  128. Michael, as for taking EVERYONE who still “believes” down with him, well the sad thing is he is sitting pretty with lots of $$$$$$$$ . The losers are the ones who keep on giving. I personally just don’t get it When they are desperate and in need DM will walk away.

  129. 🙂 Jim, you’re a big ole sweetie-pie.

  130. Watching Eyes

    Today’s blog is the funniest thing I’ve ever read. The stories are amazing. While I laugh at reading the comments, I’m sure the people writing them are blowing a ton of charge. What a great 3D audition session!

  131. Ooooops
    High Fives to Jackson as well. dear Jackson.
    Cheers and encouragement to
    Little Bear Victor

    to tell more to make this blog today a masterpiece day of INT Base and Miscavige revelations ~~

  132. Tony Dephillips

    Great stories Mark!!

  133. Great post, Marty, thank you! I agree with Watching Eyes that this blog blows charge because it hits at the basic truth that life is a game, blowing later lies that it isn’t. Also makes total sense to me that DM liked Bush. Bush violated 12 points of the Constitution and committed some 60 separate crimes. Practically a role model!

  134. Tony Dephillips

    I would pay to see that little baby have a temper tantrum after getting smacked by a golf ball!! LOL.

  135. Marty,
    Interesting stats on Tony’s site and the fact that your site beats the POB’s backed by $Billions website.

    Alexa Traffic Rank: Global 5,236 United States 1,615
    The site is particularly popular among users in the city of New York (where it is ranked #350). Compared with all internet users, this site’s audience tends to be Caucasian; it also appeals more to childless college graduates and women under the age of 35 who browse from work and have incomes over $30,000. Villagevoice.com has attained a traffic rank of 1,615 among users in the US, where approximately 71% of its audience is located. The site’s visitors view an average of 3.0 unique pages per day.

    Alexa Traffic Rank Global 90,711 United States 25,503
    This site’s visitors view an average of 1.9 unique pages per day. Visitors to the site spend about five minutes per visit to the site and two minutes per pageview. The fraction of visits to Markrathbun.wordpress.com referred by search engines is about 18%. The site has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Peoria-Bloomington (#83).

    Alexa Traffic Rank Global 93,182 United States 38,030
    Visitors to it spend roughly 64 seconds on each pageview and a total of three minutes on the site during each visit. This site belongs to the “Church of Scientology” category of sites. Compared with the overall internet population, the site’s users are disproportionately Hispanic, and they are disproportionately men browsing from home who are not college graduates. Visitors to Scientology view an average of 2.5 unique pages per day.

  136. TheWidowDenk

    Sam — We need an “edit” button. Maybe Marty will give us one?

    I have absolutely nothing to add to the discussion at hand, except to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the anecdotes. Thanks to everyone who commented!

  137. Watching Eyes

    typo: meant to write “auditing” session

  138. Watching Eyes

    I want to place a bet!

  139. Watching Eyes

    Visitors to Scientology view an average of 2.5 unique pages per day.

    One of that 2.5 is probably Tony Ortega checking to see if anything is new. So that leaves 1.5 unique page views/day. That does NOT translate into a lot of new $$ for the dwarf.

  140. Sam,
    Speaking about Lou, there’s another POB the cheat story on that subject. This happened years ago when she was married to Uwe who was security Chief at the time.

    POB was riding his Litespeed $10K road-bike daily as exercise for miles with bodyguard behind him in a chase van daily from the Int Base. Lou used to accompany him and was in really good shape having done it for months, along with Kenny Seybold who was the base “trainer”.

    On the other hand, Uwe was not in shape and was pretty busy on his post as usual and not getting tons of sleep. So, POB (the cheat) challenged his manhood saying that his wife, Lou could beat him in a bike race; which of course was what happened. There may be other factors not known about, but that was the beginning of the end for Uwe (RIP) after blowing, being RPFed, getting MS and being in the PAC RPF and etc.

  141. Sinar,
    You’re damn right – DM did mutiny didn’t he. Good on spotting those. Yeouch. What a climb to the top of the applebox he made.

  142. On a more grimmer note ~~

    Marty Said above :
    For those who haven’t read the complete St Petersburg Times Truth Revealed articles, Lisa McPherson was killed on church premises on David Miscaviges causation.

    The Lisa Mcpherson story is a great lesson on how a failed untrained Miscavige can take over the CSing of a case to catastrophic results.

    I was struck with the fact that Lisa had a $20,000 “L-11” 3 weeks prior to her mental breakdown. I studied on line accounts, subpoened records, her “baby watch” records and the Interviews by the Florida State attorneys ~~ the internet is a plethora of information.

    Much of Lisa’s insane babble is right out of a misrun contorted L-11 which could have been repaired to good result FAST way before deterioration.

    The giving off of Sins and Transgressions (confessing/confessional) is common in many religions. In Radical, Taliban Scientology, Miscavige has taken it to whole new level. Sea Org, Staff and Public alike are ordered to write up their CRIMES (overts, transgressions) for hours and hours a day for weeks, if not months. And so it was with Lisa Mcpherson. After a messed up L-11, Lisa was ordered to “write up” her Crimes in O/W write up. In the 1970s and 1980s this was an action that took a few hours. In Miscavology this can go on with weeks, if not months, you write and write and write and dig “deeper” to find more CRIMES.

    Lisa Mcpherson was made to write up Overts, Witholds, Crimes under direct supervision of Miscavige in collusion with her senior Bennetta Slaughter. These actions were enforced on her, making her introvert, making her have excessive feelings of guilt and evil and this was done unbeknownst to the Prosecutors and Clearwater PD who do not understand the spiritual distress prior to a Type III (mental breakdown) occurrence.

    Let’s not forget that David Miscavige personally approved and stated that Lisa was a CLEAR and had her attest to such.

  143. CD and OD,
    Total freedom would be no barriers. No barriers means no communication, that is, something to land a particle upon and get something back. No comm, no perception. No sensation. No fun.

    Total freedom is a dull boy.

  144. Careful when speaking of the devil Michael 😉

    Please explain exactly how this post proves that “everybody in the Church is PTS to Miscavige”?

    As far as I’m concerned that it is a *generality*.

  145. Robert Earle

    Marty..I like your post of the Goal of Scientology. I remember back in 1974 using that as part of an admin scale I worked out for Scientology. I always thought it was very fitting. I also noticed over the years that the game in the Church became more and more serious.
    As for evidence of the Current unprecidented expansion here’s one to go with the Birmingham story. Perhaps Janet has it right that there is contraction and POB is in fact the liar we know him to be.http://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/irish-scientology-branch-has-serious-fundraising-problems/

  146. Dave,
    We’ll give you George Michael too.

  147. Jackson,

    I would LOVE to think that Craig Jensen reads this blog! If he does, his life must be a living hell as he continues his daily groveling to POB while being sure that he can never escape from the trap he’s set for himself, family, company, employees, OTC contacts, selectees, etc.

    Opening this blog one day and seeing a coming out notice from Craig and Sally would rock the LA area like an 8.0 earthquake!

    What’s the G4 that you mention?

  148. Scott Campbell


  149. Karen,
    The pity is that your FES, done over the internet no less, is more Standard Tech than DM has any idea exists. You’ve pulled the prior out-lists and wrong indications of O/W applying the Introspection RD material masterfully.

    It is wonderful to have you back on Tech lines. That is the stuff, right there – Standard Tech and a Class XII plying their skill.

  150. Although I may not be remembering this correctly, I believe back in the original 1978 Tech Film, The Tone Scale, Miscavige was the actor who demonstrated the tone level, “Games” with some kind of depiction of an invisible discuss throw.

    I find that supremely ironic! All these stories about his cheating sure bring back memories. His desperate need to “win” at all costs. That really defines that little f**cker…

  151. The best thing about this thread Watching Eyes is that I know with 100 percent certainty that DM’s blood is absolutely boiling over all the stories that are seeing the light of day today on this blog which reveal his true personality.

    The fact that he is not sleeping well tonight and having a rotten day, makes me very happy! (Must be my evil purpose talking there!) 🙂

  152. Scott Campbell

    Hey RJ,

    Great post. Technically, you are correct. However I would say that most church members dramatize False PTSness as a result of continuous PT overts – so the PTSness seems apparent in most churchies.

    I believe that this is the out of valence behavior that Michael is referring to.

    And by the way, thanks for being someone to joust with – rather than a punching bag.

  153. Scott Campbell

    I can’t wait for that, Marty. How about a video chronology of the recollections? That would be great media fare.

  154. Good shot Mike beats a birdie or even a hole in one 🙂

  155. What about Vern Troyer? He’s a natural for their team….

  156. Hello all. I’m basically a tourist here. I’ve never been involved in Scientology but all the stories about it fascinate me. Any sociological topic involving cult-like environments and the “charismatic” bullies who control and abuse people, and the people willing to participate, such as fundamentalist Mormons etc — the actual social psychology behind these dynamics are an interest to me. After reading all these posts, as well as so many others and various sites, I still can’t figure out how and why Miscavige is allowed to keep doing all these horrific things, when it might seem obvious to a reasonable number of people around him just how sick and weak and needlessly cruel he is? I can understand how the lower level worker bees, who don’t have a driver’s license or any money can’t object or leave, or adults who grew up in the org and know nothing else, and I understand he may have fawning followers who “drink the koolaid”, but for the rest of you, how did you keep from forming a coup and taking him down? If there’s one bully abusing a room of more than a few men, why couldn’t he just be taken out? What is it that actually keeps grown men, with a relative amount of personal or financial freedom, from hitting back, harder than DM hit them? How come no one has usurped him, especially if he is so ignorant in many things? If anyone could explain that dynamic to me at all, I’d be grateful. I feel so sad for the people caught in the web, and I wish something could be done to help them on a grand scale. I’m really glad the FBI is exploring the human trafficking angle, but I guess there would never be a Waco situation in Hemet unless there was a rumor that there was a stockpile of weapons? The rumor that dozens of people are held prisoner there should illicit a more forceful response, imo. It’s beyond tragic if it’s true.
    On a side note, has an official missing persons inquiry ever been filed for DM’s ex-wife?
    I’d like to add that I really admire the honest, even, and strongly individual tone of this blog, and I also admire everyone who has escaped any toxic environment they were in and strove to fight for something better. Congratulations on your courage to speak out and inform the rest. I don’t know any Scientologists, but I’ve passed along this blog to people I know who are interested in human rights issues in general. I have no personal interest in any religions, but I support people’s right to practice all freely and safely.

  157. Scott Campbell

    Hey Bruce!

    Good to hear from you. And thank you for what you and Griffee Blythe did for me despite effors to “do me in” otherwise.


  158. gOD

    “So, the goal is not Total Freedom…”

    Seems to depend on how you are defining TOTAL FREEDOM, Yes?

    You sort of have to ask yourself, ” is TOTAL FREEDOM for me a state where I would be outside all existence and any traps of any kind, or would it be better understood as having “the freedom” (TOTAL) to have or not have anything, including “existence” or “traps”, as I see fit?”

    I tend to prefer to work with the second understanding because I feel it fits in better with my understanding of the rest of the statement you quoted, and also with my broader understanding of the “whole game” from my viewpoint.

    It is certainly a fair question to ask. (although it may not have been a question for you at all, since I noticed you provided no question mark)

    Eric S

  159. Grim indeed. Screwing up critical rundowns can screw up health and sanity. Out lists, out int, and screwed up Ls cause real pain.

    Excellent explanation, Karen. Thanks for the insight into this.

  160. I’d love to see Van Sustern’s crooked little DM enabling lips get twisted even farther out of shape with more revelations about her tight association with the applebox psychopath.
    If there is a God, please let Van Sustern go down in flames when DM goes down.
    Please Lord, let the stain of her complicity and enabling not wash out as the dust settles in the aftermath of lil’ Dave’s Purp Walk.
    And this may be pushing it Lord, but could you please see to it she embarrasses Fox so much they are forced to fire her.

  161. Scott Campbell


    Here’s one I told ya before:

    A couple of years into the Int Exec diving excursions on the Freewinds during Maiden Voyage anniversaries, we were at a dive site being briefed by the local dive guide. He informed us that it was going to be a long dive with a lot of underwater swimming necessary in order to see all of the features of the reef. It wasn’t deep though, so we had a lot of potential bottom time. The dive guide warned us to monitor our air and if anyone was running out, to signal him so that the person could be taken up and returned to the boat safely. He also stated that we would end the dive and turn back when most of the divers had reached 500 psi of remaining air pressure to give us a cushion of air reserve and to do a safety “Decompression stop” for 5 minutes at 10 feet deep before surfacing. During these dive excursions I would always bring up the rear and keep an eye on everyone in case anyone needed help.

    After the pre-dive breifing , DM was joking with me and the Int Execs, bullbaiting Norman Starkey with things like “Hey Norm, you’re going to have to come back in about 5 minutes” etc. and going on about how out of shape NS and the others were, that none of them could hang with Tom Cruise playing basketball, etc. (I’m sure you know how vicious DM’s “inside” bullbaiting can be).

    Anyways, at this point I said to DM and the others, “I bet I’ll
    have more air left than all of you…” [fuckers].

    DM challenged me – saying, “What makes you say that?” I said, “Because I know how to control my breathing and heart rate” (I grew up with working with a dad who owned a commercial diving company). He said something dismissive in response and soon we were in the water. After the dive, (in which NS stayed with us the whole time, I might add) DM and the others were comparing their air gauges. I walked over and looked at them. Most of them were at 500 to 800psi remaining. I showed my gauge to Yager. He went wide eyed and gestured with his head like, “show DM”. I had been last out of the water and just then DM looked up and saw me standing there. He said something like “I’ve got more than all of these guys (he had about 900 lbs). How much have you got?” I showed him my gauge and it had 1300 lbs. DM kind of laughed, looked at NS and said, “Fuck this guy. Norm, do you believe this guy? Fuck this guy. 1300 lbs, he was probably holding his breath half the time!” He then looked at the dive guide and said, “What d’you got?” the dive guide had a little less than 1000 lbs. He said, “Unbelievable.” shook his head and walked away to the downstairs salon.

    I didn’t bother trying to explain to him that it is a strict no no to hold your breath while diving, as it instantly increases your blood concentration of CO2, thus increasing your heart rate and respiration rate in order scrub the increased levels of CO2 from your system, let alone the danger of pulmonary embolism due to absentmindedly holding your breath during sudden depth changes. Myself and the dive guides had explained things like that to the Int Execs several times before.

    A short time later, I went down to the salon to get some food as it wasn’t brought up on deck as usual. As I came down the stairs DM was whining to the CO CMO Ship, Jenny Alpers, Janet Light and Jane
    Zimmatore about how he has asthma and he still did better than most
    of the other diver’s regarding his air. Overhearing this, I said,
    “You have asthma? I do too! I almost died from it a couple of times
    as a kid. One time I had to be resuscitated in the Emergency Room
    with CPR and adrenaline when I was seven!” I asked him, “Did you
    take Marax?” (An asthma pill) “Yes”. “How about Alupent?” (An
    asthma inhaler) “Yes”. I said, “Me too.” I told him that I had
    blown my asthma on Objectives and no longer had to take any
    medicine. I told him that I would still like to do the Asthma and
    Allergy Rundown as I still has some allergy response and asked him if he had done it. He said “yeah, I did that”. I said, “Did it help?” He seemed momentarily taken aback as he comm lagged, reflected (tilting his head) and said, “Somewhat…”

    At that moment, I caught a glimpse of him way back down there behind those eyes. I was a bit thrown by this and saw that he wanted to end the conversation. I then stupidly said, “I’ll talk to you more about it some other time”. Assuming that he knew that I was on a help flow.

    Puzzled, he quizzically cocked his head and said OK. By the way, the whole time I had to ignore all of the “go away” flows and
    gestures from his sycophants.

    I realized later that he might have thought that I wanted to
    discuss case with him!


  162. PTSness= Stupidity

  163. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Mark my Brutha,

    Was this the same year we had the large animated volcano which caught fire followed buy the PR FLAP of major magnitude first time fireworks show??

  164. martyrathbun09

    Edited – left only enough for your own reference RJ. It is entheta on a long distance comm line. Worse, you don’t listen so cannot even have a comm cycle. He gave you an ack (my post) and there is no indication whatsoever you duplicated, understood or even attempted to. Grow up a bit and perhaps try again – or go somewhere else.

  165. Indeed Mark. The worst part of the joke is half the staff were convinced he was a talented musician, even after pulling his hands from the keyboard!
    Thanks for reminding us of this one. Typical of his no-talent character!


  166. Cindy Pinsonnault

    I have nothing to add, but, like many others, I’ve really enjoyed reading this post and all of the comments are wonderful. Great fun to read!!!

  167. +1, me, too! 🙂

  168. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    Beautiful name btw way! Love it! (hope this is a woman I’m chat’n with!)

    Craig Jensen owned a Gulfstream 4 jet powered private aircraft. When I worked in CJ’s company I was privy to seeing the flight schedule for it.

    Gulfstream made a 3, 2 etc..

    If Craig came out on this blog, I’d produce just a little pee with excitement whereas DAVID MISCAVIGE, you’d hear the thump of turd hittin’ his shorts after is squeezed past his thong!!!

    My dear Emilie, you have to understand that Craig Jensen is one of the select people of earth, whether staff or public, with whom dingus-Dave has taken special steps or taken extreme caution steps to ensure he dosent fly the coop. Dave has a special list of people he has watched, monitored, cross monitored and reported on either daily or weekly! If CJ farts Dave knows about it!
    So I guess I’m say’n, as long as we continue to see CJ and SJ sitt’n shoulder to shoulder with the shermanator at reg events, Craig won’t be piping up anytime soon!
    — Jackson

  169. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Either way you say it Sam, is fine by me!!

  170. 🙂

  171. Rory Medford

    The greatest asset with this site is:

    Each and everyday DM is being exposed for what he is:

    A phony, a liar, a coward and most of all an evil tyrant!

    What happens to tyrants over time?

  172. Scott,
    Yes, I remember you told me this one. The stuff after the dive is new though. Wow. You got DM as far in session as I can imagine he’s been. Well done!

  173. Marty – life is definitely a game and if played in a self determined manner it is fun, exhilarating and not serious. I remember how much I enjoyed my life before Scientology. In the 70’s life was still fun and there was not much interference from the Church. As time went on, in the 80’s, this changed and the indoctrination that life outside the Church was barbaric, the general population was out ethics, the environment was dangerous, etc. was promotedby COB and embraced by Scientologists. The second half of this indoctrination was that the only escape from this ” barbarism” is to devote all your time and money to the Church. I actually bought this !!! How ironic that now a dangerous environment exists within the Church and working there is a deadly serious activity. Just leaving this game and discovering how truly wonderful life is on the outside is very therapeutic. Life once again is fun, rewarding and not serious.

  174. Jackson,
    You are a wordsmith. I’m glad we’re back together buddy!

  175. Barney Rubble

    Wow, this blog is one of the better ones in recent times, it has a lot of legs. And it is spectacularly entertaining.

  176. Rational people make logical decisions based on the facts as they know them.

    Religion gives rational people a set of assumptions that people use as “facts”-that may or may not be true. Depending on the quality of those assumptions, people may act like an insane person; for example, if I take as “fact” that if I die for Allah, I will be rewarded with 72 virgins in paradise, I may come to the conclusion that it’s a good thing to fly a plane into a building.

    In DM’s case, he has those people conditioned to 1) believe he has the key to their eternal salvation and 2) believe that he holds the power over their survival, and they could not make it in the outside world. On top of that, he uses his power to bully and introvert those around him, so that they feel like they are less capable and self sufficient. Worse, he uses his power to coerce others around him to also take part in the abuse, so that no one will trust anyone else.

    He is, in short (pun intended), a class-A tyrannical son of a bitch who has quite literally trapped a group of people both psychologically and spiritually.

    Prison’s too good for him, but I’m looking forward to that day nonetheless.

  177. Marty,

    Obviously this is a discussion we should be having on a back channel and not here.

  178. Michael Fairman

    Nothing can embarrass Fox

  179. Kyote,
    Miscavige is a narcissistic sociopath who delights in covert actions designed to undermine innocent people (the church parishioners in general) by claiming “alarming situations that need financial help immediately”. The “alarming situations” contain a smidgeon of truth only. The other covert and hidden action is to take the money and hide it from the church parishioners – there is no financial report generated to show where the funds go. He loves to bully people by hitting them, and calling them down, He really thinks he is entitled to to do this – proof he is mentally crazy. People who recognize that what he says is not what he does, leave the church and you find them here. More and more people are recognizing the discrepancies and he is now trying, but failing, to appear “normal”. Each person who “believes’ he is okay is in a “confusion” state where they have not yet recognized that what they are reading in the books that Hubbard wrote does not align with what Miscavige is saying and doing. Part of this is because Miscavige, again loving to be covert and underhanded, has changed some of the original writings and passed them off as Hubbard’s writings. Those who are technically trained in the subject are most likely to recognize the discrepancies. And then those, like yourself, who can see the discrepancies, wonder why everyone can’t see the discrepancies. Take a win on being able to look and see what is in front of you without an idea or an opinion blocking clear sight of what you see. If you read this whole blog from the beginning, it really will answer your questions and give you a ton of information and actually give you even more of an idea of the quality and depth of those who contribute to this blog. Marty has done an enormous favor of having a forum like this to debrief in, for those who have experienced how things should be and then experienced how they should not be (again an insidious and slow brain washing activity on the part of David Miscavige who loves setting people up for a fall and never having them find out who caused it). Thanks for your interest and for letting others know about this blog as regards human rights. On a superficial level, any information that you would read regarding narcissistic sociopaths would describe David Miscavige. Then, anything you could read on Jonestown will actually describe how David Miscagive operates.

    But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the technology that Ron Hubbard developed is what is really being safeguarded in the independent movement. This technology, when applied correctly works. But that is a whole other area for you to explore if you wish.


  180. Michael Fairman

    Hi Kyote
    Welcome. Yes it is a fascinating subject. If you have the time and inclination, I suggest you peruse the archives here, going back at least a couple of years, and you will find comprehensive answers to all your questions. Be prepared. And thank you for passing this blog along.

  181. A psychopath: “Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life.”

    “Gary “Jackson” Morehead (former Security chief at the California Int base from 1990 to 1997) had this comment: “Yes, Scientology has done good for mankind. I saw and see it. What I also WITNESED first hand was DAVID MISCAVIGE physically hit SCIENTOLOGY HIGH RANKING EXECUTIVES AND STAFF. I witnessed DAVID MISCAVAGE make 5 SCIENTOLOGY EXECUTIVES defecate into a clear plastic bag out in the broad open, make them shower by use of a garden hose in the broad open – male and female executives mind you.” (Comment from https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/suppression-of-truth-and-freedom-of-speech-and-the-press/).

  182. Scott

    Great story

  183. Speaking of cheating…. Marty, do you, Mike or anyone else here on the blog know anything of this “tax dodge” in the land down under???

  184. Tony Dephillips

    Truth be told they probably were against him.
    He’s an SP, I doubt they were for him.
    But I get your point Sinar.

  185. Thanks very much to all of you.

  186. Thanks, WH! I found out from another family member that both of my nieces have moved back to CO. It is a shame that they have disconnected from me. Maybe one of these days …

  187. You are quite welcome, Scott! It has done my heart so much good to speak with you and read your posts!

  188. Hi, Sinar! Indeed, it is unfathomable …

  189. Tony Dephillips

    I believe anyone still connected to the cult is PTS to a greater or lesser degree.
    PTSness has to do with being the effect of an SP. After education there is the locate step. The PTS person hasn’t located the SP.
    Think of how all staff and Sea Org are the effect of Dm without even knowing he is the SP.
    Think of how people on tech lines are effect of Dm, without knowing he is the SP they are the effect of.
    All PTS. Some more PTS some less, but all not doing as well as they should.

  190. Thanks so much for all of your responses. I’ve only read the blog going back about 5 months or so, so I’ll start reading further back in my spare time. It seems a completely accurate diagnosis that Miscavige is a sociopath, and maybe even a paranoid schizophrenic, who knows. I’ve read some about Jonestown, but definitely need to read more. Jonestown is an extremely interesting story, in part because JJ’s first churches became successful by promoting tolerance and inclusion and freedom across race and class lines. But I am actually more interested in the mindset of the unfortunate people who allow themselves to become beholden to the monsters in charge. It’s amazing and awful that one person can hold such sway over so many, especially through insanity. I guess I can see that one might be willing to put up with anything if they really believed the best thing for them was to tough it out until they could get to “OT IX”, by any means necessary. I just wish society or government (social services, whatever) could somehow come up with a way to help people that might be victims of a cult-like scheme or environment. Cult-like organizations have come and gone throughout history, so even if Miscavige crashes and burns, and all the well-meaning Independent Scientologists are able to heal and reinvent the org, some other new monster will rear its head under a new name. But then of course, every time there is a monster, there will be smart and kind souls willing to challenge it. 😉
    p.s. – Thanks so much to Marty for his Recommended Reading page! Its full of great titles for anyone of any background to check out. I could also recommend The Psychopath Test, by Jon Ronson.

  191. Hi Kyote,

    How and why is David Miscabitch allowed to continue doing these horrific things?

    It’s kind a like why is Kim Jong Il of North Korea allowed to continue doing similar kinds of things, like starving most of the population to death, keeping them impoverished etc etc.

    The closed, information controlled environment within the CoS is similar to the closed environment of North Korea, or even China, for that matter, and like those regimes, Flag has it’s own “enforcers” hard at work, and CoS staff and public are encouraged to rat each other out for any deviation from the Miscavige party line, just as happens in Communist regimes.

    There is an excellent documentary on Youtube called “Welcome to North Korea”.

    I don’t have the link handy, but it’s easily searchable and well worth watching. The parallels between North Korea and the CoS today are astonishing, down to the large empty “Ideal Orgs”.

  192. hi mike,
    Just wanted to add my own chess story with COB — as a support to yours.

    In 1996, it was Norman Starkey’s birthday and a celebration was planned for all of RTC in the lounge of the lower villas, after dinner.

    All of RTC assembled in the lounge, we did the presents and the cake, and then I had been sitting on a couch eyeing a lovely chess set. POB walked up and asked me if I played chess. I said I used to play with my dad, so yes, I did play a little. POB said that Frank, one of the staff from his office, was “learning” to play, and would I should play a game with him. I agreed, Frank was ushered over, and the game began.
    POB must have assumed I was a lousy chess player and this would be good fun — as it turned out Frank was not “learning”to play chess. He was a bloody good chess player and had been for years. The game became intense within 10 minutes and soon most of the org was gathered around, watching me battle to stay alive.
    I gave as good as I got, which surprised his holiness, and after almost 2 hours, we were still going and Frank was actually on the losing end of things. Seeing that i was about to win the game, something he could not tolerate, POB went and got a chess computer, plugged in the position of the pieces and he proceeded to instruct Frank on what moves to make so that I would lose. I did of course, lose. I had a win though, as I have both of them a bloody good run for their money — and without the chess computer to close the deal for Frank, I would have had the game.
    POB thought the whole thing was funny — once I lost. Before then he was not very amused.

  193. I remember that game. I hollered so much I lost my voice as I watched Gary Modrus and Fred Houck of Gold defeat RTC and ASI – even when ASI started to pull rank on them and told them to get their FO 38’s in, Gold still beat the crap out of ASI. Fred and Gary hadn’t slept for 48 hours prior to the game because they were involved in the setups but they keep pulling the “alley-oop” on ASI and it worked every time. God that was fun.

    POB was the referee and he let ASI bully Gold. You see, Gold wasn’t supposed to win anything. They weren’t even allowed to practice like ASI and RTC did daily for 2 months leading up to Sea Org day.

    Modrus and Houck were hero’s that day. They beat DM at his stupid game.

    ML Tom

  194. Sinar — you remind me of another area POB used to cheat on.During 1994 and 1995, in the summer, the RTC org would do exercise time for 1 hour after dinner. We would all head down to the volleyball courts and play volleyball flat chat, while POB would ride around on his motorbike with Shelly, watching.
    He would call out names, he would insult people who dropped the ball, he would bullbait people, he would taunt and J&D — all from the side lines. There was only ONE time he ever came onto the volleyball court, and in that one game that dwarf did nothing but cheat none stop to a) get the ball, b) screw up the other team and c) win. It was stupid. Really stupid. There was no game. It was DM just being a cheater.

  195. Oh — an I just remembered ANOTHER related one. When I first came to the Int base DM was walking around with this large high powered water pistol. He would hang outside various org buildings — RTC or CMOI, and then when Marc Yager, or Ray Mithoff or someone came out they would get hit in the face with the water cannon and he would roar laughing and tear off on his bike — like a 6 year old. It was bizarre. There was no retaliation possible — it was a one sided bully game, nothing else.

  196. Bruce — great to hear from you! Would LOVE to catch up. Drop me a line sometime – lana@hushmail.com. It has been years.
    Cheers -Lana

  197. OUT,
    I’m in agreement with your postulate, but I’m not too keen on the Genghis Khan analogy. He also won by overwhelming terror – murder of every man, woman, and child in resisting villages so horrific that when news of the mayhem traveled to the next, that villagers would capitulate. Not our game, I think. I generally like the historical citations, though.

  198. From what Marty’s is saying, he would probably put an iron bar in one of his gloves and/or bribe the judges. 🙂

  199. DM getting clocked in the head with a golf ball, now that’s funny. 🙂

    A video of that put with some 3-stooges sound effects would be a real charge blower!

    I’m surprised he didn’t start pounding on your right there.

  200. DM wll probably go down and be remembered as the most hated man in existence. The freedom he has managed to deny for millions if not billions of beings is a little too much for many to confront but as time goes on the damage he has done will become more and more real on an ever increasing gradient. The truly interesting thing about life is that it is ‘now’, a constant creation of now. To those who hope things will get better without doing anything seem to have missed the whole point.

  201. I agree, Jim.

    Shortly after Karen came to our ranks I asked her if she was considering bringing her considerable auditing skills to bear by opening up a field practice. She politely answered my post saying she would prefer not to.

    I am so very thankful she changed that postulate, and I am quite certain that we will see many more Clears and OT’s made as a result.

    Gotta love another Class XII in the ranks. Now, the problem is chosing an auditor…there are so many damn good ones out there.

  202. Dear Marty,

    Hard hitting data like that you supplied, showing the character of the tyrant, are vitally important. Well done and thanks.

    Please, if it fits your strat plan, publish all the actual incidents and specific examples you can – if possible, with corroboration of accuracy from others (no distrust mean, it is just that including corroboration increases belief).

    Things like that are vital in destroying the “aura of legitimacy” that most tyrants try to create around themselves, as they build their Cults of Personality.

    The tyrant’s “Aura of Legitimacy” is a top target in destroying the support for the tyrant.

  203. Can’t say thanks enough, whether that hit was intended or not. Wish we had a video on THAT!

  204. Jackson,

    Thanks for the info on the G4. And yes, I’m of the fairer gender, as is my namesake, Emily Dickinson.

    Your graphic description of what you’d do if Craig came out made me laugh and flinch at the same time! I guess I can only hope that Craig has a breaking point, no matter what blackmail he considers POB has on him. And really, what blackmail could be worse than what he’s suffering right now, everyday, all day long, assuming he knows what we do about POB?

    But I guess only Craig can answer that one.

    He could imagine waking up one morning and deciding to tell POB to stuff it, as he’s going his own way, and really, WTF could POB do except reach for the copper rods and Scotch?

    All of Craig’s family, employees, selectees, etc. would follow whatever he said he was doing. So apart from a loss of a few celebrity connections and status, no loss.

    You listening, Craig?

  205. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Holly Shister Grasshopper! Thank you for this! Wow, never heard it and am loving it!


    My boss sings this song to me, I not knowing it was a song thought it was something he put together just to f-with me. cuz it’s not like I haven’t heard the “Action Jackson” joke before either and have to remind people to check the color of my skin!

    Thanks again!

    I’m goin to Jackson….. Sheesh!

    — Jackson

  206. To have a senior named ‘Slaughter’ in the Lisa McPherson case is uncanny. Makes me shiver……

  207. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    My exact same thought Mark!

    Boo Ya!

    The room, computer he was at I am sure needs repairs or replacing.

    The staff around him, at the other end of the phone…… Their ears are STILL ringing….

    Keep up the keeping up of the delivery of the FABULOUS TRUTH my brutha and sista’s!!

    — Jackson

    I’m goin to Jackson…… Sheesh, can’t get this outta my head!

  208. yes, reminds me od Q in star-trek

  209. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    It’s people like you that makes my daily life experiences that much more enjoyable!

    If you are ever in Portland, look me up so I can buy you a cup of coffee and ….. enjoy the moment!

    — Jackson

  210. scilonschools

    Marty another amazing post of clarification of the CoM ‘dirty tricks’ and infiltration into the outside world.
    As your posts continue to enlighten and heal i can’t help but be impacted of the Yin-Yang of LRH’s legacy.
    Just as devious cowardly and evil DM and his path is, you and those on this blog are balancing with opposite characteristics.
    The greater the Evil and Deceit of DM, the greater the Good and Truth to be found here.

  211. scilonschools

    Now that is Powerfull Prayer!, a bit unconventional, but what the … these are strange times!!!


  212. This has been the best daily report in your blog for some time. Very entertaining and enlightening. I love hearing the stories of the people who were there on the lines. I have known David Miscavige was a monster from the time he put into effect the cancellation of family time and the implementation of the “no children” policy.

    When those issues came out in 1986 I wrote a KR to DM stating that by the standard tech dictionary what was being proposed was genocide. It was a long KR and the asthmatic dwarf got the KR and sent one of his minions after me. I was ordered over to the HGB building and was threatened and dressed down.

    The following is the accepted definition of genocide by the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide:

    Definition of genocide
    a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    David IMHO is a very evil being and I pray that he will get his just rewards.

  213. Kyote, I just had a discussion with my sister, who is a non-Scientologist, about my deciding to leave the Church (but remaining a practitioner of the technology of L. Ron Hubbard)- and how it was largely due to the destructive influence of David Miscavige. She asked me a similar question to yours, i.e. how could he have gotten away with it (being such a pissant little tyrant) for so long- when she suddenly hit upon her own answer: She asked me if I had ever read The First Circle, by Solzenhitsyn.

    I said I hadn’t, and she explained how the book- some say one of the greatest of the 20th century – deals in part with how Stalin carefully purged all detractors and rivals in his rise to power, to the point where his inner or “first circle” were all composed of thoroughly cowed sycophants (definition, a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite), doing his bidding – each in constant terror that a crosswise look at the Dear Leader would result in a Black Maria van showing up at their door in the middle of the night, followed by a one-way trip to the Gulags.

    This has no doubt been the modus operandi of tyrants down through the ages. I never worked at the Int base, but was a staff member in lower level organizations from ’71 through ’95, and witnessed and participated in things that now make me cringe, particularly since the Miscavige regime from ’82 onwards.

    What makes this all so meaningful to those of us who have experienced the workability and scope of the technology in changing lives for the better, is that such perversion of its delivery, transmission and application as you have read about in these pages – principally fomented by this one psycho – is to that degree much more heinous – than just your garden-variety tin-pot dictator or mean boss could ever do – because of the potential that has been squandered and dishonored and put in such bad public repute as a result.

    Absolute pearls beyond price have been mucked about with by swine, who have no inkling of their value to broader humanity. That’s how it looks to me.

    Reigns of terror can reach the quiet suburbs of America, like Ingleside, Texas, or Pasadena, California, just as much as in the nasty Gulags of history or “over there”.

    Much credit to Marty, Mike and the many others who are now standing up in the face of this evil bastard, via this and other proud forums to expose the truth.

    I am posting this under my own name for the first time (formerly 40 Yr Scientologist). It is my honor to stand with the other Independents to help safeguard the real tech, to help decry its abuse, and see it properly delivered.

    I announced my stance as an Independent Scientologist to OSA Int the other day when they called me, and it felt damn good.

    You may have seen my name in the OSA Operatives “Trusted List” a few months ago, (listed under LA Org, as I was run from there) as I also worked undercover for them off and on from about 2001 through 2009. It just became too hard to stomach, when I found I was spying on (I attended the Freezone Convention at the Pasadena Hilton in 2009, as a pretended disaffected Church member ) obviously good, decent and competent people like Trey Lotz, Aida Thomas, and Tory Christman – to whom I intend to apologize personally one day soon.

    Koolaid No More! (Psst: Its very bad for your health).

    More to follow. Thanks for your attention. And keep up the good fight!

    Randy Smith, former Exec Director, HGC Auditor and Senior CS Pasadena, California from 1977 through 1995. Worked under Heber & Yvonne and twinned with Ray Mithoff on the Academy Levels at CCLA in 1971 (Sea Organization) . Mission staff in Boulder Colorado from ’73-77. Grad V, OEC-FEBC, KTL, Pro TRS CS and review Auditor. Proud of the many people I have helped with Ron’s tech.

  214. Robin,
    You may be literally correct but I think you should use gradients and ARC as not everybody has the same education. However, church cases not being suppressed directly but run on RCS tech would not be able to make stable case gain and be PTS to their auditor, C/S, examiner(‘s out tech).

    Even if some member is making progress for some time without interruption (impossible with reversed tech), he still isn’t allowed to read the internet and can’t know the truth and can’t be on the dynamics and thus stable case gain would be impossible whether they feel it’s suppression or not.

    So for practical purposes, as no one makes stable case gain over a longer period of time (look at the OT VIII’s), the group is PTS. I’d liked to have read your comment for evaluation as much as I liked to read Snowhite and Cueball to understand viewpoints and find out points.

  215. I very much enjoyed this thread !
    You guys are probably sitting on endless true stories that have to been told !
    Thanks a lot for it and please continue in this direction.

  216. Welcome Randy! Good to see you here.

  217. Randy,
    Another Techie. Get in comm mate. Good to see you!!

  218. That’s hilarious. ‘Nothing can embarass Fox’.

  219. To Infinity and Beyond

    I de-PTSed the day I left.

  220. martyrathbun09

    Randy, Thank you for writing this. Your sister is wise and so are you. Final answer to how it could happen: bone up on history and it is the same ole same throughout the history of this planet. The difference here is the tyrant has corrupted and destroyed (at least within) the technology that could reverse our sorry track of affairs.

  221. martyrathbun09

    Yager was the ref.

  222. martyrathbun09

    Lana, typical. You weren’t alone – it was everyday for this cat.

  223. martyrathbun09

    Forget it. You are creating enough dev-t here – please do not perpetuate it.

  224. martyrathbun09

    Hi DF, thanks.

  225. For me, one of the most marvelous things about the subject of Scientology is the fact that within the tenets and applications are the methods of resolution of no matter what a being can get themselves into.

    The same applies to the dramatizations of David Miscavige and the organism he’s corrupted off its essence and fundamental aim.

    It is plainly evident from this thread that there are many who are Scientologists and not who ‘got game’. A better game and that’s the whole aim of the exercise.

  226. I like this very much, Dean Blair.

  227. Fellow Traveller

    (agape, aghast, dumbfounded, speechless and extremely thankful for all the individuals of good will, especially the soldiers of light)

    Bruce Pratt

  228. Randy,
    Welcome! ml, Laura

  229. I remember that. It was an SO Day evening performance by the musicians. As usual, they were great. DM did not even pull it off well. He seemed out of rhythm and fake the whole time.

  230. TheWidowDenk

    Welcome under your real name, Randy!

  231. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Lana,
    Unbelievable this punk could even be running a cult.

  232. Tony DePhillips


  233. Mike, Agreed on poor Yager. He was probably the most unathletic person I ever saw in my life. Absolutely pathetic golf swing. But, in his own valence, a really good heart and a potentially brilliant administrative mind. That valence, unfortunately, has long since disappeared from sight. Only the terrible golf swing remains.

  234. Damn straight. CSP was a three hour liberty every Sunday morning. And by the way, thanks for turning me on to Aussie Rules. I just got our TV installed this week and one of these Euro sport channels promises Aussie Rules!

  235. Tony DePhillips

  236. Tony DePhillips

    Welcome Randy!

  237. J. Swift, I will weigh in with a little DM lying story here. In the summer of 2001 or 2002, DM decided to administer real IQ tests to the base staff who were primarily on his production lines. He wanted to see what he was really dealing with. So, all the main people did actual IQ tests, the kind where 160 is genius (not the CoS one where everybody scores 150 or higher). At any rate after that a bunch of us were in a meeting including Jeff Hawkins, Erick Geisler, myself and, among others, Jenny DeVocht (Linson). DM began discussing the scores of some of the people there. Three of the top 10 on the base were Jeff (highest), Erick and me. Then he piped up saying, “Do you know who scored the highest of anybody on the base? Jenny.”

    Inside the heads of Jeff, Erick and myself you could almost hear the unanimous cries of “BULLSHIT!” Jenny looked kind of sheepish. DM said it straightfaced, not joking, dead serious. Jenny was currently in favor with DM (meaning she had suppressed any shred of humanity or her own beingness nearly out of existence) and he was aiming to pump her up in the eyes of us underlings. Hitler always said to tell the Big Lie. But a lie that big did not go over on that particular day.

    He also tested a couple of the other of his favorites, Lisa Schroer (CO Gold) and Henning Benddorf (art director responsible for the impossibly over the top set designs for Int Events) and they both scored below average.

  238. All right, let’s get some real info here. Just how tall IS DM? Mariette claims that he is 5′ 6″ or a shade under. I cannot fathom that he is taller than 5’3″ or 5’4″ at the most. I am asking this to settle a current marital dispute that just surfaced (again) last night. Someone must know. I am not talking with shoe wedges or pompadour hairstyles. I am talking stocking feet. Anybody know? Mark? Lana? Sinar? Anybody?

  239. 🙂 One of Cash and Carter’s best!

  240. GetTheConcept


    I’ve wanted to say this to you for a while. I was a Class IV intern at Flag in 1987. At that time, a relatively short time, you were the Dir Correction. So you were involved in running the internship to some degree.

    You were the most real person there who was senior to us. You actually got in comm with us and treated us like important people, with a real comm cycle, with ARC. You didn’t treat us like lackeys.

    I remember going over with you at length once, what I would have to do to actually finish the internship and what was the workable attitude that I needed to have. It was refreshing. Someone in charge was actually in two-way communication with me.

    It’s not that nobody else ever did that, but it was kind of rare, and with you there was a remarkable and consistent difference. I always knew I could feel safe in communicating with you and you were the ONLY one who I could always count on to feel safe with.

    When I and some of the other interns found out that you were being promoted and being sent uplines, we were disappointed. I remember talking to some of them about that. Little did any of us know what was in store for you in your future but I’m glad that you are out of there and can be treated like you deserve to be treated once again, just like you treated us back in the day.

    You may not remember me as I was a minor character in the overall play of your life. But I just wanted to say thanks.

    Dave Fagen

  241. Yes, you remember correctly. He was also the office boy in the CIA sequence from the original EM-1 “Man, the Unfathomable” who blows his nose on the American Flag. Not many saw that film but it was truly . . . interesting.

  242. Lana,

    Good example of personal integrity level of DM’s office staff.


  243. Dan — Is this a pool? My money is on 5′ 5″.

  244. martyrathbun09

    Dan, when the Gold and Int folk cleared away he let on that the Jenny business was a “joke”. He took the tests over and over himself – finally also looking at the answers – to try get himself into your all’s ranges. No go. He nattered heavily and at length about how high IQ meant nothing – that the highest IQs on the base were the lowest toned people with the ability to play mind games on him, in attempts, of course, to destroy him. Amazing, how it all comes back to cheating again.

  245. Dan — That’s not a “lying” story, its a “comedy” story. Jenny Linson couldnt add 2 and 2. The only thing she had smarts about was how to suck up to POB… I remember those IQ tests. I did mine when I was living in a tent on the golf course…. I had to redo it a couple of times as he didnt believe I scored so high. You know who else scored very high on that test? Tanja Castle and Frank Lalouette.

  246. Woohoo. Greatest game on earth! You can also watch it on ESPN3….

  247. Perfectly put Dan. Nothing is sadder than a man who has nothing left but a terrible golf swing…

  248. Leonore,

    You are right, of course, about Genghis Khan. He was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents, not to mention soldiers. The terror was a tactic against fortified cities. Breaking down fortified walls took months–and he was driven by speed. He gave the cities an opportunity to capitulate and pay tribute. If not…like you say.

    And, like you say, not our game. Horrific.

    But the principles of winning battles applies: speed and penetration. Both of which we witness on this blog. DM’s defenses are being penetrated repeatedly. (Which I assume will invite bawdy imagery.)

    We also see DM’s incompetent forces being routed and getting in the way of any effective counter-attack. He marches out his elephants and Marty’s marksmanship puts arrows right through the openings in the armor, panicking the elephants and causing them to stampede right back through the troops.

    I find that what is successful exists in basic form at every level of the tone scale. Each tone level modifies the basic principles to suit the inclination of that level, but the basic principles persist.

    Just like affinity, reality and communication exist at every level. Just like KRC exists at every tone level.

    Suppressives are successful by using a weirdly modified KRC. Really adept sociopaths are quite skilled at knowing what buttons to push, and exercising a weird responsibility (the willingness to cause) to bring about control of their victims.

    Higher toned individuals also use KRC, but for the benefit of all dynamics rather than the benefit of a first dynamic that really is at the bottom of layers of inversions of that person’s dynamics. Suppressives aren’t really in a first dynamic because they’re out of valence. They’re in a false first dynamic, “a winning valence” driven by seriously massy/dense service facsimiles which operate on a need to harm others to bring about survival.

    To put that kind of density in proportion, scientists postulate that a particle from a magnetar (collapsed star many times the size of our sun) has a density so great that a particle the size of a grain of sand would weigh more than the Empire State Building. That mass would be sufficient to drive that particle right through the Earth which lacks the density to compete. Zippppppp! Right on through!

    Case parallels and operates according to the laws of applicable universes.

    Talk about case density.

    I’d love to measure the density of DM’s case. Just out of curiosity. Just to understand what made this monster–without the glibness and pat ideas. Just to see him as a being and understand why and what.

    Apologies for the didacticism. I tend to be a pompous ass, filled with an exaggerated love of my own ideas. Kiss, kiss, smooch, smooch. I just love ideas. I’m such an ideological slut.


  249. Bruce,

    Speechless? Now you’re speaking my language.


  250. I’m in on 5’5″. No hair, no shoes. No levitating with his marvelous lightness of being.

  251. In line with destroying this little tyrant’s “aura of legitimacy”, and for the benefit of the general public and those still in there being PTS to David MisCarnage, I think the whole story of how he cheated, bullied and lied his way to the position of ultimate power over the CofS, purposely and intentionally getting rid of or destroying all the people who were loyal to LRH and the purpose of the Sea Org and Scientology. Perhaps the story should be told anew, beginnimng with how he highjacked the only comm line to LRH, so that he could build his own twisted reality by taking advantage of LRH’s trust and ignorance of the real scene. I’m sure there plenty people here who were there and can provide the truth about the PoB’s rise to power, showing how he cheated, and lied all the way to where he is now.
    Just my two cents. I wish I could do more G…D MT!!

  252. Michael:

    Here are some interesting things LRH had to say about this exact subject that I happened to have handy.

    This first quote is taken from a briefing of 14 April 1969:

    “We compare any type of action in which we’re engaged to a battle action simply because it works out better that way, not because there’s any shooting.

    “We fight on a strategy line used by Alexander the Great. Alexander saw no reason to defeat a million and a half Persian troops when he could clobber Darius. This was constant to all of his strategic actions.

    “Alexander’s companion cavalry demonstrated conclusively and utterly the concentrated fury and force with which Alexander personally would attempt to invade the enemy leader’s bodyguard and get to him. His whole strategy was on this basis. Now, if you apply Western intelligence strategy to this, it is a comparison. What name is in common across the boards? What name appears over and over and over? And that is your boy.

    “The enemy is not in actual fact fighting on this strategy line. He himself is sold on the idea of group, that everything is done by the group. It smacks just a little bit that he is critical of the individualistic character of the development of Dianetics and Scientology, but he is also possibly restrained by the maxim that you had better not make a martyr.”

    A bit of a further extrapolation found in a lecture given on 28 October 1955, The Anatomy of Terminals:

    “Alexander has only one point of great interest for us.

    “He never avoided or fell away from the theory that the best way to end a battle was to conceive that the battle was between himself and the enemy commander. He never conceived that it was between his troops and the enemy troops under his direction. That would be a via which would make a battle unwinnable—for a general to conceive that the battle was being fought by his troops under his direction against the enemy troops. There is no point of end, then, in that battle at all.

    “Alexander never had this idea. He simply had the idea, rather bullheaded, that the thing to do, if his troops were engaged in action, was to immediately seek out the enemy general and kill him or capture him at once.

    “And so, some million and a quarter Persians were confronting a rather small handful of trained Greeks under Alexander’s command, and Alexander with his companion cavalry simply rode through the contesting lines and through the bodyguard of the enemy general and put Darius to flight. And that was the end of that battle. It stopped at once. That was also the end of the Persian empire.”

  253. And, if he created a clever “hidden data line” between him and LRH and has been telling staff and public that he inherited the power from LRH, has secret instructions from the old man, etc, then that part of his story should also be exposed to the bright light which will expose him as a cheat and and liar..oh well, so what’s new?

  254. This IQ test story reminds me of another story.

    When I was on the decks doing mest work in 1989 because I disagreed with my wife being sent to the RPF without even a Comm Ev and she had up stats, DM had Penny Mace, the Course Supervisor for the Base, full time starrate checking me out on the entire OEC volumes and the FEBC and Data Series.

    He was convinced that I was “glib”. I had finished those courses all on my 2 1/2 hours study time over the years. It had been at least 6 years since I had done the last of the courses.

    This wasn’t any standard check out. She just started on the very first policy letter of Vol 0 and began to check me out. No refreshing my memory by looking at the Policy first. If I flunked on a word or something, there was no restudy and re check out, it was onto the next policy.

    At any rate, I kept track of how many policies I passed and how many I failed for each volume and my average pass rate was 92%. The lowest I did was 88%. I thought that was pretty good after all those years, but of course because I didn’t get 100% based on DM’s check out game, I was of course “glib” in his mind and he had “proved his point”.

  255. Dan, he thought that was hilarious that he blew his now in the American Flag. I well remember watching the rushes from that film when he was trying to decide whether to reshoot it or not. He made a point of all the staff noticing what he was doing and thought it was very funny.

  256. This post gives a whole new dimension to “panty-waist dilettante”.
    Like a caged monkey, about all he can do now is throw his poop at people (a la “squirrellbusters”).

    I think this group just “moved on up a little higher.”

  257. Funny how Fox News companies in England are in such deep trouble for hacking into cell phones and the country is outraged and this exact practice is being done by DM and his Private Eyes to Marty and Mike and no one in the media or the government seens to care.

  258. Mark — would love Penny to do the same thing to POB. Guarantee he would start complaining after the first thing she asked him that “she doesnt even know how to do a checkout” and cancel her certs. Then he would embark on “developing” the “Golden Age of Supervision” to be announced with great fanfare (and a “re-release” of the *now* perfect Study Tapes on platinum cassettes) as the “why” for students not making it through courses and therefore there are no auditors being made (omitting the slight cross orders of the GAK and the IAS and the Ideal Orgs and GAT and, and, and…) and that THIS is what is needed to clear the planet. So, now EVERYONE has to train as a GAS Sup so they know how to study properly and once everyone is done with that they need to go back and re-do the Basics (as they obviously didnt get them the first time) and then once that is done they can start on Auditor training….

    His 0% pass rate would be lost in the confusion of hidden/false data he would spew out….

  259. martyrathbun09

    Mark, when my book is finished you’ll learn why there are such parallels between Murdoch (who cut his teeth black PRing LRH during the Australian Inquiry) and Miscavige and why Fox Noise won’t go anywhere near Scientology.


  261. I heard a comment from Otto Roos allegedly that there were only 2 kinds of people in the church: SPs and PTS, and he said, “I’ll be damned if I am going to be PTS.

  262. Mike, no, I am actually trying to determine how tall he is. Mariette insists that he was as tall as she. But I insist no freaking way. Mariette is 5′ 6.”

  263. Dan I am also saying 5′ 5″. My ex wife Julie, who used to be DM’s girlfriend before he married Shelly, was 5′ 1″ and I remember seeing photos of them together and he was about 4 inches taller than her in my opinion. I also remember Cruise being slightly taller than DM. (That was a shock the first time you meet Cruise and realize how short he is. On the movie screen he seems so much taller!)

  264. Looking forward to that book Marty!

  265. Randy

    Hi Excellent to have you posting here under your real name. It is always good to have “new” players in the game.


  266. First of all, thanks to Marty for letting this comment through. This is again a sign that he is a good hearted person and is operating along the basic principles of Scientology. Those are the principles I myself joined in the first place. For example freedom of thought, freedom of speech.
    It can very well be that I repeat myself but I repeat with good reason. There are a couple of basic truths and importances which would be vital to make clear somehow.
    First of all, there are those people who are able to apply Scientology in a good way. I strongly believe that Marty is one of them. Second is that if we examine the administrative technology of Scientology it is not hard to see that it is wide open to misapplication. That is exactly what is happening in the Church right now, but I am not surprised a bit on that. When I’ve read KSW the first time, I felt that if I go along with it 100%, I have to give up my common sense. And that I will have to behave according to protocols as a robot. I can’t judge myself. I always have to use a limited but yet a huge number of policies and I have to continuously evaluate what and to what extent to apply to a certain situation. Which policy was senior to which one. Which was dated later so coming from a “higher” or a later research or knowledge, or observation, etc… This is basically the error with all religions. When you say religion, you are dealing with the past. You are dealing with a codified system not present time. This is wrong. When you are really able to make clears and OT’s if they are really the definition, so the state really exists than they have to be able to think, judge, behave correctly in present time. And we can see that by policies we just can’t cover the wholeness of existence. There are situations when policies just can’t apply. It is like hurrying to the hospital with a mother who is about delivering a birth. You just break the law of speed limit if you are a good driver that is dictated by common sense when you can clearly see that the woman’s and the child’s life is at risk and you can see as well that you do not put other people’s life at risk by going fast. So there are exceptions.
    I believe that Total Freedom exists. And somewhere it is defined and written about very well in Scientology as if LRH would be really aware of that, somewhere it is not so clear and seems he is not really aware of that. But maybe he was talking to different audiences. Maybe the quote above is for a different audience and I was wrong, Scientology is really aiming towards Total Freedom, but you just can’t sell TF to certain people because they are not yet on that spiritual level to be able to confront or understand it…
    But than you just can’t chase and persecute those people “who are able to drive fast without risking other people’s lives”, those who are on “higher” understanding and want to use Scientology on their very own level… You can’t make policy for that as this have been made in Scientology with KSW.
    Once an OT friend told me that even he does not understand what is going on in the Church and seemingly staff members were dramatizing suppressive valences. This was even before Marty quit. I believe that the dramatization is implanted into Scientology by LRH himself. And I do not want to make LRH dirty and DM clean. I am aware what DM is doing. Not good at all. And I can see that setting up a “secret-police” in the name of admin and ethics in Scientology is not good at all either.
    Total Freedom is beyond game or no-game or game-conditions or no-game-conditions or loneliness or whatever. (No one can be lonely in the state of Total Freedom. That is freedom from loneliness as well by definition of total.) Anyway, all these concepts are rooted in the MEST universe or whatever universes are “outside” of the “universe” of “Total Freedom”. But you will never understand it by logic or speculation. Logic can help but you need direct experience.
    And I believe that the hardest part to make it to real OT or to Total Freedom is to make it in a body, and that is the main problem with the next OT levels, OT IX, X, etc… is because the body is in the way of stable and permanent higher experiences.
    You can speak of games but you can’t have other higher aim than Total Freedom. Otherwise sooner or later you will get lost in universes. Just study a bit of Buddhism. Hinayana or especially Mahayana, Vajrayana and even higher stuff. Strange that LRH said, those are squirrel Buddhism…

  267. Tony Dephillips

    Lol!! You forgot him running around with his squirt gun.
    Dirty muddcabbage is a sad joke.
    Good one Ingrid.

  268. mrinder,

    Insightful references. Which demonstrate the frailty of a group acting as merely an extension of a first dynamic.

    That was a MAJOR concern of LRH’s: that Dianetics and then Scientology operated as an extension of his first dynamic. Which is one reason why he so industriously developed third dynamic tech. He wanted Scientology to persist. So it could help people long after he dropped that body.

    Which flies in the face of those who claim his only reason for developing Scientology was for self-gain. These attitudes are based in ignorance of the man.

    Which also demonstrates how little the midget knows about what LRH wanted. The little monster turned Scientology back into an extension of a first dynamic.

    The org board is designed to prevent the conditions Alexander exploited. And modern armies now operate on a type of org board such that killing leaders does not stop the flow of battle. The strategies and tactics of great generals are taught in military colleges.

    Just points out the flaw and fragility of a system built around a charismatic/dominant personality driving the action.

    Which makes Marty such an apparently viable target for DM. The thinking being that getting rid of Marty will stop the Independent movement.

    Which indicates the necessity of formulating smaller independent groups within the larger group to carry on the action regardless. Just as a modern battle plan. The goals and purposes drive the group’s actions, with individuals trained to understand the means by which these goals and purposes are most effectively achieved.

    Thus, the general and all his officers take bullets to the head yet the troops just keep pushing forward, electing new officers, understanding the goals and objectives, not allowing obstacles to prevent progress.

    All part of a very fascinating body of knowledge.

    Your compatriot in arms,


  269. Marty,

    Are you taking advance orders?

  270. Jim

    Yes… It was an arduous and bloody climb, but finally, due to sheer suppression and lies, David Miscavige has reached the summit of the applebox, some heady 10 inches above the floor.

    Eric S

  271. Welcome Home, Randy. Nice to see you here.

  272. Hi, Dave! I actually remember you well. A lot of the people on that internship I probably wouldn’t remember, but I do you. Part of the reason is that I would always have to concentrate to not call you Donald (as I was a Donald Fagen fan). But also, I was impressed by your attitude and persistence. Thank you so much for your kind words. Amazing that was over 24 years ago! Hope all is well!

  273. gOD

    Thank you for all that. It helps me to understand where you are coming from.

    Recently I came across something that I had not previously considered. LRH points out that it is at 20 on the tone scale that is the point where one is most “living life”. Below that, toward death, life becomes more solid as one is more and more in agreement with MEST. One withdraws from “life and livingness” and gradiently becomes more MEST.

    Above 20 one is becoming more and more “exterior” and actually less and less involved in LIFE. One again withdraws gradiently from “life and “livingness” but this time becomes more THETA.

    The infinity of Theta beacons, and some may chose that as their goal for “beingness, doingness, and havingness”.

    I consider it a totally valid quest

    But the ultimate “game” or “playing of the game” or “life and livingness” appears to be at around 20. ( I actually doubt that one could even go that high and still maintain a body) This, I find, appeals more to me personally.
    For me, it also aligns with the “goal” of ethics, and the expression of life through the Dynamics. I do not believe this is the only “game” possible, but I would love to be able to play it with vigor, just for the sheer joy of it!

    Eric S

  274. Let me tell you that Uwe had the first symptoms from his Multiple Sclerosis in 1988 – this illness is damaging the organ of equilibrium – to let Uwe work on roofs and in deep pits without any safety standards was an insane crime – to force him to do a race like this was cruel, stupid and criminal . Things like thas can only happen in an atmoshere of brainless fanaticism. You will find the origin for this fanaticism in Hubbards writings and orders – you just have to truely open your eyes for a moment.

  275. GetTheConcept

    Thanks for remembering, Bruce. I’m doing very well, thank you.

  276. Sinair may you please tell me when that race took place – where you there watching it? Do you know other people who were there? Why do you think that this race was the beginning of the end of Uwe? Do you have any more details about his blow in 1998? Am I right if I assume that the race took place shortly before Uwe blew from the Int Base?
    Are there some more people around here who are able to give me more information about my brother Uwe – about his life at the Int Base, in the RPF in Happy Valley and later in the PAC RPF in the Blue Building in LA.

  277. Randy, thanks so much to you and your sister for introducing me to The First Circle – I’d never heard of it. And it definitely sounds like you could write a book of your own! I’m looking forward to Marty’s book and Lawrence Wright’s as well. I confess that it is in many ways hard to imagine or accept that any dynamic similar to Jong Il’s North Korea or Stalin’s Soviet Union could be happening on a smaller scale in Florida or California. But stone walls do not a prison make, I suppose, and the real prison can be in the mind. Congratulations, Randy, on your brave transition. After so many decades, that is quite a leap! And thanks for your responses as well, Valkov and Jackson. 🙂
    I’m so grateful for the internet, as I know all of you are, for so many reasons involving your journeys. But it is because of websites like this that I can be humbly included and allowed to witness what, as an outsider, I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. I honor your struggles and admire your ability to share them. Scientology is such a young religion (or applied philosophy, life technology, whatever you prefer), and I hope all the brave Independents are really aware of how they truly are history in the making, today, right now, these very hours.
    On a side note, Warren Jeffs of the Mormon FLDS was formally convicted to life in prison today, and there was a time many thought he would never be physically located, much less in prison for life. I hope Miscavige doesn’t take too many more people down with him while he digs his own grave.
    Anyway, thanks for letting me ask questions and just be here to read your tales. And yes, I will continue to spread the word wherever and whenever I can. I do believe what DM is doing goes beyond the realm of CoS and are human rights crimes the whole country should be aware of. And for any outsiders that don’t care about the victims within the org, maybe they should care that the vast property holdings, income, plus tax exempt status basically means in a roundabout way that money that could be going to states and our nation for public utility, or really just back into the church to actually help its people, is instead going to harassing and destroying good people. Any angle to get the news story out. Of course the Catholic church could be better looked at for some of those crimes as well, but… sigh. Whichever dragon is in your backyard I guess. 😉

  278. Thanks to all for the kind words. I am proud to be among friends again.

  279. Marty and Mike, Thanks for the additional data on the Great IQ Test Evolution. If Frank had just scored a little higher he might have found his way out of Building 50 and into a life.

  280. Pope on a Box and Star on a Box. Julie would have been at least an inch taller but her hair was so long it compressed her spine. Longest hair I have ever seen. And beautiful.

  281. Ok my friends both known and still to be known, what say we truly join efforts, and as a “class” bring an “action” to truly demonstrate the power of truth? Years ago an attempt was made and it for whatever reasons was not successful. Today ex’s number in the hundreds worldwide.
    I welcome your perspectives

  282. Harry Potter

    Always thought he was a more or less decent guy, Francois Laluette (wrong last name spell). He was Ray’s long time assistant just as Carol was Marc’s. Dave plucked them when he sent them to CMOI.

  283. Harry Potter

    Bruce Hines was always truly a nice guy.

  284. Dear OUT and Michael,
    Thanks for the interesting comments, conversation, and pertinent LRH and historical references! OUT, thanks for the amplification on the intent of your Genghis Khan reference, though no apologies needed!

  285. Harry Potter

    I don’t know anything about that race, but I had a lot of work with Uwe (RIP) and I found him to be a decent guy.

    He had that limp all through the 1990s for sure worse and worse.

    He had various positions from running Gold Estates in the early 1990s to being the Chief Off Gold (top 5 executive positions I would say in the Gold Organization since it’s over Estates and Qual). He was also the head of Security in the mid 1990s with Jackson if I recall.

    He did manual labor in the late 1980s but he quickly moved up the ranks from department to division head to exec sec.

    He was a kind of loud guy who would run drills and people and was somewhat charismatic.

    I would say your brother had a good run and despite an ending which is never happy or glamourous (MS), he was more put in the RPF because there was no other place to put him where he could be kept an eye on I would say.

    Rather than being with a loving wife, it’s bad. But he had people around him as the RPF did do what they could to care for the people there. He had a sarcastic humor and stood pretty tall.

    I think it’s an unfortunate circumstance for your relationship with your brother, but I think you should know he, for a long time had it better than most. Nice motorcycle, wife in privileged position, good clothes, etc. and probably in his mind, was a good soldier and generally decent guy.

    This kind of thing you can’t get closure on and I am sure you scan this blog and other places for info on him so I thought I would try to write what little I could clearly remember.

  286. Hi Randy:

    Thanks for posting this here and getting your integrity back 🙂

    I am glad that you finally came out and that you are posting with your real name. We always knew that you were spying for OSA but we didn’t care…LOL as we have nothing to hide and you seemed like a nice guy.

    And to think that I thought OSA did not care what I did or not, because I am out in the open and they know all about me…LOL!

    Aida Thomas
    Spanish Class VIII Auditor
    Los Angeles, Ca

  287. Dear Harry Potter,
    first of all thank you so very much for this information about Uwe.
    Here is a statement which a member on ESMB once posted on one of my threads about Uwe and this came to my mind while reading your interpretation of my brothers life in the Sea Org:

    “We’ve all seen how some people in the SO just seem to disappear, especially if they have no family on the outside to advocate for them or who care where they are. Without you there is the horrible possibility that Uwe would be nothing more than a name, maybe a casual post or two on here mentioning his name and maybe a post saying “Someone told me he left the SO and died of MS.” No one would know the real story, the treatment he was denied, the suffering he endured, the incredible evil and stupidity of the entire situation.”

    You may ask what has this comment to do with your post about Uwe…
    I will try to explain and I hope that I will manage to get through to you.
    I ask you and all the other independents here “what do you think why do I have to do this here for years now – why do I have to search for answers about Uwes life by looking for people who were working with him in this totalitarian system.
    This is what the Sea Org is – a totalitarian system where everybody is controlled and heteronomous.
    What do you think why did Uwe not tell my mum about his symptoms in 1988? Why was he not able to talk freely about this symptoms with his “comrads” at Int? Why was he not able to go to a neurologist then in 1988? Please inform yourself about that illness and you will find out how important it is to fight against this illness in the first years. Uwe had two severe accidents at Int after having the first symptoms from MS.Why was everybody so busy in saving the planet not able to even recognize what was happening to him.
    People even were joking about his tendency to have accidents. But no one ever asked himself “is everything ok with him?” No – it is not all the fault of David Miscavige. It is the culture Hubbard created. Once you are in that culture you do not think logically. Your logical thought processes are turned off; you are committed to his ideals, his vision of the future, and you pardon all the abuses and crimes which were caused by his writings. Ask yourself how were Rons writings and orders causing Uwe suffering and death? Please stop to find excuses. Lets talk about nonsense like: No case on post, PTS – SP “Technology”, a medical untrained MLO being responsible to decide wheter someone gets a medical treatment or not, creating the Sea Org, promising to care for the members without even thinking about how to truely care for them when they are getting old or ill, to send somebody to the RPF simply because the needle of an e-meter is “Rock-Slamming”, to apply Security Checks on all members, the System of Knowledge Reports, and the whole “Ethics System” which in my opinion is stamping out common sense and moral of a once free being then replacing it with Hubbards ideas and orders how to free yourself and the whole world, not to allow members of the Sea Org to freely talk about their thoughts when they are not willing to stay any longer, having no rights while being assigned to the RPF, telling his followers that Auditing can heal allmost every illness without ever providing any scientific proof.
    Do I need to continue?
    So you think Uwe had a quite good time compared to others? Well did you know that Uwe would have loved to have children? Did you know that he would have loved to visit his nieces in Germany at least once in his life? Are you aware that he suffered so much because he was not able to be together with his wife very often. Are you aware that he suffered because he had to break his promise to visit his mom for her next birthday again and again and again, that he was allowed to visit us once in 29 years? All this “stupid human needs” were allmost wiped out by Hubbards totalitarian System not by DM you know. Oh I know many of you will tell me now it was Uwes will – he wanted to be the brave soldier. And I ask you – so why did he blow then – at least once in 1998?
    Do you really think that a person who is living inside a totalitarian system is truely able to find self dertimined objective decisions. But still Uwe managed to revolt and he blew in 1998 on his motor-bike already knowing that he was very ill but his own wife lured him back with false promises and the spiderwebs of Hubbard brainwashing system.
    “Come on Uwe – don’t do something stupid like that -do not risk your eternity and your way to total freedom – do the RPF there you can do some Auditing and this will handle your illness – then we even may be able to get together again – right now I’m not able to stand by your side because you are so downstat with your illness, but I’m sure you are able to work yourself out of that bad situation – find the SPs who are causing this situation – why are your mother, your sister and your brother- no longer true believing Scientologists who are going up the bridge – is it true that your mother is getting psychological treatment as a recent knowledge report is telling us – handle that situation and get your ethics in and this also may help to heal you – there must ba a SP somewhere who is causing all, this”

    Sorry for writing so much – but this is not a game – I am talking about severe abuses and the breaking of human rights here.


  288. Typical “What is Greatness” application from the very big being you are, Aida. What a blowdown for me just now. WOOOOW!

    My best to your family and friends. And I look forward to seeing you again soon. 🙂

  289. Sounds interesting Marty. You have me intrigued. Can’t wait to read it.

  290. Speaking of Greta-Plastic-Surgery-Face-Van Sustern, it reminds me of a KR I wrote on her about 20 years ago about being an illegal PC (A to J), and why was she allowed on the OT levels? I sent it to RTC and got no response. Now I understand why. Just one more example (of many) of the complete negation of policy (and protection of a psycho) by POB.

    And I agree David L., she should go down in flames with DM.

  291. Mark, that really paints the picture well. What a brat/bully that guy is.

  292. Tony~I think you are totally correct. I never knew where the chaos was coming from while I was there, as I was experiencing the drama of people experiencing the drama of people experiencing the drama. What a flustercluck!

  293. Lana~What a jerk! I’m disgusted at what a BRAT this guy is. SB-SUPPRESSIVE BRAT!

  294. 😆 LMFAO!

  295. Yay Randy! Now you can actually continue your spiritual quest for real! Welcome!

  296. Does anybody know what is a DM training and case level, please?

  297. Both Alexander and Mozart died young. Dare I spill the connection sometime. What is the connection Olympias to Stanzi Mozart.
    Who knows

  298. Marty do you know where DM wife has disappeared too?

  299. Great LRH reference, Mike. LRH sure loved to quote history in his lectures. Great datums of comparable magnitude used to make key points in his talks.

    For those who are not history geeks, Mike is referring to LRH’s description of the Battle of Gaugamela in 331 BC. A pretty good dramatization of this battle is shown in the movie “ALEXANDER”, written and directed by Oliver Stone.

  300. Tory Christman

    Yes, both Marty and Mike………..Please do sit down and power out
    books, each of you. Hell, with the amount of years you each spent “in”,
    and all that you’ve seen and heard….my guess is you could do Vol 1, 2, and 3 with ease.
    And I don’t think you’ll have to worry about purchases. LOL
    Davey boy? We warned ya………..long ago………..tick tock…..
    Oh yes it is~~~!!! :))
    My best to ALL……….

  301. He is an Opie from Mayberry and is trained to anally insert copper grounding rods.

  302. Pingback: Why Scientologists Cannot Be Trusted | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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