Calm Before the Storm

Thanks to Sinar Parman – taken on his recent trip to Casablanca with Sarge.

76 responses to “Calm Before the Storm

  1. Very nice!

  2. Great pics, Sinar!

  3. How dare you spread such Theta!

  4. Yvonne Schick

    Beautifully captures the essence of life on the Texas Gulf Coast and the happy spirits who live there.

  5. Nice photos. Nice home. Nice environment. Nice purpose. Nice people.

    Have a cold one during the calm. I know I’m going to.

  6. Wow! Gorgeous photos!

  7. That photo of you and Chiquita says you are both ready and equal to the task.

    You will continue to triumph over the forces of darkness that drive the cult.

    Your purpose is our purpose. Let us know where you need backup.

    David St Lawrence

  8. And not a paddle boat in sight…….beautiful!

  9. You’d think the goon squad has to be benefiting from the surroundings, maybe even de-ptsing a little. Am i being too optimistic?

  10. Simon Bolivar

    Isn’t this a wonderful planet? Great pics, thank you.

  11. top of the vale

    Great to see you and your pup smiling! Beautiful setting! Turning green with envy….guess because I’m Irish!

  12. Very nice!

  13. Tony Dephillips

    Great pics Sinar.
    I know you and Sarge are having lots of wins with M&M.
    I hope the storm that is coming will be a purifying one and peace to all of you.

  14. Very nice!

  15. When I don’t hear from you for a few days I worry, like an old mother hen. Glad to see you glowing. By the way, are those sharks in the last pic, or dolphins? Didn’t know if the DM Bots took to the water 🙂

  16. martyrathbun09

    Dolphins – who keep the water clear of the sharks. Dolphines are there only natural (and effective) enemy.

  17. Thks for sharing photos. Whether a storm a head or not peace and calmess I hope for you

  18. Beautiful place ~ Beautiful people (and pets)!

  19. The storm will be nothing but cleansing rain ~ at least that is what I predict. LOVE the pics!

  20. Nice. Sinar’s obviously got a better view than you can get from a golf cart.

  21. Nice images. Have a good time!

  22. great pics. what a cool environment. I hope we can come down and visit sometime.

  23. Watching Eyes

    What beautiful pictures. Very peaceful.

  24. Some folks live out in the open and have dog who is happy and a wife who is number one and PC’s who are winning…others hide behind a metal fence in Hemet, CA in total fear.

    Sinar has captured the pure Theta in Ingleside, TX

    High 5 to all of you.

  25. “That photo of you and Chiquita says you are both ready and equal to the task”

    There could be a big being operating that dog body! 🙂

  26. Don’t killer whales prey on sharks?

  27. I’m getting the feeling you’re not talking about rain…

  28. Very theta…thanks.


  29. Beautiful pictures!!!

  30. Sinar – lovely photos that capture the essence of life by the water . Your photos put a smile on my face.

  31. Orcas are just the biggest dolphin species.

    I have had a few unsupervised interactions with captive Orcas many years ago. They can be surpisingly gentle given their enormous size and great strength.

    One subadult orca I was petting took hold of my right hand in its mouth at the end where there were no teeth. That hand still works. 🙂

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  32. Ah, the sea abounds with life and produces more smiles than any other natural phenomenon I reckon.
    Splurge on the wet stuff…

  33. Beautiful images, Ingleside on the Bay is truly a wondrous little neighborhood.
    Wow on the images Sinar !

  34. Yes they do ….. but despite the fact that they are commonly called “whales”, they are, in fact, actually dolphins …. 😉

  35. Better companions as well, I suspect ….. 😉

  36. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

  37. Beautiful!

  38. Stunning photos! Real art.

  39. Great shots Sinar. Say, is that ole camera-shy Sarge on the Casablanca deck in the long shot?


  40. Interesting. Sinar sees and photographs beauty, and “others” see and document entheta. I guess it’s in the eye and soul of the beholder.

  41. one of those who see

    Beautiful. Great pix Sinar. Glad you got to visit Marty.

  42. Thank you all – I’m glad to be able to share the really nice environment which Marty and Mosey live in and were perfect hosts.

    The actual theta in the Ingleside area actually emanates from Casablanca, from M&M and Chiquita & cat; due to firstly the undoing of POB black arts and then the incredible case gain from the pure application of the LRH Bridge! Totally incredible theta and indescribable joy!

  43. Ted,
    Yes, if you click on the photo and then magnify it, Sarge and Mosey are on the deck.

  44. AM,
    If you click on the dolphin photo to enlarge it, there are a couple of smaller fins – babies with that particular pod (group).

  45. +1

  46. Sinar, those are all great photos and well convey the general atmosphere around Ingleside-on-the-Bay I reckon.

    If the dolphins are comfortable being that close to humans, I take that as a sign the place is especially blessed. Seriously.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  47. John LIlly did some pretty amazing work with dolphins and consciousness. Really beautiful and theta beings. Whales too. I’ve swam with dolphins many times. Its amazing. 🙂

    Great Pictures Sinar. It IS a beautiful and amazing and theta Planet.

    I love this blog.

  48. I love these “calm before the storm” posts!

    Hey, for anybody who lived/lives in Riverside county, have any of you witnessed the use of celebrities to schmooze local politicians? We all know that Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes have been to Gold Base. Do any of you have specific knowledge of meetings with members of the Riverside Board of Supervisors, higher-ups in the Sheriff dept of the District Attorney’s office or especially any judges? Hey JB are you around?

    Please do tell. If you’re a bit shy, write me on YouTube/AnonOrange, or just call me 310-597-9532

    I want to make a good speech on that subject.


  49. Mike,
    It was shot with a telephoto lens, so they were not all that close and are regular wild dolphins, not from Sea World.

  50. Scott Campbell

    I believe there was an Orca that befriended a native tribe in Alaska. That whale was accepted by the Eskimo tribe as the reincarnation of their former chief, who before passing asserted that he would come back to them as a killer whale.

  51. Scott Campbell

    These photo’s communicate LIFE!

    They are in direct contrast to pictures of the Int Base and other C of S facilities. Those pictures communicate a sterile, synthetic and artificial environment – the ABSENCE OF LIFE.

  52. … wow … just …. wow …..

  53. Scott Campbell

    Wow Sinar! I’m so happy for you. Do tell us more of your wins at Marty and Mosey’s place.

    Although I’m sure the pictures do communicate your new state of being quite beautifully.

  54. Sinar – Wow! Fabulous photos! A five star chef and a five star photographer.

    The peace and beauty captured in these photos IS how you feel after having some standard tech applied at Casablanca with Marty.

  55. Sinar,

    Thanks for sharing …. simply exquisite …..

    …. clearly you do have “the eye” ……

    Apologies for my failure to properly ack it sooner.

    And thanks to you and Sarge … for having made the journey ….

  56. Nice shots Sinar. Obviously from a decent camera

  57. Beautiful scenes and full of life. Like Flag is supposed to be.

  58. Moderator: the post I’m replying to has broken HTML causing italics for all posts below it. the tag was not closed.

  59. Pomeranian Attacks Pit Bull
    ‘Toy’ Dog Attacks 80-Pound Pit Bull

    Vince Gerasole

    (CBS) WAUKEGAN The owner of a 10-pound “toy” dog was cited over the weekend when her dog attacked an 80-pound pit bull.

    Garry Laffredi was walking his 2-year-old pit bull Capone near his apartment complex Thursday when a neighbor’s Pomeranian named Tiger came running at them and attacked the dog.

    Read more:

  60. Sinar,

    These pictures are beautiful! You and Sarge are, too! ml, Laura

  61. Great shots. Love that blue, blue water! There are no razor-wire fences and guard towers to keep people in. Just some “Guard Dolphins” with their family. Maybe that’s what the Co$ cannot understand, can’t quite grasp, can’t quite believe? It’s so very obvious, yet so very far out of the conception of the copyright-trademark-religion, the own-everything and everyone for self “church”. I can hear the thoughts: “It can’t be real, there must be a catch to it, a trick, an illusion.”

    Yeah … I think the free beauty of God’s creation is just too much for them.

    God bless you.

  62. Reminds me of LRH.

  63. Looks like there is broken HTML in Carcha’s post above on the pooches as well – rendering everything following it in bold.

  64. Sorry about that. It was an unknowing error (euphemism for stupid). I won’t do it again.

  65. Beautiful Pics…what a great space.

    I liked the link to the article about the newly recruited non-scientologist squirrel buster who had the decency to quit, even though he needs money.
    How can these sb’s live with themselves and how can they think that they are producing anything but bad pr? Reverse Dianetics and Scientology for sure…what an ep– hoping someone will get so restimulated that they will react. Pure evil intention. It is still incomprehensible that anyone, let alone OT’s, could behave in such a manner. But, OSA loves to make fun of Marty and loves to try and bullbait him. It is so sick. They really do think that they are funny and they really think they can break him….big mistake!

    I have to say, Marty, that even though you see yourself as “creating the monster” and so are pulling this stuff in, the fact is that you are making good by speaking out and by taking responsibility and helping others. You can create asisness. DM, Sb’s, and OSA staff are simply digging themselves a deep dark cavern and I wouldn’t want to share their future no how! Well done to you and Mosey for confronting their evil.

  66. Gern Gaschoen

    Actually, octopus have been known to attack and eat sharks too ..

  67. Sinar’s photo’s are outstanding. You live in a very special place Marty. I hope your enjoyment of it helps you get through someone attempting to make your life a “Living Hell”….
    You are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to do. Not only are your obvious statistics of Theta way up, but
    the ripples you have been and continue to influence are in abundance (affluence)

  68. Great article. The “church” continues to embarrass itself without even realizing it. When will the sheep realize where DM is leading them?

  69. You live at a beautiful place, It counterbalances the hoopla directed at thge two of you.

  70. Another Layer

    Wow, Sinar! Beautiful pictures. Congratulations on your stay at Marty’s!

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    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  72. Sinar,

    Please tell me whether I am right: the dolphin photo was shot from the shallows on west side of the dredged channel paralleling Bayshore Drive, WSW of Marty’s House and approximately 300 yards off the shoreline visible at the top of the photo.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  73. That should have been *200* yards.

  74. Wonderful photos – make this Texan feel homesick! That shrimpboat got me salivating when I remembered fried shrimp and oysters on a seafood platter.
    Thanks for being so inspiring.

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