“Our Goal Is To Make Marty’s Life A Living Hell”

The truth outs:

“Dave flat-out said our goal is to make Marty’s life a living hell,” Leahy said. “That’s a quote. He never said ‘stalk,’ but he said make Marty’s life a living hell with every means possible of impeding his everyday living, and make it so miserable for him and his neighbors that his neighbors will want him to move.”

Read the whole thing:

The Corpus Christi Caller Times


The New York Village Voice


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  1. Finally.

  2. Davey-boy: ……. BAZINGA !

  3. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Wow! How much evidence do you need to show that the cult is wacked? The lies are so outrageous, they’re laughable. $5-$7k an hour for auditing. Well, that’s probably taken from some internal cult memo about goals for future regging. And if Marty was getting that, at least he delivers standard auditing that actually gets results. The cult can’t deliver that at any price.

    TTLD (the teeny tiny little d— at the top) sure knows how to drive the cult right off the cliff, at high speed.

  4. Marty,

    This is fantastic news and a fine article! Bert Leahy has integrity far beyond the DMologist Squirrel Busters. He saw it for what it was and took responsibility for his actions. I’m calling the Squirrel Busters DMologists as they are not practicing the religion founded by LRH but a perverted DM creation.

    Regarding the quote of making “. . . Marty’s life a living hell”, They are instead working 180 degrees out and are making their own life a living hell. That’s what happens when one doesn’t look for one’s self. Time to look SqB Productions. Look at your products. Look at your leader’s products. What do you see?


  5. Hapexamendios

    Wow, great article and kudos to Bert Leahy for trying to make things right. I find it sad that the only person with any sense of ethics and morals in that group was a non-Scientologist.

    Furthermore I can’t see how anyone could read John Allender’s responses (and sidestepping non-responses) to the questions posed by the reporter and conclude anything other than he’s a) lying b) insane or c) both.

    John Allender and the rest of these DBs are a disgrace to LRH’s legacy.

  6. Looks like you got them by the short and curlies Marty. LOL! Well done on keeping your TR’s in on this whole escapade. And to you POB…the overt motivator sequence is now in play.

  7. Bert Schippers

    WOW! Good article!

  8. I think somebody confused hour with intensive.

  9. Fire breathing frog

    So good.

    “I consider all auditors my friends.
    I consider them that even when they squirrel.
    I believe they have a right to express themselves and their opinions.
    I would not for a moment hamper their right to think.
    I think of auditors and Scientologists as the free people.”
    “I don’t expect auditors or Scientologists to instantly agree with or seize upon whatever I say.
    I would be offended if they did and would feel they weren’t free people.
    Since they are intelligent
    I expect them to think over what’s said,
    try it, and if it’s good for them, use it.”

    from ‘What do I think of auditors’ by L. Ron Hubbard

  10. Floating Needle

    One the most eye-opening articles to date…. because it comes from an individual totally independent from the COS… loved it!

  11. Their justification Marty is that your life is “already a living hell!” What a joke!!!

    Anyone with half a brain can see right through that statement. This is a great article exposing the truth that we already knew was going on. Just not the details.

    $2,000 a week? They must have at least 5 or 6 people just working on the stupid videos at that rate. $10,000 – 12,000 a week not counting what the PI’s are being paid! Unbelievable amounts!!

    Thanks to the reporter and to the source who revealed the truth here.

  12. Hell yeah! More truth revealed! 😀

  13. I’m not sure I can make sense of what Miscavige is doing anymore.

    Does he actually know what he is doing?

    Does he have any awareness of his own self and actions or is it just all firing on automatic at this point?

  14. Fire breathing frog

    Q to Mr Rathbun,
    If DM would come to you for auditing, would you help him?
    Since he messed up all standard tech within the church, you probably the only help he could get when he realise his eternity is at stake.

  15. As you said, you have him right where you want him.

  16. Tony DePhillips

  17. Wrong. They made this stuff out of whole cloth. It is criminal mind, pure and simple.

  18. martyrathbun09

    I’d help him, but he has a bit a program before he’ll be ready for any auditing.

  19. Oh damn! I finally get it! Marty takes the motion that comes in and uses it to win.

    DM takes the motion that comes in and creates a F#%&$*G tragedy.

    That was just too simple!

    By the way I just read Jeff Hawkin’s book. That guy is a damned fine writer.

    David, David, David, for all that you have thought you have gotten away with, you were totally f$*&@$g hallucinating. You see that now? You are not the slick M&*$#R F&*%^R you thought you were. Take a seat brother, it’s musical chairs all over again.

  20. I know of only one cure for chronic cranial rectal inversion:
    Find out that you are.

  21. This is a great article and I hope it gets widely picked up by other news agencies. My hat is off to Bert Leahy for seeing the insanity of it all, and deciding to step away despite the economic incentive. Others sell their soul for a lot less, as we well know.
    And my hat is off to you, Marty and Mosey, for staying true to your purpose and continuing your highly needed and appreciated activities, despite the badgering and baiting. You won’t play their pathetic game, and for that you are a wise man in my book.

  22. Oh please, thanks to the red carpet rolling out in front of Marty as usual. It’s as if Hubbard is behind him. Why wouldn’t he be? The staff abandonded Hubbard and rolled under Miscavige, well, those that are left. That means all of you OSA spies.

  23. Fire breathing frog

    You’r a good man, I don’t think I would be up to help this ahole.
    Hope to meet you soon.

    I guess, all what DM is doing is making HIMSELF a living hell.
    You seem to me having a good life, and be thousand time brighter than DM.

    I couldn’t stand his speech, but he is getting more and more stupid and evil as time goes on.
    Funny part of it, he’s the only one who doesn’t see it (even a non scientologist paid 2000 a week can see through the BS in couple of days).
    All the best to you and your family.

  24. And you OSA spies have the nerve to tout “loyalty”. What if Hubbard could see you now? You are so removed from Scientology you might as well be working for the F*$&^@G C.I.A..

  25. Is David Miscavige worried about because he is destroying the repute of LRH and Scientology on a daily basis with his psychotic behavior?
    Is David Miscavige worried because people his squirrel disconnection policy is destroying lives, families and relationships?
    Is David Miscavige worried because he is being investigated by the FBI for human rights abuses?
    Is David Miscagive concerned about the numerous former high ranking ‘Church’ officials and public Scientologists speaking out about his abuses?
    Is David Miscavige concerned about personal witness accounts of abuse, corruption, financial crime and squirrel tech within Radical Scientology?
    Does David Miscavige care that people are leaving his squirrel church in droves?

    No. All David Miscavige cares about is the fact that he could be losing a couple of thousand dollars to Marty (a fraction of the amount of money he is spending to harrass Marty on a weekly basis).

    “What it boiled down to is they’re very upset with Marty because he’s auditing people for a lot of money — $2,000 to $5,000 an hour to audit them,” Leahy said.

    David Miscavige – NO RESPECT! Not only are your base, grubby, greedy motives ignoble but you are a lousy money manager to boot.

  26. Bery Leahy.
    Thank you for speaking out and doing the right thing.
    Amongst REAL Scientologists that is called having ‘Personal Integrity’ and it is highly respected and admired.
    Well done!

  27. Let’s get real, it’s Hubbard people against Miscavige’s people. That is the real deal here.

  28. Ooops – Sorry. ‘Bert’ Leahy not ‘Bery’ – typo.

  29. Squirrel Busters = Conspiracy to disrupt religious services.

  30. And kudos to Laura for her contribution to the article.

  31. Sooth speaks the trained Scientologist 😉

  32. That’s a beautiful reference FBF.
    I was actually looking for it.
    Thanks 🙂

  33. I’m glad ‘someone else’ would. I like to think I’m a very compassionate person and I can empathize with most people even when they’ve been destructive to most or all of my dynamics at some time. I like to think that can reach a point where there is no need for forgiveness – only understanding and help.
    However I think I still have a long way to go because I question whether I would ever help this evil toad or be tempted to let him rot in his own hell.
    Truth be told.

  34. But if I did leave him to rot in his own hell, I’d feel very guilty about it afterwards. Does that count? 😀

  35. Cowboy.. spilled my coffee…. damned that was good… “chronic cranial rectal inversion” is too funny. And, so correct: Find out that you are.

  36. TO,

    Too funny 🙂

    Unfortunately for POB, this will be the time when, finally, he is the one left standing without a seat …. alone.

    He’s being out-witted, out-done, and very certainly out-classed at every turn …..

  37. Bert Leahy is a fine example of an American citizen who understands when someone’s civil rights are being trashed…. and when he decides not to be part of it even for $2K a week X 52 = $100K + a year = real personal integrity.

    My hat is off to Mr. Leahy. There are a lot of influential people on this weblog… when you need a fellow with natural personal integrity and a good eye for the truth, give Bert a call. I know, I will. Thanks Bert.

  38. George M. White

    “Our Goal Is To Make Marty’s Life A Living Hell”
    Mr. Miscavige, how can you overtly maintain black intention?

    “Bad karma is like freshly squeezed milk — it takes time to sour. Bad karma follows and burns the evil doer just like hot coals buried in ash.”
    The Buddha

    Much loving-kindness,

  39. What an interesting turn of events. Poor DM. He cannot even buy off a struggling videographer.

    Now, forgive me if this has been mentioned somplace already, but if I were you, I would invite that man over to your house, or some such place, and conduct a nice long video taped interview. Then post it for DM to see.

    One thing that I would have loved to have done is to have gotten his confidence before he blew his cover and have him as a mole inside the SB’s. Oh I just love this espionage stuff. I think I have been watching too many repeats of “Munich”.

    I bet those Squirrel Busters are feeling a bit busted right about now.

    Press on….press on.

  40. What a brilliant and objective article!

    In contrast to the journalistic integrity shown by the Caller, the Miscagive Administration’s formulaic denials of any wrong doing – which are universal – sound morally bankrupt.

    Most people know that we all have flaws, Heck, Western Judeo-Christian culture has as a basic premise the idea that ALL have sinned. The companion idea is that sinning is not the end of the world, if we would only confess your sins and acknowledge our errors (not too far off the mark).

    Instead of taking advantage of the “forgiveness after confession” that is part of the Judeo-Christian culture, the Miscavige Administration takes an “opposite to the culture” position and categorically denies all wrong doing, something that few in this Judeo-Christian culture believe of anyone.

    This shows that the Miscavige Administration is far, far out of touch with reality, lost in its own world, while denying the truth of its behavior. .

    The Judeo-Christian culture is right – at any moment, any being can arrest their downward fall by taking responsibility and acknowledging their actions. However, that culture also promises Justice for those who don’t.

    That is what David Miscavige and the Miscavige Administration members face if they continue to lie about their intentions and actions, and continue to to attempt to suppress people of goodwill.

    A Justice outcome – and not a very pleasant one – is guaranteed by the very structure of the Dynamics and the Axioms. It is not Marty, Mike, etc. who so much will cause David Miscavige’s ruin, as the operation of the Axioms themselves.

    The practice of Not-issness generates its own doom, per the Axioms. David Miscavige may blame Marty, Mike, etc. when his day of judgment arrives, but, in fact, they will only be carrying out the judgment of the Dynamics and the Axioms, and thereby protecting Life.

  41. I should add that spiritual beings, having infinite power, are inherently capable of changing any condition, at will.

    As far fetched as it might sound, this means that David Miscavige is fundamentally capable of escaping the Justice actions that will be coming down on him. It requires a full assumption of responsibility.

    To David Miscavige and all reporting to him or advising him:

    LRH teaches that if you put your own ethics in, it obviates the need for Justice. If you wish to avoid being brought to justice: cancel all abusive actions, programs, and policies; turn over governance of the Church to the seven boards (of CST, RTC, and SCI); issue a general amnesty; and step down.

  42. Wow. Contrast that to having to “think the thoughts of COB.”

  43. You would not find a Scientologist in the world that would not complain of how savagely and relentlessly they are pursued asked for $$$$$$
    It is called “regging”.
    It is vulture, vampire regging, non stop and continuous and it does not ease up.
    Now we see in this Corpus Christie article how some Parishioner $$$$ are spent

    +++++$2000 a week to a videographer “to make Marty’s life hell”.
    +++++A war room with GPS and laptops, hotel lodgings…personnel flying in and out to Corpus Christi ~ to Ingleside to make Marty and Mosey’s life hell.
    ++++Ads playing on Radios calling Marty a squirrel
    ++++Payments for videos and lodgings for the harrasment teams.
    ++++Webmasters and IT guys fees to build hate and malicious websites on Marty ~~ a large bunch of them.
    ++++Sea org member time by the week, by the month where huge amounts of “Office of Special Affairs” analyse, file, cross file, send to lawyers, discuss with Private investigators every second of footage to plot and strategize next moves
    +++++12 of the prisoners in the SP hole were being marched daily (for months and months and months) to the RTC office to plan and plot “how to take out Marty” whereupon they would be released from the SP Hole.

    Miscavige is an embarrassment to all Religions. Religious heads to do not carry on with such vindictiveness, such fixation and obsession, such hatred. This kind of conduct is not only unbecoming of a Religious Head “the Pope”, it is appalling and the world mocks the Jerry Springer Reality Show of DM pursuing Marty and running these kind of operations. It is revenge while pretending it is “Market share” i.e Marty is auditing pcs the Church wants for revenues$$$$$$.

  44. No, it would seem he doesn’t know. It seems he is in a death spiral, digging his own grave with each new day.

    I believe we are seeing the “C/S Series 22 end game” kicking in, as LRH describes in that HCOB, Unfortunately, that is a messy way for a being to go out – death, psychosis, etc., particularly as they sometimes take others with them.

  45. This makes for a good movie! 🙂

  46. That is what “donations” to the tax-exempt Church of Scientology buy. Scientologists, your donations fund religious persecution, which falls under the category of civil/domestic terrorism. Scientologists, you are funding a terrorist organization. Not a smart thing to do these days…..

  47. Clearly. I am so glad that it has come to be almost universally recognized that striking back – either physically, or even with entheta, is exactly what Miscavige WANTS us to do.

    THE supreme, winning identity is King/Gandhi.

    This identity ACCELERATES the fall of the tyrant, as it kicks in the C/S Series 22 blow mechanism on the tyrant more quickly, by NOT GIVING THE TYRANT MOTIVATORS.

    Every motivator the tyrant gets allows him to be there longer.

    Choke off his motivators, and what happens to his overts? They come crashing down on him. Then, either the tyrant cogs and leaves, or the C/S Series 22 end game starts kicking in for the tyrant.

  48. Impartial English Girl

    Guess you can’t argue with the Statter-istics… It was extremely brave of Mr. Leahy to speak out about what he’d witnessed – I admire him for his honesty and integrity. Hope CoB doesn’t retaliate by hitting him in his pocket.

    This was an extremely interesting article – thank you for sharing it. x

  49. Hahah!!! BAAAMM!!!

  50. If only we could figure out how to make this headline news- like part of the daily 24 hour news cycles we see e everyday. I guess that’s where this is all headed. As DM becomes more desperately insane, we will witness bigger and more glaringly offensive attacks and it will become more and more mainstream-news-worthy. Keep holding on Marty! You’re rocking the boat perfectly- by staying true to your integrity, true to the tech and true to all of your friends who love you very much. When this ship capsizes, which it must, you will be wearing an indestructable life preserver!

  51. Theo Sismanides

    Wow, Marty!!!! You are really at 45, man!!! HAHAHAHAHA, LOL… the mad dogs just jump on you and go… through a nothing… hahahaha… you are so WAY UP, man! They are so Thick now… down to effort and misemotion… keep it up man.. Kudos to the videographer, thetans are thetans and when they don’t drink kool aid they are much more ethical…

  52. “A bit of a program to do” in the same way as the Pacific Ocean is “a bit wet”.

    I thought we Brits were masters of understaement. Here’s a great example actually: During the Kuala Lumpur to Perth leg of British Airways Flight 9 on 24 June 1982, volcanic ash causes all four engines of the Boeing 747 aircraft to fail. Although pressed for time as the aircraft rapidly lost altitude, Captain Eric Moody still managed to make an announcement to the passengers. Comment: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them going again. I trust you are not in too much distress.

  53. Mr Leahy,
    I don’t know how to thank you for your courage and Integrity. You are clearly a very good person who cares about others. You are rich in ways the people you are talking about may never understand.

    Mr. Collette,
    Thank you for writing the truth. You have made a difference for a lot of people by writing this story.

    My hat is off to you both! ml, Laura Ann Wilson

    ps Marty and Mosey, Have a great day!

  54. Great article! Cudos to Bert Leahy for having integrity. AND CUDOS to M&M for your personal integrity and committment to help those that need some de-programming help. There is nothing tougher then feeling alone and not having a sane place to turn to. Thanks for holding the space.

  55. Well, there it is. DM can’t DO Scientology, but he can spend prodigious amounts of money to try to prevent OTHERS from DOING Scientology.

    There is no clearer indication of where he is at than that.

    CP – “chronic cranial rectal inversion” – LOL! I think it is congenital…

    Bert Leahy – thank you for demonstrating your integrity. May it come back to you 1000-fold.

  56. Props to Mark Collette. He is a real investigative journalist.

    For anyone unfamiliar with the name David Slatter — just a wild guess — its one of the many pseudonyms used by that international man of mystery, Dave Lablow. While the church has denied *any* involvement, their number one PI/hitman is directing the whole thing….

    That lie was always about as real as Tommy saying he and 20 people flew to Corpus to “recover” JB with no orders from anyone, just a “personal” decision and personally funded trip to “help a friend.” Or “there is no such thing as disconnection.” Or “we are making a documentary.”

    Their lies are unraveling before the world.

    Wonder how long it will be before one of the “Squirrelbusters” turns and shows how much he/she is paid to “drive Marty crazy,”

  57. This is for you and Mosey, Marty.
    I think you should loop it and play it over and over and over for the “SB’S.”

  58. LOL – that’s completely British.

  59. I’ll put my money on Ed or Joanne.
    I don’t know how much more Koolaide they’ll be able to swallow without throwing up.

  60. Watching Eyes

    Good going Bert Leahy. Anyone can get conned especially with the carrot of lots of money. But not everyone will walk away. You did. Well done!
    But hey, at least when you got conned you made a bit of money. Usually it’s the other way around and people lose money. Just ask anyone still in the cult; they’re being bled dry.

  61. Excellent, excellent article. Mark Collette is doing his job.

    Thanks as well to Bert Leahy, Laura Ann and Michael for their contributions to this piece.

    Ralph Gomez, you should follow Bert Leahy’s example and and grow some.


  62. Expelled4Life

    The truth wIll set us free. A home run! Nice.

  63. Wow, what an awesome development! When you read the article, make sure you click the “Here are the answers to the questions posed to the Squirrel Busters” located under the picture. It will give you a good laugh.

    My husband went to see Marty & he paid much less than he would have at FLAG & he came back a much happier man. Maybe I should clarify. When he came back from seeing Marty, he was happy because of the auditing. When he came back from FLAG, for the most part he was happy because he finally got out of there, LOL


  64. The blatant hypocrisy of what you would term, “radical Scientology” is overwhelming. For all of the yammering these people do for ‘Freedom of Religion” and/or “Human Rights,” these mopes turn right around and try to deny you your beliefs.

    Is this a winning strategy?? If it is please explain it to me. How many reporters, journalists and Scientology news junkies like myself read this blog? Is there anything being done by Scientology that looks at all sane here?

    The story about the siege is getting enough legs to do the Can-Can with. The false position these hypocrites have painted themselves into will come back to bite them with teeth of steel.

  65. martyrathbun09

    Yeah Mike. Stayed tuned for the unmasking of Lil’ Dave.

  66. TheWidowDenk

    This is the quote from the article that really impinged on me:

    “Dave flat-out said our goal is to make Marty’s life a living hell,” Leahy said. “That’s a quote. He never said ‘stalk,’ but he said make Marty’s life a living hell with every means possible of impeding his everyday living, and make it so miserable for him and his neighbors that his neighbors will want him to move.”

    This “goal” will go against the grain of — and will be rejected by — every sane person who reads it. Just look at what happened with Bert Leahy and what he did about it …

    Thank you for establishing a sane environment where glaring outpoints, such as this exemplary one, are easily visible.

  67. LeBlow is Slatter. He put no cutout between himself and non-cult videographers and other vendors. Tsk, tsk, Dave … more hours for you? Greedy much? Sloppy much? Incrimination of cult much?

  68. And to you Laura and to Mike for going on the record.


  69. Yvonne Schick

    Great reference. Wish it would fit on a bumper sticker.

  70. Brian Culkin

    “A criminal organization comprised of 95% good and decent human beings”

    That is the church. Its absolutely stunning to look at it from that viewpoint.

    The church “IS” a problem. It is a series of postulates / counter postulates.

    educate the world about human rights / enslave people at Hemet

    audit people to greater spiritual freedom / ruin people financially

    have people become more aware by looking and perceiving / refuse to allow people to actually look at the current scene

    freedom / brainwash

    50 more.

  71. *T*H*A*N*K***G*O*D* there are people with decency & honesty like Bert Leary !

    *T*H*A*N*K***G*O*D* there are people with smartness & a desire to tell outrageous things to the world like reporter Mark Colette !

    And a 1000 *T*H*A*N*K***G*O*D* there are people with responsibility & the ability to make a long time strategy work – no matter what – like Mark & Monique !

    All of you really made my day !

  72. Yvonne Schick

    Laura, I am so proud to have you as a close friend. It takes a lot of courage and integrity to speak with the press never knowing if the real essence of your message will be duplicated. Mark Collette did a great job. I am grateful to you (and Mike) for being willing to tell your story and validate the truth of what is happening in Ingleside. Much love, Yvonne

  73. Howard D. Becker

    One could argue that this is what your donations buy, all 100% based on LRH policy, on source and in ethics. This is how one treats a perceived enemy of scientology. You kool-aid drinkers still don’t get it by blaming the whole thing on Miscavige. Marty is fair game; he has no rights. By the way, I’ve officially resigned from the IAS, more on this later.

  74. The HCOB Captive Brains applies here. I see that reference as sort of one technical implementation of What is Greatness.

    There’s a whole lotta greatness happening in IoB by Marty, Mosey, their guests, their neighbors.

    Bruce Pratt

  75. What Sam says.

    Bruce Pratt

  76. Ahhh, Texas womenfolk, the operatin’ kind. Truly an embodiment of what’s right. Thank you ‘mame.

    Bruce Pratt

  77. First of all, thank you Mr Collette, Mr Leahy and Marty for getting this well written and devastating story out. I had been wondering why all the PIs had suddenly stopped following me a few days ago! On the same day, Tiziano told me the PIs had suddenly disappeared from his life too. This is nothing short of a tacit admission by the ‘church’ that the sole reason for our being followed and surveilled is to make our lives a living hell, as well.

    When I finally woke up and decided to leave the church I told them that I could no longer be part of the organization and maintain my personal integrity. I suggested that we have “an amicable divorce”. They pleaded with me to reconsider and allow them the chance to show me how wrong my decision was. I agreed to hear their reasoning but after more than 7 months I remained undeterred and had lost my patience so I officially ended the relationship. That’s when I realized that in my relationship with the “church” I had been married to one crazy fucking bitch. After nearly 8 months of “We love you, we need you, you need us, we’re so sorry, please give us another chance, you are so important to us” they immediately flipped to “we hate you, you’re evil, we will destroy you”. It was exactly like the Glenn Close character in “Fatal Attraction”-violent, insane, pathetic and dangerous.

    Ironically, this is essentially enforced-connection. The church not only forces people to disconnect from loved ones against their will, they force themselves into the lives of those who simply wish to move on.


  78. Miscavige makes Jim Jones look sane. Full of scotch and evil purposes he has thrown all caution to the wind and is running himself and organized Scientology into a brick wall. His fate is inevitable.
    It’s the good common man like Bert Leahy, that creates sanity and freedom.

  79. martyrathbun09

    You are so right. Ralph Gomez is here playing the role of Miscavige. He drives by my home up to 21 times a day in the golf cart. He dons a white musle t-shirt and wears Tom Cruise Ray Bans. He stops the cart, stick his chest and glowers menacingly. Just as DM does on his bike at the Int Base. He is accompanied by his “assistant” Wheaton, who carries a clipboard acting as if she is assiduously noting his every observation. Just like DM’s assistant on the base. Sometimes, the cart has three or four other men. The DM entourage. He seems to be conveying, “you cannot escape my cult, no matter where you go; we will export wherever we have to.” Forced connection.

  80. Congratulations Marty and Mosey! What a great turn of events! Thank you Bert and Mark! The CO$ lies lies lies. Telling reporters it has nothing to do with it yet ole Dave dictates the operation. Liars liars your pants on fire!

    I hope you circulate the article and pepper the neighborhood with it- restaurant, motel,city council and radio stations so everyone gets the real story about this “film crew”. Truth revealed!

  81. Thanks, Marie-Joe. Missed that link.

    I really love the fabricated whole cloth generality that “Marty is harming people.”. Well, produce some evidence. I am going Missouri on this one, “Dammit, show me.” And ya better include the good, the bad and the ugly in that evidence. Oh, yeah. That’ll be in their documentary, helped by the state of the art facilities at Gold — Mad Hatter seems appropriate, and it’ll be all cgi.


  82. OMG.
    Howard. I am overcome with emotions to see your name here. Welcome to this fray.

    Thank you for dropping by. I do look forward to more.

    Bruce Pratt

  83. Brian Culkin

    Howard? Is that you from Flag??

  84. Yvonne Schick

    More and more truth on the line for all to see. So many people to be acknowledged.

    Bert Leahy: Thank you for your personal integrity. You are a BIG, BIG man. Any man with the courage and wisdom you have shown cannot help but succeed in life.

    Mark Collette: Kudos to you for a well-investigated, well-written article. You have exposed criminal conduct without over-sensationalizing. You honestly presented the facts. Very professionally done.

    Laura and Mike Wilson, Michael Fairman: It takes great courage to speak to the press as one never knows if their real intention will be duplicated and represented or twisted ever so slightly. You stuck your necks out and did a great public service to add to the facts of the story.

    Marty and Mosey: How many times and in how many ways can I express my profound appreciation to you for your courage and example in keeping the path to spiritual freedom open.

    One finger at a time, we are prying loose the death grip DM has had on necks of those seeking freedom.

    Love to all of you, Yvonne

  85. Yes! DM needs to run (bad) control on everybody. His reactions identify him as the terrified psychotic that he is.

  86. Maybe Bert should make a documentary of the harrassement, interviewing neighbours, police, local businesses and so forth.

  87. Yvonne Schick

    Marty, Is this for real? THAT Howard Becker?

  88. Rory Medford

    one by one people leave the church

    one by one the truth about the abuses comes to light

    one by one people are waking up to the insanity the church and DM subjects members to

    one by one the church alienates people

    little by little the church is disappearing and is on self destruct mode

    its comical yet sad but yet all of the above is absolutely true

    i feel no sorrow for this cult, they abuse and take advantage of people at every turn

  89. Yes, Laura! Thanks to y’all too. It added objectivity for sure. 🙂

  90. THE Howard Becker? Really?

  91. Jason. “Fatal Attraction”…say it all.

  92. Scott Campbell

    “Allender said the crew is following and filming Rathbun for a documentary because Rathbun is harming the other Scientology defectors who come to him for help. Rathbun’s visitors who were interviewed for this article said he had helped them readjust to life outside the church after their friends, associates and family members still within the church stopped associating with them, part of what critics say is a disconnection policy within the church.”

    Thanks John, for admitting that Scientologists come to Marty for help.

    Why would they need to come to Marty for help?

  93. Well, Well, Well, the stick men. These idiots have contributed to the downfall of anything was left of this church. Nice article. Well done Marty and Mosey, XO

  94. GetTheConcept

    Whoa! Just to make sure I’m not hallucinating: You are THE Howard Becker who used to do those IAS events? And you really are him and not someone else saying you are him? If so, this is a BIG deal.

  95. “In responses to emailed questions, Allender said Leahy’s statements that the crew was there to harass Rathbun are false.”

    Oh noz! I didn’t see that coming. Lol.

    Good thing these robots don’t realize that to win the game, you have to switch it up every once and awhile — get a new playbook. Yawn.

  96. Scott Campbell

    Dr. Evil incarnate. What a joke.

  97. Is this for real?
    Howard? Really?

    Les Warren

  98. Scott Campbell

    Tell me more, Howard!

  99. Definition of Power: …2. the ability to maintain a position in space. (PAB 131)

    My admiration and appreciation to you Marty and Mosey for maintaining your position in space. The ultimate TR 0 bullbait session is coming to a close and you both deserve a great big PASS!

    The tipping point has been reached. The honest man does exist. His name is Bert Leahy.

    So many heros in this story. Many more to come.

    A tyrant only rises to power because no one steps up and says, “NO.”

    Message to miscavige: “NO!”

  100. Pingback: “Our Goal Is To Make Marty’s Life A Living Hell” (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) « My LRH

  101. Of course Sindy,
    Disconnection does not exist, “it never happened”, M&M are the violent ones with their beatings and Marty is stalking the SQBs!

  102. Tony,
    Reminds me of Marty with his THETA winning out over all the suppression towards him.

  103. Scott Campbell

    Where ethics is out, Tech can’t go in.

  104. I personally think its kind of funny that Invest is doing PR -it’s priceless. Marty you do have them where you want them…..

  105. Mike, if they are paying videographers $2,000 a week, how much do you estimated Dave Lablow is getting paid? He must have made several million by now having started work back in 1991.

    Im sure DM has to boost the amount these people get paid in order to get them to do such disgusting work. Thank goodness that this videographer has integrity and felt the money wasn’t worth it.

  106. 🙂

  107. Thank you friends! Thanks to you for being here and making a difference! ml, Laura Ann

  108. Hmm, I can’t say I disagree with you that Marty is being fair-gamed but I find it rather suspect that your first post out of the gate, would be of this nature. Not sure I’ll buy it until you expound.

  109. I doubt very seriously that it is THE Howard Becker. But if it is, he laid more financial waste in his wake with his lies and heavy pressure tactics than anyone else I know. If it is, he should take it upon himself to expose this IAS fraud to the absolute and help people recover their money under the basis of being defrauded.

  110. Tom Gallagher


    You are one hell of a Maestro! Looking forward to the next installment.

    A note to the remaining few goon squad members who still suck on Shorty’s koolaid-dripping teat:

    “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities also has the power to make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

  111. Tony DePhillips

    Great reference Mr. Frog.

  112. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Lori,
    Good duplication.

  113. Tony DePhillips


  114. Tony DePhillips

    Yeah Laura and Mike, great job.
    Laura you are all sweet and loveable but not to messed with because then your fangs show up.

  115. Tony DePhillips

    Marty you’re killing me….

  116. Tony DePhillips

    I like the dichotomies shown. Maddening.

  117. Tony DePhillips

    My bet it that it is a troll. Howard Becker is too big of a bot to make this move.

  118. Damm, that almost sounds like a real medical diagnosis! 🙂

  119. Tony DePhillips

    Brilliant comment Jason,
    It reminded me of the movie Misery. “God I love you”.

  120. “Our Goal Is To Make Marty’s Life A Living Hell”


    You mean they want to take Marty back to Gold base? 🙂

  121. It’ll come in full colours as soon as this goes to court.

  122. There was an HCOB from 1964, two intensives should be the same price as one month lower middle class pay. If you call that $15 per hour wage, then the proper price for auditing is about $100 per hour. Easy math. I think it’s fair.

  123. Komra Moriko

    Thought it would be helpful to have C/S Series 22: Psychosis to read:

    Click to access scientology-case-supervisor-series.pdf

    The HCOB says this “When success or failure to destroy or possible detection appears on the scene they blow, often as destructively as possible.”

  124. Can you sue somebody for “intention to inflict emotional distress”?

    Why, yes. As a matter of fact, yes I believe you can.

    Can you press criminal charges for harassment?

    Why yes. As a matter of fact, yes I believe you can.

    (And just in case)

    Can you press criminal charges for interfering with a witness in a criminal investigation, such as Mr. Leahy may become?

    Why yes. As a matter of fact, yes I believe you can.

    Go get ’em, Marty.

  125. Here is a test to see if it is really him…

    Howard, in the early 90’s, your wife worked for what company as a supervisor??

    Your wife knew a lady at the same time. She had striking red hair and her husband did what kind of flooring? What were their names?

  126. Good for resigning from the IAS, love to hear more. Good for reading this blog, do some more. Fair game has been cancelled by LRH by HCOB and by RJ 68. Marty has every same right as any citizen, guaranteed by the American constitution. And if it makes you feel good, I don’t blame everything solely on Davey; he’s not that smart, by far.

  127. Sorry, I need to see a picture with an official declaration here on Marty’s blog to believe it.


  128. Bryon K Eckert

    OMG THE Howard Becker? Well, I’ve seen more unlikely posters here, like Richard Behar. I hope you are doing well, my friend. If you really have quit the IAS, that is great ethics change! Congratulations.

  129. Howard, you and I both know that the “fair game” policy and the “pink legs” (Simon Bolivar) policy both allow people with evil intent to justify carrying out destructive actions against others, whether those others are in the church or out, as has been amply demonstrated by the beatings at Int, no matter who did them. Have you ever felt the urge to do something destructive toward another and had the thought that it was “correct” because it was just flowing power to the power source? That’s what I’m talking about.

  130. “The truly insane do not necessarily act insane visibly. They are not the psychiatric obvious cases who go rigid for years or scream for days. This is observed only in the last stages or during temporary stress.” C/S Series 22, PSYCHOSIS.

  131. Aye, Cowboy, Treason is the right step.

    “Quite ordinary cases are out of valence. If their folder gets too fat you can assume they are out of valence. Perverts, suppressives and critical, snide, ruthless, arrogant or contemptuous personalities are always out of valence. A person who is in treason on the 1st dynamic is always out of valence.” Bulletin, 2 Aug 69, LX LISTS.

    He’ll need to make that Step A shift, the recognition that he’s committed these destructive acts, and cease to do so in the present. This so he can ‘make a case gain’. Find out the HE is, and not that valence he’s become.

  132. LRH’s words prove that he was not a “guru,” since the dictionary says a guru is a leader who makes everyone think and act like him. I guess maybe that means Davey is a genuine “guru” since he really does get everyone thinking and acting like him.

  133. Well, actually, first don’t you have to find out “where you are.” That could be really distasteful, trying to find out where your head is at in that situation.

  134. Tom Gallagher

    Howard- I’m puzzled by the following quote:

    “You kool-aid drinkers still don’t get it by blaming the whole thing on Miscavige.”

  135. I second that:

    To David Miscavige and all reporting to him or advising him:

    LRH teaches that if you put your own ethics in, it obviates the need for Justice. If you wish to avoid being brought to justice: cancel all abusive actions, programs, and policies; turn over governance of the Church to the seven boards (of CST, RTC, and SCI); issue a general amnesty; and step down.

    Step down David. The offers here to help, are genuine. They are from those beings who have grasped what Scientology really is, and availed themselves, with the help of many others, of its richness – understanding.

  136. Tony Dephillips

    Don’t feed the troll. Lots of lulz for the troll.

  137. As in my comment above, a “guru” is a leader who gets all his followers to think and act as he does, therefore DM is now a “guru.” LOL

  138. Howie,
    A ways to go there How. Good first step though, and I understand flipping to the other end of the spectrum. Fortunately, there is something else LRH points out in ‘policy’ – the infinite spectrum of logic, thought, right, wrong and the game of SURVIVE!

    Good luck on the rest of your road to truth. Watch the signposts 🙂

  139. +1. Great comment Yvonne!

  140. If you’re the real Howard Becker I would like full disclosure on exactly how much money you have made in commissions over the the past 5 years of your Koolaide career as a full-time IAS reg with Benny Weinrab at Flag.
    Last time I saw you you were still crush-regging people into debt.
    Benny’s quota was over a million dollars a week. How much of that loot did you help him rake in?
    You may recall who I am; my ex-husband had you quite impolitely ejected from the house the last time you came calling.
    You say you’ve resigned from the IAS. Really? Are you doing a Koolaid drinkers amends project? Or are you running out of victims to prey on to help support your lifestyle?
    Let’s see the full Doubt Formula then with photos and ‘dox’
    Assuming you are who you say you are.
    Then perhaps I will consider your opinion important enough to listen to.

  141. That’s because it’s completely non-sequitur. Sound like anyone else you know?

  142. Yup … and in Davey’s case it’s also:

    GURU = Greedy ….. Un-Repentant …… Useless …

  143. DM vs. LRH on Enforced Connection. Here’s LRH. You’ve read about DM’s version here and elsewhere.

    “. When somebody comes along
    and says to you, “Dianetics and Scientology is a cult,”
    this is a slight misnomer. Although I yank you into my
    universe to beat some facts into your heads, it’s only just
    long enough to boot you the hell out and say, “Stand on
    your own two feet!” Now there’s, in essence, the slight
    difference here. Now, when we’re working with processes
    which are working badly in the hands of auditors you find
    more people going into the Scientology universe than come
    out. It’s your duty as an auditor to keep the population
    stable. If you take them in, throw them out. Well, the way
    you throw them out is, of course, to restore their
    self-determinism. And actually, this is the only way you’ll
    ever make anybody happy and able and well.”

    Tape lecture, 28 April 54, Space and Havingness.

  144. Falcon Industries does not exist in the scope of which they are operating:


    Penal codes (http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/SOTWDocs/PE/htm/PE.42.htm#42.072)

    “Sec. 42.072. STALKING. (a) A person commits an offense if the person, on more than one occasion and pursuant to the same scheme or course of conduct that is directed specifically at another person, knowingly engages in conduct, including following the other person, that: (1) the actor knows or reasonably believes the other person will regard as threatening: (A) bodily injury or death for the other person; (B) bodily injury or death for a member of the other person’s family or household; or (C) that an offense will be committed against the other person’s property; (2) causes the other person or a member of the other person’s family or household to be placed in fear of bodily injury or death or fear that an offense will be committed against the other person’s property; and (3) would cause a reasonable person to fear: (A) bodily injury or death for himself or herself; (B) bodily injury or death for a member of the person’s family or household; or (C) that an offense will be committed against the person’s property. (b) An offense under this section is a felony of the third degree, except that the offense is a felony of the second degree if the actor has previously been convicted under this section. (c) In this section, “family,” “household,” and “member of a household” have the meanings assigned by Chapter 71, Family Code.”

    I am not sure since I am not a lawyer, but maybe this could be defined as violating Section 42.072 “Stalking” under subsection A.1.C., subsection A.2. and A.3.C. as mentioned above. Maybe you might want to get in touch with the Prosecutor in your area and see if this is a possible solution to your issue with the Squirrel Busters problem you have.

  145. 1,000,000

  146. Money Motivation! DM doesn’t get it.

    He thinks that if he throws around enough money at people, everyone will accept it and do his bidding.

    There are those in the world who are motivated by money, like Dave Lubow for example, not to mention the legion of attorneys working for DM and leave their moral codes and ethics at the door step.

    What DM doesn’t get is that those who are Independent and using the tech of Scientology are not money motivated!

    They weren’t money motivated when they discovered Scientology and Dianetics and decided to listen to an Into lecture.

    They weren’t money motivated when they picked up the cans for their first auditing session.

    They weren’t money motivated when they signed their billion year contract and joined the Sea Org.

    They weren’t money motivated when they finally realized what a scam DM was running in Scientology and decided to leave for their own good and the good of their fellow man.

    They are the people who didn’t accept large sums of money to “keep quiet” after they left or tried to profit in some other way for their silence.

    There is a higher purpose and motivation at work here.

    These independants are the people who joined Scientology and the Sea Org with the purpose of helping others. THAT was their motivation.

    That motivation still remains strong with those of us on the outside trying to make a difference. We cannot be bought.

    DM will never understand this because he thinks it is all about money and he ceased being a decent human being a long time ago.

  147. Hi all;

    That one of the SB’s decided to find out what was really going on, and then reject what they were doing and walk away, and then try to make up the damage he may have caused Marty, makes me wonder something … what kind of quals would be needed to be a squirrel buster?

    Obviously, one of them, probably the main one, would be the guarantee that they would not ‘look’ to see what is actually going on. Too dangerous if any of them turned. I guess the main qual would be the degree of degredation they had been sucked down to, no sense of personal integrity, no abitity to think or see outpoints, complete robotism …

    How would OSA find and pick these poor souls, anyone here know?

    Interesting, the temporary SB who walked away showed a greater sense of personal integrity and awareness than these ‘highly trained and processed’, uh, pseudo-Scientologists.

  148. Michael Fairman

    +1 And may I add on behalf of a number of friends, who I hope will forgive me for speaking for them :


    and several others whose native language also say NO!

  149. Yeah …. that has a bit of funny odor to it wouldn’t you say ?

  150. I doubt this is real. If it is you Howard, I am happy and this is a big deal as you are known by probably every onlines Scientologist in the U.S.
    I think you need to post more to prove your identity.

  151. He’s saying LRH started it. Whatever “it” is.

  152. “….. Shorty’s koolaid-dripping teat ……”

    Well that just wasted a perfectly good cup of coffee …… but it was entirely it worth it …. 🙂

  153. Howard!
    Talk to me……
    Linda McCarthy

  154. TheWidowDenk

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

  155. OK. That was just my assumption when I read it the first time- that Leahy misunderstood them. But either way it just sounds like a lame justification someone gave him. It doesn’t even make any sense. Why would they care?
    It’s like John Allender’s “Tech inspection”. It’s just meaningless low-toned justifications.

  156. Michael Fairman

    Also, does one actually “resign” from the IAS? And if one can, without the roof caving in on him, is he eligible for a retirement parachute? Howard, if this is really you, a bit more forthrightness is called for. Let’s be real.

  157. Jason, that’s a really good analogy. Wow!

  158. Mark,

    Gouged parishioner money $$$$$$ is used in vast but unknown quantitity lavishly.
    Because there is no accountability, and Church of Scientology public can never see where their scammed $$$$$$ goes (e.g. for “libraries” for “Super Power Building” for “IAS” etc. etc)
    Francois Choquette who regularly testifies at Riverside council has 2 PIs on him constantly, interviewing his neighbors and doing unpleasant harrassment type actions round the clock.
    Marty and Mosey have the real DM toadie David Lubow whom you know well from his impersonation as a “friend” instead of DM spy has been on the Payroll for some 25 years.
    Mike Rinder, Haydn, Jason Beghe, Tiziano and a host of others, not to mention Private Investigators hired in Australia, UK, Germany, France….the recent German film crew that visited have had PIs on their tail saving no expense. PIs even showed up on their flights sitting next to the females who flew back separately.
    As a learned guess 100 Private investigators and some 150 Lawyers are hired 24/7/365.

    Please do the math of where vulture regged $$$$$ go on these bills alone to harras and dramatize David Miscavige’s wild animal reaction ~~ The Missed Missed Withold.

    OSA will never show their payroll and budget for these……at any cost.
    This is DM Miscavology ~~ Thuggery, Vindictiveness, Revenge, Mafia type tactics, always tip-toeing just below the law. “Documentary” is such hogwash.
    21 years ago ~~ Joel Sappell and Bob Welkos were doing a series for the Los Angeles Times. Here is an excerpt of their write up ~~
    At various times, we were investigated by as many as three separate teams of private investigators Hired by Scientology’s attomeys….. On one occasion, people we had interviewed for the series were visited by private investigators posing as a film crew doing a documentary on Scientology.
    OLD repeating lie. There is no “documentary”
    Bert Leahy ~~ you are congratulated for your integrity to quit even in hard times and tough economy the tempting $2000 a week.
    Bert, you were the 1st of the Squirrel Buster team to flip and defect.
    But you will not be the LAST.
    Some human beings do have a conscience.

  159. AWESOME, Jim.
    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been covertly applying it and once-in-a-while wondering if I’m doing the right thing, or committing an overt:)

    First act all the way.


  160. Enforced connection 1

  161. Ralph Gomez seems bound and determined to learn a hard lesson. When you go to the dark side, the one who gets consumed is you. Hey Ralph, can you say, “self loathing”? Sure, I knew you could.

  162. Eileen Clark

    Bert Leahy has high personal integrity and the cojones (manly courage) to use it when necessary. He is a good and honorable man.

    It is a sad commentary on those who call themselves Scientology OT’s, yet pervert, demean and disgrace that title in such a public way. They do far more damage to the name of LRH and Scientology than few have ever done before.

  163. Howard Becker

    Sorry, but I must have missed something there. I cannot figure out whether you are slamming LRH, Marty, Miscavige, Koolaide drinkers, all of the above, or what. The only hint is the thing about resigning from the IAS but you got me scratching my head.

    Eric S

  164. Eileen Clark

    Thank you for this excerpt. I’d not heard that lecture before, but will
    listen to it immediately.

    So easy for some to twist and distort what LRH said or wrote or pretend to know and present meanings of what he ‘meant’. His exact meanings are so clearly seen and understood:
    “Now, when we’re working with processes
    which are working badly in the hands of auditors you find
    more people going into the Scientology universe than come
    out. It’s your duty as an auditor to keep the population
    stable. If you take them in, throw them out. Well, the way
    you throw them out is, of course, to restore their
    self-determinism. And actually, this is the only way you’ll
    ever make anybody happy and able and well.”

  165. Hot damn . . . The Co$ is now directly linked to Marty’s harassment in broad public issue. More denials now shown to be just more lies as usual from upper mismanagement.

    I’ll bet LeBow is in scalding water over this.


  166. Fair Game phooey! There is no valid policy that supports these actions. http://bit.ly/j2rWZm

  167. Tom Gallagher

    Dear 1 of 5,

    I switched to a sippy cup a long time ago. I found out the hard way that keyboards and coffee don’t mix.

  168. *T*H*A*N*K***G*O*D* there are people with decency & honesty like Bert Leary !

    *T*H*A*N*K***G*O*D* there are people with smartness & a desire to tell outrageous things to the world like reporter Mark Colette !

    And a 1000 *T*H*A*N*K***G*O*D* there are people with responsibility & the ability to make a long time strategy work – no matter what – like Mark & Monique !

    All of you really made my day !
    +1 ~Bert Leary; You are the man with the balls to publicly speak out about the abuses of the Church of Scientology, for that alone I salute you!

    David Miscavige (I know you are reading this); It is said that one “don’t mess with Texas” well the same thing is being said about Independent Scientologist! Wake up and listen, your futile criminal endeavors are backfiring left and right because YOU have your head in the bottle and/or up your rectum so far that you can’t see the error of your ways, even in broad daylight.

    Brick by brick the modern day ‘Church’ of Scientology, as led by David “I’m going nuts!” Miscaviage, is going into ethical bankruptcy.

    Bert Leary; You will, forevermore, always have a place in the history books for your remarkable exposure of the inner workings of this madman, David Miscavige, and the soul crushing ‘Church’ (cult) that he, alone, leads into oblivion.

    March on Bert Leary, March on Anonymous, March on Marty & Mosey (and Chiquita too!), March on all of you Independents. The Army is getting bigger, louder and more determined then ever to stand up and speak out about the egregious civil rights violations that one Mr David Miscavige has backhandedly orchestrated from his desk at the top, calling the shots from his compound located in Hemet, California where he feels absolute impunity
    for anyone and everything.

    March on dear warriors, march on…

  169. I have been anxiously awaiting the fall of the Church of David Mismanage for some time now. I have seriously been watching ot for over 6 years now. I have been fascinated with it as a cult for many many years, but over the past half decade I have really come to dispose it and really want to see it fall down upon itself because of this egotistical midget.

    I have to my knowledge never met a Former or current Co$ member.

    I believe you can believe whatever you wish to believe or pray to. It is so funny to me when I talk about Scientology to a Christian and I touch on a few basic tenants of Scienology and they find what I say to be so overly silly and of course members must be half retorted.

    Of course a guy living in the clouds and never sparking to anyone, who made a baby with a virgin…. yadda yadda yadda,.

    Yeah, Scientoloist believe silly things—but not us!!!

    As you can tell I am Gnostic, not quite atheist.

    What I have read about S – I do think the Tech can help improve many parts of someones life. I do not believe people would still adhere to it, if it didnt help them at all.

    So there has to be something about it that works, IF you work it.


    This blog has become the single most important thing in my opinion, to outsiders likemyelf that have never gone through the trenches and bullshit of upper management in Co$.

    I check this blog first thing in the morning and last thing at night, looking for a new update. I have taken to looking at past post, just to have something to read. I read stories, that really piss me off and let me know I should do more to help bring about the destruction of this cult as it stands.

    I want to offer former members who are lost a place to stay, I mean I am the Bed Man of OKC, so I know i can at least give them a great place to sleep—granted there is nothing to do in OKlahoma except watch grass grow. But, I sometimes feel ashamed I am not doing enough. Because as a concerned compassionate person, I know this is wrong what David Mismange is doing to people, in the name of religion. I have a 5 month old son and I want him to understand the consequences in life, I want him to make his own decisions about what he wants to believe ot study or do in life.

    Yet, hypocritical as I feel sometimes, sitting here doing nothing.

    I want o offer my support to any of the former Co$ members, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    If you have just found this blog, go back through the poages and just read and read.

    Maybe–maybe one or two or even three or four or five people are lying….but there is no way they can all be lying.

    It is not plausible, for everyone of these people to have the same experience and it not be true.

    As I have said to Marty on here over the past couple of weeks: Any time any of you see a post from Bed Man in OKC, you have an ally.

    I do not have a dog in the fight. I only want to see wrongs made right and people made whole again after being cut down.

    Still waiting for Martys book to go to market. I am sure he knows what he is doing, making all of us wait–salivating.

    Long live Marty and this blog…cause I dont know what the hell Ill do with my days, once he gets tired of it and moves on to better things.

    But, as long as David Mismanage keeps spending parishioners money to bait him, I guess he will have plenty of funny audio nd video to post here.

    Oh and MArty or Mosey, how about a compilation of the churches “greatest misses” set to the tune of Yakkity Sax – the Benny Hill theme song.

    Peace and Love and DM is a CS

    Bed Man in Okc

  170. We are taking back our Technology with our Technology. DM, with all his billions and thuggery, never had a chance really. Thanks Marty for being our beacon and holding your position so beautifully.

  171. Nice troll, “Howard”.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  172. Eileen Clark

    Whoa, Howard Becker.
    Great to see you here.
    Heavyweight just stepped up to the plate, folks. Look for the excitement to reallllly get going.
    Looking forward to anything you have to add, Howard.

  173. Meishayuri:

    Here is some public records information on David Lubow (Dave Statter/Stutter) and Falcon Industries dba Falcon Business Services
    Mother’s Maiden Name: STOWE
    Birth Date: 03/23/1962
    Birth County: LOS ANGELES
    Married: 07/05/1981 County: LOS ANGELES
    Bride: BANNON MARY E Age: 19
    Groom: LUBOW DAVID J Age:19
    State PI License # 24394

    Filing Number: 02706238 File Date: 10/01/2004 Foreign State: WASHINGTON
    Most Recent Statement of Officers Statement #: E638813 Statement Date: 10/12/2008
    Mailing Address: FALCON INDUSTRIES 9116 E SPRAGUE AVE #165, SPOKANE, WA 99206
    President: DAVID LUBOW 9116 E SPRAGUE AVE #165, SPOKANE, WA 99206
    Previous Statement of Officers Statement #: E438643 Statement Date: 07/29/2007
    Mailing Address: 23404 LYONS AVE STE 401, SANTA CLARITA, CA 91321
    President: DAVID LUBOW 23404 LYONS AVE STE 401, SANTA CLARITA, CA 91321
    Previous Statement of Officers Statement #: 0408273 Statement Date: 09/02/2005
    Mailing Address: 16217 KITTRIDGE ST, VAN NUYS, CA 91406
    President: DAVID LUBOW 16217 KITTRIDGE ST, VAN NUYS, CA 91406
    Previous Statement of Officers Statement #: 0473105 Statement Date: 10/12/2004
    Mailing Address: 19425 SOLEDAD CYN RD STE B-105, SANTA CLARITA, CA 91351
    President: DAVID LUBOW 9116 EAST SPRAGUE AVE STE 165, SPOKANE, WA 99206-3601
    Previous Statement of Officers Statement #: INITIAL FILING Status: ACTIVE FTB
    Mailing Address: DEBORAH LABONGE 16217 KITTRIDGE ST, VAN NUYS, CA 91406

  174. I’m with you on this one Mike. Love tobe wrong, but I gotta feeling….

  175. I think this word has been used before on Marty’s blog but I must use it again-


  176. Jason

    I have the feeling that what David Miscavige is doing is attempting to overwhelm Marty with the exact things that he himself cannot confront.

    I would add that I do not think that David Miscavige has what it takes to overwhelm Marty. He does not have what it takes personally or corporately, and the thing that amazes me is that he has not realized this yet. He may well think that since has “proven” that he can overwhelm OT VIIIs, ( and turned some of them into cowed “mini-mes” that he uses as his “weapons of mass suppression”) there should be no problem with Marty, but he has failed to take into account that Marty is not PTS to him. Marty has demonstrated his integrity, and his use of reason to handle situations.

    It is amazing to note that David Miscavige, by his very actions,(and I am sure much to his dismay) is actually contributing to some of the best and most stable OTs you could hope to find, and they are not in his cult.

    We are all learning, or have learned, to confront a calculating psychotic, and what I consider is likely one of the few real SPs this planet has seen. The crazier he gets, the stronger we get, and the more he looses his tentative grip on any kind of reality, or sanity.

    It is one of the great things of having access and knowledge of the tech of the reactive mind. So long as the “auditor” confronnts the “PC’s” aberrations, and has a good understanding of the applicable “tech”, he cannot be harmed, and can in fact gradiently help the “PC” to overcome his aberrations. David Miscavige will continue to dramatize his aberrations until he he gets to the point where he can start to view his responsibility for them.

    Were I a trained C/S, I might suggest the following: (though there are actual “standard processes” and handlings in Scientology to deal with these kinds of things, but David Miscavige will simply not avail himself of them)

    C/S: VWD on the process so far. The current process is still getting good “TA”, continue to full EP.

    Eric S

  177. Howard,

    Is that really you?

    Or is this just a figment of my imagination?

    I agree with you whoever you are.

    Marty by exposing Miscavige for the fraud he is has placed himself in a position where he considered “Fair Game” by Miscavige and Co.

    More importantly has become a existential threat to the false and corrupt authoritarian power structure that has usurped the original Org Board and the Estate Planning as covered under “Trust B”.

    What feeds this ravenous beast is the IAS.

    So if that is you Howard.

    Then well done for resigning!

    You were one of the most competent regs they had.

  178. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    Thanks Bert for shining a light on the criminal activities of this dangerous Cult.

  179. I second that — props to Mark Collette and to Bert Leahy for clearing his name and coming to the defense of a man (Marty) who is doing more good for people every day than David Miscavige’s entire Church of Hypocrisy. As for David Lablow… have you ever seen a wasp that’s been doused with insecticide, as it curls up and repeatedly tries to sting itself while it twitches and writhes… I don’t know what made me think of that.

  180. Congratulations on this very pragmatic article. I hope it gets picked up nationally. As I read it I was particularly impressed with the sincere desire of the participants to tell the truth and with the down right dishonesty of the Church and their members. Does the Church really think it can handle this with lies?

    Thank you to Mr.Collette for writing this story. Mr. Leahy you were more than admirable – a man that cannot be bought. Thank you Laura and Mike Wilson and Michael Fairman for being exemplary Scientologists and speaking the truth.

    Marty and Mosey this is your life for the time being . You have wonderful friends to enjoy it with.

  181. TG,

    Good tip, thanks …. 😉

    I’ll hafta give that a shot …. since Mrs. One of Five apparently seems to feel that running the keyboards thru the dishwasher is an improper use of the equipment ( ….. doesn’t work too well with laptops either …..)

  182. “Competent” IAS reg? Are you serious? What were they “registering” anyone for?

  183. Bed Man-You sound very cool-You will be invited to celebrate with us when the fall happens and it will.

  184. Ahh… the battle lines are really beginning to come into focus.
    I can see a line drawn in the sand soon, judical intervention or battle? The stage is being set by the ones that are going to lose.Truth and history are not on their side – only lies. The parallels to Capone’s downfall are remarkable.
    The storm approaches, put your raincoat on Marty.

  185. Exactly. Thank you.

  186. one of those who see

    Love this reference!

  187. one of those who see

    This response is another reason why you are loved and respected.

  188. Tom Gallagher

    In case anyone missed it, Tony Ortega updated his article-

    “…I called Rathbun and asked him about the identity of “David Statter”.

    In Collette’s story, that’s the name that Leahy says was used by the man who hired him and was coordinating the Squirrel Busters actions from a hotel “war room.”

    Rathbun says that Collette called the phone number for “Statter” that Leahy gave him. Leahy then received a voice mail from the man he knew as David Statter. He shared the voice mail with Rathbun.

    “It’s definitely Dave Lebow. And Bert has identified his picture, too,” Rathbun says.

    Lebow is a private investigator that Scientology has used for years for its intimidation campaigns, Rathbun says. Former church spokesman Mike Rinder made a similar claim recently in an interview that Mark Bunker conducted for his upcoming documentary, “Knowledge Report”:…

    Rinder explains in the video how he had direct contact with Lebow in the surveillance of Bob Minton. He said he had told Lebow: “Get the goods, find out everything about the guy, and figure out how he is going to be stopped from doing what he’s doing.”

    Rathbun tells me that he had seen Lebow on occasion as the Squirrel Busters team was continuing its stake out of his house, but he didn’t know the extent of Lebow’s involvement.

    “He’s been here, in and out like a mosquito. What I didn’t know is that he’s been here continuously, coordinating things,” he says.

    With Lebow’s involvement now seemingly confirmed, there’s really little question at all (if there ever was a question) that the Squirrel Busters siege is an official church operation to intimidate Rathbun.”

  189. Tom Gallagher

    Pope Applebox must be having a really, really bad day. You gotta pity the staff, his whipping boys and girls.

  190. one of those who see

    Read the Corpus Christi article. Very well written!! Let the sunshine in!http://youtu.be/PP6-MOphBIA

  191. one of those who see

    see if this works to post the video.

  192. I think we are about to see the last stages soon and I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

  193. Fellow Traveller

    I do want to give the poster the benefit of the doubt. Seeing Howard’s name here did evoke some feelings I gotta admit. As a field disseminator, he could resign — quit. As a public poster here, he will get one of those double secret declares we keep hearing about.
    The posting was a bit non sequitur. Not the first one here. May not be the last. So we’ll see….


  194. Obvious Troll

    The real Howard Becker has been a criminal registrar for the IAS for over 20 years. He has extorted many, many, many millions of dollars out of unsuspecting parishioners over the years. By doing this he has denied thousands the ability to do their Bridge and caused untold financial and emotional hardship in the process.

    There is no way he gets a pass by simply “resigning” from the IAS. Oh no, the real Howard Becker would have to do a LOT more than that. IMO

  195. Michael,
    Good point-He should at least get a gold watch.

  196. He wasn’t a reg-he was an enforcer, using any method necessary.

  197. I’m with you, Bed Man.

    I think another reason that I read this blog every day is because in a world where so many things are frustrating and distressing and disappointing, I really believe that the good guys are going to win in this case, and it’s nice to read good news once in a while and take a break from obsessing about the economy or politics.

  198. I always thought he was a high caliber salesman type who devoted his life to the SO and lived on meager wages. I wish I knoe back then he and other IAS reges made such fat commissions

  199. Tony, great clip. I love that movie!

  200. awesome! brings back some wonderful memories. saw the play in Detroit years ago.

  201. Yes, Les, it stands out like a sore, festering thumb that LRH’s intention was to help make people more able, more causative, more self- or pan-determined, which you’d think would be happening as they move “up” the bridge, but DM’s bridge gets them to where they have to be distrusted more and more, prove more and more that they are “contributing”, act out of valence more and more, all as witnessed by the fact that they have to be sec-checked more and more, those dirty, dwindling spiral bastards that manage to rack up so many overts in half a year even while walking the straightest line imagineable because they know what they’re facing when they check in. I’m glad there’s an indie field where people get better.

  202. So why are they involving the neighbors? What in the world do Marty’s neighbors have to do with the church’s actions? Very out 2-way comm! If the church wants someone to know it is opposed to that person’s activities GO TO THAT PERSON, why go and tell their neighbors? It is hard to imagine how the church will be successful here. For example, is someone steals your car, call the Fire Department. If you fall off of a ladder instead of calling an ambulance, contact the local Rotary Club and “see what they can do”. Very funny, but kind of not, because Marty and his wife and now his neighbors have to put up with these people until when? This is a pointless thing on the part of the church.

  203. Mosey, but what else is going to happen (because I have some experience in this) is the neighbors are not going to get upset with the Rathbun’s, the neighbors are going to get upset with the new people that moved in behind you that go to your house like they might other people in the neighborhood. So, it may look bad at first, but a further look tells one the church had better put their brakes on and come up with a better way to communicate.

  204. Watching Eyes

    What on earth is a “competent” IAS reg? A grifter who can get a person to take a 2nd mortgage on their house that they really can’t afford? Give up their 401K? Empty out their bank accounts? Give up their inheritance? Max their credit cards to the hilt?
    Is a competent IAS reg someone who can tell the biggest & best lies about the nonexistant biggest disasters that “must be handled now”, to “save the planet” of course? Is that what you call competent?
    I don’t call it competent. I call it criminal!!

  205. Yvonne Schick

    PI’s stop following Jason and Tiziano? I’m curious if they are still around Ingleside. Perhaps DM has recalled all of them for “cramming” DM-style. I’m sure he has a few thoughts on what not to say and to whom not to say it.

  206. Marty aint the one who’s going to get wet. Don’t need no raincoat.

    It does remind me, though, of a time when we were fighting a flooding at the Int base, and we were out in the rain reinforcing the dyke. I was on the Int Base EPF at the time, with Dave Engelhart as the bosun.
    We all had yellow raincoats, so for some reason, we all started to sing “We all look like yellow submarines” instead of “We all live in a yellow submarine”. If I remember correctly, it was Aaron Saxon who started it after a comment I made.
    At least it made it a bit more fun out there in the cold and wet at around four in the morning …

  207. one of those who see

    Agreed. Don’t think its Howard.

  208. Sam,
    You’re the best 🙂

  209. one of those who see

    Wow, Wow, Wow Jim!!! Gotta love the old man! Thanks for posting. Where is this from?? PDC, ACC, congress ??? Want to get my hands on it, if possible.

  210. I am on Facebook.com just type in Bed Man Okc & you will see my logo, would love to find more members who are anti-current Co$

    Would love to come to 2 things in the next year.

    1: A courthouse where David Mismange is put on a short bus headed for a Federal P.M.I.T.A prison. Where he can try all the Tech manipulation he wants and share Tom Mapother stories, while being sodomized with something that could never be referred to as “fitting”.

    2: A Book signing, so I can get a signed copy of Marty Rathburns:

    — My life breaking one off in the backside of David Miscaviage —

    Man that dude Davey really sucks it.

    Sorry so graphic, I hope i have not offended any women or over sensitive men.

    Bed Man Okc

  211. I am not sure what I will do, if Marty stops this blog–i thought about it today, it is like a great book, only better and TRUE. And its like the old time way Dickens released chapters over time.

    IT is an awesome blog and I am always entertained by it.

    I guess if he stops, I’ll have to get a life or start raising my 5 month old boy, Milo Henri

    Cheers Epo

  212. Second the motion, but along with Laura also add: Mike & Michael!

  213. Yeah … it definitely won’t be Marty needin’ the raincoat …. from the looks of how things are shaping up, the dwarf pygmy runt of Hemet (in hiding) might wanna consider channelin’ Noah ….

  214. Allender’s response by email to the Caller.com http://web.caller.com/2011/pdf/SQBresponse.pdf is just a simple exercise, with outpoints galore for doing the Data Series drill in spotting outpoints. Those are so numerous it makes one wonder if that OTAss can keep track of what’s real and what’s not. Then again, he is an example of POB’s own awareness characteristic: Lies Revealed.

  215. Go Karen#1,
    It’s great when you go “sudden”!

  216. mrinder, totally spot on! what were they “registering” anyone for?

  217. Marty & Mike: Heads Up! Some OSA Shill named “Mark Miglio” just played the “copyright violation” card on the VV comments:


    I have responded with an appropriate bitchslap. No need to actually post this comment to the blog.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  218. Jim,

    Count on the Master of Qual to have the exact reference. Thank you!

    Jim Logan is a SCIENTOLOGIST.

  219. Tony,
    One of my favorite movies and without question, a favorite scene.

  220. Actually, Jim earlier wrote out a program for DM, that was very objective and not at all Old Testiment – just a standard application of Tech..

    Having to program such a case tests how well your “What is Greatness” is in.

    Jim passed.

  221. GetTheConcept

    Well, that was a nice little diversion there.

  222. You definitely seem to be right. I have been thinking it might be effective for Marty & Co. to have signs at hand saying, “LRH”, and “LRH vs. Miscavige”, and “Miscavige is Altering LRH Tech.” Meet the harassing “film crew” with those, and they wouldn’t dare show the “documentary footage” of that to any public. Might even reach some of the minions and throw them into Doubt or better.

  223. Sinar,

    Of course you know Allender didnt write those corny and evasive responses.

    The one I liked the most was the one where he admitted Dave Lubow hired his cameraman — yet earlier he said he was doing this totally independently! You will note that while he affirms the fact that Lubow hired Leahy and how much he got paid, he forgot to respond to the bit asking what his relationship is to Allender.

    POB thinks these are really clever responses. He is so isolated from the world he doesnt realize everyone is laughing at him. He is being hung, drawn and quartered by a young reporter who asks logical questions and prints his illogical answers and nothing more need be said!

  224. Bob D — they are never going to show any of this footage to anyone other than POB. They send it to him every night. THere is no public for this clown parade other than him. They dont want any Scientologist to see it — they know it would turn their stomaches and have them start doubting the unlimited wisdom of the almighty Poop on a Box. Non Scientologists see it for what it is — the writhings of an insane organization. Ex-CofM members see it as proof of their conviction. It only leaves one public. King Poop.

    These guys arent making a documentary. The footage mght be useful in the future as part of a documentary on the fall and decline of the C of M, but thats about all.

  225. Norwegian not only has ne,but also ikke for no

  226. 5th ACC.

  227. Hey Tony,
    Who the f&^* is Howard Becker?

  228. Hey Amigos,

    If this fellow is THE Howard Becker, all I care about is that he has stopped supporting the tyrant. Well, what about his overts?

    Heck, I have committed many overts in supporting the tyrant.

    Double heck, Marty admitted that he BEAT PEOPLE up as part of the administration. Mike ran the f__king CIA/FBI of the Miscavige administration!

    What matters is that they did the Big Being thing, stopped supporting DM, and are doing right. That is all I can ask.

    Plus, I don’t meet the following qual, when it comes to critising others:

    “Let he is without sin cast the first stone.”

    Another take on the situation: practically, you get more people to stop supporting the tyrant, if you don’t give them hell after they do the right thing.

    I think we all want a fresh start. The Miscavige administration is the one that adopted this non-Scientological practice of rubbing your nose in your overts. I All LRH cared about was that you got back on the right path.

  229. DM must hate waking up every day.

  230. I was using the term “reg” in the perverted sense.

    And “competent” in regards exclusively to what the IAS considers competent.


    Harry Milken was good at regging people for junk bonds.

    Torquemata was a competent torturer.

  231. Dear Marty,
    PLEASE don’t go near these appalling freakshows, just leave them the proverbial rope to hang themselves it’s enough trust me. I’m not a Sci’, just an impartial reader and if you just put them on IGNORE then that’s going to be all that’s needed. Trust me, everyday folks see the truth, just don’t engage that’s what they want! I see you engage a little, that only fuels the fire. I read your blog avidly and look forward to the end of this insidious cult with eager anticipation. There’s many more than just independents watching whats at play here. Just a word from the “wog” world.
    Sincere Regards,
    HS (posted as such so these freaks dont find me and call me a drug addicted prostitute or something)

  232. Mike,
    Yes, of course. Judging from the videos seen of Allender, he could not have come up with the idea of these “clever” whoppers. The lines spewed by Allender robotically, are just some script given to him.

    I don’t think you need to do any drills on this subject! The most outpoints are omitteds as in omitted answers with falsehood coming a close second.

  233. TR: Lie

    No-answer answer.

    What a douche.

  234. I would imagine Marty enjoys singing in the rain.
    Besides, we could really use some rain here in Texas!!!

  235. Yup. That’s why it is important for every Scientologist still in to see this footage.

    Do you think if I showed it to my Scientologist friends it’d be enough to get them to blow? Or do you think they’ll just blow it off as “entheta”?

  236. DM communicates at a low tone level. He is very low on the Effect Scale.


  237. Michael Fairman

    Mark Miglio is a frequent commentator on Tony’s blog. The kid’s a real piece of work. He’s either OSA or public completely saturated with Kool Aide. Just another mosquito buzzing around the lion’s hind quarters..

  238. Mark Miglio is an Int Base dropout sometime in the early 80’s, Even he admitted on his earlier comments how he had been unjustly offloaded and RPFed, perhaps during one of these times where there was a culling of unqualifieds and just needs to realize he was thrown under the bus and kool aid & being an OSA volunteer to get brownie points ain’t gonna help!

  239. Very kewl Jimbo 🙂

  240. Nice video, one. Somehow I’m still partial to the original (?):

  241. Fellow Traveller

    Thanks for this Mark. Wonderful.
    Bruce Pratt

  242. Don’t ya love LRH!

  243. Are you serious?? …wow. Find it and send it to FoRs. They should hav that and let’s stick it to DM. Per.
    =^.^= Prrrrrre…..

  244. Michael Fairman

    Thanks Sinar

  245. You’ve been doing a great job of giving them all the rope they want, Marty! Splendid!

    As Helenfriend said, give them all the rope they will take. And then give them some more….:-)

  246. Sinar & Michael,

    I knew Miglio briefly around ’90 or so ….. I believe at the time he was in area (PAC) trying to get back in the SO ….

    I got a chance to observe him at close range for a bit (we roomed at the same place) ….. it was …… interesting ……

  247. Spot on.

    The more we attack back – the more we attack DM’s supporters and agents – with name calling, being in their face, etc. the more the general public will likely see them and us as “two peas in a pod,” and the more the authorities can say “A pox on both your houses.”

    When we attack DM’s supporters, we weld them to DM, when the proven Tech to bring down a dictator is to win over the pillars of support…

    By refusing to be drawn into the “attack back,” op-term game dictated by the reactive mind, the public and the authorities view US as as special people – really good guys.

    The more we keep our TRs in and stay uptone, the greater the problem we give DM’s supporters – we stop fitting into the picture of who DM told them we are.

    Non-violent warfare goes not mean just rejecting the use of physical violence. It means also ceasing to do emotional violence to others,. no matter that they are supporters of DM and no matter what they have done to us. Non-violent warriors refuse to motivate.

    This can sound airy-fairy. The truth is it takes a very big, strong being to practice non-violent warfare.. It requires a high confront of force. Striking back, with harsh words, is easy. Following the Correct Tech takes TRs.

    It’s a game of TRs. Whoever keeps their TRs in, and stays up tone, wins..

  248. Mr. Fancy, it depends on whether they have the ability to spot outpoints or not. Some will get it and some won’t.

  249. Sinar & Mr. Fairman: thanks for this very useful data.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  250. Bb,

    I’ve been hearin’ from some friends over that way about how dry it’s been (and for how long) ….. I’m prayin’ for y’all ……

    And may a just, hard rain fall for all:

  251. Marty, I appreciate your continued presence and aplomb in regards to these provoking assholes that are trying to make your and Mosey’s existence unbearable. I know you will have more and more defections of those that little davey TRIES to run against you.

    I applaud Bert for his basic integrity. He is a stand up guy and is appreciated.

    I agree there is not much chance for little davey to come into present time and be helped, although I do see your continued responses as being the way to assist little davey reach his bottom so that he might be able to be helped. But I don’t hold out much hope and I won’t hold my breath.

    Steve Stuart

  252. Lynne, I have a rather rude saying (softened somewhat for this forum):

    When all you can see around you is poop, it’s time to pull your head out of your butt.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  253. yes…I have that same feeling…not only are the comments non sequiter, I think the real Howard Becker woud be eagerly watching this, seeing as it’s his first blog entry, and would want to respond to the comments

  254. Thank the internet so people can post and see each other’s comments right away. The comments on that site are pretty high.

    If the PI surveillance is dropping off on others, that is only good if it drops off entirely.

    Does anyone know who decides when to pull PIs off of particular “enemies”? Is that done on DM’s okay only? Is it verbal between McShance and Miscavige, and then McShane issues the order to OSA to pull the PIs off of Jason and Tisiano?

  255. Tory Christman

    I kind of agree—didn’t seem to tell much of who “he” really is.
    IF it is Howard …good job getting out. Tell us more.
    If it isn’t……………WTFU.
    To any lurkers: Tick tock, Tick Tock, Time *is* on our side (and that goes for ALL critics of C of $)
    Best 🙂

  256. You may all be completely right but let’s say it’s the real deal and let’s say he is somewhere in lowers, which he would be just by posting this, the best way to get him up the conditions is by encouragement of confront; make wrong never really works.

  257. What a great and true acknowledgment of what’s happened here!

  258. A long time ago, on this same blog, and on Steve Hall’s blog, there were numerous discussions about how easy it would be reform Scientology.

    Eliminate disconnection except in absolutely rare instances, lower prices, do an international amnesty, apply the Way to Happiness in their orgs and missions, eliminate the office special affairs (and NO more PIs hired, no covert ops, no propaganda character smearing campaigns), and mention and quote Hubbard more, since Miscavige doesn’t much quote Hubbard.

    That’s all Miscavige’s successors need do.

    And use their accumulated wealth to pay back all the disgruntled ex parishioners and selective staff who deserve payback. (Sort out which real estate is a waste and sell it off, and give money TO good charitable causes, NOT extract money out of their front groups, like they skim money off their Narconons, rather than the other way around, and in fact just cut loose Narconons from all connection and control by Scientology.)

    The money shouldn’t be wasted on PIs like David Lebow. Or on lawyers like Elliot Abelson.

  259. Howard, whether this is really you, or you’re an OSA bot……………your comm is quite confusing, and I suspect you deliberately made it this way.

    So, how exactly were our IAS donations (that you regged by lying and cheating) 100% based on LRH policy? Is this some kind of justifier for your criminality over the past 20 or so years?

    And what exactly is “how one treats a perceived enemy of Scientology”? It seems you mean that one can apply “Fair Game” to Marty since “he has no rights” even though LRH cancelled this policy in 1968. Is this not known to you, and if not, why not? Ignorance of policy or just sheer stupidity?

    And we’re all kool-aid drinkers because we “blame the whole thing on Miscavige”? So we should blame it on LRH?

    Howard, my dear, you were always the least favorite of the many IAS vultures. Perhaps you should go back to ripping the carrion flesh from some other innocent Scientologists who don’t know your ways.

    On second thought……..DON’T.

    Give us your full write-up on why you’ve “resigned from the IAS”. But I doubt that many of us will be holding our breath for long.

  260. Tony DePhillips

    Hi PW,
    He is an infamous IAS registrar.

  261. What are the chances of making a video interview with Bert Leahy? Perhaps he kept the SB t-shirt?

  262. Michael Fairman,
    Thank you for stepping up, yet again. You are a good man! ml, Laura

  263. U = Usurper.

  264. She is sweet and lovable isn’t she? But I wouldn’t want to mess with her 😉

  265. Their purpose is clear. And for the whole world to see.

    The emperor has no clothes.

  266. JJ
    I agree with you wholeheartedly in spirit and if this really were Howard Becker and he really were genuine I would expect him to be somewhat more forthcoming about his past involvement with the church.
    I would also expect him to get out of Non-E a bit before throwing his weight around with the carefully placed ‘Koolaide drinkers’ and ‘Fair Game’ barbs.
    Owing to the suspiciously confusing nature of this supposed revelation I have to question what the motives are – they’re certainly not clear at this point as evidenced by more than one negative response to this post.
    The genuine Scientologists who post a standard Doubt Announcement as per LRH tech are without censure or judgement welcomed into this group with unconditional love and support regardless of the mistakes (or ‘overts’) of the past. We (unlike Radical Scientology) really don’t care.
    Constant alertness JJ. That’s all this is.

  267. That should be JLJ I guess – JJ was for ‘James Junior’ 🙂

  268. Just found on WWP:

    Thought you’d enjoy this as well 🙂

  269. How about you be original tell the truth for a change ‘Squirrel Busters’?
    How about you admit that you’ve sold your souls for a bit of money to live on (now that the church has fleeced you of all money, property and possession) and the security that the cult won’t go after your own comm lines to cut you off from your group and malign you and label you ‘SP’ and ‘Fair game’.
    It’s a hard confront I know. But just stop pretending this is an honorable cause and imagine for a moment what would happen to you if you ‘changed sides’…
    My advice. Start taking action now to protect your friends and families – it will be your turn one day.
    Nice trap eh?
    This last piece of advice applies to certain radar-flyers still pretending to support the ‘church’ in the UK too. You know who you are. And so will OSA eventually (even they’re not stupid enough not to have noticed that their public are disappearing quietly).

  270. How are the stats Janet and Phil?
    I drove around the parking lot on Saturday and the place looked pretty empty.

  271. Were the security guards on libs?

  272. Smeso,
    Ah yes, the rainstorm where Gold crew attempted to kill Tom Cruise with a mudlside. It was all the more diabolical as Tom wasn’t actually THERE at the time. But DM spotted that he COULD have been there, and he spotted the aggregate evil intention of the entire Gold org, intent on murdering Tom Cruise (the self-styled #3, after DM and LRH, in Scientology), and assigned the group Confusion. Whilst we pondered just wtf that actually meant, Dave retired to play Nintendo and bask in his own pronunciamento.

    Ahh yes, Smeso, ahh yes. Good times 🙂

  273. Howard starts his post with “one could argue” and gives us the Church justifications of why the donations he regged were disbursed on policy. The first and formidable step a being takes on his route up is putting a little distance between himself and his past overts and justifications. The next step is stopping PT overts and finding data and coming on blogs like this; remember ethics go in by gradients alone and he doesn’t have all the data we have. If he is not very smart he’ll be in lockdown for eternity because he knows way too much now. He’ll first have to save his as and only then will he be able to make himself valuable on the dynamics.

  274. Yvonne Schick

    Very well said, Mark.

  275. Jimmie,
    I KNOW you’re accurate here. I do. With the ‘crass and blunt’ injustices that have accumlated under the DM Administration, there’s bound to be some attempt to ‘itsa them’ and free up from the whole thing a la Group Engram Running.

    There is this from Advanced Procedure and Axioms: “Human beings have a very high native sense of justice. Justice could be called the adjudication of the relative rightness or wrongness of a decision or action (see Logic 7).

    “The major service facsimile keys are then to be found in an area of injustice which is crass and blunt, and which is very much in the awareness of the preclear.”

  276. Lynne,
    My sentiments exactly. David Miscavige would have to find out WHERE HE IS.

    In my opinion he would also need to do another LRH formula: (Begin Fair Use)


    Correct application of the conditions formulas by a group is vital to its survival and expansion, and this includes the lower conditions and their formulas.

    A group in a condition of Confusion will be in a state of random motion, its staff will be stumbling around and running into walls, with no real production. When such an organization or group is assigned Confusion, it does NOT apply the formula “FIND OUT WHERE YOU ARE”. This is a first dynamic formula.

    The formula to be applied by a group which is in the Condition of Confusion is:


    Once this formula is complete, the group would apply the Treason formula and continue up the conditions, eventually arriving at Power.” LRH

    I, along with other staff, public, and Mission Holders, signed a petition, passed around at the Mission Holder’s conference in December, 1981, at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, assigning the Sea Org the Condition of Confusion. Since that time, they have never found out that they are a CHURCH and that they are supposed to be the keepers of the CORRECT TECHNOLOGY OF DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY OF L. RON HUBBARD, among other things. The Sea Org proceeded to confiscate missions, the spearhead into the society of the distribution of the technology, created the Finance Police to fine and terrorize these Mission Holders, and to continue to denigrate Mary Sue Hubbard, LRH’s last line of defense. They instantly overnight ordered the Declare of some 600 people up and down the West Coast as Suppressive Persons, in order to put a “head on a pike” in every org in that area. I have never found out if that was David Miscavige’s idea or someone else’s idea. I was one of three upstat public who were declared overnight, only to come home to find to find my “Burn Notice” on my door. It took me two years to get it cancelled at Flag. The out-point is that I never enforced the condition, and neither did the rest of us. We did not realize that it was a REAL condition, and most of us just went along for the ride, trying to live our lives and use the technology LRH left us, as well as we could working with the Church, thinking they had a monopoly on the technology.

    The Sea Organization, and now the Church, as a group, has never gotten out of the condition, to such an extent that it is now considered a fascist, terrorist-type organization by many of its own members (too scared to leave), ex-members, and the general public; and as such a group, has nothing better to do than to terrorize an ex-member trying to expose their crimes: one Marty Rathbun, and his wife, and his clients. This is done by constant harassment, character assassination and outright lies, as evidenced by the statements of Bert Leahy, a public person with enough integrity to find out the truth and tell the truth to the public.

    Almost 30 years later, I am going to repeat the Condition Assignment of Confusion. On behalf of myself and any other Independent Scientologist who would like to join in, I am assigning the Sea Organization and the Church of Scientology International, and all its staff and public, the Condition of Confusion, as a group, with the very kind direction to follow the formula and:


    Catherine Von Ach


  277. I agree 100% with Yvonne. Thank you, and Mike, for your courage in speaking up and putting it “on the record”. Very, Very Well Done!!

  278. Not sure if this isn’t a squirrel additive to the ethics formulas…it wasn’t in them when LRH was around that I know of. Anyone?

  279. Pingback: Scientology Espionage Exposed – Meet Bert Leahy | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  280. Tony DePhillips

    Easy for you to say.

    I wonder how well you would do at this if the squirrel busters were camped out at your house 24/7. Maybe your “reactive mind” might kick in.

  281. I wonder what David Miscavige would do if a REAL DOCUMENTARY came out.

    This quote is from a recent conversation I had with someone who has just made a deal with a major motion picture studio for the production and release of 10 – 12 Independent film scripts be made into full length motion pictures; AND who knows of the troubles I have had with my son and the Church. This conversation was unsolicited by me:
    “Catherine, we should do a documentary on DISCONNECTION! I now have the connections to do it!”

    I said, “How many crying mothers would we need? I have an almost inexhaustible supply!”

    David Miscavige, what are you going to do when the TRUTH of what you do becomes COMMON EVERYDAY KNOWLEDGE IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA? That day is rapidly approaching, and the signs of it are happening at an alarming rate: with books, magazine articles, newspapers, and before long, film.

    There used to be a statistic within the Church of Scientology in the PR area for good press, good media releases of any kind. These were numerous and many. Now, the opposite is true: your statistics for BAD PRESS, BAD RELEASES, and BAD PR IS THE ONE TRUE STAT THAT IS STRAIGHT UP AND VERTICAL!

    Have a nice day,
    Catherine Von Ach

  282. Hey, Mike. Yes, I know they aren’t really making a documentary, which is why I put it in quotes. But I thought I saw that DM had put up a website with some of the footage they have been shooting. I don’t remember which of the LRH-loyalist sites I saw a link or discussion of it on. It is also possible that I am mixing it up with something else.

    I was just saying that, since both sides are shooting this on video, might it not be strategic to place the true context — LRH vs. DM — right in the faces of those who might see it, whoever they are?

  283. Jason, thanks for letting us know about the cessation of PI’s in your life! And also, that the same has occurred for Tiziano! That is great news! It shows that the Church responds when the EXACT TRUTH of what they’re actually doing is exposed. It appears that they only change, even if temporarily, when the spotlight is shone upon their evil deeds.

    Hopefully, Marty and Mosey and friends will experience some relief, but it may take more to get them some peace and quiet!

    I like the way you have put it that the PI’s are an “enforced connection” to the Church. These are the two sides of the coin: enforced disconnection, a “can’t have” on your loved ones, and enforced connection, by virtue of PI’s following you and being hounded; an “enforced overt-have” on something you don’t want, (a connection to the Church), which LRH describes as how an SP makes others go PTS in the SP/PTS technology: (Fair Use Begins)

    From: HCO PL 12 May 1972 R, PTS Personnel and Finance:
    “A person who is connected to a suppressive person, group, or thing will dramatize a “can’t-have” or an “enforced-overt have” on an org or staff members.
    A “can’t-have” means just that, a depriving of substance or actions or things.
    An “enforced overt-have” means forcing upon another a substance, action or thing not wanted or refused by the other.” . . .
    I found suppressives became so to the person by running a “can’t-have” and “enforced-overt have”. This pinned the PTS person to the suppressive.
    Working further, I found that a PTS person was a robot to the suppressive.
    Suddenly it was apparent, that a PTS person, as a robot to SP’s, will run “can’t-haves” and “enforced overt-haves” on others.
    Checking rapidly, it was found that where finance lines were very sour, a PTS oerson was on those lines.” End Fair Use.

    In my case, I couldn’t have my own son. In your case, you have been subjected to PI’s 24/7. It is my opinion that we should all be aware of the above facts, if and when, we find ourselves in the position of attempting handling of those still in the Church.

    We all need to be aware of the above technical facts. There was a period of time where it became very difficult to do a job because I was very fixated on not being able to have a relationship with my son. My income was drastically affected. It was finally being able to do something about it; by speaking out on this blog, obtaining lawyers, writing letters of objection to DM, Monique Yingling and OSA, and forming Mothers-Against-Disconnection, that finally got me out of the apathy of not being able to have my own son, and got me back to living life again and being able to actually produce products. I can honestly say that it was only recently that I could get back to work, and start to produce good products in life that will lead to economic viability. I say this to all who are affected by this situation of having “cant-haves” and “enforced overt-haves” run on you! Don’t let this stop your production in life and make you miserable. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! BECOME SLIGHT GENTLE CAUSE! SPEAK OUT! GO FROM EFFECT TO CAUSE! DON’T GO PTS! GET A HANDLING FROM THE MANY QUALIFIED TERMINALS IN INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGY IF YOU DO EXPERIENCE PTS-NESS. All of us can be affected by this, either knowingly or unknowingly. I let it go on way too long, for me.

    Just a word of advice from one who has been in the mud, and is still slogging her way out of it. LRH knew what he was talking about!

    Much love to all of us who are still goin’ through it!
    Catherine von Ach

  284. Watching Eyes~Bingo!

  285. Miscavige is insane. Diagnose him. Lock him in. Treat him. Is this his definition of creating a better world? Improving planet earth? Raising prices. Having the IAS take all the money. Attacking auditors trying to audit outside of Cos. Squirrel means to worsen people with the wrong auditing methods, not to use auditing techniques outside of CoS.

    Jesus, go with the full force. Go with a class act or something similair and use all the force you can to get rid of DM. Your life will be heavily problematic since Miscavige suffers from Aspergers.

  286. Tony Dephillips

    I have seen make wrong work.

  287. David,
    Make that ‘DMonologists’, sounds better and is even closer to the truth.

  288. Another Layer

    “Although I yank you into my
    universe to beat some facts into your heads, it’s only just
    long enough to boot you the hell out and say, ‘Stand on
    your own two feet!'”
    Tape lecture, 28 April 54, Space and Havingness

    Perfect!!! Thanks so much! Really brightened my day!

  289. Mick Hamblen

    One question that I always have is: Have you filed a restraining order? If not why?

  290. Aspergers syndrome and being a psychopath is a very very different thging. I should know. nuff said

  291. Getting him on our side could as big as the end of R/S, so I’m curious how make wrong would improve anything.

  292. Tony DePhillips

    You said that you have never seen Make wrong work and I said that I have. Ethics gradients work. speaking derrogatorily about someone impinges on them sometimes. Read HCOPL Ethics review if you want to look at the LRH on it.

  293. Tony DePhillips

    I never said that I didn’t want him on “our side”. I doubt that he alone would be the make break point. I would let him work back up the conditions.

  294. Big difference between “speaking derogatorily” and Make Wrong. “That’s not okay and is off policy.” vs “You’re a butt head and have ev purps on me!” Such is my understanding anyway…

  295. Thanks for the validation – and for the reference. It’s a good one, Master of Qual.

  296. Tory Christman

    David Miscavige is a low life, sick and demented bully, plain and simple.
    Adding him to the “Tone Scale” (In ANY “Tone”) is an upgrade for loser-
    criminals such as he has shown the world, by his actions, he really is.
    “church”?? “religion”? “Leader”? He is his own leader of hatred, abuse and manipulation as far as I am concerned who could, by the way, care less about any of the people still “in”. BAIL WHILE U STILL CAN!~!

  297. Another Layer

    Love it!

  298. Mick, if you haven’t figured it out for yourself by now, give up! This is clearly not your game.

  299. And so would I. The very best thing for him and us is that he works back up the conditions. Good thing is that he already started (assuming it’s him) by breaking with the IAS and searching for data here which happens to be the major and most difficult step of all. Those are very good actions and need to be encouraged. Once he decides to give an effective blow, he could go on record about the IAS which would be major. Then he could work to make up the damage…..

  300. I don’t believe this is Howard. I’d recognize his communication. If it is…this communication doesn’t make sense, so he’s disguising it…to sound a bit unlike him. I also don’t see Howard spending time online involved in conversations like this, or making announcements to this group that he’s “resigned ” from the IAS. He’s not staff, but an FSM.
    If it isn’t then it’s somebody throwing out some bait to see how we’d all react…
    My guess is the latter…
    How’d we do?

  301. DM is not Scientology. DM is hell.

  302. I notice there haven’t been any more comments from “Howard D. Becker”. I also noted the change in the subject.
    Odd that whoever it is…hasn’t uttered a peep since.

  303. martyrathbun09

    James, please email me at howdoesitfeel@hushmail.com

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