Scientology Espionage Exposed – Meet Bert Leahy


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  1. “Stalkumentray”. Indeed. Bert, you are a man of integrity, and I thank you personally for following your conscience during these times.

  2. Not a good day to be a David.

    Burt, you are a man.

    ML Tom

  3. Tony DePhillips

    You’re a good man Bert!
    It takes a real man to stand up the way you did.
    Thanks you.

  4. Yup. Mix greed, arrogance, hate and incompetence and you eventually wind up in pokey house. Squirrelbustergate.

    Bert, on the other hand, is a real mensch. Thank you, Bert!


  5. Mr. Leahy,
    Thank you so much for your honesty, integrity and love for good people such as Marty and Mosey.
    I just wish there were more people like you, especially among those who call themselves “Operating Thetan Scientologists”.
    God bless you and your family!
    Much Love,

  6. Yes, thank you Bert Leahy. This is a good day.

  7. Simon Bolivar

    As I like to say, if people don’t know how to use a boomerang they should keep clear from the subject of PR, especially if it’s Black PR. It strikes back and hurts like hell.
    Very well done Mr. Leahy, your integrity is far way up than the SB and their pack leader. Thank you!
    Hi Marty, my congratulations for keeping the truth in the light.

  8. Good to meet you Burt. You are an upstanding person and have shown the integrity to observe and ask questions when it doesn’t seem right.

  9. Mr. Leahy you are a good man. Thank you for coming forward. You see you have a conscience and Dave and John don’t. My best to you and your Wife.

  10. How Great the Sound of Truth.
    That is real Freedom.
    Getting Ethics in is such a wonderful experience.

    My Best to All.

  11. Awesome.

    The basic human goodness of people can emerge once they free their minds from the chains of ideology.

  12. It would be nice to refer this guy to people that had some real work for him. Honest, hard working guy. A real gem.

    Baptist ministers are now talking to their congregations about the importance of following one’s conscience rather than greed and using the Church of Scientology’s harassment of Marty as an example. Good Lord.

  13. Bert,

    You’re an ethical man. Thank you.

    OSA and Davey Boy,

    Truth hurts, don’t it? (actually, it has not even begun to hurt…yet)

  14. What an acknowledgment of Bert’s character! Go Bert!
    And what a testament to the lack of character of those who continue this ridiculous greedy slimey stalking crap.

  15. Mr. Leahy, you are a good man.

    Your coming forward has helped to expose the tactics being used on whistleblowers by the insane man known as David Miscavige, and his goon squad, known as the Office of Special Affairs. This man and his henchmen have taken what was once a Church with an effective method of helping people live happier lives and turned it into a paranoid, abusive, money hungry Cult. The group currently calling itself The Church of Scientology under the “ecclesiastical leadership” of David Miscavige is, unfortunately no longer practicing the religion of Scientology.

    As a 37-year Scientologist (no longer part of Miscavige’s group) I just want to say I hope that you will not judge the subject of Scientology too harshly based on what these few people are doing now to destroy it. Judge it more by the good, fair people like Marty and Mosey, and many, many others who are working to restore the good works of L. Ron Hubbard.

  16. Benjamin Cisco

    Thank you Bert. You’re a special person to be able to both see when something’s wrong and then act upon it. You’ll do very well in your career and life.

  17. You looking a bit rough today Marty. Like the day after you just been hit by Loki Athena.

  18. Good man.
    Thank you, Bert.

  19. Bert,

    What a cool dude you are.. Many of us responding to this blog have found ourselves in similar situations to yourself, working at something we thought was in fact different to what it was, or doing something less than desirable to support our families, realizing that we had jumped from the frying pan into the fire. There is much honor in the tact you have taken, it should provide you much personal strength. We can not change what has happened to us, we can change what it means to us. I pray your experiences and actions help build a solid foundation for a life that allows you and your family further satisfaction and rewards.

    I have been working on a concept of creating small, fun, educational videos, in part to inspire children to learn and understand environmental sciences. It is a low budget concept, but is something that may have residual value both monetarily and in gaining exposure for your name and work. If interested, Id love to discuss with you. Marty knows me and how to get a hold of me. My website is www . ecowerks . com.

  20. There are moments in my life that restores my faith in the honesty and beauty of the human race. This is one of them and by far not the first on this blog.
    Mr. Leahy ~ respect to you. You are an honest man that has the strength of spirit and integrity to stand up and say something when confronted with wrong doing. I am impressed.
    Marty, I admire your overt strategy here. It is so in your face and open for everyone to see that it makes me laugh!
    When the church and osa try to stay in the shadows – it’s like you are chasing them with a bright light and exposing what they do behind closed doors.
    Thank you for your persistence and for what you are doing. Please do not stop!

  21. Mr Leahy,

    I have no doubt that you will not be impeded by this mis-step especially since you have shown a depth of character not common to many. I am “putting it out there” that you will succeed in you chosen profession beyond your wildest dreams. Good luck and godspeed.


  22. From LRH “What I Expect of a Scientologist”… in action!

  23. When I first engaged in the subject of Scientology, back in 1973, the PR line that hooked me was, “…a civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights.”

    That PR line still has me hooked.

    But it will not be accomplished by “scientologists” or “christians” or “buddhists” or any “ism” whatsoever.

    It will be accomplished by people of good will aligning with one another, sharing what wisdom each has and calmly creating such a civilization in their “own back yard.” This will spread to neighborhods…to communities…to cities…counties…and eventually to states and countries.

    Honest beings such as the two on this video will be what creates a new civilization. And there are many honest beings all over the planet, in every corner of every country, who are doing similar actions to create it. It is only the monopolies on wisdom and the vested interests of the greedy few who hamper the flow toward a better world.

    Thanks for your integrity, Bert. Thanks for the comm line Marty.

    The free flow of honest communication between people of good will is the key.

  24. Hey, Bert, you are in the middle of a story that might warrant some documentation! Good luck with it. If the local Baptist church is making it the subject of his Sunday sermons, there may be a wider story here. You just might have fallen into a story, thanks to your conscience, that may become a significant part of your body of work as a documentary filmmaker. All the best to you.

  25. Thanks so much, Bert! You’re a wonderful human being!

  26. It’s moments like these that I can’t help but think,” If they just applied POLICY!!!… they could FIX THIS!!!” But then again, that’s what got them here in the first place – disregard for the Tech. ALL OF IT.

    Irony… it’s too funny. 🙂

  27. Yvonne Schick

    What a man! Thank you, Bert.
    DM missed the warning “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

  28. martyrathbun09


  29. Is anyone supposed to even know what that means?

  30. The world would be a much better place with more people like you Bert. May you live long and prosper.

    I can’t remember what the name of the documentary you have already made is, maybe you can throw up a link. The title sounded interesting.

  31. Wow the more I look at this the more charge I blow. John Allender is an SP. I remember back in the Stevens Creek days when people would say that the ED, Joy was the SP. I look at it in a new unit of time and John keeps coming up. His wife Lynda was a whiney CS always pointing the finger at Joy. Well, Well Lynda, take a good look at what you have and are contributing to. The public in the Bay Area are in apathy at best.

    I will admit for the last couple of days I have had this reoccurring dream of DM at the Shrine giving one of his famous speaches on his applebox and his own members putting a copper noose around his neck and then they all walk out with him hanging there. Oh well DM gotcha! you are so gone.

  32. “The good shape of the thetan is native to the thetan. It
    isn’t something you’re creating. You’re taking away the
    factors which put him in bad shape. And those factors can
    summate into cross postulates, postulates which aren’t his,
    spaces and energies which aren’t his. And when you’ve
    cleared up that problem you’ve got an Operating Thetan.”

    L. Ron Hubbard, 12 Apr 54, CHANGE AND REHABILITATION, 5th ACC.

  33. Just when you think the whole world is going to shit……along comes
    Bert Leahy. Goes to show there are still a lot of good people around.
    Nice job, thanks!
    I’m sure LaBlow’s head is on a pike today for all of this! LOL

  34. Truth finds a way.

    Today, Bert is that truth.

    He is a good man.

    How much more proof of stalking and blatant harrassment do the authorities need before they act? Jeeeeeeeezus H Chriiiiiiiiiiiist !!!

    Can Anderson Cooper do a piece on this already?!? I mean, c’mon…

  35. Amen.

  36. Bert, good on you. Your personal integrity has shone through. Well done and my sincerest thanks.

  37. Bert:
    I salute your refusal to back down or accept what you were told until you found out the truth for yourself. Bravo! I wish the Koolaide drinkers still inside the ‘church’ would do the same.
    Bert and Marty:
    Witnessing two honest and compassionate beings truly communicating with each other and displaying such tolerance and understanding was priceless. Thank you both for sharing 🙂
    Allender & Lebow :

  38. Bert, you’ve done yourself proud (I probably should say “again” because I’m sure it’s not the first time, nor the last).

  39. Bryon K Eckert

    Bert, I hope you do very well. I admire your integrity.

    Marty, the beard looks great.

  40. Bert,
    Thank you very much for sticking to good values of our society which is expressed as the “golden rule” which is expressed in most religions, including Scientology (The way to Happiness). The SQBs, Gomez, Allender, Lubow, OSA, and Miscavige do not apply this though there is the TWTH foundation created to get this applied in Society.

    Christianity – All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye so to them; for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:1

    Confucianism – Do not do to others what you would not like yourself. Then there will be no resentment against you, either in the family or in the state.
    Analects 12:2

    Buddhism – Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.
    Udana-Varga 5,1

    Hinduism -This is the sum of duty; do naught onto others what you would not have them do unto you. Mahabharata 5,1517

    Islam – No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. Sunnah

    Judaism – What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellowman. This is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary. Talmud, Shabbat 3id

    Taoism -Regard your neighbor’s gain as your gain, and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss. Tai Shang Kan Yin P’ien

    Zoroastrianism – That nature alone is good which refrains from doing another whatsoever is not good for itself. Dadisten-I-dinik, 94,5

    (from: )

  41. My admiration to you Bert Leahy for your honestly, perception and integrity!

  42. Bert,
    Most of us on this blog are the true Scientologists; we left the Cult formed by David Miscavage because he has turned it into something so far from the ‘truth’, that it made it intolerable to continue.
    The same as you’ve just done.
    You possessed the ablility to observe the obvious, asked questions and then removed yourself from the scene because you knew it was the ‘right thing to do’, so Good on You and Very Well Done, for not cowing to the maddness & lies that would have perpetuated the Stalkumentory!
    So welcome to this group and may I offer this fitting description of you~INTEGRITY, as defined in Scientology & Dianetics:

    Integrity, (1.) the condition of having no part or element taken away or wanting: undivided or unbroken state; wholeness. (2.) the condition of not being marred or violated; unimpaired or uncorrupted condition; soundness. (3.) soundness or moral principle; the character of uncorrupted virtue, especially in relation to truth and fair dealing; uprightness, honesty, sincerity. (BTB 4 Dec 72).

    Best wishes for your continued success for you and your family, Midge

  43. Bert — Thank you.

    Marty: overcoming greed with conscience Amen brother.

  44. Here is a link to a preview of the documentary:

    Here is the amazon link:

  45. Sam,
    It is really an origination, one you’re familiar with:

    “My head feels like it has a tight band around it!”

    Only it’s expressed with cryptic symbolism 🙂

  46. Sam,
    Familiar as in having done your meter drills and TRs, and having the Preclear Origination Sheet gone over umpty ump times. His ‘zorch’ really hurts. It’s got a pain in it. So, out comes this sort of thing ‘blahhhhh’ and there you go.

  47. Marty Marty Marty.

    I am sure we don’t know what all wnet on. But, all I could keep thinking of is why not sting them back.

    Set up recordings of them offering pay offs, ask them questions and nail them to the cross.

    Bert it is nice to see common sense making a triumphant return and even better that the dollar is still nothing more than paper.

    You could have made a nice chunk of change off the Co$ and decided not too, i commend you.

    Although it would have been nice to get payoff from then I don’t know, maybe donate it to an anti – Co$ website or something—that would have been AWESOME.

    Marty you rock !!!!!

  48. Ziba Feulner

    Thanks for your honesty and integrity, Bert!

  49. He’s gonna be world famous for bringing down Davey!

  50. Nice work, thank you.

  51. Happy to see this on the record and for all to witness. Bert, be strong and there’s nothing Davey can do to make you less!

  52. I can’t help but laugh at Miscavige, he is such a pathetic failure. He controls a stable of flying monkeys (OSA), a cult of obedient, mindless sheeple and a billion dollar “war chest” and a few good people with a handful of truth and a pocket full of change is just bitch slapping him silly.
    The harder he tries the more he fails. He is a victim of his own insanity.

  53. Greetings Bert,

    Your integrity has brought you deserved appreciation.
    I add my thanks and wish you only the best!

    And yes, Yvonne, you Texans continue to lead the way in dealing with the maniacal midget’s robotic slaves.

  54. I am sorry Sam. I’ll tell you some thing outstanding later on in the week.
    “Dianetics The More Modern Science Of Mental Health” Book two re the section on Alexander The Great. The manic carries on and Phillips revenge. A Mozart story.

  55. Michael Fairman

    You are a shining example of integrity and virtue. Thank you for the truth.

  56. 3 words: Integrity, Honesty, Responsibility… You have it!
    Bert Leahy, a name to not forget
    Thank you .

  57. Having been a Sea Org member for almost 3 decades I can tell you the following.
    There is a 4 letter word that you will never hear in the Sea Org. Curse words screamed are TOTALLY acceptable but this 4 letter word, if spoken, would get a member immediately rejected. Group members would immediately question the persons purpose and mental state.
    The joke is that this word is the “key”, the only thing that could ever save Miscavige and his criminal Sea Org.
    OSA agents – cover your eyes and ears because here it comes……..

    L O V E

  58. +1 From SOS “Courage Level”: “The courage level is also an index of the safety with which one may associate with a person or group. A person of high courage is a valuable associate and group member, but a coward is a dangerous liability as a friend.”

  59. ExIntStaffMember

    In these harsh economic times, Bert followed his own integrity instead of the smell of easy money. Bert Leahy is a man’s man.

  60. Jim. “I will kick you up the zorch”

  61. Phew!
    Thanks Tigger.
    That as-ises it for me.

  62. Texans scare the hell out of me and I’m fearless 😉

  63. Well done Bert, outstanding.
    Flourish and prosper buddy.

  64. That’s what I always liked about YOU.

  65. John Fennessey

    “Blessed are the pure of heart, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.
    “Clean hands make a happy life”. And many more truths like that. You did the right thing. You followed your conscience. From that path or position it is impossible to err. Best wishes.

  66. What is truly amazing is how these “experts of the mind” completely blew Bert off, thus forcing him to reach out to Marty in order to get answers. No handling. No comm. No ARC.

    (OK, I guess I should expect such gross incompetence by now)

    Of course, they’re in a tight spot. If they bring any Scientologists in that aren’t robots, they risk making them blow. If they bring any Wogs in, they risk exposing their crimes.

    I guess that’s what happens when you are criminal douchebags! You just can’t trust *anybody*! LOL!

    Maybe POB can develop some “Ideal CyBorgs” who could take over the jobs of the SquirrelBusters? Just let them recharge at night, then load them up in the golf cart in the morning. They could be programmed to:

    1) Point cameras at buildings for hours on end
    2) Spout off false data about OSA harassment targets using hi-def videos on flat-screen displays with exciting graphics and meaningless, imaginary stats!
    3) Throw bundles of libelous material in the neighbors yards.
    4) Give a “dead behind the eyes” blank stare.
    5) Easily made to look more lifelike than the current human “SquirrelBusters”
    6) File automatic reports to Int Base with soothing, feel-good messages like:
    * “We’re really introverting and Being At Cause, Sir!”
    * “We are getting positive feedback from all the neighbors down here!”
    * “That white G-string really complements your tanned, chiseled features,
    * “Our stats are straight up and vertical!”

    And, they can’t testify in a court of law against the CoM, or display anything resembling a conscience.

    Yes, a corps of these steely warriors can be soon be deployed against the enemies of Scientology, without any Scientologists in Good Standing ever needing to know a thing about it.

    They will be commanded by courageous and above-average PIs who will, if the situation warrants it, be totally thrown under the bus and be disavowed of any connection to the CoM whatsoever.

    All we need is a donation demonstrating your non-evil intentions of the approximate value of the equity in your home, and we will be able to rocket these Ideal CyBorgs all over the world to combat the enemies of Scientology to Infinity, and Beyond!

    (Right after we roll out Super Power…)

  67. Bert Laehy,

    The bottom line is this: you are 1,000 times the Real Man that either Dave Lubow or his boss David Miscavige could ever hope to even dream of being.

    I don’t have a hat, but it would off to you!

    Very Well Done and God Bless you!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  68. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Bert is a man with open eyes, and an honest heart.

  69. Fire breathing frog

    David MissGarbage,
    You seem you can not apply one policy right.
    Basic policy in PR: Never use lies.
    All you acuse Marty of, smell lies 1000 miles away.
    You keep throwing shit straigh to the fan and you stay right in front of it.
    You are not only the most evil man I’ve ever meet, you are the most stupid as well.

    To Mr Leahy & Mr Rathbun,
    You are an island of sanity in the sea of evil, greed and robotism.
    Peace & love to you.

  70. I enjoyed seeing Bert Leahy on the video. One doesn’t need to be a Baptist, a Methodist, a Scientologist, a Hindu or any other religion to recognize a good person, and Bert, I add my salute to the others above! Hope to meet you someday.

  71. I just love it when a plan for DM does not come together………

    Now, that is what I call a rapid flanking maneuver……a big time, mother- freaking outflanking of the golf cart brigade and their creepy looking leader, Sub-Commander Gomez.

    I predict that we will see one or more of the remaining baby blue, golf cart street creepers, defect. If any of them have a sense of wrongdoing, they will feel the overwhelming urge to put ethics in on themselves, now that their lies and true mission have been revealed to a larger audience.

    Keep that video camera set up in your living room, Marty.

    Press on, press on.

  72. Bert,

    You are a REAL Freedom Medal Award winner for 2011 in my book. This is the kind of courage and integrity we do aspire to. Thank you for making the world a better place by being you and keeping it real,

  73. Oops. Regardless . . .

  74. Bert Leahy — Thank you!! I believe we need a song …

  75. Burt,
    Thank you for applying the golden rule for happy living. It is amazing that Allender and co. Totally violate the precept in Way to Happiness that says to never do unto others what you would not like done to you unless he really would enjoy being stalked at every move and people ganging up on him shouting invalidations at him at every opportunity. So if that really is a rule for happy living I can’t imagine that Mr. Allender or any of the others participating in the abuse could possibly be happy!

  76. Watching Eyes

    Good going! This story will have legs. I bet Tony Ortega of the Village Voice is updating his column as I type. You may find this whole fiasco leads to some good job offers! And it should. I mean, what’s not to like; a decent man with integrity, willing to work on some honest projects. Now that you’re known, employers should come knocking.

  77. Thank You Bert Leahy. The ripples from your good acts spread out to help others and make a better world.

  78. I believe that what Marty is doing here is nothing short of repairing a ‘Broken Brand’. Step by step, through your every action, you are restoring Scientology’s good name.
    Thank you for having the courage and, as LRH would say, the ‘stick-to-ivity’, to see this through!

  79. This is priceless! and the TRUH+H!

  80. Another Layer

    Hi Bert,
    Thanks so much for coming forward! That took courage and integrity, which you have in abundance. You chose wisely.

  81. Brian Culkin

    Imagine LRH seeing what has become of his church. I know there are several people with various views of Hubbard on this blog, but my God.

    This is an embarrassment to all people who walk the spiritual path.

    And the main reason why it is so bad is because it is from the self-proclaimed “most ethical group on the planet.”

    Gimmmme a break

    They still refuse to refund my money. What a church!

  82. Wow! What a great reference. Found a cross postulate that totally has been making me miserable for years and years. After finding it, I’m a happy thetan again. Thanks!

  83. Brian Culkin

    Bert- You are a good man. It feels good to do the right thing.


  84. Amen, Sue! David Miscavige’s dirty deeds are becoming a household topic!

    Bert, how would you like to do a documentary on DISCONNECTION?

    Bert, thank you for honesty and integrity, it is people like you in the world that make the world a better place.

    Please contact me at, if you are interested in doing a documentary. And, may your good deed open up many more doors for you!

    Catherine von Ach

  85. Yes, Yvonne and Sam, he really has no idea what he’s messin’ with, and he just keeps sending people down here, and shootin’ himself, and them, in the foot! David Miscavige just never learns!

  86. Should be David La Blown.

    Bert thanks for coming clean and I’m sure you’ll have more actual work as a videographer than you can handle that isn’t part a clandestine covert op run by a two bit wanna be spook who doesn’t even know the basics (fortunately for you, Marty and us) of OpSec.

    But I’m sure you would have figured out this was actually a “stalkumentary” at some point.

    In the “Church of Scientology” these days things are not as they seem since it was hijacked by those who are hostile and inimical to the subject.

    Proof once again that the Church is being controlled by those who are Anti Social and Anti Scientology.

    While you’re at Marty’s I recommend getting some *real* auditing, so you can see the difference between Scientology and the *Black Dianetics* being practiced in the “Church” these days.

    Such as the attempt to manipulate and control you with *lies*.

    This of course is up to you Bert.

    I’ll think you’re totally cool even if you have nothing to do with the subject after this.

    Good luck and I wish you much success in your chosen career.



  87. Hi Bert,
    I can’t tell you how incredible it is to be reminded by someone like you that, there are good honest people in this world who care about what happens. You are a stellar example of how we should all live. You just made a wealth of friends and friendship. ml, Laura Ann Wilson

  88. Hi Bert;
    I try pick my friends on this basis. Would I want them in a fox hole with me when the chips are down and your life is on the line….I can honestly say to you Bert… can visit my fox hole anytime. Thanks so much for moving to the front of the line to help Marty & Mosey shed the truth about the Squirrel Buster’s unethical teenage like scam operation in Ingleside, Texas.

  89. George M. White

    Great Work! Thanks.

    Much loving-kindness,

  90. Another Layer

    Hi Bert – I just ordered a copy. Thanks again.

  91. Bert,

    Thank you for having the courage and personal integrity to speak out.

    “Church” indeed. Looks like a Cult to me.

  92. Thanks for the quote Ingrid.

    Good old SOS 🙂

  93. Good comment Magnolia 🙂

  94. Bert Leahy, thank you for being who you are.

    Can’t call anyone a cowboy until you see ‘em ride.

  95. Bert
    You are a man of honor and integrity.
    Thank you for following your own code of honor,
    Many blessings to you.

  96. Wow. That is powerful Mat.

  97. Can’t wait Norman

  98. BMO(K)C:

    In truth, there would be nothing more incriminating with a “sting.” Lablow/Allender and POB got stung bad here. You probably noticed they carefully word their answers as they know they cannot refute this guy. He is an unimpeachable source.

    This video goes down as an all time major sting — this stung bad. Their eyes are still watering.

    PS: Love your comments here

  99. “Integrity is not a 90 percent thing; not a 95 percent thing; either you have it or you don’t.” Peter Scotese

    Bert–Having no affiliation with or known prior inclination toward Scientology, you nevertheless turned away from an opportunity to make really good money, probably badly needed, and kept your integrity. That makes you a rich man, indeed. My hope for you is that you will have more honest work than you can handle! I have a strong hunch that will happen.

    Marty, Mosey, Mike R, et al–Your integrity is intact as well and you, too, will thrive. Stay cool, Marty, you really have them by the balls, as my dad used to say!

  100. top of the vale

    I could get behind doing a real documentary of the squirrel bangers and expose their actions to the international community.
    For those who know who ‘lil allender’ really is, he never completed his ‘a to e’ when he was rightfully declared an SP for un-clearing clears for “purely” monetary purposes in the early ’80s as Tech Sec of Stevens Creek. His accomplice in that whole charade was his wife Lynda the C/S of the org. They both should have been declared!!!
    You can bet allender has more crimes yet to be exposed and he WILL get his, down the road.

  101. Matt – you hit the nuts and bolts of the matter.
    Love is the first thing to be destroyed or utterly invalidated.
    There’s some HCOB floating around about ‘true love’ which is used as a standard tool in the cult to convince people that love is abberated. – Can’t find that damned reference now – if anyone can direct me would be appreciated – had that shoved in my face as a ‘stable datum’ in the matter many times.
    Once the Koolaide drinker has become too brainwashed and numb to feel love anymore, any matter of evil can be justified as ‘survival’.

  102. Thank you Bert for letting us know what was going on. I am sure none of the others over there would have ever let this information be known as there integrity leaves a lot to be desired. They would simply lie as they have been doing for so many years.

  103. Robert Earle


  104. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Bert! You, too, Marty!

  105. Robert Earle

    greeat post Sinar…. and to Bert ..very well done!

  106. Thank you for your integrity !
    Bert Leahy you a hero !
    God bless you !

  107. God Bless you Bert! You are a shining example of personal integrity and honor. Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking up and being true to your own heart.

    You will reap the rewards of your actions, many times over. I wish you and your family nothing but prosperity and happiness. 🙂 🙂

  108. Robert Earle

    Beautiful …R

  109. Fellow Traveller

    Sam —

    That removal of love also allows the cult leader to be the ONLY TERMINAL, because it eliminates this natural, at least in this universe at this time, impulse. Maybe the sp valence posessing little davie has some understanding of the effects.

    The apostolic creed for cult leaders: Thou can have no other terminals but ME.


  110. Bert,
    thank you very much for what you have done. You have put your conscience above everything else – truly admirable !!!!!

    You are aware that there is a long term struggle between what calls itself the “church” of scientology and a number of individuals with a common desire. Maybe your action has made a difference and changed the course of this struggle … the future will prove it. And your video will be watched in years from now.

  111. Fellow Traveller

    What a dichotomy. Under the watch of the organization LRH trusted to get in ethics on the planet, the Greatest Secret becomes the Greatest OVERT.

    Now, this is a generalized statement and ain’t ‘zactly true, so ‘pologies for that. But the state of affairs…. wow.

    Matt — that there be a helluva nugget to chew on. Damn that’s profound. And it aligns with what has been pointed out earlier by the more astute who grace us with their insights: Davie: Man bad. LRH: Man good.

    Bruce Pratt

  112. Bruce Pratt - Fellow Traveller

    Bert is an operatin’ texan.
    “Can’t call anyone a cowboy until you see ‘em ride.”

    I dream of acknowledging this individual and his courage and personal integrity by increasing the ranks of publicly, fully known individuals.

    Bruce Pratt

  113. It’s the PTS RD HCOB.

    I’m not surprised that the intent of the section of that HCOB has been perverted along with everything else on the subject of PTSness in the Church of “Scientology”.

    Obvious reason:

    So one can not recognize sources of actual suppression.

    Like anything else you have to read the *****whole**** HCOB in order to get the concept of what Ron is talking about in regard to “true love” or what a “true love” terminal really is.

    Otherwise it is the disgraceful and totally disgusting as well as OUT TECH action known as “feeding someone a ‘cognition'” which is totally ****squirrel**** meaning the person using this HCOB in such a manner is a frickin’ SQUIRREL.

    Hey “Squirrel Busters”.

    Why don’t you clean up your own back yard first?

    Ah yes.

    I almost forgot how the CRIMINAL MIND operates.

  114. Sam, not sure if it’s what you’re after but I found a reference to “true love” in HCOB 9 Dec 1971RC PTS RUNDOWN, AUDITED.

  115. Bizzare bahavior.

    Dave Lebeau is supposed to be a “pro”? I’ll assume he’s not an absolute moron and that he is just being pushed by greed and/or extreme pressure to act outside of his zone of competence, whatever that is. He’s going to end up in jail.

    I’m sure he won’t talk when he’s facing prison time. That would be unprofessional and just plain rude to his employer David Miscavige.

  116. Thank you for telling the world about David Mismanage and his ****ing Beagle.

    I mean really,.

    I don’t know why I believe that story.

    I know I WANT to believe it.

    I know the world is a better p[lace, because I know that story.

    While, admittedly I was not present, I believe it happened 100 percent.

    I also know I had to clean MT Dew off my computer screen when I saw that interview.

    “………… He had his beagle in a Sea Org uniform with epaulettes……”(Sploooshh– ah #$%&* –honey bring me the squeegee— Damn you Rathburn…..Damn you!)

    I think the beagle should write the prologue when you write your book.


    Ok, I know I shouldn’t say this but I am not scared that the “Big Midget” will find me in Oklahoma and send a crew of Goof balls and Kooks to my place…. but I have to ask if anyone knows the answer to this….

    But when David Mismanage is giving it to his beagle………..

    ……….Do you think he likes it –


    Just askin’

    Bed Man in Okc

    “Champagne for my real friends & real pain for my sham friends”


  117. Robert Earle

    Sam the ref you are in search of is HCOB 9 dec 71 “PTS Rdn Audited” section “RE-DOS”

  118. Robert Earle

    Also what RJ said

  119. Thanks for speaking up, Bert. It means a lot to us.
    Wishing you and your family well.
    Love, Rich

  120. one of those who see

    What a good guy you are Bert! You just made a lot of friends.

  121. one of those who see

    Fantastic Sinar!! Thanks!!

  122. Thank you, Bert. You are a man of integrity.

    I sincerely hope your actions open a flood gate of prosperity for you and your family. Your act of responsibility and honor will have positive repercussions around the world.

    Mike Wreggitt

  123. Yvonne Schick

    You’ve got some “Texas” in your soul, Girl Friend. I could spot it an ocean away. When I saw the photo of you with a rifle in your hand, it was totally confirmed.

  124. Tory Christman

    I agree, Bert! Great to have you talk…this just keeps on getting better,
    and better. Saying “I’m sorry–I didn’t go to video school to learn how to stalk”..isn’t that amazing that this “Mafia-like organization” (C of $)
    hides behind the curtain of “religion”? I’m daily amazed, and I was “in” for
    30 years. Thank you ALL 🙂

  125. Ummm, that’s not an affiliate link, is it?

  126. Scott Campbell

    Mr Leahy,

    Like Marty said: “thank you for not continuing to do that.”

    And thank you for doing what you subsequently did. You showed a lot of personal integrity in coming forward to report on the true nature of the “squirrel buster” faux documentary activities.

  127. What a man on integrity you are, Bert. What you have done here, I believe, is far more important in the grand scheme of things than we can know, for sure, right now. Your actions are reverberating through the universe in a way that no John Allender, Dave Lubow or David Miscavige will EVER be able to stop.

    The truth is beautiful. Many of our friends (still stuck in a trance inside the “church”) are supporting the regime and instead, like you, should be voicing the same kinds of sentiments you have done here.

    Your unwillingness to be corrupted (and your voicing of that strong opposition to such hideously intrusive and obnoxious behavior) has made me cry. I realize that in the back of my “world”, every single day, I have been waiting for those still inside to finally stand up and say “no, we will not tolerate this anymore.”

    What you have done has shifted the balance, of continuous injustice, and added a significant weight to the right side of the ledger.

    Thank you and thank you to your wife — both of you — for being genuine people and for having the conscience and the guts to act upon your truth.

    P.S. Lurkers, fence-sitters, OSA, et al —- how much more do you need to see? What else needs to happen for you to step up to the plate and say “No more!” This man didn’t think his neck was too precious to do what was right. What is so precious about yours? Hmmm? Stand up in the light, you have friends here.

  128. Brian,
    They just drop the comm line. Mine is a repayment, my money, never used. They are criminal!!!!!!!!!! Out exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!! An embarrassment to mankind!!!!!!!!!!

  129. It wouldn’t surprise me that OSA is doing damage control to keep the remaining programmed SQB robots in line by saying Leahy talked to Marty, which shows you the power of an SP and his ability to manipulate even a wog, therefore none of you are allowed ever to have a conversation with him lest you be turned into an SP. One lie after another, as if you can turn someone into an SP by a conversation.

  130. In other words they are being kept in the fear band such as the one POB is in.

  131. Midge- Love your post

  132. Thanks TOV,

    I remember sorting out some cases myself who had been former Squirrely Creek public.

    Never knew the full story behind it.

    The irony of having a squirrel leading the so called “squirrel busters” 🙂

  133. I’m sure dm considers love to be for weaklings and you have to be theetie wheetie to engage in such preposterous activity. In actual fact it takes strong beings to love -succumbing to hate is easy.

  134. Michael Fairman

    The following may be a bit corny but the power of it is certainly applicable to Bert and Miscavige. Bert has an innate understanding of it and Miscavige is completely oblivious.

    “What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul”

  135. Fill out this form and send it in. You may also want to send a copy to Monique Yingling of Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger, L.L.P. at
    888 Seventeenth St. N.W.
    Suite 700
    Washington, D.C. 20006, seeing as how they are apparently complicit in propping up this travesty of an organization.

  136. + 1

    GREAT comment Sindy

  137. Thank you Bert – a million thanks!

  138. Yvonne Schick

    Not corny at all – right to the heart of the matter. Great selection.

  139. Hi Bert – nice to meet you. I really like your style – straight and honest. Thank you for speaking out.

  140. Well done Bert! Thank you for coming forward 🙂
    Your personal integrity will keep you going strong.

  141. Love of self is a positive thing. Being precedes doing. A cherised “me” is above 2.0, and capable of outflowing sanely in response to the environment. Above 2.0 one gets have, confront, etc.. It is all about havingness … on all four flows. But below love of self is below 2.0 (on the emotional tone scale) and there, “me” is a worried, anxious, fearful (or below), often selfish thing, easily manipulated and lied to. Below 2.0 one gets substitute (other valences), must be confronted, must be contributed to, etc. – and it’s all about clutching for any havingness at all. Just my thoughts on it.

  142. +1 Hilarious.

  143. Marty, congratulations on your introduction to the Church of Scientology. I met these people when I was in high school and had just finished reading the Dianetics book. I thought one or two of them to be a bit odd but I never thought in a million lifetimes that oddity would reach the proportions that it did. My diary clearly describes what I mean:

    Now that I am older and wiser I see what they are now doing to you. I cannot figure why even less than I could when thdy did this to me. The stalking the overts and now Bert Leahy coming forward to help. I guess one must follow what L. Ron Hubbard says at all times and I try to “Be willing to experience anything”. I am, I do, I have and as I can see you are in luck as well! 🙂 You would make as good of friend to me in person I am sure as you have been to me on the blog. I am following the events in your town pretty closely and so are a great many other people. I know you have heard this before, but I just don’t see how the church can win. Signing off for now.

  144. Mirari, I sent you an email. Legally you have to be repaid your repayment.They can only stall for so long. You see I did find out that they spend all that they take in. Used to be money was put aside for repayments. Not now. perhaps they are not taking in anything, however, he/she who tr 3’s gets his/her money back. Of course there is the route of a lawyer. It is a pain in the ass but you will win.

  145. Great post, Sindy!

  146. Bert, Your family has much to be proud of.

  147. Mr. Leahy,

    I’d like to thank you for your character and courage in taking the action that you have taken – and most particularly for standing up and speaking out – which takes no small amount of courage – particularly when considering the past history of, and the now obvious motivations, of those involved.

    You sought to confront and question these individuals for any remotely reasonable explanation of their activities, and receiving none, you recognized it for the evil that it truly was.

    Observing (over a relatively short time) that you, unfortunately, had become involved with some very questionable folks, who wanted to enlist your participation in something, that once you discerned the true nature of it, you knew that you wanted absolutely no part of, you made a decision.

    Sometimes the immediate purposes and motivations of individuals are not initially apparent – particularly with with folks you haven’t known, and which are prone to lying, deceitfulness, and other evil behavior … apparently without so much as a second thought. I don’t think I’d be incorrect in saying that this is something that many here are very familiar with.

    You made the decision stay true to your own character, integrity, and honor … and remove yourself from that scene and just walk away – despite a significant financial incentive not to (both in terms of future income – and recouping any expenses you had already incurred) – to say nothing of the possibility of making yourself a potential target as well.

    This alone speaks volumes about WHO you are.

    But not only did you do that, but you took it a step further – and ultimately sought to take responsibility for your initial (unwitting) involvement and make an effort to set things right with the good folks – clearly no enemies of yours – who were the intended target of this evil.

    That is something perhaps that a fair number of folks might not have done – anxious only to put something of such an ugly nature as far behind them as possible, as quickly as they as possibly could.

    Your family is very lucky indeed to have as it’s leader, an individual such as yourself.

    We have never met (and it would be my pleasure) …. but I certainly do consider it an honor just to know of you ….

    This world is truly a better place …. simply because you are in it ….

  148. Lovely.

  149. Scott Campbell


    When I was a kid, my mom gave me a sterling silver key that said “Key of Heaven” along the shank of the key on one side, and on the back of the key it had “What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul”.

    Thanks for reminding me of that. Very apropos.

  150. Bert, Good job. Thanks for sticking up for what you know is right. Many in this society are not able or willing to do that. It’s good to meet a man of honor.

    Mark and Bon

  151. 😆 Jim Logan ~ Presactly!

  152. Les~So true, so true.

  153. Silver, Carol. Vampires can be contained by silver chains! 😉

  154. Great post Sinar! Love that!

  155. So true that is, Ingrid. 🙂

  156. Cured,
    Maybe, this will give the the other SQB’s ideas. You never know. It seems to me the cob’s stategies always backfire, inc “ideal org”.

  157. ” Baptist ministers are now talking to their congregations about the importance of following one’s conscience rather than greed and using the Church of Scientology’s harassment of Marty as an example. Good Lord.”

    I had to repeat it.

  158. Sindy,
    +1 what Sinar said!

  159. Hi Bert. Truth does feel good. Thanks for what you do.

  160. Video justice expanded. Thank!

  161. Floating Needle

    Bert Leahy… a Man of Integrity.

    A rare find these days. Perhaps a higher power came into play here…

    The winds of Good Fortune is blowing towards Independence.

    Hang in there Marty… the Calvary is a coming!


  162. Isn’t it amazing what happens when you are “allowed” to investigate both sides.
    Best wishes to Bert.

  163. Boy Marty, this just verifies all you’ve said about these OSA church clowns being extreme 1.1’s.

    Once Bert spotted the actual scene, through the smoke and mirrors, he absolutely had to get out and away from Allender, Lubow and the like.

    What’s more, he has made good with you, Mosey and therefore himself. And he did this despite the all-mighty dollar being dangled in front of his face. Scientologist or not, he has made his declaration of independence and personal integrity.

    A man like that could never sink into a group like DM’s for very long.

  164. That was hysterical bedman!!!!

    Now I need a damn squeegee 🙂

  165. Mat

    All my letters from Ron in closing said “Love”.

    Love was all you needed when I first got in.

    Now you’re saying Miscavige doesn’t dig LOVE,

    Well I’ve got a song for him, OSA and everyone on this board:

  166. +1


  167. Perfect–thank you.

  168. Bert,
    Thank you for being straight up!
    Isn’t it remarkable how such a few fine people can make a difference in the world?

    This is a properly self-applied HCO Bulletin of 10 August 1973
    Keeps ya from having to dig a lot later on!
    Being done by a practical and honest man applying universal truths.

  169. This is in reference to the comment by Carol regarding John Allender / Joy the Exec Dir of Stevens Creek and Lynda. (For some reason, my silly iPad wouldn’t let me directly reply.

    I have only posted a few times as “Mr. Ed”. Well I can now say that my true identity is Ed Paulson, formerly from Stevens Creek, now living in Orlando.

    I was the manager of the movie theatre right next door to the then new Stevens Creek Mission. I got swept in and rapidly started my meteor progress up the Bridge due to the totally insanely great atmosphere at the mission in 1973. I hired Joy AND Lynda to work as cashiers in my theatre. Lynda was not so hot. Joy was great. I did the original HSDC course with Joy and after the major upheaval when the entire exec strata got busted by the Finance Police, Joy became the Exec Dir. She was a tireless worker and, from my perspective, she did not display SP characteristics. Lynda and her husband John were of a different bent. It saddens me deeply that the then good name of Stevens Creek has been tarnished. There are many fine Scientologist in the Bay Area. Most of them, like myself until I latched on to this Blog and the SP Times articles, only had a feeling that things were not as they should be in the Church. But, those old timers that suffered through the purges from the early 80’s probably remembered the old auditing line “Is there something you have been careful of?” and decided to simply withdraw somewhat instead of standing up for what was obviously a travesty.

    Well, Carol, I thank you now for helping me get my L’s and have such wonderful auditing by our Class 12 friend, Claire.

    It didn’t take long for OSA to come knocking at my door in April after I stirred up the crap while attending the LRH B-Day event and was asked by the DSA to make yet another donation to the idle org fund. I told him that I thought it might be a good idea that, just this once, we might “give it a rest” for one night of celebration. The inquisition commenced and a week later, OSA was at my door saying they were “just in the area” and thought they would stop by for a visit.

    I found this amusing, especially when almost the first thing that came out of their mouth was “DO YOU KNOW CAROL KRAMER?” Well, I knew they had been keeping close tabs on this blog. You see, I took a moment to repond to the sad situation on Daniel Montalvo since we were neighbors at the Quality Inn Sea Org berthing while he was a cadet. I mentioned Carol’s name in one of my responses.

    It took two weeks and I heard via voice mail from the DSA that I had been declared SP. No Comm Ev, naturally! No written goldenrod, naturally. Just “your only means of contact is with the Justice Chief.”

    Well, my real means of contact is with THIS GROUP. Real Scientologists that show compassion for the down trodden like Daniel and the maligned like Bert Leahy (as well as Marty, Mike et al.)

    I was the first to successfully co-audit myself to Clear while at Stevens Creek Mission. I allowed Div 6 to body route my movie public (15,000 per week) to the mission for intro lectures and many on to services. WOW, what some fast and furioust times at the Creek.

    Finally, if there is anyone in the Bay Area that might remember me and need a terminal to talk to, feel free to contact me

    Ed Paulson (Mr Ed)

  170. GetTheConcept

    Thanks Allen.

  171. +PLUS, Burt is on the right side of the fence… He is true to himself and that is true for the vast majority of us on earth.
    Given a little less fear and a bit more faith, better ARC and understanding…Our success is assured. Truth and love.
    Tech will follow as ethics go in, as it is coming in slowly all around, in many ways, in many parts of the World.
    I would of loved to have taken in last Sunday Service with the Methodist.
    It DOESN’T seem right… yet it is, and we are winning!
    Truth and love.
    Moving on up a little higher…everyday.

  172. Welcome Ed. Great story. Thanks for putting yourself there and your offer to help others in your area.

  173. scilonschools

    Mr Leahy,
    Just echoing all the other sentiment as to your ability in dissenment and ‘standing up to the beast’, !!
    There may be a lot of mileage in having been an ‘inside’ an inside man one day and i hope you find benifit from it in future.
    One has to question the ability of those who hired you not to see ‘what stuff’ you were made of, for them it was a dark day thinking you could be manipulated.

  174. martyrathbun09

    Welcome Ed. We appreciate your standing and speaking and what you are contributing.

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  176. TheWidowDenk

    Wow, Ed! Excellent comment you have written. We embrace you! L, Rachel

  177. One of Five, I don;t know if everybody has the same problem, but after some of your posts where you use italics, all of the rest of the posts are in italics. I think you have to cancel the formatting when you do it. Cancelling is done by doing a duplicate of your command after the text you wish to change with a “/” in front of it. So, (leaving out the greater than/less than symbols so you can se it) it would be:

    i Italics /i back to normal text.

  178. Ed Paulson, wow, wow! I have thought of you many times. I would love to catch up. my email is
    I am sooooooo happy you are doing well! XO

  179. Thanks for the reference RJ, Jack and Robert.
    And thanks for the right indication RJ. It actually handled something for me I didn’t know was sitting there 🙂

  180. Chris,

    Thanks. I actually do get the concept (it appears to be essentially the same principle as used on a few web forums I post on – but the bracketing for the formatting “begin” and “end” tags is different – HTML vs vBulletin software.

    Last thing I wanna do here is alter anyone else’s comm (even if only inadvertently) …. or do anything that might detract from another’s experience of this site.

    Perhaps the best way for me to ensure that, is to just avoid the use of formatting, which is easy enough.

    Appreciate the help flow, the hatting …. and the patience.

  181. Hi Ed, I was also from Stevens Creek Mission. My name was Lori Moore and now it is Lori Hodgson. You used to let me and Kathy watch Movies in the afternoon during the slower times…. We were only 15 at that time and going to the movies was our highlight for the week. We were both on staff at the Creek. Great to see you here on Marty’s blog. Thanks for speaking out!!!!
    🙂 Lori

  182. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I am overwhelmed by your generous comments. My wife and I realized that we were in a negative situation and decided to make amends. I think most people would have walked away when they realized what was really going on. It felt great to meet Marty and set things straight with him. We didn’t really realize what an impact the Caller Times article would have, but we are glad it is helping. Kudos to Mark Collette for his outstanding job of fair and accurate journalism.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Marty.


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  184. martyrathbun09

    Bert, thanks for stepping up like the man you are. And as you know the Radical Corporate church of Scientology is already well in progress on their retaliation campaign against Collette and the Times. Thanks to people like you I guarantee everyone it is going to backfire miserably on the dictator.

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