Miscavige/Lubow War Room – Leahy pt II


Scientology Espionage Exposed: Meet Bert Leahy


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  1. Video is set to private.

  2. Bert,

    Your actions are valuable to a lot of good folks right now.
    Thank you so much for speaking out.

    As this story begins to go viral, thousands or even millions of readers, world-wide, now know a whole lot more vital data about the sickening tactics of the church thanks to your personal integrity.

    Let’s get all of this data over to the local Mayor and any other IOB leaders.

  3. (Video is coming up as private.)

  4. Watching Eyes

    When I tried to play the video a message came up saying, “This video is private.”

  5. martyrathbun09

    Sorry. Should work now. Let me know.

  6. Thank you, mr Leahy. This was so good.

  7. sadly, the only lesson the lunartics will learn from this is going to be about ” hiring wog staff” – not that what they are doing is ridiculous 😦

    Nurse Hatchett are you reading this ?

  8. It’s working now. Thanks.

  9. Watching Eyes

    It’s working just fine now. Great info!

    These guys actually refer to themselves as Seals?! Navy Seals?? That’s hilarious. I wonder who thought of that nickname. Hmm. Let me take a guess. Could it be a little pint sized midget who wears thongs & muscle tee’s and likes to think of himself as a manly man but in reality is a wimp with an inferiority complex a mile long?

  10. Yvonne Schick

    It worked for me. And I loved every second of it. Brings tears to my eyes to know with certainty there are still men of honor as Bert is. And Marty attracted that kind of man to his side.

  11. What gets me is the “perceptions” these squirrel busters have, or not.
    Bert says, when they were going to Chili’s for dinner that they were instructed not to talk. They were told, I know you’re fired up because you got Marty rattled in front of some of his visitors but, don’t discuss it.

    Wow! These guys live in a different reality than I do. I was one of those visitors. First, I wouldn’t care if Marty was rattled. We were ambushed as Bert says. Second, how would I even notice whether he was rattled or not with Richard’s belly and chest stuck in my face so, I couldn’t get in my vehicle.

    IMO, these guys have lost contact with reality. They come across as some kind of hyped up, over the top, aggressive, scarey, creepy robots and they think I would be uset if Marty was rattled by this? Unreal!

  12. It works now.

  13. Man you sure have the proof of what David Miss Cabbage is doing and ordering. He is a ridiculous “leader” of the C of $.

    It is also good news that the mainstream media is picking up on these events and following it as well as writing about it. Tick Tock.

  14. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Bert and Marty for my morning dose of belly laughs.

    Oh this is too rich! So the trained circus seals (aka The Red Tag Brigade) actually refer to themselves as ‘Seal Team Six’! They better get ready for their next scheduled clubbing.

  15. (Video plays just fine.)

    Bert, you have a certain eloquence about you …! I like it! All of what you say is important to us – within the dark world the Co$ has become, facts seem to be in tragically short supply.

    Not to get all emotional and hippy-yuppie about things, but here’s one of my favorite songs.

  16. Isn’t there some kind of restraining order you can get on DM and his minions to discourage these hate crimes?

  17. All I can say is if these Kooks and Goofballs are the best of what is left of corporate scientology. It is a lot worse off that I thought.

    What is crazy, is that the internet was the death penalty for the current Co$.

    Once the internet was born, David Mismanage was probably deep into his beagle, when he realized. “The gig is up”. We will never get the crap back in the horse. As soon as I am finished with Fido here, I am going to go and sue the invetor of the internet, because of all of our “Secret decoder Ring Files” will make it on there and people will be able to find others who have been damaged by me and this org.

    Wait, thts it….here is something you can download to your computer that will prevent you from seeing enthena? (Stop moving Rover, this will be over in a second)

    Seriously, Davey boy must have sh** a pink twinkie as soon guys like Artie and others upl;oared files to the WWW.

    Sorry David, but you are finished, stick a fork in ya —why?

    Because. You. Are. Done. Son


    Bed Man in OKc out!

  18. No, they are not navy seals, they are clapping seals, you know those you see on a circus that are clapping to get some fish as a reward.

    Same thing, these seals are doing their show to get a good word as a reward (to complete a handling, get eligibility or whatever).

    Marty, next time the seal team arrives, be ready with a bucket of fish.

  19. Seal Team 6 in, Seal Team 6 out- Marty you should win an Academy Award for keeping a straight face… Van drills to get in and out of the van in 15 seconds or less… You can’t write this stuff… Michael and were hysterically laughing at that point in the video. Have they NO IDEA how ridiculous they are?? Really?? I know it is NOT funny that their entire raison d’être is to ruin your lifes- but this is comedy gold! I’m sorry… This is beyonnnd

  20. This is beyonnnd Bevis and Butthead…

  21. Wow, LeBlow is in deep doo-doo.

    “Seal Team Six”! How dare they insult those brave soldiers who died on a Helicopter crash in Afganistan over the weekend. Seal Team Six is reserved for real men who put their lives on the line and rescue other others who are in trouble, not play childish games. I have a friend that is a Seal and I sent this to him. LeBlow might be getting a visit.

    ML Tom

  22. Bert- you are the gift that keeps on giving….
    Thanks Guys!

  23. “Seal Team 6”? That is an incredible insult to the brave members of our Armed Forces. An insult of Biblical proportions….

    DM, you may sit there in your comfort, and not believe we are real, but you cannot buy protection from Karma, and the way we feel…….(with apologies to Peter Gabrial.)

  24. He called you “Little Man” because it got to you? Really? Or was that what got to the “Little Man”?

  25. Just to clarify, I wasn’t referring to Bert in my comment. I don’t consider him a SB. I consider him a hero!

  26. Samuel:

    *I am not a lawyer*

    AFAIK, a Restraining Order requires a court fight, which Davie McSavage has at least $1/2 Billion of IAS slush fund to conduct. Furthermore, they only apply to specific persons. McSavage can just send a new mob who aren’t covered by the Restraining Order.

    And, entirely beyond that, McSavage would just love to have Marty tied up in court instead of *auditing*.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  27. I am quite sure DM would have an RPF for “wogs” if he could get away with it. I know of one public Scientologist that was RPFed, I’m sure there are others. This is DM’s brave new world. If you extrapolate these insane actions into an international scene, you would indeed have a world that LRH so accurately described “a pale shadow of George Orwell’s 1984”. Wake up lurkers – this is what you are supporting.

    Bert – you’re a top man. Pop in for a cup of Earl Grey and a biscuit any time you’re over this way.

  28. PS: we seem to be having a spot of local difficulty in London just now. Please pray/postulate/meditate for Londoners. Thanks.

  29. Michael Fairman

    This would be a total farce if their intentions weren’t so evil. Just think what Letterman, Leno and SNL would do with this? But their intentions ARE evil and reflect totally on Miscavige and his “church”. These incompetent, play-acting, boobies, including the chief clown Miscavige, who directs them, have been revealed to all for what they are – shameless, nasty, unscrupulous, unprincipled, idiotic and stupid. Thank you again, Bert for bringing this to light. You have done a service, the ramifications of which, are just beginning.

  30. Hi Samuel;

    Don’t interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. From Napoleon, I think.

    Document everything he does, every mistake he makes, all of which is ammunition when needed.

    my opinion

  31. I find it offensive, really offensive, that the Squirrel Busters are calling themselves “Seal Team 6” (The highly trained, courageous group of men who managed to find and kill Osama Bin Laden and suffered a horrific loss last week when 31 of its members were shot down while rushing to aid American troops.) I don’t know how you are doing it, Marty. I just have this overwhelming urge to go find them and slap them silly.

  32. It would not surprise me at all, if Dave LuBow got himself a visit from one or more of the *real* S.E.A.L.s in the near future to instruct him proper manners.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  33. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    Wow, great job Marty. Wonderful. The people that are NOT brainwashed have truth…..nice.


  34. That flanking maneuver continues….and boy is it a beauty.

    Press on, press on.

  35. HCOB “The Criminal Mind” is at full play here. DM is short so therefore he thinks that if he calls Marty “little man” it will get to him even though Marty is a good 6 feet tall, i.e. at least 8 inches taller than DM, who is 5′ 4″ tall. See how that works? DM doesn’t, evidently. If you really want to get to DM, call him “coconut man.” He has a terrible allergy to coconuts. We were sitting in the berthing facility during the week of the 1996 IAS event at St. Hill. Someone passed around some macaroons and DM took a bite, immediately jumped up and spit it out and left the room to wash his mouth out. He admitted to an allergy to coconuts.

  36. I agree…

    More like “SQUIRREL TEEM SUX”.

    Anyway, they are getting a thrashing right now…and rightfully so.

  37. No Seal Team would EVER follow a runt like Missed-cabbage. I’ve met seal team members and they make him look like the evil munchkin that he really is. It’s a joke! 🙂

  38. Tony Dephillips

    You got it Martin.

  39. When he said Sel Team Six – I blew Pepsi all over my computer, and this was AFTER I belw MT Dew all over my I Pad.

    Im sending a bill to the Church of Miscavage.

  40. Why bother?
    DM and his cohorts are being tried in the public arena now.
    They are the ones who took it there and they are the ones who will have to deal with the consequences of their actions and account for themselves to the rest of the watching world.
    ‘Wog’ justice is every bit as valid as any other and it will continue until the cult and it’s members finally decide to put out their own trash.

  41. Tony Dephillips

    Seal team 6?
    Muddcabbage has seriously lost it. He’s like an insane little boy who thinks he’s playing with his GI Joe set.
    Those ex Sea Org members who sold out to the psycho dm will go down in history as cowards.

  42. ‘Retired Scientologists’
    Well at least they have the fortitude to admit that.
    Bert – There are honorable men in the world. Thank you for being one of them.

  43. I concur, my response exactly.
    Like nasty little boys playing in the dirt, the only focus they have is their own self importance. The real world is about to pay them a visit.

  44. David Miscavige,

    On behalf of the captain and flight crew of Integrity Airlines, we are about to take off.

    Please go lie down and make sure your nail and coffin are securely fastened.

    Enjoy the ride. Expect turbulence.

  45. Joy,
    Totally agreed, it reeks of the directions of the remote Director and micromanaging by the micro manager – POB! Drills are not something that Dave LePew/Leblow/Statter would be versed in or consider a tool for SQB Team Deep 6!

  46. I’m watching (reading) about what’s happening. I experienced these types of riots in California. They start out as a valid protest and then anarchists and opportunists take over. I hope it ends soon.

  47. So ashamed….

  48. Police have warned businesses in my area to close early and board themselves up today…errks! Looks like it may be heading this way. In the meantime, IHELP UK hasn’t wasted any time jumping on this. The regging for TWTH donations began yesterday with full force.

  49. Ha ha! Exactly right.

  50. Someone needs to write the script for the next Dumb and Dumber movie.
    The two nut jobs become OSA staff doing “secret missions”. Paddle boats, golf carts, cameras taped to their hats, goofy T-shirts stretched over huge bellies, drilling how to get out of their van without tripping over each other and of course reporting back to some little insane dude who fantasizes that he is running “Seal Team 6”.
    Miscavige would probably want to proudly show it at the next Maiden Voyage.

  51. I thought the same thing, Tom. These losers have no idea how offensive it is that they would compare themselves to competent, ethical professionals that sacrifice so much for our country.

  52. Laura Ann bringing even more truth into the story. Sending you a bif hug!

  53. Bert, You ROCK!!!!
    Marty, beautiful TRs!!!!
    Thank you!

  54. Thanks for sharing the truth for all the world to see. This is like a WW Committee of Evidence.

  55. Tom Gallagher


    The two daves (POB and Lablow) appear to have been the original characters for that MTV cartoon series.

  56. George M. White

    With Scientology Espionage now exposed, the logical conclusion to me is that the organization now operates like a business or a government and has lost its image and function as a “Church”. Industrial espionage is quite common and a “Church” cannot hide behind trademark or patent protection.
    Also, what if Marty develops some original technology? In that case, the activities of the squirrel busters would be stealing ideas.
    Mr. Leahy goes to school and learns to operate a camera and that is his trade. He is free. Marty learns to operate an e-meter and uses it in the privacy of his home and he is hounded by a “spiritual leader” acting in a childhood game dramatized out of a spy movie.
    People go to church and learn to pray and the pastor is pleased if they continue the practice.
    People learn Buddhist meditation and the teacher is pleased when the student reaches the highest states of concentration.
    It no longer makes any sense to attack former members of the Church of Scientology. In fact, a good case could be made on the grounds that if Scientology now insists on being a religion, its technology should enter the public domain just as anyone can practice any other religion.
    Much loving-kindness,

  57. Freetothink,

  58. martyrathbun09

    Great post George. Thanks.

  59. Their reason may have been to ruin Marty’s life, but look who is really getting ruined. After all the money and time, they end up as a pathetic laughing stock. Marty, you are brilliant.

  60. Now is the time for all Independents to be strong and stand tall:

  61. You mean his copper rods didn’t handle his allergy?

  62. I absolutely love this post, George White. This is just how simple it is. Not how “it should be.” But how simple it IS.
    Thanks much,

  63. This is a classic if you don’t get ethics in, life will get it in for you.


  65. James Bond 007

    god this is so sickening. Is Scientology now being run like the FBI? Should we really care what Ex Scientologists are doing. Looks like SCN is scared that some secret data is going to leak out. So much for being part of a religion that is caring and for the betterment of mankind. By their actions shall they be known.

    Seal Team 6. Really. I hope some OSA person is reading this. The church is looking sillier every day.

  66. Simon Bolivar

    So the best Reabilitation Project for him would be to grow coconuts 🙂

  67. I concur one million percent, George. Perfectly stated.
    Bert Leahy, you may not realize it yet, but you ate a hero and history will always think of you this way. you have helped us in our march more than you can imagine. Thank you.

  68. Thanks so much Bert for exposing the insanity of the Cult Robots.

    And know we know who Seal Team Six is!

    Imagine the reaction of the actual Seal Team Six when they see what these ass clowns are doing in their name.

  69. And now we know who Seal Team Six is!

  70. Not to coconuts Ingrid. That is one thing he still can’t eat, even after all the allergy handling he’s had in the past. The copper grounding rods didn’t prevent his being one big coo-coo nut and it would be cannibalism to eat coconuts.

  71. Bevis and Butthead! totally totally!

  72. Tom Cruise could play the little insane dude. His character in Tropic Thunder was really disturbing.

  73. What happened to Seal Teams One, Two, Three, Four and Five?
    Just askin’

  74. I hate to be sacrilegious here but doesn’t this all sound like a mimic of Mission Impossible? Which brings in my other favorite. Any news on that front?

  75. Eeeeeeuw! couldn’t you find a video without that face on prominent display?
    I just had my dinner.

  76. George M. White

    You are welcome.
    And much loving-kindness to the “old man”, LRH.

  77. Freetothink,
    Beautiful! You are right. When you don’t put your own Qual in the world does it for you. A basic LRH law.

  78. Agreed. This is a monumental insult to the actual Seal Team Six, who put their lives on the line in service to others because they believe they are defending our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Miscavige and his cowards could never understand that.

  79. ++++1. Totally agree!

  80. Ingred,
    No surprise here. LRH basic law…If you cut a theta lie it explodes in your face! Just like cutting a high tension line on the telephone pole.

  81. George M. White

    You are welcome.
    Much loving-kindness,

  82. Using the name “Seal Team Six” is such an insult!!!!! If the squirrelbusters think they are getting public opinion on their side with their sniveling attempt at humor which they did on several occasions like the boat singing bad mimic of someone elses music video and the listing paddleboat sketch. I actually hurt for them. You know how you hurt inside when you see someone making a total fool of themselves and don’t know it!

  83. David Miscavige is reactively STUCK to Marty like the strongest glue in the world.

    He is not only trying to do the obvious (stop Marty from exposing crimes, thus freeing koolaids), he is reactively trying to WIN and so he cannot unglue himself from Marty of his own free will, no matter the consequences.

    As we’ve recently learned here, the one thing Miscavige cannot do is lose. He cannot let Marty go. He cannot break the reactive chains which control his every move, every hour of every day.

    I don’t know DM personally. But I can observe that he is in the single biggest TRAP of anyone who is in any way affiliated with what used to be the Church of Scientology.

    And that trap is sitting roughly three feet back of his own little head.

  84. The singing Pope standing on an Applebox, wearing his Hermes shirt, surrounded by SPs from the Hole?

    I don’t think the royal “we” stand tall at all, having to be on an applebox and in light of the SQB Team Deep 6.

  85. There is nothing like the court of public opinion.

  86. Eileen Clark

    Seal Team 6; real-life heroes, saving lives, protecting rights and freedoms, living in honor and integrity. Did I miss something here?

    SB bimbos are likening themselves to such men? They are delusional at best. True reflection of the little scum bucket himself. Not so surprising that Joanne Wheaton has embraced this valence with gusto, sad, but not surprising. She should find an Indie Auditor to get herself straightened out, after seeing Lisa or Sam for a thorough sort out to find her own integrity again. She could use Bert Leahy as an example of how to follow one’s personal code of honor, despite enticements to do otherwise.

  87. Yvonne Schick

    I may need the hatting on how to imbed these.

  88. That one was made when DM was unsure of himself. The footage of LRH is great. I don’t think LRH would appear in a current remake.

  89. “Seal Team 6″….gawd. Thanks Bert and Marty for exposing the truth. If anyone watching this has ANY DOUBTS WHAT-SO-EVER find the nearest door and leave.

  90. I can’t get over the fact that they refer to you as a rat… Do they mean rat as in someone who tells their dirty secrets or do they mean rat as was the Nazi propaganda towards Jews?

  91. In Austria, where I chose to relocate, it is not legal for a church to own copyrights. Austria is a predominantly Catholic country.
    People here are very tolerant, friendly and understanding.
    The local people here are friendly and have no antagonism, with rare exceptions, to talking about religion and Scientology.
    My experience here is that people have no problems with different religious views unless they act destructively. There is no conspiracy to destroy Scientology. People don’t have problems with Scientologists unless they adopt weird cult like tactics.

  92. Right, a legal distinction between the Religion of Scientology, free to be practized by anyone and the Corporate Church would help a lot. Much better than the alternative of Scientology in general being made into a business.

  93. Omg put all the slap stick acting, silly costumes, stupid dialogue, add van drills plus other motorized props and it is better then the 3 Stooges, Laurel & Hardy. Late night would have a field day with this one. It is just to too hilarious! Almost peed my pants justthinking about it all. Thanks Bert & Marty I hope at some level you ate also laughing at all the stupid dumbness of it all.

  94. uhh ? what ?
    this has nothing to do with Scientology !
    It’s not even squirrel !
    It’s crazy and childdish !

  95. Hi Marty, im Francesco Minelli, tiziano’s friend
    here in italy we look an we commend your work trought Indipendologo
    and many thanks for what are you doing
    ASAP i will come to you if is possible
    I dont have your e mail and i use this space for send you what i write
    on my personal blog.

    this is what i wrote :

    While driving back home, I had a cognition that I shared with those who were with me on board:

    The Social tone of the COFS is 1.1 (hidden hostility).

    Anyone familiar with the common point of view that is instilled into the COFS, will not find weird all my thoughts about it.

    What does COFS thinks about society?

    Regarding the “Wog” (whoever is not part of the COFS)?

    With regard to bussiness?

    With regard to politicians?

    With regard to public education?

    With regard to medicine?

    With regard to other religions?

    I could go on until the end of time, for every argument I could summarize the responses:

    There are suppressive persons among.

    They are unethical.

    They don’t have the technology.

    They have false data.

    They have misunderstood words.

    Are doomed to failure.

    Did you read it somewhere or was “the moral” of the group?

    Looking at it from the outside, it seems that this ” thinking to know ‘everything’ already” is actually a big barrier between COFS and society.

    Keeping people in ignorance, preventing them to get informed and to think with their head, labeling anything outside that does not follow the thinking of command as “enturbulating”. Sounds a bit like divine word, as final or absolute truth, which in my opinion, does not make people free, and even enslaves the mind and conforms people to a single thought and body. Or Cult.

    We can not complain if there are more people who die of diarrhea in a month that followers of COFS in the world.

    Taking into account the technology that we have and its capabilities… ..

    Did you doubt its functionality?

    The thought is quite self invalidating, but why are you thinking it?

    The COFS is 1.1, and that’s the why is imploding on itself, destroying anyone who has fallen into the deadly trap.

    The same thinking applies into the same COFS, because it comes from the top. This is the unhealthy thought of Sea Org members regarding the org staff, the org staff regarding the public and ultimately of the public about the physical universe…

    The facts are a bit perverted …

    Think for a moment, while you were part of that group, if you ever develop your own point of view about something or someone. Well…

    What do you think now that you re-runned it from a perspective beyond that period?

    Yes, as I say above (I will be very judgmental, I am aware of it and I do it intentionally …), you are now more Cause and less Effect about Scientology, about life.

    Do not be surprised if now you have good approaches to people who at first you considered “SP” or “wog” or “they do not know” and blah blah blah kitty kitty bow-wow, you really discover yourself speaking with them, sharing agreements on Scientology the Philosophy . You have removed a large pressed 7!

    An implanted Stable Datum, not achieved through self-observation, is gone. Fiiiuuuuuuuuuuuu … … .. Blown up, BANG!, As the gear of a machinery that breaks into thousand pieces …. I’m actually talking just about Machinery.

    And if you discover yourself applying Scientology in life without continuing to duplicate what Gino-bot, and all others of the ‘Org’ did, and why they did it, and why they used to do so …. Well, congratulations! You have discovered your self-determinism. And you can turn it into Pan determinism at will!

    To say: “watch them as they are, they are zombies, blah blah blah (I’m talking about the ones still in the COFS)”, puts us to their peers, just a little bit more on about points of view, it would recreate a sort of “I know everything”, that was the basis for tone 1.1 of COFS and when we were in!

    We were, were we?

    When one says; “Ehy you know, I knew already many years ago, I was disaffected …. I stayed away …”. Sounds a bit as if we are justifying or downplaying what could be considered for us now an overt.

    No No (and here again I begin to evaluate….) Invalidating themselves (I tell to myself) is the worst thing that a being can do. So, do not do it. It is the exact purpose of the implant that was inculcated

    How to think

    How to deal with

    How to rationalize the OutPoint we saw inside

    How to spend our pennies

    How to invest the time of our holidays

    How to exclude us from society

    From “real life”

    Me dispias (Sorry for it)

    The machinery one had has blown up

    And one can see it from quite a bit on higher.

    let’s give us an acknowledgment

    To LRH, hip hip Hurra!

    Francesco Minelli

  96. Eileen,
    I agree. It’s a degredation of brave men who offer their lives so we can live safe and free.

  97. If he were a Scientologist, he would realize he was PTS (“effect”) and DO\Apply LRH tech to his life, ie: stop antagonizing the person, good roads\fair weather” handlings, and every other step laid out by LRH to HANDLE the condition. But DM is NOT a Scientologist…..just a dramatizing psychotic whe doesn’t even have enough sense to “hide his colors”. His “daily fix of overts” keeps his self-delusion in permanent restimulation.
    LRH had a point when he observed that this civilization had no real plan, or strategy for effectively handling the insane. Lets not perpetuate that omitted. I’ve got a really serene rock I’m going to send him, for starters.

  98. I would like to hear more about what Richard Hirst said and did. Has he been around lately? Maybe he woke up to what he is doing. Naah! It would take a lot to shake the Koolaid out of him….

  99. Davie-boy,


    ….. is ending now.

    Urban Dictionary: Golden Boy, definition 2: “The person whom appears to have an untarnished record of any kind. Most people considered a “golden boy” actually do have many flaws and are not what they appear.”

  100. Wow – These clowns were calling themselves “Seal Team 6”? Can it get any worse? Miscavige and his goons have hit an ALL TIME LOW. No amount of “celebrity endorsement” can change the disgusting state of Scientology repute they’ve created for themselves. Marty, congratulations on exposing this rot.

  101. The original Seal Teams were created in 1961. Team 1 was based in San Diego (Coronado), CA and Team 2 was based in Virginia Beach, VA. Since that time they have grown with Teams 1,3,5,7 based in CA and 2,4,8,10. “Seal Team 6” was disbanded and re-created as the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DevGru) after the failed 1980 attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran. Men apply to be part of this Team and very few who apply are selected. Then they go through extensive and very dangerous training. If they live through the training (yes, men do die during the training) and are not rejected, they join the Team, which is U.S. Navy’s primary counter-terrorist unit. They are given a large amount of funding to receive the very best training and the best available equipment.

  102. top of the vale


  103. The childish little coconut monster:

  104. Yes Mat.
    The Fantasy world of Miscavology, RTC and “Office of COB”.
    “Scientology is the fastest growing Religion in the 21st century !”
    And the Sheeple believe it because the glossy promo magazines they receive and the INT events they attend say so !
    “Scientology is doing good on a global level, impacting every aspect of life ~~including the Law, (Judge Fischer said we are legal, we are a religion with 1st amendment rights” we are bullet proof…)
    And the Sheeple believe it because the the Tommy Davis release interpets the Fischer decision of how legal their actions are !
    “Scientologists accomplish amazing things after their journey up to OT 8 and $1/2 million to the Church ~~(Omitted info is OT8s are often whacko witness Joanne Wheaton the current Marty Gang Stalker, and George Baillie (YouTube his video) and the likes of James Nadia who strip naked and walk outside AOLA immediately after OT 8)
    And the Sheeple believe they will become OT~~ a super high level being ~~ if they only donate and empty their lifelong assets and savings… because the glossy promo magazines they receive show OT 8s grinning with their OT 8 certs !
    There is no “positive Global impact of Scientology”.
    There is no straight upward vertical expansion.
    There are no avalanches of public flooding the new Ideal Orgs.

    The running news story is Miscavlogy and their hallucinatory impersonation of Navy Seals, while reporting minute by minute to Corporate Scientology~~David Miscavige~~ via a seedy Private Investigator called David Lubow.

    If you whistleblow actual facts or any truthful information ~~ why you are a SUPPRESSIVE Person ! A Squirrel ! You shine the light on they dark side and you are promoting “entheta”, you are attacking “the Church” You are EVIL to enlighten the world about the internal SADISM, ABUSE, THUGGERY.
    Now why is it that we who read this blog do not believe the “Church” is a Beacon of Light, Hope, Compassion, Love and Benign Goodness ?
    Is it because we are skeptical that they are THE MOST ETHICAL GROUP ON THE PLANET ? as the “Church” claims ?

  105. martyrathbun09

    Francesco, Thanks for the wisdom.

  106. Watchful Navigator

    Excellent, George.

    The corporate thugs have been violating Marty’s Human Rights, as well. Here are 2 items from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which LRH instructed the church to champion and is supposed to apply to everyone (including Sea Org members and ex-members!)

    Article 12 – No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

    Article 18 – Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

    (To name but two of many Human Rights being violated by this harassment.)

    Oh – and by the way – even on staff I’ve gotten harassed for using the e-meter. Right there in the org! There is actually an “insider” hierarchy established (modeled after RTC) of Flag trainees that have been told to “police” their orgs. No policy can be shown, but “Admin High Crimes” has been one used to stop.

    I’m not wanting to stay trapped in the grip of any games condition, but if I could do one (admittedly ugly), arbitrary (but pro-survival!) action, it would be to blanket-SP-declare anyone trained at Flag over the last several years.

    Somebody s-s-stop me! (I’m sorry, but many friends of mine have been practically destroyed there and the only ones not, severely damaged and narrowly escaped destruction only by simply leaving staff).

    Uh, give the ED Int post (“COB”, as a false, non-LRH-approved post, will never, ever exist again, ever) with someone who can truly forgive others, please.

    They have served and are now serving, as willing instruments of David Miscavige’s destruction of orgs and missions and the public’s and staff’s remaining affinity for LRH Scientology.

    Can’t wait to get out of there and auditing others, myself!

  107. JB007,

    the church of Scientology has a long history (many decades) of playing FBI / CIA / KGB etc. games.

    This has been well documented including their secret policies, internal documents (some were gotten by police raids) and lots of actual “projects” (i.e. victims).


    While in the church I saw a number of those secret policies. They have been duplicated correctly on this website.

  108. Prior to the recent helicopter tragety “Seal Team 6” was was known as the group of commandos that took out BinLaden, U.S. public enemy number one. The use of this term is a testiment to the abslolute evil intention behind this operation.

  109. Cindy Pinsonnault

    The attitude is very conspiratorial – like you’re in on something special and no one else can know about it. It’s more of DM taking advantage of a spirit of wanting to fight the good fight and help the cause. Even Bert was momentarily swept up in the euphoria of “getting Marty.”

    Except that Bert had enough integrity to question what was so great about it and look past the group think. He is a wise and honorable man.

  110. Ahh. Thanks. Had a bit of an MU on that!
    …. LOL well that’s even funnier than it was originally!!! 😀

  111. Cindy Pinsonnault

    When the trained seals come back, maybe you can toss them a few fish and teach them to use their noses to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on some little horns. Or how to bark and clap their little hands on command. Oh, wait. Someone’s already teaching them this.

  112. They should really be called Sardine Team 6.

    Small fry who blindly follow the leader of the school, now caught in a net and packaged for consumption.

  113. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!! +1!!

  114. Tony DePhillips

    What’s a herpes shirt? 🙂

  115. Tony DePhillips

    Ciao Lorenzo!

  116. Tony DePhillips

    He looks freakish..

  117. LOL! Good one. Hubby and I high-fived on that one.

  118. That’s silly…

  119. Who runs David Lebow?

  120. Cindy,
    Very well stated!

  121. Scientology is without a doubt the fastest fading movement on the Planet, thanks to people like Marty and the others on this site, and now also Bert! It is good to know that integrety is well and alive outside of the church.
    I have seen the George Baillie Youtubel video a long time ago and cannot find it anymore. I think this would be good time to refresh our memory with this example of utter insanity.
    By the way, I hear he is no longer in the SO, but field auditing.

  122. martyrathbun09

    I think “Scientology” in this case is an inaccurate generality.

  123. Walkuere ~
    If you Google
    George Baille Youtube

    it is the #1 hit

  124. Thank you for this video. It refreshed some of my memory. In it I also saw the previous Captain of St. Hill;, Darlene…. cannot remember her last name. She was pretty awesome during her time on post, I thought. But I also felt that she was unnessesary collateral; damage…….I noticed the neglect on all fronts.
    Does anyone have more data? I would appreciate it.

  125. Yeah, I never noticed it before but DM’s head is pretty much normal size, yet his body is that of a 12 year-old boy, puffed-up on steroids.


  126. Scott Campbell

    Next time these seal team sicks show up just bring out your clicker and have them do some tricks!

    This seal is about 500 times more intelligent than Miscavige.

  127. Tony DePhillips

    My friend told me about this song and I thought it would be a good one for our movement to knock muddcabbage off his perch:

    Paranoia is in bloom,
    The PR transmissions will resume
    They’ll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
    And hope that, we will never see the truth around
    (so come on)
    Another promise, another seed
    Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
    And all the, Green belts wrapped around our minds
    And endless, red tape to keep the truth confined
    (so come on)

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    so come on

    Interchanging mind control
    Come let the, revolution takes its toll
    If you could, flick the switch and open your third eye
    You’d see that
    We should never be afraid to die
    (so come on)
    Rise up and take the power back
    It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack
    You know that their time’s coming to an end
    We have to unify and watch our flag ascend

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious

    Hey .. hey … hey .. hey! (repeat)

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious

    Hey .. hey … hey .. hey! (repeat)

  128. correction “line”

  129. To Infinity and Beyond

    DM is truly an idiot. He sends these so called “seals” to harass Marty and as a result more foot bullets. DM truly make this blog jaw dropping fascinating. This blog is prime entertainment.

  130. Tony DePhillips


  131. Mr.Bert Leahy,you will go down in history as a very important individual in the exposure of the crimes the Church of Scientology has committed against outsiders to the ‘Church’ you are to be commended.

    Now on to my other point;
    I think it is a disgrace that Scientology is denigrating Seal Team 6’s memories and accomplishments with their use of that esteemed unit’s name – for their childish games.

    David Miscavige, Tom Cruise, The ‘Chruch of Scinetology et al; should be ashamed!

    ~Good Day.

  132. Tony DePhillips

    I think the paddle boat was Seal team 3. They were awesome!!

  133. Tom Gallagher


    Our Elmo is now coated in something I’d rather not describe…………

  134. Lynne… maybe we should talk about his exwife Annie? A lot of these guys know Steve Willett…

  135. Tom Gallagher

    These IoB PDH people are a freak out; Good job Shorty. Another job well done.

  136. Muse has some good songs Tony.

  137. “Seal team down! Seal team Down! We’ve been outed Sir!”

    Ground control: “Roger that. Abort mission! Repeat, Blow! Don’t forget to return the golf cart, and turn in your receipts for accounting. Also cells, GPS, squirrel buster uniforms, laptops, blue tooth, film footage for the voyeur and any other of DM’s property. “

  138. Explanation: Bert, the CEO of Corporate Scientology is a voyeur. He is obsessed with video and film matter. He secretly video taped Tom Cruise while he confessed to his counselor unaware that he was being taped. Then CEO of Scientology Inc. watched the videos in the privacy of his own apartments while accusing everyone around him of being immoral. Very kinky arena this filming activity is wrapped around. The staff you met are supporting a voyeur’s impulses and addictions while pretending to be on a holy crusade. It’s very kinky.

  139. The staff you met who were on a mission to destroy Marty are just getting their kicks wallowing in sadism. This why we have distanced ourselves from these lunatics.

  140. Walkuere, that’s interesting that George Baillie is out of the SO. He was a field auditor before he went in about 10 years ago. Who knows why he is out. Maybe he had a cog and left. I know that he worked with LRH on the ship back in the 70’s. He was also the Senior C/S of the Toronto org back then when it was booming. He’s really not a bad guy. Dono why he was acting so goofy on the video. Anyway, I hope he did have a cog. I can’t see him buying COB’s bullshit for very long.

  141. Michael Fairman


  142. I’m curious about something. Neither the article on the Corpus Christi newspaper website, nor Tony Ortega’s coverage of it, come up when searched for on Google. If you go to Google, then News, and search “scientology”, the Village Voice articles on the subject have always appeared in the first ten hits (at least they have over the past many months). But not the article about Bert Leahy. Has the c of s blocked it? If so, it shows how worried dm is about it. Anybody know?

  143. Way to go Bert. Thanks.

    I haven’t been following the comments closely lately, so apologies if this was covered. But have the “Squirrel Busters” gone away in shame or are they still around your area, Marty?

  144. Master of War

    Yes, it is an insult to our Special Forces, to the Seals and to Seal Team Six.

    BTW, Seal Team Six was renamed a while ago. It’s now the “United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group” commonly known as “DEVGRU.” Always changing names in the military. Don’t ask me why.

    Marty, Mosey, Mike, and all, – my hat continues to be off to you.

  145. Michael Fairman

    Off the thread and positive. I received a lovely note of thanks and appreciation from Barbara Ayash — very theta.

  146. Master of War

    Mr. Leahy,

    The military has long emphasized Honor. Tough, war-fighting ability is prized. But, Honor is recognized as being senior to that, and even senior to Courage, as Courage flows from Honor.

    Mr. Leahy, you are a Man of Honor.
    Thank you for being you.

    Marty, thanks always.

  147. no, there is not and every thursday @ 2 DM & Co get their weekly reminder of this fact as the faxes and telex’s land

  148. Master of War

    Yes, Amy.

    They would not last two days in Basic Training, perhaps a half day in the Operators Training Course (the Seal Team Six training course).

    However, they would not qualify for the course, because character is one of the pre-requisites.

  149. Love that song! Thanks for the lyrics!

  150. Pingback: Miscavige/Lubow War Room – Leahy pt II (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) « My LRH

  151. Her last name was Gouws. She died of cancer in the mid-nienties. – And you are right. She was awesome.

  152. “I know of one public Scientologist that was RPFed, I’m sure there are others.”

    Wait, what? How is that even possible? Any idea what they were RPF’d for and/or for how long?

  153. Don’t get hung on it; the first def. would be an admission that they have secret crimes and that Marty exposes them, whereas the second constitutes a compliment admitting that Marty is dangerous to their organisation. Both describe Marty’s sanity because by their own definition a man is as sane as he is dangerous to his environment. Davey’s empire is imploding which says a lot about his sanity. Like Hitler he had won the war before he started it and what does mr. coo coo do? Right, fight a war. Ironically he was used for it by the very same people that implanted and financed Hitler.

  154. Awesome lyrics and very appropriate.

  155. At the 42nd Anniversary for Celeb Centre the other day Tom Cruise was notably absent. Every other known celeb was in attendance, working the red carpets, etc. Do you think in your wildest imagination that TC just didnt want to go? Could it be that he is catching on?

  156. !!!!!!!!!

  157. Hi Ingrid! We don’t know each other. I’ve read your posts and you are a very kind and intelligent lady. I thought you might like this:

    In the Cupric Shazammabibble, it states, “In order to ameliorate food allergies, it is imperative to insert a copper rod, thicker than your big toe, into each end of the alimentary canal. The other ends, of course, are inserted into the ground, at a depth of the length of your legs. While inserted, you must have 100 people march by and all must salute you, while they are singing “We Stand Tall.”

    I am not sure if I have the same Shazammabibbke as the holiest of holy ones, but that is what I have read. Mine floats 5 inches over my desk, so I think it is an authentic copy. It floats a little higher, when I have had some scotch.

  158. Bert and Marty,
    Outstanding job!!! Well done!!!
    Don’t ya just friggin love it when something comes together like this?
    By doing nothing other than what has some integrity and rightness to it, you are defusing an 800 pound gorilla with an IQ of maybe 60.
    I tip my hat to you both!

  159. 🙂

  160. Here is one for you coconut dwarf:

    (From HCOPL Administering Justice)

  161. Thank you Mr. Leahy for your courage and honor. You’re one of the good guys.

  162. The little peanut thetan is dramatizing his inferiority complexes.

  163. Now that is a good one. I could,nt obtain internet access last night “due to the riots and accessability for engineers to damaged locations” -the service providers company message machine stated.

  164. She was amazing 🙂
    So glad she’s ‘out’ now.

  165. RIP Darlene. See you on down the line.

  166. martyrathbun09

    Google consistenly buries “bad” news on C of S. The church has poured hundreds of thousands into Google for the favor. If I had the time I’d investigate thoroughly. But, alas I do not.

  167. martyrathbun09

    Oracle, Thanks. You have presaged another in the Miscavige series, Miscavige the voyeur. Stay tuned. We are tracking

  168. Thanks, Marty. I have suspected this. Still, it is interesting that of all the Village Voice articles, this is the one that has been buried.

  169. Nice going Michael!

  170. Curious indeed. Googling for “Bert Leahy” yields results for “Bert Healy” instead. The small print does ask if you want to search for “Bert Leahy” (“did you mean Bert Leahy?” instead, and does yield some correct results, but still no link to the Village Voice story….

    “There’s something rotten in the state of Google……”

    I guess money talks, over there. Ironic considering Google was threatening to pull out of China because of Chinese censorship just last year.

  171. Thank you, Karen

  172. I have known George for a very long time, but not spoken to him in years, and only have good memories of him. I have no idea what could have happened to him to make him so irrate as he is in the video.
    I think he left the SO because of body problems, that is what I heard.
    I too hope that he can see the difference between what made me and so many join Scientology way back when it was man’s true hope for a better world. … and it still can be if we rid ourselves of the supressive power at the top.

  173. Thank you. I saw her very shortly before she died, not of cancer, but something the medics did not know much about nor could they handle. It will help me with my “memoires”. I had a very close relationship with Darlene. She was indeed awesome, all the way to the end.

  174. Laughter!

  175. Erwin~Either way they’re idiots. Either way they’re losers.

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