Bert Leahy III and Casablanca Updates

They spare no expense:

Casa Update Monday 8 August 2011:

Casa Update Tuesday 9 August 2011:

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  1. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    It’s private, please fix.

  2. In the Casa Update Tuesday 9 August 2011 you actually got an ack (?!).
    That’s a big flunk for the Squirrel Busters. I wonder what Ethics penalty he will suffer. They sent the best of the best dead robots and now they are showing signs of life?? That guy needs replaced ASAP. He’s apparently had some sort of case gain being in the area and having someone communicate to him.

  3. ExIntStaffMember

    First vid is set to private. Nice ack you got in the second vid. Do I detect tails going between legs just a little bit?

  4. Marty, the first video is marked private.

  5. martyrathbun09

    Fixed for the fourth time – someone please let me know you can see now. Otherwise, C of M has hacked our You Tube Account.

  6. This guy Miscavige is like an Antonio Salieri wanting to put road blocks in your way Marty.
    You know there is just something about this guy Miscavige I just can not tap into.

  7. Tom Gallagher

    Working fine!

  8. ExIntStaffMember

    I can see the first vid now, Marty.

  9. I can see all of them.

  10. Next lifetime I think I will come back as a rabid dog in Ingleside and see how quickly these guys wrap up their “documentary.”

  11. What are they doing in that third video, chinese school drills in the middle of the road or something? Chanting some voodoo squirrel busters chant?

    Marty, I love your Tone 40 and perfect TR’s. You totally broke through that guys circuits and he just acknowledged you and left it at that.

  12. I know this is NOT a game and it probably is NOT fun to you Marty & Mosey.

    But, this is better than ANY soap opera could wish to be. Better than the best James Elroy Novel, better than a Daron Aronofsky Thriller Film.

    I am just glad I can enjoy it from the comforts of my business and computer.

    I can not wait for the FBI, to get ALL of these people together from coast to coast and put them under oath and say, look if you tell the truth you have nothing to worry about and nothing can be used against you. But if you lie even one time about one thing, we are going to send you off to a Federal PMITA prison.

    Maybe, a few kool aide drinkers will side with Dave and the “church”, but I have a feeling something is going on behind the scenes and they are going to have so many witenesses and the church will have so many people that have been harrassed and the Feds are going to find them interview them nd they are going to nail the “Big Midget” for Human Trafficing, Coercion Kidnapping, indecent liberties with a Beagle and probably the biggest crime of all: Looking like he does & being an overall D-bag. That has to be a high crime in Federal Court, right?

    Bed Man Okc

    Cheers Beers and its ok to be Queer!

  13. Though it may not be the highest of human emotions, the vindication of your ordeal by an un-biased participant must feel GREAT! What to you think is going down in COB’s office?

  14. I can view & I am on my Droid.

  15. Yup! Made me laugh out loud!

  16. “Chanting some voodoo squirrel busters chant?”


    I just spit water on the keyboard!

  17. The last video is hilarious! The irony and stupidity of the situation captured in 30 seconds.

  18. Marty, just want you to know that even though many of us who read and participate on this blog don’t give away our identity (yet) we still support you and will be there for you. The agreement is growing each day that we (true Scientologist’s) are right and they are squirrels! :).

  19. This is so much fun! It’s like the best circus ever, including the weird clowns, some peculiar tragedy … and we’re watching this spectacle! The CoS LA-office believes they are handling this like pro’s and I can’t stop smiling. Well done, Marty. Thanks again, Mr Leahy.

  20. It’s the best! Ha ha!

  21. 😆 The last one cracked me up, how you just walked over and controlled the comm.
    Still disgusted by how they stalk your every move.
    Glad you’re auditing despite the greedy bastards!

  22. And what about that passing golf cart with that woman’s hair flying behind her! LOL! It’s great stuff this!

  23. TheWidowDenk

    Howard — You might check with Tom Gallagher about this spitting water on the keyboard business. Several days ago he mentioned on the blog: “I switched to a sippy cup a long time ago.”

  24. Tom Gallagher


    I’m not a lawyer by any means, however, it seems to me that even a country bumpkin attorney could clean Lablow and Coconut Midget’s clock in a civil action.

    Keep up the great work and thanks again Bert!

  25. hahahahaha….. in you third video here, I loved it when you you asked the guy”can you please keep it down because we are in session” and without any comm lag he replied “sure”. That was an awesome TRs on your part!!!

  26. Marty, I can’t help but compare what David Miscavige is doing with the Church of Scientolgy with Warren Jeffs.
    The actions that Warren Jeffs did to protect his position are very similar – members are isolated and not allowed to read current media/access the Internet or talk to non-members, people excommunicated/shunned to remove threats to his power, families torn apart (disconnection), investment in property and buildings, abuse of members who dare to question, punishment for the most minor of offenses, no questioning of orders or directions allowed, criminal activities. Jeffs is a pedophile and will now spend much of the rest of his life in prison, but due to the isolation of his followers he will probably be still viewed as their spiritual leader and the practices he put in place will likely be still used. So very sad. The description of life under Warren Jeffs is so similar to life under David Miscavige that it makes me shudder.

  27. This is a HUGE, very well documented case of a highly organized, highly funded, interstate religious hate crime. Those committing the crime are long term “Scientologists” and the funding source is the tax exempt money of the “church” of Scientology.

    Despite this the criminals continue to hang out at the scene of the crime waiting for the hammer to fall. They are so certain that they are “saving the planet and the universe….” and that they are so righteous as to be above the law that they can’t analyze their own actions.

    Basically they are so insane that they can no longer tell RIGHT FROM WRONG.

    I’ve watched videos of the survivors of Jones Town and their descriptions of the group EXACTLY parallel that of the Sea Org.

    Authorities need to step in and give these criminals a wake up call. This is America. Nut groups just can’t flat out terrorize its citizens who won’t bow down to them.

  28. “Excuse me, could you keep it down here….you’re interrupting and auditing session.”


  29. Seems that the idea is to interrupt any auditing going on, i.e. loud noises, chanting, etc.
    I wonder if the city allows that neighborhood to be declared a closed community? Or maybe the city can do some road maintenance and just allow residents in?

  30. Tony DePhillips

    I loved how you told them not to make noise and interrupt the auditing session and he said ok. LOL!! BOT!!

  31. I have a question for Mr. Lehy.

    I wondering, did the “busters” or Dave or Allender ask you to sign a contract or a confidentiality agreement?

  32. I found it striking as well that you politely told one of them that auditing was going on inside, and you got an “OK” rather than a statement that you couldn’t possibly be auditing outside the Co$, or a demand to see your case files, or some other craziness. I wonder if you offered that guy some auditing if he’d take you up on it.

  33. The guy’s good at hearth, next one to blow.

  34. The First Amendment allows people to gather, protest and so forth in a public area. What you’re not allowed to do in a public area is make enough noise that you’re disrupting peoples’ quiet enjoyment of their property.

  35. As the former IAS Membership Officer in Chicago, I can totally confirm that that all the SO members in the IAS, that I ever worked with (many) all use American Express Gold Cards. So I don’t think connecting those dots is not a stretch. The IAS operates through American Express cards.

  36. Connecting those dots is not a stretch is what I meant to say.

  37. Sue, Very apt comparison and I’ve been thinking of that as well. Jeffs was a pedophile, but more basic than that, he was a criminal. A lying, immoral, perverted, craven, sociopathic criminal who used religion as a cover for his unrestrained criminal activities and that is exactly who and what David Miscavige is. And Jeff’s sentencing yesterday resounded as the society at large (4th dynamic) saying “NO!” — seeing right through the “using religion to hide criminal activity” — and sending that corrupt little prick straight to jail where he belongs for the rest of his life and where David Miscavige also belongs.

    Marty, relentless and pivotal outing of the truth. Shit meet storm.


  38. Big LOL. I am heading out to Wally World to get my own “computer short out prevention device”. AKA sippy cup. As the saga continues the comedy value increases and thus so does the possibility of uncontrollable ejection of liquids from ones mouth. M&M take care over there sending you love & light to continue to illuminate all the dark corners, so that truth can be seen.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Right Mat, and that is why I often refer to it as a cult. It offends some people – but as Ghandi said, “I may be a minority of one, but the truth is still the truth.”

  40. Another Layer

    Bert – Thanks for bearing witness to the insane lengths to which the Miscavige “church” continues to go in its futile attempts to silence Marty. Truly heroic!

    Marty – I love the acknowledgement by SB that auditing is occurring, even if that guy is in for a face rip. May he have many more “inadvertent” missteps outside the bubble!

  41. thanks Marty working now.

  42. Hey we are in session in here. Would you and the rest of the mutant stalkers please open up a can of “Shut the **** up” & if you do not mind, please “suck a bowl of **** through a long straw”.


  43. “Outflanked, outfought, outmaneuvered”……the new battle cry for the baby blue street creepers.

    Press on, Press on….

  44. Yup, but it ain’t just the mouth ….. with where this appears to be headed, you’d be well served to grab a pair of nose plugs as well … 🙂

  45. Looks like they forgot and will pay dearly for it.

  46. At least Marty did not do what Mozart did when met with snobish female wrong intensioness. Take his pants down in front of them. I am sure that shifted the flow in their banks. Things have moved up a little higher since then.

  47. Simply Revolting

    Sad thing is; they haven’t had a standard scientology auditing session themselves in a long, long. long time and it shows…
    But what’s even sadder is; that inside they sure would like one, but unless they change sides in the war: No Chance – no matter how well they perform for the boss it’s: Mission Impossible!

  48. Lyrics –
    Well I don’t know why I came here tonight,
    I got the feeling that something ain’t right,
    I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair,
    And I’m wondering how I’ll get down the stairs,
    Clowns to the left of me,
    Jokers to the right, here I am,
    Stuck in the middle with you.

    Yes I’m stuck in the middle with you,
    And I’m wondering what it is I should do,
    It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face,
    Losing control, yeah, I’m all over the place,
    Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,
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    Well you started out with nothing,
    And you’re proud that you’re a self made man,
    And your friends, they all come crawlin,
    Slap you on the back and say,
    Please…. Please…..

    Trying to make some sense of it all,
    But I can see that it makes no sense at all,
    Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor,
    ‘Cause I don’t think that I can take anymore
    Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

    Well you started out with nothing,
    And you’re proud that you’re a self made man,
    And your friends, they all come crawlin,
    Slap you on the back and say,
    Please…. Please…..

    Well I don’t know why I came here tonight,
    I got the feeling that something ain’t right,
    I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair,
    And I’m wondering how I’ll get down the stairs,
    Clowns to the left of me,
    Jokers to the right, here I am,
    Stuck in the middle with you,
    Yes I’m stuck in the middle with you,
    Stuck in the middle with you.

  49. Michael Fairman

    Hey Tara

    When Marty did that with such cool and aplomb he reminded me of “Iron Man” without the fancy metal suit — like a hot knife through buttah!

  50. To All,

    Have you seen this great being going free in each video?
    Have you witnessed disclosure of Time, Place, Form and Event?
    As an auditor, your greatest joy is watching the one you audit go free from
    the darkness, despair and injustices to self and others.
    The “Good Go Free” and you are watching a miracle happen right before your eyes.

    Mind you, there are a few rough edges that need to be C/S’d.
    Once done, he will have the final win.



  51. Michael Fairman

    Miscavige running around in ever decreasing concentric circles until the inevitable occurs.

  52. Mr. Rathbun didn’t just get an OK …. He got a “Sir.” Even if it was “Sure” that’s close enough. Own that space, Mr Rathbun. Nice to see Theta in action! I

  53. Just more sec checking, rpf, rice & beans & sleeping on the floor somewhere. It’s just so rewarding being treated like this! Wish I could say it builds character …. sadly if this type of treatment did build character the orgs would be empty.

  54. top of the vale

    On a different line, I just watched the movie TAKEN. When Liam Neeson heard that his daughter was kidnapped, he spared nothing to get her back. I am sure ‘Shelley ‘ has parents who are concerned about her welfare and what’s happening about that? If DM is going to be reckoned with it’s going to have to be done from every dynamic and every part of every dynamic.
    Marty, whether people like it or not, you were trained and drilled to do what the cult is now directing at you, which is why they are so scared….because you know the drill. You are hatted and you can see it coming from miles away.
    You have a camaraderie that knows no bounds and we all love you for that.

  55. Since the first day of this blog, I have gotten up in the morning, unshaven, hair smashed to one side of my head, with turgid morning breath, thinking my earliest waking thoughts. Those thoughts have almost always included, while scratching, “I wonder what Marty has on his blog today?”

    And almost every morning there is something here that keeps me coming back.

    Marty Rathbun, even with all the ways I disagree with him about L Ron Hubbard and Scientology, has the best Scientology blog on the Internet, hands down. No contest.

    No doubt about it.

    But something else has dawned on me lately. If Marty was still at his old post in the Church, he would be the one running some version of the SquirrelBusters to take out Scientology’s enemies. Marty, more than anyone else, knew *exactly* what he was in for when he set up this blog and started writing.

    And yet he did it anyway.

    Gerry Armstrong knew what he was in for, too, and he did it anyway. Not because he would gain personally from it at all. He knew he would sustain incoming injuries if he did what he did. But he did it anyway.

    Gerry Armstrong did not do it for himself, he did it for others. Like Gerry, there are many people over the years who knew what they would get if they did what they did, and they did it anyway.

    I’m beginning to see now.

    Just like them, Marty knew exactly what he would get.

    And he did it anyway.

    Marty did not do it for himself. He did it for others.

    It comes from a deep sense of duty to ones’ fellows. It recognizes that the welfare of the many in your society are more important than the welfare of your self. It does the right thing because it is the right thing to do, no matter the outcome to one’s self personally.

    After 2 years now, I’m beginning to see it, Marty.


  56. In this case, Marty – I think you have the vote of the majority of the population.

  57. The FBI can QUICKLY determine every penny ever spent on Dave LaBlow’s gold card. The same for every phone call he made. After a very short and to the point interview LaBlow will quickly point the finger to the OSA flying monkeys and their “boss”.

    The motto for Dave’s PI company should be “HATE FOR HIRE”.

  58. Mrs. Denk,
    This is a total aside to this blog… but I want to convey I spoke with the owner of Montiff & Dyson Products, Don Tyson who mentioned your husband with the most kind remarks.
    And, I once (briefly) worked with your husband and Megan Shields when I was helping the mother of a Snc. get off psych drugs (I am an ex-nurse)! I really enjoyed being in comm with him & wanted you to know.
    Love, Midge

  59. Dan,
    IOB might be the wrong location, to come back to as all the BS originates at the Villas and Bldg 50, Int Base.

  60. Flourish and Prosper Check! I have three pcs going now and two more in the next week. I have a new public who is impressed with assists and I am going to make into an auditor. Stay tuned.

    PS OSA: I am not making money off of this. We are trading services and materials. These people want to get better and I am not going to deny them because of money.

    ML Tom

  61. Mat,
    Totally agreed.
    Most interesting to me is that the interstate harassment and stalking is still continuing to happen, despite daily new revelations of POB’s, black widow spider-like, hidden tangled web in dark hidden corners. OSA legal seems to still have a green light on these dark ops in IOB.

    Calling off the dogs in LA seems to be the only reaction so far, not sure if the Freedumbozos in Florida are still at it.

    Perhaps stoppage of this perverted & insane game attempting to interrupt sessions, at no consideration of cost would be an admission of POB guilt.
    It would be very interesting to see Polls of the local IOB neighborhood on the SQB Team 6 and the POB Cult.

  62. Perhaps a contract or agreement would not be valid anyway if it included illegal acts such as stalking and harassment or violate human rights for others?

  63. I’d rather think this guy wasn’t expecting a polite question and this was nothing he rehearsed for, so he fell back to a simple “yes, sir”. That’s what he was conditioned on TR2 for, right?

  64. Got it, Midge … and thank you so much for letting me know. L, Rachel

  65. Michael Fairman


  66. What, he runs into himself and explodes? LOL I like the image.

  67. They trespassed at least twice as far as I’ve seen! Aren’t they using Marty’s image without his permission? Is the “Squirrel Busters” an organized for profit Corporation or LLC or maybe they qualify as a DBA since they represent themselves as such-therefore punishable by law? Are they interrupting your livelihood, even though outside your property limits? JUSTICE is the right gradient for these idiotic nodogooders! I don’t want to sound like a third party here-these are true instances of basic civil right violations. An ethics gradient is an ethics gradient! I’m no lawyer but I see enough legal outpoints here to make a “paella” in the court with’em!

  68. Michael Fairman

    Your post is beautiful Allen, beautiful and true for many reasons.
    What you so rightly describe in your last paragraph, was true for me after looking into his eyes during the first five minutes of our first meeting.

    “And he did it anyway” — the mark of an extraordinary being.

  69. one of those who see

    Marty is an Auditor. Tone 40. The Auditor told the SQB to keep it down as he is interrupting a session and the SQB gave the correct answer. Well done to Marty for not Q and A ing with the Bullshit going on in the SQB’s head. Marty was so good, the SQB guy didn’t even Q and A with the bull shit going on in his own head. He just answered “sure.”

  70. one of those who see

    Great News!!!! Let Freedom ring!

  71. one of those who see

    Very cool of you to write this Allen.

  72. Top,
    FYI Shelly was last “seen” at her Dad’s funeral several years ago, accompanied by an RTC minder bot.

    Her mother passed prior to that – She has two sisters, both still on Kool Aid – one at the Int Base and one in LA and out of the SO.

  73. Sinar,

    If Dan came back as a rabid dog at Int. Base he wouldn’t stand out. 😉

  74. Watching Eyes

    Sorry if this is off topic but to those of you trying unsuccessfully to get your money on account repaid……

    This has been getting on my lines lately. People who gave a ton of money and are now having trouble getting it back I’m patient to a point and then I tend to get annoyed. So, I’ve got a few suggestions for you.
    1. Stop whining about it and toughen up. You were prey when you gave the money. You’re still allowing yourself to be preyed upon. Stop it.
    2. Remember when you gave the money how you were lauded as a “big being”? Now’s the time to put your big being pants on and get tough.
    3. Why would you even think to “discuss” it with the org? There’s nothing to discuss. Per LRH policy, they have to give it back. If the cult is no longer following LRH then maybe it’s time they gave up the name they’ve so thoroughly tarnished and start calling themselves something else. Personally I’m convinced it’s only a matter of time before someone sues them on just this point but I digress.
    4. After you’ve made your initial request, if they don’t send you the routing form to get your money back, you need to do two things: Write to the State Attorney General (whatever state the org is in) AND if it’s Flag or the Ship, cc Tom Tobin at the St Pete Times as a Letter to the Editor.
    5. They don’t want to give your money back. Period. They’ll do anything to delay it. Period. Remember, it takes two to play a game. Don’t play theirs. Play your own and get your money back.

    What I’ve laid out above will work. The dwarf doesn’t want his dirty laundry aired in public because there’s no telling what will trigger a gov investigation and he’s afraid of that. It’ll work because once you go to the State Attorney General and the press you’re then a “threat”. You’ll get your money.

  75. Yes. Thats correct.

  76. There are huge differences between Gerry Armstrong and Marty Rathbun.
    I will name one of them.

    Gerry Armstrong took some $800,000 settlement /hush money to be quiet and go away.

    Marty Rathbun under no circumstance would take hush money or be silenced for cash.

    Good post Allen.

  77. Beautiful Allen.
    You got it 😀

  78. Marty got to the being with that beautiful TR1.
    And that being recognized truth in that moment.
    He won’t last long as a squirrel buster now.

  79. George M. White

    The “seige” of Casablanca continues and I have refreshed my memory on the subject of industrial espionage. These squirrel busters are in a very precarious position even in Texas which is a common law state and has not passed the laws used in the rest of the country.
    Much loving-kindness,

  80. Another Layer

    Tom, that is the greatest news! It’s inspiring to hear of other-than-monetary exchange occurring.

  81. “A man does what he must–in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures–and that is the basis of all human morality.”
    “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities—because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”

    Both from Winston Churchill

  82. The part about the separate squads following and tracking Marty and Mosey was interesting. I remember when we were on the beach fishing and I went to the car to lock it because, I got a creepy feeling about it being unlocked. There was a guy in a deep red pick up who acted nervous standing by the car. Then we got ambushed there by the SB’s. Hummmm, I wonder.

  83. Marty – I am glad you had a chance to take your princess for a walk. Gotta love a dog that stops and smells the flowers.

  84. Marty,
    Ah, but you have truth on your side. Therefore, the strength you demonstrate is very sustainable in the face of insane chaos. The fact that you can hold a position in space, continue to communicate and not just crawl into the bank is what creates terror in the minds of those who oppose you. An OT amongst the mortal morally degraded (mest beings) is something to fear from those who think they only win by controlling all. They cannot observe any true is-ness and do not see in their no-game condition they have already lost.

    “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” ~ Ayn Rand

  85. “Basically they are so insane that they can no longer tell RIGHT FROM WRONG.”

    Thanks, I thought I was tripping there for a few decades.

  86. Dave, (both of you), You need to send them new TSHIRTS that say:



  87. Tony Dephillips


  88. Barney Rubble

    +1, Karen you nailed it on the head. Gerry Armstrong never really had his Strategic Plan and look at him now. Wonder what he did with his payoff $.

  89. Defender of Theta

    Hello Marty,

    Thanks for your continuing work.

    Documenting, on video, as you are doing, is vital.

    I would also keep what is called a “written contemporaneous record,” a timetrack of all events, that you do ASAP after each event (within minutes, while the details are fresh, noting the time of the event and the time of your timetrack entry). Otherwise, it is a bitch to try to reconstruct what happened, months later, sort through hours of video, etc.

    Also, People don’t believe a “record” that is written months later, as much as they believe one written on the spot..

    A written contemporaneous record is powerful when it comes to litigation or anything where you need to prove your case. It is THE basic within my experience.

  90. “HATE FOR HIRE” that’s exactly right.

    So, if David Miscavige is not the one ordering these activities, if he does not sanction this type of behavior by his parishioners and top OTs, then why hasn’t he stopped it? Why hasn’t he put his foot down? Hmmm?

    I think we know the answer. You can’t have it both ways Miscavige. You can’t pretend that the “church” has nothing to do with this and then not do anything about it. No one in the C of S acts on their own. No way. Every behavior, every action, every move by every parishioner is monitored, period.

  91. Keep it up Tom! You are AWESOME!!!!

  92. Hiding under the cloak of “religion” while breaking the law is Church of Miscavolgy’s speciality.

    No religion should be able break the laws of the land. It is fabulous that Warren Jeff’s got nailed in spite of pleading “his religion.”

    The whole of law is Judges taking into consideration previous judicial decisions.

    Hiding and MASKING under a veil of PRETENSE with layers of Cutaways is the very signature of a Miscavige run operation.

    ++++Anonymous phone calls to Law enforcement with fabricated crimes.
    ++++Hiding and Masking the name low life Private investigator “David Lubow” to David “Statter” while masking this is a DM operation. +++++Masking source by pretending Seal Team 6 is “volunteers”
    +++++American Express Gold card billed expenses billed to Falcon PI firm, paid through Lawyer Elliott Abelson, OSA in-house lawyer (“Masked as random volunteers”)

    The joke of it all, is that it is not hidden or masked. The Internet scorns and mocks this daily lunacy run by, dreamed up by, financed by, analyzed, dissected and bisected by Miscavige. Stuck in his former hats as Action Chief CMO Int and Mission Ops, he considers himself an ACE “Mission” handler.

    Bert confirms in many ways this is a Miscavige hand run mission. Thank you Bert.

  93. Tom Gallagher

  94. When DM hired LaBlow, he hired a major coward-of course LaBlow will turn on him.

  95. Defender of Theta

    Hello WogBuster,

    Using Marty’s image is likely not a violation – they don’t seem to be commercially exploiting his “name and likeness” as it is called. If there is an infringement, the damages are likely small.

    However, I think it is pure idiocy – a death wish – that they called themselves “Squirrel Busters” and then put a “NO” sign over Marty’s face. The combination of those two things, coupled with their various aggressive acts, are a prima facie case of “religious persecution and an attempt to suppress another’s exercise of their right engage in the religious practices of their choice.”

    I know that the Miscavige regime thinks it has the right to wipe out “heresy,” but, legally, one man’s heresy is another man’s religious practice. It is very, very dicey to purposely interfere with another’s free exercise of their constitutional rights (in this case, the free religious practice of the individual’s choice, “heresy” or not):

    “Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241
    Conspiracy Against Rights

    This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person . . . in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).”

    This law does play when it comes to the punishment:

    “Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death.”

    Marty, I just wrote a post regarding documenting EVERY event that occurs, big or small. I had the above law in mind.

    In addition to documenting the criminal case (by keeping a “written contemporaneous record” of events), perhaps it would make sense to print the above statue and politely hand it out to the so-called squirrel busters, and video the handing out. That way, they have what is called “actual notice” of the illegality of their acts (not that notice is required in a criminal case, but it helps in civil cases, and can’t hurt in criminal cases).

  96. +1
    I agree Allen. Actions speak louder than words.

  97. Defender of Theta

    That approach, that Marty took, is very intelligent and will win over time. It creates what is called “cognitive dissonance” in DM’s supporters.

    DM tells them Marty is this huge SP. Marty treats them in a civil manner. Cognitive dissonance results – their experience does not match what they think reality is (or, what they were told it is).

    Over time, cognitive dissonance really gets to people

    It is a major reason you don’t attack the supporters of someone like DM. Attacking them strengthens them because your attack matches what DM said you were. When you don’t attack, but treat them civilly, cognitive dissonance occurs.

    Yes, the party will try to reconcile the dissonance, but it is hard to do so over time, and tremendous stress results as they pile on “explanations” and computations to try to suppress the dissonance. The majority then crack, and either quit or come over to your side.

  98. Defender of Theta

    Beautifully put, Allan

    You are right. In the end, the reason to do the right thing, is because it is right.

  99. From the HCOB, ROBOTISM:

    “The opening lines of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health comment on Man’s lack of an answer for himself.
    The group needs such an answer in order to survive and for its individual members to be happy.
    Other-determined [robot]
    Oblivious [band]

    The exact mechanism of needing orders is to be found as an outgrowth of the mental condition outlined in HCOB 28 Nov 1970, “Psychosis”.
    The individual with an evil purpose has to withhold himself because he may do destructive things.
    When he fails to withhold himself he commits overt acts on his fellows or other dynamics and occasionally loses control and does so.
    This of course makes him quite inactive.
    To overcome this he refuses any responsibility for his own actions.
    Any motion he makes must be on the responsibility of others.
    He operates then only when given orders.
    Thus he must have orders to operate.
    Therefore one could term such a person a robot. And the malady could be called robotism.”

    I’ve noticed this malady on several students on course. They are desperately looking for some authority to determine for them that they understand the materials.

    Other students simply read it, clear their words, drill it and apply it with very little supervision needed.

    Miscavige’s entire GAT program caters exclusivley to the robot.
    His management programs cater exclusively to the robot.
    His PR programs can only be executed by Robots.

    And what we have here is a being, Bert Leahy, able to recognized the out-ethics in the situation in a mere three days and refuse to engage in the out-ethics activity, and send a KR to those who he feels can actually do something about it.

    “DMbot” is utterly appropriate as a definition of terms for the robotically insane who follow miscavige’s orders.

    For those of you robots who manage to wake up…fear not, many good auditors await your arrival in the independent field of real scientology.

  100. Karen #1, I would take the cash for sure but I promise I wouldn’t be silent, I would wait 6 weeks and then spill the beans and head for Mexico! 🙂 Why should anyone remain silent about such things? Says who, the Church of Scientology? Oh well, I guess I wouldn’t make a very good member of that group that’s for sure! 🙂

  101. Barney ~~
    To be fully accurate here, Gerry Armstrong took an $800,00 settlement from the Cult.
    WHEREAS when DM sent a bunch of Lawyers to descend on Mike Rinder in Colorado after he fled offering him megabucks ~~ high six figures~~~
    Mike Rinder could not be bought for cash.

    None of the Indies whom Gerry via Caroline regularly attack as filthy liars, indeed attacking us as the scum of the EARTH wretched, deluded souls for using LRH tech ~~ none of the Indies have taken hush money $$$$ $800,000 to shut up and be quiet.

    Gerry reneged on his $800,000 settlement with CoS and thus began his long and protracted legal war with the Cult. Gerry has tried to universalize his legal problems by arguing that all people in the entire world are either “beneficiaries” or “victims” of Scientology v. Armstrong. Worse, the very Indies whom Gerry believes can extricate him from his self-created legal Hell will apparently not give him the help he needs –
    He daily screams for Marty’s help while screaming on OCMB how vile Marty is ~~
    It is almost a dementia ~~

    Having never taken a big payday from the Cult, Marty and Mike Rinder are free and say and do whatever they want.

    Unlike recent departures from INT Base, being paid huge sums of money to shut up and not go to Law Enforcement, Mike and Marty will never be bribed.

    I respect that.

  102. Too bad she didn’t take a crap in front of the golf cart.

  103. There were two different sets of “eyes” that I remember being obvious lookouts in strategic places when we went to town to get those awesome Tacos, aside from the obvious SQBs, Laura.

  104. TC: “Dave, what’s up with Marty still being around, man? You said you were gonna take care of this over a year ago! He’s had my name in the papers more times than I’ve had my teeth whitened!”

    DM: “Now, Tom…you see…..we’re winning! We’ve…….we’ve almost got him now. Any minute now. Just hold on a bit longer and we’ll have him in prison or worse.”

    TC: “Yeah, I certainly HOPE so. As you’ve said, until we take him down, the Ideal Orgs can’t flourish and prosper, man. We can’t release Super Power. And we can’t even do lX or X, man!”

    DM: “Right! That’s exactly right. We’re gonna take him, Rinder and all those other cock-suckers down and then we’re gonna clear this goddam place!”

    TC” “YEAH!!! BOOYAH!!! Love it when you get all forcefull and shit, Dave! Where’s the nearest couch?!?”

    DM: “Uh…right over there, Tom. Just be sure and take off your shoes first this time, eh?”

  105. SA- you are a wise man.

    Thank you

  106. Another Layer

    “So, if David Miscavige is not the one ordering these activities, if he does not sanction this type of behavior by his parishioners and top OTs, then why hasn’t he stopped it? Why hasn’t he put his foot down? Hmmm?”

    Great point you’ve made, Sindy! So obvious, it’s easy to overlook. Thanks!

  107. I did what you said W.E. and the AG’s office of Pinellas and LA county just sent me a form letter saying they don’t get into it due to the fact that it is a Religion (spit, argh…hack). Now they have just cut the line and won’t respond to my comms. With so many people in the same boat why can’t we gather together a class action law suit and get our money back. I’d also like to get some of the money for the things they delivered that were overt products and/or off policy.

  108. Thats awesome Tom. I suspect you are out-producing the Phx org.

  109. Yes, totally.

    Good upper indocs intention too. It cut through and he actually gave a sane, correct answer. It cut through everything and seems to have reached the being. I’m not sure what that guys name is but I can tell from other videos that he isnt doing well with this Squirrel Busters work. It’s making him look sick and down-tone.

  110. Like this…brilliant.

  111. Sindy wrote: “So, if David Miscavige is not the one ordering these activities, if he does not sanction this type of behavior by his parishioners and top OTs, then why hasn’t he stopped it? Why hasn’t he put his foot down? Hmmm?”
    Precisely – it’s an untenable position – probably even from the perspective of the most uncritical of the general public/common person in the street.

    Being aware of this conduct on the part of those who are members of the church you purport to “lead” – and then failing to condemn it – clearly implies tacit agreement. No ‘scapin’ that one ….

    And “I didn’t know” sure ain’t gonna fly ….. not that he even has any cred to assert it.

    ….. and he just keeps on rackin’ the balls and tossin’ Marty the chalk ….

    After a while, this level of repeated self-flagellation and masochism is more than just slightly disturbing to watch …..

    I mean, I get it Dave: you get off on it …. but jeez …. can’t ya just get a room with Yingling and Lublow and try to entertain them, as well as yourself ? ….. mebbe figger out some way to not include all of us ?

    Please ?

  112. That’s right Karen. There is a huge difference. Gerry Armstrong (and Caroline Letkeman) shoot at the wrong target. They attack LRH, the tech and Scientology as a generality. From what I’ve seen, I think they are both truly SP’s. Marty and Mike on the other hand are shooting at the CORRECT target, which is David Miscavige. They both know that the tech works, whereas Gerry and Caroline don’t.

  113. “Miscavige’s entire GAT program caters exclusivley to the robot.
    His management programs cater exclusively to the robot.
    His PR programs can only be executed by Robots.”

    EXACTLY LDW. I am so glad I am not a robot. I said FU to the GAT, FU to the GAK, FU to events and FU to the basics. While I sadly watched all the robots fall for it all. Come on robots, DM is NOT LRH! Wake up!

  114. LMAO Bryan! Good one 🙂

  115. My computer an IMac is hacked. It’s using a constant “Cisco” demand “enter my passward to access the Internet” screen, … like I got one!
    WTF my iPad seems to be online….
    If this keeps up, I might get angry.
    That’s your warning DM. Your one and only.

  116. ……. Ethics Presence ….. 🙂

  117. …or maybe a non-Scientologist like Bert would see through this kind of thing and refuse to sign it, UNLIKE the cowed and blind Sea Org members who are made to sign all kinds of ridiculous things like waiving of all of their rights as employees and agreeing in writing that it’s okay that they don’t get paid anything. Anyway, Bert, you are da cat’s meow!

  118. +1


    Comparing Marty or Mike to Gerry and his sock puppet Caroline who spend most of their time trying to invalidate the subject and character assassinate the Ol’man is an invidious connection in my opinion even though Allan may think otherwise.

  119. scilonschools

    CoM Parallels UK Riots & ‘Our Sick Society’-(quote David Cameron UK PM 10August 2011)


    CoM Rioters and looters

    The CoM have been destroying and ‘Looting’ families for assets and human slaves using disconnection, manipulation and criminal methods as we have all seen.

    The extraordinary Uk riots and the aftermath seem to have close parallels to the CoM, this is important as it is an indication of the world the CoM are desperate to achieve.
    The interesting stereo type of looters is very different to what was expected, they include Teaching assistants, Grammar School Girls from ‘Good families’ etc (see Telegraph (UK) FrontPage today.

    The ideas are to get on in society you must be confident and ruthless and you are above the law, have rights over other citizens.

    A lot of these ideas are CoM core practice, interesting the CoM focus ‘Children have rights in Society’ (but no responsibility) are base driving functions of the ‘children’ who are predominately running the riots.

    The CoM has spent decades influencing and infiltrating the UK ‘System’ focusing on Politicians, Police, Schools etc., they have no recognition of Tax exempt status (UK Charities Commission) and yet pay no taxes by evasion, but are not perused.

    The UK CPS (Criminal Prosecution Service) were advised to give the CoM (Church of Scientology) full status as a religion regards prosecuting those referring to them as a CULT by the UK Treasury Committee!! (How Bizarre is that)

    There is no doubt the level of influence that the CoM have achieved in the UK ‘System’, and now by seeing UK society breakdown, we are seeing the result of a CoM ‘Cleared’ Planet!!

    We need more Indies in the UK!!!!

  120. Sinar,
    Good eye, very observant!
    ps, Yes, tacos, Yum! 😉

  121. Firebreathing Frog

    Another evidence of Marty walking the walk.
    DM and his goons only talk the talk.
    Come on, OSA guys, time to join the winning side.

  122. I respect that.
    So do I. Immensely.

    Bruce Pratt

  123. I also worked with your husband & Megan Shields. I did an admin eval consultant project on the practice. I am an accountant & OEC. I too enjoyed my interaction with them. I since have become a Doctor of Clinical Medicine Naturopathic.

  124. Here is a link to the IRS complaint form for 501(c)3 Organizations:

    Click to access f13909.pdf

    Fill it out, send it in. In the representations made to the IRS, the Church “guaranteed” refunds. You may also want to cc Monique Yingling of
    Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger, L.L.P. at
    888 Seventeenth St. N.W.
    Suite 700
    Washington, D.C. 20006

    DM’s “personal” attorney. Since DM “IS Scientology”, perhaps they can help him with his culpability in this matter.

  125. Watching Eyes

    Call back to the AG’s office and get that person’s supervisor. TR-3 it but with someone higher up. Did you go to the press?

    As far as a class action suit, the only ones who’d get any money would be the first plaintiff and the attorneys. The rest of the people would get pennies although it sure would give the dwarf a lot of grief.

  126. Karen –
    When you are in the Church, you are not allowed to read the full and accurate legal history of Scientology. The court records of Scientology, all submitted under the rules of evidence, are full and accurate, and almost all available online..

    The Code of a Scientologist says to take responsibility for Scientology’s impact upon the world. A Scientologist can not do that unless he has knowledge of that impact. Thus, reading the court documents of Scientology raise your knowledge of Scientology’s impact upon the world, and helps you to apply the Code of a Scientologist. Only an independent Scientologist can apply this part of the Code, because only an independent Scientologist is allowed to look at the data for themselves.

    Wikipedia is a good place to start:

  127. I haven’t been connected to the net for the last three days, so I log on today to see that I’ve missed some stuff going on. Thanks Bert for coming forward and filling us in on the stuff Mr. Lubow is doing.

    I find the entire thing that the “Squirrel Busters” are doing and calling Marty “The Rat” to be very immature. It’s almost like the lot of them are stuck in middle school mindsets, being annoying little bullies because they know you won’t pound them one and risk suspension or detention.

    What’s really sad is that they are being paid to do this by Dat Midget, given gold cards and a healthy fund to keep it going. The obvious misappropriation of church funds should anger those already in. This is what all that money you are paying for auditing and OT Levels is going.

    I am enraged by this latest information and am saddened that people will whore themselves out to anyone willing to pay the big bucks. Bert woke up and realized that no amount of money is worth destroying someone’s peace and happiness. I hope the best for you and your family, Bert. Thanks for coming forward!



  128. That is exactly right. I always have this in mind when I am raiding our local stress test tables 🙂

  129. TheWidowDenk

    Thanks, Moneca, for speaking up! I’ve now met two more people from that not-so-long-ago time. Very much appreciated … L, Rachel

  130. Moneca, Wow, that was a big switch, good for you! I too am very interested in Homeopathy & Naturpathic medicine. Which was one of the reasons I left ‘Standard of care” medicine, due to the band-aid effect of big pharma & put patients on drugs rather than find the cause (besides PTSness!).
    Do you use Don Tyson products? They are IV grade and verypowerful; the best vitamin/aminos, etc I’ve found! And Don is accessable & so knowledgable!
    I am fairly well read in the subject and my current read is: Protect Your Brain “Stop Alzheimer’s Now!” by Bruce Fife, ND. It’s about the in-roads being made with Ketone therapy & MTC (medium chain triglyceride) oils derived from Coconut oil which is being given patients with Alheimers as well as many other neuodegenerative disorders, e.g. Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, as well as Autism, seizures, diabetes, etc. I know it sounds like a cure-all but it’s getting huge success in getting patients in remission & even curing!!!
    I’d love to be in comm, please email me at:
    Love, Midge

  131. IMO there was more to it than that. There are a group of TR’s called “Upper Indoc” TR’s where you learn or drill intention.
    “Tone 40 is giving a command and just knowing that it will be executed despite any contrary appearances”.
    What you saw was a skill of a good auditor.

  132. Marty and Mosey,
    Maybe it’s time for me to make a visit since The Squirell Busters started with me let’s do a full circle and they can end with me!!
    🙂 Rebel Girl

  133. Barney Rubble

    So true. And in final thought, in a youtube video of Gerry Armstrong I saw (shot in Vancouver with Anon’s) a few years ago, Mr. Armstrong looked like he was a meth victim. When one takes bribe $ from the DM cult one will get very bad kharma.

  134. Thanks Tom for your assistance.This is good data.

  135. Marty, you are a brave man. And you are a must read before the regular newspapers in the morning. You knew what would be coming, when you started to do what you are doing now. But tell me, way back, when you were targetting someone who simply would not deviate from his path, no matter what was thrown in his way, stay public, make his voice heard, uncover unpleasant truths, etc. what were your quiet thoughts back then? And what did other OSA staff think?

    Btw: Have you thought about charging the wearers of those t-shirts royalties for using your image? From that money you could get yourself this car:

  136. whateverthatwas…

  137. Let’s not forget tortious interference with prospective economic advantage. That may be a California cause of action unavailable in Texas, though.

  138. TroubleShooter

    Bert Leahy Thank you for your courage to do the right thing. You seem to have good instincts and personal integrity and so I know you will have a happy life – which isn’t synonymous with easy don’t we know – but a happy one.

    I LOVE how the power of truth prevails man oh man.

    Maybe since what cob is practicing ISN’T Scientology he thinks he’s immune to the basic truths of it’s scriptures? Considering a good amount of the basic truths of Scientology have echoed through the ages one has to pity the little, black soul who believes his perversions of it will afford him freedom from his lies, perversions and betrayals.

    Marty your ability to hold a position in space and stay the course is one of the qualities that has made you so influential to a huge number of us over the decades.



  139. Oooh that was hot – don’t stop now. You know they’ve both thought about it…

  140. Gee Big Al,

    You’re in a whole worlda hurt if ya think Disinfopedia is an accurate source of information.

    Actually a better history of the *organization* can be found here:

    A history of the subject itself can be attained by actually doing the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course and listening to a few hundred lectures and reading several thousands of pages of material on the subject.

    Instead of just surfing the ‘net.

  141. Good on ya Tom.

    I wish you much success with your Field Practice and as I’ve written before and feel I must write again:


  142. Thanks, RJ.

    I said Wikipedia was a good place to *start*. Your source is another, as well as many others. As many sources as you can find, actually, is the point.

    The best source on the legal history of Scientology, of course, are the official court documents themselves, many of which are also available online.

    As I understand it, an independent Scientologist has the freedom to go everywhere he wants, to any source he wants, to find out the truth.

  143. Well alright Allan.

    Then it seems we’re on the same page.

  144. I love Knowledge! Thanks!

  145. TheWidowDenk

    Trying to get the picture …

  146. That’s so weird

  147. 😀 Totally like buttah!

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