Miscavige Mafia – Bert Leahy IV


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  1. That’s it! That’s the one! GREAT video. Thank you both. Again, Bert Leahy, you’re a real mensch. Thank you. Your good works here will come back to you a thousand fold.

    Dave Miscavige and Dave Lebeau (Leblow, Leboo, Leblah), you’re both idiots.


  2. Onward and upward! 🙂

  3. Thank you! The simplicity of the truth & truthful people makes me sigh with peace. The truth shall set you free, except in DM’s case …. the truth shall eventually incarcerate.

  4. Thank you Marty and Bert.

    You have exposed the “Boondoggles”!

  5. This is an awesome series of videos. I can only assume that this data would make it easier for the county to curb these guys activities since Bert has blown their “1st Ammendment” media cover story.

  6. “To make his life a living hell”.
    “To run him out of town”.
    “To run him out of wherever he then goes”.
    “To cost him his livelihood”.
    “To cost him his job”.
    “To shut him up”.

    These videos shed real light on some of the evil purposes at work here. They expose the evil game being played by Miscavige and his cronies which is a real service to all who are or may become affected by it. So many many thanks to both of you.

  7. Tom Gallagher


    Thanks for the wrap-up. Bert, you’re a model for everything that represents the innate goodness of mankind.

    If I were the cowering psychotic sawed-off Chairsatan hiding out in Hemet, I’d be packing a bugout bag about now. Law enforcement could have a field day with this case.


    Seems fitting somehow. I hope those who are being told lies, learn the truth so that the truth will set them free.

  9. Marty,
    There must be a made chaotic group in motion in Southern California and Texas right this moment. This spoken evidence shows there is nothing to do with 1st amendment rights involved here. This is a group of criminals violating another citizen’s constitutional rights. Lebeau has crossed state lines with the intention and plan to harass a free citizen on this country. There is an admission that this is not a documentary of any type.

    This also shows that those concerned made false statements to the police of the area, to the government officials concerned as to their intent and purpose. I don’t have time to pull up any law or codes but it is illegal to mislead or lie to an officer during any type of investigation. You already had one person travel from San Jose area to harass you and a lady visiting your place.

    Now you have direct observation and statements of what is really occurring. We may have always know the truth but now the world can be witness. This is a criminal conspiracy. I note that they want to force both you and your wife. She has NEVER been a member of any church organization nor involved in any of their “religious” activities. This is stalking and harassment. Mental duress and harassment also start to fall into the RICO statutes as a conspiracy and hate crimes.

    Due to the fact that he was paid by Lebeau then any legal action can force Lebeau to produce accounting and records. This is NOT part of any legal action or any formal investigation by the church. They are hiding (not very well either) behind an attorney. The fact that the church through its attorney is paying Lebeau and Squirrel Busters is evidence this is not an “Independent” documentary. Therefore all statements and testimony or applications by the SQB members has been a lie.

    The fact that there is no investigation also denies LeBeau any hiding behind his PI license. He is just another thug in the chain of criminal actions.

    Overall another total failure to carry out some type of “Op” without following the rules of keeping Intelligence hidden and PR without any lies in it. Big flunk. Having shown they cannot duplicate LRH materials there are others who have written appropriate info:

    “If anyone can show me, and prove to me, that I am wrong in
    thought or deed, I will gladly change. I seek the truth, which
    never yet hurt anybody. It is only persistence in self-delusion
    and ignorance which does harm.” — Marcus Aurelius

    Marty, you are the rock that the insane will continue to beat their head against, and never come to the conclusion that their head will give in before the rock falters.

  10. Marty, I can actually hear this one now. I was impressed with Berts honesty and integrity. It is true that there are more good people around than bad.

  11. From “Ethics Presence”, 4 Oct 1968; “Endurance asserts the truth of unkillability. Were still here, can’t be unmocked. This drives the SP wild”
    Marty, you have real ethics presence and as an Independent field we can’t be unmocked. We are here to stay! Little dm must be drinking a lot of Scotch.

  12. This has GOT to be illegal.

    It is extremely courageous and quite brilliant of you to step up and stand out with a big red target on you, Marty, to pull these criminals in on yourself and document everything they do to you.

    We all owe you and Monique a huge debt of gratitude for living through this.

    My God.

    Way to go.


  13. I was thinking just this morning that there are two cases here: the criminal suit and the civil suit. I wonder how Richard Hirst is going to like being involved in those? Maybe he should turn “state’s evidence” now!

  14. I mean, if Richard really looks at what he’s done he will see that he’s in for it and DM will throw him under the bus immediately. Bail now, Richard, for the sake of the thirty-five years you and I have known each other…

  15. Listen carefully…..point your ear towards DM’s placial manor, and you will hear, to quote a member of Lincoln’s cabinet, “the last shriek on the sound of the retreat”.

    The baby blue street creepers are, without a doubt, thouroughly and utterly discredited. Their mission is a lie, and their lies are their mission.

    Well done, Bert. Well done, Marty.

    Press on, Press on.

  16. We knew that the purpose was to harras Marty and his wife, that there was no documentary. It is obvious. Now there is a credible witness that can testify to this fact. It is time for the Ingleside police to start citing these people as a public nuisance, over and over.

    The City should require a daily permit for filming in the City. They should look at it as a revenue generator. The State of California requires them: http://www.film.ca.gov, The City of Los Angeles requires them: http://www.filmla.com, so Lebow should be familiar with this process. Texas has a film commission and has guidelines, which require sign-off by the neighbors who are affected by the shoot. http://governor.state.tx.us/film/film_friendly/sample_guidelines

    Don’t be afraid of their threat to sue. They have no grounds. If they want, they can sue the State of Texas over their right to “make Marty’s life a living hell.” They are promoting themselves as film makers, not press. They have no right to disturb the peace of your neighborhood. Get the Governor’s Office to get involved.

  17. Marty and Mosey,

    Great finale of the interviews with Bert, your documentary uncovers the truth behind the 4 month effort and siege in IOB of the Daves and their cut outs.

    This is something that Law Enforcement and their investigations haven’t been able to do. Perhaps these people could take action now and bring justice to this ongoing situation putting up charges and doing what’s right.

  18. But even if you don’t bail, Richard, I will visit you in federal prison and bring you cookies….

  19. Bert, I wish for you and your family a very successful life in the area you have trained and chosen to do.Your an honest man and honest men win.
    I would hire a man with integrity anyday over a slime like Dave LaBlow.

  20. There are free beings.

    There are beings who free other beings.

    There are trapped beings.

    There are beings who trap others.

    It’s my opinion that Bert has more freedom and more capacity for truth than any koolaid drinker I can think of.

    The truth shall set you free. See the chapter in TWTH on Seek to Live With The Truth. Bert actually looks pretty happy. To all you koolaid drinking lurkers….feeling happy these days? If not, try a little vial of truth and see if that helps.

  21. Tony DePhillips

    Good job Bert and Marty!
    It continues to baffle me how in this day and age we can allow mafia type cults to run rough shod over the every day man. It is obvious to a blind man that they are harrassing you under the cloak of civil rights. The cult is truly disgusting. I can’t wait for muddcabbage to pull in his just desserts.

  22. Yvonne Schick

    Great reference selection.

  23. Yvonne Schick

    Very good job, Bert and Marty. May you both flourish and prosper.

  24. If you Google “David Miscavige news” this video / link comes up second on Google.

  25. Thank you Bert & Marty. Bert, you are a real stand-up citizen. And thanks to your wife for backing you up while you are speaking out. You mention her several times, and it’s clear that she was also seeing the insanity.

    The purpose is to destroy Marty, in anyway possible, and no matter the cost. But the two Dave’s just don’t get it. Marty isn’t going anywhere. Marty and his friends have 1,000 times more integrity and courage than Dave & Dave could ever even fathom. We are here in strong numbers and will stand behind Marty and the TRUTH when it counts. More and more are joining our ranks, including people who had nothing to do with this before like Bert Leahy. Thanks again Bert – you are an honorable man.

  26. This is a lot better reality TV than anything else the SQBs (squibs? I like that name….) have shot. Their unreality compared to reality. Who’s next to defect from the squibs and actually SEE reality? The LRH quote is something like “All I am trying to teach you to do is look.” from the “Scientology and Effective Knowledge” lecture.

    C’mon Allender, and this Joann chick and you other little chickenshits–you are SOOOOOO duped. Dave ‘n’ Dave, if you want to live at the bottom of the kitty litter box with your slimey ethics and morals you deserve it, but quit dragging others down there with you.

  27. Tony DePhillips


  28. Love to Bert and Family, Marty and Mosey! Thanks for a huge dose of TRUTH!

  29. Plus to Haydn. That pretty much sums it up, circled in red.

  30. Simon Bolivar

    “To make his life a living hell”.
    “To run him out of town”.
    “To run him out of wherever he then goes”.
    “To cost him his livelihood”.
    “To cost him his job”.
    “To shut him up”.

    I think Marty can keep his space, but in case, everyone, even from Italy I could offer him a place to go and stay, and if he comes down town here I bet they SB are going to understand what real mafia is. We don’t need police to settle our questions, The old “Lupara Bianca” is more than enough.

  31. Wow! Thanks Bert for coming forward. This is so crazy on the part of the C of M. It’s outright psychotic.

  32. Bryon K Eckert

    I fully support what you are doing Marty, but I would just like to put this LRH quote here for the record. Granted, this may have been necessary at one time, but now it is quite destructive to the group doing these shenanigans. An organizational service facsimile, if you will.

    “When we need somebody haunted we investigate … When we investigate we do so noisily always. And usually mere investigation damps out the trouble even when we discover no really pertinent facts. Remember that – by investigation alone we can curb pushes and crush wildcat people and unethical “Dianetics and Scientology” organizations. ”

    A person or an organisation using Dianetics or Scientology wrongly or without rights, or a wildcat magazine, is best shut down or shut up by hiring a private detective. Tell the detective “We don’t care if they know you’re investigating them for us. In fact, the louder the better.”

    Detectives cost dozens of dollars or pounds. They save thousands.

    When you get their data, give it to your attorneys for any action they want. Or post it.”

    HCO Manual of Justice, copyright 1959

  33. +1 Props to Mrs. Leahy as well. Obvioulsy a woman of good taste and integrity.

  34. Marty,

    First, you have a future good friend in Bert. He’s a very good person. I bet he’d even let you put him in session to address his back trouble.

    Second, is it fair to say that DM will drop Lebow (however you spell his name), Allender, Hirst, etc, like a hot potato, the second any legal trouble comes their way?

  35. 1 the analysis about the legality of what has and is occurring here is the kind of data that spurs reporters to report, legal authorities to investigate and then take action. I believe we have hit a tipping point here.

  36. martyrathbun09

    If you think that is what the past five days of post shows, then I highly recommend you do the Data Series Evaluator Course, for blood.

  37. Impartial English Girl

    Can I stick my hand up here and say that I think Mr. Leahy is really gorgeous – has he got a single younger brother?! 😉 Apologies for adding a shallow and lightweight comment…! On an a serious note – much kudos to Mr. Leahy – he does look pretty nervous, but what a great strength of character he has.
    IEG x

  38. Bert,
    You are one heck of a straight shooter!!!
    Thank you for having the INTEGRITY to speak out when you saw the real intentions of the Squirel Busters behind the scenes. High Fives for walking away.
    Really! A Documentary….BUSTED!!!!!!

  39. It is dawning on me , David Miscavige’s fixation on cameras, film, and “secretly watching”. He was a camera man right? He has all of the auditing rooms fitted now with spy equipment right? He has the extensions of himself all out filming right? I don’t know if anyone has confronted the depth of this obsession yet. Hubbard never had spy equipment in the auditing rooms. I don’t think he ever had any cameras set up around his property where he lived. He certainly never secretly and illegally video taped people in session.
    This voyeurism is a major aberration that has made Scientology a film culture. He really had issues with cameras, spying, and filming.

  40. Kudos to Marty, Mosey and Bert for holding your positions in space, true power!
    When Hansueli Staehli visited me last summer, jumped me at midnight I should say, he stated with vehemence “we are going to get Marty”. Last I heard HE was washing dishes at the PAC base.
    I am looking forward to see who will be ABSENT from the ranks of the ‘squirrel busters’. Heads must roll with that kind of exposure. The roaches will scatter with that truth beam of light of on them.

  41. Tony DePhillips

    You sound like a bot Bryon.

  42. one of those who see

    Wonderful!! Thanks for posting this quote. So important!! This quote can also be applied to all of the out tech happening in the church. Product of the Church – degraded beings. thank you sir!
    For example:
    Invalidation of Clears
    Being told you can’t get auditing in a particular org-you are not an illegal pc and there is no explanation.
    Huge win!! Cognition!! – invalidated
    Attention on mest, not on the spiritual
    Because of certain thoughts, you must sign papers with a notary present
    Group C/Sing
    Out tech regarding F/Ns
    Misapplication of Ideal Org Policy
    enforced location
    enforced communication
    enforced disconnection – not able to leave a game in a reasonable period of time without severe punishment

  43. Byron K Eckert,

    The above policies pre-suppose that the “church” is applying standard scientology and is, in fact following the creed of the church. The policies pre-suppose that there is an ethical group which deserves protection.

    Miscavige and his minions have long since ceased to practice scientology and are simply immoral thugs, running a ramshackle implant station and using “some” LRH policies to justify thier behavior and their existence.

    Ditto on Marty’s reply, +100. Learn how to recognize differences, identities and similarities.

  44. Thank you Marty, for posting these videos with Bert Leahy. If there ever was a term that defines the antics of the “Squirrely Busted’s” it would be gobsmacked! I can just see LRH standing in front of these yo-yos, knowing that they were hired by David Miscavige and his OSA Storm Troopers and realizing that this horseshit that their “documentary” is taken as being true by anyone watching it at Int. Base or Flag or Idle Morgues. Jaw-dropping Gobsmacked would be the result on Ron’s face. Sheesh!

    There’s no doubt in my mind that ARCU is history in the Corporate Church of Scientology!

    Gary (just a villager with torches for davey)

    P.S. Marty, this villager gives a “Five Torches Rating” to your video series! 🙂

    And to punctuate…

  45. Sorry, edit HAD to HAS.

  46. Elliot Abelson, staunch defenders of pornographers. What a title to hold.

    Great video, guys. Thank you!

  47. “They wanted to create so much baggage no one would want you.”

    Hmmm…can’t think of anyone who is lugging around more “baggage” than they or their Church of the Holy Applebox presently does.
    Nobody wants them either.

    Hey, *ssholes–who wants to be like you????? Isn’t that the point of all this? My word, you’re thick-headed idiots.

    “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”
    Winston Churchill

  48. Komra Moriko

    I did a search for “David Miscavage news” and found that Tony Ortega at the Village Voice is running a series, it began last Friday, entitled “The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology”


    “So who should get the credit — and who the blame — for the sinking morass that is Scientology today? In the coming weeks, we’re doing a countdown to reveal our picks for those most responsible. Naturally, we’re looking forward to your thoughts about our choices in our comments section.”

    Where will Tom Cruise show up in the list?

    And Marty (boo yea! who’s number one!)

  49. Ingrid, I’d say at least a fifth an hour after this footbullet!!!!!

  50. martyrathbun09

    David Miscavige is number one in that particular poll. Problem is I don’t think Tony is differentiating Scientology from the Radcial Corporate “church” of Scientology.

  51. +100 🙂

  52. Well I think that’s what Bryon is saying. He posted the LRH quotes and then said he thought the CoS was using them as an “organizational service facsimile”, which seems pretty close to the mark, doesn’t it? The CoS in the person of David Miscavige is using LRH references like that irrationally, to make everyone else wrong, isn’t he? (And all the other CoS DMbots, like the SBs, are going right along with it, so it does seem like an “organizational ser fac”.)

  53. Bert, you are a fine man, standing up and communicating the truth. Thank you so much for that.

    I concur and hope that this is enough evidence to shut Leblow’s desperado looney unit down and out of town. They are a scam, liers and operate under false pretenses in order to gain them their “right”.

    This is just so wrong.

  54. I guess you could sum up the tendency of an SP to do himself in as, “Always managing to shoot himself in the foot!” LOL

  55. Z,
    “Get Marty” is the reverse of a Travolta film entitled “Get Shorty” 😉

  56. Defender of Porno, Mafia & Vultures is a far better & more accurate one!

  57. John P.Ralston

    I truly hope this esposure of what these idiots are trying to do to you,will get more of the media’s attention.Marty my hat is off to you.You have really kept you cool through all of this haressment.To me COB needs to be left alone in a cell with some off the meanest convicts to have fun with all night long for spending IAS money on these retards

  58. TO,
    Good point on the use of videos. Sadly to say that the J&D Cameraboy is now convinced that live persons in Div 6 can’t take new public to “need for change” and just replaces those in Idle Orgs with banks of flat panel screens showing tons of pictures of himself, actors and his BFF.

  59. Sapere Aude,
    I’ve missed seeing you here. Thanks for the great post!

  60. Yep. Better note it down for the C/S. It may just salvage this dramatizing psychotic once he gets through his justice handlings.

  61. Ladies and Gentlemen under the radar.
    We present the motive of the Church of Scientology in attacking your friends and relatives, falsely declaring them SP, ‘fair gaming’ them and running a black PR campaign on Marty and former Church of Scientology International Management whistle blowers:
    “To shut him up”.
    Why? What is it you shouldn’t know? Why is Miscavige spending so much of YOUR money to silence Marty?
    Look don’t listen. LRH left all the tools necessary to get to the truth. Use them!

  62. Actually, I think the point is that that are not even investigating anything. They weren’t even instructed to look for anything. They are just harassing and stalking while having to lie about who they are and what they are doing.

  63. +1,000

  64. It’s true Marty. The philosophy of Scientology has always been identified with the organizations of Scientology, even back in 1970 it was so.

    Unfortunately LRH himself never stressed the difference and in fact often failed to clearly differentiate between the two in his speech and writings. Even back then, “Scientology” had already become a catch-all term for the whole ball of wax.

    Wish it were not so, but it’s what we’re left with.

  65. martyrathbun09

    “It’s what we’re left with?” Not me my friend. Hell, I thought there were more people on board with this program.

  66. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Crusader. I’ll connect all the dots tomorrow.

  67. I wonder if Bert Leahy has legal case under Texas law because he was deceived and lied to by Squirrel Buster Productions?


    “Sec. 17.12. DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING. (a) No person may disseminate a statement he knows materially misrepresents the cost or character of tangible personal property, a security, service, or anything he may offer for the purpose of

    “(1) selling, contracting to sell, otherwise disposing of, or contracting to dispose of the tangible personal property, security, service, or anything he may offer; or

    “(2) inducing a person to contract with regard to the tangible personal property, security, service, or anything he may offer.”
    On 17.2, Squirrel Busters induced Leahy into contract based upon deceptive advertising, to wit Squirrel Busters was making a documentary when in fact Squirrel Busters were in fact out to make Marty’s life a living hell.

    Dave LeBow used a fake name and Texas law prohibits a business — assuming LeBow and Squirrel Busters even have a business license in Texas — from using an assumed name without filing a form:

    “A domestic or foreign corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or other foreign filing entity that regularly conducts business or renders a professional service in this state under a name other than its legal name (the name stated in its certificate of formation or comparable document) must file an assumed name certificate with the secretary of state and with the county clerk in the appropriate county. (Texas Business & Commerce
    Code [TBCC] § 71.103).

    “Effect of Filing: The effect of filing is to give notice to the public that the entity is conducting business under that name. The filing of an assumed name shall not constitute actual use of the assumed name for determining priority of name; nor does the filing of assumed name give the registrant any right to use the name when contrary to the common law or statutory right of unfair competition, unfair trade practices, common law copyright or similar law (TBCC § 71.157). ”


  68. George M. White

    Great post.
    Much loving-kindness,

  69. Byron,

    I think you missed the point that the Church applies altered or squirrel policy just as they apply altered or squirrel tech.

    What Lebeau is doing and what they are allowing him to or having him do under their aegis is *not* an “investigation” by any stretch of the imagination.

    By the way Lebeau is not a PI.

    He in reality is a agent provocateur and a bag man.

  70. Another Layer

    Amen to that! CoS does not equal Scientology; never has, never will. Just as DM does not equal ecclesiastical leader (and never has, in my book).

  71. Sam well stated! It boggles the mind to think that some do not question any of this.You would have to be in a cave completely cut off from everything in order to try and justify any of this!

  72. I agree Marty,

    Val babe.

    I’d say since the coupe that we (meaning independent field auditors) out number current technical staff in the orgs including SO Orgs by a 10 to 1 margin.

    The Golden Age of Tech created that “army of auditors” that what’s his name predicted but not quite in the manner he predicted.

    Also we definitely have more OEC/FEBC trained execs out here plus other competent staff then they have in the orgs.

    So I wouldn’t feel so glum about what’s left.

    Jesus H Christ!

    We’ve got the cream of the crop out here while the Orgs have nothing but the dregs.

    Also Ron clearly distinguished between the “Church of Scientology” and the “Religion of Scientology” in his last will and testament.

    They are mutually exclusive according to him and always have been.

    Too bad Ortega can’t make that distinction.

    But I guess it’s cause he’s got a bank like what’s his name.

  73. Sorry but LRH did order recordings of sessions.
    I was tallking to John McMaster after a couple of bottles of wine one night and he told me about the early days of power processing.
    Some of the sessions were quite long and he told me that he could hear in the next room the auditor gradually fallling asleep and then a sudden awakening followed by “Give me that hand!” at tone 40.
    The recording of sessions was instituted by LRH after he observed that quite a few auditors did quite different things to what was stated in the HCOBs. LRH’s intention was ethical and understandable.
    What DM is doing is quite different.
    Just for info I don’t record sessions in audio or video. I audit the PC in front of me and sometimes commit 2 or 3 high crimes a minute according to the gat handbook.

  74. I think Valkov is referring to the cycle of Ethics, Tech and Admin which LRH covers well in Admin Know How series 16, SUPPRESSIVES AND THE ADMINISTRATOR – HOW TO DETECT SPs AS AN ADMINISTRATOR:

    “The three principal zones in a Scientology org are:

    1. Ethics,

    2. Tech,

    3. Admin.

    We have the natural laws of these subjects, each one.

    If you can get in ethics, you can get in Scientology technology. If you can get in Scientology technology, you can get in admin. If you can get all three in, you have an org and have expansion.

    If you can’t get in tech, ethics is out. If you can’t get in admin, both tech and ethics are out.

    The sequence of things that have to be “gotten in” to make an org is first ethics, second tech, third admin.

    Where one of these goes out, the org contracts.

    We have these three sciences. To really handle things, one has to be a master of all three, even to live a good personal life.”

    I know LRH is talking about a Scientology org, but in the last sentence he says to even have a good personal life you must be a master of all three.

    So Marty, am I to understand that you mean there is a program to separate Scientology Tech or philosophy from the other two essential parts? Or will you just be getting in Ethics before getting Tech to go in without really worrying about the Admin part of the cycle?

  75. Agreed on Tony’s not differentiating. I hesitated to post because of that, but did anyways. k

  76. Not to Q&A from the main topic! Just to comment on what I think Valkov was trying to express. Thanks!

  77. martyrathbun09

    He also said he would run over a person practicing Scientology outside the organization with a Mack truck,and “I don’t mean thought wise.” I am surprised that you haven’t learned by now that I think for myself. It is liberating. I suggest you try it yourself.

  78. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    Amazing. If you ever need any help at all Marty, I’m here for you, for KSW1 and truth and to Save the subject of Scientology from the Cult.

    Seal team 6…….how gross.

  79. I believe it is important to spell David Lubow’s name correctly.
    He is the prime Dirty PI used by Miscavige and when people Google his name, all the tales on him will not be found unless we spell his name correctly.

    It is

    David LUBOW.

    Some aliases ~~
    David Lebeau (aka David aka David Lee aka Robert Clarke aka Ron Christopher, aka David Statter)

    Some Misspellings

    David LeBlow David LeBow, David Le Beau, David Lubeau, David LeBow,
    David LuBlow

    David LUBOW is the correct name ~~ poster child for what $$$$you can make from the “Church” for dirty deeds and the Intention to destroy a target as ordered by Miscavige.

  80. Just because I was trained as a Scientologist Marty, doesn’t mean that I am one anymore. If I didn’t think for myself, why do you think I blew the insanity of Int in 2000? Anyways, point taken. You’re doing a Scientology liberation campaign. Understood.

  81. DM who?

    Oh yeah him.

    I mean if the guy actually had a post on an org board I’d take him seriously.

    Right now he kinda reminds me of one of those Banana Republic “Generals” who assigned hisself the rank.

    He could also call himself the easter bunny, a ham sandwich as well as ecclesiastical leader I guess.

    Doesn’t mean we have to buy that shit.

  82. For the PI Dave Statter/Lubow/ etc. the “To Do” list should raise flags on his licensing criteria in California, let alone Texas where he’s operating going on the 4th month of the IOB SQB ops seemingly without a Texas license. His PI company in California paid Bert and the SQB House nearby.

    Perhaps a resident of IOB or Texas would report his illegal activities or suspected unlicensed activity at:

  83. Ralph, “2 or 3 high crimes a minute”–LOL. When I audited my terminally ill 3-yr-old nephew I had to really think on my feet to keep up with stuff that happened. At the time I didn’t know if I was “allowed” to do many of the things I did except per the precepts of auditing, keeping the pc in session, etc.

  84. Watching Eyes

    From your comment: A person or an organisation using Dianetics or Scientology wrongly or without rights, or a wildcat magazine, is best shut down….
    Guess which group this applies to? It applies to the current Cult of Scn. This is the group that’s using Dianetics or Scientology wrongly. I agree with LRH; they should be shut down.

    The problem is that currently I don’t see that anyone has the authority to shut them down. One by one people seem to be doing it themselves by walking away. It’s no secret that DM’s stats are crashed.

  85. Valkov

    We have this:

    “The ‘religion of Scientology’ and its distinction from ANY ‘Church of Scientology’ is described in one of the parts of the LRH Estate Planning, specifically, the Bylaws of CST, Article II.
    Part c and f are below.
    c. “Religion of Scientology” and “Scientology” shall mean the religious doctrines, beliefs, tenets, practices, applied religious Philosophy and technology for application as developed by L. Ron Hubbard and as the same may hereafter be developed by L. Ron Hubbard.
    f. “Religion of Scientology” and “Church of Scientology” shall not necessarily be co-terminal. That is to say, the terms “religion of Scientology” and “Church of Scientology” shall be co-terminal only so long as churches of Scientology continue, in the opinion of L. Ron Hubbard during his lifetime, and in the opinion of all of the Directors and Trustees following the death of L. Ron Hubbard, to espouse, propagate and practice the religion of Scientology.”

    Eric S

  86. Jethro Bodine

    While I’m not a big fan of porno either, these guys are not the problem. It was actually some of the early pornographers like Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner who did a lot to protect first amendment rights. I think a lot of Larry Flynt has done is in horribly bad taste and somewhat suppressive, but if people want to spend their money to look at that trash….

    The real problem is people and groups like David Miscavige, OSA and their legal slimeballs like Ken-Dick Moxon who hide behind the first amendment to escape criminal prosecution, and by doing so, weaken the constitutional rights of everyone else.

    One thing that kool-aid drinker and unemployed construction worker John Allender accuses of others of is being a “religious bigot”, yet he attacks Marty and others at the same time for simply practicing their religion in a way he doesn’t approve of. Total Hypocrite.

  87. martyrathbun09

    Ok, John, thanks.

  88. Yes! I wish there was a way to “rec” comments on wordpress, but seriously, you are right, Bert Leahy deserves major props (and he is such a major mensch) for being willing to come forward to speak as he does in such a humble authentic manner.

    He has obviously been tested by life, as many of us are, and not only by this situation. Some people in his situation, during these dire economic times would’ve sucked it up for the money. Not only did he not do that — he had the integrity and fortitude to sit down, on camera, and speak honestly about just what he saw and experienced.

    I hope he finds some real honest work, in spite of this little adventure. He and his family deserve it.

  89. Marty,

    Ker dogs at your wheels…

    You have smashed DM’s left flank, and are about to turn his right.
    Press on….Press on.

  90. Methinks Bert, like many of us non-scientologists, does not require auditing to be a good friend. We are, because we have integrity as human beings, all on our own.

    Bert is a phenomenally and refreshingly authentic person. I’d say that Marty “drew him in” to use Scientology lingo. The whole idea of squirrel-busting is so strange–if people who travel thousands of mile at their own expense to hang out with Marty and Mosey wish to do so, only a totalitarian mindset would even pay attention.

    I say, to each his or her own and godspeed.

  91. Marty, I totally support what you are doing, as one free person to another. But I would not be reading this blog if it weren’t for John Peeler (bts2free), Tory, blownforgood, and other many former scientologists who were out there educating the public, like me. And in the end, it is the public (and I don’t use that word in a DM corporate manner) like me, who will make sure that it is possible for scientologists “like you” to enjoy your constitutional freedom to practice your beliefs in peace and quiet.

    Godspeed to all of you.

  92. GetTheConcept

    On the day that I see the tech work when applied as sanctioned by the church, and then the exact same tech applied the exact same way NOT work just as well or better, by someone who has nothing to do with the church, only then I will give some possible credence to the idea that Scientology and the Church of Scientology are inseparable

  93. GetTheConcept


    If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you are implying that by “Admin” that could only mean something that occurs specifically and only in the church. Do you not think that the term “Admin” applies to independent field auditors and groups or just to people who want to apply the admin tech to their lives and businesses with no connection to the church?


  94. Scott Campbell

    Excellent post, SA.

    Your comments are always salient cogent and to the point. You have a fantastic acumen for data analysis.

  95. Scott Campbell

    Although my punctuation is not always…

  96. Good point, Karen.

  97. Robert Earle

    Thank you Marty and Bert for the Bert series. It leaves no doubt as to what the SBs campaign is about As if there was ever any doubt for the blog followers It’s hard to fathom how POB could even begin to conceive that he is in any way winning in this endeavor. Obviously he is far more stupid than we have even given him credit for. He has to be either listening to glowing lies as to how this operation is going without checking himself (thoroughly stupid) or following it himself while it unfolds (also thoroughly stupid.) either way he has proven his stupidity many times over already. Remember Applebox “Never use Lies in PR”. You clearly haven’t learned why this is policy and it’s highly unlikely you will catch on and learn it now. You are so on your way out the bottom. Steady she goes. Keep up the good work.

  98. Lol! O.K. I didn’t know that about L.R.H.. I heard some recordings of some sessions he did, I figured he got the P.C.s O.K. for instructional purposes.

    I think, I meant he didn’t have stationary cameras fixed to spy in every auditing room as policy. That just totally takes the whole “two way comm” out of the auditing cycle. It isn’t “two way” when it becomes a group activity or a police activity during the session and people are watching in during the session.

  99. Oh yeah….I heard about that. “Stick them in front of film” routine.
    Hey, wasn’t someone else doing that a while back?
    Oh yeah, I remember now…………

  100. Nomore Religious Intimidation

    The Texas Hate Crimes Act, Chapter 411.046 of the Texas Government Code, defines hate crimes as crimes that are motivated by prejudice, hatred, or advocacy of violence including, but not limited to, incidents for which statistics are or were kept under Public Law 101-275 (the Federal Hate Crimes Statistics Act). The federal law further defines hate crimes as crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, and added in 1997, disability. Violation against selected groups within Texas has been recognized as a threat to the safety of Texans.

  101. I think that what Bert is doing is awesome, brave and just the right thing to do when one sees a loose thread, the basic goodness of mankind showing up!
    But my hat is off to you, Marty because I honestly think that what triggered Bert’s epiphany was pure ethics presence…not even TRs…and that says a lot of a “squirrel”. If “Little Napoleon” was in your pants right now, either nothing would’ve happened or he would’ve tried to kick his ass to make him talk…Respect and admiration to you from an anonymous (for now) friend…

  102. I was referring to what I think is the public’s perception of what the word “scientology” refers to. It’s perceived as referring to a cult-like set of quasi-religious organizations, not as anything like what it’s defined to be in the Tech Dictionary. It’s been positioned that way by the vocal minority of critics and the perception has been confirmed by the CoS’ own foot bullets.

    That’s what we’re left with, in the sense of that’s the society’s massive MU we are left to deal with. There’s not much, if any, perception in society that “scientology” refers to anything other than the CoS. Most people who think of it at all, think “scientology” = “CoS”, that the CoS IS “scientology” and represents “scientology”.

    In general the media hasn’t made the distinction, and scientologists themselves, especially staff, haven’t made the distinction well enough. I never seriously considered being on staff for the very reason that I could not resolve in my own mind how one could be a “Scientologist” (an independent being, observing and thinking for oneself) and a “good soldier” taking orders in an organizational structure, at the same time.

  103. If they wanted to film my sessions for “quality control” I think I would want to get paid for being a guinea pig.

  104. There again, sticking the burden of delivery on the public.

  105. Floating Needle

    Marty: “That’s not the conduct of a Scientologist.”


    When Dave LeBLow (as pronounced by Mike Rinder in the KR interview) came to my house poking around, it was the same thing: “I work for a lawyer who represents the Church of Scientology….. yada yada yada” was his line.

    But, after I got him talking, David Lebeau/Lebow/LeBlow/Statter admitted to being a lifetime member to the International Association of Scientologists.

    My first thought was, “then why is he acting this way?”

    Tony DePhillips nailed it in his KR interview with Mark Bunker… “if everyday Scientologists knew this was happening, they would not allow it to occur.”

    I 100% believe THAT is the problem. Most Scientologists don’t know the OSA’s antics and therefore “buy into” the crap about “squirrels and SP’s” without EVEN LOOKING for themselves.

    I have been guilty of this myself…

    The way to end this shiznit is to get Scientologists to look… which oddly enough, was all Ron was trying to get us to do… just saying.


  106. Good for you for doing what you could in those conditions.
    You had every right to help in whatever way you could.

  107. My point is the public knows nothing of all that, Windwalker, and equates the word “scientology” with the “Church of Scientology”, and is likely to believe the CoS represents and embodies the “philosophy” of Scientology.

    How many of the folks here have gone to the comments on Tony Ortega’s articles and posted something as simple as “The CoS doesn’t represent me or the actual philosophy of Scientology as I know it. I like the Philosophy and enjoy studying it.”

    The critics are over there piling on, but I see few disagreeing with the critic’s line. Is it best to just ignore them?

  108. RJ, I think the only people who actually make that distinction are those who have a self-determined interest in Scientology and have made the effort to look at the meaning of the word and understand something of what Scientology actually is.

  109. P.S. It never occurred to me that you would be doing something like that.
    You are always senior to the “red tape” in the session. That is having real KRC.

  110. Only problem with that is I doubt you’ll find any Indy auditors applying the tech, “as sanctioned by the church.”
    Most of us really don’t like to squirrel. It messes up pcs and creates ill will and bad PR for the general public.

    “Scientology” and “the church of scientology” are already separated by many many miles. Worlds apart, IMHO.

  111. Great point Karen. As always your input is spot on. David Lubow. His secrets will be exposed with the help of the internet.

  112. Tom Gallagher

    + many

  113. Scott,
    Don’t fret it. I have more typos and errors in punctuation that you (and probably usually do.) I watched the video, when it only had one comment, and sat down with about 3 minutes to get my comment out. I read it now and see my errors – sorry guys. I just typed what I felt. An editor I am not.

  114. Tom Gallagher

    “You’re doing a Scientology liberation campaign. Understood.”

    Well said.

  115. Mimi,
    As I write this I see 3 comments from you. Thanks for participating. As an independent Scientologist I want you to know that nobody needs auditing to be a good friend. We are all basically good beings. The value of auditing is to help allow more of that basic you to shine through. We came into this game with our inherent integrity. It is only WITH that basic integrity and maybe some help ejecting baggage that we may be better.

    The idea of “squirrel-busting” is strange because what you are witnessing is hatred and evil intentions by a minority of people. This has NOTHING to do with correcting someone who has altered the technology of Scientology (auditing) to either impede or block the advancement of spiritual betterment. A true squirrel in Scientology makes a person worse. Just as an alteration of standard surgical procedures results in a sick or dead patient instead of a well and healthy patient.

    The fact that you believe and allow “to each his or her own and godspeed” shows that you are one of the majority of people – good and wanting good for others (and willing to allow us our own game in life.) You are amongst friends here. Namaste.

  116. Wouldn’t setting out to make someone’s life a living hell be some kind of hate crime or the crime of mayhem or something…? I’m just saying…

  117. You know that the mark VII e-meters were designed to record session meter reactions , In Fact most of the changes to the mark VII were to record and transmit meter reactions, other than those changes the mark VII and mark VI are virtually identical. Oh, by the day I have often wondered what LRH would say to the fact that now the e-meters are made in communist China!


  118. Yvonne,

    I think Bert and Marty are not flourishing and prospering but expanding in their inner serenity. To hold a position of truth can only be enlightening. These are men of integrity, just as you and your close ones. Bert and Marty both fully understand the way out is foward. Both are applying the following (in proper context here in this game):

    Sniper’s philosophy: “If you run, you’ll only die tired.”

    I want to thank you for being here and what you have to contribute, both now and in the past. Namaste my friend.

  119. Sam,
    +100. It is an honor to be on the same side as you m’lady.

  120. Le Stat (Andrey Organ)

    The current “Church” of Scientology will die soon.

    Scientology, stripped of the “church” concept, may last longer.
    As long, as it is not enforced.

    If Scientology is equal to wisdom and a workable technology, it will be around for a very long time. Helping.

    I will leave it at that.

  121. Miscavige IS winning. His purpose is destruction, also for his own group, including himself.

  122. Well said…

  123. Marty, totally a non sequitur because it’s late, you’ll be pleased to know I bought an old copy of Dianetics on eBay and I’m looking forward to learning more about the subject matter of real Scientology.

  124. +1 from an athiest who believes in freedom.

  125. Theo sismanides

    Bert thank you for keeping your integrity. What is “freedom” without Personal Integrity?

    Thank you for being You!!!

  126. Its still a great quote.
    Backward mind you.

    “Remember that – by investigation alone we can curb pushes and crush wildcat people and unethical “Dianetics and Scientology” organizations. ”

  127. Bravo! I could’t have said it any better!

  128. Mimi, yes Bert has great integrity. The point that Bryon was making was to help Bert with his back, using auditing. NOT to be a good friend. I suggest you go back and re-read what he said.

  129. Good point Marty. No differentiation. But then that is typical of most reporters..

  130. +100 Sam

  131. That would be nice John, but the lamestream media rarely gets anything right.

  132. Yes, he’ll famously have a “bit of a program” to do to quote Marty.

  133. punctuation is for wimps

  134. ^^^^ What she said. Yet somehow I have found this little series of 4 vids incredibly uplifting. The juxtaposition between the good (Leahy) and the evil (DM’s cult and cultees) could hardly be in sharper focus. This really feels like a new beginning – the final death throes of the cult is laid bare for the whole world to see.

    As a little footnote locally, Sam and I attended a cult event in East Grinstead last week-end, brazenly wearing t-shirts that stated we had been declared SP by DM’s cult like 25,000 others, and handing out leaflets. (Pics on FB pages). Were we harangued by the local bots? No. Was there righteous indignation? No. The few that could put their TR 0 in were interested and asking questions. (One in particular got a WHOLE lot of truth). In fact as Sam pointed out there was more than a little missed w/h phenomena as the truth of our message is pretty self-evident these days.


    Decent people around the world have Bert to thank for his integrity in exposing this human rights atrocity – if it were not for him coming forward, corroborating what Marty has been subjected to in an insidious campaign of religious persecution by a mafia-style organization, the Church of Scientology, the whole disgusting debacle would not have been so clearly illuminated.

    I am struck by Bert’s words “It was just ridiculous.” Exactly.

    This is how ordinary, decent, normal people see it. This is how normal society sees it. Ridiculous.

    If this were a genuine dispute of religious differences, an authentic, proper organisation would have responded perhaps with blogs addressing the issues raised by Marty and others, and addressing them, disputing them, providing evidence to refute the arguments. Debate, in other words.

    You do not see any credible argument by the Church of Scientology against what Marty and others are saying. You see stupid parody videos, which reveal more about the makers of the videos (The Church of Scientology) than they do about it targets (Marty, Mike, Jason, and others). You see the “Squirrel Busters” in an unlawful campaign of stalking, harassment and religious persecution. You see them harassing and attacking the individuals personally. But you never see them trying to refute the points Marty and others make, and providing credible evidence to back that up. You do not see them addressing the articles that Marty and others write about Scientology’s teachings. You only see ad hominem attacks.

    Which leads any normal, decent, intelligent person to only one conclusion – the Church of Scientology is a fraud, it is not a bone fide religious organization. If it was, it would approach Marty and others’ arguments and articles in a sane, authentic manner. It would provide evidence to refute their arguments, it would conduct itself with dignity, it would display reason and compassion befitting a tax-exempt religious organization.

    Instead, the Church of Scientology has exposed itself to be hateful, vindictive, malicious, salacious, irrational, criminal, mean-spirited and hell-bent on religious persecution in terms of doing everything it can to prevent individuals from freely practicing their religion (which in this case, ironically, happens to be Scientology).

    Congratulations, Marty, Bert, and all those who are with you. You are the clear, hands down winners here, in exposing this shameful, disgusting organisation for what it truly is: a fraud, and in the eyes of normal society – ridiculous, a danger to society, and without a shred of credibility left in the public eye.

  136. It actually might not be a bad idea to try calling the Governor’s office (or maybe suggesting that to the mayor). The TX governor, Rick Perry, is running for the Republican nomination, and is probably not eager for Sarah Palin to enter the fray. (Palin, remember, is very, very tight with OTs John Coale and his wife Greta van Susteren.) Taking a stand against Scientology’s actions here could be politically advantageous for him down the road, since it would give him some ammunition against Palin and her associates.

  137. ive watched all these vids today and im blown away.marty the hunted has turned into the hunter.this must be a huge blow to D.M..!there was a story going around once that lrh caught a cia agent and audited him once.not sure if its true but the story of marty catching a sqirruel buster and making him spill his guts and becoming friends is true and its documented on the net…ive told my parents i never want to do scientology again after the ed of my org started telling the field i was out 2d and out ethics.i was really put off by the constant monitering of my life…..but after watching these videos my viewpiont has changed somewhat…marty your a good person who i could trust to get me up the bridge….!its obvious that dm is a drunk by now!

  138. From Class 8 tape 15:
    “If I were running an activity where I was very suspicious, and I could be more suspicious of sessions than I am sometimes. My level of trust is too good. But I would actually put it on a slow play tape recorder, which is a voice actuated tape recorder. So that the entirety of the session would run off on tape. Something of this nature, then it could be checked back. Now I wouldn’t necessarily put this on as a constant action, but if I had one PC, if I just had one PC fall on his head after he was audited, and I got a report in which seemed to be a well done report, and the PC promptly fell on his head and so forth, I would be thinking in terms of listening to that session. I would then want a spy system, you know, where a microphone can be taped, or I would want that… Now these, these spy systems can be escaped. It’s a simple matter. Just never use the auditing room that’s bugged. Yes, it’s happened. Three auditing rooms had microphones in them so that sessions and auditors could be checked, and then they were never used. Nobody ever seemed to give a session in those rooms. “

  139. martyrathbun09

    Thanks to you and Sam. Dynamic duo.

  140. martyrathbun09

    Great Brian.

  141. martyrathbun09


  142. martyrathbun09

    Then methinks you haven’t been watching carefully. We’ve made gigantic strides in the past two years – it is even quite apparent in the Corpus Christi Caller Times articles.

  143. How to get Scientology to stop these types of character smear harassment campaigns, overall, so that no Scientology leaders now or in the future continue this stuff, because all it does is give the whole subject of Scientology a huge recoil against it. It’s why were I the God of Scientology, I’d disband OSA altogether, destroy the secret OSA intell files, and just cease this practice. OSA has to be retired. But this template of activity, occurred when LRH was alive, these intricate smear campaigns, the Mike McClaurghy interviews that Mark BUnker, I think, shot, with Stacy Young mainly interviewing, are proof that character assassination/smearing was very extensive during the Guardian’s Office years. I don’t think it’s up to Miscavige alone to rid official Scientology of the OSA Network Orders scriptures that Lebow is ultimately following. IT would take Exec Strata and WDC taking some responsibility to retire OSA. A question to Mike Rinder, does anyone recall any LRH traffic giving okay that OSA continue the Guardian’s Office scrptures, because I don’t there is any LRH 1980s approval that OSA take over the Guardian’s Office tactics, but the OSA Network Orders absolutely allow and condone and encourage these tactics being done today, just like they were done in the Guardian’s Office era. The way to fully handle getting this messy business OUT of official Scientology would be for some Exec Strata/WDC level agreement to disband OSA, and end this whole messy era of irreligious behavior. It’s likely to go on as long as Miscavige is alive, so it’s likely not going to happen, like everyone suspects anyways. But longer range, if the Sea Org top echelons remain intact, it would be up to WDC/Exec Strata to disband OSA.

  144. In a fantasy perfect world, if ALL of LRH’s writings, private despatches, ALL of his recorded comments that were transcribed into despatches to the Int Base leaders during the final years of LRH’s life, as Janis Grady has detailed on the XSO chat site, where Janis gives just hugely detailed and extensive history of how LRH’s final years of communication were relayed via LRH to the church leaders, if we had ALL of LRH’s writings, recorded comments, etc, on the computer, THEN some former compiler types or researcher types could sift what LRH wrote through ALL of LRH’s own administrative compilations/”timeless tech” stable data, and SEE truly, if OSA is even supposed to be in existence and operating on the OSA Network Orders or not, today. To me, the crux of these continued, never causing anything but backlash against the subject of Scientology, tactics, like this fake documentary reality TV “….busters” campaign, is straight out of the OSA Network Orders. I’m not a Scientologist, but I support Scientologists questioning unethical and irreligious tactics in the name of their group, and I support and think the best way to resolve the big Hubbard/Scientology controversies, is like how historians and scholars resolve long questioned activities of world leaders, by having FINALLY, someday, access to ALL of the relevant papertrail evidence. Scientologists, I feel, need to read what LRH wrote, and take responsibility for how to deal with what he wrote, which might in some ways be continuing the controversies that surround Scientology. LRH gave Exec Strata and WDC and AVC (which LRH originally put AVC in ASI, but that was illegal, so it went ot RTC, then to CMO Int, and I don’t know where AVC is today) more the role of dealing with the Hubbard orders that might need retiring, or “blue penciling” as LRH calls it, in OEC Vol 2, when he gives authority to “blue pencil” (cancel) out policy that is old and no longer current. I hope official Scientologists are reading this blog, and some of them rise up their side of the show, and do something about the bigger problems of their side of this Scientology subject.

  145. GetTheConcept


    Of course it was theoretical how I said it. I meant that it’s how it’s applied that determines the results, not whether or not it is approved or licensed by the church. If it didn’t work when someone applied it outside of the church then I would consider that the tech and the church are one in the same. That’s obviously not the case and I said it to show how ridiculous the idea is that they are the same thing.

  146. It’s “using policy to stop” on a gigantic scale

  147. Chuck, nothing gets done “officially” until the current leadership is out. But why wait? Why not propose which (known) policies you think should be “blue penciled”, and then others of us can review and comment. Might be a good starting point for some future reformed org … if such a thing ever comes into existence.

  148. Val,

    As far as I’m concerned.

    Those are the only people we should be interested in for now. Since we are dealing with individuals who can actually differentiate.

    This is covered in the Journal of Scientology 26G entitled “Scientology, Science of Certainty” which is also included in the book “Creation of Human Ability”.

  149. Very nice summation, LeStat.

  150. I totally agree Marty.
    We have made gigantic strides in the past two years, and that gives me hope.
    Janet Reitman makes the distinction by highlighting the existence of the Indies and the analogy with Luther’s Reformation; hopefully that is the beginning of a big turning tide, as other media pick up the distinction and that analogy, that the philosophy and the existing Church organization are two different things, and that neither the spirit nor the letter of the philosophy actually support the form the Church has taken.

    Better days ahead.

  151. Valkov wrote: “Is it best to just ignore them?”

    You know really what’s needed, imho Valkov, is a central site which answers, debunks and/or explains the common themes which often run through the critics’ posts. Most of the criticisms are about the CoM, but many are also against LRH personally and/or his writings, and these have to be addressed as well, or at least put in context, etc.

    The attempts by the CoM have been largely propaganda fests meant for those that know nothing about the subject — but one thing that the Indies haven’t done yet (at least that I’ve seen) is just answer head-on the common criticisms made not only by non-former CoS members, but also well-informed former CoS members and/or critics. For this whole “3D engram” to as-is, imho, it’s a project that needs to be done.

  152. Huh!! Getthe – there is no way any self respecting Scientologist would apply the tech in the same way as DM indoctrinees do.
    Your giving credence is actually totally irrelevant to what we are doing.
    Scientology is very separate from what DM enforces. Get used to it.

  153. The simpler solution is just to carry on applying the tech and auditing. I’m auditing 4 to 6 PCs regularly. Its not hard to set up in a location where OSA is impotent.

  154. Hi Lynne, You are allowed to apply Scientology. LRH said that the work should be free. I have made mistakes in the past and sometimes misapplied the tech. My efforts to improve were in no way enhanced by anyone who strove to make me wrong.
    The greatest crime is making another wrong for their mistakes. DM is a specialist at that. We all make mistakes. Friends support one if things go wrong after mistakes. Most people want improvement for themselves and their friends.
    I don’t wait for 3 swings of the needle to see an F/N – I usually see it in the PC’s face as the needle loosens. I don’t spend 5 minutes doing can sqeezes every session as it takes me 10 seconds or so to adjust the sensitivity just looking at the way the needle moves. It isn’t really that critical. The main crucial factor in auditing is communication with the PC with the intention to help.
    It is actually really hard to mess up a PC. It takes a lot of dedicated intention.

  155. I’m not so sure that the group activity is so bad. I would sometimes have 30 people in a room co-auditing while I watched and picked up errors and stepped in to help as needed.

  156. Jethro~Understand and agree but why hire HIM of all people? It tells me plenty.

  157. GetTheConcept

    I was trying to make a different point and I obviously did not communicate it correctly. The only point I was trying to make is you don’t need an official decree from anyone in order for the tech to work.

  158. Thanks for the reference. I don’t think DM has done the class 8 course.

  159. It would be funny to see 30 people co auditing NOTS in the same room.

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