Miscavige Trash Diver Arrested – Dox

Breaking News regarding the last post, reference: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/rome-smolders-while-the-phoenix-rises/

The Miami Beach Police incident report was just obtained on OT H8 busted Ingleside on the Bay Ghost Buster, Ed Bryan. 

Read it in detail.  Trash diving and harassment. Pure Miscavige tech.  Caught red handed he couldnt deny it.

Here it is:

Miami Heat Report

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  1. HelluvaHoax!

    Anybody know why the arrest report shows his “CITIZENSHIP” as Uzbekistan?

  2. LOL. He couldn’t even pay the $79 to go into the event? After flying all the way from TX and CA on several occasions. Unreal.

    The end product of the CoM: loss of judgement; expert at picking through garbage.

  3. Here’s what’s bizarre – on that report Ed’s citizenship is listed as “Uzbekistan”. ?????

  4. I would guess it is a drop down menu on their form and Uzbekistan is probably right after United States. It says he was born in California…

  5. That’s just incredibly lame.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  6. martyrathbun09

    He probably wants asylum in Uzbekistan.

  7. I think DM is field testing a new process.
    Reach for that garbage Thank you.

    Withdraw from that garbage. Thank you.

    (Run alternately until the PC gets a cognition that he is working for COB, or he gets arrested for showing dedication to same.)

    *OT H8 Truth Concealed.

    *Advanced pastoral invalidating

  8. Can you believe that he told the cops he was going in there to harrass somebody? He admitted to his intent “to harrass”!! So many foot bullets on this story, it’s just amazing.

    Bert Leahy has now been corroborated by Ed Bryan.

  9. Jeeze marty, you got more ammo now than Rambo. You got a lot of stuff over the last couple of weeks and it’s just falling into your lap. That’s what’s fun!

    ML Tom

  10. Gotta love this line from the police report:


    Basically he admits his intention for going to the event was to harass Mike.


    How *stupid* is that?

    They musta released the new “Golden Age of *Stupidity* at his local org.

    Not happy with turning auditors and Scientologists into mindless robots he’s now turning them into complete and utter total morons.

    In other words his own image.

    Guess it’s lonely at the top or somethin’.

    Huh Dave?

    Might as well call it the Church of Stupidology.

    Revise what Sue said a while back to “David Miscavige *is* Stupidology”.

  11. In the face of suppression mistakes are made.

    Plus this is group justice kicking in!

    This is perplexing-the Co$ spends thousands per week on PI’s, camermen, the goon squad and this guy gets caught for not paying a paultry $79.00 admission fee.

    I don’t know, maybe he wants to be caught/stopped!?!?!? That is one way out! Just a thought. Midge

  12. Good catch Val.

    Missed that one.

    Maybe they’ll deport him 🙂

    Hope you like Uzbekistan Ed.

  13. Margaret,

    The real story is that Security was all over these guys and would not allow them to purchase entry as Jim Lynch had done it earlier (before he got busted for assault — another story still to come). So, Bryan had to wait around until the show was ended in order to snag someone’s discarded ID tag.

    I had found Lynch the day before, slinking around inside and asked to see his ID badge. He refused to show it so I went and got Security. He showed it to them and it identified him as “Lee Sheridan”. Lynch then tried to say he was “a friend” of Lee Sheridan. I went to the show organizers and had them look up Lee Sheridan. He is a doctor in Melbourne FL. They called Dr. Sheridan’s office and his secretary explained that Dr, Sheridan was teaching in Gainesville and she knew nothing about the show nor did she know Jim Lynch (I guess Lynch just picked a name out of a phone book?). I then returned to inform Lynch he had been busted and asked him to wait for security to return. He literally ran away, not to be seen again. The next day Mr. Ed showed up and was busted.

  14. Mr Ed was interviewed by the police after I had briefed them. I told them he didnt have a valid ID and they were informed of the incident with Lynch the day before with his false ID badge, and that Mr. Ed’s buddy Minervozo had been busted for assault not an hour before this by differnet officers from Miami Beach PD.

    Mr. Ed knew they could verify easily whether he had purchased an ID, and that they had been out the front making complete fools of themselves with their “Squirrel Buster” outfits on the day before. The cops were in no mood for wiseguy answers or evasiveness from Mr. Ed. He had to admit how he got in and what he was there for. And when the truth comes out, its not pretty.

  15. AN asylum in Uzbekistan perhaps?

  16. Mike,

    It may not be pretty but it sure is funny 🙂

  17. 😆 That totally cracked me up!

  18. Ed Bryan lies in the booking (arrest) form.
    He says UNEMPLOYED whereas he is owner of a Burbank company that cleans grease out of Restaurant Exhaust fans.
    Bryan Exhaust Service Inc.
    http://www.bryanexhaust.com/ – Cached
    Restaurant hood cleaning, kitchen grease exhaust cleaning services in Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Orange County, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, …
    Hood Cleaning in Pasadena, West … – Beverly Hills Hood Cleaning Company

    2808 N Naomi St
    Burbank, CA 91504
    (800) 300-7832


    What irony that Miscavige tries so hard to his targets arrested, but it is his very own enabler that gets arrested for THEFT and admits intention to harass.


    Super arrest document for local Police Departments when ED comes around to “film a documentary.”

  19. Disgusting. I don’t even know what else to say. I’m nauseated by these people. Again.
    LRH would be pissed!

  20. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
    – Napoleon Bonaparte

  21. Think Freedumb mag will report on this? lol

  22. martyrathbun09

    I gotta hood for him to clean out. It’s near Hemet.

  23. This is an unemployed 71 year old man with no dignity left-what kind of stories can he tell his grandchildren?-it’s pathetic, but I did laugh hard

  24. Hey K,

    I have a funny feeling Ed wont be coming around to “film a documentary”: again.

    He got busted from the Big League Texas Assbusters, and now bombed in the Florida League too.

    I think he may be a little PTS…. I wonder what suppression he has on his lines?

  25. And it is non Scientology justice !

  26. I haven’t laughed this hard for a long time! You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work!

  27. θTater/GaryLerner

    Or a sanitarium in Miscavigstan.

  28. There’s no doubting the comedy inherent in a bad plan, carried out by bad actors in a bad way.

    But all joking aside, it is truly sad that this is how far what was once our church has sunk. This type of activity and level of person bears no resemblance to Scientology. It is a parody of a shadow of something fine and worthwhile.

  29. Centurion-OT 9 is ability to harass tone 40

  30. I have a vision of Miscaviage and his followers future: somewhere in the future I hear Little Davey, saying: that’s fine just don’t get any on my face!

  31. I’m telling you guys, play it over Yakitty Sax, the Benny Hill theme song

  32. “So many footbullets ‘ is exactly right. I hardly even know what to say in response to the story as it is full of such incredible stupidity…and yet, Ed is someone who is to represent the “highest” within the Church. It is embarrassing. It is obvious he is acting robotically. He is so NOT a free being…I just find it hard to fathom how he even thinks that what he did is even close to being a Scientologist. I hope this incident is a wakeup call for him, but I am not going to hold my breath.

  33. θTater/GaryLerner

    Damn Mike, you can’t make up this stuff! First busted in Texas now in Florida. From. Asses to Horses Asses = Mr. Ed. Bet he’s crappin road apples as we ROFLAO!!!

    I really hate seeing a being slide down to “no honor”.

  34. Ed Bryan has now compounded his criminality. He has informed the police he is unemployed. He must think he is senior to all other dynamics and all other universes and that whatever LIE he tells will automatically be truthful.

    He completed New OT VIII in 1990. Did KTL and LOC on the Freewinds along with some OT hatting courses. Between 1992 and 1995 he did the entire OEC at Celebrity Centre. In 1995 and 1996 he did L11 and L12 along with Pro Trs and Pro Upper Indoc. Did further training and in 1997 got back onto New OT VII for another go-around. In 2007 he completed New OT VII (Expanded? or?) and New OT VIII (revised? expanded? newly invented?) He traveled to the Freewinds again mid 2009 to do Intro to Scientology Ethics (he had already done Scientology Ethics specialist at Flag but apparently felt he needed more ethics training – he still does need more ethics training as he cannot spot suppression correctly). He traveled again early in 2010 to the Freewinds to do The golden Dawn Phoenix Evening Lectures Course.

    Wow – he must be really out of this world OT!!!! He is unemployed and can do what he thinks was the entire PC side of the bridge.

    Now, he “family owned” Bryan Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Burbank but I guess that doesn’t count as employment. He drives a black Acura SUV with California license plate 6EYN337 and this was reported in the LAPD report by Karen de la Carriere in June of this year. Nice vehicle for an “unemployed” person.

    He has traveled and harassed Independent Scientologist’s in California, Texas and Florida. All while being “unemployed”?

    DM and his private minion lie to the world and by “apparency” seem to get away with it. Ed Bryan lies to world – he should spend time in the cell with bubba (as should those who sent him on this mission of hate.) He has outright lied to the police when taken into custody. If he is a citizen of some foreign land then deport the SOB as he has no job and we(I and others) don’t owe him a job. He is on a jihad to spread hatred in the world.

    His only current purpose, other than feeding his face and wiping his butt, is to forward evil intentions to the detriment of people of good will and to attempt to force others to bow before the gates of hell! Very apropos here is a US Forces bumper sticker I read: “Its God’s job to judge the terrorists, its our mission to arrange the meeting.”

    A message to Ed. You have made decisions in your life which have not only decreased your survival potential but robbed you of the very enlightened gains you could have had on this journey. You absolutely cannot even entertain nor grant any understanding to the idea that we, in the Independent Scientology field, are free beings. We have our eternity. If you understood the true basics of Scientology you would have grasped the fact that you are not a mortal mest body, that will be dissolved into recycle bits by bacteria and bugs when that vessel can no longer sustain you as the ruler of that pawn. You are an immortal spiritual being. You have the ability and the right to believe what you want. You do NOT have the right to force your bull sh.. viewpoint into my space, nor that of my friends.

    Being basically good is not a choice. Deciding to act evil was an option you have chosen. “My momma, she done told me, there’s heart and then there’s hate
    If one of ’em’s inside of you, the other one, it aint.” (quote from someone, not I.)

    Ed, you at one time had the dream to rise to greater heights. Please, think of that time and then look at where you are in present time – telling false statements to police, digging in a dumpster, harassing people of good will, forwarding evil from an evil being. In your heart you know the fear that maybe you are on the wrong side. It is not too late for you to change your world. I won’t be doing it for you. I won’t stop you from changing. You are an adult – act like one. Good luck. You are looking a the gates of hell with nothing to support your evil deeds – not even an adult diaper. Your personal integrity and your eternity to be forced to live with yourself are at your feet. The world truly does begin with TR 0 – confront the truth in front of you.

    “We can forgive a child that is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy in life is when men are afraid of the light” -Plato

  35. I don’t LOL at much on this site-but you got one from me there! 🙂

  36. Jeez …. go away for a day or two and all hell breaks loose …. 🙂

    Midge wrote: “This is perplexing-the Co$ spends thousands per week on PI’s, camermen, the goon squad and this guy gets caught for not paying a paultry $79.00 admission fee.”

    This is the really interesting thing here to me …. I guess one can understand (but certainly not condone …. in any way, shape or form) Bryant’s intent, as utterly misguided as it are, to act in some manner against what he views as an enemy ….. he thinks he’s in a war …. and just hasn’t realized yet that the side he’s currently on, really ain’t what he thinks it is.

    But to act against someone or something (the tradeshow/convention center) that is clearly not “the enemy” … by defrauding and stealing from them ?

    Seriously ?

    RCS Golden Age of Criminality™: Making sure that DED-DEDEX℠ is really IN ….. for YOU …..

  37. These hair-brained half wits have surpassed the idiocy of even Soltan Griss in LRH’s fictional work, Mission Earth. Truth is far, far stranger than fiction.

  38. Actually,he is employed by the Church-Does he get paid or is he a volunteer that is doing this so he can get brownie points?
    Love the Plato quote.

  39. Mike,

    I guess that part of the training of SQB Team 6, Ed’s become a specialist at Trash Diving, part of the rigorous and ignominious POB basic training.

  40. Watching Eyes

    Evidently the cult’s PR machine is buried and dead. For them to send in a man in his 70’s who then tells the police he’s there to harass someone who is spreading untruths about his religion, do they have any idea how insane that sounds. The police had to have thought Bryan was some demented old man well on his way to senility.
    In truth, Bryan is allowing himself to be horribly used & abused by an insane cult that should be shut down by the gov. IRS, FBI are you reading this stuff? Do something!

  41. LOL Marty and Mike LOL.
    Sometimes you are both hilariously funny even mid a serious arrest of an unemployed “OT 8” who tells police he steals ID to go into a Trade Show with the intention to harass.

  42. So right on, Howard.

    “Once you get them running, you stay right on top of them, and that way a small force can defeat a large one every time..”
    -Stonewall Jackson

  43. Did the elderly, unemployed miscreant Mr. Ed commit this crime in hopes of getting three hots and a cot at the county jail?

    I think not.

    Mr. Ed and his colleagues are so fanatical and deluded that the law means nothing to them. “Trespassing and Harassing” means nothing to these people from Miscavigstan.

    The Cult of Scientology’s central problem for a long time has been lawless members who think they can break any and all laws in the name of “Truth” or the “Highest Good.”

    The Culture of Criminality inside of Scientology is, and has always been, disgraceful and inexcusable.

    Ed Bryan is just another manifestation of the long term problem of lawlessness and lawbreaking inside of CoS.


  44. Ingrid — I asked him if he was getting paid as much as Joanne Wheaton ($1000/week) and he seemed taken aback. Perhaps he is on a lower pay scale than Joanne. That’s good money if you are being put up in a rented house and have all your food paid for by Lablow’s gold Amex card. Not a bad deal for someone in financial difficulties (and find me a member of the Vulture Culture who isnt?). One of the other goons they sent to the trade show has huge debts to the IRS, so they bought him off and he does their bidding now. Perhaps Ed’s business hasnt been doing well and he really is unemployed — when someone needs money badly enough they will do almost anything. Even trash diving…. Or prostituting themselves.

    And that tells you what sort of a Scientologist Mr. Ed and Nurse Rached really are — their integrity isnt worth more than their immediate life, it isnt even worth more than their rent money.

    And these are the HIGHEST levels of what the Church of Scientology turns out as free beings who have restored their ability to think for themselves and operate on their own determinism.

    If this is what anyone who newly walked in the door of a Scientology saw as what they would achieve at the end of their journey up the Bridge — they would be out of there faster than Tom Cruise could jump on Oprah’s couch. There isnt a person in the world who would look at Nurse Rached and Mr. Ed and go “Man, I sure wish I could be like those people. They really have it together.”

  45. With all this treasonous incompetence on his lines, Dave Miscavige better take away all those camera hats from the Texas harassment video crew and make them CSW to get them back. Ed, Jim Lynch, you’re on 5 hours of sleep a night, no showering, beans and rice, and mest work. You’re allowed one supervised phone call to your wives to tell them you’re going into the Hole for a few years and not to keep dinner in the oven.

    Since Miscavige is the only one that knows how to do anything, he’ll be on the next flight to FL to bypass and handle. Mike and Marty, look out.

    BTW, everyone in Scientology is now in Treason. Make yourselves a hole and throw yourselves in it.

  46. Johnnie D,

    “BTW, everyone in Scientology is now in Treason. Make yourselves a hole and throw yourselves in it.” Classic.

  47. You cannot make this stuff up. Un-freaking believable. Dumpster-diving for an access badge to a medical show, because he had to see someone who was “spreading untruths about his church?” I mean, normal people would wait until he saw Mike leave, and maybe follow him to his hotel, or something. But, no. It seems the EP of Miscavige’s OT-H8 is to become a surly, stupid, and now criminal, old man.

    There was one thing wrong with the police report, which was that the arresting officer answered “No” to “Gang Activity Related Arrest.”

  48. Another Layer

    Amazing! No more gold AMEX funding for Mr. Ed, so he resorted to desperate measures, and for what? Arrest, Misdemeanor on record, and horrible personal PR. Definitely a Miscavige “product.” I’d say his slow, grinding slide under the bus is well under way.

  49. I personally like: pull your bottom lip over you face and swallow

  50. Fraud-related? I’ll say!

  51. Scott Campbell


    I’m wondering if Miscavige even sees this as an embarrassment. How could he possibly PR spin this type of activity as a viable product?

    Under Miscavige’s direction, Inspector Clueless (LeBlow) and his Klutzy cronies seem to have only three speeds – stoop, stumble and fall!

  52. Slightly off topic but I watched a Squirrel Buster video that is posted on Village Voice Tony Ortega that spoofs Marty’s neighbors- you have to see it to believe it. If your neighbors saw how they were being represented to the world you might see even more indignation from the locals. It can be found at the above website posted on 2 August and refers to Scientology going hillbilly. I guarantee you will be left with mouth gaping.

  53. Seal Team Six, we are go for Trash Dive!…MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!!! 🙂

  54. How disgusting to be manipulating a 71 year old man. His life is short should he stay connected to this hideous organization. No compassion, no caring, no responsibility. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

    It is quite possible, that in several states, this would be considered “Elder Abuse” under the umbrella of “Undo Influence”. He doesn’t know that he is acting under coercion and fraudulent and false pretense but, he most certainly is.

    Click to access Undue_Influence_Context_Provisions_and_Citations_Chart.authcheckdam.pdf

  55. WE, you made me laugh so hard I have tears!

    Bryan is another one of Miscavige’s products. The Cult is on it’s way out & it’s not gonna be pretty.

  56. That’s a good one. I’ve never seen that before.

  57. That’s a good quote. I’ve never seen that one before.

  58. Mike-Unbelievable ! I can tell you that there are plenty of people who look at you and Marty and some others and go -cool-they really have it together-I want to be like them. Thetans get attracted to LIVE people, not dead people.

  59. Tory Christman

    Unbelievable……….truly. If in 2000 you told me: Tory, in 2011 not only are the orgs going to be empty, these people ALL around the world decided to shut down C of S (2008), Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder both will be OUT and >>>>>((ALL OF YOU))) ………as much as I sort of knew it was inevitable, I can’t tell you all how happy I am that you’re free, too, and exposing all of this, daily.
    To those lurking: BAIL WHILE U STILL CAN!! I’m NOT kidding.
    Tory/Magoo~~Your local, friendly SP 🙂

  60. barney rubble

    LFBDFN! This is great stuff man. I hope some day that I stop having the constant nightmares, that I have had for 13 years, I think indeed it wil happen.

  61. He must prefere it over Hemmet gulag 😉

  62. In My Opinion:

    I think he was just following DM’s Golden Age of Policy Drivel. He’ll be rewarded (now that is a scary concept) for saving money that the PI’s so badly need but slapped silly for being somewhat truthful with the police.


  63. Cause over Garbage ?

  64. If he blows who willghelp him ?

  65. I have an honest question for anyone who personally knows pope applebox –

    Does the cult leader laugh at his robots when he sees them degrading themselves like this or does he immediately fly into a fit of rage?

    Does he still send non-SO to the RPF?

  66. Well said Mike. Big +1

    DM is stuck in the past. He thinks because the “Squirrel Buster” deal worked against the Advanced Ability Center back in the mid 80s that it will work again, when he doesn’t have anywhere near the caliber of people at his beck and call that he had back then.

    He got rid of them all and this is what he has left.

  67. Mike,
    Thanks for painting the picture. This is quite pathetic. What we have here are senior citizens – veteran Scientologists – who have ostensibly completed the highest levels available – in financial desperation as a result of giving all they had to the Church, now having to prostitute themselves in clown garb on very off policy, out-PR , wrong-targeted capers for the wages of a custodian. Not to insult custodians, but after all that auditing, executive training, specialist courses, time on planet, one would expect a more significant contribution – a la “What We Expect of a Scientologist.”

    I noted two serious omissions in the training line-up, though, especially considering the years and effort invested: Auditor training and Data Series Evaluator’s Course.

    PS. (Don’t you know these guys are just cannon fodder?)

  68. Tony Dephillips

    I salute you guys for your persistence.
    That wasn’t just a foot bullet, I think a leg got blown off on that one!! Lol!!!!

  69. Had to laugh about the name of the officer at the end of the document.
    Fleischhauer – literally translates as Meatbeater.
    Seems to fit somehow.

  70. Sorry, I just had to add this comment . . .

    “He’s UNEMPLOYED? His folks are OVERJOYED!!”

  71. Apparently even he doesn’t consider working for the Squirrel Busters to be a real job . . .

  72. plainoldthetan

    The conference may have also required that you show you’re a legitimate vendor/purchaser of the material being exhibited. I remember going to a Jeweler’s convention in Las Vegas where everyone from my company had to show their driver’s license, employee I.D. and a business card with their name on it to be granted access to the exhibit hall.

    It was partly an attempt to make sure that with 10,000 attendees, the ones that got into the exhibits were the ones with a prayer of establishing a relationship with a vendor. As opposed to Mom and Pop who pulled into the parking lot with their Winnebago and said “what’s going on here”?

    Odds are the OT H8 didn’t have any such credentials, so if he had the $80, he still couldn’t have gotten in.

  73. plainoldthetan

    And we of the Church believe that the laws of God forbid man:

    To destroy his own kind;

    To destroy the sanity of another;

    To destroy or enslave another’s soul;

    To destroy or reduce the survival of one’s companions or one’s group.

    — From the Creed of the Church of Scientology

    Or is the Creed just something you showed the IRS to get tax-exemption, Davey? Or do you actually believe and follow it?

    Obviously not.

  74. The Church of Scientology.
    Laughing stock of the modern world.
    Well done Miscavige.

  75. “Everyone in Scientology is now in Treason. Make yourselves a hole and throw yourselves in it.”
    That sums it up perfectly.

  76. I just can’t seem the remove the smile on my face, thanks Ed.

  77. Roger that Big T.

    This is almost as good as Mission Earth.

    Thankfully the lunk heads at the Church of Sata..er I mean Scientology haven’t screwed that one up too.

  78. Special K,

    He probably wrote that down as a self fulfilling prophecy.

  79. Tory Christman

    I agree, Mike. I knew Ed…and It’s literally hard for me to believe
    they are stooping *this* low. We know Davey boy is insane and thus is going to continue running his insanities on those who stay “in”. This is perfect proof of *that*. I hope, I pray, people LOOK and WTFU and leave…before it’s too late. I’ve been saying “Bail while you still can” for 11 years now. I’m not kidding. Way too many people died too young, while “in” C of S. Way too many committed suicide. It’s awful when you look at the actual facts.
    Thanks for helping to expose this abusive organization. Ya know it’s funny but some people just wrote yesterday that they are worried that I’m getting “love bombed” here. I said, “Please post me ONE love bomb post”. Few people even answer my posts. I appreciate your last one, explaining the reverse Eval non-tech Dr Death is using.
    My best, Tory/Magoo

  80. What they are doing is not even squirreling. It would be an insult to any real squirrel to call them squirrel. It’s quite worse !
    i don’t think LRH has any name for their actions as he couldn’t think of people doing such idiotic things.
    as squirrels they are busted !
    What are they now ?????
    Does anybody know of a condition under confusion ?
    have a good day !!¨¨ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  81. D. Mishmash have taken stupidity to a new level.

  82. So where does that assumptioon come from and why ?

  83. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    I’d hate to be Ed on his next round of Flag auditing or his next elig.

    This is going to hurt.

  84. “You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’
    But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax collectors do so? Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.

  85. Pure idiocy.
    Movie material dumb.

  86. Boy, I’m sure happy I came out and announced my freedom from the COM last week on this blog. As my old, now retired, lurker name was “Mr Ed”, the timing was perfect.

  87. Let me see if I got this right. 1. He was warned several times not to go there; 2. he is caught on video in the act; 3. when arrested he admits that he entered unlawfully; 4. he admits he did so to harass church critics. I smell a plea bargain.

  88. While this side of beef is a bit aged, I have heard that Central America and the eastern block Euro countires were or are prime pickins for the body snatchers.
    Promise them the world, have them turn in their passports, and away ya go. Human trafficing pales this sort of monkey business. Perhaps that might have slowed a bit since Marty has started running the Fish Bowl process on the operations.
    Nice work, Marty. Who knows how many innocent, well meaning young people you have spared from a great deal of frustration and betrayal.
    The spinoffs of good works are numerous, perhaps infinite when you really consider it.

    I must admit this was resourceful of you though. No money in your pocket to budget for the entry fee so you go ass over tea kettle into a dumpster to come up with an old ticket.
    You need to get POB to get Adance Magazine rolling in full force again–wins like this and beaming for parking spaces always enthused the Hell out of me.

  89. LRH would have pissed about the execution, but not the plan itself. The Guardian’s office had much better resources and could effect more sinister plans… eg. operations freakout and snow white.

  90. George M. White

    Excellent post.
    It is clear; David Miscavige causes suffering to other beings.
    Here is Ed Bryan who “stayed on” with Miscavige from the early 1990’s . This is what I could have been had I not left Scientology after my meeting with DM in 1989.
    DM’s activities are about “Miami Vice” with harmful intent to others.
    DM has escalated the game to a higher level of ill-will with this one.
    In 1973, I took a personality test in New York City. In 2011, I am reading a story of degraded OTVIII’s who are at the lowest possible level of spiritual awareness.
    Much loving-lindness,

  91. This is absolutely hilarious. I am sitting here in a public area having a coffee and laughing at all these antics.
    I absolutely loved Monique telling that idiot off the other day, she was magnificent, I want to meet her. Next time you come to Clearwater I’d love to buy you lunch at the beach.”… off course he’s inside auditing, not like you goofballs driving around in your golf carts!!!”
    This has been a very amusing week.
    How can I write to Mosey not on this public arena? I want to share something with her…

  92. Or, when you see your opponent is heading towards a cliff blindfolded, your only duty is to make sure his path is well paved lest he stumble and discover the error of his ways.

  93. Not only does he admit to entering to harass someone who is “spreading untruths about his church”, he admits to dumpster diving as well. I wonder if this is a skill that Miscavige’s Minions ™ put on their resume when they want to be hired as a “Squirrel Buster”? I am sure that there will be more people sent by Mighty Midget to attempt the same. It also shows their hand as being desperate to the point of lunacy. What a great flap on the part of the CoM.

  94. The desperation is getting a little scarey to me!

  95. martyrathbun09

    my comment of the day vote.

  96. martyrathbun09

    Don’t forget, abolition required Old John Brown and Frederick Douglass, civil required Martin and Malcolm.

  97. martyrathbun09

    Mark, you know why this guy is stuck in the eighties, right?

  98. martyrathbun09

    He started coming apart at the seams when Mosey and I caught he and Wheaton alone and I looked him right square in the eye and told him that I could and would take him out of the nightmare implant Miscavige has him in.

  99. Stuck in a win?

  100. Brian Culkin

    Yes- I am more referring to the inner state of being. Having love in your heart when you fight your enemy is a tactic of martial arts.

  101. Dan,
    You don’t know the man. The internet doesn’t provide sufficient data to do so. However, by applying the materials of Dianetics and Scientology you can know yourself better.

  102. martyrathbun09

    Not even close.

  103. These squirrel busters are SUPER delusional. Seems like a condition of confusion IMHO.

  104. He most Certaintly is . He does not know what is PT . and what is the real world of reality.So what do you expect.

  105. He would if he could. !! DM does what ever means it does to serves
    his needs and his alone, and crush any one along the road that alters any events that don’t fit with his needs , Does not matter who it is. what he has to do .Make an idiot of hismelf and who is with him doing the shit . Who ever is protecting him, they are enjoying taking he piss out of Rathburn and harrassing him at public expense used and ok’d by DM to cover DM’s ass.When is some one going to get the message .

  106. No kiddin? Wow! Some things are just meant to be.

  107. Yes Marthy and his team do have gunts.Sooner or later there will be some close on this .I do not know why on earth if harrassment is at their front doors , why on earth the police aren’t called to escort away. Whats the missing data ?

  108. Brian,
    The central message. Expressed variously, but nonetheless the same message.

    Thanks for carrying it further. It’s a key to the infinite.

  109. Tory, I do love you. 🙂
    (Does this count?)

  110. Hi Dan;

    The whole GO “Snow White” op came crashing down because the GO wouldn’t fund the cost of a library pass, So Meisner,I think that was his name, forged one. That is what got him caught, and everything unravelled from there.

    They should remove that drill from their checksheet.


  111. TheWidowDenk

    I’ll guess … crimes?

  112. LOL!
    I missed your announcement.
    Hi Ed. Nice to meet you. Thank you for taking this step.

  113. HI GH:

    Normal people would not have been there in the first place.


  114. Ed,
    I know you aren’t going to read this on this blog, but here it is: if you are convinced you are doing the most effective thing to combat what you have concluded is a non-survival entity or activity then there is a fundamental that has been missed in your training and auditing.

    That fundamental is expressed above in the post by Brian Culkin. It is expressed in What is Greatness, and technically it is described in the mechanics of a Goals Problem Mass; the thing you put up (note: YOU put up) to oppose, eventually has every ability built in to this particular agreed-upon universe, to absorb your life into becoming it. It’s by ‘resistance’. It begins with that tiny effort to ‘stop’. It ends badly.

    Life will go on here. The difference in the quality of that life depends on how much you learn of how it got to be what it is, and can free yourself up from that persisting and create newly or ‘uncreate’ as you will. Time itself is a manifestation of these principles of resistance, the ‘GPM’.

    You’ve missed the message Ed. It can be gotten, or regained if you had it at one time.

  115. Is it the incredible number of extreme overts he committed, including getting rid of Mary Sue Hubbard, confiscating the Missions, declaring hundreds of people overnight without warning, (I know of an incident where 600 people were declared overnight and without warning),and lying to LRH and cutting LRH’s comm lines, giving a distorted picture to LRH, among thousands of other overts? Would these crimes stick him in the 80’s? Inquiring minds would like to know . . .

  116. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    To err is human, but to really screw things up, you need Homo Novus from the top of Miscavige’s bridge.

  117. martyrathbun09

    You got it. Undisclosed ones that are being missed in a serious sort of way (most notably the big one of stabbing L Ron Hubbard in the back with malice aforethought), which welds one attention to those points on the track. Extensively covered in Grade II technology. Check out that post on the Ship event a month or so again. Eighties all the way, down to his Bob Barker beingness and ridiculous pengquin suit.

  118. +100

  119. Jim – True, I never met or spoke with LRH. But there is overwhelming evidence that he initiated and directed attacks on Scientologists, ex-Scientologists and journalists. Yes, Miscavige is a Sociopath, but his actions against Rathbun and Rinder are right out of LRH’s fair game doctrine. I believe that there can be benefits to Scientology auditing, but it’s not necessary to elevate LRH to a messiah to use or benefit from the process.

  120. “three hots and a cot at the county jail” LOL, thanks. Maybe he needs/wanted this because he is “unemployed”!

  121. martyrathbun09

    You got it Lady.

  122. Welcome, Ed, glad you did that! YEE HAW!!! Yes, your timing was perfect! You will enjoy your new life out in the open — it is wonderful to be in the sun again!

  123. You’re both right.
    Marty – we all do what’s necessary to get in ethics.
    Brian – All the actions that all of us take are done with the basic motive of helping the many people who are suffering under the suppression of Radical Scientology.
    We get in ethics for the good of all to handle group PTSness and raise the necessity level of those still inside to do what needs to be done. There is no vindictiveness in doing whatever is necessary to salvage the entire subject of Scientology from the sabotage of a bona-fide SP.
    And to the lurkers out there still ‘Hung up at Doubt’ and trying to not-is that David Miscavige is an SP I refer you to HCOPL 1 October 1967 USES OF ORGS (from the Admin Series):
    “There are two uses (violently opposed to each other) to which Scn orgs and be put. They are:
    1. To forward the advance of self and all dynamics toward total survival.
    2. To use the great power and control of an org over other others to defend oneself.
    When a decent being goes to work in an org he uses 1.
    When a suppressive goes to work in an org he uses 2.
    When you get in Ethics the decent one raises his necessity level and measures up. The suppressive type blows (leaves).
    It is of vital interest to all of us that we have orgs that serve to increase survival on all dynamics. And that we prevent orgs being used as means to oppress others.
    The answer, oddly enough, is to GET IN ETHICS exactly on policy and correctly. And we will advance”.
    – L Ron Hubbard
    … Phew sorry – that was a bit of a long-winded speech wasn’t it?

  124. Exactly. That’s what I was trying to say in my more long-winded way 🙂

  125. Did you get that when you were checking the blog for OSA UK today Phil Harbour? Read it again. Carefully. What have you done with the great control and power of the org to defend your boss? I was going to email you personally to ask you that but I thought this comm line might be faster.
    That goes for you too Janet and any other OSA staff looking in.

  126. Brian, thank you for this: “Having love in your heart when you fight your enemy is a tactic of martial arts.” Recently I started to have love for my enemies, and didn’t quite know what to think of it. I guess it is “What is Greatness” in action!

  127. Amen!

  128. Tony DePhillips

    I like your dry sense of humor Cowboy. Good stuff.

  129. Mark, that was very well done.

    Perhaps his present difficulties are symptomatic of a change in Condition.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  130. Tony DePhillips

    Who is elevating him to a messiah? I’m not and I think most here wouldn’t either. Maybe I’m wrong.

  131. Tony DePhillips

    HI Ed,
    Welcome to the blog party.

  132. Watching Eyes

    Mike’s stories about what happened in Miami are hilarious, no doubt about it.
    But on a more serious note, I realized that what we’re seeing is DM, on his own, applying what he thinks is LRH policy. Since Mike & Marty left DM’s side, he no longer has them to apply policy and act as a buffer. The dwarf is on his own and what we’re seeing is his idea of how to apply policy on the 3D. And it’s a dog’s breakfast.

    To anybody out there who left the cult before DM really got ramped up, if this is what the dwarf is doing on the 3D, just imagine what he’s doing on the first dynamic to those still in. Spooky.

    Another point: The cult is now making repayments VERY difficult. This is in direct violation of the agreement they signed with the IRS back in ’93 (or there abouts). They’re citing an enrollment form that people signed attesting that they’d read an SPD “agreeing to apply all remedies to handle their upsets with the religion”. You know what that means? It means they’re going to insist you go in to get your head twisted. Some free advice: Do so at your own peril. No amount of money is worth giving away your soul, not to mention your emotional well-being and mental health.
    In the meantime, request your repayments, keep all responses and sit tight. We’re keeping a beady eye on things.

  133. I missed it, too. Congratulations! Lots of great people out here! 🙂

  134. Karen,
    Good point about his lie regarding unemployment! Isn’t that a crime in itself? Any crimestoppers out there want to drop a dime?

  135. Great point Marty. Thinking back on that time now, he kept everyone around him in the dark as to what he was up to around Pat Broeker etc.

    Everything was very mysterious and 007. At least with the staff at the Int Base including his personal staff. He didn’t want one hand to know what the other hand was doing so to speak.

    Clandestine phone calls to me from time to time in the middle of the night from LA and Im sure you experienced similar things. He must have been working very hard to keep his intentions and actions quiet.

    I didn’t think about it at the time. Instead I thought he was trying to protect LRH and his location, but in reality, we now know he was hiding what he was really doing!

  136. Sam, thank you so much for bringing in this piece of policy. What a wonderful review of the situation, and that policy, in the light of what has been happening in and out of Scientology.

    “It is of vital interest to all of us that we have orgs that serve to increase survival on all dynamics. And that we prevent orgs being being used as means to oppress others.”

    The Indie field is a “virtual” org that is serving to increase survival on all dynamics. And the Ethics that Marty and others are putting in on David Miscavige is aimed at preventing orgs from being used as “means to oppress others.” Here and there Indie Orgs are springing up as places that are physical universe locations to receive services, so that there is delivery going on, intended to bring spiritual beings out of the mud.

    While we are in this process of putting in Ethics, we can do it with love in our hearts. Marty had offered many times to audit those he has exposed on his blog, and has helped those in need, while being viciously attacked at his own home. We have witnessed on video, the interruption of sessions, of those he was trying to help. He has to stop sessions to handle the attacks, for god’s sake! He exemplifies “What is Greatness?” by continuing to love others despite all reasons he should not, while insanity beats on his door!

    Sometimes I forget the conditions under which he is operating, and just wanted to remind myself and others of what he is going through, all done with the intention of: all of us being able to move on up a little higher! For this, I am most grateful.

    Love to all,
    Catherine von Ach

  137. Sapere Aude,

    Very nice post!

  138. No longer in doubt

    Thanks for this. Would you direct me to a favorite reference of your on GPMs and how they can eventually absorb a person’s life? I have just about all the materials except the PDCs, which I could get my hands on.

  139. Why didn’t he just pay the $79 admission? Dumpster diving to sneak into a conference? This is an OT VIII who has been through hours upon hours of sec checking and ethics handling? Really poor judgement.

  140. Mark,

    Yes, he is a master at compartmentalizing information.

    Can you believe that I spent three years in Clearwater dealing with the McPherson case seeing POB every day (in fact, many days Marty and I were with him the ENTIRE day) and it was not until I LEFT the Sea Org and spoke to others did I learn that Miscavige had “C/Sed” Lisa McPherson’s “Clear Attest” before she had her psychotic break! In retrospect, I now know his fixation on this case was not based on his proclaimed “the very existence of the church is threatened” but “the position of David Miscavige is threatened”. His biggest meltdown was when he was added to the case as a defendant.

    I have only seen him react like that to one other thing. When his notary log was subpoena’d in one of the trademark cases — and he had attested in his log that “L. Ron Hubbard personally appeared before me” and that of course was not true.

    He is motivated SOLELY by self-preservation. And he calculates full time how he will preserve his position and power — at the expense of anything and anyone around him. Ultimately, he will destroy everything that gives him his “power”, but his ability to see the consequences of his actions in the future is zero.

  141. Hilarious Mike. Thanks for filling in the details. They’re like the Keystone Cops (and yes, to the Benny Hill theme).

  142. Mike, Marty … I apologize if this has been covered before. But why did Miscavige decide to C/S Lisa’s folder(s)?

  143. I thought he was working for Squirrel Busters Productions? At least, that’s what he tells police in Texas when he is outside of Marty’s house. I wonder what he tells the IRS about all of his income and where it comes from. Is he working on a documentary about Marty or not? If he is unemployed, as the police report says, than he is not. Time for police to start citing these folks, over and over and over. Then they can eventually face lying to a Judge.

  144. +1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (a zillion?)


    I can just see it now… SQB’s doing musical chairs in the golf cart in front of the trade show to Benny Hill’s music theme! LOLOLOL

  146. Somehow this lyric just came to mind.
    Paul Simon’s 50 Ways to Leave your Lover. ( I have taken liberties with it here.)

    This is dedicated to all those still under the thumb of David Miscavige.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    There must be 50 ways to leave that “mother”….
    You Just slip out the back, Jack
    Make a new plan, Stan
    You don’t need to be coy, Roy
    Just get yourself free.

    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don’t need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Eric S

  147. Komra Moriko

    Hi ED! and I love blog parties!

  148. JM — Select from list below:

    1. He is a compulsive micromanager/bypasser.
    2. He likes to show off.
    3. He feels compelled to prove to anyone around him that he is more competent at whatever he does than them.
    4. He is nuts.
    5. All of the above.

  149. Nose plugs on, check. Mouth shut, check. Coffee swallowed, check. Now laughing so hard can’t wipe tears away from eyes in order to see screen. H E L P.

    I’m telling you Dumb & Dumber has nothing on McDumbage & company.

  150. Sinar, DM just released the new TR-Objectives for OTAsses.

    ————SQB Team 6 Basics=

    Trashcan Routines and Objectives:
    -Say Hello to that Trashcan!
    -Dive into that Trashcan!
    -Say Hello to that Trashcan!
    -(repeat, rinse, dive)

  151. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks to the wonders of Youtube, I think we may have uncovered footage of Shorty’s favorite OT H8, Ed, in the trash can:

  152. Okay kids, gather around and I’ll tell you about the time I got arrested in Miami.
    It was a hot August day. I hadn’t sweated like that since the time I got stuck in the grease trap of a Mexican restaurant in L.A.
    I was on a special mission coordinated with the very top of my cult. I knew that if I could cause enough harm that I might win a “Freedom Medal” and maybe shake hands with the cult leader himself.
    So there I was old and confused. I knew I had to climb into the hotel dumpster to hopefully find some false identification but at the same time I didn’t want to get my new squirrel buster T-shirt dirty. I thought to myself – “What would Tom Cruise do if this was his mission?” So I removed my shirt and went over the top…….

  153. Please somebody send him some ultra “slippery” soap in jail so he can keep working…

  154. That is reaching out and wanting to help. 71 year old beings deserve piece of mind, anywhere on this planet.

    I hope they all know they can walk away and get shelter anytime they want.

    Freedom is onley one decision away.

  155. Its okay to doubt, Its okay to walk out. Must be a mindblowing concept to the ones suffering the madness.

  156. thousands of people out here.

  157. The church definitely morphed into the “1980s beingness” and stayed there … money motivated, success=$$$, “VIPs are the only worthwhile people”, “buildings are all that matter”, etc. It was a very materialistic decade and the CoS became that way and stayed there.

    Very interesting observation Marty. Definitely indicates.

  158. … after a thorough star-rate checkout of this DUMPSTER DIVING instruction video.

  159. Watching Eyes

    The squirrel in the video got away and Ed Bryan………got arrested. In other words, poor old Ed wasn’t even as smart as a one pound rodent.

  160. It is amazing to find out the real scoop only when many of the compartments are put together and the truth becomes evident! It all makes sense and all the mysteries resolve – Thanks M & M, you guys had bigger pieces of the puzzle. The multi viewpoint system really works!

  161. For me, coming out and exposing the truth really helped on that score and totally handled the nightmares/bad dreams.

  162. Hey Rinder, that deal about effing up the MacPherson C/S on the Clear attest must be behind the lunacy on the CCRD line since then. When I did the CCRD training in 2006, these guys were completely anal. I’ve never seen so much parsing of words – did the pc say bank? Reactive Mind? Mind? What was he referring to? Gimme a break!
    Determining whether someone went Clear is a pretty easy affair, but they (RTC, Snr C/S Office) complicate things so much.
    DM must making up for his mistake by cancelling all Clear certs until people say the exact right thing only in a CCRD session at Flag that is video recorded. An auditor cannot be trusted to write down what the pc says even though there’s an F/TA at Exams. I was there when they still had banks of VCRs and every once in a while you’d get a bad tape or VCR lady would forget to hit record – not only was it the auditor’s fault for not being Tone 40 (then having to get crammed on TR 7 & TR 9), but you’d have to take the pc back in and somehow have to get them to give the goods again by redoing the CCRD steps. Wow. I did 115 CCRDs on the apprenticeship (C/S & Auditor) in 4 months and very few went smooth. Oh do I have stories…

  163. Perfect!!! And damned funny under the circumstances!!

  164. Mr Ed would probably compound the damage if he said that (the truth) but his answers also raises more questions – how did he afford his airfare, transport and lodging just to Harass someone lying about his Church on the other Coast if he were truly unemployed? Lies just lead to more complexity.

    The report shows it’s only a misdemeanor so he won’t have to go through the procedures had it been a felony.

  165. Kev,
    Mr Ed is probably working on his elig by “volunteering” for POB as a gung ho OT Ass, and is sadly messing it up!

  166. who is free? this people here , — NOT!!
    they are just jumping from one cult to another….

  167. Stonewall Jackson fought a war to protect the institution of slavery.

  168. Mosey, Mike and Marty- All I can say is BRILLIANT work. You guys ROCK!!! Power all the way. It is plain to see why you Pope Applebox (tks for that Howard)worst nightmare.

  169. S.A.,
    Very nice post – very nice. I always enjoy reading what you write.

  170. The rabbit hole goes deep. Very deep.

  171. That’s how Miscavige operates and that’s how he treats everyone around him. Typical experience from the Int base and now other places where Miscavige (R) brand Garbology has been exported.

  172. To say nothing of his forays to LV, the lurid, the sensational, the clandestine, the MISSED all of it. Youch. That’s GOTTA hoit on a maniacal level of intensity.

  173. Brian Culkin

    Gary- The church owes me a significant amount of money. I have been very patient and fair but they refuse to pay me back.

    What should I do? What about Superpower/IAS/Ideal Orgs?

    Can anyone help?

  174. Amy-Hysterical !! LOL

  175. No longer,
    Ummm, there is no one ‘favorite’ and the mechanics behind any GPM, any problem, or persistence are described in lectures, books and issues from the early 50’s. I’d say right now my ‘favorite’ rendition of the very first inkling of a ‘GPM’ type manifestation is from the 5th ACC lectures. I’d start at the beginning of these and study them in sequence, with the ‘Data Sheet’ from that series that’s in the Tech Vols (91 edition).

    There, in those tapes, is Power, GPM, Valence Splitting, and much, much, MUCH more. The reality on it increases with charge off the case. Maybe it wasn’t fully evaluated at the time, but it IS there, in principle and taking shape from those true basics – the Factors.

  176. Yes, true, and I had more to this post to say, but I can only put in a bit of time here and there – busy, busy, busy living life and flourishing, as we all are.

    My point was – why? Why bounce against the walls of a closed conference when you don’t have to? Why steal credentials to get in when you don’t have to? This is absurd craziness.

    The only possible reasons are:

    1. To openly harass Mike while he is doing his job in front of his customers, solely to impact his livelihood, and
    2. He was ordered to do it and dare not report back “noncompliance”.

    On point 2, better to be arrested as a 71 year old man than to run up against the mighty mite COB.

    Now, since this is doomed to fail, as any normal person would see, and since this was done with a “damn how it looks” zeal, the order would HAVE to come from an obsessed madman. Because it is focussed, unadulterated hatred, with NO thought at all. That obsessed madman is Mr. David Miscavige.

  177. Mike — I bet you are right. Marty probably knows more about what happened, but it is typical of POB to fuck something up and then give blanket orders to make everyone else wrong for his screw-ups. You can guarantee that he blamed the auditor or examiner or someone/anyone for having done something wrong, otherwise his brilliant “case supervision” wouldnt have gone wrong. The subject of “Clear” turned into an absolute nightmare under the close supervision of POB.

  178. Tory Christman

    Kokiii…You give me a call. I love people who decide, having never spoken with people, who is and is not free. I have not jumped from one cult to another……but it’s easy to say that, isn’t it? Typing is always easy. Try saying it in person.
    (818) 588-3044 (Give it a try–I don’t bite)

  179. I never knew the SO to send any non-SO to the RPF. I would have been RPFed in 1977 if I had been SO, but I wasn’t – I was on a special project. I also could have been RPFed in 1984 when I was NSO and was comm-eved, but wasn’t. This does not mean that NSO were never sent to the RPF, but it would surprise me greatly if it did happen.

  180. Michael Fairman

    I want to option today’s blog and comments for a Comedy Central reality show. It’ll knock everything else off the air!

    BTW, An officer in the LAPD, who is keeping a file on this stuff, is now up to date.

  181. Sermon on the Mount. Should be required reading for all Scientologists. We need more love and forgiveness.

  182. TheWidowDenk

    Mike — Great concept you relay: “compartmentalizing information”. Sounds to me like that could be associative thought (or data or information) descending into identifying thought (or data or information). Far better to decompartmentalize thought (or data or information) in order to get it free-flowing and highly differentiative. That’s what we do here!

  183. Tory Christman

    LOL>>>>>>>>Good one, Just Me 🙂
    I love you, too,….so now I can “officially” say I’m getting
    love bombed? Oh boy: LOL. LOVE TO ALL, including those concerned
    about this. 🙂

  184. An unemployed Dumpster-Diver from Uzbekistan, WOW Miscavige sure knows how to pick em’ !!!!

  185. Produced by Evil Dwarf Entertainment

  186. You’re close. Mosey really got to him (gotta love that girl). He must at least have thought about it and by doing so he committed a bad (conceived) overt on Davey. So he pulls in (conceived) motivators regarding Davey and can’t harras Mike, thus he commits the next (conceived) overt on Davey by getting caught and admitting publicly to harrasment. 10-90 for waking up against being brainwashed but good.

  187. mrinder, no matter what these clowns are/were offered there is NO integrity among thieves. You Sir and Marty have done a fine job of exposing the truth and they can’t handle that!

  188. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I look forward to the next installment of Busters Busted.

    (If I knew that people were ordered to follow me at all costs, I’d go on a 20 km hike with some friends. Cruel perhaps, but what doesn’t kill them will make them stronger…)

  189. Marty, not the least of these is losing umpteen million of LRH’s dollars in investments in oil well ventures that went bust which resulted in the “bright idea” of selling Frank Frazetta prints, among other items, to suckers–er, dedicated Scientologists–at vastly inflated prices to pay back the money. Told to me at an Xmas dinner a few years ago by someone who knows. Steve will remember.

  190. Brian,

    Respond to me privately on this, I have something new and perhaps of interest.

  191. Ironic and yet fitting.

    Not to mention VERY satisfying. 🙂

    Hopefully this will be a lesson to all those ‘OTs’ doing Miscavige’s dirty-work that behaving like this has consequences.

    His ‘church’ won’t bail Ed out, they are just as likely to declare him for being an embarrassment.


  192. Tony Ortega, always on the ball, weighs in on Mr. Ed:


  193. Brian- I’m now going to make a plug for auditing. We want to be in ideal states of mind to deal with others-what gets in the way?-CHARGE. I have done many marriage counselings of people who LOVE each other and yet want to kill the other. It is amazing what happens when charge is gotten off-Now they can put into action their love.When charge is gotten off its easy to deal with someone even an enemy.

  194. Cause Over Trash: [IMG]http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n196/scienowriter/Impact-1.png[/IMG]

  195. Gern Gaschoen

    “Next lifetime, this O/W will simply be insignificant, so this lifetime, just have at it. After all, you’re going to die soon, and when that happens .. you *want* to be OT10, don’t you?”

    .. actual quote from my experience.

    Do not adjust your TA. This is not a drill. Clear the cannibals!

  196. Squirrel Buster BUSTED.Ha.

    I’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic. Probably 98% of society wouldn’t do something so stupid.

  197. Hi GH;

    It really indicates that Ed has been screwed up big time, and that is sad.

    Ed, if you are lurking to see what is being said about your predicament, please realize that the Scientologists here are here because they support LRH, and not the CofS, and they don’t support the CofS for precisely what has been done to you.

    I’m sure you felt you were being inventive when you decided to go after a dumpster ticket. I can’t imagine what went on in your head when you realized you were going to be handcuffed and walked out the door? Now you may have a criminal record, and for what?

    Dumpster diving, getting arrested, driving around in a golf cart and making the public dislike Scientology, is not why you got into Scientology in the first place, is it.

    Ed, for all our sakes, LOOK. If you want help, there is much help here available, Class VIIIs, Class VIIs, Class VIs, Class Vs, Class IVs, as well as LRH trained NOTS auditors, and fully trained C/Ses for all the above, all available for you. And all you have to do is look.


  198. Yr telling me its a crime beyond beleif and this is the result he brings to scientology utter treason if I can even call that

  199. Hi Marty;

    Maybe now, in light of his present circumstances, he may recall what you said and begin to look.

  200. We have crime watchers in the uk, What is named in US ? Thow dm thinks he is above the law ,and as he acts at present he seem to get away with f /blue murder .

  201. Comedy Central would definitely would put POB as the laughing stock of puppet masters.

    Poor Mr Ed is now known coast to coast as a harassing hate crime monger, in the reality of LA and Miami PDs, not Hollywood productions! Perhaps the best thing for him is to come out and ‘fess up in public of his sins. Even he must realize that there’s something wrong about his life as a SQB Team 6 Diver, talking equine posterior and “following POB orders”!

  202. Thanks Mike,
    Mr Ed could never get in rhythm, dancing with Joanne the star.

  203. Yeah Sinar, Nurse Ratched, the $1000 a week whore, is hard to keep up with when you are just an unemployed dumpster diver paddleboat captain….

  204. On a serious note – could it be a possibility that Ed Bryan has crossed over into insanity? His actions don’t make sense. He looks really out of it. He doesn’t look healthy. His statements to the police about his employment, citizenship (tho this may be clerical error), his nonsensical reason for breaking laws (needing to disrupt someone who is spreading lies about his church). This is not logical and appears insane to me.

  205. That is so true its a senior daum, “The reality on it increases with charge off the case.” That I just had to comment on. Familarisation & erasure are are the two actions which compose the Bridge ie training & processing. So many stall by concentrating on one or the other, particularly being a PC only.
    It is a pity so many believed what they got in a squirreled Church was real Scientology, it was not, they were lied to and decieved but it had enough truth in it to make it seem plausible.
    True Scientology is a rocket ride.

  206. theoracle,

    We were discussing tactics here, and comparing how Marty and company are excelling at outmaneuvering their opponenets, not the politics of the civil war, which, is too complex and not germane to this blog.

    However, you should know that Jackson funded, out of his own pocket, a school for black school children so that they could learn to read and write; something that most slaves could not do and were forbidden to. He personally, as did R.E. Lee, detested slavery. This is proven in many of their letters. There is no evidence at all of Jackson or Lee writing to anyone that they were serving in a field army just to protect slavery.

    Lee wrote after the war: “There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil.” And, “…. Is it not strange that the descendants of those Pilgrim Fathers who crossed the Atlantic to preserve their own freedom have always proved the most intolerant of the spiritual liberty of others?”

    Also, Lee freed his plantation slaves a full 10 years before the war started.

    This is Marty’s blog, not ours to get into lengthy discussions of political and historical nature. If you want to discuss this further, I would love to, but someplace else. I will not reply, on this blog, to any futher comments on this topic.

    Lastly, my using Jackson’s words on battlefield tactics were NOT meant in any way, shape or form to be any type of validation for what the South did in those days. It was just meant as a comment on battlefield tactics only, a subject for which all would agree that Jackson was an expert on.

  207. Another Layer

    Flat out LOL!!!

  208. “an unemployed dumpster diver paddleboat captain”:….and now confessed hardened criminal and in police custody.
    Known at large as the Man from Uzbekistan.

    Ed–You done been had! Wake up and smell the roses. Don’t you have a grandkid or two you might spend some time with and settle down a bit?

  209. Yes but his boss, POB, is not within that 97-98% of society.

  210. Sorry CP, there was a typo in my comment. Should have said:

    “Unemployed dumpster diver paddleboat pinholer”. Captain Ratched is in command of the vessel and Ralph Kramden is her Executive Officer. Mr. Ed is the pinholer (someone who scrapes and paints the pinhole rust spots on a ship’s hull and superstructure).

  211. Religion is dangerous to the degree that it gives us new assumptions that we take as realities that we can then react logically to.

    If I “knew” that if I were to die in an attack against the enemies of Allah, then I would be rewarded with 72 virgins in paradise, then it would make perfect sense to fly a plane into a building full of infidels.

    In this case, Ed Bryan and other OT H8s have been convinced that Mike and Marty are destroying mankind’s only hope of “becoming free”.

    So, be careful what you believe. Gullibility and stupidity aren’t the same as hallucinations and insanity, but the *end results* look very similar.

  212. one of those who see

    LOVE YOUR LAST LINE. LOL !! Truth is, it is probably what DM feels like saying!!

  213. SirRalliant wrote: “Oh do I have stories… Roiger”

    Roiger, I hope we get to hear them soon! And I hope Marty posts your whole story as a well-known C/S in Cincinatti soon, as a blog entry.

  214. one of those who see

    The truth blows the lies away. Well done!

  215. Captain Ratched, Executive Officer KRAMden, and now Pinholer? That’s the sorriest sounding bunch of sea faring tally whackers I’ve ever heard of.
    Say…was “The Raging Queen” the name painted on that paddleboat?

  216. Stonewall Jackson was my great great grandfather from my father’s side.
    His battle strategy worked out great for the North, and for the people from my mother’s side, who created and monitored slave escape routes into the North so people could pass safely . I’ll leave it at that too.

  217. This is why………….

  218. Adam Sandler would use this line “I’m an unimployed dumpster diver from Uzbekistan now give me some candy!”

  219. Welcome Gern! Can you give some more context to your quote above?
    What was it that was being asked of the person to do?

  220. Tory Christman

    To those lurking, still “in”, please watch this and THINK:

    My best to ALL 🙂

  221. Mike,
    Just a little ending to your sentence .unemployed dumpster diver paddleboat captain….”of the ship of fools!” 🙂

  222. Mimsey Borogrove

    People – he is dramatizing his next level: “Super Power- consequences rundown” He can’t percieve the consequences of his actions. Nor can the short person who sent him on this fools errand either.

  223. I can’t say I am happy and I can’t say I am sad but I can say he really displays his intelligence with this arrest. And it is clear from the Police Officer’s report that he did for the church. Maybe they will bail him out? Unlikely! People that are OT VIII act the bigger fools than people that are not, except of course the one’s that have left the church! 🙂 Excuse me, church?, if you can call it that, more like a religious sect or something.

  224. Ralph Hilton

    Yep. Only a small percentage of our activity should be focused on dept 20.
    Its time for delivery which has been sadly missed in the last quite a few few years of our old and betrayed Church.

  225. Eileen Clark

    My view is that der midget is running out of folks who will do this sort of thing. He obviously has stopped using S.O., staff, celebs and only has some public to use. Curiouser and curiouser…

  226. IMHO, its about time for DM to recycle the ex-wife’s.

  227. Eileen Clark

    That’s perfect!! Just PERFECT!

  228. Robert Earle

    Yes he does…..here’s an update on the
    CofM Lawyer/real estate agent
    who is accused of hiring mobsters to blow up (failed) burn down(failed) assasinate(failed) etc.

  229. RJ, maybe the church will one day change its name to the “Euphoriacs” or the “Utopiacs” because they are always so euphoric or uptopian like especially even when they are being dragged off by the police! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Is this martyrdom? Or is this just plain lunacy?
    I vote for both! Neither of which is good!

  230. POT,

    Good point – as you say the conference may well have had restrictions to keep out the “riff-raff” ……. although they probably didn’t have know they were going to have real, bona-fide riff-raff of this nature actually show up 🙂

  231. I Have to agree Its not a blog for political sarga of such matters that belongs else where, there is a time place for such I don’t think its good that on this blog. It Weakness standard. I might be wrong sorry if offended


  233. Good video IT Should be gotton to the investigation where its evidience of of splitting families within the church of Scientology ,But unfortunately it would likely been seen under law, that his father was aware of it and didn’t act on that or show rejection. I wonder if that’s the whole story sounds like not ..

  234. Tory Christman

    Hey Cat Daddy—how are ya?

    My best 🙂

  235. Mister Fairman you rock.

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