Miscavige Cancels Hubbard’s Dictionary


L Ron Hubbard’s many spoken and recorded words that specified the vital necessity for a comprehensive Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology have been burned and buried by David Miscavige.

L Ron Hubbard directed the compilation of the original red covered Dianetics and Scientology Dictionary.  He did not edit it nor did he approve the final edit.  Through use of it over the years he often wrote about the need for improvement.  Most particularly when Hubbard was developing the Key to Life course in the late seventies he wrote many despatches directing the compilation of a complete Dianetics and Scientology dictionary.

David Miscavige cross ordered all of that – just as he did the completion of LRH’s six month project to complete the Technical Training Films – until the mid nineties.  By that time Miscavige  had destroyed most tech veterans in the church and began a dictatorship on technical matters which continues to this day. He did that in the mid nineties around the time he announced the completion of the Tech films, after spending hundreds of millions of dollars making them cinematographically to his liking, and technically abhorrent.

Miscavige made a big deal at Int about Hubbard’s many non-complied with orders for the comprehensive Technical dictionary.  LRH Tech Compilations staff were commandeered off post to work exclusively on the dictionary project for the next ten years.  As has been Miscavige’s wont, every step forward resulted in two steps backward.  After a group of tech veterans would submit years of work, Miscavige would sit on it for up to a year.  When he’d finally get around to it, he would find some imagined outpoint, throw a tantrum, bust yet more technical veterans and brand all their work as “suppressive” and not to be used.  This cycle went on for literally a decade.

To add gasoline to the fire, Miscavige ordered that Bridge Publications stop producing and selling the existing Tech Dictionary in the late nineties because its  replacement was continually on his event release schedule, and continually rescheduled because of his decade of cross ordering his own orders to implement Hubbard’s orders on the dictionary.

While the original red covered Tech dictionary was flawed, it was a hell of a lot better than nothing.  And now those original dictionaries are so scarce they have become more valuable than precious stones due to Miscavige’s order to bury them.

Instead of following Hubbard’s advices concerning the improvement of a compiled book (the dictionary), after blowing off all veteran technical compilers, Miscavige embarked upon revising and re-compiling all of Hubbards written books which Hubbard never advised be tampered with.

Well, here we are another half decade since the decade of Miscavige sabotage described above ended, and there are still no tech dictionaries in sight.  Why?

A recently released (yeah, we get releases too – they are original documents detailing Miscavige’s crimes) transcript excerpt of David Miscavige’s 2005 private, confidential talk to OT Ambassadors at his annual Freewinds Maiden Voyage events tells us exactly WHY.  David Miscavige outright told the Ambassadors to their faces that he cancelled LRH’s strategy and plan, because the dictionary was just getting “too big.”  Of course he left out the part about it being a long term, oft repeated plan of L Ron Hubbard’s.   And like the Black Dianeticists that Hubbard warned could deny Scientology to the planet in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures (oh yeah, see previous post where I demonstrated that Miscavige had that portion conveniently excised from those lectures) Miscavige with a few authoritative, blustering words excised Scientology history and LRH’s intentions for its future.

Here are the words of Miscavige spoken to the OT Ambassadors aboard the Freewinds in June 2005:

You might be wondering about the Dictionary.  Well what we decided to do finally is now that we’re going through every one of these lectures — and they’ll be done, they’ll be actually all on the shelf within months — every single definition you’ve ever found in a dictionary is in those lectures. So we put those glossaries together and it ended up being the way to finally do it and know that we’re right, because it’s a constantly building data base in chronological sequence.  So what we now have is that when we come out with the materialsevery correct definition for that lecture or book — you’ll see in the books, they’re all in there and we keep that going and now it’s just a matter of  [snaps fingers] tying it all together. Because dictionary started getting about this big. [shows audience with hands about 1 foot high].

 Okay, so we have now two different categories: the hard-to-find words and phrases; but the technical terms are, given as theynot change, but “evolve”. Like how does …. What’s an engram in Book One, to what’s an engram in Thought, Emotion and Effort? And he talks about it being a heavy facsimile — you see he gives the new data on it.  So they all build up that way.

The other part are all of the materials for people to be moving onto The Bridge.  We have our basic books and so forth — our beginning books that I don’t have here.  And for those who weren’t here last year, you might wonder where the beginning books fit in? Well, he did Dianetics all the way right through Creation of Human AbilityDianetics 55! , which is really bringing Dianetics and Scientology recombined, that’s what Dianetics 55! is. Then he did Fundamentals of Thought which he distilled everything down to it’s basics. And then wrote POW and the basic books. Beginning books pick up there. It went the whole track and then undercut. And you have your Problems of Work, and things of that nature.

All right. But with all of these different items I’m talking about, when a guy finally walks on The Bridge the real key here is going to be A) A/V for new people, B) co-audits.

This transcript is very instructive on Miscavige’s implant technology. Notice how he just slips in the dictionary cancellation pronunciamento and quickly changes the subject once he has implanted that little gem into his captive, tractable audience?

Pay close heed to the last line:

All right. But with all of these different items I’m talking about, when a guy finally walks on The Bridge the real key here is going to be A) A/V for new people, B) co-audits.

He goes from cancelling the dictionary, off onto a ramble about basic books, and lays in the conclusion that the Bridge is going to consist of A/V and co-audits for new people.

A/V and co-audits?

What about Books?  What about books being the first line of dissemination, establishing a direct comm line between the reader and Hubbard?  What about the Academy line that Hubbard perfected over three decades as THE route?   All cancelled in a single sentence by the man who has spent the past thirty years destroying the memory of the Founder of Scientology L Ron Hubbard.

As to the glossaries substituting for a dictionary, under Miscavige’s “logic” an Academy student would have to pour through literally hundreds of books and lecture transcripts to clear a single word.  The die has been cast, the door is wide open in Miscavige’s cult for him to indoctrinate from the word “go” with his own films full of his confused and reversed ideas.

It all apparently goes unnoticed in Miscavige’s organizations. For the simple reason that Miscavige’s organizations do not train auditors, do not audit preclears, and do not disseminate Scientology.

His thinking apparently goes something like this, the longer the runway the more time to squeeze every last dime out of the rube before he learns enough Scientology to realize what they are doing to the poor sap.

Folks, my earnest advice is to gather and hold onto as much “old”, unaltered material as you possibly can.

180 responses to “Miscavige Cancels Hubbard’s Dictionary

  1. How glad am I that the book burning bullshit never made it to South Africa. I still have 3 sets of basic books of various vintages plus one of those scarce red Tech dictionaries. Sadly, my copy of the Admin Dictionary disappeared somewhere in various house moves.


  2. Here DM is destroying the tech and lying to the pubic every time he opens his mouth and he gets applause from the audience. I can’t believe I used to be part of that GPM.


  3. My god — Marty reading thsi transcript gives me the shudders.
    When I was working in Data RTC a job I had at one time to get staff to read every order and transcript from DM for the week (obtaining their signature in the log before they could be paid their SO allowance). You will well remember, there were pages and pages every week. There were binders and binders of the bloody orders. And they were as non-sequitor and non-sensical as the one you include here.
    At one point, early on, I thought that the reason why I could not understand the logic behind DM’s rants at staff musters and staff meetings, and why I could never come up with the correct answer to the weird questions he would throw out to his captive audience, was because there was something wrong with my own thinking or duplication. I thought this as the staff would stand there, nodding as they listened, appearing to be understanding his wacked out raves about the latest flap. It was when I was in Data however, some time later, that I noted that in the transcripts of the meetings DM was holding, he was literally ordering one thing, and then 4 sentences later, ordering the exact opposite. We are talking psycho stuff. After attending meetings myself that went for hours whlie DM ranted and raved, swore and fumed, yelled and threatened — I concluded that I wanted nothing to do with it. When I was kicked out of RTC at the end of 90’s, into the Galley I was very happy to stay there — and when Shelley Miscavige ordered me back into the CMO, I refused, not wanting to go back to those meetings with DM (resulting in her labelling me as disaffected).
    That DM can cancel the dictionary in one breath and then state that the new solution for Div 6 lines is A/V and co-audits is living proof that the guy is crazy. I wish people would start LISTENING to what he is saying and stop just nodding and thinking he must be right, because he is COB. I wish people would start saying — hold on — that does not make any sense what you are saying — and damn the torpedoes — I am not going to agree with this. So many people that listened to that OT Ambassador talk must have been thinking — Huh? That makes no sense! — but they don’t say a word. They don’t want to draw attention to themselves (as that would result in more sec checking, FPRD or return to the bottom of the Bridge to start again).
    It is a big thing to say no. It is a big thing to disagree. If people still in Radical Scientology could figure out how to make that step, to take that stand, then life would be very different. The psycho’s rantings are only enforced because of perceived agreement — perceived agrement — not actual agreement.

  4. Martin Padfield

    Very interesting. From the mid 90s thru to 2008 whenever I was called in for the “great new release” at the “must-see event” I always asked if the release was going to be the new tech and admin dictionaries. They were so obviously desperately needed, and it was the only new release that interested me. It was utterly inexplicable that the old tech dictionaries with their hundreds of BTB and BPL defs would not be updated, not least because just about the first issue I was made to read after arriving at Int was an LRH Advice that said all BTBs and BPLs were under blanket cancellation. By the mid 90s just about everybody had a portable CD player, so a digital version of the dictionary would have been a cinch, and it wouldn’t have mattered about the size of it. (now with MP3 players it would be even easier and cheaper). I suspect another factor here is that the release of a single dictionary (or 2 if also Admin) would simply not produce enough $ for POB.

    Gentle reminder – signatures have slowed to about 100 a day. Not good enough.
    Go to http://wh.gov/4Os
    Register with the website
    Get your email that has your personal password
    Log back on to the website and sign the petition asking for an FBI investigation into the criminal behavior of David Miscavige.

  5. I’ve still got all my materials that I’ve collected since 1976. Most valuable of all are the original Tech Volumes which bought in !978. I regularly read Vols I and II. Especially the PABs.

    I’ve scanned some of these and am able to convert them to pdf files. Am happy to upload these pdfs to a site for others to download if someone can provide the info about such a site.

  6. Martin Padfield

    About 8 years ago I bought my wife a digital dictionary no bigger than a pocket calculator with 100,000 definitions.

  7. This follows along the same lines that the pshrinks used to destroy public education and turn out good, controllable citizens. I don’t know how many schools I’ve worked in where dictionaries only sat gathering dust, many with their backs never cracked open. From Primary school up classes are taught only to a) try to figure the word meaning from the context and failing that, b) use the glossary.

    Perhaps DM’s next tactic is to enter in that if students can’t get the meaning of a technical term from the context then they must have a M/U.

  8. If you’re looking for older, unaltered materials of course keep an eye on ebay. The old ones do sell but you can get them at a good price.
    Another good site is http://www.abebooks.com
    Booksellers from around the country list their books on that site.

    My fear has always been that DM will buy up the old ones and burn them. The new books; even DM’s not buying those. He knows they’re worthless.

    I found a 2007 8-8008 on ebay listed as “from the estate of Issac Hayes”……still shrink wrapped. It didn’t sell.

  9. E.g. “… every single definition you’ve ever found in a dictionary is in those lectures.” (Excuse me, but … WHAT??) Does that mean “Every word in the lectures is found in a dictionary?” (Well, HULLO-OH!) And it continues with the abstracted and misaligned subjects and objects and verbs. It’s hard enough to make sense of just reading it, but in a delivered “talk” it would be almost impossible. Reason has left the ideal orgs. Schizophrenia entered the vacuum. Too ealry in the morning to sit down and analyze more of it.

  10. “And for those who weren’t here last year, you might wonder where the beginning books fit in?” Um … (listener in the back of the room raises a hand) … “At the beginning?” (Listener wonders if the word “beginning” was coined last year and then dropped from the language at the beginning of this year.)

  11. Marty,

    “His thinking apparently goes something like this, the longer the runway the more time to squeeze every last dime out of the rube before he learns enough Scientology to realize what they are doing to the poor sap.”

    I agree 100%

    Today, new bodies in the shop at Orgs can be crush reg’ed for donations that are NOT for auditing or training (straight rip-off, with no delivery needed). So, I am sure this type of donation is the “preferred” income. Delivering auditing and training is a lot of work and besides that, the Co$ technology is so altered, they gets lots of requests for refunds.

    Straight rip-off dono’s are exempt from refund policy and you don’t need to delivery anything but bullshit. It’s the perfect scam for David Ponzi Miscavige.

  12. martyrathbun09

    I purchased set of State Of Man Congress tapes from Isaac’s estate for very low price, pristine condition.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Lana, I remember. It seems that he lost his grip in the early 2000s and couldnt withhold his real self to the public – at least to the OT Ambassadors.

  14. Sometime in the 1990s, every Sea Org member at the Int base (and probably other bases) was ordered to throw out all of their old LRH books because they were “squirrel” and not “standard.” The order was enforced by RTC and security guards who came out to our berthing at the Kirby Gardens apartments in Hemet and did inspections of our storage while we were not there. It was like the Nazis book burning, only they didn’t actually burn the books. If you didn’t toss your books, you would be off loaded in the same day and routed into the RPF since it was a COB order enforced by RTC. The choice was say goodbye to your Tech Vols or say goodbye to your wife and your friends. Like everyone else, most of my books — I had a complete library — went into the dumpster… except for my old Tech Dictionary and precious few others. Now I am rebuilding. I need Tech Volumes, Troubleshooter, and a second meter.

  15. Oh and by the way, I did the marketing campaign for the release of the new Tech Dictionary in 1995 or 1996. Wrote the copy for the cover flaps — everything. It was all ready to go. But POB canceled production on the dictionary by busting the editors off post, then Miscavige cross ordered it, halting all production on the dictionary — his standard operating procedure just like Marty said.

  16. STT:

    You noted that “Straight rip-off dono’s are exempt from refund policy” which is true, but a double edged sword. The Church relies on their “refund policy” as being a “religious belief/practice” in order to avoid judicial intervention. By the same token, because there is no policy concerning “straight rip off donations” there can be no policy concerning the return of these rip-off donations. And these donations are based on fraudulent representations. The IAS takes money from people on the basis they are spending it on “fourth dynamic programs” but they throw a few bucks at something that will be a good video for an event and dont in fact do what they promote. Super Power has collected at least twice as much as the building cost, and they STILL continue to collect it in spite of telling the people that gave them money that the building would be done “this year” or “next year” for a decade or more and its still not done.

    So, being “exempt” from refund policy isnt necessarily a plus for the RCS. Could be an achilles heel…
    Everything else, I am with you 100%.

  17. David Miscavige, the Joseph Stalin of Radical Corporate Scientology.

    Under Miscavige, correct materials have become seditious literature, all seditious literature must be destroyed; anyone who actually respects L Ron Hubbard as the source of Scientology material an enemy, all enemies must be ruined by the secret security forces; any person not paying homage to the ruthless dictator a dissident, all dissidents must be consigned to a gulag; the “Rehabilitation” Project Force (staff) or a disconnected wilderness (public), never to be heard from again.

    And the watchwords? The constant themes and threads? The undulating carrier waves for his actions – fear and slavery. It’s all about fear and slavery to the Stalin of Radical Corporate Scientology. Enslave by control and fear

    To hell with fear and slavery, we know where that’s at. Contrary to what Miscavige would have his slaves believe, Scientology is all about and only about the ability to live free and without fear.

  18. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    “To add gasoline to the fire, Miscavige ordered that Bridge Publications stop producing and selling the existing Tech Dictionary in the late nineties because its  replacement was continually on his event release schedule, and continually rescheduled because of his decade of cross ordering his own orders to implement Hubbard’s orders on the dictionary.”

    The action of cross ordering, delaying and then ultimately canceling the Technical Dictionary violates several Hubbard third dynamic policies and laws. Specific violations include exaggerated requirements for quality which prevent getting a product out. See FEBC tapes regarding a product officer has to recognize when he HAS a product and FEBC law “Build from existing resources into further resources”.
    The technical dictionary IS an existing resource. As stated above “through use of it over the years he often wrote about the need for improvement”
    Hubbard follows his own written policy and third dynamic laws.
    I for one know with certainty the existing resource of the technical dictionary is to be built from. As stated above but in different words: Hold on to your existing resources, build from there.

  19. The tech dictionary was a relief. It was flawed, but better than nothing.
    I’m certain that I don’t want to rely on glossaries, where someone had to select the definition they thought fit best. You imply that this someone is DM. Do I really want to use DM’s interpretation or understanding? I think not.

  20. Tony DePhillips

    Great point Martin.
    Why can’t the cult come to PT and use some modern tech. You could have the whole tech dictionary in some sort of a Kindle format. It would be quick and easy and relatively cheap.

  21. moneca ryane

    Boy am I glad that our personal library spans the years of late 50’s through late 70’s, with 2 & 3 of most books, plus other assorted tapes & at one time approved Scio type books by other writers.
    Reading DM’s copy is like reading gobbly gook. I go back & reread thinking I am not understanding because I have a MU – but nope still nonsensical. Super lit. or not, meaningless words strung together, are still meaningless

  22. martyrathbun09

    Exactly – all in alignment not only with the Data Series, OEC, but the very logic the entire subject is built upon, infinity logic.

  23. Tony DePhillips

    I have some friends that have told me that the cult is not giving them their money back on the repayments of money on acct. In one case they said because you threatened legal we are not going to give you your money back. In another case they said “You signed away your rights to a refund when you signed all of those documents” (to get onto service).

  24. I think that baby on…I mean…pope on board is must be a fan of the Highlander franchise and is applying it to his zombie pyramid…”There can be only one!”

    On a side note, I’m a part of the Petition signees as well. Corruption, abuse and harassment are shortcuts to power but cannot long maintain power. Water gives and adapts and will always wash away the unyielding stone through time and persistance.

  25. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Steve,
    I have some things you might be interested in. You can contact me at a.dephillips@comcast.net.

  26. Lana, please see my posts below (I went or the illogics of the thing too). One thing I see is that conventional stable data (such as the definition of “beginning”) are shaken which then makes it possible to replace those with force or authority and makes the victim (really) dependent on direct orders. Those orders would be to “act”, to “move” something tangible, in any direction, regardless of reason. So one sees the “logic” of making David Mayo literally run around a tree for months, and the insistence on silent obedience. I’m not sure it’s psychosis, actually. I believe it’s closer to schizophrenia, in which the subject has difficulty associating effects with sources. A normal person, even a dumb one, has no trouble with a cat drinking milk, or a telephone ringing, but a schizophrenic may assign a mysterious source to those events, even themselves (joke).

  27. Contact me back lines. Think I can get you Tech Vols and a meter at good prices.

  28. Perfect description Lana. One of POB ‘s favorite tricks is to get into 2, 3 or 4 hour meetings and hold “court”. Within that span he would issue literally dozens of orders, but the orders would be completely contradictory, At the outset he might say something like “You should reverse the sequence of these chapters because obviously the transcriptionist got it wrong” and 2 hours later he says “you idiot, there is nothing wrong with the sequence, it is the sentence that is out of order…” This will be transcribed and some poor sod will then have to try and figure out what this is supposed to mean and “comply” and of course, no matter which way they do it, they can be either wrong (incompetent suppressive) or right (at least you did what I said, I had to sort this out for you because you were too stupid to figure it out yourself).

    This, as you and many others on this blog who have been there know, is not an exaggeration, in fact, probably a major understatement of how insane this is.

    One of POB’s favorite things to quote is that indecision is a “maybe” is aberration (see 8-80) and thus he would accuse people of being aberrated because they could not decide — in fact he was the master of “asserted maybe”. It would sound for all the world like the decisive pronouncements of the all-knowing when in fact he has numerous versions of his asserted all-knowingness that can be pulled out to suit any occasion.

    The depths of his suppressive characteristics and tricks are yet to be fully described.

  29. Tony — yeah, I think they have gotten so many RR requests that it went into clampdown mode. I think anyone who has money they want back should be creating a very clear record that they have asked for it to be returned, and keep copies of ALL correspondence and responses.

    Truth will prevail in the end. They are now circumventing LRH policy in the handling of RRs and violating LRH policy in squeezing money out of people for things other than DIanetics and Scientology services.

    They won’t get away with it for long…

  30. Same thing happens to me; I have to read DM’s written garbage over & over trying to make sense out of it. Then I just give up. I did the Primary Rundown plus the Key to Life and I still have no idea what he’s saying. The problem isn’t MU’s. The fact is you can’t make sense out of something insane.

    Skip having the staff read the DM transcripts. DM needs to read them himself! It just might put him right in a rubber room.

  31. Arbitrary after Arbitrary!

    Oh yeah.. that old dictionary thing? Don’t need it. Trash.
    He did the same thing when he announced the new Basics at the event: “Don’t need a dictionary, these glossaries are so good!”

    Sure. Right. No dictionaries. Greaaaaaat.

    I just don’t understand, how staff can do the student hat, BSM, read about the importance of dictionaries, and then accept an arbitrary thrown out there of,”You don’t need this anymore.” Oh! Gee! Swell! Guess that handles THAT!

    And if you DARE to speak up, that’s just Entheta, Dev-T, Counter-intention and Suppressive behaviour worthy of a K.R. and a comm-ev!

    Screw K.S.W.#1, Joe spoke up against RTC! Holy crap! He MUST be a suprressive person!

  32. I’m pretty much convinced that all that’s left in the C of $ are the Kool-Aid drinkers. Disgusting that nobody appears to give a damn about standard tech any more.

  33. Thoughtful,
    They actually DID a book burning at the Pasadena Org. Google it and look for “Images” and you’ll see the proof.

    I was sick. Physically ill over the sight of that barbarism. Old texts are now suddenly “squirrel?” Huh? What does that say about anything and EVERYTHING Ron ever freaking SAID???

    By their own logic, Ron is the ultimate squirrel of his own tech.
    Figure that one out!

  34. ” Because dictionary started getting about this big. [shows audience with hands about 1 foot high].”

    And can you imagine if that 1′ high dictionary was made to same paper/binding standards as the R&D Vols or KTL books, Bridge would also have to sell the buyer a little red wagon with each dictionary as it’d not be transportable otherwise!

  35. Cheap??? Blasphemer!!! That’s suppressive talk, Bub!
    Thought shalt not hamper the making and taking of money!!!

    Drop and give me 20. Then run around the tree for 3 hours, then report for the Comm Ev that will never actually take place and sentences you to the RPF until such time as you have polished and re-enforced any and all apple boxes for His Holiness, the Pope, Chairman of the Board, Master of all He Surveys, Bringer of Upper OT Arbit… Levels, Lover of Cruise, Covert Director of Battlefield Earth, Grounder of Copper Rods, and designated and self appointed Keeper of the Executive Bathroom Key: David MissCabbage!!!!

    All bow… and barf.

    Getting back to your original point, Tony. Yes. You are absolutley right. A Kindle type proto-type containing all OEC, Executive Series, Tech Volumes, Dictionaries and Glosseries… allong with a Universal Search that would enable anyone to type in a word or phrase and take you directly to the correct reference…
    That is exactlly what is needed. I’d say $500 for such a device is the minimum and well worth the money.

  36. It’s out there in digital form as is the admin dictionary. But the church won’t come to PT because David Miscavige needs it to stay in confusion – out of present time completely.

  37. Lana~I could barely read that. Even at lower levels of the church, mission level for us, the OTs who spent time in L.A. would do a lesser version of this. Have a staff meeting for HOURS where orders and that OT’s “think” about the situation/preclears/sales/etc. was discussed and what their handling was. Huh? It did leave me feeling like an “only one” or the odd man out BUT when some sense of sanity came over me, I could compare what I learned as a C/S particularly to whatever this psychobabble was and realize what it sure as hell wasn’t, which is C/Sing tech.

  38. “All right. But with all of these different items I’m talking about, when a guy finally walks on The Bridge the real key here is going to be A) A/V for new people, B) co-audits.”
    We obviously don’t have to worry about new people getting sucked in by this. Ain’t gonna happen.
    That leaves the ever-dwindling crowd of “faithfuls in D.M.” and their children to prey upon.

  39. I recall being told by a Flag staff member about the order to trash all the original Tech Vols and I’m scratching my head – “that don’t make ANY sense”. I’m very glad I kept all the materials I ever purchased since 1967 (except for one Ethics book that I lent out and was never returned).

  40. Globetrotter

    The biggest problem with Source as I see it is that the originals are not available to the public so it is getting increasingly harder for someone to verify what the originals actually are. Miscavige makes sure that they are locked away from the public. That makes him the exact person LRH talks about in that PDC lecture:

    “And if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn’t available. Because he’s the boy who would be electing himself “the new order”.”

    Also, an interesting coincidence: the “handling for the internet” at first was the Scientologists Online campaign, where the “bright” idea was to have so many positive stories as to bury the negative ones (target was 10,000 Online Scientologist websites – achieved).

    Compare this to DM’s efforts he has been very busy with for years, to put a complete set of LRH books in every library, which would be a good thing, except for th fact that these are his new materials. In addition to the financial motivation, this may be part of a plan similar to the “bury the truth on the net” project – bury the LRH originals with the only strategy known to DM: overwhelm.

    We should start a project to collect up LRH originals and put them in kind of an LRH Originals Source Library accessible to anyone, just as LRH intended.

  41. Alex Castillo

    Well, how much more does anyone need to know about how much PoB wants to destroy the original LRH Scientology? My wife Maude Castillo (now Maude Dorr again-her maiden name) took a part on the publishing of the original Tech Dictionary in the section about Two Way Comm and there was a picture of her and someone else (can’t remember who) carrying out a two way comm included in the section. I still have the original. She was a heck of a good Auditor and C/S trained first by LRH on board the Apollo (previous to that she was LRH’s personal photographer) and eventually under David Mayo’s wing at the FLB as NOTS auditor in the mid to late 70’s. And by the way, I was the one who, from my position as Flag Land Base Programmes Chief, set up the NOTS HGC at the Fort Harrison for the upcoming event to release NOTS, when David Mayo came to the FLB to release NOTS as a service to the public.
    I remember that time clear as a bell. It was great, lots of excitment at the prospect of NOTS. Sigh! We were still doing well. I was a winning evaluator helping Scientology expand around the world and, in spite of the 17 dollars a week, I could tell we were all WINNING. Just ask Mike Rinder. He knew me and Maude. He was around at that time. But what the heck folks, Miscavige can cancell and obliterate all he wants, the truth is that the original LRH/LRH approved , materials are still intact in the hands of those who know the original Tech and can apply it. There is no loss in Miscavige attempts to obliterate LRH’s Tech. The Truth is OUT THERE and can’t be killed. A reminder of the UNKILLABILITY OF SCIENTOLOGY.

    Alex Castillo

  42. Alex Castillo ( off topic Mesage to Mike Rinder)

    Mike, I have been contacted by someone who says you will be at (undisclosed location) this month an has invited me to come to meet you.
    could you please contact me at the e-mail address given to Marty? I would like to know if the phone call I received from (undisclosed) is correct. I trust the person who called me but I would like to know directly from you id the info is accurate.


  43. The introductory course line up in the late 1970’s when I started was 1) Communications Course (TRS 0-9), 2) Student Hat or PRD 3) Dianetics Auditors Course (HSDC). Courserooms were packed and staff were happy. It was just so exciting. A/V for new people? I agree with Tara about not having to worry about new people getting sucked in.

  44. Of all the high crimes Miscavige’s constant alteration of the tech and admin is the one that infuriates me the most.
    And the clapping seals applaud each ‘new release’ and pull out their credit cards to support the erosion of Scientology.
    Disgusting 😦

  45. Alex Castillo ( off topic Mesage to Mike Rinder)

    Some how my original response disappeared into the ether. So I’ll try to reconstruct it.

    There should be no question in everyone’s mind that Miscavige is busy destroying Scientology as it was written by LRH.
    My wife (ex) Maude Castillo (you can find us in the “enemies of Scientology list”) took part in the original Tech Dictionary and there is a picture of her in the section Two Way Comm, having a two way comm with someone I can’t remember. She is a trained Auditor and C/S, firts trained under LRH on board the Apollo and later under David Mayo’s wing at the FLB.

    And BTW, I was the one who, while holding the position of Flag Land Base Programmes Chief (circa mid 70s), set up the NOTS HGC previous to the grand event to release NOTS to the public for the first time, the release carried out by David Mayo. Some of you may remember that time (sugh). That time of my current time track was great! It was a winning time for many. I was a winning Evaluator helping the expansion of Scientology around the world and best of all, Miscavige the Monster was not around yet. Ask Mike Rinder. He knows me and Maude as he was around at that time.
    One shouldn’t worry too much about Miscavige continuing to obliterate LRH’s materials. The original materials are in the hands of many who know the Tech and can apply it and physically show it to those who are interested.
    The TRUTH IS OUT THERE available to today’s and future generations. A reminder of the UNKILLABILITY OD SCIENTOLOGY.

  46. Martin Padfield

    “The depths of his suppressive characteristics and tricks are yet to be fully described”. Maybe, but, especially for relative newcomers this is a bloody good start: http://www.scientology-cult.com/mechanisms-of-miscavige.html

  47. Your humble servant

    All of this is hidden from the casual or somewhat dedicated public. I recall that around 1998 there was a “pilot” of the new tech dictionary in use in the course room at AOLA, but by 2001 it had disappeared from use without any explanation. No one knew that POB (Psychopath On a Box) was responsible for all of this or that he micromanaged everything with his lunatic ravings and psychotic enforced realities. We imagined that there was an echelon of upper executives in Scientology that was competently and rationally managing things. Why things did not go better than they did was simply unknown.

  48. Alex Castillo ( off topic Mesage to Mike Rinder)

    Sorry folks, I forgot to delete the “Off topic message to Mike Rinder”. The message was in response to THOUGHTFUL’s post.
    Excuse an old man for not being completely on the ball:))

  49. martyrathbun09

    Indecision, a 1.1 trait (see SOS)

  50. Hey Alex,

    Yes, I remember you and Maude well. I knew Maude on the Apollo when she was LRH photographer and always got along very well with her. And I remember you when you were FLB Programs Chief as I was CO CMO CW then, overseeing that set up for the release of NOTs.

    Hopefully our paths will cross again.

  51. There was a subsequent order to trash the “old” OEC Vols too. And POB has been “working on” the “new” OEC for about a decade now. The Pubs Orgs have been out of stock of Vol 1 for years and years “because the new Vols are coming so we cannot reprint them.” This is another Miscavige boondoggle — he has had every policy letter printed off and laid out on tables around the Cine castle for years. This was so a project could go through and put together the “packages” of policies that went together as Miscavige made one of his monumental “breakthroughs” that it is “imp[ossible” to study the OEC (and thereby train any executives) because nobody (until him) had been energetic enough to compile the volumes properly so that everything was grouped together. Problem is, like everything else around him, every person that was put on the project (from Jon Horwich to Jenny DeVocht and Angie Blankenship and Mark Ingber to Sue Wilhere and about a dozen others) eventually got busted for being incompetent, lazy, suppressive (etc etc) and he would loudly announce to everyone that HE was the ONLY ONE who could do this…. Of course, he HASNT done it and nobody has been trained on the OEC for a decade because the checksheet cannot be done until the “sort out” is done and the books are “properly” compiled.

    He has every characteristic of a died-in-the-wool SP.

  52. Thank goodness that almost all the original materials are just a Google search away.

  53. TheWidowDenk

    Yup … I had to read a “dissertation” by COB whilst on Level D of the BC. That was the meter drills and it would have been in 1995 or so. I had just an itsy-bitsy question about the can squeeze or metab or something like that. The sup whipped out this issue and I was supposed to read it to clear up my confusion. Sorry, I just scanned it as the issue was far too long and far more confusing than simply clearing up my itsy-bitsy question on my own, standardly. Rachel

  54. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Steve my Brother,

    Sorry but I DID burn a many books amongst other things until I “streamlined” the shredding line through purchase and set up of that shred machine set up in the old bathrooms on the west side of the garage.

    That machine by the way was simple wicked. IT would eat ANYTHING fed into the hopper!

    For large volume – steak-bed / Grip Truck size loads needing to be shredded, I utilized a paper pulping mill in Fontucky ( Fontana ) . It was the same place I eventually found out the fed’s used to destroy their records too. At times there used to be bails and bails of shredded misprinted and old US paper money stacked waiting to be tossed in.

    As my burning drills progressed from using an incinerator I built, to large burn piles in swimming pool sized holes I dug, in the end it took way too much time and I could never get everything completely burned and thus destroyed. There are at least 3 holes I know of that I filled in that does contain alot of unburned documents and materials.

    Chris Byrnes told me of another hole Gerry Armstrong made out in the South 40 in the early 80’s where he simply buried hundreds of bankers boxes worth of shredding.

    Anyway, thought I’d “fill the hole” about the destruction of documents and books under my watch at the base.

    I think I may of even filled part of your brown van with shredding I didn’t know what to do with!! ha!!!!

    — Jackson

  55. Alex Castillo


    You really should disregard any “LRH” materials published after 1979-82, when Miscavige, having taken control of the CMO started to alter/bypass them. It began with management policies i.e Ethics and Justice, followed by alteration of the tech issues i.e. the “new definition of an F/N. Maybe I am preaching to the converted here but, just in case, there are a lot of genuine Scientologists out there who are in possesion of ALL of the original materials.


  56. TheWidowDenk

    Sue — My lineup too, including M-1 Co-audit. We had a neat little dictionary back then, thin, with peach cover. Remember that one? A big help to my study! Rachel

  57. Alex Castillo

    PS. There was NEVER any need to revise the Tech Dictionary or any other materials. The revisions and alterations were made by David Miscavige to suit his own purpose of removing “counter intention” so that he could fleece people without any chance of a comeback due to his orders being off policy or out tech.

  58. TheWidowDenk

    Alex — I love the 1974 edition of INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTOLOGY ETHICS book I am using … so straight forward and exceedingly simple. Rachel

  59. martyrathbun09

    Amazing how far an arbitrary will go. You might be amazed at the amount of TAA that has been made in the first sessions, model session alone, here on folks who have been mind-twisted for nearly two decades on the simplicity of squeezing the cans. As I recall CAN SQUEEZE was one of DM’s first mega production forays into the tech field.

  60. Alex Castillo

    Of course Mike. If he allowed the OEC, FEBC, DSEC, HEJSC to be in the hands of the public, he would be out of business in no time flat!!


  61. sara finning

    Always wondered why SIR (source information retrieval) wasn’t made available to the public.

  62. martyrathbun09

    I agree with L Ron Hubbard on the tech dictionary – it could use a massive overhaul. But, as I said, it was much, much better than nothing for a Div 6 or Academy student.

  63. martyrathbun09

    Scarcity increases value.

  64. TheWidowDenk

    I have an extra copy of the 1975 Technical Dictionary. If anyone is interested, I expect you can figure out how to contact me. Rachel

  65. TheWidowDenk

    Marty — “As I recall CAN SQUEEZE was one of DM’s first mega production forays into the tech field.” Oh good grief … blows that arbitrary for me! LOL … Rachel

  66. John Fennessey

    Needed overhauls aside, LRH said reading the tech dictionary was as good as an intensive. I agreed then when it first came out and I agree now. The richness of the content makes it more than just a study aid. I always considered it a major work in and of itself.

  67. Or why lectures werent put into a format where the whole of a Congrees or ACC could go onto one disc, or a flash drive, or just be downloadable onto an iPod…. Everyone would then realize that the huge price they paid for this wasnt worth it. Much easier to disguise it when you have CD’s as people were used to paying $15 a piece for a CD. What most didnt know is that they cost 10c a piece to manufacture.

    Miscavige detests cyberspace for more than one reason.

  68. Alex Castillo

    Mike, yes mi amigo, I hope so too. It should be fun

  69. Omitted Data

    I did the “Basics” up to PDC’s, until I got too fed up with my local org, and I really did duplicate and enjoy them.
    So, three questions:

    1. Why was Advanced Procedures and Axioms, and other books, allowed to be confusing for 50 years? LRH and others must have seen the outpoints in these books. Was it thought unimportant compared to other matters at hand? I’ve never understood how LRH or his aides could allow such confusions stand in some of his books.

    2. Does anyone know of a comparison between a new “Basics” book and an older version of that book? A comparison that shows the new “Basics” book to be WORSE than the older book? I found the Basics to be much easier to read than the older ones.

    3. Does anyone have data on the Basics being published as a way to maintain copywrite on the material?


  70. Alex Castillo

    Well dear WD, don’t look for any “revised” versions. If they exists, they will be made to keep you quiet no matter what they do to you!!! :))

  71. Hi Thoughtful.
    I have a meter and no plans to use it. Call or email. Penny
    Cell: 707-536-5022

  72. Oh, I believe it!

    It was the start of the Golden Age of Miscavige. I remember him going around to random people and telling them to “squeeze his wrist” and then deciding that everyone was either too hard or too soft and then off into hours of meetings where he discussed how “nobody understands the fundamentals except me,” and *everyone* is fucking this up.

    You know he used to natter up a storm about Pat Broeker pontificating all the time and called him Bagwhan — I have come to realize that this was the pot calling the kettle black. Miscavige can pontificate (maybe that’s why he calls himself Pope?) with the best… I feel sick to my stomache sometimes that I listened to so much of it and did nothing to stop it.

  73. DM has MU’s

  74. I’ve scanned some of these and am able to convert them to pdf files. Am happy to upload these pdfs to a site for others to download if someone can provide the info about such a site.

    Long done. Been on Torrentz sites for at least a decade.

  75. Understatement of the year Bryan.

    He has a few other problems too.

  76. martyrathbun09

    Mike, we are tracking. You know I have been catching myself lately referring to Miscavige as the Bagwhan to Mosey.

  77. I recall later when the Sup told me per the earlier weeks event to bring all our original LRH books in to the Org as they all were being replaced as Miscavige said because MU’s were in them or something. I said to the Sup I already put my originals in the commercial bin as It was said we had to junk them.
    The Sup was like put them in the bin!! Oh no, the dustbin men might read em and pick up all those MU’s. This was bad.

  78. When I was on training, I loved the red tech dictionary. I never once thought of it as anything other than a great tool. Once, a few of us queried up lines about the fact that David Mayo’s name was listed in the credits, among others. Some thought he was a big SP and any book with his name in the credits should be removed. RTC wrote back and told us that if such an order to remove the books was not in existance, no such thing should be done. We were satisfied, and got through our training just fine.

    A tech dictionary with Jack the Ripper as editor would be better than none with DM as the remover.

  79. martyrathbun09

    Yes. And I can tell you from experience of the past two years delivering, it is integral not only to pc indoctrination, but also to training auditors.

  80. Alex Castillo

    Mike, my email address: castalex2009@hotmail.com.


  81. As one of the people who spent a lot of time working on the Scn Dictionary, I can vouch for what Marty has written. And, by the way, there are soft copies of the existing Tech Dictionary (and Admin Dictionary, for that matter) all around the internet. Maybe not so handy as a hardcopy book but at least it still exists in the one place DM cannot confront and therefore forbids everyone under his control from visiting: cyberspace. He does not understand that space equates to beingness and that beingnesses there are as many as one wants to create. He can only live in 3 dimensional best space which is getting more solid by the day for him, I would guess.

    The shame of it all is that a ton of work has been done on the Dictionary and it would be a wonderful upgrade of the existing ones and a book that one could read from A to Z and probably have amazing case gain doing it. RTRC actually compiled a version of it in 1995 which was very cool in itself but which was later vastly improved by later projects. Sixteen years and counting later, all that work is gathering dust in Nowheresville. That is an incredible, incredible crime of DM’s, probably as big as any he has committed.

    Man, it would be great to put that book out. In fact, target two (target one being DM’s removal) could be the release of the Dictionary and that by itself would rekindle purposes all across the planet, guaranteed.

  82. Alex Castillo

    He doesn’t have MUs. He just never understood anything to begin with, he followed his own advice to get a hold of the power at any cost!!

  83. Alex — I sent you an email an hour ago to that address.

  84. A dog can totally live in the present, happily going from one fire hydrant to the next and there is nothing illogical about it. A leader who does that and happily finds a new solution that contradicts his earlier solution is, well, a dog, at best. (I mean no disrespect to dogs here, only that, for humans, there is a time to live in the present and a time to plan for the future.)

  85. So where does, “We have no legal obligation to refund anything,” fit into the overall scheme of things.
    That’s the exact quote we got from Moxin and Kobrin when we turned in a valid refund request within three months of the squirrel auditing my wife received at Flag.

    Hummm…I guess that’s their idea of “subject to a ruling from the claims verification board policies.”

    Screw the auditor’s code.

    Reminds me of cut-rate, rip off insurance companies.

    “Claim is denied…denied…denied…”

  86. Yes! I do remember that little dictionary.

  87. Did I mention that he’s evil, destructive, violent and doesn’t want people to do well in life?

  88. Sure thing. You be on about the Prince. Not Sir William I reckon.

  89. Martin, Around 2001 I proposed to POB that we get one of those scanner devices that you wipe across and word and it gives you the definition and put the dictionary in that. He got one and after not learning how to use it, he laughed it off as ridiculous. Of course, this is also the man who build a multi-million dollar CD manufacturing plant just as CDs were doing the way of the buggy whip or the LRH definition of an F/N.

  90. Alex Castillo

    Mike, your email not here. Not in my inbox, not in my junk box. Could you please try helex_2000@yahoo.com.

  91. Oh, yeah. I heard a story from a field auditor who had his living quarters entered by ASHO staff while he was not there and had all his old books simply taken away from him! This is the kind of stuff that gives insane over-the-top zealotry a bad name.

  92. Tom Gallagher

    I was the ‘shredder’ on the Freewinds in 1991. I spent at least a week shredding ALL of the old vols that were replaced at the Maiden voyage event. That machine was as loud as a 747 during take off. Good gawd this brings back memories…………

    Perhaps our theme du jour should be: Independents cancel MissCabbige.

  93. Since you seem to be an expert on the basics and all the horrible errors in the original books, why don’t you edify all of us ignorant guys who for some weird reason never really had a problem with the originals.
    Just fill in the correct data, omitted.

  94. While we are on the subject, does anyone remember what occurred with the Hat Packs that could only be “approved” by DM? I think this evolution started in 1989.
    Some years later when I was Exec Dir Birmginham the hat packs arrived and “OMG” they cross ordered LRH policy on hatting. No one could get thorugh these hat packs. They wer eawful. Yearx later another order came down telling us to ignore them and do our own hat checksheets!

  95. Tom — Oh, I have done tens of hours on that shredder! You are right — puts a 747 to shame!

  96. Oh my god, Mike, you just reminded me of that disaster. The Cine film studio is enormous and has wide hallways that surround the studio. Along every foot of those hallways tables were erected and every policy letter was laid out on them. They stretched for hundreds of yards. DM had a million different ideas of how to organize these but each one was really a confused idea. One of the Pjt I/Cs would send up a proposal that was very likely sensible for the most part and DM would shoot it down with a series of questions that were really only his own confusions about how to study policy. Then the next I/C would propose something different and DM would shoot THAT down by bringing up the virtues of an earlier proposal. In this way, DM keeps those around him working unknowingly against one another in a stew over-seasoned with his favorite spice: HE&R. I am soooo happy I was only a tech guy and viewed this madness from the side.

  97. I remember this well. Every policy letter was placed on tables throughout the l-o-n-g corridors of the castle and someone was supposed to go through and put them all in a “logical sequence” — by subject or org board or series and date. (I recall the date wasn’t as important as it could be “adjusted” to fit in the proposed sequence, since the policy was going to be revised anyway…) There were so many conflicting orders about what was to be done.

    I was sent out there with a few others to do this project at one point – spent a few hours there in total confusion, but was luckily ordered onto some other project instead.

  98. TheWidowDenk

    My extra Tech Dictionary has now found a new home. Rachel

  99. DM cannot complete a cycle of action,particularly if it’s survival-a very suppressive characteristic.
    Ron knew the Tech could be lost, that is the reason for all his policies on the subject such as KSW1. Yes,it is true”what is true for you is true”, but once you realize it is indeed TRUE, here are the policies for protecting that TRUTH. It takes alot of confront of force and confront of evil to keep our freedom and the route to freedom in tact.
    Thanks to his foresight and education in the area we will keep the Tech.


    In the last week I was personally contacted by a terminal outside the “church” who is investigating this very subject.

    At some point in the near future all the evidence will need to be compiled into one package to clearly show the extent to which this “church” is violating its own policy regarding refunds and repayments.
    The policy on this subject can be found in OEC Volume 3 as written by LRH in the early 1960’s. The policy is very simple and clear and Miscavige and his flunkies are blatantly violating it.

    I can only conclude that in Miscaviges wild eyed fixation on grabbing up as much cash as possible that he has never understood WHY LRH wrote the policy as he did. Either that or he is intentionally and knowingly working to collapse the “church”. Ya think????

  101. Pingback: More on Miscavige’s Confusion and Chaos | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  102. Impartial English Girl

    Perhaps DM cannot understand the dictionary, if it doesn’t have very many pictures in it.

  103. martyrathbun09


  104. martyrathbun09

    Amy, wow, wasn’t that cycle a perfect example? It was about as sensible and enturbulating as the musical chairs incident in the Int trailer.

  105. Thank you!
    Hit that nail dead-on, Sam!
    … and it IS Disgusting.

  106. Omitted Data, (well chosen name) “Why was Advanced Procedures and Axioms, and other books, allowed to be confusing for 50 years?”
    Who told you that? Did this person use study tech?
    In the org where I studied there were word clearer and course supervisors who helped me when I felt confused.
    What “other books” do you mean? Did you actually study them? How come you have not cleared any confusion when you read them?
    I found the “old” books brilliant and had great gains.

  107. Yes Lucy. It was a similar evolution to the OEC “compilation”. More arbitraries and false data entered in than you could shake a stick at. It would start out as a POB “bright idea” because he discovered something (like he saw a hatg pack in an org and it was not good) and then blossom into the most important thing in the universe with hours and hours of meetings and hundreds of pages of transcripts over many days. ANd then when the first submission arrived, just like Dan said, that would be nuked and the next round of transcripts would roll forth and now the new people had to try and figure that out because it certainly contradicted what he had said earlier. These projects became nightmares.

    One of the smartest people I know, Jon Horwich, was on the hats, the dictionary, the OEC and the books — and he could never get a product on any of them. And was busted almost as many times as I was. I assure you, Jon Horwich was the FEBC sup on the Apollo, a Class VIII auditor trained by LRH, the Flag Action Chief trained by LRH, a world class audio man and an internationally recognized expert on Jazz. In a word (or three…), the comparison between POB and Jon is shit and shinola. But POB went to great lengths to tell anyone within earshot what an incompetent, squirrel SP Jon was. And he was one of many, but one that sticks in my head because he was a genuinely competent and intelligent man that POB could not stand BECAUSE he was intelligent and competent.

  108. Former Employee

    Cute Les. Like I implied I was an expert. I’m talking about the points raised at the Basics event years ago. The major outpoint I recall of the original books was Advance Procedures and Axioms having whole chapters inserted into other chapters. I’ll look at the event DVD again tonight and ask you about the other examples cited. Have you seen that event? If you did, do you disagree that some of the books had major outpoints?
    I know POB is nuts. But I’m talking about books in hand.

  109. Amy — yeah, you lucked out on that one.

    The “OEC project” was a death sentence….

  110. Interesting, Alex, you are saying that Miscavage was already taking control in 1979? That was when I saw things start to deteriorate.

  111. Freedom Fighter

    Does anyone know of a comparison between a new “Basics” book and an older version of that book?


    You can start here: http://www.youtube.com/user/AidaThomasFreezone. If you encounter any MUs, well, you know . . .

  112. Former Employee

    Points well taken. I’ll be reviewing the event DVD tonight and will provide the examples cited afterwards. Thanks.

  113. Lana, Marty and Mike,

    I want to add a slightly different perspective on this. It is not to counter what has been said, but to offer another view on a possibly slightly different scenario.

    I’m intimately familiar with the workings of R/Comps and though I can’t read POB’s mind I can attempt to explain the (non) logic behind this.

    The basic strategy was to cancel the dictionary project and to put the remaining few staff onto compiling glossaries for the Basics, starting around 2001 – 2002. POB’s concept was that for many Scn/DN terms there was no one absolute definition as the definitions were used differently throughout the development of the technology. For example some of the known DN terms were different in Science of Survival because the rights for Dianetics were involved in a legal battle and hence LRH had to use new terms until he could gain the rights back. For each time period the reason for difference in terms were due to various factors. There is truth to this one logic.

    Therefore POB planned to personally go through all the lectures and books and with the dictionary project’s help define each term as they occur in that book or lecture with the definition LRH presented within that same book or lecture, or a lecture or piece of writing that was done right around that same time period.

    When all the books and lectures had been gone through by him personally, the resulting glossaries would be compiled into one huge dictionary (or several) and it wouldn’t be done until the entire material grade chart had been completed and released, which was supposed to have been done with the ACC’s in Dec 2009, though the BC is being produced in 17 languages and will also be released shortly.

    Probably after the BC the dictionaries will be done, and they are planned to be released in a digital version. Maybe POB will go for GAT 2 first but maybe not with the problems of the already outdated Mark VIII e-meter (suited for an 80’s internet connection) and all the “non-compliances” in getting the academy re-complied (done POB’s way – not the way it was when LRH ran it – but of course much better now…) additional training aids (security tools to store all e-meter reads to sack further tech terminals who isn’t applying POB’s definition of an FN – mostly likely with an audio detector which will compare “your needle is floating” with the 3 swings and if no 3 swings an instant alert goes to the local RTC office.)

    POB stated numerous times at Int that he was the ONLY one who understood LRH and was the ONLY one who could work out the definitions of all the staff. Most of the definition work was done by the former dictionary team, but he did scrutinize every single word in those glossaries and sometimes it went back and forth for ages, or he would just do it himself with his communicator.

    I can only assume that he didn’t consider any new people being in need of a dictionary, nor any other Scientologists for that matter as he had already planned to make everybody do the Basics no matter if they were green or OT VIII. Everyone had to do the Basics, which had his glossaries, so in his mind there was no real need for a dictionary. He did an executive C/S on all people in the world and decided that they all needed to do the exact same thing and that WOULD be right for everyone, obviously, POB said so.

    As Mike and Marty have mentioned, POB went through a 10-year period of slowly annihilating every single tech terminal and daily telling the Int Base how so and so was a suppressive, useless idiot with no comprehension of the tech. (Usually he told people present at a meeting or briefing, but boy did the transcripts and word travel fast all the way out to the weedwacker boy at the end of the property.)

    In 2005, which the transcript above is from, as well as reiterated in 2006 in full detail and repeated in 2007, POB made sure the OT Ambassadors knew that he had PERSONALLY been through every definition and that he had done ALL for them to ensure ALL of them would get “just what LRH intended.” Though he didn’t say it in succinct words, there wasn’t a single OT ambassador who left the ship in 2005 – 2007 (Flag in that year) who knew that no other tech terminal had been involved other than COB and that COB single-handed everything. This was made VERY clear to the public through his innuendos, gestures and general content.

    This is one thing that I would think he would want to stay away from as it legally could be a problem if he promoted himself as the “only one”, but I guess his ego got to him and he just couldn’t resist pawning himself of as the savior of mankind to all those admiring public, especially as the clincher would follow right afterwards when he repeated that his superhuman efforts need to be backed up by contributions. And it did, and afterwards POB would go to the IASA offices and ream out Janet and all the IASA execs for being slack, incompetent, useless regges and he had to do it all himself, and hadn’t it been for POB and his public appearances the IASA wouldn’t make any money at all.

    So, the dictionary was cancelled by POB, despite LRH direction, among pretty much every other LRH strategy, while spending months and millions of dollars per event putting together a 3-hour propaganda speech convincing the public that POB is REALLY doing exactly what LRH intended with plenty of out-of-context quotes to back it up, with Dan Sherman right there making the language as eloquent (and non sequitur) as possible. POB even instructed the event staff that he needs to come across as “God commanding you from Heaven.”

    So with his God Oedipus complex is full force, he managed to convince the public about GAT, Ideal Orgs and no dictionary – all against LRH advices and policy, while the public at large blindly accepted and “understood”.

    So, there will most likely be a dictionary when the BC is finally released, but it won’t be cheap. Profit has no part in the delay of the dictionary. It is POB’s strategy to go through all materials and apply the time-relative definition to each piece of work in extensive glossaries and then when its all done, release the entire thing as an elaborate dictionary, which will be mandatory for all people to buy, with a 500% mark-up, and special ASI limited editions, for “special projects” i.e. directly into POB controlled off-shore accounts.

    There may be other factors and the aspects presented by others are also very true, but just wanted to give the reasons POB himself communicated, for what its worth.

  114. This discussion puts me in mind of this: It is a basic technique of the hypnotist to say non-sequitur and contradictory things at great length to his subject(s) to throw them into confusion. This is a technique of nullification following which suggestions can be more easily implanted.

  115. Alex castillo

    Yes I mean to say that. In 1979, when the WDC was created (CMOInt) is when injustices and much heavier ethics started, and the usual convening authority were CMO personnel. I left in 1981 when things were getting real bad,

  116. You’re a little too obvious here buddy, but I’ll give you a few lines of response.

    Yes, it is very true that the original Basic books had some (SOME) errors which were due to secretaries making typos, or staff compiling something out of order. There were also advices from LRH to do certain revisions to the books.

    However, many revisions to the books (and lectures) included deletions of sentences or whole sections because POB deemed them inapplicable for whatever reason. He stated legal, or just his “understanding” from having gone through all the material, but most commonly because there was a phrase or passage that if quoted again, could endanger his little operation (such as Marty has pointed out about the deleted section in the PDC.)

    Also ALL references to any other Scientology staff member, such as Mary-Sue, Reg, and many others, were removed and there were a LOT of sections, especially in the lectures where any reference to other Scientology figures were simply removed. I don’t recall even hearing the reason for it – just the order to do it.

    They even removed the greeting to Tony Hitchman in the 1-hour long interview with LRH on film, which the film used to open up with – and I no longer saw Reg on the new Clearing Congress films, but he used to be in them.

    So, yes, there were some typographical errors fixed and some mis-matched compilations corrected, but I’m sorry, with sections and sentences deleted based on POB’s “inner knowledge” I’m afraid I stick with the old material which includes the full text, and I live with the typos.

  117. martyrathbun09

    Interesting, but I think you are just reading too much logic into someone who has managed to weld the doors of orgs shut with his “you’ll see it perfect six lifetimes down the road” bullshit. See subsequent post for proof of the pudding.

  118. +100

    I hope Jon is alright. Someone sent me a link to some Jazz LP website which included his name so I assume that’s what he does now.

  119. I found the Basics to be much easier to read than the older ones.

    Same here.

  120. As I said, I’m not countering what you have already stated, including your new article, just adding the scenario of what was told at the Int Base and hence the reality of most people there, including the OT ambassadors. There is no doubt in my mind that what he is doing is the EXACT opposite of both Scientology scriptures and LRH’s intention. ALL LRH advices and policies were written in an attempt to get things done quickly. The Bridge was streamlined and almost the entire time from 1956 – 1966 was dedicated to figure out how to train more people faster, how to clear more people faster, so more people could be reached with the tech. The utopian perfection in design and font type and other such “important” matters that take years for POB to approve were of the least concern to LRH – anything making the tech available and used was OK.

    LRH saw an urgency in getting to enough people to withstand the declining condition on this planet before it was too late, and POB is ensuring that will not happen, unless he is stopped.

    So Marty, I believe we are thinking the same way.

  121. I don’t suppose you know of anyone who was working on the Dictionary project, that happened to keep a copy on Flash drive, perhaps?

    Not that anyone would do that. I’m sure that would violate trademark or some other infringements.

    But if such a person existed, and such a file existed, and if I were to find out such… that would not be a bad thing.

    … just saying.

  122. martyrathbun09

    I do too.

  123. DM will have a hard job burning my books, most of them pre 1972. Even the Tech Dictionary is first edition, including the Supplement.. And I still have the original Abridged Dictionary.
    Who says the Age of Technology started in 1995? Wrong year. It started in May 1950.

  124. On YouTube, there is a video of someone doing a compare/contrast with Science of Survival. Entire pages, charts, graphs… totally missing and omitted from the new books. Several examples are throughout the enitre book.

    One thing in particular that bothers me is “by L. Ron Hubbard” vs. “based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard.” That is a legal way of saying 1) is his work, the other (2) is an alteration based on his work. It is my understanding, all the new basics are,”based on the works of…”
    That ain’t right.

    As for why LRH stood by while huge out-points such as “chapters stuck in chapters” or 100’s of over-used semi-colons, or some other such thing…
    Obviously it was’t as big of a deal to Ron as was gettting the material into the hands of the public to USE IT. Just as he’s said with the Tech Dictionary, better it’s out there than not! Errors and all.

  125. I was on the “Books Project” for some time (supposed to get ALL the books proofed against the originals and full glossaries done for each in 2 weeks as POB said the big books like DMSMH and SOS should take 2 days each and the small ones like 8-80, History of Man etc should be a day). Jon Horwich and I were assigned to this project.

    Though we got removed from it for failing to meet the TM (it then took POB two YEARS to do it himself…) there were outnesses in the original books. Dianetics 55 was entirely transcribed and there were transcriptionist errors. There was a jumble in AP and A. Most of the outnesses in the old editions were punctuation.

    The new books ARE easier to read. They are well typeset and have good glossaries.

    The big lie is that they are in any material way DIFFERENT from the old books. They are NOT. POB tried to convince everyone that if they had read the “old” books they knew “nothing” adn everyone (except him) was an uneducated, ignorant fool that obviously didnt understand Scientology.

    Truth of the matter is it was ALL MARKETING. ALL designed to SELL BOOKS and LECTURES.

    So, the new books are nicer and easier to read. The basic tech contained in them is no different. That’s the start and end of it.

  126. He is happy and well.

  127. PS. Fortunately some old-timers have compiled EVERYTHING onto hard drives and passed them along. 😀

  128. Sorry to be so arrogant to piggyback in this way. PLEASE SAVE ALL historic material on Scientology.

    That means you STILL IN the churche too !!!!

    The HISTORIAN in me made me do this.

    “Make it happen” If needed buy it back from Anons. Yes they even have aquired E-meters

    “Auditing Anon with E-Meter – Halifax Raid (10/05/08)”

  129. “Reminds me of cut-rate, rip off insurance companies.”

    You mean, like the now rather ironically named (in the wake of its bankruptcy filing) “Survival Insurance”?

  130. Good to know. I have seen people give much later dates, and it has nagged at me, because I knew something was going on earlier. Thanks so much for the data.

  131. It seems to me the quote below describes what Miscavige has been doing perfectly:

    “The most effective in stopping you, of course – that we know of, is a FALSE Bridge that promises you a way to OT, that is very expensive, and gets you to a state – well – where you can’t ever report how you have
    been trapped. But, of course, FIRST they will make you MONEYLESS and in a condition of INDEBTEDNESS.

    But then they will get you to the state where you can’t ever report how you have been trapped and it will exist for longer than ever before and you might even become “One with the Physical Universe”.
    And, of course, that isn’t saying very much at all, because look at where the Physical Universe is on the Tone Scale! Well, that’s the kind of Game that nobody wins, except the Implanters. So don’t fall for that one.

    It’s a Bridge that makes you feel good to be “in debt and out-exchange”, because you are convinced you can soon “Blow” to OT and not have to pay back the money.

    You will, of course, also drop the body to “Prove it”.

    The proof is: of course I went OT! I didn’t have to pay the money. Anyway, some people are expecting something like that, and they are waiting for it. And what a great way to go!

    Ha! Use up all the money, have a good time, and then drop the body and never have to pay it back.

    Little bit out-exchange, though.
    But they think that doesn’t matter, because “I’m going OT”. Well, eventually we find them on the bridge, you know? They are not OT, they are stuck in the Mest Universe. It’s the worst fate that could happen to a thetan.”

    This is excerpted from a 1987 Admin Briefing by Bill Robertson, given 3 years after David Miscavige was Declared an SP by a Comm Ev convened by the OT Committee World Wide ordered by Bill Robertson in an Ethics Order #1, March 13 1984.

    The SP Declare:

  132. Thanks Raul.
    You describe it well. The whole scene is “explained”away by DM to staff and public. The magnitude of POB’s squirreling and sabotage of LRH’s Scientology requires confront — and many staff and public pull their head in, ignore the outpoints, and try to just get a long without drawing attention to themselves or making waves.
    As I said in my original comment, the twist of the whole thing is that because POB’s rants and orders are so illogical and nonsensical, people get confused and start to assign cause for this confusion to themselves. They start to think it is them that can’t follow the line of thought. Or it is them that are out of step — as everyone else seems to be marching so well with it and acting like it make sense (as you look out across the pie-faces in the audience).
    I had to confront the fact a few years ago that it is actually a type of brainwashing. It is a psycho cult leader who is using reverse Scn and Black Dianetics to push in anchor points, create confusion, introvert people and push them down scale so they are more controllable. THAT is actually the motive and intention on the part of POB.

    And that is why you hate us Indi’s isnt it Davey?
    You can’t control us.
    You can’t push in our anchor points.
    And every time you try to, we come back even stronger and with more numbers.
    As I audit my way through the Wall of Fire daily I have realised that you Davey are pathetic. You will get yours — and it won’t be pretty. Every single one of your overts are going to come back on you as a motivator. And without question — what goes around come around to bit you in the ass. A very very very very bit CHOMP is coming Davey. Brace yourself.

  133. Brilliant idea Dan. Now the best idea is to have all the materials on a Kindle and when you hover the mouse over a word it gives you the definition so you can clear it up.

  134. Oh wow! Yes I remember the hallways lined with policy after policy. All of the RTC was taken there and walked through the brilliant plan of Dear Leader to resolve the OEC complilation once and for all. The new OEC Volume Zero was done and the three Management volumes, and everything down to the font size and style was dictated by Dear Leader. I remember the pit in my stomach reading the transcripts with Dan Koon, Jon Horwich and others. Complying to the extant orders was about as easy as navigating ones way out of a snake pit, blindfolded, with your hands and legs tied. Crazy shit.

  135. Not enough money in it. Also not enough MEST. Got to have lots and lots and lots of shiny MEST — as that is what it is all about (that and money!)

  136. mrinder, absolutely correct!!!!!

  137. Jon is doing great. He is in his element. I will pass on his contact details to you Raul. He loves to chat.

  138. When I was still ‘in’, I used to wonder when the new dictionary was going to be published. I waited and waited, until I caved in and bought the ‘old’ red Tech dictionary, figuring that although this was deeply flawed, it was better than nothing.

    I’d read the LRH reference about needing a good dictionary and couldn’t understand why it hadn’t been produced. Surely it couldn’t be that hard?

    In the briefing courseroom at St Hill, there was one copy of a pilot Tech dictionary consisting of a ramshackle collection of A4 sheets in plastic sleeves in a ring binder. This was back in about 2005. For it still not to have been completed and published is a disgrace. LRH clearly stated the importance of having the correct definition and not having a proper dictionary is a major outpoint.

    But, the very worst part of this whole sorry tale is the thought of all those so-called OTs aboard the Freewinds lapping up every word of the Tiny Tyrant™ and then cheering wildly when he paused expectantly.


  139. I totally agree Sam. One of the things that made me realise things had gone wrong in the CoS was the realisation that more and more, all the events were about Miscavige. Everyone who appeared on stage seemed to be reading from a script in thanking ‘The COB’, as if to elevate him to the same level as LRH.

    By the time I had left, I was rather sick of all the jumping up and down to applaud the dear leader. It got to the stage when I couldn’t help but compare them to the Nuremberg rallies (I am a very bad person obviously 😉 )

    See this example that I filmed at the 2007 IAS shindig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wY3o2jy21g


  140. I recently looked at an original issue of “Problems of Work” from 1956. I was surprised to find an introduction there which is missing in later issues. But I noticed something there: The book felt more honest, it communicated more directly to me and I felt immediately affinity and would have liked to read it again.
    Possibly this is a very personal point, but I did not do well with one of the new ones (I tested only one and to me something felt wrong. – not genuine, to glossy, not warm, but artificial.
    The 1956-issue felt like meeting an old friend. Don’t know how to describe it better.

  141. Word definitions cannot be copyrighted. So here is a great project.

  142. Cindy Pinsonnault

    As usual, when he talks, DM sounds like a babbling idiot. Maybe that’s deliberate. The OTA sheep are unlikely to ever admit they don’t understand a word he’s saying. They’ll just nod and clap on cue, secure in the knowledge that they don’t have to think; DM is thinking for them.

    How stupid, blind and silent was I, when they started collecting up the old versions of books and destroying them.


  144. Watchful Navigator

    Thank you for that explanation, Mike.

    I enjoy owning, having and using, both the old and the new. You are right – no material difference in the basic tech, whatever.

    And another thing. While it is very convenient to have the glossaries for motel nightstand reading, it is quite out-tech for DM to have it implied that dictionary word-clearing for courseroom students is a thing of the past. I believe that counts as a suppressive act failing to employ study tech in dissemination.

  145. Perhaps the dimninutive David Miscavige is planning New Scientology so in a year or so he can sell scientology classic (think coke cola)

  146. Sorry if this turns out to be a completely stupid question …

    I understand the argument about how DM has constantly revised and corrupted the original material either for specific bad intent or for purely arbitrary whims.

    But isn’t the problem with cancelling the dictionary that it creates a paradox far more fundamental? As I understand it, “Study Tech” is based on “word clearing” — confusion and failure is driven to a large extent by not understanding the precise definitions of words. So if you are doing away with dictionaries, aren’t you implicitly saying that word clearing, and thus all of Study Tech, is worthless? And wouldn’t that tell potential new recruits to Delphi schools (or courses given by the Church of Scientology, for that matter) that LRH’s educational methods are useless? That might cost the Church of Scientology organization a bundle of money if prospective parents found out that the Church of Scientology is inherently breaking away from the core reason to attend the school. Or have I missed something?

    John P.

  147. martyrathbun09

    As a note on the golden age of spending millions for printing press because we can do such higher quality, I’ve got pages falling out of 07 editions, where as ones from the sixties are holding up just fine. Go figure.

  148. My dog resembles that remark!


  149. LOL!

  150. Did they really collect them? I mean, did they ask for the books back they had sold? Did they offer to buy them back or did they demand them?

  151. For a solution to the availability of Source materials, check out this Semantic Wiki project.

  152. Well, understand that you were totally expected to have already purchased the NEW books; so why whould you want to keep those old books full of errors!??

    (Notice how the evil semi-colon and the mis-spelling of “would” destroyed your understanding of that sentence?? Oh……. I guess it didn’t, did it?)

    No one came to my apt., but I was expected to take the old books in for pulping down at Bridge Publications. There were a bunch of boxes of books stacked up there in reception. Being a good sheep at that point, did I think it wrong? NO. I bought it….. like so many did for a LONG time. I had decided to trust “COB”. And how powerful is a decision?? We’re talking postulates here.
    I even noticed, but gave in to the surprise that the new Ethics book even omits the colorful story Ron describes about the guy in the Danger condition and how easy it was to get out of it! (I can’t remember the particulars but it was classic LRH in making the application of the (ethics) tech seem like “Why, that’s so easy!!

    Thanks to Mike, above, to indicate the Altered Importance of “material perfection” that Misc. has so thoroughly enforced. Just another way of destroying………..

  153. plainoldthetan

    I used the “pilot dictionary” at ASHO around 2000. Some definitions that were very useful to me in auditing pcs up the grades had been eliminated. So I swore I would never buy a new dictionary until they’d been restored. Notably the definition of “interest” had been mutated so that the question “are you interested in it” would never make sense to a preclear.

  154. plainoldthetan

    Isn’t it typical of DM to make the imperfect the enemy of the good?

    Isn’t it typical of DM to make the delusory perfect the enemy of the good?

    And Ingrid’s right: DM has a legacy of start-change-fallonitshead-restart-rechange-fallonitshead.

    Weren’t we supposed to have New Tech Vols by Auditor’s Day 2011? That’s what the blabbermouth materials insultant tried to pre-sell me on!

  155. Valkov, Always enjoy reading your posts. Thoughtful man. Spot-on, on your above comment. Same thing, different words. Confusion is (I think) lack of a stable datum, so creating confusion allows “implanting” or substitution. E.g. (a forceful) “You are confused, you do not know what you are doing. I do know what I am doing. Do as I say.” And I guess the opposite of that would be “You DO know what you are doing. You are not confused. What do you think should be done here?”

  156. The stopped dictionary is a symptom of an inability to complete a cycle of action. An SP uses “lack of quality” as a means to prevent completion of a cycle. He omits that any degree of quality has to be viewed in regard to the purpose the object under discussion is intended to be used for.
    Even if some errors are present the amount of effort to correct them has to be appropriate to the overall purpose.
    My first issue of the Phoenix Lectures contained simply an errata sheet. I had no problems using that or reading the book. The effort needed to print an errata sheet was minimal and the concentration to train and audit was not interfered with.
    Could the Tech Dic or the other “old” books be used to train auditors, to give people another understanding, to give them hope or give them a new horizon? Yes, they could and they did.
    To me most of Mr. Miscavige’s “products” seem to be stellar examples of WRONG TARGET. This planet and the people connected with it do not suffer under an overdose of semicolons in LRH books. They do not suffer under a lack of buildings.
    In times where some insane madmen destroy the economics itself, seed and perform more wars than in any other period of recent time, go about more viciously then ever before in the last centuries, in such times Mr. Miscavige directed manpower of Sea Org, Org staff, new and old publics to “imperfect” books? Don’t just look at the wasted effort in the production of these, look at all the efforts to sell these books and the efforts to defend against these sales as well.
    This is NOT what is needed and wanted in relation to the situation we are in. We need individuals who can listen, who can understand, who can utilize the principles of Scientology to help their fellow man, who can audit and who can train others.

  157. I just don’t understand why A.B.L.E. isn’t all over this dictionary cancellation and the crime going on in the Church. Isn’t it their purpose to eradicate crime and illiteracy?

  158. Exactly, Lana. The nerds in Silicon Valley keep coming up with ways to take more MEST off the comm line but DM is stuck back there with the dinosaurs and fossil fuel powered computers. Profit is his motive, not unlike the corporatists who see people as no more than a resource like forests or iron ore.

  159. Lana, you pinpointed it exactly. You are made to think it is something wrong with you and that you simply are not bright enough to understand and see the connection, and everyone else seem to nod in complete agreement, when factually everyone are lost but so afraid of not wanting to show they are, and, it is all calculated to have this exact effect. In such an environment you can get people into mass agreement on the most insidious facts and they will go right along with it.

    And yes, brainwashing is the best label for it. POB puts Pavlov and Jung and Benjamin Rush to shame.

  160. Perfectly summarized!

  161. There is almost no difference between the original books and the new books except better punctuation and some transcription errors fixed, and in the case of AP&P and 8-8008 there is a change in sequence. The actual content is the same.

    My note above referencing materials taken out refers to the lectures and a few instances in the films.

  162. That would be great!

  163. As I have said before, there is not one area of what I was taught (mostly Admin), that has not been turned backwards by this man DM.
    The burning of Hubbard Books about says it all. We need to collect as many of these originals as we can. Ebay is a good beginning point.

  164. Alex castillo

    Hey Nancy old friend,

    Great to see you around here. Yes, e-bay is good and you could also contact Terril Parks in the UK. He is in touch with just about everyone in the Free zone and can find the genuine stuff. Drop me a line when you can.


  165. St Hill Foundation tried to get out of repaying the money that I had on account when I asked for it back in 2008.

    Their strategy consisted of ignoring every communication with me and hoping I’d go away. Talk about non-confront!

    Of course this just made me angry so I upped the Ethics gradient and started writing to the media, my member of parliament, the BBC, the Charity Commission (organisation responsible for giving charity status to groups) and then retained a law firm to sue them. After 6 months of no action, I got my money within a week. Seems as though they WANT to start a fight, which is a bit stupid really.

    Not repaying money on account is criminal behaviour and counter-productive as it just encourages more legal trouble and bad publicity. Anyone would think that they are trying to destroy the organisation…


  166. You haven’t missed anything, John P.

    Yes, it’s a fundamental paradox that the Church would permit such a conclusion to be drawn.

    On the one hand, the church could rightfully capitalise on its possession of sound educational methods, yet on the other hand, is foregoing such a profit. Therefore, one might assume, the educational methods are not so good, after all.

    But the answer is simple: by making LRH appear flawed, his work might then be marginalised, and eventually, overridden entierly.

    Already, the church is producing text books Based On The Works (BOTW) of LRH.

    By creating a confusion about LRH, DM may then stealthily supplant himself as successor to the church.

    There is no educational, business or even social reason for engaging with the church or any of its members, their activities or organisations: LRH is no longer completely valid in their world. Failing to produce even a biography of LRH is proof of that, let alone countering the bizzare accusations made about him. The silence is deafening. Instead, miscavige attacks independent scientologists who defend LRH and his original work.

    In fact, what remains in the church fully accreditable to LRH, has been distorted, rewritten, taken out of context, and corrupted in such a way as to be harmful, and even dangerous, when used. Just like electricity, gas or petrol, mankind’s discoveries can be useful or lethal, depending on the intent or competence of the user.

    The purpose of today’s church of scientology is to create money for miscavige and confusion for everyone else: the complete opposite to LRH’s intention for scientology.

    The fact is, that LRH’s educational methods would, when fully and accurately applied, clarify and isolate the very poison at the heart of the church.

  167. Thanks for taking time to give me (and everyone else) a thoughtful answer.

    I still can’t understand why, if the goal is vast personal riches, DM would stand for the metrics to go in the tank the way they have. You make a lot more money taking a small percentage off the top of a big, growing company than you do taking a huge percentage off the top of a small, shrinking enterprise. So there’s something more psychological about what DM is doing to the Church of Scientology.

    I’m reminded of the later Roman emperors, with all those “bread and circuses” events and the construction of statues and memorials to their own egos to keep distracting people (mainly themselves and the other top dogs) from the economic rot that was beginning to corrode the empire. All this hedonism and graft for the guys at the top while the peasants are starving and the cities are going down in flames.

    Oddly enough, the stage sets for some of DM’s speeches (you know, the ones with the fake Roman columns where he recites all those mind-blowing numbers that “prove” how well everything is going) remind me of this “collapsing empire” vision. Swap out DM’s tux for a toga and give him a fiddle to play while the empire keeps burning and the image is complete.

  168. John,

    You said: I still can’t understand why, if the goal is vast personal riches, DM would stand for the metrics to go in the tank the way they have. You make a lot more money taking a small percentage off the top of a big, growing company than you do taking a huge percentage off the top of a small, shrinking enterprise.

    I will try to give you an answer that makes sense (despite the fact that I am attempting to explain something irrational).

    Miscavige has no way of expanding Scientology because he has:

    a. Destroyed management of the church

    b. Destroyed any initiative within people in the church

    c. Most importantly, destroyed the tech which makes the church valuable to people.

    Of course, in the long term, building the organization and taking a smaller percentage would make far more senses, but he only lives for this lifetime and his power and money in the immediate future. So, he has devolved the organization into taking money from people for nothing in return other than PR smoke and mirrors and the promise of something to be delivered in the future. He is operating like Bernie Madoff — there is a LOT of money to be made by swindling people in the short term, but it never works out well in the end. People like him cannot think into the future.

    Unfortunately, in his greed and inability to predict the consequences of his actions he is destroying the subject — and the goodwill that it has built up over 50 years. It is that goodwill and what remains of the original subject of Scientology that he plays on to collect money for nothing today. But its not going to last long.

  169. I suspect that every LRH tape contains at least one technical definition. Consider this: “Logic is a method of proving yourself conclusively wrong despite of what you know.” LRH Lecture, “Confront” ca 1950.

    There are a lot of Indies now. Miss Cabbage stopped the dictionary project. Can we now start one?

    Miss Cabbage is on his way out; that is not in question. He is a loser. The real question is whether or not we can carry Ron’s vision forward. And more precisely, HOW that can be done, while picking up the pieces of whatever is left behind.

    A shared Google document spreadsheet can be created with user input if we all can get together with the goal of a new tech/admin dictionary. This would be a digital, FREE dictionary that could be distributed and used by anyone.

    Any support for this idea?

  170. Mike,

    Thank you. That is the most elegant and straightforward summary of the problems of the Church of Scientology yet. It summarizes everything I’ve read on this blog and others, and does it clearly, directly and powerfully. Bravo!

    The last sentence is the most telling: “But its not going to last long.” I agree. When companies implode, past a certain point, they collapse at an accelerating rate. It’s sort of like getting sucked into a black hole (I haven’t experienced that myself, but people talk…). That happened with all those supposedly bulletproof mega-banks failing in 2008 as the economy went into recession. It happened with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 as well.

    So while reading about all the current self-inflicted problems with the Church of Scientology is a guilty pleasure (like stopping to look at a horrific accident on the freeway), I think the really interesting story to come out of the inevitable collapse will be how the community of independent Scientologists works to create an organization that allows them to deliver courses, services, etc. to people, yet which avoids so many of the problems of the now-doomed Church of Scientology (needless bureaucracy, out ethics on a staggering scale, power grabbed by one person who is accountable to no one, obsession with symbols of success like real estate/motorcycles/private jets, etc).

    The independents would have a chance to go from an informal network of like-minded people to a coherent organization in a very short period of time. If they can, they will be able to help those coming out of the failed Church of Scientology that want help, to offer something to those who fell away years ago who would be interested in re-engaging with a more honest organization, and maybe even restart the flow of first-timers coming in. If the independent community is able to pull that off and help build a vital, growing movement again, that will be impressive indeed.

    John P.

  171. Thanks John.

    This independent movement is inevitable because the technology has survived and it cannot now be destroyed no matter what the RCS does. The value of it will rise to the top through the insanities and aberrations of the church.

    The problems with the subject are in its administration. As long as the technology can be found and applied the unworkable elements of the administration will fall away by the forces of what is acceptable in society. If the delivery of standard Scientology technology involves activities that are unacceptable to society (crush regging, disconnection, blind obedience) then people will go elsewhere to get it. That there is a choice is what makes it inevitably succeed. That the RCS convinces its sheeple that there is no choice is why they can continue to get away with what they do. Its a testament to the power of the technology.

  172. In my work as a critic, I have used the red tech dictionary for many years to understand the specialized terms created by LRH and used by Scientology in its promo materials, junk mail, and recorded lectures. This is no different than having a dictionary to understand the created terms of other religions. For example, one would never understand the “Kenotic Pericope” or the “Johnanine Christology” of Christianity without a theological dictionary.

    Sometime around 2007 the Cult Promo I had been reading and analyzing for years and years — and I usually got close to two feet a year of junk mail — changed in emphasis. There were fewer and fewer promo pieces about going up the Bridge. Instead, there were more and more demands to donate to the following Cult Cash Cows:

    1. IAS Statuses

    2. Ideal Orgs

    3. The L’s

    4. The Basics

    5. The Super Power Building

    6. Calls to donate to the ambulance chasing VM’s who race to the site of natural disasters, carnage, death, and mass murders to get in front of the cameras for PR photo ops.

    7. Vaguely defined fundraising campaigns for “Planetary Dissemination” and “Planetary Salvage.”

    8. Requests for money to place sets of Basics into libraries all over the world. The fact is that libraries get free books all the time and sell most of them to raise money. I acquired most of my CoS books at second hand stores or at library sales. A complete set of Basics is now on eBay for $109.00 or best offer.

    9. Freewinds cruises for various seminars on how Scientologists can make more money.

    10. CCHR and the Cult’s ongoing fight against 1950’s Psychiatry

    The long-term drift in Cult promo clearly moved away from selling the Bridge to the raising money for vaporware such as Super Power and other intangible Cultic nonsense.


  173. Gern Gaschoen

    I will contribute. I’ve already started a technical project to build my own dictionaries – I’ve written software to build the ‘perfect dictionary’ in which every single word is defined within the dictionary – no outside references required, the dictionary can be ‘word complete’. Pass my program a text, it will parse every word and determine which words are undefined, then it will parse the words in all known definitions, continuing until there is a fully complete set of definitions for every word, including those used in the definitions. I’ve done this on my own for my own uses but I’m perfectly happy to apply it to the Technical Dictionary of Scientology and Dianetics – in fact, I will do that soon and find out just what is missing.

  174. yes, things are shifting in my life, we need to connect – backlines.
    I once spent some time comparing the original OEC Volumes to the later ones, and could actually see where LRH would disappear and a paragraph would appear that sounded like it came straight from an attorney.

  175. Wow Gern, sounds awesome. We should get in touch.

  176. Original materials, in several languages, are available for religious use from the on-line library at http://www.stss.nl

    all the best, Clive

  177. I haven’t been involved with the Co$ since 1995, when I was kicked off the Key To Life Course because I hadn’t been properly set up for it, plus I was finally $ broke. This was after spending three times the KTL’s cost on “review auditing”! (no, I never completed the course) Only lately have I discovered this enlightening website and its links, and I’m having cognitions almost daily about my years spent in the Vulture Culture. I just began researching the “independent” viewpoint and information on the “Basic Books”, specifically regarding the “Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity” releases and possible alteration of this material. Was this project truly a scam? I watched the video of the Basics release and it all looks so very professional and promising. It made loads of sense, too, all the strange edits and punctuation, out of sequence paragraphs, sentences, chapters, etc. But the evidence against DM and current management is overwhelming and quite creepy. I’m very glad I’ve quite a good library of pre-1991 materials.

    Meanwhile, I thought others would find this eBay link interesting as well:


  178. Ooops. I’m finding out that pre 1981 materials are more likely to be original LRH. Anyhow, it’s good to have information, look about and be aware. PRICE OF FREEDOM: Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back.

    Thanks to Clive’s post: Original materials, in several languages, are available for religious use from the on-line library at http://www.stss.nl

  179. Jose Jiminez

    There is just one reason for people allowing themselves to be subjected to out tech: no training.

    What is the sense in getting up the bridge with no training? Don’t people realize, that to stay Clear and OT, they have to know what caused them to get non-Clear and non-OT?

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