Corporate Scientology Targets South Park

Stone and Parker - Targets of Corporate Scientology

The following internal Corporate Scientology memorandum is being published as part of a series that exposes the standard operating pattern and methodologies of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA – the harassment and terror network of Corporate Scientology).   Hubbard once noted the truism that that which one knows the technology of he cannot be the adverse effect of.  So it behooves those who have decided to expose and reform the beast to know a little about the tactics it employs to combat such efforts.

To this day OSA operates mainly on Cold War era intelligence and propaganda techniques much like those of the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, and STASI of the fifties and sixties.   Their main activity entails stifling criticism by an escalating gradient of techniques beginning with quiet investigation and moving up to infiltration, identification of and use of influential friends and contacts of the target, loud investigation, threats, attempts to harm the target financially, intense propaganda to discredit and ultimately, if all else fails, utter destruction of the target through overt harassment.  While in this age of information many OSA operations result in epic failures, the well-heeled – if desperate – cult continues to muzzle many a would-be reformer and news agency.

In ’06 the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, became targets of Corporate Scientology’s OSA. Operations were run in an attempt to silence Parker and Stone.  While Corporate Scientology was ultimately unsuccessful, left behind an instructive data trail during their efforts.

16 April 2006 Report by Commanding Officer Office of Special Affairs (Corporate Scientology harassment agency, also known as OSA)(Parenthetical notations added)

Re: South Park

Eric Sherman (then-corporate Scientologist writer), who is good friends with Lloyd Kaufman (independent film maker), contacted him about South Park. Kaufman knows Trey Parker and Matt Stone and has been friends with them for years. As regards their attack on Scientology, Kaufman felt that this is the same thing they do to everyone. He said that they consider that what they do is satire and that they attack anyone or any group without any regard for who they are or what they are. They love it when they get some reaction. This week they created a new flap when they were going to show a picture of the prophet Mohammed but were censored from doing so by Comedy Central. (This  was covered in the press – Comedy Central was criticized for being hypocritical, i.e., they allowed South Park to show Jesus defecating on an American flag and George Bush, but not to show an image of Mohammed. This upset Christians in particular the Catholic League.)

To find a direct line into Stone and Parker some of their friends have been identified. One is Matthew Prager, who has been a friend since 1991. He worked with them as a writer on a show called, “That’s My Bush” which Parker and Stone created. Prager said he worked in executive positions at Disney, MTV and finally, at HBO, before shedding his tie for blue jeans at “That’s My Bush.”

Another is John Stamos who is best friends with Matt Stone. Apparently               his ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn, is also good friends with Stone. Rebecca is a former supermodel and currently has her own TV show.  In 2000’s X-Men, she had her first major movie role as Mystique and returned to the role in the 2003 sequel. 

David Goodman is another friend of Parker and Stone. He was in college with them and has co-written some of the South Park episodes with them.

These connections are being PRC’d.  (PRC = Public Records Check –an intense collection of every public record available on the target)

There are some strings that will be pulled on the PRC on Stone. Otherwise the special collections (covert information gathering such as trash collection, purchased phone records, hacked airline reservations, purchased bank records) will be debugged in order to get some viable strings that can be pulled.

It is clear that this investigation is not going anywhere and DCOE (D/Commanding Officer External OSA) is getting it debugged.

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156 responses to “Corporate Scientology Targets South Park

  1. Today is ‘last call’…..

    Update on petitions signed as of Sunday AM, October 23rd,
    as of signature #5,593

    The top ten states:
    1. 860 California
    2. 334 Florida
    3. 279 Texas
    4. 236 New York
    5. 167 Washington
    6. 143 Illinois
    7. 108 Oregon
    8. 105 Ohio,
    9. 104 Massachusetts, Pennsylvania
    10. 94 Arizona

    Next in line:
    11. 90 New Jersey
    12. 87 Georgia, Virginia
    13. 79 Michigan
    14. 78 Minnesota, North Carolina
    15. 71 Missouri
    16. 64 Tennessee
    17. 63 Colorado
    18. 59 Maryland
    19. 56 Indiana
    20. 49 Nevada

    Next in line:
    21. 46 Louisiana, Utah
    22. 44 Kansas
    23. 41 Connecticut
    24. 39 Kentucky
    25. 36 Wisconsin
    26. 30 Alabama, New Mexico
    27. 29 Iowa
    28. 28 Hawaii
    29. 27 South Carolina
    30. 25 New Hampshire

    signing with no location indicated.

    1,419 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    131 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  2. +5 on doing this series.

    I’ve thought that your blog ought be summarized into a book or two, and the OSA arm of Scientology, even Professor Hugh Urban believes is worth a book.

    Mike Rinder ought write the OSA history! I’m sure a lot of people would come out of the woodworks to assist with that history if Mike does it.

    Or you both do, someday.

  3. Marty,
    It is unfortunate that Mr. Miscavige is stuck in the cold war. He is acting like a child playing with real adults. While I find some of the satire on South Park to be in poor taste, it still makes me laugh. The main problem with the Xenu story has always been that it is a narrative; and, as such, it it subject to evaluation. If Mr. Miscavige could see this, he might be able to get over his
    idea that physical and verbal attacks are sound policy. The Xenu story is only one out of at least a dozen or more in Scientology literature would could be used as satirical material. It is, therefore, pointless to try to defend these narratives. Instead of defending stories and extracting large amounts of money from his members, Mr. Miscavige would be far better off broadening his perspective to incorporate new ideas from the independent movement.
    The more I read the Pali Canon, the more I see that the Buddha in 550BC lived in a time of wars, chaos, turmoil and controversy. In addition, there were many, many families who were very upset when sons and daughters entered the holy life. The Buddha was wrongly accused of fathering the child of a woman who was later murdered by those who plotted against him. The Buddha entered a village and the townsfollk were paid to ridicule him and his monks. There were at least three attempted murders of the Buddha that we know of. The Buddha had to deal with the suicide of some monks just like Scientology must today face up to the suicide of Biggi Reichert.
    After the suicide of the monks, the Buddha started to use more effective forms of meditation tailored to the public of the day.
    Buddhism survived for 2,600 years because the basic technology of the Buddha works and produces results.
    South Park is not attacking the Xenu story. They are attacking the lack of results from Mr. Miscavige. People laugh because they see a lack of results from the narrative approach that Mr. Miscavige is so violently defending.

    Much loving-kindness,

  4. top of the vale

    5,600 JUST REACHED!

  5. Scott Campbell

    Thanks for this post Marty. Like you said, the more one knows about these cats the less they can harm one.

    Jeez, what a pitiful existence it must be to occupy so much organizational attention and effort with the intent of bringing others to harm. Obviously an organizational misunderstood on the meaning of “Flourish and Prosper”.

  6. This is what I found regarding Scn in the UK. Apparently this is quite new.

  7. Going after Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Those guys are not scared of anyone or anything. No wonder it was unsuccessful. Miscavige is a putz.

  8. What an amazing story… be interesting to see how RCS avoids the fall out on this – the FU attitude might not wash so well with Zenaphon & Seymor all over it following the money.

  9. Opps, that’s Xenophon – fat fingers.

  10. South Park wasn’t “attacking” anything, George. It’s comedy. 🙂

  11. With the Church of Scientology it would seem that “wherever you find a potential ARCx between people, you find the Church of Scientology hard at work behind the scenes looking for more misunderstanding to feul between people” much like LRH says an SP operates. Souht Park is no exception. And here is the proof in writing. Thanks Marty.

  12. “South Park is not attacking the Xenu story. They are attacking the lack of results from Mr. Miscavige.”


    If South Park isn’t attacking the Xenu story, why did they do a show that attacked the Xenu story? Why didn’t they do a show attacking the lack of results from POB? :-/

    South Park ridicules the Mormon religion, the Christian religion and the Muslim religion. Why should Scientology be any different?

  13. Just a matter of taste really isn’t it 😉

  14. Very interesting story. I hadn’t heard it before and was not aware of it while I was on Org staff which was during the time the UK said that the church had to pay taxes. Why am I not surprised.

    The article itself is not new. The first clue is that Tommy Davis is in it but I did sniff around a bit and found that it first aired in June of 2010.

    Still a good article, wonder what has been done since then.

    I couldn’t help but notice the simplicty of the senators office. A real work space…not a palace. DM would shudder.

  15. Jack UK,
    You are correct. They are not ‘attacking’. The word I should have used is
    “pointing out” as an object of satire. The Xenu story is so misunderstood.
    A few weeks ago, a fellow explained all of Scientology to me from what he learned on the Internet. It was a mish-mash of confusion.

    Much loving-kindness,

  16. Whoa! This is extremely significant. This means that all the European RCS are not paying taxes because they were manuevered into the umbrella of Australian tax exempion. If they lose exemption in Australia then all of tjem in Europe lose exemption as well. If so then this is a major battle – yes? No? Can any legal beagles weigh in?

  17. Cat Daddy,
    Everyone has a right to their taste in comedy. I thought the story about Tom Cruise in the closet was very creative and funny. I heard the story from others because I don’t watch South Park.
    Much loving-kindness,

  18. Mr. Fancy,
    They did not do a show attacking the lack of results from POB because they could care less about him or Scientology or its results.
    The point that I was making is that the Xenu story is a narrative and it is subject to being evaluated and made fun of. If the story did have real value in the hands of Mr. Miscavige, it would not be as funny. As I recall from my comedy 101, one of the key elements of satire is making fun of something that doesn’t fit the facts.
    I don’t think Scientology should be treated any differently. What made the story different is that they put Tom Cruise in a closet and make a fool out of him.

    May all beings be well and happy,

  19. You are a spirit, then
    a god,
    full capable
    of making space
    and energy and time
    and all things well.
    And there you crouch, forgotten
    to yourself and hidden from
    the eyes of all
    pretending there to be
    a beast
    that walks and eats and dies.

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  21. The church needs to wake up and smell the 21st Century!

  22. Here’s why COSRECI doesn’t want to open its books.

    When I first became the ED of Birmingham org I was instructed that all services had a tax (17 ½ %) and this tax was sent weekly to CLO UK so the “Corporation” could pay this to the tax office (VAT Office.)

    But there was a secret that the Treas Sec CLO UK, CLO Execs, CMO Execs, etc. did not want the orgs to know.

    Any tax (VAT) added to a bill could be deducted from the overall amount owed. Each quarter Treasury CLO UK demanded the orgs send copies of their bills (electricity, phone, rent, etc) and they used this to lesson the money paid to the Tax Office, but secretly kept the difference instead of sending it back to the perspective org. This could be 3000 to 4000 pound an org for each quarter, with eight Class 5 orgs this was a nice slush fund. (I do not know if this was also the case with AOSHUK whose VAT amount would have been significantly larger) Somewhere around late 1993 early 1994 the ED’s of the Class 5 orgs cottoned on and this practice stopped.

    The plot thickens: In 1994 the law changed in the United Kingdom in regards to sales tax (called “VAT, Value Added Tax). A public of Birmingham org who worked for the VAT office brought Haydn and me a copy of the new law stating counseling services as exempt from VAT. Haydn sent a letter off to OSA, CCed to Finance Office and COB.

    We were ordered by OSA to keep this “hush” and weekly send the VAT as they needed to do “handlings” on the VAT Office. This didn’t make sense as the law was very clear.

    Some where in the late 90’s we were told we did not have to pay VAT on services any more and the VAT Office was “handled”. But to our dismay and the public the prices did not decrease accordingly. So Brits pay more for auditing and training than in the US despite the fact that the 17 % sales tax was dropped.

    The VAT office in mid 2000’s reimbursed COSRECI millions (I’ve heard rumor the sum was over 30,000,000) for all the VAT paid from 1994 forward from the UK orgs that should never have been paid.

    What does this mean? It means that when the public paid for their auditing and training 17% went to the VAT Office incorrectly. When this was rectified by the VAT Office the money should have gone back to the public.

    Instead it was scooped up and sent to the coffers in the US.

    Of course they don’t want the books opened. It will show the exact amount and where it went.

  23. Now that is REALLY interesting! Great find!!!
    Heads up UK – CO$ UK is committing fraud to avoid taxes… oh dear oh dear. Not very clever.

  24. I’m telling all my ‘new friends’ 😉

  25. It’s always been ass backwards with the Cult of Scientology.

    Rather than stopping those actions that offend Culture and create internal and external enemies for the Cult — actions such as Fair Game, Disconnection, spying on people, and using data culled from Confessional folders — the Cult will not change its self-destructive operating basis.

    The Cult’s incredibly stupid approach is to harshly punish critics in an attempt to shudder them into silence — and to destroy them financially, professionally, and spiritually if possible.

    Scientology wants it both ways: It wants to flagrantly destroy the Free Speech and lives of its enemies while screaming its insane demand to Culture that it be respected as a legitimate religion, this despite its active and aggressive insanity.


  26. “I’ve thought that your blog ought be summarized into a book or two,”

    Do you mean like these, Chuck?

  27. South Park poo-pooed Dave’s bid for legitimacy as a “player”. That rankles.

    That he’s playing the wrong game never occurs to the idiot. So, he can be smacked, cut, chopped and blocked in his pursuit of his MEST goals. Too bad, so sad, for the li’l cad.


    hey southpark guys are you mice or men ?

    Niels Martens

  29. Marty, this post is confusing. Aren’t you making the case that L. Ron is the problem? After all, he wrote all the Guardian Orders that OSA operates on.

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  31. It’s worth repeating. POB is a sociopath control freak who employs fear, domination and intimidation to keep others ‘in line’.

    Problem for the billion dollar psycho is that it’s no longer working.

    An awakening has already occurred and he can’t stop the flow of others communicating with others.

    POB ultimately misunderstood a common maxim: Lead, follow or get out of the way.

    Able folks won’t be led to his version of the Valley of Death.

  32. martyrathbun09

    Is J Edgar Hoover the FBI’s current problem? Is Dwight Eisenhower the US’s current problem?

  33. I thank every Independant Scientologist, I thak everyone that signed or tried to sign. Each and everyone of you I would trust with the key to my house

    Cornelius Antonius Martens (Niels)

  34. Sam- Don’t you realize you are dealing with the “most ethical group on the Planet?”

    Have Fun 🙂

  35. I think not. The bunch around
    Dick Cheney Iwould say.

    The FBI is prtetty tame these days and doing relitively good work

  36. As much as I don’t like Hubbards opinions abiout things yur quwestion is a bit loaded.

  37. Martin Padfield

    Hey Sam. BIG BIG Thank you for hosting a great party last night – the goons outside added untold merriment to the proceedings. I got a little footage of them on the way in. The beardy bald guy who thought it would be a bright idea to bring his young daughter onto a narrow road with blind bends to illegally picket a private residence was asking me “Are you a declared SP?”

    Many fine people came, Anons, F/Zoners, Exes, Indies happily together in the united cause of bringing to an end the unjustifiable abuse and squirrelling of the “Church” of Scientology. Thanks to all for your fine company, charming entertainment and great food! Good times.

  38. Nice post Lucy.
    Crime is crime – period! Probably the enforcement offiicers to pick up on this kind of thing are asleep or have similar crimes of their own but it looks as though this little scam might just be the straw that could break the camel’s back. Here’s hoping the investigations into this sort of activity (now Xenophons onto it) wake the beauracrats up and get something done about the gross out ethics and criminality within the Church.

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  40. Ron Hubbard has been dead for 26 years.

    David Miscavige has been documented repeatedly as altering or ignoring Hubbard policies at will, if they get in way of whatever agenda he is pushing (proof of that fact is available at the Friends of LRH site ). Therefore, there has been nothing whatsoever preventing David Miscavige from altering or ignoring any destructive or harmful Hubbard policies, either – except David Miscavige’s own desire for destruction and harm.

    David Miscavige is the man in the driver’s seat now and whatever evil is being done by Co$ now is by the will and design of David Miscavige and no other.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  41. Marty,
    TV Guide picked up your latest post:

    This is huge! TV Guide has around 75,000 Twitter followers as well as major readers, including hollywood.

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  43. Truth,

    WOW, 75,000 Twitter followers as well as major readers, including Hollywood.

    We should have another Petition what about examine the Tax Exempt?

  44. Martin-It seems most of these idiots are embarrassed once confronted. Then to have a young child there-obviously, you and Sam and the others can’t be all that dangerous.

  45. Bill Waterman-What a silly thing to say……..

  46. The “Church” of Scientology employs every trick in the book to remain tax-free while they stockpile hoards of money.
    One account alone, the IAS account has $1.5 billion.
    The principle is never touched. Nice to live on interest on $1.5 billion.
    But WHILE not paying taxes, the Church is a true FREELOADER.
    +++Free Medical, always at Government expense if at all possible.
    “no money in FP (Financial planning) is the excuse.
    +++Free use of Law Enforcement. Police called for C of $ issues more than any other Church in the world. Police are called due to Church harassment, Police are called due to people fleeing (blowing), Police are called because of Anonymous protests ~~ Riverside Sheriffs were called countless times ~~ all on freeloading, no contribution to Police budgets.
    +++Free usage of city services, 911, Fire brigade etc.

    Oh ! But is the the “Church” quick to BILL exiting Sea Org ! Pay! Pay ! Pay ! Yes 60 to 80 weeks, 13 cents an hour and the staff member has to pay THEM !

    The sheer GREED of Miscavology knows know bounds.
    It is a money extraction machine.
    It is ALL about the money.

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  49. Bill Waterman

    Is Jesus responsible for the bloody Crusades and the subsequent Religious Wars ?

    Is the prophet Muhammad responsible for current suicide bombers and the
    Al Queda take-down of the Twin Towers in New York ?

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  51. Cat Daddy, maybe Bill Waterman’s question is not the only thing that is a bit loaded, maybe he is too! 🙂 But, I am willing to forgive and forget! 🙂

  52. Another poster posted something on another board that hit a home run with me.
    It was an observation of how much the “Church” embroils in ATTACK.
    The keynote of the “Church” is not SURVIVE.
    It is ATTACK.
    Take the example of Mike Rinder. Privately visiting with Sammy in a well hidden Estate not on any main lines of traffic. And there they are

    Viciously attacking Mike Rinder showing an image which occurred when they sent 7 goons to ambush Mike in the first place. Mike has never protested at any C of $ location. Yet they have hounded him mercilessly to the corners of the earth.


    Every single attack back to the Church is written off as “A suppressive Act” by “Suppressive Persons.”
    Quoting that post===
    Scientology is a cannibalizing virus that devours everyone in its path, like a conquering army. The wake of Scientology’s conquest leaves the landscape littered with the carnage of bankruptcies, psychological trauma, disconnection, destroyed families, terrorized innocents, fair game victims and worse.
    The more enemies Scientology makes, the harder it attacks.
    And the numbers of Scientology-haters increases exponentially.

    I would like to replace the word “Miscavology” for Scientology in the above quote.
    A Religion should have associated with its name ~~~kindness, benevolence, safe harbor, generosity, caring, empathy and a gentle disposition.
    The “Church” of Scientology associated with its name is ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK, vengeance, malevolence, FAIR GAME, and more ATTACK.
    It is every day of the year, it is incessant and it rolls back to Miscavige, the “Pope” of Scientology or so he says.

  53. Lucy
    Great post
    Great revelations
    Yes indeed “coffers in the US”

  54. Exactly it, Scott. They get what they put their attention on and it’s disgusting. Doesn’t have a thing to do with LRH or helping others or anything freeing or spiritual.

  55. Bill Waterman


    Case in point – who wrote the following policy, L. Ron Hubbard or David Miscavige?

    ““The purpose of the [lawsuit] is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway… will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.”

    Is this not what Miscavige and OSA have been doing for the last 25 years? Yes? OK then, who’s the source of that policy?

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  57. Wow! Over 430 comments on the Huffington Post alone! This is causing some buzz!

  58. Tom Cruise deserves all the ridicule the world can heap upon him. He may or may not be gay, and I couldn’t care less if he was. But if the South Park episode made him uncomfortable, or humiliated, it is no less than he deserves. His complacency, and support, of the bullshit that Miscavige has been doing is inexcusable. He is a tool, a fool, and an irresponsible and incompetent humanitarian wannabe.

  59. The “church” no longer produces spiritual products. In an earlier day, these kind of activities could be over looked because spectacular products were being producedon the spiritual side. Miracles. Now, lack of produts and a heaping helping of bullshit results in an antagonistic field – and rightly so.

    You reap what you sow Dave.

  60. Thanks for posting this article, Marty. This is the kind of information that is needed and wanted in helping expose what is going on. Keep ’em coming!

  61. I understand what you are saying GMW. If DM had focused on making tons of auditors and making auditing affordable and workable and results popping up in every facet of life, a brief piece of satire wouldn’t have such profound impact, just as covered in KSW #1.

    The biggest enemy to the Church right now is lack of results. Scientology results are not sensed by the general public at large, while they make fools out of themselves in media, YouTube, websites, etc., trying to defend themselves while attacking their perceived enemies.

    All things of any worthy nature get attacked and ridiculed but those who stay true to their goals survive and satirical exposes have little impact if the core movement is sensible and people at large observes and experiences the benefits.

    The one action that will kill the current CofS is not Marty, the FBI or somebody else doing an expose or investigation on them – it is their own lack of results and the image THEY have created where the public at large only experiences and observes unwanted, not understood and disagreeable acts by the CofS. True, Marty and others may be the final straw for them, but they would not be the root cause. Had DM truly adhered to KSW policy, a little South Park episode would have been but a drop in the ocean. But having only drops of results themselves, South Park managed to splash even those few drops inevitably (and inadvertently) created by the technology itself – that bit which is still intact enough to produce occasional results.

    DM’s and the CofS’s greatest enemy is themselves and their own actions and failures to ensure Scientology is workable, applied and yielding 100% results. “Failures” is probably a weak word. I should probably say “Intentionally working toward destroying…”

  62. Hubbard has nothing to do with opinions. Hubbard’s purvey – his PHILOSOPHY lives in the world of results – or not. Apply the philosophy and look. That’s all.

    Hubbard is no man’s master – choose to apply the philosophy and look – or not. And if you chose to apply, please take a good look at the result. Really, that’s all.


  63. Karen, and it is not only attack. These guys have not found out who is responsible for their condition, yet, and so they attack wrong targets chronically.

  64. They were taking pictures of my 5 month old BABY!

    How does she count as fair game?

  65. Did J. Eggar Hoover create unchangable policy for the FBI? Did Dwight Eisenhower create unchagable policy for the USA?

  66. Tory Christman

    Imagine me laughing…and then 10X it, OSA! You losers are too great for words.
    Keep up the *excellent* work, PLEASE. We (out) couldn’t possibly show the world
    how evil/bad you are——they’d never believe what you do. But YOU showing them?
    Ah! A million dollar script. Thank you Davey boy…and keep in mind, please:
    Tick Tock, Tick Tock….Time is on *our* side! 🙂
    Love to ALL Tory/Magoo

  67. Martin Padfield

    My wife thinks I’m a bit scary sometimes – but no, we’re not that dangerous. Offered them all a cup of tea actually. They did indeed look very uncomfortable at being there; I’m guessing at least one or two were doing “amends”. There must be a few quid in the OSA UK FP though as their signs actually lit up after dusk. Somebody went to quite some trouble. The neighbours were less than impressed. I’ve no idea who they thought their audience were. Sad.

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  70. And now, the Huffington Post:
    Memo to DM: Hey, you can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Einstein defined insanity that way.
    Look up what LRH said about a stuck flow. You apparently are going to ride this one to your doom. But not everyone wants to come with you, certainly not the Div 6 staff from the Arlöv Dianetik Center who were in town the other day trying to get passersby into their tent for stress tests. They have no clue what you are up to but if they ever return I will tell them more.
    In case you didn’t know, the org that USED to be smack dab in the center of Malmö with ungodly amounts of foot traffic moved out of town to an industrial suburb where there is ZERO and I mean Z-E-R-O foot traffic. Ask Danielle Bailey and Michelle Tampion who likely failed miserably on their garrison mission to staff up the new ideal cavernous warehouse.

  71. Glad you enjoyed it.
    A big thanks to Janet, Margaret and Brian for laying on the entertainment. Our guests had fun playing with the ‘picketers’ although you need to make it clear to the neighbors that you’re from the cult of Scientology next time; they were a bit confused until we explained it to them then it ALL made sense! “Ahhhhhh came the knowing smiles – “The nutty religion that Tom Cruise is part of”! 😀

  72. Ingrid we’re very dangerous.
    My girls sang songs for them to try to cheer them up a bit and we did offer them cups of tea but they’re a timid bunch.

  73. scilonschools

    Sam thanks again for a fantastic evening Saturday!, as Martin has said all ‘parties’ were represented in some form and ALL got on so well!
    Superb demonstration of what Scientology could bring to society if run CORRECTLY , best group of creative, empathic, problem solvers i have met in a very long time!!

  74. scilonschools

    “Able folks won’t be led to his version of the Valley of Death.

    I prefer Edgar alan Poe at this stage of the proceedings!

    “Ride boldly ride the shade replied if what you seek is Eldorado”

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  77. And they were taking pictures of our neighbor’s teenage daughters. Do they know how creepy that looks?

  78. Miscavige:
    You’re clearly VERY hard at work making enemies.
    Continue. It makes our work very easy.

  79. Raul,
    Perfect. That is what I said.
    DM’s greatest flaw is this distorted perception. In his conceit, he has convinced himself that he has all of the answers, but he is blind to the reality of the world.

    Much loving-kindness,

  80. martyrathbun09

    Who is the source of your decisions every day?

  81. This is the update as of signature 5624
    which was the last petition signature posted on Oct. 23rd.

    Looks like today, Oct. 24th petitions are still in gear.

    Update on petitions signed as of this morning, October 24th,
    at signature #5,624

    The top ten states:
    1. 861 California
    2. 335 Florida
    3. 280 Texas
    4. 238 New York
    5. 169 Washington
    6. 144 Illinois
    7. 110 Oregon
    8. 107 Pennsylvania
    9. 105 Massachusetts, Ohio
    10. 94 Arizona

    Next in line:
    11. 91 New Jersey
    12. 89 Virginia
    13. 88 Georgia
    14. 79 Michigan, North Carolina
    15. 78 Minnesota
    16. 71 Missouri
    17. 64 Colorado, Tennessee
    18. 59 Maryland
    19. 56 Indiana
    20. 49 Nevada

    Next in line:
    21. 47 Utah
    22. 46 Louisiana
    23. 44 Kansas
    24. 41 Connecticut
    25. 39 Kentucky
    26. 36 Wisconsin
    27. 32 Alabama
    28. 30 New Mexico
    29. 29 Iowa
    30. 28 Hawaii, South Carolina

    signing with no location indicated.

    1,421 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    132 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  82. martyrathbun09

    Over literalness is a 1.1 trait.

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  84. Robert Almblad

    Well said and I can’t agree with you more. Both LRH’s admin policy and his auditing/training technology have been squirreled to their very core by DM over the past 30 years. LRH’s green on white policy was trampled over by this little bully 30 years ago and his micro management of tech culminated 15 years ago with GAT because the “blind were leading the blind” and eventually DM gave the final death blow to LRH’s technology with the redefinition of F/N, group C/Sing, invalidation of states of being and starting people at the bottom of the Bridge again, etc… all this adds up to no delivery, no results and no Scientology. That’s why the Church is dead. It does not deliver Scientology anymore. People are staying away in droves….

  85. Thanks, Marty. And I think what South Park creators have done unintentionally by somewhat exposing COS is exposing whatever church or synagogue you belong to and makes you question what it’s fees gives back.

    Like many people, I go to regular therapies, which my insurance pays some. And whatever I can’t afford I can apply for some aid from the agency. I highly doubt COS has anything like that and would most likely turn you away or become it’s slave. I mean how else would it be able to afford the lavish buildings and the celebrity lifestyles if they had to help out the mere mortals?

  86. Remember back when John McCain was running for president in 2008 and he cancelled his appearance on David Letterman the day he was to appear on Late Night. For weeks…no MONTHS, Letterman made joke after joke at the expense of McCain and made him look like a fool and an idiot. His mistake was thinking that Letterman was just some Talk Show Host, but the same talk show host made continual witty barbs to millions of viewers that undoubtedly hurt McCain’s campaign.

    South Park also has a weekly audience of millions for new episodes as well as reruns, DVDs and eventually syndication which will enshrine your idiocy for decades to come. Miscavage is a bully and a coward, Stone and Parker are not afraid and have the power, creativity, money and influence to fight back like few before. I hope that they make another classic episode that skewers Miscavage specifically.

    Comedy and satire are some of the greatest weapons to fight tyranny and injustice. I can see the Pint-Size Pope now:

  87. edit:

  88. I agree with another commentator that a book might be in order.

  89. And Fiat Spirituality. The two go hand-in-hand.

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  91. Bill Waterman

    A better question might be “Who influences my everyday decisions?” As a Scientology staff member one is taught to follow LRH policy only, and one always must ask himself in any situation the question “What would Ron do?”. Correct?

  92. martyrathbun09

    Answer the question.

  93. Unless someone has been personally disseminated to (= lied to, deceived, coaxed, forced) almost NO public will walk in on their own unless it is in some remote, remote area where they have never heard of Scientology – good or bad. This is no new news and maybe DM doesn’t even care. His public seems to be exclusively the 1% multimillionaires and with his hypnotizing stare and dead-certain intensity and promises, he probably does appeal to some of the 1%, who also despises the “general public riff raff”.

    One poll from the area that I live in showed the Church of Scientology having the 3rd worst public image of about 70 listed. That is a pretty telling statistic. Maybe DM is so obsessed with being #1 on any and all lists he is desperately seeking the number one position here as well 🙂

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  95. Well is the statement a true one or a false one.

    LOOK and SEE whats going on in American courts.

    In this case the statement is true

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  97. Alex castillo (SPEAKING OF SATIRES)

    Today I met Mike Rinder in London. He wanted to take his friend to Buckingham Palace to see the famous change of the Royal Guard, so we three agreed to meet at a nearby tube station. The meeting had been arranged via Mike’s email and Sam’s phone. And what do you know? by the time I arrived at our meeting place a “PI” was already stationed near where Mike and his friend were waiting for me!! This just shows that the invasion of privacy being carried out under Miscavige’s orders is alive and well.
    After we met and had given each other a big hug (filmed or photographed by the “PI”), we made our way to the Palace, followed by the PI. As we stood in front of Buckingham Palace waiting for the show to start, this poor guy just stood there looking bored and taking pictures. Mike was friendly and polite with him, even said something to him. I was friendly too, I smiled and asked him to smile while I took a picture of him holding his camera. He actually posed for the picture and smiled!! Later on another PI showed up with a bigger camera with a big, long microphone and all, and made a point of aiming it at us at close range. When the change of the guards finished, we walked a few blocks towards Trafalgar Square with the intention of going into a cafe. They followed all the way. The three of us went into a busy cafe, they stayed at the front door and didn’t notice that the cafe had a side door into another street, so we just calmly walked out of the side door, walked a few paces down the street, went into another cafe and disappeared from their view! From the window of the second cafe where we went in I saw one them running to the corner and frantically looking around trying to find us, but they never did, so me and Mike and his friend were able to sit down, have a coffee and enjoy our converstation undisturbed by these poor guys who are getting paid to be “Private Eyes”. Me, having heard so much about what these people do, had never experienced such bizarre situation and I must say that I am still in two minds about wheather I should laugh (I must say it WAS funny) or feel shocked by the sheer stupidity of what Miscavige is spending millions of dollars of parishioners hard earned money on. In any case, I had a great time conversing with Mike after almost 30 years of not seeing him in the flesh.
    So, this experience today tells me: 1) Miscavige is still ordering the hacking of phones and emails and 2) He’s spending Church of Scientology money just to harrass his “enemies”. I know this is no news to anyone here, but I thought I would add more confirmation of it. Maybe South Park would be interested in this episode??


  98. Excellent expose’ Marty. As much as I personal despise South Park – I have found it to be unfunny since its inception – DM’s response was assinine, completely ineffective, and wrong. And, look at this: 6 years after the fact, DM still is using it to harm Scientology. What was a stupid episode on an offensive TV cartoon is now a major flap. Well done DM! Well done OSA!

  99. Hi Bill, you ever heard of a bloke called Alanzo? He asked the same sort of questions.

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  101. martyrathbun09

    Mike is working closely with me on the South Park series. What you are reporting here Alex is real time harassment and intimidation against one of the key sources for the news on this blog which is going viral at the moment. Thanks for the breaking news. I’ll post on this and other developments today.

  102. Huffington Post has over 1000 people commenting your story Marty ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  103. Karen#1,
    Great post. The general public needs to really get this about the use of services for free.

    May all beings be well and happy!

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  105. Alex,
    Thanks for the post. Nice read.
    Real time information is great.
    May all beings be well and happy,

  106. Alex, well done to you and Mike and his friend!!!!!! I can totally get the picture of these PI’s running around trying to find you three! Nice you could meet up with Mike and his friend and enjoy some quality time together!

  107. dankoon, thanks for the update!

  108. profant

    Interesting point. You have actually demonstrated exactly what Marty was saying.

    If you look at the definitions of “policy”, as defined by L.Ron Hubbard, in the Scientology administrative dictionary, (Modern Management Technology Dictionary) you will find these gems:
    (it is a very long definition, and for the sake of brevity I have only selected a few, to make a point)

    “POLICY, 7. policy is a growing thing, based on “what has worked.” What works well today becomes tomorrow’s policy. (HCO PL 13 Mar 65 II)
    8. policy is derived from successful experience in forwarding the basic purposes, overcoming opposition or enemies, ending distractions and letting the basic purpose flow and expand. (HCO PL 13 Mar 65)
    9. policy is a guiding thing. It is composed of ideas to make a game, procedures to be followed in eventualities and deterrents to departures. The basic policy of an activity must be the defining and recommending of a successful and desirable basic purpose.
    14. a method of bringing about communication along certain matters which lead to a higher level of survival. They lead to a higher level of survival if they are good policies. They lead to a lower level of survival if they are poor policies and they lead to complete disaster if they are bad policies. (SH Spec 39, 6409C15”
    This is why L.Ron Hubbard, himself, issued, changed and cancelled “policies.”

    With these definitions in mind, it would not be very wise to CONTINUE to use “policy”, written by anybody, if that “policy” was found to be “poor or bad” policy, as related to the purposes and survival of the group, or activity.

    Eric S

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  111. As the popularity of this blog continues to grow, more and more information is brought to light. A post about a South Park episode and the CoS actions against the creators brings out information of criminal action regarding VAT taxes, by Lucy James thank you Lucy, and other criminal actions by the CoS, EU Orgs run under Aussie Non existent organizations et al. I don’t think a billion dollar IAS reserve is enough to stop the momentum and the snowball from rolling.

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  114. Q&A and incorrect. LRH demands us evaluate his words, make up our own mind about it and if it’s not true for you than it’s not true. Davey boy is quite the opposite.

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  117. None of this crap would really bother me all that much, were it not for the fact miscavige is Positioning the workable tech with both his savage and his utterly ludicrous actions.
    Want to know why “scientology” is generally positioned with “cult?”

    The question is retorical. The answer is just too obvious to all but the few thousand mind-numbed dupes, robots,victims and real SPs within.

  118. Just like the Mountain View org – now in an industrial park in the middle of nowhere. Zero foot traffic.
    Then again, that IS the pope’s strategy – stop Scn.

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  127. Thanks for showing us that Martin.

    But, might I suggest you take some lessons from the guy in the video that Karen posted? He actually gets a response out of Brian. 😉

    Or perhaps you ARE so scary you struck them dumb with fear?

    I’d like to echo your sentiments and say a big thank you to Sam for being such a great host. It was wonderful to see so many there. Hopefully there will be a lot more this time next year.


  128. Look at all the pingbacks. The internet says DO WANT !

  129. Quite apart form the illegal harassment of Sam, her children and her guests in her own home, what really annoyed me about these guys was how pathetic they were. I mean, if you really do believe that you are protecting your religion, why go about it in such a half-assed and feeble way? No constructive dialogue or pertinent observations, or even a bit of Tone 40 “Stop this now! Route yourself straight to ethics and get on an A – E. START!” Just a feeble attempt to introvert me and then the default “You’re committing suppressive acts.”

    Like I’m supposed to cognite about how I’m such an evil person and run away crying. And of course when I asked Brian Daniels about these supposed suppressive acts, he couldn’t describe them.



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  131. If your belief in your religion is strong, the South Park episode should have no effect on you. If it has gone unnoticed, the episodes have hardly any truth and it’s a cartoon. I’m Catholic and there are people that judge my religion all the time, but I DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE THEM. I am a South Park fan and have been since the cartoon started. I feel that it’s all in good fun and should not be taken seriously in anyway. It makes me wonder why your efforts are not pointed towards something more important then a cartoon. If I said anything to offend I apologize. I will keep watching South Park and so will others.

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  136. mila,

    Marty’s efforts *are* directed at something more important than a mere cartoon. Stone and Parker produced a cartoon, and CoS’s response was to go ballistic and start investigating them in a completely over the top manner, just like they have done so many times before.

    Marty’s post is not about the cartoon, it’s about what CoS did.

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  138. Exactly, but at least Mt. View has a bookstore on Castro St. in downtown. They tried to sell the building a couple years ago but evidently could not so opened their test center back up again. I never saw anybody in there even on busy Saturday evenings.

  139. Karen, this is the standard of conduct for the Church of Scientology. If the church did not take a swing at someone in some way at least once a day and then try to make it look good, they would consider their ethics were out! 🙂 And what is more outrageous is for one to associate with people like that. Just because a member of the church says that he or she is a trained auditor, what does this mean, that now people have to stand around and watch while they acquire overts with their metering in? It is outrageous Karen. 🙂

  140. thanks Heather, Yes, that is brilliant.

    I put together “care packages” of the recent ex member books, to send to academics and sometimes parents who call the 866-XSEAORG number.

    This is brilliant, thanks, I’ll use it.

  141. Tory, I can imagine you laughing. You are a pretty smart lady to have lived with the Truman Show for an environment for all those years and then find the courage and integrity to come forward and say “Hey. This church is not really doing what you think they are doing!” You remain a big stable datum in mine and many other people’s universes. After all, how many pretty blonde OT’s does anyone know that appear in public in their very own Guy Fawkes mask. 🙂 Right on Tory. And your You Tube channel is fantastic.

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  144. Correction: TV Guide has 750,000 Twitter followers

  145. Tory Christman

    Hey Lawrence: Thank you SO much! I greatly appreciate your
    kind words and all that you do, too.
    Love to you…and ALL here and ALL helping expose
    this insidious CULT of $cientology. 🙂 Tory/Magoo

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