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There has been a lot of hoopla of late from the far left of the Scientology spectrum. What with the news from the Inquiry of Oz and the rumored class action suit concerning IAS and Superpower refunds. As per usual these cats are acting like their soul mate Miscavige. Come out with hats and whips blazing, diverting attention and energy with efforts that in the end will have miniscule, if not negative, effects.

Inquiry of Oz.  If Senator Xenophon’s speech is the template for the proposed Inquiry, the hate and falsehood within it will sink it out of sight ultimately.  The snide references to “so called religion” and attacks on the efficacy of the tech are built in mannas for Miscavige.  He can position the entire matter as an over zealous attack upon a recognized religion.  And he’ll use the nature of the attack to raise many tens of millions more in IAS donations. The ass clowns have already declared victory with as much conviction and certainty as DM proclaims Scientology has attained “explosive” expansion. The perfect GPM.  It is a shame Xenophon didn’t go in with a cooler head as certainly there are abuses in DM’s kingdom that would be prosecutable if approached with rationality. Some might argue that Xenophon can reframe it and try again.  He can try, but as the proverb goes, “the toothpaste is out of the tube”, and his opening speech will forever be used against him to characterize whatever Inquiry ensues.  I have tried to warn people from the dark side that their penchant for hype and overkill dooms otherwise potentially fruitful avenues for reform. But they listen to rational counsel about as closely as DM does.

Class Action suit.  Solicitation is now in progress for a proposed Class Action lawsuit that will allegedly reap refunds for IAS and Superpower building donations.  Bad strategy. A number of people have obtained refunds – and others are in progress – to obtain refunds of payments to church affiliated no-exchange operations.  By word of mouth more and more people began to seek their own refunds. Then a couple of far left spectrum lawyers caught wind of the easy money and decided they’d cash in by monopolizing the action. Dumb move. Every class action suit brought against the Church in the past was similarly hatched by gold digging shysters, and they went the way of the dinosaur. It is just plain stupid strategy to put all one’s eggs in one basket – particularly against such a well-heeled, well-oiled litigation machine as the church.  Prediction, either the lawyers will destroy everybody’s chances for refunds by having their heads handed to them by a judicial precedent prohibiting such refunds, or at best those who sign up with them will wind up getting a small fraction of their refunds in a settlement maybe five or ten years down the road.

Now there is an outside chance one or both of the above hype du jours will take some of this into consideration and significantly change course.

Excuse me. I gotta put my helmet on. Every time I express an opinion critical of the critical ones, they start throwing rotten vegetables and fruit with as much ferocity as Miscavige used to punch on Rinder for counseling a bit of reason.  Like I keep saying, its a match made in heaven.

Story of a Squirrel Part II – Black PR and Disconnect

The Mother of all Squirrels is now butchering LRH justice policy and even public relations and external affairs policy. While his henchboy Tommy Davis is out telling media outlets that DISCONNECT has been canceled, DM has Church staff and public applying PR Series 18 – How to Handle Black Propaganda Campaigns while literally coercing DISCONNECTION.  Just as he has reversed Scientology tech to introvert, belittle and control staff and public, he is now reversing policy. In this case, instead of defending against “whispering campaigns” and outright attempts to destroy by making minority group members social pariahs through false propaganda (which LRH accuses the criminal ilk from the very best persons’ set of doing to Scientologists in the PR Series HCO PLs), DM is directing staff and even public to carry out such campaigns against dedicated Scientologists.

DSA Orange County has been busy-bodying all around SoCal on a whispering campaign against Independent New OT VIII Mary Jo Leavitt, spreading rank generalities that are allegedly the basis for a declare which nobody has seen. When that failed to put a dent in Mary Jo’s resolve,  the Church sought to directly split up her family, beginning with attempting to alienate her intelligent and gracious son Greg.  The Church put the screws to the “OT” parents of Greg’s fiance.  The pressure was upped until the fiance was coerced into threatening to disconnect from her future husband. When Greg refused to agree to throw his mother under the bus, the fiance called off the wedding and disconnected from Greg.

Laying waste to a future generation of Mary Jo’s family apparently was not good enough for the DM crowd.

Public Miscavologist Jojo Zawawi was rolled out by the Church after  running a similar disconnect black propaganda campaign against Independent OT VIII Sherry Katz.   After being exposed on this blog for running that dark operation, she found time to attempt to undermine  Mary Jo and Greg. The church’s tactics have gone from cowardly to sub-sniveling.   Jojo joined the fray by recently writing to all of the Facebook friend’s of Greg urging them to disconnect from Greg because he did not comply with ORDERS TO DISCONNECT FROM HIS MOTHER.  Here is is the message verbatim:

“Greg has joined his mother (Mary Jo Leavitt) in leaving our
church. Mary Jo is publicly attacking the church and is being
I have personally verified this with OSA Int. I recommend you
delete your Facebook friend connection. If you have any questions
on this, you can contact your local DSA / OSA representative.


Neither Mary Jo nor Sherry Katz have received an official declare order. Yet, dozens of erstwhile friends have disconnected from them based on the Black Propaganda whispering campaign waged against them. Three other close friends of mine have been similarly dealt with; nothing but rumors, black propaganda – and a lot of disconnection. They have heard on the grapevine from now-former associates that they have been declared without receiving anything in writing.  That is a direct violation of a number of Hubbard justice PLs.

DM doesn’t want to issue  written declares because it will expose that he has nothing on these people. All any of them has done is speak up about DM’s escalating attempted cancellation and  nullification of LRH (LRH Policy, LRH Tech, and even the memory of LRH) from his Church. If he issues a declare the recipient is entitled to a comm ev by a panel of his peers  per the Suppressive Acts PL  and DM doesn’t want his closely censored minions being exposed to any of the tomes of evidence of that that the accused possess.

All of the alleged verbal declares though have one thing in common; all recipients have been told he or she is an SP for being connected with an alleged  squirrel.

To Mary Jo, Sherry, Christie, and my other friends whose names will appear here soon: Don’t you ever doubt that you are in better standing with LRH than anyone still pledging allegiance to DM will ever be. If you ever receive that Golden Rod, wear it like a badge of honor. To we in the know, it will always signify that you stood up for LRH by refusing to do precisely what you were accused by the Church of doing.  You refused to remain connected to a squirrel, in fact the mother of all squirrels.

Massachussetts Independent – Ken Urquhart

It is my honor to introduce to you, from the cradle of American Independence, Ken Urquhart:


My name is Ken Urquhart and I am an Auditor. Here is some information about my background.

A friend of the family introduced me to scn in 1957, and it has been by far the most important element in my life. My brief scn background is this:

I did basic training the the London HASI in the late fifties and early sixties. In 1963 I started work at Saint Hill and did staff tech courses there. I worked as LRH’s Household Officer, saw him every day, and he would chat to me about many different things — including his current R6 research (which became the Clearing Course). Between 1965 and 1968 I was mostly on LRH Communicator posts at SH or World Wide. LRH called me to the ship in 1968 and soon made me his Personal Communicator. As such I was his principal executive and administrative aide (but had nothing to do with the running of the Guardian’s Office, which was Mary Sue’s hat). Later, he created the post of Staff Captain to take the burden of executive support.
Of course, I closely observed, and learned a very great deal from his operations but what I found most revealing and valuable were his activities as Senior C/S on the ship. Now and then he’d take the crew c/sing into his own hands. When he did that, he liked to have me sit with him. He’d tell me what he observed as he started looking into a folder, what he would then look for, what he’d find, and what he was going to do about it. What struck me most was the infinite kindness he would show towards pc, auditor, and crew c/s, while at the same time remaining loyal to the highest standards of ethics, tech, and admin. It remains a delight to this day to remember experiencing LRH enjoying his great competence as a Senior C/S and the great power of his intention to mold the delivery line into what he saw as the Ideal. I try to carry that kindness into all my sessions and do my best to uphold ethics, tech, and admin as I know them.

In 1978, I moved over into tech delivery, and became a Flag NOTs auditor in early 1980. In 1982 I was the top-performing auditor in the NOTs HGC, averaging over 40 Well Done Auditing Hours a week, with 6 pre-OTs or more on my daily line-up. When David Mayo did a tech mission on the NOTs auditing at Flag, he commended me for “good metering, good TRs, and excellent TR4.” Many of the pre-OTs that came to me had had their NOTs setups in the Class XII HGC. Some of them voiced the opinion that I had to be a Class XII since they found my auditing “so smooth.” Of course, I corrected them, but the error continued into the 80’s and 90’s as I was usually listed amongst the “original Class XII’s” that the Sea Org had kicked out. In pointing out my pre-OTs’ misconception, I mean no disrespect whatever to those great Class XII auditors whom I cannot hope to match.

Since leaving Flag, I have audited at David Mayo’s center at Santa Barbara, then on my own for many years. I have done a lot of different kinds of projects but I enjoy auditing the most. I audit most levels, but not Power Processing or the L’s. I’m happy auditing any level and consider myself a specialist in NOTs and related actions.

I am available for some traveling to clients. I live in Western Massachusetts. I would be happy to be part of a delivery community somewhere but am not making any decisions about that for the moment.

Please feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading this. 🙂

Ken U

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury,pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen

Jim Logan story

The story at this link accurately recounts what I did to Jim and Annie Logan:

That Jim has unconditionally forgiven me speaks volumes to what a mountain of  a man he is.

Gary Morehead, Jim Mortland, and Amy Scobee are thanked for their courage and integrity in letting the truth be known.

Colwell updates on cracks in the disconnect wall


Colwell is second from left and Peter is third from right. How could one not love these guys?


“COLWEL!…….. I just get in comm with you and Peter Cook and then I find out you are both Declared SP!! What the hell is going on man!? I was so happy to see you both but I cant stay connected unless I dont want to go up the Bridge ! Man I dont know what to say other than I was so Happy and now I am so Sad!
So Long Colwell OMFG Steeno AKA Stan”







The great middle path – redux

Several months ago I wrote the Great Middle Path and posted it on under the pseudonym Sitting Bull. It is the only posting I have ever made under another name than my own. I only did so out of respect for the other authors of articles there – none of whom were able at the time to use their names for a variety of defensive reasons. I have updated the article with facts that have occurred since its original posting which tend to support its contentions. The updated article follows:

The Great Middle Path

According to the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) the way toward light is along the great middle path. That is, an intelligent, righteous pursuit of truth that bypasses the distractions of the extremes. Neither extreme asceticism nor extreme engagement in entertainments of the flesh leads anywhere but to from below whence one came.
Observing the Scientology spectrum within such a framework is quite interesting. The extreme, reactionary far right of the spectrum is occupied by David Miscavige (DM). He is so obsessed with maintaining his image as the only one who is really “On Source” that he consistently implements policies (written and oral) that are changing the very nature of the subject for the worse by assuming the role of Source.
Scientology once consistently assisted people in becoming more themselves, more tolerant, more questioning of authority, more independent of thought, more insouciant, more free. Under DM  those pursuing the highest levels of spiritual attainment in Scientology are instead becoming less themselves and more what he wants them to be: more intolerant, less capable of independent thought, more serious, and more imprisoned.  And all that comes with an ever increasing financial price – so let’s add “more worried about future survival” to the list.
DM seems to be working hard to turn the only road to total freedom into the rocky road to virtual captivity.
The extreme, rebellious far left of the Scientology spectrum is occupied by those who would not be satisfied until every last word of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard was forever destroyed. The the anti-Scientology extreme cut its teeth on the purported purpose line of restoring freedom of speech and thought on the subject. Ironically, that very group is now demanding that everything L Ron Hubbard ever issued be burned in one colossal Spanish Inquisition-esque bonfire.

Thus, the antis have turned freedom to think and speak into freedom to think and speak as we do.

Both extremes of the spectrum seem to have settled on one strong point of agreement. That is – getting the other guy is everything. What neither side seems to understand is that the generalization of their intentions toward one another only empowers the other side. Unfortunately, the folly of these factions comes at the expense of the largely innocent majority.

DM loves nothing more than appointing an enemy of Scientology to justify his continued, escalating abuses and ravenous money collection. To the degree criticisms are generalized to the subject or even to staff or public, DM gets a pass. He is only too happy to have his own criminal acts  hung on innocent people (Scientologists at large) so that he can position himself as their protector.
This was done in spades with the Freedom magazine published and distributed in response to the Truth Rundown series by the St. Petersburg Times.  While the series focused very specifically on the well witnessed human rights abuses of Miscavige himself, and each source made a point to assert said acts were in violation of all that Scientology and LRH stand for, DM came right out of the blocks in  Freedom trying to shift the blame. The first column of the first page of text accused the Times of “incit[ing] hatred against Scientologists”, “painting[ing] a false picture of the Scientology religion”, “unfairly stigmatiz[ing] Scientologists”, and accused the Times’ of being “biased” and demonstrating “bigotry”.  Incidentally, I received a number of reports from public who were crush reged to contribute large sums of money for this tripe. They too were told falsehoods about their religion being under attack.

With his generalization of his own sordid conduct projected onto Scientology, and his dishonesty about the nature of exposures of same, DM encourages well-meaning Scientologists to continue funding his war chest which he uses to silence truth.

On the other side of the spectrum, DM pours gasoline on the critics’ fire by his intolerant, aggressive, and anti-social responses to their hue and cry. Any criticism no matter how valid – and the most warranted criticism is always directed at his own conduct – is characterized by DM as “anti-Scientology.” Since an SP is incapable of any self-recognition of wrong-doing, instead of correcting his abuses DM steps them up and keeps producing future enemies, all the while driving mere critics into the anti-Scientology camp by his efforts to censor and destroy them.

The relative minority of Scientology haters (far, far left) – those who favor book banning and burning and coercive tactics used to alter people’s beliefs – similarly use the DM led suppression tactics to paint the entire religion of Scientology as pernicious and worthy of dismantling.To them, everything about Scientology must go – including the peaceful practice of its philosophy, even when done sans the policies they use to justify all their broadsides against the religion itself.

To those who enjoy conflict and strife the opposite extremes of the Scientology spectrum are a match made in heaven. Spewing generalities is the stock-in-trade of both sides, and those generalities further empower either side. In the final analysis, those who generalize their attacks on Scientology and Scientologists are DM’s best friends. By the same token, DM by his penchant for generalizing any valid criticism of his own conduct as “anti-Scientology” is the greatest ally of the anti-Scientologist. They keep one another in business.

Since the original posting of the Great Middle Path, the attacks on the middle by both DM and the Haters has rang out in near perfect harmony (in fact dissonance). DM and the Haters want me and other independent minded Scientologists silenced at any cost.  DM and the Haters want Scientology (the philosophy, the religion) destroyed and are doing their damnedest to make it happen.

DM resonates with Haters because his chronic tone level is HATE. The 1.5 horizontal column (closest to Hate there is) in Science of Survival reads like it was tailor made for DM.  For example, those who have been around him much will readily recognize the applicability of these easily visible traits:

Affinity: Hate, violent and expressed.
Command over environment: Smashes or destroys others or environment. Failing, may destroy self. Fascistic.
The handling of truth: Blatant and destructive lying.
Literalness with which statements or remarks are received: Accepts alarming remarks literally. Brutal sense of humor.
Method used by subject to handle others: Uses threats, punishments and alarming lies to dominate others.
Pleasure moments: True pleasure moments difficult to find. Reactive satisfaction in destroying.

Both extremes of the spectrum are died in the wool Haters. They are busy keeping the innocent many embroiled, diverted and confused – while they empower one another. Empowering the extreme minorities only leads the peaceful majority toward the fringes of darkness. The light shines upon a place far from the dark extremes of the spectrum.

Look for the alignment between DM’s actions and utterances and those of the anti-Scientology Haters. Recognize, Haters are friends of Dave. And Dave is the best friend of the anti-Scientologist.

Think before lending support to either side of the darkness.
Think for yourself.
And keep taking it to the streets:


A lot of the repeated comments on this blog trying  to justify DM’s atrocities with LRH policies from the sixties would be purely academic if they weren’t so accusative and invalidative.

I recently audited a person on the Happiness Rundown, one of the last undisputably LRH directed and approved Rundowns of his lifetime.  It was his last major signature technical contribution before the DM purges began and all communications to and from LRH became filtered through DM’s murky lens.

The Rundown is designed to assist a person to comfortably and naturally apply what LRH considered humankind’s most valuable virtues. They are enumerated in Precept Twenty of The Way to Happiness.  LRH called them the “positive version of the Golden Rule.”

The end product of the Happiness Rundown is to garner a person’s understanding that he or she should treat others with:



Good Sportsmanship


















While I watched another person come to an understanding of how the practice of those virtues would make that person happy and those in his vicinity happy and would make the world a better place in which to live, it occured to me that virtually all abusive practices of the church and its members that we have discussed on this board are in direct opposition to a number of these virtues.

I suggest that if those practicing Scientology attempted to exemplify these virtues, heretofore unseen gains from the subject would be routinely attainable, and lastingly maintainable.  I also believe that if independent Scientologists gave importance to these virtues in their lives, the subject would never again fall into the hands of a monopoly that would use it in a reverse manner to subjugate and denigrate others.

East Grinstead, Sussex, England Independent

My name is Martin Padfield and this is a declaration of Independence as a scientologist.

I first did some Div 6 actions in London in 1981, and had huge and momentous gains from them, including Self-Analysis done turnabout, and some HAS co-audit. DMSMH was a revelation too and I thought “this is it!”. I joined the Sea Org from ’82 – ’87, and left my mutual consent. My SO career had its ups and downs including a year on the RPF at Int, but largely was a positive, if exhausting, experience. The highlight was probably running up the SHF tech area to levels not seen since since LRH was running the show.

After being off lines for a few years I decided to pay off my freeloader and try and get up the Bridge as public. After getting myself through some lower Bridge it seemed to be a lot of effort and hugely expensive so I thought I  must be doing it wrong. I went to the Ship in 1993 to try and get de-bugged, but it still didn’t seem to happen somehow. In 2001 right after getting married I went to Flag with my new wife and paid for 50 hours case cracking on the advice of my FSM. To my surprise the first session began with the words “I’m not auditing you”. And despite queries and not a little protest the next started the same way, and so on till all the hours were used up. I left Flag deflated and demoralised. I kind of rationalised it as I must have “pulled it in” somehow.

My wife did some lower Bridge and in 2003 I went to the ship again to try and get debugged. Still, it was just a struggle afterwards. I was spending money hand over fist on IAS projects, the Superpower building, new releases, various campaigns and so on, but I was concluding that it just wasn’t going to happen for me for whatever reason. My wife observed that it was uncomfortable going onto study because of the intense pressure to donate money, put in more hours than she could (what with a new baby and all), and that got me wondering where had the fun gone, and why didn’t I disseminate any more? And the only answer I could come up with was that I did not want anybody that I liked to have similar experiences to mine, or my wife’s. If I couldn’t get standard tech, with all my background and all, what chance would new selectees have? Somewhere between zero and none I think.

However being a loyal Scientologist I continued to contribute where I could and started on the Basics. I did a few courses and then ran into DMSMH again. Well, first of all, I got it the first time. Secondly, after 28 years I still wasn’t Clear, and didn’t want to go round the whole circle for another 28 years. I thought again about the 2001 Flag experience and couldn’t get answers from anyone at the Org – though I tried – or my FSM, so I started looking online for answers. Where was the ED Int, where was Heber, who I had a huge affinity for from Portland days; in fact where was the Exec Strata LRH clearly demanded; where was the Universe Corps getting staff up the Bridge…and where were all my donations going? The answers I found were shocking and yet a massive relief at the same time. I knew instinctively that something terrible had happened to my Church, and now I saw it laid out in perfect clarity. There were tears, there was anger, but overwhelmingly there came a sense that I had to do something about it. (After all, something CAN be done about it!)

The final tipping point was the Tampa Bay Truth Rundown videos of Marty, “Jackson” who I also knew from my uplines days, Steve and the others. I know my Tone Scale and I know when some one is lying and when they are not. These testimonies told me all I needed to know; there is a terrible cancer at the very top of the Org Board. There has been suppression of scientology and senior Scientologists in the most sinister way imaginable. Actually beyond imagination – I felt physically sick when I saw how the suppression played itself out on Int staff. The additional data on the scientology-cult site was priceless and I just want to say publicly, Steve and the contributors, you have done an unbelievable job there, because when you get the whole story it just blows charge left, right and centre. You guys are role models for free thinkers everywhere.

I don’t know how this is all going to play out, but this much I know for sure: my fellow Scientologists  here in the UK MUST know the truth. What they do with it is up to them, but they have to get the data first. I went to see a UK OSA terminal and his answer was “read this Freedom magazine”. I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t do it. 80 pages of PR and Tommy Davis saying (paraphrasing) “Yes, there were dozens of violent acts at Int but DM is Snow White and a Peacemaker”. It is insulting, frankly, to be asked to swallow such nauseating lies and propoganda, the sort of stuff you would more usually associate with Stalinist Russia in the darkest days of the cold war. I asked for stats – none were forthcoming. The stated purpose of the Sea Org is to get ethics in on the planet. The bizarre inversion that  has taken place now means top RTC/SO execs need to have their ethics put in from outside!

Everywhere you look in the David Miscavige brand of Scientology there seems to be conflict: the OSA PR machine is in conflict with the independent media and whole sections of the Internet; DM is in constant conflict with top execs, and probably everybody else around him apart from wealthy celebrities; OSA is in conflict with the Independent field; org staff, under pressure, are in conflict with unwilling public demanding ever more “donations”; and now public are being asked to be in conflict with other public – by means of disconnection etc – who have had the temerity to express disquiet at the current scene! (Tempting to think let’s all colloquially sit down over a nice cup of tea…but not before justice is seen to be done)

I recognise that there is every likelihood contents of my ethics or PC folders will be used to nullify and denigrate me now, and I will take that risk. I haven’t always been a shining example of what a Scientologist should be, let me be the first to admit that. But anybody in the UK reading this, don’t forget – DISCONNECTION IS CANCELLED. Tommy said so himself on national TV. So do get in touch if you wish, whatever my “official” status will be from now on. I want to help put things right. Continuing to operate on wrong data is not going to make that possible.

OSA – if you try and bring any pressure on my family or friends or start black-PRing me I will take a VERY dim view of that. Any/all instances of such will be made available for all to see.

Until such time as The Church becomes what LRH intended I am henceforth an Independent Scientologist.

Employment Discrimination – It is Unlawful

DM’s demons are running a counter offensive to TRUTH. He is having public – his newest cannon fodder – hustling about in phone and internet chains promoting that certain people who might support the TRUTH are “declared.”  Of course, we’ve yet to see any golden rod. I guess that would a) promote the quality of people that are finally saying “I ain’t standing for this anymore”, and b) set in to motion some pretty ugly comm evs (after all per the Suppressive Acts PL anyone declared is entitled to a comm ev).  What the Dear Leader’s minions don’t seem to get is that they are serving as agents in activity that in some cases is a clear violation of law. That occurs when the effects of such campaigns result in the loss of the target’s job.

DM knows it is unlawful, but he is so damn arrogant he thinks he can get his unthinking agents  doing his bidding and that will create some sort of buffer that will insulate him. By cultivating his brand of arrogance in “high-roller” public Scientologists he counts on them to be ruthless and “unreasonable” with their employees. He counts on them to do his dirty work.  And in this way he thinks he’ll make life tough for anyone who contemplates having an independent thought.  But, a change is coming. A new breed of cat is standing up for its rights.

Since employment discrimination is one of the big three levers of coercion and extortion employed by Miscavige’s church (along with family break up, and denial of “eternal salvation”) he isn’t about to take it out of his arsenal.  Therefore, it behooves those who are the potential effect of it to know their rights and remedies.

Creating secular employment conditions or terminating employment on the basis that an employee follow, or not,  dictates of a religious organization (especially its Dear Leader’s mandates) is unlawful and is a violation of the civil rights of the employee.  An entire Federal apparatus, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), exists to remedy such illicit employer conduct,

If you find yourself experiencing any of the following, realize your rights are likely being violated:

a) being regged for church donations at your place of employment as arranged or condoned by your employer and objected to by yourself.

b) receiving any type of pressure from an employer – directly or indirect – to follow church mandates, “command intention”, or suggestions to increase one’s church related activity.

c) being casitagated or invalidated at your place of employment for expressing objections to demands or suggestions that you even listen to, let alone agree with, church propaganda or doctrine.

d) being referred to or even reported to the church for failure to agree with church doctrine or propaganda.

e)  Your rights are also being violated if you are treated differently because of the religious beliefs of a spouse or family member. This provides protection from inhumane wielding of the disconnect card, or threats for studying material you believe clarify and enhance your religious beliefs. See this from the EEOC web page:

Religious discrimination can also involve treating someone differently because that person is married to (or associated with) an individual of a particular religion or because of his or her connection with a religious organization or group.

If you have experienced any of the above, it is a good idea to start documenting every instance of it. You can write contemporaneous reports in protest and lodge them with your employer. You can demand a witness be present or to record it when a-e above are attempted.  You can save emails and memos that document it. Regardless of its effectiveness on the job, at the end of the day you will have the evidence you need to vindicate your rights.

If your religious thoughts or utterances put you in a lowered employment status or endanger your job, your employer is violating your civil rights. You can be the effect of it and succumb, or you can be vigilent and protect your rights. The choice is yours.

This is not an invitation to create some huge controversy at one’s place of employment. Quite the contrary, all it is intended to do is, in the words of LRH,  “MOVE THE PTS PERSON FROM EFFECT OVER TO SLIGHT GENTLE CAUSE.”