By now most of us probably have an idea of just how catastrophic the Haiti earthquakes have been for the people of that nation.  Relief efforts have dominated the news for the past week. WH suggested on this blog that people give something to those efforts. Someone commented it was not clear what charities one could trust. I commented that I personally trust Paul Haggis and his Artists for Peace and Justice, http://www.artistsforpeaceandjustice.com/. I know that Paul has been working on Haiti relief for years – and not just as a photo op.  I spoke to Paul yesterday. He was on his way to Haiti, despite being in the midst of round the clock production on a film. He said it was rather personal for him, since a number of close friends were killed by the quakes. That speaks volumes as to Paul’s deep ties and commitment to the beleaguered nation and its people.   

WH also suggested that if you could just donate a nominal amount it would make you feel better. Well, Mosey and I took her advice. I’ll tell you straight up, we were only able to contribute $25.  It is all relative. It made us feel like we were doing at least something. 

For those who have an attitude that Haiti is not their problem, fine. But, I did a lot of research on Haiti a couple years back while writing a book. I am going to share with you the draft chapter that dealt with Haiti below. It is rough, and it might shock your sensibilities and some of your stable data. I am not attempting to go political on anyone. I’m not recruiting anyone for anything.  I’m just sharing some facts that have been kept from the public view by the powers that be for some time. If nothing else, it might help dispel some ingrained false perceptions you did not even know that you carried around with you. From my perspective, a contribution to Haiti ain’t a hand out,  it is a hand back.

Chapter 4

The American media and entertainment industry is fond of portraying Africa as a land of inherently savage, backward people. A review of the history of Africa vis a vis American media, politics, literature and film reveals a studied 350 year campaign to denigrate an entire race of humanity and the very land from which it was born. And it continues to this day, albeit more subtle than in the earlier days.

 We briefly examine two countries that white America has defined as the epitome of failed black rule; the Caribbean island nation of Haiti and the heart of the African continent, Nigeria.

 Haiti has become a modern metaphor for “failed state.” History has been very cleverly written by the conquerers to misrepresent who made it fail.

 Haiti was the first and last slave state that was liberated exclusively by the slaves themselves. Prior to the 19th century, Haiti was widely considered as the richest land in the world. It was estimated that a significant percentage of France’s economy was built on the exports from its Haitian plantations.

 Toussaint L’Overture is known as the liberator of Haiti. He lead some of the most heroic campaigns in world military history against technologically advanced and numerically larger French and British forces. For generations his revolution was cited by both pro and anti slavery forces as the most barbarous in history. Pro-slavery advocates used Haiti as the example of what would occur to white America if black slaves were not physically and psychologically tamed to obey their masters. Anti-slavery folks pointed to Haiti as a scare tactic against plantation owners, predicting the most blood curdling atrocities when the black slaves ultimately revolted in the South.

 Yet, the truth is that Toussaint L’Overture was anything but savage. L’Overture was given a measure of freedom by his master that the vast majority of slaves were not. His master encouraged L’Overture to become educated, which he took full advantage of. Ultimately L’Overture came to the rescue of his former white master and curbed the natural impulses of the Haitian revolutionaries to exact revenge and inflict punishment upon their esrstwhile overlords – an impulse carried out to one degree or another in all Caucasian revolutions. The acts of the Haitians against their former masters were tame by comparison to the atrocities committed during the nearly contemporaneous French revolution.

 The carnage that would falsely paint Haiti and its then-African governors as savage for the next two hundred years occurred years after L’Overture had wrested control of the island nation. Upon forcibly severing the yoke of slavery over his people, L’Overture initially did not even declare independence from France. He was willing to allow white French to remain in Haiti and for the country to remain under French jurisdiction. All that he demanded was that slavery be abolished forever.

 The most astounding aspect of the Haitian revolution – which you will find in no standard European/American history texts – was the record time in which it rebuilt itself. With the majority of its population forbidden any sort of education,  even the right to learn to read, for many generations the prospects for reconstruction were dim. Yet, L’Overture quickly rebuilt agriculture and commerce, and collected taxes and used them to build infrastructure, most importantly, schools.

 Within two years of the revolution, Haiti’s gross domestic product was 2/3rds its pre-revolution level. Nowhere in any land has a country so rapidly recovered economically from a revolution or war that ended in a newly formed government.

 L’Overture’s efforts were so steller, the three powers of western civilization conspired amongst, and against, themselves to put period to Haiti’s rise. 

 The French violated a number of internationally recognized conventions among nations to attempt to regain effective control over Haiti.  By deceit they lured L’Overture into captivity, and shipped him to France. When L’Overture arrived he was  imprisoned in the Alps, where after several months of subjugation to inadequate nutrition and shelter he perished.

 Meanwhile, the United States government was conspiring with the British to make Haiti fail. Thomas Jefferson himself expresssed concerned that a successful black nation would send the wrong message to the slaves on US plantations and sought to ‘confine the plague to the island.’ Representatives of the Jefferson administraton and British counterparts embargo’d Haiti, isolating and choking off its interaction with the rest of the world. When the embargo began to destroy the Haitian economy, the British and Americans told L’Overture’s successors that the only way it could enter the world of trade and commerce would be if the Haitian’s executed all remaining French on the island and cut all ties with France.

 After complying with US and British demands, the Haitians learned they’d been subjected to a bait and switch con. Instead of lifting the embargos, the world powers broadly disseminated the ‘atrocities’ the Haitians had commited against the remaining French in Haiti to paint people of African descent as having an inherent inability to civilize or govern themselves. The American sanctions against Haiti stayed in place for more than fifty years, when they were finally cancelled by Abraham Lincoln’s administration. By then Haiti was a virtual anarchy with much of its natural resources stolen by western powers. And once the American Civil War reconstruction efforts were discredited and abolished, more sanctions and lopsided trade policies were inflicted upon Haiti for decades to come.

 For over one hundred and fifty years western corporate interests have looted Haiti for its natural resources and have twice incited the US government to invade and occupy the country to protect their interests.

It fairly makes one wonder what would have become of the emerald island nation had its independence been nurtured rather than suppressed.

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  1. David from England

    Amazing material there, Marty… and as you say, material that is largely hidden from the West. Indeed, the only books I knew of the revolution were written from an anti-revolutionary perspective – beyond these, and the ever-threatening references to voodoo and the Duvaliers, Haiti as a serious subject appears to have been wiped out of consciousness. Did your book ever get published?

  2. martyrathbun09

    David, No, it got shelved for the adventures of the past year.

  3. I am in Port au Prince harbor at this moment, a civilian aboard a US Navy vessel.
    On the beach about a mile away are 10,000 or more people awaiting water transportation away from this city. They have been there at least two days. How they eat, drink or even go to the bathroom is a mystery. The only means of travel into and around the port is by rowboat, many with twenty or more passengers and sometimes only a single rower. In the monings the boats await the daily ferry or any other vessel that can take them away. The gate to the port is secure, so they have to be rowed in. When the ferry is full and pulls away the hopefuls unlucky enough to make it aboard are rowed around for awhile and eventually the harbor clears.
    Apparently the worst damage, and danger, is about 5 miles from here nearer the city center. In and around the port fires burn brightly at night. The twin steeples of a church nearby have fallen. A hungred-foot high cargo boom leans 45 degrees over the channel where it used to stand vertical. A large building’s roof has caved in.
    The US Navy is here in force. There are two Coast Guard ships, a French man o’ war and a Dutch Naval vessel. The US hospital ship Comfort anchored here this morning.
    How they’re going to control who gets into their boats for treatment I have no idea.

  4. Martin Padfield

    I hope that book gets finished – it will be a rivetting read. My wife and I also donated what we could and I hope everyone “does their bit”. I’m certain also that any VMs that go there will do their best and I wish them well without reservation or qualification and look forward to their safe return.

  5. Well, this sure beats some phony baloney IAS donation, or ‘SP’ building fund……..

    I’m in.

  6. martyrathbun09

    civmar, Thanks for the report. Stay safe.

  7. I visited Haiti briefly in 1976, the year after I first read DMSMH, and it was my distinct impression that it was a country with a group engram.

    From the first sight of the country, flying into the airport, with its denuded landscape, contrasting with the lush forests starting mere feet past the border it shares with the Dominican Republic, I knew I was arriving somewhere I would remember.

    We were warned by the embasy not to photograph any of the poverty, nor the presidential palace as we could be imprisioned or shot for it, yet invariably, the Haitians I met were warm, friendly, open people, who wanted me to see their country in a good light.

    I stayed at a hotel that had been the scene of a Burton/Taylor movie, and swam and enjoyed the coconut rum, but also took off alone to wander…

    I did photograph some poverty, a brother and sister, who lived in some cardboard with their mother, up in the hills overlooking Port au Prince…at their insistence, as it was their notion of how to make exchange with a tourist. They were 5 or 6 years old and shared between them pants and shirt. One bottomless, the other topless, but dressed in smiles none the less.

    I gave them some money of course and nervously got out of the area. Not that I would seem out of place, the neighborhood was dotted with lavish villas, with chauffeured Mercedes, and security at the gates. (and people living in cardboard or corrugated tin, in the bushes near by).

    At night the hotel had an old man with a pistol sitting in a chair at the entrance to keep anyone who was not white, out. That is how he described his job. Not the only pistol I would see there, the cab drivers brother came along on our ride back to the airport and pulled a little .38 on us and demanded more money than we had agreed on. I tried to get help from a soldier with a rifle who was patrolling the cab drop off zone, but he was not interested in intervening. I was young and less concerned with my mortality, so I just ran into the terminal and to customs as quick as I could and no shots followed.

    But the impression that remains is of the ernestness of the Haitians I spoke with, and the pride. Less so the poverty.

    Papa Doc and Baby too are long gone, but still their engram lives.

    I matched your 25 Marty, Its a tight year for me too…but…

  8. Friend-of-Ron

    Thanks for the briefing, Marty. I donated.

  9. Thanks for the opportunity to do something with at least some confidence that it will actually help.

    Somebody smarter than I said that every crisis is an opportunity.


  10. martyrathbun09

    Friend-of-Ron, bless you.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Dave Adams, Thanks for sharing the story of your visit to Haiti. I find it real interesting. Thanks for donating too.

  12. I read Paul’s R factor on the site linked above and all it took was a couple of minutes to make a donation. Every little bit will help.

  13. Following on from Tom … I’m in too. Haiti puts one’s own troubles into stark perspective. I will use the link you provide to Mr. Haggis’s charity and would like to encourage others to do likewise.

    A fantastic tract Marty. I’m a history buff and you had me riveted with your style and incisive findings. My only complaint is that the posting was too short because it’s history as it should be written but rarely is. And I’m not totally convinced history work of that quality should sit on a back burner because, as you point out, conquerers on this planet have invariably re-written history to suppress one group or another and the history of slavery in any form is worthy of exposure, but you are doing such a fantastic job of exposing DM’s brand slavery I’m not suggesting you stop, merely expressing my thanks and hope that you can get back to your other projects some time soon.

  14. A friend who lives in NYC — old time former SO member of 28 years – loves LRH and the purposes of scn — left because it was impossible for him within the corporate church to work/dissem told me today:

    On page 1 or 2 of New York Daily News a bullet point was that scientologists in yellow shirts were denied entry to Haiti by the Marines. They feared the VMs of using Haiti as a photo-op.

    Oh boy.

    We had just gotten off the phone talking about Haiti as his organization is using it’s lines to help Haiti — then I read the latest blog entry and called him right back with the news of Paul Haggis.

    He knew Paul and was thrilled to hear this effort of real help.

    Thank you Marty — again — I’ve been telling him about you and this blog for months now.

    I think you might be meeting soon. Fingers crossed. He’s been a lone warrior out there since he left. (btw, he’s not about to become a buddhist 🙂 — so my hope is he reconnects with his team)


  15. martyrathbun09

    WH – great. But doesn’t matter whether he’s buddhist or not; that’s no disqualfication for this team. You know that.

  16. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Haydn, and thanks for doing something.

  17. martyrathbun09

    Jim Logan, you da MOQ, baby.

  18. But.. the disaster zone is far away from where I am.. can not think of anyone I personally know who is from Haiti.. lots of people there doing their duty, I have mine.. but I am really feeling sorry for them.. will help next time..

    If I was holding onto any of such excuses they evaporated after reading this entry and Paul Haggis´s site.

    No need to hesitate, I did donate. Feels good, too.

  19. Marty, Fantastic enlightenment on Haiti. I just made a donation to Paul’s organization.

  20. Kathy Braceland

    Thanks for the post Marty. I definitely want a copy of your book when it comes out. Just those few paragraphs captivated me. I’m in as well — I donated.

  21. martyrathbun09

    Kathy, thank you dear. You get the first one off the press.

  22. martyrathbun09

    Thoughtul, thanks a lot man.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Kirsi, Thanks for being so responsible. I hope you aren’t too cold over there.

  24. Hello Marty,

    I probably would not have donated if I hadn’t read your essay. You are a good man.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Terry, thanks, the feeling is mutual.

  26. Absolutely, I know — openness and true care are really the only things that are important here.

    It was my sense of humor coming through — when you find out who I’m talking about — the visual will make you chuckle as well.

    Think cushions, crossed legged … and then — not likely 🙂


  27. Marty,

    You said to WH, “But doesn’t matter whether he’s buddhist or not; that’s no disqualification for this team.”
    And by “this team”, you mean a philosophical alliance with the Indie Scn team/movement, right?

    I’ve surmised, but you’ve not specifically shared your ideas along this line of those exes who may have moved on to another spiritual path, yet still embrace the good of the Scn movement and the good garnered for having been involved. And therefore you embrace them and have no exclusionary feelings toward them as regards your ideas and purpose on this blog.

    I’d be interested in what you’ve shared along these lines with WH, when you say “You know that”. What does WH know that you we don’t!! 🙂
    (Not trying to derail the efforts and purpose of this thread if not apropos here, BTW…but I am genuinely asking and interested.)

    I really enjoy what WH has contributed in these comments, even though it appears whoever this is, has indeed moved onward to another path.

    It is tragic events such as Haiti that appear to bring out the brotherhood in all of us….would that it could without requiring such unpeaceful times. Thanks for your compassionate posting and story snippet. You should write a book!!

  28. Marty,

    Please fix my name in this post I just made from “mi” to Mickey! Sorry!!

  29. martyrathbun09

    Mi (really Mickey), thanks. I have former Church member friends (who have supported us morally, participated in the blog and then some) who now consider themselves Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, and adherents of a number of other philosophies. I don’t consider them any less a friend for that. Scientology is PAN-denominational. One of my major goals is to make it A-Ok for anyone to use any part of Scientology that might assist them with any aspect of life. I think LRH made that objective clear. And I happen to agree that it would be of benefit to mankind if this were the case. The Church, through RTC and WISE, has made that a dangerous proposition. We, in my opinion, shall overcome that counter intention.

  30. martyrathbun09

    WH, Ok. Also see my reply to Mickey on this same thread.

  31. We donated, too, and it was extremely quick and easy to do.

    My admiration for Paul Haggis is even greater today than yesterday.


  32. martyrathbun09

    Lunamoth, Thank you!

  33. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Excellent, Marty. I, for one, do not feel it is political to contribute to worthwhile charities that perform humanitarian efforts, and I thank you for taking the time from your day to post the above. That’s just my say on it.

    Last week, we contributed a nominal sum to Medicins Sans Frontieres (Drs without Borders). They are reputed to be an ethical charity and post their expense pie chart, together with links to thier most recently filed Form 990 (non-profit return) and their Annual Reports on their website. (87% of their expenses are to program services; only 1% is management and general costs.)

    That said, we will re-look as to donating to the organization with Mr. Haggis is affiliated. We did not know until now that they do this kind of work.

    Again, thanks so much for putting this out there.

    Lastly, what you wrote and included about the nation of Haiti is great. When Aristide was taken from his bed under cover of night and flown to Africa almost 6 years ago, it was distrubing and enturbulating. I remember imagining how I would feel if an alien nation kidnapped my country’s duly-elected president and exiled him.

    And that’s only one part of the sage.

  34. martyrathbun09

    Yes, even the recent chapters from the Clinton administration to the present are bizarre. Great on what you’ve done. I’m not soliciting for Paul’s deal, just answering a question that people unaware of the who is doing what had.

  35. I also made a contribution to Paul’s site.Thanks for the heads up. I have a lot of respect for Paul and what he is doing. Thanks again Marty. I have sent his site to many of my friends.

  36. Underground For Now

    I second the post from Lunamouth. Wonderful to know Paul Haggis puts his money and time where his mouth is.

    My wife and I also donated to the Salvation Army who has a functioning unit in Haiti. They will be providing meals.

    Many years ago I was given a grand tour of all the Salvation Army facilities in S. Calif. Ever since this has been my charity of choice.

    Thank you Marty & Mosey for this post. Marty your writings bring a truth to the front I never was aware of.

    Hope you get to finish your book. I take it you’re writing the “TRUTH” about various historical aspects of slavery???????

    Maybe in the future we can collaborate on a visual documentary about this subject.

  37. Alexis de Tocqueville


    What you said in your response just above is too right re Clinton and all.

    A very interesting interview with Randall Robinson, founder of TransAfrica, was done on “Democrocy Now!”, last week. Robinson gave a fascinating historical accounting going all the way back to Woodrow Wilson and this country’s (US) many overts on Haiti.

    Transcript of it is here:


    The link is good and clean.

  38. I just visited Paul’s site. Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us Marty. I took advantage of it 🙂

    I respect any VM that goes there. It takes lots of compassion, good intention & sacrifice to do something like that. I hope VMs are welcomed with open arms. I’m grateful for any volunteers that are flying to Haiti right no matter which organization they represent.

    Marty thanks for setting a good exemple for all of us.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Freetothink, thanks for taking responsibility and for being so pan-determined.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Alexis, thanks for the democracynow link.

  41. martyrathbun09

    Jack, thank you and your wife for your big hearts. The book is something like that. I’d love to collaborate; if I can only get back to it someday.

  42. martyrathbun09

    Carol, Thank you. You are appreciated.

  43. I spent some time on Paul Haggis’ Haiti site — artists for peace and justice. Quite wonderful. Thank you Marty for the link.

    His site has a FB page — Artists for Peace and Justice – I just recommended it to all my friends. Maybe you might be inspired to do the same.

    And so it grows …


  44. Hi Marty,
    Fascinating read…I really don’t know much about Haiti so enjoyed the educational opportunity. We also went to Mr. Haggis’ site and donated. Its all so tragic and sad…but there are moments of joy when they discover another person alive in the rubble. Thank you again for being there.

  45. martyrathbun09

    Gaia, thank you Sir.

  46. Thank you Marty for making this known to everyone.

    This is a great cause. We are having hundreds of our friends and family also donating to Paul’s great cause.

  47. Marty, regarding your reply to Mickey…Right On!

  48. If I lived in Haiti right now I would be so grateful for every person that helped. It felt really good to donate.

    Great reading… Why am I not suprised you’re writing a book, Marty?! Dibs on the second copy.

    Thank you, Paul Haggis for walking your talk. 🙂

  49. Thanks Marty….your answer is what I had hoped to hear from your opened heart.

    This thread and your answer to my query reflect your state of mind….unconditional acceptance….I hope. It’s truly, truly refreshing to see.

  50. martyrathbun09

    Truth, you are the truth.

  51. Donated and posted link on FB.

  52. martyrathbun09

    Sinar – you are a good man.

  53. Thanks for the data Marty.

    I donated and it felt good..


  54. Me too.
    Tom! Don’t mince with your words – say it how it really is! LOL.

  55. martyrathbun09

    Alex, great, you deserve to feel good.

  56. Thanks for being honest that you are not a rich guy, Mark.

    Some says that you are money-oriented.

    Just wonder, if DM would offer you one or more million would you retire from Scientology as David Mayo or Pat Broker? Never talk about it again, never audit or train anybody anymore?

    (I’m not saying that they got hush money from DM but some suspect it.)

    What would you do if DM contacts you and would offer you a “settlement”?

  57. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Yes! LRH has something to say about this in the Volunteer Ministers PL in the section titled “Other Ministers”.

    I had a lot of fun working with other religious groups as a VM. Validate them and use ARC. And don’t overwhelm them with a lot of data about Scn.

  58. Marty,
    Thank you for inviting our help and thank you for making the whole game fun again.
    Simon Bolivar could have learnt a thing or two from you.

  59. Thank you for this Marty, and for the link to Paul Haggis’s site – donation done. When I lived in the Dominican Republic, the Haitians that I met there were very artistic, intelligent and kind people. I really liked them – and I couldn’t leave without a few pieces of Haitian artwork that I cherish.

  60. martyrathbun09

    Hey Christie. Thanks for adding some personal perspective.

  61. martyrathbun09

    GoodSport, Settlement of what?

  62. Thank you for the post Marty. The site that you linked was quite touching indeed. I donated. How can one not? And it states that 100% of your donation goes to the Haitian cause.

  63. martyrathbun09

    And thank you for walking your talk too.

  64. martyrathbun09

    Sherry, Thanks a lot. Great to hear from you again.

  65. Hey Sam – No Fair is right, that’s why I put dibs on the 2nd one off the press, but no comment from Marty….. 🙂

  66. Sinar, good idea. I posted a link on Facebook too. 🙂

  67. martyrathbun09

    Sorry Cathy, I thought it went without saying…its yours.

  68. Marty, how can you always do that?!? You acknowledge every person’s post perfectly. You amaze me. And I sit down to catch up on some posts and you inspire me AGAIN!!! and again and again. Thank you. I’m just flowin it back to you.

  69. Dear Sir and friends,

    Thanks for the link. I just make my donation and post the link on my FB.

    I’ve been to Haiti. It’s a real hell on earth. I really feel sorry for people who live there.

  70. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Karma Pea. I do to.

  71. Thanks Civmar.

    That was a very gripping report. I draws a portrait of how bad the devastation is!

    Anyone who doesn’t know earthquakes are an anomaly in the Caribbean. The last one in that region was over 15o years ago. Thus you don’t have the protections and safe guards that we have here in California.

    7.8 is 1000 x stronger than the big one we had in LA back in ’94!

    My prayers go out to you civmar.

    Marty, I really think you should publish your book. If you need any help I may be able to provide some com lines in the future.

    I’ll check out Paul’s site and do what I can as well.

  72. War and Peace

    Donation made.
    Nice to do something for the 4th Dynamic.
    Your Martin Luther King write ups were terrific as well…..this Paul Haggis is quite something. His sites reveal a lot about the man.
    When the book is written, I will fund a large amount to be donated to libraries and schools…… this is a commitment.

  73. @ Marty re your reply to Mi (Really Mickey): Besides being particularly tickled over the “Mi (Really Mickey)” (go figure, but it lightened up my night)… Thank You. You beat me to the punch by answering before I figured out how to ask it. =D

  74. Marty, thank you for bringing your insight to the global political scene. That is a very important book, thanks for sharing that chapter here. It was lucid, informative, riveting and tells the tacky old political tale that Machiavelli roadmapped in “The Prince” (1513) but which is constantly repeated.

    Your account is astute, well-written and it inspired my outrage at the atrocities that pass for “civilized” politics.

    Will the *real* savages please stand up?

    It’s time for the good hearted people of the world to recognize and prevent political third party abuse. I think the net and people in communication will do a lot to defuse ploys and attempts to divide and conquer, and traps set up with the agenda of plundering natural resources.

    That’s an important book. The addage goes “History is written by the winners” — well, that’s an inversion. Those “winners” were the real losers. It’s time for the real winners to correct the record and build the world we conceive.

    It’s possible for humanity to make the ethical advances and evolution that will keep par with and surpass technological progress.

  75. Marty, Thanks for recommending Artists for Peace and Justice. I flowed help through there, great link! Easy to donate.

    Watching the video, one thing that stays with me beyond the material poverty and physical order that needs to go in…the comment: there is such richness of spirit. *Such richness of the spirit* !! beautiful, childlike earnestness and joy that beams so freely, uncontaminated by contrived social veneers. It’s an honor to contribute a little to that kind of boundless wealth.

  76. For UK residents, you can donate through the Disasters Emergency Committee which is an umbrella organisation which launches and coordinates responses to major disasters overseas and all funds raised support the efforts of its 13 member agencies which include: The British Red Cross, Cafod, Care International UK, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Save the Children etc.

    The website is here: http://www.dec.org.uk/

    This has the advantage of allowing donations to be under the ‘Gift Aid’ scheme where the DEC can claim back the income tax on your donation, thus boosting the amount by an addition 28%.

    I know that the VMs are decent people who really want to help, but I’d far rather my money went to recognised organizations which will spend the money on what these people really need right now rather than provide a photo opportunity for Miscavige to boast about at the next CoS mega-rally.


  77. Martin Padfield

    Further £25 donated today via Artists for Peace and Justice

  78. Yeah, I like it hot, too.

    What bugs me though is to know that help is halted if not stopped for lack of funds. War pockets for example are as deep as someone´s we mention here time to time.

  79. I am glad that the Independent Scientologist have in Paul Haggis and Artists for Peace and Justice a thrustworty anchor to safely donate. I encourage alsoo all who are in the Church to donate to this fund instead of David’s pension fund.

    The Netherlands is on board, We have a good track record on Humanitarian aid.

    “Aid organisations in the Netherlands announced on Thursday morning that they had collected 10.6 million euros towards aid for the Haiti quake victims. But the amount is likely to get a substantial increase today during a nationwide fundraiser.

    Dutch radio and TV stations have joined together for a day of fundraising for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The radio stations, including a number of the most popular commercial stations as well as public networks 3FM and Radio 2, are broadcasting a joint programme identifying as Radio 555. The giro number 555 is used in the Netherlands for donations to charities belonging to the coordinating organisation SHO.

    Six national Dutch radio stations and Radio Netherlands Worldwide are carrying Radio 555.

    In the evening, public and commercial TV channels will present a joint programme. This will be carried live around the world by the international Dutch channel BVN. Dutch Development Aid Minister Bert Koenders has promised he will double the amount raised from the day’s special events for the people of Haiti.”

    (Dutch population 16,7 million)

    I can manage 15 Euros.


  80. martyrathbun09

    Veritas wrote: “It’s possible for humanity to make the ethical advances and evolution that will keep par with and surpass technological progress.” Nice statement of what we have discussed bringing about. Thanks.

  81. martyrathbun09

    War and Peace, you are a Saint.

  82. Independent Spirit

    Marty, thank you for stating the importance of supporting the people of Haiti. I decided to make a donation to “Medecins sans Frontieres”.

    There will be big support concerts tomorrow for Haiti, “Hope for Haiti Now”:
    but if the organizations mentioned are trustworthy I don’t know.

  83. Thought provoking

    Thank you for the link to Paul’s site, It is informative, beautiful and touching. I wanted to know more about Father Rick’s organization, NPH International and looked up that site as well. I can see why Paul wanted to support his efforts, he is a tremendous person involved in such a worthy cause. A lot of the NPH philosophy aligns quite well with LRH and I think many posters might enjoy reading it.


    Another interesting historical note is that not only was Haiti the only country to achieve independence through a slave revolt they were key supporters of Simon Bolovar’s effort liberate Latin American countries from Spain’s rule.

    After Haiti won their independence from France Haiti, on condition that Bolivar free any enslaved people he encountered in his fight for South American independence, provided Simon Bolivar with soldiers, weapons and financial assistance, which were critical in enabling him to liberate New Granada (now Colombia), Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and Peru.

    Makes one wonder what Haiti would be like if they got to run out their own group engram. Seems at one point they were quite a force to be reconned with.

  84. martyrathbun09

    thoughtprovoking, thanks for that history. That was another reason for keeping Haiti down.

  85. One of the many things I admire and respect abut you, Marty, and appreciate, is how you made the transition you did of leaving the organized off-purpose Co$ si you could stay on post! It’s ironic but true, at least so I see it.

    The current corrupt regime hinders just that, and delivery.

    So I really am in awe and cheer for the things you do in the environment, within our society, our community, the world. You inspect, see outpoints and bring in the ethics…i.e., intelligent life using reason and tools (tech) to compassionately uplift the quality and condition of our cultures.

    It is so cool! Beings respond to love and truth and ethics!! (except the one or two here and there)

  86. p.s. Thank you for going through all the attacks and murky agendas perpetrated by the trademarked money operation posing as the “Church of $cientology”.

    Thanks for loving the genius LRH, the tech, for being a standard, phenomenal auditor, for bringing all your personal wisdom and perspective and strength to getting the job done. I’m sure every dreamer anywhere thanks you.

    Thanks everyone here who has traveled that road in his/her own way!!

    Singing it with Elvis Costello…

  87. martyrathbun09

    veritas, thank you. I can’t wait to see your response to Tiziano’s post.

  88. This link can only help serve to point out that this disaster relief needs $ and not a bunch of well meaning people landing on the shores of grief and need…

    This is a time to help with $ to help pay for the organized experts to do their job. And, they are there. Does anyone have any info on what CoS is contributing other than VM’s?

    I have donated to Red Cross and I will also add to Paul’s effort and I’m just a wog living check to check.

  89. martyrathbun09

    Wallflower, I am going to post on this subject soon. Apparently, they are doing a huge book income push disguised as help. I think you are doing the right thing. Bless you for that.

  90. Hi Marty,

    Just made a donation at:


    Talk about an OT.

    I think Father Rick Frechette could teach many of us a lesson or two about being cause.

    Thanks for this special post.

    MT, Much Theta

  91. Great quote

    – “Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, and adherents of a number of other philosophies. I don’t consider them any less a friend for that. Scientology is PAN-denominational. One of my major goals is to make it A-Ok for anyone to use any part of Scientology that might assist them with any aspect of life. I think LRH made that objective clear. And I happen to agree that it would be of benefit to mankind if this were the case.”- Marty

    That’s what it’s all about.

    Unity of good works and unselfish serving of help to others and in return …. a better world.

    You are causing an exponential increase in theta on a daily basis.

  92. Update: Almost 42 million for Haiti from the people . Dutch Goverment doubles that to 84 million. Dutch navy vessel the Pelikaan(pelican) has left Haiti to pick up more aid workers. 45 dutch.marines stay behind to help immediately.

  93. martyrathbun09

    Because, Thanks to you.

  94. Sitting here watching Hope for Haiti Now telethon to raise money for Haiti. Its airing on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC but not Fox. It is very theta. Using art, artists and aesthetics to bring relief.

  95. Thanks, RJ.
    With the US Navy here in force (an aircraft carrier and at least 6 large surface craft, as well as civilian-crewed Navy ships) this is what you’d probably expect: wave after wave of helos, ala Apocalypse Now, except they’d be flying in food, water, medicine, doctors, search and rescue teams, military police, more food more water etc etc etc; a flotilla of small boats constantly going to and from shore bringing the wounded to hospital ship Comfort; a giant C-47 transport landing the above-listed stuff every few minutes; action tone level from all involved.
    Instead the US Navy seems paralyzed: Gulliver afraid of trodding on the Lillipututians. There is some helo traffic, yes, but no Navy ships have touched a pier with anything larger than an 18′ Zodiac. More later. Gotta go.

  96. Eponymous is IN. I don’t know why I let it take so much time and peer pressure, but I certainly didn’t feel like I could post here again until I chipped in for Haiti. 🙂 Ahhhh….feels much better…

  97. Thanks for the update ,civmar.

    Looks like you got some good ol’ American hardware with you, port and starboard.

    The Ol’man’s former service!

    Those helos are they flying the their old work horse Hueys or are they Chinooks or a combo of the two?

    If you want civmar, you can contact me at my hushmail account it’s:


    I’m glad you are out there helping those people out. Looking forward to your safe return and I hope I’m not being too presumptuous when I say our hopes, our prayers and our postulates are with you.

    Take care.



  98. Monday night 6:32 pm Central

    Just turned on ET and looks like they’re going to have a clip of John Travolta telling what he took to Haiti.

  99. In the article written by Mike Rinder, THE REAL THIRD PARTY, posted on 6 Feb 10′, Mike writes:

    “There is an old principle of investigation: trace back who benefits.”

    What could this have to do with the “natural” disaster in Haiti?

    “Did American petroleum companies murder hundreds of thousands of Haitians while extracting oil from their shores? In an exclusive Jan. 28 interview, social commentator and human rights attorney Ezili Danto believes “hydraulic fracturing” caused by drillers searching for oil may have caused the Jan. 12 earthquake.

    “Yes, oil is Haiti’s smoking gun. Why do you think 20,000 American troops now occupy and control this impoverished nation? On Jan. 28, 2009, geologist Daniel Mathurin revealed, “Haiti’s oil reserves are larger than those of Venezuela. An Olympic pool compared to a glass of water is the comparison.”

    “Indeed, Haiti may have 20 times more oil than Venezuela. Daniel and Ginette Mathurin mapped 20 oil sites (five of them major), and, oddly enough, the quake’s epicenter occurred in the exact same area where the Port-au-Prince resources exist. Imagine, one of the largest caches of oil in the Western Hemisphere, and now over a million residents are displaced or deceased.

    “In a Jan. 26 commentary, Pastor Chuck Baldwin asked, “Why was anearthquake of this magnitude not felt beyond Port-au-Prince?” He continues, ‘People living in the adjoining country of Dominican Republic universally say they felt nothing.’ He concludes, ‘It is being called ‘miraculous’ that an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale did not
    produce a colossal tsunami.'”

    Read complete article:

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