The church of disaster capitalism?

On September 12th 2001 DM called several Int Execs to his LA office on the eleventh floor of the HGB.  He had them “working with” he and Dan Sherman on his now-infamous issue “Wake Up Call.”  For days he tortured the execs with his inimitable “conference” style. He gets a draft from Dan in his personal office down the hall from the conference room where the execs are confined. He takes his sweet time, maybe watching a ball game, the news, or playing with his stereo for a couple hours. He then storms into the conference room and tears into whichever exec whose facial expression doesn’t sit right with him. Real vulgar dress downs. Nobody dare orginate anything because anybody who does gets annihilated by DM. Then DM throws a half hour tantrum or two about how nobody originates anything. This goes on for days, until DM and Dan have DM’s issue.

During the entire cycle, the only concern expressed by Miscavige about 911 was how it would be exploited to the corporate church’s benefit. Not once, not one single time, did he express the slightest concern about the victims of the crime, their families, or even for what it meant for the security of the country. Pure single-minded greed.  He wanted first to position himself as the save-the-day-hero, second to milk the catastrophe for as much PR as possible, and third relished the “fact” that the Church always does well when conditions are bad in society.

I never thought I’d see the day when such self serving exploitation of the misery of others would hit a lower ebb. Well, DM has now proven me naive once again. I invite you all to read the letter below being sent to Scientology public around the world from the Pubs orgs.  Please also read the response that one alert and aware Scientologists wrote back to Bridge Publication Inc in reply to it. It is now not enough to merely exploit the downtrodden for PR, the misery of others must be converted into a quick buck (actually lots of bucks).

DM has now driven the church into the ranks of what author Naomi Klein calls  the Disaster Capitalists, probably the lowest order of suppressive person this world has so far produced. You can get a primer on what Disaster Capitalism is all about in Klein’s article in the Nation at this link:

If you are intrigued by the subject and want to learn more I highly recommend Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine.

If you get the book realize while reading that the Dr Ewen Cameron, whom Klein credits with developing the mind control torture techniques used by Disaster Capitalists, is the same Dr. Ewen Cameron who was one of the first monkeys with “credentials” to launch sustained attacks on LRH’s Dianetics as “nothing but bunk.”

Gee Dave, strange bedfellows.

But you don’t need an extensive study in history and politics to see what the Scientologist who received this letter saw; letter and response follow:

Hello _______!

As you know just several days ago there was a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti.

As a direct result of this catastrophe tens of thousands of people
have died and an entire nation has gone into total chaos.

The Church of Scientology has started to ship out dozens of Volunteer
Ministers to give aid to the tens of thousands that need it. Similar
to the situation when 911 hit the USA, we need to get as much
Scientology technology into the hands of the Haitian people.

As we steadily increase the number of VMs being sent, so must we also
increase the amount of Scientology tech into the hands of people.

Right now we (Bridge Publications Inc.) are requesting that every
single Scientologist lend a hand in this. We will be shipping
thousands upon thousands of Scientology Handbook booklets and other
various basic Scientology tools to the VMs on site. They in turn will
distribute these to the public on the ground while hatting them on
how to use the tech.

All donations for fully tax deductible.

I am asking you for a donation to this cause. The minimum donation
being asked is $500. Any one making a donation of $3,000 or more will
receive a very special commendation that will go directly into their
ethics file.

To make a donation, call directly to (323) 899-1034, or email me back
your information.

You can also make your $500 donation on-line here:

Thank you in advance for your support!

Patrick Howson
Mail Order Manager
Bridge Publications Inc.
(323) 888-1034

I hate to say it, but this feels like opportunism.  These people need
food, shelter and emergency supplies.  How are they going to read a
booklet if they are DEAD?  To take the money that could be helping
them to survive and siphon it off into books – well, I view it as
revolting.  I can’t just sit back and say nothing about this.  It’s
blatently unethical.  There is no “greatest good for the greatest
number of dynamics” being calculated here.  Maybe your stats will be
up for the next few weeks, but did that put food in a dying child’s
mouth or dress his wounds?  Please look at Albert Maslow’s famous
Hierarchy of Needs.  I don’t think giving out booklets would be at the
top of the list.

    1) Physiological: hunger, thirst, bodily comforts, etc.;

    2) Safety/security: out of danger;

    3) Belongingness and Love: affiliate with others, be accepted; and

    4) Esteem: to achieve, be competent, gain approval and recognition.

    5) Cognitive: to know, to understand, and explore;

    6) Aesthetic: symmetry, order, and beauty;

    7) Self-actualization <>: to
    find self-fulfillment and realize one’s potential; and

     8) Self-transcendence
    <>: to connect to
    something beyond the ego or to help others find self-fulfillment
    and realize their potential.
    Patrick – think about what you are doing and confront the ACTUAL
    situation that is going on here.  If you pulled over to a car
    accident and saw a dying person behind the wheel, would you hand
    him a “Cause of Suppression” booklet?  No, I didn’t think so.

142 responses to “The church of disaster capitalism?

  1. Ohmigod, what revolting crassness in that first email! And it’s all so cheerful… what the hell are these people thinking??? This is morbid. Did this guy read his own email before sending it?

    The response is GOLDEN. It nails exactly what is wrong with such a solicitation; craven greed, callous indifference to or complete non-confront of the suffering of real human beings, and the willingness and even EAGERNESS to profit, whether monetarily or by statistics, from what is a dire emergency for over a million men, women and children.

    Hey, Patrick! Do you know what other churches do? They DONATE stuff! That’s right, they give it away. At their own expense, or by the donations of their parishioners, but they DON’T
    profit from it. Another point, Patrick, is that most of the people in the world view that kind of thing as pathetic, and a sign of low moral character.

    It’s unfortunate, and I almost hate to repeat the epithet here, but this sort of thing is why certain well-intentioned people who are trying to make difference are becoming known as Vulture Ministers. Again, the church is making it’s own enemies.

    I have a question: Do we have any reliable info
    on how many VM’s are actually on the ground in Haiti? I’ve heard the church’s line is that there are many there, and that they’re providing all the basic survival stuff such as water and food. This is in direct contrast to something I saw posted on another site that said the 45 VM’s that had made it to Haiti’s border by Tuesday were not allowed into the country by the navy because they thought the church was using this as a photo op. Does anybody have reliable data on this?

  2. Time, place, form and event, Marty; these are the bricks and mortar of truth and this is what you’re providing.

    This is the undoing of the generalities being spewed against you. Keep responding with time, place, form and event against which there is no vaccine.

    I would also recommend that you compile and publish a list of every competent SO executive who’s no longer in the SO because of David Miscavige. Wavering Scientologists will see these names and the KRC triangle will kick in.

    It takes a lot of confront to become a Scientologist on this planet. Very few have that level of confront (and I’m talking here about the Big Thetans, the ones who would be successful without Scientology but know that their responsibilities stretch beyond their immediate well being).

    Having taken the leap, it takes even more confront to see what the Church has become under Miscavige.

    There is nothing easy about the decisions to be made in that aftermath.

    More time, place, form and event will help shine the light on what is really there and make the transition easier.

  3. They speak a dialect of French in Haiti. Are the handbooks that are to be given out written in French?

  4. Thank you so much for saying something about this, Marty.

    I felt sickened when I saw the advertising “John Travolta Flies Scientology Ministers” — amateurish press releases complete with tacky photos of “Volunteer Ministers” in yellow jackets with John and Kelly *posing* — at a disaster scene–! I’ll say it again….posing, with smiles, at a massive disaster scene.

    And no, it was not the smile of the little boy pulled from the rubble. It was a tacky ad, and *other intentioness* besides help and compassion — they intention was to plug Scientology and sell sell sell.

    John Travolta seems to be a compassionate person, how can he allow himself to be a pawn for such slimy publicity and money grubbing?

    I did a reality check on my perception, my shock and the dull, thud of my heart sinking from disappointment.

  5. …the saddest part of all is the misguided efforts of people who really want to be there to help, and they’re being used. Used as “degraded fodder” to fuel the salvation of Eternity. WHOSE eternity?

  6. Shame on the church. Shame on Patrick. And shame on anybody who buys this disgusting sack of hogsh*t!

    The response to Patrick, though, was spot on.

    Hmmm…..I had better be finding something to admire in this.

    Lots of videos on youtube with Naomi. Here’s a good one:

  7. martyrathbun09

    P Henry, Yes, very good video. Interesting how those torture tactics were so paralleled by those practiced in the Hole at Int Management HQ.

  8. Thank you Marty.

    DM truly makes me sick more and more every day. But I have a feeling DM’s pressure on those NEP guys will make them sick too and soon we have them as Independents joining us!

    I worked closely with NEP on a project a couple of years ago. I saw DM’s cruelty on those hard working Sea org members who worked round the clock to get the job done but still became “Ethics particles” by DM.
    Well, it didn’t take long and one of their top producers blew the SO because she couldn’t take it any longer.

    Patrick and those OSA guys who are reading this blog will soon realized that they are really working for Hitler (DM) and they are not helping Mankind.

  9. I think it is wonderful that John T did something. 50% of the passengers on the plane were medical volunteers. VMs can do great work. Assists and area control are wonderful tools. Marty is so right who cares about books at the moment?

    It is sad to see that not one major Scnist is on the Help for Haiti telethon.

    Send whatever you can. Any money helps. I was able to send a lot of new clothing and a little money. I wish I could do more.

  10. I received the same email today from Patrick. I just hit delete, don’t even read them anymore.

    10 days of very little water and food, bodies littered everywhere. People in agony beyond belief. Broken limbs, maggot infested wounds…and the C of Mestology thinks that these people are going to read books?? ARE ya all outta your frickin’ gourds??? It’s beyond stupid.

  11. Sad thing is, The people that are going do actually want to help. In their own mind they are helping to “clear” The planet.

    (couldn’t copy the format for the following)

    VMs’ “Valuable Final Products” are all listed in there:


    Valuable Final Products:
    Communications Division
    A fully manned, hatted, safe and functioning Cavalcade.
    New people coming in the VM tent swiftly routed to VMs to be introduced to the VM Crusade.
    Dissemination Division
    Effective promotional items printed, placed and distributed in a timely manner, resulting in volume public coming into the VM tent.
    Volume books placed into public hands.
    Volume new public signed up for VM services.
    Emergency Social Service agency personnel and public volunteers reaching and signed for training on the VM tech.
    Treasury Division
    Money for materials and services collected, correctly invoiced and accounted for.
    Upstat and fully set up and operational tent and equipment the VM Cavalcade.
    Production Division
    Public helped with the tech from The Scientology Handbook.
    Public who have completed Scientology Handbook Booklet Courses and are routed to the org for for further services.
    Emergency Social Service agency personnel and public volunteers successfully trained on VM tech and applying it.
    Qualifications Division
    A corrected VM Cavalcade and its products.
    Public Division
    Fully suitable VM Cavalcade locations secured with all necessary permits in hand well in advance.
    Volume new public in the tent at all times.
    VIPs, Opinion Leaders and Social Service agencies fully supporting the VM Cavalcades.
    Full PR area control and excellent relationships established and maintained with the community for the VM Cavalcade and all VM activities.
    Good works from the VMs and the VM cavalcade well publicized.
    Copyright CSI 2005

    On a personal note:

    When I first red the 8 Dynamics I immediately thought of Maslows Pyramide wich I got familiar with in my studies. My Second thought was LRH based his 8 Dynamics on Maslow’s Pyramide. When I red LRH s Basics on Ethics and Justice I immediately thought of Albert Schweizter.

  12. I read this post & realize how truely brainwashed I really was! I would have given over the donation because I trusted so completely that the COS always does what’s right. I mean they have the tech. Like little sheep being devouered by wolves! Hard to confront that they are not using the tech correctly or at all.

  13. Seeing the Shock Doctrine mentioned in this context, I realized reading that book was a similar experience to the transformation in my viewpoints of Scientology that started with the St. Pete articles.

    First, the rejection. This can’t be true. This isn’t Scientology. I refuse to believe my Church is led by a psychopath. But the blinders had come off and it was too late to pretend that things could just return to normal. I needed to know, and as I read the stories from Marty, Amy Scobee, Mark Headly, Jeff Hawkins, the time-place-form-and-event of each was different but the details created a cohesive and totally believable pattern, one that shattered my faith of 30 years. And my own observations of many things I had previously dismissed as isolated outpoints fit the same pattern.

    There was one stable datum that guided me from one belief system to a new one in formation, and that is the tech. I had rid myself of old problems and increased my abilities through training and auditing, of that I was sure. And a second stable datum is that there is a viable and beneficial group forming right here, connected by cyberspace and shared reality.

    Reading Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine had a similar effect on my viewpoint regarding American politics. Events I had accepted throughout my life as the triumph of Democracy turned out to be our State Department conspiring with multinational corporations to trick third-world countries into selling themselves into economic slavery. Again, stated with a very convincing time, place, form and event.

    My stable datum here is that the freedom and resourcefulness at the core of the American spirit will prevail in the end, and it is that rather than disaster capitalism that will be our legacy. But for this to happen, more people need to read the Shock Doctrine.

  14. War and Peace

    Thank you Marty for corroborating grim scenes of maniacal conduct as articulately written by Mark Headley in “Blown for Good”, Jeff Hawkins in “Counterfeit Dreams”
    and other victums of Old Gilman House on the web.
    The screamings, the beatings, punchings, spittings by Miscavige are bad enough. But there is a further cruelty aspect. Outright Cruelty.
    I am sure some who follow your blog know a stellar SO member call Jeanie Bogvad, now Jeanie Sonenfield. Once upon a time she was Jeanie Franks married to Bill Franks.
    Jeanie was banished to Cincinatti after marrying David Sonenfield and getting pregnant.
    But some 19 years ago Jeanie went through abject torture at the hands of monster DM.
    She had communicated with some Ex-Scientologists, no longer in the Church.
    For that, she was summoned to INT and locked in a hut for some 3 months.
    Security guards had her in a lock down.
    She was not allowed to speak to anyone.
    She was sec checked several hours a day.
    She was not allowed to leave the hut for any reasons and lived imprisoned in this tiny hut on INT Base, getting hours and hours of sec checks week after week, month after month.
    Marty, just as you had that final flash of enlightment when you saw DM beat and deck Tom DeVocht ~~ Jeanie’s torture chamber and lock down was one of my final Great Awakenings ~~ almost an epiphany ~~of where I was and what this supposedly “ethical” group was doing~~what Int Base was and had become. I had my profound enlightment on the “Punishing bodies” Controlling Bodies” tone level of the Leader of the Church.
    It was the beginning of the end for me.
    These acts ~~ kidnap, imprisonment, lock down, all communication shut off from everyone, were done as far back as 20 years ago ~~with impunity and fearlessness of Law Enforcement even in this 21st century.
    Then we hear about the SP Hall and so on.
    How does he get away with it ?

  15. Tonight in LA there will be an event. I’m assuming it’s about bringing the scn community into lock-step with donating for Haiti.

    For every $ given to this appalling appeal by dm, each donor goes further from their true humanity. They become more deadened to real help, to real suffering.

    I have found most long term IN the corporate church to be utterly bereft of compassion – they are the walking dead spewing what sounds like media sound bites about the realities of the world.

    I would venture to say that most IN the corporate church somewhere in their mind feel as the disgusting Pat Robinson feels – that Haitians pulled this in.

    I so appreciate you pointing to this book Marty.

    This line in the video by Naomi, made me think of dm:

    “It’s easy to be ready when you have the same ideas when crisis hits”

    Regardless of what goes on – dm is there with his gun, his extortion and his bank account receiving $$

    And regardless of what goes on – corporate scientologists are in fear of their eternity.

    Never once realizing that eternity is made up of moments of now.

    It’s not in the future, it is now. Right here, right now.


  16. While there is NO comparison with the orders of magnitude just to illustrate a point:

    When CC moved to LA Brea in 1975, Yvonne was shocked at the appearance of Hollywood Blvd. She mustered her staff and by goodness — we found ourselves SWEEPING the streets of Hollywood Blvd. (the staff berthing was on Wilcox, one street south of Hollywood Blvd)

    Yup — sweeping and smiling.

    NOT passing out copies of DMSMH that were paid for by brow-beaten public.

    Just doing and contributing in a small way directly to the upliftingness of our environment.


  17. That’s right Marty we had an email discussion a while back about Abu COB.

    I also remember Miscavige’s response to 9/11 and reading that drivel in ‘Wake Up Call’. Aside from the historical inaccuracies noted earlier was the presentation that a terrorist attack was the best thing to happen to “us” (meaning him and his Scientology wrecking crew) which is the same way those neocons who wrote PNAC and AEI felt too.

    Funny how like them he brought up the subject of Pearl Harbor.

    Anyway par for the course, he views the Earth Quake in Haiti as a book selling extravaganza!

    How crass, how absurd, how….it’s what I’ve come to expect from the lil’ Napoleon, probably greedily rubbing his hands together while I’m writing this.

    As Frank Wisner once said about agents of influence “everyone has a price” and it certainly applies to Miscavige. The guy has sold out any remaining shred of integrity the Organization had and now has completely joined the ranks of other Disaster Capitalists, making a buck on death, human misery and destruction.

    As far as I’m concerned the Church now is no better than Brown and Root, the Carlyle Group, Black Water and the World Bank.

    Funny how he more closely approaches the philosophy of Dr. Ewen Cameron than L Ron Hubbard.

    On a lighter note. I happen to know Pat and he probably feels guilty enough already being forced to put out that email but I couldn’t help responding mentally to the question:

    “If you pulled over to a car accident and saw a dying person behind the wheel, would you hand him a “Cause of Suppression” booklet?”

    I know to Pat wouldn’t. He’d try to help, but I’m sure it would be the only thing that Miscavige and his sycophants like Tom Cruise would do, probably without even slowing down.

  18. Dealing with continuous external enemies (be they real or imagined—disasters and wars top the list), always require some sort of follow-up action to save or help in the aftermath. But, what is the real intent and who would profit at the expense of others?

    This post, Patrick’s email and the pointed response, Naomi’s article and YT above, all paint a sad picture of minds made mad by selfish purposes.

    After reading and listening to Naomi Klein’s info, watch this interview with the late Norman Dodd, to bring home a deeper understanding as to why and just how systemic and rooted in the system perpetual war and conflicts are.
    Disaster Capitalism—what a well defined term for well defined plans for illegitimate profiting….

  19. martay,

    I can relate to this on a personal level. When 911 hit on 9/11, 2001, all public Scn were shortly thereafter called in for an extremely important “briefing” from “Int mgmt”. At the time, I actually there was going to be some for real “insider info only” data that was to be released. On the way there, I was so freaked out I actually rear-ended another Scn because he slammed on his bracks so he wouldn’t hit another Scn on his way to this very important briefing. Well, this “very important briefing” turned out to be nothing more than “reg your latest sucker for staff” briefing. When I saw what was going I was livid. I’m ex-SO, and as such, don’t even qualify for Class 5 staff. They had played their “boy who cried wolf” card one too many times. So, the only point I’m trying to make is that whenever your local “church” calls you up for a “very important briefing”, just do what I should have done, hang up.

  20. Thanks for the video P Henry.

    What is interesting for me is the parallel of those glitzy PR fests pushed down internationally every year, aside from the remunerative benefits.

    The crises operating basis was actually every day living for years at the Int/Gold base. Each year there were 6 events which always became a crisis and resulted in “legally” shifting people from their post and putting them in “event mode” jobs or posts, where there is intense pressure and sleep deprivation. This is for the actual videos, sets and set ups of events and whatever new releases there were. These are small disasters created and was the op basis for quite a long time. Not to mention creating this torture for all the staffs in Orgs and also public as they would have their own event mode or crush regging.

    Quite a lot of changes could be done as a result of these crises and disasters such as people getting busted, having everyone to all of a sudden do the ____ release courses taking them off of whatever course they were on etc. as “top priority, must do now”.

  21. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, thanks for the accurate description for life at Int and drawing the parallels. Creepy, eh?

  22. martyrathbun09

    RJ, thanks for the insight. Your note about Patrick is the key to how he corrupts good people into callous ones. Enough of those cycles and a guy has built up a character changing O/W sequence over time. If there is to be a code of character in the independent movement, I would suggest as its first item something that cancels “everyone has a price.”

  23. Of course, it is really great to go there and help the people. It is really terrific what happened there.

    “Any one making a donation of $3,000 or more will receive a very special commendation that will go directly into their ethics file.” Looks like the forgiving tickets of the Catholic Church in the medievals.

  24. martyrathbun09

    WH, I almost launched on that Robertson paradigm. It is an age-old hypocritical “religious” response. Robertson and his ilk blame every catastrophe on some unnamed sinners no matter how unconnected. Katrina was the fault of New Orleans people, 911 was the fault of Mohhammed, ad infinitum. That mentality perfectly justifies profiting on the misery of the victims.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Aeolus, Shock Doctrine had a similar effect on me. While I don’t necessarily agree with all of Naomi’s political ideas as to solutions, the book was all about time, place, form and event. Facts. It just so happens those facts have a very eerie parallel of what happened with the church. And the irony that the founder of the “philosophy” underlying the shock doctrine (literally named after electroshock treatment as part of pdh) was an avowed, vehement enemy of LRH (long before any “justification” such as fair game, disconnect, etc) can have a profound effect on someone who has devoted significant time to forwarding Scientology.

  26. Frederick Douglass:

    “Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

    Don’t give the total blame law enforcement for the bribes they have gotten from the C of $ or the threats of law -suits to Individuals. CD

    “Convince a man that he is an animal, that his own dignity and self-respect are delusions, that there is no ‘beyond’ to aspire to, no higher potential self to achieve, and you have a slave. Let a man know he is himself, a spiritual being, that he is capable of the power of choice and has the right to aspire to greater wisdom and you have started him up a higher road.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  27. “An indulgence, in Catholic theology, is the full or partial remission of temporal punishment[1] due for sins which have already been forgiven. The indulgence is granted by the church after the sinner has confessed and received absolution.”

  28. War and Peace – I’ve been reading this blog now for at least 4 months. I respond often.

    Your post about Jeannie however was the first one where I actually started to cry. From relief that she is away from dm, has a child, might be deservedly happy and the anger that this wonderful woman was treated like this.

    I knew Jeannie well. Very well. I held her during Jens illness.

    If you know how to reach her if you could forward her email to Marty, who will forward it to me — that would be just wonderful. (obviously only if she is agreeable to this)

    It’s what I’ve been hoping for — the find those who have just “disappeared”


  29. martyrathbun09

    WH, I hate to interject more harsh reality into such a compassionate plea. However, you have reminded me of another SP tactic of the Shock Doctrinists, “disappearing.” It is textbook technique for them to “disappear” dissidents.

  30. Truth to Power

    On that now infamous 911 WAKE UP CALL.

    He says in that issue that there were kamikaze pilots who crashed their planes on Pearl Harbor… Ive pointed this out numerously, but there were no kamikazes in Pearl when that happened, totally shattering his theory and parallel. Capitalizing on capitalism is disgusting – I read the shock doctrine and agree wholeheartedly on what you state here.

  31. Hi Dmarie, I have no idea who you are or what your Scn track is but your first sentence above…

    “I read this post & realize how turely brainwashed I really was!”

    …has given me cause to invite you to read an exchange (in part) that Outside the Box and I are currently engaged in.

    My reply to OTB, although not the primary purpose of the comm, does present an explanation as to how I became so brainwashed myself. And, I know for a fact that my explanation of the “truth” I had fixed into place, is not an isolated case. If you’re interested, here’s the link…

  32. A casual read of Patrick’s email certainly gives the impression you’re donating money directly to disaster relief efforts, not unlike the telethon activity. My jaw is still on the floor as it quickly dawned on me… book packages? incredible. Then I suppose someone could fashion splints out of TWTH booklets.

  33. Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    Money often costs too much.

  34. I just got off the phone with the receptionist of the Cincinatti Org — apparently Jeannie still works there.

    Rather than drive in Jeannie’s anchor points or create what at this time would be a potential mess with my step-kids — I hung up as the receptionist was transferring.

    As I’ve said — the timing yet isn’t right for me to come forward.

    HOWEVER, I so appreciate your story war and peace and Marty’s point about the technique of disappearing dissidents.

    Someone mentioned I think on another website creating a list of everyone who might have been IN the SO … starting as far back as possible.

    And “finding” them. Not harassing them, not to even get in comm with them — just making them no longer be “disappeared” — however this could be sticky as most probably just want to be left alone from OSA etc. I’m sure we’ll figure out something at some point.

    It’s quite healing for me to know that although I wish Jeannie wouldn’t be IN the corporate church — she is at least safe(r) being away from dm. Cincinnati is unlikely often on his radar.


  35. Were all of the people in the Towers in NYC on 9/11 PTS? Were all of the people who were on the planes used as weapons on that terrible day PTS? Were all of the people living in New Orleans PTS? Were all of the people visiting and living in the Tsunami zone on the coast of the Indian Ocean PTS? Are all of the people living on and visiting Haiti PTS? OF COURSE NOT! The natural disaster is NOT a suppressive act however some of the responses to these disasters, when viewed through the lens of Disaster Capitalism, are obviously suppressive.

    There are thousands of honest people in Haiti working their hearts out to save lives and alleviate pain, suffering and misery. To put what the CO$ is doing in the name of “help” in the same category as these acts of heroism and self sacrifice is obviously ridiculous.

    Labeling the victims of these types of events as PTS provides the labeller with the vantage point to view the victims from a perspective of superiority (however misguided and delusional this perspective is). Just one of the behaviors that used to drive me crazy when working for the Church.

    The crisis-to-crisis man ups, taking my spouse off to save the day, drove me nuts and left me single parenting our kids. And what was the Church doing to “pull in” these attacks??? This was NEVER discussed as it was always the “evil out there” that created the crisis. Honest attempts to help our communities were few and far between. It was all about the photo op and PR and never about doing the work required to help folks move to better conditions.

    So this mentality continues and is magnified since the discovery of the upward spike in the Income trends when these crises occur. Makes me sick…

    On the other hand, this Independent community views the crisis in Haiti as an obvious opportunity to actually help through donations, spreading the word about legitimate ways to help, etc. I appreciate the post above and the information about Disaster Capitalism. This book goes on my (long) list of next reads.

    Gotta end this on an up note! Thank you for the continued education! Told my husband this morning that reading these posts magnifies my lack of education in the area of philosophy, the classics, and ethics (though I am VERY familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs). I learn something every day from all of you, thank you for your willingness to share.

  36. David from England

    This is truly unhinged. Did the person who came up with thi bright idea pause for even a moment to consider the state of mind of the people of Haiti now, and wonder whether they would be in the right frame of mind to be reading anything? What do they think is going to happen – that from their street-side shelters or tent encampments, Haitians will read TWTH and then begin clamoring to go up the Bridge, forgetting for a while the fact that they have no homes, no water, no comforts, nothing… How profoundly callous. It would have been better had they done nothing. The Church better hope and pray that its antics do not attract the attention of the world’s media because Tommy David will have his a*s worked off handling the bad PR.,

  37. Cat Daddy, you are one hell of a quote hound! I just want to say that I, for one, very much appreciate all these wonderful and apropos quotes that you put out onto the table. For sure, without hesitation I harvest any that I do not already have in my already overstuffed quote folder. 🙂

  38. Sinar,
    It is a fact that emergencies are the milieu for entering in the arbitraries that are the basis of 3D engrams. DM’s ploy of creating repeatedly ’emergency’ status is comparable to the entering in of ‘pain and unconsciousness’ into which he enters his engrammic commands, the aribitrary orders.

    His tactic is to invalidate with force (Huck earlier posted a quote from The Road to Clear/OT on this), and then in the confusion he creates, enter in ‘commands’, i.e. false and arbitrary data, and voila – a 3D engram, complete with action phrases and aberration to be dramaitized.

    It makes sense he’d go to areas where there is confusion and turmoil and if there aren’t ready made ‘disasters’, he’ll create them, exactly as delineated in Ms. Klein’s work, The Shock Doctrine. In these he finds the turmoil needed to feed his greed. A greed for destruction in many forms.

  39. Attack the ill-worded e-mail or the church’s current management but not Patrick Howson!

    Patrick Howson is one of the good guys. His only “crime” is making books and lectures by L. Ron Hubbard available to people who want them.

    If the church is attempting to profit from disaster, it is coming from upper management. Patrick Howson isn’t the right target.

  40. I too know Patrick. However even his LRH quote of the week gets a spin: I think of it as DeMonization. Here is the most recent:

    “So, if you’re going to play the game at all, play it as a game and play it well. Realize fully that if you go into action you’ll go into trouble, and go ahead and play the game. And don’t worry about whether you’re crazy or the environment is crazy. Be perfectly willing to be crazy. In other words, be willing to be crazy as far as the environment is concerned. And that way you’ll get something done.”— L. Ron Hubbard

    I am sure DM has that one on his wall. Did anyone see the other out of context one they did talking about uptone people being in violent action? You have to wonder if Patrick actually composes these things anymore.

    This is the effort to pass on the idea that what DM does is right and needed. But its just jarring people in the other direction. And I bet Patrick slips in a few decent ones when noone is looking. Patrick is an important comm line to the field. He has a huge email list and has built up a lot of credibility over the years. I guess someone decided it was time to cash out that resource, much as every other Scientology resource accumulated over the last 60 years is being cashed out. Eventually the out-of-context quotes about how its ok to be crazy and violent and weird appeals for cash will burn the comm line. Sad but another example of how step by step, DM is burning every strong comm line in the Scientology religion, and step by step building the Church of DeMonology.

  41. I certainly hope that the VMs that manage to arrive in Haiti are able to assist. That is, really assist as in ‘assists’.

    DM’s greedy manipulations of the willingness of well-intentioned beings to aggrandize a PR position for him and secondarily Scn, since that will aggrandize him, are facts. He epitomizes a ‘disaster capitalist’. He creates emergencies or takes advantage of them, and in the confusion enters in his commands. He aberrates the group with this tactic. HIS ‘help’ is anything but.

    I sure hope that those donating to the cause of helping the Haitian people through this present catastrophe via the CofS, Pubs org call, actually get some standard help to them. That, in terms of Dns and Scn, would be to quietly make them physically comfortable, with food, shelter and medical help. These are ‘assists’.

    It was embarrassing to read WH’s short comment the other day of the NY press statement that the VM’s were refused entry due to the perception they were there for a photo-op. No, it was shameful to realize that the willingness to help, as was intended by LRH to be the VM program, has garnered this sort of reputation.

    I’m reminded of the story MSH tells of LRH being late for his dinner because he was auditing somebody he’d just met, not for PR, not for self-aggrandizement, but just to help.

    That is in fact, what Dns and Scn are all about, a recognition of the scene and factual help. I hope those responding to the call are able to do just that.

  42. There was a similar situation several years ago when their was a big push to get TWTH into disaster torn countries in Africa. One of them was into Zimbabwe. Books were donated and the plan was to get them into the hands of all of the members of the Zimbabwe army. They arrived alright, but not used as they were intended. After the reports came back, the army instead used them for Fire wood as that was a higher priority to them. If I remember correctly it was a lot of books like 100K+.

  43. I agree, Flur, let’s not get drawn into ALL things CoS does are bad because there are very good beings working hard to help within the structure. JT flying his plane to Haiti with medical volunteers should be commended. VMs should be commended for helping. Propaganda isn’t their intention, though of course it is uplines.

  44. Well Marty the worst has happened and it appeared in today’s Denver Post. Talk about pressure to pay. My God this has got to stop now.To be driven to this point is beyond anything anyone signed up for.

  45. These mad event cycles were simply Dev T designed to bring to a halt the organization set up to deliver Scientology.

    So the end game was bad delivery/no delivery of Scientology.

    Then, when the stats crash (as they do inevitably do because no one’s at the wheel) it allows DM and his henchmen to launch witch hunts and throw the competent execs whose juniors were dragged off post into the Hole and label them SPs.

    Then you can scream, “What have you done to COB????” and “It was INTENTIONAL!”

    It’s so Orwellian it’s scary.

  46. Marty wrote: “If there is to be a code of character in the independent movement, I would suggest as its first item something that cancels “everyone has a price.”—Nice one Marty. Right On.

  47. I hadn’t even wrapped my mind around this parallel. Scientology’s Los Desparacidos.

  48. Barry,

    My withdrawal cycle has been slowly going on for some time – I knew something was wrong but I didn’t quite know what till the SP Times stories – but the pace quickened the night two of my favorite SO members showed up at my house with The Basics.

    These were two tech terminals of whom I am very fond and for whom I’d do more or less anything.

    Dedicated SO Tech terminals dragged off post and (don’t ask me how they even got a car) they’re in my living room begging me to buy books I already had.

    I bought them because of the desperation in their eyes. I got their pictures; they needed to make this happen.

    In case you think I’m a tad weak-kneed, understand that the IAS hasn’t bothered to even call me for at least two years. I gave them a Severe Reality Adjustment after one too many examples of How to Destroy F/Ns in the NOTS lounge.

    Mostly, I wasn’t upset about donating because I thought it was going to a good cause. What makes me pissed beyond belief though is to think that my donations went to the stripper hired to rub her assets in Norman Starkey’s face at his birthday party.

    I can tell you now that a lot of OTs – especially women – will absolutely freak out when they hear that story.

    Time, place, form and event is kryptonite.

  49. After the Mission Holders network was decimated in the early 80’s, a local mission in the DC area became a “Celebrity Center”.
    The funny thing was, the only 2 “celebrities” on lines there were John Coale and his wife, Greta Van Susteren. (see for background on these 2 characters.)

    With people like this being given exclusive “celebrity” status, is it any wonder that this kind of “think” pervades the body politic?

    DM is just a weak wannabe, with no ability of his own to bring about healing or as-is-ness. And he surrounds himself with like thinking minds, at great parishoner expense, to maintain the illusion of his justifications, while making the world wrong for not conforming to his twisted ideas concerning production and admiration.

    This is why LRH insisted that Honest People Have Rights.

  50. Actually books would fill a VITAL purpose in that ravaged nation, fuel for fires under cooking pots.

    I have never before thought I would advocate burning books, but in this situation….it makes sense.

  51. WH

    In the few months I’ve been visiting this site and others like it, I’ve heard many references and some anecdotes about Yvonne.

    Clearly, this woman was instrumental in caring for and guiding many artists inside the church, before dm’s reign of terror. I never had the pleasure of knowing her, and by the time I first saw CC she had been gone for years, I think, as I never saw any trace of her there.

    I think it could be a wonderful tribute to this woman and a very inspiring resource for people wanting to know what was/is really right about scientology, if there was a website devoted to Yvonne. If any of you out there knew her and have stories, you might think about starting or contributing to such a creation. From what little I’ve heard, her spirit and her accomplishments, as well as her legacy of caring for artists, entitle her to much more acknowledgment and celebration than she has or ever will receive from the church she helped build.

    I personally find her inspiring. I would love to know more, and to see her legacy continued.

    And you never now who it’s going to inspire to take on the mantle.

  52. P. Henry Thank you. I quote to make people think and discover other thinkers. I always try to be relevant to the subject or comment to wich I atach them

    My personal Favorits are Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer and Mohamedas Ghandi.

    When I was quoted myself I feld proud.: …when PR replaces Truth, Faith is lost.

    “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you.”


  53. Thanks Marty, Jim & Huck. This is definitely creepy!

    The story on post 9/11 also reminded me that
    there was Hiro’s story from September in this blog as to what he did on ground Zero, heroic actions done by now – Independents. This truth was refused to be told or acknowledged. in case you missed it.

  54. Was he just ‘following orders?’

    Sorry, Jonathan, especially sorry if Patrick is, indeed, one of the good guys, because he’s responsible for his own words, responsible for his own actions, and when his signature appears at the end of a communication, it’s his communication and he endorses all that it contains. If Patrick’s sympathies and awareness lie elsewhere (and not with the policies and actions he’s promoting), he is really violating his integrity by being not only involved, but a cause point in this despicable activity.

    Good guys deserve to be happy, and nobody can be happy violating his own integrity like this.

  55. OMG, this is a terrible story and shows the depths parishioners will sink to to satisfy the CO$ monster!

  56. It’s landing them in a load of BAD PR, which I am starting to think DM loves. It’s disgusting.

    John Travolta to Airlift Desperately Needed E-Meters to People of Haiti[Opportunism] — Scientologists have mobilized to seize on the promotional and recruitment opportunities presented by the horror going on in Haiti, and John Travolta has personally arranged to fly “volunteer…

  57. The Pyramide of Maslow is alsoo known to MBA and Marketing people but with different intent. Maslows Hierarchy of needs was the first thing I thought of reading the 8 Dynamics. You just start filling in Urge where it says Need and play a bit with the wording.

  58. Mickey, thanks much for adding this video interview with the late Norman Dodd. This story, like alfalfa, has roots that run very deep.

    The sub-story regarding the attorney Kathryn Casey presented a most apropos example of what I have attempted to articulate to Outside the Box in our ongoing dialogue. Kathryn, a brilliant attorney with a solidy fixed viewpoint in regards to foundations, nonprofits and such as being only beneficial to the country, discovers too much TRUTH too fast and, as a result, eventually loses her mind.

    This crazy seemingly never-ending looped cycle we’ve been on for…??? is sure getting old isn’t it?

    Only a few weeks in Scn (still on the comm crs), I read The History of Man. And as wild as that book was for me, from cover to cover, there is one page in, what used to be Chapter Five now Chapter Six, that I pulled out and put on the desktop to never be put away. Here’s a couple of excerpts from that page…

    “There is nothing as wild in the books of man as will probably happen here on Earth. And it will happen and be allowed to happen simply because all this is so incredible that nobody will even think of stopping it until it is fa, far too late. Its incredibility is its best safeguard, so you needn’t bother to convince anybody who doesn’t want to believe it.

    “Let sleeping sapiens snore in the bulk for yet a while. then meet someplace and decide what to do about him and his twopenny wars, his insane and his prisons.” – LRH

    Could it be that here in this place, “someplace”, in space and time that we are finally coming together. “meeting”, to decide what to do about him, his two-penny wars, his insane and his prisons?

    The further I proceed on this path the more I suspect that that is exactly what we’re doing.

  59. From HCOB 5 May 1960 – HELP

    “My examinations have now led me to the conclusion that a person has a make-break point of sanity on any given subject. This point is help. On the tone scale it would compare at 2.0 [antagonism] for any dynamic. The whole index of a personality could be adjudicated by an examination of the person’s reactions to various types of help. Above this point a person can help, and can be helped, providing, of course, the help is sincere, and really is help. Below this point help becomes betrayal.” -LRH

  60. Freedom Fighter

    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste — and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before.” — Rahm Emmanuel in an interview with the WSJ about the financial crisis


    Although not quite the same thing, your post reminded me of another mechanism I’ve seen used:

    “Of course the people don’t want war. But, after all, it’s the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and [for] exposing the country to greater danger.” — Hermann Goering at the Nurnberg Trials

  61. Marty said: “Facts. It just so happens those facts have a very eerie parallel of what happened with the church. ”

    I have observed for a long time the parallels of using force, fear, control and collective orchestration (indoctrination via outright lies and skewed facts of PR, events and media) between these two organizations—the political/governmental agenda and the political/church agenda. Remaining usually hidden until the advent of the Internet, now the tide is turning and at long last begun to reveal truth–facts are at a very rapid clip, being exposed.

    There was another beautiful and smart Naomi (Wolf) who around the same time as Ms. Klein, wrote another very compelling book, “The End of America”. Her observations and research and resultant book are also based on factual history. This Naomi’s contribution added another compelling dimension to the subject matter of this thread. You will know of what I speak after watching this interview. (Again, notice the “eerie parallel”.)

  62. martyrathbun09

    Well, I could put them much better use — and it wouldn’t include destroying them. It would putting them into the hands of people who were in a position to and had the desire to help people.

  63. P Henry,
    Methinks so too. And it’s even more satisfying, fulfilling, and frankly, fun, than I ever would have suspected when I read that section from History of Man myself more than decades ago.

  64. Victoria and all,
    If you go to a couple of the links on the site you’ve linked to it is apparent that the CofS IS in fact doing something thoroughly needed and wanted and is flying Haitian medical personal that live in NYC down to Haiti to help in a meaningful way.

    This is much better news. Thank goodness for the willingness and good intentions of the many.

  65. Well in my profession, the pyramid is used to establish priorities when caring for the ill and infirm. I guess any good work can be perverted to corrupt ends when misapplied by the greedy and despotic. As is apparent in the CO$…

  66. People think that the VMs are there for a photo op because they wear those day-glo yellow shirts and jackets (knowingly designed, by the way, so they would stand out in a photo, even at a distance) and bring along a staff photographer. If they are not there for a photo op, then I’d suggest they take off those yellow shirts and jackets and dismiss the photographer and just pitch in and help.

  67. Lunamoth — brilliant idea!! Perhaps a blog — that would be easier, I think.

    Funny you mention this – I spoke with a friend – former CC staff and long time SO member – left around 2000 and mentioned CC … and how her office was dismantled.

    My friend mentioned that at the time of her death and the mission that was fired into CC to handle the celebs and staff — LRH had said that her office should be created into something of a shrine —

    My friend mentioned that within several months, that was dismantled. Now nothing exists of Yvonne.

    So your idea is inspired!!


  68. TheEmporerIsNaked

    I don’t think your comments should be aimed that broadly. The church is definately different than BlackWater. They are manned by people who are in it for the $ at all levels, not just the top. With the church there is a definate mix, you have very on-purpose people absolutely not in it for the $ – and you have the others… Most of what I saw at the VM level on the ground was pretty on-purpose and just about the help. It only went arwy when we got cross-ordered, or the PR people showed up “Gold is coming – stop helping and get ready for the shoot”. Or if there was a stat push like we are seeing here.

    Also, I see no evidence that Tom Cruise should be lumped in with people who would try to sell a dying person a book. I have never met him, but your comment does not seem fair. I cringed at the event where he got the award, but I don’t know if that really represented his beingness. I have heard a couple of stories about him helping someone that seemed quite genuine.

    All of the VM training I have seen includes the no-brainer first step of doing non-e. Almost any VM would go to Haiti with that in mind (again with the caveat that they could be cross ordered). At Katrina the needed stuff came in by the truck load, we had mountains of it. VMs were needed just to organize. The biggest lesson I learned from Katrina was whatever you see on TV is heavily altered. You have to have direct info, from on-site by an uptone person like Paul or you just don’t know.

    The lesson is, donate to people like Paul’s group who are there and know what to do. Or even to VM’s after they are there and know what they need.

  69. Of course that would be the optimum solution. My facetious comments though, were meant to point out the absurdity of the situation.

    If I were in Haiti and saw LRH books being burned as cooking fuel, I would consider it to be a pro survival action. Not optimum, but neither contra survival. And I am a scientologist.

    The question is, after the country is brought back to some order and people get their lives back on track, will the church be there making solutions available via the tech in a manner accessible to the common person? I doubt it.

    And what of us? What will we be doing to help Haitians in 6 months or a year when it is again out of mind?

    I know you have said that you have no more desire for organized religion, but I say it can have a place in our lives, if kept sane.

    There is value in continuing organizations setup around common purposes. And it is that they can offload some of what we may at times feel is personal responsibility, in exchange for our less specific contributions of time or money.

    I think LRH was right that we need…..a church….or something like it. It makes us more powerful in aggregate. The synergy, the stable support mechanisms…and I think this books to Haiti is a good example of the need, and it not being met.

    Ok. Starting to sound ranty!

    Thanks for listening!

  70. War and Peace

    You have a new friend. I will be in good touch when I come out. Maybe sooner.
    Jeanie Sonenfield was denied all human rights.
    The sheer hypocricy of the CofS releasing “Universal Human Rights Ads” boggles the mind.
    The monster DM did reverse Black Dianetics on her.
    She was literally incarcerated for some 3 months on INT BASE ~~ 7-8 hours of sec checking a day in the middle of her NOTS.
    She looked like a battered housewife when she emerged.
    Nancy Many had a mental breakdown with one fraction of the torture Jeanie endured. Jeanie is strong and did not go Type III but this kind of action can lead to it.
    WH ~~ I will be in touch

  71. Mickey, you’re on a roll! Another very informative video. And about those “eerie parallels”…IN SPADES!

    Three things mentioned by Naomi in this interview I have crossed paths with since moving where I now live.

    First: School of Americas – had dinner one night with a man who was their top assassin trainer. As far as I know he did not know that I knew. He had come from Panama to work in a local bank and now lived in Fl. Hmmm???

    Seccond: Homeland Security – I started a local activist group a couple of years ago. Took months to get this group of 20 or so into some degree of action. A couple of months prior to action a guy comes into the group via one of the members who met him in a coffee shop. He’s friendly, a writer, no job, no problem with money; has a motorcycle, an RV and an SUV. Hangs out at coffee shops and book stores. Helpful. Group goes active, gets a damn good product and has a big win. Almost immediately afterwards the entire group turns on myself and my wife. That’s it! End of group. Mysterious guy loads up and heads into the sunset.

    Third: Tazer – not more than three months ago in a nearby small town the police are called to a household by a mother that can’t handle her 10 year old daughter. The policeman arrives and uses his taser on the girl and then arrests her. There’s public outrage. The policeman gets suspended a week with pay.


    Yvonne Jentzsch

    Yvonne did have a SHRINE ~~ a litle Memorial room it at CC INT. The room contained some dynamite images of Yvonne in action, Yvonne with LRH on the Flagship Apollo, Yvonne with various communities and plaques and awards she had received through the years (even from outside the Church).

    DM ordered it decimated, taken down, vanished.
    No memory of her exists at CC.

  73. I have to agree. Alomng with the hidden agenda some qualified personal is flown in. I think this is crunch time for the Church They can not afford to screw this one up Geuss who is helping Coördinating. Sylvia Stanner (shudders) I have to say she actually looks healthier than the past couple of years. I think personally this help effort takes people out of the constant stress of being hasseled for money and makes them feel they have purpose again. Sylvia is OSA isn’t she UGH. They dropped the ball on one important occasion though.

    Hartley Patterson ARSCC member:

    So far three flights have been organised and gone in. Stats I have no reason to doubt from a Jan 23 Press Release:
    Scientology Volunteer Ministers and Haitian-American Doctors and EMTs Heading to Disaster Zone
    On the third plane, from JFK:

    “Doctors and nurses from the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad and the Elizabeth Marie Pierre Centre for Humanity, Inc., Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) from the Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and Scientology Volunteer Ministers.
    The Church has transported 251 MDs, nurses, EMTs and rescue workers to Haiti this week and 100 disaster response trained Volunteer Ministers. ”

    Giving a ride in to Haitian medics trying to get back home was a fine idea.
    So far I haven’t seen any reports of VMs getting in the way, being obstructive or handing out TWTH booklets.

    So far the VMs themselves seem to have made a beeline for the main hospital in the capital where all the journalists visit and appointed themselves porters and support staff. Is this something those loveable but dumb colored folks are too stupid to do? If they were elsewhere I assume it would have shown up in the PR, which has been rather grasping at straws to find heroic deeds (one VM was a MIDWIFE and delivered a BABY).
    And of course some of their ‘help’ is believed by them to be working miracles.


    Perhaps some will recall Hollywood Director and ex-CoS member Paul Haggis? He set up Artists for Peace and Justice last year which has been helping schools in Haiti:
    Relief for Haiti – Artists for Peace and Justice
    He is there now, at a children’s hospital. If you’d like to be positive, send them your money.”


    Anything positive is welcomed. But the Bookdrive and the constant donatian angle remain Disgusting.

    With regards CD

  74. Thank you, Mickey, for the Naomi Wolf piece.

  75. Exactly Fishdaddy. I do volunteer and didn’t go with the VMs because of the stupid t-shirts. I just wanted to help, as a human being, and not to further the church agenda.

  76. “A Tribute to Yvonne Jentzsch: Loyal Officer, Sea Org Commander, Kha Khan, Expert Disseminator of Dianetics and Scientology, and Humanitarian. In recognition of her extraordinary Work in creating a saner society for mankind on this planet, She will remain ever with us.” L. Ron Hubbard, Commodore”

    I’m looking at this in a Celebrity magazine which featured her ( CC 15th Anniversary issue that I pulled out of a box the other day). There are stories from people who knew her, worked with her, from her daughter.

    I never met her in person, bur remember hearing about her when I first went to Los Angeles, from so many people who loved her, that I saw her by her effects.

    And you know what?! I just now read right here on the magazine that Today – January 23 – is the anniversary of her physical death (in 1978).

    The tone of this magazine is warm, alive. So different from today. There’s a poem to her by Heber Jentzsch.

  77. I was very angry when I got that email from Bridge this was my response:

    Are you insane??????? These people need WATER,FOOD AND SHELTER. Get your priorities right and the correct sequence in. I am certainly NOT donating for handbooks to go out. In fact I knew Scn would do this so I ensured my money went straight to the Red Cross, where I know it will ACTUALLY help the immediate problem. You should be ashamed of yourself

  78. Sorry to say that if Patrick is ” running with the big dogs in the tall grass,” he might catch fleas or worse depending of the toxicity of the grass.

    Perhaps it’s not him personally, but perhaps his pack which howl those insensitive and greedy seeming barks and yips.

  79. Marty,

    Speaking of Yvonne Jentzsch and disappearing –Heber Jetzsch, Yvonne’s husband, and the well liked and very popular President of the Church of Scientology International (CSI) has disappeared. He has not been seen at any events in years. Jane Jentzsch, a brilliant auditor and Heber’s current wife, has routed off staff and has also disappeared.

    An interesting trend — the true Friends of Ron leave or disappear. But now they start to gather again and are forming into a true group.

    The Sea Project (Jan 1967) , which came before the Sea Org (Aug 1967), only had 20 or so OT3s.

    The true Sea Org, those really committed to their Billion Year contract with LRH, is re-grouping here now. We have already grown beyond the original size of the Sea Project and are growing faster than the original Sea Org did.

    Everyone here can share in and own the “Proud Sense of Accomplishment” which LRH mentioned in his Commend after the Portland win. No one can bestow that. It takes other OTs to recognize it. The true Sea Org is an OT org.

    We come back, just like Ron said and we all promised to do.

    In fact we ARE back.

    Your friend

  80. I am completely and utterly distgusted with this email from Bridge. The underlying out-ethics in sending such a piece of s*** to Scientologists is utterly mind boggling.

    Hey Patrick, why not use some of the millions of IASA donations to do something effective for these people? Oh, wait, I forgot, DM needs the IAS money to hire PI’s to hunt down those evil people who are trying to put ethics in on him…

    (Not to mention the expensive vacations, numerous RTC cars, the RTC palace at Int, birthday presents for his buddy Tom, etc. etc.)

  81. Lest we forget OR you don’t know John Coale was/is quite the high profile attorney.

    Huge lawsuits.

    Big winnings.

    On a smaller scale, this type of attorney is called an Ambulance Chaser.

    On his scale — it’s celebrity status (choke) … find a big man-made disaster (airplane crash, Dow Chemical explosion India etc — and John’s right there!!

    Go John. Profit on human misery.

    Go Greta. Support she who sanctions killing wolves from helicopters.

    A true power couple … gag

    Hmmm — is my ire showing. Sorry.


  82. Nancy Many was on the Mission fired from Flag by Diana the day of Yvonne’s death (or the next day) to help the celebs and staff of CC deal with her passing.

    Creating that Memorial Room was part of that Mission.

    It was LRH’s order to create a Shrine for Yvonne – according to my friend, who was also on the Mission.

    She wasn’t even given a memorial service at Flag. But instead Heber, David and Merrill Mayo, her children and about 3 others were had a small memorial in a room at the local mortuary. Grim.

    War and Peace for sure we’ll meet up a some point.
    We probably already know each other 🙂

    It broke my heart to see Nancy’s interview on her website but she was wonderful and strong. I’m happy she’s well.


  83. Yeah I pointed out that historical inaccuracy to one of the lil’ tyrant’s flacks, at the time.

    I wouldn’t say it made me any more popular at the time, but I already knew I was on Davy’s sh_t list after I didn’t grovel correctly after the TRD and had the audacity to request a com ev.

  84. When I first moved to Metro DC, I came on lines at the DC CC. There’s an auditing intensive in and of itself…well, maybe a couple of hours. Didn’t even know about Van Susteren and her husband. Didn’t even know they were in Scn. until I moved to Clearwater in 2000, and my old room mate, who was on VII at the time, told me Greta was in the course room with him. He didn’t like her. Can’t recall why. My first thought: They let reporters on lines now?? Odd.

    At this point in time as far as Haiti goes, the Confusion formula needs to be applied. It’s chaotic. Books are to high a gradient. Stable datums-food, water, shelter, medical supplies and treatment. ~

  85. Anyone in Haiti must be worth his weight in food. If there are VMs there who are there doing anything but giving assists and actively helping people than they are taking food away from victims and are doing the exact opposite of what they’re meant to do. The VMs are nothing more than PR for DM. In the March 13th event I’m willing to bet there is going to be a whole video on Haiti and it will be shameful! It is good that JT flew medical personnel there along with the VMs, but I am so disappointed in John for being so spineless – he’s seen the outpoints, he’s suffered tremendously he is truly PTS to the fourth reich (DM).

  86. DM is not like LRH at all and many are hesitant to acknowledge that they are Scientologists and many public figures flat out deny it.

    It is a shame. If DM would want SCN to expand, he would resign and leave the religion in better hands but his.

    What is DM’s real motive? Empty the orgs?

  87. lunamoth: I agree Patrick Howson is responsible for his words and actions — but he at least has the courage necessary to make the attempt. He isn’t hiding behind a pseudonym. He signs his communications, good or bad, with his own name.

  88. Sinar, I doubt Patrick is “running with the big dogs.” Patrick is at Bridge and not at INT as far as I understand. Additionally, he is only a mail clerk.

  89. I agree. Also It doesn’t matter what his motive is. People get caught up in this war of personalities so it’s Marty vs Dave, that doesn’t matter. His motive is besides the point, he is emptying orgs, there’s tomes of evidence for this it’s undeniable. So he must be gotten rid of by any means so we can expand, end of story.

  90. Remember that Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man”?

    This might be amusing but it contains a strong simile of the *management* behind the Franchised Zealotry calling itself Scientology “Helping Hands”… 😦 😐

  91. “Motives? Therein lies the tale.”

  92. A photo op seems to be Miscavige’s ultimate objective.

    Back in the early ’90’s we put together the biggest Auditor’s Association ever seen in the LA Area since the early ’70’s using all the REDs,Sec EDs and PLs that Ron had written on the subject.

    So we got over 1000 members and Heber put out some press release about how we out numbered the psychs etc and then we got our picture taken in front of the complex.

    After this they sabotaged the Auditors Association by getting rid of the Secretary and Treasurer because they weren’t SO and scared the rest us off by trying to recruit us for staff at LA Org.

  93. LOL!

    So…… we actually donate to the third world county and make them into “book burners.”

  94. anonymous,
    No wuckers. It was a pretty good rant 🙂

  95. I never met Yvonne personally but her spirit was still very much there in the ’80’s.

    Suzette took over for a while as the President and the place was a nice theta space. Until Dave and his wrecking crew arrived and had plans of making it some ostentatious pretentious “show case for celebrities “.

    Anyway, Veritas is there any way you can down load and post it, along with a picture of her?

    A nice touch would be to make her reading of the Factors available on Mp3. I still remember it to this day, because I went exterior listening to it 🙂

  96. Kathy Braceland

    Disaster Capitalist — that’s Miscavige alright. I’m not a bit surprised that he would use Haiti’s disaster to his benefit, just like he did with the horrible events of 9/11. I wonder how he’ll use Rex Fowler to his advantage.

    As LRH says “By their actions you shall know them.”

    Each overt he commits furthers his rapidly increasing downfall. Miscavige continues to dig his own grave….

  97. Underground For Now

    The new theme song for the CO$

  98. Thought provoking


    Can you please post the poem from Heber to Yvonne? I think of him a lot and a theta moment or comm from him would be nice!

  99. becomingAware


    Wow! The Frederick Douglass quote caused me some shivers and the world moved. Wow.

    You have my appreciation.

  100. TEN, I understand at the lowest level of the Church you have those who have selflessly devoted themselves to helping others.

    However, the organization itself can be corrupted from the top and from various sectors within which is why in Scientology we have policies on Counter Espionage and handling infiltration.

    This is what has happened Church of Scientology and now it operates like the organizations I noted earlier in a predatory manner.

    Trying to make capital on the suffering of others which is what this post on this blog is all about!

    Sure there are good people in Black Water ex-special forces, Military vets, CIA, Law Enforcement, etc. who are there because they feel that its a job somebody’s got to do.

    I’m not writing about these people either!

    My comments have to do with the organizations themselves.

    More accurately the group bank.

  101. When I was still in I wrote a ‘Things That Shouldn’t Be Report’ on Greta and her sleaze ball lawyer husband because they were causing PR Flaps left and right.

    Note that according to the policy ‘Illegal PCs’, Greta shouldn’t even be on lines because she is heavily involved in the media.

    However, like many of the low lifes currently on lines, they are there because they pad Miscavige’s pockets.

  102. Such an incredibly sad story. My heart goes out to both families.

  103. I’ve always thought Miscavige was “their” operative and that with his heat seeking Cruise missile he’s aiming for the destruction of the organization on behalf of his “friends” in the Government.

    Any way, whether by design or serendipity he’s managed to achieve what various Government agencies had been trying to achieve for over forty years before the no longer secret closing agreement which I had always thought was a Mephistophelian pact.

  104. Have to admit, I love the Scrooge McDuck video with “Mony Mony” playing. Awesome!! ~

  105. Veritas- REALLY?! That’s remarkable and
    fitting that we are talking about her then!

    I really hope we can inspire someone who did
    know her to start something on-line. I almost
    feel a loss that I never got to know her. Plus, it
    just seems right, don’t you think? I imagine any meeting place that would have people remembering her and sharing her legacy would generate a lot of theta.

    WH – I’m really glad you like the idea. I’ll bet you’d have anecdotes and lots of affinity to share.

  106. Johathon,

    I believe you just took a rather 1.1 swipe at me. I was startled by it at first. I really wasn’t expecting that.

    The fact that you are surrounded on this site by people using pseudonyms can’t be lost on you. Was it your intention to nullify all of them with the comment about “hiding behind a pseudonyn,” as well?

    I will only say that it doesn’t say much for the strength of your case when you resort to ad hominem attacks.

  107. Where is this article? I’ve done various web searches and find nothing with that as the headline. Well, I take that back. I’ve found articles but no pictures. Looking for the picture, have a link?

  108. Thanks, W&P. Wish I’d seen it before it was destroyed!

  109. Lise, you simply must stop mincing words and tell them how you really feel. : ))

  110. Abraham Joshua Heschel:

    A religious man is a person who holds God and man in one thought at one time, at all times, who suffers harm done to others, whose greatest passion is compassion, whose greatest strength is love and defiance of despair. [New York Journal-American, April 5, 1963]

  111. “It’s human nature to abuse power, no matter who you are.”

    Naomi Wolf

  112. “So in some ways it is human nature to be in denial … but Americans have our own special version.”

    Naomi Wolf

  113. HELEN and Boyd H.

    Hotchkiss’s seven deadly sins of narcissism:

    Shamelessness – Shame is the feeling that lurks beneath all unhealthy narcissism, and the inability to process shame in healthy ways.
    Magical thinking – Narcissists see themselves as perfect using distortion and illusion known as magical thinking. They also use projection to dump shame onto others.
    Arrogance – If a narcissist is feeling deflated, s/he can reinflate him/herself by diminishing, debasing or degrading somebody else.
    Envy – If the narcissist’s need to secure a sense of superiority meets an obstacle because of somebody else, s/he neutralises it using contempt to minimise the other person’s ability
    Entitlement – Narcissists hold unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves uniquely special. Any failure to comply will be considered an attack on their superiority and the perpetrator is considered to be an “awkward” or “difficult” person. Defiance of their will is a narcissistic injury that can trigger narcissistic rage.
    Exploitation – can take many forms but always involves the using of others without regards for their feelings or interests. Often the other is in a subservient position where resistance would be difficult or even impossible. Sometimes the subservience is not so much real as assumed.
    Bad Boundaries – narcissists do not recognize that they have boundaries and that others are separate and are not extensions of themselves. Others either exist to meet their needs or may as well not exist at all. Those who provide narcissistic supply to the narcissist will be treated as if they are part of the narcissist and be expected to live up to those expectations. In the mind of a narcissist, there is no boundary between self and other.

  114. martyrathbun09

    lunamouth, 1.1 perhaps, off color for sure. One of the state goals of this blog to help bring about the day where pseudonymns and anonymity are not a necessity.

  115. Those booklets cost a fraction of their “donated” price, so it was a profitable exercise for the Church.

  116. Interesting viewpoint, Friend.

    Los Desparacidos reappear. The ghosts of Betrayals Past for DM.

    This is why I’d like to compile a list of every good exec who’s been forced out of the picture by DM.

    Like the junta in Argentina, DM made sure people disappeared quietly and without a trace.

    We need to bring them back LOUDLY.

  117. luna, I think Jonathon is simply standing up for his friend. Fair enough; I’d hope my friend would do it for me. We have to remember that this was our group until not long ago. We all have friends who still wear the uniform and believe in what they’re doing.

    Patrick is being forced to play the Game, as devised by DM, which is Show Me Da Money! I agree he needs to wake up to this but awareness comes at its own pace.

  118. UPDATE:

    Dozens of doctors who were prepared to fly on a medical mission to Haiti Saturday night ended up being stranded at JFK Airport. NY1’s Natasha Ghoneim filed the following report.

    A plane chartered Saturday by members of the Church of Scientology was supposed to bring a group of volunteers to Haiti via JFK Airport. Yet, due to a chaotic boarding process, about 70 doctors, nurses and translators were left behind.

  119. lunamoth and other pseudonyms: Fear is even below 1.1 covert hostility!

    Don’t be afraid of being yourself.

    I’ve been posting about the church on the Internet since 1992 using my real name. I’m not hiding from anyone. The church has my current phone number and address.

    On the reverse, I have known guys who spent years posting with a pseudonym only to have their real names suddenly revealed by a “friend” or ex-wife. Everything they ever posted about the church or Scientology immediately had an author with a real name. Embarrassing for them?

    When I first heard rumors about abuses at INT from Chuck Beatty, he said these reports were coming from two pseudonyms. Who cares? But only when these guys became real people (Jeff and Marc) did their message increase in reliability and importance.

    I’ve been dealing with pseudonym-using “critics” and members of “Anonymous” for years. It’s fine for them — but why should any Scientologist be afraid of the church today?

  120. One could not be afraid for oneself but what might be done to family members.

  121. Friend of Ron


    I agree.

    We all made a commitment to LRH that we would stay commited to his cause — put Ethics In, protect/defend/disseminate SOURCE and nothing else.

    It was not just a piece of paper we signed.

    One has to keep one’s word, especially when pledged to LRH.


  122. Huck,



  123. That’s the simplicity of it.

  124. Friend of Ron: Regarding ones word with Ron.

    My belief is that those of us who did sign a billion year contract as well as those public who were/are actively involved in helping others, are what Buddhists call:


    A bodhisattva is motivated by compassion and seeks enlightenment not only for himself/herself but also for everyone.

    They return life time after life time to help beings until they too are enlightened. (Dalai Lama is a perfect living example, Mother Teresa, MLK, Mandela)

    I believe we are keeping our word to ourselves first and foremost.

    LRH manifested as an enlightened being during our lives to help us perhaps remember that commitment. Not everyone connected to LRH, others connect to Mother Theresa et al. Others don’t have that commitment but at this point only want to help themselves. That’s perfectly OK too.


  125. Well, I guess the answer to my question is yes,
    you did.

  126. To Yvonne

    The sun sets on the green sea under the slate grey moon –

    A tornado is beating its fury outside your room.

    And your hand moves to ask who can
    next be helped.

    The ancient sound of alarms in space
    and you a LOYAL OFFICER
    to again assist the race.

    The Earth lies on the foreign reach of
    this Milky Way.
    Its stain is ancient but
    you came to help;
    and you have lifted many up the
    spiral stair following the flaming Hair.

    You have crossed again the ancient Black
    and the song, the chorus, the chant,

    And the star ascends between the open leaves
    of the victor’s wreath
    and you have chosen to rise and
    to return.

    There is victory now and death cries
    only of bodies that wear away.

    But you, Yvonne, never wear away.
    And you are here and we are
    here and the future is assured,
    and we shall know you in the space you choose.

    You have always played the role of
    Giver and Servant of Source.

    You are asked HOW CAN WE HELP?
    And you say to us … “Help LRH, use SOURCE…”

    This world needs Scientology —
    it needs us all
    and so the game has moved on
    and you who walked with us have not gone.
    You loved, you gave, you raised
    us all — closer to SOURCE.

    And you are part of the Sea Org, you
    are our voice for change.

    It was ever SOURCE you brought
    and ever will
    be SOURCE you bring.

    My Lady of this Universe we raise our love
    to you on a new sea under the
    same stars and the future is as much
    yours as the past —

    For you lived and you live again and
    shall ever live again
    We know you — we welcome you again.

    -HEBER JENTZSCH (President of the Church of Scientology, 1978)

  127. Lunamoth, Yes, it really does seem right.

    About knowing her … I just posted Heber Jentzsc’s poem to her.

    in one verse of the poem he wrote –>

    “we shall know you in the space you choose.”

    Well, aren’t we knowing her now? 🙂

    And it might all be mere coincidence that this (She) came up on the anniversary of her physical departure but I contend that co – incidence is not always ‘mere.’

  128. RJ, I could scan and send parts of the magazine ( the cover, the LRH tribute to her, photos, etc.) and send it to someone doing a blog or tribute website

    Looking at Yvonne and tuning in to her, she’s the personification of kindness and strength combined.

    Though I never met her in person, she resonated with me and I kept this.

    “What is Greatness” is the featured LRH article in there.

    Looking at this magazine in direct comparison with the promo/intention of the current trademark Co$ Franchi$e Organization is a stark contrast between real Scientology and what’s been substituted for it post-hijacking.

  129. Alexis de Tocqueville

    ‘Shock and Awe — the Play’, starring DM as Milton “Uncle Miltie” Freeman, the economic architect of how to make big bucks off the misery and plight of others, and TD in the role of Augusto Pinochet, the enable of the trial balloon thereof.

    For my part, the Wake Up Call issue had a duplicate “trickle down effect” ( yet a further parallel, this one to another “Uncle Miltie” economic theory (largely just propaganda). In the SO service org where I was, the make-wrong and spiritual duress for our wanton laziness, disaffection and obvious out-ethics manifest in our not acting fast enough to utilize and “capitalize” on the issue to serve our own ends was meted out daily and hourly in more musters than the US Army has in a year.

  130. Jonathan, That’s a good point. I’d like to point out that tone levels (fear and covert hostility) are not the only reason for net usernames. Avatars and usernames have been used on the net since it began, and for a number of reasons.

    Sometimes general privacy is a valid concern. If someone wants to post as a screenname but members within the group know who that person is, it limits the exposure to privacy concerns, some of which are valid protocol.

    Screen names are also sometimes done out of respect and protection of a poster’s other affiliations, like if it’s a public figure who doesn’t want to be quoted except in venues of his/her choice, or anyone whose personal views don’t necessarily reflect their workplace.

    It isn’t just the viciousness of the regime of the Co$ toward anyone who disagrees or speaks out that warrants net privacy protocol.

  131. Thanks, Marty. I know that, and I’m not taking the item or the bait.

    I’m chuckling at the typo there; sure hope that one doesn’t stick!


  132. I tend to think you’re right!

  133. TheEmporerIsNaked

    Well said Cat Daddy.

    Of the people I know of in my area that are in various stages of out, most have complicated family situations. Several are couples that have not yet come to the same level of desired “out-in-the-open-ness”. Some are not sure what level of goldenrod they are comfortable with.

  134. Maybe Thoughtful Steve might put up something about it on his Rediscovering Scientology website.

    Just an idea.

    I put it up my blog, if I had one.

    I’ve got a lot of the old Auditor and Advance mags and what you say when you compare the new ones is so true!

  135. I live in a city that has survived a steady flow of terrorist attacks since the early 1970s. I doubt that Miscavige ever ran into a situation where couldn’t get to the Org on time because the train stations were closed due to a suspicious parcel being investigated by the police. I just don’t think it’s something that he ever would have encountered in his life. I doubt he ever would have been evacuated from his office because of a bomb threat in the building/street. So when the Wake-Up Call issue arrived, I felt rather offended that someone like him was now telling ME it’s time to get busy. What reality did he think he was trying to impart that I didn’t face every day?

    This post, and this latest episode, explains a heckuva lot.

  136. I was going to comment but I got quoted already! 🙂
    I’ve been watching the VMs for some years – there’s a lot about them on my website – and I’ve seen what people here will expect. Ordinary public VMs are enthusiastic and eager to help in any way they can, but the higher one goes in that CoS hierarchy the more indoctrinated, uncaring and just plain ignorant about the world outside people seem to be.
    One point – the “John Travolta pays for planes” story comes from him, not the CoS who have not mentioned him in Press Releases and say the planes were donated by a Florida company, the IAS paid for the fuel and other costs.

  137. That’s right Friend of Ron. Really enjoying your comments.

  138. Thanks for your evaluation of Scientology Volunteer Ministries and the Haiti situation. Part of me feels torn because I do like the thought of true Scientologists at the scene, feeding and clothing and giving assists and comfort for some very upset people.

    However, I doubt that just getting a copy of “The Way To Happiness” brochure (although I credited it as a nice way to introduce myself to LRH reading) is going to really provide a lot of comfort at the moment. Also, finding planes to clog up the PaP airport just a little more than it is already is a bit selfish.

  139. Pingback: Pittsburgh – Failed Org.? Failed City Office? | Scientology Inc "Ideal" (Idle) Orgs

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