Obstruction of Justice

Last year Silvia Kusada was told by a Flag MAA  that if she were to report her then 2D to law enforcement for the brutal battery he visited upon her she would be committing a suppressive act and could be declared.  The MAA was using the following published “suppressive acts” as authority:

Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard Scientology; and

Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist, including the nonpayment of bills or failure to refund, without first calling the matter to the attention of the International Justice Chief and receiving a reply.

Now, having de-pts’d ourselves from the C of M and the new DM meanings of LRH writings  they have forced people to accept, it is very plain to see the policies used to prevent people from exercising their civil and human rights to recourse to society’s justice apparatus simply do not state what church staff say they state.  Now consider this scenario. You are  beat unconsious by someone nearly twice your size. You go to the designated, authorized church representative for giving guidance and succor for such brutality. The church rep tells you authoritatively that you must look inward for how you might have caused the misguided thug to blow a fuse, and when you initially resist, you are told you could lose your lifetime investment in your religion – not to mention all your friends, family and business connections – should you pursue justice.  That might serve to obstruct your path to the pursuit of justice, don’t you agree?

Well, by the time Silvia heroicly fought through just such a soul searching (and internal appealing) nightmare and recognized in fact the church as an institution was aiding and abetting someone who was not only out ethics and criminal under the church’s own ethics codes but under the laws of the land, several months had passed. When she decided to take measures to protect future potential victims and press criminal charges against her assailant, the latter attempted to have the charges dismissed because of the nine month time lapse between the incident and the complaint. When Siliva explained the church’s dictates – at the behest of the assailant – asssailant’s attorney promised he would deliver a sworn statement by a church representative that states the church does not dissuade parishioners from seeking justice in the courts, but instead encourages them to.

Had Silvia told me about this on any other day I might not have posted anything about this. But, it just so happens that the woman I was auditing today was similarly bullied by church representatives  to not pursue her rights in court. As a result, she lost several years of custody and companionship of her children and forfeited hundreds of thousands of dollars that were rightfully and lawfully hers.

It also just so happens that the phone call I received just prior to Silvia’s was from a woman who was also  forced by church representatives to drop divorce proceedings and she too lost substantial time with her child that she was legally and ethically entitled to as a result.

It also just so happens that in all three of these cases that coincidentally consumed my  entire day and evening, the woman in the equation was attacked by the church, and intimidated from pursuing justice, on the basis that their spouses were either well-heeled and willing to direct much wealth to C of M reges and/or brown nosing, card carrying DM-bots.

If I can run into three in one days, it occured to me that there must be one hell of a lot more instances out there of similarly situated folks having their access to justice obstructed.

It also occured to me that we should not permit Silvia Kusada to be steam rolled like this.  If anyone has personal experiences of being ordered not to pursue justice as Silvia was, I urge you to contact Silvia and provide her with a statement so that she might effectively respond to the perjurious statement her assailant’s lawyer has promised to provide to the City Attorney in an effort to get charges dropped against him. If anyone has seen the movie Changeling, while not quite as dramatic, Silvia is being subjected to the same 50’sesque psych op of “nobody will ever believe you.”  Contact Silvia at Skusada2010@gmail.com.

Finally, in response to the anticipated attack on the many church sponsored anti-Marty sites, I am not encouraging any attack upon Scientology. Read the opening paragraphs of this post.  The LRH policy DM-bots cite as authority for denying people access to the courts countenances nothing of the sort.  Yet, C of M routinely does so, each time underming LRH and the subject of Scientology that much more. And it does so in order to divert monies from deserving mothers and into DM’s slush funds.  And when someone questions the off-policy nature of such funds (as Silvia did – and which is the ONLY act on her part that made her persona non grata), under Miscavology, he or she may be beat, dragged, and strangled unconscious with no recourse to justice (not only Scientology justice, but the justice system afforded as a human and civil right of every human being).  The attack on Scientology is coming from within the church.

Ignoring injustice perpetuates oppression.

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  1. The denial of our civil justice system to members of the C of S, or, should I say, the C of M, is one of the ways ethics in the group has been compromised and subverted. Anything goes, no matter how unethical, so long as it might result in more $ in church coffers. Isn’t that how, in the end, a C of M’er can commit murder (it appears) after doing the bidding of the regges?

    The “justice system” of the C of M has become that of a religious mafia, enforced by threats of denial of the tech to anyone who dares to assert his or her rights as a citizen of a free country to its justice sytem.

  2. Barney Rubble

    This is very disturbing… I am out of words almost. Makes me wonder if there is no possibity,

    Silvia is another example of being made the motivator of DMs actions, I don’t like it at all.

  3. Dear Marty, thanks for this post. I have encouraged Silvia to take legal action and stand for her rights. And I stand next to her while this terminal manipulates the C of S system that is so caught up in lies and deceit, it is painting its way into a corner.

    One of the main things this organization does is misplace ownership and manipulate people into believing that they and only they are responsible for everything that happens to them. BS! This manipulation has got to end and the only way to end it is to stand up and say ” NO MAS!” and assign correct ownership to the cycle.

    Silvia is paving the way for many others to step up and demand justice. Justice is not an exclusive thing and not something the Cof S has a monopoly on. In fact they have no monopoly on anything other than what we grant them the power to have.

    So let’s fight the bullies and show them who is in charge of the block….

  4. Well well well. It just so happens that I’m not gonna shut up. The Church of Scientology has attempted to violate every legal right that I had pertaining to my divorce and custody of my son. I have the documents to prove it. Ben Shaw: If you persue your divorce in the court system you will be declared. My response? Two words.

    I have kept silent for too long.

    You wanna know something else? You lost the best person you could ever have in your court by blowing off Marty.

    Big mistake: the wins I had were real, baby. Big mistake.

  5. Holy FS (abbrev for some swear words)! WTF (more abbrev) has someone lost their mind and compassion for basic dignity of a being? The disconnect from the reality & suffering is just not there in these instances. (Wake me up and tell me this is not real.) Another huge perverse misuse of policy to serve one’s means. It’s like this, unless you kneel and bow to the Allah (DM), you are free game and are not safe.

  6. For my own Criminal Complaint that I wrote (and for which the statute of limitations has NOT run out OSA) I studied the High Crimes very carefully. I also read the ‘note’ at the bottom of one of the pages of the new edition of the Intro to Scn Ethics, which contains a contradiction to the LRH policy and a warning against civil action that is NOT in any LRH policy. It is in fact false.

    The High Crime that is applicable in a battery case is : Delivering up the person of a Scientologist without justifiable defense or lawful protest to the demands of civil or criminal law.

    OK, there is NO justifiable defense or ANY lawful protest for what has occurred in this battery. It is utterly ridiculous that there would be. What, ‘but he’s a money bag and we need his money to save earth!’ HUH!!

    Look, it is a REAL suppressive act to commit felonies. It is NOT a suppressive act to deliver up the person of a Scientologist to the demands of civil or criminal law when they break the law and commit such felonies.

    There is no justification for this, no justifiable protest, no lawful defense, and so NO HIGH CRIME against the list of Offences and Penalties.

    Put the guy on trial. I’ll be an expert witness on Scientology policy. I qualify. Deliver him up to the demands of the law, and human decency.

  7. “Secrecy is the freedom tyrants dream of.” — Bill Meyers

  8. Marty, the force is certainly with you tonight.

    About an hour ago I felt an urgent need to write about this general area and just finished it before logging on to your site.

    My topic was “How much self-determinism are you willing to give up to be part of a group?”

    You are casting a strong light on the perils of subjugating oneself to the demands of a group and becoming other-determined as a result.

    Great post!

  9. It’s more than just revolting!!! In one occasion the RTC rep ship was feeding me the PTS item being my ex wife, who happens to be a class IX auditor at FSO, how wrong can you get??? When I was made to do quad ruds on her I told my auditor, who was robotically following the executive C/Sing, to do something else as I wasn’t going to comply to that useless action.

  10. I know of several Scientologists who were defrauded of thousands of dollars by a “big contributor” and when they like good Scientologists sought justice through the chaplain, they were told it was a WISE matter and had to pay additional costs for a WISE membership so they could have an arbitration.

    Well guess what?

    At the arbitration they were told that because this “big contributor” was such an “upstat” aside from being a scum sucking con artist they weren’t going to do anything!

    Surprise! Surprise!

    Welcome to the billionaire social club that calls itself the “Church of Scientology”!

    Another thing.

    Me and several others had reported Slatkin’s unethical activities to RTC several times and were given false assurances that they were looking into it.

    We didn’t even have any money in the scam. We just thought we were doing the right thing and trying to protect the Church from any possible blow back.

    Well we all know what happened there.

  11. “We of the Church believe:

    That the souls of men have the rights of men;
    ………” – excerpt from Scn Creed

    Apparently in DM’s little destructive Cult of personality, the only rights a being has are to pay and be quiet.

    Oh, and attend his aethetically challenged events.

    Check out this list of divorces just in: http://forum.exscn.net/showpost.php?p=60692&postcount=1


  12. RIP Bob Minton. HE just passed away.

  13. Been there done that with the following evaluations at Flag:
    ‘It’s all you’
    ‘you must have done something to pull it in’
    And the cherry on top:
    ‘You’re the OT’ (and therefore responsible for the other person’s overts).
    If you buy into it (and start self-listing on your own out-ethics) it’s a dwindling spiral of magnitude.
    Add to that the fact that you cannot legally defend yourself and the suppression is complete.
    Well done on surviving this Silvia, it takes a real OT to have enough personal integrity (knowing what you know) to come out the other side in one piece.

  14. Marty, I think you have succinctly nailed a chilling C of S phenomena, “there must be one hell of a lot more instances out there of similarly situated folks having their access to justice obstructed.” Substitute access to medical care, access to education, access to family, access to social services and you have the modus operandi of denial, delusion, isolation, and “can’t have” being run on every single Scientologist to a greater or lesser degree by the C of S.

    Many, around for a few decades or more, have had this epiphany. I saw many high profile Scientologists die of cancer or battle it aggressively in my one small corner of the world. High-profile people in Clearwater and LA, who I won’t name in respect of their privacy and families, and scores of rank and file both staff and public. At least twenty-five I can name right off the top of my head where I sat at their death-bed or listened to their trials of treatment.

    It occurred to me years ago that if this was my experience it had to be going on throughout the Scientology network. We don’t know about it because no one talks about it. It’s all hush-hush, bad PR, a disgrace to the state of OT or “low-toned”. Its all fakey-fake, big smile, I’m handling with Scientology. But when you get right down in the trenches, in the physical suffering of it all, when all the denial and facade comes off (if it does, it doesn’t always) and it is just a dying woman coming to grips with her mortality it is so damn real and up against the human condition. Then you see how totally inept and incapable the current organization is at offering hope and succor to their dying members.

    I bet each of us can name a a dozen cancer patients, a half-dozen forced divorces or a half-dozen WISE arbitration travesties that ruined someone’s business or finances, or a few Type III’s, or a suicide, or scores of ethics injustice. Just our own personal knowledge of and relationship to people experiencing these forms of injustice. Take off the blinders and look. If I, a rank and file Scientologist can do it, if Marty the former second-in-command of the Scientology network can do it, then so can we all.

    These last few threads have really dredged up the past and all that I’ve witnessed over the last four decades. There’s a lot of it and the quantity is daunting let alone the quality of what I have personally observed and experienced. One of the first skills I learned in Scientology was Obnosis. So I have observed all these years, but I had the observations well compartmented. When the walls come down the energy released is brutal. I think this sort of energy is building in all of our lives individually and collectively as we dig deeper into what the C of S has become.

  15. I witnessed interference with child custody by the C of S. The father was engaging in domestic violence. When the mother objected to the violence, the father demanded a divorce.

    They went before a Chaplain, who ignored the domestic violence and instead decided the mother was low-toned (and caused it) and since she had moved out with the children, was “withholding” the children from the father and therefore suppressing him. She was told she would violate the justice codes if she called the police or used the court system to handle the problem. She was ordered to grant access to the father, which she did.

    The father then wrote a series of embellished KRs, containing false data to smear the mother, and demanded sole custody. It went before an MAA. The false data was ignored. The domestic violence was ignored. The mother was broke, was carrying the burden of paying for the children alone as the father refused to pay any child support. They were both ordered to sec checks, because they both had their part in this. Yet the mother had not broken any laws, the father had — assault and battery, and non-payment of child support which is legally required. The mother was admonished again about calling the police. The father had money for sec checks on account, but refused to do the sec checks.

    This dragged on over three years. The father in the meantime committed assault and battery on a new girlfriend. She was too afraid to press charges. When he did it again, she attacked back physically. He called the police and pressed charges. He then told his ex how he had done that.

    He again went to an MAA demanding custody of the children. The MAA again ordered both to sec checks, completely ignoring the man’s illegal acts — assault and battery, non-payment of child support for several years. He was told to do lower conditions, and instead of do the sec checks with the money he had on account, he was ordered to buy basic book packages and donate them.

    The MAA’s sole concern was that he had made the Church look bad and that the two of them had caused a “flap.”

    Meanwhile the mother was so PTS to the entire situation that things had gone from bad to worse.

    She finally found a way to leave quietly with the children and get to a safe space with the help of a battered woman program.

    Not one of these Church staff cared in the least that the father committed domestic violence.

    They did not care that the mother and the children were frightened, enturbulated and at risk from his behavior.

    They did not care that the father did not pay his child support.

    They did not care about the welfare of the children.

    They only cared about the Church’s image and that the mother was involved in a “flap.”

    It was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen, a travesty of justice and a lack of care that was simply astounding.

  16. Wow…this is reprehensible! I am truly disturbed by this post. But it is indicative of the behavior at the top. If it is OK to beat your juniors then it must be OK to beat one’s spouse, kids.

    They all just “pulled it in” after all…

  17. And that is why I make a loud noise “Acting like a dancing fool” to loosely qoute some.

    Just using the C of $ stragety of “Sliming up the place” against them.

  18. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

  19. (Been There)

    “I bet each of us can name a dozen cancer patients…”

    This is sadly and maddeningly true!

    I have been saying for months that I should make a list of all the scientologists I know who have had cancer, died of cancer, committed suicide or gone Type III. I haven’t, only because I don’t need to to know that something is going on, and I’m sure my list would be incomplete: there is such a taboo among the group, especially
    among OT’s, against speaking of this .

    A death is hard for the group to “not-is,” but how many cancers and psychotic breaks have been?

    If there is any value to be had from such a morbid list, I’m sure we could all contribute
    many names. Maybe in doing so we can get the government to force the c of m to put a “black box warning” on their services:


  20. Yeah thats crazy. Scientologists aren’t barred from taking each other to court, the policy is clear.

  21. I find that this quote from LRH is so very applicable to the above topic and in general. I hope you all find it as useful:

    “There are people right here right now that still, maybe, are grieving to some degree about some incident like a marital separation or the loss of a child or something like this, that find that persistent with them, who are saying to themselves, ‘If I just could admit that I really did it.’ Or, you know ‘I really realized to a large degree that it’s my fault. (sigh)’ And it doesn’t go away. They’re trying to accept the responsibility. They’re trying to accept the blame for this incident and they didn’t do it! Somebody else did.

    “Full responsibility contains the willingness to let somebody else be responsible, too.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

    Excerpted from the lecture The Descent of Man delivered on 5 June 1955.

  22. NOTS,
    You know, it’s one thing to ‘CS’ a case from an admin post, ‘executive CSing’, to cure some perceived group ill in an auditing session that is supposed to be FOR the pc, not the ‘group’, and it’s quite another to GIVE the person their item, a wrong item at that. That is so far off the rails, it is unrecognizable as Scientology. GFG! (good…god). Sorry, don’t mean to digress.

  23. Jim,

    At the end of the chapter in tiny, tiny print is the legal disclaimer that includes “Any such offense shall subject the offender to penalties prescribed by law….”. Is this what you are saying is a contradiction of LRH policy?

    In any case, this certainly wasn’t applied to Sylvia’s 2D or the many other examples of obstructed justice, was it?

  24. Turn it Up – Make it Louder!

    That’s what the indies and others are doing on many levels and in many places.

    Until a better one comes along, I propose this song by The Alan Parsons Project to be the theme song of the moment.

  25. Dear Trinchera,

    Don’t let that stuff happen to you. You got to fight for your rights. Find a terminal you can communibate to about it. Do something ! I’ve seen too many kids being abused by those strange handlings and I can’t tolerate it anymore.
    If you want you can PM me. Ask Marty for the adress.

  26. RJ,
    The new listing for High Crimes, in the Offences and Penalties of the church has this:
    Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist, including the non-payment of bills or failure to refund, without first calling the matter to the attention of the International Justice Chief and receiving a reply.

    I’ve posted another related High Crime above related to civil and criminal actions relative to Scientologists.

    There is also policy on Chaplains’ Courts relative to civil issues among Scientologists.

    As you can see above, even in the wording of the latest issue of the High Crimes, under Dave, it is NOT a high crime to bring civil suit against any Scientology org, or a Scientologist.

    As well, ‘threatening to sue, embarrass or attack SCIENTOLOGY, is one thing, but as clearly stated by LRH, SCIENTOLOGY and ANY Church of Scientology are NOT ‘coterminal’.

    So, accepting anything less, as in the travesty of ‘justice’ you comment on, than actual justice, and accepting the smoke screen false datum that one ‘can’t sue’ a Scientologist or a Scientology ‘organization’ without being ‘guilty of a high crime’ is just so much bullsh#@.

    Clay pigeons, fun to shoot at, DM likes to shoot guns. KNOW Scientology and you can’t be an adverse effect of what is falsely claimed to be Scientology.

  27. Sam,
    Check out the theory and process of the Introspection RD. Compare that to the false assignments of these squirrel ethics interviews. It is a CAMPAIGN of wrong indications. It is a CAMPAIGN to introvert and cut reach and prevent perception.

    It is a CAMPAIGN of REVERSE Scientology. Not an accident, but a planned, executed campaign.

  28. gaia,
    The actual mechanics of flows are discussed in the PDC lectures. The phenomena of the mechanisms of overts, motivators and flows is discussed in the Technique 88 materials and lectures. The irreducible minimum datum ‘pulled it in’ is the vaguest shadow of the actual theory and actions of flows. In fact, it itself is listed as a justifier for overts in ‘Famous Justifications’, an HCOB.

  29. Trinchera,
    Precisely! NOT approval, just a response, any response. Which by the way, is now circumvented by misapplying the Dead File policy. THAT too, is a crime as it is NOT what the Dead File policy says. If you are on lines, a student, a pc, then you do not fall under ‘Dead File’ policy, PER Dead File policy.

    No report from IJC, well, if you prove you’ve communicated, like for instance, write an online KR to the RTC Report line, get the computer generated ‘ack’, and you’ve reported the ‘no report’ from IJC, and you get no handling from RTC, well, they, RTC, have just implicated themselves, including Dave Miscavige, in the crimes.

  30. Aeolus,
    No, that little bit is from the extant policy itself, the most recent version is 7 March 65RB, put out on 4 Nov 2001. That paragraph is supposed to cover the ‘fair game’ stuff from ages back. You can’t go around breaking the law when dealing with persons declared an SP by HCO Ethics Order. If you do, well then, you CAN be taken to task, legally, just as it says in the actual High Crime I’ve covered above. (That is you ARE NOT guilty of a high crime, that is a smoke screen generated by DM to attempt to dissuade you from your inalienable rights, as people AND as Scientologists.)

    What I’m referring to is the juicy bit that is in eensy weensy writing on the page where the Chaplain’s Court, Civil Hearings appears. THAT one contradicts the Offences and Penalties and the actual High Crime, and the disclaimer you are mentioning. THAT one is NOT in ANY LRH policy.

    If I recall correctly, when I saw the Orientation film, at the end, it says something similar. I recall watching that godawful video, and when

  31. Hi Jim
    No doubt it is deliberate and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure Shane will have a lot to tell you about the OSA tactics that were used to introvert him into hell when he was under watch at Flag. One of the questions asked him at some point was “who is Shane Weightman?” woah! brain f*%k (‘scuse my french).
    run at all levels – Chaplains, MAAs, D of Ps, OSA and the public. No need to guess that it comes from the same factory that manufactured ‘SRA’s, enforced disconnection and NCRFs (Non Clear R-Factors).
    Is the ref you gave me in the Tech Vols? trying to get a hold Tech and Admin vols prior to Misquirrel. Some day someone’s gonna grab a set of the originals and re-produce them so we can get some stable data again.

  32. Aeolus,
    No, that paragraph is actually from the SP Acts policy and is woven into this PL. It is supposed to prevent ‘fair game’ as practiced in the past. You can’t go around breaking the law when handling persons declared SP by HCO Ethics Order. Church policy, the quote you have mentioned, says so.

    What I’m talking about is the little gem on the bottom of the page in eensy weensy writing, titled Chaplain’s Court, Civil Hearings. That juicy bit, is not written in ANY LRH policy. In fact, it contradicts the aforementioned High Crimes. It is NOT a violation of the Scientology justice codes to sue another Scientologist.

    I recall I heard this same false datum uttered in the godawful Orientation video DM produced. DM has attempted to curtail a Scientologists rights with these false statements. That’s ridiculous, and per the paragraph you have mentioned, illegal, and therefore a violation of Scientology policy.

  33. Christie
    Wow! Thank you for this reference. It blows charge.
    I’ve had this BS run on me so many times. It boils down to the irreducible minimum of if I slap my child it must be OK because he/she did something to pull it in. Disgusting alter-is.

  34. Jim digress away – it’s a valid ITSA line.
    Let me add to that the time I gave my NOTs auditor my PTS item (one that had come up on all three Search and Discovery questions and the one that had just produced an LFBD). The auditor looked at me, smiled in a patronizing manner and said “let’s find a REAL bad hat shall we?” Nice eh?
    Then there some poor schmuck in LA who has been on an end of endless ‘ethics program’ for over three years because the ED of his mission came up as his PTS item in session.
    The more I hear other peoples stories, the more I look at my track in the ‘church’ and go… “holy crap!”

  35. DM and Laurisse, up on the shooting range. DM has the gun, Laurisse runs the skeet shooter.

    DM: Pull! ….kapow! Who was that?

    Lou: Um, Norman, honey, I mean, Sir.

    DM: Cool. Pull, pull, pull!…kapow, kapow, kapow! Who were they?

    Lou: Um, Guillaume, Marc and another Mark, not sure which one.


    DM takes up his automatic rifle. A machine gun in fact.

    DM: PUUUUUUULLLLL!!!!!….( whole bunch of clay pigeons fly out) …BRRRRRRRRRRRAP!
    Who were they?

    Lou: Those were public on the OT levels.

    DM: Way cool. PULL!

    Lou: Um, Sir, we’re out of targets.

    DM: Hmmm, OK, RUN!!!!

  36. Aeolus,
    I pushed the wrong key by accident so you have two versions of the same comment, one ends in mid sentence, the second one completes the thought.

  37. Sam,
    With what you’ve just told me, it’s more than ‘itsa’ fu@!ing bullsh#@ that I’m actually considering.

    I would, as any Qual staff, from the Senior CS to the Certs and Awards admin, would have taken that ‘auditor’ and within the system of CS Series 84, and considering the Dangerous Auditor HCOB, have put him back to the Comm Course!

    No, I would start with ‘have you ever seen this book before?’ and DO it, on the street, just like he’d never heard of Dianetics or Scientology!

    Unlike DM, I wouldn’t put EVERY auditor back to the Comm Course, but that guy, oh, me of freakin’ my…

    I have every bit of the capability of being unafraid to offend or scared to enforce.

    Jesus wept. I do too, then I follow KSW.

  38. Sam,
    Mail me, on whatever line you choose, and I will get you hooked up to the materials. Do it today.

  39. Listening to this material makes me wonder if America is Devoid of parents teaching their children to be descent responsible human beings that this material has to exist. Nothing new for me. Onley thing about Caving oneself in is that I dissagree. There are those who once let loose to do their own bidding, revel in the “beingness” of not having to have Ethics anymore because they lust for Power. They feel like the group just exists to tend to his or her needs. This is a given to such people in their minds. They will seldomsee fayult in themselfs. Than you alsoo have the real bastards who KNOW what and WHO they are but lust deprevity of self and others. They ere the Beria’s of this world.

  40. Folks,
    A little addition to my thread MOQ, relative to what’s goin’ on with the policy and tech of SP and PTS and this here thread of Justice. What’s going on are these staff are making mistakes, they are acting in a crippled manner, cut reach, enforced overt ‘must haves’ on others, like you ‘must have this injustice’ as covered on this thread.

    The confusion and misunderstanding on the policy and tech of PTS/SP that abounds, not knowing what the materials actually state, little irreducibly minimized false datums like ‘disconnection’ on Facebook and so on.

    How come DM can’t be spotted, the whole suppression seems generalized and ‘it’s all over the place’. Regular old staff are doing it.

    What is up? Well, DM has systematically obfuscated and put in disrepute the factual and actual technology of PTS/SP.


    So he will remain undetected.

  41. Hi Jim/MOQ,
    Yup, you are, as always, correct. The point is this behavior (beating people physically) is apparently an accepted policy at the top of the Org Board so why should the MAAs/Chaplains do anything about spousal abuse? The “they” I am referring to are the juniors, spouses and kids (the beatees) and the “pulling it in” is the justifier used by the “beater” for the beating administered. Its goofy think to say the least and this post has helped solidify my position of disconnection from the Church of Scientology!
    ML, Gaia

  42. Fellow Traveller

    Mr MOQ/KSW Sir —
    This is priceless! For me, you have captured the “deadly serious” nature of KSW!

  43. Thank you, Christy!!! This reference is exactly what I needed to read today…lots of charge blown with one shot paragraph.

  44. We all knew this in fact wrote several KRs on the fact that this policy was being ignored and were told that the Church no longer handled “business disputes” and that the “proper line” was WISE.

    In other words we were up against group think.

    On Slatkin we filed KRs after SEC’s preliminary investigation that Slatkin was not a registered investor, several months before the excrement hit the fan. Information that we got from a former bookkeeper who worked there, yet RTC ignored these reports and never investigated, probably because he was making so much money for the “Church” at the time.

    We  already have the Whodunnit.

    We are viewing and perceiving  day by day the HowDunnit

    We are not in mystery on the WHEREDUNNIT   (we know the location it all stems from)

    We  are not necessarily in mystery as to  WHYDUNNIT

    But we do have a Brutal sadist running the show 24/7/365 with his inner circle ~~
    COB Assistant
    COB Secretary
    COB Communicator
    COB Secretary for correspondence
    COB Secretary for Compliance
    COB Secretary for Incoming Traffic
    COB Secretary for Outgoing Traffic
    COB Typist 1
    COB Typist 2
    COB Typist 3  (The Typists transcribe all his babbling all day long, cross-ordering his ownself for the INT BASE ONLY  volumes of verbal PT orders contrary to LRH policy)
    on and on some 25 staff in “Office of COB” (more personal staff than LRH ever had)
           I acknowledge the trail Blazers, Marty, Marc Headley, Jeff Hawkins,  and many many others and even the posters on this BLOG that continue to shed light on the crimes and dirty secrets.
    He is only a Legend in his own Mind

  46. Jeez, Christie, having that quote to balance the other datum of “pulling it in” changes things, doesn’t it!

    I was completely unaware of its existence, so thanks very much for bringingit to light.

    So many of us have accepted as our operating basis that we are somehow responsible for everything that happens to us. (It really should be common sense, but for some reason I had to see this quote to get it). The WRONG person taking responsibility for something has a similar outcome to the RIGHT person NOT taking it, in that both scenarios keep the incident from as-ising.

    I’m pretty sure you’re “responsible” for some case gain among members of this group right now for sharing that reference!

  47. When my wife blew the SO from PAC, I was on the Gold RPF and was told about it in an ethics interview 5 or so days after the fact.

    Then, my auditing program was changed to a bunch of problems processes with the wife plugged in as the item. I liked my twin so much I sort of ground thru a couple of sessions of that, because he looked so miserable!

    After a couple of days, seething with BPC, I just blew the base, found the wife and routed out.

  48. I think also that some of the consideration from the inside is that they just don’t want any mention of Scientology in connection with such negative stuff for PR reasons. Also, isn’t it a downstat for a DSA/OSA to have just such a lawsuit come up?

    And I agree, protecting criminals or people dramatizing SP characteristics – such as mayhem, assualt, etc. – should not be protected for any reason. To do so is not only against the law, it’s against LRH policy.

  49. Very Sharp Observation Gaia. It is Marshall Law that governs and a bad version of that as well.

    Do not question your superiors. Don’t bereak the chain of Command. Stand to attention.

  50. Cathy – GOOD FOR YOU!

    I wish you the best of luck.

    Love, Amy

  51. Christie, really appreciate the LRH quote. If I may, I would like to expand on the topic of full responsibility with a quote which, btw, has been a pain in my ass ever since I happened across it way back when. That being said, it has also been my constant and sturdy ladder on which to climb back up into being cause.

    The quote is from an LRH lecture (don’t know what one) but I’m taking it from a Dn Auditor Bulletin of Feb 52′ titled, Cause and Effect in Vol I of the Tech Vols.

    “Does the preclear now accept responsibility for having been cause along each part of every dynamic? He may recognize that he has never been cause of a group, but always an effect. He might realize that he had never begun a conversation, suggested a game or served as chairman. One very common computation here is, ‘Oh, I couldn’t do that! I’d be blamed for anything that went wrong.’ Anything for which the individual feels any mis-emotion – antagonism, anger, fear, grief, apathy – is something for which he has not accepted responsibiility; and there is mis-emotion only when an individual refuses to accept responsibility in that sphere of action. He can control anything for which he has accepted responsibility. He is unable to control that for which he has not accepted responsibility.

    “To be cause takes courage. A man has to be able to take all the consequences up to death. To be willing to be the cause means to be willing to be fully responsible for what people say. Is the preclear willing to be fully responsible for what people say of him or to him? Is he willing to take responsibility for war between the United States and a foreign power?”

  52. Pingback: Obstruction of Justice « Moving On Up a Little Higher Criminal Me

  53. I have had my Nots auditor at flag refuse to take my overt on over spending for auditing when I felt I really didn’t need it. The auditor said “It’s never an overt to buy auditing!” This was not too long ago in the “Golden Age” of the tech.

    More like a golden shower.

  54. When I was at INCOMM in the 80’s, a high level executive who was NOTS case level had a full blown psychotic break. I’ll just call him “Chuck” to protect his anonymity. When he snapped he tried to strangle his wife to death, and she barely managed to escape his stranglehold. He was handled with the introspection rundown and was taken away from the PAC base to destimulate. After a few months he was back to normal and was given a comm ev. He was then offloaded from the Sea Org and was given a job at Real World Software arranged by DM himself (was owned by a Scientologist and even David Miscavige’s twin sister worked there). Sounds like a happy ending, no? Well maybe, but the disturbing thing about this is that nothing was ever reported to law enforcement, even though his wife had marks on her neck for a few days after the attack. I always wonder what would have happened had Chuck been “successful” in his murder attempt, i.e. would law enforcement have been called or would DM have tried to sweep it under the carpet by making it look like an accident, or worse, go dump the body somewhere out in the woods.

  55. My own personal cognition today on PTSness.

    You can be PTS on different dynamics. As you go up the Bridge you go up the dynamics.

    Well..let’s say you go up to operating on the third and fourth Dynamics and then go PTS to DM and this whole scene on the third dynamic of your religion and then you collapse back onto the first. You are basically PTS to the degree you cannot communicate or itsa to the other dynamics.

    You can be SO PTS that you cannot even communicate to self, or are unaware of the PTSness and suppression.

    So as you gradiently de-PTS yourelf you are more and more able and willing to communicate to the other dynamics about the scene. Like it may be OK to admit to yourself that you are PTS to this whole DM scene but can you talk to others about it? It is a gradient scale of de-PTSing yourself up the dynamics.

    If not progressing then there is some sort of fear involved. Fear to communicate is PTSness because SOMEONE is making you afraid. That is a dangerous environment.

  56. Thankyou Marty, and all who are talking about these things openly.

    Again, somehow, the “new” leadership that tries to run Scientology from the Sea Org OUGHT to be allowed to read this blog, and listen to these complaints, and deal with this.

    It’s a scene of justice misinterpretation fadism, suitable to looking the other way at the out ethics of the “upstat” bigger donating.

    It takes some truly smart ethical Sea Org staff to see through the parishioners’ trangessions and follow the laws of the land.

    All these complaints on this blog should be mandatory reading by Scientology leadership, including Int Justice Chief.

    “What would LRH do?” I don’t know.

    He almost made the OT 3 story public.

    I think ALL of the “esoteric” confidential materials should just be made public, and I think, a whole long list of the SP rules need to be silently retired.

    The movement should focus on the postitive.

    DM has so focused on his “ethics presence” and the penalty side of things for Sea Org staff, there are no rewards, it’s all penalties.

    This blog should be mandatory reading for WDC and Exec Strata.

    It’s almost an impossible task being Int Management.

    Some higher character principles need to start being demonstrated by Scientology leadership.

  57. I just wanted to say that I have been having more cognitions in life ,since being hooked up with real people who are willing to look at truth.

    Over the last few years my life had been getting grindier and grindier having all these “now I’m supposed to’s ” shoved down my throat and always trying to get that “license to survive” to make it through Solo Nots.

    Now,I feel free again!!

    Free to think, free to speak and free to cognite and I’M LOVIN IT!!

    Thanks to all you free thinkers out there, you are AWESOME!!!


  58. Well put Mary Jo!!!! =)

  59. Hi Amy,

    You are a stalwart.

    Thank you for your good wishes. 🙂

    Love, Cathy

  60. Unfortunately I have witnessed a few of those cycles too. The woman and children are nothing. I found the out-reality on children to be huge.
    In fact, while I was on OT6 my daughter, who was 10 yrs old then, had a high fever and flu. I wasn’t able to be on course for a few days. The Supervisor told me “Emergencies are cancelled, there are no emergencies and especially with children” and then she sent me to the MAA!
    Obviously this lady does not live on planet earth!
    The MAA’s response to my “problem” was that I needed to get a husband but he couldn’t recommend anyone because he is an MAA and thinks everyone is out-ethics…. huh!? What does any of that have to do with anything?? How about, is your child okay? Is she getting assists? Water, food?
    Ya know basic human compassion!

  61. Jim Logan, thanks for your earlier clarification on the fine print in the Ethics book. Very interesting. The footnote added to the new book says flat out that it’s a violation of Scientology Justice Codes to sue another Church member, but the original policy is right there in the previous chapter, that says you just need to run it through IJC.

    Of course, IJC may be another empty chair. As I understand the new Int Management Org Board, COB is at the top and all the posts below him are “hey you”.

  62. I’ll gladly accept “responsibility” for that. 🙂 It blew tons of charge for me too, so of course I wanted my friends to have it.

    It seriously clarifies the subject of responsibility, eh? 🙂

  63. War and Peace

    A Law unto himself David Miscavige the monster does whatever DM wants whimsically in any given moment time. There is an LRH bulletin called “Prediction and Consequences” but DM apparently has no cognizance of CONSEQUENCES.

    He does tend to collect enemies. He has made so very many enemies over the years with his purges.
    Starting way back with the old GO and in more modern times. (Hey great post on purges Alex !)
    all CO CMO INTS,
    all (previous) CO OSA INTs
    all (previous) CO CMO GOLD (plural)
    all WDC members
    all (previous) CMO INT
    all (previous) CMO GOLD
    all Exec Strata
    all (previous) RTC

    AND Marty’s recent series of 3 purges.

    Now he can no longer pinpoint where the next threat will come from.

    CO OSA INT Linda Hamel ~~ Can you speak up and suggest he stop making enemies ? Imprisoning the rest of INT base staff behind sharp metal prongs that intend to wound anyone trying to get over the fences. (Brand name is Ultra Barrier) ~~ these imprisonment actions create future ENEMIES, future revelations of INT base horror stories and future whistle blowing of DM atrocities.

  64. Marty, I don’t know if you’re in contact with Tommy Gorman but he too has a story of injustice. His (now) wife was raped consistently at the Mountain View org by a staff member. Nothing was done about it.


  65. Alex,

    I think you have come up with a thread-stopper.

    Here I thought I had it bad when my Flag auditors would go solid on my originating an overt.

    At least they didn’t try to refuse my overt.
    They just couldn’t have it. 🙂

  66. barry,
    The entire point of ethics/justice, is to make it possible to get the tech in. THAT handles the source of the aberration. You are supposed to use this stuff with judgment and apply enough to hold the bank in check long enough to get the bank handled and then there is no need for the ‘hold in check’ as the source is gone.

    When it works, and the case is handled, you have made the change needed to have a rational being again. It sounds to me like the guy you are talking about had just that result. It all worked right.

    If the needed gradient of ethics is jail time, then that’s what’s needed. When the materials are misapplied, as is the case here with Silvia, then the whole thing goes awry, which it is. In that case, this blog is more ethics applied. If it takes jail time to get ethics in, on ALL concerned, the guys at Flag, the assailant, whomever, then that’s what it takes. That’s what is built into the Justice Codes. If they are applied as written by rational beings with their ethics in and not PTS and so on, then if it takes putting the guy before the demands of civil or criminal law to get the ethics in then that’s what it takes.

    This whole issue would resolve if the assailant came to his senses and recanted and followed through to take responsibility for all this bs. And then, the case at the bottom of this dramatization has to be handled and the channel is held firm until it is.

  67. Alex,
    From HCO B 8 Nov 65, Suppressives and Hidden Standards:
    “Note also that a person going clear is now a thetan with a new view of life and
    has new hidden standards (requiring the location of suppressives) which he had no
    reality on as a Man or later as a Release.”

  68. Chuck,
    Hey, Jim here. The whole body of material collectively called the Justice Codes, and the adjutant tech on the handling of PTS/SP phenomena does not need to be ‘retired’. It needs to be studied, duplicated and learned and applied like it was supposed to be applied.

    The other points you’ve made are well expressed and well taken. Thanks for contributing.

  69. Aeolus,
    Good, you see the point I made. On the ’empty chair’ at IJC level, look earlier in this thread on my response to ‘trinchera’. If that chair is empty or not effective, go up, go to the RTC Report line. If that chair is empty then it falls squarely, legally in David Miscavige’s lap. That’s a fact.

  70. I personnally have lived with an injustice for over 26 years, I advise NOT to let the church bully you into something you know is rightfully your rights; we live in the United States of America.

  71. Chrissie

    This is appalling. I mean it hits me where I live.
    I had a similar experience with my feverish and anaten 2-yr old. Makes me gag, still, to remember it.

    The response we both experienced is ignorant, callous and even criminal. I’m looking forward to the day when the church’s crimes against children (and their parents) are exposed to the world. I wish the S.P. Times would do an article on that subject. There is so much dirty laundry, so many crimes there, and they could do it justice.

  72. As usual, P. Henry, great musical reference!
    You must have quite a library.

  73. In my continuing study of the area of PTS/SP policy and tech I’ve found this from HCOB 21 Jan 66, Search and Discovery, S&D Errors:
    “When you have a failed Search and Discovery, the following are incorrect or have been omitted:
    4. The SP found was refused by the Auditor or Ethics.”

    Search and Discovery is a technique for finding the RIGHT suppressive person on a PTS person’s case.

    It is interesting to note, from the above issue, as well:
    “3. It was really an ARC break, not an SP and ARC breaks should have been looked for instead of SPs.”

  74. Add to my last the end of that 21 Jan 66 bulletin.
    “All S&Ds correctly done on a pc that is PTS result in remarkable recoveries magical to see. So don’t blame S&D if it ‘fails’. Blame the lack of skill in using it and the person who ordered it or did it should be retrained.”

    Note: correctly done on a pc that IS PTS. Emphasis added, JL.

  75. I have sworn affidavits from a number of people who claim to run Scientology, stating that they have personally witnessed life threatening beatings dished out be other staff
    at the highest echoleons of the church for YEARS and never reported it to authorities.
    Would that be helpful???????

  76. War and Peace

    Barry Alden ~~

    I will confirm and support the story. No need for “privacy”.
    Chuck Prenner was CO INCOMM.
    He stranged his wife Noomie Prenner (A Jeanie Bogvad/Jeanie Sonenfield identical twin in looks ~~ people would confuse them.
    It takes quite a few minutes in strangulation to actual kill someone.
    Chuck had strangled her for several minutes.
    It was bad, really bad, though Noomie did slowly recover.
    It was outright attempted homicide,
    No report was made to LAPD.
    COS and DM even cover up attempted homicide.


  77. Great posting, Marty.

    Speaking of getting ethics in with outside justice authorities, check this out:

    The California Office of the Occupational Safety and Health has accepted to enforce several complaints about the facilities at Gold Base.

    The formal complaints were from eye-witness accounts of dangers to workers at Gold Base. A total of 10 complaints were filed, which resulted in five alleged conditions that need remedy. (Several complaints were combined into a alleged conditions.)


  78. Mat,

    I would think! Shouldn’t these affidadavits be presented to the appropriate authorities? FBI? Police?

  79. I urged Wikileaks to include a quotation from LRH’s “About Rhodesia” taped lecture, which I think is relevant to the SP/PTS controversy, and something I suggest you listen to Jim, since I always favored the “Good roads and good weather” tech as the all embracive handling myself. My step mom was and would absolutely be considered an SP, but I always just handled her with straight Problems of Work “good roads and good weather” my WHOLE Scientology history, and it worked fine. No need to disconnect and ruin my life with my parents.

    This is the “lost tech” of PTS/SP handling in my opinion, quoted from Wikipedia article on Suppressive Person http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suppressive_Person

    “…19 July 1966, L. Ron Hubbard expressed concern about the possible abuse of the SP label in respect of those who are otherwise good citizens and contribute to civil society:

    ‘ You should upgrade your idea of what an SP is. Man, meet one sometime! A real one! A real monster…. Well, in all the time we’ve been around here we only had one SP that I know of. One real SP that was on staff…. And I don’t know of another single SP that we’ve ever had on staff. Isn’t that interesting. You see all these SP orders and so on… Don’t throw it around carelessly, because this is an–a very exaggerated condition, SP.’ ” – LRH

    thanks for your expertise sharing Jim. “About Rhodesia” in my opinion OUGHT to be put on the PTS/SP course. It’s also probably worth a Senior C/S Int Bulletin and EEI program also.

  80. Concerned Citizen

    Actually, on Silvia’s case, the church may say anything they want, but the fact that they have this op basis is easier to prove than just the she said, he said. Not that witnesses are not valuable, but since they will have their own that will say whatever they wish, here is an idea.

    Anyone can do a count of how many no “contests/ wave all rights” divorces have happened just in the SO and comparing this to any other demographic, well, facts speak for themselves. The data may take a little bit of labor, but somewhere I saw a list of Int Base divorces, the record for these and other known divorces can be located and culled. Just an idea

  81. Dear Sharon,
    I’ve just finished reading your link about Tommy Gorman. What a sad tale. Good for him, sticking to his guns and going to authorities and not compromising his integrity! Poor Jennifer.

  82. Thanks Christie, OMG – what a terrific and timely quote. Charger blower, big time. Right indication!

  83. Chuck,
    I’m familiar with this data from About Rhodesia. Go to the MOQ thread as I`ve posted another one from a conference with the Guardian from July 66 that is vital too. Check it out. Yes, the `lost tech`of PTS and SP. My opinion, it wasn`t lost, it was deliberately abused to hide the actual SP abusing it, DM and so avoid detection by making it anaethma to so many.

  84. Alex – I second this, 3 times!!! Just as I got to your post, I was thinking of MLK’s, “Free at last, free at last, Great God Almighty, I’m free at last”.

  85. What is this, above, please? It’s not from an individual and it connects to…what? What is this?

  86. Silvia did send me her address and she will get her copy of the affidavits mailed to her.
    For those who suggested the information be made available to proper government officials I can only report at this time that it was done and VERY well recieved. You’ll hear more about this in the future, be assured.

  87. Whahooo!

  88. are you guys talking about the latest ethics book released with the Basics? I can’t seem to the find the footnote reference you are looking for in that book. Was it the one earlier edition? I didn’t even put the mass to it, but I have several different copies of the ethics books since it was first released. When you compare the sizes, they just keep getting thicker and thicker.

    A page # would be great!

  89. Kangaroo Court

    I’m aware of someone who’s child was molested by a staff member when she was on staff, and she was pressured by ethics not to go to the law. The perpetrator was a staff member. She never reported it. It was about 10 years ago, but will make sure they get an email to this blog.

    Also know a situation where 2 people, one a new Scientologist, were pressured (threatened) not to report a $400K flat out fraud by 2 OTs, and AOLSA and Celebrity Center insisted that WISE handle it. That was a kangaroo court outcome. Seems anything is condoned as long as it goes to pay for “donations.”

    I will do what I can to get those people to see the other reports in this blog.

    For more on Kangaroo Court, see:

  90. Thomas Jefferson:

    “The mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few to ride them.”

  91. William O. Douglas:

    “As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.”

  92. Maya Angelou:

    “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”

  93. Cesar Chavez:

    “The first principal of nonviolent action is that of noncooperation with everything humiliating.”

  94. I will have to bookmark this and stop by more often.

    A pleasure to come to your site. Thanks very much!

  95. Thanks Jim or should I say MOQ?

    You always know how to hit the right reference!


  96. I hear ya emldubu!!

  97. Very well done!!!! for everything you are doing

    let me tell you a little bit of my story

    I was also been abused and beated by my exhusband (we were both on OT7, not anymore) and the church, MAA , CS, chaplain was always making me wrong like “you did something to deserve it” so more FPRD and sec checks, conditions etc. He never made a single ethics conditions.
    my ex was a BIG donator IAS etc, the maa at sand castle told me that I can not get the divorce because that will be a flap for the church imagine!!!
    So I spend 25 years of abuse and hundreds of fprd hours, sec checks and 3 out tech marriage counseling.
    until I literaly had to run away from him and hide.
    And then I filed for divorce and the church Maa told me I cannot file for divorce, the IJC send me a letter telling me I was risking my bridge etc, and then they make me a com ev because I want to divorce!!!!! I told them thats it I did not obey them anymore. I been off lines since
    well now after 8 years I remarried and I am very very happy, my life is great now,

  98. Oh Silvia,
    Your story is similar to mine. I hope you fought tooth and nail. I tried to fight. I had my kids in study tech schools, and they would have lost that if I was declared sp. I still did fight tooth and nail, but it cost me years. Many happy wishes to you. I hope you found a better life.

  99. I love this quote Christie

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