The Underground Railroad Goes Overland

A vital Scientology underground movement has organically formed over the past year. Scientologists who had moved on from the oppressive church of Miscavology, but who refused to disconnect from their knowingness, abilities attained, friends, family, business connections, and even their practice of Scientology began to reconnect.  By necessity the majority of them had to reconnect or maintain connections below the radar.

One primary purpose behind encouraging people to overtly declare their independence was to break the back of the mafia-like protection racket run by the C of M. That is, to help people get out from under the black cloud of intimidation and threatened execution of forced disconnection for purposes of breaking Scientologists’ wills and independent thought processes.  The idea has proven workable. Each person who overtly straightens his back demonstrates to many more how incapable the  C of M is to ride straight backs. For each who does so overtly, dozens more begin to straighten their own by witnessing it can be done without serious repercussion and seeing tall walking people blossoming.

While the process has unfolded a lot of informal underground connections and networks have formed.  That is amongst families, friends, businesses, auditing arrangements, you name it.  I’ve had numerous discussions with people who have floated ideas about establishing more overt forums with which to bolster the reconnection process.  Many are in progress executing plans along that line.

The further 3D de-ptsing progresses, the more well known independent terminals have been overwhelmed with helping increasing numbers of folks make connections with other independents. So, today I was pleasantly surprised to find that one industrious Independent had already taken an overt, insouciant step.  Silvia Kusada has established an internet networking site, IndependentsConnections, Connecting Independents Around The World,  Here is where you can seek friends, jobs, employees, services, and even 2Ds  who consider themselves independent Scientologists.

I encourage anyone who has de-pts’d him- or herself from C of M extortion tactics to start utilizing Silvia’s new forum.

IndependentsConnections founder Silvia Kusada

56 responses to “The Underground Railroad Goes Overland

  1. Now why do you say it is just for the last year which is not true.

    I been out here for about 8 or more years and I did the same thing by keeping the tech alive and the way out for others from the church in the days it was much harder to do. I said this before here and I guess no one noticed that the freezone has been fighting this fight for a long time.

    If it was not for the freezone this would not be as easy for the new one’s out as it is now and yes I know it is kind of hard now but not as hard as it could have been.

  2. martyrathbun09

    Fancy, the word “just” does not appear in that post. And is this your own only comment upon news of what Silvia has done? Whew.

  3. Congratulations on your new networking site!

    We have an abundance of sites devoted to exposing the crimes of our former church, but a real shortage of safe places for social networking.

    Thank you for taking responsibility for this area.

    I wish you the best and feel that you will make a significant difference in the well-being of the growing independent community.

  4. Great idea! I’ve added a link on
    I’ll have a forum set up in the next few days for Independent Scientologists. I’m going through documentation for it at the moment and sorting out how it all works. It’ll be using
    I’m not sure how familiar some of the people coming out recently are with the history of Independent Scientology – there is lots of data on my site about it.

  5. Well, I think this is wonderful. Well done Sylvia and keep up the good work.

    And also a BIG Acknowledgement for ALL the Independents of the last 20+ years, who have kept independent thinking alive and well outside the suppression of Miscavige.

  6. Silvia, what a great thing idea, executed by a real force of nature!

    Because of you, many individuals and families are going to be helped, relationships will be created and repaired, and the attempts by others to suppress basic human happiness and love will be thwarted.

    I admire you for your compassion and your strength of spirit! Keep smiling that beautiful smile!


  7. Silvia you absolutely ROCK girl! Thank you for being there and communicating.

    Fancy, this is not a “make wrong” blog. People who post on this blog have one purpose in mind and that is to communicate their truth.

    We are here to love and support one another, not to attack each other.
    I am glad you take your time reading Marty’s blog. Lets get the truth out and help each other to flourish and prosper.

    Thank you! 🙂

  8. This is wonderful Silvia! Way to go! And I see you have action already.

    With the numerous social networking platforms available for free these days, I see a proliferation of Indie social networks on the near horizon.

    For anyone interested in creating a social network around a specific interest I suggest looking in on NING (means peace in Chinese) at

    I discovered Ning when I joined The Pickens Plan back in Aug 08. There were 400,000 ning networks then. There’s almost 2 million now.

    Currently I have three ning networks that I’ve created and two are launced. One is for a local city betterment agenda I’m agressively advocating called, Project Renaissance, Another one is formed up around food i.e., establishing a active regional food network addressing everything concerning food from the farm/ranch to the table. And finally, my third one was created with the purpose of collecting scn stories. Also, another local network I belong to was set up around a community garden that my wife founded.

    Scientologists are not lone wolfs. We tend to like good company and lots of social interaction. I would encourage anyone to look into starting social networks around their specific interests and in their local communities. It’s a great way to expand your comm lines, meet new people and learn all kinds of stuff. 🙂

    For sample Ning networks see mine:

  9. Unity Mitford

    Is this sort of like eHarmony or Craig’s list but for specifically for Independent Scientologist? Or is it similar to Gene Isene’s forum or friendsofRon? Just wondering about the niche she is going for here.

  10. Barney Rubble

    Thanks much for this post.

    I and my own family know what you mean on this from a personal level.

    C of M’s aberrated underground reference on this website is, I attest real in an everyday world.

    It is what is it is. I hope some will wake up and realize this who are influenced by DM.

  11. Wow Sylvia, a brilliant idea!
    That’s really contributing to the motion.

    Nicci and I loved your photo too.


  12. Congrats Silvia for out-creating the 2D suppression that you were dealing with. You have a great mockup from your photo and I am sure that you will have and create the 2D on the theta-side that you are looking for. I looked at your new site and I think that is also really great. All the best to you in your new ventures. Jefretheta.

  13. Hi Marty,

    To celebrate this auspicious occasion.

    I am posting my full name as an anagram!

    Come on OSA, I bet you’re just dying to figure out who I am!

    If you can’t get the letters unscrambled, maybe your friends back in Langley might help you out 😉

    Brian Dario


    Silvia, you’re one rocking babe!

    Marty you rock too!

    Love ya both!

  14. Wow, how very cool! This is so needed. Thanks, Silvia. 🙂

  15. I’m sorry Fancy – this one calls for a speech:
    the Independents, Anonymous, and Freezoners all it seems have the same basic upset and yet over and over again I see in-fighting and bickering over personal beliefs and egos.
    People are dying, families and friendships being torn apart and our technology is being quickly eroded, squirreled and used for destructive purposes. If we don’t act quickly and together as a group then stand to lose our technology altogether and more lives will be destroyed.
    There is a fire raging and the fire-fighters are going to stand there squabble over who should get the medal of valor instead of putting the fire out and saving the people inside?
    Credit where it is due:
    Anonymous have very loudly and effectively brought to light hideous violations of human rights regardless of having nothing personally to gain from this. The Freezoners have painstakingly documented vital information (much of which I have researched and used to find answers for myself) and the Independents have stood up for what is right and suffered being ostracised and attacked by their own family and friends.
    Let’s keep our eyes on the ball.
    This group here and now has evolved into a force to be reckoned with. Let’s get on with the job that needs to be done instead of wasting our time on petty squabbles.
    If any Freezoners, Independents or Anonymous members would like to contact me and network with like-minded people I would love to hear from them and will work with anyone who has the same goals as I do: To end the tyranny and suppression of the ‘Church’ of ‘Scientology’, salvage fellow human beings who are blindly stuck in a trap and help fellow Scientologists recover their spiritual technology for the use of good not evil.
    The email address added at the bottom of my message is intended for those in the UK who want to network locally in addition to networking with the larger group here.

  16. VWD Silvia get any Italian pcs to me, there can be hope again. My first tour to Greece has been very successful with no effort at all!!

  17. Silvia this is a fantastic idea. You certainly have my support and I am emailing the link to as many of my contacts as possible.

  18. I have been “out” for 12 years now, and I’m absolutely delighted at these latest developments. Thanks again Marty, and Silvia, and all the other Independents who are making this happen.

  19. Theo Sismanides

    As I am getting auditing up the Bridge now by a Class IX auditor I feel I am getting back what I should have gotten some time ago. That is fearless and full of ARC auditing, not just sec checks and countless “repairs” to make me feel like someone who didn’t deserve auditing.
    Just because Scientology is knowing how to know, we know now how to get auditing. And good auditing it is. A Class IX auditing us, is just a breeze!!!
    I am very happy with my ARC straightwire and I can tell I had invalidated that level. Maybe the whole lower bridge. My wife is having wins on Grade 0 by the same auditor and I trust my wife very much. My memory has gotten better, my ARC is much higher and I feel more relaxed and most of all, I KNOW that the Bridge is there for EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH!!!
    These are historical moments. Not just for me but for all of my dynamics.
    Thank you Ignazio!!! Viva la resistance!!!

  20. Theo Sismanides

    Silvia, it’s just such a novel and simple idea. Social networking!!! Thank you for implementing your wonderful idea!

  21. Hey Sylvia
    This is awesome. How about posting a list of all the independents with photos and contact info? What do you think?

  22. This is a win:

    When I rolled out of CW in 01′ after the completion of the Osceola project, I had, in the almost eight years of living in CW and working numerous reno projects, arrived at the conclusion that; as it pertained to CoS, the degree of friendly, in friendliest place in the world, was proportional to how big of stat the individual could be. I also realized that while I cold help build the Mecca of Technical perfection, I myself, did not have access to it.

    I left CW and moved to a place void of Scn and scios. And in this environment, the dePTSing began and eventually arrived at the point where I had to face the fact that although I still considered myself a Scio, I no longer had a church much less a group. But being who I am and having a basic pourpose to improve conditions, I went to work to in someway better the environment where I had placed myself. And that’s another story but I can tell you its been a tough ass row to hoe yet immensely rich in self-discovery.

    Back in late Nov when I finally discovered that there was such a thing as Independent Scios, I was in shock and awe! And although very cautious I quickly jumped into the mix. In short order I once again had a group! And let me tell you, as a result things have really shifted in my universe and my reach and confront have come way up! And it’s showing up in my environment. I now feel like the Verizon customer, you know, wherever I go there’s this huge network backing me up. And as you know, there is some real power in having that connection.

    Life has become exciting again and the future looks bright. I consider myself rekindled.

    Win…to be continued

    Establishing these social networks for the Indies is a powerful move that can be further empowered and augmented by networking the networks. That said, Silvia, I’ve added a link to your site on Walking Around the Elephant and please feel free to come to WAE and promote your network. And Ralph, your link is being added too.

  23. Thanks for sharing this Marty.

    I think we can all agree that the beingness of the the Independant has pretty much already been agreed to, and the havingness seems to be more real every day, but I, like others have wanted a bigger part in the doingnesses in bringing that about.

    I have my own little project I work on and would certainly like to here what others are doing as part of an expanded Non-E.

    Thanks again to you and Sylvia.

  24. RJ
    I got it! I got it!…

  25. RJ, your comment is the only one that doesn’t offer a reply link.

    And I am pretty sure some of your comments have been removed, either that or my searches were sloppy.
    Every now and then you drop and real bomb. You’re pretty fascinating all round dude.

    Now I know your real name, I susupected it all along, it’s Bard Air Ion, isn’t it?

    Silvia nice new site you’ve created, and WOW, you’re gorgeous!

  26. Freedom Fighter

    Cool idea and it looks like it will be very useful for those seeking 2-Ds, jobs, etc.

    A major needed and wanted for me would be a place where people could go to locate standard tech terminals, groups, etc. Not sure if this is also planned for this site or in the works somewhere else.

  27. Congratulations Silvia you are a pretty being inside and out!

  28. Arrab Noid?

  29. John Lennon:

    “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one.”

  30. Martin Padfield

    I ran, O Braid

  31. Rabid Noria?

  32. Congratulations Silvia! Thanks for being there & communicating! Very creative!

  33. Silvia UR hot. Nice website.

  34. Well, RJ, I just figured it out — a little bird with spring in its step told me!

  35. What a great site you’ve created Sylvia. Well done!

  36. Independents, Freezoners, Anons – there is one group not mentioned here, which is Ex-Scientologists, who form a very large and well-networked group, many of whom have been instrumental in exposing the Church’s abuses.

  37. Probably more like the ‘Latest’ and ‘Who What Where’ two networking mags published in the Scientology field prior to the Internet.

    They used to be good publications until they became dominated by Dave-bots.

  38. Victoria,

    Got me!

    Just call me Bard. It’s our little secret 😉

  39. Just Me,

    I’m sure the NSA will be in touch, for further assignments in decryption 🙂

    For all others who participated in my little anagram contest. I’m sure you’ve all confused the kiddies at Spies Farcical Oaf Of A Fief and their handlers at A Lie Entangle Cycling Center.

    Loved Radio Brain!

    Man that’s a keeper 🙂

  40. Nice work NOTSaware, it’s going to help things a lot. Keep us posted.

  41. The IFA site has made an attempt at auditor lists, both certified (by them) and not, but all standard tech.

  42. RJ,

    Thang ya. Thang ya verra mudge.

    Just Me

  43. Thought provoking

    “Who, What, Where” That’s a blast from the past. I think that is a great idea, Sylvia. At one time this was an absolute source for finding Scientologists in the field. They were at any business, mission and org.

    Glad to see that you have taken this on!

  44. Dan Ribario?

  45. Just Me!

    Don’t tell man!

    I know who you really are.

    I’ve seen you’re picture in the “News Stand” at my local supermarket!

    Elvis is that you?

  46. Sam said:-

    ” I’m sorry Fancy – this one calls for a speech:
    the Independents, Anonymous, and Freezoners all it seems have the same basic upset and yet over and over again I see in-fighting and bickering over personal beliefs and egos.”

    There has been some history of that. Mostly
    about who is the ” Most Standard”. And on forums that are very lightly modereated. Perhaps call it the human condition. No doubt some will find others to quarrel with at some time in the future but its not happening now.

    The Freezone has been going in recent times for 10 years via the net. I’ve been very instrumental in promoting it during that time.

    I’m very happy to see that their has been an upsurge in such activity closely associated with this blog. I’m particularly happy that the terms
    ” Freezone, and ” Independant scientologist”
    have made mainstream media, something I was not able to do.

    If one searches the term ” TECH outside COS”
    you will find years of success stories that I’ve posted and contacts to the the main, but by no means only FZ forums. Note that my promotion has been done on scientology related forums where there is much criticism of the subject.

    You’ll also find links to the only TV show showing the tech in a good light…..made in the FZ.

  47. Yes I agree. If you want to make people wrong go to blog like ESMB where entheta lifes. This is an uptone blog & it is our responsibility to keep it that way.

  48. P Henry,

    What a nice success story. “Theta people supporting each other in pursuit of theta goals” could be one of the mottos for this Independent group. Of course, that’s one of the things the C of S should be, but is not. (Although our Miission *was* exactly that back in the late 70’s.)

  49. “Note that my promotion has been done on scientology related forums where there is much criticism of the subject.”

    Life is funny that way, It makes the Game intresting indeed. One has to have a sense of homour in Life or you will dimise under the weight of serioussness.

  50. Why are some poster names black and others blue where you can see that person’s info? And how do u change that!? :-/

  51. Survey the wog world. Ask them what they think of Scientology.

  52. IFA is charging $50 to get listed.
    There is a section at for auditors to advertise and one at

  53. I am so happy Marty has brought this up, While the broud help of Anonymous and Independents have helped. And perhaps Marty and Mike were helped by the base of information already out their. But the truth is when you are up against DM, you better have all your ducks in a row, and then you can fire with laser precision, in one blast. There are things I am doing that I share with noone. And I am sure for the rest of you guys as well. What is happening with all these blogs and communiation is that the third dynamic engram of these years of DM’s destrution of LRH’s dream. Has been a difiult time for all of us.
    What Mike and Marty bring to the scene is that they went through it all close to the top, and not only fill us in on how things really happened that affected us lower down, but we never knew why.

    When the LaserStrike occurs, it willappear tous to be fast and sudden, but to Mike and Marty, they have been working on it for years, and in those years,
    many card need to be kept close tothe chest, and not shared….. Everyone has a part in ending the abuse both mental and physical. And Mike and Marty are not inactive in doing their parts,it’s just that we will not see those results until it’s time. I think all of these groups and derogatory comments are taking attention and time away from our Common Purpose – Which is to put and end to the relentless greed for donations and more donations (with no exchange) and to end the Abuses. Let’s just concentrate on that one common purpose and get that acheived. In the meantime, there are many “plants” out there stirring things up and dividing us away from our common purpose. Don’t take your eyes off our common “ball”.

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