Recollections of LRH – part 2

Sarge revisiting WHQ recently

Sarge revisiting WHQ recently

by Sarge. In early June 1976 Marcus Swanson and I were security guards at a warehouse in Tampa when we got orders to pack our bags. Marcus, Mark Ferriera (AKA: Muff) and I were flown to L.A. then  picked up by the G.O. and driven to WHQ (Winter Head Quarters) in La Quinta near Indio/Palm Springs.  WHQ was actually a complex of individual houses located directly behind the famous La Quinta hotel and golf course where they held the Bob Hope golf tournament every year. All the main houses fronted on ‘Obregon Ave’ just behind the hotel. There were three main properties.

LRH always named ‘MEST’ for ease of communication. ‘Palms’ was to the west just off Eisenhower Blvd.  Palms used to be owned by President Eisenhower. It was a two story building with a detached garage and guest house with a huge court yard, swimming pool, a date palm field and tennis court. Directly to the east of Palms was ‘Olives’. Olives was the largest of the properties. Olives  had a distinctive swimming pool that was used in several 60’s movies. There were orange, lemon, grapefruit and of course Olive trees everywhere. To the east of Olives was  a road that led past it’s date palm field heading south to the ranch house, stables and date packing plant.  Also located at Olives was a guest house with a full kitchen, one long house with two rooms and another guest room which Arthur Hubbard lived in. Again to the east was an alfalfa field, then the ‘Rifle’ property where LRH lived. (pop quiz to follow!).

The two Marks and I found ourselves baggage and all on the road to the ranch house when all of a sudden LRH and his entourage entered the road behind us. (yikes). We froze as we weren’t sure what to do. LRH  told us to get some shovels and fill in the ruts in the road.   Escrow had just closed and LRH had just started viewing the properties and making lists for renos, he was not living there yet, he was still living in Culver City, just outside Los Angeles at a huge apartment complex which housed his office, berthing and a small crew and a few messengers. This was called ‘Astra’.

That first summer, in one word, was FUN. We had a very special group.  David and  Claire Rousseau and Lois were messengers running the Renos projects..  Soon others came. Marcus and I were already good friends but I worked a lot with Leo Johnson., I knew Leo from Dunedin – King Arthurs Court.

Because of the heat (126f in the shade) LRH set our schedule to arise at 4 am, have breakfast, do up battleplans  for that day, work till 11 am and have lunch. After lunch we were to have siesta until 3pm  or so then work til dinner. Many of us decided to use our siesta  in  the Palms or Olives pools.  We usually worked after dinner until 10 or 11pm. We all became very good friends.  One day at the end of the summer and renovations we were doing final fix-its at ‘Rifle’ when a man in a suit carrying a clipboard walked up and asked where our building permit was and asked who was in charge etc. Well, I am not sure just what I said to the guy but I gave him my shore story and my best no answers and he went away and didn’t return. We were all drilled in our shore stories and LRH had us  choose our AKAs (phony names) .

Soon after LRH came to ‘W’ he dropped by the Ranch House where I was. A messenger came in and said LRH wants to see you. I was surprised to see him at the ranch house gate. LRH told me he had heard about the way I handled the building inspector that came to Rifle. He called me a genius. Wow! Was my needle floating! Then he told me he was going to train me up to be a big executive (gulp). I knew I was like a ripe avocado, green inside and out. I thanked him. He told me to carry on and I did, without footprints.

During those days LRH was very accessible to the crew. He used to walk around the property and you never knew when he would just show up, chat or  give advice. It was great. LRH  and Mary Sue lived and had their offices at ‘Rifle’. LRH drove a Jeep Cherokee four wheel drive.  Once I was invited along with others to go to town to a movie. I was thrilled, being invited by the boss to goof off. I think the movie was ‘Star Wars’ .

Four green Datsun 210 cars were purchased in a fleet purchase. They were identical except for one number on each license plate.  The idea was couriers, purchasers and others coming and going at different times would confuse anyone trying to determine schedules and it would make it look like less people were driving around. LRH never missed a trick. Marcus and I were the first Couriers. I had days and Marcus nights. Talk about fun. The Old Man had us wear Cowboy hats when we left the ranch (W),  then take them off  after we left the valley, then wear them again  back to W.

The couriers used to check oil and wash their cars in front of the stables near the ranch house. One day I was busy washing my courier car and I was whistling. I felt a presence behind me, I turned around and saw the Old Man standing there. He told me that he could always tell someone who enjoyed their work when they whistled. He apologized for disturbing me and told me to ‘carry on’.

Security and communications were very important to the Old Man. He treated the couriers with respect. He taught us a lot about protection from ‘bugs’ and tail shakes, which evolved into the security pack.

Since I was on days I got most of the new people as passengers. I don’t know who coined the phrase ‘Over The Rainbow’ but I loved it. I asked someone once and was told that every time someone disappears in the middle of the night, people would joke that they just went ‘ Over the Rainbow’. The couriers were told not to answer any questions about  where they were going, etc until we were close to ‘W’. We would put people on a routing form once they arrived then give them an orientation of the property. When we went to ‘Rifle’ I always told them to be very quite so we don’t disturb the Old Man. We woulnever go inside but several times the Old Man heard us, even though we whispered, and he would come out to say hello. More W stories to come including ‘Cine’

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  1. Kathy Braceland

    Thanks Sarge. I’m really enjoying your stories with LRH. They’re very warming….

  2. I enjoyed the story but what is being done about clearing the planet? JB

  3. martyrathbun09

    John Boice, For starters, Sarge is letting people know about L Ron Hubbard; the man whose memory DM is attempting to bury. I am, among many other things, salvaging a number of Clears and OTs DM’s machine has suppressed into near oblivion. What are you doing John Boice?

  4. I love your stories about Ron. Thank you for sharing them. ~

  5. Thank you, dear Sarge, for sharing times with LRH. “Blessed is the leader who seeks the best for those he serves. ” And L. Ron Hubbard was and is that leader.

    What a being. He sure brought a flair to being human, too:-) Just loving these, thank you for being here Sarge!

    Marty, thank you for keeping Scientology true to source and Purpose.

  6. John Boice is yapping after a firetruck.

  7. Sarge,

    Thanks for the Theta respite, after all that heavy lifting on the earlier bog 🙂

    WHQ or OTR seems almost like Camelot.


    Thanks again Sarge.

    Keep posting and I’ll keep reading.

  8. Thanks, Sarge. You’re filling in gaps for me. Nice way of telling the stories too. Names, places…I love it!

  9. Hi, no disrespect to Sarge or Marty, but I am curious about why the story is written up in segments. Why not one big complete story?

  10. God I love your Stories Sarge. LRH is my hero, and you bring him back to us, like nobody can.

    I think I can pass the quiz: LRH was right. You’re a fucking genius.

  11. becomingAware

    Thank you Sarge for sharing. I never knew some of the people I worked with went back that far and were with LRH and you. It helps get things straightened out.

    Thanks again.

  12. Boice is frustrated that yet another of LRH’s inner circle of MOST TRUSTED MOST LOYAL staff is on this side, it drives him nuts. Maybe he’ll wake up one day and stop stat rationalizing.

    Sweet story Sarge, can’t wait for more.

  13. What you are doing, Sarge, inadvertently or not, is putting the lightness of touch of LRH up against the militaristic/sadistic boot camp INT HQ has become under DM.

    The Old Man could throw some serious tantrums but he could also laugh and tell jokes and mix cocktails and have a grand old time while really loving those who served under him. That care, that high ARC comes through in everything you write.

    Now compare that with DM: his actions reveal a man who doesn’t like, much less LOVE, any Scientologist but especially Sea Org members.

    When’s the last time he loaded up one of his big money cars and took staff to a movie?

  14. War and Peace

    Great anecdotes, super writing, thank you Sarge.

    Hey John Boice ~~ is your real name Bill Yaude ?
    Your one liners sound like his style….we detect TROLLS sent in from OSA real fast on this board.

  15. JB

    Sarge is assisting here in the creation of a group and letting us in on the true history we all share.

    This is an exercise in COMMUNICATION, REALITY and AFFINITY- remember? ARC? works every time… might want to join in.

    FYI…. the current group is failing to get the job done – they are under suppression.

    WAKE UP! (please) and get on board.

  16. Thank you Sarge.

    I too love LRH and the gifts he has given us all.

  17. JB – So I guess you are troll then, eh?

  18. Thanks Sarge. I was way over in London Org at the time so missed out on this part of our time track.

    Keep the stories coming! They are extremely important. They will become part of Scientology folklore or rather you are recording for us a folklore that already exists, its just that many of us don’t know these parts/details/stories and those that come after us will also benefit greatly from being able to read them.

  19. Sarge, you write extremely well. You have a talent there.

  20. Freedom Fighter

    Uh, gee JB, I don’t know. What ARE YOU doing to clear the planet?

    Sarge, thanks for another theta story about your experience with LRH. Sounds like you guys were having a hoot back then! It’s so nice to have this glimpse into what LRH was like. Looking forward to the next installment.

  21. Sarge,
    So wonderful to hear these stories. I can imagine as you’re writing them, more and more memories rise like cream. I look forward to you relating them. To be continued……..please and thank you!

  22. Keep ’em coming Sarge. Your stories are wonderful!

  23. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Thank you very, very much.

    Each time I start a course and read KSW 1, I think about LRH and the duty of each one of us to make sure Scn is kept working and on source and retained as LRH intended it. Then I go to an event and have to hear how LRH forgot something, or allowed his work to be altered right under his nose, or allowed the blind to lead the blind and then I feel like someone is trying to tell me KSW 1 is cancelled and LRH never really had it right anyway so point 1 is kind of fuzzy anyway. Then I can’t even see how planetary clearing is even possible.

    If you can restore LRH as a real memory without that degradation and alter-is the official events insist on working in, then you will have restored him to greatness (not perfection, that is not even necessary anyway) and will have brought planetary clearing back into the arena of possible futures. The game will be back on.

    I see that you are a genius and would blow off the nasty comment above, but I would like to validate you anyway and thank you for helping me personally.

    I love these stories and can’t wait for the next one. Please keep it real and keep it coming.

    Thanks again.

  24. Another John making questions.
    Sorry I got to say something…
    When one says his name, his relations, his products of lack of them and his true face one is at least out of the tone level of “hiding”.
    Not a tone very desirable for some.
    I insist, and this is definitely NOT going to raise my popularity, all this nickname stuff is something I don´t understand well.
    Is my fault I know.
    I do understand why an anon does it but why a REAL SCIENTOLOGIST INSIDE C OF M OR INDEPENDENT can´t give his name and his org and openly tell “I don´t agree with this and that” “I (real name) see that this thing told by Marty or Jim or Roberto is false because of such and such”(ASSUMING A REAL SCIENTOLOGIST WOULD NOT ALLOW HIMSELF TO REMAIN IN A PTS CONDITION FOR LONG TIME)

    To make my popularity contest even worse; I don´t see any reason any in this blog can´t face the church. With all this hiding stuff we are only granting them more power.
    I apologize for my ignorance or for my lack of “agrement” or “razionalization” of the subject.
    Yes I have a problem with all this “underground” stuff.
    Yes I want your reaction, yes I want you to get mad at me.
    I know that you hide mainly for your family and you don´t want to lose them. I don´t think there is a fear of the church in itself.
    If you are so damn mad at the church and looking all the outpoints why are you letting your sons or family carry on inside?
    And if they choose remain inside and cut his comm with you; which is your responsibility AND what are you gonna do about it?
    Can we continue in this condition?
    (I see coming a lot of boots kicking my Latino ass already; but what a f***?)
    Sure I will lose some more “friends” for this rant; again.

    “What about clearing the planet?”
    Get out of “hiding” dude and maybe you can do something about it some of this lifetimes.
    I´m sick of it.

    About this blog subject…
    Dear Marty and Sarge:
    I have the realization that the vacuum of data about LRH and his life has produced a lot of arcx with him. When there´s no data aviable, we tend to fill the vacuum.
    Sarge has made a BIG contribution to get he image of LRH UP.
    First of all by stating something a lot of us do know: He was only human and do make some mistakes; was not perfect.
    But also Sarge is contributing IMHO to let us see that when LRH was in a SAFE enviroment he was a very friendly guy. Really.
    Please; look all the internet stuff about LRH and you will see that his hard issues like overboarding, disconection, urgent declarations, bad manners, all this precedent from 3rd party and enturbulation.
    I´m not making a justification for him. Never.
    Just sharing what I see.
    I know there are a lot of people in this blog who don´t like LRH and don´t agree with this.
    I respect that. Please respect my viewpoint.
    I see now a LRH much more human. Much more friend. Much more subject to the pressures you and I have on a everyday living.

    Thanks Sarge for giving me back the admiration that I have almost lost for LRH.

  25. Precious.

    Thank you Sarge and thank you Marty for providing the venue for the talks of truth.

  26. Thank you Sarge and it is great to read your truth and experiences with LRH.

    I am glad you are here with us and looking forward to read more from you! 🙂

  27. Sarge,

    let me join RJ in his fine words to thank you!

    I still miss words for telling my relieve that there are still people around who knew Ron personally and can relay the air of him.

    Thank you both – Sarge and RJ!

    ML, Fidelio

  28. Sarge directly assisted LRH’s survival and thereby made a material contribution to the existence of Scientology. And today, Sarge is helping to clean up the black PR that David Miscavige has heaped onto LRH, blaming LRH of all people for every criminal act Miscavige has committed… Rephrased: every time Miscavige (and now by contageon any kool aid drinking Miscavologist) is confronted by their CRIMES including felonies of blackmail, extortion, embezzlement, human trafficking, gross human rights violations and more, hundreds of millions wasted… the response is “I am applying LRH tech” = vile black propaganda on LRH, blaming David Miscavige’s overts and crimes on LRH. Add to that the fact that David Miscavige has brought planetary clearing to a screaming dead stop and actually sent it in reverse (how many auditors were made in 2009? How many Clears?).

  29. Sarge,

    again: thank YOU!

    But say: How did you manage to visit WHQ “recently”???
    Like Joe Howard got a tour in Malmö Org?
    Plain insouciance?

    Anyway – thank YOU!

    ML, Fidelio

  30. Awwww Sarge!
    Too short!
    More! More! More! More!

  31. One cannot help but note the dichotomy of management styles….movies, siesta, pools vs beatings, no sleep, holes.

    In the past 30 years I have never once heard a lighthearted theta story about time spent working with the current management. When I hear any story it has to do with the fear in the environment.

  32. I just came inside from digging out of 20″ of snow, and found this story…..warmed me up right quick! Keep em coming Sarge!

  33. Hi Sarge,
    In June of ’76 I think I was doing the Student Hat! Whenever we finished a service we would write a letter to LRH sharing our wins. We ALWAYS received a personal reply. It was amazing to me! Your stories fill in the unknown about what was going on at that time. Thank you! And it is a bit of a relief from all of the “boggy” blogging the past few days. Not that the subjects addressed aren’t absolutely vital information for us all…its just nice to hear about the man who put it there for us.
    ML, Gaia

  34. martyrathbun09

    Roberto, Thanks for this. re your getting your Latino ass kicked, don’t worry ’cause I got your Latino back.

  35. Sarge,
    Marcus Swanson is one of my favorite people. He gave me the phrase ‘Mr. Mind’ as in ‘Mr. Mind seems to be responding’ when you weren’t on your game and circuits were babbling away. We ended up sharing an apartment with he and his wife and me and mine out at the Devonshire. Those were the Base apts that were used back then.

    He used to eat his Mr. Noodle with just a little bit of cold water on them, after post at the apt. Yuck!

  36. Dagny,
    The above from Sarge is the first postulate, the rest is an alteration and as such persists. Until of course, you get the first postulate and truth and it as-ises. DM is a second postulate alteration.

    That’s in the Scn Axioms for those who are lurking.

  37. Awesome story! What a wonderful recall of what LRH was all about. Thank you Sarge!

  38. Theo Sismanides

    Thank you Sarge, this is so cool, to have stories here about LRH that you have lived first hand.

    The hell with LRH biographer (don’t remember his name anyway), he was put there to give us ALL MUs.

    The real biographer could be you Sarge and we have something VERY good here to be getting this LRH biography first hand.

    Keep it up, we look forward for more LRH stories by you.

  39. Thanks for keeping it real Sarge. I look forward to more.

  40. Underground For Now

    I’m with Sam.

    “Awwww Sarge!
    Too short!
    More! More! More! More!”

  41. Dagny,
    Just ran across something that might help understand the seemingly fixed nature of DM and the alterations he represents.

    HCOB 6 Jan 74 Assist Summary Addition:
    ” PRIOR CONFUSION: Fixed ideas follow a period of confusion…the engram…can be a stable datum in a confusion.”

    DM came to power amidst a good deal of 3D confusion back in the early 80’s. He acted as a ‘stable datum’. He specializes in (created) ’emergency’ management and the introduction of arbitraries that result from his ‘handlings’. That’s just more confusion and putting himself there, over and over, as the ‘stable datum’.

    Today, it’s hard on Scientologists, public and staff, to pull that stable datum as it is a ‘solution’ to what lies under what it seeks to answer. Rather than confront the confusion, the problem is ‘solved’ with DM as the stable datum. It isn’t solved of course. It’s like the ‘solution’ that a service facsimile/computation provides. It may have held off the confusion at one time, but as a fixed idea/stable datum, it now is pure idiocy.

    DM entered in as a stable datum to the confusion. He’s been entering in confusions and acting as the stable datum ever since just reinforcing the group engram/stable datum/arbitrary orders one after the other.

    No wonder he’s tough to spot by lots of people. He’s the stable datum to the confusion that IS a ser fac for the group.

  42. Martin Padfield

    Well said Roberto, no ass-kicking from the UK!

  43. Jim, Yeah, Marcus was the most successful CO Gold in its history. Great guy. Big red haired Swede from Minnesota. Used to drink half and half instead of milk. I wish he would surface. Seems he has moved on, though.

  44. Martin Padfield

    “…the response is “I am applying LRH tech” = vile black propaganda on LRH, blaming David Miscavige’s overts and crimes on LRH.”

    BINGO! Nailed it precisely!

  45. Sarge your stories are just wonderful and evoke such memories, long forgotten, til now.

    I remember the jealousy I would feel when someone “disappeared” OTR and how tiny bits would filter back to those of us at Flag. It seemed indeed like Camelot.

    I never did understand, until this post the different places — Rifle etc and then Hemet.

    Makes more sense now. The lifestyle at the 3 places seem much more like LRH, than the glitsy Hemet/Gold compound.

    Are these 3 properties still owned by the “church”?

    Thank you for sharing all of this so generously.


  46. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Jim Logan,
    re: adopted stable datum to a confusion

    Wow. This is a gem.

    You see this as you try to wake people up. They are hanging onto something with a death grip. You can see it in the way they don’t duplicate you and their comm gets non-sequitor and robotic (e.g. “we are expanding”, etc.).

    A Thetan should be able to drop a stable datum and just find a better one, but apparently it is difficult in this case – it is so welded in. Maybe it is like “losing LRH – next incident on the chain”.

  47. This is so strange, I have charge blowing that I guess I didn’t know had accumulated.

    I just spotted the exact first moment in my perception when the phrase “sent over the rainbow” changed from being a wondrous strike of luck, something to be congratulated for… into something darkly ominous. hmm, that. LOL.

    Great tid bits Sarge, thank-you!

  48. Excellent analysis from our Qual Master!

    This is the held down 7 of Scn Group Think.

    It’s also the same kind of thinking that kept Hitler and Mussolini in power. The trains run on time, the streets are “safe”, “order” is restored and the “enemies of the state” are being fought on behalf of the people.

    LRH made the point that ethics is flexible; it’s tough when the situation calls but when people are upstat, it’s light and airy. Laugh, go to the movies and have an ice cream.

    When in the past 25 years can it be said that DM’s been “light and airy” in his ethics posture?

    Never, because a peaceful and happy environment doesn’t suit his game; we need to be in a constant state of danger in order to fit his management style. In other words, he alter-ises what is really there in order to make his dog-and-pony show appear to be the solution.

    That is why he’s a Merchant of Chaos of the highest order.

    That is why the church is always under attack, because the leader motivates like a mo’fo to pull in attacks which he needs to survive.

    He’s one sick puppy.

  49. John Boice

    It is called suspense and good authorship. Keep your audiance hooked. Second it is that the first hand account is most valuable to most people visiting this blog. Every piece of the story gets proper attention and canbn be discussed. This keeps for everybody to be “on the same page”. As an anon I would like to hear it all at once but I see
    that for the Scientologist every piece of this first-hand account is a little gem. To some extent it is to me too because I am very intrested. But Inot every anon is.

    So Sarge is giving a course so to speak, containing several episodes of data. Everybody can communicate about it and relate to it or utter questions. In a sence we are all going to class although I am at the window peeking in.

    It will keep you comoing back for more no doubt*wink* I know I do.

  50. Joe Howard – Do you know if Marcus is still in the SO or not?

  51. I think I need to answer a few questions here.
    The whole time I knew LRH there was no doubt
    in my mind that his only goal was ‘clearing the
    planet’. He lived Scientology til he dropped the body. His goal was not to make money. Money
    was a tool and was to be used for expansion.
    LRH was personally wealthy.He personally
    didn’t need money. If his stats weren’t up he
    wouldn’t spend money on himself.
    As to my stories being too short. I am not out
    for a Pulitzer. My old friends’ Hunt and Peck’
    and my tangled track make writing difficult.
    And yes my ‘Grammar’ died years ago (RIP).
    It takes a lot of editing. Many stories to come
    and I promise to make them longer and still
    worth reading. I am trying hard to paint my
    view of my hero and any painter will tell you
    it takes as long as it takes. Thanks for the
    positive responses. MLV

  52. Emperor,
    DM specializes in this ‘confusion/fixed stable datum’ thing. Starting from way back in the early 80’s, then with the LRH death event, followed up by the Loyal Officers tanked and that confusion, and he’s the one that found it all out and saved the day. Take it up to GAT. Well, the fact is LRH spend years, starting from the very beginning, working on the training of auditors. By the 80s he had it taped. The Study Tech, Sup Tech, What is a Course policy, it was there. Plus auditors WERE trained and the orgs as shown in various descriptions here, and the stats on the site verify it. What did DM do?

    At the GAT event he throws all that in a confusion and pulls LRH tech out as a stable, sensible answer and then, in the midst of a false, created confusion, he enters in himself and his ‘solution’.

    Years later, when this ‘solution’ doesn’t work on the Basics Event, pulls LRH again and this time the books he wrote, and enters in himself and his books as the new stable datum.

    How about the IAS? Well, it has absolutely NO LRH reference for it. Today, in all the warring DM creates and the generated confusion, he puts the IAS there as the solution.

    Here’s another interesting datum from the same HCOB above: “BEFORE-AFTER: where an injured or ill pc is so stuck that he has a fixed
    picture that does not move, one can jar it loose by asking him to recall a time before the
    incident and then asking him to recall a time after it. This will “jar the engram loose”
    and change the stuck point.”

    Sarge’s descriptions help do that and bump the thing to a time before the 3D engrams and DM as a fixed idea.

    Here’s the Scn Axiom on stable data:

    Note it says ‘tolerance’ of a confusion and an agreed upon stable datum are at once, (both, at the same time, together) necessary. In handling this false, fixed ‘DM as stable datum’ for others, one has to get the confusion they don’t want to face, and get them to face it, to tolerate it, and then find a sensible stable datum (not fixed mind you as this process has to be able to be done over and over or you aren’t sane, just as it says in the axiom).

    This is just like ser fac running. The confusion held in place by ‘DM’ or ‘IAS’ (DM) will run off, that’s a good thing.

  53. Joe,
    Can’t see ‘moving on’, I mean where is he going to move on to? Maybe just on a ‘theta-MEST’ theory break or too many stops accumulated on the basic purpose and he’s in the failure, and just needs a rehab like we got.

    Half and half milk, cold water on his noodles, ya gotta love him.

  54. Fidelio,

    The WHQ properties were sold off in the late ’70s and is now part of a public accessible hotel: WHQ does not exist physically and only in memories.

    The pools Sarge tells about do not now exist and many of the buildings are now gone.

    In fact you can have something to eat and drink at “Olives” as it is a restaurant right next to the resort’s pool and tennis courts.

    Part of the then WHQ property, the house that LRH lived in which was called “Rifle” was repurchased by Mestology as part of their real estate holdings:

    So – an Insouciant Sarge? Yes.

    Org tour? No.

  55. Victoria,

    “Over the Rainbow” at WHQ is as you say – a wonderous strike of luck and something to be congratulated for as LRH was there. You are totally right.

    The Int/Gold Base, the property originally called “SHQ” where the crews of WHQ moved to turned “into something darkly ominous” much later after LRH went off the lines.

  56. Theo, you’re thinking about Dan Sherman. I think the last thing I read is some kind of story he did which was for the birds:

    “Hubbard biographer Danny Sherman told a story of Miscavige spotting an injured sparrow, talking to it and checking back later to see if it lived. “It was immensely tender.”

    (from the Truth Rundown)

  57. Fellow Traveller

    Sarge — I find solace in just knowing that you ain’t done yet.

    Heck if you *were* to do it all at once, I’d probably overdose.

    This is much better, like a gourmet meal where you savor the meal. Really bad analogy, but I needed a datum of comparable magnitude. And in this instance, perhaps there is as much to gain from meal as the chef preparing it.

    Stretching this analogy to the breaking point — I am eating this up.

    Thank you.

  58. Marcus left Gold years ago, maybe 20? at least.

  59. Sarge your stories are appreciated! Thanks

  60. Roberto. Bravo! I salute you my friend for doing the correct thing. I have no words for the admiration I feel for you in being the person to say what needs to be said.

    To support you in your decision, I too am going to take the unpopular stand and support 100% what you are saying.

    Many here have obviously completed their own Doubt formulas up to step #6 but then stopped. Here is the complete step:

    “…6. Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses toward the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and announce the fact publicly to both sides…”

    Only by fully completing this condition – the remaining steps 6, 7 & 8 can someone move up the remaining conditions!

    To stop at this point, as you state, is caused by PTSness or False Data per the reference ‘Hang up at Doubt’.

    Finally there is KSW 1 which is very very clear as to why we are losing our technology and very clear as to what a Scientologist is expected to do about it:

    “…When somebody enrolls, consider he or she has joined up for the duration of the universe — never permit an “open-minded” approach. If they’re going to quit let them quit fast. If they enrolled, they’re aboard, and if they’re aboard, they’re here on the same terms as the rest of us — win or die in the attempt. Never let them be half-minded about being Scientologists. The finest organizations in history have been tough, dedicated organizations. Not one namby-pamby bunch of panty-waist dilettantes have ever made anything. It’s a tough universe. The social veneer makes it seem mild. But only the tigers survive — and even they have a hard time. We’ll survive because we are tough and are dedicated…”

    I would like to see more tigers here. Not just because those on the front lines need help, but because… ‘only the tigers survive’, 🙂

    As I have stated in another post there are many more people in hiding than there are speaking out. To hide and be afraid is not the solution and is not the way out.

    It may seem that it protects others to be quiet, but actually, that is what DM is trying to make you do with the intimidation tactics and the weapon of disconnection. He is telling you to be quiet ‘or else’. So do we give him what he wants?

  61. winsmexico,

    You are totally right with your opinion. I was thinking in the same direction this weekend.
    Nevertheless, I didn’t find an acceptable solution yet for me.
    I just have the hope that soon we find a solution to it. Does somebody have a bright idea ?
    What about a fixed date we all come out at the same time ? With E-mails to all friends ?
    One thing that I don’t understand is when I look a the reach stats of alexa, there must be some 100ds scientologists reading from my country daily. I never met one of them ? where are they ?
    It’s really strange.


    Thank you so much for your writing. I just love it, and it helps to rehabilitate.
    Thank you so much !

    Have a good day !

  62. I bet, soon he’ll invite his staffs to the movies.

  63. Sarge,

    I offer you my editing skills if you wish. I can proof, edit and correct from either original manuscripts or voice dictation, if that would be of help to you addressing your “backlog”.

    – Tom

  64. Theo Sismanides

    Ha, ha Sinar, yes! Danny Sherman, the… Biographer… haha, you couldn’t get one thing of what he was talking about. Thanks for this inspiring story.

  65. LO
    ‘What about a fixed date we all come out at the same time ? With E-mails to all friends ?’
    Good postulate. Now make it happen!
    How about Valentine’s Day? I bet everyone will open a Valentine’s Day card or email. Show the love! LOL

  66. LO…

    Thanks for understanding.

    Sorry; there´s no acceptable solution if am I getting you right.
    Actually there´s no “solution” to it.

    Facing this task is something that WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES and some of them troublesome.
    If someone is naive and look it other way; it will be disapointed.
    With my rant I´m not advising anybody to go public.
    Just pointing out the real situation in wich some of us are.
    It´s up to each one to see what´s to be done and how and when.
    But the facts are the facts.
    Going public is not comfortable.
    “Hiding” is not comfortable neither.

    About Alexa my only opinion is that is the measure of the ammount of people “on the fences” watching the game.

    Do very well.

  67. Thanks Sam.

    Almost always I smile a lot reading all your stuff. Very uptone and funny. But now you are touching a VERY important subject.

    The incomplete doubt formula.

    This is heavy.
    Imagine the condition one would have if emain that way.
    I´m getting emotional-misemotional seeing in my mind the faces of all my friends that told me they agree with me but can´t go public or publicly support me.
    It is a living hell to live like that.
    “Pretending” (armonic) to be loyal to CofM.

    About PTSness and false data you´re totally correct!

    Pointing out only the tigers survive… Big HIT!

    Amazed of this summary Sam.

    Really clear for me.


  68. Over the Rainbow (WHQ) was like Camelot.
    We even had our own ‘Arthur’.

  69. Jim, many of us, like Marcus, have moved on.

  70. Thank you, Sinar! And yes: insouciant Sarge!
    ML, Fidelio

  71. Jim, that is a helluvan analysis – brilliant!

  72. A question for the members that were at Int:

    Does anyone know why Jasmine Fiandica and Donna McKay left and where they may be now?
    I think Jasmine was HCO at Int and Donna was Gold.

  73. fish,
    Well, with all due respect (and you know that I have that as I’ve personally communicated to you) then, umm, errr, you still be here posting, gave an interview for the Truth Rundown, and have contributed in all this effort to handle this SP. Hey, if that’s moving on my man, I can only imagine how powerful you’d be if you came back 🙂

  74. Thank you Jim.

  75. I think it this is relevant to your intrests.

    And than I think my country has no suprises for me. It seems Freedom of Religion comes before Copyright in my Country.

    Who is the True Source Scientology Foundation?
    The STSS (Stichting True Source Scientology; Stichting being a dutch word meaning foundation) is a foundation under Dutch Law that was founded because Scientologists world-wide need every form of support and protection they can get when they want to follow their religious beliefs outside the Church of Scientology (CoS).

    There are various groups and networks, but nevertheless the field is pretty much scattered and many Scientologists who left the CoS by their own will or because they were driven out don’t even know about the existence of Free Zone Scientology. The STSS wants to help this situation.

    As set forth by the statutes of the STSS, the goal of the foundation is:

    •To promote Scientology as a religion without commercial interests of any kind;

    •To enable Scientologists to practice their religion in freely formed associations of their own choice or free of any association;

    •To promote Scientology as a non-discriminating faith open to everyone;

    •To collect and preserve the original unaltered religious texts and works of Scientology and to make them accessible;

    •To promote the free exchange of information, ideas and opinions amongst Scientologists in a manner that is not governed or inhibited by dogma;

    •To promote a positive view of Scientology in the society at large.

  76. BINGO! – goes for me too. Thanks Thoughtful.

  77. Sarge, thanks much for another theta story. It is appreciated.

    By the way Sarge, I put a reasonable facsimile of you into a slide show. You can see it here:

  78. Sarge,

    I love your stories. For me they bring back to the forefront the tremendous compassion that LRH had for the members of his staff and all members of the church.

  79. Thought provoking

    I love your stories! Keep them coming! One of the things I actually did looked forward to at the events was the LRH biographer telling stories about LRH. He has long since abandoned his hat and so I am grateful that you have taken it upon yourself to share some of your personal experiences with Ron.

    Sometimes speaking the simplest truths have the greatest impact. What you wrote spoke to me directly and I am willing to share that communication with anyone else who felt it was to them as well. It was honest, frustratingly honest but it impinged.

    That was a right indication! I have been hung up at doubt and in doing so have granted beingness to the exact suppression within the church that we are trying to disclose. It is hard to stand tall behind a psuedonym. I am absolutely certain that I no longer want to support the church of Scientology management nor DM.

    Not a day passes when I don’t think about what I have accomplished as a result of LRH. I have always tried to apply What We Expect of a Scientologist and for the most part, I have done very well. I am proud of my accomplishments and contributions. If he were alive today, Knowing that he needed my help, I would stand and be accounted for, without hesitation.

    I realized that you do still live with us each and every day through your legacy of the tech…a tech that has been thoroughly corrupted by those you entrusted with its safety. I proudly stand with those who fight to end this corruption and to end the abuses of all Scientologists affected by it.

    Highest ARC,
    Karen LaPorte

  80. Thought provoking

    “Sarge’s descriptions help do that and bump the thing to a time before the 3D engrams and DM as a fixed idea.”

    Very Cool! Thanks Sarge!

  81. Sarge ~~
    I have now read this 3x.
    What pleasure to read the kindness and greatness and granting of beingness when LRH was there.
    What a great acknowledgement he gave you for handling the Building inspector.
    This blog sure moves us all up and down the tone scale !


    Marcus Swanson CO Gold~~ now that brings back memories. I recall running down from Qual and seeing a muster of GOLD staff where they were playing TEAM GAMES ! A kind of volley ball….Marcus had GOLD staff smiling and whooping for the extra 15 minutes after muster with FUN. This was every day.

    What a far cry to the way sadistic brute David Miscavige runs his meetings. With Hate and Fear and Threats and Punishing Bodies and Controlling Bodies.

  82. Thanks Karen.

    Is good to know that the point is real for others.

    It certainly IS a right indication the one of Sam.

    I hope this is the beginning of a better new life.

    My admiration and prayers to you.

  83. Mexico Lindo y Querido

    Oye como te mando un email. Quiero hablar contigo. Podras incluir to email?

  84. P Henry what a great video, music and pictures. Very well done and what fun!

    Sarge, a very well written story. A true rekindler.

  85. Sarge, thank you so much for your story. Completely Theta. Appreciate you doing this.

  86. Just try to stay away of this sort of keeping it real :0

  87. Thanks Sarge for keeping us in the real glory of the old days with LRH.

    I just got in the mail today the special decade edition of the Scientology news. I sit here and read them, thinking about Mike Rinder’s post and just wonder why they think these numbers sound real to the public. I have been on the inside, and know how stats are crunched and made to look like more than they really are. Pressure from above does wonders to what gets reported, twisted and manipulated for events and promo.

    Here are the stats that are quoted for the last decade:

    10 million people directly benefited by VM’s
    8.7 million miles in service to mankind
    15 million hours in volunteer work
    Rehab and prevention specialists trained at NN arrowhead from 43 states and 19 nations.
    190 total centers and groups (NN)
    6.3 million savevd from drugs (NN)
    324 TWTH groups and chapters
    3.6 million TWTH distributed yearly
    85 million total TWTH in circulation
    27 new nations with LRH study tech
    11,000 educators trained in LRH study tech
    20 million people helped with LRH study tech
    53,000 LRH admin Tech Specialist graduates (what is this?)
    70,342 WISE courses delivered by consultants
    1.6 million people introduced63 new to LRH admin tech
    63 new countries opened to LRH tech since 2000
    3,409 new missions and groups this decade
    3.1 million people onto the bridge in the last decade (where are these people?)
    2,100 Ideal org staff to receive all public up the bridge
    5,000 community leaders enlisting themselves in our programs and campaigns in Ideal Org Zones
    1.4 million new public onto their first step on the bridge in ideal orgs.
    452,183 bridge publications square feet
    100% digital (the only such publishers on earth)
    65 million titles yearly production capacity

    What about these:

    How many people blown off the bridge?
    How many people have not been on service in the last decade?
    How many people have ARC breaks in the field from regging?
    How many people have changed their phone #’s to get away from the COS?
    How many complaints with the FCC for harassment?

    Do they think we are stupid?

  88. Hi Roberto,

    I certainly admire you and all of the “real named” people that contribute to this blog.

    It is not necessarily true that anyone who uses a name on this blog that is not their real name is in the tone level of Hiding or still badly PTS to the church, or hung up at doubt.

    I de-PTSed myself from many of the “now you’re supposed to” run on me by the church. Now, I am just not in any hurry to jump at anyone’s ” now your supposed to” just because they think I should do something or other.

    I’ve had enough Enforce to last a lifetime. Think of me what you will.

    I read this and other blogs every day. Posts such as Sarge’s help everyone tremendously.

    We all have our own pace at things, amigo.

  89. I especially like the siesta time. I was always a bit of a slacker but this coming from LRH just proves that there is more to being a SO member than being on post 24/7.

  90. I loved this LRH stories, please Sarge continue.

  91. martyrathbun09

    Karen, Your courage is acknowledged. Welcome. You have our email addresses should you need any back up.

  92. Dangy, I can assit you with this. Hit me up on Facebook and we can begin ” The Pour” to fill in the gaps for you. — Jackson

  93. War and Peace

    Lucy !
    Good post.

    How many people had to r do over and over Ls at their expensive 3x and more ?

    How many People have done Bridge to OT levels to be told they were not clear and have to redo their bridge and pay again ?

    How many Field auditors gone, purged and won’t audit any more due to “Golden Age of Tech?”

    How many pcs and pre-OTs ground to pulp with over runs on needle to swing back and forth 3x?
    (Miscavige new definition of an Floating Needle)

    How many have to do pay for each time and re-do their Clear cycle with multiple CCRDs ?

    How many SO members blown requiring “Blow Drill?”

    How many Scientologists with credit card debt they cannot keep up with to pump up IAS stat?

    How many forced abortions with mothers forced to murder their own kids ?

    How many in the RPF imprisoned for years and years and years ? (an LRH original 3-5 month program)

    How many currently have asked to leave and cannot ?

    How many OT VIIs off the level refusing to return to Flag?

    How many OT VIIIs who will never return to Freewinds ?

    How many sadistically tortured by DM atrocities ?

  94. John Doe and I are in agreement here.


  95. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Thanks. The stable datum I am trying to offer is a PL. But they will not accept it. Too bad. I think they will eventually though (hopefully sooner rather than later).

    Your response reminded me that I was at FLAG when GAT rolled out. I saw the event in the auditorium live. I can now spot the confusion thanks to your comment. It is interesting that part of why I accepted the new stable datum is the group effect. I wonder if that group effect is planned for that reason. Everybody else is going along with it so I don’t question it.

    Also, there were some strange group settings regarding F/Ns. One time we all went to the auditorium and watched the e-meter reads drill film over and over. Sups in uniform walked up and down the aisles and jumped on anyone that dared call an F/N before the third swing.

    Crazily we were false data stripping each other on courses like Pro TRs (while getting new false data pounded in on F/Ns).

    What a mess.

    (Its a wonder I didn’t grow a prehensile toe under such duress).

  96. Marcus was way cool. I always liked him a great deal and he sure could grant beingness, especially when you were in the dog house, or doing lower conditions and such, and other people didn’t want to talk to you.

    He’s in that famous picture with LRH directing a CINE shoot. I think Marcus is working the reflective board.

    Marcus, if you’re out there, you’ve got a lot of friends…

  97. Thought Provoking,
    Well done!

  98. Karen,
    In case my comment gets lost in the flurry, yes, very well done. Let me know if you need anything that I can provide for you. I truly admire your courage. All of you wonderful beings.

  99. Roberto,

    I enjoyed your rant very much. Rant away — you’ve earned the right.

    It’s quite a long story, but we would be put out of business by declaring our independence, and that would not forward survival on any dynamic. Working on it . . . for some, it takes time.

    I also agree with John Doe and Lunamoth — those of us using “pen names” here are not necessarily in the tone level of Hiding at all. In fact, I look at this as a game. It’s quite a bit of fun to get to play “cloak and dagger” a little in real life. The last time I walked into an org (a high level one) I felt like a real spy. Those of us who are still undercover can get intelligence that others can’t necessarily get. 🙂

    Some people may still be “pretending” to be loyal members of the C of M, but others of us are creating a knowing illusion.

  100. Roberto, Dear,

    you asked for an ass kick – with all due respect, here it is:

    Please, read in a new unit of time “What is Greatness”. Individually, for each and every one of us, there is always a new level for “Moving On Up a Little Higher”…
    ML, Fidelio

  101. Documented Miscavige false report from Lucy’s post:

    1.) “3.1 million people onto the bridge in the last decade”:

    With 160 orgs on average over the last decade this is:
    37 PEOPLE PER WEEK PER ORG routed onto the Bridge. That’s 5.3 per org per day.

    Even if they counted the basic course-room this is of course not true. In one month if 90% of these people blew, you’d an increase of 14.8 people month by month who for the long haul. Every org in the world would be well beyond St. Hill size even factoring in an unrealistic 90% courseroom blow rate.

    2.) “1.4 million new public onto their first step on the bridge in ideal orgs

    Assuming for arguments sake that 16 ideal orgs have been in existence since Oct 03′ when the first two orgs became ideal orgs (Buff and Tampa), that’s 38 people per org per day routed onto course or into the HGC.
    If the amount of people blowing from the org were 90%, then 26.6 people would be added into the courserooms and HGC per week.

    So every year since 2003 with an extremely generous 90% blow-from-course-rate, and pretending there’s been 16 ideal orgs since the start of the ideal org campaign; 1383 additional chairs would have to be added to the courseroom of each org each year.

    If only 10% of THOSE moved up to SO service orgs for training and processing, then Flag, AOLA etc would have 13,270 additional public onto or through services in the past six years, this humongous influx from ideal orgs alone.

    Currently there’s a handful of people on the SHSBC at ASHO and St. Hill, FEBC training is practically non existent, Miscavige apologist sites admit for us that Flag is not booming and is in fact below previous years capacity, and AOLA is a shadow of it’s former self under Ivan. We have pictures of practically empty Flag parking lots at peak times.

    The only stats shown that matter are these two mentioned here. The rest of the stats build up to these. E.G. Books to libraries and books sold won’t hurt the Miscavige agenda as long as he cuts the org’s Div 6 and Div 6 —> Div 4 lines. LRH quotes on Books making booms don’t discuss when there’s an SP at the top.

    Also the basics aren’t allowed in the academy per policy, see, it’s explicit policy and completely squirrel. Yet Miscavige has the gall to include these on “Paid Comps” (his website doesn’t call it this) on his website to pad it. On ESMB if you look at the recent org mag completions lists it’s dominated by basic course completions. Subtract these from the mag lists and there’s hardly anyone getting trained, and auditing too is in non-e. They’re both in non-e range. “Real” Paid comps is still non-e.

    Miscavige will keep pushing this paid comps stat on his own website to maintain his suppressive grip. This masks his crimes alone, he knows he’s on the hot seat nowadays.

    This high crime lie should be exposed broadly. Some on the OT levels, still after reading these websites and reading these stat breakdowns wait for permission to stand up and fight back. It’s called being at shivering effect. Start over in a new unit of time keeping in mind self-respect takes priority. We’ve all been cowed by this to some degree but it’s a new unit of time with a whole group of us. We have a legitimate chance, no excuses. It’s time to risk the WISE job or Delphi tuitions and go public.

  102. Sarge,

    Your stories are just perfect as they are. I love savoring each one, reflecting, reminiscing, ::being:: with it and in it. And knowing there are more on the way makes it all the better …these stories are so rich, having “chapters” is perfectly fitting.

    One question, and I should know what it means but I don’t…what is MLV? ML is Much Love, right? and MLV?

    Thank you for the stories, for your presence, and as for grammar, it’s fine!! Besides, grammar means nothing without the “goods” it delivers. It’s not about the syntax and punctuation! Your writing has me enthralled, inspired, and complete attention! that’s what it’s all about.

  103. Go Karen! WoooHooo!!!!

  104. I just wanted to add something I recall from my many letters to and fro LRH (back from before they were rubber-stamped, I must have over 100!) And the very last one, in the 80s, after a couple of years of rubber stamped signatures, was signed.)

    But my point is something I recall so palpably about LRH, and that is the way he made me and others feel that *we were invaluable* — needed, wanted, appreciated. He made me feel that the job could not be done without me, said as much — and he granted that beingness to people. I hear that in the way he regarded and treated you. He recognized you! Isn’t it the most amazing thing in the world to be recognized and duplicated?

    Today staff is maligned, insulted and controlled by attempts to introvert, demean, humiliate.

    Well, of course, it makes sense that LRH, the guy who birthed and piloted and tested and empirically developed this genius tech would be **all about that** —Respect. Granting beingness. Freeing beingness. Appreciating beingness. That each and every individual is unique, and a treasure.

    So different now!! The Corn on the COB of the impostor commercial mORGage-ization has been 180 the opposite for 2 decades, as demonstrated and documented.

    THANK YOU for bringing back that uncompromising compassion and fun that is LRH. That L I F E. So much is fondly coming back to me. It is beyond wonderful !!!! Of course we would go to the ends of the Earth and beyond.

    And another little thing, my expereince in this Independent family: Marty said to me recently, “I know you…” and told me something he assumed I did because he knows I am considerate of others needs. 😀 Wow. Doesn’t it just gives us wings to be recognized for our truest core heart and self?? Well — THAT is Scientology. THAT is what springs us from the muck of eons, and gives us shovels, too:)

    Thank you and much love to all!

  105. Lunamoth and John Doe it sounds like you both have an extreme a=a of no control allowed anywhere in the universe because of bad control run on you in the past.

    Lunamoth stop trying to garner support at every opportunity to make it okl for people to not go public. Do you want this to succeed or not?

    It’s not just that you have your own opinion, you’re extremely vocal about it. Multiple times a day you’re taking it a step further for some reason. You’re trying to get group agreement to go in a certain direction. Why are you so loud and outspoken about that particular point?

    LRH didn’t have a problem leaning heavily on people and getting them to take on some of responsibility to get the job done.

  106. Karen
    Very well done. Thank you for being a tiger and may you flourish and prosper!
    John Doe and Lunamoth
    Ethics is personal – no enforce intended, only my best wishes and love whatever your path and a desire that no-one mistakenly believes that DM is not more afraid of you than you could ever be of him. Rock on 😀

  107. Sarge
    Please forgive our impatience. Your stories are soul food and I’m greedy for more. Encore!

  108. Not sure how I would find you on FB? You can email me at

  109. I think john’s simply sentence is honest.

    Regardless of anything else, Clearing in mass is everything.

    Now, what are we doing about it? If it isn’t a question of blame. It is a question of Responsibility. It’s an effort to implore us to do.

    I haven’t thought of much of anything else since discovering the Independent Field. I think, perhaps it’s possible, John is john. He wants to go Clear. Just like me. (I can hardly function in this mad World) What does LRH say? “An OT can’t make it with out a group” (RJ67? Not sure) Tested in Africa by LRH. It can’t be done.

    So what do we do?

    Well, let’s dive deep, into futures.

    What are the possibilities?

    (before I go, let me back up. Thoughtful is usually always insouciant. Very much so. I can’t blame him for being pissed, DM is going to get his day. He’s heading to jail. If I have my way, as a condition of his Sentence; Between his clinker-time, He will sit before a Com Ev all his living days. That’s our right. Our Religious Constitutional Right. (File or KR it!) He has to know, while he played his Nintendo, what it was like to get blisters on ones’ feet. There is allot he doesn’t know…)

    So, what is our future??

    If I don’t do it, someone will. (God willing, I’m doing this)

    First of all, technology isn’t up to par. But, it’s coming. FAST. I’m typing on my two day old iMac. If your clunking along with your PC piece of shit (no pun intended) you’re not going to make it. Every iStaff Member/ ISF (Independent Staff Member) Will be Issued his Mac. Interrogated. Ready to go.

    (up grade your PC to an Apple. Why? Because Steve Jobs is an OT at heart. And he is with LRH, in Computer Tech if you knew it. Why do I know this? Because PCs are an overt product. Greatly BIG overt. Besides; The iPad will kick your ass.)

    Second; You know what Skype is. You heard of Cisco (The Human Network) These are real time, via’s. . So let’s imagine this; we have an Academy. In real time. The Sup. Is Souping 15-20 Students in real time, in-front of a panel of split screens of 15-20 Students. STAR Rates / Pass all in real time. (Keep up with Part Three: Data) The Students are always free to Remote-control his own wonderment, The SUP can find MUs and do his best in real time. Find that Student sleeping. Wake ’em him up. Drop a def. on his screen. You get the idea, I hope. When I say the Student can do his own wonderment, I’m talking about his own control of 5-6 shared remote control of cameras he has to “Spy” on the SUP(s). And the rest of the In-house-Academy as well. (If he or she is spying on the In-House-Academy, it’s a sure bet they are looking at real-time Upper Level Training. LRH AUDITORS.

    Third; Where is our SOURCE MATERIAL?? eBay.

    (Well let me tell you, I WANT TO PULL THE BLUFF!! THAT STRING… WHO OWNS THE TECH?? Dave is a crock-a-shit. I would absolutely love to do this heavy heavy pull on this bogus string; A Rope you might say; WHO own’s the TECH?? It is not DM. That I can assure you. So forgetaboudit) This is how we do it, (just an option)

    It’s sa. Yap. Itsa. Library. You know what a Library is? If I spend “$15,000” on a book, itsa none of an of ANYONE business. Corrected and passed on… for shipping cost next only… to free because that is all that is the real cost is just shipping: itsa precious Library loan. IS PRICELESS. Their is nobody to stop anyone from bidding and winning on ebay from the infinite (700 million+ eBay Members) possibilities. Avenues. Endless. What will ship?? Corrected and pure…
    Call it what you want. You SUPs will simply follow the corrected ROUTING FORM. Who says It’s right?? The Cream of the crop. The Group. The Group true to LRH.

    You got to pay the shipping. That’s CHEAP. It’sa Loan after all. “You borrowed it from the the LIBRARY” You know what that it’s right, get the idea? Corrected Tech. (How that is? Corrected? On the TOP Prose make it so).

    One ,Two,Three.

    Four is; THE MOTHER HUB. I call it Causeway. But we’ll see…

    The game is us. And it is on.

    For some of us, I want to add the stark reality: LRH never dicked around with Passed-lives; Space-opera. And I’ll add Crop-Circles here. DM is wasting our time away. Let’s hurry.

  110. Thought provoking

    Veritas, I too enjoyed those letters from LRH.

    When I was a fledgling staff member, I was too broke to be able to purchase an LRH picture for my office so I cut out a picture out of a mag and framed it.

    Later, I wrote to Ron and told him the significance of this specific picture and how it helped me to be a better staff member. He sent me the real picture with a personal note on it. I always felt like he got me and it made me want to do more as a result.


  111. Thought provoking

    Yes, these are way inflated stats. I can attest from 2003 – 2006 that SNC Ideal Org weekly FSS ranged from 12-20 per week with 14 as an average. A truer figure would be closer to 100,000 if all of the other ideal orgs were in a similar range and maintained it throughout the last 7 years.

  112. Jasmine blew with her husband Sam many years ago. Donna and her ex-husband Ray are now out of the SO. Ray is still on lines. Don’t know about Donna.

  113. Thought provoking

    Thank you, Sam. What I especially appreciate about this and other sites is the granting of beingness given regarding what to do with the information one is gaining by looking. Just like the bridge, ones awareness and perception gradiently changes.

    The point in my post was an acknowledgement to a few people that had viewpoints resulting in some interchange and a connection. After all, isn’t that what this site is all about – interchange and connection?

    I have enjoyed ALL of the viewpoints on this blog and experienced many connections as a result, some expressed and some not. There was no intention of make wrong too others, I simply communicated an idea and hope that we will all continue to share our ideas.

    Thank you for the many acknowlwdgements that I have received. I find that I can be more specific now in my communications. Some of the inhibit has lifted.


  114. Boyd

    Please knock off the eval and especially the part where you put words in my mouth. This has happened multiple times now, and I have observed you doing this to other posters, as well, on this site and others. As you are aware, I don’t usually even address such hostility.

    When I have a postion I state it and there is no need to “read into” what I mean.

    I’m assuming you don’t have a family. I cannot imagine you being a father and being so “right” in this particular viewpoint. I understand you have a “problem” with me, but I am willing to coexist on this site and grant you beingness and the right to a viewpoint that differs from mine. I can ignore your needling to a degree, but I think there’s a bigger game to be played here.

    You are in no way personifying the scientological viewpoint I admire – rather, this feels not a lot different fromthe self-righteous bullying and coercive tactics being used inside dm’s church, the very thing that made me distance myself.

    BTW, I didn’t get “kicked out.” I left because I saw what a totalitarian nightmare it had become.
    Perhaps, in the end, that’s the fundamental ideologicial difference between us.

  115. Thank you, Sam.

    From the beginning I’ve admired your courage and your humor, and your willingness to literally go out on a limb!

    I appreciate your kind words more than you know right now. Thank you.


  116. Though provoking,

    I’m glad to read this, and please know how much I admire the step you’ve taken. I know what the ideal scene is, believe me, and thank you for bringing the scene one step closer to it by your willingness to act.

  117. I want to apologize to everyone else on this blog for the exchange of entheta between Boyd and myself. It won’t happen again.

    This was the first site I ever posted on after making my spiritual break from the church, and I chose it because having seen Marty’s interview video on-line, I felt strongly and immediately that he was a safe, sane terminal with lots of integrity.

    I read the articles and comments posted here for weeks before deciding I could take the next step and express my own viewpoints here. I was drawn in by the same qualities that drew me into that first mission in the late 70’s. I felt like I was “home again”with the beings posting here.

    I certainly don’t expect to have my opinions automatically accepted by all and I have lots of room in my universe for the opinions of others. Indeed, I need them in order to gain perspective and to grow, which I continue to do each day that I participate in this meeting of the minds. I’m also very grateful for the therapy this exercise has provided to me and to many others who read and benefit from it. I have had great case gain from this group. I’ve promoted this site to others. I hope I’ve made a contribution, as well.

    What I take exception to is what I felt to have been a personal attack. That stuff doesn’t have any purpose here. In fact, I’m sure the real troublemakers out there love to see that kind of exchange as it can get the members of a group fighting each other, and that’s a great time and energy saver for the enemy, isn’t it?

    Sam, Roberto, Thought provoking, et al., I very much admire what I know of you through your posts, and I thank you for all the ARC and beingness you’re able to grant someone who, while agreeing with your point, continues to contemplate the greatest good for their OWN dynamics. Your kind words are appreciated more than you know.


  118. Lunamoth
    I love your wit and humor in equal measure –
    don’t ever let anyone clip those wings!
    Thank you for letting me know I could help.
    Remember you have a group of strong and able people here who will always have your back. It is this group that gives me strength and courage. Without it, I might not be so loud…. well… not all the time anyway.

  119. Thought Provoking, Thank you for sharing that. I’m smiling thinking of how he was, and what an appropriate acknowledgment and recognition of you.

  120. Sam

    Thanks so much! I am a little misty after reading that response, but I am laughing at the same time ! I’m obviously trying to “out” myself – looking at my last post, above, under “Aeolous.”

    Ok, I’m outed. I am sleeping with Aeolous! LOL!

  121. “12-20 per week with 14 as an average.”

    Instead of 14 it’s reported as 266 which is 38 new enrollees (avg per day per ideal org) X 7 days.

    The stat is false reported to be 19 roughly times the level it really is, with arbitraries put in to heavily favor Miscavige. He might be 50 or 100x inflating this stat considering Buffalo is a flap and Sanfran had 8 people on course, 4 of them being staff per one report on ESMB, Malmo is reported being a flap, and even NY org Tampa and Madrid org watch reports aren’t inspiring. It’s out and out false reports.

  122. No fidelio.

    No. No. NO. Period.

    As you said “with all due respect”…

    Is non sequitour to connect greatness with my POV in this subject.
    What´s the point?
    I´m not making anyone wrong for being hiding. Just pointing out THE FACT.

    I respect your pinions and I also respect mines.
    Stop doing efforts to make it seem “just right” to remain in hte shadows. Some of us don´t need that much of consideration and security.

    For me if not even one more goes independent it´s fine. Is a personal decision.

    You need to know me.
    Come México when you want and I´ll show you what greatness is all about; not in theory but in the field.

    You are in my prayers.

  123. Boyd…

    Thanks for looking the point.

    We have, thanks to Marty, a blog in wich real comm is allowed.
    But some are using it to promote the deadly “middle class PTS´ness” of “well, we are OK for not doing enough, it´s our personal situation and you know our survival…”

    Happy to see the viewpoint of “are you wanting that this works or not?”
    This is the core subject.

    I bet that we have from OSA several nicknames here (not all of them) wanting to pass as anons, scientologist or even independents and “convience us” that we should be “low profile” and “calm”.
    And after that making a mess and promote fights between us.
    I´m not blind.

    Thanks. No thanks.

  124. Dear Luna…

    We have exchanged a lot of other ideas and we have had no problem so far.

    You are FREE to act as you wish and you are not wrong.

    Please grant us also that possibility.

    As I told: I´m not advicing to go public.
    Is the condition of each one.

  125. To Roberto:
    Although we don’t agree on this, I still think you ROCK big time!

    To Boyd:
    Take a breath. You don’t know anything about me. (Ya, ya, I know, that is my fault, being undercover and all.)

    To Lunamoth:
    Accepted. I value your voice very much and please continue.

    To everyone:
    I’m quite the fan of the middle of the road. To me, the extremes generate 80% of the problems. Political extremism gives us turds like George W. Bush. Other religions have produced extremists that blow themselves and innocents to bits.

    In the middle, confluence of ideas, negotiation, and interaction can occur. The Extremes are usually too solidified to give or receive anything.

    Really, aren’t we all here because our church has been taken over by an extremist and his pack of bootlickers and robots?

    From Sitting Bull’s well-reasoned article The Great Middle Path:

    “Scientology once consistently assisted people in becoming more themselves, more tolerant, more questioning of authority, more independent of thought, more insouciant, more free. Under DM those pursuing the highest levels of spiritual attainment in Scientology are instead becoming less themselves and more what he wants them to be: more intolerant, less capable of independent thought, more serious, and more imprisoned.”

  126. It just doesn’t add up! Believe me I crunched the numbers as well as my DM loving husband, and he also said something is just not right – could it be a TYPO he said?

    I was in NYC at Christmas time and walked by the org there several times different times of the day. It was a ghost town, no body routers anywhere in front, by the marriot or anywhere in time square. I walked by there about 10 minutes before course should have been starting and I saw 2 people in the lobby and they were from the CLO – not even public.

  127. Roberto

    Nothing I have said here today is aimed at you. I have nothing but admiration for you. I find you completely admirable. Completely. Period.

    My earlier comments were directed at Boyd but that’s the last of it as I feel it has taken this thread way off purpose. And I don’t mean that in a good way, as in prehensile toes and such.

    John Doe: Right back atcha!

    Everybody: Let’s just go back to being in good ARC, granting each other beingness, and doing what we can to forward the common purpose of this group, OK?

  128. WTF. lol I can’t even remember writing that!

    red face,red face…

    Well… back to Sarge. Thank You again, for taking us Over the Rainbow. This is for you Sir.
    Nikki Yanofsky.

    (After listening to her Van. 2010 Olympic Theme song “I Believe” … Instantaneous fan. So Theta.
    (Am I crazy?
    … Are not all Theta Beings: Independents by default ?? Yup, call me crazy. 🙂

  129. Roberto,

    just get the concept of LRH’s article “What is greatness” and you’ll get my point.


  130. Lunamoth,

    I can’t see that you have anything to apologize for. You didn’t initiate the eval or the attack, and you didn’t deserve to receive one. There’s no need to apologize for saying what you said. I’ll bet it blew charge for some.

    Just don’t start inhibiting your comm because of this. I love your posts and value your participation, as I’m sure most of the other posters do.

  131. Tone 41

    This post of yours made my day. Thank you.

    I hope you’ll keep communicating, too.

    Me,I’m pretty un-shut-up-able. When I said
    that it “won’t happen again,” I was referring
    to me stupidly responding to a certain individual’s bullbaiting. The result was just
    entheta. No need for that between posters on this site – it just lowers everyone’s tone level.

    I’d be very glad if it did blow charge for others – I’ve certainly been on the receiving end of that
    kind of thing lots of times on this blog!


  132. Great, Luna! I do think that if someone on the blog introduces some sort of entheta, that it’s perfectly fine to say so. That doesn’t add to the entheta, in my opinion, it actually helps to blow it.

    Anyhow, I think you’re among the most theta posters on here, and none of your posts have made me think any differently. 🙂

  133. By the time the BS filters down to the mission level it is VERY hard to decipher what is true or not.

    Thanks Sarge, for your stories!

  134. Ugh…the last C/S on my case who actually was getting his C/S from the Msn Holder by telephone. Lovely huh?! tsk tsk kinda makes me want to vomit really. So let me just say to him: Too bad you didn’t give a shit about me because it would have been so much easier and uptone for both of us to do so!

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