Momentary Reprieve – final purges part 5

Debbie briefly returned to what was becoming the mother of all Idle Morgues

  By her own vigilance and a simple twist of fate Debbie was temporarily reprieved from the living hell of the Hole. Having missed his May 9th event target for releasing the Basics, DM then scheduled a special Maiden Voyage at Flag release event.

Catching wind of this Debbie very artfully indirectly got word to DM that such a plan would fail miserably without Debbie on the scene coordinating the massive logistics required to pull it off at Flag.

DM did order Debbie back to Flag and she managed to get back on her Capt FLB post. However, after using her credibility to lure in the public and make them buy into DM’s “New Era of Knowledge”, DM had her completely de-powered. He briefed the RTC Reps and the CMO on how “1.1. and evil” she was, how she had “sabotaged everything”. The briefings included a number of alleged lies that Debbie had allegedly told him about Flag renos/construction – that of course, as per usual, were utter inventions of DM’s paranoid mind. RTC Reps and CMO terminals were shell shocked. Last time they saw Debbie she was DM’s Golden Girl, getting promoted to Int. They, however, put their own perceptions aside to carry out “command intention” with gusto.

DM had RTC Reps gunning for Debbie. Ty Webb had replaced my former wife Anne as RTC Rep Flag. Anne had been sent to Int to do DM’s dirty work there. Other RTC Reps came in and out, such as Lurie Belotti from the ship, all briefed to hound Debbie, which they dutifully did.

This was the final decimation of Flag. Debbie, her staff, and FSO executives were pounded to do nothing but “sales and sign ups for the Basics”, and all standard FSO business went by the wayside – treated as a nuisance. DM dictates such as “all base execs and crew do not go home at night until all Basics quotas are met” severely disestablished what Debbie had spent nearly thirty years helping to put there.

All the while Debbie was suffering from a physical condition; one which more than anything required proper nutrition, exercise and rest to handle. Under DM’s “Basics” drive, instead Debbie was subjected to bad nutrition, no exercise, little rest. To top it off, DM – as is his standard operating procedure – saw to it that Debbie was taken off of Solo NOTS, and was instead subjected to continuous invalidative sec checking.

Debbie continually originated that her physical pain was intensifying. Every origin was ignored. Finally, she was pulled in for a Severe Reality Adjustment by RTC Rep Ty Webb to “stop motivating”, and put on a “COB ordered Ethics program” which included “M-9 the entire Ethics book.”

Debbie’s freedom was being systematically destroyed. She was prohibited from driving. She had a full time CMO guard on her.

During this campaign to disgrace Debbie in her own house, FSO was being converted into the Reg factory it has become. Debbie’s only ally and comfort was her husband Wayne Baumgarten. DM’s vampire insticts picked up on some external force keeping Debbie’s head above water and soon Wayne was pulled in to Security FLB and subject to DM’s Shock Doctrine. Wayne was told confess to suppressive acts. When he expressed surprise, he was told he was going to the RPF. He could either go for the crimes he confesses, or for withholding the crimes – and that if it were the latter he’d be in for a far more unpleasant experience than if he were to choose the former.

Debbie recognized she was losing the last (and most important) part of her life in Wayne and so drawing on her personal persuasion skills she had honed over the past thirty years, she somehow convinced Security to allow Wayne to visit her one night at the Hacienda.

The next morning, Debbie and Wayne were transported to the base by her guard in a Flag van. Debbie convinced the driver to stop at the galley in the Clearwater bank building so that they could pick up some breakfast. The guard pulled up to the CB, got out and went into the CB to get the food.

When the guard disappeared into the building, Debbie jumped into the driver’s seat and sped off. She and Wayne drove to a rental car lot, rented a car, and left the van behind.

It did not take long for the OSA dragnet to kick into action.

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  1. Lotus Miyamoto

    Why anyone follows DMs insane orders is an amazement to me. He has no right to tell anyone what to do, where to be, who to talk to or not talk to etc. I think every SO member at all SO Orgs should simply set a day and walk out. What is he doing to them that makes them so afraid to just say NO to his suppression? Those that will stay there and take his insanity must be real PTS. I have zero respect for DM and his suppressive behavior but I know at least 4 OT8s who worship the ground he slithers on. Whats up with that?

    I think Debbie is a wonderfully theta being who really cares so I am thrilled if she has left the C of M.

  2. Holy shit. I am speechless. But I can feel it. The DM days are coming to an end.

  3. Kathy Braceland

    What a gal…what an escape, despite seemingly insurmountable odds. The supreme test of a thetan — the ability to make things go right. Debbie Cook rocks!!

  4. Freedom Fighter

    I had to cheer out loud when I read the part about commandeering the van. Wahoo!! Nice move!! Amazing that the guard left the keys in the van. I wonder if it was on purpose. If so, good for him!

    But hang on a sec, I remember reading in an earlier post that Debbie and Wayne routed out standardly. I’m guessing the OSA dragnet has something to do with this gap in the story . . .

  5. Friends,

    There is a quick way out of the FSO. I know of one that will work very time.

    It was perfected by an Outer Org Trainee at Flag. I know that OT in person.

    That trainee had been parked in Ethics for over a MONTH.

    The “reason”: Asking to be shown the LRH references that would make it ok for them to take away the cell phone and cut the daily comm family and friends. FACT

    Their “handling”: Park the trainee in FSO Ethics for weeks hoping the trainee will give up that silly notion of practicing KSW and LRH’s Verbal Tech Checklist.

    THE OUT: Telling a high ranking exec that “this situation is driving me crazy!”

    Within 15 minutes the trainee was routed off the base, was on the street late at night and had to arrange transport back home to another state. FACT.

    So there you have it. You want out, then make it clear to them that the out tech is “driving you crazy”.

    I call it the “Legacy of Lisa Mc”

    The Group Engram Lisa McPherson caused them is helping to prevent what has been done to her. No one wants a repeat of that legal nightmare.

    GO LISA!

  6. My God I don’t even have the words to describe how completely insane DM is. Anyone following his orders has to be a complete robot or pod person.

    Debbie and Wayne good on you for getting the hell out of that hell hole. You two are good and caring people and I wish you both much love and success. Words cannot even begin to express how I feel about this. I will always love and respect you guys. Carol

  7. Thanks for this installment, Marty. I had wondered why “MV” was ashore and apparently the Ship crew were also in CW that year.

    The ship was also being refit and fiberglass handling at the time.

    Leaving from Clearwater is much easier than having to get out through that ultra-barrier/razor fence all around.

    But it does take pain or enough stress and needless problems applied in order for that last straw to be reached, to overcome the original purpose for being in the SO, and foregoing many normal pleasures.

  8. Now I totally understand why Debbie’s indicators were what they were during that MV at the FSO. The change was remarkable and I feel a tremendous amount of empathy for what she must have been experiencing – such betrayal.

    While I know it is politically correct to advance an acceptable shore story – it is very obvious that it is a shore story and a very feeble one at that.

    Someone with Debbie’s contributions, products and tenure has to leave the SO for a medical handling? Why would she not receive any needed help as an SO member? She has certainly earned this help from her group.

    For me this shore story is more of a glaring outpoint than a calming explanation of her departure.

    Kudo’s to Wayne for sticking by Debbie’s side.

    I am holding onto the idea that she and Wayne will take some time to get their life together and then she will stand against what she saw and experienced and help others.

  9. Debbie, I hope you are recovering your health. It takes a special kind of being to do what you did for so long, with good products, under the influence of such suppression and stupidity.

    Thank you for being there. We will heal this blight.

  10. Thought provoking

    WOW! A truly incredible story with a heroic escape. Debbie, I am so glad that you kept your wits about you and created a way out. Continue to do what you need to do to heal the body and soul. I am sure that some day we will hear from you when the time is right.


  11. Can Debbie confirm this on this site?

  12. WOW! Well when I trained at FLAG I met Debbie and she was one powerful chica! I am glad to know that didn’t die inside of her even in the worst of times! You go girl!

  13. Lotus Miyamoto

    You got that right Kathy. Debbie has always “rocked”. Why do you think DM wanted to take her out? He is so predictable.

  14. Wow, taking away cell phones?

    So much of what I’m hearing about CoM these days is black Grade 0.

  15. Dagny ~~~

    Why didn’t Debbie get Medical handling after serving 30 years in the SO ?

    I will tell you why. One of Miscavige’s Dirty Little Secrets is that the Church has (possibly a change in the last year) makes the US Government, Uncle Sam, pay for the medical bills of SO members,

    The greed for da Fuhrer who lives like a Saudi King does not allow FP for mere SO members to get medical treatment. One of my dear friends had a daughter who had been an SO member for 15 years in PAC. She had a massive tooth abscess needing root canal. She was sent to County. “County” is University of Southern California Medical school where student doctors use the patient as guinea pigs for all medical and it all FREE. The State of California and the FEDS pay the USC budget.

    It has been STANDARD practice to send SO members to “County” for free medical so that the PAC Org did not need to pay a dime and the SO members had to claim they were INDIGENT. (living below poverty level which qualifies you for County FREE services)

    This girl with the abscessed tooth waited 6 hours in County, in agony getting progressively worse, til her parents came and picked up and paid a Pasadena Dental surgeon to do it for $1000. The SO paid not a penny.

    David Miscavige probably did not reveal to IRS that SO member’s medical bills were paid by taxpayers. A 501c3 organization that does not pay TAX but preys on the Tax payers to pay the medical bills of their SO members.

    And there $1 Billion in SO reserves.

  16. Un-blanking- Believable!!

    I saw Debbie Cook towards the end of her stint and I really thought I detected some BI’s while she was the hostess of the Flag graduations. Now I know my perceptions were correct.

    Way to go Debbie!! I hope to hear your story from you directly.


  17. Lotus,

    I think the HCOB ‘Alter-is and Degraded Beings’ will explain why these “OTs” worship the ground he slithers (nice touch 🙂 ) on.

    RJ occasional A/MOQ 😉

    (Jimbo how’s that handling going with that nekid gurl ?????

    Need ya back soonest.)

  18. Yeah, I heard if you say you “feel suicidal” it works even faster!

  19. I watched a pattern over my years in the Sea Org. Anyone who began to shine or have a personal following got the rug pulled out from under their feet. It happened to Ron Norton before Debbie. It happened to Milt Wolfe on the Freewinds. It happened anywhere the Int Execs arrived and noticed someone was a real leader with real power and real comrades. Or even if they were just loved very well. When it happened to Ivan at the AO, I realized it would always go that way. One hero aloud. The day after Ivan left and I walked into reception at the AO I knew why, I looked at the faces of the staff and I knew they all would have gone with him if he had only asked. Including me. These future possibilities are thought about and thwarted on purpose. It’s a mind game on the staff to order them to worship someone on monday then torture him on friday. It instills in them that allegiance is by order only, not by desire, honor , debt or duty. And it degrades them further. And it’s done as a method of control.
    But, as you can see here for yourself, some things cannot be controlled in the enforce band. Those would be the things or people further up scale into curious and desire.

  20. Debbie & Wayne,

    We are here for you. You are among true friends and we love you both.

    Thank God you are free of DM’s suppression!

  21. Debbie, I am so sorry. You were smart and brave having left with your husband. Many people were handled in a way that their 2nd dynamic was broken forever through manipulation and lies. I am glad you are out, and I wish that you will get well.

  22. Marty, I’m sure that you have long since had the cognition that with your blog you have the makings of a great book. No wait, not book, but volumes of books. Each book being a compilation of articles and comments (it’s your blog, you own all the content). For all those who will never be able to, for whatever the reason, be here on your blog, what a great way to get the story, the unfolding story, out to them. No doubt the series would be one hell of a page turner.

    Hey, nothing wrong with making some bucks, BIG bucks, in this journey. Perhaps you can hook up with Thoughtful and get the printing presses churning. 🙂

    In case you’re wondering what prompted this tangent…it was your cliff hanging ending.

  23. I omitted a character in my email add in my earlier post. Wondered why I wasn’t getting subscription confirmation.

  24. There are no remaining words for DM’s evilness. Just when it seemed we had heard the worst . . .

  25. Lets get this punk! No reason to be afraid of a little punk, he’s the enemy of LRH. Post your name here!

    LRH allows you to do that in policy, in this situation.

  26. Remarkably sick what happened to Debbie. I’m not surprised the monster tried to take her out… and FAILED MISERABLY. She and Wayne outwitted the suppressive group with a 007 escape no less.

  27. True, but it predates Lisa. The remote possibility of a psychotic break, suicidal thoughts and the like are “out security” at Flag and the AOs.

  28. Deb,

    Quote of the day;

    “WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU is what you have observed yourself and when you lose that you have lost everything.

    What is personal integrity?
    Personal integrity is knowing what you know–
    What you know is what you know–
    And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
    …to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
    And that is integrity.
    And there is no other integrity.

    Of course we can talk about honor, truth, all these things,
    These esoteric terms.
    But I think they’d all be covered very well
    If what we really observed was what we observed,
    That we took care to observe what we were observing,
    That we always observed to observe.

    And not necessarily maintaining a skeptical attitude,
    A critical attitude, or an open mind.
    But certainly maintaining sufficient personal integrity
    And sufficient personal belief and confidence in self
    And courage that we can observe what we observe
    And say what we have observed.

    Nothing in Dianetics and Scientology is true for you
    Unless you have observed it
    And it is true according to your observation.
    That is all.”

    I love seeing the fact, your friends on Facebook more then doubled from just over 200 to 556 in just a Month.
    “Of course we can talk about honor, truth, all these things,
    These esoteric terms.”

    But You can’t fit that many in a “stolen Van”!

    If you felt good, speeding away?

    Wait until you join Us!

    Throw her the keys Marty…

    Throw her the Keys.

    (Big hug! Big kiss! Debbie.)

    Wayne what’s for Breakfast?! 🙂

  29. Hopefully Debbie really did M9 the Ethics book and will start posting her own personal story soon. Seeing her be “Mrs. Public Scientologist who left the Sea Org to do a medical handling” when what she should really be doing is putting in DM’s ethics via the same tools Marty, Mike and the rest of us are using is disgraceful to what LRH would expect of her, or what her inner integrity calls on her to do. She knows this.

  30. Dear Lotus,

    Unless you can fully understand a beings desire to be free from the shackles of slavery and in fear of being doomed for eternity, you can not ever understand why beings are unwilling to condemn themselves to an eternity of hell by failing to follow the keyholder.

    To understand this, in simply a corporal way (rather than including ones immortality) travel to one of the many military regimes on the planet. Attend a dress parade perhaps – then during that parade stand up – shout down the dictator and tell all the people to stop listening to him.

    See how well that works.


  31. Rons birthday sounds like a good target date:)

  32. Theo Sismanides

    Wow, Debbie Cook, he he, escaped!!! DM watch your back!

    Miscavige is running an Apparatus as I have said. Unbeknownst to others. Whether this Apparatus is just him and some clones he uses or something more hidden, more secret, it’s to be verified yet.

    He surely has a lot to hide, many hidden crimes, a secret agenda… well, this is our next step I guess, to find out who and what and undo the whole thing…


    TODAY things are different. People are waking up, high execs stood up and left, they are not part of the Apparatus anymore. Some are doing whatever they can to get Scientology salvaged and people really englightened. Some stay silent for their own reasons.

    Whatever the situation might be, today is much different than then. We have a big group now! The more people who stand up the less crazy others think we are, as on this planet majority is considered more “sane”. Majority counts. It’s a numbers thing.

    It goes quantity, quality, viability. We need more people to speak up.

    Debbie Cook did what she could. Maybe she isn’t in her best right now. But she did all she could for Scientology and one day (I hope soon) she will be back and will do even greater things.

    It’s the rest of us now and what are WE going to do?



    Each Declaration of Independence is ENOUGH JOLT.

    This is what attracts attention. This is IMPINGMENT. This is our answer to the suppression of the DM Apparatus (whoever they maybe).

    For those who just lurk here: Believe me, if you stand up now, you will feel what Scientology is all about. Scientology is not just a Church.
    Why do you need a Church as a VIA anyway? LRH says that somewhere. If anyone remembers the reference. Why do we need VIAs as Thetans?

    Scientology is for YOU and ME. That’s what it is all about.

    8008 applies. Regaining one’s own Universe. And this is what we are really doing here with Scientology as a means. We use it. It’s not using us.

  33. Marty. There are a million words in that picture. Alone.

    You picked a perfect picture. Awesome

    There is some need for many of us to share what we know with the Scientology Community, obviously there is the desperation to reach.

    When I “blog”, or comment, I think of myself standing on a stage. We are all on that stage. But there IS an audience. (Mostly just us, but it’s a paradox, we’re the Act and the Clap. Lots of improve… ya know. The “Show” must go on.)

    Personally, I think I’m just a prop, or a Grip at best.

    I’m predicting, the crowd is coming. The “seats” will fill, and can we forget about them? Well, you have to.

    I just want to suggest, something stupid, by chance I discovered one can cut and paste our group very nicely into the body of an email.
    Comes out beautiful! Looks almost exactly as we see it. Names; Dates; Chronicle Comments; Even the little unique box WordPress gives us shows up. It’s wonderful. It’s the Bomb!

    I want to join you in Sunday Mass. Yes. Every Sunday.

    Hopefully this one.

    Just remember everyone, your talking to EVERYONE.

    That’s Sunday Mass. 12:noon

    Surly we can find a Chaplin.

    (sorry, I’m not qualified)

    Just trying to burn a candle.

    Drill it. Cut & Paste any Thread to yourself. See what you get. And don’t get me wrong. ‘Sunday Mass’ is NOT what I suggest we call it! That stupid. That’s code. For the time, and place, AND it’s intention.

    I’ll be there

  34. VWD Debbie, I could work for you any time!!! Just as I did when you were my Captain.

  35. It has been pointed out to me by a very astute observer that DM’s ‘why’ from some years back, 1996 and the Golden Age of Tech, was ‘the blind have been leading the blind’ is a confession by DM that RTC, himself as the embodiment of this arm of Scientology, was out-ethics.

    Since RTC makes claim that it is the ‘sole guarantor’ of the standard of technical application who else but RTC, in their jealous guarding of their rights and position would one look to to discover this ‘blindness’. In fact, blindness, itself can be described as having ‘blind spots’. Let’s call them ‘ethics blind spots’ and cut to the chase.

    The oddity and irony of this is, DM fairly admitted that the problem he was trying to resolve was not technical application at all, but, his own org’s ‘ethics blind spots’. Technical was a wrong target by his very own ‘logic’.

    The who is and has been RTC under David Miscavige. The target is, by his own statement, his ethics and his blindness.

    Proof of the unworkability of ethics blindness at RTC level abounds. The wrong target of technical is plain as over the past 14 years of GAT, RTC now finds it ‘necessary’ to have it’s products continually gone over, repeating the Grades, Levels and auditing of it’s GAT auditors.

    You know, it is true, criminals leave trails.

    This purge of Debbie Cook as described on this blog is the description of another one of DM’s ethics blind spots. It constitutes the Ethics Order on he and what’s left of his RTC.

    It is helping the group confront the truth and lift the blindness he’s attempted to impose on it.

  36. martyrathbun09

    War and Peace, you make a very good point. WalMart got annihilated by the media for pulling this same stunt. Raking in billions, not providing health care, and then advising their employees to use medicaid and medicare. Hate to bring up a sore subject, but now does it bother people that DM has CCHR using sleaze politics to forward the agenda of black PRing Obama by any means necessary because he wants to lead us toward Universal Health Care? Forget where you stand on the ultimate issue, look at the hypocrisy and deciet. And the greed.

  37. Give her a break. She’s a major figure in all of this and will be attacked mercilessly. She’s sick, she’s vulnerable. Unless you live with chronic illness, there is no way to explain this kind of vulnerability. She’ll be here, just let her get to a point where she’s physically and spiritually able to deal with it. Then she’s gonna kick some major ass, I guarantee it.

  38. Martin Padfield

    I’m with Boyd 100% on this. It is time to put any considerations about “possible disconnections” or fear of “what OSA might do” firmly to one side and stand up publicly in your own name.

    Marty is a role model – I can’t even imagine the attempted suppression he is continually being subjected to. From my own recent experience OSA has made pitiful attempts to smear my name and spread lies and innuendo both in cyberspace and to St Hill public. I am “attacking Scientology”, a “failed case”, even a fascist sympathiser. Desperate stuff. A couple (2) of DM-bots have “disconnected”. Far more have quietly contacted me telling me they admire the stand I’ve taken and will or would like to do the same. I have re-connected with many wonderful people – REAL friends – and developed a renewed appetite for real LRH source. It is what being a scientologist is all about; standing up for truth and integrity.

    If the thousands of followers of this blog united as one with a mass declaration of Independence now, despite personal danger (which is largely a mirage anyway) the desperately needed reform process would accelerate massively. How about it?

  39. War and Peace,

    You are so correct. In 2005/2006 when I returned from the UK to work in Management at the HGB my husband and I had some savings. The savings disqualified me for the “state/fed benefits” other SO members received so the MLO wanted me to pay for any medical. I refused. This was frowned upon.

    My sister was routed out after serving for 30 years in the SO. She had hurt herself while on post and it was costing too much in Workmen’s Comp. She was handed her freeloader bill and sent on her way. She left in a physical state of collapse at the age of 50. (she was not even an Objectives completion)

    I have great concern for what DM will do with those SO members who are aging.

  40. VWD !!!! Debbie and Wayne

    But Debbie you need to speak out, You need to confirm this. We your public at flag deserve it.
    We need to have a Blowndown, FN and VGS.

  41. While following the money trail never hurts, it seems to me on a quick survey of fallen “leaders” it’s MORE OFTEN sex.

    Lurid, promiscuous, pornographic, addictive sex.

    Pick one or all of them.

    WHEN this has been proven, when enough people (hell when just ONE person) comes out with a tape —

    dm will fall.

    The existing OTs etc. will drop him flat. The money would be debated forever. His duplicity, his lurid sex life — THAT will make everyone stand up and point fingers. At him.

    And unless LRH is wrong about the tone scale (said facetiously) — then dm is sexually perverted.

    AND this will be discovered.

    (I mean what IS he doing in his private suites – not just playing video games I don’t think — how about porn?)


  42. This was always going to be his undoing. You can’t screw people out of a billion dollars and then treat those who offer to help the most – the SO – like dogs.

    His whole track dramatizations are really incredible to me. Every being on this planet would be keyed in with “Confess to your crimes” (that you didn’t commit) interrog. Whatever answer you give results in punishment.

    I’m of the view that DM’s dramatizing Arslycus. This is how the implanters there operated, according to LRH:

    “If you give up a small overt, they ridicule you and make fun of you as well as hitting you with beams until you give up a big overt.

    This implant makes you feel guilty, propitiative, and teaches you that it’s safer to withhold your overts.

    “Badgering sec checks and any kind of ethics action on overts given up in session can key this implant in heavily. ”

    Badgering sec checks …

  43. @ WH
    Any more acusations out of the blue? Haven`t you a little bit of Decency left? I recommend you a visit to a Psychiatrist. Scientology definitly is not for you. And Mr. Rathbun, allowing him to post such wild acusations, are pretty strange. Is there no Limit to your crazyness? What are you up to?

  44. Underground For Now

    I would like everyone to know I went public on this blog in October. I have since had my picture and story published in the St. Petersburg Times.

    No attacks have come my way. The best thing that has happened is the 40+ pieces of monthly COS mail has stopped.

    You will also find out who your “TRUE” friends are. You will not believe how much Dev “T” you spent on so called friends.

    It is safe to go public…hell if a 67 year oldtimer can do it the rest of you can stand up and be counted.

    If I knew how to get my “Underground For Now” moniker removed from this blog I would use my name Jack Airey in its place. Hint, hint Marty.

    As I get older and I hope a little wiser I’ve learned first hand how important standing up for truth and integrity is to your sanity and I suspect your next life.

    There is no better time than now to come out of the COS closet.

  45. A word about Wayne;
    I knew him well back in the late ’90’s when he was in the president’s office at Flag and he was amazing. If there was any kind of problem with delivery or anything not going well I would just pick up the phone and call Wayne. He would invariably listen patiently and cared enough to immediately do whatever was needed to sort out the problem. For me he was Mr. PR at Flag and he was known to be a safe and reliable person.
    When I returned to Flag after the Maiden Voyage Events, Wayne was no-where to be found. I finally spotted him (months later) walking down Cleveland St. one late afternoon, with a crowd of Sea Org Members, head down and hardly noticeable. I had the distinct feeling that he had been ‘taken down a peg or two’ and someone was making it very clear that he was now a nobody. It seemed to be a total unmock of his beingness.
    If you’re reading this Wayne, I’d just like to validate you and Debbie. Well done for keeping your 2D in one piece. I’m sure it is the biggest accomplishment of all given that one of DMs strategies is obviously to undermine the 2D throwing beings into heavy losses from which some never fully recover. Good luck to both of you.
    And damn! Good van heist – my favorite part of the story! Go Bonnie and Clyde!

  46. The sexual crininal lies in this tone band. Irregular practices/sadism.

    Also, WH, this is pertinent, from CHA, when understanding why seemingly sane people don’t rebel:

    “It can be observed that the eating of living flesh or live cells delivers a kind of admiration to the taste, and it can be observed that under torture, duress of all kinds, the tortured one will suddenly, if degradedly, admire his torturer.”

  47. looks like he was humping his juniors, buying prostitutes in Vegas with LRH’s money, and you gotta wonder about all that attention on homosexuality…Tom & Dave? I wonder… they look awefully much glommed onto each other in that event picture where Tom gets the award.

  48. Lucy,
    When I checked on my Social Security years ago, to see where it was at, I found that prior to DM, it was paid up by the Sea Org. During his reign and prior to the ‘victory’ with the IRS, he didn’t pay it for SO members, whereas before it had been. In his settlement with the tax man, he didn’t cover SS and it has not been paid since.

    One day I was talking with Annie, and I saw how DM treated SO Vets, over at the Old Gilman House. They were tossed away callously, with no regard for their years of service and this struck me.

    A couple of days later I saw an RTC exec driving a Porsche. I thought about my motorcycle languishing in the garage since I couldn’t the $150.00 to get it tuned. A few days later, at a Gold muster, we were dunned for money for DM’s birthday. I couldn’t help myself, thinking of his dozens of pairs of ironed bluejeans, his several cars, the sound system, the motorcycles and that guy in RTC driving the new Porsche, ‘fu** him, he should give US something on his birthday’.

    When asked for money, I refused. It didn’t go unnoticed.

  49. Theo Sismanides

    Great idea Martin,

    Let’s make up a Mass Declaration of Independence. Call me in!

  50. Jim
    When you’re done with the girly magazines I can hook you up with some great business people in the Clearwater area. Guaranteed to make you lots of money! Which would you be interested in: Miracle Water or the Miracle Gas Tank Pill?

  51. Yes, cell phones are not allowed for trainees.

    They used to have some in house phones from where trainees could make calls home but then the all-hands reg events started to happen and those phones were gone as well. So they only way to for a trainned to call home is to run down the street during a short break and call from a payphone outside. Of course you are under constant time pressure and no real comm takes place as a result. Same goes for Sunday morning, when SO staff at least have some privagte time after cleaning station. Not so for the Outer Org Trainees. They clean till their room is white gloved and then they get bused back to course. No chance to make calls and stay in touch.

    A deliberate attempt to cut comm, causing nothing but disrupted family ties ARCx upsets and all this while claiming to be the Mecca of standard tech.

  52. Alexis de Tocqueville


    Not ‘fiberglass’ but rather blue asbestos — no doodoo.

    I suppose fiberglass was the shore story.

    The news of the carcinogen’s presence hit April 28, 2008 with the vessel still in lock down in June (and likely beyond.)

    One used to be able to find articles re this online from nautical trade pubs and shipping news sources but these have seemingly vanished from the internets. I did find the below. The topic can be web-searched for a plethora of postings.

  53. Alexis de Tocqueville

    If one were a writer and looking to write a Ludlum-esque fictionalized thriller such as this story — and many more similarly herioc escapes — even the most imaginative of writers could not generate this. In other words, you can’t make this stuff up.

    In the words of the great Teddy Roosevelt, bully to you Debbie and Wayne.

    Viva La Resistance!

  54. exsolonotsdofp

    I knew Debbie when i was solo nots d of p back in 2006. She was running all over the place to keep the show on the road. And every staff member became a reg…thanks to DM! And one day i just blew because i joined the Sea Org to save the planet…not to make millions of dollards in regging, sorry harrassing, my public all night. Well done Debbie Cook, Mike Rinder, Mark Rathbun, Tom De Voght and Geir Iseine. You are alive. The rest of the SO members are still hypnotised. MP

  55. WH – please leave this kind of speculation to the “natter boards” and the Sea Org.

    We must deal in justice based solely upon documentable facts, else we forfeit the right to protest DM’s brand of “justice”.

    Michael A. Hobson

  56. Please contact me, I’m very sure you must know me from the times I used to audit at the sand castle. Do you know Cristina my ex wife? She is a Nots auditor too, I wonder what’s taking her to realize it’s time to get the hell out of flag.

  57. Snow, please read again Science of Survival and pay particular attention to the traits, documented by LRH, of the band 1.1 to 2.0. David Miscavige is in this tone band – not because I say so or Marty Rathbun says so but by his actions – therefore he has these characteristics. Follow KSW mein freund.

    Mike Hobson – WH makes a valid point. Evidence of sexual misconduct should be sought. This is a being who is at his happiest punishing others.

  58. Mike Hobson,
    Go to the Scn Cult site and look up DM’s trysts with Laurisse Stuckenbrock aboard Tom Cruise’s jet. This string pull (no pun intended) is not as farfetched as you may think. In fact, it is predicted on the Chart of Human Evaluation.

    What about all the intense targetting of the 2D by DM?

    Natter is 1.1, ranom, carping criticism, not borne out in fact. You are right, that applies to the natter boards. Not in this case. Read the articles.
    Observe the perversion on the 2D in forced abortions, broken up marriages. Check out DM, married, and Lou, his ‘assistant’ in the photos.

    I have personally witnessed this man degrade and humiliate woman with sexual derision. I have personally refused to play a song that he ordered me to play, and for which I was subsequently found guilty of a Suppressive Act for NOT playing and refusal to perform ‘I Want Your Sex’ by George Michael, aboard the Freewinds to an audience of OTs.

    Facts, borne out.

  59. Sam,
    The National Geographics have been purged. I’ve burned the books, melted the movies, though I did like Pirates of the Caribbean, but, all that ankle showing was too close for comfort and my eternity beckoned.

    The girl, alas, I’m taking a chance on that one cause she sure is purty. Makes sure I take my vitamins and cut the grass among other stuff around here, too.

    I’m not sure I want to relocate to Clearwater just now, Miracle Water/Gas Tank notwithstanding.

    I seem to be experiencing daily miracles up here in New Scotland anyway. I’ve got a pretty good library of LRH materials, my meter works just fine, and well, the Atlantic salmon fishing starts in June and I’m sort of looking forward to my cabin on the river. But, thanks 🙂

  60. WH

    This communicates it beautifully.

  61. Jim,
    I remember you well. You kept your integrity.

    I actually heard Annie being berated one day by DM because she was in love with you. I thought DM was nuts. He was abusive to her in front of quite a few people. It was degrading and I thought about the LRH reference “Jokers and Degraders”.

    DM will go down in history as the most villainous SP of all time.

  62. Gee, what is it with these guys’ fascination with capitalized nouns … Decency, Psychiatrist, Limits!

    Oh, wait a minute – is this the one who’s the native German speaker?

    Well then, try these on for style … Physical and Mental Abuser, Sadist, He Who Has Atrociously Bad Taste in Set Design, Spitter of Saliva, Poor Public Speaker.

    Anybody else with no Shame want to share their own Observations?

  63. Thanks ADT, I did mean blue asbestos, not fiberglass.

  64. sounds like heaven.

  65. Lotus Miyamoto

    Thanks RJ. This is very helpful reference:)

  66. Sno-

    Seems to have hit a nerve.

  67. Wow! I’m glad that Debbie and Wayne are still together. I hope they are doing well. What an ordeal to go through.

    My heart goes out to those who remained behind at Flag and may still be suffering from similar injustices and out-tech.

  68. David from England

    I’m sorry Marty, but this stuff makes me feel physically ill. I hope and pray this story has an happy ending.

  69. Hey you. Ya, on the fence. I’m having FUN.
    Come join us. Who’s afraid of the little bad
    wolf? Better get plenty sleep and eat well,
    someone may be auditing you. MLV

  70. Egads. Tommy Davis is embarrassing! He can’t even discuss the subject without fillers. umm err umm errr

  71. Quite a tale…. with more yet to be told. WH you made a great comment at the top about how people act when they are convinced eternity is on the line. It explains so much about the motivations of those in scientology and the church in particular. It took me 3 years to unwind my own convictions to freely step beyond the 26 previous years of trying my best to stay on the bridge and do it right. Even then it was like a dream that I was the sole arbiter of my own life. It took a while to realize that SPs and psychiatrists were really just people like me finding their way….not dragons that were going to curse me forever.

    I’m also impressed by the way Marty is weaving a context with a variety of different topics so that others can co-create the game about freedom in a new unit of time.

    The tone arm is moving. Like a process no one can be forced to have their ah ha’s before they are ready though I’d love to hear Debbie tell her story in her own words…. not to mention Heber and all the others who have not spoken up or found their way out.


  72. This is totally off topic but I though this group might be interested to know that FOX’s new TV show, Past Lives, airs tonight. Supposedly, it will be a double header. Here’s the preview:

  73. Lucy,
    Yes, he certainly didn’t want she and I together. It took enormous suppressive force on his part to separate us, in the MEST arena, eventually. That overt and what he did subsequently with her, is one of those stretched rubber bands that I’ve let go. It’s heading straight back whence it came.

    I’ll agree again, DM will go down, and he’ll be history.

  74. Sam,
    You are always welcome. I share a bit of your heaven in your posts.

  75. And what’s up with David Miscavige’s markedly morphed over-enunciation?

    I read other comments in the news that noticed it, too, and ibe described it he sounds like Snagglepus (the cartoon character). 😐 Embarrassing but he really does.

    When the Mayor Oscar Goodman said “we welcome the fastest growing religion” and I could hear a “ca-ching” with that gleam in his eye!

    And PEWS???? Does Scientology *anywhere* talk about pews? What have I missed there in my studies? I see people *kneeling*? Or is that a Miscavige invented ritual, so everyone will be shorter, his way of getting “ethics altitude”?

    I so so wish it was about Scientology, the building is pretty. But — it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

    If only real Scientology were happening in those buildings.

  76. Tommy Davis lisps and that in itself would be okay possibly even charming except … observe: He is not looking through those eyeballs or looking in anyway at all. His attention, HE, is introverted. He’s totally looking inward. 😦

    There’s a shiftiness and condescension that’s a bit like a dishonest car salesman.

  77. Jim,

    Speakingof DM MEST — one of my very first encounters with his “space” was in the early 80s, when I did the decks at the LA Base. This took me to the floor where DM had an abode at the time. There, in the middle of the hall, he was offering some of his used clothes for sale to other SO Members. A sort of garage sale.

    I could not believe the line of exquisite shoes, tailored suits and other high end clothings on display there. None of it fit me and, in any event, at $15/week I could not even have afforded a pair of his silk, second hand socks.

    But speak of the gall — het gets a special allowance from the church for tailored clothes and when he no longer likes it he tries to sell that ware back to the S.O. member who are on half pay, to no small extent because he usurped so much church money for himself.

  78. I reference David Miscavige Footage :44

    “we’ve opened new churches in cultural epicenters befooooorrrre.”

    (cultural epicenter?)

    “..but talk about center stage planet Eaauurrrrrth.”

    a town “so bright” you can see it glowing from deep sppaaaccce.


    And Mayor Oscar Goodman
    Video at 1:01
    “As mayor of the fastest growing city I look forward to “partnering” with you.”

    *Partnering* ? ?

  79. Snowhite,

    I guess you might have a point. The tone level of “punishing bodies” as David Miscavige’s management practices and endorses might not necessarily be a sexual perversion. It could just be a hobby.

    If you are a Scientologist as you purport being, how do you justifytelling someone to go see a Psychiatrist (capital P) in a way to imply they go harm themselves? Yikes.

    I think you’re making up your own practices.

    Punishing Bodies. Owning Bodies. On second thought, people in low tone bands don’t even feel pleasure in sex. In the local vernacular: they get off in another way.

  80. Debbie, from someone out here in the world, thank you for your core dedication. I really have to wear my audotr’s hat when I read about what you and so many went through and are going through, but that doesn’t lessen how heart rending it is.

    What a journey. When we get through it and realize our (non location) seat in the house 🙂 (Static) we’re brighter than ever.

  81. 54 seconds from Princess Serenity

  82. And Princess Serenity is no light weight
    (or maybe she’s very very light weight in the true sense ) 😉

  83. Sam,

    I also remember Wayne as the FSM I/C at the FH in early 2000.

    As an FSM I have directly been in comm with him several times. He is a great guy and really cared but towards the end of his post as the FSM I/C I could feel something was not right in his universe.
    Now I know what it was.

  84. Fellow Traveller

    veritas — first of all you seem to be more insouciant, if still incredibly perceptive. That from time in the theta south texas environment?

    Now, as far as partnering. Definitely! I personally could not come up with a better city to partner with the CoM and it’s fuhrer: the US capital for live adult entertainment and nicknamed Sin City!

  85. AWESOME clip, P. Henry.


  86. Marty

    The illegalities and financial irregularities from Monster Miscavige never stop~~

    What you say below ~~ CCHR using its platform politically against Obama ~~ This is flat out illegal. A 501C3 Tax exempt entity is absolutely prohibited against using itself in the realm of Politics.

    Part of what is attested to in filling out forms to gain this 501C3 tax free status is a total prohibition against meddling in Political issues.

  87. To Theoracle,
    You mentioned Ron Norton. I knew him and really liked him and have wondered what happened to him. Can you fill me in? Is he still in the Sea Org? Still married to Jan?
    Thank you,

  88. The story about Debbie is beyond horrendous. This is all very surreal. What kind of Church treats people like this?
    It seems there should be legal remedies for much of this stuff, including tax payer dollars being used to care for Sea Org. Does the Church get away with it because it is a Church? Is there nothing we can do?

  89. Marty,

    Of course you’re right — it’s very wrong for CCHR to meddle in politics, and DM’s hypocricy, deceit and greed know no bounds. But what DM does vis a vis SO members is much worse than what WalMart does. If I’m not mistaken, it’s only part time employees whose healthcare costs WalMart doesn’t cover (I think they do cover healthcare costs for full-time employees, don’t they?). SO members are not only full-time, they’re basically indentured servants. And, however poor the hourly wage of WalMart’s part-time employees, it’s undoubtedly many times the wage of an SO member. For DM to pay SO members little more than the amount of a child’s allowance and then not pay their health care costs in total and without comm lag is unconscionable.

  90. I agree with this generally Boyd, Mr.H.

    But I’m not really connecting all the dots here… on how exactly is it so advantageous? If it is to Dev-T OSA, and have them run around smearing and 3rd-partying ones name, around local Orgs, as Martin says, then absolutely. All that make-wrong would look real good on them. And in volume, the better.

    But it’s a personal chose. So that’s that.

    I just think it really isn’t necessary when commenting generally, not here, not in any blog on any subject. That’s just how the internet works.

    So where does it leave us?
    Well, lets look it over.

    Under Marty’s ‘Independent Scientologists’ link above, many of us who would otherwise be Listed there, are not. In fact, it hasn’t been updated in a long while. And I understand that, Marty has to be one of the busiest beings on earth right now. In the comment section, there is even a Jonathan Burke who commented on December 20, 2009 wanting to be added to the List. Yet still not.
    So part of this is a bit of an understandable out-admin. And part of a general lack of collective agreement or understanding. For instance. Can a meatball like myself, be added to the List? (Pretty low on the totem pole…) Does Jonathan Burke understand that he should write up his story, send with photo? So he can be posted? Are we all in that much agreement Marty should be pressed to wear that Hat? Given his schedule and all?
    Many are missing.

    “Post your name here!” ? Well, yes and no. I don’t think Listing one at a time is good. If your going to jump the ramparts, you best do it in a group. In groups of 5-10-15 at a time. OSA will love that. They can’t be bad mouthing their lies on all of them all at the same time. Hopefully they are that stupid!

    But what am I thinking!? Are we not soon, finding it necessary to List in bunches as it is, out of necessity of time??

    So naturally, it’s a CSW affair for those who wish to be added. So when it happens, it is as easy as possible. Makes sense to me.

    (aliases are missing in the existing List btw, that’s an out-point IMO)

    So there you have it. Have your write-up then; picture; email; and alias all ready for edit and publishing. Nothing hard about that is there?

    If it isn’t happening maybe Marty knows something we don’t. (seems he knows allot we don’t lol)

    I read Theo’s post bellow;
    “Whatever the situation might be, today is much different than then. We have a big group now! The more people who stand up the less crazy others think we are…”

    I love Theo. He makes many important points as you’ll read. Theo is spot on, but I want to take it all a step further…

    Just further down from his post is another of mine. And I agree with everything said about ‘Standing up and Being Counted’; But that’s not enough. It has to be done orderly and even strategically. For instance, grouped together.

    In my post I call for “Sunday Mass”. I hope it communicates, and that it happens, if it does not. Then I will be one serious arc-broken puppy. If it happens, I’m likely to jump up and down and pee on the floor. It’s not even something to think or talk about, just do.

    If it works, in addition to it’s purpose or intention, (which is more of same; Audit the group/who in-turn can share with every contact you can/ the Model Session if you will. (read more below)) I see something far more important happening.

    It IS the perfect prelude to THE MONDAY INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGIST LIST UPDATE. Now that’s exciting!

    What’s that for an acronym? TMISLU? yuk. How bout MIS-U. There, that’s better.

    So that’s Mondays. Cool. It can happen. It’s up to Marty… Seems a good idea. Give it to him.

    So what’s this thing about Sunday Mass? Well, it’s just another day really, but I hope I can get some agreement here that you show up, and show up wearing your Sunday Best! lol. Good day to have a bit higher arc. Maybe a proper Name-Tag on your “breast”.

    Actually, it has a life of it’s own, potentially.

    The real purpose is to shine as a True Group. Which we ARE.
    Come to think about it, that sounds like a great topic to launch from.

    In addition to my post below, we all had thoughts about disseminating to our Scientology friends, much was said in other threads about that, I couldn’t think of what to say. What do you say?? I wanted to show them. It was, I realized, our Beingness that mattered most. Not necessarily our Doingness nor our Havingness.

    And Sunday is a good day to show it. And I for one, intend to show it to everyone I can. That was what I was saying below.

    But now, I realize, it can get a whole lot more interesting. If life IS a game, (I always loved LRH for calling it out as such. It is a game, a wicked game of life and death) WE otto to play it hard and good! For real. Stakes are high…

    I recall an old saying, Chinese I believe; ‘One Rabbit leaves many tracks’. It refs. to the activity of taking your hungry soul to the forest to snare some food, and in the snow covered ground you see tracks going everywhere, and you think; “There are rabbits all over the place!”

    Okay. Sure. Fine.

    So “Sunday Mass” is the greatest day to join up; use your real name if you wish.
    In fact, use many real sounding names, through OSA way off. Come Monday, boom. They are still confused and we’re still real alright. The MIS-U just grew again. Pictures and all, growing larger and larger week after week.

    But I need to out flow, if I ever wish a greater inflow. Can you guys and gals help me with that?

    If we are cognizant of disseminating Sundays’ Tread to everyone. We’ll win with solid reality.

    That is what I find most valuable to desem. The Reality of us, not necessarily the Comm.

    See you all Sunday! I’ll bring Cake!

  91. exsolonotsdofp

    Hello NOTS aware. I don’t know your name, but the only Cristina NOTS auditor i remember was Cristina Tidu. I blew the SO in november 2006 and do not have any news from this group since then. You can contact me at this email adress:

  92. DM having a garage sale of his used clothes for Sea Org members? And no one’s buying them? It wasn’t because they only made $30/week; it’s because no one over 10 years old is that short.

    BTW, speaking of DM’s 2D perversions, does any one know if DM went to the strip clubs or brothels in Las Vegas when him and Pat Broker used to go there with a suitcase full of cash for LRH?

  93. martyrathbun09

    Antoine, sorry – I’ll get that indies section up to date.

  94. martyrathbun09

    Tone 41, Walmart is more criminal than you may know. They have practiced a system whereby they give low level employees less than 40 hours per week (just a tad less) so that they do qualify as “employees” requiring health and other benefits. As far as standard of living goes, a low level Walmart employee is not much better off than a run of the mill Sea Org member. They’d be lucky to have 50 bucks expendable cash when basics are covered. Of course, they aren’t confined, made to work 18 hour days, imprisoned and torured if they don’t kiss Sam Walton’s ass.

  95. Debbie Cook was such a wonderful CO and the staff really loved her. Hope she is doing well and I wish her the best. Flag will never be the same without her! But she left a legacy of great memories for those of us who got to experience the org she helped LRH to build from the very beginning. Knew her in 1975 before she was CO. I know she will use LRH tech to get well fast.

  96. Further Mike/Snowhite to Jim’s point, it’s a matter of record, witnessed by dozens of Sea Org execs, that DM personally hired a stripper for Norman Starkey’s birthday in the 80s.

    So, here we have a being who offloads SO members whose medical needs cost too much but is perfectly okay with hiring strippers for birthday parties?

  97. Oscar Goodman, now there’s a real ethical being! NOT …. Only in Vegas could a dubious career as a mob lawyer actually be a political asset.

    That “partnering up” b/s, as if it’s a corporate merger is so reflective of where CoS is at as a group. Such obvious synergies exist between Scientology and Vegas, a place which actually positions itself as an Overt Factory “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”.

    So after the married man loses his house at the tables and blows what’s left on drugs and hookers, on the way to the airport, he can stop in for some auditing to get those O/Ws off?

    Pure marketing genius, I say!

    I’d love to know what the vig for Oscar and boys is? Call it an FSM commission …

    And I’m beyond disgusted with the pews. How far is that “church” charade going to stretch?

  98. FreeAndClearNow

    Not here to defend Wal-Mart but the exchange they have given in society with low prices on valuable goods is worth keeping in mind when comparing them to a criminal like Miscavige. They have raised the standard of living of many consumers, including mine. And like you say nobody is forced to work there.

  99. martyrathbun09

    F and C Now, study how they make that stuff available at those prices and you’ll understand how the American public will turn a blind eye to slavery in the 21st century.

  100. I just saw Debbie Cook on her facebook site and there it says that she has joined the “Ideal Org Project” somewhere, this is a little bit confusing for me,
    is she still working for dm ?????!!!!!!

  101. Obviously your missing the marketing genius of Miscavige in action here, Huck!

    The pews are just the beginning!

    Next will be the sermons given by Elvis himself!

    Viva Las Vegas!!!!!

    (oh did I say any thing about the Slots and video poker machines in reception?)

  102. Lotus Miyamoto

    I was kind of shocked to see in the video that Tommy Davis had not shaven. He usually looks well kept but on this one you can see his unshaven stubble. Hmmmm…

  103. Marty,

    Thanks for the data on Walmart. I still think their behavior pales in comparison to DM’s (you’ve given good examples of that). I’d be surprised if a low level Walmart employee, however impoverished, were still not much better off than an SO member. In the first place, such a Walmart employee works less than 40 hours per week, and can do other things in their off hours, while an SO member works how many hours per week? Like, 80? More? (How much does an SO member earn per hour? .50? Doesn’t the lowest level Walmart employee earn at least $8.00 per hour or some such?) Secondly, I would be surprised if any Walmart employee’s living quarters, however spare, were not still considerably better than an SO member’s quarters. Even if they only have 50 bucks left over after covering basics, I would bet that their “basics” are at least somewhat more sufficient than an SO member’s “basics.”

    So, you may well be right, but I still think Walmart is no match in criminality for the SO under DM (and isn’t even in the same league — I think you’d probably have to go to someplace like N. Korea to find players in DM’s league in this century.)

  104. At your discretion Marty. I’m sending mine in. Leverage yourself.
    Let’s get this little punk!

  105. Antoine, You don’t have to be a big name to do this, I’m not. Go for it.

  106. is DM drunk?

  107. How appropriate the Mayor (chief of police) was the grand guest of honor!

  108. Holy crap. Keep doing what you are doing. This thing IS crumbling. It took you guys long enough. But the facade is failing. I for one will sit back light a cigar and watch it all burn to the ground. Nice Job finally, Marc Mike and Amy. Ive never met a scieno here in Oklahoma. But. Iwould gladly join ANY fight. As long as its locally. Sorry I have abusiness to think about and a baby on the way.


    Bed Man

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