Ass clown, definition: 1. One whose stupidity and/or ineptitude exceeds the descriptive potential of both the terms ass and clown in isolation, and in so doing demands to be referred to as the conjugate of the two. – Urban Dictionary

This is a notice to the ass clowns who ran the op on my home this Valentine’s evening. 

A locksmith in his seventies was summoned to my home this evening. He was phoned by a person in Los Angeles to come to my home to change the locks. The locksmith had to drive 12 miles to my home only to be told he’d been punked by some ass clowns, then had to drive home another 12 miles.   I felt sorry for the old  guy when I saw that from the looks of it, 24 miles in his Econoline van on a Sunday night probably meant he is going to need to scrimp to make up for the lost time and gas. And that is all I felt, until I thought about that for a moment.  

For you delinquents in OSA and the Anonymous ass clown fringe (same difference) who get off on such pranks, I have a request.  If you want to harass me, harass ME – not some innocent bystander who is just trying to get by. I know such an appeal is likely futile because the perps are so bereft of courage or conscience.  Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to make a record.

40 responses to “Harassment

  1. If they want to try anything crazier, Texas has the castle law and it’s upheld in court.

  2. DM is deranged.
    To think he could pull that off on you ~~ but it was just harrassment.
    He is 100% behind any Ops on you Marty, as you well know.

    I wondered if in any court of law is can Monster DM get off the hook because of insanity ?
    A Judge would clearly see his actions on others as lunatic fringe.
    He is psychotic and Insane,
    “The Overt or Covert Intention to harm and Destroy” CS Series 22
    I am not saying he would plead “Not Guilty, by reason of Insanity”
    He is so deluded about himself.

    I, as a human being do not agree with ther lesser charge of “Not Guilty by reason of Insanity”
    DM is Guilty and Insane.

  3. martyrathbun09

    W&P, and now the Pizza delivery has just arrived. The local naval base closing down has hammered the economy here. These small businesses don’t deserve this treatment. But, “little” people are just “dbs” in his universe. Or as Tupac once said: “hey, that’s just the way it is.”

  4. I just got home from a two day weekend, where I was on a high of true flourishing and prospering on all dynamics. It is just so sad because we have all found freedom to BE, Do and Have. These poor suckers, including DM don’t even truly know what it is like to be free. This kind of crap, shows how sad it really has become on the inside. Play fair, or get out of the game of helping people and masquerading around as something other than what you really represent. My moms use to say to me every time we left the house, Remember who you are and what you stand for!

  5. All this is more evidence they’re hurting. So many people coming out to expose the corruption. Idle Orgs, beautiful but empty. Lawsuits… The evidence keeps piling up and the “fit is gonna hit the shan soon”. Marty, Mike and others, you are some real tough sons of bitches. Whatever your part was in creating this mess, I commend you for having the guts to confront it.

  6. Anyone trying to harass or ruin someone’s day for no good reason is bad enough. But to do it on Valentine’s Day, a day full of enough good and/or bad emotion as it is, is just pathetic.

    And it’s not like you’re going to say, “Okay, I’m sick of PI’s and pizzas and everything else, so I’ll shut up now.” Surely they realize that.

  7. Those small business people get phone numbers from the people who call them – can’t they be traced to the source(s)?

    These are DB tactics. And these foolish people think they are being effective??? or what?

  8. That sucks! As a small business operator myself, I know just how expensive these so-called pranks can be. Although its gonna cost you, can I suggest you contact the paper in your area and run a public notice asking businesses to confirm any orders by contacting you prior to setting out – it might also attract the attention of the news desk which may even run a story alongside.

  9. Thought provoking

    Too bad for the locals. They don’t deserve it.

    O.O.’s got a point, the numbers should be able to be traced one end or the other.

    This tactic, shows the juvenile mentality of OSA and will surely backfire as more Scientologists will see DM’s face in the mirror as it truly is.

    You are documenting all this, right Marty?

  10. Nail the ass clown. The calls can be traced.

  11. Marty,

    I agree with others that the calls can and should be traced. Whoever made the calls is legally accountable, and his or her name should be publicized. Of course, if that party can be traced back to OSA, all the better.

  12. Go and look at what Anon has been posting about you – and they’re general op basis. Then wonder who did this?

  13. Marty,
    Could have been a ‘stray cat’ or a neutered one of the OSA variety. As you say, it makes no difference as either appear as disassociated as the other.

  14. I know where they got the idea for the pizzas: SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT.
    How ironic…

  15. go ahead marty tell them who it is lolol we do not fucking like you kid. anon is going to fuck your shit up so hardcore.

  16. next they are going 2 tp ur house.
    I luv that you quoted Tupac by the way.

  17. Well I doubt DM actually gave such a specific order. I suspect he just ordered harassment on a normally theta day. The actions reflect more on the people he has left around him and/or that he feels comfortable having around him. i.e. Juveniles.

  18. I agree with the others. These calls should be traced and the offenders taken to small claims court to recuperate the lost money and time. This is despicable juvenile behavior!

  19. sucks. what makes you think it’s anons marty?

  20. Like the folks are saying, these things can be easily traced. While I would never pretend to understand whats passing for OSA these days from an operational standpoint , I honestly think you might be painting with a very broad brush by trying to pigeon hole Anonymous into this.

  21. Whoever did that is a total DB Marty.


  22. Marty,

    Seems to have denigrated to the Church of Beavis and Butt Head.

  23. Marty this is an important issue.

    Not only for the disgusting and very out-ethics action to make this Mr. lose the most valuable resource: time.

    The very true intention here is to discourage and disctract of the channel by any means with a patient and continual agenda of PURPOSE EROSION.

    They have succeded in the past on this agenda. A lot of people that fight before us finished in some point asking to themselfs after a lot of “work” from church officials; “What´s the point of all this; we can´t win this war”.

    Even some of this early fighters lose all certainty in the tech and become “Ex-scientologists”; deniyng or rejecting even fundamental and basic principles of Scientology.

    They will run this agenda on us in misterious and unexpected ways.
    Our Strenght will be tested.
    Our training and purpose under attack.
    If they weaken some of us; they are winning positions and will do a headway to conquer again our hardly won ground.

    Is in our hands to SEE this agenda, confront that IS an agenda and is worked on and don´t let go the purpose.


    God night and happy valentin day to all!

  24. That’s beyond..

  25. martyrathbun09

    Paul, I put it up to open up communication, from which I learn more about it. Sort of like “bracketing” in military speak.

  26. At this high level of play, you may even witness the flaming bag of poo trick. And never forget that OSA favorite: soap on the windows! Hang in there tech reformers.

  27. Yeah, well, if I were OSA I’d pull two “juvenile” pranks exactly like these to stir up Independents vs. Anonyous rancor.

  28. Alexis de Tocqueville

    When I say that this is grossly outrageous, I feel I have so understated the evil and insanity of it. I surely hope that those who did this and those who direct them read the diary of last night’s incident — and the comments — ’cause if they do, I want them to know that they are not people of good will. Gross and disgusting.

  29. To the retarded basementdwelling trolls who did this cowardly uncalled for act. This kind of lowley and pesky behaviour tells more about the petty mind-set you are in. I consider you the thing that sticks under my shoe sometimes and than I am being kind.

    You degenerates. Seems that the onley joy you have must be derived from action that shows the yellow belly deminor of your mushy brain.

    LEAVE a couple alone on Valentine. I have respect for Marty’s spouse who gets hasseled too by you sick loser bunch of festering toads. I have respect for all the people around Marty who have to put up with this moonbatshit too.

    Be a man and confront him in person. But you seem to be all mice.

    And than indeed driving the local hardworking struggling people up costs. You poor exuse for human beings hassling people who have nothing to do with this beef you have.

    And for tthe ones who think this is a win or something , go think again and take your head out of your arse. Shame on you little minded twisted lot. Get on target and stop being something I have to scrape from under my shoe

    I this is what gets you off in life: Die In A Fire

    Get a life you ass-whipes !

    With regards CD

  30. Makes me angry.

  31. If you really think anyone believes you are a Anon, even a nasty one perhaps think again.

    Your website is Pathetic and your Photoshop powers are lacking.

    I hope you are a teen with scientology parents because if you are a grown up OSA person: OMG you have surely have lost the Game.

  32. Theo Sismanides

    You guys, don’t make any sense. Who are you? Find out Who you are and then come talk. You cannot even talk any sense.

    Can you confront something? Talk to someone and make some sense? All you do is threatening behind a computer or in a site.

    So, come out and show your face. I bet it’s VERY ugly!

  33. Theo Sismanides

    Marty I saw the site of that incomprehensible guy that posted above. What the hell is all this? I guess I got confused here! they throw in a lot of confusion/force etc. too low toned.

  34. I wonder how Anonymous would feel knowing that they are a TOOL for David Miscavige and nothing more. Many know anonymous aren’t that smart as a collective whole (some individual members MAY have some intelligence) and as such if they were behind such pranks they should wake up and realize they are being used as a TOOL to attempt to fluster Marty for David.

    But in all likelihood it’s just an immature prank by one of OSA’s underpaid staff or overpaid PI’s. Water under the bridge ….

  35. I’m with you on this Amigo.

    There is definitely an agenda that has been been in play since the early ’50’s to discredit and invalidate the tech.

    Miscavige and his clownasses at OSA play an important role in forwarding that agenda.

    They are perfect examples of what Scientology, isn’t.

  36. “Just Me” had a good point: “Yeah, well, if I were OSA I’d pull two “juvenile” pranks exactly like these to stir up Independents vs. Anonyous rancor”.

    Even if one or two anons did postings, or even stood behind the despicable, low-toned, degraded-being pranks, it does not need to fuel any fire with Anons. That is a side street, at best; to follow up on it is just falling for the same ol’ “divide and conquer” strategy.

    I hate this crap happening to innocent people and to Marty. But that is just a taste compared to the horrible attrocities being done by DM against SO MANY.

  37. It just goes to show you how ass backwards they are. They can’t even hurt the person they’re trying to hurt, they just end up fouling up some completely innocent party. It’s not even wrong target, it’s just off target.

  38. Those people do not care… they do not have any awareness of others dynamics…
    My son and I woke up the next morning after the city attorney meeting I had regarding domestic violence, and found the driver window in my car was shattered to pieces… My leather jacket, nice sweaters and a bunch of other items were there. Missing only some files… What he was hoping to find?
    Little he thought about that action being enturbolative to people around me, especially my son that discovered that with me.
    But a 1.1 cannot see past his nose… is a me, me, me proposition…

  39. In my opinion, this is just part of the price of freedom.

    You have to be willing to confront the full force and violence of what others who want to make you smaller can dish out.

    If you can stand up to it, you’re free.

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