Why we haven’t progressed

 by Haydn James


I know from my days in London Org in the 70s the truth of LRH’s observation that 25 book sales to non-Scientology public results in a Scientologist being made. But I also observed that this was no longer true in the 90s onwards. In Birmingham we were making one Scientologist for every 100 books sold, at best — one Scientologist a week in fact because we got up to selling 100 books in a week. And we were one of the better orgs. Many orgs in the world made absolutely no Scientologists week in week out, for years.

In Birmingham, we tried with all our might to make more than one Scientologist a week but we just couldn’t do it. Sure we’d get a ton of new people on course but they would leave within a week or so, never to return, only to be replaced by a host of new people the following week that would also leave. Only one a week would stick, on average. It’s what I came to call the “Class V org revolving door effect”, a strange phenomenon.

There were two main reasons for this “revolving door”, a double whammy, and both were created internally.

Firstly, the public courses were not biting. It wasn’t like the 70s where with just hard TRs on the old Communication Course public were blown out of their heads, or they found they could communicate for the first time in their lives or their drug masses moved off or a host of other earth shattering wins. I mean, do you know how many people came into Scientology during that time period despite a continuous barrage of government instigated anti-Scientology media? It was phenomenal. But it certainly wasn’t like that from the 90s onwards; the Div 6 courses were positively ho hum. Of course we blamed ourselves; it was “poor performance” or some such. And it didn’t click with me until years later when my wife and I returned to international management that this problem of making new Scientologists was a planet-wide problem, one that had existed in all orgs, unhandled for more than two decades.

Now I’ve catalogued in other articles Miscavige’s destruction of Scientology management starting in the early 80s, with his main work done between the late 80s and the summer of 1990 (international stat crash) and that such suppression has continued to the present so I’m not going to repeat all that here. But what you have to realize is that LRH developed a highly technical, OT system of managing over a long distance communication line. Quite in addition to individual org evaluations, one of the vital things this system made possible was the detection and handling by management of international situations – problems common to all orgs, things that needed to be fixed in all or most of our orgs (such as a glaring and widespread inability to make new Scientologists). In point of fact, per LRH, this was the real hat of management.

When I was in London in the 70s evaluations of international situations and the resultant handlings happened regularly. But with Scientology management made dysfunctional and then totally neutered or destroyed by Miscavige these international handlings ceased. In the 14 years I was in Birmingham I can’t recall one and I know of none since. So whatever was wrong with the public lines in all our orgs is still wrong today along with any other unhandled situations because a management capable of spotting and handling worldwide situations was put out of commission by Miscavige. The lack of this vital management ingredient has halted Scientology in its tracks and sent it hurtling backwards.

But that’s only one side of the story, there’s another part to this double whammy even more destructive. Something blew the new Scientologists right off the lines, the public courses just didn’t bite hard enough to prevent it, and it came from the ever more popular Internet.

Now Scientology has always had a small number of critics and government attacks and it never really affected our stats and certainly not our expansion, probably because people don’t really listen to governments or newspapers. But this was something new. This was now an ever increasing series of our own people speaking out saying nasty things about how they had been treated. Ex big mission holders, ex top executives like Executive Director International or Inspector General in the case of Vicky Aznaran, ex top tech terminals like David Mayo, major insiders like Vaughn Young and a host of others that Miscavige’s heavy handed tactics and power games had alienated to the point of making them an enemy. This Miscavige-created army of enemies was speaking out, loudly, and fanning the flames when it came to things like the Miscavige instigated McPherson tragedy. And the growing popularity of the Internet in the 90s finally gave them the channel they needed — an ever widening circulation. And this wasn’t a government to whom no one listens; these were OUR people speaking out. And maybe only a portion of our existing public listened and left, but the new public listened or their friends or relatives told them about it, and the majority promptly went into doubt and stayed away. We experienced it week in and week out for years; it’s still happening today; in fact it’s worse now than ever before.

Now, having been at International management and having known some of these attackers, my wife and I had some success in reducing the damage in Birmingham but it was limited success and very few orgs in the world had international management executives running the show so they were decimated by it.

Yes you can handle black PR with the steps of PR Series 18 (HCO PL How to Handle Black Propaganda) but how do you handle the truth with it? Sure you can try but it doesn’t really wash and the public see through it.

It has been said that the emergence of the Internet in the 90s would be Scientology’s “Waterloo” or “Vietnam” or some such. I beg to differ. The real why was the fact that Miscavige created an army of enemies out of our own staff, people who knew how best to hurt us, people with stories of grave oppression to tell — the Internet only provided the means. If they had been dealt with decently, if real Scientology had actually been applied to them, the disaster would and could not have occurred.


It was Miscavige that savaged these people and totally alienated them to a point where they hit back and then he said to us: “look they are attacking you; they are attacking your church!” And so we fought them. But later, unseen to you and me, he quietly paid them off. Vicky Aznaran was paid $625,000.00 with Miscavige directly running the pay off operation.

And the stories of abuse and torture of Scientology staff by Miscavige displayed on the Internet just get worse and worse. Do you seriously think that someone toying with the idea of becoming a Scientologist is going to read International Base Musical Chairs Parts One and Two and say “yes, that’s the group for me”? Only a masochist would join.

And if they didn’t look at the Internet but told their friends or family they were going to join it would be instant objections and a whopping “PTS situation”. Who can honestly blame them? Why do you think there are so many “PTS situations” these days? The world at large now thinks Scientology is made up of nut jobs and with some justification, although there is only one nut job if you ask me, he just happens to be running the whole show so we are all tarred with the same brush.

Between org situations going unevaluated and unhandled for decades, and a self inflicted stream of heavy criticism of Scientology from our own people flowing right into people’s homes via the Internet, Miscavige caused a serious exodus of potential new as well as existing public. Consequently, Scientology staff members have been swimming hard against the surging tide of public opinion for decades, fighting bravely to try and reach the shore but they are further away now than they’ve ever been. And of course they were painfully aware of their failure to expand Scientology so when Miscavige came along to cover his ass and sold them a bill of goods about how their “why” was the fact that they didn’t have big shiny new buildings and lots of expensive equipment and LCD panels of course they breathed a huge sigh of relief, embraced his wrong why with open arms, dropped their important posts like a hot rock and went off to demand the public donate the financial equivalent of their first born son to handle the “real why”.

And such may have temporarily assuaged our staffs’ feelings of guilt but Miscavige’s wrong why, held firmly in place by the staff themselves, depressed org stats even harder and problems with our plummeting membership only deepen.

So what about all those missing members? Well, based on my 14 years on the front lines witnessing the carnage, the wastage, I have to say that the majority were never made into Scientologists, they were blown off the lines by entheta before their full interest could take root, which process has accelerated these days as you can add injustices, gross out tech and heavy crush regging to the pile of things that bar the doors to Scientology organizations. They were turned off by what they read, saw or experienced. And maybe we could turn them back on again, perhaps they are “latent Scientologists”, but things would really have to change for that to happen.

And don’t think that the loss of existing Scientologists isn’t now colossal too because these same problems are causing huge damage on that front.

Instead of having a popular, expanding religion with at least 2 million members, doing lots of good work in the world, we have an incredibly unpopular, small elitist group paying apparent homage to Miscavige whose numbers now dip well below 30,000 and continue in their free fall (even die-hards are starting to get fed up with Miscavige’s antics).

And it’s not going to change until Scientology changes and for that Miscavige has to go.

Only those who are utterly cause blind (unable to see cause) would think otherwise.

The real numbers don’t lie.

In the words of L Ron Hubbard: TIMES MUST CHANGE.

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  1. Haydn,
    I witnessed DM create virtually all of the heavy hitter former staff who created problems over twenty years. I also witnessed him make statements to the effect that he wanted to replace people in Div 6es and Div 4es with electronics. I am sure Mike Rinder can confirm all this too.

    • Marty — Is the Pope Catholic? He has an uncanny way of creating antagonists with his arrogance and disdain.

    • Fellow Traveller

      You are kidding, right — replace Div 6 and 4 personnel with electronics? This is so out KSW — we, the scientologists, handle the individual in front of us. Something about our sleeves rolled up too if I recollect properly.

      The diminutive one has a robot fetish. Perhaps a theta aversion disorder. He’s a tad mad.

      Huck could tell us if that qualifies as a sexual perversion.

    • Haydn, Another solid evaluation of the scene. You were a damned good exec.

      The Why for me is that DM needs enemies in order to survive. He needs a chaotic scene because if there are fires constantly in need of being put out (fires he creates) then no one is looking at what’s really going on. He can hide his true purposes.

      It’s not possible that it’s coincidental that Scn has gotten the worst PR imaginable for all these years.

      The easy thing to do is to blame the “SP media”. Maybe that’s part of it.

      But what I find interesting is that these seriously f’ked up nutjobs out there who want to see Scientology destroyed suddenly were handed allies like RVY and Jesse Prince and Vicki. Who handed them over? David Miscavige.

      The other outpoint is that picture the world at large has of Scientology is TC jumping on Oprah’s couch.

      Take a stab at the tone level of the planet and then let’s see if we could get more Out-Reality than jumping on Oprah’s couch?

      • Tom Cruise is on Twitter — he’s supposed to be a super star right? At that level there are publicity machines to get people followers, such as Ashton Kutcher’s billboard campaign and stunt to beat CNN to a million followers. Ashton got a million followers inside a week and now has four million +.

        Citing part of the Tom Cruise myth there’s a marketing guru who lists Tom Cruise as a client.


        The marketing guy tweets Tom Cruise’s name and twitter all day and night long to get followers, right? Ongoing.

        Except Tom Cruise, despite behemoth efforts has been cruising below 500K followers for weeks — compare to Kucther’s 4 million and other “pop names” that’s way way way underwhelming.

        Another irony is that Tom Cruise and Kelsey Grammar are both listed as clients. What’s so ironic about that? Kelsey Grammar played the psychiatrist on television!

        Kirstie Alley refused to appear on Grammar’s show because he starred as a psychiatrist.
        Tom Cruise is sharing Spam Beds with him trying to buy fans on Twitter.

        How deep is your love?

    • Before i left the SO in november 2006, there was 5250 solo Nots auditors world wide and only 2440 auditing on the level. Why? Because there was only 6 Solo Nots C/Ses to handle 5250 Solo Auditors! But, in the meantime, there was 85 NOTS Auditors sec checking full time, 40 to 50 hours the week. Business is business…….DM is definitely not interested by spiritual freedom…

      • This is scandalous data. Really, the BPI of this data alone should be enough to get Miscavige removed, or at least support withdrawn from the Upper End of the Bridge.

        The way Solo NOTs is handled was very much a factor in my own withdrawal from CoS. It looked to me like Vietnam must’ve seemed in 1965; a never-ending quagmire where the only certainty is that it would be expensive.

      • exsolonotsdofp,

        THAT is a fascinating set of statistics you offer — 14 times more resources provided for sec-checking than for auditing. That pretty much says it all.

    • “I also witnessed him make statements to the effect that he wanted to replace people in Div 6es and Div 4es with electronics.”

      Today: videos, tomorrow: hypno-helmets

  2. Bravo!

    Another excellent post; well reasoned and explained.


  3. And during the infamous mission into PAC in 1996 Jennifer DeVoct told us that all of us old timers “your days are numbered and we are replacing you with young staff (children)”. This was DM talking because a) He was running Jennifer and b) Jennifer is not cabable of independant think like that. I knew it was Davey and it really pissed me off.

    And Davey didn’t just ask these people to go, he spit on them and treated them like trash – always in a violent manner.
    This is what really upset them the most.

    It is his manic 1.5 behaviour that really got most of these ex-staff so riled up it made enemies of them all.

    OSA – take not for once and go fix all of these people. They would probably handle by having them read this and if not an L1C would do it. C’mon OSA – get to work!

    • TheEmperorIsNaked

      You point out the Sherman Tank of an outpoint that I have hit against. I started Scn during the dry spell when very few new people came in and stuck. I usually look for mentor-type people when I get into an activity, but honestly there were none in my area. Very little co-auditing, zero old timers that really knew their shit, and GAT came out soon after and things really became rote.

      This will be a key thing to overcome to ever return to viability in my opinion. People have to be able to get started co-auditing soon after getting in under the watchful eyes of real supervisors that also know how to audit. They want that – I did. I read about it and am pissed I never got that.

    • Hi Virgil,
      I was on the PAC RPF during that infamous mission. The RPF doubled overnight practically – all PAC staff. It was such hell.

  4. Thanks Haydn,

    I pray for the day we have executives on post such as yourself.

    We need people who can evaluate importances and spot true out-points.


  5. Boy, does this ever indicate! Having been on CL V Org staff (pre-Idle Org engram), this helps explain a lot. LRH says that when you find the correct why for a situation, the door to a handling opens up (MOQ, please help me out with the exact reference here). For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why my Org didn’t operate on some sort of sane, systematic handling for what I called our “post-apocalyptic” scene (rumor was that our Org had been much larger at one time). What I didn’t realize at the time was that the “apocalypse” was just getting into full swing, the people at the helm were being battered against the rails by a captain (dm) intent on throwing everyone overboard, and we were trying to paddle a ship upstream that had been shot full of holes. Dammit!

    Having a finite tolerance for group insanity, I wrapped up my contract and played public for the next two decades (which came with it’s own type of fun).

    The really unfortunate thing was that, based on what I’d read of LRH up to the point where I joined staff, I’d come to the conclusion that I’d basically found what I wanted to do with my life. I stepped off 2.5 years later, completely introverted and wondering what the hell just happened. I kept wanting to go back on staff, but the insanity of my first stint gave me a reaction similar to the woman in the old Dianetics video who kept thinking of a worm in the apple.

    Thanks for this data, Haydn. It helped untie a huge knot that I’ve been trying to unravel for quite a while now.

    • FF,
      Start with Data Series 23 and go on from there, in 25, 28R and 28R-1, and 37 which is entitled Whys Open the Door. There’s more but the above cover.

      • Thanks, Jim!

      • FF,
        In case you haven’t studied the Data Series before, do it from DS 1. It’s not something you can skip the gradient on and there is a definite development chronicled in sequential study.

      • Jim, now that you mention it, I’ve been thinking of going through the entire set of OECs and management volumnes. I have the current set already and have a set of the old OECs coming soon for comparison. I haven’t studied the Data Series before, so I’ll be sure to start with DS 1 and read through them in order. Thanks!

  6. You should give RVY his due for the Scientology/Vietnam insight. From a 1995 WIRED article “alt.religion.war”:

    “But former Scientologist Robert Vaughn Young takes a darker view. He doesn’t post to the newsgroup [alt.religion.scientology], but seems to be constantly aware of what’s going on. Once a national spokesman for the church, he says frankly, ‘I am thankful I’m not having to face the Net. It’s going to be to Scientology what Vietnam was to the US.’ In the end, he says, ‘Their only choice is to withdraw. They cannot win.’ The result, he thinks, will be ‘to create the first place in the world where Scientology can be freely discussed.’ “

    • Vaughn was absolutely correct in his prediction. No slight was intended, I was merely trying to make the point that if Miscavige hadn’t savaged people the Internet couldn’t have been the nemesis it turned out to be. I knew Vaughn and I’m sure the point I make here was known to him.

      • RVY has died of cancer a few years back.

        I was on when he used to post.

      • No worries…I was just sourcing the quote.

        I think another way to look at it is, rather than try to figure out the single “why” behind the current state of things, it is to think of perhaps the ten reasons things are the way they are.

        My list might be different than yours…and Marty may not even print it because I have a bit of heresy in it, but my list would look like this. In no particular order:

        1. The premise that 100% of Scientology works 100% of the time if standardly applied is, I believe, not true. I grant you the gains and benefits you’ve received; but I don’t believe all of LRH works. If you can’t do anything to differentiate, you’re stuck with a faulty, and unchanging, framework.

        2. Failure of LRH to properly oversee his leadership succession.

        3. Failure of LRH to properly put the remaining OT levels in useable form.

        4. Failure of top executives to spot DM AND do something about it early on, before he had amassed his power. Still, 15 years later is better than nothing.

        5. Failure to accept the possibility that someone like David Mayo had something to offer the further development of Scientology. If you don’t do that, you are stuck with LRH only which, as I suggest, has some shortcomings.

        6. Failure of the COS (DM?) to recognize what the internet truly represented. Helena Kobrin’s bungled RMGROUP attempt of alt.religion.scientology created a major amount of flack and created more critics than ever before. The information framework that serves everyone today wishing to understand Scientology largely grew out of that. Everything from changes being made in the tech, to NOTS, the original OT levels, to initial critic sites, to uncovering the Lisa McPherson issues, to the first protests, grew out of the popularity of a.r.s.

        7. The handling of Lisa McPherson and all the subsequent fall out. 7a. The handling of Keith Henson; using the full resources of the COS to destroy a minor thorn never came across as cricket.

        8. The continued (lesson never learned!) ham fisted reaction to the internet, as seen with the TC video, resulting in Anonymous showing up, who needed no more motivation to play than for the lulz.

        9. DMs antics and leadership, from staff beatings, micromanaging, celebrity infatuation, Ideal Orgs, Golden Age of Tech, the Basics, destroying the field, and so on.

        10. Constant reg-ing and requests for money.

        Like I said that is my list on brief reflection. My main point is the decline is not attributable to any one thing.

      • Vaughn was a really good, smart and kind person. I remember how Vaughn and I had to clean up a really major mess left by Miscavige being brutal in his treatment of others.

        But what I think is most interesting about all the internet stuff in the 90s was that by 2004 organized scientology (in the person of Miscavige) felt that they had “won” that what could be called “scientology vs. the internet” from the 90s. DM and his folks had either beaten back most critics or “settled with them”.

        In 2005/2006 I brought up grievances I had with Miscavige and said I wanted my money back. All they did was try to threaten me into stop telling the truth about Miscavige beating others, corporate fraud and the like by calling me a criminal and threatening me if I dared speak out any more. It didn’t matter that all I was talking about was completely true and that the vast majority of it had to do with abuses and lies that should never have existed in the first place.

        I won’t belabor the point but anyone interested can find one of my posts that gives some details on this here:


        It included part of my letter to Miscavige and my offer of settlement which included things like his having to apologize to people beaten by management.

        I mentioned this only to give an example consistent with what Haydn said about how they make their own enemies.

        Through his attorney Miscavige let me know they had “won” against all dissenters and no one from the outside was going to stop him nor make any changes to what he was doing. He told me basically to “f-off” and refused to discuss even one point of valid grievance raised.

        I said “oh really” about them “winning” and everyone now having to shut up. And the rest is history, which with respect to me, is pretty much reflected in my blog: larrybren.blogspot.com

        There are so many people speaking out now on the abuses and such that it is being heard world wide. Many more are coming out soon and you will also be seeing more litigation, more books and IMO more government action against abuses. Even other religions are now speaking out including Catholics, Baptists and Lutherans.

        I myself do not believe that the organized scientology that exists today should be preserved. I believe it should be dismantled as is being done now. And let the funds it holds go to those staff, public and non scientologists it has most hurt.

        If those of you of good heart want to practice good things in the name of what you consider to be scientology then go in peace and more power to you. I would like to work with any of you who want to see abuses end. The abuses, lies and dangerous practices carried out by the current organized scientology do need to end though.

      • Mr. Brenan:
        This is an important subject.

        I never meet RVY but as far as I can see on his videos and actions he was quite a guy.

        He was interested in helping others and wanting since the beginning to reforming the church. It seems that he even receive a lot of taunt from church officials for his illness.
        We have already many heroes on this war and some of us haven´t noticed it yet.
        I do know that we have secured already the win of this war.
        We only need to carry on to see the final chapter.
        The church officials are doing a great job in helping us to accelerate the process. All the amount of info in the net will bring down “the wall” some of this days.
        We MUST carry on.
        Not only for scientology.
        Some here are not even scientologist anymore and still fighting.
        This is a historic point. One of those when the future is looking us and we must not be cowards. History don´t need more stories of people that COULD have stopped a tyranny and do nothing instead.
        “I myself do not believe that the organized scientology that exists today should be preserved. I believe it should be dismantled as is being done now. And let the funds it holds go to those staff, public and non scientologists it has most hurt.”
        I agree totally. Totally on this.
        That is called JUSTICE.

        But listen; people has joined weird cults since centuries and we can´t stop this as level of ignorance of people is not in our hands.
        What we can do and IS in our hands is: WARN ABOUT WHAT CURRENT ORGANIZED SCIENTOLOGY REALLY IS.
        This way people will not go into it and if they reform or not it will not matter. Nobody will be in by those days; only the blind leader followers and that his HIS choice too.
        I´m in and I´m with you Larry.
        I can´t face future or my daughters knowing that I could have done something and I do nothing when was needed.
        My daughters don´t have a perfect father; but I don´t want they to have a coward one.
        You are in my prayers Larry.
        It´s pitiful that this comment of you is inside all this trend and maybe some of us don´t see it. Too important subject as I said IMHO.

      • brendon, I think also “Failure of LRH to be God and do Everything for Us.” That’s a major outpoint.

  7. Hayden, Thanks for the great analysis, it makes a lot of sense and the viewpoint from the trenches is invaluable.

  8. Very insightful!
    Another contrast I’ve noticed is people who joined staff prior to DM actually moved up the Bridge while on staff. Fellow staff members from my time (last couple of decades) are, for the most part, pretty much where they were on the Bridge 15 years ago. Study time seemed to be a luxury we couldn’t have; and don’t get me started about staff getting audited! I was lucky to be on the TTC and that’s how I got trained and audited.

    • Thought provoking

      Rush, that has been my observation as well. Most of my training and auditing came while I was not on staff at a mission or Org. We had an auditor who joined staff specifically so she could audit staff. She was able to do it a bit but frequently got pulled to audit public and she was not happy about that. Imagine the delivery an org could provide if its staff had personal reality on what it was delivering.

  9. Haydn

    This is crystal clear. Thank you for filling in the missing pieces and organizing the time line on this.

    I feel like I really understand the situation; the picture you paint jibes perfectly with what I was experiencing and observing from my viewpoint of public of a class 5 org.

  10. Thank you Hayden! What a great analysis! I personally experienced a huge problem with the delivery of Div 6 courses in our local org since mid 90s.
    It was shocking for me to see that the majority of my Div 6 new public won’t stay either through their first course or won’t sign up for the next action. I always wondered why and even asked the org terminals, but their answer was “they are PTS”! I said “what? You mean all of them are PTS?”
    Can you imagine what a failed purpose that would be for an FSM? Well, a lot of our FSMs became inactive as a result. Then our local org started calling FSMs to come in for a free session and get rehabbed.
    What a stupid solution!
    Still to this date, our Div 6 is empty. We all know why, because the Ethics is out, therefore tech and admin are out in each org and mission around the globe.

    • Thought provoking

      “FSMs became inactive…”. Yes, they did! I have several orgs and missions in my area and this was true for all.

  11. Haydn – stellar analysis.

    Thank you.


  12. Oh shit!

    The problems of this path are related to the edicts of LRH.

    Who created fair game and disconnection?

    So the man said lots of stuff.

    He told us we have to INTERPRET policy
    towards expansion.

    Spend some time meditating or considering that. HCOPL 4 dec 1966

    He said :- HCOPL 13 March 1965

    ” Periodic sweep outs of antiquated and didactic laws[ rather than general concepts
    and sub purposes MUST be undertaken by a being, organisation, group or race or species.”

    This last has best I know rarely been done.

    The man had flaws, but his brilliance is what we are involved with.

  13. Haydn,
    The clarity and precision of your observations and analysis were clearly forged in your love and passion of our mutual goals.

    Addressing us as a group, what product would you like us to focus on and get that would be exchangable with our public?


      We have no choice but to keep on doing what we are doing. So much damage has been done by Miscavige via the Internet (among other things) that Scientology’s PR is shot to hell. Scientology cannot recover lost ground or make ANY forward progress in the face of that even if everything else was perfectly fine (which it is not).

      Our only weapon is the truth but it is one hell of a weapon. To a casual glance it may look like we are adding to the confusion on the net but we are not, we are the cure. The truth is the only antidote for the self inflicted poison that’s killing Scientology.

      It’s a process and as the old man said: THE WAY OUT IS THE WAY THROUGH. In the same reference (HCO PL PROCESSING) he also said: WHAT TURNS IT ON WILL TURN IT OFF. And: GET THE PC THROUGH IT.

      In the case of this particular PC we are trying to save its life so this is very much an emergency assist.

      • Funny you should refer to the church as a PC. In seeing the plight of the staff and SO members at the local Idle Org, I thought of the Auditor’s Code point about “I promise not to sympathize with a preclear but to be effective.” That’s one of my stable datums as of recent.

      • A 3rd dynamic auditor sees this, a group as the PC. Haydn you made my day!

      • Haydn,

  14. Haydn,
    It is sooooo nice to see a rational being approach the scene with the Data Series and familiarity and get down to the real sh**. This is the kind of management that I remember from the days of yore. Brilliant.

    There is a reference on the creation of enemies that I’ve mentioned on other sites and blogs. It is the Manual of Justice under a section entitled Rehabilitation:
    “Rome destroyed herself by failing to follow (or know) the necessity of rehabilitation. Russia is caving in for the same lack. Every modern nation at this time of writing makes more criminals than it captures – hence Hitler’s criminal rise to power.
    When you punish a man you punish also his family and friends. Even if you slayed the man you would then still have his friends and family as your enemies. If you slay everyone he knew- why, they have friends and families, too-and at last you’ve got a whole populace against you.

    “You punish a man. He goes away to join the ranks of the squirrels.

    “You swell the opposition. Don’t do it.

    “Shoot the offender for the public good and then patch him up quietly.

    “That isn’t even mercy. It’s good sense. “

    • Boy, that is a great reference. I know of instances where dm has made it impossible for high producing staff to work their way back into the fold after some foul-up. Permanently!
      Just reviewed the HCO B Rock Slams and Rock Slammers. LRH had this guy tagged long ago. When you get the gist from Sarge on how LRH was moved off the lines, it all lines up. From the above HCO B, ” R/Sers are also very expensive people to keep around. They waste the available resources and produce overt products. They cost a fortune in waste,repairs, lost business. They also cost a heartbreaking number of damaged people.”
      Also, some of the characteristics: “4A. He covers up his crimes with lots of PR.
      5.) PC’s product is consistently an overt act and his activities destructive to others whether they have spotted this or not.
      6.) PC’s behaviour or condition or OCA classifies as psychotic.
      7.) The people near him get into trouble.”

      Sound familiar?

    • Great reference Jim. Yes, the Ol’ Man has covered quite a lof of staff. I cannot see any leader if he cannot see this: how to rehabilitate people. thanks

  15. Haydn,
    This is a truly well written piece.
    I tip my hat to you and Mike Rinder for writing and thinking in logical sequences, with no added time, no added inapplicable data ~~with writings that flow so well ~~ and the data so right on.

    I read all (Haydn) T. Paine articles in http://www.scientology-cult.com/t-paine.html
    and they played a significant part in my joining Marty’s Blog.

    You put in decades of your life to keep the show on the road and it is only fitting that your well earned experience and time-track within COS is put to use to analyze the past scene, and the current scene so you could put the truth on the line.

    I sure appreciate your ability to discern Identities, Similarities and DIFFERENCES !

    War and Peace

    • War and Peace

      I’m truly glad I have been able to write articles but I think there is something above that in importance, something exemplified by Mike and Marty, Steve, Dan & Jeff, you, Jim and all the regular bloggers on Marty’s site, a quality that will win the day in the end, the quality of what is greatness? — The willingness to keep on loving and the refusal to sink into the deep, dark pit of hatred, a quality the other side lack in its entirety.

      I log onto these sites like everyone else, but for me it’s to get my daily fix of this quality because you guys, all of you, exude it and it’s infectious. And I think a great many of our friends on the other side of the fence will recognize it in the end as a commodity far more valuable than anything they possess. And that is what will win the day.

      • Haydn,
        I’ve taken a few liberties to poke at DM. It was pointed up on an earlier thread that this is somewhat gratuitous. OK. I accept that.

        I’ve been very clear about the need for the reality that in all cases, solve it with Scientology. That very, very definitely includes the PTS/SP phenomena manifested from the top down.

        So, hereby, I take responsibility for any off color remarks and especially the reference to Magda from an earlier post.

      • Haydn,

        yes, that’s what makes the difference every day!

        ML, Fidelio

      • On Sunday I attended a Tibetan New Year celebration – we were connected to hundreds of centers online, with steaming webcam (or whatever the heck it’s called) — and the head of this international group, who I now call my teacher said:

        “What matters is not that we all agree, but that we don’t give up on each other. Find a way to make a heart connection, and treasure that more than what divides.”

        I thought of all of us here on Marty’s blog and how true these words were to those of us here as well.

        I honestly believe that there is a great wonderful change beginning to grow within many communities of like minded beings who honestly wish to “be the change we wish to see in the world.”

        Thanks again Marty, Haydn and all of you.

        Happy New Year!! (Metal Tiger)


    • Jim,

      As with any true Qual terminal, your WHAT IS GREATNESS? is an example to us all. And you’re as funny as hell too!!

  16. Thanks for this analysis! This type of brilliant logic is what keeps me coming back!

  17. I remember when I was in SO I had access to the data system up till 2005 and I remember how the stats had such a huge crash in the 90’s all over the world and how the expansion as shown in the international events was exaggerated . Now everything make sense. The stats in the data system were very clear, but of course only authorized SO were able to access to those data… The church as it is right now is totally fake.

  18. Haydn,

    Again, another great article.

    However, I’d like to add my “2 cents”, as the case may be 😉

    First we have the destruction of the GO and its CI (Counter Intel) and CE (Counter Espionage) capability.

    Secondly, there was the looting and sacking of the Franchise Network by the Finance Police and the use of harsh, heavy and arbitrary ethics contrary to HCOPL ‘Ethics and Franchise’.

    Thirdly the elimination of independent Field Auditors by ignoring ‘The Rights of a Field Auditor’ and again the use of heavy ethics against any Field Auditor or Group actually auditing in the Field.

    The last two being accused of “cutting the orgs throat”!

    A failure by most orgs to apply the RED on Superior Org Image.

    All the above designed to stem the flow of public and allowed orgs to be infiltrated by those Miscavige calls his “friends”.

    Additional I’ve found something written by Ron that explains how Miscavige and his “friends” operate which I’d like to share here because it aligns with what you’ve written, which is from a LRH Aides Conference given on 2 November 69 called “Covert Operations”

    (begin fair use)

    Lenin’s definition of power and force and his attitude and that is this: potential power, or power, or a strong entity of any kind whatsoever whether individual, organization or national, if it became an enemy – this is Lenin – if it became an enemy, why it would be very dangerous to Communism, so therefore the only safe way to handle any powerful entity is to treat it as a potential enemy. This is the woof and warp of Communism see – to treat it as a potential enemy. And one can’t believe that he never thought the thought through that if you treat something as a potential enemy you will eventually get an active enemy.

    (end fair use)

  19. Haydn,

    Great eval! Interesting what you said about the current Div 6 courses not biting, unlike the original comm course. There’s nothing like real TR’s to inspire someone to cognite on Scn. Nothing like suddenly finding yourself really there, or really confronting another being, or maybe even ext, to make someone reassess the value of all the superficial games the human race is playing vs the game of being a thetan. Through all of my training and processing, I’ve had some of my most OT experiences doing TR’s. Compared to that, STCC was rinky-dink, and I think LRH, if he’d been given the data, would have done away with STCC and reinstated the original comm course for all public.

    Of course, as long as we have a maniac detroying everything from top to bottom, it won’t much matter what else the orgs do to deliver Scn. the terrible and deserved PR created by DM will still drive all the new public away, as you’ve described.

    Thanks for elucidating what has occurred over the past 20+ years so clearly.

    • “Through all of my training and processing, I’ve had some of my most OT experiences doing TR’s. Compared to that, STCC was rinky-dink, and I think LRH, if he’d been given the data, would have done away with STCC and reinstated the original comm course for all public.”

      LRH gave that power to Int management, Chuck B. writes about it on this website. DM has the power to pilot almost whatever div 6 actions he wants to a point, but he doesn’t. Everyday he has the stats telling him to try pilots but he refuses too. He never looks back at past successful actions.

  20. Excellent post and analysis Hadyn.

    When I was on the decks doing labor and cleaning at the Int base after being sent there by DM, prior to my wanting to leave the Sea Org for good, I was honestly looking over what was wrong with me.

    I decided that the best thing for me to do was go back to being an Evaluator in the Exec Strata. It was where I had been most successful in the early and mid 80s before I went to work for DM.

    I had trained many managers on the Data Series and how to do evaluations as the AVC Eval approval person. I also had several successful evals that I had done myself and gotten approved by LRH when he was still alive.

    So I petitioned DM while I was on the decks to be allowed to go back and be an Evaluator again and get myself “straighted out.”

    Request denied. More Ethics handlings and sec checks followed.

    • Mark,
      I remember when evals were done routinely on Class V (IV then) orgs. When I went to Flag as a youngin’ to train, I ‘debriefed’ to staff from the Eval Corps for the org’s Data Files. This function of Evaluator is one of the key aspects of the Sea Org’s management system and was a key aspect for the success of the idea of ‘three feet behind’ the various orgs and echelons. That exterior, objective view with the magic of the Data Series was one of the key areas and it’s no wonder an SP would want it unmocked.

      One could say, along with Mission Tech (i.e. the role of Sea Org Missions) that the Data Series and the Evaluator Corps is the fundamental administrative technology of the Sea Org. When it was in, and done right, it was amazing to behold. Stats up. Smiling faces in the orgs because they were addressed specifically and all around sense prevailed.

      It’s been remarked here that one plausible explanation for the staff and public latching onto the ‘Ideal Org’ idea is that absence of tailor made and specific Evals that open the door to handling the various departures from the Ideal Scene left them grasping at something that promised to resolve what they observed as the departures of the Existing Scene.

      That observation is spot on. Left with no management (there are no Evals done for orgs or as pointed up, for common denominators) staff and public have only DM’s decreed ‘Whys’ which flagrantly have crashed the Gross Divisional Statistics of the Class V orgs.

      The hat of Thetan, three feet behind the scene, is squarely on our heads. Your Data Series experience has come into its own once again.

    • Funny you should mention that Mark, I was at Int at the time and for some reason my wife’s words stuck with me from that time forward when she commented to me on DM’s refusal to allow you back on eval lines as being a colossal waste. But in hindsight of course there was no way he could or would have allowed that. I can’t think of two bigger out quals in DM’s little book of quals, than being unafraid to speak your mind and being a stellar evaluator. No Sir! That was never gonna happen.

  21. Yes!!
    Haydn, you have put into words exactly what I think so may people have observed, but haven’t been able to wrap their arms around. Your years of first hand observations both at the Org level and then at Int Mgmt, make this an incredibly insightful and useful overview of exactly what has happened to Scientology over the last 30 years.

    I hope this article gets spread and used far and wide.

    Thank you, thank you for your brilliant observations.

  22. This is a really a great analysis. Mapping the holographic whole of empty, dead orgs, and putting it together so we can get a complete global picture (not simply isolated, regionalised pictures in each of our countries) is truly revealing. It would be great to have a map on the internet, mapping visually what you say here. Thanks very much for this well-researched article.

  23. New Year’s Eve 1960, Hubbard said:

    ” We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some HE (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going. Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.

    Are you saying none of the Clears or OTs involved were aware of Hubbard’s position in relation to this when the malignant midget ordered the pouring of such energy into MEST? What about yourself, didn’t it strike you as illogical that the reason so few people stayed in your buildings was because there weren’t enough buildings?

    Without a doubt, the internet has had a huge part to play and, in fact, I suggest it is Scientology’s biggest missed opportunity. Without resistance there cannot be progress which is why the healthy society respects and protects critics. Scientology, it seems, would rather destroy them. Every Scientologist who has favoured ad hominem rather than analysis of the content has played a part in the movement’s downfall.

    Terril park (above) is spot on.

    • blip,
      Hegel’s ‘dialectic’ is thoroughly discussed in the materials of Problems and Solutions, which have as fundamental, the Scn Axioms regarding the conditions of existence. A precursor to these Scn Axioms and the subject of alter-is, was the observations made in Effort Processing. The effort/counter-effort of life in survival.

      What will take your understanding of Hegel up a notch is the idea of a ‘solution’ that doesn’t then become the next ‘problem’. The thesis/anti-thesis/synthesis of Hegel’s theory is valid, when there is no as-isness of the original problem.

      Scientology as a ‘cure’, can fall into the situation of becoming the next problem, unless it is applied according to its actual tenets, those are the Axioms, Pre-Logics, Factors and such. When applied with its tenets foremost, it cures itself. Scientology ‘runs out’ Scientology. That it CAN do that is a fact, and one that takes this subject out of the endless Hegelian theory. Or the Marxist ‘cure’ of Hegel’s theory, which became the next problem.

      What is ‘spot on’ will be found to be duplication of the problem and a cure that doesn’t just become the next problem. That is what Scientology is all about. When enough beings get it, and direct themselves as theta, the solver, you’d be amazed at how fast things can turn around. Of course, there will be just enough alter-is to keep the game of survival going 🙂 Gotta have something to do apparently.

      • A thoughtful response. Thank you.

        Surprise, surprise! I’m a bit stuck. Maybe you can take my understanding up a notch or two. Specifically, can you explain the logic which holds that something which has no mass, motion, location in space nor time, can even exist? And, for that matter, given its state, what is there for it to perceive or base any postulates upon? Does it have a language with which to think and, if so, how can there be a context for a language without the existence of time?

        So far as the topic of this post is concerned, I agree Hegel has much to offer, especially in his “Master/Slave” dialectic. Which role, do you suppose, Scientology is seeking? Hegel, nor any other great thinker of course, believed that he had “the” answer to life, the universe, and everything. Anyone who does is crazy. Even Hubbard, in his early days, acknowledged the contribution of others in the formulation of Scientology.

        Your reference to Marx is a bit out of left field 🙂

        Like I say, no one has the final answer to the meaning of life – just as your Bridge To Total Freedom is a continuum, so too is the search for truth. There’s no single “cure” or “solution”, its about experimentation, the reasoned consideration of results and a patient contemplation of what might be the next progression bearing in mind the effects of the previous one.

        And, anyway, what’s the rush? Never mind the destination, lets enjoy the ride.

      • blip,
        In order to undestand the ‘logic’ you would have to get the idea (again Rising Scale works on this) that ‘logic’ is at best rationalization and is based on the somewhat idiotic circumstance that an immortal being is trying to survive. (That’s a paraphrase of the subtitle LOGIC in 8-8008).

        The very best way to get the idea of a thetan, for your self, is to maybe get out of your head, for real, exterior with full perception. Now, if you get some auditing, like Objectives, Opening Procedure by Duplication for say 25 hours, given and received, hey, who knows. Otherwise, have open heart surgery, the Danes conducted a research project on ‘near death’ and ‘out of body’ experiences at a hospital and you might be able to sign up for the follow up. Needless to say, I guarantee you’ll be out of yo ‘ed at the end of this life. In that time, if you can, recall this here post, you’ll be out, looking around, and then you’ll know. You may forget again though, but, if I’m still around find me and we’ll get you on the Bridge then.

        My question. Why wait? Crack Self Analysis and stop wondering, find out for yourself.

      • Why wait? Good question and one that deserves a full answer.

        I believe it is essential that before one embarks on a journey into the metaphysical with a guide, both parties must agree terms; very simple terms like, for example, the definition of “logic”. Which of these would you have me believe:


        1. a gradient scale of association of facts of greater or lesser similarity made to resolve some problem of the past, present or future, but mainly to resolve and predict the future. Logic is the combination of factors into an answer. (Scn 8-8008, p. 46)


        2. rationalism, for all logic is based upon the somewhat idiotic circumstance that a being that is immortal is trying to survive. (Scn 8-8008, p. 47)

        There are many other definitions of this basic term scattered throughout Hubbard’s writing, but these two come from the source you quoted. I’m happy to cite others and would particularly welcome a discussion on the concept of “infinite-valued logic” and the implications this might have on the tech when the infinite regress argument is applied. But, I digress; lets stick with the above two.

        I am willing to entertain the first definition but quibble that “logic” is mainly concerned with the future. I would assert it is more about understanding the present. (Of course, an engineer might quibble with me in that regard.) And as for equating “logic” with its antithesis “rationalisation” . . . sssup with that?

        In the forward to 8-8008 Hubbard acknowledges a debt to, inter alia, Freud who created the term “rationalisation”. Further, if it were not for logic we could not understand the concept of rationalisation and, thus, logic precedes it by quite some margin. I know that Hubbard was referring to MEST as being a rationalisation for a failure to understand “that the origin of MEST lies with theta itself, and that MEST, as we know the physical universe, is a product of theta.” The fact that it could equally be said that theta is itself a rationalisation for those unable to understand MEST, perhaps, gives an indication as to why the source definition of logic seems more suited to what is being said at the time rather than a permanent fixture that accompanies the PC on the journey to OT.

        So, why wait? Hells-bells, mate, I can’t even get past the First Axiom. The 24-Logics seem to me more an exercise in general semantics than logical. And, as far as the pre-logics – please, just assign me to the condition “totally bewildered”. In short: the foundations are not real for me.

        At a personal level, yes, I confess, my reactive mind is still firmly in place so, using your logic for a moment, I am hugely angry with CoM and the tech in relation to its treatment of children. I cannot remove this engram and don’t particularly want to. I’d rather use the energy stimulated by the anger to bring about change in the MEST world and swifter release to those suffering now.

        An analysis of my engram may well show it to be a group engram and provide a large part of the answer the question posed by the topic of this post.

        Don’t get me wrong, however. I am absolute in my conviction that we are all individual, immortal spiritual beings. My own belief system and resulting experiences has many similarities with Scientology including the truth of reincarnation and the necessity for a thorough reconsideration of the physical world so as to better orient ourselves and, thus, make better use of this lifetime. I agree that life isn’t just about the pursuit of the “lowest common denominator”. In some ways we are kindred souls in that our own truth is often subject to ignorant scorn. Obviously, there are also vast chasms between us and I know there are conversations we can’t have and/or which run the risk of inadvertently causing the other offense. But, I must say, its a real pleasure engaging in the conversations we can have. What strange bedfellows a common enemy does make.

        And, thanks for your kind suggestion but, if you don’t mind, I’d much rather not have open heart surgery. Likewise, also, if you remember this post yourself, do feel free to look me up.

    • Hi BLiP,

      with this quote, in my opinion, one can “handle” an online public much easier, then with any stories about uplines. For an online ClV public, they might be too unreal.

      Here are many more quotes. For exampel about fundraising


      Recently I sent some links regarding this website to online publics. But I have the feeling they might not even read it, because it’s “entheta from exscientologists, paid by SPs”.

      Sending them nothing else but LRH-quotes on key-issues – they might not have this back-off and cognite for themselves.


  24. The Church of Scientology promotes that its services can put you “at cause”. Ok, that is nice but how can they put you “at cause” unless they are “at cause” themselves? Can a Class II auditor make a Class VIII auditor out of another? Can a beginner chess player make a master player out of another? Wouldn’t the promotion stating that they can put you “at cause” in life with their help and their services imply that they were “at cause” themselves?

    Where else would the church of scientology be more “at cause” than at their flagship organization at Clearwater? Isn’t the flagship organization where Lisa McPherson died? What’s interesting is that they have insisted that what happened to Lisa McPherson, they did not cause. If the church of scientology didn’t cause Lisa McPherson’s death, than who or what did? If the church didn’t cause it right there in their flagship organization in Clearwater then that proves there must be forces outside the control of the church of scientology that did cause Lisa’s death. If that was the case and some other forces caused Lisa’s death, wouldn’t that prove that the church isn’t “at cause” in this world as they implied in their promotion? Wouldn’t that prove that they lied in their promotion? Is the church of scientology at cause or is it not? Can they really have it both ways? They are either at cause or they are not.

    If they are “at cause” as they imply in their promotion than that proves they caused what happened to Lisa McPherson. If they are not “at cause” over what happened to Lisa McPherson then that proves they lie in their promotion.

    • Tim H,
      Read Advanced Procedure and Axioms and listen to the tapes of that time period. The subject of cause is thoroughly discussed and if you can wrap your wits around the definition of Full Responsibility from that book and those lectures, well, you’ll have answered your own question.

      You have pinpointed a contradiction in behavior that is accurate. However, as you may see if you study the Scientology materials on the subject, and try and envision the concept the definition of Full Responsibility entails (that’s called Rising Scale), you will hopefully begin to see how that exact illogical circumstance you’ve pointed out, can come about. What’s more, you may be able to see whither we are going and even take part at a much higher level of cause yourself.

      The bell tolls.

  25. Very well presented.

    Numbers don’t lie and those are the facts.

    I recall a buzzing Academy and people just being *blown away* by the stuff of life, theta!

    I want that back, and expansion will be even better now. Really, plain and simple, the adventure of discovery that is Scientology (minus the other agenda additives) is the coolest thing since … every cool thing that ever was, combined.

  26. Thanks for the insight! The lack of immediate wins is a big turnoff to new public. Those of us who have been around for years did not see why most public moved off the line after the first course. We were looking at the scene through the filter of old memories.

    The Intro courses with pattycake TRs did not bite like the original Comm Course. I saw that as a mission holder, but did not dig deep enough to realize that my course sups had never experienced the wins that I had on the original Comm Course and never saw the difference.

    In our mission, the wins came from auditing which I was directly involved in.

    This made expansion difficult, but the crowning blow was that our customer base now have the Internet which is a fantastic medium for exchanging viewpoints with each other.

    Any organization that does not listen to their customer base is doomed to failure. Scientology will become another case study of how to alienate customers.

    I exchanged emails with Heber in early 2007 on this subject and was disappointed that he did not get it. I did not realize how precarious his position was back then and how little control he exerted on PR matters.

  27. Great work! Appreciated to read your analysis – thanx, Leopold

    dm dominated Scientology is collapsing – independent Scientology emerges


    A new cycle is born from within an existing cycle. There are just a few fundamentally simple rules to these cycles:

    1) All cycles are born from within an existing cycle. Whatever the scale.

    2) All cycles run to completion unless cutoff from a higher process.

    3) Cycles are expressed hyperbolically.

    4) When a cycle ends all things supported by that cycle come to an end as they lose support.

    5) Cycles are self similar at all levels and progress according to the law of octaves in a very structured and ordered form.

    6) Cycles end abruptly and move back to the beginning in a very structured manner. Similar to the way they unfold but in a compressed time according to the same law of octaves.

    7) From one point of view of geometry they unfold in a expanding helical pattern which leads to time synchronicities between higher and lower levels.

    8) There are harmonic synchronicities between various cycles (cosmoses) within the universe.

    Civilizations are a cycle/cosmos and such are subject to the law of octaves. This is why in the historical record, civilizations collapse abruptly. But a set of octaves at one level is just one octave in a sequence at a higher level.


  28. ps

    the end of a dictatorship is usually not scilent. At WWII there were great effort to get special projects launched (new bombs, aeroplanes…) along with acts of desperation (recruiting 12 year old boys and 70 year old men to defend the country. PR full blown, …

    I guess we will see soon some big release like OT 9 and 10 or superpower … along with more hardship for the existing staffs and publics. And this will just accelerate the collaps.

  29. Haydn, thanks. Another great post! And thanks to Marty for putting it up. Now this blog becomes a Think Tank and a Theta one it is.

    There is Theta here, there is Intelligence, there is valid data.

    You Haydn, having been on the lower end (class V org) and on the higher level (Management) can definitely have a more extended viewpoint and provide us with excellent analysis of the situation.

    I too have seen the things that you so simply and elaborately put in words and phrases in this article.

    I have seen the “old” HQS and how it became the “new” one, with a posh binder but a lot of its teeth missing.

    I was wondering, how can one become a Hubbard Qualified Scientologist by doing that “new” course.

    There is more things that are causing the downfall. But certainly the 2 or 3 you are naming are definitely true.

    Thanks again for being here.

  30. Haydn good article thanks for writing it. Makes sense automation and all, that is for someone like DM. No one can be left to create on his/her own. No one can talk back.

    I worked for a radio station that did the same thing. Took all the dj’s fired them and went to automation. It was and is a control thing. he contributes to the thing the tech frees people of.

  31. Great article! But the phrase “made into Scientologists” is disturbing to this outsider . . .

    In the movie “The Matrix,” beings are “made” into Agent Smiths via a program that is “one tech fits all.”

    But Neos are freed one at a time. And the process is not so textbook as making Agent Smiths. But in either case, there is no observable, flying-kung-fu action yet.

    It’s good to see people honor Mr. Vaughn. He was a great Scientologist from what I’ve read.
    And this clip is one of the top reasons why I submit posts here. Thanks again Marty for openness. I genuinely think independents are out to confront this reality in standard tech in a way that honors it yet protects others from abuse.

    You can start the clip at 2:50 to skip the cheesy journalism.

    • Before you build a shrine to Vaughn recognize he was a very crafty GO trained PR, and was a master at propaganda – he used it with vehemence against Scientology and LRH (not merely the Church or DM) on the outside. The ashtray drill is a perfect example. Totally misleading and pandering to the reporter’s mischaracterization of ‘military like’, which incidently Vaughn directed him toward in the first place.

  32. Hayden your written insight was a joy to read. Armed with the Truth, Friends, Commitment and the Internet one can make a world of difference.

    Barack Obama:

    “Making your mark on the world is hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. But it’s not. It takes patience, it takes commitment, and it comes with plenty of failure along the way. The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won’t. it’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere.”

    And a familiar one to you all.

    “Dreams, goals, ambitions – these are the stuff man uses for fuel.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  33. Thank you Hadyn. I love both of your articles. Although I agree with most of what you say, here are some of my observations from a public viewpoint.

    Shortly after a new public comes in they are pressured to put in a strict schedule, they have to put Scn as a priority before anything else, school, work, kids, fun, … Coming on course is more important, if they disagree than they have MU’s. Totally out reality for most of them.

    God forbid if they don’t want to re-sign right away. If they win on their course & want to go live life & enjoy their wins & experiment with their new found knowledge & awareness, they get sent to Qual to find out if there PTS or have MU’s. Totally out reality for most of them.

    Soon they get pressured to sit down & get briefed (pressured) on joining staff. Soon they get pressured to sit down & get briefed on the IAS, the Idle Org & how MEST ($) is a trap & they should just disagree & whip out their credit card. They get told “we are the only ones that can save the planet, Scn is the only solution”. Totally out reality for most of them.

    They get pressured to re-organize their lives so they can complete their course before Thursday at 2pm. They get pressured to come to the Org to get some R-Factor that could have easily been given to them over the phone (anyone counting the BIS??!) Once they get to the Org they are parked on a couch & made to wait sometime for hours to get that R-Factor & in the mean time they are sitting targets for recruiters & Regges.

    I’ve had it happened to me, I’ve seen it happen to many. It’s stupid. It’s out ARC, it’s bad manners. It’s NOT Scientology!

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention the multiple calls they get to attend Events, buy books, … If they say “no” to an Event they are bombarded with questions: Why? What will you be doing? Can’t you change that? Followed by many more calls to handle them.

    So if they are told by friends/family that “Scientology is controling & will try to get all their $” the little bit of experience they have had with it, somewhat comfirms the enemy line. So they run for the hills.

    I’ve had many wins with Scientology. I’ve experienced & observed lots of fantastic stuff but all that crap annoys the hell out of me so I can just imagine what it does to someone who is just starting & doesn’t yet have much reality on what Scientology can do for them & for the whole planet. Just me 2cents!

    • Thought provoking

      You paint a perfect picture of how a new person is treated.

      Too much force! To much reach, no withdraw! No dynamics!

      I have been guilty of doing all of those things to new people. In looking at it from an exterior viewpoint, it is amazing that anyone stays.

      When I joined Scientology I learned a lot and got to exchange a lot of new ideas in a very relaxed environment. We would meet and go out in groups afterwards. I learned the concept of “stable datum” at a restaruant while we we waiting for burgers. The other Scientologists used all the table settings as a demo kit to help me understand. This was before I even knew what a demo kit was for. It was a blast!

      Thursday at 2 was when you wrapped up your admin for the week. It was never the stat push it has become. I had been in Scientology for over 10 years before anyone had approached me as a stat instead of a product. This used to be done with Div 4 students but has become the widespread normal operating basis to cover almost every stat.

      Becoming a Scientologist isn’t a stat, it’s a product!

  34. Hayden,

    Thanks for the excellent analysis and sharing all your experience and real life data.

    I’d like to add a few references from LRH on what he sees as the cause for small and failing orgs. This is meant to supplement your analysis; it is in no way meant to suggest that your analysis is incorrect.

    LRH’s view gives the bigger picture from his perspective.

    The first quotes are from “HOW TO PROGRAM AN ORG, SAINT HILL PROGRAMS”, 24 Dec 66, I, AKH 10, Vol 7 pg 362. To me this policy adds to what you are saying about the old and so workable HAS Course and HQS Course, with which we boomed the Orgs in the 70s. LRH lists some 27 major Saint Hill Programs and writes:

    “The common problem of an org is not the development of programs but failure to execute existing ones”………..

    “Another difficulty with orgs is that they often alter the existing program so that it no longer resolves the problem the program was set up to handle”……..

    “Abandoned programs that were successful are currently the main cause of orgs being in difficulty. You can always make an org run better by studying old successful programs and getting them back in.”……….

    “When an org does not know its programs it can get pretty silly and deeply in trouble”……..

    “But any Scientology org is rich in programs already proven and tested and in exact drill.”

    The next quotes are from “DANGER CONDITION DATA, WHY ORGANIZATIONS STAY SMALL”, 28 Feb 66, Vol 7 pg 254:

    “The size of an organization depends upon this law:


    “To make an organization smaller all one has to do is bypass the subgroups and run the individuals only and the org will collapse or struggle along at near collapse; NO MATTER HOW BRIGHT THE MANAGER MAY BE OR HOW HARD HE OR SHE WORKS OR HOW HARD THE STAFF WORKS OR HOW BRIGHT THE STAFF IS, OR HOW GOOD THE PRODUCT, the violation of the law in the second paragraph will decay.

    “Fantastic isn’t it.

    “All one has to do to make an organization grow is apply the law that a large organization is composed of groups. It is NOT composed of individuals.” LRH

    Compare that to the existing scene and the current “management structure” and the reasons for the state of the orgs come into plain view.

    And then this from LRH, which frankly was not easy for me to read again in a new unit of time and it definitely created an ethics change. Reading this in light of the current scene
    shows the enormity of the situation we are facing, better than a lot of what I have read recently:

    “CENTRAL ORGANIZATION EFFICIENCY” 22 May 1959, III, Vol 7 pg 600.

    “We are getting too big to refuse to make decisions locally. If we are going to bring self-determinism back to man, we’d sure as the devil better display it in ourselves and on our jobs.

    “Once the basic purpose of a post or department is known, only two things should then be necessary:

    “1. Self-determined and responsible continuous creation of department and post and

    “2. Holding the communication lines rigidly in place.
    “If we are to bring self-determinism to man, we must be prepared to exhibit it in ourselves,”
    “There are two ways of being total effect — just to fixate and act not at all, just to disperse and throw everything off with resultant confusion to all.”

    “Right here and now I declare us to have become of an age to grow up.

    “Here we must decide, are we to have a Mussolini empire where only Rome could decide? Or are we to have tight run departments and posts, taking their own causativeness over their function and traffic.

    “True, I’m pretty clever about things. And I’m handy to have around. But I rebel at making slaves. If I can not teach you to stand on your own two feet on your post, I’ve surely failed. You’ve got to be willing to be hanged for mistakes and not tremble for fear of making them. Be right on a majority of decisions, and don’t be wrong on any important ones. But if you are you’ll only be hanged. How come your neck is so precious when mine isn’t?

    “Yes it is important what you decide. Yes, it’s the survival of your area at stake if you’re wrong. But why be timid about it? The whole place will wither and die where you are if you are not causative……………

    “And we can only be stopped now by failure to be causative, correct and decisive on our posts.

    “We are playing for blood. The stake is Earth. If we do not make it nobody will. We are the sole agency in existence today that can forestall the erasure of all civilization or bring a new better one. If we are not willing to be hanged for our mistakes we’ll surely fry for them.

    “So, lets get causative, each and every one”


    • WOW, great references KSW, thanks!

    • “Yes it is important what you decide. Yes, it’s the survival of your area at stake if you’re wrong. But why be timid about it? The whole place will wither and die where you are if you are not causative……………”

      Scientology will wither and die unless more people take a stand against Miscavige.

  35. Thank you so very much for this article, Haydn.

    I do read this and other theta blogs on a regular basis, though I don’t feel the need to comment very often. The information, articles and comments to be found are truly a lifeline for myself, and I know also for so many other people. Thanks to ALL of you guys and gals for keeping this comm line going!

    I personally was totally blown out by this particular article today. Every single word. It is so loaded with real WHY and the exact things that I myself have observed in my own Scientology history; Div 6 being where I used to have so many many wins and successes, for myself and others, as a staff member—back in the good ol’ days.

    I, also, remember when original Comm Course (TRs the hard way-YES!), HQS, Student Hat were producing case-cracking results in people (myself included), and naturally creating new Scientologists all over the place.

    “Coincidentally” (whatever..), I have been working on getting Div 6 back in my area, the right way, to the best of my ability. Things are going very well 🙂 I have recently done 2 relationship handlings, had numerous 2WCs with various individuals to answer their questions and direct them to places where they can find the truth, application of basic study manual tech to a struggling 3rd grader, and, just Sunday, had a strong reach from someone wanting to do the original Comm Course. I am sure this is only the beginning…

    Thank you to all of you for making it safe again for me to BE a Scientologist, of which I am very proud.

    Please keep up the good work.

    • I forward the thank you to Haydn too. Thanks for a valuable posting and appreciate the info.

    • Hey Jen, you’re flying the flag for real Scientology along with many others across the globe. I don’t know of a more vital action. A great many thanks are owed to you and your fellow flag flyers, some of whom have been doing it for many many years now. My hat is off to you guys.

  36. Underground For Now


    Thanks for peeling more of the onion. As I continue to read from day to day Marty’s blog I keep thinking every day is a Paul Harvey moment….”Now for the rest of the story”.

    How big is this damn onion you SO folks are peeling?

  37. Dad,

    Great post! The Revolving Door & The Double Whammy! Wow…your data compounds the data that I myself received just yesterday. It correlates to this posting exactly!

    A Div 6 Staffer (that shall remain un-named as is still on post) has been attempting to boost the BIS stat by getting Div 6 public into the Org. Below are the responses from very green div 6 public that were contacted by the Staffer:


    I am doing very well thanks. Hope you are too.
    No I don’t want to meet up, thanks.


    Sorry to be rude but am not interested at all.. I would appreciate if u could stop sending me e-mails and i firmly insist on no more phone calls! When quite frankly i have said enough times that i don’t want anything to do with this organisation anymore.. If this continues i shall have to report it.. I hope i have made myself very clear…
    Have a nice night..

    I think that pretty much says it all. At least they were polite.

  38. OK. So, all of this is true. I was there during the 70s at SFO Org. Vaughn Young was the GO PR there, and we were roommates for 2 years during that time, before we left to go to FOLO US / US GO, respectively. The org had 100 FULL TIME STAFF. We had 150 FULL TIME students on the Academy Levels! The place was absolutely ROCKING!

    We delivered the HAS Course (TRs 0-4) and the HQS (Upper Indocs) to everyone. We sold lots of books. We body routed people in off the street.

    As I recall, NY Org and several others were doing just as well at that time.

    We sent all of our senior execs to the Apollo to the the FEBC. They org was run on 100% Standard Admin and Standard Tech. This included routine reports to Data Files at Flag, which were used to do routine Evals, issue mission orders or programs that were followed and done to completion. The stats recovered and went up, routinely.

    The point is this: WE have ALLOWED KSW to be violated at the highest levels in the church.

    So, what the fuck are WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

    If DM is the WHO and the WHY, then let’s get some people together and take this guy OUT!

    The SIMON BOLIVAR PL describes exactly what this situation demands, and what to do about it!

    What in the Hell are we waiting for? An engraved invitation?

    • Personally, I don’t think a wet op against Davey would work because as far as I’m concerned though he’s a who he’s not the only who.

      Just the most obvious one.

      Besides you wouldn’t want this guy being a martyr of any kind!

      I can just read the headlines:


      Followed by David Miscavige’s “achievements” as the “MAN BEHIND SCIENTOLOGY”!
      (Note: keep air sickness bag nearby)

      Also he is not the why. The why requires a proper eval on the whole scene. As far as I’m concerned Miscavige is late on the chain!

      First you got to find out how an ignorant twerp who could be out done by any com course grad on tech and policy knowledge managed to arrogate so much power within the organization?

      My thoughts.

      • RJ,
        I don’t see how we can handle the situation if getting rid of DM doesn’t do it. I mean there’s a point where you’ve got to settle on realistic targets.

        If there is a network in back of him then they rely on secrecy. Also the public would be looking for the turnaround in auditors made etc if Miscavige were gone, and if that didn’t happen then the next batch would be far easier to get rid of.

        In other words, even if there’s hidden strings, we can simply ignore them if the stats are going up. Have you had something in mind to handle the Omega agency or something? I’m not being sarcastic and I don’t deny it’s a possibility. I’m just wondering how you’re thinking we should go about this. There’s only so much info regarding CST and copyrights. Even if someday copyrights were quietly yanked, then:
        a. That’s a risk that needs to be taken, the only alternative is more of the same.
        b. With everyone coming out of the woodwork in such a situation there would be maybe hundreds of thousands taking action to ensure delivery continues.

      • Sorry Boyd I was being facetious when OC suggested taking the little runt out.

        I was actually making light of that point, not in legally deposing him by any means necessary.

        You are right if Dave goes, so go a lot of backers, whether they be some dark “Omega group” or certain factions within the Government or whatever.

        Getting rid of Miscavige would be a step in the right direction. Another good step would be to totally abolish any directorship that holds any power beyond membership in an actual board.

        Personally, I think that RTC should be abolished entirely as its obviously failed to carry out its mandate and all copy and service marks should be returned to HCO per HCOPL HCO, Its Substance and Duty.

        OSA should be eliminated and replaced by the GO according to the policy. Making it in fact a Guardian’s Office and carrying out those duties as covered in the PL.

        Also it should be autonomous and exist as such to act as a check against any further depredations by the SO.

        That and ACs and ECs!

        No Boyd there is much more work to be done after getting rid of Miscavige, but as I wrote its a damn good start.

      • I think we’re basically on the same page RJ. I haven’t read GO policies but if they had a function of keeping an eye on management as an additional check that’d be good to hear about if you want to write an article. It looks like that function was stripped off on the OSA org board. I haven’t heard much about that except when you mentioned it a couple times before.

        From what I’ve read of RTC they’re supposed to eliminate arbitraries, and not determine Church direction. Direction comes from IMEC and WDC ensures it’s correct. If this is made clear the next time around that should be enough to halt decay. Maybe putting a little museum at Int with a nintendo set and a whiskey bottle, and keeping the hole as a permanent landmark will be enough of a reminder. Without RTC there’s only WDC. I say bring back franchises as a seperate entity from SMI as it was intended, bring back GO, all of it as it was circa 82′. It’ll create mini uprisings and red tape but that’s healthier than a one man show.

      • Good point Boyd.

        I’ll put something together and maybe post it on Thoughtful Steve’s website.

        I also agree with everything you wrote.

        Give me some time to write that article.



  39. Fellow Traveller

    Hayden — Thank you. Laser precise.

    In line with this idea of altering the public courses as well as the general tech degrades occurring in numerous places, I just got an email promoting a seminar on the ship: Ethics and Finance.

    And Finance? So I read it. It seems to be the long standing seminar done by the ship’s service org co. One which I had attended oh, 4 times in 2001-2004. And thoroughly enjoyed. She was awesome then. The punch line: It was simply the Ethics seminar. Nothing about finance at all.

    “What concerns the preclear is what the preclear has done.” History of Man
    The mold was cast a long time ago by the current “leadership.”

  40. Well, I envy you guys the concept of “the good old days”… I spent eight years inside trying to track that down.
    Started out in the Dallas Mission which reads a lot like the int base now, except that was the 70’s. (No wonder DM caved to Vicki Aznaran, she was Dean Stokes ex wife, she’d delt with jerks like him before, neither of them was a match for her;)

    Went to L.A. looking for the good times, except I was only there a couple of pretty good years before Davie boy appeared with mandatory meetings and such.
    AO was the place back then. I won’t forget how awesome that was.

    Went to Flag because there seemed to be this new policy that sent every red flag to Flag. Flag, the red Flag Mecca of tech, haha.

    Ended up leaving the country… went to the UK still on my mission to find the group. I’d seen enough tech to know if I could just find a sane group, no matter how large or how small, it would be worth my long search.

    Well, I will just put it this way… I guess I sort of gave up. But MAN, talk about an unfinished cycle.

    So, this blog has been a real godsend for me. I mean this situation isn’t something anyone else EVER other than another scientologist would really understand. So it’s been wonderful just to be able to communicate.

    I even came in a little snarly, I bet lots of us did, but I can just feel it smoothing out day by day.

    Sure seems like planet earth is more ready than ever for the tech. Some of the earlier booms probably partially benefitted from societal changes based on trends.
    One thing you can say about the condition of our fine blue marble right now is it’s not fickle.
    We’re getting ready, (if not smack in the middle of) a huge pendulum swing toward the real thing, there’s simply no room left for appearance for appearance sake. Oh, the public is judging people by their mest but in a whole new way.
    Imagine how good that could get?
    A planet demanding effectiveness, and rejecting bullshit.

    • Thought provoking


      I totally get this and agree. Finding this blog was like Dorothy figuring out she could go home if she just clicked her heels together. Relief and hope in the same instant.

  41. Haydn,

    I think LRH was informed on the field’s upsets, even in 1983, because amongst his last management advices/orders were two despatches, one on ARC Break program stuff, and dovetailing with that is the Chaplain’s increased responsibility for helping on the ARC Break program stuff, and he wrote some on having the Chaplain being put on the Refund/Repayment Routing Form.

    So, the problem was already event faintly known by LRH, the increasing ARC Xen field, in 1984.

    Square zero for me, is getting ALL of LRH’s final years of private traffic into the public domain.

    Because the INCOMM traffic explains how LRH was so pissed at management, he was irate that management had failed for the “millionth time”, and this led to him, I speculated, drudging up wholetrack solutions, which he wrote about in the Duke of Chug advices to INCOMM, where the computers of millions of years ago ran so effectively that the computers did the evaluations automatically, including ordering replacements to report to the places where staff, like the Duke of Chug, were being replaced.

    The INCOMM “Chug” system was supposed to be able ultimately to do evals.

    The RTC Pers and Ethics data base was to tie into the Chug system, and be the resource provider when people were gonna be busted or promoted, etc.

    The OFO system was computerized to get all the raw on the ground multiple viewpoint info into the raw data files for the computer to draw on. The raw info coming in was all indexed by the “points of business”.

    The weekly reports and computerized routing forms were to provide more raw info and spot broken lines in the orgs.

    In the routing forms traffic of 1982-1984, LRH wrote how the computer should even be programmed to order handlings on blocked lines that the computer would be able to spot.

    So LRH did in fact order INCOMM, and the finance authorization, LRH can INCOMM the famous all time finance okay for anything it wanted, which was over used, but still that intention from LRH was clear. LRH absolutely did want the INCOMM computerization to work.

    Were LRH to have lived and kept track of all these areas that he LAST was ordering into handling, when he finally slipped completely off the lines, in my opinion we HAVE to have that traffic.

    We have to lay it all out, and really look at what he said, what he was saying in his final years.

    I’ve said this so many times, but my god, I wish we could have a large convention of any “top management” people from the CS Aides / FB on through to anyone who ever was in LRH Pers Office, RTC, ASI, FCB, IMO, ILO, Exec Strata, WDC, and people who were doing evals, who are interested, to have a big convention, have ALL of LRH’s management traffic laid out by year in packs or binders at different tables, and let attendees sit down, reminisce, interview each other, and record it all for history.

    LRH wrote a LOT of things, in a lot of directions, for top management.

    That whole subject is just blown to pieces at the moment.

    I think where the movement would have gone next, will be found when someone DOES get together ALL of LRH’s 1980s traffic and PLs and HCOBs and another other writings, and studies those years particularly, since I think in those years of his output, will be the best predicter of “what would LRH do.”

    • I remember the very advanced, at the time, computerized network we once had back in the ’80’s.

      There was Merc which was much like E-mail, today.

      Computerized OCAs

      Stream Lines which were computerized routing forms that went on a TM.

      The crown jewel which was SIR. Source Information Retrieval which could access HCOBs and PLs by a search engine.

      INCOMM had computerized stats from all orgs from around the planet.

      I don’t know all the directives and advices involved Chuck but I do know when Miscavige and his “friends” seized control. Scientology took a big leap backwards from the Space Age to the Stone Age.

  42. I hope someone is keeping track of these “errors not to make again.” (And thanks Marty for allowing my somewhat provocative thoughts to be posted.) While I welcome the opportunity to look back and put in my 2 cents on how I think things got this way, the real challenge has to be about how to move forward. The hard work is still ahead and the answers far more difficult to come by.

  43. The main question we need to ask ourselves is this:

    Would all these problems with the church of scientology be happening if LRH were still running the show?

    Doesn’t the answer to that question show you were the current problems the church is having is eminating from?

    Plus, I want to remind people of a truth. A body is in agreement with the cycle of action and can die. Ok, got that?

    Then you have a being, who is immortal, goes into agreement with a body, a body that can die. Because the body can “die” and he thinks he is a body he thinks he can “die”. Do you see how we get to where people think people die because the body they were operating throught stopped working? Ok. Do you have a better understanding of what happened in 1986?

    Now the question is, where is the being that operated that body from 1911-1986 at in present time? Is he still on this planet or elsewhere in the universe? Does anyone on this planet know? Has anyone been in comm with that being since 1986?

  44. Thank You Haydn for your two reports so far, and Thank You Marty for providing Haydn and the rest of us this venue for expressing ourselves.

    !/3 of the way through this Comments thread, I had a vision I want to share:

    I saw newspapers and online news sites displaying photos of orgs and gigantic headlines reading


  45. Haydn James mentions a Communication Course that gave people mind-blowing wins. I understand it has been removed from practice, but it has to still exist somewhere. Can anyone point me in the direction of finding this course?

    • Cisnrqozqhh,
      Sorry, I have no idea what that symbol you got as a name is so that’s for you.

      The Comm Course from the time period was, to the best of my recollection, based on and used as the training materials HCOB 16 August 71 Issue II, TRAINING DRILLS MODERNIZED. This issue was part of a little booklet, about 8.5 X 10 inches, green cover. It was not rewritten for ‘raw’ public, but was the actual HCOB as far as I recall, but was in black ink on white paper in the green covered booklet. That was in Toronto anyway.

      I didn’t do the course as my first course, or ever for that matter, and I wasn’t a Basic Course supervisor but an Academy Supervisor.

      The course consisted of the above Training Routines or Drills, from OT TR0 to TR IV, exactly per the above bulletin. This included TR0 for some hours (two was the minimum requirement for a pass) totally comfortable and being there confronting another person.

      These were just regular TRs that any person at any level of Scientology did, and with the same requirements to ‘pass’. They weren’t ‘public TRs’ or lesser gradient etc. Joe Howard has posted data previously on the introduction sometime later of the ‘raw’ public Intro courses where this was changed. It was apparently on LRH advice.

      Keep in mind, relative to that, LRH would be the first one to view the stats and the longterm stats as are being commented on in this thread and would note the change in them and any date cooincidence with the change in the Comm Course and its effect on the product of that course.

      It has come up now, and earlier, that the Comm Course with TRs Modernized, and full on sort of TRs may very well have been one of the most successful new public courses ever put on.

    • Thought provoking

      To add to what Jim said, TRS Remodernized and the tech dictionary definition of TRO have been altered in the new regime. Make sure you have the earlier issue and an older tech dictionary.

      In ’79. we just used the HCOB in Div 6. We also got cleared up on thetan, mind and body with the supe and lots of TWC before getting into the HCOB. The drills were done to full EP. There was no socail veneer or politically correct added to bullbait. When I was 19 yrs. a 50 year old bullbaited me very descriptively on my breasts. She made sure I was very flat on the subject before ending off. It totally changed my beingness and I stopped being introverted after that.

      Blinkless TRO was not reqired on the HCOB I had. I don’t know if that was the undercut Jim mentioned.

      Does anybody have a checksheet for it? I did have a checksheet for the course.

    • TheEmperorIsNaked

      When I got in in 1991 I did the Comm Course as a first course. It was from the old VM Manual (the green one). I have that book now and see printings in 1976, 1977 and 1979. Section G has the course materials and the checksheet. You read about confront as well as the HCOBs on TRs and coaching. We did TR 0 through 9. We did lots of TR 0, but not blinkless. I had tons of wins.

      There was nothing wimpy about the gradient. When I did Pro TRs I did do better, but there was no purposeful cut back on the first one, I just understood tone 40 less well when I was green and just word clearing it was not going to get me the same understanding as I could achieve a few years later with a lot more Scn under my belt.

    • I have my original comm course pack with checksheet from 1976. e-mail me and i will fax you a copy, and anyone else who’s interested. marty has my e-mail address, and marty if there is a way to get private e-mails without dev-ting you, please let me know for the future.

  46. I’m curious about the history of eval tech. I’ve
    thought something had gone wrong in that area from a long time ago. That DM had taken on that hat himself with ” universal” evals has been spoken about on this blog, more than anywhere else as I recall. I guess his usual attitude of being the “only one who could do anything” may
    have been effecting this area in earlier times also.

    From when to when, was eval tech used successfully?

    From when to when was an LRH or Mary Sue
    posted chief evaluator [ or appropriate post] in charge of this area, and able to freely operate?

    Then I came to have reservations about another aspect. Data series 49, earlier management series, 48 later, says that no eval
    can alter HCOPLs or HCOBs or comm ev will result. Also that any such recomendation must be cleared by watchdog committee and reviewed by LRH. This dosn’t really sit well with :-

    HCOPL 13 March 1965

    ” Periodic sweep outs of antiquated and didactic laws[ rather than general concepts
    and sub purposes MUST be undertaken by a being, organisation, group or race or species.”

    This DS issue makes it difficult to do this, and
    I guess DM was on watchdog committee.

    An important issue here is the very destructive re- introduction of disconnection

  47. I loved this article and often view the church the same way. The thing is the Catholic church didn’t make copyrights, so different groups could start up. And yet, since resigning I am finding out about the real copyright sit, http://www.sc-i-r-s-ology.pair.com and how many times the bridge was changed. (Ie: Rey Robles non confidential briefing. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7359971407815946312&hl=en&emb=1#)
    I think we should just start our own group, as even Ron himself had to do, because he found himself cheated out of his own copyrights years ago.

    Rom would be proud of us if we just continued with the REAL tech. But question is would the REAL tech please stand up for Gods sake?

    I hope there’s a lot of people out there that saved their old stuff.

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