The Reformation

October 31, 1517 - Martin Luther posts his 97 Theses outlining Catholic Church leadership's corruption.

I’ve been reading up on Will Durant’s History of Western Civilization (an LRH recommended text) and am finding the parallels between the Protestant Reformation and what we face today uncanny. All quotations in this post are taken from that work.

What prompted Martin Luther to denounce the Curia as the “Synagogue of Satan” and the Pope as the “Antichrist”, and thus spark the social revolution that put Christianity back into the hands of the people in the 16th Century? 

First, it was the Curia practice of  the selling of indulgences. The Papacy gave a pass to Heaven to big shot sinners for a price. Regardless of how suppressive they might have  been to how many, for a price they would be officialy absolved.

The Pope’s Chief Reg was a fellow by the name of Johann Tetzel.  By 1517 the reging for what would become the most outlandish cathedral of all for the Pope in Rome had hit a fevered pitch. Here is what Tetzel dished out for those Patrons Maximus with Gargoyle Claws and Diamond Encrusted Buzzard Beaks who donated substantial funds for new buildings:

“May our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on thee, and absolve thee by the merits of His most holy Passion. And I, by His authority, that of his most blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and of the most holy Pope, granted and committed to me in these parts,do absolve thee, first from all ecclesiastical censures, in whatever manner they may have been incurred, and then from all thy sins, transgressions, and excesses, how enormous soever they may be…so that when you die the gates of punishment shall be shut, and the gates of paradise of delight shall be opened…”

Can anyone see the parallels to how the Church of Miscavology’s ethics and justice systems have been fixed?  But while Indulgences (and vast financial irregularities) became  the primary issue as far as mainline historians tell it, something more subtle and yet more intolerable, cut to the quick with common Christians – the undermining of Source.

The Pope further authorized Tetzel to deliver sealed letters stating “that even sins men were intending to commit  would be forgiven. The pope, he said, had more power than all the Apostles, all the angels and saints, more even than the Virgin Mary herself; for those were all subject to Christ, but the pope was equal to Christ.”

Have you seen indication that Miscavige is similarly attempting to bring the name of L Ron Hubbard down while elevating his own?   One publication (Freedom) in 2009 had seventeen photos of Miscacavige against a postage stamp size reproduction of a film cel of LRH.  I submit that since at least the 2007 Golden Age of Knowledge event, Miscavige has been positioning himself not merely as LRH’s equal, but instead as his superior.

The second major protest against the Catholic Church was its monopoly upon interpretation of Scripture and its alteration to increase its own power, wealth and comfort.

Luther referred to it as teaching with the “knowledge of popes and cardinals” in the place of the original word of Christ, and was not meek in calling it for what it was:

“If Rome thus believes and teaches with the knowledge of popes and cardinals (which I hope is not the case), then in these writings I freely declare that the true Antichrist is sitting in the temple of God, and is reigning in Rome – that empurpled Babylon – and that the Roman Curia is the Synagogue of Satan…”

The abolition of Method 9 word clearing of Source material in favor of “COB” ramblings and his IG NW Orders, the plethora of arbitraries enforced by Miscavigie and his Curia in the name of removing them, the re-orientation of Management to “COB” orders over LRH policy, all make the the Papacy’s squirreling pale by comparison.

And of course Luther and others of his ilk, were beset by endless harassment and labelling as “heretics” (read Catholic squirrels) for having the temerity to protest.

I think most of us who have had this campaign run on us would agree that Martin Luther’s  words from A Sermon on Indulgence and Grace in response to such allegations couldn’t have been better stated nor be more applicable today:

“If I am called a heretic by those whose purses will suffer from my truths, I care not much for their brawling; for only those say this whose dark understanding has never known the Bible.”

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  1. The split of the Morman (Latter day Saints) church and the RLDS is also an uncanny parallel to what we are currently experiencing. The state of Missouri even went as far as to issue an extermination order on Mormons just prior to the split due to the “extreme” religious beliefs and purchasing of land, and buildings being built in Far West (now Clinton County, Mo.) Sound familiar?

  2. Yes…
    Very similar.
    As I write in the morning to Larry; history is looking at us.
    The reform is needed.
    Who is gonna make it happen and who is going to look from the fences?

    Thanks Marty for the historical reference.

  3. One of the main reason that Luther was successful was the advent of printing. He printed 10000ds of flyer to be distributed, also the bible was printed and distributed.
    Can you imagine when the common people could read source and realise what the pope was preaching was off source and wasn’t mentionned in the bible.
    Soon it was forbidden to print the Holy Book, and only academics were aloud to read the bible, while the common people had to listen to the priests.
    Now the exact same thing is happening due to the Internet. And they try to forbid to read the Internet !
    Well done Marty on reading Will Durant. The 17th and 18th centuries are unbelievable eye openers re. Scientology.
    So far I have read about 20 Books from him. Soon I’ll be done and then as a desert I’ ll read Paine !
    Have a nice day !

  4. Marty,

    Your comment made my day.
    Big agreement 🙂
    Thank you !

  5. Another awesome post, Marty! Historical parallels are extremely valuable as they indeed validate the lengths SP’s will go to carry out their sordid compulsions, as well as teaching us how to blow them crazy bastards away successfully. Thanks for what you’re doing! Idle Org.

  6. Marty,
    D.M. declared himself superior to Ron Hubbard when he ordered cancelled all auditor’s *permanent* certs, even those that had been personally bestowed or approved by Hubbard himself as part of the Heavy Ethics related to the Golden Age of Tech.
    The most wise of the old-timers knew it right then back in 1996 (?). The Silent Revolt began clear back then, for some.
    Michael A. Hobson


    Thank you Marty.

  8. Martin Luther would never have guessed that his protest against corrupt church leadership would eventually lead to the Thirty Years War, which utterly destroyed much of Europe.

  9. Excellent comparison, Marty. LRH himself commented on the phenomenon of every Earth philosophy in history degrades into a religion, which is alter-ised by low-toned beings, to become an idol worshiping, temple building, money-changing, hoarders of MEST.

    It won’t be long before Emperor McSavage will be raising an army to conquer to “savages”, just as the Catholic Church sanctioned the slaughter of billions in the Middle East during the Crusades, sanctioned the murder of 90,000,000 indigenous people in America, and abetted Hitler in slaughtering the Jews.

    Read the document called “The Requirement”, issued by Pope Borgia, which gave “holy” sanction to the Spanish conquistadors to murder anyone and everyone and steal their land and possessions in the name of “god”.

    As horrible as the C of DM has become, it will get a LOT worse, and may already be too far gone to be reformed. Martin Luther, who was one of the most diligent and faithful of all Catholic priests in Germany, decided to splinter off, as did early Buddhists, Christians, etc..

    History repeats the same dramatizations dictated by the reactive mind. It can’t possibly do otherwise….until the it is Cleared.

  10. Again, you da Man!!!!

    I read the History of the Reformation, many years a go. I could see the parallels but never made the direct connection.

    That is till now!

    Thanks again!

    For the lucidity 🙂

  11. Astonishing … the mechanisms of bank and human aberration are identical!

    Selling indulgences and regging for inflated hocus pocus while slamming the “sinner” (degraded being) button…

  12. Marty

    Excellent historical comparisons.
    The earlier Catholic Church selling you your seat in heaven
    Give big donations, your sins are forgiven.
    We have all heard of Flag MAAs going easy on the spouse who is a big IAS donor.
    The donation forgave the crime…
    Great Historical reference……

    But I want to comment on what you said here :::
    “Have you seen indication that Miscavige is similarly attempting to bring the name of L Ron Hubbard down while elevating his own?
    ……Miscavige has been positioning himself not merely as LRH’s equal, but instead as his superior.”
    Acting as the Messiah, positioning himself as SOURCE.”

    He corrects LRH Tech with a new “EDITION” ~~Golden Age of Tech.
    Without CS training, and barely a pittance of auditor training with no completed interneships he plays SOURCE and CSes Lisa Mcpherson as CLEAR

    DM changes and rechanges Clear EP and causes PCs to pay and repay and repay CCRDS and Clear Reviews as if he is a tech SOURCE.
    DM takes one LRH reference out of context and changes the definition of a Floating Needle to 3 swings of FN, completely different to what LRH personally CSed as an FN on the Apollo for 1967 to 1975 when LRH CSed a huge amount of folders.

    DM created a Money Guzzling Monster ~~ the IAS which takes away Bridge money for auditing and training and pumps up his personal slush fund and lifestyle

    He spends untold sums of money hiring PIs to hassle his enemies and slick expensive Lawyers to protect his on going crimes.
    At this time, the IAS and the time spend on regging, the allocation of man hours is 30% of Church activity at a guess and there is not ONE Single green on white policy letter on the IAS. Furthermore there is zero need for this entity after the October 1993 Tax exemption status. The original purpose was to have reserves to withstand the IRS
    But here’s what I am TRULY in mystery about ~~

    I understand that the Execs at INT BASE have been pulverized and smashed. Heck, Mark Yager stood up to him, spoke up against him and paid for it with 3 years of hell and North Korean re-indoctrination.
    I understand that the INT Base execs are too cowered, too smashed, too pulverized to protect the Church from the Monster.
    But I don’t understand how OSA INT stays with the game.
    They can think clearly.
    Most have not been abused.
    I am pretty darn sure they have never endured SP hall.
    Many of these are I know are decent human beings, SO members believing in the job they do
    Linda Hamel , Kirsten Caetano, Donatella and the Italian crew, Gavino and Gloria Idda, Steffano & Wendy Beccaccini, Ed Parkin, Bob Adams, Charlie Earl. Jim Morrow – Neil O’Reiley, Mick Mcfarlane, Rhea Smith to mention a few.

    Here’s the mystery ?
    How can they report to post day after day and support the Monster ?
    Report after Report and after Report of Sadism at INT BASE on the web and on video.
    OSA INT reads this stuff.
    Violent explosive madness from a maniacal lunatic with a dark heart and evil soul
    Who has not been in session for 16 years per all reports
    Who has succeeding in making the word “scientology” MUD in the eyes of the public.
    Something which will take decades to repair, the PR out there is so bad
    A “COB” that was vicious and violent enough to cause the exodus of 30 year veterans, one after another.
    DM atrocity after atrocity exposed and OSA INT contribute to DM’s reign.
    It makes no sense. OSA SO members are not battered human beings.
    QUESTION of the DAY ::::What does OSA INT REALLY think when reading these blogs


  13. “The abolition of Method 9 word clearing”. Could you elaborate? I didn’t know about this slime move by the slime-master!

  14. LO,

    in 2009, Johannes Gutenberg (*ca. 1367- 3 Feb 1468) was elected to be the most important German. He invented letterpress printing and thus layed the mechanical foundation of Martin Luther’s movement. So that is very well recognized in the German mind. (The poll was done in connection of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the FRG 2009).

    The establishing of the internet is definitely of the same magnitude of importance and we tip our hat to its founder Tim Berner. Did you know that in 1969, the first message ever on the internet was “LO”? (because in trying to type in ‘log-in’ the computer crashed after ‘LO’) Funny, eh?

    Yes, the analogy definitely hits home – and there is no stop to it ever… Thank God!

  15. Marty, I tip my hat – you are an incredible teacher in history!

    But please, let’s not continue the analogy between the Catholic Church and the Current Church into the future: I DO NOT want the squirrel set-up of CoM to survive at any costs!

  16. Sorry, his correct name is Tim Berners-Lee.

  17. A timely post, Marty!
    The parallels are remarkable.

    In both cases individuals attempted to sever a theta communication line between public and a source, and the line exploded on them.

    After the original Reformation we ended up with groups which want to be told how to think and other groups which want to think for themselves.

    I see the distinct possibility of the same results from the reformation of the Church of Scientology. There will always be some who are happiest when being told what to say, think and do.

    On the other hand I feel that there are a much greater number who wish to think for themselves and to keep their own counsel.

  18. Yes, there are some parallels, but there are also many differences.

    The Pope denied the Catholic public access to the Bible, and instead had his priests interpret it for the public. That in fact goes on to this day and you would be hard pressed to find a Catholic that has actually read the Bible.

    In Scientology however, the body of knowledge (the Tech) has been gone through with a fine comb to ensure that alterations by others are removed, and then has been issued in FULL to all public. And, although you complain about it, the public have been pressured to buy the materials, and are constantly pressured to now study all the Tech.

    That is not the same as forbidding the printing of Bibles; it is in fact the opposite. Scientology public are made to go to the Source. Sure you will point at a line here and there where you will say that the tech has been altered somehow, but that is missing the forest for the trees. No one out here can verify what the actual LRH was in those cases as we do not have access to the original recordings or handwritten notes, so it is all rather academic. What is not academic is that for the first time ever more and more Scientologists have actually read all the books and listened to all the supporting lectures and actually understand what Scientology is actually about.

    As a public person your assertions that COB is trying to take over as Source is unreal. Perhaps COB does make staff at Int study word clear his dictates. There is policy on making sure orders are properly understood. That is not the same things as ‘taking over source’. There is no claim that COB re-writes all LRH Policy and Tech and claims it as his own.

    Then the MEST. Every Scientologist who has done the basics or studied almost anything knows that he cannot be sold indulgences. He is responsible for his own ethics and his own future track, and the success of both depend not on appeasing some god, but only on his own ethics and his own application of the tech for the greatest good.

    To suggest that helping build Ideal Orgs by donating money to them is the same as the Catholic practice of selling indulgences is wrong.

    Your article is a great attempt a creating dissent and forwarding your cause, but once again it is based on A=A=A thinking and does not hold up to scrutiny.

    Plus, how do you justify what you are doing? Martin Luther wanted a return to the Bible, he wanted the show to be on Source.

    By your actions you violate LRH Policy daily, and you violate LRH auditing procedures and tech, minimally because you audit without a C/S, do not address withholds, do not have a folder or do a proper folder study in most cases, etc. In reality you do worse than that as you well know.

    You are not like Martin Luther, nor Martin Luther King. They were great men forwarding a real cause.

  19. crashingupwards

    Yes, A reformation. The catholic church is a great example of what can go wrong in an organization which is the result of efforts to maintain and expand the teachings of anyone. At some point preservation of the organization as itself becomes more important than its original purpose, not to mention all the other insanity of book burnings, Inquisition, suppression of truth,etc. I believe the reformation which occured in the world of the Christian church was a good thing. The smaller Christian communities of the early centuries were more “on-source” and an example to be followed. Thus today you can see a church like the Presbyterian which is governed by Presbyters or a Council of Elders and is locally governed and controlled. ( I am not one).
    So when we look at a reformation in the Scientology world, I hope we look back to the early days and the small groups(missions) and local control and not just stop the more heinous practices.

  20. Underground For Now

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    CITES: George Santayana, The Life of Reason or The Phases of Human Progress: Reason in Common Sense 284 (2nd ed., Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, New York 1924

    Marty, IMHO you are waking up many who have refused to look with your 3rd dynamic auditng sessions.

    VWD my man.

  21. If we don’t know our history we’re bound to make the same mistakes.
    Thank you so much!

  22. On a lighter note, here’s the other thing we can do:

  23. Well, as long as we are looking at history on this planet, I think it is equally interesting to note the Catholic Church’s response: The Counter-Reformation (
    While basic doctrine was re-asserted (salvation through Faith AND Good Works, not just Faith as the Protestants asserted, for example) changes to the structure and function of the Church body were made, starting with TRAINING. (See the Wikipdedia article for more.)

    Artists were enlisted to assist in making the Church more accessible to the ‘common man’.
    Acceptable forms of music were discussed for Church services. One of the most famous pieces of Counter-Reformation art is hanging down the street from me here, El Greco’s “Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple”.

    Some how I doubt that we will see
    “Miscavige driving IAS Regges from the Org” any time soon.

    In the meantime, Get Trained!

  24. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Marty and LO, awesome! The Internet!!!

    I was just writing yesterday at Scientology Cult a comment to Out of the Box (OTB) in regards to a survey OTB was doing.

    OTB was referring to England in 1600s and to the people who were leaving because of the suppression:

    Quote from OTB’s article:

    “n the 1600s, England, then under an oppressive and dictatorial monarchy, had all but marginalized people’s lives into a slavery to the state. You paid taxes, or you lost your land and went to jail. You toed the line and supported the monarchy or you were declared an enemy and were “fair game”. You bowed to the contemporary Church or you were declared heretical and treated as an outcast – or worse. And possibly more important than any factor at all was that the individual could do NOTHING about it as the monarchy was an absolute power – there were no recourses, no one to turn to, no way to change it unless you could organize a bigger army against it. People had two choices – stay as slaves or leave.

    So, people left the British Empire in droves, then one of the foremost powers on earth, ventured across the ocean to a new land and started up a new life. When that “tyranny” attempted to impose the same rules on them in the colonies, those colonies revolted and threw the red coats out and declared their independence.

    A familiar story because in fact you could superimpose that very scenario on top of the Church of Scientology today and it would be the same general picture covering the last two or more decades. In the 1600s, given no other choices, people left England to find a new land where they could practice their religious beliefs, and had freedom of voice, choice and government. Today we see the same thing in Scientology. People are leaving the “maintstream” Church because freedom of choice no longer exists. You either march to their tune or not – period, and if that tune is wrong – you have two choices – leave or violate your most basic rights (your sanity and your right to leave the game). We’re not talking about KSW when I speak of “tune” – I mean authoritarianism, dictatorial “this is how it is done now buddy” – and the whole concept of “what’s true for you is true for YOU” – as LRH said – well that’s just “old”, “we don’t do that anymore” (right out of HCO PL SAFEGUARDING TECHNOLOGY).

    – end of quote-

    So I said exactly that same thing: about the Internet.

    We are those who left suppression as a right to our own sanity and where did WE go?

    To the Internet. A Newly Founded Land.

    I didn’t know about Martin Luther and that he used the advent of printing to disseminate his religion.

    That now makes compete sense. What a tool. We now have the Internet even a stronger and more powerful tool than printing as Scientology is compared to Christianity or any other religion contemporaneous religion as far as I am concerned. So we deserve to have the Internet as a tool for such a religion like ours.

    History is definitely repeating but in faster cycles. We know why.

    Marty (Luther) you are the King! LOL!!!

    Over the ramparts guys!

  25. Thought provoking

    I had noticed these parallels as well.

    LO noted some interesting similarities regarding the forbidding of reading. It shows that the internet IS our tool to handling the church.

    Looking at the catholic churches financial power one has to wonder if DM is trying to mimic the catholic church and if he is trying to position himself as equal to the pope, who as the ruler is considered the richest man in the twentieth century.

  26. Thought provoking

    W and P,

    Great post!

    I would like to add one more comment to your questions to OSA INT.

    Knowing the knowledge, power and possibly influence that you currently have regarding DM,

    knowing the impact that you could create with the general public if ANY ONE OF YOU were to go public and expose DM (time, place, form and event).

    Knowing that you could make a difference.

    Answer this…Did you help?

  27. George, how do you know Marty does not pull withholds? Have you spoken to any of his pcs? Handling withholds is part of standard procedure for any auditor – provided there are REAL withholds on the case, not manufactured ones.
    I’ll take Marty over a squirrel GAT auditor (or GAT C/S for that matter) any day.

  28. A liberalized religion usually usually evolves from this pattern from what I’ve seen:

    1. Source Religion becomes cultish and abusive and fails to be true to source doctrines.

    2. Reformed Religion returns to source redefined and has difficulty unloading harmful baggage from the former because of conditioning and abuses.

    3. Reformed Religion survives becomes liberal, disuses cult practices and embraces the power of myth for its own sake, makes tolerant seminaries with tenured professors with pensions and Volvos.

    The three tiers usually never die and eventually exist independently in a stable continuum. Some religions can skip step 2. Most cannot. It depends on the leadership of the reformers.

  29. Mike H,
    Indeed, at the Int Base in 90-91 there was a ‘mass cert cancellation’ for all Tech trained staff. Being familiar with the policy of 7 March 65 Issue II, Certificate Cancellation, I spotted this as tantamount to a ‘mass declare’ of Tech staff, without the Ethics Order of course. Just some random aribitrary from ‘Dept 21’, i.e. DM.

    I ignored it. In the spring of 91, again from ‘Dept 21’ KTL on various staff was directed to be done by ‘one-way flow’. Now, KTL has as part of its purpose, twinning and the responsibility of each twin for the other. It’s part of the very tech of the course. I wrote a High Crime Report on it, including some 26 people, all the way up to Dept 21.

    I’m by no means claiming to be the first one to protest DM’s alterations. I’m thankful I’m not the last and happy to find others who are willing to speak up.

  30. Old Cuff,
    Yes! LRH did predict that from the ‘mysticism’ of original work on a religion, that which sought to attain the highest principles, there would come a degradation to a ‘religion’ where ritual and idol worship was the broad practice. I have been looking through my tapes to find that reference. It’s from the very early 50s, before the PDCs. Can you direct me to it? I’ve wanted to post it numerous times but alas, I can’t seem to find that darn quote.

  31. The parallel is spot on. We may very well have the published works of L Ron Hubbard out in the open for eveyone to see, but unfortunately it doesn’t end there:

    1. Miscavige has overtly and covertly spread the idea that he has a hidden data line. Some form of data from LRH that the “common people” don’t get to see. This has been going on for years. And a great many people bought into the “I’ve got the only valid copy of the bible” scam.

    2. The biggest crime in Scientology today, the largest offense you can commit is to ask to be shown the LRH tech or policy reference being used to justify an action or statement. I mean, I’ve heard people actually gasp when those words were used. Because Miscavige has interposed himself as source.

    3. Miscavige even came to power in part by positioning himsef as the “high priest” between LRH and the “common people”, monopolizing that comm line. And as Marty rightly points out, he doesn’t even bother to keep that pretense going anymore. Nowadays he is L Ron Hubbard (in his view).

  32. martyrathbun09

    Maurice, Interestingly, I don’t “pull” withholds. I don’t have to. People offer them to me. Many they held onto for fear of consequences within C of M. “Pulling” is only required in an oppressive environment within the C of M, where the motive for learing withholds is for purposes of CONTROL.

  33. George,

    Having said all this about Marty what is YOUR analysis of dm?

    How do YOU explain dm’s extravagant life style at the expense of the living conditions and standards of Sea Org members, who have no free time, have no means to really create a family or be in touch with a family, can not access the Internet, have no money and no health insurance?

    How do YOU explain the empty orgs, the lack of academy completions and grade chart completions in Class V Orgs, the lack of auditing and training?

    How do YOU explain the crashed Cash/Bills stats of orgs where staffmembers now on average barely make $50/week (first hand knowledge) while the IAS has millions stashed away, controlled by dm and given out for “4d causes” which make for great photo ops. You know all that IAS money comes from parishioners who otherwise would have paid for services; money that would have gone to Orgs which then would have the money to pay bills and pay their staff so they do not have to moonlight and instead could train and deliver more standard Scientology.

    How do YOU explain the lack of standard eval tech, tailored to an org’s situation, evals that find real whys and fill the orgs again?

    How do YOU explain that in at least one Class V Org auditors get Ethics Chits when they do not make their booksales quota, after they were ordered off post to sell books? (Fact, first hand knowledge).

    How DO YOU?

    Of course you have a right to speak up and give your view but you can not throw all this out in an attempt to appear objective, while not also addressing any of the above issues, while making no comment about the atrocities dm is committing, many of which have been documented over and over on this blog, in court documents and on many other different internet sites.

    If you indeed are the man of objectivity and courage you present yourself to be then you will also have the guts to honestly answer my questions above.

    If you do not then your silence will speak louder than words every could.

  34. George,
    First off, please when you send me the links to Minerva’s website or the other scurrilous ones, will you just communicate to me? For the life of me I don’t get why you fellas in OSA are so circuitous about this. I’m here, perfectly willing to talk to you, yet you send me to this stuff that is so unreal, such generalized entheta that the ONLY effect it has is to make me wonder whether like some policitician who, when they were your neighbor seemed possessed of common sense, then on election was a talking head automaton.

    Postulates and live comm George. Surely you can confront me and just talk buddy.

    OK, the other thing, this assertion you make about no CS, no folders, no admin, no programs and the ridiculous ‘no withholds pulled’ is patently NOT TRUE. You guys have made that up out of whole cloth on the order of while auditing Marty is actually filming porn as it’s all done naked.

    Folders are there, Folder Summaries are kept, Auditor Report Forms, Programs in blue paper, worksheets are kept, block letters for illegible words are done, the CS is written before the session based on folder/case study and the withholds are accepted (and with the need, pulled, but it’s funny, when the pc is actually ‘in session’ there is a lot more willingness to talk).

    So, maybe it’s just picking out of the sky the things you want to accuse a person of, or maybe it’s wishful thinking, ‘no, it can’t be, you mean they actually can just read a bulletin, drill it and apply it!!!’ or maybe it’s just you are a moron. There could be other reasons.

    Here’s the facts: the Cof S has NO MONOPOLY on the materials and any person can read them, duplicate them and use them, completely, and they don’t need your approval to do so.

    The field is auditing, the field is training. The field is in a condition of excitement and rejuvenation and winning. Are you?

  35. exsolonotsdofp

    Hi Theo! You are totally right! Let’s disseminate what we know to all Scientologits world wide. That’s the only chance we have to cut DM’s Income flow. First, we need adresses….Here is a list of about 3,600 Scientologists worldwide.

    Everybody is welcome to use it and write to these guys. I’ll do France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and South America.

    Soon i will add more and more adresses, categorized by country. And you are all welcome to add to this list!

    Over the ramparts guys!

  36. George,
    One other small thing. David Miscavige has written an HCOB 16 April 82, MORE ON PTS HANDLING, completely altering the importance and technology of PTS handling. I’ve written an article on it and on the ‘wiseoldgoat’ site there is further documentation. Now, considering that LRH, in policy dated 7 March 65, states that the “chief stumbling block, huge above all others” to the progress of Scientology is the area of ” POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCES and their relationship to suppressive persons or groups”, don’t you figure that DM’s squirrelling and falsification of an LRH HCOB on that very subject is ‘major or basic’? Hmmmmmm?

    I guarantee you if you read the article I wrote, read the ‘wiseoldgoat’ documentation, and actually just read the Tech Vols version of HCOB 16 April 82 and the latest one issue on 10 Oct 96 (rewritten because of ‘transcriptionist errors’ DM has claimed) then you yourself will see FOR yourself that the position that DM is merely the harbinger of Source has changed; he’s assumed the place of Source.

    He has gone way past carrying out LRH’s orders to Pat and Annie, and taken on the role of final arbiter of what is Scientology, by actually writing it himself.

    Go on, I dare ya, look it up.

  37. exsolonotsdofp

    Hi Theo! You are totally right! Let’s disseminate what we know to the Scientologist world wide! First we need some adresses…Here is a list of 3,600 adresses.

    You are all welcome to use it and write to these guys. And to add to the list!

    Soon i will add more adresses and categorize them by country. I’ll do France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and South America.

    Over the ramparts guys!

  38. Jim – I believe the quote is from “The Hope of Man” — it was this tape which lead me to find out about Buddhism …


  39. ConcernedCitizen


    I know you’re responding to an attack here and might’a been pissed, but what you’re saying here doesn’t align with LRH.
    I’m sure Jim can whip out the references along the lines of:

    A. Why you don’t sec check or pull W/H’s off the meter
    B. LRH auditing demos on W/H pulling (‘That! That!” or my favorite “come on come on come on!” when a guy was hedging on giving up the beef.)

    I can’t remember that second one I’m talking about, but it’s my favorite example of sec checking with LRH because he goes from tremendous ARC to this growl “come on come on come on!” I laughed out loud when I heard that tape the first time doing the HSSC. It really gave me a model for sec checking and how you could kind of kick the pc’s ass with ARC.

    Sorry to criticize publically, but I hope you accept it an post this as I get what you were saying but it’s a misrepresentation of the source materials to anyone reading this. Yeah, you have to have prescence and provide a safe space for a pc to cough stuff up, but LRH makes it pretty clear that PCs will hold onto those WH’s for dear life sometimes unless you rock and roll, and he shows how to do it without ARCxing the PC. Thanks for reading and I’m a fan.

  40. Marty, this game has been played for eons. It’s like a scratched record with “religion/salvation/sin/redemption”, those kind of buttons. It plays in the same way every time because it’s bank think that dictates the game.

    This was my issue all along with Scientology becoming a religion. I understand it from a practical viewpoint but it was then sure to pull in all these whole track Overt/Motivator sequences.

    The other issue you bring up is very much one that needs to be addressed. And that is, Who elected you king, DM?

    If we are to believe that Source is not just the highest but the ONLY authority, then it follows that DM’s viewpoint isn’t any more valuable than mine or yours.

    I, too, noticed that the glossy pubs issued post GAT tended to feature a cover photo of COB with all his stripes receiving a standing O.

    His positioning is clear: he didn’t just “save” Scientology, he’s LRH 2.0

  41. Hi Theo! Your quote from OTB’s article is great!

  42. Jack Lord,

    I don’t think Marty meant that they abolished
    M-9 all together. I think he meant that they have people M-9 DM shit instead , because DM is “source”.


  43. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Ah, the wonderful, intangible feeling of resonating understanding from a commonality of R…

    “Can anyone see the parallels to how the Church of Miscavology’s ethics and justice systems have been fixed?”

    I cannot say how many discussions to date I have had and the time I have considered these parallels between present day C of M and the Protestant Reformation, particularly with respect to paid indulgences and the diminished or even denied direct access to Source, particularly where the regular, everyday Joe was concerned. After all, the Medecis could afford their own bevy of priests.

    Nice job and beautiful, thought provoking diary.

  44. George: If you are indeed a public scientologist I have a few questions for you:

    1) How much credit card debt do you hold?

    2) How much equity do you have in your home, if you have one?

    3) How sound is your 401K?

    4) What financial provisions do you have in place for your wife and family were you to die?

    Forget worrying about the parallels that Marty may have drawn between the Catholic Church and indulgences, dm and the Pope and Source.

    Just ask yourself and your friends — how financially sound are you?

    Perhaps you will say that you are not money motivated and want ALL your disposable income to expand the current church. BUT BUT do you also want this income to enable dm to own multiple vehicles, $3,000 shoes, hand tailored Italian suits, to live in quarters at least 50X as large as the average SO member who shares a room with 6 others, to have a full staff that tend to his every need?

    If you are happy giving to dm and make no mistake you are — OK — there is much to the saying — “a fool and his money are soon parted”


  45. Martin Padfield

    “Sure you will point at a line here and there where you will say that the tech has been altered somehow, but that is missing the forest for the trees. No one out here can verify what the actual LRH was in those cases as we do not have access to the original recordings or handwritten notes, so it is all rather academic.”

    Ask the victims of DM’s newly restored Disconnection policies who have had families ripped apart if it is “all rather academic”. Ask the thousands who have been arbitarily Declared based on his changes, and harassed if it is academic. In fact ask the auditors who have arbitarily had their certs cancelled on DM’s say-so if it is “academic”. Ask the hundreds of dedicated SO members savagely beaten if their treatment is “rather academic”.

  46. George: Since you are keen on following LRH, please post here the LRH references which suggest that a public scientologist violate finance policy.

    That a public scientologist violate the ethics conditions and go deeply into debt.

    Where a scientologist is told BY LRH that his ability to dig himself out of a MOUND of debt with ever increasing interest will go away IF he just buys yet another level of his IAS donation? Or SuperPower building.

    Does LRH EVER say that abilities are regained and/or gained by holding a the next IRS donation, instead of through his next step on the bridge?

    Not as far as I know. But, perhaps you have an inside track being up close and personal with dm.

    And IF you yourself are not personally in debt, and do have equity in your home and a good 401K, then I can only surmise 1) you have not disclosed ALL your assets to the IAS 2) you are extremely wealthy and give a LOT of money which keeps the IAS from asking for it ALL — they think they have most of it 3) are a movie star and therefore make almost endless $$ as long as you keep making movies – no matter how lame they have become

    Please share.


  47. Hayden,

    Yes, to all your three points especially number two.

    I personally know of the case where an Outer Org Trainee at the FSO wanted to stay in touch with friends and family while on training, as had been promised. That student protested when the cell phone was taken away. Asked for the LRH reference, none was given.

    Then, after receiving bits and piece auditing on single grade rundowns to help other trainees get through the courses that student got in case trouble. Again wanted to see the LRH reference that made it all ok. None was given.

    Kept asking and was sent to Ethics. Asked for the LRH reference there and was sent to Qual.

    Studied for SIX (!!) weeks in Qul trying to find the LRH reference that would allow for family lines to be cut and bits and piece auditing to be given. Could find no reference.

    Told the D/CO for Trainees that “this is driving me nuts”………..30 minutes later that student was on the street, now with the cell phone so the student could make contact with the family and arrange for transport back home.

    Fact !!

  48. “What is not academic is that for the first time ever more and more Scientologists have actually read all the books and listened to all the supporting lectures and actually understand what Scientology is actually about.”

    Has anyone seen any of these “ever more and more Scientologists” showing up at Scientology Orgs?

    (Looks like it’s coming from several different directions. I found this on a Post It note stuck to my horse’s hip this morning. I might add, a horse’s ass never looked so good!)

    Word’s on the street, it’s all over town
    There’s an angry mob and they’re fed up with the clown
    Their money they’ve pooled, they’ve turned in their chips
    Hired a pro, no more service off their lips

    Dressed in all black, it’s the Renaissance Man
    He has organized comm lines from all over the land
    With his fingers a blazen, he’ll have something to say
    When they open their In Box, it’ll be Hell to pay!

  50. Tim Berners-Lee did *not* found the Internet. He he created his World Wide Web of hyperlinked documents on top of the already decades old Internet ar0und 1991.
    Michael A. Hobson

  51. Marty,

    Just between you and me, I…. oh wow!!! Thanks!! Feel so much better now.

  52. WH,
    The Hope of Man lecture is well after the one I’m thinking of. The one I’m thinking of is in the early 50s and he’s talking about routes to truth, defining mysticism as one of them, and what truths mysticism attained and those involved with that route come to find those high level truths become ‘religion’ i.e. debased as ritual.

    He expounded the idea of ‘three bins’ of knowledge around the same time. Bin One, high level truths, Bin Two, methods to attain those of and in which a scientology as a method of knowing how to know (and the only time I’ve heard him use it as a common noun, not Scientology, the proper noun) and Bin Three, knowledge known and broadly used with relative truth.

    Bin Two, the methods take stuff from Bin One, and pass it to Bin Three. In Bin Three is where mysticism attained truths become ‘religious beliefs’.

  53. CC,
    This forum isn’t setup for and can’t cover the full technical data related to ‘pulling withholds’.

    For instance, from your Sec Checker training you are familiar with the ‘pulling of withholds’ off a meter, and the indicators of the guy ‘coughing up’ or not.
    ““Have I not found out about something?” prevents leaving an overt undisclosed. On the
    unmetered pc the reaction is a sly flinch. On a metered pc it gives a read.” HCO B 10 July 64, Overts-Order of Effectiveness in Processing.

    The body of material on O/W, Missed Withhold and all of that tech is pretty extensive yet fundamentally simple as you well know.

    The proper attitude, when ‘pulling withholds’ is covered in those materials and any body worth his salt as an auditor had better be able to guide the person to giving up whatever it is that is reading on the meter until that meter FNs and the pc is shining.

    The point being made is that when a pc is in session, by definition, ‘interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor’ and the confessional is run according to Scientology tech, the preclear or pre OT is in there working with you, ‘pc plus auditor is greater than the bank’ and that makes it possible to come clean, honestly FOR THE PC, as opposed to FOR DM.

    Nobody, particularly Marty, is failing to ‘pull withholds’ but as you well know, a session run right, provides that peace and safety for the pc to self-determinatedly get rid of that much ‘evil’ withheld and thus free he and us all from it.

  54. Tim H,
    Truthfully, nope, those ‘ever more and more Scientologists’ don’t exist.

    However, I must say, that the fact that DM, after what almost 3 decades, has finally complied with the LRH instructions to release the full restored tapes and materials to mankind. Unfortunately, he butchered the release, as is his style, and then ran a can’t have on it with absurd pricing and the suppressive regging.

    Still, George has a point; the materials are now available and that is what LRH wanted. It’s now a question of time before the contradiction of LRH data and DM’s rendition of whatever the hell it is he renders, shows up more and more.

    I figure that LRH data and the intention behind it to get it out and known, has carried this MEST being, DM, despite himself and his horror at others getting more powerful with Scientology, forward to giving us all the rope by which he fairly demands we hang him.

    OK, let’s have a good ol’ fashion hangin’. Factually, at every turn, including George’s posting, he’s walking up the gallows, putting the rope around his own neck and begging us to please pull that lever!!!

  55. Well, “driving me crazy” was the item! After LM, any hint of psychotic episodes and you’re on the street.

  56. Hi Jim, I love this one as well — the 3 bins — in it he mentions moving “things” from bin 1 – the unknowable, into bin 2 – the knowable and IF this is done by colored sand — OK. (something like that)

    That is found in one of the 4 lectures in the OT Hatting Series Perception of Truth —

    If my memory serves


  57. The argument that what DM does is okay because Marty is a squirrel is actually a logical fallacy. Regardless of Marty, there are a lot of points in this thread that you avoid addressing because you know deep down that what is going on is wrong.

    Here’s the cool thing about being independent: If I went to Marty and found that he did not use another person as a C/S, I can (and would) just go to someone else that does have a C/S and better infrastructure for delivery. I have that choice because I am free. You on the other hand are not free. If DM ordered that no one uses C/Ses anymore, what recourse do you have? You would not be free to choose an auditor that did use a C/S. That is the whole point here that you’re not getting George. We are free to practice standard tech while you are free only to practice what DM, with his minimal, almost nonexistent training, thinks is standard tech. And you try to spread your lack of freedom to others. Tsk tsk tsk.

    George, you are helping to destroy Scientology. Just look at the stats to verify. Not the MEST stats but the real stats: auditors trained, clears made, etc., you know the stuff that actually matters. Stop supporting a decline!

  58. Heh. I have been pointing out that Scientology has reached its ‘Reformation’ period for a decade, nice of others to have noticed!

    The Reformation began when Henry VIII of England for his own non-religious reasons broke with Rome. Martin Luther was just the latest in a long line of dissenters that Rome eventually crushed. England gave Protestantism a secure base.

    The Scientology Reformation began when dissident Freezoners established a ‘base’ on the Internet, which the Church has been unable to suppress. Freezoners believe they no longer need to buy books or courses from the Church.
    With its monopoly on Source gone, the Church was left with its other reason for existence, Clearing the Planet. That has now vanished, as under sustained attack from outside membership stats are crashing. Unless it reforms (as the Catholic Church did) it will die.

  59. War and Peace;

    I might be able to shed some light on your very astute observation and ensuing question as to why the GO is being aloof to the data presented here.

    In 1981-82 the USGO and GOWW underwent near-violent Sec Checking and then Rollback. It was not a light cycle of action nor was it innocuous. They were pretty much told they were infiltrated and were harming the Church.

    But actually what happened was that (LRH calls it when auditing becomes and engram itself) the above wrong indication, the sec checking and rollback acted as an implant itself, only because the group of them were so chastized for being brilliant and having, what the FBI said about them; “The best intelligence agency outside the government.”

    For DMs overal plan to work, he had to implant the GO and make them ineffective. The GO used to be autonomous. They could actually investigate senior management and keep it in line. But after DM 3-P the GO to LRH and had it dismanteled, you have left entities that now listen to management and are no longer autonomous . What is left of the GO is now OSA Int and are the same terminals that you mentioned above. They are implanted.

  60. Theo Sismanides

    Yes, I attest to this. My wife, Greek I/C and Editor for Greek translations while I was on the decks in CLO EU and she was on post, finally got pissed when the CO CLO EU ordered her to M9 DM program for translations!

    That same night we were out the front door of Korona and through the under sea tunnel to


    Over the rampaaaaaaaaaaarts, ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!

  61. Theo Sismanides

    Interesting point Old Auditor:

    A) Groups which want to be told how to think


    B) other groups which want to think for themselves.

    I am sure George here thinks he belongs to the latter one! Boooooooooo!!!! Nope buddy, go back, back to the other group!

  62. Theo Sismanides

    Cowboy Poet!

    “Dressed in all black, it’s the Renaissance Man
    He has organized comm lines from all over the land”

    Now there’s a picture! Beautiful, I feel like a child watching Lone Ranger!! Ha ha, sorry guys
    but I loved Lone Ranger!!

    Wait for me Cowboy Poet, I am getting my horse, too!!


  63. Theo Sismanides

    For those who didn’t get it (George???):

    I am joining the Renaissance Man!

    He has a Cowboy Poet and a fine tune playing like from some old western… so I am pitching in there, too!!

    Now we ran down the valley, and a desert it is
    but soon more are coming to be free like he is.

    (OK, Cowboy Poet, you just inspired me…
    My hat if off to you!)

  64. Marty,

    Speaking of reformation, in the last few days it’s come to light that Dennis Erlich has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS, for what he describes as the Reformed Church of Scientology. Although he tried to hide it from the public, a private citizen requested the complete IRS 1023 filing, and posted it online. It’s interesting and I thought your readers might want to see it.

  65. George, are you George Ballie OT 8 ?

  66. WH,
    Bin Two is the methodology of attaining truths from Bin One and putting them into to category of known data, Bin Three. Two is the means, the methods, the ‘scientology’ or knowing HOW to know, and in which bin goes any valid means, including of course all that Siddhartha relayed, scientific method, and any others.

  67. Virgi,
    That’s really, really an interesting observation. In place, prior to the dismantle of the GO, was one of the original checks and balances set up by LRH. Hmmmmmm. Very interesting. Something to note for the future ‘re-org’ back to what worked.

  68. So? Was it from OT Hatting Series Perception of Truth?

    It’s a great tape. Thanks for adding more than what I recalled. I did enjoy the bit about colored sand … it was hyperbole but proved a point.


  69. Personally, I don’t think that pulling withholds without a meter is viable and can lead us into the same problems that the org is currently manifesting:

    (begin fair use)

    Lists of withholds required of a crew member or staff member without proper
    sessioning are now illegal.
    Confessionals which do not F/N must be reported to Qual as a failed session.
    An Exam report is required after any Confessional.
    Any auditing outside of sessions must be reported and if failed may become
    Challenging people out of session as “having withholds” is illegal.
    Auditing is done by auditors who are trained and is done on regular lines.

    (end fair use)


  70. W&P,

    Good points.

    QUESTION of the DAY ::::What does OSA INT REALLY think when reading these blogs ???

    Methinks that “think” gets parked somewhere in their parking structure. The information which is made obvious in this blog and others is treated not like origination, but as TR3 bullbait, returning to the standard unreal PR line.

    Thus you get posters like “George” below – simply denying truths by saying it doesn’t exist, ad hominem attacks, it’s just wrong, and just doing the twist from the current and existing scene.

    These posts really insults one’s intelligence and stand out for what they are.

    I really doubt of at the end of the day George and those OSA guys are contented and keyed out as they have not observed their own personal integrity and TWTH.

  71. Mike Hobson,

    thanks for the correction.

  72. Jack,

    In the past as standard practice one had to word clear various things like Mission Orders, Tech & Admin high crimes (LRH issues) which consisted mainly of Word clearing on a meter and star rate check out.

    When I worked for LRH he had me do that on a couple of Nutrition book by Adele Davis.

    Under DM the method of choice was M-9 where you had to read the entire thing aloud to the word clearer who is following what you’re reading, which takes far longer to do. This is what’s done on the Key To Life course.

    To have to do this for DM orders positions his orders on the Admin scale of policy which is much more senior than orders.

    Several days ago it was mentioned that Debbie Cook had to M-9 the Ethics book. In the early 90’s I did that with DMSMH! It was not a short thing to do.

  73. A very astute observation, Virgil!

    I was there when the GO was unmocked by the SO.

    It actually started when kerry Gleason and a WDC mission kicked down the doors of all the GOs and quickly deteriorated into a witch hunt!

    However, before that they missed the two main moles, double agent Michael Meisner who turned on the GO after ordering Gerald Wolfe (Silver) into the IRS and Jane Kember who approved the covert op.

    Funny thing is despite Kember’s questionable creds, like her connections to SA Intel who were heavily financed by CIA she’s hired back on to OSA by guess who?

    Also, the elimination of the GO left the Franchise network vulnerable to the depredations of the Finance Police and allowed the Sea Org to “move in” and violate every policy and charter on Franchise and when the smoke cleared there wasn’t a single functioning Franchise left in the whole Franchise network!

    On the other hand RTC pushed IV and SO Org stats to give the Ol’man the impression that after the “take over” by these “dedicated Sea Org members” that the orgs where expanding.

    In the mean time MAC (Mission All Clear) had taken over from the GO’s Corporate sort out with its later to become infamous Mission I/C who blamed all litigation and legal problems that he, himself was creating by various injustices, including mass declares and enforced disconnection on the “old GO”.

    All I can say is that none of us including the Ol’man himself had a complete picture of what was actually going on because it was obfuscated by “PR” and perception management.

    In other words he wasn’t the only one who was kept out of the loop!

    The fact is that we all were!

    And those who knew what was actually going on were strategically silenced and discredited.

    As I’ve written before, Miscavige is late on the chain. He’s a abberated stable datum to the prior confusion. Also as I’ve written earlier the man is the walking, breathing embodiment of the groups 3rd dynamic service facsimile.

    In fact there is no policy ever written by the Ol’man that says we need a spiritual leader or a Pope. Yet even independent Scientologists out here in the field ask who do replace this guy with?

    To me it’s like asking for another computation to replace “all horses sleep in beds”!

  74. I don’t know exactly what happened but I saw a close friend who was GO completely transform from a bright able person to…

    Let’s just say that in the same time frame I saw recent course twins suddenly dead of cancer, this friend (ex go) seems to have lost his mind.

    I haven’t said much about specific stories that I saw, there seem to be plenty out there. Enough to justify the big question;

    What happened?

    It was inexplicable. Worse you didn’t dare even ASK. Almost seemed like straight obnosis was certainly something you wouldn’t want to be caught commenting on, much less discussing.

  75. George says ~~

    “As a public person your assertions that COB is trying to take over as Source is unreal. Perhaps COB does make staff at Int study word clear his dictates. There is policy on making sure orders are properly understood. That is not the same things as ‘taking over source’. There is no claim that COB re-writes all LRH Policy and Tech and claims it as his own.”

    George ~~~ I will challenge you to get released to the PUBLIC the 350+ binders of COB orders that the typists transcribe feverishly after his babbling speeches~~ the binders marked “INT BASE ONLY”. “NOT to leave INT BASE”. The reason you are deluded is~~
    1) You have NOT studied these to see the PT orders which are implemented as seniority over Green on White
    2) “Orders properly understood” “` You have to be kidding. These are implemented as the LAW. “The Messiah” has spoken.
    3) George ~~How can you state the above? Can you attest you have read DM PT orders ?
    Have you experienced LRH policy overriding DM orders ?

    George says ~~

    By your actions you violate LRH Policy daily, and you violate LRH auditing procedures and tech, minimally because you audit without a C/S, do not address withholds, do not have a folder or do a proper folder study in most cases, etc. In reality you do worse than that as you well know.

    Oh George/Minerva

    Hogwash !!! Hogwash.!!!

    Marty gets RESULTS. MARTY said in his own words ~~
    I offer a simple program of rehabilitation of previously recognized abilities and education on universal truths and principles of spiritual growth. I do not offer a substitute for Scientology nor am in competition with the Church. I am only offering to share all the skills I have learned – from a wide variety of sources – to help those in need who once formally participated in Scientology but who now hold no hope nor intention of ever seeking help from the Church.

    Marty does not offer the squirrel 3 swings of the needle to call an FN.
    Marty does not grind the pc to a pulp with over run.
    Marty does not offer the robotic Golden AGE of Technical Bullshit (There have been more defections, more out tech, more departures, more refunds, more OT VIIIs dumping Scientology with “Golden AGE of Bullshit Tech that in all years prior combined.)
    Marty clearly stated he does not offer substitute Scientology
    Marty handled 50% of my INT Base BPC effortlessly in the first hour with him and will handle other issues on my return. I was too blown out to continue.
    CofS was unable to handle any of this ~~ you see you cannot name the monster DM an SP in a C of S session without Ethics and consequences.

    Wake Up George/Minerva. Get real. Knock off the theetie-wheatie non confront of factual data. Take some deep breaths of oxygen and raise your confront of EVIL.

  76. Hi Sinar,

    Ron did have us M-9 the ‘State of Clear’ HCOB as part of the CCRD pilot but all other issues we did were M-4 Starrated per HC and HC Addition.

    There ain’t nothing wrong with M2 or M9 except that it can be overdone and over run.

    Miscavige, having others M9 his incoherent and insane bloviations and ramblings is a case in point!

    I pity the persons that had to M9 that garbage which would probably be the equivalent of M9 the Clearing Course platens and possibly more abberative!

  77. Yes excellent post.

    Reform NOW!

    The following personal example that ties reform and George’s type together.

    Guys like George are so PTS they believe people are so bad and see pulling withhold is the only worthwhile activity. Maybe because all they have ever experienced or know is o/w pulling and sec checks.

    PT example: My child was on a Sec Check since Mid 2008. There were only 18 questions. Yes my child needed the Sec-Check but due to lack of control (8-c) by the HGC the dramitzations was allowed to go on and the possibly the fact I was paying for it.

    With my child persistance and my guidance she finally finished the last question was very bright, much more responsible, very much in comm and looking into the future.

    The next day she goes in for final ruds and he has additional questions added and a recheck the original questions. My childs integrity was higher then the auditors as this child refused to go back in after the first recheck question stating he got the EP he was not going to be degraded. She comes to me and asked WTF is going on and just want to get back on the Bridge. I showed the reference about using just enough ethics to get the tech in and his indicator were back in and told me she would handle it and did route out of the HGC themself.

    I believe going any further would have become reversed Scientology. Remember this is a Child at the begining of the Grade Chart. And no, I’m not over protecting my child they did come clean and announced the overts against all the persons they transgressed to their face including me, real “serious” ones too.

    Anyway the point is there is a lot more to DN & Scn then pulling o/w and heavy ethics endlessly. The obsession with extereme ethics and sec checks has often gone wild and has made the CofS a darker place as stated by so many others.

    The reformers want a brighter place.
    A not soo serious place.


    So now what should we do to cause Reform?

  78. Sorry omitted time my child finished the Sec Check Jan 15, 2010.

  79. Virgil ~~Jim Logan

    Thank you.
    The biggest flaw in the whole scenario in present time is


    They were all systematically PURGED and DECIMATED. by DM.

    One Dark Soul with an Iron Hand in his madness can dictate whatever he wants.

    Where there is a Board of Directors of any Corporation (LARRY BRENNAN ~~ please chip in) any officer can be removed for misconduct. The Board of Directors generally ask for resignation.

    But as I have stated nothing is what it seems like in Scientology.

    Board of Directors in C of S is all BOGUS. They have pre-signed THEIR resignations and can be jerked off their bogus status any time by DM.

    It is comforting to quote LRH here ~~

    “When a person finds himself commiting too many harmful acts, he becomes his own executioner…man puts ethics in on himself by destroying himself and he does himself in without the assistance of anyone else”

    and help me out MOQ ~~ what was the reference on “Life putting in Discipline ” (when the person doesn’t do it himself….

  80. WH,
    My apologies. The first mention that I’m aware of the ‘three bins’ analogy is in The Logics, 8 Oct 51 lecture. It is also in the Chart of Attitudes, 21 Dec 51, in the context of mysticism, Dianetics and the first mention and meaning of the word ‘scientology’.

    These are the lectures I was referring to. The one on mysticism and religion is different and I still haven’t found it.

  81. “What happened?”

    Guy’s like Miscavige (not that he’s the only one but the most obvious) like to cover their tracks by constantly running D Ops (deception operations).

    First it’s the GO.

    Probably your friend is suffering from wrong indications.

    Then it’s those greedy Mission Holders.

    Next it’s all those pissed off people now suing the Church.

    It’s gotta be those squirrels…

    And all that bad press and what’s happening in Germany.

    Now it just happens to be us and all those “disaffected” OTs refusing to come to these mandatory briefings and running their OTs for the 22nd time, probably why many of them are dying of cancer and popping people off with 9 mm etc, etc.

    See a pattern?

    The organization is now acting psychotically in general, stuck in an incident that occurred shortly after the prior confusion.

    Personally, I think the Ol’man was trying to tell us something when he developed the FPRD around that period, but the fact is that it was run on the wrong terminals.

    There is one who could use it for sure that won’t go any where near an auditor.

  82. RJ,
    Yep, there’s that one too. Hey, between the lot of us we sure do have a wack of KRC. Cool.

    I’ve had to get withholds off without a meter on others, out here in the wilds, and I’ve always used the 64 issue and had the list of Good Indicators in mind. But, for the few times I’ve done, I sure wish I had a meter! Nothing like that free floating needle, sweeping idly to end cycle on it. And of course a big fat ACK for the guy so he’s just beaming.

  83. WH

    WH said
    “Knowing the knowledge, power and possibly influence that you currently have regarding DM”

    None, Nada, Zippo.
    It is an execution arm/go-fer group with puppy dog obedience.


    I posted, the above post knowing all this. I was just curious as to their private mental thoughts and feelings given what they read daily on the web~~ BUT they have NO influence, zero.
    Have you not read the accounts of DM bashing former CO OSA INT Mike Rinder ? Bashing his head against walls, pounding him in the stomach, throwing hsi neck out with brutal beatings, making him handle feces in the infamous lake of excreta from dawn til sunset ?
    Such is DM’s respect for the Commanding Officer of OSA INT when he was on post.

    He has Heber Jentzsch, President CSI OSA INT up there and had him vanish for the last 5 years. Marty has stated Heber has been brutalized.

    OSA INT is low on the food chain.
    OSA is there for compliances to Office of “COB”
    They do what DM and Office of “COB” says …or else….

  84. I would say that the more you fear irrational ethics and injustice the more withholds need to be”pulled”out of you. If an auditor creates a safe space it is a lot easier to have trust.

    In my opinion it is not whether our reformation is like the earlier one in the 1500’s. It is the fact that the COS DOES need a reformation and the sooner this is realized the faster we can really get the show on the road. Things cannot continue the way they are now.


  85. George,

    As you point out there are many paralells, let’s not forget that.

    One of the main points is altered impotrtances. The fact that Marty doesn’t or does use a C/S is really irrelevant to the point of a reformation. I would rather have a truly caring person audit me who was doing it for me rather than an auditor and a C/S who was hounding me with out tech sec checks every 6 months done for political purposes or executive C/Sing.

    When a tech team agree to do the kind of HCO sec checks that have been going on for years on Solo Nots auditors at great pain and expense and they keep not-ising the bad effects that it is creating, is out-tech in the extreme.

    I appreciate the fact that Marty and others here are taking a fresh look at what has been going on and saying “ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT!!”

    It might take a while for things to smooth out during a reformation but I think Marty is on the right course. We all know that Marty will keep improving things as he can. He is in a tough position trying to undue the chain of overts that the COS has committed over the years. He is the one who is facing the inquisition. If he makes some mistakes along the way, I for one forgive him in advance because he is working on the important things first.

    And you George are still sucking at the tit of your master. You don’t truly have the guts to do anything about what is going on in the COS, you just like to pose as if you are. You are a true fear-bot.


  86. Theo Sismanides

    War and Peace,

    Thank you, that’s a good answer. The GAT is a big Failure. It should be called FAT (Failure Age of Tech) for the thick heads who cannot read.

  87. Fellow Traveller

    10 March 1952
    Time Track of Theta, now Milestone One I do believe, would be your bins reference. I recall something about mysticism, Hegel as well.

  88. Fellow Traveller

    “Transcriptionists have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe.”

  89. Old Cuff, WH, and FT,
    I found the one I was thinking of. FT, it was in the time period of the Time Track of Theta and Milestone series, it’s from the Hubbard College Lectures of Mar 52, #27. Here’s the part I was thinking of:
    “…because whenever a religion- you see, a religion is different than a religious philosophy,
    very different – a religion is that thing which is
    given as a package to a people about which they are not supposed to reason, and under thought and duress is used to control that
    people onerously. And you find many of these religions are completely bare of aesthetics. And then when they come up to higher
    levels of action, they actually get up toward theta for a while, and then they will slide back into a MEST religion wholly. They very seldom rise up. That is why an individual is almost never a
    mystic and a religious person at the same time. We need differentiation in those categories in order to understand that anything
    used as a control mechanism is the MEST universe.”

  90. Fellow T,
    What little I recovered of my arse, from laughing it off the other day, is now gone. Maybe for good thanks to that one. Oh my, that is FUNNY! Of course, transcriptionists!!! DUH! I wonder if DM will fix this in the rest of the Bulletins and PLs.

  91. because,
    I love your child. That’s a wonderful example of Safeguarding Tech. Wonderful. Thank you very much for relaying that. I’m going to bed with a big smile on my face.

  92. Marty,

    Exsolonotsdofp seems to have stolen the OT7 adresso and put the link to those adresses on your website. I don’t think this is funny, in fact its criminal, what ever the justification. Did you see the link or his post ? You surely dont want to be part in those kind of actions !

  93. crashingupwards

    War and Peace’s references to the control mechanism so often used of undated resignations for members of the Board of Directors of various corporate scientology entities is true. Any official reformation re-org must insist on no such practice. Its a control mechanism. LRH used it. But as the old man said, we will make mistakes because we are building a new world with broken bricks, or something to that effect. This undated resignation practice has come back to bite us good. Dont repeat that mistake. Giving proven and trusted incorporators real roles and responsibilities and staggered terms is the best way to ensure the stability and the staying on purpose of an organization.

  94. WOAH!!!! War and Peace it weren’t moi that said “knowing the knowledge and power etc” —

    That be Thought Provoking …

    I definitely wouldn’t ever ask you or anyone else — “Did you help?” I find that to be a really ickky and introverting question. We help as we can. Not how someone thinks we should.

    That kind of help (enforced help) is usually extortion.


  95. Did anyone see the movie “The Mission?” It came out back in 1986. It’s all about the dwindling spiral of a religion, how the original theta intent becomes corrupted, perverted into a thirst for power. It demonstrated how the Catholic church went down the scale until it was dramatizing the inversion of its original purpose to help people rise into a more spiritual place. By the time period depicted in the movie, its leaders lived for power at the expense of all of the original values of the church.

    The Jesuit preists in the story represented the pure, theta intentions of the original religion, of source. They were amazing. Jeremy Irons even had Robert DeNiro (who became a Jesuit) do a liability formula, which cracked his case.

    When I first saw “The Mission” I thought, “This happened to Christianity, but it could never happen to Scn. We have O/W tech, we have FPRD tech (I think FPRD had just come out). The tech will prevent any such thing from happening to us.”

    Of course, now I know that no tech can protect any group from anything if the tech is not applied, let alone if it’s hijacked and subverted to feed the power hunger of its leader(s).

    Just like in “The Mission” . . .

  96. Thought provoking

    W and P,

    Thanks for the ack, it was me, not WH who posted this.

    Being at INT gives one a much greater understanding of the Scientology network which I am familiar with it but don’t have the KRC that is achieved from day to day work in the environment.

    I do understand the slave/master concept but, if Mike and Marty could go public, why not them? Why not anyone who had the data? Every once in awhile you get a slave that wants to revolt and will do something about it. Sounds like you think that could never happen. Maybe you are right…but just maybe…

    Anyway, thenaks for the clarifications.

  97. I think that much of this is restimulation, pure and simple. The Church is now a “Church” and many of the staff I have encountered in the last five years are dramatizing being Roman Catholic — obsessive about sex, purity, obedience, etc.

    The problem with full blown dramatizations is that the individual carries out the dramatization without awareness that it is a dramatization, using justified thought (or in this case select passages from policy) to explain the behavior, which doesn’t make sense.

    They are not clear on all the dynamics, therefore they can and do dramatize unknowingly. And really, the last time I was in a C of S, I really felt like I had walked into a medieval version of the Roman Catholic Church, fixated on finding and stomping out heretics and enforcing Church “law.”

    When I pulled out references to handle the behavior, I got a bemused and dazed sort of response to them and well, what do you know, that is what the policy letter says so I guess we’ll have to drop this.

  98. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Well done. For acking your child and showing them the reference. Awesome story. Great child and lucky to have a parent like you.

  99. Wow, I too was around during the dismatling of the GO. It was a real sad time and I felt a lot of baby was thrown out with the bathwater.

    At the time of the dismantle I saw the finances flying around like crazy. The raid of the GO was about money. The GO ran RTRC (who was in charge of the vault). The finance office was removed from the GO and was put under CMO Int. Then the raid of the vault occured and the money was removed from RTRC and deposited into SOR.

    So maybe the whole thing was a sting to get the money?

    Yes, checks and balances. But then Jane Kember went a little mad and started acting like a dictator. So a whole figure out needs to occur where no one single person runs the C of S. It has to be a committed or a board.

  100. W&P,

    From the CoS:

    “The Watchdog Committee does not manage individual Churches, but ensures that Church management bodies are established, functioning and performing their duties in accordance with Church policy as written by Mr. Hubbard.”

    It’s become a Lap Dog Committee.

  101. Well written article and comments. I always wanted to know what happened. For me personally this put it all together and I thank you for that. This blog helps one as-is and puts things into perspective, the missing link so to speak. One by one people leave and the truth begets the truth again thank you.

  102. Dear George.

    First you fuzz about todays Chatolic Church but than you say:

    “In Scientology however, the body of knowledge (the Tech) has been gone through with a fine comb to ensure that alterations by others are removed,”

    Translastion: David Miscavige has squirrelled it to fit his own purpose and made up a fairy tail about SPs in the past.

    “the public have been pressured to buy the materials, and are constantly pressured to now study all the Tech.”

    Translation: The public has been sucked dry to buy the same books over and over again and has been told to Shut the F**k up and toswallow of Source Tech so that they not look at COB.

    “Scientology public are made to go to the Source.

    Translation: Frightened into compliance by looming disconnection and/or SP-declares.

    “No one out here can verify what the actual LRH was in those cases as we do not have access to the original recordings or handwritten notes, so it is all rather academic.”

    Translation: I George don’t care what LRH actually said, ment or intended and I don’t even take an effort to KNOW. I George are a David Miscavige Adept.

    “Scientologists have actually read all the books and listened to all the supporting lectures and actually understand what Scientology is actually about.”

    Translation: I George am so far away from reality Im could be Tommy Davis or a Beagle in captains uniform.

    “As a public person your assertions that COB is trying to take over as Source is unreal.”

    Translation: I George am going to bash Marty now because I kiss the ground were Mein Fürher David Miscavige walks on.

    Than you do some fuzzing abou MEST and COB being all sweet and Dandy leading up too:

    “To suggest that helping build Ideal Orgs by donating money to them is the same as the Catholic practice of selling indulgences is wrong.”

    Translation: Don’t spoil Davids party, He is enjoying the shitloads of money pooring in while public is squeezed for their lifes blood and by the way we are accepting your kidneys too as donation these days.

    “because you audit without a C/S”

    Translation: Miscavige is angry because he looses out on the Cash and other people to squeeze and use up to the point that they are a former shadow of themselves.

    George ask Tom too scoot over, I ‘ll bet David holds a spot for you.

  103. From a pure admin tech viewpoint, the dwindling spiral of a religion or any kind of group has to do with stopping to deliver real, desirable Valuable Final Products: in our case, states of release and auditors.
    Org series 17 Reality of products states:
    “Thus the valuable final product of a group must be valuable to another group or individuals in
    society around it and sufficiently so that it can receive in return things it wants or needs but does not produce. And it must DELIVER its valuable final product, a point most often missed.
    A group of knights in a castle on a hill had protection for the peasant as a valuable final
    product. When they ceased to deliver and used only threat and robbery the peasant eventually invented a longbow whose arrow could penetrate armor and knighthood was no longer in flower.

    All this is really quite simple. It is even in the Factors.

  104. huckleberry, I used to call it Maddog committee.

  105. exsolonotsdofp posted 3600 names here. This is great and I have already started.

    I took the liberty of modifying one of the posts recently about the new e-meter and started sending that out hoping people will start asking questions. I took out all the independant type with the intent that someone would be more inclined to read the whole thing.

    I can’t attach it here but could forward to Marty if anyone wants to send it.

  106. Jane had similar pretensions to Miscavige.

    She pretty much ran the GO as her little fiefdom.

    I know the Ol’man was pissed with Herbie Parkhouse for messing up the Building Fund Account and doing a lot of financial irregs that would pale in comparison to the current Laundromat operation.

    I think one of his “bright ideas” was SEF or the Safe Environment Fund precursor to the IAS rip off machine.

    Any way I personally think one of the key targets was the Franchise funds. The 10% tithes collected from each Franchise or Mission which was controlled by the Franchise Office at WW.

    Another one was the SOCO (Social Coordination) account which included money from Narconon mainly. However, some was also coming in from WISE as well.

    Money was one reason but I think there were others as well.

  107. Thanks Jim and The emperor for your kind comments.

  108. A bunch of documents that have been publicly available since they were filed in 1998, have “recently come to light”… uh-huh, sure.

    Nowhere in those many pages of documents linked is there any mention of a “Reformed Church of Scientology”, only “Informer Ministry”.

    You Fail, Troll.

    Michael A. Hobson

  109. William Shakespeare:

    “Then everything includes itself in power,
    Power into will, will into appetite;
    And appetite, an universal wolf,
    So doubly seconded with will and power,
    Must make perforce an universal prey,
    And last eat up himself! (Troilus and Cressida)”

  110. @Hobs

    Doesn’t the following count?

    I, as a reformer, and a dissident, breakaway minister of the Church of Scientology, am requesting for my proposed church, only precisely the same rights and status that the IRS granted to L. Ron Hubbard, and to his church.

    If, as a reformer minister, I am not entitled to the same rights and recognition for my religion, as I had when I was a minister of Scientology, it would seem clear that the IRS is discriminating against my religion, in favor of Scientology.

  111. Watchdog to Maddog to Lapdog … falling down the tone scale, Sarge.

  112. Theo Sismanides

    Moreover Peace and War, I have never heard of DM ever auditing a single PC, helping a single person go up the Bridge or do some action.

    Marty, does DM audit anybody? To a win, of course eh? LOL

  113. You miscalled him. He provided data and was not atacking anyone personaly or ridiculing anybody’s belief. He provided dox(documents) for inspection . He was transparant. The “recently” is just that things on the internet casnb in fact be “”floating”” around untill they become relevant again.

    In this case you could just have asked a question and stated an argumentation about your findings and opinion, no need for name calling.

    My question to you is what is behind your viewpoint. Why did you judge him to be trolling in this case ?

    awaiting your answer CD

  114. That is actually a very valid point that might need closer inspection. After all it touches on freedom of religion.

  115. exsolonotsdofp

    Dear LO,
    This is not the OT7 adresso. This is the WISE 2004 directory that you can find all over the Internet. I didn’t steel anything when i left the SO.

  116. Marty, In light of the analogy you are making, I thought this email from an org would be interesting to you. The “re” heading of the email said “Great Cathedrals!” I hope you are able to see it.

  117. -Systematically get rid of anybody who can effectively use LRH tech to free theta in the world-
    This objective becomes so clear with everything I read here…

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