A new Old School declaration of independence

  I’ve never met Glenn Samuels. However, I learned a little something about him in 2001.  At that time I visited world renowned recording artist and producer Stanley Clarke at his home. My assignment was to recover him to the Church so that Chick Corea could participate in a reunion of Return to Forever. Stanley was very gracious and sincere. He told me he was impressed with all my arguments, but that one fact made him hesitant to return. That fact was that his friend Glenn Samuels had been declared for no apparent legitimate reason in the early eighties and he was unwilling to disconnect from a true friend.  RTF ultimately did reunite for a tour last year. How they dealt with the matter of Stanley and how he dealt with his friendship with Glenn I do not know. I do know that Stanley seemed awfully sincere in 2001 and I was impressed with how impressed he was with his friend.  So, I was intrigued when Glenn contacted me with his declaration.  Please read it thoroughly. He imparts some perspective I think is valuable to all of us.


I would like to commend you and the other independents on what you are doing. It takes courage to leave the Church of Scientology and take an independent stand against a vengeful and unrelenting force. I’m happy to see that there is a new independent movement.

 I left the Church of Scientology in May, 1982 after being held under guard. Two former COs of the CMO were also under guard at the same time, we would wink at each other as we passed in the hallway. I got my car keys from the not so bright guard and took off.

I left behind all my belongings, my wife, my sister, all my friends, my group and my dream of a safe and sane planet. Most of you who are reading this know what I am talking about. It is a rough and courageous thing to do and I admire you for doing it.

In the early 80s it was important to Miscavige and the Broekers to get rid of anyone who had his own voice in Scientology. The people who built Scn. up from tiny orgs run in some major cities in old homes in bad neighborhoods and ugly industrial buildings to having admirable structures in all the major cities in the world were selectively and systematically expelled. Top International Scientology Execs and Senior Messengers were kicked out or sent to “Happy Valley” where most of them were made to run around a tree for months, do menial work, and then got declared. On the tech side almost everyone who trained directly under LRH was targeted as well. They also got rid of a lot of popular Mission holders and took their missions away from them. It was important to the three in-charge to have no voice within the organization more popular, senior or convincing than their own. Also it was important for no one to have more power or knowledge in any area, such as the tech. When R was alive he protected the tech hierarchy and their sovereignty. After the removal of the top tech people and the removal of the top execs who knew not to mess with the tech the remaining tech personnel were easy to manipulate.

R’s order was for Scientology to become a juggernaut, something that would run on its own after his death. The way that order was implemented was callously brutal with human rights violations. I left because of the human rights violations. I was on a CMO Mission that ordered people thrown out on the street in Clearwater. These people were my friends, good, sincere and hard working Sea Org members, not deserving of any of that nor being labeled “Suppressive Person.” It is a subject of debate because of the stranglehold that Miscavige and the Broekers had over the communications in and out to R what he knew or didn’t know at that time. But I know for a fact that LRH loved some of these people that were rounded up and cast aside. One was my ex-wife, Maureen. He was crazy about her; he photographed her, loved being around her on the ship during the dance troupe days and trained here to run Flag Bureaus on the ship. He told her that there was no way to take a bad picture of her… She was crushed by seeing a message supposedly from him that said she was an SP. It is hard to believe that R could call someone he loved so much as SP. It didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t just her; he was also very fond of Mayo. He trusted him. Mayo was the Sr. CS at Flag when he was sent to Int. when LRH was near death around 1978. It was through Mayo’s care and precise auditing that R recovered. That auditing led to the release of NOTs. It would be hard for me to believe that anyone could be so callous as to throw out and denounce someone who helped save their life. Nevertheless it did happen to Mayo and others that were R’s beloved friends. Miscavige wrestled control of Scientology from the Broekers and you have what is going on now.

For the most part when LRH or one of the top execs would go off on someone sooner or later justice would be restored. Now there is no sense and sighting of justice. When a leader of a religion is unbalanced and receives lawsuits or a court summons, they tend to blame and purge anyone near them. This is what is happening now; people like Rinder, Marty and Amy Scobee are current examples of that In the past there was always recourse for those who wanted it, now there is none. The whimsy and commonness with which someone is called an SP these days is staggering. An SP is a very specific type person, they are not very common. Most of the top execs and auditors were Clear. By definition can a Clear be an SP? It is an important question to consider to anyone in or out of Scientology.

Some of my friends who recently left the church told me that the meter has become more important than the person sitting in front of the auditor. They told me that auditors and examiners stare at the meter looking for a floating needle, over run processes for weeks and wrap people up in blankets with heaters for the sake of the tone arm. The whole operation has gone sour due to the administrative leadership. It tells me that the auditing is not centered and focused on the person, but now exists for ulterior motives and sundry purposes.

When someone would come to the Apollo for auditing the intent was to “crack” their case and send them back to their org or to just get on with life. LRH called us the Case Cracking Unit. That same intent was carried over to the initial days in Daytona and Clearwater when we landed. We were hand picked and trained by LRH to do expert interviews, CSing and auditing so that when a person came for auditing it was done in a matter of an intensive or two. They would have their case cracked. If they chose to stay and get an L or do an advanced level in Clearwater that was their choice, but not the main intention. It was all about precision, economy of time and superlative results. There was no plan to keep them at Flag with endless unnecessary rundowns or intensives of sec checking to be sure, nor did OT 7 cans cost $380.00!

 There was a lot of excitement when we did the first NOTs course and opened up the first NOTs HGC in Clearwater. I CSd in the first NOTs HGC. At that time Clearwater was a fun place to be and those getting auditing became friends for life. I have been told it is no longer that way. It is a sad state of affairs. I am happy that people like Marty and other independents are around to give those who want auditing in a safer “client-centered” environment the chance to get it.

In the 80s there was an independent movement which eventually failed due to harassment, endless litigation, and multi-million dollar pay offs from the church. However, Sarge Gerbode did stand up to the church successfully, but it cost him a lot of money. He developed what he calls TIR, traumatic incident reduction. He went toe to toe with Miscavige and won the right to deliver parts of the tech in the name of his new organization. He has done good work and has associations around the world, some funded by counties to help the abused. It is good to see that. And also I am glad that there is a new desire for people to get auditing where it is all about the help and not about anything else. I have audited off and on since the 80s but have decided to focus on counseling once again. I have expertise in “cracking cases” and it was and is my main purpose in life–to help people.

 If anyone wishes to contact me and discuss getting sessions I can be reached at:

glennsamuels@gmail.com. I’m currently in the San Diego, Ca. area, but will travel.

 Good luck,


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  1. Bravo Glenn! Your observations are spot on. I agree that the work Sarge Gerbode developed is quite amazing.

  2. Hey my old c/s:) it is good to see ya speaking your mind and sharing your viewpoint on this blog.
    All the best!

  3. Welcome Glenn!
    Yes, it is good to be away from the influence of the Dark Star that the CoS has become. I look forward to hearing more about you soon.

    – Tom

  4. Hi Glen,

    It’s good to see you back 🙂

  5. Glenn:

    What a great posting about your experience in SCN from “back in the days”. Thank you for your contribution to helping clear Planet Earth. I hope to one day meet you at some point up the line…


  6. Murray, Exilda, Chrissie, Shane and Breyana

    This is from all of us! That was sooooo well written!!!! We love you!!!!!
    It is so wonderful to be back with an old friend!!!! =)
    Lots and Love!!!

  7. Not so long ago someone implied, during a discussion/thread, that there could be more than one (DM) at work on the takeover of our church.

    Glenn’s comments about how LRH did a 180 vis a vis his relationship with Maureen and David, jogged that implication once again. The reason I even bring this up is because people like DM are inherently stupid and low iQ. That is not to say they show incedible cleverness and daring

  8. (Marty – I hit the wrong button – I wasn’t finished.)

    it just my suspicion that DM doesn’t have what it would take ‘upstairs’ to pull off what has been done so far over the last 30 years. I would truly love to read other opinions about this. Intellectually, he’s just too George W.

  9. I got into Scientology through Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke; they mentioned LRH in their albums. I had the opportunity to thank Chick in person, but always wondered what had happened to Stan in regards to the church.
    The reason I mention this is that one of the benefits this and similar sites is that little by little the mysteries are getting clarified and with this a lot of charge goes away. Just the mention of Stanley and a tiny glimpse of why he’s not on-lines, did something positive for me.
    I hope that one day in the near future a truthful timeline can be put together so that we can all know what happened at various points in the history of our religion. Maybe a “Where are they now?” wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

  10. Welcome within the real people Glenn, there is no place for robots here!!

  11. Thank you Glenn for letting your voice be heard here. I, as well, had quite a bit of mystery surrounding the disappearance of Stanley from the Scientology “scene”.

    I admire that you had the courage to walk away with your integrity in tact. Bravo!

    Sherry Katz

  12. Wow! What a great write up!

  13. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Glenn, you saw the bad things early, since the 80’s. What’s amazing to me is how affinity cannot be alloyed because of… 30 years of time!

    So welcome back.

    A case cracking auditor and you wanna audit. Super!!

    Glenn and the rest of us, remember also the list of Independents. Remember to put your name up there.


    This is forming into a World Wide Web Org here.
    WWWO. We have people everywhere.

    Welcome again Glenn and thank you for sharing your story with us. Very enlightening.

  14. Since the early 80s, all declares have stated that so and so is “Declared Suppressive-FNGR.”

    Nobody knew what that meant really, but it turns out that it means “For No Good Reason.”

  15. It makes me happy to see old independents blending with new independents. New independents brings a fresh start and a new power force in creating a safe space for everyone to use Scientology; old independents brings history, original scientology values and experience that were possibly compromised by decades of inner Co$ lies and propaganda.

    Thanks Marty and welcome Glenn.

  16. I also got in largely because I was a big fan of Chick Corea, RTF, Stanley, etc. as a teenager. Coincidentally it was around the time you were leaving. Too bad we didn’t have the internet back then. Thanks for speaking now.

  17. This is terrific, Glenn. Thanks so much for the non-E!

  18. Hi Glenn. Nice to see you connecting with this group. Although nothing seems to happen as quickly as we would like, in the end truth prevails. Your comment about Clearwater when NOT’s first came out as being a fun place to be was very true. It was probably the high point after many good years in the seventies when the peace and love generation and baby boomers found Scientology, embraced it and carried it forward. Those were special times at flag, the manor, and any and all orgs and missions and special friends were indeed made. And it can still happen in any coursroom or session, anywhere, where the goal is to reach greater awareness, freedom and skill. That special time belonged to that generation. Hopefully this movement will contribute to an environment and network that will allow the next generation to create and have for themselves the type of environment that we all considered so special.

  19. Glenn!!! While we didn’t know each other well, when I was staff at Flag – Mo and I were very close. Took our CSP time to take ballet classes on Cleveland. I loved Mo dearly, although have been miffed at her all these years from seemingly throwing me under the bus in order to man up WISE — now I see she did me the greatest inadvertent favor!!! Had I gone to Int, I’d be toast today. (I was slated for Int Strata)

    I spent a wonderful weekend with Mo (maybe you too but I just don’t remember) at your parents lovely Palm Springs home.

    I have to say — I’m a bit teary now — thinking of those years and Mo.

    And yes — LRH loved Mo – no question. What was not to love?

    I remember her teeny tiny wrists — so feminine and always adorned with wonderful presents from you.

    I hope she is well.

    And your sister? She was a darling too.

    Great Glenn — glad to know you are so well and happy.


  20. Stanley Clarke, another name from my past: I didn’t know Stanley well but he was a dear friend of a close friend of mine from my days at CC LA

    While on Mission from Flag — I spent a fair amount of time with Stanley and his wife Carolyn. Basically the purpose of my mission, in a nutshell, was to get celebs NOT to become part of Martin Samuels newly forming artists group.
    (can’t remember the name)(which it was feared would undermine CC Int)

    Stanley wouldn’t budge. He was friends with the “fringe” renegades and just wouldn’t denounce them. Darby Simpson (Mission Holder CCNY), her then 2d – Class XII Mike Maurer (who had left the SO), Martin Samuels and others.

    Yes — Stanley was truly a man with deep convictions and integrity.

    All these blog posts are bringing my memory back!! (age nonwithstanding 🙂


  21. Pleasure to meet you Glenn. Thanks for finding your way here and sharing some of your track with us. I truly admire your integrity, sticking to what you know is the greatest good.

    Fact that you have decided to focus on auditing again is b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t.

    Firing off my best wishes to your way and hope to meet you sometime.

    Love, Kirsi Ojamo

  22. Hi Glenn.

    It seems that you are an Independent since long time ago.

    Good to hear you telling this in a new unit of time.


  23. Sarge Gerbode is a good personal friend of mine. He’s a fully trained and liscened Psychiatrist. Sarge is an MD. Maybe the only psych who’s also become an auditor. No, not all psychs are bad people.

  24. I should have mentioned this too:


    Traumatic Incident Reduction and Metapsychology were developed principally by Dr. Frank Gerbode, M.D. Dr. Gerbode is a Psychiatrist and Certified Trauma Specialist. He studied philosophy at Stanford and Cambridge Universities during the sixties, then went on to receive his M.D. from Yale Medical School and complete his Psychiatric residency at Stanford University Medical Center. He spent more than twenty years studying alternative methods of helping individuals achieve their potential and enhance the quality of their lives.

    In 1986 Dr. Gerbode founded the TIRA, formerly the Institute for Research in Metapsychology. His papers have been published in the Journal of Neurochemistry and International Journal of Neuropharmacology . Dr. Gerbode developed TIR as part of a comprehensive system of healing and discovery called Metapsychology.

    He is the author of Beyond Psychology: An Introduction to Metapsychology. (1988) IRM Press ISBN: 0-945823-01-0

  25. Kingair350, audacity trumps intelligence in most human activities. Higher level thinking doesn’t get a lot of agreement because…well…most people aren’t too bright and most people just fail to grasp what the truly bright boys and girls are saying. Agreement with dumb ideas is easy to accomplish. Bank agreement.
    A study appeared in the news back in the 80’s about “So You Think Your Boss Is Stupid” or some such title. The researchers discovered that people who lacked the ability to ASSESS conditions around them also lack the ability to assess themselves. Thus, a dumb person with ambition doesn’t realize he lacks the skills and knowledge necessary for the job. He can’t assess. A brighter person will see the magnitude of the challenge and hesitate. You can extrapolate the rest.

  26. Ah, brings back fond memories of seeing Chick perform in New York at “Poetry By Candlelight” way back in, hmmm, 1970?
    Afterwards, we’d go out to Chinatown with about a dozen people sitting around a table designed for six, sharing an array of dishes. Yum.
    “Those were the days, my friend
    We thought they’d never end
    We’d sing and dance forever and a day
    We’d live the life we choose
    We’d fight and never lose
    For we were young and sure to have our way”

    May those days truly never end, and may we remember what inspired us to greatness in the first place.

  27. Thank you Glenn for your detailed and informative post — and welcome to our wonderful group of Independents! Very glad to have you aboard!

  28. Hi Glenn,

    Chuck Beatty here, or “LFBD” as Norm Schafer used to call me sometimes, or “BD” for short.

    I was one of the 100 TTCers in Dec 1975 that showed up at the Fort Harrison to supposedly train up to Class 12, and no one made it out of that bunch. You befriended Freddy Randell, who was probably the most likely candidate to deserve a shot to make it to Class 12, he had natural TRs, what the heck derailed Freddy? Norm had pretty smooth TRs also, but he crashed and burned somehow also.

    Yea, Glen, you’re in a whole other class of auditor, you exemplified “TRs and Cognitions”, you had smooth natural TRs, and those don’t go away, so I’m sure those you audit today will immediately benefit.

    When “Auditor Beingness” HCOB came out in 1980, I’d grade you as passing on it, were it up to me.

    And you were kind enough to befriend a lot of those green TTCers (Steve Foley, Larry Black, Randell Rudolph and others) who frankly had no chance in hell, of making it to Class 12, but we had that unreal goal. I have thought many years about why ‘we failed.’

    The loss of Scientology is TRs and Cognitions is out.

    You can’t have people who don’t know what that is, and DM has no clue, ordering anything in the tech zone.

    In the end, it is almost such a long runway to make it to Class 12, so it seemed, even then, to me. It honestly was completely out of my league. And finally, when I quit Scientology mentally (quitting mentally preceded a few years making it out mechanically), I concluded, and later confirmed my conclusion by reading other therapists discuss this issue, the subject of the manner and quality of the therapist’s patient presence/behavior is something that does NOT get trained in on a person, it is more in the person’s character to begin with.

    Simply, not everyone is suited to be an auditor, and the old Flag just weeded OUT, all those people who were NOT suited for the profession, period.

    Rather than focus on making everyone who wanted to be, to become an auditor, through Golden Age of Tech, it is the case that MOST of those trying are NOT personality wise suited for the job. Most people will violate the Code so damn often, it just makes all gain impossible.

    Even though I’m NOT a Scientology promoter today, I’d rate you in that older generation of Apollo trained bunch of Flag auditors who did have really natural smooth excellent TRs, and further I think that quality of smooth TRs are a person’s natural inclinations.

    You’re a “TRs Pass” for all time.

    You have Auditor presence. You have it for real. That doesn’t grow on trees.

    In my final 7 years almost, on the RPF, zillions of hours of co-audited on False Purpose rundown crap, sitting in co-audit rooms for years, thousands of sessions around me, watching others butcher up each other, taking years to get people through the RPF, that’s a whole saga that still goes on, but when I started to analyze what I thought was bedrock wrong, it is down to this zone of the auditor/therapist’s “beingness”. I think those that attain it, have a high potential inclination towards good therapist/auditor beingness to begin with though.

    I watched so many years of grinding incompetent wasting of time, on the RPF, for no benefit, other than training people to fake results. A half dozen years away from any activity usually retrains the brain anyways. And the RPF in the late 1990s was 5 plus years for about 50 % of the members on the RPF.

    In thinking back, while I was sitting on the Int RPF out in the desert, when I first realized how we were all butchering each other up, I used to think of the people who trained and audited at Flag in my auditor training years, 75-77, and you definitely were across the barrier and into the ranks of Flag auditors who had the auditor presence and TRs that were Flag quality.

    That doesn’t grow on trees.

    You have those qualities Glenn. You got your TRs pass for life, for real. And that WAS the key to the case crackers even getting reads on the correction lists that didn’t read in the hands of lesser auditors.

    Someday tell why you think all those Class 12s defected in the late 1970s, what their personal views were about what was happening, since that was a pretty damaging brain drain period, the late 1970s at Clearwater.

    Chuck Beatty

  29. Great article and welcome to the Independents Glenn.

    I knew Maureen, Mayo and those CO CMOs and wondered what happened to them – thanks for the info on this. Especially as to what happened to Stanley as I did like his music very much and saw him in concert etc.

  30. Dear Glenn,

    Your write up tastes very much of the “real scientology”. You are a person of values and it is great to know people like you are around.


  31. You and Mo are two that I remember well from CW – although I was closer to Mo, having done a mission with her. Great to hear from you, Glenn. And, thanks for clearing up some of the void. Best to you!

  32. Thanks for sharing this with us Glenn. It is very enlightening to those who don’t know the earlier history of what went on. The dismantling of Scientology did begin earlier than most people think, starting in the early 80s.

    It has been my privilege to meet and get to know Glenn since I left the Sea Org and he is an extremely warm hearted and honest person and I completely understand why Stanley Clarke would stand by his friend.

    Glenn is also an accomplished photographer and artist as well as a counselor.

  33. Well put, Once. They are the “not quite bright”, who LRH rightfully recognizes as the most dangerous of morons because they don’t see how not smart they really are.

  34. Glen

    Well, you figured it out way ahead of me, and for that I conclude you’re a very sharp guy, with quite a bit of integrity. Integrity is pretty hot right now, especially with this group, let me tell you. Integrity is sexy. Integrity gives you coin. As it should be. I’m sure we all hope that never changes!

    I wondered about Stanley, too. Obviously a very good guy to have stood his ground so graciously regarding the church and his friendship with you.

    I’m sure that taking a stand when you did, when the deck was still so stacked against you, must have been lonely and maybe a little overwhelming at times. I’m sure you overcame that, but I still hope you find lots of new friends and terminals of comparable magnitude within
    the new group forming up here, on the outside of the church. I think you make a terrific addition to this community. Welcome.


  35. Hi Glen,

    Thanks for declaring your Independence!

    You sound like you would be a good tech terminal with your ability to spot out-points and act on them quickly.

    You lead the way on disagreeing with the craziness and for that I thank you.

    Any chance of getting Stanley Clark to join our ranks? That would shake things up I think!


  36. OUAT,
    thankyou so much. That reference, plus your comments, susinctly described an amazing human phenomena. I will watch again W with this new understanding. Remarkably, I now feel far less fear and revulsion toward these brutes. (dare I say dePTS’d)

  37. I was new in Scientology when Sarge’s Mission was being raided by SO and folders taken out and the so-called New Mission was being formed.
    I remember thinking to myself “what the hell is all this about”. I could never buy the SP thing. Many good people left after that and you know this independent movement is bringing so many good people together and the truth is blowing so much charge not just for me but for my friends.
    I remember the Bay Area got hit hard and it never recovered. The cloud hangs low. It is interesting how some continue to look for the sp or sp’s and things just don’t change. Wrong target?

    Good article thanks.

  38. Thx Glenn for you seeing EXACTLY whats wrong with the current Scn, its just NOT FUN whatsoever to be part of it anymore and you see walking corpses as staff who do and say what they are told. DM has made a group of robots (who just say yes to everything) someone has to hit the de-activate button with these people so they wake up! Does anyone know how to de-activate these robots and send DM to another planet?

  39. I also think that DM is not the only one. He is the visible target like George Bush. He must be working for somebody else, like the CIA or something like that. That would explain why the police is not getting involved with any complaints investigations.

  40. I feel blessed being allowed to witness all these reunions and probably “Return to Forevers” of yee veterans and I could not name anything else more calming and stabilizing during these times of turmoil and chaos than by those thruths you are revealing.

  41. Some great decepters in history were not that intelligent but extremely cunning.

    You do not need to be bright to be devious. Not spending a single thought on the great questions in life frees the mind up for evil ploy and manipulative games.

    In this case the NEED or the URGE to be on top or survive in this particular situation where leadership has been stolenis very great in an Individual. Mobsters aren’t the brightest people either. They just do deeds a well thinking person would never contemplate of doing.

    Example:a qouite from Jesse Prince

    “In the security check Dave made sure he told me about the trips to the casinoes, the heavy drinking and the women he and Pat had enjoyed together. Dave freely confessed his sins and Pat Broeker”s sins as well. He said if he was going to go down, he was going to make sure Pat Broeker went down as well. He was very critical of Pat, saying he had a long history of alcohol abuse and recklessly spending LRH’s money. Of course, the person who received the report of Dave”s sec check was Pat Broeker. So it didn”t surprise me a bit when Dave and Pat suddenly became best buddies again.”

  42. I am glad this takes the one dimensional thinking out of the subject and takes it into multiple dimensions of thought.

  43. One more thing Glenn, you are completely correct in the following statement and I haven’t seen it pointed out so clearly before:

    “Some of my friends who recently left the church told me that the meter has become more important than the person sitting in front of the auditor. They told me that auditors and examiners stare at the meter looking for a floating needle, over run processes for weeks and wrap people up in blankets with heaters for the sake of the tone arm. The whole operation has gone sour due to the administrative leadership. It tells me that the auditing is not centered and focused on the person, but now exists for ulterior motives and sundry purposes.”

    When I first heard from Chuck Beatty about this, I knew then that DM had completely altered Standard Tech and how to audit PC’s into no case gain.

  44. Thought provoking

    Sarge had come back from FLAG and made a public announcement that he was leaving the church and joining with Mayo. Public and staff were allowed to do their own doubt formulas at the time and yes, it was a crazy time. The mission was completely ripped apart as were close friendships because of the automatic declare issues and disconnect policies being enforced.

    As far as I know the only folders that were taken out were by the public who remained with the church and requested their folders. I was able to get all of mine and they did come in handy later on. I don’t see any chance of getting them now which is a shame. But floods and fires happen ruining and destroying folders – reconstruction can always be done.

  45. “he was also very fond of Mayo. He trusted him. Mayo was the Sr. CS at Flag when he was sent to Int. when LRH was near death around 1978. It was through Mayo’s care and precise auditing that R recovered.”

    I think this is the time the young lad Miscavige must have smelled the blood in the water like a shark. It is a very unconsious and animalistic computation to make.

    He saw a weakness and in his mind-set it was enough to start him off on his path.

  46. David from England

    An Outside Writes:
    It’s communications like this from Glenn that are going to do the most damage to the Church of Miscavige.

    It isn’t going to reform itself under its own steam.

    It isn’t going to have a palace revolution that will see the good guys restored to power.

    What you have to realise though, is that most of the good guys are already out, and that the Church of “ex-Scientologists” (even though that’s an imprecise term) is bigger and livelier than the Church of Scientologists. You’ve got the numbers on your side; all you need now is a network.

    It’s vitally important that this new wave of people links up with past waves of escapees who value the tech but despise the wicked structure.

    I was intrigued and delighted, for example, to see the refererences to Frank Gerbode and to see that someone of the calibre of Gerald French is posting to this site: when those networks are rebuilt – on whatever basis, however loose – you will be unstoppable. Then the Church can look after itself, becuase people will be coming to you first. You’ll be the authority.

    As an outsider, someone who was never really involved with the Church, but someone who has followed its travails for nearly 40 years now, I can assure you that these are the most exciting times ever. If you can reanimate the people mistreated and cast aside by Miscavige and Co., you’ll have done the world a great favour.

    Believe me, the stakes are that high.

  47. David from England

    If you allow me the indulgence of correcting myself, I should stress that “most of the good guys” are not already out – the vast majority of people in the organisation are themselves good guys, even those in high places who should know better – but that the community of former members is certainly also made up of good guys and gals, an increasing number of which are of very high status.

    Some of these good guys on the inside may never leave, which is sad, but understandable given the hold the tech has on people. But the balance daily tips in your direction.

  48. Gerald!
    Wow – what a wonderful blast from the past. It’s good to see you posting.

  49. In my excitement of seeing Gerald posting, I hit submit too soon. 🙂 Yes, Sarge is a wonderful example of not all psychs being evil and his work speaks for itself.

  50. David from England:

    I agree with a lot of what you say. In the new network we are creating the problem I see is that a lot of the good guys that are on the outside now cannot train up new “good guys”.

    If we do not reform the COS quickly we will lose all of the experience that the “good guys” have that are now on the outside.

    How do we as a new group get around the fact that the COS has all the trademarks and will fight any new movement that will challenge it?

    It seems to me to be a bit like the French underground during WW II. And we have to get rid of “Adolph” quickly if the good guys really stand a chance.


  51. “The whimsy and commonness with which someone is called an SP these days is staggering. An SP is a very specific type person, they are not very common. Most of the top execs and auditors were Clear. By definition can a Clear be an SP? It is an important question to consider to anyone in or out of Scientology.”

    I’ve been wondering about this for years. Isn’t an SP supposed to be someone stuck in the past, confusing everyone around them in present time with the identities in the incident they are stuck in?

    How can a clear or OT be stuck in the past?

    Yes, OTs and Clears can have non-survival and/or evil intentions but do they fit the textbook definition of an SP?

  52. Glenn,

    Thank you for sharing your truth with your group.
    Thanks to Marty and internet for hooking us all up, old timers and those new ones!

    I am glad you are here in our neighborhood and offering your auditing ability to us.
    I’ll be in touch.

  53. Actually, I was there at the time and in fact, Mayo was ordering that DM be taken in for sec checking because DM was starting to act irrationally and autonomously and it was noticed by DM’s seniors at the time. The then CO CMO INT.

    Instead, DM went into action by going directly to Broeker and false reporting what Mayo was up to at the time and had Mayo removed before DM’s Overts and Witholds were pulled. Broeker was mutual out ruds with DM at the time because they had been busy goofing off and spending LRH’s money in Vegas gambling etc. If DM was found out about, so would have been Broeker.

    If DM had failed at that time in getting rid of Mayo, who knows where we would be today?

  54. Its truly wonderful to see the likes of Glen
    come back. 🙂

    He can do the L’s also I gather.

    Its interesting his praise of Sarge Gerbode.

    Sarge in his book ” Metapsychology” its introduction, commented that he found his work
    at his day job in psychiatry was less successfull
    that his evening work as an auditor.

    Sarge from a wealthy family funded a ten year legal battle between Mayo and RTC. Eventually
    had enough and re wrote the tech in Metapsychology and TIR. [ Tramatic incident reduction, ie Dianetics.

    So the ongoing destruction of tech is well known now. With the likes of Glen we see how it could have been.

    It will be a long hard slog to recreate the wins
    and change the perception of the tech.

    Sorry for a down note now. Been on the front lines of dissemination on the net for a decade.
    The world hates the subject scn.

    The likes of Glen returning helps enormously. 🙂

  55. DM allowed psychiatrists Sarge Gerbode to use parts of Scientology tech but others may not use it outside of the orgs?

  56. About the Gerbode brothers: do they give credit to LRH when using his tech or parts of his tech?

  57. Yes, Sarge does give credit to LRH and mentions Dianetics in his book, An Introduction to Metapsychology.
    I’m not sure what you mean by brothers as it was written by Sarge.
    Maybe the confusion is the two names? Frank is affectionately called Sarge.

  58. Wow, what a great article Glenn. Thank you for sharing your experiences and viewpoints! I particularly liked the point you made about the (im)possibility of a Clear even being an SP. LRH’s description of a Clear in Dianetics sure doesn’t sound like a person that could ever be suppressive. Thank you so much for being here!

  59. Nice writeup Glenn, very interesting stuff.

  60. Alex,

    I don’t think we have to necessarily reform the church in order to train up the next cadre of “good guys.” Sure, a fully reformed church would be the ideal scene. But, since that’s not likely to happen any time soon, new auditors, C/Ses, and general Scientologists will have to be trained in the Independent field. There’s no reason why this can’t be done; in fact, it has been done and is being done. There need not be centralized control in order for good training to occur.

    Other than that, I think the analogies to the French unerground and Adolph are good ones.

  61. Thank God Scientology is rising from the ashes and finding true north once again. Glenn, you are a breath of fresh air; your short summary on the tech contains more insight than the entire catalog and sum of David Miscavige’s profanity-laced utterances. We are rekindling the Scientology that so many of us first knew and loved. Clean, fun, insightful, exciting, vibrant. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  62. Chuck, my observation is that people who DO have real auditor TRs and beingness are the ones being savaged and constantly sent to Ethics/Cramming by DM’s yes-men. Because I dared to do my post as myself, instead of mocking up this weird valence that most execs and S.O. seem to have, I constantly found myself at war with the A/Tech Aide (raging SP). The pleasant staff got treated like shit while the rude, swearing, screaming, critical assholes moved up the ranks like greased lightning. Wonder why?

  63. Thank you Mark for your input. I am very intrested in the early Miscavige. The young adult so to speak. All men are good is Scientology’s belief, But keep your eyes out for people going bad.

  64. “Sarge from a wealthy family funded a ten year legal battle between Mayo and RTC.”

    When I first saw these videos I thought why is this man branded an Evil SP or Evil Person. I can imagine that all his smiling can come over as disengenious but in my observation it is his facemusscles going back to the natural state. If this is so he must be one hell of a relaxed dude.

    There are four parts, I find them more interresting now, than over a year ago.

  65. Glenn Samuels

    Dear All those who commented on my story:

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. There are a couple of questions that came up that I wanted to respond to in general and I will try to answer them plus get to each one who wrote me somehting:

    “What happened to the 12s from the 70s”
    Of course each story was individual, but in general; when we hit land and moved into the Fort Harrison the 12s who were married started having children. After all they were “baby boomers.” The conditions of the nursery were horrible, the nannies had 20 children each where state law required 1 to 7. Barley formula was left in their mouths at night rotting teeth, poor hygeine resulting in lice infestations, not to mention only seeing the children an hour a day if that. So good conscious left a lot of parents, not just the 12s, to leave. That’s why they don’t allow children at Flag anymore from what I hear. The other reason was that punishment got so harsh for suspected auditing errors it becasme untenable to feel safe and help. You had to audit 50 hrs per week just to get a 100 bonus which was very hard to do. As the 12s started approaching 30-40 yrs of age I feel that they had a different penchant towards life and felt it was time to not be ordered about, but to be treated with respect and dignity. There were other individual factors but I think human kindness and human rights violations along with family concerns were the main issues.

    Question 2:
    Sarge Gerbode and Dianetcs and Scientology.
    The main point in my story was that Sarge did something that took a lot of courage. He had amassed wealth and spent it to go toe to toe with Miscavige and came out victorious, but broke. Whether or not you feel he is “ripping” off R is not the point I was trying to make. His organization has a center in Miami Fl that is funded by the county that helps abused women and children with TIR which is like Dianetics. These are people that would not get this kind of help desparately needed from Scientology because it has a different agenda. Wouldn’t it have nice though if Scientology opened up similar centers with its vast wealth to help battered and beat up people?

    It is about creating a safer and better world, that’s how I feel anyway.


    PS if you want to contact me directly feel free:

  66. Glenn Samuels

    Please contact me at my g mail. glennsamuels@gmail.com

    thanks for your kind words and would like to give you an update on my sister and Mo.

  67. Thank you for that Glenn!

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