Recollections of LRH, part 3


by Sarge In the fall of 1976 I was a courier at WHQ. Couriers would take LRH’s com from LEC and do tail shakes (make sure we weren’t being followed) and drive to the ‘Manor’ in Hollywood. We would go to the top floor of the Manor to the GO (Guardian ) offices, drop off com, pickup com and take the com and any passengers back to WHQ. Talk about a great job. I wanted to do that forever. Well, I did that for a month or so when one day a messenger came and told me I was now Supercargo WHQ. I thought, that’s ok, all I have to do after my courier runs was help load and unload stuff. During study time that day I sure found out what an S/C was and I also found out what HFA meant. Now, I was also visibly green. Luckily I had Source. Both green on white and via many many messenger runs. The Old Man took time out of his busy day to help me, to ‘train me up’. I would do com runs to Rifle and when he saw me he always asked how I was doing and would give me encouragement. First order of business was to establish an org board that was workable. The Old Man worked very close with me on that. One day while doing Chinese School on the crew, I thought it boring so I tried to lighten it up with my humor. Although I was proud of myself for being clever I soon got my first admin cram. The Old Man was very patient with me.

You all know what gradients are. The Old Man handled me with perfect gradients. Soon I was walking with the swagger of a fully hatted S/C. The Old Man had a wayof saving some stuff. Well, while everyone was sleeping there was no one looking out for the place(s). He told me there needed to be night security guards. He also told me, in way of an apology I think, ‘if you want something done, give it to a busy man’. (gulp) again. Only now I had big shoulders. By this time, if the Old Man would have said ‘Sarge, dig me a ditch’ you would have found poor ole Sarge in the morning laying on his shovel in a mile long ditch.

The Old Man had the purchaser buy me a duplicator machine and a manual typewriter. He didn’t know I didn’t know how to type. Enter the OODS (orders of the day). The Old Man and Mary Sue and others would post regularly. Sorry, again that was fun. One time I got a very polite reprimand from Mary Sue about a post that was off color. On a com run I apologized and she gave me a little cram…’ Look up the word.’ Good God I liked her. Mary Sue was like a queen. Mary Sue and Nikki , her communicator, used to kid me about Suzette,often. Sorry Suzette but they really did. Woulda, shoulda …..“stupid is as stupid does”.

I had problems with ‘personnel’. I had folders sent me from a terminal in PAC of prospects to go ‘Over The Rainbow’. Problem was no one passed the GO filter. The GO did the right thing I know but I got caught in a ‘catch 22’. By this time, although the Old Man could be patient, he also wanted things done ‘yesterday’ so he could operate. I just didn’t know what to do. I knew he wanted people very much but he had a freeze on key personnel. (that was my justifier for those slow to pick it up). What happened next surprised me. The Old Man did an eval (checking data for whys and whos etc). He bypassed everyone. I was reassigned to courier (whew). I did danger. The Old Man never assigned me a lower condition. The Old Man never yelled at me, EVER. I’ve seen it happen to others but never me and ya know, I used to screw up often. Maybe he looked into my heart. I think. Conditions were meant to help you, not invalidate. Conditions are personal. Get help to sort it out but please don’t accept someone else’s viewpoint unless it helps YOU.

After the eval (evaluation) we got people! We had to switch from Datsun 210’s to station wagons. I was a courier but now on nights. Life was good. I would deliver com to the GO, then walk to the FOLO and sleep for a few hours, then get a wake up call and walk back to the ‘Manor’ about four AM to pickup the com and any sleepy people and drive back to WHQ. One day I walked to the FOLO, left a wake up call time and went to sleep in the stinky FOLO men’s dorm. I was suppose to be an SO missionaire. Next thing I knew there were people running around like headless chickens and the sun was up; I was way late in getting up. Boy am I in trouble! I knew I was headed for the RPF. Rule One: Don’t mess with LRH’s com. I got dressed and went down the hall. Everyone ignored me. I left the front door and men in suits said you can go, have a nice day.

What was happening? I walked down to the ‘Manor’ and decided to use the back door as the front had more suits. I decided to use the stairs and saw no one. Apparently the FBI raid had just happened. It was about 6 AM. When I reached the top floor and walked into the GO offices I got whews that almost knocked me over. They told me that I was a hero. What? Didn’t mean to be, but its ok. They told me that no one could find me. No one could find me to wake me up. The GO sent people, even the CO was looking for me. No Sarge. I thought I was first bunk on the left bottom. Guess not. The GO guys said that because I didn’t show up it kept people there and on alert. When the raid went down, they gathered up some sensitive materials and got them out of there. I met Chuck Adams at a ‘drop’ site and brought com back to WHQ. I told my story and, lo and behold by pure accident once again, Sarge was a hero. Life is good again.

55 responses to “Recollections of LRH, part 3

  1. This is a continuation of Sarge’s tale, but there is no title.

  2. Sarge,

    This is kinda how I feel reading your stories:

  3. Hell Sarge, I was just about ready to go to sleep but made the mistake of checking Marty’s blog one last time before lights out and there was your latest story.

    Now I’m wide awake, wondering what the hell came next. That raid changed EVERYTHING I know but you were right there on the old man’s lines . I’m just going to have to wait for your next installment.

    It’s great stuff Sarge, so good I was there with you as I read it. Can’t wait for the next in the series.

  4. I loved that story Sarge!

    Talk about being an “Accidental Hero”!

  5. Good to hear more from you, Sarg!

    Now I am waiting for more……… !!!!!

    You are a great writer.

  6. Oh no, you didn’t! YES is on of my all-time favorite bands. I used to listen to them a lot, particularly their pre-80’s work, when I was in the Class VIII program at Flag. One of my listening buddies was Andres Rodriguez (Snr. C/S West US). GOING FOR THE ONE in particular, was the soundtrack to my Academy Levels training.
    I feel the same way about Sarge’s stories.

  7. I love your stories Sarge!! When I first got to Gold I would ask Annie Tidman for stories all of the time and depending on her mood I would get some good stories.

    Please post the next one!! Its kind of like waiting for each Mission Earth volume to come out. Pure torture!!


  8. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Sarge, thanks for the continuation of the story. You paint the picture of LRH and I get that calmness and certainty that exuded from the Old Man and Mary Sue.

    “Look up the Word”, gradients, gave you an admin cram, or more I guess, (anyone here remembers Cramming Orders, haven’t heard of that for a long time?).

    We talk about tools used to correct people and I can get the calmness and certainty emanating from those 2 people.

    Thank you and could you tell us more on Mary Sue also? I think you describing her as a queen had an impact on me.

    Tell us more Sarge, it’s so good.


  9. Sarge: your love and respect for LRH come thru clear as a bell in your writings.

    And Marty, in spite of what the OSA sponsored websites scream about you, your blog is respecting
    Ron and his memory, and you are doing a hell of a lot more than the Church itself in promoting his legacy.

  10. Sarge, this story is about the heart of Scientology. The fairness of LRH and Mary Sue’s iron application of ethics was exactly as you say, so we would WIN. That was one of the greatest things I loved about Scientology. I remember the freedom in the Academy when I was on Level II, I was ecstatic about the technology that ends suffering (the OW sequence), ecstatic about being understood, and about the tool for understanding others, I wanted to write up all my O/Ws right then and there and told my sup. It was like FINALLY hooray let’s go! LOL It was a happy day.

    Because the Auditor’s Code was in, the purpose of auditing and ethics was one thing only: to free souls from eons of suffering. I cannot think of a more sacred trust.

    They were happy, tough days, long hours, lots of wins, lots of excited sharing of wins, bringing in friends. The road to discovering the universe is an adventure, and I missed that comradery more than anything when things changed.

    Your love of LRH shines through. That is like warm sweet sunshine to feel! His love of YOU shines through, and I know that kindness, that ARC.

    Your devotion is something that can only come from the inspiration of trust and love. It is really great reading about your experience and trust and pan determinism with the only purpose true Ethics has ever had.

    No matter what 3D aberration or arbitrary was on the line, in those days it could be addressed and handled.

    When someone *knows* us and believes in us that much, well, I’ll speak for me … I’d be with you on the shovel along that ditch in the morning. lol

    Just loved every bit of what you shared here. Thank you so much! And I love you for your loyalty, for your love.

  11. Really nice story and history lesson. Also well done on sleeping in that day. Some things just go right around certain people.

  12. Thank you all for the great comments. I titled
    this little story ‘Green to green on white’. Next
    story is going to be ‘Cine’. I am getting help
    from some old friends writing Cine stories of
    LRH. A lot of stories to come, stay turned to
    this channel please. MLV

  13. You bet we will stay to this channel, Sarge! This is what we who came much later never had, I mean NEVER!

  14. Your recollections, Sarge, are for the campsite fireplace. As great as they are in providing reality on the Ol’ Man – your affinity for him is clear – what I take away from them is the way Ethics was used as a tool for instruction with the goal of improvement.

    It stands in stark contrast to Ethics as punishment, as it exists today. A sure-fire way to cave-in a thetan is to punish him and never let him know why. This is the woof and warp of dictatorships – especially the communists – whose goal is just to punish but because they’re covet, they pretend there’s a reason.

  15. Great stories, Sarge. Keep ’em coming!

    McGwire, I’d love to hear some of Annie’s stories as well … that is, if you feel at liberty to share them.

  16. Sarge,

    Thank you!! Real theta. LRH’s and MSH’s spirit are timeless.

    How about we collect all these first-hand LRH stories and publish them in a book? It would be biographical and fill the huge void left by the 30 year project of the “LRH Biography”, which never gets done. (There’ll probably be a “dear leader” bio before we ever get to see the LRH bio).

    We’d start by collecting all first-hand accouts of encounters with LRH and MSH, from wherever we can get the stories. But they have to be eye witness, first-hand testimonies to really communicate the beingness, doingness and life of LRH.

    Please email me if you are interested in working with me on this.

  17. This is so different than the LRH portrayed on ESMB and places. I’ve worked for a couple people who understood my strengths and weaknesses and gave me a break once in a while. It makes you want to do your best. One thing I get from lots of accounts is LRH had all these events happening around him but he was a source of calmness for people because he was in present time applying confusion and the stable datum.

  18. Damn, Sarge. I better get off my ass.

  19. Thanks Sarge. Reading about the Old Man and Mary Sue is good for the soul.
    I came along too late to have met them. Your stories fill in the mystery.


  20. Hear, hear, LRH sanely applying ethics and cramming and fun.

  21. If you ask me, the best way to know LRH is to read what he wrote and listen to his lectures.

    With 3rd party accounts, you can never be 100% certain.

  22. Freedom Fighter

    “The Old Man took time out of his busy day to help me, to ‘train me up’. I would do com runs to Rifle and when he saw me he always asked how I was doing and would give me encouragement.”

    “The Old Man was very patient with me.”

    “The Old Man handled me with perfect gradients.”

    What a stark contrast to the straight-up-and-vertical “gradient” and hit-don’t-hat operating basis of today. *sigh*

  23. Thanks Sarge; your stories are like a cup of coffee on a beautiful spring morning. I fact you remind me of a little personal story with Ron:

    One day in 1972 I read in an HCOB where Ron said someting along the effect of “If you want a real thrill, write up yout this lifetime o/ws and send them to me.”

    I’m a bit of a thrill seeker so I did and handed 140 pages of toxic o/ws to the LRH comm. The next day I was so sure I did the stupidest thing, I actually asked the LRH Comm to get them back for me because LRH is sure to declare me. Too late – gone.

    One week later LRH put me out of my mysery – The LRH Comm came to me with his letter. I opened it and here is what it said: “Dear ___ , I recieved your o/ws and read them. Thank you very, very much. Love Ron.”

    Man, I was free! In fact, I had a persisent F/N from this for 2 years. No one could touch me.

    God I miss the days when LRH wrote to us. You really did have a personal line with him.

  24. Joe Howard, Please open an Hushmail acct and
    I will send you my stuff and you yours. You
    were a ‘Star’, I was a wanna be. My Hushmail
    is: . MLV

  25. KSW, I’ve been saying the same thing for a
    while now. I don’t know how to get good people
    to come out of the woodwork and help. There
    are so many views other than mine. If you
    want to com about this my e-mail is: MLV

  26. Tim, unfortunately “Who was L. Ron Hubbard?” has been carefully scrambled by those who want the world to believe he was a mad man/con man/deviant/slave trader/drug addict/liar/black magician/government spy et al.

    What is the effect of this propaganda?

    To stop people wanting to read what he wrote and listen to his lectures, no?

    Coincidence? I think not.

    In the same way I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all of us are gathering now.

    Ever get the feeling you’ve been fired off on a mission but don’t quite know it yet? I do.

  27. Thanks Sarge. Encouragement and correct gradients are and have been missing for a very long time. I know for me I used to have a lot of fun.

  28. Thank you for these great little anecdotes Sarge.
    Your stories are true history without the spin.
    Your audience is riveted….

  29. The question was more to “What was L. Ron Hubbard really all about”?

    “What were L. Ron Hubbard’s real goals and intentions for himself, this world and all other beings in this universe?”

    I believe what he wrote and what he said in his lectures, unaltered, shows this clearly.

  30. I think you have your directions reversed: isn’t it straight down and suicidal!


  31. Different subject but KSW radio is on in 1/2 hour. The world waits.

  32. Sarge,
    Ok, I will email you and we can map out the project together. I am sure Mike and Marty can help with directions so we contact as many as possible who have first-hand stories.

  33. This is wonderful, Sarge! Those were the good days, huh?

    This story presents a perfect model of how to apply ethics in a way that’s theta yet effective (the opposite of the way ethics is applied in the C of M). Studying it should be required for all staff.

  34. Wow! That is amazing. I can almost share your F/N! How different to these days.

    Once I handed in an O/W write-up to the Security Chief Int Base and waited next door while he read it. I could hear “Oh Christ” followed by “that’s disgusting” and other comments. The RPF assignment followed soon after.

  35. Thanks Sarge. Your stories cheer the heart and soul. More – please!

  36. Thanks Sarge! We are now on familiar ground for me and I await the next chapter!

  37. Great story….
    Everytime I hear a first hand account of LRH I really whish I could have met him.

    Ron, I dont know where you are in PT, but I hope we can finish the job you entrusted to us.


  38. Thanks Sarge for sharing such a wonderful story.

    That is the LRH that I remember too.

    It is an incredible job for a man to take on — to shoulder the entire responsibility for developing and expanding Scientology, helping mankind.

    On the internet, there are many bad stories of LRH floating around. But LRH’s tech has helped so many people. It has saved my life.

    I was telling someone today why I have decided to leave the church.

    I never have personally experienced drastic or bad actions from anybody in Scientology towards me. I trained to Class IV, went OTV without much problems.

    This person asked me why I decided to leave and why I have denounced DM.

    I am doing it because I see many people not able to move up the Bridge, LRH’s tech is perverted and pure LRH is no longer available to the public. Anybody that walks into an org is walking into a death-of-freedom-trap. DM is making sure that nobody is making it.

    DM never physically assaulted me, I never allowed myself to be crush-regged for empty buildings. I have not worked as staff and have not been subjected to the cruelties that DM dished out for staff.

    I am simply not supporting the church because people are not able to get pure LRH.

    This person told me how wonderful VM programs are for helping Haiti etc.

    I said that plenty of organizations out there like Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders etc are doing a hell of a job in helping diaster areas.

    I just want pure Scientology to be available for the common man.

  39. Thanks Sarge for yet another wonderful story. Made me laugh, made my day.

  40. Nice Sarge,
    I can smell, taste and feel the energy and theta of the time.
    Thanks for letting us in on your experience and views of LRH and Mary Sue and youreslf.
    Mary Sue was very much revered when I started in 1980. Today some don’t even know who Mary Sue was and I believe she was so very important and needs to be known.
    I think a compliation of first hand LRH/MS stories would be great. Also another compilation of theta, OT, auditing miracle stories in general from around the orgs, SO, Flag, etc. where we can all contribute to show the contrast the scene now.

  41. It was a thrill to hear from Ron. One of the best parts of finishing a course or service was writing to LRH and telling him about one’s wins and then getting a response! It was always full of theta and congratulations. The comm from DM just never quite measured up…Vicki

  42. Freetobe,
    I just have to validate your decision. Very well done!

    It is easy to go along to get along rather than confronting the deviance that has infiltrated the tech and intention of LRH. Looking at the experience of those who have confronted the out-tech, Natalie and her husband as just one example, and the problems they faced should make all those left behind itchy and wanting to get the hell out. But there is an addiction to the group, to the feeling of superiority to all others not in the group, and to the “awards and medals” provided to those who give the most money.

    Good on you for taking the step to not support the regime any longer. I cannot tell you how much better I feel after “coming out” last week. SO MUCH BETTER!!! Welcome to the Independents!

  43. Tim, you are correct. My point is that by denigrating him personally, the effect is to have people not read and listen. What Sarge does is to increase Affinity for LRH with this stories, which has the effect of lifting the other points of the triangle, too.

    So it’s an important exercise, not just a stroll down memory lane.

  44. because, not accidental that MS was taken out of the picture. She was the natural successor to LRH so she was the most dangerous terminal to our little Napoleon.

    The GO scandal was the perfect excuse to get her out of the way – blame her, introvert her, convince her it’d be the greatest good if she removed herself – and she was never again mentioned. I recall someone asking me if MS dropped the body in the 80s, too. It dawned on me how thorough a removal Miscavige did.

    MS suffered the same fate as anyone who was ever close to LRH personally. There’s only room for one on the podium at Events and on the cover of Scientology publications.

  45. This is a GREAT idea! Bypass Mister Danny Sherman. Such a book might very well be an irresistible temptation to many a hard core DM-bot. Which would leave them with the 800 lb question: “Why wasn’t this book written by or with the support of the church?”

  46. I see what you are saying Huck, but if we open the door to this, we open the door to all 3rd party accounts.

    The problem is that if we give time to those who give postive personal accounts of their experiences with LRH, then we have to give the same time to those who would give accounts that would be negative, even if they were lies. We don’t know for absolute certain that Sarge’s story is true, only LRH and he does.

    Since we don’t have certainty on any 3rd party accounts, positive or negative, true or false, I think it would be best to not to go down the 3rd party accounts of LRH road that we can’t verify as being true or false.

    I think we should only stick with what we are certain about when it came to LRH, what he wrote in his books and what he said in his lectures.

  47. martyrathbun09

    CD, that Wiki entry is loaded against Mary Sue. I am going to help correct that when I get some time. I hope some others do too.

  48. Huckleberry

    CD, the Scientology hate-mongers have a field day on Wiki. There’s no point trying to set the record straight, Marty, because your corrections will be undone within minutes. Weirdos like that chick in San Francisco who thinks it’s okay to publish the name of anyone who’s ever done a service as if she’s assigning them the Scarlett-letter spend every waking hour rewriting Wikipedia entries.

  49. I will try to re-visit other sources on the subject and find new material as well. I am going to visit Geir Isenes page to look for discussion about the subject. One thing stuck in my mind: The fact she was keen on everybody having healthcare. As you may know I am sensitive on that topic.

  50. I made a mental note on that. If you can list the things that are the most outside of your cognition for me I will have some points were I can start from.

    How is your opinion about the research of wiseoldgoat on the subject ?

  51. Huckleberry

    You’re right in an ideal world, Tim, but at some point the lies need to be exposed or else they will fill the vacuum.

    Further, Sarge actually was there alongside the Old Man and has first person stories to tell. Of couse they’re told in his viewpoint but it’s what happened, not what someone told someone who told someone else.

  52. Huckleberry

    CD, Miscavige needed a bad guy and MS fit the bill – she “betrayed” her husband – just as Mayo would and now, Marty and Mike Rinder. Miscavige always needs to be saving Scientology from the hands of evil doers. A bit like Dubya Bush. It serves to keep people in fear and not looking at what’s actually going on.

  53. Marty,

    “Correcting” Disinfopedia is a Sisyphean effort.

    Ask Daniel Brandt, who committed the unconscionable “crime” of trying to correct his own “biography”.

    In fact the fact that you actually know anything about the subject or may be an expert in it, is considered a demerit to the hive mind over there!

    In short it’s a waste of time!

    Personally, I think Miscavige and his sponsors actually support the denigration of Mary Sue.

    I mean with her as Controller and CS 7 the orgs did nothing but expand, for real as in actual auditors made and case completions, not real estate acquired!

    She also made many contributions to the subject herself as a test preclear and Ron’s occasional Auditor. The fact is that if it wasn’t for R3M, a procedure named after Mary Sue, Ron would have never had been able to develop the Clearing Course!

    Also she was the one who compiled the original E-meter drills book and selected the proper gradient needed to train an auditor on how to use one, as in what drills are essential for what level, etc.

    A gradient that is continually violated on the Pro Metering Course where auditor trainees are expected to grind on endlessly on E-meter Drills 23 & 25 when they are not used on any level below Grad V!

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