Funeral for a friend

Now that I’ve said it publicly, and judging by DM’s agent Doven’s reaction, I reckon my statement will be taken out of context and spread far and wide in order to “dead agent” me.  I want you to know that I decided the church of Scientology was dead more than a year ago.  I began to write a book in 2008 entitled “The church of Scientology is Dead”.  When I spoke publicly – only in an effort to stop torture that I learned was ongoing at Int – in Feb 2009, the reaction required that there was no time left in any day to make significant progress on completing the book.  The introduction to that version of my narrative may be getting stale.  It represented a phase of my life where a lot of anger was blowing off.  I listened to a lot of rap and hip hop to enhance the experience, intensify it, and expedite it. More has happened in the ressurrection of Scientology (the philosophy and subject) than I envisaged over the past year. I have flattened the 1.5 to 2.0 band personally as have several other close friends of mine.  Not artificially, I lived it.  Now, I’m living and approaching the problem in the Theta the solver zone of the tone scale.  But, I know many still need to get through their anger.  And they should. And there will be many more whom you educate who will need to do the same. Maybe I can help expedite the process.  It is at 20.0 and above that we are going to solve this puppy. At 1.5 to 2.0 we will only become what we resist. But, the way to get up there is not to suppress our real and appropriate emotions – it is to have them, confront them, live them.  That is the way we will keep movin’ on up a little higher. Since I am not going to finish my narrative in the immediate future, and since I framed the issue with my published conversation on the death of the church, I am going ahead and publishing here my year-old book introduction. Feel free to discuss it. Also feel free to hand it to the next bot who with righteous indignation says to you “that SP Marty Rathbun said ‘Scientology is dead!'”.

The church of Scientology is dead


The title of this book was inspired by the rapper Nas. A couple years back he produced an album entitled Hip Hop is Dead. A theme album, it communicated a profound frustration that the music genres of Rap and Hip Hop had been hijacked and converted from a socially conscious sort of street poetry into a vehicle to encourage degraded values. Rap, from which Hip Hop sprung, rose from ghetto streets in the late seventies as a rhythmic form of free expression during an era when the music culture was becoming increasingly more hedonistic and commercial.

Over a quarter century Hip Hop had been commercialized and degraded to the point where it was widely stigmatized as a vessel to glorify violence, misogyny, greed, cheap swagger and drugs. What once had promoted proud artistic expression and liberty now pimped sex, guns, bling and what the lust for such ultimately creates, slavery.

Intellectual debates about the whys and wherefores for the degradation were seldom given much currency and the downward spiral continued. Nas took another tack. He used the genre itself to pronounce once and for all that Hip Hop was dead.

Nas’s move was not met with hosannas from the industry. But, it certainly had an effect on music. His next album, Untitled, marked a resurrection of sorts for Hip Hop. It was a clarion call for people to wake up, think outside the box, and take responsibility for an American culture on the decline as a whole. It was as if the genre was so infected that it needed to be officially pronounced dead before it could regain any credible traction. Untitled was historically deep, intellectually challenging and musically advanced.

Predictably, it was passed up for honors by establishment institutions. Untitled nonetheless laid a cultural foundation for a new era for consciousness raising music.

Just as Hip Hop was misappropriated, stripped of its integrity and used to promote the precise opposite of what it originally delivered, so has gone the church of Scientology. It has been so thoroughly reversed from its original purpose that to engage in debate over individual issues of reform seems fruitless. In the seventies Scientology was publicly identified with the cultural shift toward more open communication and freedom of information. A quarter century later it has become publicly known as perhaps the greatest non-governmental enemy of open communication and freedom of information. Like Hip Hop, in a twenty five year span, it had become what it had originally resisted.

A resuscitation of Scientology appears impossible because of two major factors. First, the Church of Scientology has become such a ruthless and protective monopoly it takes extraordinary measures to suppress any criticism of itself, regardless of how warranted. Second, the Church’s inability to acknowledge a single one of its obvious shortcomings has stripped it of any ability to reform.

Many have attempted to initiate that discussion. All have failed, most of them resorting to broadside attacks, condemning everything about the subject, and themselves winding up as bitter, defeated people. That in no small part is due to the church of Scientology’s policy of seeking to destroy the source of criticism, no matter how valid or potentially cathartic it might be.

The cumulative effect of the church of Scientology’s twin evils practiced for so long have rotted the subject to the core in the general public’s mind. Having practiced Scientology for thirty two years (serving at the highest levels of its hierarchy for twenty-seven years, and studying it intensively from without for another four years), I have come to the same conclusion about the subject that Nas came to about Hip Hop. The church of Scientology must be pronounced dead in order for any sort of resurrection of Scientology to occur.

Scientology as a spiritual philosophy and methodology has a tremendous amount to offer. However, it’s late Founder L. Ron Hubbard once mused that the only way the subject could be lost was if practitioners allowed it to be monopolized, particularly by forces intent on enslaving the populace. Those words turned into prophecy in the fifty years that followed.

Not only did that monopoly materialize, it was perfected and controlled by a sociopath. David Miscavige is the undisputed leader of the Church of Scientology. Miscavige managed to convince Scientologists and the general public that he was anointed by Hubbard to carry on the latter’s legacy. In the name of Hubbard he has turned the basic principals, codes, and the very ethic of Scientology on their heads. He has also executed a campaign to slowly but surely write Hubbard out of Scientology and replace the Founder with himself.

In fact, Miscavige was never chosen by Hubbard. Through a series of coups Miscavige wrestled control of the Church to himself. In the course of securing that power and his own personal wealth and fame he did more to destroy Hubbard’s memory and harm Scientology from within than any enemy could ever have hoped to achieve from without. Now, his Church’s brand of Scientology bears little resemblance to Hubbard’s Scientology and in many ways stands for precisely the opposite of what it originally stood for.

Ironically, what was turned into a cult for the elite could have been saved by a man whose work served as an inspiration for Rap and Hip Hop. His soulful, talking blues treatments of popular songs about the honorable virtues of unconditional love and forgiveness resulted in his being bestowed with the fitting sobriquet Black Moses.

Around the turn of the Millennium the late Rhythm and Blues legend Isaac Hayes asked to meet Miscavige to discuss what he considered something of grave importance. Miscavige, as he did on numerous occasions when he didn’t want to mix with someone he considered beneath him yet needed to maintain public relations, sent me as his emissary.

Isaac and I met at a coffee shop for several hours. We immediately connected on the discovery that both of us had got into Scientology not so much for our own personal enhancement but more so in order to help others. On his own initiative Isaac had opened a number of small, store front learning centers in several American ghettos where Scientology methods of teaching people literacy and the art of learning were taught – for free. In his soothing baritone Isaac told me how he had grown up outside Memphis Tennessee in a scrap metal shack. He recounted his devotion to the Civil Rights movement, and how he had hoped that by his dedication to it he could help to prevent entire generations of his people from being dealt similar hands to what he’d been stuck with from birth. Isaac got choked up telling me how he felt on that fateful day in the summer of 1968 when he was scheduled to have a private meeting with the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King in his hometown. King never showed up, having been gunned down that morning by the personification of greed and hatred.

Isaac’s face lit up while he summarized the gains in ability and spiritual understanding he’d attained from Scientology. Then he suddenly went quiet, paused for a moment, looked directly at me with his sorrowful eyes, “Marty, it kills me that I can’t share it with my people. Of all those who deserve and need this technology it is Black folk. Scientology is priced so that only the wealthy can afford it. I understand the focus of ‘making the able more able’.

But, man who says you need lots of bread to be able? It is one thing to do the learning center thing, but what about the rest of Scientology? The courses, the counseling, going free spiritually?” Isaac espoused the view that Scientology could be the great equalizer – that which lifts up those classes born into poverty, underfunded school districts, and unwritten but tacitly enforced discrimination policies. To continue on its current course it would only serve to reinforce cultural inequities.

After a few hours of discussing the history of class and race warfare in America, I told Isaac I not only understood him, but I couldn’t be more in agreement. I told him there was hope because I was aware of Hubbard writings that directed Scientology be made affordable to the average working “Joe.”

Isaac then leaned forward and told me in a conspiratorial tone that if there were resistance at the top to making Scientology affordable in the ghettos because of financial considerations, “have them consider this. From where do trends come in this country and the world? Music, fashion, slang, all that is hip and cool comes from the Black ghetto. Man, you should let them know that they are shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring the ghetto. Just from a pure marketing perspective, if that’s how folks look at things, help Black America and you help yourself. In the long run it will pay big dividends when Scientology becomes cool.”

I assured him that I would report his exact concerns directly to Miscavige. That I did, in detail. Admittedly, I was not able to communicate all of the meeting. That is because, in his inimitable style, Miscavige cut me off whenever I attempted to explain any of the emotion and deep-seated beliefs we had discussed. He focused like a laser beam on what he considered of utmost importance, Isaac’s afterthought on how to influence management: servicing the ghetto could make Scientology hip.

Once I debriefed to Miscavige, I was sent off on yet another string of missions to fulfill my role as Mr. Fix-it for Scientology. That included spending the better part of two years recovering Tom Cruise to Scientology and counseling him through his divorce with Nicole Kidman.

During those two years, Miscavige became increasingly more obsessed with image and power. He pestered me continually with demands to get him personally connected back up with Cruise.

It was at the March 2003 L. Ron Hubbard Annual Birthday Celebration (an event Miscavige uses to directly communicate to several thousand Scientologists live and via video feed from the stage of a theater in Clearwater, Florida) that Scientology was dealt a couple of significant blows.

While fine tuning his master of ceremonies speech, Miscavige asked me what I thought about the war the Neo Cons were ramping up for in Iraq. I told him I believed there was no credible evidence presented that warranted such a move, that it was a patent blood for oil campaign, and that the corporate media cheering section urging Bush on was obviously orchestrated and was a very bad vital sign for America’s spiritual health. Miscavige said he agreed with me. He said he would have to say something about it to the Scientologists since the bombing of Baghdad was imminent. He said that he would not come out against it though, “because, what if it turns out to be a quick one like Desert Storm? I don’t want to be on the wrong side of victory.”

Hours later Miscavige gave his speech, quoting Hubbard about the futility of war, but very carefully avoiding any statement that might be construed as coming out against the Iraq invasion. It dawned on just how skillful he had become at artfully positioning himself to always be “right”, regardless of the consequences to others. His tacit approval of what would result in the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people was a blow to the integrity of a subject that swore to a dedication to truth and what is ethical. What he said next, however, evidenced that Miscavige was single-handedly stripping the Church of its heart and soul.

Miscavige told the audience that Black America was considered hip, that ghetto Blacks were the trend setters in music, fashion and more. He said that made investment in the ghetto very much worth Scientology’s while. It would make Scientology hip. My stomach ached as I heard him cherry-pick Isaac’s secret pitch to a profit motivated management and have the arrogance to announce it to the “elite”, well-heeled followers he had carefully cultivated.

He had unilaterally decided to take on the situation in the most audacious possible manner. He announced that the Church was working on two new magnificent, “showcase” Churches: one in Harlem and the other in South Central Los Angeles. He showed the audience grandiose design plans for both. I uneasily imagined how Isaac felt about seeing Miscavige take his report, and have the temerity to talk about Black America like a thing that need be conquered for Scientology’s aggrandizement.

Miscavige withheld from the audience that he had spent the past five years personally blocking efforts by Scientology management to implement a Hubbard advised finance system that would make the subject affordable to common folk. He continues to do so to this day.

The handwriting was on the wall. Miscavige would use hundred of millions of dollars of Scientologists’ donations to build impressive cathedrals, churches with their doors figuratively welded shut by prohibitive prices preventing regular folk from coming in and using them. Rather than welcome African American people, or the less wealthy of any color for that matter, he would throw money at constructing soul-less monuments in hopes that some might gratefully acknowledge his largess, while giving Scientology an impressive, if gaudy corporate image.

Miscavige was corrupting Scientology from being wholly concerned with the spiritual to exclusively focused on the material.

What occurred over the next year drove me outside the Church as it became apparent no reform was possible from within. Miscavige put his claws into a blossoming Tom Cruise, personally converting him from one of the more sensitive and caring people I had ever known into a cruel zealot who apparently bought Miscavige’s confidence game that he was now among an elite few who could save the planet. As such he could “do what thou will”, and never be held to account ethically.

One evening in late 2003 Miscavige and I picked up Cruise at a small, private airport near Scientology’s international headquarters. On the drive back to headquarters, Cruise recounted his recent visits with Bush administration officials whom he had lobbied on behalf of the Church. Miscavige acknowledged Cruise approvingly, then stated, “I wouldn’t mind Bush becoming our Constantine” (the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity who then decreed it the official religion of the empire). He explained, “maybe he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but boy when he makes an unpopular decision he enforces it no matter how much people resist it.” The statement summed up Miscavige’s intentions perfectly: to enforce slavish, ignorant obedience rather than bring about understanding and acceptance through reason.

To Cruise’s credit then, he seemed somewhat dumbfounded by the statement and lost for words. But, under intense courting from Miscavige, Cruise’s objectivity and powers of discernment would soon abandon him.

Miscavige began intensively working on Cruise, bestowing him with ‘inner circle’ status, and lavishing him with magnificent and bizarre gifts and favors. One was a several hundred thousand dollar birthday bash. Another was the deployment of several veteran Church staff to pimp and pander for Cruise. Over time Cruise became a willing Miscavige accomplice, to the detriment of his own image and career. Remarkably, in a span of two years Miscavige single-handedly converted Cruise from Scientology’s greatest PR asset into its biggest PR liability.

Miscavige became more irrational and violent. He created an Apocalypse Now like scenario at international headquarters. He resorted to imprisoning and torturing Church managers who did not enthusiastically support his increasingly insane behaviors. He de-personalized all veteran managers of the church, effectively dismantling management. He spent huge sums of church money and resources to create a jet-setting personal lifestyle befitting of his best pal Cruise. He systematically corrupted the methodologies of Scientology to not only make them unworkable, but also turn them into control and punishment mechanisms. His overly aggressive reactions to criticism have created a public image of Scientology that repels people from reaching to find out about it.

After nearly three decades on the inside I left the Church when Miscavige refused to meet with me to discuss his abusive conduct. Having been insulated for so long from day to day living as an American citizen, after my departure I experienced a rather strong jolt of cultural shock. It was at the height of the real estate bubble, the Bush administration’s popularity, the free press’ cloying endorsement of imperial invasions and scaled back Constitutional rights. I was surprised by how deeply the speculative, get-something-for-nothing mentality had pervaded American culture. I was also taken aback by what seemed to be a fear-enforced intolerance for open dialog on where the country was headed.

I undertook an intense study of American history in an attempt to make sense of things. I was trying to understand how an oligarchy could come to power forwarding such overtly greed based, militaristic and censorious policies in what is supposed to be the land of liberty. Were our leaders simply products of this country’s traditions of rewarding greed and glorifying attainment of wealth and authority at any cost? Were the war mongering Neo Cons of Miscavige’s potential Constantine the realization of the American Dream?

Interestingly some of the more educated and curious rappers (e.g. Nas, Ded Prez, Chuck D, Wyclef Jean, Common) explored similar thought, questioning the very ethical foundations of our nation. That is what first interested me in the genre. They paralleled a line of forbidden thought and inquiry I was undertaking.

Mine was also sort of a vicarious investigation of Miscavige’s tyrannical rise to power in an organization predicated on concepts diametrically opposed to his own operating basis.

I examined the question of whether Miscavige and the Neo Cons rose to prominence because of Scientology’s and America’s fundamental philosophies and policies, or instead in spite of them.

Did the fact that we had endured a several year reign in our country where the civil rights that make it what it is were severely eroded by vested interests, mean that the Constitution (as amended) does not set forth the most enlightened form of government yet devised?

Did the fact that a man bent on enslaving others psychologically and physically rose to prominence in an organization founded with the purpose of freeing people spiritually mean the core principles of the subject cannot contain magic?

Should one eschew everything about Scientology because an intolerant dictator managed to grab its reigns? Should one denounce one’s country because a group of totalitarians managed to seize the controls of the land of the free for a number of years?

Was Scientology under Miscavige’s tyrannical reign a natural conclusion to a movement that proudly calls itself the only purely American religion? Or was he simply aligning the Church with radical, fascist political forces because of his personal predilections?

Politically and socially conscious Hip Hop suggested to me that nothing could be more honest or patriotic than asking such questions and seeking the truth – regardless of the popularity of the inquiry. In a way it gave rhythm and soul, and a measure of vitality and current relevance, to a powerful guiding adage by Mahatma Gandhi that I had embraced: “You may be a minority of one, but the truth is still the truth.”

My search for the truth has lead to the conclusion that for all intents and purposes the church of Scientology is dead. Taking a page from Nas’s play book, perhaps the most effective first step in raising Scientology philosophy out of the church’s ashes is to recognize and pronounce the church’s passing.

325 responses to “Funeral for a friend

  1. Marty,

    I’m so happy to see this in print. It is beautiful!

    Just Me

  2. War and Peace

    Understood now on the Church of Scientology must be declared DEAD.
    Understood also, that instead of MORE time to write the book, you have less time than ever.
    That book must be written.
    I want to step up to the plate to support this vital publication.

  3. Really impressive and so well written… Something of a masterpiece… I have no words… It’s like being one of the first being there reading a text of great historical importance…no kidding!
    And this too:
    ” It is at 20.0 and above that we are going to solve this puppy. At 1.5 to 2.0 we will only become what we resist. But, the way to get up there is not to suppress our real and appropriate emotions – it is to have them, confront them, live them.” Great statement, and great future for us all!
    Thanks, Marty, from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Chris Johnson

    Great writing, and very moving!

    I sure hope to meet you in person some day. 🙂

  5. A shell with no soul is dead. The “Church” is dead.

    Thanks for another great post!

  6. Marty…..Few words need be said. You’ll leave folk on all sides of all the issues you lit upon left with little choice but to ponder for themselves where they stand on the many points you raised.

    It’s time to gut-up and check one’s inner world for some answers to the questions your well written and relevant thoughts have caused to surface in our minds. Brilliant, timely and part of the salvation process.

  7. Li Po, I have the same impression, so true! This is so astute, well-written and taking the pulse of history in the making. Brilliant, Marty!

  8. Thinking the same about this, War and Peace! Marty … it is a vital publication. Excellent writing. Amazing acumen.

  9. Mark Fisher

    Thanks for sharing this with us all Marty. We all have a right to our opinions in a free society and I appreciate your forum for us to discuss such things.
    A wise person a long time ago said that if you want to have a civil discussion with others talk about any subject you like except for politics and religion. While I don’t completely agree with your political statements, I will defend you right to say them and I understand why there is a separation of Church and State in our Constitution.
    That being said, I appreciate you sharing more information about the history of DM and his control over Scientology.
    As you correctly point out (in my opinion), the Church as we first knew it is in fact dead and has been for some time and you correctly point out the terrible reputation that the Church of Scientology has in throughout the world.
    But the technology of Scientology still exists and can be delivered anywhere in the world. You do not have to be a member of the “Church” to experience LRH technology.
    I think you will agree that the target remains David Miscavige.
    The story you tell about DM using Isaac Hayes perceptive viewpoint and twisting it to benefit “Scientology”, (meaning him), and not the millions of underprivileged people in this world is a typical example of what is wrong.
    Also his blood sucking hold on Tom Cruise and his charisma is classic suppressive person behavior.
    It’s all about David Miscavige and defending his position in space and nothing else. The rest be damned!
    The facts are that LRH DID have a plan for the continued management and expansion of Scientology.
    It was called the Executive Director International and the Executive Strata overseen by a Watchdog Committee and a Senior C/S International to oversee technical matters after LRH was gone. Not one self appointed “Chairman of the Board” with all the power under his control.
    That plan was destroyed by DM through a series of false reports, lies and coups resulting in the Dictator who is now in control and has been for many years. Using fear and intimidation to maintain control.
    And the LRH Technology that we all knew and loved in the 60s, 70s and early 80s has been high jacked to be used to control people rather than help them.
    Revealing the truth about DM and his actions will eventually result in his own demise and should be continued.
    Thank you for being a leading voice.

  10. Impartial English Girl

    What an incredibly moving, balanced and well-written piece. My heart ached when reading about Isaac Hayes’ efforts and intentions, only to have them effectively “raped” by DM for his personal profit and glory.

    I was interested to read about how much true honesty and philosophy there is to be found in the styles of Hip Hop, which you mention. It is my belief that they represent the cultures (or colours, if you like), which for centuries have been liberally stitched-up by the rest of the world. The brave voices of Nas, Wyclef, etc., are singing loud and clear – and it is beautiful.

    I do hope that, one day, you are able to finish your book, once all of what is now corrupt and immoral has been swept away, and the phoenix of the true beliefs behind the church can rise again from the ashes of DM’s senseless arson. I will look forward to reading that book.

  11. Marty,

    I see you are at least somewhat on the same wavelength regarding what is happening here in America as far as the loss of personal liberty. What you might not be aware of … there is actually a tech for destroying liberty, a playbook if you will that the elites are following, and, there is a tech for regaining liberty as well, at least on a personal level … and I am not talking about just learning how to feel good about being groped by the TSA agents at the airport or enjoy paying the IRS, I am talking about truely regaining your liberty by undertanding the limits to the venue of the asteroid orifices that enjoy controlling people, up to and including “punishing bodies”. Check out and see the Menard video “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” as well as the rest of his videos, but look at “Bursting” first, there is a gradient.


  12. Thank you for including us in your life and for sharing these stories with us.

    The word Ghetto actually comes from Italy and was the name of an area Jewish people were made to live in near Venice. It is an ancient tradition to “exclude” people. It is running “Can’t have” on “the company of the rest”. You have more or less run a “can have” on us, to know. And that was truly generous. The movement we are involved in right now screams “Can have Scientology”.

    Thank You for all the CAN HAVES you are sharing with us now.

  13. VERY well done, Marty Rathbun. Good job.

  14. How ironic that as I read this, “V for Vendetta” is playing on the tube.

    I agree with your assessment that the “church of” as run by DM is truly dead. Your words communicate very well. I see your viewpoints very clearly.

    In the book, “The Sovereign Individual”, it was proposed that technology would give man the tools to be autonomous in larger degrees than he was able to be in years past. I see parallels in many of the independent field. Scientologists becoming more autonomous, and with that comes the opening of ones eyes; the expansion of awareness that the tech made possible. Such a person is very dangerous to the limited thinking of persons who are suppressing and to the suppressed who cling to their master’s idiology and live in fear of showing that they “know too much”.

    I know that a bright beautiful future can be ours if we practice the tech in an environment that is free of limited, anachronistic thinking. Ron would not want it any other way.

    Marty, your words are the opening salvo in shaping the new vistas that Scientology was meant to permit for everyone who practiced the tech with a free mind, and unsupressed will to reach for their best possible survival.

    You have given me the inspiration to coin a phrase: “The Sovereign Scientologist”. Defined as a person who uses and practices Scientology technology with full awareness that he/she is not practicing an altered version of it, and practices it with full self determinism and freedom.

    Thank you. You made my lifetime.

    Sovereign Scientologist

  15. Concerned Citizen

    This is one of the best articles I have read in years, and it is so beautifully crafted too.

    Marty, this book must be published, or at least, let’s pitch in and get this intro on the NYT or USA Today (Wouldn’t that be ironic)

    It is a vital piece, not obsolete in the least. I often reflected on that very day, at the LRH event. I reflected on how it was that he had actually said Scientology was vital for blacks because of their influence and trendsetting. I wondered if American Indian’s would ever be considered. Or other minorities, it left me a funny aftertaste I could not shake.

    Anyway, thank you again and mean it too, what does it take to get this piece into USA Today?

  16. This is powerful stuff Marty, and strangely beautiful despite the content (or maybe because of the content). I have only one comment – you MUST get this finished somehow and published in full. Let us know what is needed from us and we’ll step up to make sure you get the time to finish it.

  17. Marty Rathbun is dead.

  18. I would think it should be obvious to anyone that has honestly completed OT III what the source of this “winning valence” dramatization is.

    But to be specific about it, the following run R3R (Dianetics style) would go far in running out this seemingly common cultural abberration: ” Locate an incident of repetitive pain, unconciousness, emotion and loss with dichotomies to the point of changing identities. ”
    It works well in undoing the monstrosities of experience, including severe implanting. Basically what you are pursuing here is not just when someone was beat to death as a being, but when he was beat beyond that to being someone else. It should be assessed and run on all reading flows. I believe it would also as-is the current “Super Power” project and allow it to return to what LRH intended it to be.

    Isaac always struck me as being an honest guy. This confirms my perceptions. Thanks Marty.

  19. The Church is dead and the Requiem will be brief.

    The dream of freeing man from the slavery of insanity is still alive and flourishing in the hearts of independent scientologists everywhere.

    Do not look back with regret on the tinsel and military uniforms of the fallen false church, we have more inspiring work ahead of us than we can imagine!

    Dust off your dreams and create a new future where auditing and training are brought within reach of all who want it.

  20. unforgotten is also Isaac Hayes

    thank you for reminding
    There are more and more puzzlestones are put together . It gives me even more the feeling how blind I was and even more the feeling that I want to have all Scientologists from this church. And help to create a new possibility for all to get Scientology and its wins

  21. I was completely engrossed. I hope you finish this and publish.

  22. This proves what Mosey knows: you aren’t just another good lookin’ Texas cowboy! 🙂

    Wow – I’m so touched.

    ” I listened to a lot of rap and hip hop to enhance the experience, intensify it, and expedite it.”

    THIS is fabulous – the essence of the vajrayana teachings (Tibetan Buddhism) — USE your emotions as fuel to transmute them into pure energy for helping others.

    All of us here have our own stories – all of us have our own fuel to transform our raw emotions into true clarity and intention to reach out and help our fellow man.

    I’m excited about the future.


  23. Sorry to hog these comments …

    I had the good fortune to meet Isaac Hayes and Rev Alfreddie Johnson in Houston in 1998 during a private fundraiser for the World Literacy Project.

    I had been volunteering at the Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC)(abused women and families) and it was obvious that the majority of these women in need were not only poor but illiterate. The cycle OUT of abuse was nearly impossible as a result.

    In any case, I asked Isaac if he would consider a fund raiser for HAWC, he graciously agreed.

    The board of HAWC knew that I would personally put together this “branch” of the literacy program.(with Alfreddie’s help). It would cost them NOTHING to have Isaac fundraise for them AND have a working literacy project.

    BUT — getting this predominately white upper class board to accept a literacy program NOT steeped in psych values was impossible.

    Nothing happened and I left as I could see the basic intention wasn’t to truly SOLVE the problem but simply to LOOK AS IF the upper crust was doin’ something.


    Just like dm. And those who follow him .. the sickening attempt to look AS IF they care, and that they LOVE the lowly … but never once do they walk in their shoes.

    EVER — gawd forbid.

    OK — Marty — you’ve got me going and this type of appalling hypocrisy makes my blood boil.

    Very soon it’s all going to change. We can individually and as a group move forward INTO society and genuinely help.



  24. Marty – Have you read/listened to what LRH said about blacks?

  25. crashing upwards

    Your Intro adds perspective and makes the case stronger. The Hip Hop analogy is a good one. And we all have to move up the tone scale on this. Starting at grief or wherever. It is a loss. But one that must be acknowledged and moved beyond. Great writing, by the way. Your a gifted man. Thanks for devoting your time and energies towards the end of helping others gain control of and live better lives.

  26. Now that is a book I want to read.

    David Brinkley:

    “A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.”

  27. Marty, this is so very insightful and beautifully written. The meeting with Isaac Hayes and the DM reaction sums it all up.

    This intro is still very current and thank you so very much for publishing this.

  28. Marty, thanks. Very inspiring food for thought. See me impressed!
    My very best, Fidelio

  29. Brilliant! The parallel with what our country has become couldn’t be more spot on. I went through all kinds of emotions for years as I decompressed from having being on staff and lost my faith. But once I was ready, it took but a couple of weeks of Internet surfing to get me back on pourpose. Thanks to you, Steve Hall and many others, I have my religion back. Now I’m spreading it around again.

  30. Lucy James

    When I got into Scientology in 1976 I was 20 years old, a full time University student working part time. I paid for 50 hrs of auditing, my training package, e-meter, materials and membership. There was a lot of co-auditing occurring and student auditing so getting up the bridge did seem affordable. Within a month I joined staff (at COSMOD Davis). There was 200 academy students on the SH, HSDC, or PRD. There was 50 new public on the Communication Course. The HGC was packed. Graduation on Friday night was packed. You never showed up late in the academy as you just might not have a chair if you did.

    Then a few years later the prices started going up. I became concerned. How would Scientology be affordable to the broad public?

    In 2009 I was living in a poor county in Texas and was helping disseminate Scientology. The average individual could afford the purification rundown at the most, and that was it. There was no way they were ever going to afford professional auditing. Haydn and I spent hours knocking our heads against the wall — trying to work out how to make Scientology affordable to these people.

    Then I remembered DM’s briefing to select execs at St Hill in 2004 where he stated he was “working on the pricing”. The LRH references on pricing are very clear. It doesn’t take “work” to implement them; you just have to care about people. It is now 2010 and still no change in the pricing.

    Now people, just think how alive the Church of Scientology would be if its management actually cared about people.

  31. Great beginning! I hope life affords you the time to finish this book, and I’ll buy a copy in a heartbeat. Truly, the Church has lost its soul and is therefore dead. And the idea that true Scientology will arise from the ashes could give a whole new dimension to the Phoenix Lectures, don’t you think?

    What you’ve described for Hip Hop and for the Church parallels what’s been happening in my mind, and to many others I’ve read on this blog, as we dismantle the years of thought control and rebuild our realities based on fresh vision. Time and time again I’ll read something here that blows off another chunk of false (dead) data and opens up a spot for new growth.

  32. Well that reference, to Naz, will go unnoticed by those who aren’t looking but are ‘listening’ (and not to Naz or this Introduction).

    In 1951 LRH coined a couple of descriptive terms, apropos I think to the phenomena.

    DED: “an incident the preclear does to another dynamic for which he has no motivator-i.e., he punishes or wrecks something the like of which has never hurt him…he claims that the object of his injury really DEserveD it, hence the word DED, which is a sarcasem”. (LRH, History of Man).

    I’m sure that the observation made ‘the church is dead’ will give the other part of this phenomena to those desperately seeking one.

    DEDEX: “Deserved action explained would be one interpretation of DEDEX. This is why the action was deserved. This is why he blew Joe Blink’s head off, (Note: the DED, JL) because twenty years later a fellow by the name of Cuffbah tapped him on the temple”. (LRH, Philadelphia Doctorate #29).

    DM, being completely stimulus-response, will no doubt claim loudly his DEserveD action EXplained.

    The evidence of his original DEDs however, abounds, and this time we face him with Knowledge, Responsibility and Control, KRC.

    I guess another definition applies possibly, ‘Dead Thetan’, “doesn’t put out any current” (LRH Def Notes, Tech Dict.)

  33. There’s hope for CoS.

    There are still many good, hardworking staffmembers in our orgs. They are under a suppressive influence but once this is removed, they could get back on track. I am sure they can.

    If those who control the CoS today are replaced I think the stats can uptrend again. It can be very lively within months.

    If the CoS starts to reform, they may again be able to get back-up from the field. This can happen quickly.

    Please don’t give up on the CoS. I believe there’s still hope.

  34. martyrathbun09

    I watched him torch dozens of proposals to sort out pricing between 96 and 04. Based on the fashion in which he did so, no one can convince me that he will ever let it get straightened out. He does not want it straightened out. He does not want “dbs'” (regular folk in his mind) anywhere near orgs. He’s done his best to weld the doors shut.

  35. Marty what an outstanding presentation. I love it and thanks for writing it. The truth will prevail!

  36. Creating these Idle Orgs of marble is just another way to ENSURE the regular folk NEVER enter.

    Regular folk don’t usually feel comfortable or welcomed in APPARENTLY over the top restaurants and hotels.

    They prefer more down home places — not the Connaught in the UK, or the Pierre on NYC.

    Celebrity Center is probably THE only place which can get away with very elaborate decor — as it is supposed to cater to Opinion Leaders, Celebs and Entourage — somewhat accustomed to EXCESS 🙂

    The other orgs should be clean, modern or not and homey — this doesn’t mean downstat — it means REAL — to the public they are supposed to serve.

    dm doesn’t give a damn about serving. Obviously has disdain for everyone except those who adore him (gak – as in yuk)

    dm himself serves a higher master — death


  37. martyrathbun09

    Sovereign, thanks for that. Insightful. I also recommend Here Comes Everybody – how to organize without organization by Clay Shirky. One conclusion he reaches is that with our communications technology for the first time in history people can do out of a motive of love what previously they could only do with a motive of profit.

  38. You’re dead right M (no pun intended). The other LRH instruction Miscavige will NEVER carry out is the one that stated: “make orgs more attractive to work in”. Lucy and I witnessed Miscavige’s own “attempt” to handle the staff pay system in late 2004 – it was touted as a work done by his own hand so of course it was implemented ruthlessly. It was the worst piece of squirrel crap you’d ever care to see. He’s done absolutely nothing for staff but push their faces further into the mud. He even refuses to take even slight responsibility for the state of staff cases and has publicly stated the fact despite that being 100 percent contrary to LRH Sea Org policy on officer duties. Staff cases are a subject worthy only of ridicule and the worst form of inval/eval to Miscavige.

    So if you remove from the C of S equation any real care for individuals and people at large and real care for staff what do you have left? Nothing. Which is where we are today, because as you so eloquently point out, it was only ever about the people! Something Miscavige is utterly incapable of understanding.

  39. Oh dear. You could not prove Marty’s case any better.

  40. Mark,
    Yep, LRH established many checks and balances and categorically NEVER intended that one single person hold the position or power and dictatorial control that DM took.

    He specifically told Annie he did NOT want what DM has brought about.

    That’s abundantly clear in all the org board you mention as well as Scn policy, and, the estate planning he worked out for the disposition of authorities.

    DM is the cancer. We’re surgically rooting it out. Those infected will need to be treated by those of us who aren’t.

    I’ve got to get to Vegas one of these days to see my buddies 🙂

  41. martyrathbun09

    Yes. And i’ve seen the excerpts the haters have put out on the net. It is out of context and twisted in a manner clearly designed to smear LRH. Much like DM and his minions do with me. Please have yet another look at my post from last Fall, The Great Middle Path. Haters lie – they can’t help it – it is part of the chronic tone level.

  42. martyrathbun09

    Haydn, I agree with LRH that the toughest thing for a thetan to confront is evil. Until one does he will continue to rationalize the actions of CofM and the motives of DM. As long as they do, at whatever level, they remain plugged into the matrix to that degree. They are ineffectual, and actually act as impediments, to getting the show on the road.

  43. Some day your prince will come
    Some day you’ll meet again
    And away to his castle you’ll go
    To be happy forever I know

    Some day when spring is here
    You’ll find DM anew
    And the birds will sing
    And wedding bells will ring
    Some day when your dreams come true

    Good luck pwincess!

  44. “There are still many good, hardworking staffmembers in our orgs.”

    Thank you for saying that. It is so true.

  45. Another Jeff

    Marty, Found this great write-up on the term “Sociopath” that you use to define Mis-cabbage.

  46. Old school

    “A resuscitation of Scientology appears impossible because of two major factors. First, …”

    While I understand your sentiment, I’d have to disagree. History shows that people have short memories and that other churches have weathered as much or worse, continued and grew. Of course, that is predicated on internal reforms…

  47. Isaac was a riot.
    He tried to join the Sea Org back in the early ’90s after only a few short weeks in Scientology and the SORO at CCInt had a really hard job talking him out of it!

  48. Virgil Samms


    You got any idea what a big thetan you are? The midget is a peanut compared to you.

    I mean, I paid for my “OT Package” in 1996 which was for Power to OT 8 for $7,500. This was just before the first price increase. A lot of people hate me for that, but hey, I got a lot of gain from all of that.

    The blacks making Scn “Cool” wasn’t really going to work. It was just Isaac begging for help on very empty ears. And as a result dickwad opens castles in Harlem and Watts and they fail utterly. What an idiot.

    This is the one funeral that I hate to attend. It hurts too much.

    ML Virg

  49. I enjoyed the introduction to the book. It is very well written. It shows what DM’s priorities are as well as how he has manipulated people and the organization. He was not interested in how Isaac felt or what his passion was about. The only thing that has ever mattered to DM is DM’s agenda. His insanity leaks out like a cup overflowing, spilling out onto the people who are dedicated thinking they KSW. One day, and it seems that this day is not far off, DM will find himself having meetings that no one attends. He is forced to resort to send public to do his bidding because there are few others left to do it. He has taken a dagger and plunged it into the heart of the church and continues to twist it as though to prove he still has the dagger in his hand.

    I hope you reconsider writing the book, Marty.


  50. Sorry Stefan
    I’m with others that aren’t interested in their shiny MEST and hollow, treasonous promises. I’m only too happy to let it go. The ‘Ideal Shack’ works just fine for me.

  51. WH,
    Isaac Hayes’ dreams are so powerful, his postulates so clean and from the highest level of being, and his reality so positive, they are racketting down the time track and will fuel a renaissance within our lifetimes.

    Marty’s words describing that meeting, even on this via of the internet, all these mechanical things, convey the enormity of that being. Personally, I’ve feel like I’ve been embraced in the pure theta of one of the most powerful beings this culture has ever had. I have no doubt his postulates are sticking. I have no doubt there will be a renaissance of culture in his name. It is done, all that we have now is the comm-lag of agreement. That won’t be long either.

    Damn right!

  52. DM is the the who or why.

    It is even more basic than that as this is a repeating pattern in society.

    It is why Politics and now this is not getting much interest from me for it is not the why.

    I think that is what many people have been trying to point out on the web.

  53. Be careful Amadeo. We know who you are. You have been outed!

  54. Please correct my post I meant this.

    DM is not the who or why.

    It is even more basic than that as this is a repeating pattern in society.

    It is why Politics and now this is not getting much interest from me for it is not the why.

    I think that is what many people have been trying to point out on the web.

  55. Steven, I understand where you are coming from. I also know that most, if not all staff connected with this insanity will need there own destim time. It will take what it takes, however, remember the people who are left are completely infected with DM’s think.

  56. Stefan,
    Don’t despair, we aren’t ‘giving up hope’. Rather, consider the real import of the meeting with Isaac Hayes and Marty.

    Isaac Hayes’ and his postulates for beings and the care and enormous love he expressed. Those neighborhood centers where real people can go and recover their hope and the future. That is our church.

    Somebody’s living room where a neighbor can recover their honesty and go back to life spreading that sphere of influence. That is our church.

    The org, mission, house, backyard, the highways and byways of life. That is our church.

    Isaac Hayes embodied the postulates of Scientology as much as any being I’ve ever known. His church is my church. It is anywhere a being can attain real assistance to help him stand straight and relieve that intolerable burden so he can move mountains once again. Life is our church. Of course there is hope!

  57. Watching Eyes

    Snowwhite, are you making a threat? A promise?

    You’re losing control, aren’t you?

  58. Stefan,
    One more thing my friend. Listen to this: (Sorry that you’ll have to type in the addy. I haven’t figured out how to make the link active. Just Google Maceo Parker, Shake Everything You’ve Got. )

    That’s exactly what we are doing 🙂 Shakin’ everything we got!

  59. Joe Howard

    Marty, thanks for posting this fabulous piece. It answered a couple of things for me.

    In early 1998, DM ordered Sherry Murphy, as FEI, and me, as head of Snr C/S Int Office to put together a plan that would produce Scn materials at very low cost for low income inner cities. Of course he wouldn’t involve himself in this but had his attack dog and wife, Shelly, on our asses to “get it done!” Well, we “got it done,” and it actually was a pretty workable plan to coordinate the RTRC guys with ABLE staff to get compilations done that could virtually be given away. We got the plan approved and then . . . . . nothing. I understand now why this order came from out of the blue–it was probably so that DM could tell Isaac that a plan was now in place, at which point the entire thing got shelved never to be heard from again, lost in the daily snowstorm of random, uncoordinated orders and assorted flaps.

    Next, in summer of ’03, I sent an idea up to DM to promote Study Tech to students transitioning from high school to college. DM called Mariette and me up to Building 50 to let me know how small think my idea was (it had nothing to do with my post at the time, which was getting the books and lectures packaged and marketed, but I occasionally had wild ideas and would send them along). He proceeded to pull out a document sent to him by Bush’s first Education Secretary Rod Paige that contained a request to implement Study Tech in the entire American education system. Neville Potter had recently been put on a project to make the materials available for implementation along strictly secular lines. At any rate, nothing has happened with that either, but it became clear reading your account that it was likely Isaac who had contacted Paige, also African American, and turned him onto the idea that there really was a solution to the educational crisis in America, not only its inner cities.

    And who can forget that “hip” CD released around 2001 or 02. More window dressing. More lip service. More style burying substance.
    DM probably resented having to give this any attention whatsoever but had to toss Isaac a bone to get him off his back.

    So sick. So sick.

    Thanks again for posting the intro.

  60. Marty, thank you. Please finish writing the book.

  61. Marty, yours is a well written think piece that you should eventually develop into a book. You echo the same deep pain that so many other former Scientologists express: Your idealism was destroyed by the Idealism-Killing, Soul-Raping Church of Scientology and therein lies the central dilemma of CoS: Your idealism, or the idealism of anyone else for that matter, constitutes having other fish to fry. Who cares about your computations or HE&R when there is a Planet to Clear?

    The goal of CoS is to make Scientologists and to meet stats. The Bridge to Total Freedom describes a precise series of steps designed to transform a human into Homo Novis. Therefore, any human idealism, indeed any HE&R can and must be “handled” in order to make Scientologists, meet the stats each week, and thereby create a force of able people who have the wherewithal and mechanisms to Clear the Planet.

    Whether or not the Planet and its people want to be cleared is beside the point: CoS does not reason with the Planetary Bank. CoS clears people of their reactive minds or disposes of them quietly and without and sorrow.

    Marty, I have always seen in CoS a hellishly perfect microcosm of NeoCon Imperialism. The NeoCons do not represent all of America, yet their toxic Dominionist Theology demands that they “Take back America for Jesus” and then export their version of “Democracy” into other countries at the point of a gun.

    CoS is a small, Scientology version of NeoCon thought: The Planet will be cleared and it will be processed into Planet Scientology. LRH on the subject from SoS:

    “The reasonable man quite ordinarily overlooks the fact that people from 2.0 down have no traffic with reason and cannot be reasoned with as one would reason with a 3.0. There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts. The first is to raise them on the tone scale by un-enturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes . The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow. Adders are safe bedmates compared to people on the lower bands of the tone scale. Not all the beauty nor the handsomeness nor artificial social value nor property can atone for the vicious damage such people do to sane men and women. The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered.”

    Marty, for these reasons I want to be far more radical about the subject of Scientology. I wrote a piece at OCMB recently. Entitled, Reconfiguring “The Tech: A Structuralist Critique,” I posted the following:

    “Let us imagine Scientology as software for the mind. Here is how I would reconfigure Scientology software if I wanted to practice the Tech outside of CoS. We begin by noting that Scientology is modular because it was written and built over time by LRH and his Compilers and Tech people. Thus, we take a structuralist approach.

    It is obvious that the Tech can be decoupled from CoS. This happened a long time ago when Freezoners executed the following commands:

    The Tech –> Disable and uninstall CoS
    The Tech –> Disable and uninstall IAS

    Once we have decoupled the Tech from CoS, we can proceed to the main structural reconfiguration of the Tech:

    The Tech –> Disable and uninstall KSW doctrine

    The Tech –> Disable and uninstall PTS/SP doctrine

    The Tech –> Disable and uninstall Homo Novis and Genocide doctrines

    The Tech –> Disable and uninstall hard pressure sales/crush regging

    The Tech –> Disable and uninstall weekly sales statistics

    The Tech –> Disable and uninstall OSA

    The Tech –> Disable and uninstall RTC

    The Tech –> Disable and uninstall COB

    Disabling these eight modules opens up incredible processing space and speed.

    There is no reason for Scientology processing to be linked to these arbitrary firewalls and junk code that ultimately serve only LRH’s and DM’s personal interests. These modules are organizational and not spiritual in nature. Empirical observation has consistently proven that these modules cause Scientology processing to repeatedly crash.”

    Marty, the goal of how to extract the pure essence from Scientology’s psycho-political skew is Alchemy. My point of view on the matter is that certain dedicated people who leave CoS need to practice Spiritual Alchemy, which is the long, difficult, and painful work of inner transformation you have described in your poignant essay.


  62. martyrathbun09

    Dan, Yes, that was as a direct result of Isaac’s concerns. Here is what happened with your proposal; which I am sure you can appreciate the credibility of, knowing what you know. That proposal was soundly rejected as “too db”. Others kept at it, and others got shot, until at the end of the day the proposal got shepparded by DM into materials that more prohibitively expensive to the potential recipient than what had already been produced. And so, in the end the producer of the only acceptable proposal to DM was shot by DM. Just as Tom Devocht was shot for spending the 70 million on his building that complied with each of his micro manager orders because he “overspent”. Again, further evidence that the church of Scientology is dead. As you know, this is but a day in the life. Between, you, Mike, I, Jeff, Steve, Marriette, et al, ad infinitum, we could produce an Encyclopdia Brittanica size volume of similar evidence, all in support of the conclusion that the church of Scientology is dead. The murder weapon is smoking and burnt powder is caked on the face of the Tony Montana wanna be who did the ugly deed.

  63. martyrathbun09

    Jimbo, Amen.

  64. I think that if there is ever going to be a rebirth of what is good about Scientology, you will need to complete your book so people can understand how it died.

  65. Very powerful and moving article. I thought I had blown through all my misemotion on the C ofS, but this article left me in tears.
    Charles Dickens used to write weekly submissions to the newspaper. These were eagerly awaited by the readers, published as soon as he could write them. Later they became the chapters in his book, which when complete, was published as a whole.
    Marty, possibly something like this could be worked out with your book?

  66. martyrathbun09

    Jim, you will be very interested in the bizzare squeeze DM put Isaac into just prior to his untimely death. Stay tuned.

  67. Marty, I always suspected you were a genius
    but now I know. Again, I am very proud to
    call you my friend. Very Well Done my friend!
    I Love you man.

  68. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mat, as you know it is going to happen – got interrupted by the messy meltdown in progress.

  69. Centurion,

    Like the phrase, sovereign Scientologist. Hope it catches on.

    Much love,


  70. martyrathbun09

    J Swift, thanks. As perhaps 90% of those who frequent this site will attest, if you know the whole body of work – not slavishly pretend to follow the the policy du jour – it is self protecting. You cannot attain the object of its levels and grades without becoming more loving, compassionate, and ethical. So, don’t waste your energy re-writing.

  71. martyrathbun09

    Another Jeff, Thanks for checking in. You couldn’t be more spot on. Don’t be a stranger.

  72. Eloquently stated, Marty.

    This was one of the things that really, really disturbed me about the direction the Church was taking – catering to the wealthy and ignoring the man on the street, black or white. You might remember the Dianetics “Grass Roots” campaign I was working on in ’93, my own small effort to stem the tide. It involved setting up small Dianetics co-auditing groups so that people who had bought the book could get together and audit each other. It cost nothing. At one point we had hundreds of little groups started up.

    Of course, the only value Miscavige saw in it was PR. We produced a “Grass Roots Dianetics” video for a May 9th event and everyone clapped and cheered at how “Dianetics was expanding,” then the program was quietly dropped as “a waste of money” and the personnel transferred elsewhere. It became clear to me at that point that making the subject broadly and cheaply available just was not going to happen.

    Your essay lays out the current Church mindset and operating basis very, very clearly – thanks for publishing it.

  73. Marty,

    When I heard your sentence: ” The C.O.S is dead “, I couldn’t agree more ( was a little bit schocked that I agree to such a sentence).
    In fact it makes total sense per the theta mest theory. Theta leaves, reorganizes itself, and starts the whole cycle again, but this time with much more experience.
    So, now we can start the whole activity again in a total new unit of time.
    I dreamt about going into a new Scientology org Group or whatever that will be, asking for help and the people there being totally friendly with no evals, no invals, just wanting to help whatever my problems are.
    Wow how beautiful !.
    So the most important point is to give a “That’s it”, pronounce it dead and then start an activity without having any time track on it.
    To clean up the overts, the bpc’s, arc`xs, out-tech, disagreements..uh.. and I don’t know what, would be a never ending gargantuan task as the entheta is so big, that the people trying to do it would at the end also be enturbulated.
    Yeah, so let it die, the theta leaves the enturbulation and mest and recreates something totally new.
    What a concept.
    Herewith I do order your book and wait til it is written.

    Have a good day


  74. martyrathbun09

    Jeff, Thanks for contributing once again to the expanding data base and data trail. I absolutely recall the Dianetics “grass roots” campaign; and your analysis is spot on. Steve Hall has many similars to contribute. Millions were spent to produce brilliant campaigns conceived by the likes of you and Steve. Every one of them ended after the event in which DM fraudulently announced them as if they were his ideas and productions and were being rolled out with parishioner donations. Every one of them was killed from actual implementation by Miscavige. He used all your hard, and quite wonderful, work for his personal aggrandizement. I’d love to one day sit down with you, Steve, Ronnie, Carrie, Peter, et al and video tape a discussion on this. A two-hour – uncut, unedited, unscripted – discussion would definitively demonstrate the real operation that has been run by the sociopath for the past twenty-plus years. It has NOTHING to do with forwarding the aims of Scientology. It has everything to do with blunting them for increase of his own power and wealth.

  75. For those who respond to negative posters, could I offer an observation? Often, when reading the comments to blog articles, I see a disproportionate response to entheta compared to response to many very theta comments. I can only attribute this the datum: when threatened with unmocking, a thetan mocks up compulsively. I find myself doing this.

    And sometimes the exchanges produce a tour de force such as the responses made by veritas to BLiP, who made a gracious admission toward the end. But mostly negative comments are based in an ill intent to upset rather than a genuine effort to understand.

    But vanquishing the enemy should always consume a relatively minor portion of our resources. Helping the Church of Scientology expire has none of my attention or effort. Trying to salvage those trapped inside has great interest for me. Exposing David Miscavage is merely a tiny step in something far greater.

    Only scrupulous scholars of history ever encounter the names of minor and corrupt leaders who usurped the Christian movement. At the time, they may have seemed important. But, not to us.

    So, when Marty writes about moving to a higher tone we must keep in mind: Viewpoints and Dimension points. I was about to capitalize these for emphasis, but didn’t want to be rude. Ah, what the hell: VIEWPOINT AND DIMENSION POINTS.

    DM is merely a dimension point. The Church of Scientology is a dimension point (are dimension points.) When our viewpoint is exterior (and it should be to operate as a thetan) then that which we view makes space for us.

    We can become trapped in another viewpoint which overwhelms our choice. Assuming a viewpoint should always be a matter of choice. And being stuck in DM’s viewpoint is not a matter of choice but overwhelm. And though TC believes himself to operate as cause point, he is operating as a subagent for a superior viewpoint. Not a better or more theta viewpoint, but one that dictates behavior and belief.

    But, to be an operating thetan, you begin to realize that other viewpoints are actually your dimension points. You assume and occupy those viewpoints for communication, sharing and experience. And then you choose to move away. Reach and withdraw. Communicating, sharing, and understanding.

    And a thetan with good sense will not hesitate to willingly assume the most degraded and horrifying viewpoints and dimension points because an unwillingness to do such will decrease your confront and your ability to as-is.

    And DM and the COS are dimension points to be confronted and as-ised. But then we are left with an unmocking, which theta dislikes. And knowing that not only the physical universe but we as thetans abhor a vacuum, wouldn’t it be wise to start mocking up something to fill that empty space?

    And what I see here is just what I would like to fill that space. And, naturally what I see here is merely embryonic. But, I remember the first ultra-sound where we saw our daughter in the womb for the first time. Only parts of her were then discernible, but my eyes filled with tears. She was so tiny and, for the first time, so real. And though we have had our squabbles, she has been one of life’s great rewards.

    So, I feel now as if I’m viewing an ultra-sound of life moving forward. I do not see its face but I know one will form. I do not hear its voice, but I know one will develop. I cannot yet touch its hands, but I know that one day it will reach out to grasp my finger and squeeze with a passion only given the living.

    And I know that it will grow, learn, change and produce into the future in ways that I cannot yet imagine.

    Much love,


  76. Mr(s). Snowhite Scientologist Thetan sir, you are most certainly beyond gauche. Was that you wearing white pants AFTER Labor Day?

    Freaking SO uniforms ….

  77. OMG — how sweet is this!!

  78. Marty, you know the subject far better than I ever will. I have no intention of re-writing Scientology. My post was a structuralist look at the subject. In terms of my own work, I am close to publishing my own spiritual book that has nothing to do with Scientology. Having said this, my own work has allowed me to see why LRH wrote certain things. Some things are axiomatic in spiritual work no matter what path a person is on. As you say, people in spiritual work want to become more more loving, compassionate, and ethical. We all make to make a difference in life.

    Marty, this is where you and the Independents could educate critics. I am open to learning what I do not know about Scientology. For example, can you please elaborate on your comments about how Scientology is self-protecting? What LRH Tech did you use to liberate yourself? I have been sec-checked, but it was absolutely nothing like you or anyone in Sea Org or OT’s has faced. I have always wanted to ask this question: How do people at the high levels of CoS survive the brutal and intensive sec-checking? I am amazed at the resilience of former high level SO and OT’s. They have gone through hell and back!

    Marty, I want to publicly acknowledge you for being willing to communicate to people. Your willingness to communicate to anyone is tremendous. I appreciate what you are doing to help people. You have certainly opened up a much needed middle ground!


  79. Jim,

    I love your grasp of the tech. Helps remind us of the exquisite tools at our disposal.

    Much love,


  80. The link worked fine, Mr Logan – wonderful music! Both me and my son loved it. He came in from the other room too see what was playing. I think I understand the concept of shakin everything you got. It’s good. Thank you. I see what you are doing. 🙂 I have no problem with it whatsoever.

    Yes, Carol, I see this infection too. It’s bad, really bad. I have seen myself and some people around me healing lately and I have some hope. I am also thinking how magnificent it would be to see the basic LRH and MSH purposes coming alive again and to see those VFP-stats starting to rise.

  81. Dave Adams

    “Evidence in support of the conclusion that the church of Scientology is dead…”

    Ok, sure but did you know that fingernails and hair and other stuff keeps on going biologically for weeks after the body has stopped breathing?

    In that vein consider that in one way the church is not dead. Ron outlines what an idea org would be and components of that are still alive within the moribund church, dedicated staffers, knowledge, and genuine interest in helping.

    The people still in the church for the most part are there for the right reasons, but are following the wrong person.

    Inside the “marble mausoleums” of the ideal orgs, buried under the additives of the golden age of tech, knowledge, management, are all the parts necessary for a live church.

    Clean the suppression off and I bet you would see a miraculous resurrection.

    Brilliantly written intro Marty.

    Now what form the “untitled” scientology?

  82. LO,

    Very theta. Relevant to this, a thetan may have millions of engrams but go clear after running only a few dozen on pertinent chains. And all the way up the grade chart, a thetan may have millions of overts yet go release after running key ones. Same with communication, problems, havingness, withholds, ARC x’s, ser facs, GPMs, etc.

    Handling all the entheta on the case is unnecessary. The major surges in case are not so much in getting rid of charge as in regaining ability.

    The accent is on ability. The accent is on increased ARC and KRC.

    Continuing to handle negativity and charge will only key you back in eventually. You’ve got to reestablish havingness, ARC, confront, causation, confidence, and all the wonderful things that are theta.

    That’s the advantage of Marty’s blog: it’s not so much a vehicle of complaint as an opportunity for communication. Certainly, the articles begin with an exposure of entheta. But, the posters soon get into a celebration of the positive rather than a hand-wringing lament.

    Good auditing on any dynamic begins with good communication. Certainly you address negative issues, but in the end–ah, the glow!

    Much love,


  83. R. I. P.

    Here lies the arrogant adolescence of Scientology,
    Sometimes referred to as the “church era”.
    Some say she died by her own hand, others declare at the hand of one.
    Still others claim her very birth was infected with her death.
    The passing was a slow and painful process,
    Through public humiliation and external reformation.
    But, as she withered and gasped her last,
    The new Independent-Sovereign Scientologist was born again,
    And forged through fire into tolerance, humility and grace.

    We are risen. We are risen, indeed!

    Marty –

    I really thought I was through the loss, but you brought some needed tears to me again today.

    I love this place. I love this space.
    So, with hat off and a bow
    Thank you, Marty. Thank you, one and all.

    Into the future!

  84. Jack Airey

    Thank you Matt Pesch. I have been pondering for some hours on how to respond to this post.

    Huge Key-Out for me when you wrote,”I think that if there is ever going to be a rebirth of what is good about Scientology, you will need to complete your book so people can understand how it died.”

    My first response in reading this post was let’s have the funeral and “END CYCLE” on the COS but postulating a rebirth is perfect.

    I like this solution Matt. Very sane!!! and very pro survival for all 8 dynamics.

    So Marty, what chapter are you on?

  85. freebeing11

    Please find a job or some productive activity. Glad you are outed. As I suspected no one knows or really cares who you are.

  86. lou webber

    Hear, hear David. As you say the church is dead. It is only a short time before the last remnants fall apart and disipate into a unheard call in the dark.

    It is truly time to shift focus from discusting rubish of the dead and focus on a future of open communication, LRH Tech available to everyone and a path which is actually open for all to go free.

  87. freebeing11

    DM and the bots for sure underestimate the intelligence of others because they are blinded by their own arrogance.
    The Rev is a good friend of mine and any of you that know him have got to know that he sees the manipulation that DM uses to use the Rev as a promo guy.
    I for sure see that he counters by using DM and the Bots to serve his own agenda. As he well should.

  88. “If … you find yourself often pitying someone who consistently hurts you or other people, and who actively campaigns for your sympathy, the chances are close to one hundred percent that you are dealing with a sociopath.”

    Whew! Remind you of anyone?

  89. Rathbun says Scientology is dead. (And don`t dare to differentiate between Scientology and Scientology Church!) So I answer Rathbun is dead. I mean it spiritual. Don`t you know the Words stupid Nitzsche said: “God is dead.”? And God answers: “Nitzsche is dead.” Kind of funny, isn`t it?

  90. And don`t you know, killing somebody can`t be a solution? Rathbun is a whole Track SP. What happened to all the big SPs in the Past? Dead or forgotten. What makes you think this case would be otherwise?

  91. I’m getting confused with all the posts and the replies.
    I don’t have the time to keep up with all of them.
    Nevertheless the theta being created here is with no limits.
    Thanks to you all guys !
    2 days ago when I came back home my wife was totally changed with eyes so alive and clear and radiant (so beautiful) that I hardly couldn’t remember when I have seen her last like this.
    The day before I’d translated to her the phone call of Marty (only 50 % of it).
    I asked her what happened and she meant she had a huge blowdown followed by a key-out.
    And you know what caused it ?
    For her the briefing course was the last bastion where she could learn tech and wanted to finish her course there as the terminals there really do care.
    She meant she went over several incidents she had on course and she cognited that even there she can’t trust to get get the right tech.
    Puff ! Blowdown ! Total key-out !
    Would you have imagined such a thing 3-4 years ago ?
    Yeah, this is called disenturbulation and getting theta back !
    Where is a standard SHSBC being delivered in Europe by independents ?
    Are there some people wanting to form a group to deliver it mutually ?
    Ideas ?


  92. Luis Agostini

    I am (a lot) enjoying seeing this statement (which is much more strengthened by the rest of the message):
    “It is at 20.0 and above that we are going to solve this puppy. At 1.5 to 2.0 we will only become what we resist.”

    One of my biggest disagreements with contents I have read in this blog has been with the ones that show a resistance and/or resisting (ridges and ridgings) are present and guiding the message and the conduct.

    That is where make wrongs, ridiculing, permanent labeling and intent to inflict hurt or pain reside.

    To me, the unrecognized presence of ridges and ridgings, by those manifesting them, in a situation and the communicating with the sole purpose to cause them make very ineffective and destructive the achieving of a more soulful (theta) condition in all involved.

  93. Snowhite,

    You’ve been parked at the bottom of the Bridge for almost 30 years. If anyone should know the church is dead, it’s you. The wins and gains of auditing await you. Grade 0 could really do wonders for your guitar playing. And it won’t be quickied like it would be were you to get it in the “church.”

  94. In Germany we call people like you “Arschkriecher” !

  95. Wow, great read. I have been reading this blog for a long time in fact its one of top 3 websites, evidenced by the fact that I just returned from a trip traveling around SE Asia, and the 3 sites I would go to when I got to a computer were my email, facebook, and Marty’s blog. I remember that birthday event in 2003, as I was spending the month before the event driving around LA giving people tickets to go to the event, I worked very closely with the event unit at WUS, as I was the event i/c for my org. And I recall how the event went down, as Marty described it. At those times, I stood up, and clapped, and only now this morning, did I realize I was clapping for the death of the church, not only that I was getting other people to come to support it.
    As a Scientologist, I am nobody really in the eyes of the church, I haven’t even done the purif, and the highest training I have done is HQS. Most addo’s I know of have me listed as a Div 6 public. Of course thats not true, since I was on staff at a CLV org and in the Sea Org, so I have some admin training. For me when I left the Sea Org in 2004(due to getting lucky enough to experience, a rare glimpse, not intended for service org staff, on how upper management in the church operates, I still can’t believe people take that sort of abuse daily, ONE night was enough to make me say this is enough), I re-entered the corporate world, and continued on my career, because I could, having no family in Scientology, and having an engineering background, I was able to land a job rather easily, and rebuild my life within a couple months. I know not many people had it that easy. Well, unfortunately I thought I would make it known to everyone in the church, how well, I was doing since I left, which I later regretted as the wrong thing to do, since now it seemed that I would have to make amends, and pay thousands of dollars, for an array of things, I was even regged all night to become a patron of the IAS(at the same time I was closing on a house, and those who own homes, know that the last thing you want to do when you are closing, is donate 70,000 dollars). But I was at PAC all night, with high execs, and they did end up getting $1200 or so from me, but both parties felt defeated. I felt small that the CO CLO WUS, and other execs were up to 3 o’clock in the morning, waiting outside the door, to get news of me closing on my patron cycle, and the execs felt bad they couldn’t close me for the whole amount and wasted their time. At that point, I decided it was in my best interest to tell the church I was in financial distress, and I haven’t been getting many calls since. On the flipside, recently I donated 50 dollars to Worldvision a christian help organization to aid the victims of Haiti, the IAS would have laughed at me if I wrote a check for that much, this organization was extremely thankful, and I felt my money was well used, even more recently I donated 1 dollar to UNICEF on my plane flight, and I got such a thankful ack by the flight attendant.
    The point is, even though I am not very trained in Scientology, or had much auditing, I still had a ton of wins, so much that at one point I wanted to dedicate my life to it, and was willing to give up everything I had to do it. But the church itself has driven me away from the subject, and unfortunately its become easier for me to tell people not to get involved, than it has to really disseminate successfully. There are still quite a few sincere staff there, who really want to help people, and get people winning in life, but it seems that many of them are under orders and quotas to sell books or something, and have forgotten the purpose of Scientology.
    This site, has really done a great job of getting me interested in Scientology again, as a subject, it does seem like the people here, seem to be extremely veteran scientologists who know the tech much more than me for sure, I won’t have 20 people at my door anytime soon yelling at me(I don’t think), but I think the best course of action for myself and Scientology, is to become independent, or else scientology may become just an afterthought in this life for me. So hopefully there is room for me here…

  96. Marty,

    IS IT DEAD YET or Dying?

    Thanks for your confront to say things that need to be said. Your statement “Scientology is Dead” is something I personally can’t say yet but understand your viewpoint. This is one of the most thought provoking and vital statements ever made on the subject and requires discusion, IMO.

    I have been in a strange state over the past 2 years or so not dissimilar to that of morning, but closer to that process a person goes through about a family member or close friend in a coma. There may be a pulse, the body may be warm but the theta is gone and if nothing is done DEATH is imminent.

    The body is currently requiring life support from those who can still finance it and they themselves are running out of cash to keep the life support going. Opinions have come in from a around the world as to the suggested treatment. But the Doctor (Marty) has shown a light on the patient and his diagnosis of a virus is evident.

    We the Independents are the antibiotic but need the support of the many white blood cells within to bring about a recovery of theta to this body.
    I think once the virus is put in check the restoration of theta and what we know of its potential will manifest itself.

    I believe this must happen soon and quickly, and has started and is snowballing in that direction.

    RX = All of us increase our dosage of truth, care, love and understanding to maximum amount until recovery. Daily contact assists with friend and others to bring awareness to the area.

    Continue to monitor progress.

  97. Don`be shocked, it`s only natural when death produces a certain harmonic in your mind…

  98. Oh, and confused too! What other Emotion could it have been?! Is there any lower?

  99. You should stop all this Rubbish! What are you up to?

  100. Virgil Samms

    Well, thank you Church. RIP. Thanks for all you did to get me through:

    1. My disabilities on dealing with communication.

    2. My somatics dealing with my heart. I would be dead by now were it not for you.

    3. My cancer I was diagnosed with in 1992.

    4. My PTSd from being a combat vet.

    5. Being PTS to past SPs.

    6. Learning how to raise my kids so they are good people and contributing.

    7. Lots of broken bones that healed quite nicely and quickly.

    8. My inability to confront situations and people.

    9. and teaching me that love, does in fact, conquer hate.

    10. loneliness – for being there when I needed you. You were ALWAYS there.

    11. For giving me immortality.

    12. For teaching me to help my fellow man. this is a gift that no one else can give. It is the biggest gift of all.

    ML Virg

  101. Beautiful

  102. UnDisturbed

    Marty let’s face it you are the de-facto ‘leader’ of this leaderless group. You are taking responsibility for this field.

    I know there is no leader needed here, but you and the many other sincere independents who are stepping up to the plate are an inspiration to all of us. So thank you.

    You have helped to make Scientology alive in me again, and for that I am very grateful.

  103. Snowhat,
    Wondewful pwincess, do you know what Neiztsche’s answer was to the question the madman with the lantern poses ‘where is God?’

    ” “Where has God gone?” he cried. “I shall tell you. We have killed him – you and I.”


    “… the madman fell silent and again regarded his listeners; and they too were silent and stared at him in astonishment. At last he threw his lantern to the ground, and it broke and went out. “I have come too early,” he said then; “my time has not come yet. The tremendous event is still on its way, still travelling – it has not yet reached the ears of men. Lightning and thunder require time, the light of the stars requires time, deeds require time even after they are done, before they can be seen and heard. This deed is still more distant from them than the distant stars – and yet they have done it themselves.”

    Quoting Neiztsche. Hmmmm, dis pwincess seems to have de same pwopensity foh foot buwwets as wittle Davey.

  104. Thanks Michael,

    You’re totally right !



  105. Once,

    Agreed and so beautifully said.

  106. Hey, I figured it out!

    Snowhite isn’t even a human being, it’s an automated bot. See how the replies are never anything new, just a rehash of the same old thing every time just changing a few words around?

    It’s not even a well-written bot, it was probably done in perl. By an amateur. While drunk. Probably drunk on absinthe.

  107. Once Upon a Time,
    Your own understanding of the subject is wonderful to behold.

    I confess, I have responded to Snowhat yet again. I did so after study today, the 1st ACC lectures and I was in a mischievous mood. How could I pass up the Neiztsche reference?!

    But yes, you speak well and truthfully. Many thanks for your pan-determinism.

  108. Concerned Citizen

    interesting to know you asume a “genocide doctrine”
    If you read the WHOLLE BOOK, or even just the wholle chapter, not just an out of context paragarph, you realize he meant, these are 2 choices I’m faced with and so I’m working with the choice of creating and compiling all the knowledge needed to raise people on the tone scale so the idea of genocide is unnecessary.
    Scientology is not only not genocidal, but by that very quote, the idea is to be the alternative to genocidal ideas.

  109. Funnily enough the church is still trying the ‘Dianetics Grass Movement PR stunt’.
    At Maiden Voyage July ’09, Dianetics starter kits were being released for those that wanted to start such a group. My 2d and I bought one with the idea of starting a group in our home. There was much hype about the whole thing and once the kit arrived we were asked to pose for shots with it so it could be in the upcoming event. We hadn’t even started the group yet! This was of no concern. They just wanted the photo evidence. The group was forgotten. Actual doingness was forgotten. The photo would be deceitful and PR propaganda. I was disgusted and refused to participate in lie.

  110. I remember that event, Jeff, it was a awesome. You’re right, people stood up and cheered at the presentation by MEI (Ronnie Miscavidge) and the grass roots effort – the road trip to remote parts of the US to find small Dianetics groups and start-ups. It such a wholesome and worthwhile activity!
    Not only that but it was a shot in the arm for Div6, and as a direct result my org opened up a new Mission plus we gained some new org staff from it. Why anyone would cancel such a program for being a failure would have to be certifiably insane!
    I’ve commented before on this blog about Dianetics campaigns, in that they really did get tremendous results. People have always loved Book One…whenever it was promoted with a good campaign good things always happened.

  111. Lol! I meant Grass Roots….did anyone else get the MIP of two guys co-auditing whilst smoking a joint?

  112. “The org, mission, house, backyard, the highways and byways of life. That is our church”

    Bless you, Jim Logan. Live the Philosophy. Live the Tech. Be the church. Be Life. Be.

  113. JSwift,
    You are close to publishing your own work, of a spiritual nature, intended to help humanity rise to greater heights.

    I’ll relay a story from a conversation I had with a San Francisco Bay area man. He was a public Scientologist from the 70s. He left the CofS and began a practice of spiritual guidance, using the tenets of Scientology, the basic processes of the rudiments, the grades and the handling of emotional upsets, physical trauma with the materials of Mr. Hubbard. He doesn’t call it Dianetics or Scientology though.

    In this conversation I had with him some years ago, he said his practice was doing very well. He also said it was doing so well in fact, he was subject to the same things LRH was when he started this whole adventure off with DMSMH. He told me ‘now I appreciate what policy is all about’.

    You, should you publish your work and begin a path to better man, I dare say, will someday come to understand the important trail blazing LRH did. You will know yourself just what is faced and understand better than most, ‘why policy’. Inevitably, you will encounter the barriers faced in such an adventurous task.

    You know where to find us, if’in you be needin’ a cramming or two 🙂

  114. WomanSetFree

    Let me just be one of many to state Marty that that book you’re writing is vitally needed. Your intro is a tool I will be using to open dialog with my parents who are IN so that I can come out – publicly.

    on a side note, beware the Neo Con and the Neo Socialist they are both trying wrest control for their own ends…

    “– that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    I find it very interesting that the status quo is being questioned by regular folk in all walks of life, politics, religion, education, etc, etc….

    Coincidence? I think not.

  115. Virgil Samms

    While I’m at it. In hostage training there is a formula: Hijacker + Hostage = lots of death & mayhem for all involved. Solution – remove the hostage in any way possible (even if you have to shoot him) and it is game over.

    In this case, the hijacker is DM, the hostage is the church of Scientology. So we declare the C ofS dead – No more hostage. No more hjkacker. No more situation.

    Have a nice day

    ML Virg

  116. For anyone unfamiliar with Nas, here’s a great music video that perfectly illustrates what Hip Hop could be:

  117. Beautifully put!

    Thank you for this! Very inspiring!

  118. Another Jeff, great write-up. Thanks for posting it.

  119. Concerned Citizen

    This is truly theta and amazing, I really enjoyed it and apprecite you

  120. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that.

  121. martyrathbun09

    WOmanSetFree, I’m with you on the Neo’s of either stripe. Ultimately – they answer to the same bosses. Don’t take a lose if your folks come after you for passing on something from me. There’s been a lot of propaganda effort going on; so such a reaction will not be surprising. I suggest, one of LRH’s final words on the subject for application: HCOB 16 Apr 82 MORE ON PTS HANDLING.

  122. Deine Weltanschaung ist Kwatsch

  123. Snowhite are you talking about David Miscavige ?

  124. Moving Forward

    I find it an interesting parallel between the ideals set forth in the Constitution versus the actual history of this country and the ideals set forth in Scientology versus what the organization has become.

    Although our Constitution may represent the most enlightened form of government that has existed, the very words of the Declaration of Independence stood in stark contrast to the actual scene in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds: slavery was deeply entrenched and certainly not all of the ‘enlightened’ founding fathers felt that it should be abolished. Jefferson’s ‘ideals’ of equality were quite limited; they did not include blacks or those native to this land.

    The hypocrisy in this country’s foundation and history runs very deep. Many compromises were made ‘for the greater good of having a unified country” which resulted in the continuing (and increasing) enslavement of millions, not to mention the oppression of an an entire race (something that exists to this very day).

    Minorities and the poor have always been sidelined. Having grown up in a poor family in the 1980’s, I saw first-hand the real evils of Reagan’s ‘trickle down economics’. This idea of the wealth ‘tricking down’ from the wealthy to the poor definitely seems to have some similarities to this CofM attitude that the wealthy are the able and so by taking care of them, we’ll ‘eventually get to the poor’.

    Interestingly (and sickeningly to me) Reagan is revered by those very people his economic policies hurt: the poor. He definitely had some good PR.

  125. martyrathbun09

    Because, we all have our own realities. Here’s another factor that may shed light on mine. I spend the better portion of my time day in and day out repairing beings (with Scientology) who felt as if they were effectively killed by their association with the host.

  126. Moving Forward

    Something I forgot that I wanted to say: the real history of the country has been massively white-washed in part because of the idea that anything ‘negative’ would make the ‘Founding Fathers’ and the country look bad. This sounds familiar…

  127. martyrathbun09

    J Swift, I want a copy of your book when published. To answer all your q’s a bit involved to give the context needed at the moment. But, they will be answered.

  128. Snowhite you sound like a Monthy Phyton character.

  129. I think you are adorable Snowhite, Is that an Emotion too ?

  130. Of wich you have first hand knowledge Snowhite?

  131. I think the “church” has Zombie-like qualities, It’s dead but still dwelling the earth.

  132. Moving Forward

    Mareka — I saw the same exact scenario play out in San Francisco a few years ago when it “went Ideal’ — people signing up and posing for the cameras was all that was done. The stats were forced up by tremendous effort and a huge SO Mission, but then collapsed after the event. The event video was a massive exaggeration of what was really happening in SF.

  133. Arschkriecher; ass kisser?!!!!
    Having run out of anything intelligent to say after a clearly disasterous attempt to fake being some sort of Nitzsche savant you now resort to… name calling?
    Surely you can do better than that? If you don’t come up with something more we can chew on we’ll get bored of playing with you.
    Come on Snowhite! Let’s up the game a little here.

  134. “The murder weapon is smoking and burnt powder is caked on the face of the Tony Montana wanna be who did the ugly deed.”

    I’ll bet DM watches that Movie in his private movie den and after the end turns to his aids and says he would have don a better job and survived.

  135. D. Miscarriage “The Great Hypnotist”.

    Hypnotism, a lecture given on 27 Oct. 1954:
    “Hypnotism is that proces by which sufficient agreement can be made between an operator and a subject so that a subject will agree that the operator has entire and complete control of his intellectual processes, as well as his sleep, mock-up processes, et cetera, ad infinitum. It is that process by which the operator – the hypnotist-takes control of the machinery of the thetan by agreement.
    Now, this is merely, then, a heightening of agreement to a point where an operator becomes pan-determined, and where the subject becomes not-determined-nondetermined.”

  136. Thanks Another Jeff that makes for an understandable read.

  137. I think this grass roots Dianetics movement even had a 1-800 line — something like 1 800 for help —

    Which was manned for a time by Mr. Disseminator himself – Pat Gualtieri —

    At least I think this was the same grass roots campaign.

    And of course, it got closed down. Pat sent off to parts unknown — decks, rpf? He later bid his 30 plus Sea Org career bye bye.

    And poof — he’s gone.


  138. Marty,

    This is quite the thought provoking post and I have had many ideas throughout, which I will address a little at a time so as not to make my response too unwieldy.

    “I examined the question of whether Miscavige and the Neo Cons rose to prominence because of Scientology’s and America’s fundamental philosophies and policies, or instead in spite of them. ”

    I think it is important to take into consideration that all of the social betterment activities which we as Scientologist believed were occuring in the world weren’t really happening. They were aborted projects that were only brought to life to be fodder for more IAS donations. I feel that these programs could do a lot to change our culture just as Isaac suggested. If each of the programs had fully been established and made operational, I think we could be in much better shape as a society.

    ” Did the fact that a man bent on enslaving others psychologically and physically rose to prominence in an organization founded with the purpose of freeing people spiritually mean the core principles of the subject cannot contain magic?”

    This has already come up in the blogs. The tech is still magic as far as I am concerned. The fact that your number of posters continues to grow is indicative that others see the tech works and recognize that IT is completely separate from the actions of the SP in charge.

    I believe that is why it has taken but a short amount of time to shift the perception of the Scientology public. One of the things that I took away from Scientology was the ability to recognize truth from lies. With the help of you and your friends we have been given an opportunity to see the lies for what they are, despite DM’s crafty manipulation in disseminating the global successes that just weren’t true.

    More to come…

  139. Once Upon a Time
    I get the reprimand which is well receive with good humor. However….
    I just can’t help myself 😀
    Snowhite is obviously attracted to our theta and is unable to resist communicating with us. Well a reach is a reach and I get this confounded compulsion to communicate right back.
    Perhaps it’s like the way a cat enjoys playing with a dead sparrow.
    I suppose on some level one should feel sympathy for the dead sparrow (and leave the poor thing alone) but…. I have to admit it…. I do love to play 😀
    Just sayin’

  140. When I left the Sea Org in 1980, I could not, would not read a single word of scientology.

    I felt completely utterly dead. My dad was dead, my hope for my life (forever in the Sea Org) was dead, my marriage was dead.

    I was dead.

    And terrified.

    Fortunately a wonderful Sea Org friend from Flag came out to LA and stayed with me (things were very different then).

    She had suggestions and offered hope.

    I later remarried and continued up the bridge —

    Until YET AGAIN — that was gone, my marriage was gone, my life was gone.

    Yikes — anyone see a pattern here? 🙂

    I came back to life — MANY years later by listening to every one of the OT HATTING SERIES and the PDC several times.

    And through that — found Buddhism.

    A path that is SOOOO open it’s impossible to be kicked off … 🙂

    I see the existing church as dead however. The best thing would be to pull the plug. The wonderful staff and public still around will find a way to truth … and those who won’t — well, they won’t – but they aren’t really on a path to truth, are they?


  141. And anyways it’s all Marty’s fault for putting the bait out to the kitty cat LOL.

  142. Darn I understood all you said there.

  143. Hello Snowhite!

    Say hello to Grumpy for me when you go home tonight, m’kay?

  144. Sam the translation is not ass kisser but it leads us into a world rtthat is not white as snow.

    nuff said

  145. Wow Marta!
    You are a writer. That was beautiful and profound.

  146. Terril Park

    LO said:-

    “Where is a standard SHSBC being delivered in Europe by independents ?
    Are there some people wanting to form a group to deliver it mutually ?
    Ideas ?”

    Max and Erica Hauri in Bern, and Otfried Krumholz in Frankfurt will probably deliver this. they are the lead C/Ses of Rons Org the most active and successfull flowering of the Freezone. Consult the post Marty made about
    the brit Channel 4 programme, ” The beginners guide to L ron Hubbard.” You can see some of the training going on. One of my friends was a flag course sup, and he found their courserooms
    to be fine.

  147. Mike Lemeron

    LRH made reference to a man talking to another man, telling him his problems. This is natural; it is normal conversation. It is something that cannot be regulated or condemned. The SP, DM, seeks to suppress others from going free, from getting up the Bridge. RTC is his main tool for this along with his legal forces and RTC ownership of copyrights.

    I personally feel that people need to get up the Bridge. I feel that doing so inside the CofS is – these days – not the way to do so. As more and more trained auditors and other tech people leave CofS, a wealth of tech potential pervades our society. These people need to be embraced. Co-auditing needs to be embraced. I, personally, wish to get up the Bridge. After being out of CofS since ’98, I am seeing that people can and should get up the Bridge and not be afraid to do so outside the arbitraries set forth by the Miscavige regime. Thank you, Marty, for helping bring a point of stability to the chaos. And thank you to all my friends who post positive create and theta to this blog.

  148. UnDisturbed

    MF: what you have missed is within the framework of the Constitution were the seeds of reform and correction.

    Yes, slavery was enshrined in this country, but we as a nation fought the bloodiest war in our history to end it. We as a people rose to those greater heights because many were willing to die to bring that Constitution into its full meaning, and to form a more perfect Union.

  149. Welcome Kris, there is plenty of room. I don’t miss the long reg cycles, that’s for sure.

    Good to have you here.

  150. Pingback: Top Posts —

  151. Moving Forward


    Yes yes and YES! One of the reasons I began withdrawing from the church a few years ago was because I was starting to scream (quite literally one day) about some of the incredible injustices I was seeing perpetrated on the Class V org staff.

    Being an ex-SO freeloader, I knew this path was only going to get me labeled an external influence and very negatively affect my family.

    I heard all about the ‘glories’ of the new pay system and saw with my own eyes how this ended up.

  152. Moving Forward,

    The hypocrisy, the greed, the injustice, it’s all a given. When, including today, have those things
    NOT existed in human society?

    I take exception to your portrayal of the Founding Fathers. If you are able to actually learn about them (assuming you can bring yourself to trust any historical resource out there), and NOT admire the brilliance, the genius, the willingness to but an ideal where only the grim reality of tyranny had previously been, then it’s you in which idealism has died.

    It’s nothing new to say they were flawed. I dare say, you are , too. Jefferson’s ideas of universal liberty were certainly different from our current definition of it, just as ours is very different from what it will be 234 years from now. Are you a hypocrite because your values reflect the context of your time? More to the point, have you ever created anything as sublimely beautiful and startlingly courageous as the Declaration of Independence? Have you ever risked so much, materially and emotionally, to give a dream for your fellow man the chance to become real?
    I doubt it.

    Whatever your opinions are about Reagan, Thomas Jefferson, et al., the real issue here, or at least the one most I care to put my attention on, is how can we improve what currently is?

    Perfection is something to be pursued while knowing it cannot be attained.

  153. Very nice, Virg. Thank you for this. I, too, am so very appreciative of my many gains living the philosophy and applying the tech. RIP, Church, we’ll take it from here.

  154. Hoo-Whaa, brother!

  155. I just watched that Nas video. Never heard of him before. I like him now, though!

    What ever happened to Doug E. Fresh?

    Still in the CofMest or is he out?

  156. 007 loved the video. Thanks for sharing.

  157. Wow! I didn’t know. That was a nice eye-opener. Muchas Gracias!

  158. I haven’t read the intro or responses, but your intro to your intro is SPOT ON ~ get through the emotions, experience them, you will rise to your natural tone level if you do so! For sooooo long I squashed my emotions that after staff, I was “emotionless” and it was quite a surprise to actually move up and down the tone scale freely! It was and is fun and exciting! Cry! Scream! Stomp your feet! Beg to be pampered. Jump for Joy! Land up top!

  159. Before it was fashionable I was already fully aware that DM was an SP. I watched as the Scn world applauded all of his actions to the point I couldn’t go to an event as I couldn’t keep a straight face or stop myself from shaking my head in disbelief. I watched his promo photos get larger and larger while the Int Execs photo’s get smaller and smaller and LRH’s photo’s reduce to 1 to 7 of DMs. What shocked me the most is how readily my fellow Scn’ists went into agreement with the out-tech, hype and the lack of results, relying on events to give them the “facts”. I became very discouraged with mankind in general at that point and worked to get off staff and distance myself from the S.O. That was accomplished and then my daughter was declared. I was told that I must disconnect from her for her own good as she would then be motivated to get back in good standing (of course, this never happened because, as we have been told time and time again, the Church has never done this and has no policy paromoting disconnection … Right, umhm). As my husband was still very involved in the Church and faithfully getting through his courses, I tried disconnection from my daughter for some months. It was entirely stupid and self-
    destructive as it violated everything I personally believe in – like personal integrity and love, for instance. Therefore I reunited with her and just lied to my husband until he came to his senses. I am very happy to now report we are a united family once again. I am so proud of my daughter and her fight for human rights, and very proud of her friends, which you’all are getting to know on these pages. What they are doing takes great courage and they are all demonstrating it.

  160. windhorsegallery: They came through Baton Rouge before that time and God knows we needed and wanted to effect change, do what we knew how! We too ran into the actual intent being to LOOK as if we were doing something, nothing more.
    What a crock of shit!
    Now I live in the midst of hardworking people of color who just want a better life for their kids, like I do. Guess what? We can truly DO something without covertly and even overtly being squashed!

  161. Yet, DM’s suppressive handling of public and staff and the running of “can’t have” on them has resulted in many factually becoming degraded.

  162. Anybody trained to audit even a little KNOWS without a doubt, with CERTAINTY that LRH LOVED everybody and color didn’t mean squat to him. What color is a thetan?

  163. Profound and relevant, Marty. I could not agree more. I trust your inquiry is still going forward; and I, for one, would love to hear the results.

    The following is taken from the Stephen Mitchell
    edition (Harper & Row 1988) of the Tao Te Ching Verse 36:

    If you want to shrink something,
    you must first allow it to expand.
    If you want to get rid of something,
    you must allow it to flourish.
    If you want to take something ,
    you must first allow it to be given.
    This is called the subtle perception
    of the way things are.

    The soft overcomes the hard.
    The slow overcomes the fast.
    Let your workings remain a mystery.
    Just show people the results.

  164. Marty, I hadn’t heard of the book by Shirky so went to Amazon and checked out the reviews. It sounds quite relevant and I thought I would post some of the reviews here so everyone can have a cliff notes version of what it covers, and perhaps ignite a discussion about its application in the scene we are presented with today:

    “The Internet lets us form groups effortlessly. Now we can work together on projects that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. We can find other people for fun in the real (non-Internet) world. We can find people with remarkably obscure interests matching our own. Previously these would have taken far too much time and effort. And the payoff is far too low for any company to be interested in connecting, say, lovers of ancient Chinese art. What the Internet has given us is a set of tools that allow us to create and find these groups.”


    “A few of my fly-leaf notes:

    + New technologies enable new kinds of groups to form.

    + “Message” is key, what Eric Raymond calls “plausible promise.”

    + Can now harness “free and ready participation in a large distributed group with a variety of skills.”

    + Cost-benefit of large “unsupervised” endeavors is off the charts.

    + From sharing to cooperation to collective action

    + Collective action requires shared vision

    + Literacy led to mass amatuerism, and I have note to myself, the cell phone can lead to mass on demand education “one cell call at a time”

    + Transactions costs dramatically lowered.

    + Revolution happens when it cannot be contained by status quo institutions

    + Good account of Wikipedia

    + Light discussion of social capital, Yochai Bnekler does it much better

    + Value of mass diversity

    + Implications of Linux for capitalism

    + Excellent account of how Perl beat out C++

    Bottom line in this book: “Open Source teaches us that the communal can be at least as durable as the commercial.”


    “In this book, Shirky describes three levels of group activities, made possible by social media:

    1. Sharing with others, using, Flickr, Slideshare and other social tools. After September 11th, a professor of Middle Eastern history starts writing a blog that became a resource for reporters covering the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    2. Collaboration, perhaps using Linux or Wikipedia. Kite makers find each other online and collaborate on the most radical improvement in kite design in decades. So are architects.

    3. Collective action, where groups form to pursue a larger purpose and use social tools, ranging from google or Yahoo! groups to free online social networks such as Ning to share news and tips, recruit others, support each other and remain unified.


    Writes Shirky, “… one of the things I most hope readers get out of it, is an excitement about how much experimentation is still possible, and how many new uses of our social tools are waiting to be invented.” Similarly the Internet changed how outraged Catholics could rally for changes when pedophile priests went on trial. The organizing clout of the Internet did not come in time for one of my heroes, Gary Webb.

    In a controversial move, Shirky describes why he thinks MoveOn has not succeeded in three ways that Obama has, using social media, beginning with his “wide pockets versus deep pockets” approach to securing many little donations rather than a few big donations. Another example, fighting against the airline industry’s resistence setting standards for passengers stuck on the tarmac, some angry passengers recruited, “tens of thousands of people in a few weeks” to join the Coalition for an Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights.

    Each example in his book includes three vital elements: a credible and clear promise, use of the right social media tool(s) and an attractive bargain for and with potential participants.


    “Clay Shirky is a leading thinker on social technologies, and this book is his introduction to why social technologies like Wikipedia work. Each chapter has a well-chosen story to illustrate the technologies he’s discussing, from the Stolen Sidekick page to Flickr’s coverage of Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade, and how they are being used, including Egyptian activists using Twitter to keep each other updated of their activities and confrontations with authority, or Belarussian protestors using LiveJournal to organize flash mobs.

    Shirky’s book is a terrific introduction to social technology, with an overview of both the social and the technological and how they are feeding on each other to form new combinations. I highly recommend it to anybody who has any interest in how new tools are giving us more power by multiplying the number of ways in which we can interact with each other.”

  165. Now I’ve read your entire post ~ AMEN BROTHER!

    Next, just last night was put on my desk the certificate commending and welcoming my 15 y.o. into the National Honor Society. Another certificate of award for placing second in a literary rally in world geography!
    My youngest maintains her 4.0. My oldest, her 3.5.
    Issac, it can be done and is being done every day at my level, because believe me, it ain’t ME and my learning that help these kids in public school like they are! It’s the study tech in real life! =o)

  166. Yeah it’s like a zombie bank and too big to fail. The final sign that it’s OVER for sure.

    I actually feel relieved, it’s real in my universe and it feels good.

  167. Glad what I said wasn’t taken too seriously. I’m a huge fan of the UFC and love a good smack down. Did not intend to chide or discourage a righteous smack, meant more to encourage expanding the ARC here even further.

    I’ve noticed something here that reminds me of an e-meter drill. More on that tomorrow.

  168. Kris,
    Wonderful story. And, there’s more than enough room for you. I recommend you get your books out, read, do SA lists, all sorts of stuff to continue up the Bridge. There are guys to deliver training and auditing to you.

    You made it this far, carry on. Write me if you need lines to follow up on.

  169. And on that issue, get the one that isn’t altered by DM which he issued on 10 Oct 96 to ‘correct transcriptionist errors’.

    The original issue is in the 91 Tech Vols. I have a copy as well. That’s the one you want, the original 16 April 82 More On PTS Handling.

  170. Kathy Braceland

    I’m very interested too Marty. I worked directly with Isaac for 3 years in the mid 90’s. The covert Miscavige operations were evident even then with CCI terminals (including Tommy Davis) being vehicles for it.

    Isaac was everything you said about him and more. He was a wonderful and caring magnanimous man who had one helluva an impact on this world. His dream will come true.

  171. Kathy Braceland

    There’s plenty of room for you here Kris. Glad to have you!

  172. Kathy Braceland

    Wow Marty…this is superb! It moved me up a couple of notches — from know about to know. It’s so good to know.

  173. Moving Forward

    I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘the church is dead’ and it’s difficult to put into words how I feel. Having been able to separate out Scientology the philosophy from the church, I can agree that the the church is dead. It’s not something easy or painless to confront.

    ‘Funeral for a friend’ is apt. I had many good times in the church. I had many good times in the Sea Org. I got to work with some really amazing people and experience some very cool things. It wasn’t all bad for me.

    Although there were difficult times, I never had to experience any of the tortures that people on the RPF or those from the Int Base or Incomm had to go through, that’s for sure.

    As for what issues I did see or know about,
    I had always held out hope that the problems I was seeing could be and were being fixed internally. I had some hope organizationally a few years ago when I saw an SO mission finally focusing on establishing a big Department One. But that was fleeting and the emphasis quickly shifted to squirrel ‘ethics handlings’ and reg, reg, reg.

    Now that I know of the suppressive things happening at the top, it’s clear that reform internally is out. The organization is rotten to the core, and it pains me to confront this because I could see what could have been.

    But thanks to all of you, I can see now that this doesn’t mean that Scientology is dead.

    Until a few weeks ago, I couldn’t even pick up an LRH book because of the dread that I was just going to ‘crash’ again. I’d given up on myself.

    Now I am back to reading LRH and I have blown SO much charge that I’m no longer afraid of rollercoastering (for the first time in at least 10 years, probably more!). I am definitely much happier these days.

    So, thank you to so many of the posters here, to those that have spoken out, and especially thanks to Marty, Mike, Amy, Steve and Jeff. You guys are really helping people.

  174. Marty,

    You definitely need to get your book completed and internationally available.
    You are touching many lives with the TRUTH.
    For many years, as scientologists we have been filled with lies, lies and more lies by little devil Davey.
    He even lied to us about LRH, he altered his tech, he took our spiritual freedom away from us by applying Revers Scientology/Dianetics to us. We toed the lines and hoped we can handle any outpoints internally with our KRs and the correct applications of KSW. We hoped our voices would be heard on the top and justice would be applied and Ethics would go in.
    But it never happened because the SP (DM) has been running the show.
    Now, we have hope, doing something about it from outside in order to put sanity in the group and keep LRH legacy alive and useable.

    Thank you for all you are doing to make our dream a reality!
    Thanks to all the people on this blog for flowing power to you and for exposing more truth.

    The church has been dead for a long time. DM’s time is up and he MUST go to hell.

  175. martyrathbun09

    Amy’s Mom, Welcome and thanks for the great post. I understood from Amy it was C of M that drove your husband to look by insisting he NOT look and instead handle Amy. Can you tell us about it? I think it would be educational and show just how self-destructive DM and his minions have become with their bullying ways.

  176. Beautifully communicated…loved the analogy.

  177. Awesome. Thank you Marty for posting the Introduction to your upcoming book. Brilliantly written.
    Well, tonight I bow my head in an end-of-cycle and then raise a glass half FULL and make a toast to my (our) postulate for the freedom and rapid world wide dissemination of the technology and teachings of Scientology. Cuz the truth is, as I understand it, we need EVERYONE out of this mess to get onto target two!
    PS: Need to get in that compartmented schedule so you can move up the release date on your book.


    I received this letter recently from the local AO from the President:

    Dear Blah,

    Definitely as Scientologists, we are in exciting times.

    Of course as we rapidly expand – having doubled and previous highest ever on the number of Clears made in a year, this past year, and our 4th dynamic salvage campaigns in full swing – there is a small percentage of society who oppose efforts to do something good for society.

    To keep all Scientologists up to date with all that has been happening, and there is a lot, an important field briefing is being held ………….

    You have likely seen sensational headlines and all manner of stories. But what lies behind these? Come and find out some news that we have not yet briefed the field on. I am specifically asking you to attend …..


  179. Yep – Otfried is definitely a safe terminal, and a super auditor. The courseroom seems pretty standard also.

  180. Tara,
    Wonderful on your kids! That’s the future, the next generation of a better world. Fantastic news!

  181. AlexMetheny

    Great writing Marty!!

    What struck me was how Tom Cruise is in Treason to you. You salvaged the guy and then he turns on you like a punk ass bitch.

    I don’t think that is the way to eternal salvation.


    p.s. Snowhite your HOT!!

  182. Moving Forward

    Luna, I did not mean to offend you and I clearly hit a nerve. I have been studying politics and American history since I was 13 years old and got into more of a political diatribe here than I’d intended. This is not the place for that and my apologies.

    As for the accusations you lay at my feet:

    No, I’ve never created anything like these documents of which we’re speaking, although I don’t feel that precludes me having opinions. And I do have some not-so-good opinions about some of the Founding Fathers.

    History is certainly full of hypocrisy, greed and all of that, as you say and certainly the minds that came together in the late 1700s were unique. I find that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are documents of brilliance to be sure.

    However, even in the context of the time, slavery was something that the Founding Fathers compromised on to a degree that I find hard to forgive. Not all of them agreed with slavery, but yet the power held by some was yielded to.

    I gave the example of Jefferson as I’ve read enough of his letters and writings that I consider him rather to be wanting an appearance of enlightenment than actually being enlightened, even for his age.

    I tend to admire Locke and Paine much more. In fact, Jefferson quite literally paraphrased Locke in writing parts of the Declaration. I admire Benjamin Franklin for taking the helm of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society. I admire Madison for at least being embarrassed at the vehemence some delegates were defending slavery with.

    I’m willing to defend my views, but hold them as my own opinions and don’t believe that what I say nullifies what someone else believes. I do believe that communication is the universal solvent.

    As for the other question you posed, have I “ever risked so much, materially and emotionally, to give a dream for your fellow man the chance to become real?”

    Well, I can answer that maybe not in the same league as these men, but I joined the SO at the age of 16 (after being in Scientology about 2 months) because I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others. I spent the next 10 years in the SO and a significant amount of time after I left. I never actually cared much about the ‘sacrifices’ I made materially or emotionally, except to the degree that these prevented me from being able to help others.

  183. Moving Forward

    UnDisturbed, I didn’t miss this part, even though I may not have been clear in my points. The framework was there. The parallel I was seeing to Scientology was that the compromises that were made for the ‘greater good’ of the union came at too high a price.

  184. Doc "Smith"

    Hi Marty, You can get the story from the horses mouth, since Amy outed me in Hamburg (I’m her step-dad). I had disconnected from her and Matt (at their suggestion) when they first came up here after being declared. I was on auditor training and was planning to open a field practice (still hope to). I have been in Scientology since 1980, and have 14 years staff experience including non-SO contracts at Flag while my wife was MAA there, (I’m out-qual), from 81-84. I finished the Pro-metering just after the Basics came out, took 13 months to do the Basics, and got onto the Levels. I did Levels 0-2 as well as auditing a friend through Grade 0. Last year I started getting calls from OSA Int, who wanted to know if I or my wife were connected to Amy. I wasn’t, and as far as I knew neither was her mom. I have since found out that they were connected and kept it from me as they knew I really wanted to get my training. I’m sure the PIs following Amy spotted her meeting her mother and reported that uplines. It must have really bugged them as I told them with total certainty that as far as I knew we weren’t connected. I was curious why they kept calling me as I was at effect in the cycle since I wasn’t supposed to comm with her but they wanted me to know the mean nasty things she was doing (SP Times, writing her book, website) They said I had to be responsible to know that she was doing bad things to the church even though I wasn’t allowed to have any comm to be at cause on the cycle. I finally got curious and looked up her website to see what was so bad, (I have always known she wasn’t an SP and knew she had been declared to cut her comm lines), so OSA Int actually goaded me into looking, through their harassment, or I wouldn’t have looked, having been well trained not to look as a good CofMer. Shortly after that she and Matt met with me and she told me what she had experienced and observed at Int.My wife having been nervous about how I would take this asked me what I thought about all that, I told her it’s easy to change your mind, I was missing data before that I now have. I went to the org the next day, got my books and meters and left the church. We have since resigned from it. I have been following your blog since then and really like not only your posts but the comments from everyone.

  185. Moving Forward

    It was great to see this again. Amazing and theta. Thanks for posting!

  186. Great article, Marty. And those are important questions to ask.

    As far as this one goes:

    “I examined the question of whether Miscavige and the Neo Cons rose to prominence because of Scientology’s and America’s fundamental philosophies and policies, or instead in spite of them. ”

    This is a question that I’ve often wondered about over the last few years. I’ve concluded that it is the fact that Scientology’s philosophy focuses so much on hope that has lead to the environment of fear we have today.

    “You cease to be afraid when you cease to hope; for hope is accompanied by fear.” -Seneca

    Examine for yourself the relationship between Hope and Fear. As far as I know, LRH never discusses this relationship.

    After grasping the relationship between the two, it is no wonder that the hope for being OT and having spiritual freedom (the biggest hope man can have) has been used by DM as the ultimate trigger for fear.

    I believe if Scientology’s basic philosophy wasn’t based on hope, it would be impossible for a psychopath such as DM to control people the way he is.

    For further reading on Stoicism, I recommend “Seneca: Letters of a Stoic”.

  187. martyrathbun09

    Doc, Thanks for the debrief. I applaud your entire family. Amy and your wife for having the decency to keep it off your lines so as not to disrupt your training. You for spotting the outpoints with the church’s obsession with Amy then finding out for yourself, then doing the honorable thing to do. Congratulations to all of you. And I wish you success and happiness with you auditing practice. Look forward to meeting when we make it up to visit Mat and Amy.

  188. Marty,

    I understand we each have our own realities and thats why we are here sharing.

    With that said, I value your expansive view from the top (SO, Int, RTC etc.), but the view from below maybe a bit different. I see most Org staff (Class V) as just following orders of the whoever is in charge no matter how wrong, right or otherwise.

    So with that, if the “virus is put in check” (meaning DM and whoever else needs to be removed) the staff given a correct Admin Scale to work with, I believe could begin to restore true ARC, KRC in their areas. (Basic PTS tech)

    Give the Org freer reign without so much SO interference (crossorders and stat pushes) and we may see some of those things we here look for.

    Have I become pollyannic yet?

  189. martyrathbun09

    Moving forward, how about Tom Paine, who never compromised on slavery and without whom the revolution never would have had a prayer? (the later per John Adams himself)

  190. Ok, here’s what I can confirm on my local level.
    Basic delivery of Scientology is somehow not happening. I’ve thought about this a lot because people when they get a taste of it generally love it. I think if you were doing Scientology and producing results your org would be very busy but my org is empty. It’s a CLV org in a very large city.

    Programs are not really being run. Standard actions are not routine. The org board is routinely unmocked- musical chairs and whatnot. The demands from uplines seem to be to sell lecture packages and get event attendance/donations. I suspect based on my experience on staff and observing the org now that management (FOLO?) isnt really running the org on anything except random, frantic, uncoordinated stuff (random phone calls pushing “stats”).

    As for delivery of actual grade chart services there seems to be a weird apathy. Like it’s too difficult to get people through Purif, TR/Obj and on up or something. There are nice, newly remodeled delivery spaces that sit empty.

    The purposes of the org seem to be:
    1: Get money from people
    2: Get donations from people
    3: Get you in to reg you for money
    4: Confirm you for the event
    5: Sell you Basics packages
    6: Get “stats”

    I dont feel like I’m going to get anywhere there. I have to sneak out the door and pretend I dont hear people calling my name from offices in the hall as I walk by and ignore voice messages and be an out of comm liar to prevent myself from going bankrupt. They need every last dime from me until I cant borrow anymore. I’ve had reges call my credit cards and up my limits when I said I couldnt borrow anymore. I’ve had reges pull out promo materials for credit cards and open new accounts for me. Yet when I want to do some of those services I’ve paid for (amongst IAS, Ideal Org donos etc) there isnt any help with that.

    My org has an enourmous backlog of undelivered services. I have so much pre-paid on account that it’s just stupid.
    Yet I hear the staff as they celebrate being “upstat” for having an affluence of one this week over none last.

    I see a lot of cherry picking stats instead of hammering in VFP’s. Maybe the Burthday Game is being perverted in some way as a stat push. There’s all these “affluences” but when you look at the org it is empty.

    If a new person comes in they are regged so much they dont stick around long. I dont know if it’s the constant regging or that Div 6 is repeatedly unmocked but of the 20-30 new people in the past year, none but one ever come in and I havent seen the one in a while, so maybe none.

    On the basics- they are supposed to open up delivery and get masses up the bridge but there are only a handful of die-hard regulars through them and now they have to do the ACC’s I guess?? The courses lack practical application. I can’t learn very well if I dont have doingness and there isnt any on the courses. They seem wrong.

    Forcing the 15 people who still show for ideal org fundraisers to pay millions for a new building is going to remedy these things?

    I feel my help is not wanted or appreciated. You are only helping if you donate a bunch of money or buy Basics/Congresses, donate to the library campaign etc..

    It reminds me of KSW1 where it seems to me LRH is saying ” I left for a few years and you guys did WHAT!?” Now he’s been gone for many years and I think he would be royally pissed.

  191. Oh, the field has been briefed to the point where they are calling little ol’ me way out here in the boon-docks. It’s a project;).

    The story is quite clear, the “psyches” are SCARED. Frightened to death I tell you… no really!

    Didn’t you hear about the L.A. Org new grander-er than ever opening??
    The building is completely refurbished and it’s beautiful.

    You know how the pyches always hated a nice paint job.

    Don’t believe those evil sensationalist headlines… it’s just the psyches. They resent good looking curtains. Because we know, NOTHING frees humanity faster that a 25 million dollar property that’s been lovingly refurbished with pretty much slave labour.

  192. Good to hear from you Amy’s Mom!

    I already admire you.

    Mom’s always become the best jugglers , and you’ve done an amazing job:)

  193. JacksonJ,

    Kind of reversed awareness scale:
    -2 HOPE
    -6 EFFECT
    Don’t forget, everything is reversed in CofM,
    you just have to take the scales upside down 🙂

  194. Marty.
    Politically I’m absolutely opposed to you. I’m a Thomas Sowell “both feet on the ground”, “living in the real world” conservative that 100% supported Bush’s war in Iraq, which I saw as a war on suppressive tyranny an elitism (just like DM practices after he hi-jacked a spiritual movement to better the world) trying to get the PC (the Iraqi people) to become “slightly cause”.
    Yet spiritually, I’m 100% on the same page as you. Can you explain that to me?

  195. Moving Forward

    Marty, I didn’t realize I’d taken Paine’s name out in trying to edit down my reply, he was in my original draft after Locke. Major omission on my part! Common Sense is a must read.

  196. Lady Lancelot

    To Joe Howard, You mentioned that Bush’s first Education Secretary, Rod Paige sent a request to implement Study Tech in the entire American education system…” That would be a dream come true. Do you know if there is still interest by the current Education Secretary to do that and could we do that outside the Church?

  197. Scie No Mo, I’ve come to realize that all politics is BS and PR to disguise an underlying, hidden intent, I assume profit and power motivated.
    I think Bush and Obama, and every president for a long time have been and are owned.
    You supported the PR for the Iraq war. I doubt you would support the actual reasons for it.

  198. Moving Forward

    Interesting. Thanks for elaborating.

  199. Doc & Amy’s mom!

    Congrats to you both for applying your training and knowledge to see the TRUTH and not to toe DM’s line but instead making your family stronger.
    Amy and Matt are two of the most amazing people I have met. They deserve your full support.

    Being a parent myself, I applaud you.

    Much Love!

  200. The pricing is too high, both for auditing and training.

    The new buildings, despite being donated for by public, are being rented to the orgs by DM, keeping staff pay low.

    Very little auditing is occurring in orgs, yet that is what Scientology is all about.

    The moment you mention the prices being too high you are shown HCO PL PRICE ENGRAM, where LRH mentions an SP will clamor about prices being too high so that orgs won’t get paid enough.

    This is in essence getting us not to look.

    That’s cancelled.

    The prices are too damn high, the rents the orgs pay are ridiculous considering they are now owned outright, the staff pay sucks, and virtually no auditing is occurring.

    You can put lipstick on a pig and talk about new buildings but you’ve still got a pig.

    The church is dead.

    Auditing and training delivered cheaply is the answer to a new civilization.

  201. Hi Amy’s mom. I’m very happy for your family and that you are all together.

    I’m also glad to cross paths with you and your husband once again.

    The manor in which the C of M enforces disconnection is insane. So many families have been destroyed by this policy that “doesn’t exist”, as per my favorite mouth piece Tommy “disconnection doesn’t exist” Davis.

  202. Joe Howard

    How about this August in Vermont? Maybe we get MOQ to lay down his fishing pole and snowshoe down from Canada. What hoot that would be.

  203. “” — He does not want “dbs” (regular folk in his mind) anywhere near orgs. He’s done his best to weld the doors shut. — “” (This forum needs a blockquote function. BB code?)

    That’s exactly it. He’s marginalized Scientology to specific publics … a money-racket to gut celebs, elites and the affluent. Its no longer a religion for the common man.

    “” — There are still many good, hardworking staff members in our orgs. —“”

    And everyday they go on post is another day of support for DM. Nothing matters at this point until the little quackster & his wannabe droids are outta there.

    Its gotta come down before it goes up again.

    There is no such thing as a self-appointed COB – No such mandate, no such policy in existence.

    And the Senior C/S overlooking technical matters? Isn’t he one of of the bots routinely beaten on?

    And the Watchdog Committee? Running around trees, dunked into pools when not locked up or called on the carpet for public confessionals?

    I mean … I’d like some sort of rationalization … even just a divine sign … as to why I bought the updated OEC volumes.

  204. Joe Howard

    Funny, the MEST universe of competition hammers home the idea that there is only room for one at the top of the mountain, but the people on this site and in the independent community seem to realize that the space on top is actually unlimited and there’s plenty of room for everybody!

  205. I know #1 – 6 above was happening far too much when I moved off the lines two years ago. But at least there was some attempt at training and processing. But the rising insanity was killing that – the entire PURPOSE of an org – rather quickly. That these new, perverse purposes still drag on two years later boggles my mind. The justifications in the minds of those experiencing these outpoints must be incredible!
    Yes, the “Church” is dead. Long live the philosophy and practice of Knowing how to Know”!

  206. Joe Howard

    SCIE-NO-MO-, hang in there, your eyes are halfway open!

  207. Hi Kris,

    You and I share similar experiences – lots of admin training, much less tech training and both techies out there in the work-a-day world.

    Hang in there, use whatever parts of tech you know work an the rest will fall into place soon enough. There’s more than enough info in your post to show that you can stand up for yourself and do what you think is right, so enjoy your stay.

  208. “Now he’s been gone for many years and I think he would be royally pissed”.

    No question about it DFB – it was that realisation that made me turn my back on the CofM for good. This isn’t LRH’s Church any more – it’s DM’s. I felt sorry for the good hard working staff who are being lied to and betrayed on a daily basis. It’s hard to differentiate when you get 20 calls a week asking for money or event attendence; it’s easy to get mad at the staff doing this, but it isn’t them. I’ve been there myself – you make calls you shouldn’t make, ask public for money you know they haven’t got for services they don’t need. It’s crushing, yet you are faced with doing it or risking the Decks, RPF or at least removal from post. It’s been going on since at least the mid 80s that I know of. In fact uncannily 1984 was the year the IAS was formed when probably it started sliding into Orwellian tyranny. Portent, or spooky coincidence? (Discuss…)

    But this is NOT a problem in the US only – it’s across the boards. I didn’t know a single public who didn’t secretly try and avoid the IAS “briefings” or leave his phone on permanent ansaphone, or make sure he left course fastest route possible to avoid being snared by a Reg. Worst of all was the lies I would tell to new public to justify these types of actions. In my Independence write-up I asked the rhetorical question, why I didn’t disseminate any more. The answer was simply I didn’t want any friends or good people to experience what I experienced. And THAT is the make-break of the whole thing for me. Would you want others to have the same experiences as you? If the answer is No, then it’s time for a change.

  209. Marty – great writing. Thanks for sharing this.

    Doc – I’m glad that OSA used their “successful actions” on you too. They did that with me with regards to two of my closest friends who’d left so of course I HAD to go look see what they’d said. And that was the end of my belief in either anything that OSA said or the the “Church” was interested in me being free.

  210. Theo Sismanides

    Ha, ha, ha,

    Scien-no-mo, that’s my answer on politic(ian)s!!

    No offense intended guys.

    They are all very much lower than we are. Proof of the matter is they don’t do anything on the spiritual side of life. Isn’t that quite some outpoint?

    LRH was into politics from another viewpoint. He was mainly an educator of thetans. Big difference than war and financial traps.

  211. Bob Johnson

    I’m so exterior reading these success stories that I’ve been out of my body for the last 8 hours. I went to the top of the Empire State building and gave a “Hip, Hip, Hooray!” for LRH.

    If you haven’t done an exterior Hip, Hip Hoorary, then you missing out of one the best things in life. The current problem with the CofS, is that’s there not enough Hip, Hip Hoorays. So I’ll add some:

    Never underestimate the soothing power of a well-timed Hip, Hip Hooray. Those bitter ex-wifes sure need a hug and Hip, Hip Hooray. OK, jennifer linson might need more than that.

  212. MF,
    I’ve done some study, not nearly as much as others, of the area you bring up. I got your parallel as well.

    My present take on the subject would be that I’m positive the beings who crafted the documents then, are today someone you yourself would put in session, apply the disciplines of auditing and no doubt not only ‘forgive’ but support.

    Heck, even heroes can have lice, right?

  213. I am glad all is going yto be well I am happy for you all.

  214. Mike,
    I’m totally with you, up the Bridge, study and auditing, no arbitratries, for real. That’s the deal.

    And unleash or bolster the incredible creative power and skill of this earth’s beings for all of life’s benefit.

  215. Doc smith, slick moving getting your things first and than saying bye to it all.

  216. You can all lead in your space in the world eventually. Lead by example that is. Make your own reality where you are stationed in the world. Although looking at Marty for guidence through it all what is needed is Initiative by all how small the contribution might be but I have to say being out is as good as flipping DM the bird.

  217. great write up Marta.

  218. Victoria,
    Of course nothing frees a being faster than a piece of MEST. Why, look how well it’s done so far! It must be the absence of all that postulate and live communication.


  219. I applaud you stepping up to tythe plate War and Peace, it is vital for Freedom of Speech, although not aligned philisophically on that issue we can stand united differences be damned.

    The book needs to be written.

    William O. Douglas:

    “Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.”

  220. You simply outcreate them.

  221. Victoria,

    Your whole post is just hilarious. But this line — “You know how the psychs always hated a nice paint job.” — gave me a big fat belly laugh.

    Thank you!

    Just Me

  222. Isaiah Berlin:

    “Only barbarians are not curious about where they come from, how they came to be where they are, where they appear to be going, whether they wish to go there, and if so, why, and if not, why not.”

  223. Abraham Lincoln (attributed):

    “The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s throat, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act, as the destroyer of liberty. Plainly the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of the word liberty; and precisely the same difference prevails today among human creatures.”

  224. John your flyleaf notes describe the phenonemon of the masked once.

    No onder goverments want toc ensor the Internet under fals pretences.

  225. Focus alsoo on the people still in. DM is relentless in his anger.

  226. DM did what FDA, FBI, CIA, Pharma, Governments, Bankers and others failed doing. He killed the Church.

  227. “even more recently I donated 1 dollar to UNICEF on my plane flight, and I got such a thankful ack by the flight attendant”


  228. A while ago I walked into a small local Church. I was met by the daughter of a Scientologist I have known for many years. Looking around, I saw that the staff were all very, very young. These are the babies of Scientology, and it hurts to see them doing the best they can with what they have been taught. Not as a citizen of the world first, but as a citizen of the Scientology community and culture they grew up in.

    And what were they taught? How can they possibly know what they need to know?

    For me the true spirit of Scientology is encapsulated in: what is true for you is what you have observed for yourself and the deep and beneficial insights provided by good auditing in a safe and non-evaluative environment.

    But if you are isolated, cut off from the rest of world, denied knowledge from other sources and interaction with people from other cultures then it all goes to hell in a handbasket. How can you know what is true for yourself with no experience that differs from your own isolated culture?

    This is not a legacy I would wish upon my children and their children.

    Perhaps the Church is not really dead, perhaps it is really just sick at heart and lost in its own self-perpetuating world.

    Perhaps the message needs to be that the water is fine out here and you are well loved.

    But then, that is the message Marty brings with each post.

    So thank you Marty.

  229. i.e. I think its like raising a child — if you are over-protective of a child while you are raising it, it never finds its feet in the world.

    Over-protecting the Church has hurt its growth and its ability to take its place in a free, new world.

    Not very well stated I know but I think you get the drift.

  230. Kris, my friend,

    Have I got news for you. Things are just getting started. Life is in you today and you make your own tomorrow.

    FYI, a Class 12 OT8 FEBC grad who is sitting on the side lines with head in hand moaning about the injustice of it all is far less valuable than a new public who wants to get trained and wants to contribute and wants to change the way things are. Titles are meaningless. I’ve met so-called “wogs” who were far more OT than a lot of individuals who had “moved up the bridge.”

    An OT is knowing cause. All the rest is window dressing. If you can knowingly cause, you are exactly what you need to be. Exactly. Because you can make the changes you want.

    And if you’ve got your head in hand, moaning, you aren’t.

    So, chin up. Let’s go have ourselves a spiritual hooley.

    Much Love,


  231. What aspect of Scientology are you applying there, Snowhite?

    May I refer you to #19 of the Code of a Scientologist.

  232. Dear Jim,

    This is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read. It describes how I feel completely. A few weeks ago I gave a Touch Assist, Nerve Assist to the Admin Assistant of 5 of Dell Computers top managers on the planet. But for me, she was a smart, intelligent lady who had fallen down in the parking lot where she worked and bruised her leg from the knee to the hip and was in great pain. I gave her the assist in my bedroom, and I am quite certain she went exterior! She was beaming when she left. And guess what, you made me realize that we were “in church” and she was was being helped, physically, mentally and spiritually, in my bedroom! You are right, Life is our Church.

    Many years ago, I noticed a lady on the freeway, and she was holding a dog, and I knew something was wrong. I made my way over to the side of the road, and walked to her, and comforted her as her dog died in her arms. He had gotten run over attempting to cross the freeway. She was devastated, as the dog was her child, and she had no other children. She thanked me for being with her during her time of tragedy, and I gave her my phone number if she needed to talk later. Guess what, we were “in Church” in the grassy area next to the freeway!

    Scientology can be delivered anywhere, and now that we realize this I am certain more of it will be delivered in the nooks and crannies of the world.

    Thanks once again for this beautiful post!

  233. Theo Sismanides

    And on top of that I might have been a bit mild when I said about outpoints. Actually we are reasonable beyond belief to trust politicians who are in the best of circumstances crooks.

  234. JJ,

    Interesting post.

    I fully agree with you that fear is the driving force used by Miscavige (and thus the entire Church which is made in his image), but to not have “hope” or the wish to create a better future sinks you into apathy. That is not a workable solution either. The “hope” of spiritual freedom is a powerful motivation. And it is a valuable thing. The solution to the problem isnt to take that away (artists also envisage something in the future and strive (hope) to accomplish it — if they didnt there would be no art) but to remove the use of threats of losing it as a control mechanism.

    This may the single most important topic in the whole dog’s breakfast of DMonology. He asserts he has a monopoly on freedom, and that he can take that away by denying anyone access to “his” Bridge to Total Freedom. He asserts it belongs to him and those who slavishly worship at his Idle Orgs. As long as people believe that, he will be able to control them (and the strangest thing is that because getting everyone to study the Basics is so enforced, apparently people don’t get what they study, because if there is one thing clear throughout LRH tech — you cannot make a thetan mortal no matter what you do). I believe it is both wrong and impossible to take away the aspirations of people for a better existence into the future. What is possible and right is to remove the source of the threats that this can be denied to anyone.

    Yet, as I write this, something else becomes clear. That when one truly understands the principles of life, “hope” is replaced by “know” and “certainty” and so perhaps, in the end, Seneca is right.

    Thanks for this comment JJ, it really was thought provoking.

  235. Doc “Smith”,

    Has another lensman re-surfaced?

  236. Snowwhite: I think is the other way around. Just try to practice obnosis.

  237. That describes the Org in my area to a degree. I (ex-staff) was asked to supervise a course and the Technical Secretary happily thanked me for getting the course room into affluence in a week. I asked how can that be if we only graduated 2 students. He said exactly. I was really shocked that this person would believe that 2 students graduating would be content with that statistic.
    The staff are suffering from, enfoced/can’t have coming in on them from the SO.

  238. Sorry for the word Massacre, I must refrain from eating and typing at the same time.

  239. DFB,

    You are absolutely right LRH would be royally pissed because the only people that were supposed to be running the org are the local executives and staff and absolutely no one else. Management was never meant to give your org a bunch of orders of any kind. It’s not that kind of system.

    LRH’s management system was meant to be an OT, exterior viewpoint for the occasional planet-wide situation (common to many orgs) that come up, plus specific spot-on advice (evaluations) for the local org if it got into trouble for some reason and needed the help. AND, that advice had to be popular and fully agreed with by the local org for real or it was cancelled as wrong.

    And local FOLOs were suppoosed to be there only to assist with the above and give general advice.

    Virtually any orders into orgs are destructive to the org for the simple reason that they go against the grain of the system. But if you take into account the endless stream of destructive orders that have taken place for many years, everything from oders to orgs to hold 9 big totally illegal events each year, IAS ordering the org staff and public around to make them extract their illegal collections, to Miscavige’s squirrel and criminal system of micro managing, his floods of orders into orgs and his “everybody drop everything and do the Idle Org Shuffle” command and (though I’m being very brief here) you begin to see from just one of many angles how the C of S has been killed from the top down.

  240. Wow Peter, great post! I know I was hypnotized and am de-hypnotizing! Fantastic Reference!

    What lecture series is this lecture part of? One of the Congress lectures or Basic lectures?Asking as I may have it and want to listen to it.

    Thanks – great data!

  241. Maria,

    See my answer to DFB above.

    I feel for these kids, they were betrayed because the C of S was killed from the top down. And though the deadly process is still running, Miscavige is now flogging a dead horse.

  242. JacksonJ,

    Good morning. Thought I’d stop in over coffee before the day’s labors begin. Saw your post. Interesting. Here’s my two cents.

    Hope breaks down into “that for which is hoped for” and “he who is hoping.” It’s a two terminal proposition.

    And hope only become problematic for an individual when the object becomes fixated and overvalued. Creative processing handles this. You just keep mocking up the thing that is hoped for to get rid of the scarcity and it ceases to be a problem. Charges stops building up along the fixed two terminal condition.

    When you can reach and withdraw from a terminal, when you have a choice over how much attention or energy you put on a terminal, you regain control over how much energy gets generated.

    Charge, in and of itself, is not bad. Charge is just energy and if you can’t generate energy what have you got? And this is why Mike Rinder’s comment about hope being desirable has validity. Hope forms that terminal by which we generate energy or charge. And when you become more knowing, hope converts to a certainty rather than a possibility.

    On the down side, being unwilling effect of charge is less than desirable. And if you don’t have control of your hope, if you have all this value placed on that terminal and are threatened with its loss, you will feel fear. (Thus, Senaca’s observation.) Same could be said for your body. If someone threatens your body, you will feel fear. And hope just acts much like a body except hope is a mock up that serves as a terminal placed in the future.

    God, I’m such a tech nerd! Sorry guys. I can’t stand myself. I think I’ll go get drunk on some fine booze I purchased with embezzled funds. Ooops! That’s someone else’s valence.

    Much love,


  243. Mike — I think your last paragraph is profound and in my opinion correct.

    Hope and fear are tossed about as two sides of the same coin of ignorance with the buddhist tradition.

    We are either hoping for something and thus cling to that hope (blindly) or we are fearful for something and thus react accordingly.

    Both are actually indicative of our ignorance underlying it all …

    So indeed KNOWING and certainty is what replaces both.

    To which I could add the word — WISDOM.

    (and of course aspirations to a better world for oneself and others is paramount to stepping beyond the world oriented to the 1st dynamic)

    Thanks JJ and thanks Mike for your comments.

    Continues to show me just how fantastic LRH was, so ahead of his time and so very wanting to help man out of the mud it thinks conceived it.


  244. Martin said:

    “And THAT is the make-break of the whole thing for me. Would you want others to have the same experiences as you? If the answer is No, then it’s time for a change.”

    That’s a beautifully efficient doubt formula, Martin. It works for me, too.

    Just Me

  245. To Joe Howard and Lady Lancelot,

    To hear about the Rod Paige request and hear it was ignored or shelved or whatever happened to it, it probably the most criminal thing I have heard of happening. Isn’t there an LRH quote about the only lasting overt is the failure to disseminate? That request was part of LRH’s dream for a Cleared Planet. That one request, honored, would have changed American society, the intelligence of the American people and culture, and by example, the world’s. Outside of the torture of INT execs, this has got to be one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard of. I used to work like crazy to have LRH tech used in the public schools, and it was a very difficult fight. And the Secretary of Education REACHED for it and it was ignored? Absolutely one of the most suppressive acts of which I have heard!

  246. CD,
    That is a truncated version. Not the whole reference. For instance it’s missing this line:
    ” The whole crux of PTSes is HANDLE. And the misunderstood on it is how gently one can handle.”

  247. Michael,
    If you are a ‘tech nerd’ then I’ve got my pants up around my armpits, a 4 foot pocket protector in my Kraft dinner stained pocket (hey, there’s one noodle left for a snack!) and my white socks don’t go up under my flood pants. I’m Urkel on 20.

    You are a being after my own heart. Why, I’ve got a mock-up here in front of me of you with…nevermind.

    Listen to this. It’s dripping wet funk, saves any Urkel.

  248. Lady Minn,

    Again you have proven that Scientology is alive and that a church needn’t have walls to heal its public. Well Done on those assists!

  249. Snowhat,
    Note, those are Chermans out there in that video. Feel the funk. Release what it takes, to make a fool relate. Feel the funk. Get up off that thing and dance till you feel better.

  250. This is in response to politics mixed with this blog, in an effort to clear up confusions so as to keep current american political enturbulated discourse and its rooted dichotomy out of this post. I think we should all dedicate ourselves in taking back what was lost and leave our political views to such a time when they can be better understood.

    Once upon a time there was Rome, the great Roman Empire. Rome is mostly known for its mighty army, skillful civil and war engineering and the cultural and patrimonial wealth of its civilization at least until it lasted…

    In my opinion what’s important of Rome and our current american society is that Rome once was a great republic and stayed that way until it was “hijacked” by a sociopath known as Julius Caesar (Gaius Julius Cæsar to be exact).

    The founders crafted our American Constitution to reflect the ” checks and balances” of the original constitution of the Roman Republic.

    Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court all derive from the roman model. These institutions along with the executive branch were devised so that no abuse of power could ever take place…

    If the model is known in history and has being used over and over, well, then…how does any sociopath can come along and mess it all up for us? Why man cannot be trusted with power?

    While the answer to this one can be found in LRH’s ” State of Man” congress tapes (or whatever they are called now by the current regime), it is important to know in my opinion that both of our current political parties by definition are supposed to represent the interest of the people “not the interests of powerful corporations or financial institutions”.

    Democrat (from greek “Demos” = for the people). Republican (from roman” Representing the public = people).

    These men and women are elected to uphold our constitution so that America keeps being a republic as it was founded.

    It is tireless to hear the left and the right in this country pointing fingers and debating bozo ideology that is the most confusing.
    Like ” Small government and no regulations” mixed with ” No consumers protection”… and “No financial oversight” …weird ! In any other countries it would mean ” Anarchy = extreme left. This is now the “RIGHT???”.

    ” National security and social programs” including continuing spending an outrageous amount of money we don’t have on defense abroad we don’t need. Building walls and police states instead of compassionate immigration reform on our shores.

    These were once the problems Rome faced, they didn’ make it!

    Many problems faced “Julius Ceasar” and the rest of the sociopath emperors that came after him.

    Pax Romana was violated and with it the basic “Third dynamic power formula” that signed the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire.

    Can we learn anything from it in our current state of affairs in the Church of Scientology and in our great country?

    …to be continued

  251. Once Upon a Time,

    I like your techie nerdiness, don’t stop!

    You have a way of discussing LRH that is easy to comprehend. It reminds me of one of my favorite lecturers, (and friend) Rick Melrose and leaves me with a very nostalgic feeling about his wonderful Anatomy of the Human Mind series.

    Thanks for your contributions.

  252. freespirit

    Cat Daddy – you are precious!

  253. Joe Howard

    Ladies Lancelot and Minn,
    I’m sorry but I don’t know much more than what I posted. The project was run off the usual lines. In earlier times it would have been done in or under RTRC but Neville Potter, MSH’s and the Hubbard family’s long time auditor and handler, was put onto the project and was sequestered off somewhere on the base to work. I never knew what happened to the project.

    I do know that Rod Paige resigned from the Bush Administration either near the end of Bush’s first term or the beginning of his second. (He must have come to his senses somewhere along the way and realized that the preposterous No Child Left Behind was going to accomplish nothing of value.)

    One further point, DM did not show me the purported document up close but only from across a table. He told me what was in it, but didn’t let me read it for myself. So, it just occurred to me–who knows if his words were embellished or even true?

    Certainly, if it were the case that Paige wanted Study Tech for the entirety of the educational system, it would have become the number 1 priority for the entire base and that’s all we would have heard about. As it is, I never heard anything about it again after that one afternoon in Building 50.

    I’m afraid that if Study Tech is ever going to move into general use it won’t come from the top down but from the grass roots up. Especially considering how toxic the Scientology brand has become under DM’s stewardship.

  254. Jonestown reared it’s ugly head again.

  255. Thanks Lady Minn!

    It is from the 8th Advanced Clinical Course, Phoenix, Arizona 1954.

    These Creation of Human Ability lectures are simply mindblowing!

  256. Titus Andronicus

    Coupla’ things:

    – Looks like the number of comments your dairies generate – the comments of ‘posers’ and ‘trolls’ included – has really increased as compared with even three, four and five months ago. Each one now hits a hundred or more comments, at least, and many of the diary posts’ comments reach well into the multiples of that.

    – I applaud your understanding of and engagement with civil rights. You show compassion and that’s a great trait to possess. King said, “Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” I am sure Mr. Hayes felt the same way when you met.

    More’s the pity where DM not meeting with Mr. Hayes is concerned, as you recounted. It made me recollect that the great man had laudatory things to say about the other, many years back. This had been following a watershed moment Mr. Hayes had experienced personally, as a Scientologist, which he graciously shared in writing afterwards, wherein Hayes invoked a powerful metaphor of the church being led by a skilled and competent helmsman. I am sure DM drank up the ‘props’ but seemingly failed in giving back the same grace, dignity and beingness to Mr. Hayes.

    Gross to think that a so-called spiritual leader considers the contributions of African-Americans limited to ‘street cred’ and things ‘gangsta’. I am sure the evening of 11/4/08 was an unpleasant one for him, especially the images of a hundred thousand pouring into Grant Park in Chicago to rally the victory.

    – Lastly, this diary’s title reminded me of some ‘old skool’ music, specifically, “Funeral for a Friend” recorded by Elton John and written by Bernie Taupin. Had a great instrumental lead in with lots of Elton’s piano and a snazzy guitar riff, to boot. Here’s the first verse:

    The roses in the window box
    Have tilted to one side
    Everything about this house
    Was born to grow and die

    Oh it doesn’t seem a year ago
    To this very day
    You said I’m sorry honey
    If I don’t change the pace
    I can’t face another day

  257. AlexMetheny

    Once upon a time,

    One of the best I have ever read.


  258. Amy’s Mom!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    You have one kick-a** daughter. From the first interview with the SP Times to the most recent in Hamburg, I have been impressed with her integrity and story. While I am enjoying Mother’s Day with my family, I will be raising a toast to yours…(and all the Independants).

    Much love,


  259. Amy’s Mom and Doc Smith,
    Good for you!
    I’ve been rooting for you guys in my own mind for a while now. I saw Amy on AC360 and couldn’t help but feel sorry since I know how much she mean’t to you…it must have been a killer to have to choose to disconnect from a daughter, who you love so much.
    I’m really glad you came through it and decided on family first…I kind of felt you would because having known you both in the past, I could’nt imagine it otherwise. I admire your strength and courage and wish you all the best.

  260. If anybody has an underage child in the Sea Org GET IT OUT by law. If you have signed away guardianship, wich I find eternilly stupid IMHO than get it back , fight in the courts to have it nullified. Be sure the judge has no ties with Scientology if so have him removed and ask for another impartial judge.

    Reclaim your children, if needed organize marches upon an Org in force.

    With regards CD.

  261. craig houchin


    Great first chapter. Like others here, I too am looking forward to the whole enchilada.

    Regarding your provocative statement, “the Church of Scientology is dead,” I think it is important for your friends and foes alike to observe the universe in which we live.

    Nothing stays the same, and nothing lasts forever.

    The only constant is our spiritual nature and that is never destroyed. Like a weed in the garden, no matter how much pulling, stomping, or poisoning, it always finds a way to express itself. It always comes back.

    And, before anyone takes offense at the idea of their sacred spirituality being compared to a weed, just take step back and look at what a weed is.

    It is a strong, tenacious pioneering plant that moves into barren areas and readies the soil for other plants. Where a weed starts, a garden soon follows.

    So take a win all you weeds. You’ll soon be surrounded by a beautiful garden.

  262. Your money is gone. What the most Ironic thing is that Miscavige if thrown on his own is a nobody.

  263. To be honest here in Holland have a dozen of good programs wich I do not like to see replaced by a single dominant one.

    That said, education in America is crappy for the masses but not because the teachers lack conviction.

  264. Obama didn’t take money of big industry he used the INTERNET.

  265. Terril,

    Thanks for the info

  266. Personally I don’t care much for Nietzche, he was the inspiration of the concept of the Übermensch

    It seems Hope has two meanings. The hope that sets you into action and the kind of hope that freezes you up.

    Friedrich Nietzsche:

    “Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man.”

    Barack Obama:

    Hope is what led a band of colonists to rise up against an empire; what led the greatest of generations to free a continent and heal a nation; what led young women and young men to sit at lunch counters and brave fire hoses and march through Selma and Montgomery for freedom’s cause. Hope is what led me here today — with a father from Kenya, a mother from Kansas; and a story that could only happen in the United States of America. Hope is the bedrock of this nation; the belief that our destiny will not be written for us, but by us; by all those men and women who are not content to settle for the world as it is; who have courage to remake the world as it should be. [January 3, 2008]

  267. You are treuly Moving Forward.

  268. Jim great post

    Brenda Peterson:

    “The Hopi Indians of Arizona believe that our daily rituals and prayers literally keep this world spinning on its axis. For me, feeding the seagulls is one of those everyday prayers.”

  269. Cat Daddy,

    Speaking of trying to censor the internet (and grossly underplay its value – being afraid of its power to shine the light of truth on one’s crimes against humanity…), guess who wrote this piece after 9/11 to all Scientologists (and I’ll include some prior text which shows glaring projection to those who now know better):

    “This is not a new phenomena. These factors have existed in society throughout our 51 years.

    “At times, they are hidden by the social veneer of materialism – nifty cars, fancy houses and an economic ‘boom’ that only existed on paper with the latest worth billions one day and not one cent the next. Look even deeper and you find mankind’s “humanitarian” objectives heading in the direction of MEST and “artificial intelligence,” all towards denial of the spirit. Instead of man, computers are the supposed salvation, evidenced by what comprises the world’s largest industry, generating billions for its owners. And what has this ignorance of the spirit and reliance on MEST wrought? Computers, heralded as ‘amazing,’ but only capable of popping up an address book, phone number, mail order catalog, or the newest pornographic site to restimulate and fixate the attention of users. But they can’t yet help one human being, just as all the most ‘high technology’ of the world couldn’t prevent a psychotic killing thousands by striking at the heart of what symbolizes the world’s superpower.”

    Is it just me or have we found uses for the computer beyond mail order catalogs? 🙂

  270. Thank you Jim Logan, one of these days some effort needs to be undertaking to pull all the materials, digitalize it and make it searchable online.

  271. Craig,

    Another way to view a weed : Life that is there and growing under it’s own determinism, not yours.


  272. Theo Sismanides

    Guys, we should be very careful with politics. It’s a flaming subject. Brothers and families have been torn apart much worse than in C of M.

    We should keep a watchful eye on everything and USE are ANALYTICALNESS and KNOW HOW in outpoints and the LRH tech, which is the thing that unites us big time, to come to solid conclusions.

    Our prime minister, for example, George Papandreou who called the IMF is a strong supporter of a world government. As Ron would put he is a One Worlder.

    Now he called the IMF to save Greece, in other words to make sure the country does not go bankrupt and the creditors get their money.

    Tomorrow there is a big demonstration taking place and strike all over Greece.

    The people cannot be more suppressed.

    We are entering an era where the countries are going to be bought by the one worlders, big time.

    My wife also found out in the Internet that the IRS does not belong to the American Government but has more to do with the IMF.

    I don’t know and I am not saying if this is true. All I am saying is that we should be able to find out the truth behind the veil and I agree with DFB about politics, it’s a secret agenda, sorry, and Marty thanks for telling us about DM not being able to even utter one word about the war in Iraq. What a coward. At least we can have some first hand data from you about such matters. I was always wondering what he has to do with all this.

  273. Beautifully written. I geuss it was DM’s speechwriter ?

    He certainly is not aware of the Geeks of the Internet defending Free Speech since the beginnings of the internet like for example “The Hippies from Hell” from Amsterdam.

  274. Snowhite just like his master DM, is not a scientologist or knows anything about LRH and his tech.

    Snowhite, I guess you are reading this blog daily so you can be hatted. One day you will wake up too.

  275. Miscavige’s death blows to the C of S were by no means just perversion of 1st dynamic technology. In a manner similar to how he brought about reverse Dianetics & Scientology auditing and ethics tech, Miscavige got the implanted remnants (those left after his various management purges) to carry out reverse Scientology management on our orgs.

    Now, “reverse management” sort of meant resistance from below (and who can blame them for resisting), but the kind of reverse management I’m talking about is how Miscavige turned the theta, LRH multiple viewpoint system in which the only viewpoints worth anything were from the guys on the ground, a pan determined and high toned system designed to help orgs, into a dominating and hateful destructive force sending a deadly stream of DM cross-orders to Scientology orgs around the world.

    In just the same way “techies” have been acting contrary to LRH auditing tech for years now, I saw even experienced managers carry out vicious reverse management on orgs atDM’s behest, despite the fact that it was totally contrary to the LRH material sitting on their book shelves.

    LRH’s management tech is not a dominant system, org staffs are allowed as much input as they like, they can disagree or query, and unpopular programs were canceled because by LRH definition an unpopular program must contain a wrong why.

    Miscavige’s reverse management system is utterly dominant, even a whisper of disagreement is dealt with harshly and with all resistance silenced such dominance opened the door to his other suppressive money grabbing programs which enriched him and those he saw fit to “reward”.

    As I’ve mentioned before, LRH disbanded an earlier Scientology management group when they had caused only modest damage to orgs with their money fixated push – Worldwide in the very early 1970s. It’s in OEC Volume 7 under Worldwide Network Disbanded — look it up.

    But disbandment solves nothing now because the bell that’s been tolling for the C of S has been ringing out ominously and has gone unheeded for way too long.

  276. John — you assume they are owned outright — perhaps they were bought, owned outright and have been financed to the hilt — dm keeping the equity “safe” for us all (right!!)

    In other words, a worst scenario than you thought.


  277. Theo Sismanides

    Amy’s mom and Doc, first of all, congradulations for your awesome daughter, Amy.

    Now that we know the story as you told us I want to congradulate you, too, for making the right decision. You are an example of parents and Scientologists who can really think with the data.

    We are confident more parents and Scientologists will follow your example.

    Welcome to the group that dares talk and… think.

  278. Pingback: Scientology for the Rich « Leaving Scientology

  279. I always bounce back

    Wow – there are not enough adjectives to describe the way how you let us in in your knowledge and thoughts – – thanks a lot Marty. It unfolds a wonderful viewpoint and all the answers show there are a lot of people around that duplicated LRH and his dreams. I always thought we were in the business of ARC and communication – why are we not using it? What about admiration being the essences of a comm line? Or – you cannot put a problem on a non-existant comm line? I am so glad that there are so many of us out there who have the guts to go for a new beginning. It might not be easy but it is doable – we will have a lot of fun – because that is what Scientology is about from my viewpoint – and we will have the best reward one can imagine – freedom.
    Thanks again and all my love.

  280. Jim,

    You’re incorrigible. A man after my own heart. We both get the joke, the tongue in cheek aspect of being a” tech nerd.” It’s probably an oxymoron.


    Yeah, I loved some of the guest lecturers who used to come to the org and talk about their experiences with Scientology and how they used it in their life. The stories they told made the subject real. Nostalgia. Sigh.

  281. I was told, 1 1/2-2 years ago, by an Ex-SO member the ‘Church is cannibalizing itself from the inside out’, he/she said its life was coming to an end, compared to how it was, under LRH. For me, when purpose stopped being senior to policy, reason was met with force, OTs, routed and treated as particles, (which is worse than dbs) it was very blatanly obvious to me, LRH’s TECH was OUT. When someone I know was afaid to communicate because they were afraid of a declare all I could do was shutter, a polar opposite of LRH’s philosophy. How can any living organism survive while creating, and or, contributing to what we each of us has read, seen, experienced, heard, for ourselves over the ‘recent’ past? Some, still hope and try and watch for the next swing of the pendulum. I’ve heard of one non-ideal orgs that still has ARC applied and a lovely care factor for the individual being serviced. Reality is agreed upon considerations. Many of us survived, Franks, Mayo, and various other scenerios, this is the worst so far, from my point of view. I think re: the CoS “unmocked” or “counter-created” may be a better word-phrase than dead. All can be out created and the tech re-stored and applied as LRH would, with bootstraps, postulates, purpose, faith and action.

  282. You guys are the best!!
    Thanks for all the great info…

  283. Hi Kris
    Well it’s getting a bit crowded these days but we’ll all budge over and make room for you (I really don’t mind cuddling up too close to this lot) 😀
    Much Love Sam

  284. crahing upwards

    Hi JacksonJ. I am glad you offered the Seneca quote. I agree that fear is the result of one feeling that he will not get what he hopes for. Fear is not natural but part of our lower nature. Out false selves. It can be isolated and killed off.
    But Seneca does not advise that one gives up hope, or actions to improve ones life.
    People get fixated and need to get a larger perspective on life and spiritual growth outside of the strict confines of what the Church offers. Their salvation is not tied to anything DM has to give or withhold from them. Scientology has never been the only path out of the mud. LRH said so himself.
    No one needs to have fear for that reason. People need to come to understand that there is a larger game involving spiritual evolution at play. If you belive that and have faith, you do not worry or have anxiety over it. Worry is an absence of faith.
    If the path of scientology is blocked, one can either get it outside the church or find another path. Long ago when I was very much involved with Scientology, I did not realize this. It was early on in my spiritual work of this lifetime.
    My appreciation of scientology is for the lower end of the bridge and some of the philosophy. No one has any power to deny me my eternity. I am just a palyer on the stage, trying to perfect my lines. Over and over until I get them right. We all do this. LRH too. Maybee that is truly the meaning of the SO motto “We Come Back”
    In Budhism, I read that even the Bodhisatva’s hang around until everyone has moved on up a little higher.
    I am not particularly advanced in the spiritual sciences. I am very much a work in progress. My point here is to say to anyone who feels that they can be denied their eternity by being outside of the Church of Scientology has some very good news awaiting them if they continue to search. As the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher will come”.

  285. Titus Andronicus

    Here, here! Well said — in the tradition of the great orator and your user name, Marcus Tulius.

  286. S-nowit, Did you have your tongue out when you wrote that?

  287. I am so glad that Doc Smith found the truth about the Church of Miscavology.

  288. Just someone

    At the risk of sounding stupid, I think I might be missing some scientology concept, or something.
    It is my understanding that people have view points, they aren’t view points.
    Inanimate objects, like a church cannot hold viewpoints either, unless they are the view point, as in the concept of the creators. May be you mean the collective view point of the people that integrate the group? Still surely it is not only a single view point. So how can viewpoints be dimension points that belong to you?
    I remember someone writing about viewpoint of dimension before, I figured out they meant a view point that is not shallow or hollow, as in it has a sound foundation, or may be intellectual depth. I wouldn’t call it a view point of dimension, but it works.
    Now this is just hard for me to grasp, I have been pondering this all day. What are you saying? Just can’t get it, but obviously many here did get it.
    Am I missing something or am I just dense?

  289. VWD Amy’s parent’s for knowing and observing! I was told that if my husband left the RPF he would be declared and so would I if I remained connected to him, using me as leverage to get him stay in the RPF. His RPF assignment was “rubbish” snow white, but then to declare him for wanting to route out of it, more Jonestown. I refused to take our young child’s father away from that unconditional love. One of the RTC execs on his cycle admitted to him he wasn’t an SP because he makes TA (whether you make TA doesn’t seem to matter anymore). Long story short the SP declare didn’t occur but the emotional scars over the experience deeply embedded how far off the rails our our “church” has gone. LRH says never permit your affinity to be alloyed and your honor is more important than your immediate life. For that I am grateful as I maintained our family in tact and we are happy and doing well. Love & honor prevails over which DM has no concept of what that really means. VWD to you and your husband for taking the high road, I know how difficult that was and you will forever have your integrity in tact which to me is a basic rudiment to any case gain without which is a continuous not-is. While I thought I was alone in my observations having discovered this and the Scn cult site in ’08 was the revolutionary discovery that we were not alone and that many had it far worse than us. The installation of fear in your congregation is an age old trick, one that DM has perfected to his own twisted and perverted means but when you hit to close to home some of manage to wake up! We are eternal not his eternal!

  290. Doc "Smith"

    I just wanted to give my impression of how things seemed to go in the early days, from my study of LRH books and lectures. When Ron started up he explained the rules of the mind that he had discovered and then expected others to work out how to apply them to areas of life. In the early books he asks others to “for God’s sake, get busy ansd build a better bridge!” DMSMH. He was living his life and only later started to create the church and policy to get planetary clearing going. We can all do as we like with the data and tech, which is why he made it free. A single group with a monopoly is not what he wanted. Don’t despair at the idea that the church is dead or dying, the tech is loose and can’t be put back in the box. Let’s learn what we have, apply what we want to make a better world; even just a better family, neighborhood, company or whatever. The future is wide open.
    doc “Smith”

  291. J Swift, I would also like to read that book when you’re done. Can you email me at (you don’t have to wait until you’re done with the book, it’s just something I want to say that doesn’t belong on a blog or forum! :D)

  292. To All You Well-Wishers:

    Salutations!!! I’ve got this warm and fuzzy feeling. I thought at one point it was going to be a very cold and lonely world out here, but by golly, we are awash with friends and the circle grows daily.

    I was up to some fun today, which you’ll hear about next week. Go cause some fun yourselves, OK?

  293. Jeff and Marty, No kidding. During my relatively short time in CMU, I used to go nuts trying to figure out how we’d ever “clear the planet” when 1/2 the world’s population was living at or below poverty level and couldn’t even afford the “Comm Course”? I forget the actual numbers, but you get the idea. This gnawed on me more than anything else. The horrible thing is, did I dare ask that question out loud or discuss it with any of my colleagues? Hell no. Isaac was far more courageous than I, and he did ask that question and more. So Marty, your article raised my respect for Mr. Hayes, so I thank you for that. I had no idea that whole charade went down. And you definitely should finish your book. There are people who can help you, not with the actual writing, but with other aspects so that it takes less of your own time. But you probably knew that. 🙂

  294. Mareka, LOL. Actually I got the picture of a big all-hands laying sod for some new “facility” or event. Not that THAT ever happens.

  295. Snowhite, aside from the fact that almost nothing you say makes sense and almost everything you say is non-sequiteur, it bothers me to no end that all of your apostrophes go the wrong direction. Just move your right pinky over one key; it requires minimal effort, much less than moving your left pinky up two rows and over two more columns. Good luck with that.

  296. Amy’s Mom! It is great to hear what you have to say here. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you on Mother’s Day! Very much looking forward.

  297. Hey there, Amy’s Mom and Doc “Smith”,

    ‘Tis sweet to see you here. Sweet, indeed.

  298. DFB,

    I’m outraged to hear about reges communicating directly with your banks about your credit card limits.

    However, I’m comforted by the thought that the Church’s current weekly income these days probably isn’t nearly as big as it used to be.

    It would be delightful if someone in the know could share these numbers with us.

    Just Me

  299. Just to clarify- a credit card cannot talk to someone other than you unless you give permission, which I did verbally. It was a handling for me not having enough credit for the cycle. I said “my cards are maxed out” and the reg said “well, lets call and get your limit raised…”.

    It’s not that they were calling and doing things without my permission.

    It did feel a little intrusive though, but at the time you sort of put those thoughts aside and be a team player or whatever.

  300. Sarge. LOL.

  301. WH,

    Interesting point. A good question to ask JB!

  302. Your warm and fuzzy feeling is contagious. Good for you!

  303. OMG What to wear?! ;o)
    roll roll roll roll roll roll

  304. The IRS works for he USA federal goverment.In greece to many could reire at age 54

  305. Joe Doakes

    Well written, Marty. And while you may have moved through that band of the tone scale, the introduction is still valid — maybe even moreso, because the people it’s aimed at aren’t necessarily those that have already decompressed and no longer need it, it’s those that are in the midst of things…

  306. Mike said: “That when one truly understands the principles of life, “hope” is replaced by “know” and “certainty” and so perhaps, in the end, Seneca is right.”

    windhorse said: “So indeed KNOWING and certainty is what replaces both.”

    I agree with that. That’s the goal of philosophy and of Scientology. The difference is the “certainty” in Scientology comes with a price tag and that the COM introduces the lie that happiness and wisdom aren’t naturally inherent in all of us–but something we need to buy and something we depend on others for.

    Mike said: “to not have ‘hope’ or the wish to create a better future sinks you into apathy”

    The desired state of Stoicism is “apatheia” (not ‘apathy’ with today’s definition). It’s defined as “serenity; a state of mind where one is free from emotional disturbance.” (sound familiar?)

    Hope is not one of the “emotional disturbances” (“passions” is what they’re called) in Stoicism, so there’s no rule to eliminate it completely. In fact, one must have some hope in order to achieve “apatheia”. Understanding the hope/fear relationship is important though since fear is definitely an “emotional disturbance”.

    “Apatheia” also acknowledges the fact that most of the Universe is out of your control. So why sacrifice present-time happiness because of things you can’t control? It allows any person of any means to face this fact and approach “apatheia” now–no matter what happens.

    There are three practices in Stoicism to help one on the way to “apatheia”:

    1. Practice misfortune. Go out and actively experience what you fear could happen to you (go practice being dirt poor for example) and you’ll likely realize “Is this all I was afraid of?” Go out and practice what life would be without The Bridge. Is it that bad after all?

    2. Train perception of good/bad. Turn problems upside-down. Turn problems into benefits.

    “Choose not to be harmed and you won’t feel harmed. Don’t feel harmed and you haven’t been.” -Marcus Aurelius

    “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” -Marcus Aurelius

    3. Acknowledging it’s all temporary. We are mortal and this too will pass. This would also be encompassed by LRH’s “life is a game” datum and to be a player not a broken piece.

    So accepting what the Universe throws at you and being resilient despite the sh*t-storm of COM is “apatheia”.

    In Marty’s case, not just “accepting” the sh*t-storm the Universe and COM are throwing at you but also charging into it full force while maintaining a certainty of well-being and being insouciant enough to post BBQing and boating pics on your blog is sage-like “apatheia”.

    Marty also mentioned on the phone with Michael Doven that the fact he is out of Int Management (“apparent problem”) has allowed him to wear his hat of Inspector General like he never has before (“solution”). Talk about applying “what stands in the way becomes the way.”

    How can the average reader to this blog apply Stoic philosophy to the current COM situation?

    1. (Practice misfortune) Spend a few days to go experience life as a “declared SP”, just fired from your Scientology job and unable to talk to most of your friends and family. Don’t just think about it and be afraid of it. Go intentionally live it. It’s been known to happen! So why not be mentally prepared for it? Being prepared for and able to accept this condition, might help you take some important risks you wouldn’t have taken while controlled by fear.

    2. (Good vs Bad) If you still think going up the Bridge has value to it, use the “problem” of the COM debacle as a “solution” to going up the Bridge outside of the COM at 5% of the cost!

    3. (It’s ephemeral) If you feel a little depressed about the COM mess, go take a look at this Then take a truly objective look at the COM situation.

    4. Continue to strive for the best but be prepared for the worst.

    I know this just turned into Stoicism 101, but I felt I needed to explain it in that much detail in order for my above post about hope/fear to be understood correctly. It’s not just an abstract concept but something to apply.

    Mike is right… Striving to make the world better is important. I don’t want to give up on that and definitely wouldn’t want others around me to give up on that either.

    But when your only hope for “eternity” and “happiness” are something that you pay for and that can be taken away, you are denying your own nature.

    When you decide that true happiness can only be had on “my next step on the Bridge”, I can guarantee you that once you complete the next step it won’t quench any thirst but only leave you more thirsty for what comes next. Go ask an OT VIII about OT IX.

    “In all the broad Universe there is no other hope for Man than ourselves.” – L. Ron Hubbard, RJ67

    I believe that the greatest hope one could offer a man (his “spiritual freedom” or “eternity”) is also the greatest potential tool for enslavement. Hope/Fear grow together proportionately. That’s what makes Scientology (or any religion for that reason) so dangerous, especially when in the wrong hands.

    Does that mean it’s not worth offering hope to others? Not by any means. As LRH discusses in the PDC lectures, in order to do ultimate healing one must be able/willing to do ultimate harm (sorry, no PDCs at hand to pull the quote but it’s an easily seen fact). So you be the judge whether offering ultimate hope justifies a tool of ultimate fear.

    In the end, I think the truly wise man realizes he is free without anybody else’s treatments, blessings, sessions, certificates, etc. He is a master of his own body, life and “eternity” and is therefore a slave to nobody. I doubt an OT would come to any other conclusion, so why should a “pre-OT”?

    Note: Stoicism is not by any means my “replacement” for Scn. I disagree with some things in Stoicism. I still use some self-awareness principles from Scn (which can also be found in Buddhism) and some other principles from Stoicism’s rival philosophy, Epicureanism. So I use these three (Buddhism, Stoicism and Epicureanism) as my way of improving life after leaving Scientology.

  307. Snow Job,

    DM is a wholetrack SP. You are a DM bot. You are wholetrack asleep. Marty is one of the guys who galloped in on a white horse. Wake up from your fairytale, sleeping beauty.

  308. I’m sure we are all extremely intersted in hearing about this, Marty!

  309. But Once,

    Sometimes it’s just too much darned fun to play with Miss Snow Job. Certainly it would degrade the quality of the comm if we were to get too serious about it. But it really is like a cat with a mouse running around in front of him. It’s just too much fun playing with that mouse, we just can’t help ourselves. 🙂

    With that said, what a beautiful post this is! What I love most about “Marty’s Place,” is the 2WC, the exploration of ideas about how to move on up a little higher on all dynamics. There’s enough theta and intelligence here to keep one from producing one’s other products in life — I have to watch it!

    I would like to see many more replies to theta, thoughful posts such as this. As you said elsewhere, it’s very easy to wind up with a dirty needle after comminicating and getting nothing in return. But your wonderful post here generated quite a little stream of comments, and that’s a good indicator. 🙂

  310. But of course you did, CD. I told you, you understand more Scientology than a lot of Scientologists!

  311. LO,

    What a beautiful, theta post! Thanks for this communication. 🙂

  312. Agreed — CD, you’re the best!

  313. Marty,

    I’m a little late on this one, but I wanted to thank you for posting the Intro to your book. It contains many moving passages, and the writing is quite impressive. I hope you’ll have time to finish your book soon. I think it will do a great deal for the Independent movement (not to mention to give the church a proper funeral). If there’s anything I can do to help you with it, let me know.

  314. Amy’s Mom, you have every right to be proud of Amy. She’s clearly a wonderful person and she’s doing great things to get the truth told. Congratulations to your family for your unity. May nothing challenge it ever again.

    ❤ H

  315. Pirate's wife

    Obviously, SW can’t read. Why do we waste time and effort trying to educate him/her?

  316. Sage advice, Doc. Glad to see that you and your family have joined in the fray. Each one of you has a unique and powerful experience which we can all learn from. Welcome to you all.

  317. Just someone,

    No, you’re not dense. A person who is dense would not wonder, would not question, would not seek to understand.

    Anything that can occupy a position is space can be considered a dimension point. Notice, I said “can be.”

    Often, our misunderstanding of this entire area traces back to the word “point.” A point is not the mathematical abstraction of a tiny dot. A “point” can also be huge. A point can be an entire galaxy, or an entire universe. Anything that can be viewed at a distance can be a dimension point for the observer. An opinion or concept can also become a point.

    Now another viewpoint can become a dimension point very easily if you look at the factors and at the axioms. Theta is basically a static. Theta can assume viewpoints. Theta can also extend out points to view, which gives you space. By assuming a viewpoint, a thetan has located himself. Thus, become to that degree a problem. That viewpoint has location. And it persists because of alter-is. Thus a problem. And not all problems are bad or undesirable.

    Now, that viewpoint or position in space can accumulate all manner of mental image pictures, opinions, postulates, considerations, identities, whatever. It’s like a garage, no matter what you put in that garage, no matter how much or how little clutter you have in that garage, it’s still a garage with a defined position in space and time. The viewpoint can easily becomes an aggregate. It’s a bunch of things all mixed together, all basically occupying the same identified position in space and time.

    And not to confuse things, that’s what auditing handles: cleaning up the garage so you have a place to park your Porsche.

    When you look at your chemistry teacher in high school, you are looking at an aggregate viewpoint occupying a position in space. But, for you he is also a dimension point. By looking at him, you are making space for yourself. He, in this context, serves as a dimension point. Doesn’t matter how cluttered his mind or how big or small he is or what groups he belongs to.

    You cannot “see” another thetan using the body’s eyes. Bodies were designed to prevent this. Thetans can “see” one another easily enough, but not using physical means. That was the design of this universe. So, another thetan is never a dimension point, per se. (but that gets tricky because a thetan can generate an array of things that are dimension points viewable with theta perceptics.)

    However, because a thetan can occupy a position in space, that point of occupation can serve as a “point” to be viewed. And it doesn’t matter how many other thetans add matter, energy, opinions, purposes, ideas, mental image pictures, identities to that position in space, you still have something exterior to you which can be viewed.

    Now, groups can become something viewed from a distance. (After all, a human body is a group of cells and organs and other things you’ll discover.) And any other dynamic can be viewed as an aggregate (if you’re lazy like me) or myriad individual dimension points.

    You could even get fancy here and say that NOTs is a process of separating out all the individual viewpoints and dimension points that clutter up your garage.

    Hope this helps. The subject is both very simple and very complex. I suggest you look at the simplicity before getting bogged down in the complexity. Study the axioms and logics and factors. And rethink the concept of “point.”

    Much love,


  318. tone 41,

    Good to see you.

    Yeah. Blast away. It is fun.

    I was walking a tightrope with this one. My intention is not to reduce the smack downs. That’s fun. My intent was to INCREASE the responses to theta posts.

    You and I talked about this, but I haven’t written it to others. We are forming something here that needs tending. We need increase the care and communication for one another to increase the ARC and strengthen bonds. I won’t go into it here because this is late on this chain and I want more people to get the message.

    Much love,


    ps. I’ve taken some of the pressure off the honey do list and now can afford a limited look at what’s going on here. I just can’t read everything. And my fingers have to dance across the keyboard without time to edit or correct.

  319. Jackson,

    Most of my philosophic education has come via Scientology for the most part and I have read some general religious philosphy which allowed me an idea about the similarities and differences in various ways of thnking about life.

    I disagree with the general satement you make regarding apatheia but agree that some of the points referenced may be helpful. Yet, some things can not be fully understood in a mocked up situation.

    The example you gave of living in poverty is pretty good and one can do that fairly easily as it is something that is present in abundance.

    Later you give the example of being declared. In my opinion, these are two very different types of situations and I don’t think on can truly mock up the full result of that. Sure they can mock up the disconnection but there is a base confusion that enters in that is really hard to experience unless you have truly been declared.

    One has their own personal shame, blame regret about what occurred. For me, it was not worry about eternity that hung me up, it was failure to help LRH. Failed help was more important to me than loss of eternity.

    Confronting a job application and realizing you are extemely able but can’t use a shred of it because you could never have your crentials verified by the church (or any organization connect to Scientologists). So you say that they can’t be contacted and when pressed upon it, you clam up because you don’t want to harm the church by making it look bad because you know that the church policies would sound incredibly ridiculous in the everyday world.

    A person can’t predict these things but they can have toolds to handle them when they come up. For me, my tools were the theta mest theory, the factors, the ARC triangle and the truth. These were the tools that I used to solve the unsolvable problems.

    Although I can envision and empathise with those who were in the hole, I could never fully comprehend that experience unless I was there.

    Having been disconnected from Scientology for some time, I have applied a lot of the concepts that you presented and they helped but there is nothing more case unburdoning than 2WC, ARC and if you are able, a session to handle the bypassed charge.

  320. Amy’s mom,
    Hats off to you and your husband to have the integrity to observe for yourselves and stand for what’s right. I disavowed my personal integrity for CofS to be “in with the in-crowd” a lot, but when it came to the choice between my being an advocate for my son’s best interest and what CofS was trying to pull on him (you can put in the obvious) I also stood by my son’s side, willing to face the consequences. If there is a God I believe he created mothers that would defend their offspring against all obstacles to their success. You’re one, I consider myself one, too.
    Here’s to mother’s! Happy Mother’s Day!

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