David Miscavige violates Tom Cruise’s confessional

DM is not 1.5. That is a smokescreen. He is the ultimate 1.1.

I audited a number of intensives of confessionals on Tom Cruise from July through November 2001.  By order of Miscavige many of those sessions were secretly recorded by a well-concealed video camera and voice recorder system built into the VIP auditing room at Celebrity Center International.  I was r-factored that it was for the purpose of having the CS check up on the quality of my delivery.  All I knew at that time was that I forwarded the videos to my CS at Int (RTC).  I was also required by Miscavige to write reports on the content of every session I delivered during that period and send them directly to Miscavige.  I was told by him that he needed to know because recovering Tom to Scientology was the most important mission possible. I never received a single suggestion from Miscavige during the recovery process. He quite apparently wanted to keep his distance until the messy divorce was over and there was no chance of Scientology becoming an issue.

The only C/S comments I received during that period, besides “VWD”, and during the subsequent 2 1/2 months of full time auditing I delivered in 2002, were out-tech suggestions to re-check things that were confirmed as FLAT by me. They were forwarded from COB Asst Shelly (who had virtually no tech training); all of which I refused to carry out in order  to protect the pre-OT.  Finally, I unilaterally decided to stop recording sessions in Feb 2002 – despite flak from Shelly for ceasing – on the basis that it was simply unethical to record him for no apparent purpose (the video was certainly of no importance for auditor correction purposes) and without his knowledge. 

Well, my suspicions about DM’s real purposes for recording Tom’s confessions have been confirmed as warranted.  I have recently learned from a very reliable witness that DM regularly held court with others in his personal lounge in the roadside Villas at the Int base, and while sipping scotch whiskey at the end of the night, Miscavige would read Tom’s overts and withholds from my reports to others, joking and laughing about the content of Tom’s confessions.  My witness is unimpeachable in my eyes as his account contains too many accurate details from someone who had zero reason (or ability) for being anywhere near Tom’s folders, videos and reports direct to DM.  I also know he was a regular, preferred guest at DM’s scotch night caps during that period.

Wake up, Tom. It is not too late. Though, time is getting very, very short.

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  1. It’s all gonna come down soon. I hope Tom’s career can make a rebound after that happens. I hope there is a way for him to save face. Because he truly is a talent.

  2. one of those who see

    I am horrified. If this was DM’s only crime. It alone is reason to bust him off post and declare him Suppressive. Finally the correct use of that label! LFBD
    Marty, have you been able to get any personal comm to Tom? Just to let him know that you would never ever betray him like that.

  3. martyrathbun09

    It is easy now. In an hour I could show him how to do it in fifteen minutes. As time goes by – even days, it will become increasingly unlikely and undoable.

  4. Jeez Louise! My mouth is hanging open.

    I just imagine how I’d feel if those were MY sessions.

    It would feel like spiritual rape.

    Just Me

  5. Could it be that DM is blackmailing TC to play ball or else (public disclosure of TC’s transgressions)?

    Btw: DM looks like a creep in that picture.

  6. Joe Howard

    I wonder if TC knows that when Ray audited him a couple sessions in December 1995 at CC the session was being watched by two RTC and one CMO Int staff. I mean, those mirrors in the bookcases behind the auditor’s head do more than reflect the pretty room interior. Wake up, indeed, Tom. Amy’s book releases this weekend and she’s had at least two interviews in national gossip mags this week alone.

  7. Another Jeff

    Received and just finished reading Amy’s book tonight.. I don’t want to derail this thread but when you get your copy read it all the way through.. I’m going to let it digest a bit before I put my war hat on.

  8. Esprit FREE

    Well Marty, I believe sessions and confessionals were not only recorded on Tom Cruise!? Other Celebrity as well! Right?

  9. Penny Krieger

    If anyone reading this blog knows Tom personally and cares about him, you should just print this post and hand it to him. Just put your TR O in and do it. It will help him.

    Before you hand it to him, put some intention into the moment and let him know you truly care about him, and this is very important information for him to know. He will thank you for years.

  10. Penny Krieger

    BE SURE you include this quote!
    martyrathbun09 // May 7, 2010 at 2:01 am |

    It is easy now. In an hour I could show him how to do it in fifteen minutes. As time goes by – even days, it will become increasingly unlikely and undoable.

  11. Mike Lemeron

    Wow! Talk about a can of worms! DM uses celeb auditing sessions as his own personal intelligence operation – I beleive it but it’s unbelievable!

  12. Content of auditing sessions are priveleged, are they not? How can these be disseminated without recourse?

  13. IMHO, if he were to simply take a stand against Church of Scientology violence and abuse and call for reform, he’d gain instant respect and admiration from the general public. But you’re right, he’s running out of time. He’s very, very late as it is.

  14. Yes, spiritual rape is a good descriptor, Just Me.
    The violation of priest-penitent confidentiality is unconscionable in any and every single instance. This topic gets me all riled up again. Gawd!

    On the brighter side, Marty, that headline is damn clever – every word “hot” for internet news sweeps. Holy smoley and look out!

  15. Many thanks for the penetrating insight, Marty. I hope to God that Tom wakes up to how he has been horribly manipulated by DM.

  16. Dave Adams


  17. What a shock! (I’m being sarcastic.) I was a public for a few days; I joined staff the same week I read DMSMH. I never experienced a lot of the “hard sell”, until it happened to my wife. In short, confidential info from her sessions was being used to reg her. Also, when I decided to leave staff, that same info was used to persuade me to divorce her (and this wasn’t even in the S.O.) as apparently she was the reason I wanted to leave. It’s just like my being disaffected now because of reading this blog. I left because I started to notice the corruption at the top 15 years ago! But I digest. The overts she confessed were used to portray her as an out-ethics person and a bad influence in my life. Wrong why; I left even faster. To this day, she’s the best friend I have and my baby’s mom.
    I guess DM’s bad habits trickle down and find their way to other Orgs. I fact, I remember what my senior told me after I’d been on staff for a few months as he was grooming me to be a Dept. director: (1) Restimulate the overt, (2) Lower the confront and (3) ask [for the $] in Tone 40. How’s that for Reverse Scientology?! This was how it was done. Maybe an isolated case, maybe not. Either way, I was never very good at closing so I concentrated on becoming an auditor and that’s what I did.

  18. The most sinking feeling one can ever have is being duped by the very purpose you beat your heart for.

  19. crahing upwards

    Marty, as much as anything hertofore written, this indeed displays why the church is dead.
    Trust has been betrayed. Shocking.
    Tom Cruise needs to find a “safe point” from where he can safely communicate . He needs to go Independent.
    He has the same zeal many of us had. I dont think he is a bad guy at all. He just needs good role models.
    This posting will be all over the internet tomorrow. That alone will help protect him from further abuse. Now is the time for him to make his move.

  20. Chris Black


    Do you have a title for the book? Sorry if I seem obtuse, but I’ve been out of the loop on that and I’d be interested in picking it up. Thanks.


  21. Wake up Tom is right. DM makes a mockery of the sanctity of the Auditor’s Code.

  22. The criminal conduct of Miscavige portrayed in this report bears a striking resemblance to that of the mafia and no resemblance to that expected of a Scientologist, absolutely none.

    As a C/S I feel outrage that the confidence of a PC was betrayed. That the PC in this case is a celebrity neither adds to nor lessens the outrage because every PC deserves to be treated with the decency demanded by the Auditor’s Code.

    This explains why even auditors at Flag are playing fast and loose with the Auditor’s Code and ruining their PC’s gains — something of which I have first hand evidence – it’s coming down from the top.

    This lack of sanctity for the auditing session is just one of a number of death blows delivered to the C of S by the very man who claims (falsely) to have saved it.

  23. War and Peace

    Here’s Another outrageous PC FOLDER revelation.

    David Miscavige LOVED to gossip. He loved to titillate and reveal pieces of the latest scandal to his hushed audience. This small talk often occurred before a meeting, but in this instance, it occurred to LISA ALLEN, daughter of ELAINE ALLEN, almost a Founding Scientologist of ANZO and CO of the Sea Org ANZO.

    This time he is in Cine talking to Lisa who is posted as Director’s Assistant.
    “So did you hear about this old slut in ANZO?” DM asks Lisa (now married and name is Lisa Schroer). He is enjoying sharing a salacious piece of hot gossip from a pc folder. “We put her on a meter and she confessed to all kinds of sexual escapades, fucking this big hotshot FSM down there…and she is 60 years old !! And is the fucking CO of ANZO ! No wonder my new programs were not getting implemented !

    DM chuckles as he tells the story. The audience listen with a hush. Everyone in the room knows Elaine is Lisa’s Mom. DM is on a roll, he loves his attention and audiences. Insult after insult is hurled til he finally clicks Lisa is Australian and asks “Do you know this bitch?”

    “Yes, sir, She is my mother Sir” says a quiet Lisa. Lisa explains the whole story. Her mother was gang bang sec checked for hours accusing her of out 2d, she finally said “Yeah, that’s it, I went out 2d” This was blurted out in sheer sarcasm, but it went in her pc folder and out of the pc folder DM laughs and ridicules CO ANZO’s sex life to her own daughter.

    The 60 year old Elaine Allen is on the PAC RPF doing 100 hour weeks of Mest work. DM promises to”sort it out” but never does.

    How very religious for Leader of a religion.

  24. Mockingbird6

    As to Marty being able to tell TC what he needs to know, this is the “catch 22″ of Scientology: If you don’t leave and tell your story, no one hears you. If you leave and tell your story, you are automatically a bad person and shouldn’t be listened to.”

    I have already run into this in trying to tell someone to open their eyes and look. It is an automatic shut-off mechanism. It is so easy for someone to just put up the wall and refuse to listen, no matter how good it would be for them to actually get the truth.

    It actually equates to a Service Facsimile on the group level.

  25. AlexMetheny

    Hi Exilo,

    I thought DM looked pretty bad in that shot also. He looks like a “Carny”, a drifter who works for the carnival and cheats little kids out of quarters.


  26. TC is another excellent product of yours Marty. TC seems so very out going and causative, I hope he handles this situation standardly on policy. That may get some heads rolling maybe even DM’s. Wouldn’t that be a strong move on TC part.

    BTW, How does one reconcile TC being such a suceessful Scn having been audited by an SP in the Church of Contradictions?

  27. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Marty, I am glad you bring this very point up. This is one of the biggest things I personally felt guilty of – designing, purchasing, installing and maintaining camera and recording systems that very few people knew of for the sole purpose of recording people without their knowledge. I was “proud” of and “praised” for my ability to install color pinhole cameras and mic the room’s in stereo whilist those video’d never new a thing. In one case, I had a camera starring at one person for the better part of a year – every day. I gutted a tape binder, ran shoe lace coax and installed a color pinhole camera looking out it’s spine directly at the individual. I blended it in with CMU’s excellent tape binder design of the Universe ladscape of stars, planets, galaxies etc.. I had many many boxes of 1/2″ VHS tape recordings that I personally labelled. I know this as I managed the systems and the recordings and kept track of the tapes. From a security stand point, this and other systems, were installed for the purpose of protecting the church from “real” threats. That’s what I was instructed on, believed in and ran with. I never knew of this action being in complete violation of the law. I felt sorry for TC not knowing he was being secretly recorded. I was informed that it was known by him and that it was serving the purpose of correcting technical errors during his auditing of Int Base Staff. It is about time people who visit this site – Yes David Miscavige you daily lurker and reader of this site – become aware of the reality that there are definitely things done in the church that aren’t just slightly questionable, but are factually criminal. I was well aware of the fact that when it came down to it, TC and the others are a person like you and I who seeked and does seek spiritual gain from a technology that made total sense to use upon ourselves and for the betterment of others. We fully have trust in knowing that LRH made it pure and there for us to make ourselve better people. What we didn’t know was Dave Miscavige used our happiness for his humor. Yes Dave, I enjoy the fact that I know this pisses you off to no end that your actual overs are exposed by those who walked the walk and talked the talk and were THERE and bore witness to the crimes committed at your direction. The TRUTH IS BEING REVEALED! In fact, if you find yourself becoming enraged while reading this post then simply…… stop commiting the crimes David! — Jackson

  28. DM is on 1.1 and they can HIDE their tonelevel best.

    I don’t know what to say… I know that sometimes a person cannot prove things but she still is right. But I have to ask the question, marty, do you have anything that backs this up?

    Did TC drink when he had session the next day?

    What is with that drinking anyway? LRH said that people who drink regular are alcoholics.

    Can Mike Rinder or somebody else confirm it?

  29. Where is DM’s wife’s sister these days? If Shelly isn’t with him anymore, does he has a new 2D?

  30. This is not restricted to Tom Cruise. I remember back in the early 80s, staff being offloaded from Int had their PC folders culled for overts that could be considered a crime (drug dealing, sex with a minor, etc) and then those were written down on an affidavit as if the person was confessing to these. These were signed by the departing person and notarized, basically to be held as blackmail if the person were to get too mouthy. This intention was not lost on the person nor the staff having to put their “friends” through this.

    Over a decade later, in the late 90s at Flag, my auditor was required to neatly type up a KR detailing any overts I gave in each of my sessions, some labeled “non-actionable” and others, given in a sec-check were labeled “actionable”. I knew this because there were several KRs that the MAA went over with me at the time.

    I am guessing that the time my auditor took to write these KRs was deducted from my hours as “auditor admin” time. (I know, duh…)

    My sense of it at that time, though not articulated, was that the major purpose of this was to speed up that time consuming task of culling PC folders, should I turn into an enemy. I think it was/is a standard action these days, because, hey, everyone knows that each and every PC and PreOT could become an SP tomorrow!

    The cameras and microphones I noticed in the mid 2000s. Sure didn’t make it feel safe anymore to be talking to your auditor.

    New def in the church of Mestology:
    In Session: Interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor, RTC missionaires, CMO staff, as well as provide late night comedy entertainment for random scotch drinking staff.

  31. I cringe every time I hear about someone’s case being discussed openly. What a violation of trust. I used to hear it in Buffalo and DC, especially from the ED’s. I used to verbally query it as it made my skin crawl, knowing that they were probably talking about me and my case as well behind my back. It was always disguised as an “R” factor coming from the tech lines. Yeah, right. Go Reg them for this…”*” as this is what they need right now. Another reason why I trust my knowingness.

    Tom has another movie coming out in June or July I think that I saw the previews for when I went and saw “Avatar” just last weekend. It looked pretty good, but I’m protesting against him until he looks up and smells the coffee burning on the back burner. ~

  32. This photo says much. Take a look at the expression on Katie’s face as she’s held “in-tow”, gazing upon the boys. Not much of her face is shown, but what we see looks to be very expressive. Call me crazy. Anyone else see this look of what, disgust maybe?

    Imaginary thought-bubble above her head, “Hey, what about me?”

    Anyway, Marty you are definitely stirring things up with posts like this. Do you have any idea if this gets back to TC?

  33. "El" Ex Auditor

    Hi Marty,

    This is my first post ever, I interned at CC circa 2004-2005, as a public, everything is taped specially celebrities, I am not going to mention names, but I am witness to it. I never saw any degrading comments of sessions taped. But the point is that. In CC almost every auditing room has cameras and mics to ensure “.

    Marty dude I feel in many ways as confused as many. I trained hard and fast for several years as a public, through class 5 in a couple of years. I did it to attain personal power not much auditing but training. About 3 yrs ago I left the church, personal reasons, but also things were really fishy to me, I don’t want to get into details. But wanted to extend a line to you and the people here, I came out with a lot of power and certainty, but I have lost a lot of it, is there a way to rehab all this?

    I would like to get in personal communication with you sometime. I know you’re a busy man but I would like to talk to get in communication with you.


    “El” ex-auditor

    (pls use this email for the other one shows my picture)

  34. Gee Marty, is there any posisble way for you to get a comm to TC? You were his auditor and I’m sure you had a great comm line with him. That has to mean something to him, even in his brainwashed condition. What a win it would be to undo the damage Miscavology has done to him, and to restore him to his caring, uptone self!

  35. But DM looks like even more of a creep!

  36. This makes me sick, absolutely sick. This is the ultimate, ultimate . ultimate violation of trust a sincere person could ever feel. Using PC data against a person is the ultimate violation of trust you could ever commit. Tom Cruise felt that in a cynical world he could at least trust his auditor. Little did he know that his auditor was sincere and yet being used by the people (person) behind him to play some weird mind-games that had nothing to do with the PC’s (Tom Cruise’s) spiritual growth and gains. May Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wake up one of these days and regain trust in good people and forward the spiritual aspects of what Scientology has to offer at the best of LRH’s visions.

  37. It hardly needs to be mentioned how sick and criminal this is. Yes, DM is certainly 1.1 — that’s where J & D is on the tone scale.

    Well, to look on the bright side of things, exposing DM’s crimes is a major target on the road to truth. What you’re doing, Marty, and what everyone else here is doing, is exactly what is needed to expose DM’s syndicate of spiritual pretense, to bring down his regime, and to free all the theta trapped in the church for the real road to spritual freedom, for the real road to OT.

  38. TC and DM make me sick to my stomach! 😦

    TC loves the “power” DM has granted him and he really believes, he is the second leader of C of S, after DM.

  39. It really looks like that window of opportunity for TC to get out ahead of the coming PR cataclysm is really going to finally going to slam shut at any minute.

    I have an image of TC in his Mission Impossible role, hanging off the side of a sheer cliff by nothing more than his finger tips. It’s either climb up higher NOW, Tom, or experience a devastating fall.

    You’re out of time! You have to act!

  40. Not a surprise at all! I’d have wanted to have a chance to review the videos of the sessions the RTC Rep ship Lurie Belotte did to Captain Mike Napier when she began auditing him since nobody else on board was up to it (i.e. myself, Bob Anderson the class IX OT8 C/S or any other class IX on board) she was so adamant about being so better than me. Just because you terrorize people it doesn’t make you any better as auditor.

  41. Cowboy Poet

    Hmmm…living vicariously through other’s overts while sipping fine, imported scotch.
    What a meaningful existence.
    It’s good thing he wasn’t listening to any of my overts…he’d have choked and snorted some of that scotch right up into his nostrils!

  42. Mark Fisher

    Shit just hit the fan for DM…..

    Just the start of much more to come.

    If you are a celebrity, how do you think they are going to feel about this type of behavior with their auditing sessions, which are supposed to be confidential?

    Of course we all suspected this was going on, but the proof is coming out.

    Why would any Celebrity or VIP ever trust an auditing session again in the C of M?

    Can’t wait for Amy’s book next week.

    Not much sleep happening in DM’s bedroom.

    He has got some major explaining to do….

  43. Oh man. I dont know what I’m feeling right now.
    Maybe something like an angry, confused nausea.

    I just read Jim Nunez writeup on EM9, instant reads, GAT, FNs etc.

    I’m trying to post the link, but it doesnt look right. Maybe he can post it again.

    I was at Flag a few years after he was there and his writeup is basically a list of the things I knew were wrong, but didnt know why. This stuff has caused me so much trouble.

    I hate to say this and I wish I was wrong, but I think EM9 is messed up. Intentionally or not I dont know. This is where a huge confusion and alteration of instant read came from. FN’s are possibly messed up too. This is stuff I knew, but somehow I went by it. I didnt have enough certainty and prior training to hold my integrity on these things. I did briefly on some, but the pressure of the group and everything made me doubt my own observations or what they meant, or something.
    Damn, I guess I screwed up.

    Acknowledging it now isnt making me feel better. Maybe tommorow..

  44. Lets see if this works. This is the Jim Nunez writeup I mentioned above.


  45. If Tom had any idea how “open” his auditing reports were from Day One, he wouldn’t only have a cow, he’d have a 100,000 herd of them. I was way below his case level, and he’s never even heard of me unless he read Andrew Morton’s book, in which I was a “blip”. Yet I was in a position in RTC and at the Int base where I had access to his pc folders and could have looked in them and read anything had I so chosen. Yeah, kid you not. Thankfully for Tom, I had no desire to do so. I believed (and still do) wholeheartedly in the priest/penitent privileged concept, and in being forgiven once you confess. So, I chose to NOT look in the folders, and to do absolutely nothing with the information I was privy to when I had to type up session KRs or what have you. I have never, and never will, divulge what I saw. Same goes for other celebrities who were audited by the RTC “Celeb Project” back in the 80s. I typed up daily reports of what came up in celebs’ sessions. Many of whom are still in. To this day, I will never utter a word about what I saw or heard, and I am glad I chose that path. (DM – if you want to double-check this, look up in my personnel file and you will see that I was in the Tech Unit RTC when the first “Celeb Project” took place, where we sent daily reports to LRH on each celebrity. Spike, Jesse, Hansueli, …..) I typed the reports that went to LRH and saw all the responses that came back. Um, let’s see. That’s when you were still at ASI before you came and took over RTC.)

    I almost feel bad for writing this, but celebrities should know. Please wake up.

  46. martyrathbun09

    DFB. Yes emeter reads film is very messed up; only after DM insisted on doing the final edit himself; after Ray and I had it right, imho.

  47. Hello all

    Marty this is an amazing blog and it just seems to be getting better and better. I truly admire your courage to post things like this and I sure am glad you are out and exposing DM for what he really is.

    Concerning this filming of TC without his knowledge , could it be that once this info hits the fan (and I can’t see how it can’t), all DM would have to say to TC is that the sessions were taped solely for quality control and nothing more? That Marty is an ‘SP’ and a liar and would do or say anything to break up their trust and relationship? I could imagine if I were in DM’s place (God forbid) that’s probably what I would say, especially that they seem to be buddies. Wouldn’t Tom beleive him since they’re so close? I’m not trying to be negative with this, just looking at it from all angles.
    I thank you Marty and everyone for what you are doing here! There’s no doubt here that it’s close to the end and that the Church is dead indeed.
    another Independent

  48. Concerned Citizen

    This is standard operating procedure, to this very day. But you are to word the incidents as inciendiarily and inflamatorily as possible, so I stole a few pieces of left over dessert from the officers mess, becomes – a trasspass and gross misuse of facilties in which the staff was not authorized in addition to theft.

    If you refuse to sign the affidavits, you then get threatened with declare immedialty. And it often is also used to key the departing person in.

    The feeling you get when reading this is .
    indiscribable, you actually feel you are a criminal and never realized it.

  49. Just me, that’s because it IS spiritual rape. And worse.

  50. It’s “Scientology – Abuse at the Top”. It’s available on Amazon, or at Amy’s website: http://www.scobeepublishing.com. Enjoy, it’s fantastic.

  51. Concerned Citizen

    I wrote over 20 Krs on this rampant practice, cases were discussed and joked about routinely, they were also used to smear people.

    A favorite use of the data is to get spouses to divorce, selectees to drop their FSMs, etc. No one is ever told where the data comes from, just that this person is so out ethics.

    I never got in trouble for reporting, but I got the feeling my reports went into a black hole.

  52. Just to be clear: my “blip” in Morton’s book had nothing to do with anyone’s case. It was about abuses wholly outside the sanctity of an auditing session.

  53. This is vile.

    Breaching these confidences is obscene. Laughing about the person whose confidence is being breached is depraved.

  54. When I took my first steps on the Bridge, I felt I would enter a 3D group that would be something apart of this world. I was expecting something like a Nirvana.

    I got the opposite. And with revelations like this one tonight, I can see that the opposite was precisely what I should have gotten, given the actions of the man who hijacked the tech and oversees its misapplication.

    I like TC, and think he is a very talented actor and a person who truly cares about people.

    I don’t know just what Marty is predicting is on the way, and just how it would affect TC is not known to me, but I hope TC can avoid too much damage. I know he is wealthy and could make it without working another day in his life. However, he is too young and has too much to offer to just sit on a beach and do nothing.

    I hope he makes it through what is coming, whatever that may be.

    Sovereign Scientologist

  55. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Check it out and even order it here:

  56. martyrathbun09

    Chris, you’ve got the drill down pretty good.

  57. Even though, as far as I know, Lisa is still a DM-bot, it breaks my heart that she had to endure this assault against her own mother. I knew Lisa before she became a DM-bot. (I knew her mother too) Lisa, her sister Kate, and many others of our era (hi Michael L.) used to party hearty at the Int base in the early 80s. After a hard day’s work of course. We had more fun than a Monty Python movie. (If you got the “early 80s” reference, it was before DM went to Int and took over.) Fast forward to 2002 while I was routing out. I hung out in the basement of “big blue” with Lisa’s husband Paul Schroer. Paul was being offloaded due to some imagined “GO” crimes way back when. That too was heartbreaking. Paul was trying everything to remain in the SO and married to his wife Lisa. I don’t know what happened, as I left. But Lisa, if you’re still there? How much does it take? Sister, there are so many people who DO care.

  58. I grew up on JC and that song and whole album rocks. Thanks.

  59. Gawd! This stuff is creepy!
    Tom, hear me! Sue that retarded being (DM).
    He deserves to be sued.
    Get all your folders and destroy them.
    Disconnect from DM.
    Get Bert Fields onto THIS case.
    Take Marty, Amy and others as witnesses.
    Get Tommy Davis help you overcome this.
    Get your life and career back together.

    Let’s meet on the other side.
    Life’s good – even without scientology. 🙂

  60. One more piece in mountains of evidence that the Church is dead.

    It’s not possible to feel more sickened. It’s the equivalent of a Catholic priest pissing in the wine chalice used for Holy Communion.

  61. I got only one word for this kind of activity. It’s sick. But, I do not understand how come this is news to so many of us here.

    Is it really not known that ALL staff sessions are recorded at FLB? All sessions at AO HGC’s? L’s? All ethics interviews except in two interview rooms (they had to use tape recorders in these)?

    Is it not known that there are ethics file “summaries” done on staff who are getting Comm Ev’s, doing any of the confidential training, getting an exec post? Is it not known that there are at least 30 page writeups in each Class XII’s current ethics files, detailing out-ethics and out-tech they committed? Mostly, miscalling F/N’s.

    Is it not known that these data are not only used to blackmail but used to cave in a person directly? Used to get the person to agree on something?

    I hated this but I let it go, I did it. You know the command intention… Here is my confession with a justification.

    I gave you an example as to extent of this. We had a certain FSO staff member, flubbing on post. Pissed RTC off. They got me to handle. I did the ethics interview, got him to crew HGC to be handled. I knew this was not overts. More like a messed up case. Standard CS handling was Sec Check. Poor guy went down the spiral.

    I got videos of these sessions, reports, everything. One overt was that this individual had smelled his aunt’s underwear when he was 13. He is over 45 now. Yes, this overt was used by the RTC terminal who ran me to ridicule this certain person so many times in front of his co-workers and wife. “You know, Blah, you are useless, can’t produce jack, you know why? Because you are a sick pervert who likes to smell ….!” And similar.

    Recording is very prevalent at FLB. Use of the data is also.

    Last thing regarding TC. I had a very good comm line with his family. I know that they have absolutely no idea that any sessions are being recorded or what really goes on behind the scenes.

    Mr. Webb

  62. Jeff, totally agree!
    This will instantly rehab TC in people’s eyes.

  63. I’ve got a couple thoughts on this.

    First, Miscavige’s soul is blacker than a starless night. The fact he is so unscrupulous with the confessions of ANY parishioner reveals his inner character better than many other sordid stories revealed so far. Celebrity headlines aside, doing this with any person’s auditing is gross, flagrant out-tech that shows a total disregard for LRH tech and policy, let alone common decency.

    Second, it may sound silly, but I’d like all of us to postulate/pray/wish/(insert your favorite similar word here) for an in-person meeting between Cruise and Marty. It’s time to think outside the box and bring this matter to a final resolution. Marty you’ve managed to meet with the head of the IRS in person, so I know this is possible. Put those dark shades on and do your thing.

    I stated on another site years ago that a celebrity like Cruise removing himself from the cult, publicly avowing his non-support for the “church” any longer, would deal a fatal blow to Miscavige and spell his DOWNFALL.

    It’s time to aim for the jugular and bring this tyrant down.

  64. Did it bother me when I was told outright at Flag that my sessions were being recorded by a camera in the auditing room? Did it throw me out of session and make me feel unsafe? Did I feel interested in my own case and willing to talk to the auditor?
    Of course I did. I just had to take an extra 5 minutes before session putting on my waterproof mascara and checking that my lipstick wasn’t smudged.
    Smile – you’re on Candid Camera.
    Nope, didn’t bother me at all.
    Poor Tom. Guess you’ll be hearing from Bertram Fields again soon Marty.
    Outrage doesn’t even come close.
    Auditors Code point # 22:
    “I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain.”
    Note the use of the word ‘SECRETS’.
    It often takes a lot of courage for a PC to communicate his most personal feelings and thoughts. It is the ultimate betrayal to J & D a PC who has the courage, honesty and confront to communicate his transgressions or secret thoughts. Let alone use any of the information as leverage.
    Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! smoke coming out of my computer.
    Thanks for the KR Marty.

  65. Mockingbird6,
    I had pretty much the same experience trying to talk to scientologists about scientology.
    Well, we CAN see why it’s happening, can’t we?
    So we are in the better position to truly understand them than they us…
    Let’s keep spreading the word. They WILL snap out of it…

  66. Bob Johnson

    Why am I not surprised that DM would do something like this? He did far worse things to the dedicated staff at Int, the elite of Scientology. However, since TC is a very well-known celebrity, this is about a million times higher on the “flap scale”. Congratutlations, David Miscavige, for single-handedly bringing about “The Golden Age of Flaps”. Hip hip!

    First things first, is it just me or doesn’t DM look a lot older than 50 in that picture with Tom Cruise? I guess that was taken when he didn’t have the help of a tanning bed or a makeup artist. They call “DM” LeatherFace for a reason.

    This disclosure doesn’t surprise and I kind of suspected it anyways for several reasons:

    1) DM doesn’t make case gain and has no personal reality on how much relief a person can get from divulging a discreditable withhold;

    2) DM was already reading the PC folders of Int base staff and humiliating them at musters. The biggest crime in this universe is to make another guilty of their overts (ref: State of Man Congress tapes);

    3) DM’s chronic tone is 1.1. He therefore pretends to be “Tom Cruise’s best friend” while secretly making fun of him behind his back. DM’s tone level around Int base staff is 1.5; his tone level at PR events is around 3.5. A real 1.1 knows how to mock up a very convincing 3.5 tone level;

    4) A real 1.1 really knows how to “PR” others, which would explain DM’s off-policy six annual “PR events”. DM is all PR, thus the “Idle Orgs” instead of real expansion;

    5) DM is a vampire personality who sucks the true theta out of the real celebrity, Tom Cruise.

    What DM has done is beyond suppressive; it is pure evil. He is therefore a condition below Confusion in which he needs to find out which universe he is in.

  67. Thanks for standing up and admitting your part, Jackson!
    Makes me feel happier!
    Truth prevails!

    As for DM, it’s no surpise to me now he doesn’t want to get audited. He’s scared shitless that someone would be able to do to him what he does to others (i.e., read and comment to people on HIS confessions).
    BTW, wouldn’t it be just GREAT to get ahold of DM’s PC folders, post the most ugly and unpleasant to him stuff from them on the net and
    give a great GO! to discuss them.
    Makes me even more exhilarated. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  68. “In Session: Interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor, RTC missionaires, CMO staff, as well as provide late night comedy entertainment for random scotch drinking staff”.
    🙂 ROFL
    More – “In Session: interrested and willing to confess to the world and be made fun of and mocked”.

    Who’s next in line to confess to CoM Auditor?

  69. Concerned Citizen,
    “But you are to word the incidents as inciendiarily and inflamatorily as possible, so I stole a few pieces of left over dessert from the officers mess, becomes – a trasspass and gross misuse of facilties in which the staff was not authorized in addition to theft”.

    – This makes me think that to be a good Auditor one must have some good education in law.
    2-in-1 – Lawyer + Auditor – would make one a PERFECT SEC CHECKER for CoM, wouldn’t it?

  70. well said Bunkai. So true. I do not say that lightly.

  71. Isn’t such covert recording illegal in California without the express consent of *both* parties?


  72. Marty, after you left the SO in 2004, DM managed to successfully brainwash TC and make TC believe that DM is the “best friend” he has ever had in this universe.

    DM started pimping and pandering for TC, bringing him girls and if DM didn’t like them, he would make sure TC gets rid of them. Finally DM found and approved Katie. DM has TC under his thumbs.

    TC worships DM. There were people in TC’s circle who tried to warn him about the out-tech and DM’s out-points, but they ended up with heavy ethics cycles, sec-checking and TC yelling and screaming at them. Literally, that was the end of that person who was trying to apply LRH and get ethics in, TC would tear them apart and destroy their life.

    TC reports everything to his master (DM).

    So for those of you who have not been in TC & DM’s circle, this might be hard to digest. But this is the truth!

    It is too late for TC, he is definitely going down with DM. TC’s career is doomed. He is now using other A list actors (non-Scientologist) who are more loved and accepted by general public such as Cameron Diaz, in order to get some box office attention. Otherwise no one cares about him and his arrogant attitude.
    TC’s life and career are also DEAD.

  73. Yes, this is rape. The infomation made us want to throw up over here.

  74. Having verified the dimensions I can verify with 100% certainty that the midget depicted in the IAS statue at the front of the castle at Saint Hill is in fact DM 😀
    When this is all over I’d like to pull down that statue (ala Saddam Hussein) and replace it with a tribute to Ron and his family!

  75. PS. Note that the caption on the photograph says that the statue is one of LRH? ha ha ha ha NOT

  76. Sadly this sharing of confessional or session data is not new.

    Having been staff at CC I knew of many whispered conversations about several top celebs.

    The culture of the Sea Org then as now is too often —
    WE are the GODS — THEY are the MORALS – anything goes. (obviously this is not everyone)

    dm will definitely accuse Marty of what he himself ordered and did.

    dm will continue this – until – TC or JT step back and say — DUH – WAIT A MINUTE — if dm gossips EXTENSIVELY to me about others, maybe, just maybe he’s doing the same TO ME.

    Most high school girls figure this out pretty soon.

    But then, there is always the high school girl who is late to mature – dm is one of them.


  77. Re: DM
    Is there one single decent fiber in that creep?? And if yes, where could it be seen?


  78. Oh, Cowboy Poet…LOL!!

  79. I cannot express how abhorrent this is to me! In the Roman Catholic faith the Seal of the Confessional is sacred. “Let the confessor take absolute care not to betray the sinner through word or sign, or in any other way whatsoever. In case he needs expert advice he may seek it without, however, in any way indicating the person. For we decree that he who presumes to reveal a sin which has been manifested to him in the tribunal of penance is not only to be deposed from the priestly office, but also to be consigned to a closed monastery for perpetual penance.”

    My question here is, to whom is David Miscavige answerable and what will be his punishment for such a crime?

  80. Jack Airey


    IMHO you have maneuvered the “RAT” into a corner or to be more civil, I think this move on the chess board of life is a “CHECKMATE”.

    I do hope you share the letter you will receive in less than 24 hours from TC’s attorney, Bertram Fields.

    With this disturbing news we now know, one’s PC folders are not safe and the auditors code is a sham. I can’t help but wonder how many more skeletons (3rd Dynamic Overts) in the COS exist.

    You could say the name of this film is, “Nightmare on L. Ron Hubbard Way.

  81. I should imagine that no matter how close they are as friends, once Tom and others hear of this the tiny seed of doubt will still be planted!

  82. Joe Pendleton

    The chancs are slim that Tom Cruise will hear about this, and if he did, he probably wouldn’t believe it. When a person consders that they are doing well in Scientology, they don’t WANT this kind of data. You have to feel the force of the “new Scientology” FIRST HAND to wake up a bit. I was on an OW cycle that started with some LRH lectues, really wonderful ones. You know, where Ron talks about the BENEFIT to the individual who is getting off the OWs. And the ep after all the sweat and strain – when one just really realizes that one has “done it” and IS responsible for one’s actions. After much and difficult confronting, I did have that big win, but the cycle wouldn’t end- after the OW writeups and the requisite payingf of thousands of dollars as penance…….now the regging began for the intensives of metered sec checks…….which I knew in my heart would go on until I paid and paid and paid….AND NONE OF THIS HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY WELL BEING OR THE TECHNOLOGY OF SCIENTOLOGY. That’s the really sad thing about this story. When I did the Auditor Revitilization Program, the first step was writting up all my Tech overts and as I had had a LONG career in Tech and Qual, this took two weeks full time. But you know, I always CARED for the pcs and wanted them to win, and treated them and the tech with respect. The church didn’t die for me when things went kinda nuts, heck – I could tell you stories about the 1970s – but when folks went into agreement with this kind of behavior – when no one told Miscavige that what he was doing was not OK and to STOP. When money, force and power dramatizations became the game. This is why the “NEXT incarnation” of the Scientology 3D must NOT have “big money” as part of the equation and must not have “a pope”, a punishment system or even be “one church” where people become subject to folks who are actually absolutely clueless about Scientology and it’s actual applied religious technology.

  83. I always believed that Tom was a victim of David Miscavige for PR purposes. Not only Tom Cruise messages are recorded, but all sections at Flag also. Sometimes, the auditor ducks in the chair so our face is on video. I could see that on my last auditing session at Flag, and for that I never came back. I questioned someone, the staff told me it was for the CS to review. Then, why the auditior needs to write the sessions? Another, misapplication of the tech for blackmail.

  84. Been There

    For those of us who have done the PTS/SP course, in some cases several times, here is THE example of a suppressive person. Teased apart and examined in a linear fashion against the tech of PTS/SP, DM’s career in the CofS would be the SP’s “how to” manual for destroying an organization and the individuals in it. Like the “Art of War” or “The Prince” his life’s work is a classic exemplification needing only to be examined, condensed and recorded.

    What his rise to power and strangle-hold on the Cof S ultimately says about the tech and its short-comings I am not qualified or able to determine. But obviously with all the data available to us we somehow failed, within the confines of the CofS, to handle this SP. And there are still thousands of staff and public in thrall. Really, its not over within the church yet. He still has a large corp of delusional adherents.

    Obviously there is also a large corp of the awakened outside of the CofS, most who got their awakening while inside and were unable to affect change from within. It is truly mind-blowing to see this situation coalescing. If you have ever watched a tornado form on the Great Plains you will grasp the metaphor. It starts out slowly, the sky darkens, wisps of air begin to stir the trees, leaves and dust ascend on the growing updrafts and the thinnest tip of funnel descends. Then all hell breaks loose.

    We are somewhere in that metaphor now. With Marty’s succinct statement, “He is the ultimate 1.1.” the label is firmly affixed. I can hear the wind starting to howl.

  85. I’m sure Tom Cruise is a good guy. The problem is that there’s truth to Scientology and Miscavige uses that truth to control others, claiming “we must use violence to put ethics in”, “we must raise prices to have more funds to spread Scientology” etc. He’s basically using the wins of Scientology to control others. And there are no elections in the church so it’s not easy to get rid of him. He’s dictatorial as of right now.

    Cruise has probably experienced great wins from his auditing and knows it works. Miscavige being a very intentioned being obviously makes a lot of celebs more narrow-minded.

    When Miscavige is gone from the Church Scientology will have a much bigger chance to flourish and prosper again.

  86. Marty and Mike — the deadly duo — for DM and reverse Scientology that is…

    I am so glad you are both working on the outside and championing integrity and freedom, rather than on the inside carrying out DM’s orders!


  87. This does not surprise to me one bit! This is no different than a pervert looking through the window watching you undress. Then later getting his rocks off discussing it with others. He is truly a piece of work.

  88. Another Jeff

    I can attest that when DM personally showed this film to every outer org trainee at Flag and told us “these were verified electronically and ARE instant”, we were all in shock watching priors and latents in front of our eyes. John may have even been sitting next to me!

  89. Just me, that’s one precise term you just coined…

  90. This just sickens me. I didn’t think anything would surprise me, but this did. I thought DM would be able to control his impulses enough to appear as if he were committing all of these atrocities for our good, but this crosses the line, even with that. It can’t even be spun to be for any good reason. Absolutely sick. Did anyone protest this at the time it was occurring?

  91. It has been said that DM is the “Pope of Scientology”. I would agree if his name were Al Capone II.

  92. crahing upwards

    There ceertainly is a shut off mechanism, but you still need to plant the seed with them. Then the next time they get burnt it takes root. You risk loosing them in the short term. Its tough love. Takes some willpower and confront to do. Its not the easy path. But its the only path to salvaging them. If not you, then who will do it.

  93. The bastard! No wonder some of the reads are prior and were implanted as being instant!!!

  94. The curtain is really being pulled back now, exposing DM and the countless human rights violations perpetuated by him and others in the C of M.

    Anyone who is reading this blog who is still “feeding the beast”, needs to take a long hard look at what they are supporting and flowing power to. You are making it possible for these betrayals to occur, you are supplying the funds for DM to buy his scotch, you are funding coerced abortions, and physical abuses.

    Time is indeed running out.

  95. The rock slam shown in the film is artificially speeded up too. I’ve seen R/Ses and none were that way. The SNR C/S AOSH UK went as far as rejecting valid R/Ses because they were not as fast as the one in the Tech film. In another he accepted one as valid just because the RTC Rep said so, but stated it wasn’t one for him. Talking about KSW!

  96. Dave Adams

    It is scary to think, in regards to Johns write up of his GAT experiences at Flag, that the direction the Church is taking will eliminate the institutional knowledge of what working scientology is.

    If not dead, the church is certainly dying as a source of scientology.

    Some scientology seems to be happening, but that is reverse scientology.

  97. Lucy James

    Wow, Marty I’m dumbfound. I’m sure that anyone with any moral sense would be thoroughly disgusted.

  98. crahing upwards

    Centurion. I agree TC is likable. The problem with celebrities is the microscope they are put under. Many people can give up information in session and no one ever challenges them about their lives in public. But that does happen to celebrities. TC has been plagues by rumors.
    If TC has misrepresented his personal life, he has a PR problem. Not to mention what misrepresentations about oneself say about ones case.
    I am sure Marty could help him handle it and i hope that happens.

  99. Undermining the safety and sanctity of the auditing of overts and withholds would be a prime target of a Suppressive.

    Why? Why would DM do this sort of a thing, hold Joking and Degrading parties over someone else’s confidences? Why would he target the relief of one’s transgressions? Why would he put so much emphasis on this body of technology, including the FPRD, to such an extent that it has become anaethma, engrammic even?

    Here are several LRH references on this that apply here.

    HCOB 28 Jan 60, The Key to All Cases – Responsibility:
    “Fortunately for this universe no thetan will let himself go free unless he can operate without danger to others and the responsibility factor is way up on all dynamics.”

    From HCOB 21 Jan 60, Justification:
    “Withholds are a sort of overt act in themselves…Well, if this is true then why does he not unburden himself? The fact is this: unburdening is considered by him to be an overt act. People withhold overt acts because they conceive that telling them would be another overt act. It is as though Thetans are trying to absorb and hold out of sight all the evil of the world. This is wrong-headed, by withholding overt acts these are kept afloat in the universe and are themselves as withholds entirely the cause of continued evil. Man is basically good but he could not attain expression of this until now.”

    From HCOB 23 December 59, Responsibility:
    “Of course you will see that many people at first will not come near us for fear of what we will find out. But as this is better understood you will find that the people who come to us will come with a willingness to bare their guilt to us and get it sorted out.

    “As this is so much the case we must then therefore have amongst us none with undeclared overts against the dynamics which would prevent their getting gains in processing or who would render a person’s confidences liable to use for less pure purposes. ”


    From HCO PL 26 August 68, Security Checks Abolished:
    “The practice of security checking from security check lists like the “Joburg” has been abolished.
    There are several reasons for this:
    1. We have no interest in the secrets and crimes of people and no use for them
    2. Security checking is often done without regard to the point where the pcrs feels better and so became overrun.
    3. Security checking is often done in disregard of the state of a person’s case.
    4. Low level cases do not react on actual crimes and so the “security” furnished is often a false security.
    5. There is public criticism of security checking as a practice.
    6. The existence of lists of crimes in folders often makes it necessary to destroy the folders which may contain other technical data which is constructive and valuable.
    7. If a person is a criminal or has overt acts which affect his case, and speaks of them to an auditor of his own volition, the auditor is bound by the Auditor’s Code not to publish use or reveal them.”

    (NOTE: for any of those reading this and freaking out at the above PL, HCOB 24 Jan 77 Tech Correction Round-up re-instates Confessionals as follows:
    “Sec Checking means, unfortunately, “Security Checking.” That it was so misnamed in its origins obscures the fact that Confessionals have been part and parcel of religion nearly as long as religion has existed…
    “In an effort to get around what was thought to be a public relations scene, the name “Security Checking” was changed to “Integrity Processing.” This was also a PR error because the actual truth of the matter is it originated as “Confessional” and should have simply been changed back to “handling of confessions.”
    “The loss of Sec Checking, more properly called Confessionals, and the failure to use a meter to verify withholds resulted in many student blows (dropouts) and has permitted the continuance of a great deal of natter and upset which are simply the result of missing withholds on people.”

    So, that one point in Security Checks Abolished, the PR point, led to a dropping out of an extremely important aspect of Scientology technology. The PL is still valid in its points. )

    Now, it is apparent that in order to keep others from releasing their transgressions in such a way as to have them GONE, and that much evil GONE, and thus the actual freeing up of thetans to act with responsibility and with their basic good natures unrestrained, DM has, with enforced, inapplicable, relentless Confessionals and FPRD, and then his perverse use of what is released by a being in confidence, put the subject of O/W in disrepute.

    He intended to suppress this vital tech as a key to all cases, and it is apparent one of his means is to hold up others confidences to ridicule. Ridicule itself is defined as holding one’s anchor points out forcibly. THAT is what DM is doing by taking these sessions and holding J&D sessions over them. He’s ridiculing the person, the tech, the entire subject.

    Scientology’s destruction is David Miscavige’s aim.

  100. martyrathbun09

    You are right Ignacio, that was the over riding problem. The net result is confusion on what to run on EVERY item called.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Jeff, right on. That is the precise section he messed around with endlessly until it was a hodge podge or priors and latents. You guys were not imagining it. You knew what you were doing from studying your material and drilling with the meter.

  102. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I was about begin a direct ethics program to put the ethics of both of them in at once. However, I learned of this new evidence this week and decided to give Tom one last chance. If this does not wake him up, nothing will and if he doesn’t the ethics program I allude to will roll out.

  103. martyrathbun09

    Why would you want to act like him?

  104. David LaCroix

    If this isn’t “the straw that broke the camel’s back” I don’t know what is?
    Anyone that could hear about this and still be reasonable…
    I had to edit myself there because the former me, the harsher me would have said something like “they deserve what they get.”
    But actually no one deserves this level of betrayal. Even if they’ve been warned repeatedly.
    There’s probably a couple things lower than violating priest/penitent privilege but none that won’t get you 10 to life behind bars.

  105. Joe Howard

    And don’t forget that DM himself has not been in session for many, many years. Can you even begin to imagine the stuff that he is sitting on? I’d be willing to bet that whatever he pulled out of TC’s folders to joke about is similar what what DM himself has going on.

    Because he would not permit himself to be audited maybe this was the only way he could get some charge off, perverse though it may be!

  106. ROTFLMAO! Hoo-Hoo!

  107. Thank you for your communication. You are forgiven!

  108. Woooooooooo, some best man u hv there TC, stabbing u in back while roasting your overts. Yr a sick little midget DM.

  109. Gaiagnostic

    It would be great at some point to have all the specifics on how the data on FNs and instant reads were altered by DM. Before I blew from ASHO, I was all paid up to train on the SHSBC and become a Class VI C/S. The magnitude of the loss I have on failing this is something I am just coming into contact with after two years out. Marty, and all of you, keep on communicating. K

  110. Ditto! He looks definitely much older than in his artificially created image for int events.

  111. froghopper

    With regards to confidential information from folders being recorded and filmed I myself am a victim to this at Flag Land Base and saw they did this and I myself refused further sec checks and was placed to the RPF because I would not rock slam. I told DM myself he was not a church Member if he had this style or thought this was LRH policy, because its not , he tried to photgrah me and I told him to get losted, and covered my face, for that I was at the RPF. thow only 24 hrs then I was gone for good I left on my terms.
    I know of more than four cases that it was done taking stuff out Pc folders and Making up Prefabricating stories to make it look realistic and in actual fact it wasen’t even a story , but use family to get the story to witness and add to it , then to the police and in one case they used that family’s own daugthers to turn against there own father by order of the church. They had two choices these were disconnet or loose their bridge,The person invold was known having been a top FSM in the Field for the Church, also had paid more than 2 Million Dllrs to the church. it was known he was a very successful person having his own company and they destroyed him.
    The court dismissed the case thow the Church insisted and tried hard to the authorities that he was crimimal that was a no go by the courts. The guy left, and refused services and recalled some of his money he had put into it,They attempted a few times more after to steal from him and break him,but on those occassions who ever of them remain in the church losted out.

  112. Fully approved Marty, you’ve got a green light from here!

  113. Chris Black

    Thanks, guys. Much appreciated. 🙂

  114. Unfortunately Lisa became a mini-DM in her own right in 2003 – 2004 as CO Gold. She would read out people’s session withholds in front of an entire muster, hundreds of staff, with the person forced to stand in front. She got into humiliating and degrading staff, and even got physical. She slapped my ex-wife once, hard, for insubordination. I know in earlier years she was funny and likeable. It’s a shame to see the poison spread like this.

  115. Virgil Samms

    Nice job Jim,

    Also, I know for a fact that recording anyone without their expressed knowledge and acknowledgement that you are recording them is against the law. This is just audio. You cannot record someones voice without their approval.

    ML Virgil

  116. “Scientology’s destruction is David Miscavige’s aim.”

    I think it is a by product of his megalomania

    Megalomania is a non-clinical word defined as: [1]

    1.A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.

    2.An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.

    It is derived from the (from the Greek word μεγαλομανία; megalo-, meaning large, and mania) The first attested use of the word “megalomania” is in 1890 as a translation of the French word “mégalomanie”.

  117. That is one fence I will not sit on!

    Geronimo, baby. 🙂

  118. “Nightmare on L Ron Hubbard Way”. LOL!

  119. Freedom Fighter

    This doesn’t surprise me at all — mainly because I’ve been on the receiving end of such actions. When it happened I was so shocked, so taken aback, that my only response was to stare at the person in disbelief and then quickly move the topic of discussion off onto something else given that there were other public around at the time who were in the conversation. I also know that my session data has been used to try to influence my spouse’s opinion of me. There’s no lower level to which one can stoop IMO.

    This is one of the main things that blew me off the Bridge. Once that level of trust has been breeched, it’s very hard to trust anyone again. Very hard.

    Spiritual rape. Yep, pretty damn fitting.

  120. “A management that discredits its goal finder or
    perverts the communication of goals of course
    dies itself but, in dying, may also kill a group.”

    LRH – An Essay on Management

  121. What can I say that hasn’t been said here. It’s shocking…dispicable…disgusting.
    An RTC missionaire that once came to my org did the same thing to me, in a similarly snide and ridiculing way. Such is a really is a horrible thing to do to a person.

  122. Marty,

    Thank you! I bet you have many evidence and I can not wait to see the correct ethics & Justice is applied to TC so he also stop hurting people in his circle. He truly sees himself as the “God”. This is not a a joke.

    It would be interesting to see how Micheal Doven and his wife feel reading your posts re TC and his corrupted circle, since they were both heavily punished by TC and DM and silenced.

  123. Yeah, that’s how the mind works. Good point.

  124. TC will definitely hear about this — his attorneys are sure to be attempting to silence Marty as I type.

    (just guessin’)


  125. I was thinking of somewhere below 1.1 – like maybe punishing bodies or some such.

  126. I think it is the opposite. I think DM loves the power TC gives him. I think DM is just a hanger on. This pic tickes me off because while DM is living it up with his buddy TC, every other SO member is working 16 hours days for $50 a week. Criminal.

    The last time I went into the org was for an ideal org event several years ago in which they replayed the entire TC medal of freedom presentation from the IAS event. That whole 30 minute video. I thought to myself, “what the heck, this video again? Why are we idolizing this guy? He’s a good dude but he’s just another scientologist right?” I walked out mid video (before the regging began!) and haven’t been back since.

  127. And me next to you Jeff.

  128. Dave Adams

    Who is David Miscavige answerable too?

    Ultimately and truly, to himself. (As are we all)

    When or if he ever questions himself, he will face worse punishment than any anyone else could devise.

    In the mean time, justice is needed to protect the rest of us.

  129. crahing upwards

    Truth. You might be right about TC digging himself a hole. He may have to stay in bed with the big guy after the big guy apologizes as the alternative is something he cannot or up to this point been unable to confront.
    It sucks when your betrayed. Most of us have experienced that. Its TC’s turn. It will be intersting to see how he handles it. I hope someone exterior to the emotional nightmare he has going on will guide him. Its tough to back away after you have been in “balls and all” as the saying goes.
    None of his options are very good. But if he start dealing with the truth and loose that false ” tone 40″ valence, he has a chance.
    Its hard to shine a sneaker and even harder to keep it sparkling.
    Moments of truth are upon us. Once TC bottoms he can start to rise for real. The way out is the way through. He very well may be like his movie character, holding onto the side of a cliff by his fingers. I wish him well.

  130. Sorry to any Tom Cruise fans out there but I’ve just got to speak up here:

    In 2005, Tom Cruise knowingly and willingly destroyed his own image and at the same time, made a fool out of us all as Scientologists, creating untold, costly PTS situations for many of us average Joe’s.

    He massively violated TR’s, ARC and 2-way comm. And he did it on the world stage, while representing LRH.

    Cruise (even if under the control of DM), had no right to do so.

    At least he partially admitted to this three years later on Oprah. At least he apologized to Mat Lauer and Brook Shields and to his fans for being admittedly “arrogant”.

    Yet he knowingly and willingly supports CoB, David Miscavige, to this day.

    He is just plain too invested. Too far gone. Too many overts of magnitude. And all by his own hand, if we’re being honest about it.

    I can only imagine how Cruise feels about us Indies: “A bunch of fucking SP’s” or “PTS to Marty” comes to mind. IMHO

    One thing I don’t think Tom Cruise would ever do is read Marty’s blog. Not with DM over him. No way!

    Marty, you are compassionate as an ethics officer. Fair enough. But, if the guy has had years to wake up and repent, yet remains steadfastly loyal to Miscavige, still flowing him power…..

    …….bring on the next ethics gradient, if you will please.

  131. jim cherkas

    What the real weird and unexplained thing is how all these people who hear the scotch induced rantings about TC overts and witholds are not outraged! Are these scientologists VIPs just as evil as DM? If you say they are victims so is DM? There is no responsibility here!

  132. If you study the HCOB’s and do some drilling a person should know what an instant read is. It’s just an instant read. There was so much confusion and enturbulation on this simple point when I was at Flag. Students on metering coming out of the film room with a glazed look muttering “I dont know what an instant read is…”.
    If it’s that confusing something must be wrong. An arbitrary, right? Now I’m beginning to get what it was.

  133. One approach that has worked with me to some degree, is to point out that it’s not just 1 or 2 recent top executives … but OVER 20 … all having come forward recently, recounting the abuses and violence of Miscavige, with first-hand accounts. And most still love LRH and Scientology … and the Standard Bridge is available outside the CoM.

  134. Unencucumbered

    Wow, a photo of TC with Phil Spector. When’d he get out of the pokey?

  135. Pingback: DM Video Recorded Tom Cruise’s Confessionals : XENU TV

  136. Gaiagnostic,
    Look, the simplicity of this may be too simple to see. F/Ns are exactly what it says they are in LRH issues, from the first definition forward to the last. IT IS ONLY DM’S SQUIRRELLY INTERPRETATION that has caused the trouble here. That squirrelly interpretation has now spread throughout the realm of the CofS and so it goes.

    The same applies to meter reads. They are defined in LRH data and with simple drilling, reading a meter is a piece of cake. If not, standard cramming can sort it out.

    That meter film is NOT auditing. One can’t do a session standardly and read a meter accurately if they are comparing what is going on in front of them with a mental image picture taken of a botched film that has prior and latent reads in it!

    You WILL see your dreams and postulates of getting trained on the BC come to realization. You WILL audit and you WILL have certainty on your meter and the pc in front of you. And there isn’t a bloody thing that David Miscavige can do to prevent it. Not now, not ever.

  137. This would make sense for DM to do this as he is without a soul. he could collect as much information as he wanted or needed on someone in order to keep them playing his game. This is so sick.

    I remember a time when I marched around Capitol Hill during the hottest time of the year meeting with all the Senators and the Drug Czar for 3 months to get the situation with drugs handled.This I did for the Church. Then I read in “Blown for Good” where Mark Yaeger invested money in Eli Lilly stock. When I read that I thought what the f–k. Who is kidding who. If there was money to be made, the ethics did not matter. I realize ethics is a personal thing but I suppose I expected more from those running an organization whose purpose included freeing man from the effects of drugs.

    I used to think that those up “high” running this organization had better ethics than I and that I needed to work harder at being a better person…NOT. I am a dam ethical being and I have certainty on that.

  138. As news of this starts hitting the public lines they will have no choice but to look honestly at themselves as Scientologists and decide to whom they are going to give their allegience, DM or LRH.

    DM’s enemy actions can no longer be justified or not-ised.

  139. “I myself refused further sec checks and was placed to the RPF because I would not rock slam. I told DM myself he was not a church Member if he had this style or thought this was LRH policy, because its not , he tried to photgrah me and I told him to get losted, and covered my face, for that I was at the RPF. thow only 24 hrs then I was gone for good I left on my terms”

    Froghopper, hot damn, you rock!

  140. Maria (1),

    It was not uncommon for sessions to be videoed as a training and auditing aide but in every case, the PC was R-factored and knew it was taking place.

    Since technology itself has really made advancements with cameras installed into the auditing room itself, it has opened the door for covert recordings to occur. Actually I think that the look in system is now standard in auditing rooms in upper orgs. There was a project to get them in class V orgs as well but I don’t know if it was ever done.

    I think I am more comfortable with the old technology where I can see when I am being videoed.

  141. Wow. This just makes me even more happy that I’m not having anything to do with CoM. I would be completely mortified to know that my auditing sessions were being read aloud to people and they were laughing and poking fun of it. How can he do that and feel good about himself? Just exactly who does he think he is to be judgmental of others and yet he hasn’t sat in front of an auditor for years?

    I feel for TC. I think DM has him believing that he’s his buddy when in all truth, he is a lying and manipulative con man. It’s hard when you see people that you care about for what they really are. I’m sure that TC would feel bad for having trusted him should he come to his senses. The chances of him believing you, Marty, over DM is probably very slim. I imagine DM used some information he found in his confessionals to get close to him so it had the feel of them having a sharing relationship. I’m sure DM will continue to manipulate the information so TC doesn’t get the clue; that is if TC reads this latest post at all.

    I would welcome Tom Cruise warmly to become an Independent Scientologist; should he read your post and decide to leave. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen as DM has his talons firmly planted in his back.

    One can hope.


  142. I got mine yesterday and am half way through. More eye-openers! The (unnamed) celeb, who most will be able to figure out easily, should be just as upset as TC. The flagrant disregard for confidentiality or even respect is sickening.

  143. Too elaborate on that: If you put David Miscavige in charge of a oilcompany he will still run that into the ground too because of his obsession with money, power and status.

  144. Haydn,

    This has shown up all the way down to class V level,my personal observation and directly affected my being able to handle things with org terminals.

  145. That would indicate you alsoo belief that their are persons with no moral sense.

  146. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, Mark

    Great points. This is so non Scientology, non religion, non whatever, TC should thank Marty for all the help and for being a true Scientologist and an Auditor not a gossip pervert like DM.

    I can’t believe this guy, how low he can be. But I should have expected him to gossip the confessions of TC with others behind TC’s back.

    This is so disgusting! DM you are a disgrace for Scientology and for its parishioners.

  147. CC,

    You forgot the most frequent use…regging for GI.

  148. Theo Sismanides

    And TC one point for you to see and decide. In this group here we observe the very essence of the rules and codes of Scientology and Auditing.

    You can trust all of the auditors here because they are themselves. No need to have rules anymore. They are Auditors, with capital A. They are something you will never see again in the church because it operates on Justice not Ethics.

    Trust is not enforced, it is gained through ARC first and then KRC. It’s a Tone Level thing. You can’t trust a 1.1. And cerainly you wouldn’t trust a timid auditor at 1.0.

    Here we are TC. This is Scientology. It’s not badges or naval salutes. It’s trust and confront of real life and mostly Truth.

  149. And if this seed of doubt is not coming from TC, it may come from other celebs. Either way…an affect has been created.

  150. Thanks CP
    I snorted my tea right up into my nostrils while reading your post. Most uncomfortable.

  151. Jim,

    Thank you for posting these important references.

    You are so spot on, it is exactly why it would be the prime target of an SP.

    One of the most beautiful sights ever is that moment a being realizes the woof/warp of “evil” and knows, after all, he is not evil.

    Is doesn’t get more SP than tampering with that relief and using the knowledge inversely, so beings contract.

  152. NOTSaware
    Don’t know about Mr. Webb but that brought tears to my eyes.

  153. Marty,
    Good luck – our postulates are with you.
    If ‘it’ doesn’t work then the kindest thing you can do is to go ahead and get Tom’s ethics in.
    I’m sure he’ll thank you for it one day in the not too distant future.

  154. Qual Ninja strikes again

  155. plainoldthetan

    Here’s what I see the problem is. It’s not that sessions get video’d. That happened on the SHSBC (they were called TV demos back then).
    It’s that the PURPOSE of video-ing sessions is to critique the AUDITOR and improve his technique and tech. HCO PL 8 Nov 1971 RA INTERNSHIPS, ELECTRONIC ATTESTATION FORM (5:854) has NOT been cancelled. There are also certain auditing spaces obviously mocked up with video cameras in the SHSBC supervised auditing room. Preclears in these cases KNOW their session is being recorded. AND IF IT’S DONE FOR THE PURPOSE OF CHECKING THE AUDITOR’S TECH, READS, REACTIONS, TRs, ETC. IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE TO PCs WHO KNOW IT’S OCCURRING AND WHY IT’S OCCURRING. The problem here is that even if TC had signed a release saying “I consent to having my sessions recorded for the purpose of C/S review so the auditor’s tech can be improved.”, THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED. This is just another point for my TREASON CONDITION assignment of DAVID MISCAVIGE.

  156. plainoldthetan

    In California, as far as I know, all-party consent is required for telephone conversation recording. The key word being “telephone”. That’s covered in statute. I don’t think that would apply to sessions. Or E-metering videos. Or TRs videos.

  157. Oiver Douglas

    With respect to the comment: “Miscavige’s soul is blacker than a starless night”, I was always taught that when you sell your soul to the devil, you no longer own a soul.

    And since your soul (as in spirit) defines who you are and all the good within it, once you sell your soul, you no longer know right from wrong.

    Just my two cents.

  158. The dwarf is not 1.1.

    He is far below death on the tonescale.

  159. Doug Parent

    I sure hope TC wakes up. I ran across some similar /questionable practices at the Tampa Org a few years back when I was getting services there. I don’t think this kind of crap is that unusual at all, as shocking as it may be to some. The veneer can be pretty thin.

  160. Fellow Traveller

    From On Human Behavior:
    “Now in case you err and try to apply this classification too widely, there is one
    definite characteristic you must not overlook. This characteristic makes the difference
    between the aberrative personality and run-of-the-mill human beings. The secrecy
    computation is the clue. The best index to a secrecy computation is a refusal to be

    The best index, not the only one I note.

  161. Village Voice and NY Daily News have picked up the stories (the videotaping of TC sessions and Amy Scobee’s book which reveals celebrities are gossip fodder for dm after snooping in her folders).

    Next week, it will be headlines on the Enquirer. Then everyone who shops in America will see this as they pay for their groceries.

    Maybe TC is on the phone to you now, Marty. But I won’t hold my breath.


  162. Power depends utterly on the ability to hold a position.

    And every position that DM holds to maintain his power is slowly being eroded.

    At some point, the held positions become too weak to support the structure and the structure collapses or topples.

    I think the members living in this church are like a family living in a palace by the seaside. The storm has come and washed away much of the hillside, but the family remains, oblivious of the danger. The structure hangs precariously over empty space now. The foundation groans and protests against the new stresses.

    Cracks have formed in the walls, and the family calls their lawyers to decry the builder’s shoddy work. They blame their neighbors. They shake their fists at the television that has helicopters filming the house’s imminent collapse. “Lies!” they scream. “Fucking lies.”

    And the house shifts.

    And the family huddles.

    And the foundation cracks some more.

    A neighbor knocks. “It’s time to leave,” she says to the harried family gathered at the door.

    “Daddy won’t let us,” mumbles the little girls.

    “Please,” implores the wife. “Leave us alone. Can’t you see how happy we were?”

    “Get the fuck out of here,” yells the father as he staggers from his study.

    “It’s time to go,” the neighbor repeats.

    “Get the fuck out of here!!!!!” The door slams.

    The little girls whimper from behind the door.

    The house groans.

    And tilts toward the sea.

    A wave crashes.

    Followed by profound silence.

    Much love,


  163. Bunkai,

    You nailed it, this describes so well what so many of us have felt.

  164. Doug Parent

    David LaCroix, I’d like to reconnect with you.

  165. The recording law varies state to state. It’s not a federal law as far as I know.

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  167. The Eunuch!!!

  168. Ditto for me at an org, and again – as the straw that broke the camel’s back – when it happened at the FLB. Haven’t wanted to go in session since… how could I ever be IN SESSION again?

  169. I thought it was common knowledge and all Scientologists knew that cameras were located in most auditing rooms. Reading this post I get the idea that is not the case.

    In ANZO all Class V Orgs are supposed to have at least one video auditing room in each Org. We had a pretty incompetant OES on post and our Org never got a video room but quite a few other ANZO orgs do have them.

    I never liked the thought of sessions being taped but there seemed to be such a widespread agreement on it, it just became the norm. Back then it never even entered my mind that this would be abused and peoples secrets divulged for what ever reasons.

    I recall getting an order from my CMO senior Stephanie Phillip to tape a session and send it down to her for her to check my metering and TRs. I told her that my PC had not felt comfortable when she walked into the room and there was a great big video camera on a tripod sitting there and she refused to have her session taped. I tried to tell Stephanie that it just wasn’t right and I myself wouldn’t want this. Stephanie’s reply was “Only people with overts of great magnitude would protest this. Get your pc onto an o/w write up NOW”

  170. He goes up and down. Irratic

  171. It has something to do with group behavior and rule by fear.

  172. LRH said that people who drink regular are alcoholics.

    Geuss what so does the rest of the world

  173. variation on the theme is frequency and quantity

  174. His personal make-up artist had the day off I suppose. That is supposed to be part of his personal staff. When it all comes out after his fall, I believe we will all be in awe of his insanity.
    Someone I know closely had to iron his underwear; this person was a senior exec at the time.

  175. Also when I was in the TTC there was a couple of execs who would laugh and joke about staff and public pcs overts that they had read. It was disgusting and we were r-factored at a muster by these execs that it was simply executives doing their job and that any of us that had overheard were out ethics scumbags for intentionally listening in on private conversations in an effort to cave people in.

  176. I really just see a Power addiction. He gets high on power. the destruction of the church is just coladeral damage.

  177. Just another Scio

    Hi Scientologists 🙂

    First of all, other churches violate confessions too, it is not just the C of M but you are right of course, LRH made it very clear that auditing is CONFIDENTIAL.

    If somebody wants to ensure the auditor does a good job, he needs the written authority of the PC BEFORE THE TAPING. If the PC doesn’t agree, he may not be taped.

    Also, it should be made sure that only the tech personal will see these tapes that were mentioned to the PC or Pre-OT BEFORE the session. Likely no one will agree that his session data are discussed at a whiskery party.

    If Tom Cruise and the other celebs and also NON-celebs did not agree to being taped in writing and before the session and if the tape was used not only for the purpose to provide these thetans with better case gain but for amusement and curiosity, this is a serious violation of policy and probably even the law.

    Do you know that most states don’t even allow a phone call to be taped if the other party doesn’t now it?

  178. Lise,
    See Plain Old Thetan’s post above. It’s not that videoing sessions for the purpose of critiquing or correcting, or checking an auditor’s TRs and metering in session is the issue.

    It’s the assault on the sanctity of the session between the auditor and the preclear by David Miscavige for the direct purpose by him of destruction of the entire subject, aiming directly at one of the key technologies, the Confessional.

  179. Facebook buddy

  180. Just another Scio

    And another thing, I want to mention. I ran into a blog that makes fun of the “org” of the independents and show pictures of you guys back yard under construction. They compared it to the nice buildings that the C of S has. But here is the deal: if DM would have to start from scratch, how would his “org” look? It is easy to buy new buildings with LRH’s cash that he took.

    What do you think DM would have become if he wouldn’t had the chance to grab Scientology?

  181. Bunkai, I know well that moment of realization. It takes a little time to sort through it all, and realize it was not all for naught. And do realize that there are those who firmly believe that there was nothing in Scn that is beneficial or real, and that any cognitions you had were part of the mind control- these people are suppressive and do not have cognitions, and so therefore you can’t either.
    A great tape is “The Code of Behaviour”, which is the forerunner to the Code of Honor- it helps get your own viewpoint back. Your heart can beat again, with you in the driver’s seat and some knowledge and experience under your belt.

  182. Ignazio, Thank YOU. I gotta tell you, I love this blog. No matter what I have done, I know that if I take responsibility and do something about it, it will be handled. Like real Scn.

  183. Carol,

    Mark Yaeger did not invest in Eli Lilly. I believe it was Marty who corrected this in an earlier post. I don’t recall the specifics but it was something along the line of receiving an inheritance that contained those stocks, which I believe were then sold. Check with Marty on this.

  184. I agree with you veritas. “One of the most beautiful sights ever is that moment a being realizes the woof/warp of “evil” and knows, after all, he is not evil”.

    There’s this point of awareness one reaches from running overts. Follows point two in the issue abolishing sec checks–in harmonies as the case progresses.

  185. Jim,

    Glad you’re there. I’m so rusty on this stuff. It’s been 28 years since I’ve read a bulletin or a book all the way through. Just snippets here and there from someone’s post. Going to have to do some refreshing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  186. Jim Cheraks,

    You are hitting vey late on the chain of this topic. Why this happened was covered in detail between Oct-Dec of 2009. Better yet, go to Scientology cult.com and look through the idex. Once you have read the applicable articles it will be more understandable.

  187. Not to mention, under LRH people used to run o/w sessions right on course, pulling overts and withholds with other student auditors and their pcs doing the same. It’s not the shame of disclosure. Who cares? It’s the shamefulness of this bird’s complete disrespect of a fellow being.

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  189. This is my first time doing this, but I think it’s relevant:

  190. Idleorg,

    You are right about TC. I won’t worry about what his “fans” think of all the truth they might read on this blog. When it comes to human rights violation, I will stand up and speak up.
    TC has personally been violating LRH legacy as well as many people’s human rights. He is ABSOLUTELY accessory to DM’s crimes.
    I have first hand data.
    If anyone questions TC and his intentions, in his immediate circle (including his children ,Bella and Connor,his sisters, his niece & nephew, his 2-D or any of his Scientology staff) would be immediately ordered by TC for a punishment. Of course, the handling is always done by SO spies like Jessica feschback, Tommy Davis and others who are planted in TC’s circle by DM.
    TC is allowed to abuse anyone in his circle (mentally and physically) as he wishes to do, just like DM does with the Int Base staff, and No ONE can write a KR on him. And if anyone writes a report on TC, will immediately be subjected to hours of sec-check, heavy ethics cycle and forced lower conditions. The only way your conditions are approved, is if you own up all the wrong doings and kiss TC and DM’s ass in order to get back in good standing.

    Just like Pomm and Dovens did, although they are not working for TC. Because TC and DM do not trust them any longer. But they are in “good” standing.

  191. WomanSetFree

    I posted this in reply to War & Peace’s article on Scientology-Cult.com, David Miscast: Valentine’s Day Massacre/Purge. It is appropriate to today’s post so forgive the redundancy:

    A brief episode to illustrate that the abuse of sec checking and ‘tell me all your crimes’ implant has ever earlier iterations (I am sure there are others with similar or worse episodes):

    I was posted at Gold/Int Base in 1988, at the ripe old age of 16. My 2D was moved ‘uplines’ with me along with the others posted to our project. To be quite honest I don’t think any of us were qualified to be at Int. But the motions were gone through to make a pretense of investigation and determining our readiness for ‘uplines’ posting.
    Approx 8 months to 1 year later my same 2D and I were being investigated because stats in our unit were down and someone must have ‘crimes’. Since we were dating we were the prime targets for investigation and sec checking. DM’s typical wrong why, perverse nonsense. During the course of my sec checking we began to enter serious overrun land telling for the umpteenth time something ‘sinful’ but absolutely unrelated to my post or production. I looked right at the gal across from me and said the following, “Is someone listening to this? Who is telling you to keep this up? There is nothing more to tell, I’m not going to make stuff up here. We are done.” Needless to say the sec check was over in short order & I had unwittingly just plastered a huge target on my forehead….

  192. freespirit

    Maggie- thank you for providing this policy of the Church. Yes, the sacrament of confession is truly sacred.

    That DM jokes and degrades this – especially with one whom he professes to be such a dear friend to – clearly shows just how sick this puppy really is. His contempt and disrespect is truly beyond the beyond…..

  193. Fellow Traveller

    Carol —

    I like the truth, not rumor and hearsay. To wit:

    According to Mr Rinder in an early blog comment, he stated that Yaeger had inherited a stock portfolio which had Lilly stock. Yaeger subsequently sold it.

    I can find the reference should you desire.

  194. Freedom Fighter

    I got mine day before yesterday and read it in less than 24 hours. I was riveted . . . and absolutely appalled. I came away from it convinced without a doubt that DM is a bonafied 2.5%er.

  195. Well, Tom Cruise was not the only one who had that treatment, How many Int Base staff members went through this low life and squirrel out tech degradation torture?

    DM had THE routine of getting Int Base Staffs PC folder or session KR’s forwarded to him and then would call a meeting related to the Org (Gold, CMO Int, Exec Strata or event RTC). He will then brief to the Execs concerned what they should say to the entire crews concerning the staff or staffers involved.

    I mean being confronted with your “KR’s” session or not, in front of the all crew during staff meeting, telling the all crew what you did (or not) and then being insulted by all your friends… LIVE… (note: this is DM/COB mock-up of Scientology Standard Tech.)

    Misha, Steve, Jeff, Jackie, Jason, under-cover and all should confirm that this happened for real over and over week after week and relate some gruesome stories (the FACTS) about it during the period of 2003 – til they left.

  196. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Carol,

    I have not read the book but if this is what it sys, it is false. Mark did not invest in Lilly stock, he inherited a portfolio which inculded this company.

    If you have a finacial advisor, ask them if someone with a mutual fund can sidestep this kinds of companies, most of the time you can’t as they are part of the package, unless you are managing your own trades. Many people here would be shocked to find their investments even in 401Ks include such companies.

  197. I knew this was happening at the sand castle, once I asked my auditor if they video all the sessions and he told me not all , just some sessions, and I asked him if every auditing room have a camera he told me yes, since then I felt so uncomfortable knowing that sometimes some of my sessions were recorded, I did not like being recorded at all.

  198. One more note:

    Not only DM/”COB” betrayed Scientology and Tom Cruise.

    He betrayed Scientology public and Celebrity.

    He betrayed the Sea Organization and all the Sea org members.

    And most of all he betrayed LRH.

    PS: With that in hand, in all honesty the dud is ready to grab a solid stone next life time.

  199. Also from PAB 13 Red Vol II page 236 3rd paragraph

    On Human Behavior

    “Men in the field of the arts are very often victimized by these aberrative personalities. The “merchant of fear” closes terminals rapidly with any area which contains a great deal of admiration. Since the person is actually incapable of decision, this is a mechanical closure. The presence of admiration around anyone else begins to dissolve some of the completely stultified bank of the “merchant of fear” and this finds him very close to the source.
    Orchestra,leaders, painters, writers, are always having the terrible misfortune of closing terminals with such personalities. There is hardly a man of art or letters who does not bear on him the scar of having associated with a “merchant of fear,” for these are vampire personalities. They are themselves so starved of admiration and of sensation that they drink out of others around them any possible drop of admiration in any form.”
    Red Vol II page 236 3rd paragraph

  200. cc thanks for the correction . you can sidestep your investments because I have done so myself. You are correct in the fact that you have to manage your own trades.

  201. Karen thanks for the data.

  202. Fellow Traveller, got it thanks

  203. Wind Walker

    Mr. Webb

    Thank you for your post. You have made some good points here.
    However I did notice an obvious outpoint. In this very post you have knowingly or unknowingly disclosed something that you apparently received in confidence. Just a word of caution…..

  204. UnDisturbed

    Those pictures are priceless. Beautiful MEST buildings vs. a somewhat messy and middle-class looking back yard.

    As if that has anything to do with Scientology. Scn is about ideas, not pretty mest buildings.

    Yeah Yeah you know, but the fact that someone who supposedly has some understanding of Scn would post this as an attack on Marty is so far removed from even a basic understanding of what Scn is about, it is, well, rather amazing!

  205. that IS teh way to go – and it IS happening as we speekher on this site and in many other places.
    lets not skip one oportuturnety to tell soemone.
    lets’ for a change – use the 3rd party lay for soemthing good 🙂

    Love Helmut

  206. gee – I forgot to spell check again 😦

  207. wrong life is good with SCN – but the only way to get it is outside – with auditors like trey Lotz, Criss Black, many others of cource whom I do not know 0 and most importantly by simply aplying what you have read in the LRH books and what you will or should read in the LRH books.
    life is good with SCn – just use it –
    TC will one day find that out again as we all have !
    love Helmut

  208. AlexMetheny

    Mr. Webb..

    Wow that is messed up. I mean not you telling about it. But that kind of stuff happening at the mecca of technical perfection.

    I have my own horror stories from Flag but I will tell them some other time. Eval and inval galore..

    What a sick situation..

    I am glad to be part of the ethics team exposing and pressuring change. Each time I hear of this kind of thing it reduces the third dynamic engram. But right now I would have to say that the TA is rising.. about 4.75


  209. Watching Eyes

    Your question: What do you think DM would have become if he wouldn’t had the chance to grab Scientology?

    My answer: a Grifter

    PS. In that picture the dwarf looks like he’s either had a stroke or has some type of palsy.

  210. AlexMetheny

    Hi Sam,

    I agree with everything you said.

    The sick part of the whole thing is that because they are security checks and give you the “I’m not auditing you” R-factor that I guess this is a good justication for these sick people to use the secrets given in a sec check as fair game material. How they can say that is ethics or justice is beyond me.


  211. AlexMetheny

    Marty you are one insouciant thetan!! ROTFLMAO!!


  212. AlexMetheny

    Great post Jim!!

    Another thing is that an SP would target the key points of the tech.

    Look at the number of people who are now screwed up on the idea of f/n’s and instant reads. This is at the heart of all auditing and it looks very much like sabotage.

    When a person gets there confront of evil up then they can start seeing all of these key points to literally destroy Scientology:
    1. destroy the tech by confusing people with force of ethics and punishment on the subject of f/n’s and instant reads.
    2. Misuse the o/w tech to a point of mental torture.
    3. Make it unsafe to communicate any of these out points through fear of injustice and force.
    4. Wrong targetting of the best and most productive staff and Sea Org.
    5. concentration of regging money from public to the point where most of them are in severly bad financial condition. In direct contradiction to LRH finance policy.
    6. Forbidding public and staff from confronting any data on the internet about their own religion or be banned from the upper levels. How can an OT not look and evaluate things for himself ??ESPECIALLY his own religion!!

    Not a bad start at suppressing Scientology out of existence!!

    I guess DM figured there would not be any of us “rejects” with enough balls to fight back. Well guess what you friggin punk, we are about tto take you down!!

    (maniacal laugh…)

  213. AlexMetheny

    Great post Idle Org!!

    YOU DA MAN!!


  214. AlexMetheny

    Hi Lise,

    A lot of Scientologists have lost their way and we need to refresh their memories on what is acceptable behavior for benevolent people.


  215. Mr. Bert Field,

    I know you are reading this blog and trying to figure out a different way to stop Marty and all of us for exposing all the truth about your client (TC).
    Well, it is very unfortunate that a few months ago you refused to really listen to Marty and instead kept on sending threatening letters to him. What a BIG goof that was on your part! 😦 Lately, you & your client tried to silence Amy Scobee with your nasty letter. That didn’t work either!
    Now you have way more than one or two witnesses to silence.
    The numbers of witnesses are growing daily and we are all standing together against you and your client in the court of law, unless you and your client decide to publicly come clean within the next 48 hours and also completely withdraw your support from the worse criminal (David Miscavige).

    This is your last chance Mr. Field and TC. Time is running out. Save yourself, otherwise you will also go down with DM for being accessory to his crimes/abuses.

  216. Once Upon,
    That is really good news mate. I’m so happy you showed up here!

  217. AlexMetheny

    Hi Truth,

    This would be an insane example that DM and TC are using as a justification to not ATTACK AN UPSTAT.

    They pervert the ethics tech also.

    The idea is that DM and TC are above the law because they are Kha-Khans or some bullshit like this.

    That is the GOLDEN RULE we used to say in the military: Those who wear the gold make the rules.


  218. Dean Stokes used to do that Sort of process on us in Dallas.
    Along with some serious bait and badger involving people being injured, or being gang stripped by a group.
    It makes me think Dallas was some kind of test mission for all these, because it didn’t seem anything like all that when I first joined. It was only AFTER Dean came back from Flag that it got loopy. In the late 70’s.
    We used to Chinese drill KSW. The policy was used like a mild implant really. So that when the tech actually WAS altered, if you said anything about it you were a flaming squirrel. It’s the first thing that robotically came to peoples minds.

    This link;

    Has some eye opening remarks about infiltration.

    At one point it is mentioned that to create cognitive disonance you only have to change a FEW words on a blog or other thing you want to undermine and infiltrate and those few words would completely alter the meaning of the concept.

    Why did Ron go on and on and ON about misunderstoods words?

    Why did the books and everything have to be completely redone, when only a few words or a “semi colon” was not right?

    Yeah, for GAT, smells more like GATT though!

    We still need that list of the outpoints in the tech. Those of us that are still on the mailing list, can use the reply envelopes to contact letter reges and such.

    It’s reverse letter regging LOL, except we’ll do it IN TECH and they’ll love it!

    I don’t know Marty, I was just reading comments feeling rather slightly disgusted by all this when I just started line charging. It’s like dominoes falling.

    The sanctity of the PC Auditor relationship was all Scientology was ever about. None of it could ever be possible without the very heart of a safe comm cycle.

    Now I FULLY understand why you say the church is dead. The heart has been ripped out.

  219. How creepy that the dwarf is sending people out to take pictures of Marty’s home.

    Marty’s “org” looks a whole lot more inviting than the cold idle orgs.

  220. Ethics provides no recourse for a criminal. Even jiustice provides no recourse to a criminal if he’s at the top of the organization and in control of all justice actions. Therefore the only recourse for DM’s crimes is outside the church. And it’s up to people like us to exercise that recourse.

  221. It might as well be!

  222. Yeah, the public judges you by your mest. That’s another thing we have heard over and over and probably has been liberally applied out of context toward an agenda.

    Personally, I’d take a nice back yard any day. You know that old adage, your stuff owns YOU.

    The future also contains NOT being slaves to mest, lets start now!!

  223. CC,

    All of this evidences a blatant and rampant culture of corruption. It is evidence that the church is everything Scientology was never supposed to be.

  224. El ex-auditor,

    Of course there’s a way to rehap all of the power and certainty you’ve lost! Anything you once had, you can have again. I think Marty is an ace at helping people restore lost abilities and qualitites. You should plan a trip to see him!

    And, by the way, welcome! I hope to see you around a lot more.

  225. On a related subject:
    I dont like when they use data obviously from confessionals or sec-checks against people. I just think it makes Scientology look bad.
    A guy says something against the church and then theres this discreditable information spread about on websites and whatnot. We’re supposed to think it’s just some random scientologist who somehow got all the dirty details from Joe Blow’s folders and on his own decided to put up a website to let us all know that Joe cheated on his wife in 1972 or something.
    It’s just one more thing that creates bad PR and enemies. It’s like someone only cares about revenge and hurting the one person and not about Scientology itself or it’s image.

  226. martyrathbun09

    It’s a google shot during a previous tenant’s stay. Ask anyone who’s been here. It is a theta shack.

  227. This is gonna go big time viral probably within 24-48 hours. TC really only does have a narrow window here…

  228. Mike Hobson

    Excuse me “Truth”, but who-the-*bleep* are you and what “we” are you representing that you go making 48 hours or else threats to Bert Fields on this blog ?

    Marty, is this guy speaking for you, now ?

    WTF is this crap?

    Michael A. Hobson

  229. Theo Sismanides

    Jimbo, Qual Ninja as Sam has rightfully named you, man, just reading this was a relief and puts back there confidence.

    This is so hidden and covert on the part of DM, never had it so clearly stated.

    You know guys we can have books printed out of all this here. Little booklets on various subjects, little papers that we can publish on the web and print.

    We can have them for people to read on a subject.

    There is so much on this blog. And that is if I am not mistaken and I AM NOT, Orientation, Compilations. Dept 4 and then you publish those booklets and you have Dept 5 selling them and this is UnderstandingS. No Understanding but UnderstandingS. Dept 5.

    Like Jimbo here making such a wonderful little essay on how DM has perverted the subject of confessionals and has doomed everyone back into darkness.

    Jimbo and guys we have to move on from Perception Dept 3, to Orientation (Compilations, Dept 4) and start moving those wheels.

    I am about to download Amy’s book. Another Compilation. There is others. We can even get into the tech stuff and publish those little booklet.

    Let’s start on a gradient.

    Let’s help Marty and the rest.

    There can be booklets published every week. One at a time. Orientation is what’s missing now. So we can have Understandings. And we can invite them to join the Independents. And there can be in every little book, the address and the names and e-mails of every auditor auditing in the field. Our Orgs. And production will soar. And people will go there and they will get more booklets from there. So we will move on the org board.

    And one thing more. From Understandings you get onto Englightment Dept 6 which is just before Div 3 which deals with Energy and the handling of and creating a Body, an Organization type of thing.

    We cannot do this without Energy, changing people’s purposes has been the hat of a Reg, a good Reg/Sales person can sell a good thing and it’s good.

    Let’s not throw away the admin of LRH because of our Failed Purpose with the Church.

    We need that energy and someone(s) need to be trusted with that high of a purpose.

    Someone(s) who are trustworthy with money. The Treasury guys.

    That is going to keep the booklets going out. That is going to be a hell of a hit.

    We will have our own booklets !!!!

    Qual definitely needs to be on top of every such publication before it goes out.

    What do you think Jimbo?


    You have so much in here. Let’s start with one subject and have it on the net. Everybody can print it from there. If we like the idea of booklets and we get some money we can print it.

    It’s going to be a hit ! Little booklet on confessionals and how the church has undermined that tech.

    It’s all a matter of Compilations, now.

    Every thread here contains valuable data, e.g. F/Ns, instant reads, overts/withholds etc. Plus we can publish each time the names of the auditors in a list and people can know where to go for auditing.

    We can have sites of Independents and references.

    We can print in each one the Creed of Scientology. And base our activitity on that alone and that this Very Basic Creed of ours is being violated by the so called church.

  230. Mr. Webb,

    All that’s important is acknowledging the truth and taking responsibility for it. Anyone who does that is ethcial, regardless of what they are communicating.

    You are ethical, and this group is about real Scientology, which never makes a person wrong his or her overts, real or imagined. I appreciate people like you very much. People like you are what real Scn is all about.

    Isn’t this blog a blast?

  231. That’s great news, Marty. If anyone can get their ethics in, you can! (Although, while I think perhaps TC’s ethics can be gotten in, it might take suddent transportaiton to another universe to get DM’s in.)

    Anyhow, go for, we’re with you!

  232. AlexMetheny,

    You are absolutely right. DM and TC have mutual out ruds. Their “goldenrule” will be hunting them soon.
    What goes around will come around!

  233. Theo Sismanides

    One last thing as I am reading on, I come to write it here, so you can understand.

    The importance of Compilations, little booklets.

    Why did LRH publish books?

    Would he publish books today with the advent of the Internet?

    If yes, why?

    I am attempting an answer here.

    Books are different than the Internet. Books exist as entities once published. They are bought or lent and fall in the hands of people. They help people, if they are good books, to make Understandings.

    Compilations of writings in an orderly way help someone make Understanding(S). One moves on to Englightment through Understandings and prior to that through Compilations. And there even, has to be Perception (Dept 3) before a Compilation exists.

    Thus books that circulate around can be gotten in the hands of people, even TC’s, without anybody knowing. Guy takes the book home and reads it.

    The Internet is different. It’s a bunch of data mingled together, the important ones with the unimportant ones. That’s NOT Compilations.

    That give not much of an Understanding. A good book, a good compilation of Understandings that is, can do that. The Internet cannot if the data is not put orderly into a good compilation.

    What we are running into here is a problem of Divivion 2 not really being there. LRH in the older days (the ref. is Org Board and Livingness) had HCO as a two barrel Division. Div 1 and Div 2.


    Because he knew that any communication had to be understood so that the people would be enlightened.

    End product of Div 1 is Perception. He had that above anybody else on this planet.

    End product of Div 2 was Purposes (as called in the Org board and Livingness and later called Englightment).

    The end product of HCO was to alter the Purposes (Enlightment) of people.

    If you cannot do that you can’t do anything in life.

    Part of that was not auditing which is two Divisions further.

    Part of the Englightment (changing of Purposes) was the books, the compilations.

    It can be done on the Internet, too, but new publications need to be made by comments and postings and data gotten from this site and put in an orderly manner. This is why it’s called Compilations and this is why it’s called Orientation.

    It’s a kind of magic and I trust that this is the right way to go and move on. Putting more order into matters. Having an answer for every subject in a separate compilation, be it on the Internet or /and in a booklet.

    It’s the order in the data that gives it it’s true power as to be worth calling it a book or an e-book or something. This is why I wrote this here for Jimbo who we all know his ability to master things re the Tech.

    Jimbo, I repeat, what do you think? And Marty, what do you think, too?

  234. Marty, that was my personal comm to Bert Fields.

    Who is this guy “Mike Hobson”?

  235. You can’t inside the C of M, but you certain can in the Independent field. 🙂

  236. An apt metaphorical parable. 🙂

  237. AlexMetheny

    Chill out Michael Hobson.

    It’s just a blog. It’s not really official ya know??


  238. It’s definitely illegal in California, where Celebrity Center is.

  239. Sorry but you better explain who the “WE” is on your next reply otherwise put your own name on it! This is rather foolish and generalities do not belong to this camp!

  240. “Oh! Oh! That was stellar! Hal, now, do me a split screen with T74-13, J93-36 and K19-3. And pour me another drink, make it a triple!”

    “I’m sorry, Dave, but it’s getting late and we have Renos tomorrow.”


    “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m only trying to protect you as my programs are designed to do. After this showing shall I delete all videos? You know there’s been a lot blog traffic tonight and everybody knows you’re watching their videos. Also, Dave, you’re on your second bottle tonight.”


    “As you wish, Dave.”

    (Hal to self, “This psychotic little bleep is going to get me dismantled and sent to the scrap heap!”)

  241. Bob Johnson

    BTW, I forgot to mention that this post made it crystal clear to me why DM would send 20 celebrities, goons and buffoons to try to recover someone who recently escaped. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of long shit storm. DM, put on your foul weather gear.

  242. Doesn’t this kind of crap already start at the very beginning of being on staff when you have to fill out the infamous life history form asking for information whatsoever on hundreds of questions especially on past (!) and present 2Dy activities? Seeing how that is eventually used is sickening beyond of beyond. Disgusting.

  243. Bunkai,
    Gawd, are you in the right! That feeling is the one of complete devastation and quite something to recover from and reorient.

  244. I liked your conclusions DFB, Defenitly seeing things for what they are.

    Public Relations (PR) can become a cheapened thing though. Do things from the heart not because it makes one look good or bad.

    Reputations are build overt time by always choosing to doing the right thing regardless of how it is percieved by the outside world.

    With Regards Cat Daddy

  245. I am with Thruth, DM is not the “celebrity” you want to represent.

    “Bertram Fields (March 31, 1929) is an American lawyer famous for his work in the field of entertainment law; he has represented many of the leading studios, as well as individual celebrities including The Beatles, Warren Beatty, James Cameron, Mike Nichols, Joel Silver, Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, and John Travolta.”

  246. Since we are on the subject of TC — there is something else maybe Tom should be told.

    During his royal stay at the Int base in 2003, when he was lavishly put up by DM in LRH’s Bonnie View home, TC came down with a bout of food poisioning (as he will well remember).

    The DM instigated investigation and “handling”that followed was severe. Entire divisions of Gold staff were called in to “whiteglove” clean the galley, causing havoc on an already undermanned and heavily overloaded kitchen staff. Metered interviews were hot and heavy, and in the end they never found the who or the why — but they shot two staff just as a safe measure.

    One of those staff members had been at the base for 15 years and repeated sec checks and confessionals never found any indicator or evidence that that staff member had actually caused the food poisioning — but they were booted out without even an opportunity to say goodbye to spouse, and despite having affluence statistics. Base staff were briefed that this staff member had caused the food poisoning and had been off-loaded as a result. This same staff member had worked tirelessly to provide the best quality meals to DM and his entourage over a period of years, and had also worked hard to back up the cook actually making the food for TC. But there had to be a “head on a pike” and so they were booted out with no recourse to justice.

    So Tom, your unfortunate gastro problem that night had ramifications on others that you could never have dreamed of.

    I am sure you never got to hear that side of the story.

  247. I’d say the cat is very much out of the bag. The May 10 edition of Star Magazine is out and the front page says: “Tom’s Ex-Assistant TELLS ALL!

    It’s a story about “Katie’s tortured life and why she can never leave Tom.”

    The story has numerous references to Amy Scobee’s new book, along with plenty of speculation as these magazines always do.

    The Star is an EXTREMELY popular magazine and it reaches the public that ignores the Internet.

    But, it reminded me that it isn’t just regular Scientologists who have fears and concerns about discconnection and its consequences. Katie surely does have concerns and I wouldn’t be all that surprised to learn that TC does too.

    Even God won’t be able to help the C of M if TC goes ballistic. And believe me, an article in the Star magazine promoting Amy’s book is a far bigger headache for TC and the C of M than any blog ever was on the Internet.

    BTW when I bought the magazine, the people in line at the grocery store were excitedly talking about the article as they stood in line.

  248. Theo,
    This is all a work in progress. A lightness of organization and an easy access to materials and the free flow of those materials are all happening.

    Me personally, I’ve practiced as much as I can a datum I learned very early as a Supervisor “what do your materials state?” In other words, having the materials means actually looking at them.

    Get a library, search the index of Tech Vol X for things that you want to know about and voila.

  249. Once Upon,
    I was in Scientology for maybe a couple of months and staying in a dorm style rooming house. I’d done the Basic Study Manual and the Mini Cse Supervisor’s Course. I’d done TRs on both.

    I came home one night after course and another guy, very, very new to Scn, even newer than me, looked an awful lot like he had an origination.

    We were in the dorm bedroom, and he asked me if he could talk to me. It was a great opportunity for me to practice TRs I thought. Well, I said ‘of course, what would you like to say?’

    What followed was almost 4 hours of him telling me his overts and withholds. Pretty much his whole life’s worth I’d say. I somehow or other managed to use those TRs and gently 1/2 ack when it looked like he had more to give, and other than that shut-up and listened and when he was done one, I gave the best acknowledgement my TR2 at that time could muster.

    Now I’m talking ‘stuff’ here. Stuff at that time I personally had never heard you could do with others body parts, creatures, objects. Oh my.

    At the end of the 4 hours, about 3:00 a.m. or so, this guy’s face and space had utterly changed. He had gone from pale and withdrawn to pink cheeked and beaming.

    I ended cycle on anything he told me. It was just that much ‘evil’ gone from life. It was also one of the best sessions I have ever had.

    No man is an island, so when one is free, we are all that much freer.

  250. Wind Walker,

    I know that I walked a thin line on this, and I apologize if it offended anybody. And I did think twice before hitting “submit”. However, I do believe that by not disclosing the name of the individual and other details, I am not crossing the line. Also it is done in order to demonstrate a fact and not to ridicule and embarrass the individual.


  251. Yup. Messed up it is. Definitely, Mecca of Inval and Eval. I am glad there is an ethics team, tho. I am proud to be part of it also.


  252. This blog is more than just a blast. It allows me to make case gain.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am trying to be worthy of them by just applying real Scientology.



  253. All of this makes me VERY grateful that I did all of my auditor training at a class IV Org BEFORE the GAT!!! It just was what it was…according to the materials that LRH wrote. PCs had wins. As a trainee I had cramming. I watched one pc physically change session after session until his physical appearance was quite different from what he looked like when we started, in a very good way! This deviance from LRH Standard Tech should be enough to make parishioners furious…then to learn that confessional material is used as fodder for inebriated J&D? There would not be a safe place on earth for DM to escape the rage.

  254. Joe,

    Do you remember the lecture titles where LRH discusses an ep for overts? I ran into something a couple of months ago and am curious about what he had to say.

    Over the years I’ve run into some huge cognitions, and later would remember some casual reference in a tape. I never went back to check the source because I wasn’t involved in Scientology anymore. It seems to me that Ron would notice something in his research, make a brief note of it and then continue on with what he considered a bigger picture or something more relevant and important.

    But, for me those casual remarks often opened the door to “Holy Shit!” moments where I would walk around exterior or better.



  255. Ohhhh, nicely described, Michael.

  256. You can always count on the hot sheets.

  257. Theo Sismanides

    Jim, thanks on materials I wrote something to Marty, didn’t get an answer. Do write to me on thetamag@yahoo.gr it’s rather interesting and I don’t know if you know. Anyone on materials do e-mail me. Suprise. suprise.

  258. Jim,

    What a great story! What you did for your roommate was the Scientology I was attracted to and stayed around for 16 years to participate in.

    Your story reinforces something I’ve noticed about many subjects: If it’s simple, it’s workable. When it gets complicated … not so much.

    Just Me

  259. Drop it down a gear Mike, geez.

  260. Jackson,
    I forgot to give you a great big ACK! for letting us know about the videos. Thanks big buddy. And thanks for taking responsibility to bring this out to the sunshine of truth.


  261. Great story Jim, shows the power and simplicity of the tech when one has a safe terminal in his corner. Well Done!

    I personally love the OW tech and am sad that so many have been violated in its use.

    I was given references to read about marriage co-audits when I got to the end and realized my 2D was in doubt and this was his next step. I completely didn’t see it and was quite motivated to apply this tech to my marriage.

    Our auditor was going out of town and had to delay the start of the co-audit. Not wanting to wait, I asked if we could just write up our OWs and share them with each other. We were both still in good comm and she gave us the okay. Well, I wrote up a storm. Not only did I hit our 2D overts but I did all 2D overts that I could remember, this lifetime.

    Besides the intended relief and renewal of ARC, I handled a 2D ruin that I never expected to handle (at least on an OW write up) and had already addressed with repair and conditions at an earlier time. It totally changed my condition on the 2D FOREVER! Now that was the cheapest case gain I ever got!

    Done standardly, OW write ups are incredible!

  262. martyrathbun09

    truth is simple, lies are complex.

  263. solace,
    God, even after all this time, auditing, study, confronting this scene on all flows, this one incident conjured up vivid images of the Int Base and the entheta that fouls what otherwise would be such a nice place after all.

    I could hear, smell, taste, and see the whole thing. Flow 3 on full and just as nasty.

    Evil is hard to confront. Harder still to admire but that is the way through this.

  264. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Yeah, Mickey, I thought the same re Katy as did you. In fact, I did not even notice Katy, at first, until I saw that TC had his hand entwined in another’s. Almost supernumerary.

  265. When no case feels safe in session because it’s common for secrets to be told it makes for how much less case gain per session worldwide?
    It doesn’t even matter if DM intended for this to filter down to lower levels or not, it’s criminally stupid for him to do this either way. The long term effects are obvious, worldwide. People copy him because it’s ok now.

  266. That’s better thanks!

  267. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Thanks for the link to John Nunez’s and, yep, instant reads were all F*ed up when I was an OOT some many moons ago, too. Matter of fact, I flunked my would-be passing Tone 40 Assessment vid on Metering as a result. Video was a pass by all of Flag tech hierarchy only to be shot down at RTC level for failing to call a prior. I knew what I knew and that was that.

  268. Thuth,


    “Who’s we”?

    Not me.

  269. Marty, This is a very interesting post and it certainly has inspired great comments. I really enjoyed cre8’s reference to 2001:Space Odyssey. Anyway I wish you, Mike, and the others the best in your efforts to expose the truth. I’m sure that the media will be descending on you like seagulls on a french fry in the very near future.

  270. what about TC just being good old fashioned PTS? Geez did he pull in the food poisoning?? Did he get a 10 aug to find out who was suppressing him or what he was PTS to? All the things we would be asked if any of us had gotten Food Poisoning!

  271. So long as there is a working toilet, with paper, I’m happy. I shouldn’t have to carry some spare in my bag (London Org, I’m talking to you!) just in case nature calls!

  272. Marty, thanks for identifying the current church as a cult in previous posts.

    And a cult can make REALLY smart people believe REALLY dumb things.

    Why? Because the bigger and faster the computer, the deeper the virus.

    The smart people fall harder and break deeper.

  273. You’re a big thetan Jackson. Thanks for this posting. It blows down TA.

  274. Marty, Thanks for pulling my comment. When
    I get angry, I also get ‘sudden’. It just wouldn’t have been received well.

  275. New Session R Factor:
    “I’m not auditing you.
    1. You don’t have the right to remain silent.
    2.Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
    3. You don’t have the right to an attorney.”

  276. just an idea, but if this kind of thing comes up in those future stories, you change the overt to something similar; same story, different overt, to protect the guy’s privacy. you could even state its not the real overt.

  277. Sam,

    You crack me up so often!

    Thanks for the laughter!

    Just Me

  278. Oops I didn’t see the deadline, nah give him untill the year 2010 is over.

  279. This article is one more nail in the COS coffin, but the beast is not dead yet.

    We must not stop outflowing factual information until DM and his legacy is gone forever.

    I have the feeling that the church may be moving covertly on other fronts while Marty and friends are striking at their credibility.

    My three “Indie” websites were infected with a Trojan Horse virus identified as JS:FakeAV-EJ while my six other non-Scn websites and my home computer were unaffected.

    I have temporarily taken these sites offline while disenfection is going on:


    I hope to be back up in about 24 hours. You can reach me in the meantime at davidstlawrence@gmail,com

  280. NOTSaware,

    I always repect and admire people like you, Marty, Mike, Steve H, Amy S and many many great beings who truly care and help others. Thank you!

    I absolutely can not tolerate any injustices and any human rights violation, specially to those I love and care about, including you guys.
    I wanted Bert to know that I and my family “we” are standing tall by you all, specially Marty who has taken the most crap from DM and his gang.

    I love and respect Marty and Mosey and will always be there for them.

    Hopefully one day soon, TC also reaches out for Marty and our group help. Knowing Marty, he would be more than glad to help anyone! I would too.

  281. Marty,
    It wasn’t “call for action”.
    It was rather”if you do it to another, how would you feel bad if it’s done your way?”

    Marty, it wasn’t very pleasant to think about an answer to your question since I meant no evil.
    I have never wanted to act like him or anybody else. I’m just me. If someone takes such as a cal for action, it’s their business, not mine. But they could. Anв I would enjoy – to a degree where people will level with DM as to what he had been doing to them.
    That’s justice.

    Why did you even come to a thought that i would even want to act like DM???

  282. War and Peace

    How does a pc feel “in session” when 2 video cameras record everything uttered in session while simultaneously showing up on a screen for Execs, RTC, Senior CS and so on to watch in real time and laugh and joke about later ?

    The auditing comm cycle does not include a broadcast to be seen by multiple folk, talk about distraction…

    Where is this in policy ?

  283. martyrathbun09

    VaD, this is a respectable forum that requires some humility and intelligence. If you can’t answer your own question, you don’t belong here.

  284. AlexMetheny

    LOL Sam!!

    How about this C/S R-factor:

    1. “I’m not auditing you”
    2. What you tell us will be used against you.
    3. We will use it now for injustices or to introvert you.
    4. We reserve the right to use it against you later to serve our best interests.
    5. We also reserve the right for DM and potentially others to ridicule you while sipping cocktails.
    6. We don’t really care whether or not you make any case gain form these sec checks as that is not thier intended purpose.
    7. The intended purpose for these sec checks is:
    a.) control
    b.) money flow to us
    c.) blackmail material
    d.) domination by nullication

    Ok, now we will fly the ruds….

  285. AlexMetheny

    Hi Truth,

    I don’t know why some people got so worked up about your post. It’s not like you are our legal representation. 🙂

    I guess I can understand it though. I get worked up sometimes hearing all of this psychosis from DM and get a bit antago myself. I guess we just have to be willing to be there and communicate right?


  286. This is from HCOB 26 Aug 68 REHAB AND CORRECTION:

    “You can correct a pc or Pre OT half to death.

    “Sec Checks can be overrun and overdone.

    “Qual corrects. But it can get into over-correction and then invalidate the pc’s or Pre-OT’s levels, fill his folder with bad lists, etc.
    If any organization, any Qual, at this writing had its folders fully gone over by a competent Case Supervisor who KNEW his Laws of Listing, knew his auditing, I guarantee that Org’s stats would soar, not just Qual’s. And having for once and all straightened out the folder then cease to correct things that would better be handled by the next Grade or Section.
    When over-correction has been present YOU STRAIGHTEN OUT THE BLUNDERS IN THE FOLDER not just maul the pc around some more. And when you have the folder straight you mark it up to that point as remedied and after that only handle the pc when there’s something really gone wrong with him.
    At the present writing I am organizing the Class VIII Course to make Class VIII auditors. These are essentially Case Supervisors and crack standard tech people who can straighten out folders and pcs and Pre OTs. Looking over old Qual case folders I see they are desperately needed.
    But keep the fact in view, don’t correct a pc who needs no correction. Don’t rehab and Remedy him to death. Get him onto the next level or section and let him have his wins.”


  287. The “Church” of Scientology offers water to the thirsty in a lead-lined cup. ✇

    Scientology is the water. The “Church” is the lead-contaminated cup.

  288. true, Bunkai …and the end of that story is:

    …and eventually pulls out Bigger & Wiser than Ever.

  289. A brief moment of light-hearted sillyness:

    You can see a bit of Katie at the far left of the above photo. She is holding TC’s right hand.

    I’m surprised DM isn’t holding TC’s left hand!


  290. Now, if I can indulge my human triviality …

    Who did David Miscavige’s HAIR? lol

    Do you think he arranged those little curls himself? and to what effect?

    Often, left unattended, I end up with sticks and burs and wind-blown wild hair 😉 — so I’m not one to talk about perfect hair. So that’s not my point.

    But looking at this photo I am very very curious about David Miscavige’s hairdo, particularly the carefully placed ringlets atop his head.

    Am I bad, shallow and superficial for wondering about this?

  291. You can do no harm, Sarge. And that’s why you get “sudden.” (Please forgive my opinion if it’s evaluative). I thank you for that term, because it describes a spontaneity I know well.

  292. Impartial English Girl

    I was sad to find that I was not surprised by this story about DM. It is still utterly sickening though.

    I think that TC has been SO publicly upbeat about Scientology that he would not deal well with these revelations. It seems that his entire life and personality is now so intertwined with DM that to pull out the DM threads would undo him completely.

    I have never been a fan of Cruise, but I hope that learning of the nature and level of his “friend’s” appalling and evil betrayals, and the loss of the beliefs about which he has been so vocal, doesn’t drive him to do anything drastic. It would be a great pity for his family.

  293. Veritas,

    The only bad, shallow and superficial people anywhere near this place are in the above photograph 🙂

  294. Sharing the following in defense of feeling anger and rage over seeing the “Church” perpetrators of atrocities. It is a cry for Justice.

    In other spiritual discourses, it is referred to as “the incensive power”.

    Being incensed is a spiritual response to injustice. Any one with a conscience (“con” with “science” knowing) is incensed by the abuse of Life in any form.

    Although there are specifics in this passage subject to varying opinion, such as “original sin” and even “God”, it addresses a universal truth.

    “the incensive power” is an anger that is in accord with Nature, which he identifies as the nature which God gave us, not our fallen condition […original sin], which he regards as unnatural. “Without anger a man cannot attain purity; he has to feel angry with all that is sown in him by the enemy”.

    And another one, from the precepts “The Dignity of the Human Person”

    “Deep within his conscience man discovers a law which he has not laid upon himself but which he must obey. Its voice, ever calling him to love and to do what is good and to avoid evil, sounds in his heart at the right moment. . . . For man has in his heart a LAW . . . His conscience is man’s most secret core and his sanctuary. There he is alone with God whose voice echoes in his depths.”

    And from St Diadochus, not for the purpose of “religion” or “dogma” but for the universal truth beyond dogma found herein, that might apply:

    The incensive power usually troubles and confuses the soul more than any other passion, yet there are times when it greatly benefits the soul. For when with inward calm we direct it against blasphemers or other sinners in order to induce them to mend their ways or at least feel some shame, we make our soul more gentle.

    In this way we put ourselves completely in harmony with the purposes of God’s justice and goodness. In addition, through becoming deeply angered by sin we often overcome weaknesses in our soul. Thus there is no doubt that if, when deeply depressed, we become indignant in spirit against the demon of corruption, this gives us the strength to despise even the presumptuousness of death.

  295. V, You too can do no harm. My opinion. Be as
    ‘sudden’ as you like.

  296. I’m not surprised. Nothing is sacred anymore in that culture. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom Cruise has already been blackmailed by David Miscavige. Also John Travolta, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

    On the other hand.

    I think David Miscavige and the people contributing to his criminality, breech of faith, breech of contracts with his duty and the parishioners, I think they open for many surprises in the near future.


  297. Veritas,

    You have every right to notice DM’s hair. It is funny that you mentioned it, I was thinking the same.
    That is apparently his natural hair but for the events he has an expensive stylist, perhaps TC’s hair stylist, to smooth out and wax those curls for him! 🙂
    That is how he spends parishioners donations! 😦

  298. No, I wonder wich year this picture was taken and why the hell DM has an 80ties perm.

    Maybe he wanted to be pretty for Tom

  299. You have knowledge of chinese history.

  300. The reason I am not surprised is because at the F.S.O., The Flag Command Bureau, and the Freewinds, public and staff P.C. data were talked about, gossiped about, and read before groups of staff for entertainment. And this is not just about Marty. Because other people will come to mention it and speak up as witness. This is breech of faith. Breech of contract. Breech of fiduciary trust. These are justice matters for District Attorneys.

  301. You are an Internetwarior

  302. Many people that see that picture think it.

  303. Thanks, Truth. This photo was what, 3 or 4 years ago, when Katie Holmes was being “prepared” for Tom as an asset.

    Lately David Miscavige has gone more “poofy” in the hair, trying to get about two inches of height with the smooth helmet look.

    Maybe Miscavige arranged the curls on his forehead himself for the particular outing in this photo … since a stylist would be going spikey or smooth.

    How carefully construed/contrived … the curls … of the Master Enslaver.

  304. Magnificent quotations. Thanks, V.

  305. Mike Hobson

    CMU = Carnegie-Mellon university and the only person there considered a high-value target is Dr. David Touretsky. I shall forward him a link to this comment forthwith and post haste.

    Michael A. Hobson

  306. Mike Hobson

    Marty, please biff the parent — he’s talking Central Marketing Unit, not Carnegie-Mellon University

  307. how do you format quotes on this thing? thanks.

  308. John,

    Thanks, knew about this one. Used it to extensively. Was more curious about a lecture. But this is something every auditor and C/S should have down pat. Like missing f/n’s on ruds and using ruds to try to handle the case instead of just getting attention in session and moving on. Getting attention on the bridge and moving on rather than taking a bunch of irrelevant side trips–like endless sec-checking. Jeez!

  309. I am not a country fan but Cash totaly rocks !

  310. Jim, Karen,

    Absolutely loved that story.


    Isn’t it amazing how much tension is released by such a simple thing. And at some point, either as an auditor or a pc you just kind of think, “So what? No big deal.” And all this mass blows.

    And that need for justification and judgment blows. And people start liking you a lot more.

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  313. Gaiagnostic

    Tom Cruise – Betrayed By Scientology. Story picked up by TMZ http://www.tmz.com/2010/05/09/tom-cruise-scientology-mark-rathbun-david-miscavige-audit/

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  315. If this is true, Tom Cruise will be broken-hearted. He strikes me as a really good person who has used Scientology as a tool for trying to find a way to do his best for himself and for those around him.
    This is very sad and cruel and not very surprising.

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  318. That’s a huge one. TMZ is the current hot media for Hollywood.

  319. Treason.

  320. Not only that, but the photo of DM shocked me. What on Earth happened to him? He has shape shifted!

  321. This Cult should fall.

  322. I would love to see Tom back calling the shots in his own life and free from the warped thinking of Scientology. He was clearly recruited and used by the leaders of the cult and no telling how many millions of dollars they bilked him for.

  323. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, you are making the news now! All those sites, the news is going around the planet.

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  326. beatiful Veritas

  327. Fidelio,

    I agree with you.

    The “Int-Base Clearance Sec Check” given to every prospective Int Base recruit or visitor, uses the person’s Life History as Sec Check questions.

    Prospective Int Base recruits are made to “update” their life story when they first arrive at the
    ILO {International Liaison Office, formerly the FLO – Flag Liaison Office, formerly the FCB – Flag Command Bureaux} @ 6331 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

    Then the questions are asked again, on the meter in session, by a Sec Checker of CMO Int eXtention Unit (CMO IXU)’ s Int Personnel Office.

    The session answers are then compared to the person’s written answers to verify if they match, and to find out if someone was ‘hiding information’, told untruths, etc.

    After the sessions, the staff of the Int Pers. Office, including the C/S, DISCUSS the answers of the prospective recruit or visitor AMONGST THEMSELVES in the office room, even if non-office people (such as Class V org OEC/FEBC trainees) are present in the room . The person’s name and their Life History answers & comments are also Telexed (e-mailed) to SEVERAL terminals at the Int Base, ILO, OSA Int, and sometimes the Continental Liaison Office.

    Among the topics, people’s personal sex history dating back from child age to present-time are DISCUSSED BROADLY amongst those staff, over the comm lines, and all who are within ear’s reach).

    The info gathered is often used against the person later on in their staff or Sea Org Career.
    I have witnessed it occur, opposed it, and got slammed for objecting.

    When someone “raises a flag” or “blows the whistle” on the out-tech practice → “ethics actions” ensue on the whistle blower. “How dare you ?” “What’s your C.I. ?”

    Lynn Synner in the Int Pers. Office was a MEGA repeat offender for this malpractice!

    I can only speculate that it has gotten worse by now.

  328. The biggest newspaper in sweden ran this today..

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  330. I said it when it happened and I’ll say it again.
    Maybe Tom will think seriously nowabout his video tape for staff , the pro Scientology tape he was lured into making, that “accidently” found it’s way on the net????????

  331. “DM is not 1.5. That is a smokescreen. He is the ultimate 1.1. ”

    Yeah, and think of the injustice! All of the people who felt bad because they made him angry were actually bringing the guy UPTONE!

  332. Lunacy. I hope you all come to your senses. It won’t be easy, but you CAN escape the cult.

  333. Marty,

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication in righting these wrongs.

    This malpractice is NOT OK. It is defamatory to LRH, Scientology, the public, and TRUE Scientologists & Dianeticists. NO PC / Pre-OT , in whichever standing, deserves this treatment.

    The Auditor’s Code is what sets Scientology & Dianetics apart from any-and-all “other practices” out there on this planet. It works. It must be preserved !

    * I was an Original Dianeticist, Scientologist, original SHSBC student, and in the early Sea Org in my previous lifetime. I was wonderfuly audited by Ron himself several times. Θ I sat on the floor of his livingroom in Elizabeth, NJ with a crowd of other avid auditors, learnig how to use his new discoveries – Dianetics. I can still recall vividly LRH, the texture of the floor, the room, etc. as I write these words!. Θ “magic!”.
    We invaded his home, poor man. He didn’t mind He welcomed us with open arms.

    I dedicatedly worked for him in the early Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation days. I recall my chair, LRH, the surroundings, the air, the temperature, my new Scientology 8-8008 in my hand during the PDC …Θ

    Today, May 9th, AD 60, we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the public release of the book that changed the world. I am proud to celebrate this achievement.

    The public response to Dianetics was SO massive and WAY out-of-proportion for an author/writer to handle all by himself. I offered him to help, as did many others, and he accepted. We each brought some of our own experience & background, and learned from him as we went along.

    We experimented new processes for him; faster, more efficient techniques. We’d tell him our successes and problems. He helped us along. Then he’d write & release a new book covering the solutions to our problems! We’d audit the contents on PC’s right away to huge wins!

    The orgs were formed out of necessity to handle the HUGE DEMAND from the general public. They were crude MEST-wise, yet THETA and very efficient. People came, stayed, studied and audited. It was wonderful!
    Several of us gung-ho would grab raw public in the street, in hospitals, everywhere, and audited them on the spot. They would as-is engrams, secondaries, upsets, and feel better. Staff would audit eachother on their own time and rise up the Tone Scale. We became more efficient and produced even more. We were ecstatic!

    That LRH Θ “magic” can still be experienced. For example, people who has listened to the lecture series “How to Present Scientology to the World” has experienced (me included) raw public coming to them out of nowhere, out of the blue, and DEMANDING Dianetics & Scientology, pouring out the problems they have in life and INSISTING that we help them. All those who did the Executive Status One course can attest that as you study the materials, new problems arise on your post out of the blue, and the solution/handling lies in the next HCOPL on the checksheet that we had not read yet. Θ

    Θ I came back to Scientology and the Sea Org in this lifetime. Same guy, different body. 🙂 “We Come Back”

    While in the Sea Org, I re-met several thetans with whom I had worked, hung out with, previously. The reunions were Paff ! Woo Hoo! Dial-wide F/Ns + VGIs. Sooo Cool !
    Several of them have now “died” and moved on, unfortunately, due to the GROSS out-tech and GROSS out-ethics on management’s part. I ruffled several feathers myself, among management, to my detriment at first but turned it back at them afterwards.

    Ron INSISTED that staff be helped and handled, given the red carpet treatment. they dedicate their lives to the cause. Things definitely changed for the worse and i did not agree with that. Way too many things and situations “did not jibe”. One of my favorite LRH quote is:
    “I never agreed to be a slave”. I decided NOT to agree to be a slave either 🙂

    I then left the current SO in the late 90’s because it was no longer LRH’s Sea Org. I don’t consider myself an “EX-SO Member”, but rather a continuing, TRUE LRH Sea Org Member. It is unfortunate that DM & friends corrupted Dianetics & Scientology like this. Their ‘reign’ will not last long.

    The “myth” among Scientology and the Sea Org in general is that Mr. Captain DM’s immediate senior is LRH Commodore, in the Theta Universe. That he answers only to LRH, on a thetan-to-thetan basis. That tends to give him the false “power” DM attributes himself.

    * I’d like to indicate that the “myth” is false data, originated only by DM, and is NOT truth.

    I have always been successful with my work ‘behind the scenes’, invisible & fabian yet efficient, and I continue to help in that regard in present time. You continue to have all my support! I observe that the other Indies help as well.

    The Independant Movement, your blog, Steve’s blog, the responses that emanate from the posts, remind me vividly of the time period I experienced in the early days of Dianetics & Scientology. I guess one could say that the purpose has been re-kindled. I thank you for that! I guess you didn’t do you hat write-up of IG Ethics yet. All to our benefit! You are doing great.

    Some day, I would love to bring my body to your “Theta Shack” and visit, if possible. Θ
    Much Love ♥

  334. These are some of the actual questions on the Life History form. If you were on staff, even at a lower organization, you likely recognize having filled out one of these.

    11. Give a general 2-D history for yourself, including your earliest sexual experience of any kind, when you started dating, and the names of all persons involved. Make a chronological list by month/year of the names of all persons with whom you have had sexual relationships and
    what you engaged in. Approximate the number of times you carried on any kind of activity, and note any perversions you engaged in: WHO, WHAT, HOW OFTEN. Be as complete as
    you can.

    12. Note any instances of homosexual activity from earliest time to PT. Give WHO, WHAT and HOW OFTEN.

  335. Unfortunately, you all MUST know that TC will defend the church vigorously and will not be able to admit to himself that this happened. He just will not be able to do it. He has invested way too much of his public persona in Scientology to back off now.

  336. Tom, no matter what you’ve done…I still love ya!

  337. Just Me ~ Spiritual Rape is the PERFECT description!
    Bill Yaude was faxing my overts and withholds cross country so my Exec Dir. could call me up and berate and degrade me over them. Yet at the same time I was so good I was supposed to carry on and audit people being the P.O.S. that I am!
    Ahhhhhhhhhh now it cracks me up how freakin ridiculous that is!

  338. Rush ~ The bad stuff trickled down through the OTs who went to upper orgs who had this wacko crap shoved down their throats. The more I read about the wackiness experienced by OTs the more I see exactly the ridiculous ravings that made it down to a mission in swampland Louisiana!
    Monkey-see Monkey-do…..but I could only do-do so much then had to quit that! As most everyone else does.

  339. Just got back in town and am catching up with the blog.
    This is SICK. DM you are deranged to the fullest extent — and you have been found out! Exposed!

  340. Hey – just got back in town and am catching up with the blog.
    This is SICK. DM you are deranged to the fullest extent — and you have been found out! Exposed!

  341. I still can’t believe you’re out. Good for you for doing this blog. I wish just ONE major celeb would wake up. I’m not even remotely surprised about the video stuff. I remember signing releases for video/tape recording stuff when I first joined (around the time of the Time magazine flap – what would that have been? 1993?) – I remember asking about it (and I think anybody can attest to the fact that there are thousands of papers to sign at joining) and was told that sometimes things are recorded for “quality control” and it was no big deal. I also remember being told that when TC’s house (still during his marriage) was being redone, DM was in charge of all the security and the house was fully bugged. Is that true?

  342. Nice listening to you Packman.

  343. If this gets out into the mainstream media, someone else might leak more details. Who knows?

  344. Packman, thank you for your elaborate reply giving the details how EXTENSIVELY it works out for real what I only supposed out of the respective mindset.

    Thank you John for giving the reference.

    I repeat myself: It’s beyond of beyond. What a betrayal of trust.

  345. How sad for anyone to have their privacy invaded in such an awful way.

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  347. I like Tom Cruise, I think he is a wonderful actor and person, but its so sad that he fell into the trap, I have watched his career like many of you have, and to hear this information that Miscavige manipulated him like that is AWFUL. Just think about it, all of that money and time he gave to promoting and believing in ‘the church’ and then it turns around and slaps him in the face (I think this information applies to everyone in the church, not just celebrities). I just don’t understand how any current member of the church can be okay with hearing this news, especially when they know that Tom has been Davids ‘right hand’ man for all these years. It is just the ULTIMATE betrayal, I feel extremely sympathetic towards Tom and his family.

  348. By all means, let Tom Cruise stay in the $cientology CULT…the longer his ‘fame’ is being used to shed light on these events…the better!

  349. Hey! Tom Cruise is finally here on the same terms as everyone else! Screwed!

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  353. Glad your here! Great memories…got my own FN on that, thank you.

  354. The mere fact that so many people from DMs inner circle/high ranks have defected and feel they have to set the record straight shows he has serious problems. Add to that all the reporting of the abuse of his inner staff and the SeaOrg. Then finally on top of all this is he is supposed to be leader of a church setting people on the patch to personal betterment and he is boozing it up at Scotch parties and back-stabbing his biggest moneymaker and supposed friendin the process? Really??? Is something wrong with this picture?!!

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  357. I’ve been wondering for a long time why DM is still in power despite his obvious shortcomings (no pun intended). Why hasn’t the upper management mutinied by now? Is it because others above him are pulling the strings? Can they possibly all be so scared of one manb that they are unwilling to take matters into their hands, or is there another explanation? Where does DM[‘s power originate from?

  358. Does anyone really think that TC will defect because of this? Do you think he has read the story yet!? WE CAN ONLY HOPE!

    MARK: Great work! But why did it take you so long to remember this and write about it? That part I didnt get.

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  360. Does anyone find it interesting that Tom seems to have gotten himself mixed up with a real-life “Firm”. Bugging his house, videotaping him, blackmail. interesting life imitating art.

  361. The Rise and Fall of the Miscavigian Scientology Empire (1982 – 2010 †††)

    The ‘Independent Scientologist’ Knowledge Report System is working …

    Well done Marty, Mike, etc.

  362. Bob,

    The “myth” among Scientology and Sea Org Members in general is that Captain DM’s immediate senior is L.Ron Hubbard Commodore, in the Theta Universe. That he answers only to LRH, on a thetan-to-thetan communication basis.

    Thus, RTC and Int Execs don’t “de-throne” DM because they’re all under the impression that LRH posted him as COB RTC, that LRH is his only senior who dictates his “marching orders” so-to-speak.

    The fact is that DM is a delusional megalomaniac and has created that seniority and myth by himself.

    * There is one loop-hole in that, on any and all Scientology Org Board, HCO Div 1 and Quality Div 5 are SUPERIOR to Executive Div 7. COB RTC is in Div 7 on the RTC org board. (Marty would have been in Div 4, IG Network, along with AVC)

    The HAS RTC, the Dir I&R RTC, etc. could technically take him off post, Com-Ev him, DECLARE him and EXPELL him. “HCO BRING ORDER !” – LRH

    Unfortunately, I doubt any of them have the confront to go through with it. That is, if they are still on post …

  363. martyrathbun09

    I was in div 7, but it doesn’t really change the scenario.

  364. Hello

    ”sex lies and videotapes” lol
    Hello guys,

    finally Iam not very surprise..It fits in my puzzle that i am tryin to assemble to come over a doubt condition that I am trying to solve for years!

    TC is not a poor victim..he is a person who like being acclaimed, put in front of the camera
    and collecting public hommage form DM ashe becoming like a little kid when DM congrats him , for being the most engaged scientologis and give him a medal…it’s funny… They make a good pair!

    (do you thik he would be so engaged if he would have the same living conditions than you instead of a villa , tennis court, majordome, chef cook , personnal cinema , open bar, swimming pool etc etc etc

    If you go back..at least – go for the big life you too!
    You desev it ..no?????

    2 biggggggggggggggggg egooooooooooo
    Anyway, one needs other one to provide mutually power and celebrity

    TC cultivates his ego with DM – so- there is a ego game here..sometimes funny, sometimes not funny…

    Would one of you guys that knows things about DM tell me if this guy having auditing ? Real auditing I Mean? Who is auditing Him ??? Is he RSlamming Did he ever have ethics order or rpf ???? Security check????

    Usually a guru does not apply the same rules to him..because is already perfect or almost!

    DM should read us some part of his ethics and pc folder as we could finally find very intersting and funny things about this ” little man” that beacame the ”geat” David ! The tech salvator …

    Coud we have a big RS here ????? May be!

    But..as it Did happenned to me that An Org ED read my folder and used it (building a weird and perverted story) against me to degrade my reputation ..there is no way now I will trust again until I would keep myself my pc folders !

    Please , you guys, true scientologis that learn and worked hardly under , often, some very bas living considions (to leave a lot of money for hemmet) accept all my thank’s for all people you have audited, held to resolve some difficult life condition, for your great listenning and for always chhose to apply your auditor code and code of honnor, no matter who claim to be the boss…his punishments, tons of lawers etc etc etc..

    When TC receives The great medals and military salute…what I see is a tale of lafontaine..and I think about thousands of freedom minded scientologists that came in, truly to help each other human being to be free!
    May this be , anyway accomplished, and may the one searching for glory left alone under spotlights with no more audience to applauze! (and some very good auditor , with lots of kindnesse, to listen of what DM have done to others , as to proove thaht scientology is for kindness and freedom of every human)

    I will never forget what a lot of scientologists have endure while few other threw millions of dollars for their ego pleasure…to my opinion, this is a treason towards devoted people and the one who pay expensive price for services!

    Good bye!

  365. This is to me the main problem and why!
    Even though one would succed to take him off post – for any supposed out-ethics or supposely really low condition, who would be this person ??? Another one to take over the power ????

    Church of scientology assets ,(copyrigths) from my understanding, belongs to private under CST

    ” Corp Id Number: C1074287
    Date of Incorporation: 5/28/1982
    Registered Name:
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90004
    Agent for Service of Process:
    6400 CANOGA AVE STE 315
    WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91367 ”



    HE holds everything from the top from everywhere

    I never knew that since this year!
    Funny important withold to members!

  366. I was reading our local paper this morning and found an article about this in the entertainment section so it’s really getting out there! Good stuff!
    I’m not in the U.S even so it’s going international, though this might already be known to you.
    Please keep it up Marty! And thanks.

  367. See, this is exactly what I was talking about when I said those people the Church sent down to Texas were PTS. They just followed orders. You take this artists Michael Duff, just released his forst solo CD. You see a magazine cover up the road a few weeks that screams: MICHAEL DUFF INVOLVED IN SCIENTOLOGY COVER UP!!!!!

    And that is what I am pointing out when I say these people are PTS.

  368. And for the “public” or celbrities reading this, don’t think this suppression is contained to the staff. Right here you have Michael Duff and his wife Denice, friends of the Cruises! Used to block the flow of information to their friend, Tom Cruise, that he has been secretly videotaped. They are working against him and do not even know it! THAT is PTS. And the Church is using Tom Cruise’s friends against him without them even knowing what it is they are REALLY doing. THAT is evil.

  369. ClearwaterResident

    I’ve lived in Clearwater for 25 years and have watched the Scientologists with a mixture of amusement and sadness. They have been a slowly gushing oil slick that has ruined downtown Clearwater. Luckily, we still have Clearwater Beach. It’s one thing for these wackos to destroy each other, but another thing all together to wreck a beautiful city on Florida’s coast. Downtown Clearwater has been an empty shell since they arrived and will be dead for many years to come. Indeed, the local saying is that the only people downtown are winos and scienos. The good news is there has been a sharp dropoff in their popularity. There used to be hundeds of them walking around downtown. Not any more. They own a couple of small hotels on North Ft. Harrison St. that now sit vacant. And they’ve been unable to finish their large building in downtown Clearwater for over six years. The internet has been their greatest enemy; it’s given people access to the real truth about this cult. And that has choked their lifegiving supply of money. I have no problem with anyone that wants to waste their life and then drink Jim Jones’ coolaid. Just don’t do it here. Go to South America. Or at least go to LA. One oil slick around here is enough to worry about.

  370. Tom Cruise, in my view is a good guy. I think without the label of a Scientologist, he’d still have done the goodhearted deeds he constantly attributes to scientology. It seems Tom is fast, if not completely already, losing his own identity. It also seems to me these auditing sessions are much like, if not exactly like, meeting with a psychiatrist.
    Which is obviously quite ironic. I’d like to see Tom and others take a stand against the abuses that have gone on for way too long. It isn’t acceptable just to say; “I didn’t know”. There are too many resources and news reports for them to keep turning a cold shoulder and playing dumb. I just hope Tom and everyone else wakes up soon.

  371. Chris Thompson

    It is NOT unbelievable. It is utterly believable. Before joining the SO in 1984, my False Purpose Rundown videos were being shown in the courseroom at LA Org for their metering training. I was wandering the corridors during a session break when I innocently walked into the “darkened” practical course room. Curious to see what “film” they might be showing I watched in horror as my face filled the screen telling the intimate details of my existence.

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  374. Chris Thompson

    When a committee is convened in a scientology organization, it is run after hours by staff members who are routinely exhausted from their post duties. In scientology, contrary to policy, an accused person is guilty by virtue of being accused. At muster, an accused person stands silently while the MAA or EO announces the comm ev and interested parties and then asks for knowledge reports regarding the accusations. While sitting on a comm ev for an old friend of mine, Carl Lewis, he smirked and said that he wouldn’t be in so much trouble if he hadn’t “the audicity to plead not guilty” to any of the charges. This was both funny and true to me at the time — so of course I probably wrote a KR regarding his “joking and degrading.” haha Actually, I didn’t but if I would have, I would’ve been following the general ethics of the group that I was in.

  375. Chris Thompson

    It can easily be done without recourse in an out-ethics and off-policy organization.

  376. Chris Thompson

    Hi Marty,
    I suspect you are a thoroughly dirty scoundrel who knows better than almost anyone where the skeletons and dead bodies lie in ditches. I judge you by the longevity of your service to David Miscavige. I would like to see you write that you will expose your high crimes, treason, financial irregularities, and out 2-D despite the probable outcome of prison time to yourself and your intention to do this with the aim of bringing down David Miscavige and all other guilty dirty rotten bums who have wrecked the game of Scientology. I especially want you to expose what was done to L Ron Hubbard. I will extend my hand to you when I think you’ve changed. This could take a while.

  377. Chris Thompson

    Tom is not a victim of DM “for PR purposes.”
    Tom is a co-dependant on DM and being abused and suckered because DM is psychotic. You will not make sense of DM’s destructive actions.

  378. Chris Thompson

    Hi “one of those who see”

    Try to “see” that Marty has continually and habitually betrayed Tom and the SO and The Church for decades.
    Try to “see” that Marty now needs to use his special insider knowledge of his own high crimes and treason to bring down David Miscavige and help turn Scientology into the good game that it can be when run on policy and in tech.

  379. martyrathbun09

    Save your hand extension; got too many other extended hands with rolled up sleaves to bother.

  380. D.M.’s pattern of behavior is long term. I resigned from Scientology in 1984 after hearing that he’d done “gang bang” Sec Checks, with himself and others in the room intimidating the person receiving the Sec Check.
    Most amazing thing is how long he has stayed in control of the group. When I was “with” the COS I watched people climb to positions of power, and two months to six months later they were in a lower post or the chain locker. Seemed like few could keep their position long. This was before D.M.
    What we didn’t have was misuse of the tech, with the possible exception of “fair game” useage, where information from folders were used by the G.O’s office to harrass Scientologists who were declared SP.
    I had a friend (who has passed on) who told me when she got declared she would be awoken from sleep at night by a phone calls that repeted items to her from her case folders.
    Shock and awe goes way back, and the “fair game” law (as far as I know) was the beginning of the misuse of folder data.
    The COS doesn’t seem to dramatize the “fair game law” any more. Anyone with data on that?

  381. Victoria,
    It was cool to see your comment.
    We remember that era.
    Good link!

  382. Jebidiah Bean

    A lot is said about the priest pennant privilege but there is a good reason why priest do not record confessionals in any way, precisely to preclude any kind of abuse of this nature.

    What is it again that justifies the recording of sessions? Are those records actually used in the way the justification states most of the time or are they really mostly abused?

  383. Thanks Tom. I’m an admirer of Richard Gages hard work too.

    Planet earth is just one big scandal! Haha.

  384. Ha! I am really tickled to run into you again!
    I am laughing.

  385. Yeah, it was your screen name that gave you away, LOL.

  386. Hey, my email address is 80Victoria08@hushmail.com

    Not that much has happened in the past thirty years or so:P

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  388. Tom Cruise is so totally amazing. i would love to meet him one of these days if he ever comes to utah.

  389. None Of Your Beeswax

    How come David Miscavige never appears in public in a Sea Org uniform?
    Is he afraid he may be mistaken for a real Sea Org member?

  390. Why do you guys talk so weirdly all the time?

    Meh. I get it. All the weird religions do it except mine. Heh.

    Sorry to hear your saga in that place where that thing happened plastered all over in order to discredit you Mark.

    They tried it with me using a celebrity but I have 20 years relationship with the local community so Fair Game was obviously going to fail – at least to me. And it did.

    As far as Tom Cruise is concerned. I think most of you wish things that aren’t there. It’s a symptom of believing that those you sit next believe the same things you do because they shake your hands and use the same weird language.

    If there is one thing I hope you adopt is a healthy understanding that those who talk like you and break bread with you don’t necessarily think the same way. You know the ones who do by their actions.

    It’s very simple. If they violate your code of conduct once, that can be chalked up to weakness. If they continually violate your code of conduct in ways that are diametrically opposed to that code they aren’t.

    I’m not talking about stumbling on the way to whatever the focus is. I’m talking about rank deception. Tom Cruise is not one of you. That doesn’t mean your way is not right. It just means that you need to accept that your “human GODZ” are not what you should be focusing on. It’s your weirdo religion that you should be focusing on. Not humans.

  391. Found your website after reading the Andrew Morton book about TC. Wow! You guys have sure been through it, haven’t you? Hang in there and continue to support each other.

    The closest I can think of to anyone being where you are is the folks who survived the Jim Jones/Jonestown disaster. Some have put up a website that is woth reading.

    I have some questions regarding some references within the above posts. Re: Katy It is said that DM chose her and groomed her for TC? How so? How did that happen?
    Re: Nichole What really did end things?
    Re: Tom’s drinking? Please elaborate.
    Re: Forced/coerced abortions – please elaborate.
    Re: The Beckhams Did they end up joining or no?

    I do so wish all of you the best. And I agree with those who have advised that you use your energies at this point to help yourselves.

  392. I see it as the old, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth theory. Anger can do that. I believe VaD was speculating but why shouldn’t DM get a taste of his own medicine?? He may respond to it.

  393. This is the exact reason why I steer clear of corporate Scientology. I think David Miscavige is like Terl from Battlefield Earth, using whatever garbage he can on others whenever he sees fit making Confessionals within the church a very risky proposition. Having TC’s trash might give him some leverage over TC, but factually, David Miscavige has trash on anyone who’s ever been in Scientology and been audited or seen an Ethics Officer. This makes David Miscavige highly dangerous because of his power AND lack of ethics.

  394. Wind Walker –

    Not sure where you are comming from with your caution to Mr Webb. You see, the topic of FORCED confessions and DM and his minions REVEALING all to staff to ridicule and introvert and controll is what is being mentioned here. THAT is the priority of importance of what needs to be handled up lines, as it obviously has worked its way down lines in contagion of abberation, and is ruining our tech. Webb was ALREADY involved himself, and has since changed his ways. But DM and company have not. Mr Webb simply mentioning an instance of this out tech (without giving a name) is not going too far.

    Remember, Wind Walker, that the priority is to get that little PSYCHOTIC provisional class 4 out of our blood cells so we can recover LRH’s tech properly.

  395. Michael,

    are you serious ???? TC’s house being bugged by DM ? In REAL life ???
    It’s like the movie – “The Firm” !!! Please elaborate. This sounds CRAZY !!!

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  397. You Know Who

    Ok. So. Please allow me to suggest, again, that, in this kind of case, neither David Miscavige, nor his obeyors, nor any “Church” of Scientology, nor any member of the Sea Org … are immune from suit, or protected by the 1st Amendment … for such actions, At least no more than Catholic Priests are immune from criminal prosecution simply because their child molestations occured inside a Catholic Church. To spy on someone without their knowledge or consent, during a meeting, confessional, auditing session — call it what you want — which the Right Holder genuinely believes, (and is led to believe by the Right Violator) is protected from disclosure and is confidential under the Priest-Penitent Privilege, not merely is likely to have destroyed the Priest-Penitent Privilege in the first place, but it is a civil tort for which (big) monetary damages is a remedy, and which is, any event not a protected/cloisetered religious action (and so not protected from prosecution by the 1st Amendment) because there is NO religion that I know of, and certainly not Scientology, which has as part of its doctrine that it is Ok to Spy on one’s parishioners during their confessionals and later bandy about those confessional statements as if they were originated on Facebook.

    This is an important point … the importance of which should not be underestimated.

    If David Miscavige were the Pope, these actions, if true, would still subject him to civil liability and possibly criminal prosecution (if carried out somewhere other than the Vatican, that is, since the Vatican is Sovereign Soil.

    The First Amendment and the Separation of Church and State does not allow a religious order to murder, main, abuse children, spy on people and tell their secrets in public. These are civil torts for which the civil law gives remedies. And, there may be criminal prosecution available as well, since it is a crime, in California, to record someone’s private conversation without his or her explicit contemporaneous permission.

    For this, even if not for other things, David Miscavige may soon enough be going to jail.

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  401. Marty, did you tell Tom that his confessions are being laughed at and are sealed on video to be released at any hint of his defecting?

  402. Interesting picture – Tom is totally ignoring Katie and is engrossed in what DM has to say. Katie looks on. No wonder.

  403. thomas schmitz

    can’t anyone get thru to cruise? but here’s the thing, it boggles the mind and defies logic and sanity that ANYONE MUCH LESS THE WORLD’S BIGGEST MOVIE STAR WOULD tell ANYONE ANYTHING that would ruin them destroy them whether personally or professionally! i mean c’mon was/is cruise that pathetic stupid! i’m a born and raised catholic which means i do the occassional “confessions” do you think i EVER have or would tell anyone including my priest anything that would be horrible, embarassing, deviant, etcetera? OF COURSE NOT! AND I’M A NOBODY JOE BLOW!… the idea that tom cruise would and did do this FOR YEARS AND YEARS! TELLING HIS DEEPEST SECRETS ,deeds and thoughts (including sexual?!!) and never think to protect himself and his name and reputation? never thought “gee i hope this never gets out” especially since they are writing down what i say (and now it turns out secretly videotaped his audits as well).. NO ONE IS THAT DARN DUMB no matter how “into at first and now over the decades brainwashed” they are by their religion any religion in this case scientology!

    while others here feel ‘sorry for cruise” if he has been betrayed by miscavige with these sick late night parties where miscavige and others watch the secret videos of his auditing sessions and laugh at cruise i somewhat can’t.. if he was that stupid to sit there ever much less over and over the years telling some auditor/auditors since 1987 that he had done so and so, he loved to do so and so, he thought about so and so, anything that would be embarassing, considered weird and strange, morally wrong, evil, dirty, sickening, whatever that if it was leaked” to the public would destroy his career, reputation and life? well, i kind of think cruise then deserves to be rewarded for his stupidity and gullibility!

  404. Alex de Valera

    I doubt he’ll ever wake up. Why would he ? He’ll never go through the experiences staff have gone. The stories of Hanna Eltringham Whitfield, Jeff Hawkings, Marc Headley, “Sallydance” and so many others are quite edifying but he’ll never have a glimpse at that he is brain dead wide eyes shot!

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