Ship of fools

by Mike Rinder.   As everyone who reads the glossy C of M promotional hype knows, the Freewinds is “a luxury retreat off the crossroads of the world.” An “island of sanity in a world gone mad.”  Yet, like much else in Miscavige’s perverted kingdom, there is a thin veneer of truth in the picture presented to the world and then there is what REALLY goes on out of the public eye.

   The Freewinds IS a luxury vessel.  Made even more so over the last few years following a multi-million dollar refit and renovation.  This of course includes luxurious facilities for Dear Leader himself — not just berthing, but his personal dining room and office spaces beyond the offices already allocated to RTC.

   The Freewinds is a favorite haunt for Miscavige for three reasons: 

   a) it is outside the control of any government (except when she was boarded by French authorities while at anchor in St. Bart’s, hence no more visits to French ports), 

   b) he likes to scuba dive and do underwater photography (the entire Gold base was made to watch one of his underwater slide shows like they were watching a Source briefing on LRH as a photographer with surveys done on the staff afterwards to detect any  “BI’s”).   The Caribbean is unsurpassed
on that front. 

   And,  c) Freewinds is remote from any other Scientology organization. So, Miscavige can goof off, have movies flown in each night, scuba dive during the day, eat out at expensive restaurants on shore and still call or write the poor fools at the Int Base and berate them about his long schedule and all the hard work he has to do due to their incompetence.  They don’t know any different and the crew on board the Freewinds think “COB” is taking a “well-deserved” vacation and are honored to have him on board!

   Dear Leader stories from the Freewinds are many.  His lavish parties for Tom Cruise have been covered numerous times.  His delight in assigning individuals to clean the bilges – sometimes for weeks on end, is also well known.  (And I know this from personal experience on several occasions, along with Heber, Marc Yager and Guillaume Lesevre — though of course they will deny the Freewinds even has an engine room to protect Dear Leader). 

   But recently debriefed former Freewinds staff have given a fuller  picture of Dear Leader’s madness and the level of effort that is employed to cover up to keep it a “safe space” for DM to luxuriate.

   First an illustrative vignette. One of the stewards who was serving DM had a cold sore.  For that, she was taken off post and confined to a room alone for a week until all evidence of the cold sore was gone. At that point she was sec checked to find out what evil purpose she had towards COB that she would have a cold sore in his presence! She was eventually busted from post altogether.

   Of course, the Freewinds is also home to Miscavige’s personal bankers – the IAS.  The IAS paid for the $1500 per day scuba boat charters that routinely sat on standby for weeks on end so he wouldn’t have to plan ahead but could take off whenever he felt the urge. They also paid for lavish meals at the most expensive restaurants on the islands, as well as showering Dear Leader with gifts. 

    It should come as no surprise that the financial largesse spread through the upper echelons of the IAS.  President IASA and her entourage were well known for their shopping sprees in London, Paris, LA and NY and in any port of call that had name brand stores.  And when it came time for gifts to be bought for the head honchos – the already healthy paychecks of IAS staff would be increased and they would each “donate” the difference into the gift pot.  And while everyone else on the Freewinds operated on a normal SO schedule, the IAS routinely took a day off every week to “increase their havingness.”  And when their regges were discovered to be severely out ethics, little if anything would be done.  Of course, when you present Dave with trinkets of tribute and keep him supplied with unlimited fine food, wine and scuba diving opportunities, you are pretty much above the law (until Janet McLaughlin became mutinous towards Miscavige and was rounded up in late 2006 and put in the Hole – where she remains to this day, while her husband was sent to the Freewinds where he remains, refusing still to divorce her – a bizarre story which will be told here as the final chapter of DM’s final purges).

   There is one other person on the Freewinds exempt from standard ethics and justice.  Dear Leader’s diving companion and on board hit-man, Captain Mike Napier.  When DM wants to threaten someone, or keep them locked up, Napier is his go-to guy and on board enforcer.  After Janet McLaughlin was busted, Dear Leader called Napier personally and told him to round up all IAS crew on board into the Starlight Cabaret, lock the doors, take their phones, pagers and computers and keep them from   communicating with anyone in the world.

   So, it is no surprise that when Napier had sex with a local island restaurant waitress he went untouched.  Even worse, somehow the blame was shifted to the Port Captain Freewinds (Ludwig Alpers – a truly likable and decent man) by the CO CMO Ship, Sue Price. Captain Love Boat Napier is hated by the staff on the Freewinds – and the vast majority of them don’t even know he had out 2D.  In fact, his “ethics” handling consisted of him giving a base briefing where he handed out flimsy copies of TWTH signed by him and the CO FSSO (Sharon Webber). The crew had no idea why they were getting them and Sharon Webber aided in the cover-up.

   As an aside, Sue Price spent many years at Int.   She has imported Dear Leader’s habits and routines into ship life even when he isn’t there.  Wrong targeting.  Constant Executive C/Sing though she isn’t tech trained. Heavy invalidation and evaluation. Precisely because the Freewinds is a remote world unto itself, it serves another purpose: Prison ship.

   Many of you have read the story of Don Jason.  Because he was a “security risk” he was incarcerated on the Freewinds.  His passport was taken away.  His movements were restricted. He was under guard (it is a confined environment, easy to monitor).  He made a heroic escape which resulted in the Security Guard who was on watch being removed and posted as a plumber, the Security Chief being demoted and the ship’s plumber being made the Security Chief!

   Others haven’t been so lucky.  One of the Ship Engineers was severely disaffected with Captain Love Boat after several run-ins with him.  He became increasingly enturbulated and was not sleeping.  He was put under 24 hour watch with full time guards and video cameras in his room.  He was not handled with standard tech and ended up committing suicide by hanging himself in the shower with a sheet.  The entire incident was covered up so as not to create a “flap.”  False information was given to the authorities.

   Carol Miles, the Public Officer and public face of the Freewinds has disappeared.  I guess, like Heber, nobody dares ask where she is.  In fact, she was being “handled” under the brilliant guidance of CO CMO Ship (Sue Price) with her special style of “executive C/Sing”.  Carol’s “handlings” didn’t go well.   She made threats and became a security risk.  And what happens to inmates on the prison ship when they are too hot to handle?  They get shipped off to the prison colony – the RPF in CLO ANZO, in Sydney.

   Quite a number of “problem” staff have been routed to the ANZO RPF.  It is thought to be so remote that anyone sent there has effectively been “disappeared”.   Like the 3 Gold staff who were banished to the ANZO RPF after they pissed off Dear Leader.  Those 3 (Karl Whitcher, Kip Engen and Nicolai Ciferrelli) were assigned to do the RPF twice through.  They have been there since 2004. One of them completed the first time through last year – imagine 6 years of sec checking, FPRD and TRD and now having to do it all over again!

   So, this is where Carol Miles is.  She joined other “security risks” banished to the prison colony – including the former IG MAA Chris Guider who had fallen from grace when he refused to comply with an order from Miscavige to hit a Gold staff member with his swagger stick and the ex-RTC Rep FSO who knew all about Miscavige’s involvement in the McPherson matter.

   Does any of this sound like standard Scientology?  Unfortunately, it is merely the tip of the iceberg. At the whim of Dear Leader, people’s lives are destroyed.  Like the 11 Int base staff banished to NY to work in Estates, then blamed for “overspends” on the Idle Org and offloaded (except Chris Beeny, who was sent to the prison colony never to be posted anywhere other than Estates – only because his parents were prominent OTs in LA), or Eric and Margit Ottman, declared and banished to Alaska because Eric accidentally ran over one of Dear Leader’s dogs.  Or, or, or… The list goes on.

   Yet, Miscavige has a lot of people believing that he, and he alone, is keeping the flame of LRH’s legacy burning.  In truth, he is systematically destroying the subject and in so doing, undermining everything that LRH stood for.  His continuous present time overts must be stopped – but he is incapable of restraining himself, so enough pressure must be brought to bear from the outside to force him to cease and desist.

   It will be done.

   Dear Leader’s sinking ship of fools may still buy his bullshit — or be too scared to call it for what it is. But there are a lot of people these days who aren’t cowed by his bombast, bluster and bs.  His crimes will be exposed until he is no longer in a position to wreak havoc on LRH’s life’s work.

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  1. Terril Park

    Been doing such pressure. Promoting
    the FZ for a decade and protesting since the anons began.

    You may possibly recall my questions on that internet radio programme prior to your leaving.


    Well.. well… well… very interesting, nothing of this take me by surprise and the hobby of scuba diving is totally true .. when at FSO .. we the staff had to pay for the best scuba hat for him… soo this is simple more garbage hitting the fan… hope people open their eyes and all together get him banished from his position and LRH Tech restored..

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  4. Mike,

    Thanks again for peeling away the cover of Captain Mestsavage’s wild adventures on the high seas.

    You are doing the independent field a truly great service. As more “church of” public become aware, our ranks will swell with those who want to make OT’s, and not contribute to one mans greed and delusional activity.

    You are our modern day Fletcher Christian. Time to cast Captain Bligh adrift.

    Still in shock….


  5. See, it isn’t that hard, Mike. 😉

    Now, why did it take you so long?

  6. Speaking of Karl Whitcher — does anyone here know what happened to Kendra Bogacz Whitcher? I know she was on the RPF for a while, but she wasn’t on the last staff lists I heard about. She’d gone to Gold from Orange County, where she’d been FBO.

  7. That must have been one of the fastest backtracks in internet history o_O

  8. Krautfag, This gave me creeps. Why?

  9. Mike,

    Thanks for the important report.

    His crimes will be exposed until he is no longer in a position to wreak havoc on LRH’s life’s work.


    Is a mutiny happening even faster than Captain Mestcavige’s paranoia has conjured up?

    But there are a lot of people these days who aren’t cowed by his bombast, bluster and bs.

    Many more are onto him than he realizes. There’s a video of the OT VIII course room on YouTube. Mestcavige would not know whom to trust, that’s why the Executive C/Sing dramatization of nonstandard endless abusive sec checking. Captain David Mestcavology should know one thing … nonstandard tech is no guarantee. Neither are money-motivated “connections.”

  10. No need to be crept out.

    I was just referring to the fact that a serious lot of people have been waiting a serious amount of time for Mike Rinder to tear away some veils, regarding the insanity of Int and Co$ executive level.

  11. crashingupwards

    Mike, thanks for the insight.

    Prison colony in ANZO, that hit a nerve. Shades of the Irish and the “Wild Geese” being dispersed throughout the world.

    Wouldnt it be something if he was attacked by a shark while scuba diving. Or maybee grabbed by a giant squid. Shit happenes in the ocean. He might sink to the bottom with his pockets loaded down with IAS bullion. Trapped and taken down by his own desires.

    Soon he will run out of luck. His postulates wont stick and he will be swallowed up by the mess he created. That day is quickly approaching.

    That engineers suicide will not be a stand alone event. There is a price to be paid by those associated with it. I wouldnt want to be them.

  12. I wounder how was life on the Apollo? Not much different, I’m afraid.

  13. With all of the abuse and cruelty on the Freewinds, I find it amazing that any OT can walk on that ship and not become enturbulated just by being there.

    Since the ship contains prisoners as well as staff and public in psychotic states, how in hell does ANYBODY expect to get case gain?

    I was on the Freewinds for an overnight visit during its visit to Ensenada, Mexico, and I did not care to prolong the experience.

    After reading your article, I now realize that I was missing too many withholds. It is the same feeling I got at Flag and most other Orgs but couldn’t quite identify.

    Now of course, you and Marty and all of the other whistleblowers have upped the ante and we are seeing the effects of staff withholds being missed on all sides. (and missed missedwithholds too for you experienced auditors!)

    The only question in my mind now is how long before enough staff start snapping under the pressure and go public.

  14. Jules Drool

    This letter should be copied and sent out to all the current OT 8s. We all sat thru DMs scuba diving slide shows on the maiden voyage anniversaries for years but little do they know where the money was coming from… right from their own pockets.

  15. one of those who see

    Mike, will take awhile to process everything you wrote. But, one thing hit me like a ton of bricks. Really, almost in tears here.
    Chris Beeny, probably the best ethics officer I was ever in the presence of!! I had heard he was auditing, then I did hear something about Estates. You wrote “except Chris Beeny, who was sent to the prison colony never to be posted anywhere other than Estates.”

    Need to take a walk. Thank you for the data. I would rather know the truth even if it hurts.

    This is a real valuable guy everyone. Hopefully, he will be around to help.

  16. Quicksilver

    Yeah Kraut, you comment creeped me out too … like 1.1.

    … and who are these ‘serious lot of people’?

    The insanity you speak of has been happening at all levels to a greater or lesser degree – it’s not like this is ‘news’.

    Anyone who has been around for a few years has seen the changes in the application of tech, ethics and policy. Staff & public abuses have been going on for many years – this is not an ‘Int. only’ scene.

    Kudos to those that have not lost sight of Ron’s vision and intend on righting the existing scene towards a more ideal scene.

  17. David LaCroix

    Speaking of Australia…in case this hasn’t been posted. The press and Senator Xenophon are hot on the trail down under. (love to all the Aussies)
    The ABC network there has run a 2 night expose:

    There’s a bunch of other media and articles…
    “your reference is” lol

  18. Oh, very different. It wasnt luxurious, but there was tremendous esprit de corps. Worked hard and played hard. If it could have gone on forever, I would still be there.

  19. Krautfag: Are you new here?

  20. Sassy Krauts 🙂

  21. David LaCroix

    Should have mentioned the exposes are about child neglect/abuse and sexual abuse of a minor that was covered up by the church.
    Sick puppies.

  22. Hello Deirdre, last I heard from Kendra was in 2003. She was reprieved from the RPF and was a driver for PBC, driving back and force between PAC and the L.A. Ranch to provide foods for the INT BASE Staff Members over there who were not qualified to be at the Int Base. She was using her personal car to do it twice a day. This may have changed since then.

  23. becomingAware

    Thank you Mike for sharing and illuminating. A bit more here and there and it never seems to end.

    You are a man of honor and have brass $%$*@.

    I don’t remember Sue being like that nor the Captain but it was a long time ago and people come under influences. Uusally it is the gradual slow change that escapes you until you wake up trapped with it easier to continue on, particuarly if you have no known place to go and ‘enemys’ are all around. Cut comm lines are so disasterous.

    This blog is helping me and I figure many others in opening up comm lines that have been shut and perverted. I hope to soon be able to help in what small way I can.

  24. Dear Quicksilver,

    first of all, I am not and never was a scientologist, so my knowledge of the tonescale is limited 😉 Is 1.1 bad? good? not acceptable?

    Also because of this I have never seen any change in application of the tech, we on the outside tho had the horrifying reports from the people who blew/escaped.

    Sorry if I have crept you out as well, didnt mean too.

    “… and who are these ‘serious lot of people’?”

    Me for one, and entire posting boards and mailing lists on the net. The exes, the disaffected, the anons etc.

  25. Avast ye scurvy knaves! Little Davy will shortly be walking the plank!

  26. Mike, Like others here have said this stuff isn’t surprising. But, it really is good to have some more details about the IAS’s spending irregularities. Is anyone else reminded of say, Jimmy Swaggart? IAS, raising funds (by coercion and extortion from parishioners) all in the name of the righteous banner of freedom, while spending it for self indulgence and whoring with the cob. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

  27. “Krautfag: Are you new here?”

    No, in terms of internet posting you teh noob 😉

    Admittedly, it wasn’t the first time you wrote about inside stuff here, so I pulled a bit of a cheap shot there. On the other hand, its been a while since 2006, we got 2010 by now, and thus I feel the question “what did take you so long” isn’t completely dismissable.

    If you feel offended, well, wasn’t my intention and I completely excuse it with my bad command of the English language 😛

  28. The Freewinds staff, just like the FSSO staff, and the AOLA staff, and the CC INT staff actually HATE the Int Execs. They hate it when they come into their orgs and act like cops and taking all of their revenue in the meanwhile. They are all handled with fair roads and good weather. On the Freewinds one of the Int Execs threw a temper tantrum at an elderly lady (Julie) and tossed over filing cabinets while screaming at her (over something later found to be untrue). One public done with OT8 had a psychotic break and was stored there as a loony for several months (if not years). The staff walk on egg shells when the Int Execs show up in ANY org because they are entheta suppressive unpredictable and are known for temper tantrums that make no sense to anyone but them! When the Int execs leave the Orgs all the people busted up and patched up be their peers and released from whatever prisons they were tossed into while the Int Execs were there. I’ve seen people let off the decks hours after the Int Execs were gone. The Int Execs think they are pulling a scam by the pretense of “ethics presence ” but the crashed stats behind them everywhere they visit are telling to the ones who remain behind. The staff on the Freewinds get cabin fever and frequently go loony.People are not supposed to be secluded at Sea for years and decades and there are specific laws about this observed by professional Cruise Liners. The staff at the Freewinds had to offload their kids on an island the Ship rarely visited. If the staff were downstat they were not allowed to see their children when the Ship did pass by. Thereby inflicting punishment on innocent children by running a “can’t have a parent” on them. Real Humanitarians!

  29. Do you know if they removed all of the blue asbestos from the Freewinds during the refit? If they did, where was it disposed of?

  30. Mike, thanks for posting this. My God this is pure evil. I had head there were no more locks on any of the cabins so if someone wanted entrance into the public’s cabins whola the cabin was entered. Why anyone would even go aboard is beyond me.

    A staff member hanging himself….my God and this is justified how?

    Sharon (Kimball) Webber was from the Bay Area (around Walnut Creek). I remember when she got recruited for the SO and ended up on the ship. I thought she had more integrity than this.
    As for Captain Love Boat, I guess he must be the only one with a license to sail this ship and that is another reason he hasn’t been busted.

    What is happening is so degraded that for any person to be involved to any degree they have to be completely blind. This entire situation is completely heart breaking.

  31. Quicksilver

    Well, I’m sure if you spotted a couple of little numbers as being part of the Tonescale, I have no doubts you’ll be able to figure it out.

    If you find the reports so horrific, you may want to take some time off to recover.

    Surely a fellow like yourself could do something more worthwhile with your time than troll boards such as this. At the very least, it is wise to pick up a book and inform oneself of the subject first.

  32. Mike, thanks for yet another revealing report on DM. He lives like a billionaire on parishioner money. Must be nice to keep a $1500 per day charter boat at your beck and call. That is a monthly mortgage payment for many people. Hell, a person could live on $1,500 a month in many states in the US.

    Mike, I have some questions for you:

    1. What is CoS about in PT? Is there really anywhere to go in CoS? I ask because CoS seems to have gone become NCG as a group since 2008.

    2. Do you see a situation in which CoS could financially collapse, or is there just too much money in reserves?

    3. What are DM’s buttons? Where should the pressure be applied to him in the media?


  33. Wow – keep it coming Mike. The world keeps getting a deeper and deeper look into this cesspool of insanity and criminality and the turd that floats on the top. It’s truely disgusting.
    The trust and efforts of so many good people hoping to create a better world have been utterly betrayed.

    As a tiny side note – when I worked at the FSO the Super Power reges (Charmane & Laurie) were frequently flown to NYC for shopping sprees as their award for conning the public. Over the last 24 years almost $200 million dollars has been pulled from parishioners for no exchange. I’m sure this is chump change compared to what the IAS reges have passed over to Miscavige.

  34. Chris Black

    Hey, thanks Mike. Appreciate your pulling the curtains of Oz open. Wish it could go out in full-page spreads to all on-lines “Scientologists” (like the old IAS ads, only pushed back).


  35. Dear quicksilver,

    I have been thinking if I should answer to that last post of yours, since flame wars are a stupid thing and more easily started than ended.

    First of all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    As long as the Co$ exists in it’s current form, I am your ally.

    So, there is no need to “handle” me, as you tried just now. The attempt alone I regard as a bit rude, calling me a troll even a little bit more.

    I do not feel that I have deserved this treatment. I try to be as respectful and polite as I can possibly can to you folks, maybe my sense of irony is not in place here.
    Since this is a moderated forum, the mere fact that you can actually see my posts says a lot.

    Let’s leave it at that, my best wishes to you.

  36. Quicksilver

    Hahaha … man I busted a gut on this one, Tom.

    I think that may be down the priority list a bit … but now that we’re on the subject, I wonder how many breadcrumbs dropped off DM’s sandwiches as he leaned over the rail … anyone? I’m sure I saw an environmental report of a swirling pool of plastic & sandwich crumbs on the internet 😀

  37. Thanks for pulling back the curtain even more Mike. I really feel for the Sea Org members who are continuing to be mistreated, forced into abortions, deprived of sleep and food, and suffering an untold number of other human rights violations.

    In the meantime DM and his kiss-asses are living it up, and enjoying the finer things in life. Public Scientologist are loosing their homes, can’t afford to send their kids to college, are having to go without because they are financially devastated by all the demands for money, all so DM can go scuba diving and live a lavish lifestyle.

    This takes sick and twisted to a whole new level.

  38. JS:
    1. What is the CofS about in PT? Two things. Making money and controling people. All is geared towards coming up with ways of collecting funds (with little emphasis on services) and how to keep the people they do have in the ever-shrinking fold. Everyone knows that you can’t keep sucking blood out of the same stones forever, but when you don’t have new ones coming in (because planetary dissemination and reach to new public doesnt earn fast bucks) you have to depserately hang onto the ones you have. Hence the increasingly gestapo like control over the dwindling flock. These days as a member of the C of S you had better not think about anything or challenge anything that is part of the “party line” or you will be threatened not only with loss of your eternity, but loss of your friends, family and possibly livelihood.
    2. NO chance it will financially collapse — but it will drive Dear Leader absolutely loopy if the amount of funds being collected weekly goes down
    3. DM’s buttons? He is incredibly vain. Anything that he percieves isnt absolute adoration and worship of his magnificence causes him extreme pain. He is a study of the manifestations described in PAB 13. Literally the slightest thing done to him or said about him is an absolutely monumental disaster. So, EVERYTHING is a button.

  39. Goob X Sea Oeg

    Wow. Lurker here. This coupled with the Cadet Org news makes me so sad. Why hasn’t somebody just snapped and laid in on DM? Of course, I know the answer…

  40. crashingupwards,

    You are spot on about his luck running out and the fact that his postulates won’t stick, but I’m afraid that professional etiquette and courtesy will prevent any sharks from attacking while he’s in the water.

  41. Joe Howard

    I well remember that “Source briefing” photo display during a Saturday Source Night at the base. Actually, CMU had been treated to a preview in the Cine Conference Room some time before. Many of the photos were actually very nice (though probably color corrected like mad and touched up by the LRH Film and Equipment staff– Jeff Baker, Zone Seybold and Roberta–who basically acted as DM’s personal photography studio), however, the entire presentation was used as a make wrong to drive the point home how lousy we all were as creative SO members. You were supposed to leave the show feeling that you were smaller than when you came in. I didn’t feel that way myself because amongst the nice photos there were quite a few that frankly were kind of boring. They were all nature photos, to be expected in the Caribbean, naturally, and were kind of dull. I much preferred someone like the legendary Henri Cariter Bresson, who many might not know is the uncle of none other than “The ED Int” himself, Guillaume Lesevre. If you look at photos of Cartier Bresson, you will see a resemblence. Now THERE was a photographer! I wonder what he would say today about his nephew.

  42. And as another tiny side note – this crazy idea that fundraisers and reges should be treated special, with rewards of shopping sprees and spa treatments and more has spread to other areas as well. There are now continental fundraising offices all over the world for the Ideal Orgs. They are part of the Finance Offices in each CLO. In Africa the girl who was posted as an Ideal Org fundraiser was promoting the fact that she should be given this type of treatment (and specifically mentioning how she had see Charmaine and other top fundraisers being treated with lavish gifts, and time off to shop, etc) and shortly thereafter some of this started to happen in Africa. A percentage of funds were used for rewards, new wardrobes, fancy hair cuts and styling, etc. The false data spreads even to the furthest corners.

  43. Although this was really hard to read, thank you Mike for speaking out.

  44. Mike,
    Thanks for your post and “Amen”.
    Your last few paragraphs are an exact summation of my complete reality:
    “In truth, he is systematically destroying the subject and in so doing, undermining everything that LRH stood for. His continuous present time overts must be stopped – but he is incapable of restraining himself, so enough pressure must be brought to bear from the outside to force him to cease and desist.

    “It will be done.

    “Dear Leader’s sinking ship of fools may still buy his bullshit — or be too scared to call it for what it is. But there are a lot of people these days who aren’t cowed by his bombast, bluster and bs. His crimes will be exposed until he is no longer in a position to wreak havoc on LRH’s life’s work.”
    So thanks and I am with you on the bringing the needed pressure to bear.

  45. This program deserves threads of its own on more than one forum. Nonetheless, the fact that Jan Eastgate

    1) heads up anything to do with “human rights”,

    2) was given a “Freedom Medal” by the Church, and

    3) recently went to help “handle” MR, MR and JB speaks VOLUMES.

    I am sure we haven’t reached the bottom of the barrel yet – still just skimming the surface.

    Wow. It’s a win in terms of exposing the crimes and abuse within the church. But I’m truly sorry something so inhumane was done to that little girl. Hopefully her expose of what happened can help her and her mother heal.

  46. TheOracle –

    Interesting, what you say about FSSO, AOLA, CC Int staff… My last visit to any Org for services was AOLA, as recently as late 2008. What I observed was the majority of staff acting like cops, to use your word, to the staff below them. And in the HGC the lowly Tech Pages acting like cops to the PCs – “dogging” us everywhere reminding us to pee, eat, vitamin, sleep, repeat – even as we were doing those things.

    So maybe the lower SO org staff learned to be “cops” by being “copped at” (treated like criminals), a learned behavior (dramatization). Contagion of aberration.

    And maybe they really don’t like it when bigger cops come to town and treat them like the criminals. Somewhere there’s always a bigger dog, a faster gun, a bigger A*hole.

    That pretense of ethics presence runs throughout the SO, in varying degrees. It’s a scam alright. Scammers scamming other scammers. Mother-bluffing poker game. There are so many appropriate metaphors.

    Rant over (this one, anyway).

  47. Biga Watts

    DM must have a very small penis.

  48. You seem to know a lot about DM, Mike.

    What I find so shocking is that he created such a world of luxury for himself. He should live just as frugal as the rest of the Sea Org members. If he wants to live in luxury, he should ask Tom Cruise to get him into the movies.

    No wonder so many protest against DM! He sure pulls stuff in. Scientology’s current HORRIBLE reputation could become better if he would step back and if he would leave Scientology in the hands of ethical Scientologists but it seems that he loves Scientology money, power, and luxury a lot more than Scientology.

    If somebody would assign DM into the RPF, would he blow?

    DM didn’t seek Scientology on his own. His father got him into it. Do you think that DM is a Scientologist (out ethics) or is he a complete Wog posing as Scientologist?

  49. Money used to be taken from our weekly pay for Christmas and birthday gifts for DM. The treasury people just took 5$ a week out of the pay envelopes for about 3-4 weeks in a row prior to Christmas or DM birthday without directly asking. The port captain would go up at muster and ask the group if it was ok to take the money but obviously nobody would dare to say no as that would instantly label you as “disaffected” and you could end up being investigated.

    5$ does not seem like a lot of money but multiplied by 5000 SO members times 3 weeks = 75000$ for Christmas or birthday for DM from the staff.

    This is more money than what most people make in an entire year all ripped off from SO members pay envelopes.

  50. crashingupwards

    Haydn, your funny. I didnt count on professional courtesy. Putting all bets on the giant squid now. Squids dont give a f***.

  51. But one thing surprises me about DM.

    Except for Laurisse Stuckenbrock resting her hand on his shoulder, there is no evidence of him ever been out 2D?

  52. Exilo:

    Got it on this and I knew this went on in a lot of SO Orgs and Units. But when it came to IAS it was not $5 per staff member. The same pattern was used by ASI — jack up the staff pay and “donate” the jack up back for a gift for Dear Leader. That system brought in enough cash at ASI for them to buy him a BMW 550i. You can check the price of one of those babies online. It goes along with his Saleen Mustang, Land Rover, Mazda RX7, Mazda Miata and numerous motorcycles. And this is not mentioning his org vehicles that he has on each base. Nor the $40,000 motorcycle the FSO gave him as a gift (money collected from the staff).

    This guy is showered with gifts — unfortunately it is not out of love and respect (as it was with LRH), but propitiation. Anyone who doesnt give him a good enough gift is worried that they may be on his bad list. Those that present the most lavish and over the toip stuff hope they will not feel his wrath for a while. It’s sick.

  53. Titus Andronicus

    The scuba slide show was also viewed by the staff at the ship. This was way back in the mid ’90s or so. Shelly was the MC/presenter. ‘Feedback’ was more likely than not collected afterwards as a tool for BIs detection — in the exact same way that it’s done each and every year to the public who attend Maiden Voyage, each and every evening of the cruise following the night’s event. If outright feedback was not collected following the montage of the Adventures of Diver Dave, then certainly the beaming faces of shiny happy people were all that was expected and checked as the staff filed out of the cinema.

    As far as Sharron Weber ‘aiding’ in the cover up or handling of the Mike Napier pecadillo incident, given her “strong ethics background” she probably helped devise it — surely TWTH give-out caper bears her watermark. What an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of!

    And the Int Execs visits there are and have always been a sure route to a condition assignment — at best — for many staff. This is done in sub rosa and arbitrarily. In other words, some stupid crap might happen during the cruise — like a public tells mestgavige something dumb like there are too many events on the calendar — that somebody else considers to be a flap of epic proportions because it “flapped all over COB’s lines”. Once the cruise is over something cool might come about like the Gold putting on performance for the crew or everbody’d get a day off the ship for the first time in 11 months. Anyone (unwittingly) deemed as the cause of such a flap as mentioned had better pick up on their lower condition in the universe of thetan and not turn up for any of the good stuff, but rather begin one’s mea culpas. Yep, prison ship just about sums it up.

    Rock on, Mike and truth out.

  54. Watching Eyes

    I don’t think the staff are “donating” out of propitiation. Maybe they were when this scam first started. I suspect that now they give out of fear.

    Isn’t this extortion? Seriously, the staff are being extorted. Extortion is a criminal offense.

    The dwarf is no better than any common mob boss. Actually he’s worse. He’s doing this in the name of religion, all the while bringing this “religion” to it’s knees.

  55. Watching Eyes

    Maybe he’s into guys. How would anyone know?

    You just know if he were ever to pick up a set of cans, at the mere mention of the 2D the meter would instantly melt down into a smoking puddle of plastic and hissing wires!

  56. Hello Mike,

    That is totally outragous! I know at the ILO we would wait for feedback from the Fuhrer about his gifts and the various orgs SMI, WISE, ABLE, etc. all would do the same. This was a big deal for the execs of the orgs to look in a bright light and propitiation is the correct word. Makes sense.

    I did not know about these expensive cars and motor cycles being given to him by staff. The fact that he even accepted these gifts and continued to accept them is sickening. LRH asked for expansion for his birthday. DM just wants nice mest objects and as long as you cough up the goods, you can live for a bit longer??? WTF.

  57. Mike, there were Human rights violations too at the Apollo. And not onley to fit adults but to children and women (some well above middle age) too. Something went terribly wrong there.

  58. Lady Lancelot

    To Cat Daddy,
    If you have first hand knowledge of Human Rights violations on the Apollo, I would like to hear about them. If you don’t want to post them here, you could email me at I have attention stuck on the story of a kid (about 4 or 5) being sentenced to a day or two in a chain locker and a fifty year old woman being thrown overboard blind folded, hands and feet tied. These are the kinds of things that I would like to think are not true, are exaggerations or fabrications. Do you have any first hand knowledge of these things. Thank you.

  59. As a point, these extravagant gifts would be well over the threshold for gifts on a taxable basis. Anyone care to participate in the IRS program for turning in tax cheats- handsome rewards are provided on any taxes collected. Oh, the irony…

  60. I’m just getting the feeling that eventually (soon) COB might have to stop making public appearances. I mean, other than the risk of him being served with papers, someone who has had enough and doesn’t have very much to lose is just going to (at least) punch him squarely in the face at an event. It would probably be a first offender who wouldn’t even get jail time. This could totally happen. COB getting pummelled in front of 5000 Scientologist. That would be a hard video to edit! I wonder if the C/S would just say he pulled it in like they would any public PC if something like that happened to them.

    On a totally seperate subject, Marty, Mike, Dan… I wanted to ask you if you have an opinion on what seems to me to be an incredibly high cancer rate among Sea Org members, particularly OT veterens.

    It seems like virtually the only way veteren Scientologists die is plane accidents, suicide or cancer!

    I’m only slightly kidding.

    The three of you have SO tracks as long as anyone. Do you agree that the cancer rate seems to be absurdly high??

  61. No kidding on the vanity! Anything perceived as a slight is a HUGE button. He did a walk through at ASHO and the 60 yr. old partially handicapped CF Files Clerk (25 yr. Vet) remained seated in her swivel chair as she said “Hello Sir!”. We didn’t hear the end of it for two weeks! Because she didn’t stand up for him!

  62. Floating Needle

    Mike, can you tell, when this started that DM used the ship as his personal base? I wondered since the 90’s why Götz Brase had to leave Hamburg and go to the Ship to „make the anual production plans and targets“ for his firms! If Wiebke Hansen would have been the mastermind of the „money for org buildings“-operation from then (as I was told), why would he leave Hamburg (where Wiebke was) and go to the ship to do the planning?

  63. Truly funny Watching Eyes. There were some guys at PAC who were not cleared for Security staff because they couldn’t keep from peforming regular “solo 2D assists”…it’s odd the criminality that’s been assigned to such within the Church of Scientology. I mean jeez, leave that to the Roman Catholics. Aside from the fact that those who COULD get cleared were obviously liars (ha!)…it begs the question would there be so much out-2D in the SO if COB hadn’t criminalized said assists ao heavily? Who knows? But then again…without all the resulting RPFerd, how would anything ever get done? I mean really, COB must set minimum quotas for RPF levels to coincide with renos evolutions across the globe. I can see it now…”We’re coming up on the AO/ASHO renos and too many RPFers routed out…guess it’s time to send Jenny back to beef up the RPF…”

  64. Thanks you so much for your post, Mike, it is outstandingly revealing, and excellentlywritten as always. Dunno if anyone here has read the Harry Potter series, but I can’t help thinking of Dudley “Duddums” with all his spread of presents at his birthday, and having a tantrum because there was one less present than the previous year, so his parents spent the rest of the day compensating to appease him.

    Its scary when a spoilt brat ends up in a leadership position.

  65. Marta~you are so right! Ethics Presence is another one of those redefined words.

  66. Mike Lemeron

    Thank you, Mike. I admire the clarity with which you deliver this very intricate scene. I knew most of the people you mention here quite well from having spent many weeks at the ship over 12 years. It grieves me to learn one of my friends from the engine room killed himself. May I ask who?
    Mike Napier and many others have lived continuously on board since long before the maiden voyage in 1985. Long long time to be couped up like that.
    I am quite sure everyone aboard loathes DM completely and any ARC to him is just a survival mechanism. He has rid himself of the best people and it’s just a matter of time before he is 100% alone or with a fellow named Bubba as a cell-mate.

  67. Wow. Thank you Mike for posting this. What can one possibly say about such depravity? That it happens inside the CofS, carried out by the self-nominated ‘leader’ and forwarded through fear is the complete antithesis of everything that LRH ever intended for Scientologists.

    1) Sue Price is from the same piece of cloth that Jenny DeVocht is from. I have been the recipient of her cruel sense of justice and ethics. It was not enjoyable in the least.

    2) Mike, please email me the name of the engineer.

    3) Mike Napier, when he first joined the Sea Org in PAC Dec 1985, was a kind, gentle, humble and caring man who felt inadequate to do the job. The person described in this article is not that man. That midget, poor excuse for a man, turns people into soulless, unfeeling creatures, unrecognizable from who they started out as. There is much to be held accountable for. It is hard to not hate him.


  68. Dear Mike,
    Thank you very much for your write-up. I knew Carol Miles from when before she joined the S.O. in the UK. Knowing here she would have to be banished eventually. She did not take no bull from no one.
    I appreciate the data, names and all and the specifics. But don’t worry falling he will this man, as no one can perpetrate crimes of such magnitude and hope to be spared. Its natural law. But if I can do anything to help to speed up the natural process don’t hesitate to contact me: dominicnobrien at
    Thanks again.

  69. Yes, this must be done.

    I’ve believed that there was a very bad apple in the barrel since 1981. By 1993 – IRS video – I had a pretty good idea who, and made a decision then and there. (“Dear Leader” – love the allusion – was taking credit even then for good work that others had done). The outpoints just keep accumulating.

    Thank you for stepping up to put things right. Only you and Marty Rathbun are in a position to effect a change at this point due to your former positions, history, and hatting. I am confident you are acting in the best interests of LRH’s legacy. It appears you know what you will be up against with regards to the legal and financial machinations and other tactics that will be employed against you.

    The good news is that new people today will not easily give up internet, iphones, ipads, and other communications technology, and certainly won’t deny themselves a look at what’s “out there” on Scientology. With comm freely flowing, it will be harder & harder for “Dear Leader” to recruit newbies since so many formers have come forward with their shocking accounts of abuse and greed at the top. Really, it is worse than I even thought it might be.

    Never thought I’d postulate new people NOT starting Scientology, but with so much altered tech INSIDE the church evidently, it is probably better that others’ cases are not messed up. I also hope that governments don’t begin again to try reclassify Scientology harmful mental technology – all too possible under the circumstances.

    I’m probably not the only …

    Former GO in support of what you are doing.

    “Miscavige has a lot of people believing that he, and he alone, is keeping the flame of LRH’s legacy burning. In truth, he is systematically destroying the subject and in so doing, undermining everything that LRH stood for. His continuous present time overts must be stopped – but he is incapable of restraining himself, so enough pressure must be brought to bear from the outside to force him to cease and desist.

    “It will be done.”

  70. WoW Mike! I never heard about these things, being so far down the lines and only public at upper orgs.
    But, it sure does explain (like much else on this great blog does) the dramatizations passed down the line by those who were exposed to it.
    I am not glad it turned out the way it did with me, but I’m glad I wasn’t subjected to the funky things that surely continued to worsen after I left. Things never stay the same…

  71. Joe Pendleton

    Two words – “Bizarro Scientology”

    If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry.

  72. AlexMetheny

    Thanks Mike.

    Boy this stuff is almost too hard to believe it is so sick. $1500. a day holding a boat so he could go diving when he wanted. All of this with our donations…

    LRH says in 6 March 1966 issue 1: “Charity is charity. It benefits the donor, giving him a sense of superiority and status. It is a liability to the receiver but he accepts it as he must and vows ( if he has any pride ) to cease being poor and get to work.” “Charity cannot be enforced by law and arrest for then it is extortion and not charity.”


    Charity: Benevolence or generosity toward others or toward humanity.

    Donation: A volunteer gift ( as money or service or ideas ) made to a worthwhile cause.

    Contribution: A voluntary gift ( as money or service or ideas ) made to some worthwhile cause. ( see donation )

    Extort: To obtain from another by coercion or intimidation.

    Coercion: 1. The use of express or implied threats of violence or reprisal ( as discharge from employment ) or other intimidating behavior that puts a person in immediate fear of the consequences in order to compel that person to act against his or her will. 2. The act of compelling by force of authority.

    Voluntary: Done or undertaken of one’s own free will.


  73. Mockingbird6

    Does anyone know the exact location of the prison in Australia?


    Mike can you just give Dave a call and ask him to step down? Or can you write this up as a KR; also i think anyone who has directly observed Dave’s out-ethics to write up the KR and post it. When I read this post I just take it as data that can or cannot be aligned with other data. I haven’t directly observed it – I can only observe it is on this blog. It appears to me a lot of KRs could be written by a lot of people who have directly observed out-ethics of Dave. Maybe that is being done but I just dont know about it. Hope this helps.

  75. I remember going to the Freewinds a few years ago for the Artists Convention and on Friday night it was mandatory to attend graduation. After the certs were given out, they would close the doors to the Starlight Cabaret and keep us all in there for an all night IAS regging ssn. The only way you could get out was if you said you were going to the bathroom. They had staff members making a body wall in front of the stairs so you couldn’t go to your room. It was so awful that even people with no money were eventually donating money they didn’t have- charging up credits cards- because after 4 hours in a room being shown videos about how the Psychiatrists were killing and torturing children- you actually started believing all the BS. It was awful.

    Not to mention the other numerous horrible regging experiences I had on the ship.

    Thanks Mike for getting the truth out there. Now it all makes sense.

  76. Mike and others who had no choice in the gathering of funds to be positioned as “gifts” from staff…… I think it’s obvious why that happened. It gets around the inurement issue and illegality of taking parishoner funds directly to obtain his cars, etc.

    Set up a money extraction system, indoctrinate the staff so they think they are “gifting” to their leader and voila’…..plausable denial if questioned whether obtaining such extravagance is inurement or not…..”No Mr. Tax Man, all gifts from the beloved staff!!” Truly sad if this was his game.

    Mike, ever any discussion you partook in or knew about with lawyers as a way for DM to get around the inurement issue using this enforced gifting-extraction system?

  77. Christie,

    This terminal you mentioned in Africa, I hope that’s not the same person that has been Idle Orgs I/C for many years already, is married to the same fellow for 20 years and has two sisters also in the SO?

  78. Thanks connected. I know she was mentioned in this staff list here:

    But was off a later RPF list posted here:

    Anyhow, thanks for the update, hope all is well with her. I’m so, so glad I never went into Gold.

  79. Joe Doakes

    Mike, thanks a lot for the write-up. I’m really happy to have your contributions — couldn’t be more timely in my opinion.

    It’s interesting to see how things changed over the years. Having been to the Freewinds more than once it was pretty clear to see how the tone of the staff had changed between visits.

    There is one thing that very much concerns me and that’s the suicide you mention. It was good that you named names in most of the write-up, but on the most important item (to me) you omitted the name, just saying it was covered up.

    Have you turned this data over to the authorities? It would seem to me to be very valuable for them.

    Similarly, with the person sent to the ANZO RPF who was at FSO for DM’s involvement in the McPhearson case.

    Just seems with allegations THAT large, it could topple DM very quickly, just by charging him as a criminal and having him taken to jail…

  80. Mike, a well written peace about what is happening in present time, something we can all sink our theeth in with a common agreement.

    I want that failboat out of Caribean waters poluting Islands and carrieing its cancerous load of bue asbestos not to mention the tiny cancer that is Scuba Dave. Somewhere I have the evil thought of the loose flying asbestos that is floating through the ships ventilation systems will affect little Dave too. But ideally I trather see him in good health contemplaiting his sins in an jail in whatever country that will have him.

    That ship is old it has become ripe for the scrap heap.

  81. If anybody feel for it, I suggest a list is put together where Miscavige crimes are listed together with at least two named witnesses for each incident. Videoclips would also be a great complement.

    This list could then be forwarded to every Scientology celebrity and other important persons for everybody to look for themselves.

  82. Marty, if you ran the Church of Scientology, would you eliminate the RPF?

  83. The video footage of the luxurious accommodations onboard the FeeWinds as well as the breathtaking underwater scenes will come in handy for the TV infomercial, once DM does the Bulgravian Boogie and starts selling Cult Startup Success Kits to wannabee tyrants.

    He might as well, things can’t continue on like this for Cof$ and DM too much longer.


  84. Mike,
    thanks for this article.
    I want to say hallo to Margit Ottmann (in case she reads this some day). I knew her from the beginning day of her coming onto staff at munich org. Hope you can find your way out.

  85. Did you have this song in mind Mike ?

  86. I can confirm 100% as accurate the story from 1st hand observation. I was there, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. So now Mike Napier has become the hitman as result of the wonderful auditing he received from the very best auditor on board “Lurie Belotte” No wonder!!!

  87. I met Chris Beeny. He was sent up to Brisbane to build the 2 film rooms that each Org HAD to have. One a public film room and the other a Tech film room. It was the biggest waste of time, effort and money. The Org building was a rented one and we had to be out of it in one year’s time…Go figure!!….Chris was a really nice person, patient and just did his building of the film rooms and never uttered a bad word or emotion. His end product was really high quality and he built these rooms with practically no help at all. Avery nice man.

  88. Hi. Really curious how having sex with a waitress is considered out 2D. Was some sort of Flag Order issued as new rules that had to be obeyed?

    If so, when was such a thing ordered?

    It certainly isn’t out 2D in the US to have casual sex, as long as it is consensual. Was this just for the Sea Org or did it include lower orgs?

  89. *** — The IAS paid for the $1500 per day scuba boat charters that routinely sat on standby for weeks on end so he wouldn’t have to plan ahead but could take off whenever he felt the urge. — ***

    I wonder if any line exists for IAS members to request to see the books. In just about any membership organization, transparency of finances is part of the Charter.

    *** — Eric accidentally ran over one of Dear Leader’s dogs. — ***
    *** — One of the stewards who was serving DM had a cold sore. For that, she was taken off post and confined to a room alone for a week until all evidence of the cold sore was gone. At that point she was sec checked to find out what evil purpose she had towards COB that she would have a cold sore in his presence! — ***

    Sounds more like someone is PTS to himself.

    *** — But there are a lot of people these days who aren’t cowed by his bombast, bluster and bs. — ***

    Yup, the veils of illusion are coming down.

    *** — His crimes will be exposed until he is no longer in a position to wreak havoc on LRH’s life’s work. — ***

    Thank you !!!

  90. Mike,

    Thank you for this great post and truth. As a public Scientologist, I have my own first hand data and experience with DM and his gang. I directly observed DM’s gross out-ethics, out-tech which made me realized, DM is not a Scienologist and everything steps he takes is against LRH and what he intended.

    Reading what you, Marty and many great SO members have experienced behind the curtain, just makes me sick.

    We must get Ethics in on this criminal (DM) and force him out of the picture for good.

    I am so glad that you and Marty are out and doing something about it. Thank you!

  91. War and Peace

    I would like to take up something in Mike’s blog above that repeatedly comes up on the Web.

    as ordered by DAVID MISCAVIGE

    For those readers that have not lived on a ship, the BILGE is the lowest compartment on a ship where the two sides meet.
    The word is sometimes also used to describe the water that collects here.. Water that does not drain off the side of the deck drains down through the ship into the bilge. This water may be from rough seas, rain, or minor leaks but marine slime, dissolving crud, grease, oil build up, mold, bacteria and even urine can collect in the BILGES. It has an extremely foul smell, and when the wind shifts when you are on a ship, a FOUL ODOR comes up from the BILGES.

    It is the disgusting cocktail slushing about in the BILGES.


    This cruddy foul smelling water and debris is so bad that it is considered a HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE. There is no dumping of the BILGE water FROM ANY SHIP into waterways, it is considered serious pollution with HUGE FINES. It is so bad that even a small amount of contaminants can appear as a visible sheen on the water and the fine is $20,000 a day. Most boatyards have waste reception facilities.

    Because the Reptilian Predator DM enjoys SADISM and BRUTALITY and long duration pain and suffering, he has had Mike Rinder, Heber Jentzsch (at 75 yrs old) Mark Yager
    and a host of other INT EXECs “clean” the bilges, 14 hours a day for weeks and weeks at a time.

    This has been going on in recent years.
    If you ever were forced to be in this grotesque muck , breathing in the fumes and being forced to “clean” it for 1 hour a day you would throw up and go into OVERWHELM. Never mind 14 hours a day.
    The sadistic Predator Miscavige, ENJOYS and has been seen to LAUGH
    at the fate of veteran SO INT execs, day after day, hour after hour, week after week, with no Hazmat ( protection)SUIT clean the BILGES of FREEWINDS.
    He used to do it on INT base with the FECES pond, excreta, slime, leeches and dead birds were so caked in the pond, that people were
    becoming very very sick when they were thrown into. Later, DM forced the execs to clean it by hand.
    When Mark Headley (BLOWN FOR GOOD) reported the dunking of SO members into the FECES pool at INT BASE and it aired all over the Internet, that punishment was withdrawn.
    But cleaning of the FREEWIND’s BILGES out in the ocean, under no jurisdiction of any government is alive and well.
    I report, You decide.

  92. froghopper

    Mark Thank you for your report it needs to be exposed exposed exposed, who else is going to be able to confront the facts of what is going on.
    and had been witness to to some of these reports. I noticed an open investigation is being lauched through Washington as it was posted on this site recently.
    I asked again Anyone have a reliable email address for Marthy Rathburn? please let me know I have asked several times.Any one know what happen to David Light /Barry Watson / Fred Harris Regges from The flag land Base or his wife Fran Harris / Clearwater/ also AOSHDK Gale Sheumaker former Registrar.

  93. My God, that video is really surprising. Some one(s) going to get badly punished for that out-security. It is quite chilling to think of what DM might do now, seeing his skeletons not just dragged from the closet but hauled all over the Internet at ever increasing rate for the world to see. In years gone by he could have got away with a blame game and passing the buck elsewhere, but now all strings are leading right up to his gold-plated door. Let’s pray this madness ends soon.

    Mike, once again my heartfelt thanks for putting the truth out there – you are one stellar character.

  94. Mike, thank you for this expose. This is the behind-the-screen truth that needs to be on the internet comm lines. There are lots of public SCN in “good standing” who are lurking on these boards and this kind of thing will click with some of them for the simple reason that we have seen it and not-ised it in the past.

    I spent way to much money helping Cof S purchase the Freewinds back in the early 80’s and way to many months doing “services” there. It was one of the worst times in my life and I was never so glad to get out of a place than I was to get off that accursed ship. I vowed never to go back, and I never did; not even for the elite Maiden voyages where only the creme-de la-creme of SCN public are allowed.

    In the 90’s Captain Napier had an “affair” with a public, a German celebrity. She was summarily booted off the ship, but protested that they had been “spirit lovers” only during their private picnics on secluded beaches and uninhabited atolls in the Carri bean. I know this salacious information only because my sister’s husband had a book, autographed by this same German woman. Apparently he was one of one of her “spirit lovers” too. Yeah, that whole scene was a mess. I imagine Mike Napier came out better than my sister’s marriage. Plenty of high-jinks on the high-seas it appears.

    But really Mike, thanks you for being willing to expose all of this. Not just the fact that Captain Napier is a horn-dog who get s a slap on the wrist and that DM misuses parishioner’s money. All that is bad enough. But a prison colony on ANZO? Really?! That is just pure whole track dramatization and I hope that what the ex-SCN in ANZO are doing results in closing down that gulag.

    I don’t really know if I care anymore whether or not LRH’s Legacy, such as it is, has the tarnish removed or if that is even possible. But I sure do care that this human right abuses are ended and secondarily, that public exploitation is curtailed. And I do believe that as you pull back the curtain, those important goals become more likely.

  95. In addition to the already scurrilous behavior of DM, there have been many reports of the FailWinds illegally dumping sewage in Bonaire. Citizens of that country are requesting a ban on the ship from coming there as the raw waste is killing wildlife, plant-life, and is seeping into the water table. The movement is gaining traction here:

  96. Sorry to correct you Connected. Kendra was offloaded from the Int base in late 2003 to the LA Ranch, along with 20 or so unfortunates. She used to ferry food up to the LA Ranch from PAC. After a few months all were either declared SP or sent to the PAC RPF. She was on the PAC RPF from later 2003 through to at least early 2005. No information since then.

  97. Police just raided the Turin, Italy Org.

    They are said to have “found secret archives with files on magistrates, policemen, journalists, and relatives of former followers”.

    It’s happening.

    Get out now.

    Take documents with you. Turn them over to police to gain immunity from prosecution.

  98. >First of all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. As long as the Co$ exists in it’s current form, I am your ally.

    And then what, Krautfag? This IS you, right?

    “Now, macciavelli rule #1: The enemy of my enemy is my friend, no matter how I hate him. I can screw him off later once the other fucker is done with.” — from

    “So, you gotta fight the proponents of the tech and successors of bubbtard: COS; FZ; the funny world of Marty; single scilons who are too weird to even fit in with the above.” — from

  99. Mike, My God ! My hands were shaking with
    anger as I read this post. But I refuse to hate.
    Feel better now as I’ve been working on my
    anger. I place my anger in an object while
    holding it , then when I’m ready I release the
    object. Let it go. It works. Now I’m looking out
    my window at the flowers and birds and my
    little buddy ‘Rocky’ the squirel. Back uptone
    where I belong. Thank you for this post Mike.
    You are one hell of a Thetan.

  100. wow – after seeing the recent video leaks of freewinds that shows RTC space & OT courserroms (link to youtube channel below), its hard to believe there still room for DM’s separate office space.

    I’m curious to know what that space was used for prior to being converted into DM’s private office?

  101. martyrathbun09

    Hey Jamie! Thanks for gracing the comments section.

  102. Sex is not allowed in the Sea Org, unless it is with your spouse who also has to be another Sea Org member. There are Flag Orders that cover the exact rules. All Sea Org members know these well. It is considered a very big crime and you can be “beached” for going out-2D.

  103. A lot of ex-scientologists have written KRs about their observations regarding upper management, RTC and DM.

    Problem seems to be that all those KRs directly go to RTC and are being reviewed by the COB RTC.

  104. Mickey,
    I wonder if that ‘discussion’ is what occurred with the very, very expensive D.C. lawyer recently.

    I would suggest to this presently respected legal mind, cleave tight to what you observed before the time spent on the case started to add up. Is it worth your reputation?

  105. Perhaps I should take pause for my blood to stop boiling before I write this but I leave it up to Marty to pull it if it is too inflammatory.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. For every person I know who is standing up and doing something about this situation I know scores and scores more who are either ‘flying under the radar’ or continuing to take some form of service from the church in full knowledge that they are flowing power to this evil.

    Worse some have told me that they disapprove of the way I am handling things and I should stay quiet and let things ‘play out’ or ‘use the correct channels (a nice OSA line willingly forwarded).

    Let’s call a spade a spade here and call this what it really is SUPPRESSIVE REASONABLENESS. I have no respect for it.

    If what you have read or seen or heard from people who have taken great personal risk to reveal doesn’t stir in you the deepest outrage and urge to act and do something about it then I don’t know what will.

    I will fight this until my last breath whatever the cost in whatever way I can. Am I so basically different from you?

    What more can I say. ‘Your personal integrity is more important than your immediate life?’

    I’m sorry but I’m done being nice about this, I don’t think it’s healthy or survival to sit on the fence and watch the players getting hit while you go home to your safe lives at the end of the day.

    For those who know me personally this is not an attack. It just something that needs to be said. GET OFF THE FENCE AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS YOUR RELIGION TOO!!!!!!

    PS. Thanks Mike and Marty for blowing me up like a volcano. Now I need to take a nice long walk and calm down.

  106. Jack,

    that is absolutely me and you can see I am making no secret of my oppinion of LRH and the tech.
    You will also have noticed that in here I stay out of any tech discussion or commenting on Hubbard or the tech. Why? Politeness and respect. I don’t go into catholic churches and piss on the altar either although I really dislike the vatican. It just offends people and I am not here to do that.

    And if, once the DM-organization is dead and buried, you folks are trying to rebuild a new one on the same ruleset as the old, then yes, we won’t be allies anymore.

    So, what is my purpose of posting here?
    – Giving advice of how to stay anonymous on the internet if its needed, so people still in don’t get caught and have to go through the disconnection shit. Disconnection, exploitation and child labor are my primary reasons to bother at all with the whole topic of scientology.
    – Answering questions so that the freshly outs don’t get hit on the head with lots of entheta sites and links they are probably not ready to digest already (on that matter, why did you link to wwp? I would have confirmed the quotation right away).

    I will gladly answer more questions, here or via e-mail (, preferrably e-mail though, this comment page is starting to clog up again and loading slow.

  107. Sarge,
    I have Robert, the Downey Woodpecker outside my kitchen window to get in comm with on days like today reading stuff like this.

    For all the naysayers on the datum that behind the facade of ‘respectability’ put up by those who would attack beings of integrity there exists real, factual, salacious, sordid CRIMES, one only need look at David Miscavige.

    He is an object lesson in the datum.

  108. W&P~thanks for the clarification. How disgusting and degrading for good people.
    There is NOTHING they have done to deserve that! NOTHING!

    The weird stuff that makes it down the line seem like cheesecake in comparison.

  109. martyrathbun09

    Sam, as my man Ernesto “Che” Guevara put it: “If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.” You are definitely a comrade of mine.

  110. martyrathbun09

    Kraut, good observation. Can you change your handle for purposes of this blog? I told Cat Daddy I’m not tolerating any of that “fag” lingo here.

  111. Hi, Mike, I’m not a Scientologist myself, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you’re doing in exposing the gross human rights abuses being perpetrated by DM and his minions (I’ve been reading everything I can on the subject the past two months). What you, Marty and company are doing, in the face of crazy counter-tactics, is more than commendable…it’s saintly. RPF’s, SP Hall’s…this is the stuff of nightmares. I read about individuals like Jenny Linson and wonder how people–especially women–can let themselves become so evil. The fact that these atrocities are going on in the United States (and elsewhere) in 2010 is just unbelievable. Hopefully, the end for this tyrant comes sooner rather than later, and the people on the inside, the hostages, who need psychiatric help, will get it. Although can they ever fully recover?

    Mike, my only question to you is this: how could you endure 50 beatings from that psychopath without snapping? And why did he target you the most? Did you stand up to him more than anyone else? Or was he just threatened by you?

  112. Mike

    Just to add to your comment.

    The flock is kept in check also with the next PR campaign that will “handle it all” and the make guilty if you don’t go into enthusiastic agreement no matter how illogical.

    Thanks for you Posts.

  113. Ditto me ~ the truth hurts…

  114. I heartily second that!

  115. OMGoodness! I could see and have heard of many DM extravagences on land and at sea, treasoness and disgracefull!
    Many have voiced DM’s SP “handlings”. When at an org, the winning valence is obvious, from top to bottom of the org board.
    Cancer, way too wide spread, I personally, know 2 “new” 7s, one clear, and an 8 who have/ had that disease, 1 died, 1 still battling, 2 in remission and in no hurry to get a review,in PT.
    I knew Lud before he went into the SO, he is truly ” a likeable and decent man”. I HATE to think of him, and so many others we have known and loved, cleaning the Bilges, going to the RPF in Austrailia, going to “the Hole”, comitting suicide! this is so not LRH.
    Thank you for this post, it really jacked my TA and pushed me that much closer to do s/g, not just fence watch, but gear up to deliver an effective blow…. despite person danger.

  116. I can surely do. With a little regret tho 😦

    Henceforth it’s KrautAnon then, a clear denomination of my faction seems to be in place.

  117. Marty, on a side note, I appreciate that you obviously discovered the potential of online discussion 🙂 Comparing the rather strict moderation in the beginning to a more relaxed one right now, one of the these days I would really appreciate some of your thoughts to the impact this blog has on yourself, time permitting of course.

  118. Sam, well put. You know you and I are on the sdame page

  119. Yoni,

    Good questions that I can’t really answer satisfactorily. It doesnt make a lot of sense to me even to this day. I stayed as long as I did because I felt an obligation to LRH to never desert what I had signed up for (I joined the SO to help achieve his goals and purposes). I stayed because I had the idea that when the latest crisis was over, things would return to a more sane state (never happened). I stayed because I didnt want to leave my wife and son and daughter. I stayed because I didnt consider my personal pain and humiliation to be more important than the higher purpose of clearing the planet. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I could not go on hoping that things would change, and that LRH would not tolerate what was going on and would expect any real Scientologist to do something about it.

    As for why Miscavige targetted me? Who knows? By his very nature he wrong targets constantly. Flat tire? Kick the cat. DM’s hemorrhoids acting up? Hit GL/MY/MR/RM or anyone in his vicinity. There is no more logic to it than that.

  120. Joe Doakes

    Excellent! This is one of those oft forgotten quotes that (for me) really makes sense.

    That being said, it tends to unmock the financial abuses of the church quickly — so I understand why they wouldn’t want it known & applied broadly.

  121. His email address is posted on the Welcome page of this blog.

  122. Mr. Rinder –

    As the former head of the Office of Special Affairs International, what can you tell us about the types of files OSA keeps on government officials worldwide, and their locations?

  123. Exactly my point! DM is NOT a Scientologist. He’s an extremist. He utterly destroys the subject in a very smart way. Instead of squirreling everything away in a loose way he does the opposite and overdo everything. That’s another way of squirreling, but much smarter. Like his words: “That’s not an option. Not if you’re a real Scientologist” and enforcing everything.

    Very smart. Scientology is supposed to be an interesting complement to life but by making it people’s lives no wonder some get tired of it.

  124. Hi Dominic!!!!!!!!!!
    Remember me? I was married to you for a couple of weeks. LOL – you meet all sorts here don’t you?

  125. Yes, it’s an injustice that Mike Napier got off with a slap on the wrist for having sex with a local waitress, while a lesser mortal would have been sent to the bilges or one of the concentration camps.

    To me though, the real out-point is: why should this be such a heinous crime in the first place? Freud thought the 2D was the root of all aberration, and in the case of Mr. Miscavige he just may have been right.

  126. Wow. Yeah here’s the report:

  127. Watching Eyes

    “Reptilian Predator DM enjoys SADISM and BRUTALITY”

    War & Peace, that sums it up perfectly. Especially the word “reptilian”. Perfect.

    He imagines himself so handsome but he really does have a reptilian look. I like that word! A repulsive looking, reptilian midget. He looks like he has hair plugs too. Take that shorty!

  128. Sam & Chrissie

    We have a sweet little vixen called ‘Red’ who visits each night for food and even brings her clean plate back for refills.
    By the way Sarge d0n’t forget that volatile emotions are way up on the tone scale 🙂

  129. Watching Eyes

    “DM’s hemorrhoids acting up?”

    I laughed out loud. No surprise that he’d have butt problems. Maybe we should all start sending him Preparation H, as a gift of course. He likes gifts, right?

  130. Virgil Samms

    I have been and a few near aquaintences of mine have been on the phones almost non-stop for the last two weeks to people.

    I can safely say there is an entire ARMY of OTs under the radar, who are ready, willing and able to jump in as soon as they possibly can. Most have to stay under for good reasons. But I would estimate that there are a good 10,000 Scientologists who read this blog at least twice per week and are the ready, willing and able ones.

    It is fascinating talking to these people because they KNOW what we post about on this blog and Steves blog to be true. They are outraged.

    On top of that 10,000 there is approximately another 5,000 who are connected up in some way and mildly interested.

    Davie should know that the only thing he has left is his Sea Org and that ain’t gonna last for long.
    I know of 2 staff of a recently opened Idle Org who announced 4 days ago that they are leaving staff to get auditing in the Freezone! This is just a scream!

    ML Tom

  131. Mike, As a lot of us have pondered, why did any one of us tolerate outnesses, abuses,etc. in spite of our own observations that something was wrong? After reading your thoughts above, it struck me- in H COB Anatomy of A Service Facsimile, it states” “It isn’t that trying to be right is wrong- it’s obsessively being right about something that’s obviously wrong. That’s when the individual is no longer able to select their own course of behavior.” Also states that “the intention to be right is the strongest intention in the universe.”
    So one starts off with a star-high goal of making the world a better place, and is continually confronted with examples to the contrary. And then trying to make it right in one’s own mind, and the cycle described above begins. I think the magnitude of the actual rightness of the initial goal to help in a BIG way adds to the phenomena described by LRH above. Because your were right to help, and thank you for what you did that was right when you were in and thank you for working to make things right in the present.

  132. I never saw that activity listed in the Events on any Freewinds promo…

  133. Mike, thank you so much for speaking out, your words have been greatly appreciated for those who have seen the abuses of the CoS from the outside in, and want reform like everyone else here. I wrote something that may be indicative of how some members who are stuck in the church currently feel –

    The troubles I endure, they lie deep within me. It eases my nerves, but detracts my soul, it hurts my insides, to the darkest of the caves, tunnels that go through my veins, and I cannot digest this horror. I’ve tried my entire life to be a good person, I’ve had my bad days, yet I’ve succumb to the times where I felt most lost. I do not define myself through the monetary values in which society has set forth for it’s most evident of failures.

    I am lost. I am deeply stricken by what it is in front of me, and I cannot find myself. I keep looking, I keep searching, I feel the pain deep within’, as if there’s a knife stabbing me, my heart being poked and pulled and stretched into multiple different directions, only to lure me back up into the darkness.

    I have made mistakes, and have reaped what I’ve sown; I have lived the horror, and now need to live a life of peace. I realize I will not hit a homerun on my first at bat, but I also realize that if I take the necessary steps forward in living a free life with a clear conscience, every endeavor I choose to pursue will be a knock out of the park.

    Remember that Ignorance is NOT Strength, Freedom is NOT slavery, and War is NOT peace.

  134. rory medford

    its only time before DM gets paid back in a BIG way!!! His beatings he gives out, his altering of the tech and his waste of parishioner money will come back to him like a thunderclap…

  135. I like to point out that I do believe Mike, Jim Logan, Tom had the most fantastic time in the Sea org or on board the Apollo. Why wouldn’t they being young and going on a big adventure. Boys willl be boys and boys like to be though and dearing.

    Lady Lancelot thank you for giving me the opportunity to email you.

  136. To clarify I can onley refer to testimony of people who Do have fisrt hand knowledge as they alsoo where on the Apollo.

    I am done back to SCUBA DAVE who in my opinionn is responsible for the untimely deaths of people.

    I am looking at you David Miscavige. Since you chose to continue to be an Ass-Clown the rest of us have no choiche to stop you in your tracks.

  137. Mike~excellent explanation~going on hoping. I know that state of existence well. We should put it on the grade chart!

  138. Sam et al,
    I metioned this on another string, but here it is again:
    From JFK: “Dante once said that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crises maintain their neutrality.”

  139. Yeah, they have some serious MU’s on the “ethics presence”. They think it means to terrorize people!
    Ethics means reasoning ability. How intelligent is a person throwing temper tantrums all over the place and policing volunteers? That is NOT ethics presence! That is being a loose cannon and a terrorist! Whatever, sounds like DM has remodeled the Ship so he can hop on and make it his home when he skips town. I really feel for those beneath him that are kept in the dark and are operating off the false data and illusion he has managed to create. That is real enslavement and false loyalty and devotion, as it is given based on lies, lack of information, and pretense.
    All of Miscaviges wealth is synthetic. The people devoted to him are full of illusion, his friends are borrowed from Hubbard if he has any. People fear him because he is unstable and unpredictable, not because he is a superior or bigger thetan. His courage is illusion as he has to lie, pretend, and have continuous body guards even amongst his own people. Public can sense the scene about to unravel and the out of valence in the staff. Not to mention the scorn and hate towards the public for not folding into “grouped terminals on a rampage.” And the sad thing is, this entire movement was based on the good will of people and people who were able to care about the guy in front of them. And let’s face it, if you are a Scientologist and you cannot care about the person in front of you, it is all for naught. This is a complete dramatization of the Group is all and the individual is nothing. And we seem to be the only ones protesting about it. Better us than nothing………. Hubbard was one amongst us. We may be few but we have company!

  140. Dear All,

    Does anyone on this blog know the best way to get refunds? I have huge amounts and moderate amounts of money in some places, and have seen on some blogs that some get refunded and others do not. I assume that I will have to hire an attorney to really get this done. Are there any attorney firms that specialize or have been successfully able to get refunds, as it would be easier to deal with one that already “knows the ropes”, than to start from scratch.

    Please help, as this is one of my barriers to declaring independence — trying to get my money OUT OF THERE!!

    Love to all,
    Lady Minn

  141. Maybe a citizen”s arrest can be done, check this link's-Arrest

  142. Valorie helps people get refunds…she is very good but she does charge for the service.

  143. Mike, when is your book coming out? This thread is becoming a chapter outline. I would be interested in reading how you were prepped for television interviews when you were CoS spokesperson. I am interested in how you got into CoS and onboard The Apollo. BTW, did you know Peter Moon?

    There is a well-documented phenomenon that happens with Religious Dictators: A corrupt inner circle of sycophants develops. These people feed the Dictator’s raging narcissism and false reality system. In return, they are rewarded and their personal failings overlooked.

    Characteristics of Insane Religious Dictators that develop over time:

    * They come to believe that they are essential, universally important, cosmically significant people. Therefore, they must have complete adoration at all times. Mike has noted this about DM.

    * They hyper-inflate even very slight things that go wrong into grievous, spiritual crimes personally directed against them by the Forces of Evil. People are punished accordingly for being in league with Evil.

    * The Dictator begins to unconsciously sabotage the efforts of the group to grow, expand, and prosper. Extreme measures are taken to suppress people. These measures include extreme surveillance and maintaining files on all group members. Disaffected members are punished by the Dictator and ostracized by the group.

    * Whatever sort of enlightenment the group once delivered is gone. What is now delivered is simply an overwhelming experience, or a series of overwhelming experiences. Followers are forced to claim that these overwhelming experiences are wins when in fact they are often harsh, expensive losses.

    * The Dictator turns into a raging adolescent whose frustration is manifested in anger, rage, and periods of intense frustration and depression in which he feels personally betrayed by everyone.

    * No matter how many gifts he is given or how much MEST he accumulates, the Dictator is unhappy and finds fault with all of it. No one loves the Dictator with pure love. No one is worthy of the Dictator. Based upon my reading, Tom Cruise may be DM’s 0nly equal. Even then, DM is senior to Tom Cruise because Dave is COB RTC.

    * The Dictator may become a sex addict who resorts to alcohol, drugs, and prescription medicines to alternately energize or numb himself. Only drugs and alcohol give the Dictator any sensation. People and things can no longer give him sensations since neither mean anything to him anymore.

    * The Dictator finds that the only thing that means anything to him is Control.

    *The Dictator becomes callous and indifferent to the suffering of others even as his need for personal comfort and luxury increases dramatically. Yet even with more MEST and luxury, the Dictator becomes unhappy and angrier: No amount of quantity will handle insanity. Insanity does not respond to quantity.

    * The Dictator magnifies any health issue and blames it on the fact that they are absorbing the negative energy of the group and the world into their own physical body. If they get a cold, it is a cosmic event in which they absorbing negative energy and thereby preventing a disaster amongst their followers from otherwise happening.

    * There are three rings to the Dictator’s Community. The outer circle contains good, moral people who seek enlightenment and lead good lives. In CoS, outer circle are publics.

    The middle circle is a buffer zone between the outer and inner circles.

    In CoS, the middle circle is Sea Org. The middle circle is full of mostly good people, yet it also contains angry, status-seeking people who are working for privileged, inner circle access and rank.

    This aggressive element of the middle circle causes a great deal of disaffection in the outer circle.

    For a long time, DM has used and manipulated the Sea Org. He has blamed middle circle SO for most of the problems in CoS. Musical chairing simply reflects middle circle manipulation by the inner circle.

    Inner circle perpetuate the myth of being superior, but they do not actually become enlightened, wise, or compassionate people. Instead, those who survive in the inner circle do so because they are expert liars who learn how to false report and assuage the ego of the Dictator.

    Inner circle are master manipulators who will use extreme threats, intimidation, and punishment when manipulation fails. Inner circle do the dirty work of the Dictator so that he has deniability and good PR. The Dictator in turn lavishes these people with gifts and special favors. However, if they fail him they fall long and hard.

    Inner circle people typically leave the inner circle quickly and feel angry, abused, guilty, and are much worse off than when they originally began in the group with noble intentions,

    DM has made Sea Org wrong for so long that he is now addicted to it.

    DM has manipulated publics for so long that he is also addicted to that practice as well.

    If you mix spirituality with a psychotic Dictator the results are unworkable. DM has made himself senior to the Tech. Therefore, CoS is at the effect of DM. It is that basic.

    In the past, DM had concentric defensive circles buffering him from Karma. Now, however, the Karmic Vortex has ripped apart his defensive circles and is addressing DM directly. DM’s past actions have now caught up with him and he is trapped. Karma is your past catching up to you. This is what is happening to David Miscavige.


  144. another link's_arrest

    United States

    Each state, with the exception of North Carolina, permits citizen arrests if the commission of a felony is witnessed by the arresting citizen, or when a citizen is asked to assist in the apprehension of a suspect by police. The application of state laws varies widely with respect to misdemeanors, breaches of the peace, and felonies not witnessed by the arresting party. American citizens do not carry the authority or enjoy the legal protections held by police officers, and are held to the principle of strict liability before the courts of civil- and criminal law including but not limited to any infringement of another’s rights.[31]
    Though North Carolina General Statutes have no provision for citizens’ arrests, detention by private persons is permitted and applies to both civilians and police officers outside their jurisdiction.[32] Detention is permitted where probable cause exists that one has committed a felony, breach of peace, physical injury to another person, or theft or destruction of property.[33] Detention is different from an arrest in that in a detention the detainee may not be transported without consent.

  145. Sam & Chrissie

    Quick wit
    Even if you’ve read it before, suggest you take a look at PAB 13 “ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR”. I think you will gain clear insight into all aspects of DMs behavior (including sexual clues) clearly delineated there. If you ever needed mass on this reference here is the perfect opportunity! DM is the mother of all ‘aberrative personalies’.

  146. Jim, Sam and Chrissie, I could talk for hours
    about my ‘critters’ but this is not the time nor place. I have had a problem holding on to my
    anger. I do get angry but found I don’t operate
    well if I hold on too long.

  147. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for this report. Not only is DM completely out ethics, he has also “lost it” as a manager. Doesn’t he think that someone may watch him and later on disaffect and spill the beans?

    Why doesn’t he indulge in a little O/W write up? He is in danger, at the very very very least.

    These kind of stories do not horrify me anymore buy they just strenghten my resolve of bringing to an end the church of scientology in its present form. Many of us have still friends and relatives in there. These guys (among them my disconnected brother) are being exploited to allow David Miscavige and his close circle of friends an extravagant life style above all the rules and above any kind of decency. We shall not stop until such a destructive group is brought to an end.

    Mike thanks for putting truth on the line.


  148. Hi Mike,

    Again, thanks for the well-written report and for being brave enough to disclose this information. As a non-scientologist I am glad the you are sharing this information with the world outside the church. I know both you and Marty are have accelertated the exposure of these atrocities by providing this forum for all to read and by providing a template/example for others to describe their own experiences.
    I see all the Sea Org members walking around downtown Clearwater every day and I just hope that they have not been victims of this cruelty and supression. Please tell me that this cruelty is not happening here in Clearwater too.
    At times it is tough to comprehend the scope (in terms of numbers), and depth (in terms of severity) of these human rights abuses, in addition to the long-term effects of these conditions on the person’s health. Keep up the good work.

  149. Sam,

    I would like to address your post, if I may.

    I completely understand your viewpoint and frustration and as someone who went back on staff to help what I observed were gross alter-is of the tech, let me tell you how it really is “under the radar”.

    I may or may not be many things, but there is one thing I am not – REASONABLE.

    We stay because we care and that does NOT mean anyone who left didn’t care. This is my viewpoint from MY position in space. My viewpoint does not cancel out someone else’s. I care about my public and the staff I work with and I apply the data of order and confusion. If I can just have one little sphere of the planet to create an oasis of sanity for my students and NOT lose my integrity, then I will stay and continue to write up what needs to be written up.

    There is a quiet revolution going on and you don’t see it unless you look. And you have to look to see it. And it is fascinating and I am dying to see what happens.

  150. Mike, Your point is well-taken. One of my offspring, ex-SO, found out Marty needed a set of OEC’s to assist his actions. So we got him a set, and frankly I feel damn good about it- better than any enforced reg-dono cycle I ever experienced. I know there are other materials he could use.
    Re other ways to assist Marty directly, I am all ears!

  151. Hubbardien,
    Ummm, errrr, well, “Scientology is supposed to be an interesting complement to life but by making it people’s lives no wonder some get tired of it.”

    Don’t you mean ‘Something cute. Something to do for lack of something better’?

    Now that you mention it though, DM does like to go bowling.

  152. Amy Scobee

    Was the family of the suicide victim informed of what really happened?

  153. Nice piece Mike. You should be on the show sometime soon after the BBC premiere.

    Nancy Many will be on the KSW Radio show tonight with part II of our interview at 8 PM PST.

    Last week’s show was great!

  154. Goddess,
    Indeed, you are! My personal thanks to you.

  155. P.S. Thanks for sharing the Theta. It seems
    I can’t get enough.

  156. Fellow Traveller

    Sam — Go girl.

    With due apologies to Mr Jefferson and his comrades wherever they may be:

    “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the [] bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

    Viva la Revolution

    Bruce Pratt
    (in John Hancock lettering)

  157. Thanks for continuing to Confront evil, Mike. And, for loudly blowing the whistle in a public space so we call all hear it and respond to the alarm!

    LRH said that “Confront itself is a result and an end product. It itself isn’t a doingness, it’s an ability.” (Reference: Taped Lectured SH Spec 21, 6106C27)

    He also observed that evil is the most difficult of all things to confront for social beings. Facing it, without flinching, is our responsibility as Scientologists on the 3rd Dynamic.

    It is our Duty as OTs to confront evil to prevent the continuation of the downward spiral for Thetans in the physical universe.

    Onward and Upward!

  158. Interesting picture of Love Boat soap opera.

    What a departure from the original “Having the correct technology”. For some time the church is wasting ressources, went down through “waste substitutes”, and now its leader is dramatizing “must be contributed to”.

    What’s next? “Created”?

  159. Aeolus,
    (MOQ-wax on didactic).

    Sex is one of countless ‘sensations’. It has a particular characteristic as a manifestation of action of particles/dimension points.

    One ‘looks’ out with dimension points/anchor points/ attention units. He sees things (dimension/anchor points) out there, with things (attention units/dimension points/anchor points).

    When that ‘looking’ condenses he ‘feels’ things, you enter into the emotion band.

    When that condenses, you go to the ‘effort band’.

    Condense further still and you enter into the low-scale thinking band of introverted figure-figure(not the high scale of thinking/reason/observation and consideration).

    Sex is in the area of ‘feeling’ ‘efforting’ as ‘sensation’. Again, one of countless things to sense and countless manifestations of dimension points and communication systems to sense them (there’s some 52 or so via a human body for example).

    While it may very well be that this particular sensation has a lion’s share of attention units, and has been the target of intentional messing up so as to introvert one into the condensed particles involved to the exclusion of other things to view or experience, it is nonetheless just a simple condensation of particles interchanged among terminals.

    (MOQ-wax off didactic).

  160. martyrathbun09

    No. Stay tuned for my next post soon. I found out who it was and I knew him well.

  161. martyrathbun09

    You lookingin, you found them? You need me to do a C.O.D?

  162. martyrathbun09

    By the by to anybody, anyone got a pre 96 Emeter Drills book?

  163. LookingIn~ A few years after leaving, I flew down to MX and got a little auditing. I had done all of Grade IV before leaving but had never wrapped it up. Lo and behold, just a bit more to address there ~ big ass ser fac on being an auditor, a Scientologist, blah, blah, blah!
    But, I have to say I NEVER would have addressed that while still in and under the mismanagement…no way.

  164. When your havingness is so whacked out, it’s a great sensation. I say. ;^)

    (One of many, of course)

  165. Trust me, even though it’s not illegal in (at least most) US states to have casual sex between consenting adults, that doesn’t mean the org wouldn’t consider it out-2D. You should see some of my KRs. 🙂

    Of course, most of those were false….and the rest were exaggerated. Some of them were really “WTF?” worthy, too.

  166. Virgil~Can you call those OTs in Baton Rouge? Please? My favorite old-timer and Founding Scientologist MUST know deep down he has to do something.

  167. thecountesskrak


    That your parents hard earned money.

  168. thecountesskrak


    That’s your parents hard earned money right there!

  169. Sarge,
    My bud, I’ve got several things to bring up, wearing my Qual guy hat, for you.

    First, ‘misemotional’; “such a word would indicate that a person did not display the emotion called for by the actual circumstances of the situation.” Science of Survival, quote taken from the Tech Dictionary.

    I too have had a couple of ‘outbursts’ over some of the stuff presented here. Some anger, others in different tones. It has been pointed up by others viewing these the above definition applies. They are appropriate emotions to the circumstances. I’m still part of life and living and haven’t gone off to Serenity of Beingness as yet, if I ever will. So, as has been pointed out to me, your responses MAKE SENSE. Not only that, they are cathartic for us since we can see the rationality of another being responding rationally.

    Second, you don’t stick at the anger band. It’s an ability to be fluid on the Tone Scale. It’s part of living large. I’m sure the amount of life you can put into a righteous anger is also the amount of life you can put into exhiliration and I say, enjoy the hell out of life, all the various wavelengths of the whole scale.

    On that note, here’s a section from P.A.B. 8, Viewpoint Processing:
    “In Viewpoint Processing we are looking for the person in the preclear’s past who did not enjoy certain positions on the tone scale. You must know that love, hate, enjoyment and admiration are not positions on the tone scale. You will not find them on any tone scale that has been released by me for they are attitudes toward emotion or characteristics of energy rather than emotion. Emotions are a set band of reactions. Any person who can be freely emotional and enjoy a “good cry,” or even enjoy being apathetic, also can hate “having a good cry,” and so it is as well with love and admiration.”

    Enjoying whatever tone you want is the way to go. When you ‘hate’ the tone, it gets solid.

    Lastly, remember the Mood Drills/TRs? Well, years before these came out, there were two BC tapes, one a Television (TV) Demo entitled TRO Coaching, TVDemo 16 and the lecture that went with it on the same day, 16 Jan 63, TRO Lecture.

    That demo used a principle contained in Creation of Human Ability, R2-31:

    So, using the above, and considering ‘anger’ as a Tone, get as angry as you can, exaggerate it, and then minimize it, and you soon will see how we cause our emotions, it’s a joy of creation in fact, and I say splurge on it. You’ll also get cause over them as a big fat bonus!

    Personally, I love your ‘outbursts’. They make perfect sense to me 🙂

  170. I advice you to read the Anti Social Personality as it is written in Scientology literature first and than wordclear narcissist on the Internet.

  171. Lady Minn,


    Many in the ESMB community have successfully received refunds.

  172. Sam & Chrissie

    Dear Goddess.
    I don’t know who you are or what you are doing exactly, but if you are doing SOMETHING (and Jim seems to love to too) then most likely my post does not apply to you! Those to whom my rant is addressed know who they are – I love them all dearly but felt like a tellin’ off was long overdue.
    Thank you for contributing to sanity and just to handle any wrong indication – I didn’t mean YOU!

  173. 2nd Edition! Marty, send me your addy and I will mail this to you when it arrives.

  174. Oops that last post was just from me (not Chrissie)

  175. Me too

  176. Not Lurie Belotte? She and her sister grew up in the DC org……I helped recover her sister to staff after she blew from doing the OEC\FEBC in LA.
    I didn’t think it was an overt at the time…

    But that may explain why she is fervently still on staff in DC. I would love to hear how Lurie turned out. She used to be such a beautiful, fun person to be around.

  177. Jules Drool


    You’re absolutly right! Well, it was my hard earned money too but my parents have way deeper pockets for DM to sink his dirty little hands into…

  178. Marty,
    Check your in-basket.

  179. Fellow Traveller

    Goddess, I too thank you for what you are doing. You are most definitely are neither “on the fence” nor “under the radar”.

    Had I known you prior to my loosing grace (in the eyes of those Loyalists) , I would have supported you and your efforts. Very commendable. As it is, I can only acknowledge your integrity, competence and perseverance. I do so and thank you for them.

    Bruce Pratt

  180. Printed 1988, blue wirebinding, red meter on cover?

    Yeah I got one of those. and you’ve got my mail address 🙂

  181. martyrathbun09

    What a maroon I am, didn’t even think to go to Qual. Thanks. You are a prince.

  182. martyrathbun09

    Ok Tom, thanks.

  183. No. I mean as an interesting complement to life in terms of greater understanding and a broader view, such as The Third Party Law, Study Tech, auditing, SP/PTS understanding, TRs etc.

    Life itself should be the main activity and Scientology an interesting complement to help you understand life better. By enforcing people to “always be on course” and totally engage in Scientology life itself suffers.

    According to me that is not the best use of Scientology, although I admit one can get heavily sucked up into it from time to time due to the vast amount of material Hubbard created.

  184. Marty,
    Yes a prince. The PRINCE OF DARKNESS!

    I love that PDC tape where the guy writes in to LRH and says he was auditing Lucifer and LRH says in a deep, sonorous tone ‘Who do think I am?!’

  185. That’s her! Things change and not to the better with DM’s vicinity.

  186. Just a bit earlier today I sent something similar to my next paragraph, in email response to yet another story of recent divorce as disconnection. It applies here as well, I think.

    I continue to “wonder” at how people (staff & parishioners) go along with so much ludicrousness – seriously. It’s so clear to me now that as long as there are people who will comply, give credence to, accept as having any influence at all, or will respond to in any way, the orders (threats, declares, imprisonment, extortion, coercion, et. al) will continue to have effect. When there is no longer an effect created the cause will crumble, as without effect cause is impotent.

    Like Igor in the movie “Young Frankenstein”, when the Dr. offered to help him with his hump, Igor replied “What hump”? Poof, no situation.

    I just can’t help thinking that the last thing holding any of this in place is (excuse the vernacular) granting of is-ness and thereafter willing participation.

    Simplistic, I know, but like the guy who complains to his doc “My arm hurts when I do this”, to which the doc replies “Well, stop doing that”.

    Maybe it really is just that simple. Once the emperor has no clothes, and it’s just a little man behind the curtain, then WTF, right?

    I’m certainly still changing, but I am far enough from the fence to wonder, as you, what could possibly exist on the fence worth staying there for.

    And, meanwhile, people remain in abhorrent conditions because they believe they cannot leave, put up with abuse because they think (fill it in yourself, I can’t), etc. etc. and those with much less duress and less to lose, stay on the fence and under the radar.

    I am not judging, and I still try to fathom how any of us ever bought the kool-aid at such a high cost and then continued to gulp it at all.

    Maybe that’s the last bit on the fence for some – admission that they swallowed.

  187. thecountesskrak

    Hello Mr. Rinder,

    Question while on the subject of purges, what happened (is happening) with Diana Hubbard, her daughter and husband (I heard that he had left but don’t know if this is true)?

  188. Tara,
    I don’t think you are alone in that havingness. Even if you are, it’s still havingness.

    Now, let’s march ourselves to Liz Ingber and request to go to the RPF’s RPF in PAC. That’s where all the ‘havingnessers’ go, right? Maybe we can read about ourselves on this blog, after DM enjoys himself with a scotch and some George Michael tunes.


  189. Jim, Thanks, Makes perfect sense to me now.
    God I Love Elmer Fudd!

  190. Dear David you are only a Bad copy with smudges all over of the Original and an inversed one at that.

    Whatever the founder did that I disagree with he made some profound statements.


    “The freedom of an individual depends upon that individual’s freedom to alter his considerations of space, energy, time and life and his roles in it. If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved amidst barriers such as those of the physical universe, and barriers of his own creation. Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation. He creates these barriers himself, or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  191. I wish to share some direct esperience in handling some suppressive squirrel application on one of my pcs. This person got litterally butchered with unnecessary dianetics auditing and 10 intensives of secV to make him as wrong as possible. During some of the repair an L1C was used with prefix “On your Flag handlings” It was the livest L1C I’ve ever done on anybody. Almost every question read and some more than once. Then It dawned on me that Flag as it’s right now is a suppressive environment so I’ve done a quad ruds handling on it as such. All the flows read, no exception. No further comment is necessary.

  192. Message received from fb friend who was told to disconnect:

    Re: ??
    “I have decided that I want to stay in comm with you and Linda. There have just been so many things I’ve been wondering about because they just didn’t add up. They are starting to add up for me now.

    I have inquired…. about Heber, why ED Int isn’t on post, and asked who was holding the post of CO CMOI…and where is Debbie Cook? We’ll see what he does with this…if he finds these things out for me or if he writes up a report on me. That will be my gauge of how I play out my next step.

    There’s no doubt this is going to get ugly for me…but what’s the alternative? Can’t unknow what I know.”

    There you go, folks. The ship is sinking.

  193. martyrathbun09

    Thank you for healing the afflicted my man.

  194. Martin Padfield

    “But I would estimate that there are a good 10,000 Scientologists who read this blog at least twice per week and are the ready, willing and able ones.”

    10,000 + another 5,000; isn’t that about the entire CofM field these days?

    Anyway, every fibre of my being hopes you are right about this Tom, but the REALLY able ones have already stood up and said ENOUGH!

    I don’t want to re-hash the arguments for/against going public – it seems to be a touchy subject with some, but if just 10% of those stood up simultaneously, 1) There wouldn’t be enough goldenrod on the planet to cope with demand, and 2) Davey is history overnight.

  195. This says it all.

  196. @Marta:

    “Maybe that’s the last bit on the fence for some – admission that they swallowed.”

    How true, oh how true that one is. For me at least.

    I’ve always believed that when I see evidence, I have to change my viewpoint. I managed it with this kool-aid stuff, but it wasn’t easy. And I’m still not over it.


  197. Having grown up among Cuban refugees, I learned that the myth is not the same as the reality regarding Che.
    From Wikipedia,
    “Guevara was an extremely harsh disciplinarian who unhesitatingly shot defectors. Deserters were punished as traitors, and Guevara was known to send execution squads to hunt down those seeking to go AWOL. As a result, Guevara became feared for his brutality and ruthlessness.”

  198. Theo Sismanides


    You definitely seem like a bright person and really I admire you being respectful in some way in this site. It could be worse, I know.

    However, why don’t you, if you want to mix up with Scientologists and ex Sea Org members, get a little bit more interested instead of just being intersting and familiarize yourself with some stuff, like what can a thetan do to communicate better, what is the Tone Scale and what is 1.1 etc.

    Little things that would at least give you an idea of why we are doing what we are doing.

    I hope I am not offending the Anon background of your’s. (that was an 1.1. comment, did you get curious now to find out what an 1.1. is?) You see you cannot talk with some natives and do not understand their language. It’s out PR. That’s all. And sometimes it makes you, meaning the misunderstood words, feel weird and too different from them. Understanding is inherent to a thetan.

  199. Jim,

    It was a rhetorical question, actually. I myself once started an affair with a waitress, and it turned out to be one of the best moves I’ve ever made. It’s enriched my life in more ways than I can count, including some simply awesome children and grandchildren, and it’s still going on.

    I only wish Sea Org members could have the same.

  200. Thank you all here, all who have gone before us, and those yet to come … ♥

    (quote by jack kerouac)

  201. Tom,

    This sounds hopeful and exciting. Thanks for making the calls, the connections, and thanks for sharing your conclusions.

    If they’re ready, willing, and able, then my closing question would be something like “What would have to happen for you to step Out, today, Mr/Ms ____?”

    Seems to me, if the “entire ARMY of OTs under the radar”and those “10,000 Scientologists . . . the ready, willing and able ones” put aside their good reasons for a brief breath, walked away en mass or a cascading avalanche, while raising their hands along with their names and saying simply “I no longer support the organized CoS in any way”…… my bet is the thing that made their reasons good wouldn’t exist long in the wake of it.

    At the heart it’s held together by agreement only. The “form of the org” is only held there by agreement, so follows the perceived hierarchy, authority, status, emperor, wizard, and the perceived loss.

    But, there must still be some doubt there. Each gotta work the condition for reals. We all did out here.

    So, all my positive thoughts to the Army of OTs, the 10,000 ready, willing, and able, and everyone else still in whatever stage of agreement that the CoS might still or yet be what we all wanted it to be.

  202. martyrathbun09

    3feetback, Out of context. He witnessed US backed regimes disappearing thousands throughout South America and in Cuba. Cuba was bombed unmericifully by CIA after Che and Castro took out a far more ruthless US backed dictator. Only reason Castro went communist was out of self defense.

  203. Sarge,
    Deh feewings are mutuwow.

  204. H,
    OK, I get ya now. I agree too, that life is to be lived, on all 8 dynamics.

  205. Virgil Samms

    Sarge, I’m trying to find the referencde Emeters for Guns and I can’t find it. Jim?? Where is it??

    ML Tom

  206. Jules Drool

    When I was on the ship for one of the MVs, it was discovered that I had an unauthorized TWTH book in my cabin, by a KR that was written on me by another public. Before I knew it, the Dir I & R and Chief MAA had already gotten the housekeeper to unlock the door to my cabin, ransacked my bags and took the book without telling me!

  207. Virgil,

    Can you give any more details? I’m curious as to what you know.

    I ask because over here on the East Coast, I was amazed to go to a friends house for dinner and find several OT8’s and a few on OT7 who were speaking out very aggressively and loudly during dinner, during dessert and late into the night.

    It was interesting to sit back, slam down a few and listen.

    The common denominator that I could see was not their case state – though that was amazing – it’s that they were all trained. And all very well respected.

    Then again, I don’t know nuthin ‘bout nuthin…..

  208. Jules Drool

    Is this the same Chris Black that I met while at Flag? On the outter org trainee program? If so, remember that picture you sent me a while ago, while we were still in of you, me and the 3rd of the 3 muskateeers??

  209. W and P.

    I am just wondering how often a senior exec, or even an SO crew member is down cleaning the bilges?

    Could one hazard a guess and say that at any given time, someone in the SO is slogging through that toxic waste? If they can’t dump it in the ocean, do they just slosh it around until they get to port?

    And, at the same time that this is occuring, public are studying and auditing the highest levels in a “safe and non enturbulating environment” above, completely unaware of what is going on.

    What a dichotomy of theta and entheta.

    It is strange and sad to have found this incredible tech and to then discover that the most dedicated of staff were treated so inhumanely.

  210. Aeolus,

    I apologize for taking advantage of the rhetorical question to ‘wax on didactic’ 🙂

    As to the adventurousness of beings with romantic endeavors such as you relate, well, S.O. or not, nothing ventured – nothing gained.

    I myself had an incredibly adventurous romances in the S.O.

    The last one, was the best, and VERY adventurous. Fortunately for me, my co-adventurer was even bolder than myself. Man, by today’s DM twisted 2D standards…ahhh, discretion and respect for the lady shall leave this between her and I. (Too bad Dave, it’s just you and George Michael tunes again.)

  211. Yeah! Close to what I was thinking:

  212. Tom,
    I found HCOB 30 March 60, Interrogation:
    “We have a lot of reforms ourselves but we don’t need criminal agents or dead people killed in riots to put them in effect. Don’t use guns, use E Meters to make a country secure.”

    Is that the one you were thinking of?

  213. @Aeolus:

    You too? Same here! (OK, without the grandchildren bit).

    Here’s a nice 2D story to help keep the thread a little lighter.

    ’98 or thereabouts, I was married and had a nice house on a hill in Joburg. I bought it from a guy who bought it from a guy who built a 40 foot yacht in the front garden (s’true!). Then a divorce happened.

    Wind the clock on till 2006 and I met a real nice girl at work and we hit it off. She’d moved back to live with her folks and they live on that same hill in Joburg. I said I used to have the yellow house that used to have the boat.

    “OMFG!” she says. Apparently it took 10 years to build that damn boat and the neighbours hated it (property values and all). Then it turns out she’s 15 years my junior and when 18 or so worked as a waitress at the fish restaurant nearby (in ’97).

    Guess what? I’m sure she was the waitress when I ate there with my ex……

    And we’re still together 4 years later (the girlfriend that is, not the ex), have a nice house in the valley below the hill and each of us gets a new step-kid. What a bargain – instant family! And we’re all friends with my ex too – she comes for dinner whenever she’s in town on business.

    Nice story, but what’s the point? It’s that a sane 2D is entirely possible, you just need ARC and maybe disclose your overts.

    I too wish that Sea Org members had a safe space where they could have a real 2D and family.


  214. Fellow Traveller/Bruce,

    Had you been in my course room, no one would have been able to come near you. They would have to get past me first and that hasn’t happened yet.

    As it stands now, I hope you are doing well and that you have made the right decision for you and your dynamics.

    That’s all I really want for everyone.

  215. crashingupwards

    Wow. I would expect all the other state law enforcement agencies in Italy which have scientology churches in their area are getting ready to do their own raids. Maybee even in other countries. News like this travels within those circles.
    The fbi raids in the late 70’s obviously has not keep the church from their old practices. One more nail in the coffin.
    The whole operating basis needs to be overhauled.

  216. Oracle,

    Having been staff at Class V level, you got it just right. I am glad I have found others who see.


    That was perfect!

  217. Dear Connected, Deirdre, Solace et all,

    I last spoke with Kendra Bogaz/Witcher back in 2008 when the “new books” were re-released. She called me out of the blue to see how I was and to “enlighten” me on the upgrade of all the basic books.

    In speaking with her she was put onto the RPF after the offload from the Base at the end of 2003 and the Pac Ranch. She did the RPF program and amazing that she got through it in such short time as compared to the 10-15 years it takes everyone else these days. I don’t know what org she was now with but she was doing her duty calling and trying to get “ex -so” staff to buy the upgraded books – which I didn’t BTW!! I asked about her husband Karl and she had told me he was sent down to ANZO for a project but I have since found out he’s on the RPF down there. Also that when he finished they hoped to get back together and decide what to do with their marriage at that point. She told me they had been in letter communication only since 2003/04 and obviously seperated since then as well. Another marriage torn apart by Misciviy’s law. I haven’t heard from her since then since I didn’t buy from her.

    Side story: Prior to hearing from Kendra some may remember Kuno Wolff (my ex). He called me out of the blue when they first released the books to tell me how amazing they were and how he’s now been able to read and understand them all being English a second language for him. I told him I would give it thought and should I want them I would call him back. He has been down in PAC after getting kicked off the base in 2003 because he was riding his bike and had a little altercation with Misciviy on the sidewalk. Of course that was instant offload and supposedly he was supposed to be off loaded out of the SO but managed to hang in there at the BPI warehouse undetected. Now he’s working in the Galley at PBC.

    Now to carry on with the story in this vein some of you might remember the next person. Since Kendra was so unsuccessful at regging me to buy the books I got handed off to David Bogard – “Bogie”. He called me numerous times telling me it wasn’t his intention to sell the books he was merely enlightening me. Sadly to say the last time I spoke with him I had just arrived to my Hotel room in San Diego for a Memorial Weekend vacation overlooking the Habor drinking a Corona on my balcony – Priceless!! I finally thanked him for all his enlightenment and that I would give it thought and should I decide to buy them I knew how to get ahold of him. He too is now working in PBC in the Estates division.

    Lastly once again I heard from Kuno and the timing I’m sure was well planned and not by him. The SP Times had just come out with the story and my video interview on how many times I left from the Int Base. This time it was after another big release event where the Church had just come out with all the Human Rights DVD’S. And here was Kuno calling me up to get me to buy the DVD’s and Human Rights radio Ad’s, I’m like whatever am I going to do with these not too mention I had just spoken out about the Human Rights violations within the Church. The timing was uncanny and I knew he was being recorded and I’m sure just waiting to see what I was going to say and if I’d bring anything up about the fact that a story about just that had come out in the SP Times that morning. I just played it cool and didn’t get into it. I’m sure he had no clue about this story but was told to call me. Another Priceless moment!!

  218. Hi Theo,

    thx for that bright person remark and well, offending an anon…that would be a quite a hard thing to do, given where anons stems from.

    And of course I did familiarize with Scientology-talk and the, hm, theory behind it. To a degree.
    Years ago when reading esmb I couldn’t even make out wtf these people were talking about. So I did what anons do: lurked moar.

    Don’t worry, I completely understand WHY you did/do what you did/do. And I don’t assume a minute that an actual real believing scientologist has any other greater purpose than helping others to experience what he perceives as a very good thing. The Problem is that in my view spiritual/mental progression via the tech isn’t a very good thing.

    The reasons why I think that I would happily discuss with you, but I am not sure if here is the appropriate place for this.

    However, to a degree I familiarized with the lingo so I know what everybody is saying. But learning and memorizing details, just like the actual tonescale numbers, when I can look them up if I need to? I can’t be bothered, sorry.

    This is very much out PR, but then, I am not on a promo tour.

    Still, thank you for your friendly approach to what seems to have stirred a little unrest here, given the unusual number of comments to one of my posts which usually is zero.

    Musta been the placement on the top of the comment page, methinks.

  219. martyrathbun09

    Anon, I edited your comment. You gotta problem with that?

  220. War and Peace

    Dear Mike,
    I got so carried away defining what “Cleaning the Bilges” was as a punishment, that I did not acknowledge this post, which is TOP NOTCH in revealing what goes on behind the glitter and gloss of the shiny FREEWINDs magazine.

    Thank you for your superlative posts.
    I can confirm Virgil Samms’s post of the vast amount reading Marty’s blog and your posts ….far reaching effects…..more than even you know.


    War and Peace

  221. War and Peace


    CLEANING the BILGES is a DETERRENT used to keep INT execs in line with the North Korean Indoctrination Reptilian Predator DM is famous for.

    It is a frequent punishment.
    Please read this story as well

  222. No, I can’t even find the edit. You sure you edited out something? Was it a Typo?

  223. Concerned Citizen

    Unauthorized TWTH? How is that possible, there is a unauthorized version? why?

  224. Thank you for the update, Jackie, and a funny side story. 🙂

  225. Fellow Traveller

    Why, thank you very much, ‘mame.

    And right back at cha!


  226. Concerned Citizen

    Wow, in the early ninenties or the late eighties. I found this lady so enturbulated. She had recruited a brand new guy into the FSO. This person was new to Scientology too and happened to be standing some place DM walked. DM said hello and the new guy answered back, hello I’m blah blah, who are you?

    Well, the man went into an appoplexic fit and had the new guy vanished from the base. How dare he noty know who his excellemce Miscavige was? the recruiter had to do lower conditions and could not understand how this could be a problem, let alone a major out ethics situation

  227. Impartial English Girl

    KB, DM strikes me as exactly like Dudley Dursley in the Potter series – except, obviously, for Dudley’s restraint at the dinner-table and his overwhelming social tact and charm… 😉

  228. one of those who see

    Mike, Thanks for your comments about being aboard the Apollo. Important that people hear that.

  229. First, a friend mentioned this exact subject to me just today. I could very well imagine that the many suppressive arbitraries injected into someone’s OT levels (the regging, the pressure, the ethics, the extorted donations, not to mention the illegal sec checks every six months) could begin to mess with one’s case. LRH says that cancer is the 2D going out of control on a cellular level. I have nothing to offer but an opinion: the OT level materials cleave very close to the being himself/herself and I believe that the suppressive environment of the church as it is run today makes for a toxic spiritual cocktail. Myself, I wouldn’t be drinking it today, not until DM is history and the church is reformed more along the lines originally envisioned by LRH. Until then, I’ll do my Scientology in the independent field, thank you.

  230. Concerned Citizen

    He is neither, he likes the power and money but this is not his main motivation. his main motivation is fear, he is a suppressive person, he feels everyone is out to get him, plus some additional imaginary people.

    The thrust is not just towards money making, but the impediment of and factual destruction of the subject. Why? he knows what he would do to people if he ever found them to be guilty of just a fraction of what he is guilty. Any person able enough to see through him must be destroyed and caved in.
    So he is not an out ethics Scientologist, nor is he a “wog” posing as one, he is a criminal usurper, and like Stalin, he is capable of most heinous acts to assuage his thirst. He lust for the destruction of all around him, plain and simple.

  231. Dominic, driving force behind possibly the best promotional piece ever for LRH and Scientology,
    good to see you here.
    All the best,

  232. It’s obviously a failed experiment. The RPF was not originated by LRH but by an aide at the time. In the beginning it apparently got good results because people were able to redeem themselves but it has morphed into something sinister and no sane person would permit it to continue. Not speaking for Marty, but you asked an interesting question about the future of a reformed Scientology movement.

  233. I’ve heard Margitt and Erich are living in Alaska and doing well. I remember them both fondly and would love to reconnect with them.

  234. >I continue to “wonder” at how people (staff & parishioners) go along with so much ludicrousness – seriously.

    Maybe they don’t see there is any credible alternative. Is this real AT ALL for anyone here?

    Now that may well change when there is a more visible and productive independent scene. But until then, imho, it is not such an easy decision to make!

    Let’s not forget that which is drilled into each and every CoS member – that practitioners outside the group are nothing but squirrels who, whether knowingly or not, are messing up cases and screwing with people’s eternities. Faced with the choice of that, or putting up with more shit within the CoS, it really is a no-brainer.

    That may be ludicrous to a lot of people. But please do not be so quick to judge. For the most part, in my experience, the CoS is made up of some ~extremely~ kind, caring, intelligent, WONDERFUL people. People who are absolutely dedicated to helping others go free. How do these people effectively continue with this purpose outside the CoS? How do these people make it to OT outside of the CoS? These are two incredibly important questions that I would guess many a member asks him/herself when doubt begins to creeps in.

    Then one has to weed out where all the indies actually ARE, which FZ groups even deliver 100% standard tech (if I recall correctly, Dominic stated “Ron’s Orgs” do in the C4 Beginner’s Guide to LRH doc, but on at least one RO site I have read recently there is significant mention of CBR squirrel tech, “Excalibur”, Super Static R/Ds and the like). I’m a UK public, living in England’s capital city, yet I am still trying to work my way through all the FZ junk to find a decent, ethical, on-source auditor/group that can deliver. Maybe I am not looking in the right places, but I’d like to point out that for some people, in some areas of the world, it can be a real struggle.

    Yes, there is a lot of crazy crap being reported, some truly horrific things it seems. And from an outsider looking in it must seem OUTRAGEOUS that there aren’t more CoS members in public uproar, or leaving in droves. I see Sam (above) talking of personal integrity and it’s importance over one’s immediate life…? This is not about one’s body, or this lifetime! Surely you can understand that!?

    Maybe I am looking at this in entirely the wrong way. Maybe it’s selfish, and I am opening myself up for abuse. But it’s not so black and white, imho.

    Whatever their reasons in the end, it took some of the guys here a loooong time to leave the CoS, enduring all kinds of crap but still persevering until they could take no more. Well there are, I’m sure, a lot of others out there, other “Martys” and “Mikes” we don’t know about (SO, Staff, Publics alike), who are going through similar issues, similar questions, doubts, pains, etc., but yet to find the door. Just don’t be too quick to judge them for not finding it on YOUR time. Please.

  235. Impartial English Girl

    I was utterly staggered to read this blog post. Such abuses of basic human rights; just appalling. The Freewinds seems almost like the RMS Titanic – they know that ice is ahead, they’ve had warnings, they know that others have stopped for the night or turned back, yet so convinced of their supremacy are they that they continue to steam at full speed towards annihilation…

    Maybe the ship should take a tour of the seas off the East coast of Africa. Those Somali pirates would just LOVE little Captain Crook and the loyal parrot that sits on his shoulder, l’il Tommy D…

  236. Jules Drool

    There was a version with the cover aimed at the gay community. They still do custom covers for just about anything, but all have to be approved from the powers that be. It was originally approved by OAS Int because there were a few people in L.A. who were going to open up a mission in West Hollywood. So of course, some of the homophobe “OTs” on the ship freaked out, wrote a KR and the TWTH books were taken from my cabin while I was off the ship.

  237. Army of OTs out there.
    Jump in anytime you like.
    We have very high havingness and can handle it.
    Sure would like to get this phase (rampant PTSness damage control) over and done with and move onto healing and constructive delivery. I only fight because it’s necessary at this stage of the game. How about it? Once the ‘war’ is over we can start re-building lives. All of us. I’m sure that’s what everyone wants.

  238. Yes, there’s one of the Army of OTs or 10,000 ready, willing, and able – almost. I don’t see her sinking yet, though the listing a bit more to starboard she may be.

  239. The truth is, the public used to flee from the Orgs if the Int Execs came around. Unless they were retained in a courseroom or HGC. They would flee.
    Twice, I had public put me in their hotel room at the F.H. to hide me from the Int Execs while they were at the base. We hid together. They did not want me to go out of the room with the Int Execs on the base.
    I thought it was funny at the time, but looking back……..

  240. I haven’t been on an SO base in quite a number of years.

    But, even when I was there….


    We fuc*ing HATED..

    AND I MEAN HATED them.

    They destroyed everything we worked day and night to build.

  241. Pingback: Top Posts —

  242. Virgil Samms

    MOQ – excellent and thanks my man. That’s the quote I wanted to show Sarge. He and I used to use guns, but now we use meters to settle this war. We’ll get our chance Sarge.

    Your Brother,


  243. Sam,

    I can’t imagine disagreeing with you – you are so cool. Therefore, may I simply introduce you to “Goddess” so you can learn a bit more about her. She appeared on our radar over at Linda McCarthy’s declaration of independence at (I know – it’s hard to keep up with all the goings on here, given the hundreds of comments made to every one of the posts on Marty’s blog these days. But please go over there and search for “Goddess” to learn more about her.)

    Best as I remember, and taking Goddess at face value, she’s a course supervisor at a Scn mission on the East Coast. Like you, she is super-cool. She tells her students not to bother going to events and donating to IAS donation drives because those will delay their progress up the bridge. She has big-time personal integrity.

    Frankly, I think you two could be new best friends.

    Goddess, you’ve got Superwoman-sized ovaries. Meet Sam. She does, too.

    Just Me

  244. Cured Robot

    Honestly, this was so heart wretching that I could not even respond. I was deeply saddened as well as felt equally betrayed – that experience ongoing on and off since reading these blogs in ’08. While wishing this were all untrue for the sake of LRH’s legacy, I know in my heart (due to personal experience) that it is not. These actions are irreprehensible, the worst being the poor guy driven to suicide all while Dear Leader and his attack dog IAS regges are living it up.

  245. martyrathbun09

    Just Me, You are one valuable friend.

  246. OK, w/r/t “Army of OTs” — here’s another couple of datapoints:

    1. An OT7 friend of mine on the East Coast emailed recently to say he’d been to a party recently with a dozen or so other OTs. He said NOBODY at the party talked about being on lines or next services or trips to the Freewinds. In fact, he said the whole evening was spent avoiding the subject.

    My friend says he bets (and I bet, too) everybody there is posting or lurking online, but still too nervous to broach the subject.

    2. Today I had a conversation with an old OT8 friend. He’s gone. Bye bye. Nada. No more.

    This isn’t happening as fast as some of you want. But the speed today is much faster than it was four months ago. It’s called momentum!

    Just Me

  247. Cured Robot

    Furthermore, while this may seem simplistic LRH says it all and the OSA bots can try to lay the blame on “the greatest whole track SP’s of all time” , one only needs to take a serious look at what DM has done (including the destruction of the grade chart and Universe Corps for bullshit reasons & I’m sure a whole book can be written on this, etc.).

    HCOPL 20 Jul 70 CASES AND MORALE OF STAFF, “Any and all trouble occurring in orgs during a long period of heavy enemy attack on them was traced not to the enemy BUT TO THE LOSS OF TECH MATERIALS, REDUCTION OF THE USE OF TECH (as in quickie grades) AND IGNORING STAFF CASES.”

    One only need to look at the recent LA org mag, re the attainment of Ideal Org, didn’t contain one single promotion about the academy levels and the grades!

  248. Sounds like the one I’m referring to. I recall one sister, but maybe she had two. Honestly she’s a good person – and I don’t hold her fully responsible, but she does play a part in the mess. However the true rot comes from the top.

  249. Re Barry Watson –

    As of last year, still in the C of S. Possibly still working for a WISE Co. in LA. Was doing some auditing (not on staff). Saving for VII. He’s an incredibly bright thetan. A Kiwi you know. Was CS V for awhile back in the day and helped write part of the Basic Auditing Series.

  250. Mockingbird6

    To Sam, about that army of OTs out there,
    Well, some of us are on our Project Prepare.
    Love, M6

  251. Mockingbird6

    Why do you think DM hides or is surrounded by bodyguards all the time. No one could get close enough to make a citizen’s arrest. LOL

  252. Lady Minn, I have guided self and six others through repayment cycles involving money that was sitting on account. For these cycles, you do not need a lawyer.

    I can send you a complete writeup of the letters and the strategy we used to get money back that was on account. Flag is the easiest to deal with and the Ship (FSSO) was the worst.

    We have not had a single repayment refused and it was ALL HANDLED BY EMAIL. 🙂

    I wrote up the entire process on ESMB in a thread titled, FSSO repayments suffering from a lack of money? Here is the link:

    I will write up the process in a new unit of time on my site under the title: “How to get your unused account balance returned to you”

    Look for it later this week, meanwhile check out the ESMB thread.

    David St Lawrence

  253. Mockingbird6

    You made me realize that when Jo Jo Wawawa (?) sends out her “Don’t talk to this person they’ve disaffected” statements, it’s not going to be long before people start saying, “Why are so many people disconnecting? What’s going on?” She can’t hide the stat if she keeps telling people to disconnect!

  254. froghopper,
    David Light is posted in the FSC WUS office in PAC. Saw him there myself this past March.
    Barry Watson was public living in L.A. area last time I knew, in 2007.
    Last time I saw Fred & Fran Harris was at FLB in 90’s, they were not posted there. No data on where they are now.
    No data on Gale Sheumaker.

  255. Hi and thanks for the data Mike, unbelievable,
    it’s like a bad dream that you don’t wake up from, what a betrayal to so many on so many levels.
    To First and Joe Howard – re the cancer, it would be interesting to know, I am OT VIII, been in for near 30 years and I have been diagnosed with cancer, man was it a shock. Also I know many OT V’s who have died of cancer.
    Cheers guys

  256. But this stuff about the Captain and his 2D…what the hell he got a little nookie. It was free, didn’t cost the Church anything, on his own libs I assume? He was an adult and she was not a minor? These are his civil rights and he was not breaking any law. Let’s get off the “out 2D” ser fac can we? Cause if we are going to drag that into this arena…the “Can’t have 2D’… I just can’t get onto that band wagon. This is taking us back more than a few hundred years into the “puritan” age. Cheers to Mike Napier for stepping out of the box for a moment! It KILLS me to think of the people I should have grabbed and didn’t because of that “our 2D” ser fac I went into agreement with!

  257. I meant “out 2D’ ser fac. But heck maybe they both are!

  258. veritas….. you come up with just great offerings. What a wonderful, short and impacting vid… Leave it to Apple..

    Think different, think for yourselves, think out of the box. For a box has boundaries and the more out –make that WAY OUT– of the box you think, the freer you are….

  259. Nightmares Getting Less

    I can attest that as a stupid young punk that I yes was indeed sent to bilges on a certain ship (any idiot can figure this out) way back when because yes, I admit I was being naughty.

    But guess what? I wasn’t only sent there I was locked into these bilges and was for 3 days. I was given food and water 1-2 times per day.

    Janice Grady can attest to that.

  260. Just when i think i heard the worst of it…more horrors come up…shipping people to anzo and them having to do the RPF twice over?Sad about NIck cifarelli..i remember him as the cutest baby when he was born and i was his nanny and just adored him!

  261. Thank you for your feedback.

  262. I mean here is Mike, going in circles for thirty years on the ocean, the wife he came with booted off because no one cared enough about her or the mother of his children to get her through OT3, and someone has a gripe because he did something fanciful???? The Out 2D policy was written half a century ago. It is OUT PR to regulate someones choice on these matters in this century. The worst PR the Church has is the sadism they lay on people about the second dynamic!

  263. Nightmares Getting Less


    It was the “Chain Locker” where the chains for the ships anchor were. Though, yes I was sent to the bilges as well.

  264. Now, this “out 2d” ser fac, I will tell you why I don’t buy into it. First of all, it was cancelled decades ago, O.K.? Second, it catered to people’s button on the 2D. Well, we didn’t care about people’s buttons on the other dynamics did we? We didn’t care that we worked and thought on a different 3D or 4D or the other dynamics did we? We didn’t cater to those buttons. Beyond that, Hubbard was married three times. One time he denied on film (secret lives) the British Documentary. All of his children except Diana have disconnected from the Church. His wife spent years in a federal prison and when she was released she was kicked to the curb by male admirers. One of his sons committed suicide. Hubbard knew a lot of things I didn’t know, he took me to places I never thought I would see again. He knew about magic. I know he knew more than I did. I learned from him. He helped me. But on the second dynamic??? I would rather just leave that area up to myself to work through. It is a dynamic that is only successful when it is in desire on the CDEI scale. Once it drops below that, it is worthless exploration. So to have someone else monitor your actions on that dynamic is irresponsible. In the Sea Org it has been run as a can’t have and a ser fac. Of all the stupid crap to throw in someone’s face!

  265. I would think the larger protest here would be about what happened to Mike Napiers wife he went into the Sea Org with. I can protest about the brutality that woman went through. She was kicked off the ship because of a rock slam. Mick sailed off into the wild blue yonder while she sat in terror viewed as a virus for weeks abused on the RPF at the base. I think that is a bigger issue than the fact Mike hooked up on some island with some cutie for some afternoon delight. Let’s revisit this guy offloading his wife and what happened to his children and what responsibilities he has taken for those kids he bought into this world and get off where he is dipping his wick when someone isn’t policing him!

  266. I mean, didn’t this guy Jorge end his life in degradation and humiliation over some petty 2D crush he was punished for?

  267. So Excellent Notsaware!
    And reminding me of a tip for lurkers still in, wanting to get out!
    Tip for those in a funky handling: many auditors since Golden Age of Tech can no longer spot a floating needle.
    When you decide you just can’t take it anymore, make up some BS PR cognition and smile. Yes, you will have what is technically an ARC break F/N but you will be able to get the hell out and save yourself further degradation of your case and your life.
    It works…I promise.

  268. ***Don’t go on hoping***

  269. And FINALLY, screw you Mike! We don’t wanna hear about people’s 2D! DM is using that to torture people! We are all grown ups and we know about the 2D!

  270. The Sea Org as a group has a LOT OF NERVE to order women for abortions, order people to abandon their spouses, leave children without a family FOR years, cover up rape incidents, and frown upon any affection or allegience between it’s members, and then mock people for THOUGHTS or creating on the second dynamic or reaching. This is more of that black magic called “look over there, don’t look over here!”
    Of all the repelling illusion and torture and scam laid upon it’s group this is THE WORST sham !
    The REAL second dynamic crimes are CONDONED and ORDERED and ENFORCED.

  271. Hi AbbeyRose. I just watched a fantastic documentary on Netflix: The Beautiful Truth “This documentary follows the journey of Garrett Kroschel, an animal-loving teenager raised in Alaska who, after reading a book by Dr. Max Gerson, is inspired to investigate its premise that diet can cure cancer and other diseases. Garrett travels across the country, visiting with physicians, scientists and cancer survivors to discuss Gerson Therapy — and Gerson’s claim that the medical industry has suppressed natural cancer cures for years.”
    I have seen in my own life that of literally hundreds of people I am in contact with, very few have had any kind of cancer. So it does seem like a higher percentage in/connected to CofS have gotten it.
    One of those few just died from his, after going through the trauma of conventional treatments.
    Anyway, if you want to watch it but do not have access to Netflix or such, let me know and you can use mine to watch it.
    Best wishes to you too!

  272. J. Swift – this is an absoluetely oustanding analysis of the psyche of the Petty Tyrant Dictator. Thank you! You find this not only in religion, but also in politics – the film The Last King of Scotland is a good demonstration of this in politics.

  273. Just Me
    Thank you. I will look her up. I think you are very very cool too but I have no problem with the occasional disagreement – I can be a bit outspoken when my hair catches fire 😉

  274. @Marta: In all the accounts I read so far there usually turn up 3 reasons why people put up with all the crap inside: mostly it is the fear to lose your family and friends, then the fear of losing the “eternity”, and for sea org the existential fear of just being out there with no money, no job, no wog training, no place to go.

    @Jack: that was a great post!

  275. Tom, I haven’t owned or fired a weapon since
    Creston. Even if I did, I have no desire to
    shoot anyone. Thanks Bro.

  276. V, Hi.

  277. Misemotion
    Another wrongly redefined word in CoS.
    To which I say,
    Misemotion This!

  278. Was recommending Gerson therapy to my mum the other day. Her husband is OT V (both SO members) and has just had major surgery for cancer. It appears management really pulled out the stops to handle ( he’s a really valuable managment terminal) but at the end of the day what therapy is going to take in this instance?

    It’s Environmental Menace, plain and simple.

  279. Here Here!

  280. Theo Sismanides

    Theoracle, I think I agree, too many rules and no desire! Finito!

  281. theoracle~I got it.
    I could write a season or 2 worth of episodes on the subject.
    My 2 little girls were 100% the reason I had to get out.
    Long sordid story cut very short: Yesterday, I called a man I hadn’t spoken to in 12 years (his kids connected w/mine on Fbook) and I apologized to him for not taking up for him when his wife used confidential crap from his PCfolders to suppress, threaten and harass him into NOT trying to get any kind of custody of their 2 kids. (She and I grew up together in the mission, had our babies together, were BFFs, our babies were BFFs).
    (Insistence that she use that confidential info came from the new ED and Mission Holder grossly PTS to IntMgmt.)
    He was so happy to talk with me and told me he is a huge part of his kids’ lives but they are completely uneducated and ill-prepared for life thanks to the substandard “home schooling” they’d gotten under their mother’s thumb. They HATE the CoS and presumably LRH because they’ve basically just been neglected and ignored in LRH’s name.
    Their mother married a crack addict shortly before I left (yes, that’s what I said). Of course the kids nor their father knew this about him; they only knew he was psycho and fought with their mom when he was in town…
    Their kids are reaching to MY kids now. WoW!
    Ah, this is getting too long.
    The point being about suppression of the 2D for the “greatest good” absolutely RUINING people’s lives…for generations.
    So again, I got it. I understand you completely.

  282. Virgil Samms

    Sarge, read that the other way around.

    ML Tom

  283. And the culture is perverse is this way, actually perverse! …… “Oh! I’m so holy! I have not had sex with anyone or even thought about it! I am HOC qualed! This morning I dumped a pregnant woman with three kids out of a Van on the streets of Miami! But I am soooo clean on the 2D!”

    This is real theetie wheetie!

  284. crashingupwards

    Martin, your right. There are a lot of “OT”s out there who are strictly first dynamic types. A lot. They are not part of any solution. If they stop contributing funds at least they stop being part of the problem.
    How powerful and at “cause” is anyone only able to exert influence over their first dynamic?
    I’d hide my certs in a drawer.

  285. Doc "Smith"


    I think you should take another look at Mike’s post. It looks to me like his protest is not the out-2D action of M. Napier, but the fact that any other staff would be RPF’d for something, while M. Napier ony got a slap on the wrist since he was DM’s henchman.

    Re your other concerns on the attention to 2-D, I remember a div 6 tape play when I had just gotten into the church in 1980 ( I don’t know what the name of the tape was), where Ron says : the 2-d and money are the most aberated areas of the bank, so until you get up the bridge just pick someone and make it go right. (paraphrase). I assume Ron fit into this area as well.

    I agree with the things you say as I’m sure many here do.

  286. Oh, I got that part Doc. Thanks, yes, that was Mikes intention. Still, I do not care to ser fac on Mike for his “out 2D” on a public forum.

    I know the tape you mention, and plenty of people well up the bridge are being policed even harder on the 2D.

    How about a little 2D responsibility? How about parents wearing their hats?

    These RTC staff meetings where one staff member is ridiculed for having thoughts while another has a van load of women on their way to planned parenthood for the weekly abortion run is absurd.

    Complete hallucination!

  287. Thank you Tara. I could also write a few volumes.
    I think we’ve seen enough of the 1.1 crimes against the 2D while the OVERT actions are held up for ridicule.

    There is a Scientology Kids forum now of protesters.

    Most staff go for years without a session with out ruds for fear of what will become of them for THINKING.

    I was put on the street at 14 because I mentioned
    something negative about Scientology. I said the neighbor told me it was a “crutch”.

  288. And needless to say, I wasn’t “HCO qualed” when I went in the Sea Org! Such a dissapointment!

    My mother was offloaded as a PUBLIC from the Org a few years later.

    WHO recovered her back on the bridge into the Freezone and got her ass up through the OT levels?

    Not the Org, not the Sea Org.

    ME. I DID.

  289. And you go have a look at the kids DM raised.

    You go have a look at CMO.

    There are people there over 30 that cannot make their way down the road to Hemet. They don’t know how to drive, they wouldn’t know how to rent an apartment. They are afraid of the highway out there. But they are HCO qualed!

    That man has 1.1 overt products as a father!

    He has an entire tribe of children he has raised that are warped, hallucinating, incompetent, disfunctional, emotionally shut off, viscous robots!

  290. And he has come to hate them and torture them.

    Because he has taken no 2D responsibility.

    And he has a huge history of child abuse.

    And he stands behind a ser fac where he belittles other people’s habits and point to them. “Look over there! Look over there at John Doe! Look what he did! Look what she thought!”

    No. I’m not falling for the oldest Carnival trick in history. I am the master there DM. Not you.

    I am looking at YOU DM.

    And I see exactly what you have done and what you are doing and your overt products.

    And in every galaxy from here through eternity, I will be able to see you. And I will be able to look at you and know exactly what you are.

  291. That Bubba Joke is very populair. So if I would be a Scientologist I would say there are strong postulates to have it go in that direction.

  292. You are a true friend of Mankind.

  293. I think marriage in the Sea Org is distorted anyway or gets distorted by the way it is all set up.

  294. Honest observation about the founders 2D.

  295. disproportionate punishement by people who should not even have the authority over minors.

  296. @ 3feetback, Much depends on the viewpounts of the contributors to the Wiki Page.

    It is a great strarting point for research but there is a reason Teachers want Schoolchildren not to qoute Wiki in their projects but look beyond that.

  297. I’ve been stepping up contacting people on facebook. It feels good to do something. It’s easy just send them links with a brief message if you don’t know them.

  298. CL — I doubt that this sort of thing goes on in CLewarwater except when Miscavige is in town. Though over the years, and especially in the last few, the idea that a good Sea Org Exec treats all those junior to him with disdain and no sympathy or empathy has become increasingly prevalent. I will call you. Have just been busy, but would love to chat for a bit. Mike

  299. I get the reasons, KrautAnon. I’ve had them and lived them and don’t discount them or want to minimize them.

    And, Jack, I honestly wasn’t trying to judge anyone by my time. Just wanted to share a perspective from the place I’m in today – looking back through the looking glass, that’s all. Maybe it was positively received by some. I’m sorry it wasn’t so much for you.

    It’s not all peaches & cream where I am either, seeking services, looking at wether or not I’ll accomplish any more of the Bridge this life – or even if I want to.

    But right before I stepped out of the church I came to the point where I’d rather just study and apply the Scientology materials I own, on my own, than to settle for any of DMs bass-ackwards applications. Monetary prices aside, the costs were just too high. I know, I know that’s just me.

    It was a very personal decision. No army, no friends coming with me. Just me and the fat lady singin’ together.

  300. You pull out Science of Survival and look at the chart of human evaluation.

    You can see the Sea Org is a 1.1 group.

    And you know how safe that space is????

  301. Love reading you,the Oracle.You are brutally honest and outspoken,spot on.thank you.

  302. Chris Black

    Heya Jules,

    Quite possible. When? While I didn’t actually train at Flag – I did all my training at ASHO and AOLA – I did go to Flag for NOTs and my OT VI and VII and 6 month checks.

    I do remember something absout a “3 Muskateers” photo, although my memory of it is a little hazy. Let me know if you can access my email through this blog. If not, I’ll post it.


  303. Since we’ve been discussing here the 2D/kids particularly, I’ll post this here (don’t know where else to anyway).
    It hit me tonight as I drove my 2 older kids to meet their dad, maybe DM et al know very well that they’re stopping PCs and OTs from returning and continuing up the Bridge. Maybe it’s part of the master plan.

    I’m pretty well aware of where my 2 oldest came from. I had my OT friends out recruiting for me while I was pregnant. I did my own recruitment whilst pregnant for the third, outside the CofM. The top selling point was the promise that they could continue up the Bridge.
    I intend to keep that promise.

  304. I don’t get it, are Miscavige’s resources endless? To be able to carry on all these character assassination and harassment missions…it must cost a mint. From all accounts, he’s burning money like crazy. Or is that what everything’s about? Trying to get members to stop funding the Church directly, so he can’t get his money on more capital?

  305. I love this post. If only there was an international jump ship day, when ALL those under the radar came out together and had a massive party when they saw who else came out with them!

    I know a lot of people have family in the SO and don’t want to be disconnected to them. No judgement from me about that, folks. You have to do what you have to do.

    My encouragement would be that this is a crucial time in the life of the Church of Scientology Inc and the Sea Org. BECAUSE there have been so many people going public and leaving, the organisation is being affected and even some SO are seeing the writing on the wall. HOW MUCH MORE would happen if all of the under the radar people were to go public at once? HOW MUCH MORE would happen if each time a SO staff member called one of those people to try to recover them, they got told that there is an army of Scientologists outside the church who would love to have them come and join in and practise Scientology the LRH way, and that there’s a network of people who will help them find their feet out in the world and build a good life for themselves and REALLY help others?

  306. His 2D was a train wreck. Look at the 3D he created, the Sea Org. Do I blame him? NOOOO.
    There is a math to this thing. You can control yourself. As you “group” in the dynamics others have control. You have to divide the control. Right now divide the control of that 3D between the number of Sea Org members, which is ever changing as they flow in and out. Can you imagine trying to hold any one person accountable for the condition of America? I don’t see anyone attacking Columbus.

  307. BINGO. no more “raw meat” either for DM

    IAS funds are DMs personal wallet.

  308. Sarge, you seem like a lovely guy. I’ve thought that before today. I won’t contradict you if you believe that how you express anger can be a problem. I’ll just say that I’ve never seen you on this blog express your anger inappropriately. There is such a thing as “righteous anger”, or anger at injustice – and I’ve seen that in you. I’ve not seen you directly attack anyone else. So, please don’t think your posts have been anything other than upbuilding.

  309. This is horrific. How old were you?

  310. I should have added that the kids of staff I’ve ever met or heard of are totally turned off by Scn and want nothing to do with it. If they were whisked off at a young age into the S.O. then maybe they’re in but then they’re under DMs thumb too and they’re not going to go up the Bridge that way either.

  311. Nightmares Getting Less

    Heather G,

    Re: Chain Locker-

    Put it this way, I was under the age of eighteen.

  312. SomeoneElse

    Which is why we have sites like

    It’s why the photoshopped images keep on coming, and are put on postcards that get send to Gold.

    Because Anonymous doesn’t like to see unwarranted self-importance, we’re *very* good at skewering egos, and when your target is so easily trolled, that’s the icing on the cake. And in this case, of course, he pulled it in with gis own hubris.

    Does anyone know if CornCOB still demands copies of everything printed about him?

  313. Huckleberry

    Time, place, form and event, Mike. Keep providing it. This is like sunlight and holy water to the Whole Track Dramatizing vampires masquerading as Sea Org executives.

  314. I applaud your efforts to expose and fight current abuses under DM. However, I need to point out in response to “War and Peace”‘s comment about DM ordering people to clean bilges on the Freewinds, that cleaning the bilges for 14+ hours per day was also a popular punishment under LRH on the Apollo. I know because I did it myself in 1974 while on the RPF’s RPF and many others did as well.

    That said, I get that things are much worse under DM than they were under LRH, but LRH prescribed some of the same “too gruesome” punishments as DM now does. Although at the time we didn’t use the term as a noun, “too gruesome” comes from the writings of LRH.

  315. Pingback: Operation RPF: Restoring People’s Freedom « Leaving Scientology

  316. Kendra apparently has finally been released from RPF or at least transferred to AOLA and has been stalking me with phone calls trying to get me to buy altered LRH tech Miscavige books since April 10th. I left SO and Scientology in the dust in the late 1970’s that’s right OVER 30 YEARS AGO. I knew Heber and Yvonne well. Somehow the Cult found my OLD last name, on some mailing list they bought and have been calling my home phone number – 83 times at last count in the last 2 and a half months. I told them not to mail me anything, so have only received 3 letters and have returned the last two to sender, not responded to any, answered only the first call. Kendra now blocks her number when she calls, but since neither my husband or I use our home number to receive calls, even when she doesn’t leave a message it’s not hard to know who it is. I do feel bad for her, I know he evil troll blocking people from going up the bridge is forcing her to do this, but I refuse to participate in it. The one letter I kept has her at AOLA, phone 323-953-3461, email, perhaps someone who knows her can help her escape. If you contact her PLEASE DO NOT let her know my last name or email address in case she doesn’t want to escape. I refuse to have anything with the Cult of Miscavology.

  317. Belated thanks for the update. I keep hoping that one day I’ll hear Kendra got out.

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