Black designer T-shirts, clarification


I believe that you guys accusing me of playing low ground with DM missed the point entirely. I am calling him out on calling the kettle black. DM walks around in muscle shirts all the freaking time. Ask Jeff Hawkins and Steve Hall. He even has his black uniform shirt tailored to show off his biceps, goes down to Int, settles into his chair with all Int around a big conference table, puts his hands dramatically behind his head and flexes his biceps which his sleaves are tailored to squeeze to make look bigger. Then he routinely tears into hours long rants accusing International Executives of the most graphic homosexual activity. If they do not acknowledge his originations – such as a regular one like “why are you stuttering, what’s the matter, you got Guillaume’s jizz in your throat?” – with the affirmative, “yes, Sir”, you’ve got a 75/25 percent chance of being beaten to a pulp. Ask Mike Rinder, Jeff, Steve, Tom Devocht, Amy Scobee – or anyone who was there – whether I am making this stuff up.

Now on the other side of the coin; I want to tell you about Cooper’s “hissy fit” that DM’s freedom accuses him of. DM and his phalanxes of 800-1000 dollar an hour lawyers pummeled Anderson and his producer Ismael Estrada and their Executive Produce David Doss with several months of outright and despicable harassment. When Cooper opted not to be DM’s bitch, they went to Atlanta to CNN HQ. They brought the Hole with them. A dozen screaming mimi’s with 250 pages of perjured outright lying affidavits. They went to the Mother corporation Time Warner and played the “remember the 90’s suit when we cost you 7 million dollars and got your insurance coverage cancelled suit? Well, we’ll bankrupt your ass this time” card, while also playing the “look at the all the advertising bucks we bring to AOL, etc” (Time/Warner/AOL, etc. Anybody?).

Now DM had the entire process shut down. And Anderson Cooper, god bless his soul, rather than throwing a “hissy fit”, simply and in his inimitable, T.R.s-in style said “no!” And Estrada and Doss backed him up. Jobs were threatened. And they stood strong. Why? They had no dog in the fight. They had a nine month investigation that demonstrated lives were at risk. And they were damn right. And they were forced to compromise on the final product. But they would not be silenced.

And that is the “hissy fit” from the “male model.”  The same guy Dennis Clark, and other DM-bots, are being a lot more explicit about in email campaigns and in covert black propaganda ops being run by OSA.

Anderson Cooper is more of a man than David Miscavige could ever hope to be if he ever g0t up to the point of even hoping to be.  The same goes for Tom Cruise, whom DM routinely uses (including his most powerful talent Agency CAA) to put political and financial pressure on those who might muss a hair on Dave’s carefully coifed head.

Am I calling DM a “hissy fit” throwing creep who acts and lives like a diva male model?

You are goddamn right I am.

And if that results in ARC breaking a lot of folk and losing a lot of readership, so be it.

Ask Paul Haggis if I give a damn about somebody’s sexual preferences.

I do give a damn about a man on the verge of getting away with hundreds upon hundreds of aggravated felony assault and batteries, in the name of L Ron Hubbard no less.

And I will see that justice is done.

And tonight’s post was part of a larger, long term program that I believe will achieve it. I apologize for not providing more context earlier.

Thank you for letting me vent.

I’m out.

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  1. Penny Krieger

    With you 100%.

  2. “Anderson Cooper is more of a man than David Miscavige could ever hope to be if he ever g0t up to the point of even hoping to be. The same goes for Tom Cruise, whom DM routinely uses (including his most powerful talent Agency CAA) to put political and financial pressure on those who might muss a hair on Dave’s carefully coifed head.”

    There you are! That’s the target. Zap-Poweeeee!

  3. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks Marty. I feel your righteous anger, my friend. It reminded me of the response General Maximus gives to Commodus in Gladiator when Commodus demands to know his name after trying to rebuke him for turning his back.

    “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next!”

    I love your style, bro. And I respect you more than anyone I know.


  4. martyrathbun09

    Ne, the feeling is mutual.

  5. All Marty is saying is that Miscavige is a fucking hypocrite.

    Miscavige is making fun of Anderson’s designer T’s, yet he and cruise have them on themselves.

    I myself “sinned” on the last post, making a gay-related jab at DM and TC. It was a joke in the spirit of the moment. Didn’t mean it seriously at all. Sorry for any confusion or offense.

    Keep it rolling Marty! 🙂

  6. Fellow Traveller

    Marty —


    Thank you much.

    (key out phenomena) on all kinds of things, none related to the immediate prior post. But you have aligned much floating data I’ve had on the media treatment(s) you have been reporting since Jan.

    Now we speakin’ shack lingo. I gots no problem wit dat. I gin shack. I like shack.

    Bruce Pratt

  7. Freedom Fighter

    Geeze, and I was sittin’ here thinking that what was really at the bottom of all of this is that DM is just pissed that AC is moving in on his style — kinda like two women who show up at a party wearing the same dress.

    Actually, it’s quite clear that the AC 360 expo hit a nerve with Davey. Things are starting to heat up in the kitchen, big time, my guess is things are just starting to get warmed up. We’re getting a live demo of just how psychotic a true two and a half percenter can be and who better than the form IG Ethics to bring on the heat!!

    Marty, my hat is off to you and the others here who, despite any and all personal danger, are doing everything you can to bring this guy to justice. Let’s face it, taking out the trash is never a pretty job and this is some pretty stinky trash.

  8. Murray Pearlman

    Vent, Vent, Vent, how you don’t vent more is beyond me dealing with such an incredible SP, who has destroyed Scientology within the Church. On another line Marty, I have been working the floods in the Nashville area of Tennessee. Tremendous damage with most of the organizations such as Red Cross etc here helping the people out. No sign of the VMs cause there isn’t enough publicity I guess. We all sure enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas.

    Murray & Family

  9. Marty,

    You told people to ask me and others whether what you said about the meetings with Dear Leader was accurate. Well, nobody has asked me, but I stick my nose in here anyway.

    Every word of what you said is not only accurate, it is an understatement. I know that the language used by Miscavige is so over the top that if you really described it nobody who hasnt been there can believe it. It was the problem I had with the BBC when they were asking me to recount specifically what he said. It was embarrassing to say it. And I am no prude. Your version was but a tiny taste of the warm-up act before he gets to the main show.

    As for the T-shirts, I have seen them 100 times. And the black-shirt bicep flex — maybe 1000 times.

    Don’t worry if anyone agrees. Those who havent been there will never be able to fully understand what it is going to take to put an end to Dear Leader. His hypocrisy is a valid target. So is his vanity.


  10. Well said!

  11. becomingAware

    You are doing fine Marty. Venting now and then is healthy and sane.

  12. Mike, Do you know if Miscavige has attempted to silence BBC as well on your upcoming appearance? Any predict on when it is coming out?

  13. Watching Eyes

    Right on Marty! Now that’s calling it like it is!

    Some people will continue to pick at little points and have mild upsets but once they put their attention back on the big picture, and it’s BIG, they’ll get over it.

  14. Amen Marty.
    You are perfectly, crystal clear.
    Much Love and thanks.

  15. The word I;m using to describe these videos now is “silly”. I think that sums it up somewhat, for me anyway. Although I’m not personally in the things, so maybe that doesnt work for you.

    Two things on the gay t-shirt issue:

    (My books are in the bedroom and my wife is asleep so bear with me)

    It’s a suppressive characteristic to spread malicous rumors (It’s a rumor that Cooper is gay).

    It’s also at 1.1 on the Chart of Human Evaluation.

  16. AlexMetheny

    Ya Freedom fighter,

    Maybe DM is just jealous that AC looks better in his shirt….

    I am a happily married hetrosexual by the way…
    Just sayin… 🙂

  17. Redneck Thetan

    Thanks for expounding on what Anderson and his crew went through to air the report. I have never admired him more. If you want to scare a news executive, say the word “lawsuit.” The fact that these three wouldn’t let the story be shelved even with that threat speaks volumes about themselves as journalists and as people.

    And for the record, I don’t have any issues with what you said. Frankly, I think a lot of us who have kept up with this probably thought the same thing when the “designer T-shirt” thing came up, right from the first time TD mentioned it to the Daily News a couple of weeks back.

  18. Oh my God and holly Mary!!!

    I almost sh*t on my pants in fear after considering this BIG monetary power that our Sky Lord has to tailor made motorcycles, tailor made shirts and tailor made videos and opinions.

    He is a giant.
    Just a giant SP that will crush us aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall.

    We, little rats.
    Small and unprotected.
    Life is just wrong!

    It´s better I run right now to LATAM continental Justice chief and beg for forgiveness before its too late.

    I can give my calzones with a rayita de canela as a dono or damage compensation!
    (I still ahve bright ideas)

    Fu*k. F*ck. F*************ck!!!!!!!

    What have I done!???¿^*

    Hold on, just wait.


    Is not sh*t on my pants.
    Just a f*rt as a release.

    I was having a nightmare!

    PS: If you think my language is obscene don´t worry.
    My pope was my teacher.

    The reign of terror IS falling.


    NO ammount of paid propaganda can change that is-ness.

    Duplicate me.

    The reign of terror IS collapsing.

    My respect and pity for all those inside recieving the weight of the collapse in the bottom.

    The honorable staff members.

  19. Joe Howard

    And let’s not forget that in 2003 DM had UNIFORMS, not just casual T-shirts, but freaking Sea Org u-n-i-f-o-r-m-s designed for him, his wife, his girlfriend Lou (oops, COB Communicator and constant companion) and his personal office staff based on this black muscle shirt motif, complete with Captain’s bars. I kid you not.

  20. martyrathbun09

    Since I think Mike is might be secured, I’ll pipe in. Yes, they are definitely putting huge pressure on BBC. They were scheduled to run months ago too. They are spending all PR capital – as well as millions up on millions of parishioner donations raised by years of hard work in this one year to keep DM’s crimes a secret.

  21. martyrathbun09

    Murray and Family, good for you on helping with the flood. You are probably right about the lack of publicity.

  22. Right on Marty…it takes what it takes to wake some of these people up.

  23. mjrinder,

    Was DM always like he is or did it sort of evolve over the years?

    One confusion I still have is that DM produces products. The new orgs, the basics, the materials grade chart and some other stuff.

    Some of it looks good, but it’s like a very complex facade. Thats the only explanation I can think of. His products are the worlds most elaborate hoax. It looks good enough to keep you fooled for a lifetime. But these products, upon careful, unbiased, true observation do not produce the desired (or promoted) end result.

    I’m not talking about the tech, but DM’s programs.

    It’s bizarre, mind twisting whole track style mind fuck stuff if I’m seeing it right.

    I mean, what is going on here? Have you guys thought about this?

    You were so close, do you have it any more figured out than me?

  24. I remember those vividly. He wore it publicly in one of the MV briefings. Black muscle shirt uniform with gold bars. That’s right.

  25. Watching Eyes

    Yes indeed, so is his vanity. Just getting the mental picture of that shrimp flexing his “muscles” is hilarious. What muscles? Twelve year old boys don’t have many muscles and the dwarf really looks like he stopped growing at just that age.

    ps. Should we send him a Moped… a gift of course.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Hitler and Mussolinni ran very effecient operations that produced all sorts of impressive MEST.

  27. Quicksilver

    Well said, Marty! … Thanks to both you & Mike.

  28. That was awesome Marty, keep up the good, I support you!

  29. Now seriously Marty…

    IMHO we must focus on something called CONTAGION OF ABERRATION.

    Some of us are trained auditors. We know the extra giant supreme importance of stoping the aberration from one generation to another.

    We can now stop this aberration from this generation of:
    Quote: “Scientologists” Unquote.

    …and erase it so it vanishes and will not be aviable for the next generation.

    Our handling is, has been in the past months and would be (IMHO) expose the exact time, form, event, etcetera… so we have an as-is ness and bring about sanity.

    We do this in several ways.
    All with the same purpose.

    Is a fact.
    This generation of scientologist who consider us “a bunch of SP´s” thanks to the black PR handlings of CofS will be ending in a few decades.
    The new generations will not be fooled.

    No more Adrians separated from his sons.
    No more friendships broken.
    No more fear to lose one´s job for pointing out a fact.

    They will have us.
    All the way.

    What this has to do with today´s post?

    What this has to do with this blog?

  30. martyrathbun09

    Roberto, Thank you again.

  31. HA! Just today my husband mentioned the tailored black uniform that DM wore at the last MV briefing we went to. We both had a little stuck attn on it at the time. It seemed way too vain for an exec somehow… Funny that this t-shirt thing is coming up. Anyway, thanks Marty and Mike for the behind-the-scenes look at DMs vitriolic beingness. Gee, not the same guy we see at the events at all. Can someone say 1.1?

  32. It is impossible NOT to produce something with hundreds of dedicated staff members behind you and thousands of public believeing you and millions of dollars to support it.

    Even dumb and dumber could do it better with this ammount of resources.

  33. Ok Marty that helps. I couldnt quite understand the mindset or motivation or something. I may do some reading to figure it out further. It does seem like a pattern. A whole track dramatization?

    It’s the concept of a suppressive politician/leader who has all these seemingly pro-survival programs and activities, but is secretly sabatoging them, or maybe they fail because they are subterfuge and therefore not important as they are.

    Oh hell, this is confusing. Why would someone want to do that their entire life? I totally dont get it. He’s powerful as a being, I guess, but somethings way wrong if things really are as they appear to be.

  34. War and Peace

    Marty ~~
    You have so MANY MANY Friends.
    Lifetime friendships, theta support.

    1 million hits to the site in one year.
    So many friends that do not post but LURK.

    LRH said something about his wealth was counted in how many friends he had.

    Conversely the predator DM creates new enemies by the day……

    I do believe Panorama BBC will air. I believe it.

  35. Geez Marty. Took 5 minutes to get a bowl of cereal and you’re telling everyone I am on some 9 to 5 senior citizens schedule! 🙂

    Yeah, all the stops are out to try to prevent the BBC from airing. Ultimately they won’t succeed, but they love to throw money (i.e. expensive law firms) at something like this.

    The Church have developed an interesting pattern: 1. Refuse to cooperate with the media, 2. Claim that they have been given impossible TM’s because they are working on events or org openings (when this is virtually the only thing that happens any more so there is no time for anything else, ever — especially not a nosy reporter) 3. Laugh derisively at all requests to interview Miscavige (“He wouldnt stoop to your level, he only deals with heads of nations and movie stars”) 4. Delay any way possible 5. Meanwhile threaten, threaten, threaten with high priced law firms 6. Instead of responding to the questions the media ask, demand they take tours of the palaces (doesnt matter if it is relevant — they can later say that the media “refused their open access”) 7. Demand they assign some other reporters to the show because these ones are “bigots” 8. Find any power comm line to the top of the org board and try and get the show stopped that way 9. MOre legal threat letters 10. Nitpick every statement to death like you’ve seen in the CNN video “proving” no violence at the Int base because Dave was flying around the world in Tom’s jet 11. When all else fails, THEN demand a dozen people be interviewed as another delay tactic. Once the show has aired, complain about how unfairly they were treated, that the media “refused” to take tours, “refused” to interview Miscavige (who kindly offered to squeeze in an hour for them after the New Years 2012 event), that they didnt report any of the good things that they do and that they exclusively interviewed liars, cheats. thiefs and criminals (as evidenced by their facial hair).

    MOstly, it s a delay tactic to try and wear the media down. Ultimately it doesnt work. But it does create more and more enemies in the media.

    The BBC isnt scheduled yet. See above as to why.


  36. winsmexico,

    One other thing is that he is a very good speaker. I have seen the last hundred entire events (estimate) and I can recall him making maybe two slight mistakes. I’m talking like one slight stumble and one slight mispronunciation. Thats amazing. And he seems very on purpose, like powerful on purpose. But somehow the purpose is twisted. It’s apparently not the same purpose ou or I have with Scientology.

    I still dont get it. Maybe I shouldnt try. I’ll just look at the products and leave it at that.

  37. Steve Cook

    I have to admit I kind of enjoyed seeing the pictures of Gold again. Too bad they were void of people, I would have liked to pick out some of the folks I know. I know they are avoiding any chance of any pictures of Gold crew on the internet.

    Yes the “castle”. When I was there last it was being used as a warehouse. What movies have come out of there in last few years? Haven’t heard of any and I manage to hear about these things. Probably working on redoing most of the tech films because the current ones have so many “SPs” in them. (right Dan?)

    And what about the “park”. That wasn’t there when I was last on the base but I know where it is. It’s right outside of DMs office and is just meant for him. No crew allowed. And the waterfall? Probably some lame handling for the highway noise that DM was always complaining about.

    There use to be a few park benches around the property too. I never saw anyone sitting in them. Can you imagine a crew member sitting down on one those? They would end up sitting in HCO for sure.

    All the sports fields. Never used. Maybe the par course is being used a bit now since the crew moved back to the base. And the rare occasion when the crew would get exercise time the basket ball court might get some use. But baseball, soccer, I never saw those sports fields used by the crew.

    And the pool? Off limits. It use to get used once a year on Sea Org day but Sea Org day had been cancelled for years when I was there last.

    The golf course? Gold crew playing golf? Done laughing yet?

    And yes the crew quarters I am sure are real nice now – but it’s inside the perimeter fence. Just try getting into town if you want to. You’d need an approved CSW to leave the base.

    Somebody help me out here, I have no references. The PL about Hershey?? The point being made…

  38. Yes, DFB, it is only a rumour that Anderson Cooper is gay, but if you do a google search you will find that he is gay. What I am proud of with Anderson Cooper is the fact that he hasn’t come out because he shouldn’t have too. In our society we don’t ask heterosexuals to come out and announce it, now do we? Anderson simply lets the public assume what they want, and I totally agree with him on not announcing his sexuality. Why should he have to????

  39. He wore his black shirt uniform, with flexing muscles, when he was shredding the regges, call-in, D of P’s and C/Ses at FSO. Dingin in on us how we were all totally f***k’d up and guilty of doing in the public, until he came to the rescue and showed us the error of our ways. He was particularly vicious to Dick Story, but cut some major slack for his old pal, Paul Miller, who is much better at crim regging than Dick Story ever was. Dick always gets caught and sent to the RPF, never Paul Miller, he’s a bud. No matter how many KRs get written on Paul’s financial irregularities, he is never disciplined beyond a condition assignment. It is beyond Itsa.

    btw, does anyone have any idea where Mary Story is since she routed out a few years ago?
    I would really love to find her and know that she is alright.


  40. mjrinder, funny thing about the truth, it sort of has a way of cutting through all that.

    Believe me, I did not want to believe this stuff. I would pay money to find out it wasnt true. I wish it was all a dream or that you guys were psychotics or something, but I saw what Marty and you and everybody else had to say in the videos, interviews and elsewhere and there it was.

    I’m not a stupid thetan and I dont like deceiving myself so I’m stuck with it now I guess.

    Truth is funny in that all the money and armies in the world cant stop a simple communication of it from reaching people.

  41. Steve Cook

    He looked like a german U-boat captain.

  42. Hello all.
    I am a new independant Scientologist as yet unannounced for family reasons.(handlings to be done prior to the inevitable Declare)
    I have been a Scientologist since the early 80’s with many years as a staff member. Off lines for several years due to disagreements with the obvious!
    Thank you all for paving the way and I am looking forward to doing my part in “Hammering out of existence” DM and restoring Scientology tech for the benefit of all.

  43. AlexMetheny

    To me this blog represents a chance for all of us to speak our minds and exchange ideas.

    Something you cannot do as a CofMer anymore.

    I think Marty has every right to vent after being under the suppression of DM.

    Here is a guy who has the intestinal fortitude to persist against a madman ( almost wrote Madam 🙂 ) who terrorizes corporations.

    I for one am thankful for Marty who gives us a voice to speak our minds as Independent Scientologists. I charish it. I may not agree with everything said by all Independents but I do think we all have the same basic goal in mind.

    Keep up the great work Marty!!

  44. Vent away, Marty. I think anyone that’s given you the time thus far are going to be offended now and run away.

    Anyone who has ever even glanced at the data series has taken the pieces you’ve shown us and filled in the gaps of a long running “problem” and are firmly in your corner. Everyone else, well, they just aren’t here yet. But slowly and surly they will come.

    Besides all that, you’re in freaking TEXAS! Go Big or go home! And don’t let the sunglass-wearing wanna-be’s bother you. We’re “packing” in Texas. They’d be smart to remember that. 😉

    They can’t touch you. That’s what is driving DM nuts right now. Poor bastard has no concept of the hole he’s digging for himself. I’m gonna laugh on the day he looks up and sees just how deep he’s in. LOL

  45. I can attest that DM wears his pretty black T-shirt (but with added bars) for the confidential meetings at MV. Very important to show off his biceps and I have seen him flex them most conspicuously!

    We have a theory in my family that DM takes steroids which would partially explain the fits of rage and the demands of his use of the gym by himself – have you ever seen a person who uses steroids work out?

    Marty and Mike, everything you can add to the picture of this madman and this scene is important information. It is applicable and it is necessary to expose everything from the hypocrisy and the duplicity to the outright criminality. It’s a matter of confront, and by getting it all out there it will eventually impinge everywhere!

    You have my gratitude and support.

  46. Prometheus

    From the “Art of War”:
    “Thus generals have five dangerous character traits:
    One committed to dying cqan be slain.
    One comitted to living can be captured.
    One easily angered and hasty to act can be insulted.
    One obsessed with being scrupulous and untainted can be shamed.
    One who loves the people canbe troubled.

    ……the army’s destruction and the generals death will invariably stem from these five……”

    I do believe that Anderson Cooper has laid his finger on numbr three…..

  47. Marty speaks sooth. I well remember those black muscle Ts that Miscavige liked to wear. He may well be the most vain, self-centered person I have ever known. I tried to watch the Freedom videos, but could only watch a few minutes of each. The one showing off the Gold Base is a classic. Absolutely no people shown. They asked “who wouldn’t want to work in such a place.” Well, I wouldn’t for one. Because I have worked there, and as I was looking at all those pretty, empty shots of the Base, all I thought about were the beatings, threats and degradation that happened in those “ideal” spaces.

  48. Those of us who know what happens within the walls of the “church” compound have plenty of context, Marty.

    It’s enraging to see good people abused, coerced, blackmailed and tricked by petty little tyrants.

    I’m enraged … without malevolence, which makes the rage even more potent.

  49. Mike, the church will deny everything you just said while putting it into checklist form so they can use it next time. It’s a perfect description of what goes on, in my view.

  50. Murray, thank-you.

  51. As Mike has affirmed, Marty is definitely not making this up. I’ve seem Mr. Narcissist flex his golf-ball-sized biceps so many times. It’s his trademark inval (he thinks). He did this knowing the Int crew had not been allowed ANY exercise time since 1995 — DM officially canceled it himself through the assignment of group conditions — and yet this Percy Wetmore meets prima donna of a rotten Munchkin is showing off his puny bumps because he gets exercise time every day since he makes the rules.” I’ve been out since March 13th, 2004 and I’ve never met anyone who would even consider “striking a pose” as he leans back in his chair — like it was unintentional… “Oops, my bulging muscles just flexed there when I leaned back.” And the vicious condemnations, the beatings, all true 100%.

    If you saw CNN, you may remember my little blip that included of me… I said much more about the beatings I had witnessed, but they didn’t use that. And all that footage with CNN was shot in July 2009 — the day before I interviewed with the St Petersburg Times. They were hit so hard by the Church applying reverse Scientology — Third Party Law in reverse, Dev-T Series in reverse, false reports in reverse, the ARC Triangle in reverse. That’s why it the series was delayed for 7 months.

    Props to Anderson Cooper, Ish and all the others behind the scenes in CNN who had personal integrity enough and honor enough to damn the torpedoes and forge ahead.

    Steve Hall

  52. The point is, someone’s sex life has nothing to do with anything. That is why it’s so silly. It’s laughable to anyone on the “outside.” It’s like criticizing your governor because he likes it better with his wife on top. Or he likes to eat twinkies right before he …. Utterly irrelevent.

    I’m sorry, but I’m very tolerant. I have a business in a city where our mayor is openly gay. You simply have to support (or not) people on their contributions and products, not what they like to do behind closed doors. As long as no one is breaking the law or hurting people, I say let God or the supreme being be the judge. Not us.

  53. ClearlyMistreated

    I watched the videos and I am horrified. Did anyone notice that they implied that Steve Hall was crazy because he “created the universe, thinks he’s Jesus and Buddha, etc.” Hello, you are talking to Scientologists!! We don’t think that’s crazy talk…but for the church to say that is very invalidative. And where did they get that data? From his PC folder?

  54. War and Peace

    Mike Rinder
    Thanks for itemizing STEP by STEP , POINT by POINT the PATTERN to block the media airing a show.

    Now if only those still contributing $$$$ could see how much is spent on High priced Law firms and PIs.

    Good job Mike.

  55. Joe Doakes

    You know, I’m a little behind on my reading so haven’t seen the previous blog entry’s comments. But while your clarification makes sense, I honestly don’t believe you need to worry about it.

    The thing is, if others are at all like me, it’s been many many years since we were ALLOWED to voice a disagreement or opinion other than what we were spoon-fed by the PR machine. It’s like we were all assimilated by the Borg — with a centralized consciousness.

    Being outside of that and being able to think what you want to think, when you want to think it and to whomever you want to say it is… well, it’s sort of “new”.

    I for one appreciate it when people disagree around here or the other forums/blogs. In fact, when I start seeing slavish agreement it starts bugging me and I’ll comment on it. I guess it isn’t really my job to do so, just something I feel I should do.

    Anyway, the Freedom videos were so rife with outpoints it was beyond comical. At one point I actually started to feel embarrassed for the church. It was really a pathetic display… Of course it was also funny because it did so many things to further the cause. One in particular was repeatedly carrying the enemy line!

    The syrupy 1.1ness of the presentation not only, “stooped to their level” but waaaaaay below it. It really was embarrassing.

    There were obvious outpoints from different viewpoints. If you were a public Scn it would have been hard to not notice how Steve Hall’s belief that he was the creator of the universe and had been Jesus was picked on as if he was insane. Well, aren’t we all the creators of the universe? Doesn’t LRH talk about PCs having been Jesus, etc. on the track? And what about Ron being the Buddha? This heavy inval of Steve’s was one of the glaring outpoints (there are far too many to enumerate though).

    There was the whole diatribe about how Cooper didn’t tour the facilities, etc. and how he didn’t look into any of the social betterment programs, etc. Well, at the onset of the week-long program he made it clear this wasn’t about the subject of Scn, but about alleged abuses. None of those things were relevant!

    And what about not touring the facilities? What valid use would that be? I can just imagine visiting Hiroshima, looking around and saying, “Well, doesn’t look like a nuclear holocaust happened here — I guess I should report that the bomb was never dropped…”

    The thing that I chuckled about was the footage they used of Cooper in those disaster areas tends to validate — the disasters were currently happening and could be observed without any staging!

    And lastly, as I need to get onto other things, some of the footage of Anderson Cooper had gone viral (massive exposure on the internet) earlier this year. Most everyone in America (at least) saw him doing his report, witnessing a small boy get injured and abandoning his broadcast to physically pick the bloodied boy up and run with him to safety. That’s all I kept thinking while watching those clips. But I have a feeling DM doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of the social comm lines of the world…

    Anyway, picking the T-shirts, facial hair, violation of priest/penitent privileged information, non-sequiter facts, 1.1 presentation, carrying the enemy line, ad infinitum is just as good as any other to show how pathetic that was…

  56. “Ask Paul Haggis if I give a damn about somebody’s sexual preferences.”

    Thank you for that, Marty. I think that deserves its own acknowledgement. I’m ashamed of what I agreed to when I was in even with a gay best friend.

  57. DFB,

    Regarding your confusion on DM, always remember that LRH said statistics, long-term, tell the true story of the person’s intentions toward their job.

    I just wrote the following up last night. Your post reminded me of it, so here it is:

    “How to Run a Can’t-Have on Scientology” by David Miscavige

    David Miscavige has figured out a lot of ways to stop your progress up the Bridge.

    SPs are suppressive towards people by denying things they want, particularly when those things desired could make those people more powerful, and thus endanger the suppressive.

    Some rise to great positions of power and wield the most harm.

    When it comes to running a philosophy that truly does make more powerful beings, the job becomes paramount to deny it’s usage in every way possible.

    That’s what SPs do – they run “can’t haves.”

    Miscavige has come up with numerous ways to run a can’t-have on Scientology on people.

    Also, it is no coincidence that the easiest way to upset a Scientologist is to deny the tech to them and delay their personal enhancement. LRH talked about this in the Briefing Course lectures, the ARC Break of being denied auditing. This can even happen in session, particularly with a Golden Age of Tech auditor who insists on handling rudiments for hours before the main body of the session can be embarked upon.

    Here is a sampling of how a person is denied their Bridge by Miscavige: Never releasing OT Levels beyond OT 8; arbitrary OT Eligibility requirements after going Clear costing tens of thousands of dollars and months if not years in lost time; kicking pcs off auditing lines arbitrarily; 6 month thefts twice a year for those on OT 7 (taking them off their NOTS auditing program and onto another – an unwarranted sec check – which LRH said at that level is the worst thing you could do is to take them off their auditing program and onto another); making someone on Solo NOTs become an IAS Patron ($40,000) before they can be considered “Cause over Life” (stated in actual Flag issue to those on OT 7); endless Purification Rundowns that stir up case trouble and invalidate gains; Objectives Rundowns that last hundreds of hours and just maul a person around in a God awful overrun; Grades auditing that isn’t given a chance to really bite and shoot the pc up the tone scale; invalidating hundreds of Clears on their past-life Clear state so that they are effectively stalled; introducing arbitraries regarding what the EP of Clear should be and who passes the test; changing the definition of an F/N so that valid ones are missed and cause overruns and invalidated wins; changing the definition of instant reads so that uncharged areas are taken up and charged areas are overlooked; pushing for donations that don’t deliver one auditing command towards OT or one checksheet item towards being a trained auditor and push a person into debt, unable to afford the Bridge; keeping prices so high the layman can’t afford to improve his lot case-wise or get trained to co-audit; making the training line-up too long a runway effectively stopping progress in getting trained and making it all the way to a certificate; demanding skills at lower levels of auditor training that aren’t needed until higher levels making for losses and failures resulting in the person quitting; purging key top executives who might expose him using any means possible; oppressing Sea Org members worldwide and making them ineffective and down-tone; eliminating and losing the tech of staff co-audits which LRH directed be run so that all staff went up the Bridge; minimizing the importance of Staff Staff Auditors and failing to mention them in program targets to establish a “real” Qual Division; unmocking working installations at all echelons; musical chairing staff in all units so as to destabilize them; ripping off staff from other orgs leaving their delivery crippled so that another org can look “ideal”; destroying the Universe Corps which was charged with getting staff to OT once their org went St. Hill size; not getting Super Power released (with a name like that, it’s no wonder an SP would shudder at letting it be delivered); changing the procedures to rundowns like FPRD so as to make them bypass charge with overruns and invalidation; declaring anyone suppressive who dares think for himself and raise questions about what’s going on in the church; destroying the Dianetics advertising campaign that was a huge success and instead opting for ineffective or non-existent advertising; putting in “ethics” so hard on auditors that no one wants the job and the ones that are there vanish in injustice; and the list goes on. Perhaps you can think of some that others could benefit from spotting themselves.

    The result is suppression and a can’t have on Scientology. If you think it’s hard to go up the Bridge, it’s because it was made that way by a suppressive.

    The arbitraries are cancelled.

    Move on up a little higher.

  58. I’m sorry, it seems my night to vent also. So I apologize if my posts this evening seem a bit irreverent. I have good reason, and am even a little inspired to get it all down on paper at the moment.

    I say: Be Sudden. Vent. Just Do It.

    It’s very therapeutic. Maybe I’ll make a bumper sticker.

  59. Nothing wrong with wearing black anyway, Anderson.

  60. Here’s footage of DM wearing his black t-shirt wishing he were a male model:

  61. Marty you are doing a great job!! We are sooo lucky to have you. love

  62. Anderson is missing DM’s withholds Biggus Timus!
    I got your point.
    DM saying such disgusting degraded crap fits right in to the persona.
    Thank you for revealing the dirty secrets that any decent person would of course be ashamed of even hearing in their space, much less by their so-called leader. It’s like it makes you part of it by proximity and you feel slimy yourself.
    And here I was thinking I was kinda pervy…damn! ;^)
    (cog:OT8 mission holder would make these really disgusting, crude, snide, nasty comments and laugh. Out of the blue, leaving me to think, WTF? Did I do something?)

  63. This one is for you, Marty:

  64. Roberto, I totally got you on this one, man. Thank you for the humor in this moment. So my bumper sticker changes: Be Sudden. Vent. Laugh.

  65. Virginia McClaughry

    “He even has his black uniform shirt tailored to show off his biceps….”

    WHAT biceps?

  66. You are not in any way “taking the low ground”. If someone has problem with the way you are addressing dave they obviously have never met the idiot.

    He is cruel beyond belief!! He takes things to another level and makes it personal!!

    I admire and will continue to do so, yours, mikes and anyone else that is standing up to dave and putting him in his place.

    You really have to know him to understand the level of pure evil and worse outright disrespect for the others their lives and happiness.

    How many relationships and happy families has this guy broken up?? I did not see my little brother for 10 years after dave sent him to flag. Do you think he ever thought about the consequences of that action and who it might effect??

    As for his muscle t-shirts!! That is so true he does walk around wearing little black t-shirts. Hey they match his little black heart!!

    Unfortunately if I ever saw him again my only response would be to knock him out. Then let him know that was for the pain he caused my family and friends!!


  67. Virginia McClaughry

    “…why are you stuttering, what’s the matter, you got Guillaume’s jizz in your throat?””

    I wonder what would have happened if someone had answered him in kind. Turning around the shock factor. Something like “No, sir. I was fantasizing about having your **** in my mouth.”

    Talk about non-plussed…

    (note to moderator: Miscavige is this crude, but if my comment is too r-rated for this blog, I understand)

  68. Many thanks for the postings, Marty. Do you or Mike know whether or not Bob Keenan is involved with the current efforts to stop the BBC showing? Was he involved with the new slander piece on Anderson Cooper? He was the LRH PPRO UK but rumour has it he is now closely working with DM to “handle” the media.

  69. Yup but the uniforms made him and his staff look like the Gestapo or SS!! I mean scary stuff!! They were just missing the German helmets.

    Someone asked about dave’s products. I know it sometimes seeps into your head “well how can a guy that at first glance produces so much be so bad” I thought this for a long time. But it takes a closer look!! His name is behind all products produced at Int. But lets be clear it was a select few good people that slaved day and night to produce these products while as he has stated “dave” was away jet setting around the world.

    Also if you worked there those products were done over and over and over again to humor dave’s vanity. He would make little changes all the time and keep numerous staff up all night so he could feel in control.

    So the real question you have to ask and I now do is: How much better would Scientology and its expansion be if he were not there and the imagination can run free at that point.

    There are a lot of smart and driven people there that really only joined to help their fellow man and whether or not they are misguided now by the few evil ones they still left on their own could have taken the Scientology to a better place than it is for sure.


  70. Chairman of the Bored

    This clip of Andersoon Cooper (in designer tee shirt) saving a young boy shows 100 times more balls than DM will ever have. BTW, this is not a “Photo Op”, but an actual instance of AC actually helping someone. I think DM’s “dead agenting” of AC is going to backfire big time.

  71. Righteous anger is a beautiful thing.

    Carry on, Marty.

  72. Mark Fisher

    Thanks Marty and I got your point from the very beginning about DM calling the kettle black.

    I just got home and watched the videos everyone is talking about and they are laughable.

    As Shelly mentioned in a comment to your other posting, where are all the staff and people??? Great looking spaces at the Int base, but nobody there! What? Were they all in hiding?

    Listen Saddam had large beautiful (tacky really) palaces built for himself all over Iraq while his people suffered under his tyranny. Examples of this are throughout history.

    Who cares that DM can make a nice looking space? The fact is they are all empty! As Joe Howard reported, the Malmo Idle Org was almost completely empty. The same when I drove by the Las Vegas Idle org recently.

    While the spaces on the videos look “impressive” at first glance, the real story is that Scientology is made up of PEOPLE.


    You notice these videos don’t show tons of people in session or on course and completing levels and grade chart actions.


    And what about all those glossy book covers and CD’s? They may look great on the outside, but what is inside is altered LRH Tech and Policy, repackaged by a complete SP.

    And as far as DM calling out Anderson Cooper and the way he dresses, I remember this old saying when I was about 3 years old:

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”

    I imagine Anderson Cooper and CNN are laughing out loud over those videos.

    Way to waste even more money DM. Do you think you will be able to spend it all before everyone abandons ship around you?

  73. David LaCroix

    Germans under Hitler were very proud of the fact the “trains always ran on time”.

  74. Das war Klartext! Now we are talking turkey!
    Can’t thank you enough, Marty!
    And Mike, – “a tiny taste of the warm-up act before he gets to the main show”?
    It stretches my imagination what that might be then… Holy cats! What a “Leader of Leaders!”

  75. I’m laughing and pounding the kitchen bar with my fist as I read Mike’s write-up above of how DM deals with the media. What a losing proposition!

    Yes, it’s got to be tough defending yourself in the media against critics – I’ll give DM that. But just contrast his ten-step stonewalling-the-media strategy with how Marty and some commenters here just dealt with criticism on this blog. And that took, what, two and half hours to handle. Just simple, two-way, direct, unfiltered, real communication and a second post. Communication, clarity, problem handled.

    Gee, Marty, what’s that thing you’re always saying? Truth is simple, lies are complex.

    I loved this whole comm cycle!

    Just Me

  76. To reach the age of 50 and still possess such inner tormoil and self-loathing – it must be eating him up inside! I have to confess I feel increasing pity for Miscavige the more I read/hear about him. I fear he will never know true peace or happiness in this life or the next.

  77. Marty, I didn’t comment on the last entry, still being in shock over the utter desperation of the 3 videos produced by dm.

    The fact that Cooper Anderson would be personally demeaned by dm took my breath away watching the videos.

    Several years ago, a friend went to Flag for auditing, after paying upfront some serious dollars. He was denied auditing. And told … “can you imagine what would happen if people found out we audit gays at the Flag Land Base?” — to which, my friend responded …
    “Can you imagine what would happen if it was discovered by the outside world that you DONT?”

    Prejudice is alive, prejudice is honored, prejudice is taught, promoted AND is now on FILM and more incredibly SENT to all the media outlets.

    go dm — yet another stellar example of how a criminal just cannot see consequences.


  78. Marty, God I love it when you get ‘sudden’. I’m
    right behind you bud.

  79. Dude, you seriously crack me up. This is, by far, the funniest post so far. There is no question that DM is a sociopath. I am sorry that he has hijacked your religion.

    Just finished Mark Headley’s book. About to start Amy Scobee’s. You are all heroes. Seriously. The general public has no idea how abusive Scientology as an institution is today.

    I did not realize that DM was also a bigot. Mark Headley mentioned nothing about the homophobic comments in his book. Does Scientology as a faith frown on homosexuality?

  80. “It’s a suppressive characteristic to spread malicous rumors (It’s a rumor that Cooper is gay). ”

    It’s not a rumor. Anderson has no problem with being gay, he doesn’t flaunt it but doesn’t hide it either. He has been in a committed relationship for some years.

    He is a stable, sane, successful, positive human being, all the things DM says is impossible if you are gay.

  81. By the way Marty – my wife reads OK! Magazine every once in a while and there is an article there from the TC video spying issue you posted a little while back! So it is still going. I’m sure TC got word of it and he is in way too deep to come around. Same goes for John Travolta – while I like him – because he is likable he’s in my book just as guilty as TC – guilt by omission. We don’t expect them to come around, they have become part of the problem.

  82. Marty,
    I take a couple of days to cut a new vegetable garden, plant some trees, a couple of berry bushes, mow the 3 acres of yard (yikes) and hang with the family and what do I come back to!

    Dave M and ‘subtle’ innuendo about black T-shirts.

    I watched the Dead Agent videos put out on the Freedom (?) Mag site. It occurred to me, aside from what a fall that formerly reputable Mag used to be, that there was a whole lot of mud slinging done over this incessant, computer performed, elevator music. It was a weird combination of Maiden Voyage Event music and graphics, with nasty commentary.

    Then the videos would take off into long stretches of the Ideal Org stuff, a ‘worker’s paradise’ (!?) and so on, and wrap that segment with more nasty cracks.

    With all the foofaraw about this, on the blog, I took the first posting of yours as the pot calling the kettle black as in T-shirt. I didn’t get any ‘gay’ reference from your original posting. Whereas, I definitely got the innuendo from DM’s ‘lurid sex crimes’ diatribe (with the elevator music and MV graphics as a delivery model, which I think is his only model looking at his videos over the years).

    The ‘male model’ comment was just more gratuitous bs in what was gratuitous from the get-go. And this idiot sent it to all the major news outlets!?

    I think I can figure out why there were no people in the shots; they were all too embarrassed to show their faces. I know I would have been hidden away in the attic of LRH’s Studio, way up in the ductwork, buried under the mattress baffles, shivering from the air-conditioners and infinitely happy I wasn’t IN one of these things.

    As to ‘venting’ well, it’s not that ARC is bad, it’s that ARC with low-toned individuals is bad, and you are taking the brunt of the low-tone coming from DM. It’s much better to get the dog-poo off your shoe than to walk around with that smelly stuff.

    Now, what am I to do with all my black T-shirts?

  83. A current example of just how bad the PR is about COS and the word “scientology”, All because of the mastermind PR campaigns for so many years and currently being spewed from the Church. Despite all the good that comes from kids not taking psych drugs, it all has to be tarnished because of stunts like the video’s from the freedom mag.

    If you want to be in the public eye and have any respect, you had better not be connected to the church or its programs.

  84. I phoned the BBC yesterday and they couldn’t tell me when the show is scheduled, only that it is in production. You have to feel sorry for the Beeb. After the 2007 show John Sweeney was on record as saying that investigating Fascist groups and violent criminals was a breeze compared to exposing the truth about the CofS.

  85. Marty, I am with you.
    My intention and postulates are for you to accomplish your projects and to win the battle.
    We all want our church back in good standing with LRH Tech, and you do the fight for it, so I am with you, thank you!

  86. martyrathbun09

    Wish I could Jim. In a perfect world I would. But, the game of survival from the Coleones requires a little extra alertness and toughness. You’l get it a little further down the road.

  87. martyrathbun09

    Sarge, I learned tail-shakin’ from you and I guess I also picked up gettin’ sudden all of the sudden too.

  88. martyrathbun09

    WH, very well put.

  89. Marty.
    THAT’S IT!

  90. martyrathbun09

    Oh, oh.

  91. martyrathbun09

    McGiwire, Thanks for the corroboration. Hope everything is going well with your adventures.

  92. martyrathbun09

    John Nunez, Thanks buddy. Those late-in-life recordings are powerful.

  93. martyrathbun09

    Tara, I believe the “OT 8 Mission Holder” you refer to was the guy sending out those salacious emails with Dennis Clark.

  94. martyrathbun09

    John Nunez, thanks, another of my favorites.

  95. “…playing low ground with DM missed the point…”

    To me, yes.
    To many others, no.

    Marty, do your thing. You helped me a lot (even if I’m not all for you and your movement).

    I know DM ‘s going down (Sure thing).
    You help it. I’m all for it.

    I know i won’t be heard here but just sayin’ – you DO make TA.
    David Miscavige has made enough history to be sent to Siberia. – And I’ll personally get him acquainted with our russian inmates once it comes to that. 😉

  96. martyrathbun09

    Thoughtul, Amen.

  97. martyrathbun09

    Jeff, Yeah, I call it DM’s neutron bomb strategy. He wants to become his MEST at any cost and destroy all the people who built it while preserving his MEST.

  98. martyrathbun09

    If you can stand the heat, stay out of South Texas – or West Texas for that matter.

  99. martyrathbun09

    Steve Cook, thanks for the accurate rundown on worker’s paradise.

  100. martyrathbun09

    MJRinder, Thanks for the rundown on censorship. Another new tactic is having flocks of minions sign declarations “under the pains and penalties of perjury” lying through their teeth.

  101. “Then he routinely tears into hours long rants accusing International Executives of the most graphic homosexual activity. If they do not acknowledge his originations – such as a regular one like “why are you stuttering, what’s the matter, you got Guillaume’s jizz in your throat?” – with the affirmative, “yes, Sir”, you’ve got a 75/25 percent chance of being beaten to a pulp.”

    That’s disgusting to say to someone and to expect the someone to say “Yes, Sir” in response. What is even more disgusting is that one still has a chance of being beaten up for answering the way he wants them to answer. That’s sick. That’s terrible. A dirty mouthed, crude, little boy who seriously needs a good, old-fashioned, butt wailing.

    In all actuality, one can use my theory which was proven on George Rekers, and apply it to this type of scene. I see it so completely clearly. He gives plenty of proof to the cause of him being a closeted homosexual.

    I wonder how long it will be before he has a “Rentboy” helping him with his “luggage”. Guesses any one? Or does he already have a SO member that he treats the same as a “Rentboy”? There are no guarantees that person won’t eventually get out and blow the whistle. When it happens, I get to say “I told you so”; which will make me a happy, happy, little camper. It will make me gloriously happy and, pardon the pun, gay.

    This puzzles me: If you were innocent of all the things someone claimed you did, wouldn’t you want to make an appearance on one of the shows you’ve been invited to? Wouldn’t you, as an innocent person being wrongly accused, want to clear up the truth of the matter and show how innocent you are?

    The invitations received by DM by programs longing to get his take on it are declined. Why? It’s clearly because he is guilty. He does do the things people accuse him of. The interview with the journalist would just push all of his buttons. Because he cannot control himself, he’s like a twelve year old in a constant state of tantrum, he will show his true colors and wind up being violent. That is why he doesn’t do interviews.

    I am, at some point when I think I can manage it, going to view the three videos he has constructed as “proof” no abuse is going on or whatever. I am most sure that I am going to have a lot to say when I finish them.

    Marty and Mike: Keep doing the right thing and exposing him at every chance you can get. More and more people are questioning. More and more people are seeing. More and more people are sharing. VWD!



  102. Wow………..this stirs up the emotions.

    When I met him I was very impressed with his professionalism, his knowledge and ability to grant beingness. He had no notes while interviewing me and his in depth understanding of the subject was apparent.

    An older gentleman stopped in the middle of our interview in central park and asked to have his photo taken with Cooper. Anderson kindly told the man he was in the middle of a shot, but maybe afterwards. The man waited. And when we were done Anderson realized the guy was still waiting and he ran over and took his photo with the man.

    He did not show any air of “holier than thou, or too busy” but instead was happy to take the photo. It was sweet and that act alone said something to me about his character.

    He also made it perfectly clear on his own origination that he had no intention of poking fun at the religion but only wanted to discuss the abuses.

    I walked away very impressed and talking to Mike about how cool Anderson was.

  103. Don’t mean to derail this — but wanted to mention that so far it doesn’t appear than any of the news media has picked up dms costly worthless videos:

    I google almost daily – scientology –

    Then when that page comes up with all the various websites, I click on the top of the google menu bar “news” (found above the word: google)

    You’ll see all the latest news about scientology. Best way I’ve found to track what’s in the news about scientology.

    Most interesting that a Utah Republican Sharron Angle has disassociated herself from Jenna Elfman and Kelly Preston because they are well known scientologists.

    In other words — if you want to make SURE not to get elected — be cozy with scientologists.

    (although, I for one wish she would stay connected – not being particularly fond of the republicans 🙂


  104. John Nunez,

    Thats quite a list. I can confirm much of it. I cant disprove or deny any of it.

    I’ve lived through a lot of it. Every once in a while our CS goes back to Flag for some training or briefing or something.

    One time he came back and I think amost everyone in the org was CS’ed to redo or “flatten” objectives and a lot of people to redo purif. I just want to keep moving but there seems like more and more barriers to progress. Redo purif, flatten objectives, expensive sec checks and other auditing that seems to take way too long or overrun. I know someone who has been basically stuck on the bridge, on an unending repair or “advance” program for years even though he gets a fair amout of auditing.

    I think a bigger problem than I was aware is the metering. The instant reads and FN’s. I’ve wasted so much auditing time where I just felt like it was taking so long to get nowhere. Also in my own training I felt it had been made unworkable. I tried to go along with being made into a robotic mess, but I just couldnt finish.

    In hindsight on the last section of auditing I received, I think uncharged areas were for sure taken up (these are big time wasters because they probably dont FN unless the auditor does “the wait” for the needle to go back and forth three times…), and charged areas were bypassed. Actually, just looking at that I feel better right now.

    On the purif and objectives- for some reason they now want you to run these until the CS is satisfied you are done based on what I dont know. Some fixed consideration that you have to “run it for a long time to be sure”.

    You could have major wins on objectives and be flat and you get “No, see here LRH said one could run this proces for many hours and we figure thats @ 100, so lets try until youve been flat on it for like 90 hours….”.

    I wonder why people accept some alteration or weird squirelly interpretation when it clearly violates plainly written LRH in the exact references on the exact thing they are doing (instant reads, FN, how to run objective processes, etc).

    DM and RTC are more expert than LRH I guess. People trust RTC to be “Technically Perfect” and dont question it.

  105. I watched the “Dead Agent” videos and have some comments:

    1. The smarmy narrator does things like mispronounce Marty’s name as “Rathbone”. Comes across like an 8th grader taunt.

    2. The narrator sound JUST LIKE one of those negative political ad voices. Negative political ads have been surveyed as being detested by voters.

    3. The music, graphics, etc., were just like Int Event videos. Really hard to watch. The whole DM airplane itinerary I had to fast forward through. I mean, fer cryin’ out loud, does DM think THAT is going to convince any non-scientologists of anything?

    4. Worker’s paradise: again, played just like an Ideal Org video. Shelly pointed out how creepy it is that no people were in any shots. One thing the C of M missed on this is that the physical settings of a “slave camp” are secondary in importance to the slaves that are in it and this was a glaring omission. (like lack of parishioners in big expensive Ideal Orgs).

    Freedom: show us some smiling happy staff.

  106. I’ve said all kind of crazy stuff (or would sound crazy) in my PC folder. Sometimes you;re running through incidents or something that came up and it’s a little strange when taken out of context. Thats why going through someones folders is crazy supressive. It’s invalidates everyones past lives. Thats the only place that could have come from- sessions.

  107. Mockingbird6

    Good data Ceileen,
    Back when the Basics were being crammed down everyone’s throat (still got boxes in the garage, anyone?) Paul Miller started swinging the most amazine financial irregularity. He went into people’s folders and found money that wasn’t there by “repackaging” intensives. That is, if you bought 4 intensives and then had to get another and another, he made a 6-intensive package out of it and credited the difference back to your account so he could then debit it for books. This went on and on and finally books started showing up out of the blue with no agreement to have purchased them. Paul Miller probably got a really nice commission off of all this “money that wasn’t really there.” I wondered how he got a way with it. Now I know. M6

  108. Vent! Let it out, let it all out! Sounds like they were really bothered to stop this news, who knew so much effort was being spent to STOP STOP STOP! These are new times, new people, and they have old methods for a society that no longer exists. They are melting into a time warp called “the past”. And I hate to say it but it’s for the best. I really think we can learn a good lesson from all of this in a restructure that is within the wants and needs of a current society.
    I want to let them go and relocate someplace where they will not exist, like the future.

  109. Mockingbird6

    Man, your first sentence sounds like I could have written it! Always funny to realize how many of us are sitting out here working our way through the mess we found ourselves in.

  110. Also, I wonder what happened to the Universe Corps. @ 2000 there was a fairly large Universe Corps in training at Flag, but you dont see it promoted as a group now. I think I’ve sen a couple of the auditors that were training in other positions, Class 12’s at Flag etc.

  111. One other comment:

    When the video showed a digitalized sock puppet of Anderson Cooper saying all this stuff in quotes, it was VERY misleading, as if he had actually said those things. Only afterward, the video said something like “WHY didn’t he say all this?”

    But one of those “quoted” statements that the church thinks AC should have made was:

    “Which is the beauty of not doing a live program; you only hear and see what I want you to hear and see.”

    Good one. How about AC 360 showing up, live at the in base and photographing all the staff playing golf, tennis, swimming.

    Also, the part about Jeff, Marty, and Tom sharing the same facial hair style: WTF? That was just insane.

    Note to DM: People just aren’t that stupid to be taken in by that kind of “argument”. Also you should get out more. See all those goatees on the millions of men in the world? They’re all against you too.

  112. The words “true peace” and DM don’t belong in the same sentence and won’t for a very very long time. As for happiness?

    Imagine waking up and realising you have almost completely destroyed a subject that has helped millions and has the potential to improve the lot of millions others. In the process you have tortured hundreds of the best people on earth, been directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of dozens others, and twisted the well meaning intentions of many thousands to the point of practically ruining them spiritually.

    Good night Dave. Sleep tight.

  113. “Then he routinely tears into hours long rants accusing International Executives of the most graphic homosexual activity. If they do not acknowledge his originations – such as a regular one like “why are you stuttering, what’s the matter, you got Guillaume’s jizz in your throat?” – with the affirmative, “yes, Sir”, you’ve got a 75/25 percent chance of being beaten to a pulp.”

    He is in the valence of a pimp.

    And the staff about him seem enraptured. If this culture can exist on the streets, it can fester in a building. DM is a smooth criminal. And he is surrounded by staff that will flip there push button. Sadism / masochism are right there on the tone scale so I just don’t see the big surprise.
    Just get your attention off the uniforms and status symbols and notice what is there. Sure it is kind of spooky and the viewers feel as if they are watching a horror film. Popcorn anyone?

  114. The Sea Org is dramatizing, “The great mind is gone, now we cannot progress!” And it is just a huge ser fac on Hubbard for moving on.

    I choose not to join that group.

  115. Virgil Samms

    Well WH, Sharon is running for something in Las Vegas or Nevada, because I just saw an ad on TV last night and it was a political ad Against Sharon Angel and it said “Sharon gave money to the Church of Scientology” wth that na, na tattle-tale type of talk in the ad.

    ML Tom

  116. Prometheus

    What I can see from this, sitting where I do is that Marty, Mike and all the others that have participated in exposing DM to the world through AC and the BBC have made significnat impact on DM and the church. They have cost DM, TC, JT and the church Millions in defense lawyers, more millions in production costs, attack lawyers and lost production time (What didn’t get accomplished because the staff was taken off post?) Not only that but the impact on the church in lost public support and the reallocation of resources away from their problems in Italy and Australia is immeasurable.

    Well done gang, your campaign is genius don’t be disheartened over a minor skirmish not going well, it goes better than you think.

  117. Those are the biceps he’s flexing!!!!!? You’ve got to be kidding me. My rail-thin fifteen year old has bigger biceps. My wife, who teaches fitness classes on the side has bigger biceps. If DM pranced into the gym I use and made a show of flexing those biceps, the whole place would suddenly stop and snickers would begin to spread through the entire place.

    And the official photos of him make him look rather handsome, but every candid picture I see of DM make him look like some little creature out of the Lord of the Rings.

  118. Well, they think it’s malicious rumor. Whether it is or not I dont know.

  119. Steve: Classic! U-boat captain of a mini-sub!

  120. Steve,

    Yes, the “park” next to DM’s office for “picnics” is only for his use. And the waterfall was part of the “road noise” handling. I have actually been to this nice little picnic park — to take a swim in the waterfall in my uniform along with a bunch of other CMO Int staff. I think the pool was being used at the time by some celeb so was unavailable…

  121. I can definitely confirm this. I wonder how widespread it was. It caused some major ARC breaks that I am aware of and it’s something people wouldnt openly discuss so I;m sure there were more people I know.

    This and making special deals that are obviously financially irregular. We brushed it off as “these guys must be under a lot of pressure to sell these lectures”. But it was obviously wrong. KR’s were written, but no reply or known action was taken.

  122. I wouldn’t bet against it. Bob was always DM’s SH get-to connection. He always worked to get in DM’s good books and stay there.

    Similarly to DM, he would enjoy a lavish lifestyle compared to other UK SO members, driving nice org cars to be used only by his PPRO Office, a set of young girls as his assistants, 5 star hotels for his visits to orgs when other org staff stayed in B&Bs or even at public’s houses, etc

  123. Mark Fisher

    “The golf course? Gold crew playing golf? Done laughing yet?”

    Steve, Funniest comment I have read in weeks!!

    I almost choked to death laughing while eating my cereal this morning! 🙂

  124. freespirit

    Thanks for your excellent description breaking down these steps. Seems this is the drill to establish the paper trail to then move these PR flaps into the legal arena and so cover themselves. Mike, you are an amazing guy.

  125. Tom — my goof — she’s from Nevada.

    Nonetheless, the point is — if you want to make getting elected harder on yourself, have some connection to scientology. It will be used against you.

    dm strikes again.


  126. If I were a C/S for Indies, I would run everyone on these question to a F/N:

    1. When you were in CoS, when did you agree to become powerless?

    2. When you were in CoS, why did you agree to become powerless?


  127. Like Sarge’s, you got pretty good ‘sudden’ my friend.

    I ‘spect I’ll have the varmints sooner or later. In the meantime, while they are on your doorstep, I figure you are handling this better than I do. You’re doing damn fine.

    I’m giving all fair warning ahead of time; when I vent, well…some of you know me.

  128. AlexMetheny

    That was a nice explanation Mike!

    Those should be given to the media outlets so they know what to expect.


  129. I cannot reveal my name for I still have family in the Sea Org, but I was a pretty high-ranking executive on the SH base for over 5 years (how much over I will not state here) and had the pleasure to witness DM’s ways of treating the staff with my own eyes.

    I say “pleasure” as it was thanks to a lot of that which I witnessed that I not only opened my eyes, but began to realize that I had to get out. And get out I did.

    I witnessed DM hitting Guillaume Lecevre with my own eyes, witnessed his shouting tirades at Mike and Heber. I also witnessed similar behaviour with UK staff, one of which was my own junior.

    Needless to say I saw many of those taped confidential briefings on the MV where DM wore those tight black shirts with Captain bars. And on the occasion of one IAS Event, I believe in 2007, he even did a pre-run of the event to all the Int, Gold, UK and EU staff that was at SH, in the big tent. Again there he wore the same trademark black shirt with gold Captain bars.

    I personally witnessed many “Int Execs” doing MEST work in the London Org prior to its opening as well as personally having seen Mike down at the lake on two occasions. I was also informed by a third party that he had seen “some Int Execs” cleaning toilets in the Castle but I cannot state that this was true as I never saw it myself.

    All I want to add, before finishing off, is that when I was in the “matrix” that is CofM and the Sea Org of today, I always somehow justified all I saw through the core belief that Scientology stood for something so good nothing could get in its way for the betterment of this planet. Moreover, DM was always presented on such a high pedestal that anything I witnessed him do was also justified as an action needed to pursue the betterment of mankind.

    Of course I have since realized how wrong I was. Unfortunately I have family who still doesn’t. But thanks to you Marty, and the many others with you (particularly Mike), I was able to really get the true and full picture of what is really going on. I was also able to show some people and open THEIR eyes to it, something which in return has helped me tremendously.

    Thank you for your courage, your perseverance and your passion in seeking truth and honest justice. I hope that one day, soon, I will be able to post here freely, with no fear of disconnection from family I love with all my heart.

  130. Yeah, Gollum!

    Those pair are constantly POINTING, it’s so annoying. Com line vias galore designed to make them feel at cause by driving in anchor points all around.

    Remember if you can’t be big, focus on making others feel small.

    I used to think DM was evil but now I realise he’s just a BITCH.

  131. Can’t even see the biceps.
    Look at the size of his head. Seriously, it’s so out of proportion, it’s like a comic book character. While he works on his body, it’s all going to his head.


    A dramatic replica of 5 lbs. of muscle
    Made of pliable long-lasting vinyl
    Replica represents approximate volume of real muscle tissue; weights vary.

    Quick! Someone order this for DM to shove into the sleeves of his t-shirt.

    This is pure silliness of course, but it makes more sense that seeing him as some kind of SAVIOUR. I never understood that one.

  133. John Nunez

    You are a stellar example of what training at the FSO once was.

    We didn’t have any business with each other during your times at the FSO, except in passing, but I well remember watching your progress. When you completed your training, I recall that the entire FSO crew was bursting with pride. You were a product to be very proud of and you have only improved over time. Thank you for all you do to truly follow in LRH’s footsteps and Keep Scientology Working. I salute you.


  134. It’s a fact that we can handle criminality through Criminon, drugs thru Narconon, illiteracy through Applied Scholastics (study technology) and “psychiatric problems” through Dianetics and education of same. But the bad PR of Scn has all but destroyed these things as a solution in the political mind. It’s too hot to touch.
    The damage control we have in front of us is daunting — but we’re gonna have to clean that up to0.

  135. I would never deny any soul peace if they showed true remorse, made amends to those they have harmed and sought their forgiveness.

    Miscavige did not and does not act alone in these crimes. Are you more forgiving of their sins? I feel pity for any soul that would be damned.

  136. Beyond what I have already said, I just want to say they that don’t really care about us.

  137. Then again, the originals were Jelly and Chelsea – DM’s beagles who had the custom shirts and gold bars!

  138. Narcissism in laymans terms.


    The nature of narcissists’ personality disorder is so profound and so primitive that narcissists damage virtually everyone who comes into contact with them. They hurt their children in ways that are hardly imaginable to anyone who hasn’t been there. Narcissists elicit profound and primitive wrath and hostility from sane and stable people. This damages the social fabric by alienating the very people who might possibly be able to counterbalance the narcissists’ malign influences.”

    And this qoute stood out.

    “Part of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the conviction is that “I’m okay, it’s everybody else who’s not okay,” so narcissists rarely seek treatment voluntarily. Some wait until they are in such bad shape that they require hospitalization.”

  139. A black attire as been one of my recent track preferences too!

    Dandy Asgard

  140. You mention the pointing; that’s a very funny thing about “comm cycles with COB” or “Dept 21” – yes for a long time and maybe still today DM has considered himself as source, but that’s the topic of a whole article. But I know I can get some backup on this one. Comm cycles with this little man were very interesting. For one, it was terrifying to talk to him, because he represented a direct threat to your very immediate future, so the last thing you want is to have a “bad comm cycle with COB” It could spell years in the RPF. So every comm cycle I ever had with him was way too careful. I also saw many people pointing and doing their best to make him understand what they were talking about. In retrospect many professionals were teaching him things and he has a bad comm cycle. I mean he is not quick to duplicate concepts – so many people used their hands emphatically when talking to him in an attempt to make him understand what they were trying to say and many resulted in him getting frustrated with the terrified individual. But normal people have a much, much better comm cycle. DM is a very rude individual, and he has to enjoy making people squirm. I’m sorry but your comment about the pointing brought back some memories. If anyone else can back me up on this, please feel free…

  141. AlexMetheny

    John Nunez that was a great write-up!!

  142. “I have been working the floods in the Nashville area of Tennessee.”

    Power and Strenght to you. Would like to hear more later from your first hand expieriances.

  143. “And the black-shirt bicep flex — maybe 1000 times.”

    Does he kiss his flexed Bi-ceps too ?

  144. Virgil Samms

    Mark Fisher; Why no people in the videos? Because DM doesn’t see people. He sees MEST. People only exist to a) beat on or b) take money from. People actually restimulate him. I guess the cause of this is from some long ago thing that happened to him.

    ML Tom

  145. M6

    Repackaging is an old op basis for Paul that 9 out of 10 times was pushed onto the public to eat it and pay up for later. See, that way the org still made out and got the money, it was a sucker punch for the reg cycle. He loved using it to screw over other, more ethical, regges who would try to protect the public from the scam. Classic Paul Miller. Sounds like he took it to new heights of creativity with the pressure to sell Basics. Any guesses as to why he and the midget are friends?


  146. Mockingbird6,

    If I can give you a tip on how to untangle the mess you find yourself in:

    Just do it.

    There’s a lot of awfully tough looking gossamer threads holding folks down, but just as in “Clean Hands Make a Happy Life”, they really are just gossamer threads. And just like getting rid of some O/W, you will wonder afterwards what all the fuss was.

    Your boss can’t fire you if you walk away from the church. Any decent labour law system will cream him if he tries. Family will no doubt have some upset, handle that with proper PTS tech. There’s lots more little bumps in the road but I’m sure you already know how to deal with them so no need for me to drone on and on.

    You have friends here, they will still be here if it comes to pass you need some help.

  147. AT DFB

    NARCISSISM What You Need To Know

    “For some survivors it feels like an emotional holocaust. For almost everyone it is misery, a nightmare. Some say it feels like evil.”

  148. Kathy Braceland

    Marty, You never mince words. I love that!!

  149. Axiom38

    Welcome aboard. Your help is appreciated. If you require any assistance, please let me know.

    Something that always helps me is to remember that those friends and family that drop off now will be the ones who most need our help when the midget is gone. Imagine how they are going to feel.


  150. Since when did justified thought become the definition of “Public Relations”?

  151. DFB, beautifully said! I’m right with you there.

  152. AlexMetheny

    Great post Joe Doakes!!

  153. Objectively he is not bad looking wich could be a problem in the slammer.

  154. I would not be supriced if he took steroids. Does anybody see him take vitamines out of bottles that looked diffrent or out of order ? If not it stays a geuss but it would not be out of character for him to do so.

  155. Hello Axiom 38
    The declare isn’t inevitable – unless you include the verbal one on the rumor line and the Facebook police.
    The great news is you’ll really get to find out who your friends are.
    Good luck on ‘getting your affairs in order’ and welcome 🙂

  156. Dave Pitbull:
    “What you can´t confront in yourself, you project onto others…..”

  157. Axiom 38, hello and welcome! 🙂

  158. Huckleberry

    Plan A when you have no leg to stand on – or represent the legless, as in the case of OSA – is to belittle the messenger.

    Black muscle t-shirts and the whiff of closeted homosexuality are merely obfuscations designed to distract from the CRIMES committed by Miscavige.

    It’s your show, Marty, and you’ve done a great job of coming this far with it, but my concern would be that making fun of Miscavige’s height (or lack thereof) and his muscle shirts will be twisted into portraying the independent field as a disaffected mob with a vendetta.

  159. It is reality, It is the truth. It is what he says. Most Gay Anons think DM is ICKY !

    But some like Tommy D.

  160. “Who cares that DM can make a nice looking space?”

    correction: dm cannot make a nice looking space. he can only order and force others with the abilities to make nice looking spaces. as in controlling bodies.

    Everything else you say, Mark, I wholeheartedly agree with…. 🙂


  161. Mike Hobson

    Wow, nice Black Scientology processes there, Swift.

    Michael “The Sneakster” Hobson

  162. Couldn’t resist 🙂

  163. OMG!

    Good, social betterment programs tainted by the anti-social activities of a mad man. Thus tainting any good person who acts to use them.

    What more could any sort of thinking person want in order to see what is happening?

    Wake up people! Smell the stench!


  164. When your family is safe your testimony will be valuable.

    “I witnessed DM hitting Guillaume Lecevre with my own eyes, witnessed his shouting tirades at Mike and Heber. I also witnessed similar behaviour with UK staff, one of which was my own junior.”

  165. Sam


    Perfect. Just Perfect.


  166. “A dirty mouthed, crude, little boy who seriously needs a good, old-fashioned, butt wailing.”

    “Because he cannot control himself, he’s like a twelve year old in a constant state of tantrum, he will show his true colors and wind up being violent.”

    So true

  167. Wouldn’t be great if someone just threw the bully out in the streets. Just a few reps get together, give him a few bucks and his prized photographs and just kick him out. Go play in the sandbox.

  168. Hi, Marty. I hear you, loud and clear:)

    We call a spade a spade, and a hissy fit is just that, hissy fit.:)

  169. Eugh! I hate typos! Tormoil = turmoil! I’m off to self-flagellate for that! Marty, how could you let that one go through? 🙂

  170. Epic to hear Johnny to sing this song too.

  171. Mike Hobson

    Marty’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take this any more (me neither):

  172. Hello Ex SH SO
    Just wanted you to know you’re not alone in the UK and if there is anything we can do to help, or you just want to talk, we’re here.
    My email if you ever need it.

  173. In black t-shirts Dave tries to flex,
    His puny and scrawny biceps.
    Filled with conceit,
    Obsessed with his meat,
    A penis enlargement device must be next.

  174. You ask why. Why there are no people shown in the “workers paradise” video?

    Beautiful grounds – no one using them
    Beautiful Baseball fields – no batters
    Beautiful BasketBall Courts – no players
    Beautiful Golf course – no golfers
    Beautiful Picnic areas – no picnicers
    Wait! Wait! Beautiful pool – Marty is using the pool.

    The only person shown using the facilities at the “worker paradise” is now a declared SP.

    Makes you wunder what’s the message.

    Anyone else want to use the facilities?

  175. Ex SH SO,
    Were you able to access this blog others similiar from the “inside?”

  176. Martin Ottmann

    Transforming money paid for intensives into money paid for books and material was standard practice at the FSO.

    The main stat GBS (Gross Book Sales) had a sub stat, which they called “fresh GBS”. That was cash coming from a public who specifically bought books, e-meters or tapes. As far as I can remember “fresh GBS” never rose above 20 % of the total GBS, which means that at least 80 % of the GBS came from turning money paid for training and auditing into money paid for books.

    The regges got a 15 % commission on these book “sales” (I am not 100 % sure about the percentage). If you consider that the average SO staff member got only 30 bucks a week, then a Div 2 reg was certainly in a privileged position and he was eager and only to human to exploit to the max. I was once told that Sonya Jacques, wife of Harvey Jacques, made $ 2,000 on average per month only on book commission.

    Naturally, you didn’t see very often the Div 2 regges eat in the Elks building together with the other staff, certainly not when the FSo was put on rice and beans. They could comfortably live off their book commission deals and eat in the Hibiscus.

    BTW, Paul Miller had a celebrity status among the regges, because he was the only registrar who made $ 1,000,000 for the FSO in one single reg cycle. That made him a star.

    Also, if you were a reg and you were driving money in for the FSO – in the case of the Div 2 regges at least $ 100,000 – you wouldn’t be touched by Ethics unless you would be wanted by the police. The GI was the most important statistic at the FSO. Therefore you could get away with everything and have “ethics protection”, as long as you were making money.

  177. @ Mjrinder. Any additional info that can help keeping that road open and / or even widening it is welcome. I mean info on tactics and persons or strategys that DM has in his drive to close that road.

  178. Marty and Mike,

    You guys crack me up! I love your insoucience! I love the fact that you completely have each others back!

    I am tracking with the plan so far and have found that you guys know what your doing and I trust your judgement. I am glad so many comrades are coming to your aide and hope your army becomes a very strong and unrelenting one.

    I haven’t been able to keep up with the blogs because of the volume of contributors. But, I love hearing all the viewpoints and cognitions and try to catch up on weekends. I have been having a lot of interesting realizations myself regarding all the tools that LRH gave us in order to handle what we are running into with DM and the church. I’ve known most of them all along but never fathomed that we would be using them to handle a monster deeply buried inside the top management echelons. LRH is really amazing, he knew the counter efforts that would hit against the tech being successful, we just not-ised the signs.

    Again, thank you for confronting the real scene and applying LRH to it.

  179. I resisted because I did not think Marty would post it. You prooved me wrong . bless you

  180. Even to locate to present time you loose them.

  181. Whether gay, straight, muscled or not, in my opinion there is little point tying to classify Miscavige because he is without doubt in a class all on his own. That of nasty twisted little turd. One that uses any and all degraded means available to suppress and control those around him. And if the available means of suppression are not degraded enough he’ll just go ahead and invent some so he can get extra kicks out of the shock and stun value they bring to his sordid little party.

    His list of offences and damages caused is so long it beggars belief and stretches far beyond the borders of Scientology. Just as I’ve lost count of his Scientology victims, I’ve been unable to keep up with the number of victims I’ve come across who weren’t Scientologists, had never met Miscavige, didn’t even know who he was and had no idea whatsoever that this homophobic nut was at the bottom of their hurt or trouble. I stopped counting after one hundred.

    You see, while none are quite as bad as the original, Miscavige’s degrading influence has been so potent a number of so called OTs and others are running around in the world at large, at the head of business and corporations with great influence over many others while following his dictates and acting just like him. I’ve witnessed it first hand so believe me when I tell you that that influence has cost many people such things as the right to health care or a fair wage and in some cases life itself. And in many cases the funds were diverted so those DM mini-me’s could fund Miscavige’s ridiculous schemes.

    This has to end.

    So when Marty says “Damn it, I’ll see justice done!” He does so knowing there are many of us that reply: “We’re with you, brother!”

    I have the honour being one of them.

  182. Thank you so much for the offer, I really appreciate it.

  183. They will. Soon enough.

  184. The 8 MH I refer to is Tom Steiner. I’m sorry if there was a Q there. The other one L.D. Sledge was on 7 last I knew and he was the gross/nasty one w/D.Clark in the emails.
    This should illuminate how off these 7s and 8s are. Those 2 I know are not auditor trained and I suspect $$$ bought them the levels.

  185. Freedom Fighter

    Great song!

  186. Tom Cruise has just been awarded the Screen Icon Award over here. Crowd went wild for him. I expect Miscavige wont be going anywhere soon.

  187. Haha no way. I didn’t even know this blog existed or that Marty and Mike were not in the SO any more.

    In SH, when I was there, they had finally started installing internet in some computers but they, as you can imagine, had INCOMM software preventing the search of any anti-Scientology websites. Also access to these computers was minimal and only for post reasons in offices where people were selling Basics, hardly the place to read such a blog without the fear of obvious consequences.

    I did find out, once, that the security measures taken on SO computers would not catch writing in other languages. That is to say that if you wrote using korean, japanese, mandarin or arab keys (and others) you could access anti-Scientology/Sea Org/DM sites written with those kind of fonts. But they are rare…

    Another point is slowly SO members in the SH base would get a Blackberry here, an iTouch there, etc and those do have internet access. However you know it’s up to them to get curious and in-integrity enough to look and search. Before I finally got my head straight, I remember I was even scared of googling “Scientology” as “entheta” sites would come up in the search and I didn’t want that to prick my curiosity or for it to be interpreted as some out-ethics act.

    However I know that my family members that are still in the SO are 100% unaware of EVERYTHING that is in this blog. And I mean 100%. And I am just as sure of the fact that they do not know. I have tried to figure out how to bring it up to them without risk of alienating them but I have not come up with an idea on this yet.

    But yes I worked on several senior positions in SH which gave me access to DM’s activities whilst he was there mainly during IAS Event time and hopefully one day I will be able to say all clearly without generalizations (I do not like to generalize but I am afraid my family comes first on this and I do not want to ruin my comm lines).

  188. LMFAO
    too sexy for my shirt…

  189. And I just have to say…as white as Marty is in that pic…there ain’t no way in hell he’s been in there much! ;^)

  190. >The whole DM airplane itinerary I had to fast forward through. I mean, fer cryin’ out loud, does DM think THAT is going to convince any non-scientologists of anything?

    Other than his seemingly HUGE carbon footprint, probably not!

  191. Sneakster,
    He’s not trained, hence the non-standard questions. On the other hand, DM has perhaps got some new data to develop into the next step on the bridge, down.

  192. War and Peace


    We are posting these issues with the intent of showing what Miscavige is doing “at the helm” of the Church.

    He has asked subordinates such as Tommy Davis to position him as the “Pope” to the media.

    He has kidnapped/hi-jacked the Religion of Scientology into something quite criminal.

    I will quote you Marc Headley (author of BLOWN FOR GOOD book)

    The most vulgar things I have ever heard have been said by David Miscavige.

    “One time at a meeting for an event, he told Marc Yager or Guillaume Leserve that the only expansion they had ever caused was when they stuck their cocks in each other’s assholes. That is typical David Miscavige banter. And he was in a good mood that day! ”

    Mike Rinder and Marty will affirm the vulgarity that spouts from his mouth.

    This is a “Religious” leader.

    I do not believe there is ANY Religious Leader on planet earth, past or present that uses such vulgar or swear language, and uses the genitals of male and female while yelling at Senior Execs ….this is a DM speciality.

    How very religious.

  193. Sam,
    OK, let’s see if this gets by; I was found guilty of a Suppressive Act, in an RTC comm-ev, because I wouldn’t play George Michael’s ‘I Want Your Sex’ on the Freewinds. It was a COB ‘request’. I didn’t get past the first request to what was on the rest of the list. Maybe this one.

  194. Mr Paine,
    Thank you for impinging the reality of the sphere of influence of this madman.

    Redoubled in my dedication to the cause. Touched by your clarity. Merci, Messr.

  195. Virgil Samms

    Me too Haydn – to the death.

    I’m a pro sec checker. All of this because he started stealing money from the church. A little at first, and then more and more as hist thirst and lust for the mest increased. Then those around him, the ones he used to admire, OTs and ones who could find out what he is up to have to be made less than he. But they are still there, so now he has to destroy them.

    ML Tom

  196. Anderson Cooper for the win !

  197. crashingupwards

    Marty, another step closer.

    As so many here have stated in many different ways, accussers are often guilty of that which they accuse others of doing or thinking. Its what is real to them. It helps them justify and excuse their own thoughts, feelings and actions. Misery loves company. Enough said I guess.

    I am looking forward to the day when there is a fundraising dinner at some Scientology ballroom with the proceeds going to the local food panty and soup kitchen.

    Couple the banquet with an announcement that the Ballroom is going to be sold after the dinner so that a shelter for battered women and children can be established and funded.

    And the list of changes can go on and on for quite some time.

    We need “Freedom Magazine” to be something that matters in this world. A tool to live up to its name and earn the respect of others, not their derision, scorn and lament. Ensure that it never again is used as a weapon against people who exercise their first amendment rights. Maybee have an annual freedom fighters award given out in Robert Vaughn Youngs name. “the Vaughn Young Award”. With a large cash award going to the chairy of choice of the winner.

    There seems to be more and more people every day posting here and “moving up a little higher”.

    As long as we are truthful and do not seek to harm anyone, it will all come to pass. Its all good.

  198. T.Paine~ Exactly right. The 2 men I pointed out are living examples of what you write.

  199. Anderson Cooper has profound sensibilities, integrity and grace.

    Another thing to note in this clip beyond Anderson placing himself between a child and danger, reaching out to assure a traumatized child: how he tosses down the camera to help the boy. First things first. His priorities are human life, dignity, and respect.

  200. Axiom 38, Welcome to:


    Your help is welcome for there is much to do and if you stay true to yourself and acknowledge what you know you will not stop smiling.

  201. I think that it is time to Flourish and Proper.

    Please read the Chart of Human Evaluation wriiten by LRH.

    Let us audit and train those who wanted Scientology and never really had it delivered.

    Forget “Justice” and dealing with DM. He will soon be history anyway. It is time to put attention on delivering Scientology.

    A really big thing I could see happening is that every person leaving the Cof$ creates a website. On that website they talk about the future with Scientology as LRH put it forward with a little section in a corner for wars with the crims which gradually gets smaller as they get their case gain in the new Independent delivery centers.

  202. Today’s facebook stats:

    Fans / like:

    Anderson Cooper: 352,2112 (on just one page, there are others) 3,489 on his actor/director page.

    Xenu: 2,130 on one page 53 on another.

    L. Ron Hubbard: 1,376

    Just a stat report.

    Looks like the the personal P.R. O. for Hubbard may not be around anymore?

    How pathetic!

  203. Watching Eyes

    Hilarious. Now I’ll never be able to hear this song without thinking of the Dwarf wearing his muscle tee, salivating over the sexy guys.

  204. If you want to wear the PR-Hat you must adopt some form of plan.

    By the way who operates L ron Hubbard on Face book ?

  205. I wasn’t going to look it up but after seeing some coments, I checked out David Miscavige “Church” “docudrama”.

    It would be purile if not so evil and tacky at once.

    What an embarassment, and so amateurish boring and obvious. It’s astonishing they have no sense of self-awareness how obvious they are.

    The avid Miscavice “Chruch” show bashing Anderson Cooper, CNN,and whistle blowers is equivalent to … I do’t know…it’s so tacky and nutty…but can you see them in the editing room David Miscavige and his “Church” taking pictures of targeted people and drawing mustaches and horns on them! then sniveling “so there!” And WORSE, presenting it to the public like…this will convince the world!

    My God! Take a look inside the minds believing that!

    It is hilarious, pathetic, ignorant, delusional, sinister, petty and pathological at once.

    They are hung in their own petard!!

  206. Is anybody up for taking a tour of INT Base with me? It says that on the freedom mag videos. I would love to take them up on their offer!

  207. I don’t smoke pot (I find my own abilities with reality far more interesting and enjoyable) but just as an exercise in film making comparison … the “Church of Scientology” rivals the people who made this video — obviously hallucinating far more than a joint could ever affect anyone.

    #FAIL on Truth #Fail on Sincerity #FAIL on attempted character assassination

    OUT OF TOUCH! = delusional!!

  208. Ralph,
    As in the original works, and with necessity, a part of the whole has to deal with this sort of thing so that the main thrust has its attention on delivery.

    You are right. Flourish and prosper. Deliver. Move on the route.

  209. yes! Flourish and prosper. Deliver. Move on the route.

  210. War and Peace

    When you have CRIMINALITY at the top of the Org Board……. there is a trickle-down effect.

    Big Bucks is needed to make GOLD Base flashy and impressive for CELEBs.

    Where did the money come from to make the Hemet GOLD base ? The Flag Land Base.

    The slaves up at INT/GOLD base do not work on programs to expand Scientology, the slaves work to dazzle Tom Cruise and other celebs.

    The slaves on Dm’s determinism produce nauseating videos to attack Anderson Cooper.
    It is decadent
    In a social context, the word ‘decadent’ is often used to describe the decline of morals and ethics.

    I know personally of other BASIC deliveries not authorized, the money taken out of the accounts without authorization.
    THEFT of monies.
    This was hugely widespread at the “Mecca of technical perfection.”

  211. “Forget “Justice” and dealing with DM.”

    Clean up your mess after you please, don’t leave it up to others.

  212. martyrathbun09

    And I’ll trade an evaluation; you are hiding.

  213. He is far more predictable than you think.

  214. Jim.
    Truly a heinous crime commited not only against humanity, but against LRH and every Scientologist on the planet.
    Sigh. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  215. Hi John,

    LRH himself said (in the lecture “The Resolution of the Second Dynamic” in October 1952) that homosexuality ” is about as serious as sneezes.”

    “And he sees a little girl running around, and he says, in auditing, ”What’s all that? Little girl running around… My god, no wonder I’m having trouble with sex, I was a little girl in my last life.” See? I mean, you get all sorts of things. You worry about homosexuality. I don’t know how there could be anything else, the way you get scrambled on sexes on the track. It’s quite remarkable that the sexes stay straight. I mean, I think that’s the remarkable thing.” — LRH, from the lecture Child Scientology, 7 July 1957. (Freedom Congress)

  216. Eileen,

    Thanks very much for your comments. I remember you very well when I was at Flag. Your smile and ARC stand out the most in my memories. Thanks again.


  217. craig houchin

    Ex SH SO,

    You were not alone in your willful self-delusion about and justification for the outnesses you witnessed. I was public for two decades and I and everyone I know did the exact same thing. Head down, eyes forward, mind working overtime to justify, justify, justify.

    It’s an excellent, real-life example of how truly powerful the human mind is. We make our own prisons and — when we finally decide to — we unmake them.

    Congratulations to you for beginning to unmake yours. It is quite a process. I suggest that, as you unwind your experiences, embrace the opportunity for self-discovery. “How did I get here?” is a truly amazing question to answer for yourself. Good luck!

  218. Another possibility is that they could not find any crew willing to make believe that they had access to the recreational facilities, with bright smiling faces. Or actually even unable to make believe.

  219. Actually there is a great process on the HAS CO-Audit that would help a lot. ” Get the idea of attacking” and “Get the idea of not attacking” and terminals can be assessed and put in the command. Runs very well, even on new folk. See The HCO B ” HAS Co- Audit for details.

  220. Pingback: Top Posts —

  221. Cat Daddy what’s up with you? “Clean up your mess..” ??? Ralph has been cleaning people up for decades. You are a professional protester. Fine. Ralph has his methods of “cleaning up” the space. And he has been cleaning up the space. The slur was a wrong indication and that is injustice. Isn’t that what you claim to be upset about? I happen to agree with Ralph about flourishing and helping others. That was the main purpose for all of us and that focus should be kept alive. To suggest Ralph is a liability that is not making a better world is a plain drunken slur.

    Thank you Ralph for a breath of fresh air and a reminder of the pleasure side of this adventure!

  222. Meaning he is a carbon copy cut-out dictator gone bonkers.

  223. Not for me thanks, it seems too empty from the videos – I like to remember all the good friends in happier times – the last SO Day or basewide party was in the early to mid 90’s or so with ASI & CST staff as I seem to recall.

    There were bleachers set up at the sportsfield with firework in the evening and day long BBQs at the ship pool and by the lake area. Big buffet later with ice carvings and tons of food. Big barrels of iced soft drinks, beer & spritzers. Those “worker paradise” days are long gone and only faint memories.

    Scn is all about people and what’s left at the Int base is Mestology so their offer to see their top notch mest and equipment is not all that appealing.

    Perhaps we could go to a theme park or something – at least most of the people are happier there.

  224. Ralph,

    Very well said! The key to freedom is within our own universes. There really is no physical universe as such, it’s just our overlapping own personal 8 dynamic universes. Undesirable conditions cannot be vanished with standard communication, it has to be done with auditing.

    The day the church changes into something more positive will be the day that enough people who created it into something less positive as-is these negative creations.

    Very detailed write-ups of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s from any concerned could prove useful. Auditing these negative creations is the ideal action.

    I’m sure if LRH was around he would have created a whole rundown to as-is the church in it’s current state…

  225. lulu belle


    Channeling Mike Silverman.

    Who got declared for exactly this kind of stuff.

    I guess it kind of depends on who you know.


  226. I just think the “Church” and with that DM included is a man made mess and has to be handled not left to fester like an open wound.

    Drunken slur ? That is Ironic of you since I haven’t hadd a drink in months.

  227. “Thank you Ralph for a breath of fresh air and a reminder of the pleasure side of this adventure!”

    Hehe, who says pleasure is only one side? My understanding is that pleasure and enjoyment is the default/natural state of creation and experience. In the beginning….there was the joy and pleasure of creating.

    Misery and pain came later when one decided something about creating joy and pleasure…

  228. Mike Hobson

    That information could have come from noplace but his PC Folders. Any Churchies who see those vidoes will surely know it, too.

    So, *another* major footbullet by McSavage – confirmation for the Innies that PC folder data can and will be used against anyone who doesn’t toe the line.

    Michael A. Hobson

  229. Cured Robot

    Sarge, you need to go out and trademark the “Sudden”, hell everyone is saying it now and you deserve the credit any money you can make on it. Be Sudden, Get Sudden, Going Sudden, whatever, just do it! It’s kind of like the smiley face, never was trademarked and could have made a forture. Same thing with the Canada eh?Marty, you don’t have to post this, just share it with Sarge. Maybe I’m out there but it may be worth it.

  230. Mike Hobson

    *Anything* we say is going to be twisted, spun and altered to portray the independent field “as a disaffected mob with a vendetta” and has already been so done.

    Therefore, what McSavage is going to do with our words is not a valid reason not to say exactly what is on our various minds.

    Michael “The Sneakster” Hobson

  231. Kind sirs, I am not being disrespectful or sinister. I am trying to educate myself. The Independents are doing a good job of exposing David Miscavige, the abusive, psychotic leader of CoS. People understand what the Independents repudiate. What people like me want to know is what the Independents affirm.
    Here are my basic questions restated:

    1. Why do people lose their personal power and self-determination in CoS? For example, the standard CoS membership contract that any new member must sign is scary — as is the Introspection Rundown Release. Scientology must be sufficiently compelling for people to sign these documents. Scientology must be sufficiently compelling for people to serve in the Sea Org and attain the OT Levels. Thus:

    2. What makes Scientology so attractive and potent? This question is intriguing and one that Tommy Davis can never answer. The standard CoS answer is to tell people to read a book or check out the website, both of which are underwhelming experiences.

    I respect the Independents and their right to practice Scientology. I am not a “scorched earth” critic who thinks the subject should be eradicated. In fact, the subject of Scientology is quite fascinating to me.


  232. Okay okay okay. I got it. The midget is really Emily Dickinson from an earlier life.
    He is dramatizing her thoughts, and I quote: “My friends are my estate.” WTF!

  233. “Axiom 38, Welcome to:


    Your help is welcome for there is much to do and if you stay true to yourself and acknowledge what you know you will not stop smiling.”

    Thank you Jack Airy for your welcoming comments.And thank you to the earlier welcomes from others.
    I am once again a rebel with a cause!
    I have never taken kindly to bullies. I recall first reading LRH speak about taking out the neighbourhood bullies and feeling an immediate kinship.I had taken out a grade 2 bully when I was in Kindergarten and it was so easy. I attacked him and 2 of his henchmen when they harrassed myself and my little brother .After delivering a right hook to the jaw he started crying and they all fled. The amusing part is that they were all bigger and physically tougher than me but they had never been confronted before.
    DM is that bully and he is the bully LRH speaks off.
    At this point I am surveying the landscape and looking for that 10 ft high board fence. Luckily there are plenty around as DM has been busy constructing them himself and practically inviting us all to stand on them.
    So…here I come…boots and all !

  234. Advice from Johnny Cash to DM

    You can run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time
    Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
    Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

    Go tell that long tongue liar
    Go and tell that midnight rider
    Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

    Well my goodness gracious let me tell you the news
    My head’s been wet with the midnight dew
    I’ve been down on bended knee talkin’ to the man from Galilee
    He spoke to me in the voice so sweet
    I thought I heard the shuffle of the angel’s feet
    He called my name and my heart stood still
    When he said, “John go do My will!”

    Go tell that long tongue liar
    Go and tell that midnight rider
    Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

    You can run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time
    Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
    Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

    Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand
    Workin’ in the dark against your fellow man
    But as sure as God made black and white
    What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light

    You can run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time
    Run on for a long time
    Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
    Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

    Go tell that long tongue liar
    Go and tell that midnight rider
    Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut you down
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut you down
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut you down

  235. AlexMetheny

    Pretty wimpy looking to me.

  236. martyrathbun09

    CD, everybody has their opinions and their responsibility levels. I consider it my mission to get this mess thoroughly cleaned up.

  237. Joe Howard

    Stevo, Hey, who you calling an SP? I’ve never seen a declare order on me and if it isn’t written it isn’t true. Although I have to admit that two people have told me recently that they were shown a 17 page ADDENDUM to my declare order issued in October of last year shortly after a picture of Marty, Mike, Steve and me along with Geir appeared on the net. Who the hell ever heard of an addendum to a declare? Of course, I haven’t seen it myself but I imagine that I’d have a few things to say about it were I to get my hands on one.

    As for your comments about the non-use of all the recreational facilities, well, you’re speaking from when you were there in the new millenium. Back in the old millenium, back there in the antediluvian days of the 80s and early 90s, these spaces occasionally got some use.

    And I recall Mike and I occasionally blowing Sunday morning CSP to play a quick 9 holes along with Kurt Wieland and Lyman Spurlock on the golf course.

    But since the mid-90s I can attest that the facilities are pretty much what the Gulf of Mexico is rapidly becoming: a dead zone. Instead of a volcano of oil spew out, however, at the Int Base it has been a volcano of arbitraries, abuse and entheta. And no top kill in sight until some of us started speaking out.

  238. Than we are in agreement over that Marty. You understand what I ment with my comment to Ralph.

  239. It is his biggest fear.

  240. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Mr. Cat Daddy, Are you asking about the highway of which splits the property in half — Highway 79. Here’s the story– There are three major thorns shoved up Dave’s ass – 1. Marty Rathbun…. 2. Mike Rinder… 3 Highway 79. When Dave yells at you, you can see the tip’s of these thorn’s tickling his epiglotis. Mike and Marty – no disrepect meant here at all — infact I, Amy, Matt, Dan, Shelly, Jeff, my Brothua JB, Sinar, Jackie, INT Base Staff are right behind you guys. As Dave would pridictably say – YOU ALL ARE THORNS UP MY ASS. Anyway CD, Highway 79 plays a signficant role in pissing David Miscavage off, and just like with Marty, Mike, Amy, Matt, I, and the rest of us he is viciously pissed as he can’t figure out how to handle any of us, the highway etc. Hey David Miscavage – Stop your abuse of you very own wife Shelly, Sea Org Memebers, Scientologists, Stop Stealing from your own parishioners, Tell Tom Cruise you are sorry for bringing him down with you and stop screwing around on your wife. Then and only then will the solution to Highway 79 possibly fall into your lap. One more Q — Where is Heber? Call me if you need clarification to anything presented here by myself or the others you’ve been reading about. Seriously — Call me. — Jackson

  241. Joe Howard

    The modus operandi is to keep everyone in his environment slightly (or greatly) off balance emotionally and mentally. To a greater or lesser degree one always had to watch himself or herself while engaging in a comm cycle with DM. Some became paralyzed while doing this and their wits froze. Most developed a “Yes, Sir”-compliant-gung-ho-agreement-type circuit that they put in place to defend themselves, a successful defense being when DM turned his attention from them to someone else without a tongue lashing or worse.

    The idea behind it is, I guess, that he feels safe if others feel introverted enough, so his entire MO when dealing with staff is to keep them on mental roller skates and at all times on uneven surfaces.

  242. Joe Howard

    Speaking of which, I wonder if anyone saw the 60 Minutes segment a few months ago where AC went swimming with great white sharks down in South Africa. He’s not only a courageous journalist but he’s obviously crazy as well!

  243. one of those who see

    Ralph, been reading the reconnection newsletters. Thank you for posting them. I got into Scientology in the early 80’s. I guess, when all hell was breaking loose. I had no idea really about what was occuring.
    I learned a bit about David Mayo, met some Int Finance Police, saw a mission close. I knew some people had left to go with David, but I don’t think I even knew he had a center. And until reading the newsletters, I had no idea how big the independent movement was.
    We are all one group afterall. All the people that from the beginnings of Scientology forward were able to see that this was a real road to freedom. I feel we are all in this together. Would love an update from your perspective. Are many of the people I am reading about in the newsletters still active? I hope some of them are posting here. Once David’s center closed, did the other centers close too? And would love to hear your views on David Mayo. I have come off of the ” he’s the devil incarnate” which i realize was not ever evaluated by me. What a huge freedom that is. He was a class XII. He was valued by LRH before his fall. For those of us that were new at that time, it is nice to clear up some of the mystery. And if things did go wrong with the Independents of the 80’s, it would good to know details so they are not repeated. For those of you from those years reading here. Hello!

  244. I know it’s an auditor’s code violation to say stuff like that, but isn’t it also a high crime? Even in a one-on-one, not to mention BPI? MOQ? Help me out here?

    Not to mention how plain stupid it is. Imagine you’re a pc in a church and you see that video. Here’s your “management” evaluating and invalidating? What’s next? And how safe is YOUR information? I’d never be able to be “in session” in that place again!

    Another nail in the coffin. IMHO, the nails are becoming cast iron spikes driven by a sledge hammers.

    The more I think about those videos, the worse it gets. I clearly remember a day in January 2002, I was at my desk in Central Marketing, at the Int base. I had this enormous realization that the powers-that-be SELECTIVELY applied tech and policy. It if suited their purpose, they’d apply it. If not, they’d modify it or SAY they were applying it when they weren’t. Or in some other way the’d twist and pervert it, all the while making it LOOK like they were on-Source. I was on my way out within a few hours.

    Having seen those videos and had a day to let them “settle” in my mind — I can see that it has gotten so much worse. These days, DM and his bots aren’t even pretending to be on-Source!

    He disgusts me.

    The good news is, if he continues on his current course, Captain U-Boat will surely take himself out, no further assistance needed.

  245. Joe Howard

    Dude, no one can really answer your questions with anything that would satisfy you unless you had some personal subjective concept of the subject. My suggestion: grab a copy of the book Self Analysis. Read the first 50 pages and then do the exercises for half hour a day for about 2 weeks. Then ask your questions again and the answers you get will begin to make sense.

  246. You seem to know a lot about PR.

    Public Relations is an art.

    It is not about creating enemies.

    Especially of people who are beneficial to their fellow man.

    If everyone was a soldier we would all be dead.

    It is a math ability actually, the ability to add.

    You would do yourself a disservice if you convinced everyone to go to war.

    It’s a math ability.

    The art of public relations at it’s best would be do support the things helpful to ones society, and protest the things harmful.

    When you come out swinging at anything not moving in your direction, you can cut yourself short in the area of P.R..

    Perhaps the PR-hat you have adopted could use a plan.

  247. Fellow Traveller

    Use “sudden” in a sentence.
    “Suddenly I am an independent Scientologist.”

    “I was sudden and found myself a Sovereign Scientologist.” (with credit to Centurion)

    Bruce Pratt

  248. Cat Daddy whatever you think, it’s not your place to enforce hats on people on here. This is not a police station. If you consider yourself an enforcer even then not everyone cares to be told by you what they should be doing in this arena. We are adults and will wear the hats we choose. We have no contract with you to perform. And you have no license to dole out punishment here for non performance. This isn’t the Sea Org.

  249. We are Independents. Remember? Or has that been lost already?

  250. If you think I am going to be lead into agreement with making an auditor guilty of auditing or making a Scientologist wrong for steering people up the bridge you are hallucinating. For the record you go East and I go West from here.

  251. And lastly, in case you overlooked it, this is Marty’s forum and the people visiting here and contributing are here to support and contribute to Marty’s life. Ralph Hilton had Independents connected up across continents on the internet long before you joined in any independent group out here and he has comm lines that cross these continents. For you to bypass Marty and begin abusing people on his forum and telling them what they should be doing and thinking is , well, are you submanaging this forum for Marty now or what? Marty and Ralph are both auditors and both former Sea Org. Why shouldn’t they be in good ARC with one another? Are you picking out and choosing who is supposed to be here now on this forum and who is not? Who are the celebrated and who is to get slapped around? Because I think anyone posting here who Marty is allowing to post here is a guest of Marty’s. And it’s just rude to abuse his guests and that actually undermines his support and his comm lines.

  252. Actually, this is lastly. This pitting people against one another on a forum, especially Sea Org Members against one another, to bring about a collapse, it has a familiar smell.

  253. But anyway, I just remembered all the PR people are handleing PR for David Miscavige now. NOT for L. Ron Hubbard.

  254. Hi J. Swift,

    Take a look at Scientology’s “Code of Honor” which has as one of its points: “Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength or power”.

    Your original question is really akin to a Scientologist asking himself: “Did I ever allow myself to violate this point of the Code of Honor?”

    It’s a valid question, and would likely also be very powerful on the points: “Be true to your own goals” and “Never compromise with your own reality” (both of which are also in the Code of Honor).

    In a Church that was truly practicing Scientology, the Code of Honor would be held up as something to aspire to — not tucked away and ignored, to make way for crush reg’ing, crush recruiting and Thurs@2 deadlines.

  255. planetaryclearing

    Hasnt anyone who sat in on DMs rants got even a snippet of a recording of him going off. It is just unbelievable that if someone was starting to get sick of the bullshit he would get some kind of evidence before leaving. Anyway we need some covert ops on DM soon – he’s got crimes going on in PT man.

  256. J Swift,
    Thankyou for your reiteration in a form that is compatible with answering, and not the offbeat auditing questions as first put out here.

    I can answer you from my own experience and viewpoint, perhaps better done with a PM?


  257. martyrathbun09

    Boo-ya Jackson!

  258. Wow – I saw that video DM put together on Int Base. I almost puked in my mouth – I mean yes – it is beautiful – but it was just so creepy.

    No people there! Just like the Idle Orgs!

    I guess DM’s learned his lesson – In order to avoid getting “Larry Anderson’d” – just keep the people out – that way no need to re-shoot video when the people shown inevitably speak out.

    And – no offense to you Marty, but from the looks of you in that pool – its obvious you didn’t use it much (no tan!)


  259. Huckleberry

    Oi vey! I was expressing a different viewpoint, Marty.

    If it were a crime to be a vain, short, mean and not-very-bright a’hole, Dubya wouldn’t have made it past the first day of school, much less graduate to ‘leader of the free world’.

    It’s certainly worth knowing that Miscavige degraded officers of Scientology with vile obscenities, including homosexual taunts, and used the gym while making others work like slaves.

    But my point is that OSA has nothing else to say about the CNN expose other than ‘Anderson Cooper wears black muscle t-shirts’.

    This is a calculated 1.1 gay slur intended – ironically – to say to Scientologists that Cooper is 1.1, therefore (a) wants to destroy Scientology and (b) is incapable of speaking the truth.

    If I were at OSA, I’d do the same thing because I know I can’t DA the substance.

    You, on the other hand, have bravely pulled together a mountain of evidence of Miscavige’s horrendous crimes.

    OSA would much rather fight a tit-for-tat battle over black muscle t-shirts than be forced to defend Miscavige’s indefensible real crimes.

    All of that said, it’s your show so keep fighting the good fight like the general you are.

    With ARC,


  260. Thank you for your honest reaction.

  261. the oracle,

    I don’t see what cat said that ruffled your feathers to this extent. Like you said, you’re all Independent’s and to the extent of that alone, should find common ground considering you guys were all once in the same boat, just different ocean. For whatever it’s worth, you all inspire me by moving past what was once considered impossible to do, and studying and believing in something that people may ridicule. You never removed your belief system from your lives, and for that I commend you all tremendously. It is a great honor to say you truly believe in something while at the same time taking cricism for it and fighting hard to re-build a life that once seemed broken. You are all doing the right thing, on the right path, and ultimate, on the bridge to total freedom!

  262. Mike Hobson

    No, the Independent Field and the New Independents have no business engaging in covert intelligence or counter-intelligence operations against McSavage and his mob.

    *Our* business is seeing that people get the real Scientology(no TM) auditing and training they have long been denied by McSavage and Co$. And a major part of that effort will be cleaning up all these cases that got brutalized with McSavage’s Reverse Scientology processes – both in and out of session.

    DM is doing a more than adequate job of driving people away from his little kingdom in an ever increasing flood. Right now, without any covert operations on our part, he is demonstrably being driven off the Deep End just by the ongoing exposure of his true wickedness.

    I’m sorry, but as long as McSavage has an unlimited IAS war chest to finance court battles and hordes of brainwashed zombie minions who not only publicly swear to his lily white innocence of any and all crimes, but whom will also “fall on their swords” for him and take the rap if required, neither civil nor criminal litigation is likely to stop him for the foreseeable future.

    I reckon Rathbun and Rinder are correct in their estimation that the only real chink in DM’s legal armor is *private inurement*. DM has demonstrably personally profited from both the Co$ and the IAS. All that real estate from the Ideal Orgs donations campaigns is effectively *his personally* – the Int Landlord’s Office is entirely controlled by McSavage.

    No, we don’t *need* any covert operations to take him down.

    Michael A. Hobson

  263. I agree but part of the stop for me has been the suppression by association I felt until finding Marty’s blog. When you have absolutely no terminals to feel safe with, it’s debilitating. If you feel outnumbered by those who would squash you…debilitating.
    Me having a safe terminal in another country really doesn’t give me stability here in my swamplands. Me having a safe terminal down the highway or over there on the Coast where I’ve been in real life…that gives me stability and I don’t feel so isolated and outnumbered.
    I can then become a stable terminal for someone else out there alone who just needs a bit more theta to grab onto. The stable step to stand on and move forward from. And I think that will be my Class 8 bud down the road getting back to battery, becoming another stable step for those trying to climb up the Bridge.
    Keeping those who are suppressive to LRH off my lines is important and I think that IS what you’ve done really an incredible job of, Marty.
    And directing the focus to the true SP we’ve been PTS to in so many ways…it does as-is so many sticking points and squashes. It’s like a big-ass 3D PTS R/D!!!
    Thanks man! It’s such a release!

  264. “New Independent Delivery Centers”. That is what I want to see! Just like in the beginning where you could walk down the block in any city and find a mission or some kind of meet up. Even if it someone’s house. I remember when when missions were in people’s homes. And when someone was in trouble their friends would chip in to give them a session or get them sorted out. Everyone just wanted to learn and help themselves and their friends. There was NOTHING WRONG when DM set out to “fix everything.” THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG!

  265. Here here!

  266. Marty,

    I’ve been traveling and just saw this. Rant away! When the rant is the truth, then, by George, it’s exactly what’s needed.

    What the world needs much more of is people who can’t be silenced, who stick to their integrity no matter what is threatened, no matter what the consequences in popularity or in money. Anderson Cooper has joined those ranks, and you, well, we all know that’s where you’re at.

    Keep saying it like it is, Marty. That’s the only strategy that will win. Most people are social personalities, and they do want to truth. If it ARCX’s some, well, those were the PTS and the false-data ladened. The truth will take quite a while to crack those eggs, but those folks will only cause trouble anyway, no matter what we do. Most people want the truth and the way you start an avalanche of justice is to keep throwing the truth against the wall until all the damned muddy lies are exposed and finally washed away.

    The more you expose, the more exciting this gets. You’re a leader because you have integrity. With truth, integrity, determination and the best interests of mankind all on our side, we will win!

  267. Thanks! If you ever get confirmation that he is working on “handling” the media, please make it known. He was one abusive SOB and any media terminals he is dealing with need to know all about him. Trouble is he would always fly under the radar and make others be visible. For example, make CO OSA UK go on television instead of him and then brutally criticise her for her performance.

  268. UK/SH SO,

    Bob Keenan is too scared of the media to do anything himself.

    He projects the image of Mr. Tough Guy when he is around DM (and Dear Leader tells him to take people outside and “take care of them” — I know this from personal experience as I walked out of the room and Keenan hit me so hard it knocked me out).

    But when the media shows up he refuses to be on camera. You will note in the last BBC Panorama show he is conspicuously omitted — yet this was actually his responsibility as “Senior PR” in the UK. Dear Leader was sending him all his comm about how to handle the BBC with cc’s to me (as I was an SP) and yet when the BBC showed up outside the org and Keenan was called by the receptionist to inform him they were filming we both left Fitzroy Street (him on his motorcycle and me on foot) to go to Tottenham Court Road (about 1/2 a mile). Keenan arrived long after I did and there I was responding to John Sweeney in the doorway telling him Miscavige never hit anyone!

    Keenan is the worst sort of sycophant. He may be lurking behind the scenes somewhere, pretending to be Mr. Hot Shot for Miscavige’s enjoyment, but when it comes to being front and center he is behind and sideways.

    Someone should check into the cash he collected from various Scientologists for his “special projects”. He would take off and ride his motorcycle to Bristol or Birmingham or wherever to collect cash from some “pals” who supported him (one of whom was David Gaiman).

    Keenan is a stinking fish at the bottom of a rotten barrel. Dear Leader has tried to get him to go to the US as he is running out of useful sycophants, but Keenan doesnt want to do that as he is scared of what will happen as he has seen every person who ever got too close to Dear Leader end up on the trash heap.

    Fireman Bob bears looking into. As like his Dear Leader, he has severe financial crimes that could cause him some serious problems.


    Marty and Mike, it nice to see people coming out and speaking out. That great. But there are also a lot people trying to fight the “disconnection” issue, which sems REAL. My points is that I believe dear Leader is pushing it to avoid important questions such as WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING, APART FROM CLEVER INVESTMENT IN REAL ESTATE AROUND THE WORLD?

    Herr Leader has now made it clear that his intention is to make LOTS OF MONEY. His lavish lifestyle tell it all. And I’m sure he wants MORE. Efforts are being made to stop or reduce his money flow by telling parishioners the truth. If enough truth is told, yes, perhaps the money flow will become less. But Scientology, by it’s nature keeps atracting people, and Dear leader keeps on laughing all the way to the bank.

    The question US Citizens should be asking is: WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING? Certainly it’s no going towards paying salaries to the many dedicated people who still believe they are doing the right thing. Jeez, they are not even sleeping in a comfortable bed and eating 3 decent meals a day. So, once again, WHERE IS THE MONEY BEING FUNNELED TO?

    Food for thought (and action) I think.

  270. When are all you elite going to disseminate Scientology to the common people? It’s seems you play every other game but that one as though you love MEST more than you do freeing theta. The objective is 8=8OO8, NOT 8=O88O!

  271. Gee, Mr. Boice, I really think this blog is one helluva dissemination action!

    Clearly, we don’t have to agree about that though. So enjoy doing whatever “dissemination” means to you.

    Just Me

  272. If there’s one thing people can’t stand its a hypocrite, unless its the hypocrite themselves…

  273. blank t shirts are something worth to buy.

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