Black Designer T-shirts, for crying out loud!

Some of you may have seen the docudrama David Miscavige produced attacking Anderson Cooper, AC 360, CNN and a number of CNN producers and executives.  Miscavige has been working on that gem nearly full time for the past seven weeks.  Electronic remote-control helicopters and large cranes were hired to take those idyllic shots of what he calls a “workers paradise.”  The org formed by LRH to advance technical standards and promote Scientology, Golden Era Productions, has been on the project full time since the series aired too.

I have only one thing to say in response to this obscene waste of parishioner donations and hard-working staff time.  You will notice that the master implanter chose one anchor to keep coming back to throughout the piece. That was shots of Anderson Cooper in a black t-shirt, along with snide 1.1 voice overs commenting upon Cooper’s attire.

Those images all lead to the carefully orchastrated crescendo where the conclusion was posited that more than subtlely challenged Mr. Cooper’s manhood. To wit, the narrator gravely states that Mr Cooper had served to “blur the line between anchorman and male model.”  That loaded evaluation all based on an occasion where Mr Cooper chose to wear a black t-shirt during news coverage.

Now, let us take a look at who is calling the kettle black.

Please examine the the photo below of David Miscavige literally embraced by Tom Cruise, both wearing their omnipresent black designer silk muscle shirts.  It just so happens that Tom has that photo positioned in such a manner that he gets to look at it just about every day. You can enlarge it and look real close.

Now, if wearing a designer black t-shirt means all Miscavige implies it does about Mr. Cooper, what does it say about Miscavige himself?  

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  2. Well, to me it says that DM and TC have no use for Katie in the bedroom!

  3. Why does Tom have Katie in a headlock? It looks like she is trying to get away. I don’t think Tom should get mad at you for publishing these interesting photos. Rather, he should visit you and get some real auditing for handling his case.

  4. My husband wants to know if DM wears a wig for events?

  5. Marty,

    You’re such a BAD boy, BAD boy to show those photos!

    And what other photos are on that disk?

    Just Me

  6. Is this what it has come to? Commenting and ridiculing peoples choices of attire?
    Has it really gotten to the point where there is a pissing contest over T shirts?

  7. Warning blood involved, but if you past forthcoming sentence in in Youtube or google it you see that Cooper isn’t afraid to get his shirt dirty:

    RAW: Anderson Cooper rescues injured boy from Haiti earthquake riot (CNN)

  8. I find the fact that you are getting photos from insiders very telling.

    The paranoia level around DM must be up to the shrieking point. 🙂

    Who will be the next person to leak revealing information and photos?

    You have been given an awesome responsibility, that of being a channel for information that has been suppressed for far too long.

    I feel that we are only months away from a cataclysmic meltdown of CofS top mismanagement.

    August sounds right…

  9. I had a family member near explode when she viewed the DM docudrama.

    The first point about the “workers paradise” , her immediate comment was shock of disbelief “THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT”. Totally ARCXed a 30 year veteran Scn. that knows how hard staff work and their living conditions.

    The second point about the “black silk T-shirt” she stated “OH MY GOD WTF IS GOING ON HERE”……

    She didn’t even note any comments about the “SP’s”, goes to show DM’s reverse PR is coming back at him big time.

    There is only one way out DM… “Pick up the can please”, “its OK pick up the cans”.

  10. Why not “subtlety challenge Mr. Cooper’s manhood” a bit more and print this:

    “. . . CNN may have caved in to Cooper’s hissy fit over their refusal to air his investigation . . .”

    Source: AC Freedom Mag article

  11. War and Peace

    Double click the image to get full size and the Black designer T-shirts are more visible.

    The attack on Anderoon Cooper is WHACKO, a good testimony to DM’s deteriorating state of case.

    The GOLD BASE INT properties, obscenely RICH looking were built by SO members living as slaves~~
    HUMAN TRAFFICKING, enforced to sleep on floors, or with no sleep at all, SLEEP DEPRIVATION, no pay, and with threats of being thrown into the FESCES pond.

    Actually, those videos open up a lot of opportunity for EX SO to do Media interviews on the ACTUAL TRUTH of what goes on.

  12. Watching Eyes

    That dwarf can put on all the muscle t-shirts he wants and you know what……he’s still a dwarf. He can get the biggest motorcycle made, which only makes him look even smaller, and he’ll look like a 12 year old riding it.
    Note to dwarf: Get a Moped. It’ll make you look bigger.

  13. At the risk of taking an unpopular stance I’d like to say….

    I’m not defending CoS’ offensive remarks, but on the one hand criticizing CoS for having “subtlely challenged Mr. Cooper’s manhood” and then inferring exactly what about TC and DM? When just the other day Krautfag was asked to drop the “fag” from his moniker?

    If the inference is about sexual preference, I’m not taking part – with respect to everyone’s personal preferences.

    If the inference is about illicit behavior and secrets and lies in DMs life, with all due respect ….so, what else is new?

    I’m getting mixed messages here. Just sayin’

  14. As Because notes above, the gappage between those videos’ desired effects and their WTF! effects is considerable.

    Therefore, I’m now taking bets on how long those videos stay up on CoM’s Web site.

    I’m saying on the outside they won’t last past the end of June. That leaves 36 days. I’m taking June 7. Ten bucks apiece — place your bets now.

    Just Me

  15. Wait! Lemme see if I get this…now….

    The biggest Queen in Scientology gets outed on National TV, and spends 7 weeks shooting and editing a response in which he alludes to the fact that the guy that did the investigation MAY be a queen too?


    What did that HCOB say again….now where is it…oh yah:



    – HCOB 15 September 1981 The Criminal Mind

    I wish I could share with you some of what has gone down in the last week, suffice it to say that DM’s dramatization of “Enforced Aesthetics in lieu of ACTUAL SCIENTOLOGY” has been exposed for the sham that it is in many, many universes.

    To those that say he should “pick up the cans”, I just want to point out the last datum from that HCOB: “THE CRIMINAL IS NOT MUCH BENEFITED BY THE GIVING OFF OF CURRENT WITHHOLDS AND IS NOT LIKELY TO REFORM BECAUSE OF THIS.”

    At this rate the cockroaches will be going OT before DM even has a clue…..

  16. martyrathbun09

    Correct me Marta. How would you have put it? Or would you have let it lie?

  17. As ridiculous as his attempts at dead agenting Anderson Cooper are, I wouldn’t respond at the same level. You’re better than resorting to ad hominem attacks.

  18. They insulted Andersons cargo pants too.

    And they seem to assume that his black t-shirt was also made of silk.

    Natural silk travels light and works in variable climates. Same with cargo pants, the pockets aren’t there just for pretty.

    Oh this is so freakin’ stupid I can’t even go on.

    Anderson Cooper is way easy on the eyes. He’s damn fine looking, it never occured to me to compare him to a male model, maybe that’s just DM’s fantasy.

    Those videos really are just another foot missile.

    My husband was watching them with me and as the film was recounting how many times CNN had been offered a tour of the place.

    My husband said probably no one from CNN wanted to go because they didn’t wanna get whacked.

    That’s pretty much the reputation for the int base. And those films with NO PEOPLE at ALL were just creepy.

    Maybe there are so FEW people left there that they had to make sure NO people were in it… because on an average day maybe there is really just a handful around.

    It’s not as easy to clone in extra people like they do for the events photos,in an outdoor setting like that.

    Why didn’t they show the castle wall and the LRAD SOUND WEAPON Dave uses on the protestors who dare get near that “workers paradise”?

    I guess his good buddies down at some “government meeting” must have given him those.

  19. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! lol I’m not a scientologist but I was thinking exactly what that LRH policy just referenced:
    HCOB 15 September 1981 The Criminal Mind
    Is the dwarf’s head really that big??

  20. UnDisturbed

    I am backing johhny d and Marta’s comments. I love Marty’s site but this just seems petty to me.

    Let’s not ourselves stoop to the level of the Church of Scn. We really don’t need to make snide comments about someone’s supposed sexuality. I feel it cheapens us.

    Let the Church spill its filth, we don’t have to play that game.

    And Marty is man enough that he will post alternate views, and for that I give him kudos.

  21. Doc Holiday

    Is it me or does DM look a bit like Eddie Haskell in that picture? (With my sincere apologies to Ken Osmond).

  22. I know you probably don’t want to link to it, but can someone tell me where to view that “docudrama”? I couldn’t find it anywhere. If you don’t want to post it, email me?

  23. David,
    you are being too kind. Management implies organization. Meltdown of DM maybe!

  24. No offence to sexual preference and I believe in human rights which includes the right to be gay and I agree, this subject should not even come up on this site.

    However these are married men wearing designer’s black T-shirt, are hugging each other and than framing their pictures so they can look at them at all times… I don’t know but if there is nothing cooking there is hard to believe.

    Also, from other posts I read that DM was joking about Guillaume and Yager being gay. He seems to have a button on the subject but is actually suspicious especially since the mechanism is explained quite well in the Criminal Mind HCOB.

    So could it be that DM is really fond of TC?

  25. Penny Krieger


    You are right on the money. I have read stories whereby this cockroach enforced confessions on a group basis, many of which are “supposed” sexual peculiarities, and then broadly announces such to the group with devastating embarrassment and degradation to the chosen subject. It is such a horrifying nightmare, particularly given that the most upsat (up statistics, ie: bright, ethical beings that produce in abundance) are the most attractive targets for him as they are the most “threatening!”. He is such a coward; I can’t begin to imagine what it looks like on the inside of his mind.

    I wanted to post these quotes you put up yesterday, but didn’t have the time.
    Perfect! What exactly does he accuse others of? There is your answer!

    He will not be laughing so loudly when he gets to the big house for his crimes, which will happen.
    Justice will be served and he will be afraid, as that is what he is now.

  26. Where does one locate said docu-drama?

  27. Quicksilver

    My take on some of the recent comments:

    It seems that name calling has crept into many posts.

    I really don’t see how calling DM a whatever really accomplishes much. We really don’t need to stoop to that level.

    We have data, photos, video/recordings & personal experiences – these are excellent sources of how he has perverted Scientology thru the church.

    Example of good data: DM’s joking about Tom Cruise’s confidential auditing with others is a point that most people will relate to and find appalling – the sanctity of confessionals is common among most religions & even the non-religious would find this repulsive.

    Calling DM a dope, or some such, really feeds their hand.

    We have the high ground, let’s maintain it.

  28. Redneck Thetan

    First off, I’m assuming the Freedom “defense” against Anderson Cooper was aimed completely at Scientologist publics, not at non-COS or fellow journalists. Because there was no sort of a defense in there that appealed in the least to the latter two groups or even scared them.

    Secondly, Anderson Cooper is a network anchor who gets paid millions to project an image. That image is not going to hold up so well on camera if he’s wearing a suit from Men’s Warehouse or t-shirts from Fruit of the Loom. Nor does Anderson even pretend to be something else, like a member of a religious order where members dedicate themselves and their livelihoods to their church.

    Finally, when someone shows me a picture of DM or TD running through foreign streets while carrying a child from danger, or slogging through flood waters looking for survivors, I might listen to what they have to say. Anderson is a hero. All I hear from them is words, but absolutely no action.

  29. martyrathbun09

    Redneck Thetan, you are damn right. I am going to disclose more about what Anderson Cooper did and it confirms your sense of things. Incidentally, Mike Rinder and I swore to you conclusion about this being only for internal Kook Aid drinking publics when we first saw it. We underestimated what a degenerate Miscavige has become. The idiots sent the link out to ALL major US media outlets.

  30. I noted that one of the trips to Los Angeles, including a shot of the RTC Building, which either is a goof, or their way of admitting that YES, he was at the RTC Building in Dec 2003.

    What they continue to OMIT any discussion is of ALL THE OTHER ex Int Base who saw or received DM’s personal violence.

    DM has no way to dodge this story, there are just too many people who saw or received beatings from DM personally.

    I don’t imagine the faithful Scientologists will be allowed to freely see the 360 show, back and forth with this anti Anderson Cooper video, and “think for themselves.”

    No comparing, just accept DM’s version.

    This DM video doesn’t even show Anderson’s show at all.

    What about all the other violence in other years, before and after the final months of 2003?

    The music was repetitive and lower quality than other church video music recently.

    Empty glorious buildings is DM’s product.

    We need some leaked videos from inside the razor wired compound to leak out.

    If any of the human rights abuses occurs outdoors, too bad it can’t be filmed somehow and leaked.

    Marc Headley a couple years ago, posted that there were ways to leak stuff out.

    That would blow the lid on this.

    What did JB have to say about that video.

    I’d like to hear his views on what life is recently like at the Int Base.


  31. martyrathbun09

    Absolutely, I want the whole world to see.

  32. Watching Eyes

    Exilo asked, “So could it be that DM is really fond of TC?”

    Ya think?

  33. I think it’s just hypocritical of Miscavige to criticize others for wearing “designer black t-shirts” when he in fact wears them himself.

    It’s really more a sign of how low the CoM has gone than anything else. And how desperate and grasping at straws Miscavige has become.

  34. The irony is that the term “workers paradise” generally refers to Stalinist style enforced communist collectives proffered as ideal villages but in which human beings are suffering, enslaved, and fearful of speaking out.

    Another contemporary workers paradise is North Korea under their “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-Il.

    How apt!

  35. When was the last time Dm actually gave an assist to someone? What about VM activities?

  36. Jack Airey

    When I blow up this photo of the boys in black male model shirts I see the strangest looking thumb belong to Tom Cruise located close to DM’s mouth.

    Am I reading too much into the shape of Cruise’s thumb?

    Do I need to pick up the cans? Damn you Marty you should have let this one alone.

    I can’t get the THUMB shape out of my mind. No I can’t.

    Now I have to ask myself why Tom Cruise looks at this photo almost everyday when he has that long legged attractive wife of his.

    Do you think?????

  37. No correction, Marty. It is your blog and I support what you’re doing here.

    In response to how I’d have handled it, thanks for asking. I like to think that (after I noted CoS’s finger pointing at Cooper, with 3 pointing right straight back) I’d have left the CoS’s snide inferences to speak boldly for themselves to the world. They needed no remark, IMHO.

    Why stoop to his level? Especially when it tends to communicate a prejudice on your part and could easily offend (even one person) either directly, indirectly, or just on principle – which I’ve not known you to do, and I hope was not your intent.

  38. Well, if DM is a total bottom it would explain those coffee enemas. He wants to keep clean down there. I try to keep an open mind about gays but DM is totally 1.1 on the tone scale.

  39. How much lower can David Miscavage drag Scientology and LRH’s name ?!

    This is plain Looney Tunes. Petty, snide, low, cowardly, and …NUTS. This is a “Chairman of the Board” spending parishioners funds to engage in petty, vengefull (albeit impotent) smear campaigns?

    This is one more antic that shows a need for a competence hearing.

    Of course it makes no sense. Tom Cruise and David Miscavige chum around in black tees shirts, then use that (black t-shirts) as the chorus and refrain by which to try to slander a fair, elegant, lovely person and newscaster (Anderson Cooper)?

    The most excruciating absurdity about it is: DMand TC see nothing wrong with what they’re doing!? They have no sense of how belly-crawling creepy they appear to the world.

  40. Let’s face it, DM is TRYING to bring down the tech that helps mankind, via the “church”, all the while raking in as much dough as he possibly can from existing koolaids before he has to make his escape.

    The only thing he’ll miss is the POWER.

  41. Redneck Thetan

    FYI, Anderson was a model for Calvin Klein as a teenager. He says he did it so that he would have his own money that didn’t come from his family (he’s a Vanderbilt.) But making money from looking good is not a disqualification from being a respected journalist. If the worst they can come up with is that and his sexuality, they are scraping the barrel in a major way.

  42. You guys sound like anonymous a little dont you think? Why all the hate? I think the DM Cruise thing is a dead subject.. Be independant, but it sounds more like crying at this point.

  43. Doc "Smith"

    Although I agree that name calling is too low on the tone scale, I think that showing DM’s tactics vs. his actions may be an eye opener for some new to the blogs who can then realize what is happening re: the above quoted references. We want free speech and it’s Marty’s comm line to determine what might cause the best effects.

  44. Is it just me or is Miscavige taking an extra special liking to attacking Anderson Cooper? It seems to me that he has gone the extra mile to try and discredit Anderson even over Marty and the others on this investigation. Miscavige has been hit harder by other media outlets such as BBC and the St. Petersburg Times, yet he didn’t go as far with trying to discredit them, but for some reason the Anderson Cooper interview is hitting him harder in my opinion. Why is that? Is he trying to attack Anderson because he is in denial of his own sexuality?

  45. I will not lie to Independent Scientologist.

    I am an Independent Scientologist. I am PROUD to be an Independent Scientologist. But I am also very proud to be a happily married homosexual. My wife and I live our lives in love and there isn’t a day gone by that I’m not happy. I owe that to her and I owe that to the tech.

    Now that I’m totally out, I have some comm lines to open.

    This attack on Anderson Cooper is irreconcilable. The assumption that Anderson Cooper is gay is not only an insult to my intelligence, but proves to me that in the CoM there is no room for people like me, we are cast off as perverts (look in Dianetics for that gem) and ostracized.

    When being homosexual is equated to perversion, it hurts. I was born this way. I did not decide to be homosexual one morning. I was like this all my life. I, knowing what my life would become to many people, projected that I was a heterosexual for many years; which was a blatant lie. Unable to lie anymore to myself or others, I boldly came out of the closet in 1999.

    I haven’t went in the closet since. I am not about to now.

    It is my most humble opinion that one who protests so vehemently against homosexuality is usually a “closeted homosexual”. The one who shouts the loudest “I am NOT a gay” usually is. I implore you, for proof of such a claim, to Google “George Reker”. This story is proof that my theory is correct.

    So therefore, I find it extremely worth while to note that DM’s grubby little finger pointing at Anderson Cooper’s sexuality leaves him with three fingers pointing back at him. I find it intensely curious that DM himself dons a black shirt. Since somehow this qualifies someone as being homosexual, in DM’s twisted little world, he should also be reminded of another scenario where Tom Cruise himself is wearing a black turtleneck. So if a tee-shirt is considered gay, a turtleneck (along the same logic lines) should also be considered gay.

    (Also I’d like to note that being homosexual all my life, I did not know there was a proper dress code for us.)



  46. martyrathbun09

    Meisha, I am proud to be an Independent Scientologist too. And I am proud of you for being proud of being such and gay. God bless you.

  47. Two things.

    1. How can anyone fail to notice the utter lack of “workers” in this workers’ paradise???? Admittedly, I may have missed someone, but I don’t recall seeing a single person “working” in paradise. It’s all mest. And the first video with all the new “orgs” opening – it’s all big, glitzy mest and the only people are spectators watching the opening or actors and extras pretending to do courses (it would a violation of Courses: Their Ideal Scene to film a live course room, now wouldn’t it)?

    2. I just want to weigh in on this. I don’t think Marty was belittling anyone regarding their sexual preference. At least I didn’t take it that way at all. I believe his point was that the video attempts to discredit Anderson Cooper by alluding to his choice of clothing and sexual preference. Yet DM wears the same damned type of clothing (well, maybe not cargo pants, as they tend to make you look short.) And I am certain he spends as much time and money on his “image”, if not more. To me, the point isn’t what’s right or wrong as regards clothes or sexuality, it’s that DM does the same thing that Cooper is supposedly “bad” for doing.

    And I believe not using the “fag” term is out of respect, not an intolerance. On certain internet channels, “fag” is a completely harmless term, tacked on to the end of just about everything. But in general society it’s also come to be a derogatory term for a gay person. So it’s a touchy thing and a matter of context.

    Anyway, that’s my $0.02.

    Thanks for posting the link Marty.

  48. martyrathbun09

    Shelly, thanks. You can rest assured you are absolutely right to assume DM spends far more money on his self image than Anderson does. But a long ways.

  49. Watching Eyes

    Quicksilver said, “Calling DM a dope, or some such, really feeds their hand.” No it doesn’t. You’re missing the point.
    UnDisturbed, Marta and Johnny D. are also missing the point.

    Pointing out the insanity of DM’s docu-drama should be done. How many people have written about DM’s fetish with other people’s sexual “overts”? But now it’s okay for the CofM to take issue with Anderson Cooper’s manhood, all done from a tone of 1.1? No that’s not okay and will be pointed out and hammered when he’s caught doing these types of things. Would you give him a pass?

    As far as feeding their hand, that’s not so. Recall the comment Marty posted that came in from a current FSO public. People on-lines are reading this. Putting attention on DM’s outpoints helps them to see what’s really going on.

    As far as the “name calling”, I look at it differently. I call it pushing his buttons, every one we can think of. You bet! Surely you read in an earlier post where Rinder (I think) said DM was vain about everything. Man, that’s great fodder.

    If the events of the past month are any indication, I’d have to say the dwarf is losing it, big time. My guess is that he’s decompensating. Google it; its known phenomenon. He’s getting closer & closer to the edge. If by getting his buttons pushed he gets so whacked out he has to be carted off in a straight jacket, so be it.

  50. I believe it was because they(miscavige) are trying to intimidate any other media outlets that might run a story on the abuses by showing ‘this is what we can do to Anderson Cooper, and do you want to be next on the list if you speak out against the CofM’. Intimidation factor all the way!! That is what they do best, attack, attack, attack, anyone that is a critic of the church and it’s COB. It is Mafia behaviour.

  51. In the sense that annoymous has been protesting the corruption and destruction (for years) maybe it does sound like that.

    I think I see a consistient point being made, do you?

  52. “First off, I’m assuming the Freedom “defense” against Anderson Cooper was aimed completely at Scientologist publics, not at non-COS or fellow journalists. Because there was no sort of a defense in there that appealed in the least to the latter two groups or even scared them.”

    The films that they spent so much money on at freedom watch could also be a sign of trying to get Scientology Public recruited and enjoy the ‘so-called’ benefits of the sea-org and all of its lavish grounds and amenities. I’m sure the recruitment numbers must be considerably low at this point?

  53. Well, didnt Tom start the whole designer t-shirt thing anyway? I have a few in my closet. Black, grey, etc. I even have some IAS t-shirts in that Tom Cruise style that Anderson was wearing in the clip. If I remember correctly the IAS reg even called them Tom Cruise Mission Impossible T-shirts or some such thing.

    Anderson Cooper became popular, I think in the first Gulf War in Kuwait? He went out there and did reports from the field and the ladies thought he was cute. Then at some point, because of Tom Cruise making the designer T-shirt popular for men, Anderson started wearing them, along with every other man between the ages of 16 and 60.

    I think I’m done with this. It’s just too silly. Maybe if I come uptone with it and just be silly because thats what it is. I understand it’s more personal for the people involved, but if it were me, I wouldnt even consider these videos an “attack”.

    For me, the only significance they present is a further confirmation of guilt.

    If what you guys were saying wasnt true, the church would react much differently IMO.

  54. Quicksilver

    No, I’m not missing the point at all. You best re-read my post. Marty’s posts are fine as is this one with the ‘kettle black’ comparison.

    What I was pointing out was the comments that come under Marty’s post.

    As for the insanity of the docudrama, of course, point it out, but do it with a bit of class & facts rather than just assuming DM has some fetish. Who cares if he does … case is case is case. Calling him names does nothing … it actually makes us look like the nattery goofs some think we are.

    I personally think we are better than that … MUCH better.

    Not only do Scientologists read this, but the public does too … I’d just walk away from 2 camps calling each other names … just noise. Accurate data is what is needed and presented so it is credible … calling some goof names just looks childish.

    I don’t need to Google this to know what’s going on … I’ve seen 40 years of it.

  55. Thank you, Marty. Thank you so much. May you find yourself richly blessed.



  56. Good for you Meisha!

    “When being homosexual is equated to perversion, it hurts. I was born this way. I did not decide to be homosexual one morning. I was like this all my life”

    And so was my son, whom I love dearly, and is the most loving person I know.

    I also agree with you, that the people that point the loudest at homosexuals most likely are having a hard time dealing with their own sexuality, as in DM.

  57. Damn, I thought I was done with this but the thumb is pulling me back in. It just doesnt look right. What is it about the thumb?
    I guess it’s uncomfortably close to his face/neck. I know he was doign a “thumbs up” and just got too close, but it looks weird in the pic.
    OK I’M DONE WITH THIS. Stop pulling me back in. What was that line in the Godfather? “I try to get out but they keep pulling me back in…”.

  58. Redneck Thetan

    The thing is, if the intent really was to intimidate other media, they failed and have no concept whatsoever of what an average reporter and/or producer deals with regularly in the course of newsgathering. If I had a dime for every smear campaign against a journalist before and after they did a story, I could afford quite a few of those designer shirts. These are people who deal with death threats on a regular basis.

    I feel quite certain that most of the lower-level newsroom people who have seen what was sent (because very little of it goes up the ladder unless a direct legal or physical threat is enclosed, simply because there’s way too much stuff that comes in) probably had a good chuckle for 10 minutes or so and got back to work. And the Int Base stuff is probably filed away just in case contradictory images become public down the road. PR campaigns are slick but toothless, and news folks have seen a million.

  59. Fellow Traveller

    Truth is not what we say it is.

    I watched the original broadcasts on AC360. The first 3 parts were all labeled — had that large video screen with a graphic and the text — “Scientology: A History of Violence”. I don’t recall if that remained for part 4, but part 5 was definitely now an “Investigation.” Funny thing about the freedom site videos. They claim to show different parts from the various days. However, all backdrop signs are the “Investigation” ones.

    At least that’s what I thought I saw besides 3 thetans — AC, Marty and Chiquita.

    Bruce Pratt

  60. Hi Joy!

    I am so glad you love your son dearly and that you totally accept him! Wonderful!

    See that’s the thing: DM pointing at Anderson Cooper’s sexuality. I’m curiously considering that AC might be on DM’s Favorite Man List. I can see him secretly having one in his head, too.

    The man is so far into the closet he’s zippered into a garment bag.



  61. Thanks Marty. When I was in RTC, he never had less than three full time people taking care of his living quarters, food and clothes/personal grooming, stuff like that. Three might be an understatement?

    So DM – this one’s for you:

    Spend as much time and parishioner money as you want. But you will never get around this fact:

    Anderson is HOT. And you’re … well … NOT.

  62. Marta, I share your view that denigrating people over sexuality is unacceptable.

    In my opinion, Marty didn’t do that. He simply pointed out the hypocrisy of DM using the black tshirt to be snide toward AC when there he is wearing one himself.

    By the way, I recall a video on board the Freewinds where Miscavige is wearing a black tshirt too. I don’t have the link right now.

  63. DFB, It’s true. It is ridiculously silly. You think the pope or even one of those religious terrorist leaders would ever in a million years comment on someone’s attire? While he himself was wearing the same thing? It’s ludicrous beyond imagination.

    A lot of ladies (me included) think Anderson is “cute” and all that, but it goes beyond how he “looks” and what he “wears”. He comes across as genuine and compassionate. DM comes across as, well, barf.

  64. Dave Adams

    Meisha said: “It is my most humble opinion that one who protests so vehemently against homosexuality is usually a “closeted homosexual”. The one who shouts the loudest “I am NOT a gay” usually is.”

    And what I think of is J. Edgar Hoover and similarities to Miscavige.

    There is nothing wrong with being gay. There is much wrong with living a lie, and enforcing lies as truths on others.

    Both men have/are doing this.

    Hoover is known is history for his blackmail and coercion in the guise of law enforcement, as miscavige will be known for his abuses in the name of spiritual pursuits.

    It would be amusing if miscavige were gay. Only because of his hypocrisy.

    And on the matter of homosexuality and LRH’s comments on its position on the tone scale, perhaps in the time Science of Survival was written, homosexuals were to a degree forced to that tone because of suppression targeted at them, and not due to some inherent factor of their sexual preferences.


  65. Meisha: Very Big <3.

  66. Not only that, if it’s anything like it was a few years ago, he will be forcing the Int Base “paradise” workers” to watch this video over and over as a make-wrong about how “You have all these state-of-the-art facilities yet I’m the only one who gets anything done!” Cuz that’s just what he does.

  67. DFB
    “For me, the only significance they present is a further confirmation of guilt”

    hear, hear. that is the point exactly and only

    duplicity is an art with the master of mest

  68. Theo Sismanides

    The message in all 3 videos is around 2.0 on the tone scale and 1.1 in many instances. They are going down to Inhibit. They are inhibiting any more bright people to join now. No bright person would think much of C of M now. Give me all the MEST you can Dave, give me all your big accomplishments and the Illustrated covers on books and lectures. They are just Pie in the Sky! they are just a surface.

    When you take away my right to think and protect Standard Tech and I have proven it with the Translations Series HCOBs, you are not going to enslave me with all your astounding MEST!

    If this is the tone level that a church has to give to feed its parishioners, forget it.

    I said all the MEST cannot recompense for the Theta created here. I have seen some beautiful morgues and mausoleums and cathedrals and “paradises” where you are forbidden to sneeze. They give me the creeps.

    There is a joke of someone dying and going to paradise so he decides to pass by hell before to check it out. And there he sees all those people in flames, and music, crazy music and they are all dancing and jumping around and orchestras and such. “Wow”, he says, “imagine how it would be in paradise !!!”. And he goes off and St. Peter (that’s the one at least in Greece who keeps guard of paradise) opens the door. The man comes in and he says something like the Int base, to give you a picture, hahaha. Except there are 2-3 people inside (whereas on the video there was nobody in the fields), there is a young couple and a couple of old people. there is no music, no dancing, no fun. The man turns to st. Peter and says “what’s happening, where is the orchestra, I went to hell before comnig and the place was… “. And st. Peter goess:

    “Hey what do you expect? With 2-3 people here, you expect to have an orchestra, too?”

    So, I prefer the shack guys and my freedom, even if we are in “flames”, there is loud music and fun and people can hear us and they will join. Because no thetan likes a Mausoleum or a morgue. I am not buying Pie in the Sky anymore, especially that DM brand type of Pie in the Sky, ho,ho,ho!!!

  69. I knew this about Anderson Cooper. You can find it in Wiki.Notable relatives, Gloria Vanderbilt (mother) Wyatt Emory Cooper (father) … From age 10 to 13, Cooper modeled with Ford Models for Ralph Lauren…
    Davey is outright jealous of Cooper…simple as that.
    Well, and missing his withholds too…nasty combo.

  70. Hi Meisha. Every auditor I’ve ever known had absolutely no problem with gay/not gay. A being is a being is a being.
    The few who were bigoted were not trained auditors and were status junkies.
    Glad to “see you” here.

  71. And just to back you up there Redneck, DM’s big buddy TC made almost his entire career out of being pretty and looking good in T-shirts.

    Top Gun, anyone?

    He’s a good actor, he’s just not in the major leagues.

  72. I mentioned it before and it could well be the glue that sticks TC to DM…their dirty little secrets. DM is in propitiation to TC. And vice-versa. Whacked! But it sure seems to fit.
    Nota bene: I don’t care except for what you’re doing to the Bridge and staff!

  73. Just watched the “docudrama.” When I saw the Worker’s Paradise one, I thought, “Damn, that looks like a place that Donald Trump and the Super Rich would go to! THAT’S what my donations bought?” It totally says “This place is for elite, super-rich playboys!” Did you guys have fun playing basketball, tennis and golf during all your free time and that 1-day-every-other-week-if-your-stats-are-up liberty days? Oh right, you didn’t actually get those.

    And I love these in the Investigation one:

    1) “it’s meteoric growth and parade of new churches.” Sorry, there were about 165 churches 25 years ago and there are only about 150 now.

    And 2) you conspired with each other because you have similar facial hair. Wow, assign the fellow who figured that one out to the Eval Corps, he’s a genius!

  74. DFB,

    let’s set the record straight:
    It was Giorgio Armani – AGES AGO – who made the muscle tees popular. Tom Cruise wore diapers then…

    Peace, Fidelio

  75. Here is a leaked video from Tom Cruise’s birthday party on the Freewinds, where DM is wearing the same black muscle shirt.

  76. All this nonsense about “hissy fits” and “silky t-shirts”… It appears, to me at least, this is the closest thing to actually accusing him of “being gay” (as a derogation). Maybe I’m taking a leap here, but still. (I saw the hateful emails being circulated from Dennis Clarke; disgusting).

    “When you hear scathing and brutal criticism of someone which sounds just a bit strained, know that you have your eye on overts against that criticized person.” — LRH, HCO PL 21 Jan 1960 JUSTIFICATION

  77. martyrathbun09

    Anon, good eye, thanks.

  78. martyrathbun09

    THeo, good observation. Mike and I discussed this lately. In the past year their public utterances have gone from straight 1.5, to straight 1.1.

  79. martyrathbun09

    Shelly, precisely.

  80. earthmother

    Ooh, that’s a scary thought…using the vid as a recruitment tool.

  81. Thanks, Shelly!

  82. Thank you Tara! I am glad to be here and I’m glad to hear this!



  83. Meisha, Personally, I have always found I am more interested in what goes on in my bedroom than someone else’s. This fixation Sea Org has on what goes on in other peoples bedrooms is perverse. This idea that a grown adult has to beg permission from another staff member to reach out and touch someone is as perverse as it gets. They have more fixed ideas rules and hang ups than the Muslims. Which leads one to consider, they are certainly are not Puritans! When you apply to join on the application you are asked to list every sexual experience you have had and with whom. And of course within a week of being on post it is thrown up in your face by people who just can’t get over it and it continues from there on out. This is the big picture, the route to putting ethics in on the planet, the way to clear the Earth, gone into one huge train wreck. It is the group’s ser fac as it is evidence a person has some self determinism and personal want or need. When they let it spill on the internet it comes across as an outpoint on them.
    Your personal relationship is a two terminal and between you and that other person. When the crowds come knocking to have a peek or demand details of what occurred in your bedroom at some point, realize your bedroom has only become more interesting to them than their own.

  84. freespirit

    Jack, I don’t think you are taking a leap at all. That is EXACTLY what is intended. It is a bigoted covert slur on gays and Anderson Cooper’s sexual orientation. Having worked with the gay community for many years on civic issues I’ve learned to be sensitive to these inuendos. Paul Haggis should be made aware of this – confirms his point regarding the church’s real stand on gays.

  85. freespirit

    Not surprising that Dennis Clarke would charge on the issue. He has 2D problems of his own. His ex- wife got their marriage annulled after their first honeymoon night. I felt terrible for her – she had a lavish huge wedding and it went kaputz after one night. Dennis- what really goes on behind closed doors?

  86. That was really cute to see DM looking all shy and giggly and coy. He seems to be blushing! How sweet!

  87. freespirit

    Yes, I noticed the same thing.! Where are the people????? Where is the heart and soul of the organization???? So just like he is roping TC and other Scn with buildings and MEST so is he doing with staff at the base. Funny, not funny, but it seems that on some plane his ultimate solution for everything is “give us more buildings….” This man has seriously taken “The Public knows us by our MEST” to a whole new level of perversion! OK, I’ll stop now…

  88. It is the Cry of Protest.

  89. Yeah, I wonder how much was spent on producing these 3 videos which actually reflects on DM’s self image.

    Did you notice that quite a few shots of the conference room and buildings, waterfall & park, BV gardens which is the domain of DM was shot & compared to how CNN doesn’t have those facilities? They didn’t spend the 100M for their buildings and grounds that DM did with parishioners money! Foot missiles abound and are subtle.

    Your mention of “Miscavige has been working on that gem nearly full time for the past seven weeks.” made me think of the next Emergency or Hill 10 DM is creating – how about the June 6 event videos & properties and releases needed for the next MV? Seems like another bout of all nighters and entheta fest in the making for the production crew.

    Shelly, you are correct – your numbers on personal staff are conservative – just keeping up his cars, bikes, and toys is another full time job. I was told that it took 3 guys to replace me to do my functions after I left in disgust – by my replacement who also has since done the same.

  90. Dave,

    you say:

    “And on the matter of homosexuality and LRH’s comments on its position on the tone scale, perhaps in the time Science of Survival was written, homosexuals were to a degree forced to that tone because of suppression targeted at them, and not due to some inherent factor of their sexual preferences.”

    Thank you for making that HUGE POINT:

    One of my four brothers is gay, and I could observe a HUGE upsurge in tone with him when he finally found the courage to come out. He started with me – we always had a close comm – and when he discovered me being absolutely unimpressed by that he went along with my other five siblings.

    Now, he lives with his partner – a very funny and likable guy – and my whole huge family embraced both and is happy about the enormous contributions from that couple. Can’t obnose “chronic 1.1.” with them AT ALL. In my book, LRH was wrong on that quite across the boards.

    So, thank you for pointing that one out.

    Best, Fidelio

  91. My husband asked – “Why would he wear a wig when he’s got such cute curls?”

  92. Meisha: The best person you can be is yourself

  93. >And Marty is man enough that he will post alternate views, and for that I give him kudos.

    Not if they’re overly critical of LRH, he won’t. (Marty, I’m assuming you won’t post this, but you should let your readers know that you censor some comments. It’s misleading to let them think the comments represent the views of all readers.)


  94. Strange indeed Jack.

    And, being the sort of upstanding and respectable gentleman that I am, I would never think to mention that if you enlarge the photo of Katie, Tom and Davey and study it carefully, it almost looks like li’l Davey is touching himself inappropriately.

    And having categorically NOT said that, I would further avoid speculating that this might not be because of the proximity of such an attractive young woman as Mrs Cruise, but might instead be due to the object of his fantasies hugging him.

    A person’s sexual preferences or lifestyle are irrelevant to me, but seems to me that ’The Leader’ has been known to make an inordinate number of jokes about other men and their alleged preference for the company of other men. Doth protesting a bit too loudly and all that?


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  96. Felicitas Foster

    I think the pictures from the gold campus look like the renderings they did to show how a newly bought org building will look like after the renovation. It doesen’t look real. They are very capable with their computers – and I have never been there so I would not be able to tell.

    For whom were the golf court and all the other sports facilities build? Who was using them regularly? This appears another waste of parishioner’s money – or just another quirk of DM?

    The docudrama overall looks unprofessional as there are violations of the PR policies. Well, we will see the results soon, I bet.

    Also I missed the results about how many people got better or were helped, instead it is all about MEST. Even the different campaings boil down to distributed MEST not enhanced theta.

    But I also understand that when you are in the church you do not have an objective viewpoint and are incapable to fully confront what is presented – one is missing the space that is needed to see these things without any bias.

  97. Thanks for posting. I think it is great that you are happily married to another man. I just find it amazing that one man can enforce his ideas about sexing, eating and reproduction on to so many people, so harshly and inhumanely, and get away with it for so long. They just go along with it, and accept it. And of course he doesn’t have to follow his own rules at all. Those are for the “little people”. It is time for a revolution!

  98. Fellow Traveller

    May I get on a soapbox for a moment? Bully pulpit perhaps?

    Homosexuality is a characteristic of 1.1 per the Chart of Human Evaluation. It is ONLY ONE CHARACTERISTIC out of what 30 odd? How is one supposed to use the chart? Majority of characteristics determine the tone level, not THE ONE SINGLED OUT by some authority.

    I apologize for shouting a bit. I recognized this failure to apply the chart per its instructions and I protest said failure.

    I had to work this out for myself recently and having done so, berated myself considerably for buying into some authoritative position which was why I had not used the chart correctly.

    Yes, we can acknowledge departures from the ideal; we don’t have to use them as fuel for our service facsimiles.

    I step down now off the soapbox.

    Thank you for your tolerance.

    Bruce Pratt

  99. Well, if it was a workers paradise there would be loads and loads of home video…you know people with their cell phones or little video cameras. Loads of pictures too.

    It might have taken the editing staff several hours to make this amazing montage of people dancing, playing volleyball in the pool, having birthday parties, just acting goofy in general. And being productive too, why not?

    It would be kinda like someone saying I was a terrible neglectful mother to my girls (just thinking of insults that would really piss me off, haha) and I’d drag out so many photo albums, scrap books and home movies they would be begging me to stop.

    As a matter of fact these SO members could be right on this blog linking to posts they had written on their favourite internet forums about things they have done that were fun and enjoyable. They would start flickr accounts with pictures of their parents or or other family coming to visit the int base and being treated to some of that chef made food that supposedly goes on.

    There family would be so impressed that they were doing such meaningful work and were so happy and well taken care of in beautiful surroundings.

    Oprah would have DM on her show where she would shower him with compliments for the amazing amount of humanitarian projects the church was doing, and she would mean it!

    The whole city of Hemet and Clearwater too would be full of people who felt really honoured to have such large amounts of Scientologists in their town because it had made their cities more sane and in any emegency these thousands of VM’s would fly in a sort it out.

    I guess I am just dreaming at this point.

  100. VWD, Marty! 🙂


  101. Was I the only one who almost fell asleep during the 10 minutes of C0$ propaganda in the first video? All that promo garbage about books and videos and expansion and…Zzzzzzz. Cripes, people, read your PR Series and get to the point.

    BTW, I believe someone said they thought those videos were aimed at a Scn public. I think they were supposed to be aimed at non-Scn publics; note the use of English words where there are “Scientologese” words that would say the same thing. (You know it’s a public piece when they say “churches” instead of “orgs”.) The fact that they look like they were made for Scientologists shows just how far out of touch with the world around them Scientologists can get. Luckily, as long as they forget how the real world works, they won’t win. I wouldn’t lose sleep over these videos; I’m sure Mr. Cooper won’t either.


  102. Sinar, it doesn’t surprise me that it took several people to replace you. Some of the best food I ever ate in my entire life was created by you. And you always had a smile. My favorite?Baked brie with roasted garlic and pesto. OMG. ❤

  103. Felicitas,

    Your post intrigued me. You seem unfamiliar with life at the int base, yet pretty darned astute in your observations. Forgive me if I am unfamiliar – I don’t manage to read everything (wish I could).

    Are you in, out, in between, staff, not?


  104. martyrathbun09

    Shelly, I second that. Sinar, I would do anything to taste those simple burritos you created. Been searching ever since and have never found any that meet your standards. It is no wonder to me why LRH had you fixin his energy.

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