Human Rights – Miscavige’s Response

I am posting Miscavige’s immediate knee-jerk response to my post last night, Human Rights Cover Up.  This is being issued on all OSA Indy Ops Unit lines. I could write a five page analysis, but I am confident that  due to the intelligence level of the participants here its signficance requires no explanation.

Think we might have struck a nerve?

Think we might be missing some withholds?

Think we’ll let go of this one?

To steal a phrase from Ronald Reagan, “I wear their indictment like a badge of honor.”

Marty Rathbun’s Desperation

I have commented before how Marty uses the words of famous Martyrs to try and forward his campaign.  He thinks that by quoting the likes of Martin Luther King or Gandhi, people will think he is a great champion for Human Rights and a great Martyr himself.

In reality, all he does is besmirch those great men by using their names in his filthy campaign.

At best, Marty is like a critic working for some sensationalist rag.  Unable to act, sing, dance, write or in any other way legitimately provide a desirable service to society, he seeks credibility by demeaning the work of others.

None of the people he quotes would have ever associated with him.

All great Martyrs, and all great achievers in any zone, have had their own backstabbers around them, requiring them to become well acquainted with the cunning ways of those whose toothy smiles hid the fact that they had black hearts and sinister motives.

Just as Marty does not hesitate to demean the great Martyrs, so it seems he does not hesitate to besmirch the great human rights campaigners in his latest attack on Tom Cruise.

Marty uses Human Trafficking as his angle, and attempts to embarrass the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the many courageous men and women associated with it with his manufactured lies.

Human Trafficking is a serious crime.  Millions of children are abused annually, imprisoned and forced into slave labor.  Countless others are forced into lives of prostitution and domination.   This is a scourge of the 21st century that needs to be firmly dealt with and which will require the combined efforts of thousands of men and women of good will to overcome the vested interests that maintain the status quo.

Human trafficking is no joking matter.  This is no subject to use to try and score some points in an endeavor of enrichment.

What Human Trafficking is Marty Rathbun talking about?  He is talking about people who voluntarily joined a religious fraternity, pledging to do whatever was required of them in line with their duties, go to whatever location was required of them, and to uphold high ethics standards and discipline.  That a tiny handful now lie and claim they were somehow forced to work against their will does not equate with human trafficking or slave labor. And any hardship of having worked in a tough, dedicated group like the Sea Org, most definitely does not in any way compare at all with the horror that is actual human trafficking and the real distress, pain, and death associated with that activity.

Marty has already tried to get his human trafficking angle into play a few times.  The idea of using the concept was dreamed up by a shyster lawyer in a recent case that was summarily rejected by the court and dismissed with prejudice.

Despite Marty’s lengthy declaration in support of this claim, the Judge threw the case out on summary judgment.

Marty and his band of merry gold diggers had already gone to the FBI with all these same allegations and demanded that the FBI accept and act on their claims in an attempt to make the accusations stick and absolutely nothing came of this.  Marty knows this yet continues to mouth off, pretending there is something going on when there is nothing.  There is no FBI investigation. Repeat, there is no FBI investigation and Rathbun is once again lying to his gullible followers.

It is notable that the great champion of this cause of action is one Amy Scobee.  Amy is an apostate, who, having been relieved of her duty within the Church due to ineffectiveness, was then invited to leave permanently after repeatedly violating one of the oldest and most sacrosanct admonitions by LRH not getting drawn into a sexual relationship with a preclear. Not only did she engage in a sexual relationship with her preclear, they had sex when they were supposed to be auditing each other and trying redeem themselves for other malfeasance of duty.

Amy wrote and published a book about her experiences within the Church.   Not once within the text of that book did she complain about human trafficking.  Not once does she describe herself as being a slave.

Fortunately the FBI can differentiate between actual slavery and the histrionics of a gold digger.

Just one look at Amy tells one that she does not know what hunger or hard physical work actually mean.

Despite the fact that there is no investigation, Marty Rathbun has knowingly and repeatedly falsely announced that there is one.  I personally know that he knows that there is no investigation, because he has admitted it to my face.

Usually when exposing Marty Rathbun’s insanities I like to poke fun at him.  In this instance though I find humor to be completely inappropriate.

One cannot in all conscience joke about things like slavery, prostitution, massacre, death camps, religious and ethnic bigotry leading to death and exterminations.  These are not laughing matters and I have never laughed at them.

On behalf of all Scientologists everywhere, I unreservedly apologize to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its supporters for any distress caused by this madman.   I, and all Scientologists I know, have the highest regard for Simon Wiesenthal personally and nothing but deep respect for the organization that continues his work and keeps his ideals alive.

I am utterly disgusted, ashamed and dismayed that one as low as Marty Rathbun was ever amongst our ranks.

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  1. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

    The overt speaks loudly.

    Guilty is as guilty does.

    Pop goes the weasel.

  2. Wow! The overts do speak loudly in this one!
    Marty, you’re a gold digger? Really? LMF@O on that one. Another kettle and pot joke there!
    Who the hell was this written for anyway?

  3. martyrathbun09

    their martyrathbun mimic pages, their email mailing list of people on the fence, and I guess to gratify the spite of the Blindfolded One.

  4. Let me repeat the question as I do not find it a joke or funny in the least:
    Of those estimated 27 million slaves, how many are in the Sea Org?

  5. Mike Hobson

    Who is the nominal author of this non-responsive reply ?

  6. martyrathbun09

    Minerva nominally. De facto, it is pure Miscavige. Ask Rinder.

  7. Tacky calumny. It’s become Brand and modus operandi of Corporate Scientology. And it is not a laughing matter. Is the Museum of Tolerance tolerating this? 😦

  8. Mike Hobson

    From Wikipedia:
    Minerva (Etruscan: Menrva) was the Roman goddess whom Hellenizing Romans from the 2nd century BC onwards equated with the Greek goddess Athena. She was the virgin goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic, and the inventor of music.[1] She is often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl, which symbolizes her ties to wisdom.
    Apparently the goddess is on vacation or something, because this OSA sockpuppet abusing her name certainly deserves a visit from the Furies for such an affront.
    Michael A. Hobson

  9. martyrathbun09

    Mike, see my amended reply to your question. Minerva is simply a name.

  10. Friend of Ron


    OSA writes: ” That a tiny handful now lie and claim they were somehow forced to work against their will does not equate with human trafficking or slave labor….”

    There are 1443 DOCUMENTED Case of Scios who not only left but have spoken out PUBLICLY. There are at least twice to three times as many who did not speak out but just left and wanted to start a new life.

    A “tiny handful”? I don’t think so.

    I wonder what the total number of active SO members is right now — not counting those who are routing out currently. More than 1443? Doubt it.

  11. Is Minerva that good of a writer? I think a professional writer wrote that one. Who is Minerva? Anyone ever met her in person in old SO days?

    That is for sure not his/her real name…

  12. Marty — Straight from the lips of Dear Leader without a doubt (obviously someone cleaned up all the expletives). You know when someone exposes his BFF he pops veins left and right and HAS to do something to quickly get it to Tom so he doesnt start having doubts. That is THE audience for this idiocy. I am sure he read it to him personally and they had a back-slapping good time laughing about how it would cave you in.

    Dave is really losing his touch. Soon we will reach the ultimate “D/A” — “Nya, nya, na-nya, nya Marty’s mother wears army boots.” You read it here first 😉

  13. martyrathbun09

    He has already done the most scurrilous attacks on my mother imaginable – 49 years after her death.

  14. MEM — That was written (dictated) by David Miscavige. He can be quite articulate when Dan the Turtle isnt around. Though it doesnt mean its effective or logical or true. But it can sound good.

  15. Wow, for a bunch of insignificant ne’er do wells, this looks ……significant.

    How much $ do you think NoI has paid into CoM? How much of that came from Farrakhan’s “good friend” Moammar Gadhafi?

    Oh, and I guess they are too blind to see all the success stories floating around this place….GAT will do that to a being. What a pathetic little wanker.

    I really love this one: “I personally know that he knows that there is no investigation, because he has admitted it to my face.” LOL!

    When? Where? On what planet? You been talking to DM behind our backs? lololol
    Damn the torpedos….full speed ahead!

  16. Tom — Yeah that was a good line! Very cunning. Planted a serious seed of doubt about Marty and got us all wondering “who wrote this?” Not.

  17. There are at least 3 people that pop to mind who have died at the hands of CofM due to human trafficking, illegal confinement, sleep deprivation or lack of care. (Lisa McPherson, Uwe Stuckenbrock, Stacy Moxon and Joe Harrington.)

    SO Members cannot simply leave. It can take months or years of psychological stress before they let someone go (route out). People are being separated from husbands, wifes or children and shipped off to far away continents because they “messed up” or on some other whim. Children have been separated from their parents and sent from California to Florida to “train”. I have witnessed people being locked up in Security Offices or being watched by security personnel 24/7.

    SO members cannot simply go out and have a cup of coffee they cannot watch television or log on to the Internet freely. They are forced to attend musters 3-5 times daily and if someone is missing, security conducts a search or “blow” drill using sophisticated means that rival the FBI to track down the “fugitive”. Passports are taken away from the SO members and locked up and guarded by the “Port Captain”.

    Human Trafficking is what it is and the “church” is not above the law.

  18. LOL A professional writer? Surely you jest. I can almost hear the whine and sniff in this petty, name-calling tantrum. It has no sense of awareness of how ridiculous, feeble and telling it’s “response” is.

    The campaign against Amy Scobee alone by Corporation Miscavige is a pure embarrassment; that any so-called “sacred institution” would stoop so low is enough evidence to know their number.

    Then the feeble little attempts to make it seem like it’s one “madman” are themsevles a study in Who is talking here. As Mike Hobson pointed out: There are 1443 DOCUMENTED Case of Scios who not only left but have spoken out PUBLICLY. And that’s the tip of the iceberg.

  19. He’s cracking. I do not envy you the crap he’ll dump on your lines. But if you can weather the storm, he WILL crack once and for all. Keep your friends close. You’re punching the right button.

  20. Right. And on the other side of that flow, who would the audience be that required such a touching degree of personal “empathy” and “confidence”? There is only one person I can think of…..

    That is what happens when PR Series 2 is omitted….

  21. Yeah, I responded to one of those ridiculous emails today that called Marty and Mike idiots with:
    “If they actually WERE idiots, you wouldn’t be sending out these emails. Any idiot knows that.”

    God, I almost can’t confront how STUPID people get when they are in a cult.

    I’d like to think of things in reverse: When indy’s are winning, the SP’s really howl. 🙂

  22. Mike Hobson

    @AMin: that was FriendOfRon, not me.

  23. As for there being no FBI investigation, that is not what an FBI agent told us some time back.

  24. Boy oh Boy !

    Marty ~~ you have hit a nerve !
    The Simon Wiesenthal center knows they have been HAD.
    I hope they are having an emergency meeting and that their Lawyer reads this blog.
    Tom Cruise must be acting up on DM because of the rah rah.

    Human Trafficking is a way of life within the Sea Organization.
    It is wonderful that more and more ex RPFers are posting on the web.

    Over and over and over and over in the last 25 years Sea Org members portray incidents of~~

    ++++++SLEEP DEPRIVATION. Finally, the Sea Org Member falling asleep standing up.
    ++++++In order to pump up Real Estate value, much construction was done at GOLD Base in the 1980s forward with impossible time deadlines and enforced NO SLEEP on a pittance of pay. This caused many accidents, some serious with loss of limb, OSHA was never informed. All covered up.
    +++++Marc Headley repeats anecdote by anecdote how deadlines for GOLD CDs and other production items were done enforced with SLAVE LABOR working unGodly hours for a STAT $$$$ of peddling these items at “COB Events”
    +++++Passports are confiscated the Sea Org member, especially non US Sea Org members have a hurdle to cross returning home even if they flee.

    California Penal Code, Section 236 defines false imprisonment as “the unlawful violation of the personal liberty of another” and Section 236.2 lists the following indicators of human trafficking:
    (a) Signs of trauma, fatigue, injury, or other evidence of poor care.
    (b) The person is withdrawn, afraid to talk, or his or her communication is censored by another person.
    (c) The person does not have freedom of movement.
    (d) The person lives and works in one place.
    (e) The person owes a debt to his or her employer.
    (f) Security measures are used to control who has contact with the person.
    (g) The person does not have control over his or her own government-issued identification or over his or her worker immigration documents.
    Victims of human trafficking live in brutal, desperate circumstances behind a wall of
    secrecy and deception – unable, because of physical or psychological trauma, to escape……They isolate their victims from sources of information and emotional support.

    Sound Familiar ?

    The infamous INT Base and RPFS at all Sea Org Bases meet all the criteria.

    RPFers are ISOLATED even from other SEA Org Members.
    THE RPF’s RPFer is ISOLATED from the entire world except for the RPF I/C.
    The spouses routinely divorce an RPFd partner.

    What utter LIES that the Church is not under Federal Investigation.
    This is a CHURCH that LIES LIES LIES LIES.

    They lie at the “COB EVENTS” with humongous inflated STATS.
    They LIE LIE LIE about Miscavige  not beating Sea Org Members ( LYING affidavits to St. Pete Times)
    Some of the more outrageous and criminal lies are the LIES called in to Law Enforcement ANONYMOUSLY to accuse a Whistleblower, a journalist revealing Church matters, a Critic or ENEMY of the CHURCH of being~~

    A Terrorist
    A Drug Smuggler
    An Axe Murderer
    A Smuggler of Children for underage sex
    A Bomb planter
    A Murderer of his brother
    Contacting local Health officials falsely claiming the subject’s pets are infected with AIDS
    Calling Mental Health officials to claim the person is insane needing incarceration.

    Read More on Sea Org Human Trafficking

  25. Scott Campbell

    Great Martyrs?

    What is that?

  26. Cindy Pinsonnault

    “Unable to act, sing, dance, write or in any other way legitimately provide a desirable service to society …”

    I don’t know if Marty can act or sing or dance. But I know he can write, and write well.

    And as for providing a desirable service to society, I can tell you from my own personal experience that he IS DOING what the church only PRETENDS to do — applying real, honest-to-goodness, no-fooling-around LRH tech.

    And while he’s at it, he’s cleaning up the filthy mess created by the crippling and obstructive excrement the church tries to deceptively pass off as tech.

  27. Knee jerk is right. Technical term that seems to apply: Missed Withhold. Big time.
    Like this also defeats some nefarious scheme, oh, I don’t know, say maybe, TC being accused of abuse, produces certificate from a respected institution of appreciation in his humanitarian endeavors . Now you’ve spoiled that because at a minimum the presentation is tainted now.

    A lie to cover a truth. I am utterly disgusted, ashamed and dismayed that one as self anointed as Der Leader who say he is Scientology permits this.

    I guess it’s our bad for seeking to live with the truth.

    I look forward to letting a bit of truth shine upon Der Leader from my custom, engraved, burl Torch.

    Bruce Pratt

  28. What was TC nominated for by the Wiesenthal Center? That he played a NAZI in a movie!!!!!?????

    If the Center hears that David Miscavige, Tommy Davis and the CC Director are in bed with Jew hater Farrakhan, they might not award buddy TC.

    My two cents.

  29. God what a job that must be, deleting all the expletives. Working in a South African (Ugandan?) diamond mine sounds more pleasant and more rewarding than that.

    Bruce Pratt

  30. The scurrilous yammering and name-calling slander that has become the trademark of whatever took over Scientology is total waste.

    The illogic and ill-intent of this “response” is disturbing. Especially it’s one fundamental flaw:

    I mean, the use of letters was kind of clever and all (Marty/Marty r) but whomever wrote it seems to have been swept away with tinkering with their own self-dubbed brilliance and lost touch with solid land here. Why?
    I don’t think Marty aspires to be a martyr, nor do any of the thousands who have spoken out and assigned the Corporation a lower condition for violating trust and Scientology.

    I don’t see no stinkin’ martyrs. I see people who won’t be victims.

    And what made Martin Luther King and other individuals who have been referenced in this blog great, and why the many parallels that Marty Rathbun has drawn are compelling, is not because they are martyrs or victims! On the contrary! Any being who thinks for his/her self, who values observation and personal integrity and speaking out despite being bullied by a majority or financial corruption rightly admires and values others who have had the courage to do the same.

    The person who wrote this “response” is the only one making the martyr parallel. Why is that? I present for consideration that the person who penned this “response” is engaged in trying to make martyrs out of people speaking out against transgressions of trust, and of the ideology to which they gave their lives and service.

  31. And speaking of TC’s friends………. on the internet now:

    “Jada Pinkett Smith refutes reports she is a Scientologist and says her faith is in love.

    The 39-year-old actress insists people have “assumed” she is a member of the sci-fi cult, made popular by Tom Cruise and John Travolta, when in fact the only thing she believes in is “love”.

    Asked about how she reacts to criticism of Scientology, she said: “Well, I’m not a Scientologist. People make these assumptions, but my religion is love.”

    She also revealed she has no intention of persuading her children – who raises children Willow, 10, and Jaden, 12, with her husband Will Smith and is stepmother to his son Trey from a previous relationship – to become part of any religion.

    Jada added to Britain’s OK! magazine: “What we focus on in the house is love, giving and serving. I’ll leave my kids to decide how they want to explore the idea of love through religion.”

    Despite claiming she does not follow the faith, Jada and Will have previously donated $1 million to California’s New Village Academy of Calabasas, where pupils are taught different teaching methods including ‘Study Technology’, which was developed by Scientology founder L.

    Ron Hubbard.

    The school has previously been the focus of anti-Scientology protests by pressure group Anonymous.”

    – BANG! Showbiz

  32. You only take flak when you’re right over the target.

    I’ve no doubt that there is a serious shit storm going on right now in Dave land. It’s one thing to hide SO members and what they are going through to a willing mind slave like Tom Cruise, but how’s Davey going to explain it if Tom doesn’t get his shiny new medal?

    Cruise has already stopped talking about Scientology to the press after it nearly tanked his career. This will undoubtedly be another opportunity for Cruise to wake up and realize that he’s being played.

    Can’t have that now, can you Davey?

  33. V — your brilliant insights are always a pleasure to read. Incisive. Intelligent. Interesting.

  34. Go Karen. Sure am glad you are on our side 🙂

  35. Tom Cruise is to be honored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and yet the Church of Scientology has an egregious, decades long record of human rights abuse. Tom Cruise has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the criminal abuses of his religion. Tom Cruise may feel that he is a Humanitarian, but the documented abuses inside of the Church that Mr. Cruise chooses to remain willfully ignorant of mark him as being unworthy of any such award. Indeed, if Mr. Cruise were any kind of humanitarian he would work to clean up his own Church first:

    * The Scientology Sea Org makes children and young teenagers work 80 – 100 hour weeks for .26 cents per hour – or less. This is nothing less than slave labor.

    * Sea Org members are held prisoner in RPF for years and years. They are sometimes shipped off to foreign lands where their passports are seized. They have no money, no passport, and cannot make phone calls or send and receive mail. They work the same 80 – 100 hour weeks that is expected of all Sea Org members for .26 cents per hour – or less. Again, this is nothing less than slave labor.

    * Forced abortions in the Sea Org.

    * Forced divorces in the Sea Org.

    * The destruction of families and marriages by Scientology’s policy of Disconnection.

    * Forced “donations” from CoS members as a condition of progressing spiritually.

    The list of human rights abuses goes on and on. Worse, the Church of Scientology is now in bed with the virulent, Jew-hating Louis Farrakhan. Has Tom Cruise publicly denounced Farrakhan’s involvement in Scientology? No, he has not. And yet, scandalously, the Simon Wiesenthal Center wants to give Tom Cruise an award while fellow Scientologist Louis Farrakhan publicly champions Muammar Gaddafi, a bloody dictator who
    just called for the destruction of Zionism – a coded term for Israel.

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center has been played for a fool. Tom Cruise said that all Scientologists should “GO TO GUNS” against psychiatrists. Tom Cruise is apparently trying to gain career redemption on the back of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. What the Center does not realize is that the Church of Scientology is a spiritually toxic nightmare. Only Scientology’s sham status as a religion keeps the authorities from making arrests and charging CoS leaders with these extensive human rights abuses.

    In my entire career as a critic of the Church of Scientology, this response from David Miscavige reveals the most fear, terror, and rage I have ever seen. This issue has hit a nerve!


  36. Tony DePhillips

    I personally am proud of the work that Marty and Amy and others are doing to expose the truth.
    Using Sea Org people to help build things for Tom Cruise at slave wages and little sleep is not ok.
    Dm can pretend that he is doing good in the world, but why are the stats not going up??? Where are the stats???
    I do feel that you have struck a nerve Marty.
    This was probably an inevitable consequence of dm’s involvement in tc’s career. Tc tries to play the role and we have the right to say what we see. I guess they don’t like what we see and I hope that tc gets the degradation that he deserves.

    Also Amy is a total class act.

    The fact that they would try to demean her is so classless that it is hard to describe. Just because dm is so messed up in the area of sex, he cannot even think straight in the area. I don’t know what happened with Amy and personally don’t care. But even if she did have an affair or relationship with someone and it was consentual then that is her business.
    Why don’t you stop trying to control peoples lives in your dumbass cult? Dm you are a freak of nature!!

  37. exilo, Of course you are correct. And there are many more people who have died either directly or indirectly at DM’s own hands. There was also the girl who was decapitated when she ran into a front end loader that was being used to frantically prepare for DM’s arrival at the Int base the next morning. I heard her mother’s blood curdling screams that seemed to go on for hours. Then there is Greg Bashaw, a brilliant copywriter, who was kicked off Solo NOTs after being crush regged into the stone age and held at Flag until he lost his job. He committed suicide. Then for that matter, there is Rex Fowler’s dead partner whom Rex murdered after Rex was crush regged for cash by DM’s IAS hit squads. The list goes no. This is, I’m sure, not even the tip of the iceberg. Janela Webster (RTC staff) was not allowed to care for her adolescent daughter or even go to her. He daughter ended up on the streets of LA. Tell me that’s not human trafficking. And there are other multiple examples for probably every single Sea Org member. There is another Sea Org member at the Int base who was pressured and I do mean coerced to write a disconnection letter to her mother. This happened at a time when all the Int base was being pressured to disconnect from their families. I know because I was ordered to disconnect from MY mother, but I refused. I know policy. She didn’t agree to send it, but she finally broke down and at least wrote a letter trying to buy time. She did not give okay to send the letter. Well, the Sea Org Ethics Officer sent it anyway that night without permission. As a direct result, despairing of never again seeing her daughter alive, her mother committed suicide.

    THAT is human trafficking.

    And how many times do you think Sea Org members were not allowed to go to their ailing parents? When my own father nearly died in 2000 I was not allowed to go see him. Somehow he pulled through and lasted a few more years and I was able to spend time with him before he died. But I know others who’s parents actually died and they were not able to go.

    This Nazi — you know that’s the right word for Miscavige AND Tom Cruise too — these arrogant, lying, vicious NAZIs — how DARE the two of them manipulate the Simon Wiesenthal Center in their campaign to whitewash themselves. They have blood on their hands, real blood, not just a metaphor.

    And the audacity of this excuser to say, “He is talking about people who voluntarily joined a religious fraternity, pledging to do whatever was required of them in line with their duties, go to whatever location was required of them” as if joining staff excuses blackmail, human trafficking, kidnapping, and all manner of civil, criminal, and human rights violations.

    It’s like the Simon Wiesenthal Center being tricked into giving awards to a couple of Nazis. And when some of the Jews who were there in the concentration camp cry foul, the two Nazi’s say, “They were invited to a beautiful retreat at Dachau, given free food and accommodations, and they agreed to help keep the place looking good and to uphold a high standard of ethics. And now they claim they were forced to get murdered against their will!”

    The problem is Miscavige is a sociopath: he thinks laws don’t apply to him.

    If he causes someone’s death, it’s because they deserved it.

    I think everyone of us should write to Simon Wiesenthal and his center and let them know what just happened. Maybe someone can look up the proper email address and let us know.

  38. Scott Campbell

    “I don’t see no stinkin’ martyrs. I see people who won’t be victims.”


  39. “And any hardship of having worked in a tough, dedicated group like the Sea Org, most definitely does not in any way compare at all with the horror that is actual human trafficking and the real distress, pain, and death associated with that activity.”

    And there we have all the parts of the “Dim One DIY (do it yourself) Justification Kit”.

    Contents: “Self-assembling justifications for all occassions. No sanity required.”

  40. Poor Miscavige -it sounds like he has lost his sense of humor. Until you came along, Marty, he was having” fun” and finding humor in the demise of others.

  41. In reference to Gandhi et al, DM writes in referring to Marty that:

    “None of the people he quotes would have ever associated with him.”

    Well, I find that interesting when you consider that DM has the absolute worst PR in the public eye that you could imagine. And, I remember Jason Beghe mentioning that while attending a Hollywood function with DM, he introduced DM to some heavyweights and he was virtually ignored. So, with that in mind, Dave, perhaps you can enlighten us as to your accomplishments in rubbing elbows with today’s well respected orators or public figures of high regard. In fact, you chased away all of LRH’s top trained auditors, yes? Because they are not in the HGC auditing right now, are they? No, they are auditing independently, are they not?

    So, please Dave, let’s not indirectly hold your laurels up for admiration. Because, you, my friend, are nothing I would like mankind to emulate. Not even close.

    I could write more, but I am sure this thread is going to go nuclear so I better save some room on the internet.


  42. Ingrid — how right you are.

  43. ^^There’s also a PDF mirror on scribd, updated every other month or so,

    for those who dont like to venture into the domain if they dont have too.

  44. … and let’s not forget that these abhorrent activities happen only to Sea Org members.

    They have also been mete out to public & staff in Class lV/V Orgs over the years.

    This rant above is simply Miscavige misdirecting attention elsewhere. It is the same method used by countless despots including Louis Farrakhan, Mohmar Kadaffi, David Miscavige, Adolph Hitler, etc.

    For David Miscavige to attempt to align himself & the current Church of Scientology with the Simon Wiesenthal Centre is like mixing oil & water.

    Well done, David … another footbullet and one step closer to seeing your sorry a$$ hit the pavement.

  45. Dave,

    Believe it or not, I fully agree with something you said.

    In fact, I think you (especially you), all Scientologists and all readers of this blog should read and understand them well.

    You said:

    “Human Trafficking is a serious crime. Millions of children are abused annually, imprisoned and forced into slave labor. Countless others are forced into lives of prostitution and domination. This is a scourge of the 21st century that needs to be firmly dealt with and which will require the combined efforts of thousands of men and women of good will to overcome the vested interests that maintain the status quo.”

  46. Mike and Marty ~~

    Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) does business in Los Angeles as the Museum of Tolerance (MOT).
    Both are run by Rabbi Marvin Hier, He is very sensitive to PR especially OUT PR and is VERY highly connected to media.
    He is on every media contact list.

    The official address of Simon Wiesenthal Center
    is 1399 S. Roxbury Dr., LA CA 90035.
    The Museum of Tolerance is at 9736 W. Pico, LA, CA 90035. The general one is (310) 553-8403.

    Farrakhan espouses Hatred of Jews

    Farrakhan in bed with Scientology~~
    Farrakhan Praises Scientology And Quaddafi,
    Mar 1, 2011 … Farrakhan Praises Scientology And Quaddafi, Bashes Rihanna … The Announcement by Minister Louis Farrakhan ……/farrakhan-praises-scientology-and-quaddafi-bashes-rihanna/ – Cached –
    Louis Farrakhan renews call for self-determination among Nation of …
    Oct 17, 2010 … Minister Louis Farrakhan has added Scientology teachings in the training of Nation of Islam members. [SCOTT MCINTYRE | Times] ……farrakhan…call…/1128781 – Cached –

  47. oops … 1st line should read:

    … and let’s not forget that these abhorrent activities NOT ONLY happen to Sea Org members.

  48. “Human Trafficking is a way of life within the Sea Organization.”

    And when it crosses international borders – ICE ICE baby!

    Scientology Fact Sheet: Human Trafficking Summary

  49. wannabeclear

    Well, at least you know that when they talk about desperation, they are obviously experts on the topic! Here’s the funny (sad) thing. Mighty Mouse and his minions are spending all of this time and effort trying to disparage Marty, but how much of an impact do you suppose it’s making? As an exercise, I used to look at website traffic for Marty’s blog, critics/ex-members sites, a few of the OSA imitator sites disparaging Marty and Mike, as well as some official Co$ channels. I didn’t include the primary “church” site which gets a good bit of traffic (since they advertise a ton!) because it doesn’t use that real estate to disparage critics. The results are pretty humorous.

    BASELINE – Alexa Traffic Rank: 1 Traffic Rank in US: 1 – Alexa Traffic Rank: 2 Traffic Rank in US: 2

    Marty’s Blog – Alexa Traffic Rank: 129,951 Traffic Rank in US: 33,927 – Alexa Traffic Rank: 34,811 Traffic Rank in US: 26,356 – Alexa Traffic Rank: 85,625 Traffic Rank in US: 26,456 – Alexa Traffic Rank: 672,627 Traffic Rank in US: 299,175

    martyrathbunindependent- Alexa Traffic Rank: 3,225,327 Traffic Rank in US: 534,227
    whoismarkrathbun – Alexa Traffic Rank: 4,207,698 Traffic Rank in US: 750,591
    squirrelrathbun – Alexa Traffic Rank: 6,749,494 No regional data

    Freedom Magazine Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,152,106 Traffic Rank in US: 484,876
    Religious Freedom Watch – Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,435,390 No regional data
    CCHR – Alexa Traffic Rank: 276,673 Traffic Rank in US: 121,389

    Abysmal showing for the propaganda mongers! A great use of their time and resources — you know, while they are supposed to be “Clearing the Planet.” It’s good that they have all of that free labor from their Human Trafficking Operation –oops– I mean from their Religious Order.

  50. I hope those of you who have documentation/compilations of abuses will contact the Wiesenthal Center and present what you can. I find it distressing that the Center, with its high reputation, is being used in this way. My views on Tom Cruise’s disgusting acceptance of extravagant gifts and free labor of Sea Org members aside, I cannot fathom why he would be selected for this award. I could name 10 people in my area more worthy of a Wiesenthal award, some of whom lost family in the Holocaust and DIRECTLY created far-reaching awareness programs on this topic.

    If this is a legitimate Wiesenthal Center award, I would bet that a big donation was made to the Center with the stipulation (“suggestion”) that Tom Cruise receive this award. That would once again ingratiate Tom with David Miscavige. I can see no other reason the Wiesenthal Center would select TC for an award – surely not just because he acted in the movie Valkyrie! I don’t see any real products that would merit this award.

    The logic transitioning to a discussion of Amy Scobee (whom I do not know) is bizarre – a real non-sequitur. The one sentence paragraph about Amy’s weight and physique is completely offensive and socially ignorant. My God, how childish. Whoever wrote that is really body oriented.

    The whole thing is embarrassing.

  51. It seems too coherent to have actually been written by the Dim One himself, although the venom is purely his. Someone honed it, I think.

  52. “Whoever wrote that is really body oriented.”

    Dave? You there? Dont be shy, everyone already knows its you….

  53. Hey Davey…
    Where is Shelly…your wife?
    Where is Heber?
    Where is Carol Miles?
    Where is __________? (fill in the blank)

    And…ditto what Thoughtful said above!

  54. Since most people aren’t reading the OSA sites anyway, I say, let’s go have a party while DM s**ts his britches….

  55. I agree Val babe.

    The template is probably one of Richard Nixon’s speeches post Watergate 🙂

  56. scilonschools

    That letter illustrates the standard abusive use of the Tech that i have become so familiar with over the past few years.
    A series of apparently connected paragraghs, each possibly accurate in a different context, that are put together to create a false image.
    My disfunctional brother is a master of this manipulative abusive school ground game.
    I was having a discussion with him that wasn’t going ‘his’ way so he charged me down and started a violent physical assault on me.
    When questioned later his response was :
    ” He attacked me, you see what it is like having a 16 stone (220lb) man charge at you, I was only restraining him to protect myself”
    That paints a clear but false picture to the naive person unaware of Tech manipulation!!
    Under cross examination his sentance was decoded as below:-

    “He attacked me”
    – Said things that were againsts what i wanted

    “you see what it is like having a 16 stone (220lb) man charge at you”
    – I never said it he that charged me (when it was my brother who charged!)

    “I was only restraining him to protect myself”
    – Everyone has a right to protect himself , i had to hit him in case he hit me

    That letter just smacks of the above example and illustrates why some people do not like scientologists, abuse of the Tech!!

  57. Yes, where are they? And let Heber speak. Give him back his passport, his driving licence and let him talk to us from outside the gates, in safety. See what he has to say about all this.

  58. theystolemychurch

    It was poorly written with numerous grammatical errors…. imho

  59. So am I Mike 🙂

  60. Yeah, the guy is a real Operating GE.

    Welcome to the Golden Age of MEST.

  61. Especially when it is coming from one of ” the vested interests that maintain the status quo.”

    The criminal mind is quite fascinating at times doncha think Mike?

  62. I agree Leonore,

    I thought the personal attack against Amy was sick and sadistic but it does exemplify the awareness characteristic of the low life writing it.

  63. Marty,

    While I was reading this post I decided to play devil’s advocate with what was being said. Yes, it’s true we joined willingly, yes it’s true we agreed to abide by tough regulations and do whatever was needed. All that was said was true. But there is the 1/2 truth. A 1/2 truth is in fact a lie. These are complete utter 1/2 truths. In fact these were the lines used on us while we were in the S.O. if we showed any signs of disagreeing or, god forbid, complaining.

    What is left out completely is the use of Reverse Dianetics. Remember in Book I LRH talks about the fishermen of Lake Tanganyika. Great analogy.
    They used wood slats floating on the water under the broiling equatorial sun to create shadows that made the fish think they were caged in something more substantial and couldn’t get out.

    Most great thinkers have all agreed that the power of a thought is much stronger than mere physical weapons or restraints. Hell, until I was almost completed with routing out (19 months on that line), I never realized, until a security guard told me one day “You know we can’t physically keep you here against your will”. What will. Didn’t think I was allowed to have any (free will that is). The power of the mindset that is drilled into you is more effective than chains, razor wire, guns or 20 foot high stone walls.

    I couldn’t/didn’t leave because I didn’t think I could. That’s all. Why didn’t I think I could. Well quite apart from (at the time) not wanting to be declared, it was just something you didn’t inspect. Thought-stopping again.

    You can talk about “brain washing techniques” practiced by CIA, the Chinese, Russians, etc. But regardless of how you arrived there, the most lasting form is one where the individual himslef willingly embraces the concept you are trying to drill into him. That was how it was done. It actually gives a new (or old) twist on the concept of “How Help Became Betrayal”. Most of us had a very STRONG drive to HELP. This was the lever that was used to get our agreement to undergo any hardship, cruelty, embarassment, pain, deprivation, etc, etc.

    So was it voluntary? Sure. Willing slaves do the best work.

    Said my piece for now (he said as he slowly descended his soap box and melted back into the crowd….)


  64. I agree Songbird 🙂

    How one so insignificant can accuse others of being so.

    He’s reached the level of being merely a diversion or distraction soon he’ll be the low toned mockery of a static.

    That is zero effect.

  65. Tony DePhillips

    The connection to NOI and Scientology needs to be exposed to the Jewish people. As far as I know Farakhan is a known bigot.
    It seems that dm “solves” one problem and creates a new one for himself. eventually he will box himself into a corner that he won’t be able to escape from.

  66. Marty, thanks for not laboring over an analysis. It was immediately gross when I started to read it. If it wasn’t the pot calling the kettle black it was positioning himself with “other great people” or making petty besmirching remarks. Pathetic.

    You know, just when I think I can’t have a lower opinion of the “tech” that has become the stock in trade for the church’s PR, I am made wrong.

    One thing I’m curious about (forgive me if it was already asked/answered above and I missed it). The author says you told them to their face that you knew there was no investigation. Now regardless of if there currently is or isn’t one (doesn’t really matter — there will be another one soon enough), who could this have possibly been?

  67. Like Charlie Sheen says….We’re winning!

    Thank you for validating this with your retarted response DM. I am amazed you are still clutching the power.

    But, with 6th grade reponses like that, it won’t be long now.


  68. Jada is lying big time. Jada, will and their kids are full blow Scientologists and are very close friends of Tom Cruise . Jada’s bodyguard is a CCI’s public Scientologist ( married to an OC public by the name of Romina Bovolini) who follows everywhere with Jada and Will in order to protect them. He is hand picked by David Miscavige to spy on Jada and will.

  69. David Miscavige,

    You know you are the king of Human Trafficking and White Slavery. You know what I am talking about. 2004 incident, you remember?
    Sorry for missing your withhold, you piece of … 🙂

  70. Lol, the first thing I thought of was the comment by the studio on Fred Astaire’s first screen test; “can’t sing, can’t act, balding, can dance a little.”

    I guess that puts you in pretty good company.

  71. They (whoever is „they“ as I do not know them) award TC cause they agree with TC and DM. They are buddies. Or they do it for „political“ or other reasons. To award someone by some group is always an indication that they agree. Indicating others that he that is awareded is OK with what he does. It is never an error or a „not know“.

  72. Or, as Don Corleone put it, “keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.” Which is EXACTLY what Marty is doing when he posts here from an anti Marty site. That’s knowin’ your strategy.

  73. Thanks for the posting .
    This blog appears to attempt to make it open for those to express their stories its cant all be wrong .To Many spoke out.
    This has not happened for years with in the regime of DM, Its current PR about how well its doing has losted creditability except for those being suppressed within, Even if they try to make a show case over the success, all it is in reality iscover after cover . But for those having been around just dont buy that .Hiding truth is evil and suppressive. DM might think he is loved and owns all and demands all just because he named himself COB. Its a utter joke .

  74. A Martyr : “Somebody who suffers persecution and death for refusing to renounce a belief or cause, usually religious”.
    You WISH Davey! 😀 😀 😀

  75. scilonschools

    I see the CoS are making people homeless to extend a Golf Course nr Gold Base… TC should get a Golfing Award for that!!!

  76. Under-the-radar

    There is absolutely no effort on DM’s part to win any friends with that response. Pure slime! He is loosing followers with each attempt to discredit an ex staff or public with data gleaned from ethics and PC folders. Many of these SO veterans gave the most tender years of their lives and this IS recognized by any rational person. We ALL have our ethics blind spots and have made mistakes. The pure hatred pouring fourth by using these mistakes as tools is not that of a world class spiritual leader (auditors code) intending better the cases of those around him. It only inflicts fear that YOU could be next if you step out of line.

    I could go on for 2,000 words but it simply would be a wast of my time. You all get the point.

    Dave, you are acting like you are backed into a corner. Walk away now with your million bucks and get a job in Corporate America. I am sure the banking system has a place for a guy like you. You could possibly work on Wall Street and I am sure they will pay you well. You have nothing to fear….. but your eternity.

  77. martyrathbun09


  78. “I personally am proud of the work that Marty and Amy and others are doing to expose the truth.” and “Amy is a total class act”.

    Hear hear. Amy is clearly not fazed one iota by all the shit slung in her direction. I regard her and all the whistle-blowers as heroes that inspire me. It’s time to up our game again…

  79. Yes, I wonder what part of the Human Rights Act DM thought he was applying when he was beating the shit out of you, Tom De Vocht, Marc, Ray etc etc etc while screaming obscenities at you. As his fists pounded into you and he saw blood dripping from your head while psychotically yelling at you what a worthless SP you were, I wonder, did he think “Well, that’s another worthy act of human rights”.

  80. The site this article got posted on is so obviously “OSA” (under the ecclesio-pathetical leadership of Dear Leader) and the outpoints in the article (and the site itself) so obvious and plentiful that one almost feels like “why bother pointing them out” – just read it (which is what Marty did anyway).

    Looking around that site doesn’t even qualify as a “study of outpoints” but is like “walking on outpoint”. They have a pathetically funny section called “Is it safe” (meaning, is it safe for Scientologists officially in good standing who obviously but unknowingly yet to the C of M have doubts because they read that site). They seem unable to write two paragraphs without contradicting themselves.

    Back to the article of this post: how on earth can it not be OSA/DM who write it. They claim to know (telepathically? or the earthly counterpart called “PI”) where Marty was and did (FBI), details of legal cases etc. – I mean, that is “common knowledge” to the run-of-the-mill Scientologist, right? Yeah, right!

    DM believes and OSA is made (coerced) to believe that all nameless (anonymous) “anti Marty” sites and blogs and utterances provide a great smokescreen behind which DM/C of M can hide. They are unable to look at it from another viewpoint (the “outside world”) for they would realize that every time they open their mouth they paint a target a little bigger right on their own forehead – with brighter and brighter colors for everyone to see.

    It seems LRH was right when he said that people are basically good and well intentioned – for they do everything possible so law enforcement agencies and the public can see that they need to be stopped from committing more crimes.

    As to TC and this Wiesenthal award: imagine the Wiesenthal Center cancelling his award – that would get him more publicity than anything else. Even if he received it, awards can be (and occasionally are being) cancelled after the fact – and that would be the worst publicity he could ever wish for. So, DM hangs an “award” around TC’s neck which is like a humangeous magnet to ensure that any bullet fired in its vicinity actually arrives at its target. That’s the marksmanship of a psychopathic “friend”.

  81. Marty-

    So- obviously someone from “the inside” gave you this transcript? Is that correct?

    Wow- He must be going crazy right now.

    But of course his “followers” are betraying him. A leader like that never has people who truly love him and would do anything for him. He just has scared, cowed workers.


    Have a great day everyone

  82. Jethro Is In The Zone

    ” You could possibly work on Wall Street and I am sure they will pay you well. ”
    No, no, no. I sure don’t want to see Miscavige working on Wall Street where he will surely wreck havoc and bring on the next Great Depression. Since Miscavige can’t confront an honest day’s work, perhaps he could start out by doing something he’s a little more suited for – flipping burgers at McDonalds.

  83. Thanks for those stats.

    We should also remember that those anti- sites’ rankings, as miserably low as they are, would be much lower (i.e., invisible) if the Church of David Miscavige didn’t pay “click monkies” in third-world countries to generate even those miserably low rankings.

    Just Me

  84. Very interesting contributions, Truth. Thank you.

  85. wannabeclear

    I put this information in the comments of the previous post, but I’ll repeat it here:

    If anyone wants to send an email or contact them through their website, here’s info for the Simon Wiesenthal Center:

    Rabbi Meyer H. May, Executive Director
    Rabbi Marvin Hier — Dean and Founder
    Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean

  86. Steve, it’s been a long time since I cried reading something on this blog. But your comment above sent me there. And now I’m sailing right up again through anger. And through wherever determination sits on the tone scale.

    FBI agents, I hope you are reading this. If so, these are specific of human trafficking crimes permitted and encouraged and perpetuated and executed by the Church of David Miscavige. That “church” is a cult run by a dictator whose name is David Miscavige.

    Just Me

  87. Brilliant summation, Steve.

  88. Expelled 4 Life

    The reporter asked her the wrong question. Correct question: “How many hours of auditing have you received?”

  89. Mike, your answers comes from such an altitude, I ROTFL most of the time.
    You are so funny Man. 😉

    Marty, Mike I have some questions:
    1. Did TC knew about the treatment of MSH and Diana in the early days?
    Does he ever express interest in finding out and get in contact with LRH family?
    Or does he had contact with them?
    What kind of?
    2. Did TC had an idea of how Hebert Jentzsch President Church of Scientology was treated, imprisoned?
    I mean not now through your blog, but earlier when this was more secret and maybe just a rumour?

    It would be great, if you could give some info on this.

  90. martyrathbun09

    Last thought edited out as could and WILL be misinterpretted

  91. Lately I get one of these emails every day. Sent by another email account.

    WOW — that’s originally. Make it look like LOTS of people are upset with Marty and Mike.

    I never read them because it’s just pure drivel. BUT because Marty posted the last email in it’s entirety, I did read it.

    All the comments – except those by dm and his bots – have detailed what is so painfully true.

    IF Gold Base is not a slave labor camp, ‘splain me why those inside don’t have their own passports, why there is a guard gate, why there is a fence with razor pointing inside.


  92. Watching Eyes

    Hey dwarf,
    Say what you want about Amy Scobee but at least she didn’t HIT HER PC. Don’t you wish you could say the same.

    I called the Wiesenthal Center last night and will call again today. Remember, they have a Museum of Tolerance. Giving an award to TC is taking “tolerance” to the extreme to say the least. Either they didn’t do their homework or they’re caving to a huge donation from TC or maybe the CofS. I think I’ll ask them if Louis Farrakan is also going to donate to them. They don’t realize the dwarf is playing both sides of the coin and boy is he playing them.

  93. martyrathbun09


  94. martyrathbun09

    +1 Hy

  95. Your humble servant

    Thanks for this wonderful post, Steve. You are a wonderful writer and really have an ability to get to the heart of things.

  96. Sara Finning

    Bit of a non sequitur rant and doesn’t really make sense other than foaming at the mouth about Marty. I’ve read articles, books, where I may not have agreed with the author, but at least the structure and argument put forward was well written, clear and precise.

    Guess the good news is that he is able to apologize.

  97. Your humble servant

    Thank you Karen. You are terrific. We can always count on you to state the facts!

  98. There’s a failsafe built in to Scientology and the recovery of true ability; ethics – which has the root meaning of ‘character’.

    Lacking such, diatribes such as this one spew forth. Feckless rants at low tones. Nothing more than a continuing dramatization of Reactive Mind.

    These things, possibly more than any other, are the telling evidence that David Miscavige is an anti-social personality, an anti-Scientologist.

    Dave, you are what we used to call a ‘hacker’ when we’d play road hockey. A ‘suck’. A kid who would have a Bank Attack, and stomp off, telling their Mommy ‘those guys wouldn’t let me play’.

    These posts on Minerva’s site are you’re effort to play, to run with the big dogs in the tall grass.

    You just can’t get it Dave. You can’t get the gains. You can’t get the recovery of theta so the game WE play is not real, and so you hack away, in the sorry tantrum of the spoiled child you are.

  99. When I searched this morning I found one of those “Marty is Evil” OSAblogs as the source of rant against you. It wasn’t the exact same letter but had some of the lines. When I just went to look for it again, I disappeard. Do you have the link the the source of this rant?

  100. The Cof $, under the dictatorship of Davey, is a perfect example of a dichotomy – it professes to be and do everything good and yet its every action is the opposite. Disgusting!! Davey gives a whole new meaning to “absolutes are unobtainable”.

  101. Mother of Grendel

    You are right, Tony. The problem is that the Jewish Scientologists are so brainwashed into believing DM’s lies that they don’t stop to realize what he is saying! Couple this with the infuriating trend for Scientologists to be completely oblivious to what is going on in the world (newspapers, bad; news, bad; anyone but DM, bad) that the Jewish Scientologists who know – don’t care! Jewish Scns do know – Israeli Scns do know! – and they shrug it off!!! Hu???
    This needs to reach Jews in society, not in the cult. This needs to reach the Simon Weisenthal Center. Elie Wiesel is guest lecturing at a college in LA – he needs to know! Jews in Hollywood need to know. Spielberg needs to know!!! The outroar won’t come from within – it’s too black in there. It has to come from without.

  102. This rant sounds like it was written by someone with more education than Dropout Dave, but the outpoints still abound. The most absurd was the inference that because Marty was exposing TC for aiding and abetting human trafficking, Marty was somehow attacking the late Simon wiesenthal. Talk about misdirection!

    And of course there can’t really be an FBI investigation, because Marty admitted as much to DM-Minerva-somebody? Most of the readers of this blog saw the reports in various media where the investigation was confirmed by a specific, named FBI agent, so that argument only works for an audience that isn’t allowed to read the news for themselves. That brings up the question, whether that audience is allowed to read Minerva and the other anti-Marty sites? Maybe this whole diatribe was written for an audience of just one, a certain fallen celebrity.

  103. And if the bloggers on this site didnt check them out every now and then for a laugh!!

  104. Good point.

    The entire Gold Base crew should be in attendance at the Center’s award of the (pre gag) “most valuable [$]cientologist I know” (post gag).

    Bruce Pratt

  105. “He must be going crazy right now.”
    He IS crazy.
    AND there are spies everywhere in CofM.
    Fear management CREATES enemies.

  106. I was once researching LRH writings on the UK so I could do an eval on UK and its history of problems with “disconnection”. It seemed that every time the Church in the UK enforced disconnection , the London Daily Mail ran HEADLINES: “SCIENTOLOGY PRACTICING DISCONNECTION AGAIN”. The tenicles of disconnection pulled back in and OSA UK and OSAI ran around like little kids crying.

    However, in this research I read RJ #1 where LRH described how he one day, in 1960, wrote an article in a magazine how a Psychiatrist had put several women “under” and then raped them while they were unconcious. It seemed he was never indicted. LRH demanded this criminal be punished. The following week LRH was attacked in the Daily Mail. So Ron attacked the daily mail for being pro psych. Two weeks later Readers Digest LRH, so he attacked readers digest. And so on until he discovered the entirety of who was running things in the world and who his real foe was – the World Bank. And he dscovered how they controlled the fnancial structure of this planet.

    The reason I tell this is because LRH knew when he was missing withholds and that there was always arrows pointing the way for him every time he attacked. It seems to me that Marty gets maximum amounts of TA whenever he exposes the human trafficking of Sea Org members (especially the ones that DM propitiates to TCs projects), the pimping of DM for TC and the unnatural partnership of these two. I say attack, attack, attack – keep the heat on and even though Davey is reading this and understands this, the monster will finally come out into the light, just like a mother protecting her young, and Davey will shoot the final foot bullet. And that would be really cool.

    ML Tom

  107. GetTheConcept

    “Just one look at Amy tells one that she does not know what hunger or hard physical work actually mean.”

    What are you, in the eighth grade?

  108. All this focus on children being forced into labor reminds me that there is a whopping court case coming up for the C of S by Daniel Montalvo, who was “given” to the C of S as a child by his own parents. I wonder who’s heads will roll for that one while DM builds a PR fortress to protect himself.

  109. No, that’s when he dropped out….

  110. “Amy wrote and published a book about her experiences within the Church. Not once within the text of that book did she complain about human trafficking”

    Here’s what I can tell you. I purchased four copies of Amy’s book because of all the recent critical books, Amy’s book has the most accounts of criminality by Miscavige. The fact that the single word “Slave” or “Human Trafficking”, may not come up in her book, does not mean that the activity of human trafficking does not happen under Miscavige. For example, in the last three years, DM ordered people to be physically moved across state/border lines to avoid interrogation. They have also intentionally misled the Riverside Sheriff as to the whereabouts of one individual.
    For those who may have missed it, here’s how Human Trafficking is defined:

    I made good use of Amy’s book. I went through the four copies to put tabs on all pages/paragraphs where crimes were committed in Riverside county, mostly by Miscavige. There were about 50 tabs. I then personally hand delivered these four books and spoke at length to the following people:
    Riverside Sheriff Stanley Sniff
    Riverside ex-District Attorney Rod Pacheco (while he was running for re-election)
    Riverside new District Attorney Paul Zellerbach
    (Amy book, with a note personally addressed to District Attorney Paul Zellerbach)
    Code enforcement officer Leroy Martinez.

    They were all interested in the subject, assured me upon follow up that they were working on it (except Rod Pacheo, who lost the election)

    About the FBI, on my fourth meeting with them in the presence of two old-time Riverside activists as witnesses, five FBI special agents met with us and listened for 1/2 hour and accepted my information.

    But here’s the thing about the FBI. They will NEVER tell you the status of an investigation. Try it, go ask them. They will not tell you.

    That’s why Miscavige is lying in the above letter. He doesn’t know.

  111. Summer Wind

    What you accuse others of you are guilty of yourself – I also think you’ve hit a real button by attacking his rich boyfriend.

  112. ++1

  113. AnonOrange:
    In case nobody has mentioned this to you, in my book, you are one hell of a freedom fighter.
    I have no idea how or why you picked this fight, but I am glad as hell to have you on our side.
    Frankly sir, I am in awe of your courage, tenacity and toughness. You have been “sticking it to them” with a sharp, hot poker for a long time now.
    I look forward to shaking your hand some day.
    Thank You!

  114. Friend of Ron

    Wow Steve! That really came from the heart. Let the facts do the talking.

  115. Jim Logan-

    I totally duplicate you 100%. I remember myself playing with guys like this growing up. The worst to play with.

    David Miscavige is the guy who is the worst player on the team yet he owns the ball so everyone tries to be nice to him.

    Imagine if he was playing in a game where no one “owned” the ball put just played for the love of the game and with all heart.

    Please- he wouldnt even be near the game. NO ONE wants a teammate like him.

    I love that “hacker” Just added a new word to my vocab today.

    Thank you Jim.

    Miscavige is the ultimate “Hacker”

    The good news is this: Every “hacker” I ever played with my whole life got it back in the end. I remember one kid in particular.

    Karma my friend, Karma.

  116. Prediction: DM is at the end of his cycle. He will shortly discover that he has an aggressive form of cancer. From the time he discovers the condition, he will depart his body shockingly fast. His life’s work of building MEST (and destroying all the people — his trademark even in Roman times) is over. None of us, not even I, wished him to get cancer particularly, he selected that outcome himself.

    He’s already agreed to all this.

    After he’s gone you will see reconciliation and reform. The Church will come clean. Declares will be canceled, disconnection will be canceled. The clean up will take a number of years.

    Just a prediction. But you heard it here first.

  117. what is even more crazy is Marty posted this whole thing about the Simon Wiesenthal center, not Amy so why attack her in the rebuttal. It makes you wonder what huge missed withholds Dave has on Amy. (Perhaps he has been daydreaming about something he didn’t get and wanted really bad).

  118. I am totally impressed with Marty Rathbun as well. An organization with billions of dollars at their disposal can not cave this guy in.

    Not only that, but his influence is clearly getting larger and larger.

    Can you say WRONG TARGET?

    6:19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and
    rust corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

    6:20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth
    nor rust corrupts, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

    6:21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    6:22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye be sound,
    your whole body shall be full of light.

    6:23 But if your eye be evil, your whole body shall be full of
    darkness. If therefore the light that is in you be darkness, how great
    is that darkness!

    The evil eye of The Church of Scientology spreading darkness throughout the world.

  119. Goodness, how I love Truth!

  120. Glutz PR comes to mind when reading DM’s response.

    “I personally know that he (Marty) knows that there is no investigation, because he has admitted it to my face.”

    Really? So Miscavige is admitting to having direct contact with Marty. Was this over lunch at Casablanca?


    The attack on Amy is a real foot bullet. Slandering another in a P/R statement is foolish and stupid. The release, as it stands, leaves the novice reader unsure of the truth. Telling someone how wonderful you really are and in the next sentence stomping another into the mud. Even someone that doesn’t take the time to think about the release is left wondering.

    TC in a public forum being exposed like this obviously hit a large nerve.

    Well Done!

    Encore! Encore!

  121. Boy Marty the bots they are a scrambling.

  122. What a posturing blowhard!

    Is Miscavige suggesting that he CAN “act, sing, dance, write or legitimately provide a desirable service to society …”?

    No, he can’t. He only usurps the real creativity and work of others. Well, maybe he can act the GREAT leader in front of people acting like sheeple, but that’s no desirable service to society.

  123. Mike Hobson


  124. Jim, You’re right. I knew DM early on. If he couldn’t bully you he would get upset and try to blame you or make you look bad. He was a spoiled child who
    had to show how much better he was than you. Love

  125. David LaCroix, I agree!

  126. Marty, I forget. Have I ever told you just how proud I am to be your friend?
    I Love you man. Sargio

  127. +1 Sarge.

  128. Confirmed!

  129. Mother of Grendel

    Anybody see the latest OT VIII newsletter? Interesting how the end product of IX and X has slipped back again! Wonder if any of the VIIs and VIIIs caught on to this.

    “LRH said “Getting people up to and through these OT levels is, according to current research, the only faintest chance this universe has.” Clearly then, it is of vital importance to rapidly swell the ranks of OTs on this planet.

    “Thus together with the Flag Service Org, we are working to reach the target of 10,000 Solo NOTs auditors and 2,000 New OT VIII Completions.

    “Per calculations, having 10,000 Solo NOTs auditors who then go on to complete the level and do New OT VIII, Truth Revealed, will produce a large enough theta force to get all orgs to Ideal Org and then to Saint Hill size. This will consequently bring about the release of New OT IX and X. This is not just wild hype, this is a mathematical equation which has been extrapolated out. Getting all those currently auditing on Solo NOTs through to completion and then onto and through New OT VIII will help to achieve this goal, especially when viewed from the real physical universe effects this creates in terms of case gain and resultant 3rd Dynamic activity, including mid-New OT VIIs and New OT VIIIs joining staff and manning our new Ideal Orgs. “

  130. +1. Love

  131. Brilliant post.

    What gets me is not just that DM THINKS he’s above the law – he appears to be above the law IN FACT.

    Perhaps I am just too impatient. But I ask – WHERE IS THE LAW after all the abuses reported over the past 28 or so years?

  132. Stan, I’m sure Marty was a very good ‘Tap Dancer’ years ago but I think DM has cured him of those bad habits. Love

  133. Hy,
    Totally agreed, you have identified the largest outpoint of omission which is the hardest to spot.

  134. DM’s rant is so pathetic. It is a classic example of Ad Hominem gone wild. Anyone who falls for one word of it needs to go back for a retread of Logic 101: when you can’t argue the message, resort to discrediting the messenger.

    Sorry Dave, this kindergarten-level propaganda style went out the window along with Stalin, Pravda, and the KGB.

  135. Camera boy’s dictated rant reads like it was written by a woman who was jilted at the altar. What a spiteful girlie-man.

  136. Ditto Sarge, from another “merry gold digger” or more like merry digger for the truth in the Golden Ages of Miscavige.

  137. Tony DePhillips

    I listened to that video clip and I didn’t really hear anything he said that I disagreed with. I don’t like the guy and hopefully he has said worse than what he said here. He basically said that Jews have had a hand in enslaving black people and as far as I know they may have. Nowhere in this clip did I hear him espouse hatred for Jews.

  138. Marty,

    Fascinating sequence of events, this retaliation against you for posting this within hours, when the same subject and pictures has been circulating on WWP and ESMB for weeks with no such retaliation.

    I wonder if this is related to the media monitoring of your site concerning TC/DM, or if it is an attempt to maintain the iron curtain of information getting to on lines public. Seems like Davey and his little OSA Navy don’t much care for your readership reading things from you that are openly available on the net otherwise.

    With over 1,400 exes having already spoken out against the church witht their own names, and probably at least 10 times that many speaking out anonymously; with an estimated 25,000 Ex Sea Org vs an estimated 5,000 still in, Ideal Orgs being threatened with electrical power termination for non payment … and all the rest … you are the problem. The Church of Scientology is about dead and doesn’t realize it because of the actions of a few whales and die hard public willing to donate towards buoying a sinking ship. What a waste.

  139. +1, Love

  140. martyrathbun09

    Feelings are mutual.

  141. martyrathbun09

    HCO PL The Anti-Social Personality.

  142. Windhorse
    Comemtn to yours Bloody good question?

  143. The only goal accomplished here is more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  144. Thanks Karen… my letter is in the mail!

  145. If there is any one (that I know) who will be going to this “award ceremony” who would like to pass out free copies of Amy’s book “Scientology – Abuse At The Top” – just let me know.

  146. Dave, We’ve all grown up. When are you going to?


    “I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for this award. I’m very honored for this recognition of my ability to help. This organization and this award are all about help. I want to help others. I do help others. I’m all about help. I need help. You need help. You help. Don’t you wish you could help more? We all need help. Why do people need so much help? People also need help in helping. I will continue to help, so help me. Don’t others want to help others? Thank you for helping me help and thank you for helping others and I also would like to thank those others who may be helping others to help.”

    After speech:

    TOM: “Dave, did I discuss help enough?”

    DAVE: “Now, THAT’S what I call Golden Age of Dissemination! No, no, it’s the Platinum Diamond Age of YOU, Tom, that’s what THAT was. I’ve never seen a more In-Tech application of disseminating by covering the various angles of help than what YOU demonstrated tonight. Well done, Tom, VERY WELL DONE!”

    TOM: “Thank you, Dave, that means more to me than this award they just bestowed upon me. Dave, from the bottom of my heart, that was the best acknowledgement ever ever…EVER!”

    DAVE: “Hey, let’s go write some diatribes about Marty, you want to?”

    TOM: “I’m totally primed and ready! Let’s do it!”

    DAVE: “Let’s tear him to shreds! NO MERCY!”

    TOM: “Heh, heh, heh, ha-haha-ha-ha-HA-HA-HA!

  148. Tony ~~

    I might have posted the wrong Your Tube Video.
    His anti-Jewish rhetoric is posted in literally hundreds of Your Tube videos. He has not let up on the Jews and Israel since his YEARS in Scientology.

  149. Cowboy Poet

    Who was it written for? It was written for the world to see:

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
    Mark Twain

    Just in case there was anyone out there that didn’t already know.

  150. I want to ack those who wrote directly to the Simon Wiesenthal Center. It obviously got their attention as well.

    I was reminded yesterday that Speilberg stepped down from an advisor position for the Bejiing Olympics after the human rights violations there. Though he is TCs buddy, I am sure that Steven has no ideas of the abuses inside the church. If he knew the truth he would certainly agree that those reporting did in fact have their human rights violated and would not support this activity in any way.

    I only wish that those who choose to honor TC could hear the voices from inside. Like the voice of Melanie who once loved Scientology, LRH and was a friend to Heber. She joined the SO when she was about 14. Melanie has went off the radar shortly after posting her story about a year and a half ago. Last word heard from her was that her mother, who had disconnected from her because she was speaking out publicly, was in kidney failure and Melanie was desperately trying to find a way to be with her. The first link is Melanie’s account of being refused an education and the second is what it was like working on the GAT release, staying up for 36 hours straight.

    DM can spin this any way he wants but human rights violations DO occur, ARE covered up and lives ARE destroyed at his direction. If this message is truly intended for those sitting on the fence then my comm to those in doubt is to get your confront up and face the truth that the group that you have been supporting is not what you thought it was. You have been fed years and years of PR. Melanie’s communication is only one of many thousands (who have never spoken up). I knew her as a baby and watched her grow up. She was enthusiastic, smart and had some incredible goals for someone so young. I applaud her for her courage and wish her peace. I hope that somewhere via the theta universe she knows she is loved by many.

  151. This is interesting history you bring up and if you read the despatches of that time associated with the formation of the original G.O., it demonstrates a vicious attack on Scn/LRH from World Bank and a Ms. Appleby if I can recall who was really just a secretary. This is “Scientology Conspiracy Theory” that is more than a theory and is ignored. Its loaded with Nazis too and I also recalled the mission debrief of Norman and Leon who went to Interpol.
    By the way, first time I ever heard of Simon Wiesenthal was when I saw the movie “Boys From Brazil”.
    (I’ve been busy lately by the way).

  152. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS.
    Thank you for this hard hitting post.

    You asked for proper Email addresses~~here they are.

    THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT THIS AWARD for Tom Cruise IS NOT PRESENTED TIL 5TH MAY ~~There is a full 30 days for registered complaints to occur.

    Rabbi Marvin Hier. He is the head honcho. He is a Highly Influential Rabbi, some would argue that he is the OL Rabbi in the United States.
    Email address ~~

    The Executive Director is Rabbi Meyer H. May:

    The Associate Dean is Rabbi Abraham Cooper

  153. Not once in this memoir about out 2d does DM mention he used his power in the church to bail his Dad out of a rape rap in Philly either.

  154. …and the connection between Scientology and Wiesenthal Center needs to be exposed to the NOI. So much potential WIN here, kids.

  155. It is funny sometimes…last week, i had the same thought!
    Believe me, when i’m having simultaneous thought like this one about the future, it is always happening !
    Sorry but this one is pretty obvious…your actions are written in heaven (theta universe)
    For god sake, get cleaned, get on the rood to freedom and change your conditions.
    This would be a great relief to you first, for Scientology and mankind
    You have the tools and still have the time before dropping this body and this time is now.
    You can’t hide your overts anymore, it is very very obvious that your cup is full, we can see it when your are on stage, your hands are shaking and you are sweating your whitolds!
    And with all those burden overts on shoulder…You are not a happy men for sure and this (unhappiness) reflect the majority of Scientologist in the church right now.
    Just do it (condition)and in the future we will remember the brave man David Mascavige who has lead Scientology

  156. Friend of Ron


    This could be of importance in an ongoing legal case against the Smith couple and their school. Can you please email me the name of the bodyguard and the details on the CCI connection.


  157. The enemy declare on Simon started with anon on ESMB and has nothing to do with Marty. There is an open battleplan to protest this event. DM is spinning it around to make it look like Marty’s baby. It is not.

  158. Websters College Dictionary defines Martyr as: Noun; 1. a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion. 2. a person who is put to death or suffers on behalf of a cause. 3. a person who undergoes severe or constant suffering.
    Since Marty is very much alive, the author must be saying Marty is suffering for a cause. By my observation of Marty, he is certainly not suffering. Marty is about as causative as it gets. The only people suffering for a “cause” are those still in the current church experiencing sleep deprivation, imprisionment, reverse auditing, etc.
    If you want to know the truth of anything like this that comes out of the current church, just reverse it and there it is. This write up is much like the pc who trys to misdirect the auditor. The truth is there. Just ignore the misdirectors.

  159. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Karen,
    In this one, he does seem to generalize about the “Jews”. And If I were Jewish I would feel that he would have a generalized predjudice against me.
    Similarly if a “white man” spoke of “blacks” and gave some generalization about them ( streo-type) then they would also be considered a bigot.

  160. Joe Pendleton

    Karen points out the important connections to make here. Miscavige and Farrakhan and the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise. This needs to be pointed out to the folks at the Wisenthal Center. The media needs to receive this information as well.

  161. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Karen,
    Wow! I found this one. This guy is full of hate. No wonder dm has befriended him. These two guys deserve each other. If this could be sent to tc’s little get together and show how tc supports dm who supprts L F and the NOI I think it would raise a stir for sure.

  162. Joe Pendleton

    I will send protesting emails to each Rabbi in a few minutes and hope everyone else does the same.

  163. Mother,
    So, the above is what DM expects of OT VIIs and VIIIs -“joining staff and manning our new Ideal Orgs.” That’s his ‘strat’.

    Below is what LRH expects of a Scientologist:
    “However, in the field of what is expected of a Scientologist, we have for ten years carried along an inherited error. It is this: “Everybody knows that a specialist in a science hangs out a shingle and, if a professional, becomes a private practitioner.””

    “Well, I’m afraid a lot of us have bought this too. If we were trained in Scientology as a professional we should hang out our shingle as a practitioner. With all due respect to the Scientologist in professional practice (where they have every right to be) this is not a true idea. It is a borrowed idea. It’s as old as the witch doctor.

    “A Scientologist is the being three feet behind society’s head. And society runs on eight dynamics, not in a sick room. Some of us, of course, would become professional practitioners. But a professional Scientologist is one who expertly uses Scientology on any area or level of the society.”

    “A housewife who does not have professional level skill in Scientology could not expect to run a wholly successful family or keep order in her neighbourhood and keep her family well. A factory foreman could not possibly handle his crews with full effectiveness without professional Scientology skill. The personal assistant to a corporation executive could not do a fully effective job without being a professional Scientologist. A corporation president without a certificate will someday fail. And the head of a country would go to pieces if he didn’t know Scientology from a professional angle.

    “How can these people handle life if they have no expert knowledge of how to
    handle life.

    “Now we don’t expect everyone in the world to become a trained auditor. But we expect the people who are making the world to have a knowledge of how to make it go.

    “A trained Scientologist is not a doctor. He is someone with special knowledge in the handling of life.”

    “”The factories, the marts of trade, the homes, the neighbourhoods, these are the places we want trained Scientologists. In that way alone, we’re on the busy, still healthy communication lines of the world.

    “Some of us need to run centres and schools just to give the rest of us service when required. Training at a pro level must continue and must be kept good. And service and communication must be given. Hence, we have Central Organizations on every continent and HCOs. But if we avoid the throbbing comm lines of the world and act like doctors, we will not win soon enough as a group.”

  164. Joe Pendleton

    Stealing staff members’ labor (that is to say, taking their valuable final products with no exchange) is a LONG standing tradition in the Church of Scientology. If you’re interested in LRH’s own definition of what a criminal is, you can look it up on his PLs, as well as his definition of what criminal exchange is.

    While my org was bursting with public in the 1970s, making 150 Cl IVs each year (low number estimate by the way) and delivering a lot of HGC auditing, the staff members were paid virtually NOTHING (8 straight weeks once of no pay) and that includes all Tech personnel. Of course regges and book salespeople who shipped books to missions all got their commissions, not the folks who actually created the VFPs of Scientology, trained auditors and the wins of preclears. And while staff got nothing, the Church took in TONS of money in the 60s (and later in the 70s) – enough so that LRH could buy an English manor and land from an Indian prince and three ships to start the Sea Org, not to mention cars, motorcyles and lots of first class travel, etc. Nothing wrong with LRH getting his due or the Church becoming affluent – I’m just pointing out that the Church was getting rich while thousands of staff members the world over got almost NOTHING and had to work two jobs to make the rent and buy food, while actually DELIVERING Scientology services. And all the time we were told we just weren’t producing enough. So the prices starting rising sharphy about 1977 and the Church keeps getting richer and richer. And of course, not a PEEP allowed from the staff (you know – “poor woiker” and “money motivated” – that last one is rich – keep stealing money from the people who produce the products that EARN the money and if they protest that fact, accuse THEM of being “money motivated”)

    NOTHING NEW in the Church STEALING people’s labor and products……. the beat goes on.

  165. So, Marty is forwarding a “filthy campaign.”

    Hummmmm…what exactly is this “filthy campaign” that Marty is forwarding? What exactly is that rascal up to besides fishing, talking and being a loving husband?

    Let’s see. One thing I’ve personally observed is that he’s taking people who have been caved in by out-tech auditing at Flag and helping these beings recover their sense of well-being. How friggin filthy is that Marty? How dare you.

    Another thing I’ve personally seen him do is grant beingness to others with differing viewpoints and actually listen to their viewpoint. He’ll express his own views on the matter in whatever way he personally sees fit and seems to be comfortable with having his own views as well.
    How dare you apply the creed of the church (…to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely thier own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.) More evidence of Marty’s filthy campaign.

    Another thing I’ve seen Marty do is encourage people to use the tech they know to help others no matter which group they decide to be in. (…to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments.) More damning evidence that a filthy campaign is afoot.

    Another thing I have personally seen Marty do that utterly convinces me that he is up to NO GOOD (in some people’s opinion), is he demonstrates a tremendous courage in holding his location and speaking and writing truth about individuals who are, shall we say, SUPPRESSIVE.

    Ohhhhhhhh, Marty. A filthy campaign indeed.

    Another thing I’ve personally seen Marty do is shake hands, smile and grant beingness to people who he doesn’t even know. Dastardly , Marty. I just don’t know how you can live with all those terrible deeds.

  166. That’s an inspired idea, Mat.

  167. Joe Pendleton

    Without being too repititious here, all media outlets need to be informed that the Wisenthal Center is honoring someone conncected tothe rabid anti-Jewish Farrakhan and the Church of Scientology.

  168. Good catch Tony !
    Thanks for posting this.
    The award for TOM CRUISE smells to high heaven of some shenanigans behind the scenes. I cannot THINK with the data. Something does not add up…….Tom Cruise HUMANITARIAN AWARD ?

    Even though speculation is not fact, I cannot help but muse on this one…….
    I was even wondering if DM paid off Simon Wiesenthal Center say a $1 million Gift.

    DM controls Sea Org Reserves. The C of $ can DONATE to SWC from any C of $ bank account on DM order.

    I downloaded the Tax returns of Simon Wisenthal Center which are available at
    Type in Simon Wiesenthal.
    See their Board of Directors and Executives and how much they make a year to protect their Mission Statement
    ……. confronting antisemitism, hate and terrorism, promoting human rights and dignity…

    You can download the TAX returns of Cof$ as well on this site.

  169. Indeed – evil begets more evil. The universal law of tenfold return is a two-way street. Let them reap what they have sown, tenfold.


  170. Absolutely and most often using “case data”.

  171. Tony DePhillips


  172. Wonderful post, besides your bound to run into a bit of filth when cleaning up the house!

  173. Please tell me he also sent this to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

  174. To David Miscavige:

    You definitely should apologize to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and to its leaders, members and supporters. You should apologize to them for the crimes you have committed against Jews – for having beaten, insulted, slurred, demeaned and imprisoned them.

    You should apologize to those Jews you have extorted financially and mentally. You should apologize to those Jews you have separated from their beloved families and from their rights to the most basic, simple human freedoms – of choosing what they will think and do in their most private moments, whether and how many children to have, where and in what they wish to become educated, and where and how to live their earthly lives.

    I have no doubt that one day you actually will apologize to the many you have wronged – on that day when you finally, just before you are sentenced, throw yourself on the mercy of the court that has heard and judged your crimes.

    To the Simon Wiesenthal Center:

    In every community, justice brings life. Without justice, communities die. The Simon Wiesenthal Center and the greater community which it serves were destined to thrive in abundance.

    I pray that the Simon Wiesenthal Center will deny to Tom Cruise any signal that they approve the code by which he lives, a code that requires him to overlook, condone and profit from human trafficking.

  175. Awesome Mike! I agree.

  176. That’s not going to happen, sarge. The dim one is stuck way back on the time track. Somewhere in grade school. One grade past nya nya, but the urge to say it is still there.

  177. The Simon Wisenthal Center took a huge hit in the Bernie Madoff scandal.

  178. Freedom Fighter

    You only take flak when you’re right over the target.

    I’ve no doubt that there is a serious shit storm going on right now in Dave land.


  179. Dear Jim,

    I mean this, Thanks for the best LRH quote that could’ve been thought on this occasion and thread. A Scientologist you are. Tom

  180. I have one question for the “Church” if Marty is such a bad guy and you are so ashamed of having had him work in the Sea Org then why was he posted directly under DM and why was he the one who audited Tom Cruise???? DM and OSA, you guys are such liars and have really lost any touch with reality. I din’t usually comment as I never read any of the garbly you post about people who left your Church. It’s just too boring and obviously BS. Everyone who left the Church is “bad”seems a bit unreal doesn’t it? All I can say is that you are your biggest enemy and you just keep on shooting yourselves in the foot. No organization and no individual is perfect but you position the Sea Org as an organization that has never done anything wrong. Yeah right. You might be less hated by the general public and have a lot less enemies if you took responsibility for even one little mistake you have made or should I say crime.

  181. OTDT, Are YOU Katie!?!?! OMFG………………..

  182. Defender of Gandhi

    It is perfectly all right to quote Gandhi.
    However, the spokesperson for Scientology just goes a bit too far by saying:
    “None of the people[Gandhi/Dr. King] he[Rathbun] quotes would have associated with him”
    This is a false assumption. One cannot ascribe actions to these great men;
    this is a wrong view.

    ” The fool who knows his foolishness, is wise at least so far. But a fool who thinks himself wise, he is called a fool indeed.” Dhammapada C5:63

  183. Oh yes ‘Boys from Brazil’.

    Damn good movie!

    Larry Olivia as Simon and Gregory Peck as the evil Nazi.


    Welcome back Metaqual.

  184. V — Hi!

    How typically logical and straightforward of you.

    That’s just not Dave’s “R” though. You see, he thinks EVERYONE is bad. And they are ALL out to get him. And the more there are who are speaking out about his abuses the RIGHTER it makes him!! It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. And he is MAKING it come true…

    Miss you guys.

  185. ♥♥♥♥JUSTME♥♥♥♥

    Magnificent Post

  186. This song says it all.

  187. Geez Les, now that you put it that way, I get it. Marty, you cad. You dastardly bean. How could you be there and communicate? There, in that is the evidence so plain, so evidential, of your crime. Heinous, oooky, bad to da bone, and you and those ‘martyites’ you talk to, or take into your sessions where they come out happy and that needle only floats. Daggone you Marty Rathbun!! Daggone you!! You, you, you – Scientologist you!

  188. plainoldthetan

    IHy, I like the example of using a chain to keep a baby elephant tied to a post, then as he gets older, using lighter and lighter chains and eventually rope with the adult. The elephant, who has “learned” his restricted movements, “thinks” the rope is the same as the early chain, so doesn’t even try to escape.

  189. martyrathbun09

    +1 🙂

  190. That’s right Valeska.

    What DM is saying is that the “Church” was

    So Blind
    So Dense
    So oblivious to PTS/SP data
    So utterly incompetent in DETECTION that

    It was impotent for DECADES to detect all of us Raving SPs while we worked within and slave labored for a pittance and contributed to the motion.


    Only after we freely posted our observations on the Internet, did we become

    Overnight SPs !

    This also applies to all the NON -SO who post here and gave huge DONATIONS both in $$$$$$ and in WORK.
    For exercising FREE SPEECH and Choosing one’s friends and learning the truth …..

    Overnight SPs !

    Undetectable for YEARS~~

  191. I think this song fits this comment perfectly…

    flow zero

  192. I wonder how much smack talk will come from him when he is delivered the “truth” about cob and his friends…..????

  193. Whooo-hoooo! Karen, you have described some of my experiences to a T. Visitng family, and even getting the three weeks per year you are ENTITLED to get, per SO regulations, has been made into an impossibility. Plus you get yelled at or disciplined if you speak up about having three weeks off and thinking that is right or fair. Only a dilletante would do such a thing, right? God–this would NEVER be discussed!

    There are probably more recently invented issues for the Sea Org that remove that 3 week liberty by now.

    Then top it all off with the *mental control* imposed on the Sea Org members. That is the most covert of all. It makes it look like the brainwashed , mentally-manipulated person is not standing up for himself. That’s right–he isn’t! That’s the whole point! He has bought in after sleep deprivation, no attention to nutrition, 20-hour work days peppered with all-nighters, and promises of how things will change if this list of 150 tasks get accomplished. So hurry up and do them! After 45 of them are done the list changes, of course.

    It is all covert as hell and your average person finds this hard to confront so they may say it’s stupid to keep living/working there. But you ARE a prisoner and a slave. And inside that fence there is no one who may reach out to you to try to get you to see you are getting manipulated and harmed physically, mentally and spiritually. All those communications are stopped (your mail being read before it is given to you) and phone conversations to the outside listened to if there is any question as to your loyalties.

    So, yeah. This group of bloggers could come up with hundreds and hundreds of slavery, prisoner and trafficking incidents, exactly by the legal definitions of those terms. It did happen and it is still going on with that nice pretty lawn and pretty buildings to hide it, and the fence and guards to keep you from walking around in there and discovering it.

    And–ha!–yes, Amy has put on a few pounds. But look at her photos of when she was *in* the SO. (A little dropped out time by the guy who gets whatever expensive food he wants whenever.) Amy was thin in the SO. Like so many Indies I’ve seen in recent photos. You probably will gain weight when you get out and can finally eat what you want when you want to. It used to have to be Christmas or Hubbard’s birthday in order to get a dessert. Just more deprivation–food denial or consistently low-quality food is a great way to do it.

    I know that dissertation from Mr. Perfect had a zillion out points in it but this one was worth a comment as it just proved more of our argument. 😀

    It was also covert of course. So anyone thinking that this slavery/prisoner activity does not exist–please dial up your confront of evil a notch or two and take the rose-colored glasses off. The thicker those glasses are the more in danger you are yourself of being lied to and harmed at the expense of someone only able to hurt you because you’re just not looking.

    No matter how deep you are already in, just decide to start looking NOW.

  194. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    LOLOLOL!!! Indeed!!

  195. Well said, Hy. 110% true (not a typo)!

  196. Scott Campbell


    Actually, DM does not “own the ball”. No one does. Scientology is freely available to anyone who wants to use it.

    That is why the “Hacker” is in foul trouble, it’s the fourth quarter and his team is on their 5th team foul.

    Time for some penalty free throws.


  197. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I agree too. It is too well written/spoken to come from the “minds” of DM. But it is full of bullshit, nonetheless. You know what! I just cognited that this style of writing (DM’s) is for children and teenagers. It’s written on their general mental level. I mean, really, what the hell kind of writing is it that tries to stab at juvenile mentalities as if they where such rather than free-thinking beings with enough sense to GET THE FUCK OUT!!!

    Hmmm… 🙂 – hey davey… bite me! And YOU still owe me my money for OT9 that you will never deliver (25 years now…)

  198. Scott Campbell

    Mee agree tooo Jimmy!

    Great quote. I agree. The necessity of training is vital for a future change of operating basis on plane Earth.

    LRH is right. Not everyone needs to be an Auditor. But everyone would be well served by training as one and mastering the tech.


  199. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    A person is judged by the company they keep. Hmmm…. let’s see… if I befriend Farrakhan and David Miscavige and Tom Cruise that would mean that I condone attacks on beings that want freedom.

    Somehow being associated with those yo-yo’s is just not quite what LRH meant by keeping your honor and integrity high. That’s all you get to take with you, after all.

  200. martyrathbun09

    Yo Gato, wassup?

  201. TroubleShooter

    I wonder when the smack DOWN will come – cobb’s town ain’t big enouGH for him and Louis…my money is Farra-con . . . Church of Farrantology -Aims of; A world without insanity, criminality and without war, where honest blacks have the ability to rise to greater heights and can finally get rid of the Jews and the Whites. . .

    tic tock tic tock

    What a juvenile piece of writing cobbs letter was. It backfires for me much like the “HUH!!!!?!” of the “freedom mag” article did.

  202. Yvonne Schick

    “You can talk about “brain washing techniques” practiced by CIA, the Chinese, Russians, etc. But regardless of how you arrived there, the most lasting form is one where the individual himslef willingly embraces the concept you are trying to drill into him. That was how it was done. It actually gives a new (or old) twist on the concept of “How Help Became Betrayal”. Most of us had a very STRONG drive to HELP. This was the lever that was used to get our agreement to undergo any hardship, cruelty, embarassment, pain, deprivation, etc, etc.

    So was it voluntary? Sure. Willing slaves do the best work.”

    Some comments on this blog recently about OT Ambassadors and OT VIII’s. This concept applies to that group as well. They are in an interesting position – not really staff but not exactly “ordinary” public either. Agreement has been attained where they will do the work ; i.e. execute “command intention” even when the thetan is starting to have WTF? revelations. Many are waking up, but many are still asleep to the fact that their desire to help has been betrayed.

  203. martyrathbun09

    I agree.

  204. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Didn’t Miscavige once get mad at Marc Yager for not raising more money from the IAS even though he was a “jew”? I’m sure the Simon Wiesenthal Center would be interested in hearing all of Miscavige’s anti-Semitic remarks.

  205. Yvonne Schick


    Thank you for nailing this guy!

  206. This website has a link to adoption of haiti orphans – taking haitian babies and ‘selling them’? may be big money in it. I know the volunteer ministers where in haiti – they have missions there, maybe connections were made. I am only pointing this out because a very high profile scientologist likes this page on her facebook – so there is a possible lead

    I know of another case where two SO members were routing out with two under 15 yr old children and the org told the son and daughter they had tro join the SO or not get fed – and the mum and dad are routing out – jeeeeeez

  207. Verified Email addresses ~
    Rabbi Marvin Hier — Dean and Founder

    Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean —

  208. Karen,

    Wonderful comment.

    Overnight SPs! Great concept.

  209. Doin’ great, prowlin’ around. Read this and felt like getting the claws out tonight! 🙂

  210. Tony DePhillips

    Back by popular demand:

  211. Kim O'Brien

    Just a real quick observation from and outsider – Miscavge writes about an investigation “The idea of using the concept was dreamed up by a shyster lawyer ” ..had to laugh at that one

    He is writing this to the freaking Simon Wiesenthal Center and uses the phrase ..”shyster lawyer” while apologizing ( ? ) to them. – define irony . And really BAD judgment. 😉

  212. I find it interesting that DM feels so threatened by your mention of this as opposed to the myriad sources telling the forced labor/ human trafficking story that he would respond in a way that very well may set into motion what is known affectionately on the interwebs as the “Streisand Effect” – Which essentially works like this: Person or group “A” publishes a potentially damaging story that will be interesting only to its limited audience of those who are already paying attention. Person or group B flips completely out in a way that makes the flip-out draw WAAAAAY more attention to the original story that it would have otherwise garnered and ends up making person B look like a jackass. Usually proving the point of person A’s story. The DM-bots are out there proving the existence of the Streisand Effect over and over and over. I’ve got 3 words for ya. “Pass the popcorn”

  213. GetTheConcept

    Makes more sense now.

  214. Sharp Kim. Stick around.

  215. Me too. Instant repulsion toward the writer!

  216. Anna~And that reminds me to ask again,
    How can a parent let David Miscavige be more important than their own son????!!!

  217. Hi Mike! We miss you guys too 🙂
    You’re right on DM. He just thinks that he is perfect and that everyone is out to get him. A true lunatic who is going to end up taking himself out and the “Church”. I have to say he is doing a better job than any of us at that!

  218. LMAO 😆

  219. Gato babe.

    Good to see you posting again 🙂

  220. K1

    I think “overnight SP” has become an overnight sensation 🙂

    Of course we all know who the biggest SP is.

    Dave don’t be so damn bashful.

    Take a bow.

  221. +1 Les!

    You rock dude 🙂

  222. theo Sismanides

    Thanks F of R, a very useful link.

  223. theo Sismanides

    “At best, Marty is like a critic working for some sensationalist rag. Unable to act, sing, dance, write or in any other way legitimately provide a desirable service to society, he seeks credibility by demeaning the work of others.”

    Me thinks this is the opposite here. Whoever is writing this should know that Marty can act, sing, dance and write and provide a very desirable service to society.

    Who is seeking credibility by demeaning the work of others? Marty never asked as to come in here and start demeaning the work of the church. We did it by ourselves long time ago. We didn’t need Marty to tell us. The work of the church is already too bad. It’s like being in a cage. You are given your daily food and kept captive.

    So, I could take this letter paragraph by paragraph but I have work to do. This is so shallow and full of cold hatred not even written in any interesting way… very shallow…. you guys can’t even write… I am happy I am free with my friends here who CAN write and talk and curse and drink some beer and love and be loved and care and be cared. And audit, yes audit, do you hear this World? We are free, alive and auditing. Viva The Independence. To Hell with that little happy church in the valley attitude of Scientologists. We are wild, alive and kicking. And not untalented… sorry. Marty is a great writer. He has reminded me of a side in me that I had forgotten. That side which defends freedom and actual human rights.

    Come on people, this letter is a joke, seriously exposing an untalented author, whoever wrote it.

  224. theo Sismanides

    Thank you Karen#1, thank you people for being talented writers, poets, auditors, communicators, all of them!!!

    Overnight SPs!! Thank you! Thank you for standing up one night and saying Enough Is Enough.

    And thank you for being here and giving me a sunshine everyday!!

    Because you are so talented in anything you do and it shows. You are original. The definition of a Scientologist. You are NO robots, people. You maybe overnight SPs but we ain’t here to be good boys and girls. This is what DM wants and this is what every church tries to do. Make good boys and girls. I don’t think this was LRH’s intention.

    So, thank you YOU overnight SPs! Keeping Communicating!!

  225. theo Sismanides

    LOL Jimbo!! Love the language your mind speaks!!!

  226. theo Sismanides

    Oh, yeah, speaking of untalented people here. Jimbo is another one, bad to da bone, no brains, no creation guy! Another one who just copies others and has no mind of his own. You, you, you – Scientologist you! Love it, Jimbo man!!! Keep them coming, keep creating man, I wish we meet one day and you play that music to our ears!!! Keep them coming, you untalented cad! (I am learning new words and concepts here, hahaha)! Love it! Thanks Jimbo for being YOU, for being original and being here and communicating, man!

  227. This is the kind of low-toned, puerile nonsense that I read in Freedom Mag. That this hateful guff is condoned (if not authored) by Int Mgmnt is simply embarrassing. It angers me rotten that so many kind, loving, dedicated staff are ultimately being managed by a total pillock that has no grasp of the most basic of Scientological principles.

    “To see you lie so easily, I am afraid I had to ask myself: what else are you lying about?” — Paul Haggis to CoS spokesperson Tommy Davis after watching TD deny the existence of Disconnection during a CNN interview, May 2008.

    “Indifference to evil is more insidious than evil itself. It is a silent justification affording evil acceptability in society.” — Abraham Joshua Heschel, Jewish philosopher.

  228. This will be a good incedentive for contacting newspapers about this, As has been done and will be done.

    The SWC has been starry-eyed by the movies Tom cruise been in rather than his personal and ethical conduct.

  229. Well played Sir !

  230. Thank you Steve.

  231. martyrathbun09


  232. It smells like scotch…

  233. I my unreleased unverified personal wiki, Great Martyrs are right along side of Great Scotts and Great Scots. 🙂


  234. Mike Hobson

    I never get any of these massively moronic missives any more. I guess nobody over there at Co$ loves me or wants me back in the fold. Could it be because I don’t have $$$ ?
    Michael A. Hobson

  235. Joe, your post is very important in more than one respect.

    First, by calling attention once again to how things were in the 70s – high productivity, creation of REAL VFPs (trained auditors, preclear wins).

    And on the other hand, by raising the issue of staff pay and price increases during the same period.

    The lousy treatment of staff, the pitiful pay, is something I’ve never understood since my earliest days in Scientology. It does go way back in the history of the organization, and IMO is incomprehensible as to why anyone would ever think this was the way to build a strong effective organization.

    My admiration of LRH knows few limits. But in these 2 areas – staff treatment and pay – let me be perfectly blunt – I think he had some serious unresolved case issues. Regardless of what he wrote about exchange, the FACT is – the organizations were WAY out exchange with their staff, and there is no way he could not have known about it.

    And the same goes for the “price increases”, starting in the late 70s, justified as “the solution to inflation”. These monthly increases went orders of magnitude beyond what was necessary to compensate for the very real inflation of that time.

    This decision – announced in an LRH ED in fall 1976 if memory serves – was IMO the single most destructive in the history of Scientology, one which may even have paved the way for DM and his reign of excess, namely the glorification and obsession with MONEY and the pricing “out of the market” of the person of average means.

    None of it ever made any sense and probably never will.

  236. There is a comedian and entertainer lost in….Well I can’t help finding him entertaining in a way.

  237. The awards campaign is obviously the Cruise’s handling to counter the bad publicity. Katie Holmes is also being awarded on June 16th at the Women in Films Salute in Beverly Hills. See below:

    “Holmes, who is currently starring as Jackie Kennedy in the miniseries “The Kennedys,” will receive the Women in Film Max Mara “Face of the Future” 2011 Award.”

    Since when is someone nominated for an award so quickly when only 3 of the 8 episodes of the mini-series has aired?

    And by the way, may I add, I’ve been watching The Kennedy’s. Holmes performance is at best weak. More focused on LOOKING LIKE Jackie than being able to act her. Deserving of an award? Not.

    Aside from writing rather whiney,sophmoric, self-righteous dribble (this letter is so poorly fashioned on sooo many levels), the most glaring outpoint is that DM feels it necessary to address Marty. (or should I say pluspoint – for Marty). Marty did not launch the criticism about the award. This was already being championed on other websites ie: esmb,etc. But to pin this on Marty may be DM’s way to finally “prove” to TC that Marty IS really a bad apple after all. (Why would DM feel the need to do this? So maybe TC has doubts, maybe he’s not so chummy, maybe???? What’s in it for DM’s to pin this on Marty?

    Dear Lord, after reading such psychotic dribble, I”M starting to sound like one myself!

    (BTW Karen- LOVEd the “overnight SP” ! When all else fails to shut him up- heck, just overnight SP the guy. Because after all the years of training, hard work, dedicated glare,etc,etc, some mysterious bug made its way into his case and poof-just like that- he turned! )

  238. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    LOL! We were just talking about how we suddenly became SPs overnight. Love that we’re members of these ranks!

  239. I hope the irony isn’t missed that one of the Church’s premier celebs is part of a filmed panegyric for the man who called in his attack dogs at the FDA to raid the FCDC after Ron directly offered his assistance by sending him a copy of the lecture “Sec Checking in the Field” and helped him win the election by issuing HCOB 24 April 1960 ‘Concerning the Campaign for Presidency’ to all US Franchises.

    (Kennedy won by a slim plurality of only a few hundred votes)

    Even so Kennedy was probably better than Nixon who probably would have really gone after Ron, Mary Sue and the Church for writing the above HCOB.

  240. Haha, sounds a little desperate of them. I was sooooooo waiting for some paragraph to start with: “Moreover,” …

  241. Marty’s effect on DM can be summed up:
    “Effective cause, well demonstrated.”

  242. OK, the word “ooky” triggered this. Is this how the DimOne sees Marty and the Independents?

  243. Transparent

    In my over 30 years in the Sea Org, I met Marty Rathbun ONCE. At the time I considered him arrogant, narcissistic and completely out-of-valence. I didn’t trust him then and I did my best to steer clear of him. BUT, with that said, when I came across Marty’s site last year, and the Scn Cult site (Steve’s) I was inspired to step forward and start telling the bigger story about the inside camp, the cult aspect of Scientology which DM has created. I have never spoken to Marty since he left the SO in 2004. I don’t email him and I don’t particularly iconicize him… but I respect him because he is at least transparent about what he did. He isn’t attempting to hide anything. He isn’t sitting on a high horse and claiming to be right. DM on the other hand is playing the same old card, again. He is throwing the old LRH lines up to the world and hiding behind that curtain of “Sea Org members are the most dedicated people in the world… blah blah.” We know that DM. We were there, working for the old man before you came along and fu….ked up the show. We know what dedication is about. DM rides that horse like Napoleon … “look at me”, “I’m virtuous”. What I’d love to see from him is the same level of transparency that Marty Rathbun has shown, a willingness to expose the truth to the world, to bare his soul. DM doesn’t think he has to do that, but here is a man with a lot of skeletons to hide. If he was transparent to the world, if he let the world look inside the Church without trying to hide the truth about what is really going on (claiming there is “no disconnection” etc) then he might earn real respect, not respect based on hyped-up stats and respect demanded by authority. Anyone can do that, but it takes real guts to tell the whole world the truth, stand by it, and let others make up their own mind about the matter.

  244. Transparent:
    I have to say acknowledge you for your comments well put down I must say.

  245. T, you have said something in a few words that I have wanted to sort out in my own feelings. I used to think “How DARE he?” because he is the squirrel of all squirrels.

    You said “He is throwing the old LRH lines up to the world and hiding behind that curtain of “Sea Org members are the most dedicated people in the world… blah blah.” We know that DM. We were there, working for the old man before you came along and fu….ked up the show. We know what dedication is about. DM rides that horse like Napoleon … “look at me”, “I’m virtuous”

    You are so right. The older SO members know what it was like before (not perfect but we were not slaves and mentally terrorized) and the young ones have nothing to compare it to so get totally duped. DM NEVER worked for the old man. He only worked for himself, lying to the dedicated SO members all the way to the bank. And he obviously knows NOTHING about the Tech except how to invert it and control people with it.

    Just because someone is in the SO does not mean he is dedicated. It’s another quote of LRH’s that DM has twisted. There are about a hundred references that describe WHAT someone in the SO does that MAKES him dedicated–the effectiveness and speed in getting the job done standardly–not the effectiveness in tearing it all apart.

  246. This comes of a website called because volunteer ministers are tied up with it
    Scientology has an orphanage in Haiti.. a Haitian Scientologist Claude Reginald Jean ran 3 restevek orphanages prior to the earthquake..Claude Jean also was running their Dianetics group for Cary Goulston.
    Claude Jean turned over his Orphanages/Children and a property near the airport to the Scientology organization… In return Claude Jean and his biological children took up residence in Clearwater…and the kids were given free scholarships to a Scientology run school Clearwater Academy.(several local news reports confirm this) there are 3 main front groups raising money..Help for Orphans run by Sarah Erlich, Hope for Haiti by the Schneider Sisters,and Bless the Children by Karen Hubbard…
    theres are 3-4 other gung-ho groups also raising money through sponsorships all Scientologist btw. all 6-7 groups hide their affiliation with Scientology…this is intentional
    by omitting the Scientology link allows them to raise money (deceive) from people who would avoid supporting them these deceptive practices are commonplace with Scientology they have not gotten approval to set up adoptions… yet…its more likely that the children get a minimal education,get Scientology training/indoctrination and end up becoming members of the Sea Org at an early age…and then will sneak them into the US under a religious visa
    Scientology is desperate for new Sea Org recruits…the orphans from Haiti solve this problem for them… there were a small number of Children coming into the US from Claude Jeans Restavek orphanages through a religious visa to sign a billion year contract prior to the earthquake.. the connection was exploited even then.
    Carly Joined the Sea Org at 12 they have no problem recruiting and exploiting children
    Helping Orphans is a noble cause….Helping Scientology raise Orphans that end up being enslaved to Scientology=really bad for the children… considering they will be worked up to 100 hours a week..little pay 0-$50 a week…without a vacation. also do a little research on restevek children of Haiti…its slavery

  247. Bill Straass

    I was in the Sea Org 23 years until I all but died from AIDS I received while on staff on the ship. The last “annual” Leave of abscence I received took 7 years to get approved. My brother had set up a party for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I just could not get it approved. Mostly I could not even get an answer. In desperation I petetioned ED INT. His communicator sent it back saying since I just wanted 3 weeks which is covered in policy, it was not a matter for ED INT . I was advised by my senior to write the RTC Rep. She talked to the Captain . The Captain then called my wife and I and all of my seniors on up the Org board up to his office. He threatened all of us, and told my wife he could have her sent to the RPF for stirring up this “reunion shit”. He then made the most brilliantly 1.1 suppressive remark I have ever heard. As I involuntarily reacted in disgust to the statement he made to my wife, he said “I totally agree with you, Bill” , as if I had made a derogatory remark about my wife. After the meeting I spent the night writing a long report to the RTC Rep. As time had almost run ou and it was too late to blow as I was now on the restricted list I considered taking my own life like Jorge Arroyo, a roommate of mine at the time later did. I decided the way to do it was to fry myself on the main 380 volt bars that power the big air conditioning compressors. I was hauled in and put on the cans by the Dir I and R.
    CMO personell were watching the interview in real time as notes were being pushed under the door during the interview. Finally the door opened and the Dir I and R was ordered out and a CMO person took over the interview. Continued questioning brought out the suicide thoughts /plan above. I could have been kicked out of the SO because I was not allowed to honor my parents which would have been really gross out-PR
    It was the last day before the anniversary party and somehow I finished my sec-check (how I’ll never know because I was not in an F/Ning mood) in the last possible session thouh I had no OK to go yet. After staff meeting I ran into the Captain. He was screaming at the top of his lungs that in 15 years no one had talked to him like that and , pointing to his rank insignia yelled that he was the only right arm Captain in the Sea Org and that nobody could tell him what to do. He then muttered that “one persone could, but he (apparantly referring to DM) would never do it. This must include LRH, who in Flag orders and policymade it clear that staff were to get annual leave. As it is, I only took 5 “annual” leaves in 23 years. I managed to get my leave at the last minute with the Captain saying that he had always planned to let me go but hat my wife could not go.

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