Mecca Meltdown

What follows are the official minutes of the Flag OT Committee (OTC) of 4 April, 2011.   Mind you, this is the senior OT Committee of all OT Committees, being the OT Committee of the “Mecca of Technical Perfection”, the OT base of Scientology Inc.

It should not require a lot of interpretation for those in the know in order to explain the title I’ve chosen for this post publishing the OTC minutes.

Nonetheless, I will raise a couple of questions to get the ball rolling.

1. What does a briefing on the TOOLS OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS have to do with the campaign to get 10,000 people onto Solo Nots?

2.  Why all the sudden is the OTC sponsoring a meeting to discuss OT Phenomena, when the subject has been effectively banned for the past couple decades?

3.  Should this passage be added to the Data Series Evaluator’s course as an elementary drill for spotting OBVIOUS outpoints?  ” Kaye said the Neighborhood Project is very effective with getting people back on the Bridge.And since quite a number of people have fallen off the Bridge, more volunteers are needed to get them back on and through the Basics.”

4.  What’s up with these pearls of wisdom from the Captain of the Mecca?:

a.  “It is unsuccessful to leave people out of control.”  Note, this is specifically in reference to OTs.  Yes, a frightening proposition to set OTs free of their nannies.

b. “He said we need to get a lot of people into the Oak Cove who are mid their lower grades or fell off at the lower Bridge and get them through and over to the AO because we need a lot of people for Super Power when the building

c. “Scientologists will be ALIVE.”   Great idea Harvey.

d. “A lot of people are retreading the Purif, Drug Rndowns, Objectives.
Everyone’s folders are being reviewed.”  Oh my God, run!

e. “WE need to get raw public intoTampa! Eight thousand people are needed to sign up for the Oak Cove who will then go on Super Power!”   Right away, Sir. Shall I scream at the thermometer while I am at it?

f. “Only half the OT Committee members were at the meeting and the
Captain wants ALL OT Committee members at the meeting next week:
All Flag OT C members, all Freewinds OT C members and all Tampa OT
Committee Members. The Captain said the Flag OT C is THE OTC.”    The Ideal OTC?  Especially since we have 50% attendance and need to stack it with two other OTC committees. WTF?

g. Now, reconcile “f” with this statement and you pass on having sufficiently solid serv facs to make it big time in Corporate Scientology: “WE
have to ramp the commitment, there has to be an annihilation of
dilettantism. No drifting or wandering, we need that dedicated
glare. The Ethics Level needs to go up. The purpose is to get in
ethics tech, to get more intense with each other, so everyone is
going in the same direction.”

h. “All these above things need to be done before the Super Power building opens.”  Oh, crystal clear. David Miscavige is setting up dozens of people as heads on pikes for non-compliance on getting Super Power out, because “all these above things” is a cluster of random,off policy cross orders.

I got tired of listing outpoints – there are more and I am sure you all point them out.  But, there is one passage in particular that demonstrates the Mecca is well into meltdown mode.

“There are 4600 local Scientologists. OF these, 1000 are actively on
the Basics. Three hundred Basics completions (of the thousand local
Basics completions) are on other courses.”

4600 is roughly 40% of what that number was ten years ago. A 60% attrition rate.  If 2,000 have done or are on Basics, then less than half of those few remaining even made it onto Basics – the program that every last bit of goodwill Scientology Inc may have retained was expended to coerce, con and connive people onto.  If 1,000 really completed, and only 300 are on “other courses”, they’ve got 30% re-sign percentage.  Just a tad higher than the LRH’s estimate of the thoroughly PTS members of any given population.

Per their own purported statistics, the ones the Captain FSO is announcing to the Ideal OTC, the Mecca is in full-blown state of Meltdown.

Here is the evidence:

Minutes of the OT C Meeting in the Clearwater Bank Building

4 April, 2011

Kaye started the meeting at 6 21 PM.

Any new Members? NO


Div. 1 Melissa the Div 1 Sec said REPORT YOUR STATS.

Div  2 Not there

Div 3 Laura said she has OT C shirts.

Div 4-Tammy is the I/C of the 10,000 on Solo Nots Project. She told
us why she was on the post. She talked about Tuesday night’s
briefing for that project in the Sandcastle which will be delivered
by Pat Clouden: TOOLS FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS. She said come if you
can and pointed out that an AO C/S speaks too and also the Deputy
Captain (for the AO?).

Also Tammy said that next Thursday the 14 April there is an OT
PHENOMENA evening at the Wintereggs. Have a good time and good food!

NEIGHBORHOOD PROJECT I/C Janice Kenne said on the 1st Tuesday of
every month they have a dinner for their volunteers. Tomorrow is
the first Tuesday of April. They will be showing films about MV ( I
think. I tried to reach Janice to clarify and could not reach her).

Kaye said the Neighborhood Project is very effective with getting
people back on the Bridge. And since quite a number of people have
fallen off the Bridge, more volunteers are needed to get them back
on and through the Basics.

Div 5 Denise said she wants everyone on the HQS course! (This
course is also on our OT A Project Orders.)

Kaye said there are key OT C posts needing to be filled:

Personnel Control Officer
Ethics Officer

A Constant Contact person to send out emails, etc.


The Captain spoke about Super Power. He said we need to get a lot
of people into the Oak Cove who are mid their lower grades or fell
off at the lower Bridge and get them through and over to the AO
because we need a lot of people for Super Power when the building

He said the Field needs to be geared and geared up for Super Power.
He said there will be 2 L’s HGCs in the Super Power building and
two thousand people a day will be serviced on all the courses, all
the Grades.

Specific things are needed by him:

1-Get the entire Clearwater field together going in the same

2-All local lower Bridge public need to be rounded up and gotten
into the Oak Cove which can service 250 people per day!

Then all those people over to the AO.

3-There are a few hundred people not moving on OT VI and VII. This
is either those on OT V who have not gotten onto OT VI or those who
were on VII and fell off. These people have to be moved into the
AO. It is unsuccessful to leave people out of control.

4-Anyone not on the Basics needs to be gotten onto the Basics.
EVERYONE needs to get through the Basics. There are many who have
not started the Basics and those people need to be gotten on and
moved through the Basics. Those already on need to be encouraged to
get through faster.

5-Re Super Power, this is an enormous building and Super Power is
going to make a massive change. Scientologists will be ALIVE. We
will have the Mecca opening and Flag is the biggest org in the
world! All the Flag only Rundowns will be delivered there. People
who have reached and failed in their reach will come into the

We really do have an Ideal Scene Field. He wants everyone active,
no slacking off. Flag is the biggest supporter of the IAS. Flag
will be responsible for the creation of AO LATAM, AO SOUTH AFRICA,
AO CANADA. Flag will create an IDEAL PLANET. There is no other
place, there are no other people and there is no other time!

A lot of people are retreading the Purif, Drug Rndowns, Objectives.
Everyone’s folders are being reviewed.

6- Tampa is a Model Ideal Org. A lot of people are needed to boom
Tampa. There is the PE course.  WE need to get raw public into
Tampa! Eight thousand people are needed to sign up for the Oak Cove
who will then go on Super Power!

We the OT Committee and the field, we are on the Flag Org Board, in
Division 6. This is our org. People are needed for Tampa, the Oak
Cove, the AO, IAS Memberships and to get through the Basics.

Only half the OT Committee members were at the meeting and the
Captain wants ALL OT Committee members at the meeting next week:
All Flag OT C members, all Freewinds OT C members and all Tampa OT
Committee Members. The Captain said the Flag OT C is THE OTC. Kaye
is the one he goes to, he said.

All these above things need to be done before the Super Power
building opens. Also, a couple hundred more staff are still needed
for Super Power. Get people to the recruiter in the Coachman, they
need help.

There is a new FSM Section in the AO. The Captain introduced Mirre
Carrara who is the Senior FSM In-Charge, Flag. She is doing a
briefing at the FSM Convention on Saturday and Sunday the 16 and 17
April. Rick Alexander will be there too (who has gotten 42 members
of his family into Scientology). There will be an FSM school at
this Convention.


Charlotte from Div 6 gave us some numbers.

There are 4600 local Scientologists. OF these, 1000 are actively on
the Basics. Three hundred Basics completions (of the thousand local
Basics completions) are on other courses.

550 people who were on the Basics have fallen of. Also quite a
number are not on the Basics at Flag but some of those might be on
the Basics at Tampa or the Missions.

The Captain asked if there was anything we wanted to know and if
you do , please contact him. He asked if there are any tech
briefings we want. The Captain said we need more I/Cs for the
Neighborhood Campaigns, people are needed to take on hats to get
more people doing more!

The Deputy Captain Mathilde Jansson said if anyone has any
originations about what we are good at, for example, get people who
are good at those things grouped. We need to get more people doing

We gave LRH a hand and at 708 PM Kaye ended off this great meeting
with the Captain FSO!

Respectfully Submitted

Ellie Bolger

400 responses to “Mecca Meltdown

  1. While they are doing this, some others are making the tech arrive (For free) to 5 486 372 people living in the state of Guanajuato; México. This is only in spanish; but you might get the point.

    And quietly…

    Roberto you know who…

  2. bla, bla, bla, bla……we want, you do…nothing has changed just getting worse.

  3. Oh good grief.

    One thing — what is “Oak Cove”

    Sounds ominous and dark. I’m guessing it’s a building (what else) but could you clarify?


  4. Marty — to borrow a phrase from the great Earle Cooley — the outpoints here scare the shit out of me and I am fearless!

    But what is most interesting is the fact that there are so many “under the radar” people on this blog and in comm in spite of every effort from Scientology Inc to keep the KoolAid drinkers living like the proverbial muchrooms. The SS Vulture Culture has more leaks than the Titanic and is going down fast while Captain Dave stands on the Bridge announcing over the loudspeakers that they are forging ahead at record speed towards their destination.

    Now all members of the Flag OTC will be sec checked before and after every meeting. That should woprk out well.

  5. Fifty per cent attendance?

    I remember being in groups of OTs similar to the Loyal Officers who always showed up for meetings, one hundred percent, because that was the right thing to do–the members WANTED to be there.

    Theta is attracted to theta. Theta rejects entheta.

    If you want a bunch of unenturbulated thetans to show up, have a theta meeting.


  6. That sounds like a really, really FUN time!! NOT!

    Last time I went to an OT Committee meeting, it was because the Captain was going to give a briefing. Everyone was to be there because the Captain was PERSONALLY going to be there and he asked specifically that I be there! You know the pitch.

    He couldn’t make the meeting, yeah, he broke his word. Guess why……..because he was in a reg cycle.


    Also, a comm from DM to the OTC. “Donating money to the IAS is EXHILARATING.” It was a big “Woo Hoo, YAY!!” All for donating more money to the IAS.

    Exhilarating wouldn’t be a word that I would use!

    It always comes down to money and programming DOWN the Bridge.


  7. To be honest, the whole thing sounds like a huge rah-rah session; a bunch of folks going on and on at length about how they must all “do stuff with stuff!” Where’s the plans, the targets, the specifics?

    “Get everyone we know onto course X!” is not a target, it’s a desire; at best it’s a weak theety-weety wish, a soundbite PR answer. The stuff about numbers of people on Basics, well that just shows how not-so-successful it is. No plan to fix it, just some wanker wearing braid chucking out opinion.

    Ho-hum. The Church of Scientology and it’s OTC has become about as relevant to the world as the Mayans (as in, the Mayans aren’t actually here anymore but there’s a couple of vocal fools on the intartubes getting all terribly upset about how they think Mayan calendars worked 🙂 )


  8. wh,

    It’s a building.

    I’m not sure if it’s a delivery or accommodation building – Flag changes things around so fast. They need something for all those scum RPFers to do, y’now 😉

  9. Sara Finning

    Oh dear. Good though they have t shirts. Wonder if I could get one?

  10. Great numbers Flag!
    Please don’t stop all those actions that have given you such wonderful stats.

    You have 4600 local Scientologists and 300 basic completions; which leaves at least 4300 not on auditor training as basic are prerequisites. Thus a maximum of 6% of your field trains as auditor; looks real straight and vertical to me.

    You complete 300 basics and blow off 550; that’s about 100% more blows than completions. That doesn’t sound like Scientology; I know quite a few proper names for it.

    Last year you needed 200 auditors for Super Power and now you need a couple hundred more. That’s at least treason to your post and almost certain high treason to your high rollers.

    Please do step up ethics and other foot bullets: it’s so much easier for new public to cognite and take proper action.

  11. “Flag will create an IDEAL PLANET. There is no other
    place, there are no other people and there is no other time!”

    This is a flat out lie. There are other people out there creating a better world and have a movement to do so. It is growing and I bet planet wide bigger than the church. It is for the Venus Project.

    Auditing my help calm down people more so it can work better but it not going to do the job. People can do it all by themselves without auditing.

    It is well know in the Indie field that I am for the Venus Project.

    I find a lot of the Indies thinking is set is stone and unchangeable in thinking even if proper evidence of proof is provided. I find that so sad and church like. Maybe it is the service fac. I don’t know but I look at it as more brainwashing and not always from the church but the church did it’s big share of it.

    What I see above is a massive push for money. You would never find an offical church person for the Venus Project a resource based economy not one for money. It would be so out exchange.

    How about there is natural exchanges in life they forget them but all for unnatural exchange that is fast becoming outdated by techology.

    Oh well. This is why I am and have been steeping back from this whole scence. I am still for auditing but not for the rest of the ball of wax such as policies and admin. No successful business has been run by it for I see in the long run it fails due to the calculation problem of money. The fact is free markets fail but they look so pretty at first.

    Anyhow to get back on subject if the church had all the answers which it don’t it would have saved itself from this fate. This is my proof that it don’t have all the answers and fell to the time worn history of groups being taken over and run into the ground. Nothing new here.

    So the church did not have all the answers and I know why and I don’t need super duper trained uppity OT to know why. Sometimes common sense really does work. Common sense in this system is anyone will do anything to save their butt for money, power or position in a group. It does not matter if a person is OT or not.

    The founder of the VP is right. An OT knows only what they have looked at, studied and experienced. They can only judge by that and if it is not in their experience they can miss the boat totally which I see many do.

    Then I get evaluated as a low case because I have such an awareness. Yet I find common man on the street can have such awareness and I find it growing daily. Yet in the Indie field I often see blinders being put on on purpose by the people themselves and refuse to look.

    I am glad there are some Indies that do see it and are working for such a society. Because guys you have very little to say about it. You can help it be but you are not going to do that job. It is well underway already without the tech. A new type of auditor will emerge from it that does keep to the tech and will do a scientific peer review to keep what works and toss what don’t.

    I see the old brainwash dying. Order is blowing off society as there are people putting order to it. It would never have happened if it was not for the web and the technology of computers and other advances.

    Technological unemployment is here to stay and the ecology is not improving due to massive consumption for profit of a few.

    If this is a result of a service fac then it is in man because that is what the current system creates a big massive service fac. You got to do this because it serves you and maybe that is why I been bashing my head trying to wake up the Indies. I hate bashing my head so I quit doing so. I am just saying how I see it.

    The church itself is the biggest Service fac there is. All to get money.

  12. Obviously, someone made note of the tremendous INTEREST in OT Phenom over here, and had a “bright idea” to attempt to use it in an effort to re-vitalize their field.

    The rest of this drivel wouldn’t pass muster in a Junior Congressman’s re-election comittee….and THESE are “OT’s”?????
    “Do your HQS course.” OMFG.
    Hey, mebbe they can get their new NoI recruits to Flag, and help with the neighborhood project…..

  13. martyrathbun09

    Mi Hombre!

  14. martyrathbun09

    We’d be much obliged if you could handle our serv facs for us. We truly are getting blinder by the day, I guess. Am I right now?

  15. martyrathbun09

    Ya think? They are literally down to mimicry. What is next, cave drawings?

  16. WH — its the 10 (?) story building on the bluff behind the Fort Harrison. It is both accommodations and HGC/delivery. The HGCs that used to be in the Fort Harrison were moved to Oak Cove.

  17. martyrathbun09

    Mike, are you sure? I am not sure they are even sure anymore. It is down to “get them into X building”. The final frontier from the top will be, “get them into the bunker” at this rate.

  18. Originally the building was slated for staff berthing. It is a 10-12 story apartment/condo building directly west of the Fort Harrison. They renovated it as a delivery space first whiloe they started on renos of the Fort Harrison. When all the deliver moves to the new SUPERPOWER!!!!! building it will be re reno’d to Hotel space, per what I was told in 2006 when I was last there. ( I had forgotten the year, but looked at my last invoice from there which was for a free ARCX session I got when I wanted to leave before they’d gotten enough money from me).


  19. martyrathbun09

    Hi Mark! Howz the family?

  20. I could and probably will say much more about this confusing drivel written by idiots who seem to have cornered the market on wandering around in the wilderness without a clue and apparently could not come up with an execution plan if their lives depended on it.

    But first there’s this: “It is unsuccessful to leave people out of control.”

    Congratulations, OTC dudes and dudettes. You’ve figured it out. When you stop controlling people, they go off and LIVE THEIR OWN DAMN LIVES!

    You stupid fucking idiots!

    Just Me

  21. Sure can Sara.

    5 easy steps:

    1. Donate at least a million to the IAS
    2. Shut off all rational thinking
    3. Scrape and grovel to flatter Dear Leader
    4. Buy 5 more sets of the Basics (the warehouse is kinda overflowing)
    5. What size would you like?

  22. Yes, definitely a sinking ship there. The crew are going to start eating each other pretty soon.

  23. Well Marty, maybe you’re right. Could be 10 stories of storage for the Books and Lectures stocks — after all, there have been 4 quadrillion of them sold to orgs and missions (that’s what he means when he announces the amazing “worldwide distribution” of books/lectures).

  24. That meeting was a great lesson on how to overwhelm.
    There’s absolutely a TON of orders being hurled in the general direction of the group hoping SOMEONE will grab one and do SOMETHING! How could you have left that meeting in anything but anxious confusion? Except the mind-f*** is so complete, they probably thought they were in exhileration!
    Meltdown for sure, Marty.

  25. Pathetic. It sounds like the minutes from some cub scout meeting.

    And now a word from our mighty Captain leading the way in salvaging this planet, this universe and all that is beyond!!!

    Ah da- where is every body? Ah da – the good news is we have the biggest empty building in all of Scientology. Once again Flag is leading the way. We put the “I” in Ideal!!!!!

    Ah da – we have been preparing to release Super Power for over 30 years.
    Unfortunately we have no staff or public to deliver to and even if we did we have no idea how to actually deliver the steps of the rundown.

    Ah da – so let’s cut back the gradient a little and do something we can do.
    All you OT’s need to do the HQS course again and run around the neighborhood to help muscle public in here to read the most basic books.

    Ah da – we need a lot more people doing a lot more stuff!! I’m counting on you!!! I expect you to take all my inspiring direction and run with it!!!

    Hip, hip, hurray!!!!

  26. Just You, WOW! ‘Sudden’ looks good on you. Love it. Love

  27. Speaking of the HQS Course, Jimmy Rebel and Jim Logan have a new HQS Course, based on the super successful 1972 course assembled by Diana Hubbard–you know, the one that EVERYBODY did back in the day and which made a Scientologist for life or longer–which is available now or will be as soon as Steve Hall announces it on his site. People will be able to download the course and pack for free and do it at home or at John and Jim’s courseroom. I wonder what is on the new CofS version.

  28. Thank God I’m not there!

  29. LOL!

  30. Yup. I did that one.

  31. As someone wisely mentioned the other day, Marty, you’re taking all the fun out of DM’s enjoyment at watching the demise of others.

    I especially enjoyed point #4: “Anyone not on the Basics needs to be gotten onto the Basics. EVERYONE needs to get through the Basics. There are many who have not started the Basics and those people need to be gotten on and
    moved through the Basics. Those already on need to be encouraged to
    get through faster.”

    Now, wasn’t it nearly four years ago that DM spent three hours nattering about how editors and book publishers were to blame for all our troubles? With a title like “The Basics”, wouldn’t you think that public would flock to them after watching DM’s presentation? Afterall, without them, per DM, you aren’t really getting it.

    I guess people aren’t listening anymore, Dave!

    The runway on The Basics is so long it’s growing moss and cracking apart, making it nearly impossible for anyone to land safely.

  32. If things really *were* going the way they are promoted to be, at the events, the OTC minutes would have sounded more like this:

    “Send out commendations to those stellar OTC members who are burning the midnight oil to accommodate the throngs of public banging down our doors.”

    “Do an analysis to isolate all the successful actions and keep them in, in in.”

    “Because we are bursting at the seams, get the help of the OTC to find new quarters.”

    Blah, blah, blah……..It’s all just bull shit. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t come out and scream from the rooftops about all of your stellar achievements while at the same time berating the few people who are still willing to work hard for your fantasy land ideas and are still willing to believe your hyperbole (euphemism for LIES).

    The clock was set to “self-destruct” long ago. Things are going entirely according to plans.

  33. “We need to get more people doing more!” Repeated twice, so that seems to be the theme of the meeting.

    I just received my mountain of promo from my mail box, and in it is the super-glossy New Year edition. Mr. David Miscavige promised that the Super Power building will be open in 2011. Judging by this memo, they are a bit short on the targets Mr. D set out. So, they are failing COB. They are, of course, actively sabotaging Scientology expansion by failing to show up at meetings, for failing to force-feed people into the Tampa “model”(?) org, and all the rest of it.

    The 2000-ish public in the Tampa area that are sitting it out (and they have to be actively sitting it out because these campaigns are designed to force them to come in, which means that they have to actively say “NO!”) are, really, waiting for it all to go away. Waiting for the storm to pass.

    It will pass. MEST always decays.

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away

  34. Your humble servant


    Thank you for this extremely interesting and valuable post. I am concerned that whoever made it possible to have this may be discovered and punished. If that happens, I hope that he or she is sensible enough to just leave and not undergo the tortures that are possible for anyone who betrays the psychopath, David Miscavige. Mike Rinder said, “Now all members of the Flag OTC will be sec checked before and after every meeting. That should work out well.” Well, maybe not that, exactly, but I expect that there will be some response like that. Just the thing to keep OTC members enthusiastic and willing to work hard!

    Yes, I guess meltdown is the right word. What we are looking at here is a bunch of insane drivel and NOT-ISNESS. “Tampa is a Model Ideal Org.” (Yet, by reports the place is empty). “We really do have an Ideal Scene Field.”
    (Yet, people are “slacking off”). This is very similar to saying, “No! This is not happening!” just before the truck hits you.

    No. 5 . Re Super Power seems to me like a dramatization of whole-track implants:

    “5-Re Super Power, this is an enormous building and Super Power is
    going to make a massive change. Scientologists will be ALIVE. We
    will have the Mecca opening and Flag is the biggest org in the
    world! All the Flag only Rundowns will be delivered there. People
    who have reached and failed in their reach will come into the
    building.” (We have this huge building and you WILL go into it to be implanted with the idea we have given you LIFE).

    It kind of looks like an implant station anyway, as I believe others have observed on this blog previously.

  35. Oh, and they want people to tell them what they’re good at so they can group them on projects using those skills. That means, so they can put on the ball and chain. “Oh, you’re good with numbers? Sit here and do these audit packs.”
    Person looks at a three story building stacked with unhandled cycles. “Where are the others?”
    “Oh, we’ll get them in here as soon as they volunteer.” NOT! LOL
    Believe me, by now, a lot of people know better than to say they have any skills that could be vampirized.

  36. Mike:

    You got that right on the numbers of “under the radar” people reading this blog.

    Just yesterday, 2 OTs called me to see if I’d read Marty’s post about ser facs and one individual mentioned this blog who hasn’t been on lines for decades who I happened to be speaking with.

    They are “in” but out .. a new category.

    These people relayed to me discussions about yesterday’s post they had with other OTs who are “in.”

    It’s now become a question like you’re asking someone about the day’s newspaper. It goes like this: “Did you read the blog today?”

  37. Bert Schippers

    Wow, what a crazy state of affairs. The ship is going down and they’re ignoring it completely. It won’t resolve with force!

    CoS Inc. = Force.

    Indy field = ARC.


  38. Oh my head hurts. 1000 people on Basics and 550 fell off! So much for the mecca of technical delivery. Wonder how the Idle and other orgs are faring? I’d venture to say 60-80% of their public is just blowing off. The sad thing is that no one per those minutes saw this as a flap. But they’ll treat the leaked-onto-Marty’s blog -minutes as a flap of magnitude and roll out the sec checkers, ethics invests,etc. Go figure.

  39. Countless outpoints. Very scatter-brained. It is a wonder (with how squirrel Scn. Inc. has become) they have so many people on the “basics”. I would hate to be in the OTC in Flag – pretty soon they’re going to be under increasingly “heavy ethics”. I bet half the “OTC” is reading this blog too.

  40. Tony Dephillips

    Full speed ahead into the iceburg!!
    Aye aye Captain!!!

  41. One of the key LRH policies that governs OT committees’ activities is HCOPL of 3 December 1968, “Gung-Ho Groups.” Here are some excerpts:

    “…The usual old-time type group was a sort of audience for somebody that met once a week, evenings or lunch or dinner that then got spoken to by somebody about something.”

    “…The group transacts the bulk of its work according to the posts of members during its meetings. It doesn’t have meetings and then at some unnamed time in the week get its group work done. It gets its group work done and works as an organization during meetings, each to his own post.”

    “…The principle and success of a true group organization is each member does his own specialized part. When you have a ‘group’ where everyone in it, each does all the jobs, you don’t have a group, you have chaos. The group won’t expand.” –LRH

    The OTC “meeting” the minutes illustrate was not an OTC meeting at all. It was 47 minutes long, and it was just a dramatization of generalized, grand orders to achieve even grander targets. The Captain was just parroting what he has been ordered to do. A regurgitation of the psychotic orders he himself receives.

    In 47 minutes there were 23 orders to get something done. And these were addressed to the entirety of the committee, without any plan, program, or regard for his or her hat. Moreover, an order such as “Get the entire Clearwater field together going in the same direction” is such a huge target and vague order that becomes one of those “move the mountain” type target. An impossibility that only gives people a failure. An SP order. But there were 22 more orders to comply with.

    If you imagine being in that meeting yourself, think how you would feel afterwards. Wonder why only half of the members were present?

    It is indeed a desperate time when the Captain FSO must deputize a bunch of part-time volunteers in a mission such as “Eight thousand people are needed to sign up for the Oak Cove.”

    I would bet there will be even fewer in attendance at next week’s meeting.

  42. Tony Dephillips

    I hear they have a special project happening. They have some OT C members chipping a block of stone into a wheel! Ugga bugga. Lol.

  43. Tony Dephillips


  44. Watching Eyes

    Best line of the minutes:
    Any new members? NO

  45. Scott Campbell

    It makes me tired just thinking about it.

  46. Just Me going sudden.
    Too much fun 🙂

  47. martyrathbun09

    Miscavige has successfully imported his management style, not only down to org and mission level, but down to “gung-ho” group level. Thanks for the learning Luis.

  48. Hey Davey,
    The other 50% of your OTC are at home reading Marty’s blog 😀

  49. martyrathbun09


  50. martyrathbun09

    Theta bop

  51. martyrathbun09

    Nice post YHS

  52. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, contradictoriness is essence.

  53. “We need them gotten onto their basics where we can keep an eye on them and the reges can get to them”
    Verbatum instructions from Havey Jaques when asked who would be servicing any public gotten in from our recovery tours.
    Now that’s really caring about the individual isn’t it now?

  54. martyrathbun09

    Brian it is a WDC meeting, sans the beatings. The only thing they are missing is violence.

  55. martyrathbun09


  56. martyrathbun09

    Mat, at least at a cub scout meeting you are liable to have an appeal to willingness and some straight-ahead, well-defined products along with a bit of hatting. No, this is more like chaos.

  57. As another note on ‘The Basics’, let’s face it this is a squirrel briefing course. The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course IS ‘The Basics that every Scientologist should know and BE ABLE TO APPLY. Davey has managed to replace the SHSBC with a course that no-longer has an auditor as an end product.
    Woo Hoo! Yay for ‘The Basics’ Flag OTC!

  58. martyrathbun09

    Excellent summation. Ask Amy – it is a WDC meeting without the WWF smackdowns.

  59. martyrathbun09

    Yeah – AND with no SHSBC on it.

  60. “Kaye said the Neighborhood Project is very effective with getting
    people back on the Bridge. And since quite a number of people have fallen off the Bridge, more volunteers are needed to get them back on and through the Basics.”

    Erm… A bit contradictory Kaye…

  61. martyrathbun09

    Like a double implant. “very effective” vs “a number of people have fallen off the Bridge”; and “a number of people have fallen off the Bridge”, “more volunteers are needed to get them back the Basics.” People I got news. The “Basics” are not the Bridge. The Bridge is the CLASSIFICATION AND GRADATION CHART AS ORIGINATED, REVISED AND PUBLISHED BY L RON HUBBARD. END OF STORY.

  62. martyrathbun09


  63. Tony DePhillips

    Good one JM!!

  64. martyrathbun09


  65. Exactly.

  66. I was at Flag for services in summer of ’08 and stayed at the Oak Cove. It is several floors of accomos with Accomos I/C’s office , part auditing services, part course rooms for outer org staff there for training – and I think there is a Div 6 services course room for new public locals. Also a restaurant and of course a hallway to the restaurant wherein one runs a gauntlet of regges for this that and the other cause celebre.

  67. Tony DePhillips

    This scene is riddled with out-points. Here are a few of my favorites:

    2-All local lower Bridge public need to be rounded up and gotten
    into the Oak Cove which can service 250 people per day! ( “Rounded up” like sheeple. Can anyone say “controlling bodies?”)

    We really do have an Ideal Scene Field. He wants everyone active,
    no slacking off. ( Ideal scene? But he has so emphasize needing to keep people active and not slacking off?? WTF?)

    6- Tampa is a Model Ideal Org. A lot of people are needed to boom
    Tampa. (This one is really self explanatory, but wouldn’t an Ideal Org already BE booming, as in present tense??!)

    Glad I am out of that rat trap.

  68. So finally we know what WDC meetings look like; are you sure they didn’t edit the violence out?

  69. The collapse of Scientology Incorporated is in full waterfall mode. I feel pity for those few still hanging on. They’ll be flogged like half-dead mules on their way to the glue factory. Gruesome……………..

  70. Wonderful. Any word on the Primary Rundown?

  71. Yep, that’s where they get the minutes first.

  72. Yes, and graham crackers and juice. That was always the clincher for me….

    Oh Gawd…..”Golden Age of Food”. Thankfully, McDonalds has THAT covered, but I do think those golden arches might just be the key to getting HORDES into the Ideal Morgues….

  73. TRO has been replaced by the “dedicated glare” evidently.

  74. Yes, the nervous hysteria was deafening!

  75. Come on Marty, next you’re gonna tell us that Dave invented GAT to make robots who can’t audit, ordered sec checks to cave in free beings, redefined the F/N to prevent case gain, mandated crush regging to make criminals and escalated prices way too high for anyone to ever walk the Bridge. And that all other cross orders, lies, and alterations have the sole purpose of kicking people off the Bridge.

  76. Yeah! Awesome news!

  77. Question with boldness

    Here is a FACT from this week. I spoke to a friend whom was at Flag on a 6 Month check. He was very happy for two reasons:

    1. He had huge wins on redoing OT IV
    2. HE ONLY HAD TO REDO OT IV. Right now most on a 6 mos check have to redo OT IV or the Purif. He was ecstatic that he did not have to redo the Purif! He could not afford to stay at Flag and redo the Purif!!!!!! He was very happy to get off the hook so cheaply.

    Let’s see, last summer the guys that went in for 6 mos check had to redo their objectives, before that it was redo Clear cycle and NED. Do these OT’s not see something wrong with this picture?????

    I guess it will take a Jim Jones moment for some to wake up. As you can tell with the OT Committee notes it is the same old group whom just cannot muster up the balls to confront Harvey or the dwarf and they just keep plodding along. I remember when the OT committee at Flag was vibrant and fun and many many people went to them. I feel for the Flag field as they are about to get made wrong and rounded up to the meetings and the basics!

  78. I just figured out what Miscavige is going to announce at the next wet dream event:

    “This year we 10X the number of PEOPLE DOING MORE!!!!!”

    Camera pans to a HUGE graph with a vertical line, with fire works going off.
    All the seals give a standing ovation lead by the flying monkeys in the front row.

  79. Good god Marty. I Love it when you get ‘Sudden’! Love

  80. ” Scientologists will be ALIVE.”

    My first thought was that Scientolgists were ALIVE before the church kiled them with their Black Dianetics!

    If you want to be ALIVE again, leave the church. It is a lot easier…and cheaper!

  81. Yeah, that’s right Marty — without the UFC action and their meeting was about 7 hours shorter than the usual WDC meetings…

    I bet what the “Captain” WANTED to tell these people was that they were freaking LAZY and IRRESPONSIBLE and in LOWER CONDITIONS for their INACTION. That every person not currently on the bridge is THEIR FAULT, so knock off being glib panty-waste dilettantes with ANY other fish to fry as the entire future rests on their shoulders. ALSO, before you leave today, you are to show your unswerving dedication and donate everything you got because the church NEEDS it to fund our IDEAL PLANET strategy. (Anyone refusing to pay will be immediately interviewed on video by several of the numerous RTC investigative sec checkers and you will be ghosted 24/7 to find out what you’re REALLY doing, besides effectively carrying out our orders.)

  82. I’ll bet money Flag is counting its own staff in the figure of 1,000 people they have on the “basics”. There are probably a handful of public actively doing the “basics” and the rest are staff who are forced into the course room and are threatened with loosing their pay, if they don’t study 12.5 hours per week.

  83. BINGO!

  84. It sounds like overwhelm to me. 12 rundowns ? Isn’t that a bit like self-punishment. I can imagine people halucinating after all of that.

    “A super fantastic, but confidential series of rundowns that can be done on anybody whether Dn [Dianetics] Clear or not that puts the person into fantastic shape unleashing Super Power of a thetan. This means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of ability enabling them to create a new world. It puts world Clearing within reach of the future. This is a parallel rundown to Power in Saint Hill which is taken by the Dn Clear. It consists of 12 separate high power rundowns which are brand new and enter realms of the tech never before approached. Power is still very much in use on the Grade Chart but is for those who didn’t go Clear on Dn.”

  85. The one *I* did under Andy Siedler at LA Day back in 1978? Very win.

  86. Ready…Fire…Aim!

  87. Let me get this straight– The REAL stats in the CofS are crashing, While the fake stats are soaring , while our REAL stats are going up and up and the fake stats the CofS has given us are crashing. This is a perfect example of what is wrong with this universe-the reverse vector.

  88. “Get everyone we know onto course X!” Agreed, Splog, not even a legitimate target. Or the get 8,000 people into Oak Cove … from where????? The minutes say the TOTAL number of field in Clearwater is only 4600. Where are the folks in attendance at the meeting supposed to FIND these 8000 people???

    Then factor in that the people in this room receiving these overwhelming targets are locals, most of whom are just trying to get through their Grades or onto OT Levels or hey .. just through Basics courses. They have families and jobs. They are volunteers with maybe 1-2 hours a week to toss to the OTC.

    Harvey Jacques might as well be shouting his targets over a loudspeaker at WalMart.

    If CEOs from successful companies – aka APPLE, GOOGLE, etc. – saw how mickey mouse this church is “managed” while promoting itself through WISE as having the most successful business technology in the world, it would make for be a Monte Python parody.

    The green vols have three inches of dust collected on them. They’re but a memory for those of us who’ve been around for a while.

    Maybe all this talk is just getting me down — perhaps another donation to the IAS is just the pick me up I need. I should find out what COB is talking about when he says donating to the IAS is EXHILIRATING. It’s possible I just haven’t donated the right way before.

  89. Freedom Fighter

    Exactly!!! I was off the lines by the time they started cramming the “basics” down everyone’s throats, but my first response when I read the above meeting minutes was that if some one told me that I couldn’t continue with my Auditor training because I had to do the “basics” first, I would have told them to get them that the “basics” are not on the Grade Chart and unless they could produce an LRH reference stating that I needed to do this before my Auditor training, then they should get the f— out of my way.

  90. martyrathbun09

    hell of a post.

  91. **”Order is blowing off society as there are people putting order to it.”**

    Hmmm…interesting. All along I thought it was confusion that blew off as order was put in. Heh…learn sumpin’ ev’ra day.

  92. Marty, I’m with you my friend. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is as an auditor when all you do is fix other peoples mistakes. I am amazed everyday just at how you keep up with this blog but still audit and read and find time to write a book. You do need a staff. When I get fixed up I want to volunteer.
    I appreciate what you do my friend. I Love you.

  93. martyrathbun09

    LOL – particularly on “their meeting was about 7 hours shorter than the usual WDC meetings…”

  94. martyrathbun09

    Learned good from the master…

  95. martyrathbun09

    Erwin, pass on the perfect duplication drill.

  96. martyrathbun09

    Sargio – that’s the plan. Once you come down, I reckon you ain’t ever gonna think about going back.

  97. El exauditor

    This is great, when I was in the church, I felt I could not convey basic things like Roberto talks about here such as giving proper acks; without having references handy and pushing people into the org to be able to get “this knowledge” for the fear of giving out “verbal tech” and reprimands for it. Not that it was written but it was conveyed by the culture.

    Roberto muy bien hecho hermano, me da muchisimo gusto que estes haciendo esto. Como te puedo contactar? yo entrene tiempo completo por 3 anios hasta clase 5, parte de mi entrenamiento en DF otra parte en CC int
    estoy fuera de la “institucion” totalmente, pero me gustaria poder hacer algo asi como tu lo estas haciendo.

  98. martyrathbun09

    Dude, I hope you are coming to Indies Day.

  99. martyrathbun09

    They are already trying much more bizarre tricks at Idle Org Melbourne.

  100. martyrathbun09

    What comes after model ideal? standard model ideal? Oops, forgot, “standard” has been retired. perfect model ideal?

  101. Bert Schippers

    Wow, the insanity is almost mind-boggling!

  102. DM has tapped into what makes Vegas run at a huge profit every year.
    He convinces people on his “Bridge” to be happy losers. Like Vegas, his orgs are plush, luxurious, and distract one from what could lay ahead.

    And like Vegas, they bring out “new games” every once in a while to make your visit “new”. Anything to get you to come back and spend. Even when you keep losing, you come back over and over.

    Basics, followed by Super Power, then followed by………????? At what point will the casino patrons start wondering why there is no OT 9-10?

  103. Oh man, I want that bumper sticker: “Annihilate dilettantism”.

  104. These last few posts are powerhouses, man.

    I only know DM through what is written about him by indies with personal experience but I have to imagine he feels pretty naked (scary thought), and exposed regarding the OTC minutes being posted on this blog.

    The Mecca Minutes: A brief snapshot of desperation, lost souls, a failing organization and utter insanity. Brought to you by COB.

    His knee-jerk reaction to THIS one may just cause some lost souls to hurry up and find themselves out of dire necessity to get away.

    Someday, Tom Cruise might just use some of his vast wealth to pay a team of properly-trained auditors to handle all the ARC broken SO members, once the truth is finally out there. Call it…… his Liability formula.

  105. martyrathbun09

    I guess just like Dave “annihilated” the credibility of the original Truth Rundown series sources.

  106. martyrathbun09

    Sorta like “corn and games” during the decline of Rome.

  107. Ha ha ha ha.

  108. Sam, you made me spit laughing juice on my computer screen.

  109. Erwin.
    I´m a GAT auditor and I can audit.

    I can show you how it´s done anyday.

    Are you a trained auditor?

  110. I haven’t been to Flag recently, but originally I heard it was everything from the FH moved over there while the FH was being renovated. Then the FH would be accomos and the Oak Cove HGC’s. I might have that wrong.

    The obvious question would be how the hell do they need all that space. They probably didnt even need to expand. And now the new “Mecca” Superpower building too?? They better get busy recalling every single person in their CF to come in and redo their purif and objectives.

  111. With constant undertone current of Blame. While spouting “responsibility”.

  112. Agreed Marty.

    You know, back in the day when I was on staff (86-93) we used to do this same shit to ourselves. But we were clueless 20-somethings run by equally clueless 20-somethings at CLO so I guess we had a half-way OK excuse.

    We’d try something like this:

    Target 1: Get the whole field onto Level IV!!!!

    That was it, the whole program, the entirety of the planning. What we should have done (and what we did do every time stats improved, we just never cognited we should write it down) was:

    Target 1: Send out a Purif mailing to the BookBuyer list, the medium priced eight page version on regular paper. The local printer already has master templates.
    Target 2: Div 6 to give all logistic support to RK doing book sales on Saturday for the next 6 weeks: tables, chairs, clean tablecovers, meter, etc.
    Target 3: ED to do Big League Sales drills for 30 minutes a day Mon, Wed, Fri. Just the usual drills, the ones we know work, nothing fancy.
    Target 4: Purif I/C to get PO approved for vitamins, enough for 4 publics.
    Target 5: PES to contact new book buyers sold to by RK in 4 weeks.

    Now *that’s* a plan, it always worked well when it was done and in 6 weeks we’d have 3 or 4 people on the Purif winning like mad. It was realistic, doable and everyone knew the part they had to play. When we thought we knew best and did the crazy first one above instead, everyone took a huge loss. Mostly because we didn’t actually have an Academy Supervisor in the courseroom!

    Like I said, we had a half-cocked half-valid excuse: 20-somethings.
    FSO with a veteran SO Captain and an OTC composed of people presumably already successful in business? Not so much.

  113. Important message to all Cult of $cientology high-rollers:



  114. Hoooray! A forever pleasure moment is that HQS course and the first time I saw auditing really help another and produce case change! WOW.

  115. This is the whole boiling frog anecdote again,
    CO CLO AF, who was my stable terminal in Scn for so many years, always used to say, ‘just do the bridge’. Whenever I expressed interest in FPRD or L’s, etc. he always advised me to stick to the bridge, that was the route.
    Then KTL arrived and ripped more than half the field off the bridge.
    He was busted off post for this debacle. Years later he returned to that post now he’s pushing Ideal orgs and Basics. He’s got to know this is all a complete crock, right? Wrong. I have seen the Church and the Sea Org reduce this man from a stable, wise, dedicated OL to a fixed, opinionated, intolerant and very ill man. This is what he gets for his service and dedication? Breaks my heart.

  116. I remember that course – bottle green binders with gold coloured writing on the front? Students read 5 or so basic books (Dianetics 55!, Problems of Work, Fundamentals of Thought, etc) then did TRs The Hard Way and Objectives on a co-audit?

    I remember students doing Op Pro By Dup properly – some of them 50 hours of it each – and every single one of them having MAJOR stable wins that lasted literally for YEARS.

    Yeah, that was a great course. It really was the one that made Scientologists who knew the Tech worked.

  117. It’s not the number of Rundowns that matter. You can have lots as long as the person wins on each one and they can confront it. Obviously you can make something with 300 Rundows in it and that’s over the top, but 12 is no big deal.

    Compare it with something else that is ordinary and doesn’t raise any eyebrows: To get a Bachelor’s degree in any accredited university, you will need to do on the order of 20-30 full time courses, all to a pass, spread over 3 to 4 years. How many hallucinatory Bachelors do you know?

  118. I love how the PR from the church keeps threatening to release Superpower and save the Planet.

    “dont make release this rundown and save your soul. don’t you dare- because I will. i swear to God I will release this rundown and save everyone and bring peace and harmony to Earth.” (also overheard at meeting)

    2 L’s HGC’s? I dont buy it for a second. With what Auditors? I was just in the L’s HGC just over a year ago. There were 9 L’s Auditors. Malen Gelfan is like 78. If she went- they would be screwed. She speaks like 8 languages. No exaggeration. The short guy from South Africa has to be over 60. The youngest was most likely Hank Bourland. He was probably 50-55.

    Most of the Auditors in the Oak Cove HGC were Grad V’s. Maybe 10-15 Class VI’s. I just don’t know how on earth that would be even remotely real to have 2 L’s HGC’s.

    I was on full time Auditor training, and let me tell you, there were not that many people in the TTC. I even asked someone, “Why are there not more Auditor’s being made?” (That didn’t go over too well) 🙂

    Have a great day everyone.

  119. “No drifting or wandering, we need that dedicated glare.”

    glare noun, verb, glared, glar·ing.
    2. a fiercely or angrily piercing stare.
    3. dazzling or showy appearance; showiness.
    –verb (used without object)
    4. to shine with or reflect a very harsh, bright, dazzling light.
    5. to stare with a fiercely or angrily piercing look.

    So empty.

  120. Missing also are probably lots of “[Expletive Deleted]”s!

  121. To fill in some data, this redo of OTIV is actually people getting their NOTS DRD. Not a bad thing, but here is the twist: They only started deliverng the NOTS DRD after Marty wrote a blog on the NOTS DRD and that it was NOT being delivered in the c of s. Approximately a month later, it magically reappeared after many years of not being done. Next twist: The background briefing given is that unhandled drugs is the why for people going over to the other side, ie, Independent. Thus, they must get their NOTS DRD’s done before they go over to Marty… … I have seen or heard of several changes in the church that followed on the footsteps of one of Marty’s blogs.

  122. ROTFLAO at that one! I can just see that meter reaction in so many universes . . .

  123. What an insane outpoint factory!

    Take the viewpoint of one of those “attendees”. I believe their (personal) target is to survive the meeting. Period.

    Once they are through with that meeting they plan (on a personal level) how to stay away from such meetings long enough so they can do something that resembles something sensible.

    (If you have never been in such meetings it may be hard to believe these things actually do happen. This is a meeting with Publics – any “standard SO meeting/product conference” (which is usually prefixed with “Hill 10”) is worse!)

    All the energy goes into avoiding them because all involved know they are a waste of time and most commonly result in nothing that wouldn’t have happened anyway. They only throw more confusion and disorganization into the works.

    However, I doubt there is any energy spent on actually achieving these targets – even if some of the attendees repeat those “orders” to their “team mates” (if they find somebody that holds still long enough to be talked to). It’s just a pretense that they “did’ something … for what: Just a frantic struggle to survive the next one …

    In real Scientology the sun never sets.
    In DMology, the meetings never end ….

  124. “Now that’s really caring about the individual isn’t it now?”
    One word Sam: Betrayal.
    It’s a new golden age of betrayal. The Vampiric Cult of Davie is sure not a golden age of anything. It may be a pyrite age of tech, ethics or whatever other Hyperdrivel ® Shermanspeak ® comes out of der leader’s mouth (or other orifice).


  125. I noticed that too.

    “Targets” like get all OTs on their HQS course.

    Everyone on their basics.

    Everyone onto purif and objectives.

    Next they’ll being giving everyone Life Repair.

    What they’re doing is sticking everyone in Div IV.

    Ron says in the Data Series that the situation is the furthest departure from the ideal scene.

    And this is about as far from the ideal scene as it gets!

    I mean just reading the minutes produced more out points per square inch than reading any news paper (the drill Ron recommends in getting familiar with out points) that’s ever been published including the ‘National Enquirer’!

    I started counting them and gave up in disgust.

    Just too many to keep track of!

    The biggest on being that what calls itself an “OT Committee” isn’t one according to any policy I’ve ever read on the subject.

    I mean if the “OT Committee” was functioning according to policy Skippy would be standing in the unemployment line along with his cohorts.

    Instead they are taking orders from the rabid squirrel.

    How “off source” can you get?

    Melt down is right Marty!

    I predict that their next OTC meeting is going to have fewer people than the last one.

  126. The following emailed to me on 19 Feb 2010 from a FSC office:

    This is a simple statement of facts:

    Superpower is coming this year. OT IX is coming this year. These are stated objectives from Int Management, and the SO teams involved are flat out to make these happen.

    Funny, I never got clarification.

    Bruce Pratt

  127. Joe,

    That was the course that made me a Scientologist!

    Some of my biggest wins in Scientology were from that course.

    By the way I currently have a couple of people on that course who are totally blown away by it.

    Glad you guys are issuing it broadly.

    Thanks Dan, Steve and the two Jimbos.

    You guys rock!


  128. That’s strange Marty,

    Almost like some of the FP meetings I went to though without the gratuitous violence.

    One of the major reasons why no longer choose to pursue a career in Scientology as an “exec”.

  129. I know OSA-Bots are reading this blog. Marty, do you have any idea of DMs readership? You must be driving this guy completely nuts. I’m sure he’s upped his alcohol intake.

  130. Every day I get more and more happy about my decision to leave in 07. The minutes above are a pathetic display of stupidity by everyone involved. Luis’ posts really hits home for me. Long live the indies!!!!!

  131. Good points Luis and Marty,

    Methinks that Dear Leader’s “Management Style” covers deserves it’s own entry which covers:

    1. Getting one’s seniors removed and taking over.
    2. Micromanaging every post and bypassing all tech & admin posts on the orgboard of all orgs (qualified or otherwise in level of training).
    3. Making suppressive acts such as musical chairs totally legal while creating Overnight SPs.
    4. Creating on a criminal exchange basis with public
    5. Destroying organizational checks and balances system
    6. Unnatural alliances with BFFs & far more to list here including nuking second dynamics.

  132. + 10M Marty!

  133. barneyrubble

    Wow, the Minutes of the Flag OTC in April, right after the glorifying LRH B Day event. I hope whomever provided these minutes is in the Witness Protection Program. I found it interesting that the meeting was what about only 40 minutes, and there is no mention of referencing any LRH policies or quotes, just a bunch of orders being barked by one of the worst crim regges of alltime (Harvey Jacques).

    I am so glad I haven’t been to that place in decades. The weather sucks, the city sucks, and the people are all robots. And I bet that 4600 figure is way off.

  134. (Hacked from Tom Cruise’s laptop today…)

    Beverly Hills


    April 10th, 2011

    In attendance: David Miscavige, COB RTC, Co-Chairman SWBOT Committee; Tom Cruise, Actor, CEO & Co-Chairman of SWBOT Committee.

    Roll Call:

    “DAVE? DAVE?”
    “PRESENT! OK, I’ll do you…TOM?”

    Dave: “Welcome to the first meeting of the brand new Super Whiz-Bang OT Committee! First off, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Tom Cruise for the wonderful name, ‘Super Whiz-Bang’. I myself came up with ‘OT Committee.’

    Tom: “Brilliant, well done.”

    Dave: “OK, so we’re meeting because basically every single other ‘OT’ committee in the world sucks. Just a bunch of old lady sewing circle slack jawed yapping morons moping around in circles jerking each other off pretending to be accomplishing something. We’re going to change all that by setting an example and getting intense with this new, new REAL OT committee!”

    Tom: “YEH!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

    Dave: “First order of business, head smashing…to get the feel of the intensity of this thing. Tom, helmets?”

    Tom: “Naaaaa, to hell with the helmets, let’s go flesh to flesh!”

    (crash! smash! bash! ung! ow! bop!)

    Dave: “Whew! Ok! Alright! Wow. We’re ready. Ok, I’ve read all the minutes from every OT committee in the world and I can only say this: weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak!”

    Tom: “Yeah!”

    Dave: “When there’s only 50% attendance, how come the attending members don’t run to their friggin’ cars, drive to those absentee ‘OT’s’ homes and bust the damn door in?”

    Tom: “Yeah! Snap ’em up by the damn EARS and haul ’em in! Overcome the bank!”

    Dave: “Speaking of bank, did you know that I recently gave the Flag ‘OT’ Committee members an opportunity to get a taste of the Upper Tone Scale, Exhilaration as a matter of fact. All they had to do was donate some money to the IAS. Did they do it? No.”

    Tom: “Disgusting!”

    Dave: “So, we’re assigning all them assholes danger. We’ll show ’em how it’s done. We’re gonna come up with a program that is tough. Tough, but almost doable. And we’re gonna make it INTENSE! Move over idiots, the Super Whiz-Bang OT Committee is taking over!”


    Dave: “Bust out your pencil Tom, this may take a while.”

    (to be continued…)

  135. Graviora_Manent

    Yup. They are counted. Also staff has to finish the Basics before they can go on to their objectives or grades or levels or OEC O or anything else except sec checks. Sec checks>Basics>Anything else.

    Personal observation @ Jan ’10
    Re-confirmed @ Nov ’10

  136. The most glaring outpoint to me, but then I have been off lines for a looooong time, is the “4,600 local scientologists” – unless they are all Clear or above. Why? Because Flag used to be where you went after you finished your services at your mission, org and/or advanced org. And all hell broke loose, when a Flag mission ripped a pc off org lines.

    So if they now have time to do all those “basic” things it tells you, that they do not get fed enough public from the lower orgs. One wonders why? Or maybe not.

    Stunning proof of expansion indeed. When will they do all hands and distribute flyers in Tampa and elsewhere?

  137. Yvonne Schick

    I’m sure the shit has already hit the fan on this one with OSA/MAAs trying to determine how Marty got hold of the “news”. When they go after the group, I hope they all respond with courage. I’m reminded of the “I am Spartacus” scene. Don’t know if I know how to embed the link technically, but I’m giving it a shot here.

  138. martyrathbun09

    I just ran out a serv fac on someone that made me recognize one that is probably already in play, so I really am not a factor in all this; I’ve got to drive myself nuts before anyone else can. Or sumptin like that.

  139. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the chuckle Samuel.

  140. “get entire field together and moving in same direction!” Sir! YesSir!

    LOL! Name… That… Product!!! Woo Hoo!

    Stop! Stop! I’m laughing so hard I’m crying!!!

  141. martyrathbun09

    I’m telling you – so many of us are finally able to wear our hats now that we are as far away as possible from the Blindfolded One’s suppression.

  142. martyrathbun09

    You have a great day too Brian. I am still smiling about your first line. It seems everything is a freaking threat these days.

  143. martyrathbun09

    Great point Splog.

  144. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that one Yvonne.

  145. Here is a message for the 50% who didn’t show up.

    “Before I would permit you to believe that the overt-withhold mechanism was a total way of life, I would point out that it applies only to a strata of existence and that it stems from failures to help.
    The theory that what you do to others will then happen to you is a punishment control mechanism peculiar to this universe. It derives from a deteriorated willingness to duplicate. It is the law of physics of Interaction—for every action there is an equal and contrary reaction.
    “Love thy neighbour”, when it is no longer a willingness, is enforced by the theory of O-W. “Love thy neighbour” can exist only when help, control and communication are high. When all these go, then O-W comes into vogue as a method of enforcing peace.
    O-W is a theory which sets in when aberration sets in. It is not a high natural law.
    It is junior to the various laws of Communication, Control and Help.
    O-W can occur only when help has failed. Help is a co-joining of vectors of life.
    When two beings who have joined forces to help fail each other, only then does O-W come into existence.

    Basically, O-W is an effort to regain the status of independent being without taking responsibility for any of the intervening steps.”

    Here’s a tip for you guys. DO something. Give someone a nerve assist. Give someone a helping hand. Help a neighbor’s kid with his homework.
    Get your friends to read this blog so they quit giving their time and money to DM’s squirrel group.

    Do something that is actually HELPFUL to others.

    The more you engage in real HELP, the more you will be able to crawl out of the hole you jumped into.

    PS: It was NOT an over to NOT attend that meeting.

  146. (giggling!!!)


  147. And that truly is a good thing! As a well deserved ack and appreciation, after some “hint dropping” for some months to one of my siblings who got in with me in the late 70’s and was VERY recently on the overrun train to nowhere, they read your blog along with some other materials re Heber and they have now firmly stepped off the train. Thanks for providing this forum and fighting the good fight- it is key in educating people in the isness of what is occurring and what has occurred.
    One personal note I would like to make is that there is a recurring refrain re “kool aid drinkers”. This person above would have well-qualified as such, but with gentle direction they came to their own cognition on the area and actually spotted up some general outpoints that I have not even seen come up on this or other blogs. My point is that it is not a us vs. them equation. Brainwashed and spiritually abused is more the description. And I would daresay by circumstance alone, there are many of us who have left that poured more than a few cups of “kool aid” for other’s consumption. HCO PL ” Group Sanity” has some key data on inclusion- I think it fits on this point. Soap box over. Most importantly, thanks Marty!

  148. I haven’t seen this in year, Yvonne — but the courage, the conviction and the compassion are breath taking.

    May each of us here always remember each other.



  149. Erwin,
    That’s one stat that stuck out for me as a Sup; 350 comps after 4 years since this thing started and 550 blown students. 550 BLOWN STUDENTS!!

    How about that balderdash of the Basics and millions of them ‘out there’ when the Mecca, THE place that has public, has 4600 of them and they aren’t doing this ridiculous runway to nothing DM put in place. Those numbers belie that bullshit event nonsense.

    Dave. Your stats suck.

  150. (continued from TC laptop hack…)

    Super Whiz-Bang OT Committee
    Beverly Hills

    David Miscavige, Co-Chairman
    Tom Cruise, Co-Chairman


    Situation: OT committees are weak
    Data: OT Committees are weak and worthless
    Why: Weakness
    Handling: Implement this program in every org around the world.

    1. Superman uniforms are to be worn at all OTC meetings.

    2. Attendance of at least one Nation of Islam member as Door Guard & Roll Caller is mandatory at all OTC meetings.

    3. GPS dog-shock collars with alarms set for OTC meeting times are to be worn by all OTC members.

    4. Mandatory head smashing exercises to increase intenseness. Helmets will be allowed for new members only.

    5. TR-8 on a Flaming Ashtray to increase intensity of Tone 40.

    6. Megaphone in the Face TR-1 to increase intensity of Tone 40.

    7. Violence Quota per meeting: 3 face punches, 2 stomach punches, 2 ass-kicks, 2 shin-kicks, 1 groin-kick, 10 slaps, 2 throwings to the floor, 1 choke, 2 spits, 1 headlock.

    8. Each meeting will end with memorization of notes prior to being destroyed.

    9. Get more people to do more.

    10. Get a lot, lot more intense with each other.

    11. OTC to contact all offline Class VIIIs, especially those trained by LRH, and offer them a special one-time-only Super Whiz-Bang 20% discount if they route onto the new HQS course today!

    12. Get real intense with everyone.

    13. Get even more intense with everything.

    14. Implement new Rewards & Penalties System:

    Less than 100% attendance: all members lose 2 hours of regular sleep each nite until next meeting.
    Less than 10 bodies routed to reg: rice and beans until next meeting.
    Failure to Meet CI with Violence System: non-violent culprit to be group spat-on until drenched and repentant.
    Quitting OTC: hounded, door pounds, continual phone calls, inval, scary goldenrod warnings, threat of disconnection, stink-eye.

    Meet Quota: new Super Whiz-Bang pin.
    Surpass Reg quota: Free superman suit dry-cleaning for a month.

    15. Get more people to do more intense things to annihilate more dilettantism.


    David Miscavige
    Co-Chairman SWBOTC

    Tom Cruise
    Co-Chairman SWBOTC


  151. Fu Dog,

    I remember that whole KTL/LOC nightmare very well, we sat with a 3-man org trying to support 6 TTCers over at ITO.

    I haven’t seen Ken for many years now and my last contact with him was on the phone 4 years ago – a Thu 2pm reg cycle for the Basics. I was at work so I put the phone down on him. David (Pub Off) didn’t know whether to be upset or amused 🙂

    Never mind my pseudonym, I’m Alan McKinnon, out and proud of it – do we know each other? If you want to get in touch, type my name into Google and add “” at the end, my email address is eay to find from there.


    What a guy to pick for that workshop. Pat Clouden initially got his dough in partnership with Herbie Zerden by selling their ‘phone company’. Herbie admitted that they were committing so many overts on their customers that he was going insane. Rampant lying, such as promising a better rate to poor people but actually increasing their phone bill.

    Some big phone company bought them out for $14 million.

    They both subsequently started separate gas utility sales companies. I guess $7 million each wasn’t enough money. I wonder if they have the same op basis?

  153. These are the Email addresses the Cult uses to send praise of David Miscavige and attacks on their enemies almost on a weekly basis.,,,,,

    Hey OSA/RTC stop sending me your spam and drivel.
    Do you REALLY think I should be a recipient of this hogwash?

    Give me a break.

  154. Sam,

    It reminds me of those endless “Product” Conferences I used to forced to go to as an ephemeral exec.

    Especially when I was actually trying to get actual products instead of talking about them!

    After a while I just quit going to them myself and sent one of my juniors instead to represent me 😉

    I mean what are juniors for 🙂

    The only thing I couldn’t escape was the FP committee meetings.

    However they did have the advantage of the AGF who was a real babe by the way jumping on the table wearing a real short skirt and demanding more income 🙂

    Now that was truly a religious experience 🙂

  155. PRD is getting put together as I write. Will be ready shortly.

  156. Freedom Fighter

    Wow! Amazing reference! Thanks for posting.

  157. OK, with that NOTs DRD item being the case, here’s two bulletins I want in on the Pro TRs: Study Series 2 and 9. I’d like the Sup and all twins to look at 9 and the ‘amazing reactions’ and the datum these discharge and sometimes soon, sometimes afte a long while, one can be there and comfortably perceive.

    STOP immediately, harassing students on OT and TRO. Get their words cleared (Study Series 2) on the drills, and then let them do them. Honest to Pete. It’s that bloody simple and the wins, and skills gained are priceless.

  158. Harvey telling them to “get more intense with each other” was his way of saying “Do you see how Kay talks to me? Can you believe this bitch? Which one of you is going to come up here and punch her square in the face?”

  159. +3
    Three old friends at the Mecca info’d me this week that they are now, “Done with Dave”. Silent for the moment, but very much OUT.
    Thanks in no small part to this here blog.

  160. +1 Each of them will have their own individual take on this, the point is not to invalidate them, but move them over to cause. I think we could take GAT auditors and turn them into REAL auditors pretty easily…

  161. Model Ideal with Three Oak Leaf Clusters.

  162. martyrathbun09

    Got it, thanks.

  163. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Les. Wonderful.

  164. Make that a fourth. Got a FB message this week from an old ASHO auditor friend I told last spring about this blog who finally said, “OK, I want to talk.” 🙂

  165. Fancy is a troll.

  166. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    I know I won’t be there 😉 Luis, you not only see clearly but so clearly clarify for us. Thanks, friend.

  167. Mrs. Friend of Ron


  168. LDW,
    One of my favorite refs. Thanks for posting it here. ml, Laura

  169. Report each instance of someone misusing hushmail to at the following address. They will investigate and deal with the violators. Sending spam or harrassment using hushmail is a violation of hushmail policy. The form takes only seconds to fill out. Copy and paste the email into the form and they will take it from there.

  170. God Karen,

    It’s so pathetic how blind and stupid people can be when heavily PTS. These 6th grade mentality emails just make DM look so much worse. How out of touch with integrity and intelligence can one get?

    Well, there’s always the CNN ex-wife debacle, I guess…

    Foot bullets.

  171. Graviora_Manent

    There are over 150 TTC members in “full time” training. They are mostly TE’ed to Class IX Super Power auditors. I honestly do not know based on what policy, but they do not have to do the BC and VIII and are supposed to do some course that enables them to audit NOTs. From Student Hat to being able to audit NOTs takes about 1.5 years with co-audit to V, per FSO’s estimate, no doubt including FPRD course.

    What happens is that the TTC’ers have their body ruds so out that they cant study or audit. This is because of the FLB scheduling, which requires everybody below CMO level to have quotas for IAS and book sales. Most non-execs also have scheduled 2.5 hour time slots that they are required to be regging at the call center. Of course quota not made=no sleep. TTC’ers either have to be at the call center after course or before course. Usually there is a terrible, screaming, deadly emergency that they are ordered to go there for both slots, which lengthens their day to 6am-12:30am.

    With that schedule, they usually fall asleep on course and can’t co-audit. Lastly, there is a lot of quicksilvering going on so the Class IV or Grad V who make it in TTC are immediately pulled to audit public at the Oak Cove. Even better after the Basics release the TTC’s size was more than halved as people were pulled to reg.

    On to Class XII problem: There are no approved and official GAT drills for the Class X, XI and XII materials so there is a stop on levels above IX. Richard Reiss, rest in peace, was working with at least two Class IX, I know of, on getting them thru Class XII training while checking and developing the GAT drills. These two Class IX’s since have left the SO due to pregnancy. They were two youngest Class IX’s. Clearly, there are no Class XII being made anytime soon, after all an SP cannot complete a cycle of action. Same goes for Super Power.

  172. Essentially no practical application on those coursesThe most work my OT committee does is write each other commends (for OT levels). Or it used to be that way anyway, I’m not sure what they do now. I know they like to have fundraising barbecues

  173. Nope.
    Next the new senior C/S Flag will order all scientologists to get their serv facs pulled. The target is (from big Dave), “what serv fac is preventing you from obeying me?”

  174. Oops. Two comments got combined there. The site sort of had text over text and it was all jumbled and a comment I thought I ditched about the OT committee got in there. Weird

  175. 10X??

    Try 500X

  176. Bryan ~~

    Mike Rinder posted a wonderful scenario of what goes on behind the scenes to precipitate such drooling moronic stupidity.

    Miscavige throws a Tantrum screaming, yelling and carrying on.
    “Hey you C*ck s^^cking fools.. Rathbun is drawing more and more visits daily~~~ .what are you doing you Mother F@@ckers ???
    Are you too busy S*cking D*ck to not notice the growth of resignations on his site ?

    ::::::::Rush Rush ::::::: an Email gets sent out reporting compliance to DM of a bundle of Emails sent to Indies:::::::::::

    Actually, I defer to OTDT.
    He would do a master satire on this.

  177. I thought you were just supposed to sit there until you looked like a mannequin and the sup said pass.

    I think you’re right for what it’s worth Jim. OTTR0 And TR0 are suped wrong. It seems like the students own control or awareness is taken by the sup and they never really get to do it for themselves. Those drills should be done by the students, but the sups add in a bunch of arbitrary verbal tech or something. Crap like this comes from Flag I know that. I’m not sure where it comes from at Flag, but sups train there and bring it back to the other orgs.

  178. As a number have mentioned, there are so many outpoints in these minutes but there is one that proves the Big Lie is nothing but a big lie and these people know it full well.

    “Tampa is a Model Ideal Org. A lot of people are needed to boom

    If Tampa were a Model Ideal Org per Miscavige’s BS, lot of people wouldn’t be needed to boom it, it would be a “runaway train on a downward slope”.

  179. Easier to just hit “reply” and enter “abuse@………com” (fill in the blank with whatever domain the email was sent from)

    In the body of the message put something to the effect of: “this is spam, please handle your subscriber or I will report this, and you to the FCC”.

    Every website (of any size and sophistication) has a “catch-all” and the “abuse@…” will get to the right person.

    The FCC threat is very real. E-mail abuse is taken seriously by the Feds and our spamming little half-wits will be far less likely to continue in that vein.
    Replying AND CC’ing the abuse folks at the ISP puts all parties on notice. Not only is the ISP threatened by the FCC but also in danger of getting ALL their mail relegated to the “Black Hole” of Internet spam merchants. They really don’t want that to happen. Their business is gone at that point.

    Do the above and you will not get anymore spam from those addresses.

  180. +1 Perfect Reference, Les!

  181. GM,

    They’ve been calling Advanced Course Specialists “Class IXs” for years even though they’ve never done the VIII course.

    It’s kinda like these instant status things like Patrons with Honors whatever only slightly different.

    Actually at one time it was the Hubbard Advanced Tech Specialist Course covering all repairs and RDs released since Class VIII per the HCOB ‘Fast Courses’ but since courses are no longer *fast* these days in the Church they changed it.

    I’m somewhat familiar in Flag’s ability to waste auditor trainees.

    They were doing that when I went there to intern in ’89 and they’ve probably gotten worse since.

    Interesting is that the Class XIIs mostly trained by the Ol’man are still plugging along.

    That’s one line they haven’t killed yet.

    Though I’m sure they’re working on it.

    So much for the “Mecca of Technical Perfection”.

  182. Moving toward the doors?

  183. CD,
    The rundown (which LRH called Humongous RD as his working title) is quite incredible and handles various aspects where a being could be stuck in, which one has no awareness of these stops at all.

    The first one I started on was a fix up on the subject of Ethics and a repair to do messed up applications. Completed half of the rundowns pilot version and was in the middle of one of them when my auditor, a Cl IX was busted as an Auditor, no clue why as she had delivered some incredible Tech to me. This was in ’95 and she was the only Superpower auditor at the Int base, delivering the pilot at the time. Additionally, she had audited me on OT IV a decade earlier doing a great job on it and was in the Snr CS Int Office for many years.

    I was not aware of any other Auditor trained up when I left in 2001, even though the SP building was being built starting with a big ground breaking event in ’98. Had been looking for an auditor to at least finish the incomplete RD I am in the middle of, but did not find one. It didn’t matter to any RTC or tech terminals as I had tons of just Sec Checks done FPRD style pretty regularly over the years (had finished all FPRD forms before the SP rundown).

    Nothing to fear of the rundowns as it’s contrary to overwhelming a person, it gives one tons of stability and actual abilities as a spirit, handling one aspect of past life transitions and so forth on another rundown! LRH was pretty pumped when he was putting the rundown together and said that this rundown applied to all staff would enable planetary clearing in ’79 when I was serving him lunch. The line “enable planetary clearing” when LRH said it was pertaining to this rundown, first applied to staff and then public, not the way DM has now perverted it to mean “Idle Orgs”.

    Perhaps it’s also now DM’s intention to add tons of complexity to Superpower to make it “perfect” with his seemingly implant station machinery, statues in the lobby to represent the eight dynamics and glitzy mest. However, I would tell you that I do agree with the “super fantastic” description and that is not an untruth; providing there is no reversal or perversion of the tech a-la-Dear Leader, in the final version release.

  184. The crazy thing in these OTC minutes is that none of them mentioned the glaring outpoint that Super Power is supposed to be delivered to staff first. All of these OTs know this, don’t they?

    ML Tom

  185. The last OTC meeting Bert and I went to turned out to be a bait and switch, you know something so interesting was promised that we gave in and went. It not only didn’t present what was promised, but it turned out to be the FBO (roving SO member posted to Seattle Org to squeeze the field) going from person to person along each row of chairs, demanding that they each volunteer for a post having to do with regging money for the idle org. When I would not give in to this, she got upset with me. She didn’t accept this and tried to get me to take a post. I said no three times until she finally said she would talk to me after the meeting. Bert and I got out of there as fast as we could after the meeting, avoiding her and vowing we would never be duped into going to another OTC meeting.
    Well, someone apparently told this new FBO that she had insulted one of the biggest donators in the field. The next day she actually brought flowers to me at the office. Luckily I had gone off on an errand so I didn’t have to endure the propitiation. But the whole incident taught us to STAY AWAY!

  186. BTW, Dan has an article and history of the rundown, if you didn’t see it, at Steve’s website:

    It’s quite unique, dealing with one’s past, present and future! Very suppressed by the big suppressive and unreleased for the past 30 years as it might just clear the planet as LRH said! The order of magnitude is way above any transcription error situation on released books!

  187. People are needed for …
    These people have to be …
    … needs to be gotten onto the …
    EVERYONE needs to get …
    need to be encouraged to get …
    He wants everyone …
    the Captain wants ALL …
    Get people to the …
    … to get more people doing …
    We need to get more people …

    If that doesn’t make anyone appreciate the Freezone, I don’t know what will.

  188. Steve,
    I did that, but then it seems the same person just gets another Hushmail account as they’re free. So what I did a few times is to send a link of Marty’s real posting and tell them to read it.

    Haven’t gotten any more spam since.

  189. As in any Contrary Fact, either one or the other or both statements are false. In the above, the 2nd statement is true: A lot of people are needed to boom Tampa. Of course, all attendees know that. They have redefined “Ideal Org” to mean “A building that is way too big and expensive” as that is what is Tampa and the rest.

    Initially, I was tempted to pick up individual outpoints but you can hardly read a sentence which isn’t an obvious outpoint (or is there one that is not an outpoint 🙂

    The entire “minutes” are an internal propaganda piece meant to appease the hierarchy and an outpoint in itself as nothing happened worthy of being reported on (other than T-Shirts). The Church of Mestology is a paper factory founded on the belief that lots of paper is evidence of lots of action. It could have been much shorter:

    OTC to FLAG: We have a problem – and no solution!”

    The Captain sounds like so many other “execs” I have had the strange pleasure of working with. He pompously rattles off those (unreal) targets and tries to sound as if they were a piece of cake (if only he/she did it personally!!) while actually being completely overwhelmed by them as – surprise, surprise – these are his targets issued by Dave himself.

    OTC bullshits Captain with “minutes” and Captain buys BS as he has no solution either. Captain sweats over his report to Dave to make it sound great. Finally Dave turns to the Publics and makes his “report” (event) sound great though obviously false. And the rat race begins anew with false reports chasing false reports in a made squirrel cage.

    SuperPower surely will come out soon as the Captain said that all that was left to be done was All these above things need to be done before the Super Power building opens.. Piece of cake.

  190. Yes – I had a call this week on a phone number that was only given to one person years ago… and guess what? It was a call-in unit, checking on my mailing address, and all that, if I had done the “basics.” I have a standing order to all orgs: They can never call me on the phone. Period. My policy is “Phones are psychotic” and I leverage the fact that these people almost always call late in the evening, when no civilized human being would ever call anyone – even debt collectors are forbidden to call before 8am and after, say, 9pm.

    Yet – one call from 323 area code – no message left. Another call, same number, I answer, and it is the call-in unit. I told this German-accented lady that I don’t take phone calls, but I am completely fine on emails – since I control when I read emails.

    Then, two days later (today), I get a call from a person I had not heard from for several years. A friend, but also an FSM. I did not pick up. No message was left on my phone.

    So things are indeed broiling. But, you know what? So what? Mr D. is getting really pissed that NO ONE is taking his seriousness seriously!

    Me? I am having a good time with my friends and family, and I am relaxed!

  191. scilonschools

    “Keep watering those Artocarpus altilis Mr Christian!!”

  192. The word lists are pretty much done.

  193. That was too funny!

  194. For sure. There absolutely MUST be some on-lines people who are reading this and other sites as justification to themselves that they can still be naughty and get away with it. I mean, these poor saps MUST have one or two free attention units left and therefore some idea what is going on. Obviously. Someone got a copy of those minutes into Marty’s hands. But it is a thetan’s birthright to get away with something now and then. In the insane asylum that is Radical Scn, Inc., I would say that it is a sign of sanity, tenuous though it might be.

  195. “It is unsuccessful to leave people out of control.”
    Some auditor should address this. This the premise for implanting!

  196. For that matter, neither is False Purpose Rundown! Believe it or not.

  197. This was hysterical!

  198. Not to mention no SHSBC GAT or Class VIII GAT, not to mention C/Sing, none of which would have been anything like the Class IV GAT, which was to make a mechanic, basically. Thanks, Cathy Rinder for quicksilvering me out of RTRC after the intro to GAT was done and suppressively farted out there.

  199. scilonschools

  200. scilonschools

  201. Theo sismanides

    Go Indies!!! Our first Standard Tech course. I am going to get it and start people on it!!! That’s the Basic and it’s been missing!! Tks Jimbo!

  202. Theo sismanides

    Yes!!! I never got to even see the PRD!!! It was such a foggy thing!! This is awesome!!!

  203. Theo sismanides

    Yeah splog, co-audit. What a novel idea!!! LOL!! those suckers had it extinguished. Couldn’t move yr ass without any auditor!!! You do not touch any practical aspect of auditing!!! I am Book 1 auditor. Was thrown in session and did great!!! No super drilling no super human powers needed. Let’s do that with HQS Standard LRH course. Co-audit!! Had forgotten all about its existence! LOL!!!

  204. Theo sismanides

    Keep it steady bro!!!

  205. 40 Yr Scientologist

    Here is a report of a Snr C/S WUS briefing in a West US Org over the weekend, sent to us by an “innie”: (Another response by the C of $ to Marty’s blog, I’ll wager).
    “Snr C/S WUS briefed our Div 4 and Div 5 on some recent findings by management concerning the Basics. One thing he covered with us is that people who were doing training were, in a number of cases, taken off their training lineup to do the Basics. The odd thing is that all the Basic books are on the training lineup! So what has happened is many auditors have simply ceased to do their training lineup to do just the Basics and, if they’re not doing a full-time LRH schedule, it can take a long time to get through them. The result is auditors not being trained. Snr C/S WUS directed us to get people back onto their training, as they will get the Basics along that route as well. ”
    How long have they been pushing the Basics? 4 years? And they just thought of this? NOT without help from the “outside”!!

    Well Done again, Marty. the effects you cause with this blog are now legendary. And although some might see this as a step in the right direction for the C of $, its too little, too late….

    And, with respect to Roberto, who must have avoided the robotic training that is the RULE in GAT academies- who needs more GAT-“trained” “auditors”, anyway?

  206. Theo sismanides

    Alan my friend, you bring tears to my eyes now…

    This IS the way people “i am Alan McKinnon, out and proud of it”!!!

    I am Theo Sismanides body full of blood, maimed in the “Battle Of Translations” anybody heard of that battle where HCOBs were treated like rubbish. I FOUGHT THAT BATTLE TO THE END, SIR, and i was back stubbed by my “teammates”!!!

    I fought that battle and lost but the War is not over and isn’t lost yet!!!

    You know why??

    Because “i am Alan Mckinnon Suckers, out and proud of it”



    I ain’t dead yet Suckers. I ger sudden now like ol’ Sarge says!!!

    We ain’t dead, we get SUDDEN now, and coming YOUR way!!! Straight to the Mecca!!


    Make up your mind, have a bit of time for that maybe!!!

  207. Joe Pendleton

    As we say in Ireland: Not to worry.

    TIP for new TTC staff:

    1. Pro TRs

    2. Pro Metering

    3. HQS Course

    4. Cl. IX

    5. Cl. X

    6. Cl. XI

    7. Cl XII

    There you go. SOLVED! Supreme Test to the rescue!

  208. 🙂 LOL 🙂

  209. Next they’ll being giving everyone Life Repair

    pretty sure thats being done RJ, it was being discussed as an outpoint of magnitude when I left in Dec’09 and discussions on putting life repair in each PC’s program to get them moving on the Bridge was a major topic.

  210. 50% of the champions of this so very ideal FSM scene (the OTC) were absent. If 50% at home is ideal then 100% staying home would be what? Super Ideal Meritorious Galorious Ridiculous. Never nag a drop in stats 🙂

    Personally, I already cracked up at the very line of these minutes:
    Div. 1 Melissa the Div 1 Sec said REPORT YOUR STATS

    Wow! I would have rejected these minutes from a tough super on-policy GATamoronic no-BS viewpoint – because these minutes are obviously very incomplete. Who burped when? Where there any farts? Come on, that’s Sec Check material and desperately needed.

    Plus they seem to have no Div 6 person at all (but urgently need an Ethics Officer – it’s just too much – its hard to read a sentence without gagging). I expect the next OTC meeting minutes to be super confidential, typed up but not read and shredded immediately yet simultaneously posted on Marty’s blog 🙂

  211. So I’ve got a question:
    Are the OTs supposed to do the co-audit part of the HQS? Or has that been dropped from the checksheet? Or do they get to just sign it off? Or are they supposed to co-audit self analysis on each other?…
    And what’s what’s next for them on their progress down the Bridge? Dianetics Seminar?
    A reminder of the words of Harvey Jaques:
    “We need them gotten onto their basics where we can keep an eye on them and the reges can get to them”

  212. That idea really floats my needle 🙂

  213. CD
    Read closely and you’ll note that there is no actual mention of delivery of Superpower. What Harvey Jaques says is:
    “…There will be 2 L’s HGCs in the Super Power building and
    two thousand people a day will be serviced on all the courses, all
    the Grades….”
    “…All the Flag only Rundowns will be delivered there…”.
    Concluding with:
    “…All these above things need to be done before the Super Power building opens. Also, a couple hundred more staff are still needed for Super Power..”
    Read through the double speak and you may get the impression that Davey is no-where near able to complete a cycle of action to get Superpower delivered and Harvey is in on the little secret.
    The Superpower building is just that. A building that DM needs to present to his ever diminishing pool of bots in an effort to fool them into thinking he’s actually doing something constructive.
    All DM has done is to shunt what little delivery Flag has left from the Fort Harrison to the Oak Cove to the Superpower building and each building becomes defunct with the opening of a new one.
    What happens to the Oak Cove once all their public have been moved to the Superpower building? Does it become another empty ‘hotel’ like the Fort Harrison?
    Completely wasteful of everyone’s time, energy and finances and heartbreaking to witness the death of Fort Harrison in the process.

  214. DM has added an entirely new dimension to the list of Scientology Crimes and High Crimes. It’s called ‘Quicksilvering Orgs’.

  215. COOL man!!!
    PRD in which languages? (just a joke 🙂 )

  216. “Hey Davey,
    The other 50% of your OTC are at home reading Marty’s blog.”
    I ROTFL.
    Sam, you are soooooooooooo funny! 🙂

  217. My OT IV auditor (Becky) was a ‘TTCer’
    The post title on her nametag was “Superpower Auditor IT”
    I asked why she was auditing full-time in the HGC if she was supposed to be on the TTC and she told me that it was because they were waiting for the Superpower training as it wasn’t ready yet. No-one is on Superpower training and the 150 on the TTC is a false stat. A large percentage of the TTCers are delivering services at Flag or elsewhere.
    When Becky wasn’t auditing me she was regging for book packages or showing up at my door to recover me (which she did manage a couple of times – bless her heart).
    Not only NOT on the TTC but also pulled off any hat she did have as an auditor.

  218. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that. Yes, I stated that loud and clear TWO YEARS AGO. It was the first obvious, elephant in the room situation.

  219. Jim,
    On the plus side, we finally got some real stats! Bless the person who leaked this data! ml, Laura

  220. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Do you think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that the ETHICS REPAIR LIST – as approved by L Ron Hubbard – is gonna be on that line up? Think about it. It ferrets out arbitrary, wrong condition assignments and ethics actions. The EP of that RD in this day and age, could be nothing but REVOLUTION against the Miscavige machine. It could be nothing but. Forget it, the original LRH Ethics Repair list will NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT, ever see the light of day. I know all about it. Used it to great effect. Miscavige has altered it beyond recognition already – I’d bet my life on it.

  221. Way to go Roberto! I am so pleased you were a VCoD (Vampiric Cult of Davie) “bad product” — you weren’t *their* intended product. Instead, you’re a caring individual with the skills to help his fellows! Not to mention a founding pillar of this here independence and awakening.

    Viva Roberto!

    Bruce Pratt

  222. Definition of model adj: being a small or miniature version of something:


  223. martyrathbun09

    And btw, therein lies a perfect example of how whatever this punk sells as “Superpower” will in effect be the reverse – just like everything else he lays his suppressive hands on.

  224. I received a call from Accommodations a couple of years after Gene had departed. The message left was that my husband and I should come to Flag to use our accommodations that we had on account. Honest mistake on the part of the call-in person; out-admin in the accommodations office; hard on me. H

  225. Incredible, Theo! L, H

  226. Sinar and Marty — A well-done personal briefing on Super Power, Sinar, and a great comment about the Ethics Repair List, Marty. I remember the original repair list; are you sure no one has a copy? H

  227. Order is blowing off as they put more confusion in . . . remember, it’s REVERSE SCIENTOLOGY. They are putting CONFUSION AND DISORDER into the environment! BLACKER (DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY) THAN THE ACE OF SPADES!

  228. Hey, isn’t this the Witness Protection Program? H

  229. Love it, Just me. Your two cents was a good one! I agree with Sarge, ” ‘Sudden’ looks good on you. Love it.”!

    Can’t wait to see you again at Indie 4th of July Day!

  230. Div. 1 Melissa the Div 1 Sec said REPORT YOUR STATS

    Per Traditional Sea Org Ethics, NO REPORT = LIABILITY,
    False Report = Doubt.

    So much for “Getting Ethics In” at the Mecca.
    Posuers, imposters and clowns.

  231. 40 Yr S,
    Thanks so much for posting this positive change. This is why I am out. I said before, I truely believe if the current church has any chance at all of straightening out, it will be because of the pressure brought to bear by the outside. Most of the guys that are in seem oblivious. What happens, I can’t say. But, things need to change one way or another and any positive change makes any difficulty I have dealt with worth it to me.
    Graviora_ Manent mentioned that 2 young class IX’s left the SO due to pregnancy. That is 2 sets of parents who were not harmed by abortions and 2 lives saved! This, I don’t believe could have happened if not for pressure from the outside.
    Thanks to everyone who contributes to this positive motion. ml, Laura

  232. I like your dialog.

  233. Tom, ROTFLMAO, THE ‘GOLDEN AGE OF FOOD! Yeah, Thank God Mickey D’s has that covered! Oh, by the way, Dave, don’t forget dead bodies in IDLE MORGUES don’t eat!
    P.S. Tom, don’t be giving Dave any ideas about golden arches! Next thing ya know, he’ll be walking through them onto the stage at his next OVER THE TOP event. Or, maybe leaping over them in a single bound with a jet-pack strapped to his back. He’s gottabe lookin’ for new material, his events have been the same for 20 plus years! I been out 10 years and after seeing the latest, greatest event, felt like DEJA VU, hadn’t missed a thing!

  234. GetTheConcept

    “Three hundred Basics completions (of the thousand local
    Basics completions) are on other courses.”

    Your point is well taken, but just to clarify, it didn’t say there were only 300 basics completions, there were 1000 and 300 of those 1000 are now on other courses.

    Still, you are right. If there were “explosive growth” and “straight up and vertical” you would expect AT LEAST half the local public (the amount of which is 40% of what I had been told it was last year) would be done with the basics if that is the big push. That would be 2300 basics completions.

    But even half the public through the basics wouldn’t be all that great, I was just being generous.

    Then if the basics were the ingenious plan that would get everybody to train as auditors, you would expect at least half of the people who have completed the basics to go onto auditor training. And I’m being generous there, too.

    It says 300 of the 1000 basics comps are on other courses. It doesn’t say which courses they are on. I would wager that very few of them are on auditor training but are on OTHER “other courses”, but that is something I would like to find out.

  235. Wow! Absolutely fantastic news! I saw so many people win on that HQS Course. I did the HAS Course and the PRO-TR’s course, (supposedly the only real checksheet LRH wrote for PRO-TR’s, 1971 version) and while doing that, lots of my friends at the Austin Org were on that HQS checksheet! Kept hearing fantastic wins! Always wanted to do that, but went on full-time getting audited and went up the Bridge to original OT IV. Always wanted to come back and do that course, and then it seemed to be GONE! Oh my God, Jim, this is huge! What wonderful news!
    Also, was on the PRD part-time for five years. I became a walking talking dictionary. Could never get through it. Incomplete on it after about half-way throught the Seocnd Study Tape, but just went on and completed the Student Hat. Then someone pointed out I was supposed to have a TWIN! I was a flow zero word clearer to myself. Spun myself in looking up thousands of words. But, I had a good vocabulary! Too good, according to some people! (Get accused by some of using too many big words.) Can’t wait to go back and finish that one! Know the first study tape almost verbatim! Wow, I’m just so VGI’s (Very Good Indicators) on these announcements! Love it, love it, love it! VERY, VERY WELL DONE on getting these wonderful successful courses BACK IN. We do COME BACK, don’t we? TRAINING IS SALVAGED, IN AND BY THE INDIE FIELD!!!!!!

    Thanks Jim and Jaws, and much love,

  236. OMG that’s just a confusing mess! So you come out of this meeting with what? A mass of confusion, that’s what!

  237. martyrathbun09

    On the outside? I am not sure, but the purpose can very easily be replicated: same purpose achieved here very frequently. Clean up the misapplications of Ethics and Justice to the individual.

  238. Administrative brilliance at its finest. As my patience grows longer, I have come to understand that this generation of executive and junior Scientologists was raised under the worst of examples and they exemplify it on a daily basis. I would love to see a massive PR campaign to get off your Basics NOW and back on your training, with the same zealotry and enforcement and off-policy actions as used on the Basics; that would leave more people with jaws dropped and fingers flipping than can be imagined. And I would wager that they have recently isolated the who for all these non-standard actions resulting in no auditors: Marty Rathbun has been telepathically running the church via dm since his departure in 2005 (or thereabouts). Yes, it was before the Basics but that is how long it took for Marty to break dm down. But now with daily enhancement with titanium grounding rods (copper was insufficient to ward off the Marty influences), the spell has been broken and a confidential revised version of LRH ED “What No Auditors” is available for any IAS Patron Maximus Debtus for an exhilarating donation of $100,000. ( For those that don’t know, the new encompassing who for all the downgrades and bizarre programs that have occurred over the last 4-5 years is a certain Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder in spite of their departure prior to the actions. It exceeds belief.)

  239. LMAO – Totally right!

  240. Yes, wise observation.


  241. LMAO – Yeah!

  242. 🙂 Coolness!

  243. 😆 +1

  244. Wow, Sam, that is a very good point! There was something bothering me about the Basics, that I couldn’t put my finger on! You’ve just indicated it: the Basics is a shoddy substitute for the Briefing Course, and with no end product except someone who has read and possibly done some drills on some Basic Books. Probably similar to Extension Courses, and now these have the main emphasis in corporate squirrel Miscavology, ( I won’t grace it by calling it Scientology). Thanks Sam, and also Sam, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, tomorrow, right. Just thought I’d say that here in case I forget to wish you Happy Birthday on Facebook!
    ML, Catherine

  245. 😆 OK now I’ll do you.

  246. True, so very true. H

  247. Azul Celeste

    I’ll add myself to this thread, as I truly would like to do similar work here in New England. Cariños,


  248. Meltdown or nova? It’ll end with a whimper or a bang. I’m thinking the latter because of the crimes being omitted.

  249. GM-

    This is interesting. After reading “the briefing” by the Captain again- I have to laugh at the 2 L’s HGC’s.

    With what Auditors?

    Miles Bourland, a Class 7, and one of 5 Class 7’s in the Flag HGC was probably the closet to being a class XII.

    He was only Clear. So, he has to do Class 8,9,10,11,12 courses plus internships, PLUS solo course, audit OT 1-3 and co-audit through NOTS and the L’s before he can be in the L’s HGC.

    Even on FULL TIME that is, what 18 months? Maybe longer? Can someone comment as to the time that would take?

    And he was the closest.

    So yes, there will be 2 two L’s HGC’s. Just not at Flag. Most likely at some Independent delivery center circa 2018.

    How can someone possibly believe there will be 2 L’s HGC’s at Flag. That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

    I would love to hear Pierre Ethier comment on that one. I’m sure he would have lots to say. He is probably in some far corner of the world right now auditing some botched L’s from Flag anyway- so he is probably busy. 🙂

  250. Perhaps the 50% of the members who attended the meeting were already confused to greater or lesser degree about stuff on the agenda. It looks to me like the HCO hats are unmanned at this point. H

  251. Marty — NO doubt it will be altered (by definition it will be altered as there won’t be any auditors delivering it, only robots). Of course, this could expose the whole rotten core of Scientology Inc. — but so could a lot of other things IF they were being done standardly. Look at the Truth Rundown — its been turned on its head and is used to coerce people into admitting the infallibility, brilliance and general wonderfulness of Dear Leader (at least in the Sea Org). Hell, a standard Doubt condition would open anyone’s eyes to Scn Inc. Not to mention OT III or NOTs or Grade 0 or FPRD or, or, or. In fact, reading “The Basics” should bring about the same result. But, nobody can even read books within the C of M and not have “thought blockers” preventing them from realizing what is really going on….

  252. Needing bodies.

  253. While on the BC Certainty (97 pages) fulltime at Flag, I had KR’s written on me by Sheral Festa and Kathy Feshbach for not CSWing to get off course to go to the OT Ambassador/OTC meetings which had about the same BS agenda as the above minutes indicate. The reverse ser fac that I was trying to run on myself of “they must be right, and I must be wrong” could have drove me crazy!

  254. Thanks Bruce.

    The definition of a “natural auditor” as is stated in the technical dictionary is what is missing here.

    I demand respect for an auditor! GAT or not. Respect for an interned auditor. Months in a row working 15, 18 hours a day to perfectioning his tools to make people free.

    Erwing; you ignorant: you should wash your mouth next time you express something about an auditor. Obviusly you don´t know what you are talking about. If you were an auditor you would not express that way.

    There´s a lot of goodwill people out there making a sincere effort to help. They don´t know the training is not the optimum and they don´t have other choice. Is the only way they have to become an auditor and do something effective about the condition of the planet.



    Yours truly

    Pissed off Roberto.

  255. Remember John Travolta was on the HQS course when he got cast for Vinnie Barbarino on Welcome Back Kotter.

  256. You mean ‘Mess with an Indy, Mess with ’em all’? 😉

  257. “It is unsuccessful to leave people out of control.”

  258. Needing bodies.

    Not just the OT Committees.

    Wherever one nowadays runs into any online Scientologist he’s always got some marching orders for others he’s been indoctrinated with. Its just nauseating.

    First comm cycle usually is:

    The org has to …
    We have to meet …
    You got to get …

    … ad inifinitum.

    If one could just get on to course without all the usual continual accompanying harassments of one sort or another Scientology could actually be fun.

  259. 40 Yr Scientologist

    +1. Nicely put, Laura.

  260. Tony DePhillips

    Great point Marty,
    He couldn’t allow it to be issued without changes otherwise he would be finished. (as if he isn’t already)
    So dm will squirrel the tech just to save his own bacon. No integrity.

  261. Tony DePhillips

    She didn’t know who she was messing with. That’s usually what happens to substitute teachers!!

  262. Graviora_Manent

    RJ, thanks. I spent at least 10 minutes trying to remember what the course was called and what it actually was in relation to auditor training. I didn’t want to post something I wasn’t 100% sure on. It’s funny how they have so many Class IX who are not actually Class IX’s at the AO, which would be OK if they were honest about it. Call them NOT’s auditors or ACS’s or something but calling them Class IX’s is misleading for the public who assume they have done the BC and XIII, isn’t it? It seems like another false stat to me.

    I am familiar with the current Class XII’s and their situation at FLB. I gotta tell you, they do not get any auditing and only times they are in a courseroom are when they have a cramming order to do. They are, sorry for the selection of this word, herded from Hacienda to Oak Cove and back everyday. Food is usually delivered to them there. Most of them have medical problems due to old age. The most common problem among the XII’s is miscalling FN’s, easily. At the time, I didn’t understand how and why this was possible but now it makes so much sense. They say its their eyesight or tired bodies, but I believe, in truth, they do it on purpose. They call the FN’s the right way, not wait for 3 swings and lie about it later so they don’t get in more trouble with the RTC Rep who lurks around the L’s HGC all day long. In a way this is how they stand up for LRH and public. Yet videos of sessions and the look-in system are used to “keep them on their toes” while auditing so they are forced to overrun. This explains why L10 and L12 at FLB wreck cases on a constant basis. As far as I know, they are very sensitive to overruns, out-lists, which are easily caused by missed FN’s.

    Simply, the Cult is waiting for a nature to kick in. Thats how they are working on it. Sad, really sad.

  263. Tony DePhillips


  264. Graviora_Manent

    I really hate to break it to you, but they do have SHSBC GAT drills now. Don’t know about VIII. I am not sure if they are used in public courserooms but definitely used as a cramming tool for staff and are part of the new SHSBC checksheet that is being piloted among OOT’s and SO staff. A lot of patter drills in there. Scary, scary.

  265. Graviora_Manent

    Oh,dear. I was really laughing at this one. It’s almost the reality now.

  266. Graviora_Manent

    Yup, there it goes. There is still a heavy push to get people recruited and put on the TTC, but if there is no Super Power course, there is no product. The TTC’ers are a great asset tho. They can be moved around easily and really reg their pc’s and pre-OT’s so effectively after auditing them. We all are aware of that bond.

    It is absolutely a false stat. It’s another one of those “yelling at the thermometer” situations, which seems that everything is managed that way nowadays. Love that reference, btw.

  267. Graviora_Manent

    Stop asking questions, dear. You will get in trouble.

  268. Tony Dephillips


  269. Have, must, got to, need, these are all enforce words.

    The culture has drifted way down into the enforce band.

    But from my observation Scientology only works when people are at curious about or desire.

    Clearly they are having a problem with people WANTING any more Scientology or WANTING to be a part of the culture.

    If is hasn’t happened already, it will shift into ethics next and, “You who do not report for service will be considered ethics particles”. “You have 24 hours to report to us!, to purchase goods….”

  270. GetTheConcept

    Yes, no e-meter and with perfect 100-decibel 3-inch TR1.

  271. Stable datum midst the confusion:


  272. Just seems to me that DM is doing exactly what an SP is suppose to do. Keep people from attaining the state of OT. Creating confusion while he sits back and watches, smiling at his good work and living a lavish life style of the on the backs of those he has bamboozled. Well I would say, HIS stats are UP!
    Reminds me of the bankers that caved in the economy.

  273. Dear pissed off Roberto,
    Let’s try the art of communication. First I like to acknowledge you for being an auditor who has done GAT and is actively auditing. I like your attitude of defending auditors as beings who care and have the guts to do something about it.

    I’m GAT trained as well and still auditing many hours. I even think I know you from somewhere. Were you on the Flag Internship in 97, 98 ? I did my Class IV and I even spoke to Dan Koon there who is also GAT trained, if not the main author of it.

    Now, as to my comment, I’d never invalidate an auditor; please read it again. I snarled about the intention of Dave when he issued GAT. That he obviously didn’t make his objective of producing only robots and many auditors doing fine despite GAT, doesn’t mean that he didn’t have other fish to fry.

    However, steady case gain within the corporate church is per PTS data impossible and thus all auditing there is not only squirrel but betrayal. No auditor worth his salt would even think about trying to get a session done there, only GAT bots would.

    I call it betrayal of trust granted by the pc who finally gives up his last hope for salvation and gets himself in heavy ethics, debts or worse. Apart from that it sends the PR for Scientology high into the top ten of horror cults, well above Hamas or Hezbolla.

    You’re right about the intentions of some who want to do good and (think they) don’t have any other way than training in the corporate church but even they will open their eyes one day. As soon as they understand KSW and integrity we’ll find them on this blog or other places where they can have Act I in and auditing can occur.

  274. GetTheConcept

    In my opinion there is nothing wrong with the fact of HAVING courses on the Basics, but the way it has been done has the following outnesses that I have witnessed:

    1. That they have become essentially prerequisites to auditor training, though not officially stated as such.

    2. They have essentially REPLACED auditor training, and anyone who’s read Friends of LRH knows what that’s all about.

    3. I think it is good for many people to study them in courserooms (where if the Sup is good, they get the data better). But the questions asked on the courses invite glib answers. The student’s best answer to those questions would be just copying down the answer straight from the book. At the least, the questions assist the student’s duplication, but they do not encourage the student to think with the data.

    4. To add to number 3, the questions for the lectures are even worse because there is only one question per lecture. I have sometimes counted at least 20 or 30 major points being made on a single lecture. On a given lecture the one question asked for the student to answer is a question about someone’s idea of what the most important part of the lecture is. The student could sleep through the whole lecture, read the question, find the part in the transcript that answers the question, copy it down, and then think he knows the data well enough.

    5. The Basics courses are delivered in Div 4 as well as Div 6. When someone completes a course in Div 6, I think they get 8 Paid Completions points. When someone completes the exact same course in Div 4, they get 20 Paid Completions points. This is a false stat. LRH’s establishment of that stat was not done with the intention of these courses being counted on them. It makes the Dept of Training and ED think they are producing viable products and they are not. Auditors are supposed to be being made.

  275. scilonschools

    I LOVE that bugs life clip!!
    Another historical reference on Robotic order taking with rational thinking switch in ‘off’ position was the ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ with resulting gains and losses.
    The Charge of the Light Brigade was a charge of British cavalry led by Lord Cardigan against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava on 25 October 1854 in the Crimean War. The charge was the result of a miscommunication in such a way that the brigade attempted a much more difficult objective than intended by the overall commander Lord Raglan. Blame for the miscommunication has remained controversial, as the original order itself was vague. The charge produced no decisive gains and resulted in very high casualties

  276. I wonder if DM has cancelled “the Mecca of Standard Tech” in promo to NoI?
    Kind of a sticky wicket, that one. (And yes, I know, it is no longer the Mecca of Standard Tech, but the Death Star Implant center for the old-timers….)

  277. 5-Re Super Power, this is an enormous building and Super Power is
    going to make a massive change.

    Do I detect a note of panic? Yes, it IS an ENORMOUS building and the tiny number of staff and public are going to rattle around in it and feel even smaller than they do now.

    A leaked minute being published within a week of the meeting – GOLD.

  278. M&M,
    Unfortunately, I totally agree with your points and there is no way DM would empower any staff with true LRH Tech. It’s taken over 3 decades, so delaying it some more is not a problem though it’s a joke as he’s using our friend Sarge’s baseball team the Cubs line of “Wait till next year” the past few years.

    If only 50% of DM’s Shock Squad show up for their meetings, I seriously doubt the desperately seeking Mecca would get their 200 recruits. Seems to be another silly arbitrary of having to have before they can do con game similar to the Idle Orgs concept. The 4600 figure of kool aid drinkers in their Clearwater “pool” is probably optimistic and is a figure to measure DM’s true stats and shrinking sphere of influence.

    Tony, I don’t think it’s a matter of personal integrity. Releasing a pure LRH Rd which would empower people and wrest them from his control would just sink his ship. It’s contrary to his goals. He would lose all his flying monkeys.

  279. Hi Jim,

    I know you do a tad better. One day you might find me in your courseroom.

  280. Lise,
    There’s no Bridge left, it’s a round and round squirrel cage!

  281. Good News !
    Would love to do it. Was always my dream !

  282. scilonschools

    “Forward, the Light Brigade!”
    Was there a man dismay’d?
    Not tho’ the soldier knew
    Someone had blunder’d:
    Theirs not to make reply,
    Theirs not to reason why,
    Theirs but to do and die:
    Into the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred

    (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

  283. Mother of Grendel

    Since we’re in the sharing mood… Clive Rabey sent this out to OT VIIs and VIIIs and 4/10 –

    Dear Solo NOTs Auditor or OT VIII,

    We have to wrap up the 10,000 target. We must add 500 Scientologists to the level before this year’s Maiden Voyage Anniversary in June, 9 weeks away.

    LA always leads the way, so I’m out here to help launch the game here. 90 more are needed from LA, 10 a week!

    Then, with LA on a roll we’ll communicate that to the rest of the planet and get them started on their own targets so we do add the 500!

    This is one of the most important international targets we have—getting more and more onto the level so we get that bigger backlash of theta hitting Planet Earth right when it needs it!

    With that said—bring me your OTs! I have a Class IX with me (Leona Fine) and Larry Gilbert – top Flag Tech Consultant. Call into the Flag Office to set-up an appointment: 323 953 3230.

    Best Regards,
    Clive Rabey – D/CO Flag AO

  284. Oh that’s good. Squirrel cage. +1


  285. It’s not just a false stat; it’s a recruiting trap followed by a reg trap followed by slavery.

  286. Right on, Heather.

    Leaked minutes of “THE OTC of the World!!!” Sign number one of the their impending doom.

    Right now, somewhere in Florida, there is at least one OT, more than likely several, laughing their asses off while reading this blog… all over the S***Storm they have created in the world of FLAG. This is a blow to the enemy, so Marty, expect to hear from someone very shortly who has done the correct condition and will soon be here claiming responsibility for leaking the minutes, and coming Out to the world of the Indies. Thus, furthering the collapse of the out-admin, out-tech, out-ethics organization that is Co$ under the rule of Dear Leader.

    That… or they’re having entirely too much fun and will stay in to further stir up crap.

    I’m fine either way. 😉

  287. This is all awesome material for the “Dilbert”comic strip.

  288. MofG, “LA always leads the way”. Well I guess we all all see how that’s working for them!

  289. Ah yes,

    Another of Clive Raby ravings.

    “Back Lash” has a totally different context in HCOPLs but since no one there actually reads “policy” any more I guess that wouldn’t have been noticed.

    Then again it could have been a Freudian Slip as to the response that would actually be expected to the target.

  290. Talk about being all over the map yet accomplishing nothing.

  291. Dan,
    I was on the BC when GAT came out and had to switch checksheets. Having to do wall & GAT drills on all of the processes seemed to be a complete waste of time & really created a lot of BPC for me.

  292. GM,
    +1 I like your handle: ” graviora manent: Greater afflictions are in store; the worst is yet to come.” as well as the info on the current Mecca scene. Thank you.

  293. Ok.

    Thanks Erwin. Thanks for answering and for making the statements more clear.

    It´s cristal clear now.

    I only want respect for an auditor. Any REAL auditor.

    The world needs this kind of people.

    Yours truly…

    Smiling Roberto.

  294. Howard Roark

    Nice post.

    “Harvey Jacques might as well be shouting his targets over a loudspeaker at WalMart” indeed.

    Where’s the ARC?

  295. Bryan ~~

    When I was the Ls CS in 1981 and 1982 there were 15 Ls auditors with video passes and fully interned.

    So it is a little shock to read that 28 years later (with all the rah rah on the Church’s booming expansion) instead of an INCREASE in Ls auditors, it is down to 9 of them.

    True unprecedented expansion indeed !

  296. Howard Roark

    Man, that was hard to read.

  297. Actually you can handle wrong condition assignments per line 18B of the LIX Hi-Lo TA List Revised on page 107 of the original Tech Vols Vol XII (a list that has since been canceled by the “Church”) and any reading line on section B of the 53 particularly wrong whys like for example “the blind leading the blind” from an “eval” or given on 3 Mays or 9 Aprils or wrong indications such as wrong conditions assigned like being assigned doubt for not supporting the IAS or whatever.

    In other words a *standardly* assessed L4B will handle a lot of BPC dealing with being mishandled in “ethics”.

    So nobody has to wait for the Ethics RL to be released to handle BPC on the subject.

    As far as I understand from my short tour of duty at NWC the Ethics RL is a *rundown* or major action not a review and handles the entire subject of ethics and justice.

    That said LXs run correctly will also handle a lot of charge on the subject of ethics.

    So will ser fac handling as well.

    As anyone knows who has worked on these lines ‘Super Power’ like ‘Deoppression Tech’ is an *organizational* or 3rd Dynamic action which was originally intended mainly for staff.

    Not some rich f_ck who happened to have a lotta money to buy a corner stone or several.

    No surprise that the purpose of Super Power has been perverted by the Government Approved and Tax Exempt *Squirrel Group*.

    Anyway the above paragraphs prior to my digression should sort out a lot of charge in relation to ethics.

  298. Roberto,

    I would have preferred it if you’d been trained as an auditor the way LRH wanted you to be trained.

    If you get results despite training under GAT, imagine what you could do with the real thing. But nonetheless, take a win on that desire to help. I just wanted to drop an ack your way for that.

  299. one of those who see


  300. …also can’t write or spell. No fun trying to read through this supposed information at all. What is the point….? Aaargh!

  301. +1 It was my first course and I loooooved it. This is the greatest “Bridge-starter” course and will ensure students learn the most basic things. Also a must for anyone on up the Bridge who has not done much, or any, training yet. Training is where it’s at!

  302. martyrathbun09

    I don’t dig on the inval of Roberto or anyone (on a blanket basis) who has trained under GAT. You learn the same material. It is how you learn it – it is the drilling that is mechanized. What matters is how HE audits. You could have a twins and supervisors – and there were many – who were just as destructive as GAT. He trained and got out shortly after – before being grooved in to audit like a robot over years under their robot application.

  303. I mean….if they have no money to get their sec checks (very likely!), how’s anyone going to find out? Go guys, read away, and just tell ’em you’re broke. The phone calls and visits will at least slow down.

  304. Howard Roark


    Thank you for making this data available.

    And thank you to the person who had the courage to get this data to Marty.

  305. Actually Tom and Cat,

    Micky D’s “success” is what the “Church” has been trying to replicate ever since they’re big pow wow with H&K’s PM guru spooky Bob Gray.

    Though instead of the Golden Arches it’s supposed to be the S and double Triangles.

    I mean I was at a briefing where they briefed us in no uncertain terms that they wanted to make the Church of Scientology just like McDonald’s in the “consistency” (if you can call it that) of their “product”.

    They even compared delivering auditing to serving a Big Mac!

    After that point the briefing I became nauseous which was the special feeling I used to get when I ingested a Big Mac or any of McDonald’s “food” before personally boycotting the place.

    Anyway looking at it now.

    One can see the germ as in bacteria such as E. coli of the idea that germinated the “Golden Age of Tech” which could more accurately be described as the “Golden Aches of Tech” making the tech instead of *Standard* consistent sorta like a Big Mac.

    I guess you could call it fast food “Scientology” with glitzy advertising and packaging with absolutely no substance like the “food” you get at McDonalds.

  306. LA is actually leading the way.

    There are probably more disaffected (including yours truly) and off lines Scientologists per capita than in any other place in the country.

  307. Dear GM-

    I am sorry for asking questions. 😉

    While we were in Manhattan last week sitting at that restaurant (great choice by the way) chatting about our experience at Flag. I had the pleasure of noticing not only the wonderful ARC, but also our ability to ask the questions to each other we NEVER would have dared to ask at Flag.

    Its quite amazing how the simple things like ARC and the CDEI scale are totally gone at Flag.

    I consider myself a curious individual. When I meet people, I am interested in them. I am curious to what their ideas are.

    I was most definitely in some capacity brought down the scale to enforcement, even inhibition at Flag in regards to communication. A low point in my life. I take full responsibility for it.

    It is great to have honest comm with people who respect the tech and LRH and still allow the space for their own considerations and ideas to shine through.

  308. Watching his performance at the recent Centennial event I am quite certain that he is either suffering DTs, or has had a mild stroke, at least partly the result of excessive alcohol consumption. My medic wife will back me up on this.

  309. Sinar,

    My twin and I used to drill the HCOB instead of the drill while I was on the Tech (Un)Certainty courses for the BC

    In fact we had the HCOB carefully hidden in the drills pack sorta like some school kid would hide a ‘Playboy’ he was reading instead of his text book.


  310. Howard Roark

    End of story!

  311. You got it, Sam! L, H

  312. Agreed, I was refering to the astronaut part mostley, astronaut trasining can kill people who are not in shape or have a less than perfect body.

  313. And lest you think you are kidding, LookingIn, the why for the downstats for the last twenty years was given to us by an employee who could not really look at the truth, as being David Mayo!!!

  314. Thank you.
    And so happy this handled something for you 🙂

  315. Like the meeting was more important than being on course? I never saw LRH say a thing like that. We should have a page where we could itemize “bogus KRs,” like this and the one the int landlord rep wrote on me for refusing to go another $185K in debt on top of what we had already accumulated. At the time I ignored the KR but I should have thanked her because she was definitely setting me up to wake up when the time came.

  316. Martin, I’m no medic and can’t offer a medical opinion. But David Miscavige’s hands were quite visibly trembling. Also, he was not oozing self-confidence. In fact, I got the vibe he was worried about how he was being judged. Not that he has anything to worry about, of course.

  317. 97 pages?!!! ( I presume you are saying the checksheet was that long?) 97 pages!!!!

  318. I used to think this was a glorious hero poem until I reached the age of reason and saw how it was the stupid generals sacrificing everyone below them because of military “think.” How appropriate!

  319. Howard Roark

    Wow! Good observation.

  320. The result is auditors not being trained. Snr C/S WUS directed us to get people back onto their training, as they will get the Basics along that route as well. ”

    Well, excuse me, but Duh-UH! The out point is so glaring to begin with, introducing BASICS as though it’s some light bulb moment of grandeur, as if the source training check sheets didn’t have “BASICS”? Since when did ‘Basics’ become a tech term? The whole Basics thing is such a slam, as though previous competency and gradient never existed, when in fact LRH was brilliant at engineering gradients in preparing training. I’ve often admired the brilliance of that tech alone, the LRH vigilance for any possible skipped gradients to keep the incline up smooth and always winning.

  321. Wow, MoG, thanks for reminding me that I have escaped from the list of people expected to sign up for OTVI, by standing up and declaring myself. Sometimes one forgets to count one’s blessings–such as no supersaccharine smiling “friend” dropping by every day when one is trying to get some work done in the garden, “just to see how it’s going” with the hidden agenda of forcing one onto OTVI so a stat can be counted for the local org. One day I saw the car drive up and park out on the street and I actually had to hide in the back yard until they went away so I could continue with my self-determined project. FTLOG (For the Love of God!!!!) LOL
    And that makes me think, I wonder how the attrition shows up on those FSM mags that are sent out, where they list the names of all the people who are expected to get onto OTVII? They must have dropped my name by now. If someone gets that newsletter, start noticing if the list is getting shorter.

  322. I can haz Technical Bullitins of Scientology ?

    Click to access special.pdf

    PDF’s are mostly for prining out.

  323. As I said before, there are many spies in C of M.
    They are everywhere, dm, look around you …..

  324. Mother of Grendel

    Maybe they’ll call you… I’m know I’m waiting by my phone – NOT!

  325. Ethics Repair List is alsoo known as Superpower Rundown series 3 ?

    Click to access scientologysuperpow.pdf

    You’ve got to love the critics

  326. Mother of Grendel

    There are easily 90 OTs in LA who have quietly fallen off the level, or never quite got around to getting on in the first place, but haven’t publicly declared being out. I’d be curious to see the target list for this push. Anyone?

  327. In this world it sometimes onley takes two people to deliver superpower 😉

  328. CD — This doesnt resemble the Super Power issues I have read, or the Ethics Repair List that was run on me. Dan or others may also weigh in on this. Whoever “the critics” are have not delivered here.

  329. K1,
    I got some auditing from both John and Peggy Eastment (CL 12s) in the early 90’s on corrections and sec checks FPRD style at the Int base. Last I saw of them, John was in Motorpool driving busses and Peggy in Treasury doing some lower admin post. Kind of a waste after all that Tech training!

  330. Get him on the crimes that are punishable by law.

    The whole Scientology Justice system disturbs me even before DM took over.

  331. V — No kidding.

    And you can bet if this is now being disseminated, Dear Leader came up with it as a “why” and a major “discovery” that is now being passed down from the heavens. And you can also bet that he is into full-blown “blame” (not sure who is left to blame?) but he is claiming how “he didnt know the orgs were taking people off auditor training and putting them on Basics” even though staff have literally been being tortured for years for being “non-compliant” to “Command Intention” by not having every single persona on planet earth onto “the Basics.”

    Marty can take credit for this change too. It’s been brought up on this blog numerous times how sending everyone off on “the Basics” is squirrel and how no auditors have been trained (recent posts here have covered it with specifics — like the stats from Orange County and the Birthday Game Winners) so now they have to do something.

    Truthfully, Marty dictates Dear Leader’s life at this point. He is obsessed….

  332. RJ,
    The backlash of theta seems to be needed before the enthetafest & implants of the June 6 MV series events by Dear Leader! Amirite?

  333. I’m still hung up on the fact that this “church” that has “millions” of parrishoners around the world have fewer than 10,000 at the top of the “bridge” after 40 years? 50 years? more???

    This church is so “winning,” we have to body route the most “causitive” beings, the OT’s, to do their next step! “HURRY! It’s a game and we can all win!!!” Yeah… I think they killed that horse already. See what ED Int.. er… William is beating over there? That dead horse? Yeah… that’s the old “birthday game” and we’re all winning with it, aren’t we???

    I’m all for the OT”s being cause. And I do want to see them RUNNING.
    But preferablly away from Co$. Not with them or towards them.

    Want to make a positive impact on the Earth?

    Pick Up… David Miscavage… and throw him HEAD FIRST toward the Earth.
    On second thought… the Earth deserves better!
    I’ll work on it some more. 😉

  334. Oh, OK now it makes sense. You meant the weird chairs supposedly designed with the help of NASA and various other bits and pieces that have come out in promotional materials.

    I very much doubt that is the focus of Super Power in it’s original form, but with Davey around, who knows what he’s turned it into.

    It’s an interesting topic though – doing perception drills and exercising specific senses. Very beneficial for one’s overall perception. For instance, wear a blindfold and make your way through your own house. You can’t use your eyes so you have to compensate with other senses – hearing and touch, and you will be amazed at the amount of information that’s there and you mostly ignore, which you now must process. Very beneficial, with the wonderful side-effect of more empathy for blind people or anyone with a disability.

    This is getting off topic now but I’ll post it anyway because it’s a great story: my 9 year old stepdaughter had a school project – to give a short speech about someone she considers a role model. She first thought of the usual folks – Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa. I suggested that most of the kids would do those, maybe she could talk about her friend next door’s mother who is 95% blind but still does most things mother’s do – cook, take care of the family including a new-born baby. All mostly unassisted.

    It took a while, but my daughter got it – what does it take to be able to do all that, even change a baby’s nappy, when you can’t see? Me, I don’t come close to understanding what that takes, but it sure qualifies as a role model for kids.

    There you have it, a really great story about an everyday person having success in life.

  335. plainoldthetan

    Bruce: Reminds me of the release of the Mark VII Quantum meter, because it was a “Quantum Leap” over previous metering technology.

    Being an engineer and a technologist, I knew that a Quantum Leap was the very small movement of an electron in one shell of an atom to another shell in an atom. A Quantum Leap, to a physicist, is virtually NOTHING. Yet this was the phrase chosen by our erudite Church Leader to sell meters that were essentially broken. Perfect.

    (For those of you who don’t know, the “Quantum” nature of a Mark VII Quantum E-meter is a lie.

    “The Hubbard Professional Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter automatically adjusts the sensitivity as the Tone Arm moves in session, thus displaying the true size of a read at any TA position.” (Understanding the E-Meter, Addendum)

    This statement is blatantly untrue and easily demonstrated to be untrue by taking a student preclear whose wet palms cannot be easily chemically corrected and putting him on the meter. After a half hour on a dating drill, the student preclear’s TA will be around 1.0 and the reads will be artificially small and unreadable as attenuated by the automatic variable sensitivity circuit. So, the reads are NOT kept at the true size; they are instead a falsely small size at low TAs.

    Additionally, the automatic variable sensitivity circuit cannot be manually bypassed by the E-Meter operator, thereby making setting the correct sensitivity on truly high and low TA cases impossible.)

  336. “The I/C of the unit, Phoebe Mauerer, bless her, kept every pilot issue, dispatch and note on Super Power all in one location, in boxes right above her desk until the day she died. What happened is that late in 1978 while the rundowns were still in development, LRH brought in trainees from the Saint Hills to train up as Super Power auditors and when their TRs were judged not to be up to par LRH went off into thorough handlings of TR training and that led off into even more basic handlings that became the Key to Life Course. And on and on it went.”

    Super Power – It’s Context and Theory
    May 04, 2010, 11:17:02 PM
    by :

  337. DO WHAT??????
    K.R. for not going into DEBT?????

    I would laugh, but it’s not funny.

    Dang it, Marty. I’m ready to riot again.
    Don’t make me go “Sudden” all over the place!!! 😉

  338. CD — Who said they were in their right mind? Some ofd the craziest people you would ever want to meet have spent a LOT of time creating elaborate (and insane) stuff — ever read anything written by Koos? Or Steve Fishman? One thing for sure, it took a LOT of time to come up with all that crap.

  339. martyrathbun09

    With the caveat that, let’s keep in mind, everything he implements he implements destructively with enough curve on the ball to be a major league pitcher.

  340. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Your last comment says a lot, and explains a lot – “…after all an SP cannot complete a cycle of action.”


    “Here is where we get into the issue that makes some people nervous—how did these RTRC guys monkey with LRH tech? Why are new bulletins coming out years after LRH dropped his body? Here’s the answer: in every case, there was an LRH order about what to do. Sometimes there was extensive LRH traffic on a particular issue, such as for many of the Super Power Rundowns or for the Key to Life and Life Orientation Courses. Sometimes there was only an order to “get out an issue on [whatever].” ”

    Inside Scientology Compilations
    May 04, 2010, 11:06:32 PM
    by :
    Dan Koon

  342. Yvonne Schick

    Good one, Bozz. MAA’s can use that indicator to help locate the culprit. Who is laughing their ass off and appears to be having entirely too much fun?

    I think they need to start going after the guys who are too uptone given the gravity of the situation. That strategy always does well.

  343. Wow, RJ, when was that meeting? Are you able to say what kind of meeting it was, like WDC, or Int Marketing Execs? I had no idea that the Church was in bed with H & K , and Bob Gray. And they literally talked about making Scientology auditing delivery like a Big Mac. Truly, that is so disgusting that if I had a cat right now, I’d put it out before I upchucked on it! Is it really possible that the “Golden” in Golden Age of Tech was derived from Micky D’s Golden Arches? I just lost my apetite for dinner. You know LRH talked about the debacle created in early Scientology caused by listening to business types, and how Scientology does not try to duplicate standard business practices — we gave courses to business types to get
    them to duplicate us. I am sure Bob Gray charged hundreds of thousands if not millions for his consultations. Unbelievable.
    But then, so is most of what I hear happening in corporate Miscavology.
    What is really funny is that a year ago, I was going to a very well run Micky D’s in East Austin, for coffee in the mornings, and taking my laptop and getting on Marty’s blog. There was a manager’s meeting with the staff, and the owner was there. They were implementing a new program, and it was clearly based on the Scientology Org Board. There were different divisions and staff were single hatted, except for all hands. There was a Food Director, a person who would make sure each customer was greeted (PR), but they didn’t call it that, and I was told it was very different than what was going on before. The manager/owner said it was a very effective program, and optional for a MacDonald’s to participate in. I watched them many mornings and it did run very smoothly. The firm doing the training for the new program was an outside firm that McDonald’s had hired for this purpose. They even had a full time person cleaning up the place, and I was impressed. It was a very busy high volume place. That is how it should be, Admin tech going into businesses, not the other way around.
    Anyway, RJ, thanks for the data on H & K.
    ML, LM

  344. Oh yeah, the Law of the Unstable Datum, I forgot.

  345. I considered it and pondered it a couple times. In Texas, huh? July?

  346. Graviora ~~

    I have read your posts with total interest. Thanks much for posting the data.
    Again I experienced a certain sense of relief that I exited the Class XII when I did never to return no matter what.
    Boy, did I make the right decision.
    Keep posting this valuable data !


    I am closing in on target



    17 December 1978



  348. martyrathbun09


  349. Bozz,
    I believe the first OT8 rolled off the line in April 2001. I finished in September 2005. I was number 565. That’s about 125 per year. Even if we are generous, I don’t think there are more than 1500 OT8’s. This was a concern to me. How do you clear a planet at that rate? It is so expensive and lengthy to get to OT8, I doubt many will make it.
    There are also many SO members and staff that are not moving up the bridge. I would say the majority of them. If we are trying to clear the planet, why not start with the hard working loyal staff who are right here, now? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  350. Seems Anonymous digs deeper. Found it on WWP

  351. Howdy Joe,

    Why do the word lists need to be “done” again? There have got to be tons of existing lists from ’72 out there. I’m quite sure I’ve got them all.

  352. GettheC,
    Cheers on the clarification. Dismal stats considering the effort put into them. DM is right – dead right.

  353. More fun with spotting outpoints: “We the OT Committee and the field, we are on the Flag Org Board, in Division 6.”

    So if the OTC is a Div 6 activity, why are so many of their efforts directed at existing Scientologists?

  354. I’m guessing “Kay” would be Kaye Champaigne? Does any one know for sure?

  355. I can’t see Hubbard say “super fantastic” to be honest.

  356. Graviora_Manent

    Hi there! I am glad you liked the place. We’ll do it again sometime. Honestly, I loved our conversation and also your referral.

    Yes, it is absolute shithole at Flag, where thinking.saying this is frowned upon:

    “It is great to have honest comm with people who respect the tech and LRH and still allow the space for their own considerations and ideas to shine through.”

    Ditto, Brian. Can’t agree more.

  357. Tony Dephillips

    No guts no glory.
    : )

  358. Catherine,

    I can’t remember how I ended up at the briefing.

    It could have either been when I was at CMU for a short time or while I was at CCHR Int.

    It could have been at one of the HGB conference rooms or at the Bonaventure.

    Anyway it was like a stuck picture on the track since I don’t remember how I got there or why I was there.

    Only that I was there.

    I think when I heard Scientology, H&K and McDonalds mentioned in the same sentence I think my analyzer shut down and I starting going anaten.

  359. Graviora_Manent

    You’re welcome. Glad I could help in some way.

    @K1: Right decision it is. I think you would have lost your mind among other things trying to audit there.

    @Sinar: Good catch on the meaning of my handle. Also, I have to tell you I love your posts.

  360. Good old Paul Adams has tested things back in 2005

    “There are also five items posted to Usenet entitled “Super Power Rundown Series”, issues 1 through 5, dated 5 or 7 May 1993. I don’t know who wrote them. -snap- Anyone can write a bunch of crap and label it “Super Power”, and until others start evaluating this stuff and publishing it where it can be read the mystery will continue. This is just the first “User Review”. ”

  361. Tom,
    Delivering to staff is not profitable and doesn’t generate the donations to Superpower, in which funds are used to get Oak Cove running as well. How would the OTs know about this? It’s only been mentioned on this blog.

  362. Actually the OT Committee is supposed to be a Div 7 activity per the original OEC vols but who’s counting at this point.

    Obviously these morons don’t have a clue.

  363. Trust me Lynne, embellished, but not kidding.

  364. Did anyone else notice: HCO says “REPORT YOUR STATS” then NO REPORT on HCO. Jeesh.


  365. CD,
    I do agree with Mike- Thanks very much for locating those issues, but these seem foreign to what I ran. Then again, I only had half the rundown. Dan might know.

  366. CD

    I don’t where this “confidential” ref came from but its not Super Power.

    Since according to the RED they quoted it consists of a dozen different rundowns.

    Yet I only see half that number listed here.

    That and the fact that several of the RDs other than the ERL are not even mentioned like the False Data and Loss RD, the Bright Think RD, the Personal Revival RD, the Perceptic RD or in Dave’s world what is shaping to be some kinda R6 Implant RD are not even mentioned.

    What I see is some kinda version of Viewpoint Processing circa 1952 and as I noted the “ERL” which I have some familiarity with and it doesn’t look anything like that.

    In fact its a rather long list which makes the CS 53 look like a prep check.

    All I can say if they are palming that off in the Free Zone as “Super Power” than they might as well go back to running R3x and Excalibur.

  367. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Now there’s a lady who knows how to carry a torch!


  368. Laura Ann — I’m guessing you are talking about the “New New OT VIII”
    since the original Maiden Voyage was sometime in 1989 — I could check my OT VIII bracelet …

    So when you completed in September 2005 that figure was either counting the recycled OT VIIIs or starting over.

    When I completed we weren’t given a number and our bracelets just had a date. All sorts of nutso reasons were given.


  369. barneyrubble

    I hear you loud and clear!

  370. You´re right. I wish that too. A shame that I was born too late for that. When I arrive to the age to get trained the GAT have already arrived.



  371. Glad you remember it Marty.

    I was the first “Made in Latam” GAT auditor and got sended to my mission after that, so what you say makes totally sense to me.



  372. Exactly Sinar ol’buddy.

    Actually if you look at it we are the back lash to David Blofeld’s plans for world domination.

  373. Very true POT.

    Also another lie is that the change in sensitivity is due to an increase or decrease in mass when the truth is it is solely due to resistance.

  374. staff have literally been being tortured for years for being “non-compliant” to “Command Intention” by not having every single persona on planet earth onto “the Basics.”

    There is no LRH Reference anyone has to do something referred to as “The Basics”.
    Its an arbitrary.

    One could go into an org, insist he do a 1987-based training checksheet authorized by LRH and refuse to do any non-LRH authorized Program/Course such as GAT … and you’d end up in Qual/Ethics for a “Handling”. One can’t even get any standard LRH Courses anymore without being shot for asking.

  375. Mike,

    About the “basics”.

    A few years back I got a call from someone at CLO asking me if I was on my “basics”.

    Told her that I was Class VI and had already done them since they are part of the Briefing Course.

    Then I said something silly like shouldn’t you be training auditors instead of putting them on the “basics”.

    And her response was…..

    Wait for it big Mike….

    That these days they were more interested in making “Scientologists” instead of Auditors.

  376. MOG,

    Ain’t caller ID a wonderful invention 😉

  377. Not so unbelievable Lynne.

    When I first routed onto the BC in ’84 the Course Admin handed me a pack (sorry I didn’t count how many pages) for Level A(back then it was Levels A-F instead of almost the entire alphabet) which looked for all intents and purposes to be a “course pack” but was in fact ….

    The checksheet!!!!!!

  378. Yes 40 well as I was telling Mike in an earlier comment that student would naturally do all their basic books while training on their levels and especially the BC.

    In fact I mentioned this fact to someone from CLO who called me up a few years back.

    Of course who’d listen to some disaffected dog meat out in the field anyway who was merely an auditor and not a Scientologist or whatever.

  379. Thanks Lise.

    It pretty much once again confirms what I’ve known and that is they are “programming” every one who’s left down the Grade Chart and as Sinar more than suggests sticks ’em in an endless Squirrel Cage.

  380. Sam,

    Supposedly one of the prerecs for Solo is HQS either that or Auditor Training of some kind so I have no idea where they are going with this other than some dark place as usual.

  381. GetTheConcept

    Respectfully, unless you’ve seen Roberto audit and observed his TRs, metering, procedure and auditor beingness, you do not qualify to evaluate his auditing abilities. You do not know whether his auditing is “the real thing” or not unless you observe him. The method of evaluation of his skills that you are using here is similar to DM’s, when he says that anyone who has not done GAT is not a sufficiently skilled auditor, without actually looking at the individual’s auditing.

  382. In confusion but with the stable datum that if I DON’T show up, I’m in serious trouble!

  383. Not only does the meter become unreadable at low TA, making the auditor up sensitivity, it can also beome unreadable at high TA so he has to lower it. The highest value was the opportunity to sell again to all auditors who already had 2 meters.

  384. Thanks CD! That Ethics Repair List was not the one I had recalled. H

  385. In addition to the courseroom stats, pushing to have people IN THE ORG doing Basics pushes up the BIS – Bodies in the Shop. I think BIS explains the obsession with geting people IN THE ORG.

  386. It’s the best I can come up with with Data mining

  387. What’s the best meter to use, in your opinion, POT, Erwin and RJ? And why? Thanks.

  388. We have a small storm here where none exists, looks like my post wasn’t the best possible wording. There’s an “if” in it because I truly do not know anything about Roberto’s auditing skills so I left it open-ended.

    Here’s what I really meant: Roberto signed up for auditor training and it’s a sure bet he expected to get the full range and kind of training LRH wanted him to have. Instead, Davey’s church gave him the DM version – GAT, funny drills, wrong focus and all the rest of the outpoints we discuss here. It’s not at all different from signing up for auditing and getting something that looks like a comm cycle but has inval slipped in instead of realARC – the public didn’t receive what they expected to get (DM’s trademark action).

    That’s all that I meant, nothing more, and definitely nothing about an opinion on the student’s skill – after all auditors are made in the interne chair, not the student chair, right? Roberto’s later comment shows he did receive what I intended, I just wanted to clear the air for anyone else who may have got the wrong message.

  389. I feel duplicated and acked, thank you for that Roberto!


  390. Marg,

    Probably the Mark VI since it was the last meter that Ron worked personally in the development of.

    See the HCOB Dissertation on Emeter cans.

    A Mark Super VII is okay but I was never too impressed with its performance compared to the VI.

    So it has a digital TA counter.


    The needle is too light and thus doesn’t have enough momentum to cause the F/N to persist through an assessment of a 53 or any other list you are trying to F/N.

    See the HCOB entitled “Reading Through an F/N”.

    A Mk V is a good meter but at higher levels like NOTs it isn’t reliable with a one hand electrode which was the reason for the development of the VI.

    You could probably get away with the “Quantum” if you really must as long as you are aware of its….er….foibles regarding the sensitivity.

    On a blow down the sensitivity decreases probably in many cases obscuring the F/N.

    So either bone up on your Rehab Tech if you decide to use one or learn to crank up the sen slightly as the blow down occurs.

    On a high TA you may get “reading” items that are above the PC or Pre OT’s ability to confront per the HCOB on Assessment.

    So get good at handling a lot of false and protest reads per the HCOBs on Checking False

    Unusual solutions for a meter which itself was created as part of an unusual solution known as GAT.

    Hope this helps.

  391. My answer would be completely covered by RJ’s. For some reason I kept both my VI’s when the church started to take them out of the field.

  392. plainoldthetan

    Margaret: I’m afraid I only have pre-clear auditing experience on a Mark V, pre-clear auditing experience on a Mark VII. My Mark VIIs were both converted to Quantums by the time I got on my OT levels. I have no significant life experience on a Mark VI. So in my spectrum of experience, a pre-Quantum Mark VII is preferable to a Quantum VII. And a Mark V is fine for pre-clear auditing.

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