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How would you like some expansion news without the hype, mind-numbing made-up figures, and fictional anecdotes?   Just some straight, Indies-style dope?

Monique “Mosey” Rathbun is a natural auditor.  From the day I met her she had an innate ability to listen interestedly, duplicate, understand and without evaluation or invalidation acknowledge in such a fashion as to communicate that she got it.  She exercised those abilities to help me out of the valley of the shadows of death.   Since then she has been audited to Clear. She has listened to all LRH lectures from 1950 through 1962 (including PDC and all Congresses).  She did that during her two hours of commute each day to and from her 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. job in the city.

And even while working those hours in the city she has managed to create an incredibly theta environment in our home.  I was reminded of her aura when listening the Science of Survival lectures again recently where LRH talks of the South American chapel where people lose their crutches simply by arriving there.  Now, for the literal types I will say for the record only two out of the dozens who have been here have originated that by simply arriving they blew long time, severe somatics. But all who have spent much time around Mosey I think will agree this passage from the same lecture applies to her:

Here you have a case, then, of a tremendous amount of theta automatically disenturbulating  a little entheta. Boom.  Now, theoretically, you could actually form a group of people who are sufficiently theta that a newcomer walking into their midst would disenturbulate just through association with these people…This theta is not something intangible. We can feel it.

Mosey has been so inspired by the wins she has contributed to at Casablanca that she decided some time ago to train to be an auditor and to devote her life to giving more people those kinds of wins.

Well, being a very responsible person she executed a transition plan so that none of her many happy clients in her health care profession would suffer from her pursuit of her dreams.

I am happy to announce that today is Mosey’s last day of outside work.

She joins me full time as of this weekend.   She is on Method One Word Clearing and the Student Hat.  She’s already completed TRs, old school hard way style.  She’ll be auditing lower level pcs by mid to late summer.  Maybe supervising a bit while I  am auditing.  In any event making this old, beat-up locomotive function a lot more effectively.

Where this train goes from there is anybody’s guess.

I said from the beginning that organizationally I am following LRH’s first discovery that lead to the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology, function monitors structure.

Well, welcome to function junction.

A little song that reminds me of Mosey and I know reminds the both of us of each person we’ve hosted so far in this journey and I reckon those we have yet to meet:

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  1. Congratulations, Mosey. Great news. Expansion is the name of the game.

  2. Floating Needle


    The Lower Level needs some good, trained auditors. I’ll be doing what I can to line up PC’s for her…

  3. Dear Marty,

    Your description of your wife brought tears to my eyes. So theta and just a beautiful message!
    Congratulations to Mosey for all she has done as her power soars!
    You guys are amazing!
    With Love,

  4. I’m sure others are having the same emotional feeling as I am, well expressed by a line I’ll borrow from the movie “Little Big Man”, and modify just a bit:

    Our hearts soar!

  5. Impartial English Girl

    That’s great news, Mrs. R. MANY congratulations and good luck to you. What a good team you make – you, Mr. Rathbun and the ever-lovely Chiquita… The Three Musketeers at Casablanca!

    IEG xxx

  6. You did it Mosey! Well done! Marty has done amazingly well in coping his one man show – I’m so thankful he has. We are blessed that you are coming on board -I can hardly wait to see the changes in Casablanca with you and Marty teaming up full time. Congrats on all you and Marty have accomplished. Truly inspirational.

  7. Congratulations Mosey! And Marty too! Such wonderful news. It’s great to see real Scientology delivery — of all levels — expanding outside the low-toned deception of the CoM.

  8. Congratulations Mosey!

  9. Really lovely, heartwarming news. I for one would be audited by Mosey in a heartbeat; I don’t think there will be any lack of PCs in her “HGC” somehow! Fantastic.

  10. TroubleShooter

    Marty and Mosey,

    I’m so happy to hear the news of your mutual create and expansion. We all know that the world needs more auditors. It sounds like you really hit the jackpot Marty when you met Mosey. I look forward to meeting you Mosey and to picking up the cans with you Marty. Me and mine share a similar soulful connection so I know the joy from which such a union can make life a wonderful game. This post has made my day.

  11. I loved this communication. I loved that LRH recognized that theta is tangible and shared this with us.

    When theta became tangible for me was when I really started making gains as a being. When I could perceive theta as itself and perceive as theta using “theta perception.”

    That’s the moment that I really understood how affinity, reality and communication comprised theta.

    Reality may be agreement on many levels. But reality is also an elementary sensory awareness of theta, that is part of theta, and that precedes any agreement.

    It’s that level of reality that I perceive here, which keeps me coming back. It’s a reality that precedes agreement.

    The reality here is often disagreement and turmoil.

    But, preceding that is the reality that helps comprise theta, and is part of the affinity and communication we witness flowing forth here nearly every day.

    Even in the face of great enturbulation.

    The affinity, reality and communication that comprise the group dynamic theta here leaves me with a smile that is so broad it often reaches all the way down to the body and spreads to those in the body’s vicinity.

    So, kudos to you, Mosey. Kudos for bringing that big lug back from the brink. Kudos for having enough theta to sooth that much enturbulation. Just in terms of theta mathmatics, theta ratios, it was a Wow! job.

    You stand next to Niagara Falls and feel all that power.

    Maybe sort of like that.

    With a smile.

    Holding hands.


  12. Congratulations Mosey!

  13. John Fennessey

    Well it doesn’t get any better than that. Auditors are the most valuable beings on the planet. There is nothing more to say except congratulations, thank you, and welcome home.

  14. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    Ciao Mosey,
    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We did experience your kindness, and friendship and has been a great experience.
    Thanks for being there for all of us.
    Is really important.
    Claudio & Renata

  15. Nicely done and congratulations Mosey.

    A very nice acknowledgement of your wife Marty.

  16. It’s a love story! My heart sings!

  17. Mosey, I love you, your amazing. Knowing you is an honor!

  18. M and M, WOW! What a great team. Congratulations to both of you.
    Stats are up! Go buy a new car! Love Sargio

  19. Thank you everyone! I am here at work trying to wrap things up. I have not read every comment yet but I will. I just wanted to acknowledge everyone here for setting such a stellar example for me!
    To the love of my life……You are my true inspiration….alone we may be good….but together……..we are WOW!!!

  20. Go for it, babes!! (clap hands)

  21. Mosinator.

  22. “To the love of my life……You are my true inspiration….alone we may be good….but together……..we are WOW!!!”
    Yes you are 😀

  23. BIG smile. REALLY BIG!!!

  24. Who doesn’t love Mosey that has met her and talked to her? When I first met Mosey I thought she had a real easiness about her that would make a good auditor. She already has Auditor beingness. Her comm cycle was already impressive.

    I like that you picked up on Function Monitors Structure and ru with this datum.. This has been one of my favorite datums, since 1984 when I was working in Action CMOI with Paul Grady. We were trying to get EU to man up their Action Bureau and Mssionare Uit and no amount of orders were getting it done. One day Grady walked into Action from study and said “You know what I just learned? Function Monitors Structure. The way we get EU to man up Action is to send them orders to fire missions”. So we did. We sent them orders to fire out about 12 missions immediately. One week later EU had a huge Action Branch and Missionaire Unit. I saw that before my very eyes and I learned a real OT secret in building orgs.

    There is going to be so much demand for auditing/training at the Casa Blanca that you are going to end up with a Casa Blanca Majoro Grande.

    ML Tom

  25. mark mckinstry

    Congratulations.. Look forward to hearing your wins on the 4th..

  26. M&M,
    Congratulations and thanks for the expansion news! You guys are setting the example of Flourishing and Prospering in the face of Dear Leader’s wild and crazy antics of suppression!

  27. Great to hear it. Well Done Mosey!

  28. I believe this is the kind of environment that Scientology was meant to be delivered in. Congrats, you guys! You deserve all the happiness!

  29. Firebreathing Frog

    Great news.
    My god, I just ear big expansion and people moving up the bridge in the independent field like never before.
    While COB RTC David Miscavige is busy building a new course room to crush down all OT VII back onto the objectives, the independents are moving them UP the bridge full blast.
    I love what’s happening right now.
    David Miscavige, you too late, you can NOT stop that momentum.

  30. (UPI News Flash)
    April 29, 2011


    Today, David Miscavige, COB of the Religious Technology Center, the semi-corporate structure that monitors the Churches of Scientology across the world, announced that he is constructing a ‘Floating Super-Church’ of Scientology, capable of docking at any location for indefinite periods of time.

    Essentially a refurbished ninety-six room mansion mounted on a barge, complete with its own solar-powered generator, a running track, a pole, a sauna, a shooting range, a helicopter landing pad, a large chain locker for disciplinary reasons, and a large crystal dome for Sunday services as well as for highly confidential advanced counseling techniques.

    The vessel will be powered through the water by a group of eighty dedicated staff of billion-year contracted loyalists who will row the ‘church’ around to various waters in the world where they are most needed at any given time.

    Part of its maiden voyage festivities will include Scientologist, Tom Cruise, giving a demonstration of his unrivaled strength and endurance by towing the vessel the entire width of the Gulf of Mexico by the use of a rope clenched in his teeth while swimming non-stop the entire distance.

    Captain David Miscavige will be on hand as helmsman at its launching party, along with celebrity Scientologists John Travolta (Vinnie Barbarino re-enactment skit), Jason Lee (rumored to have an ‘Earl List’ of damages his church has done to others that requires amends to be made), Kirsti Alley (promoting her versatile weight loss/gain/loss/gain program), and the highly anticipated Billion Year Galactic Dancers from Golden Era Productions who will parachute onto the barge from one of Cruise’s fighter jets while on fire and swing-dancing in the air, accompanied by the revitalized Jive Aces who will be suspended by one single large parachute.

    The initial voyage’s itinerary includes pit-stops at all the major beaches and ports along the entire perimeter of the Gulf. It’s Grand Finale Celebration Party will be held off the coast of Corpus Christi on July 4th of this year.

    One of the main activities throughout the voyage will be to ‘route’ boats, swimmers, oil men, fishermen, intelligent dolphins, illegal immigrants making their way across the treacherous waters towards America, and others into the floating church to be introduced to the subject of Scientology through the use of a state of the art digital information system consisting of videos run through an interactive proprietary artificial intelligence enlightenment protocol, free stress tests and complimentary haircuts, as well as job opportunities for qualified applicants.

    The secondary purpose of the mobile church (and some say its actual senior purpose) is to offer an alternative to the burgeoning ‘Independent Scientology Counselor’ movement which has started to attract an increasing number of disgruntled Church of Scientology parishioners, based on the radical disciplinary measures the church takes on its own members and staff, as well as the near-impossible sky-high pricing or ‘donation’ structure which typically leaves members bankrupt and distraught and last but not least a growing disagreement with the alterations Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige has introduced into the scriptures of L. Ron Hubbard’s spiritual philosophy.

    Phone calls to the Church of Scientology were not immediately returned.


  31. “Here you have a case, then, of a tremendous amount of theta automatically disenturbulating a little entheta. Boom. Now, theoretically, you could actually form a group of people who are sufficiently theta that a newcomer walking into their midst would disenturbulate just through association with these people…This theta is not something intangible. We can feel it”

    It would have been my greatest desire for that to be occuring between my self and Loki. And the others. Unlokilly this did not happen.
    Good luck to you both.

  32. This is real expansion with real tech. Congrats Mosey!!!

  33. Tony Dephillips

    Maybe the cult can re-implement the passport to freedom again?

  34. Wholy cow! Some true statistics! Thanks for that! Must be the first since Miscavige took over. I remember an event in LA quite some time ago when one of the officials claimed something like “…and now every hospital in the world use silence during surgery and birth…” and I started to try to figure out why I hadn’t read anything about that in the Swedish newspapers. Such a dramatic change should have been reported at least somewhere. That was the first time I started thinking that there might be something seriously wrong about what’s being reported.

    The rest is history.

  35. Tony Dephillips

    Way to go Mosey.
    Good thing you never got into the cult of cabbage. You would be bogging on the “pro” metering course about now.

  36. Congratulations to you both! Awesome news in the universe of theta! 😀

  37. Congrats to the both of you. A big congrats. And Mosey is so pretty…nice picture!
    Also, a big thanks for doing what is right, on behalf of the disenfranchised, the disenchanted, and well…the straight up dissed.
    Marty, you have done a tremendous amount to make up a lot of damage. You have definitely taught me a few things along the way, too. I know that I ended up here for a reason, and thus far, the ‘why’ has been fun to figure out.

  38. Congrats, Mosey!

    I’d been meaning to post this a day or two ago, but there’s a link on ESMB with Sydney Day’s stat graphs that’s quite interesting.


  39. Beautiful, in all senses of the word!

  40. Tony-Boy, are you right!

  41. Congratulations Mosey on your accomplishments and the love you and Marty have for one another.

  42. Mosey you are AMAZING and your gonna be an AMAZING Auditor too!!!!! You are just so incredibly THETA!!!!
    You and Marty are going to continue to have so many PC’s at Casablanca your gonna need a Gigantic Guest Book.
    Congratulations and have fun training.
    Love Lori

  43. Kathy Braceland

    Now that’s just some good old fashioned wonderful news. Beautiful! I’m still smiling!

  44. Dear Mosey,

    Such wonderful news!

    One of my favorite 2 verses from the Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha come from the chapter “Yourself”

    “Never neglect your work
    For another’s,
    However great his need.

    Your work is to discover your work
    And then with all your heart
    To give yourself to it.”

    Seems like you’ve discovered your work, are making it a comfortable transition for those who depended on you and now have your entire future in front of you to give yourself to your dream.

    May you be an inspiration to others, to do the same.

    With love,

  45. Congratulations Mosey! You are really on course now. So many good things will come from this.

  46. Marty and Mosey

    What totally wonderful news!
    Power to power, whichever way you look at it.

    And all of this happening , while being probably the the most focused target of suppression by Scientology Inc.

    Marty and Mosey… You both wear “big boots!”


  47. Howard Roark


    I’m reading this in a Starbucks right now attracting attention because I am laughing out loud. This actually sounds like something they would try to put over at an event.

    Thanks for the laugh OTDT 🙂

  48. Howard Roark

    The stats about Scn being the most searched term on the Internet was the first time that I could verify for a fact that Miscavige was false reporting at an Int event. A lot of the “good news” reported at the Int events seemed incredulous but I refused to try and reconcile the contradictions because I could not accept that Miscavige and the other presenters were outright going on the record and lying to all of us.

    There are no contradictions in this universe.

  49. Howard Roark

    Congratulations Mosey 🙂

    Thanks for being strong.

  50. Yessssssssssssssss! very good news! I’m so happy to read this.
    Congrats Mosey!

    Marty…? Where, How,… more precisely what kind of Radar do you have to attract this wonderful ladies ?

  51. Congratulations Mosey,
    Besides all the good wishes above I like to ack you for your amazing study stats!

  52. Watching Eyes

    Last day at an outside job………now that’s cool. Congratulations Mosey on the start of your new journey/career/job…….life!

  53. What great expansion news! Really nice job, Mosey and Marty … Hallelujah!

  54. Florish & prosper… theta style
    Way to go Mosey & Marty, this planet really needs that sort of stuff.

  55. Michael Fairman

    Great news, Mosey. True expansion. Congratulations to both of you. It’s a wonderment!

  56. Congratulations, Mosey!

    I hope this works out well for you both personally and professionally. A small suggestion: I am concerned that the CoS may try to not only read your phone records, but to read PC folders, as well. If you are not already doing so, I strongly encourage you to consider not having any sort of records with personal information at Casa Blanca. Please let the PC keep control of their own records. This will not only protect the PCs, but it will also protect you and Marty from any liability or accusations of misconduct with privelaged information.

    Mr. Fancy

  57. I’m very happy to hear about this Mosey.
    I was lucky to have gotten into Scientology at a time when the majority of people were encouraged to train. And when I say train, I mean audit audit audit. Literally into the thousands of hours between student auditing, co-audits, internships and volunteer stuff or field auditing.
    Probably the biggest tragedy with what happened to the “church” was the loss of that culture.
    Why? Because I’m convinced that one cannot make it all the way without being a damn good auditor. Auditing is how you handle life.
    Mosey, I know you are going to have a wonderful adventure. Congratulations on your new career.

  58. Mosey, you are a wonderful person.

  59. Ohhh! At first I thought you were going to say she was pregnant. 🙂 That would be Expansion of another sort entirely.

  60. M + M,
    that’s very great news indeed.

    Because I have no doubt that Co$ + DM are going to supply you with an ever increasing flood of people in search of he real tech.

  61. Congratulations Mosey!
    Wonderful news, I wish you the best for this new era.

  62. YAY Mosey! Job well done. As a caregiver myself I can imagine how thrilled you are with these new tools.

  63. Beautiful post!

    Beautiful lady!

    Beatiful song!


  64. Mosey, you are special, very special.

  65. one of those who see

    Theta, theta and more theta coming from Casablanca!! Mosey, you are helping to rehabilitate the purposes and dreams of those of us who found Scientology so many years ago.

    “I said from the beginning that organizationally I am following LRH’s first discovery that lead to the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology, function monitors structure.” – Just love this Marty. I’m so glad you have such a wonderful partner in Scientology and in life.

  66. Congratulations Mosey and Marty.
    Expansion is what needed and wanted.

  67. Joe Pendleton

    I haven’t had the honor of meeting Mosey yet. She seems to be full of intelligence, theta, affinity, compassion, devotion…….and……heck, she’s beautiful too!!!! Marty, you lucky dog!

  68. Mosey,
    Hello sunshine! Congratulations! love, Laura Ann

  69. Congratulations Mosey !! Wonderful news.

  70. Scott Campbell

    Mosey, Mosey, Mosey…

    What a treasure you are. It’s great to have you back on tech lines. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!

    In honor of your stellar achievements thus far, I’ll modify the “old saw” to: “WITH every great man, there’s a great woman!”

    Thank you for helping us.

    L, Scott

  71. Mosey & Marty,

    Il fait bon vivre!
    (Life is good!)

  72. Wow, judging by those stats, Casablanca is approaching the size of Cont Org Sydney Day. Congratulations, Mosey!

  73. Great literary enactment. Thanks OTDT

  74. High 5 Mosey…I would love to be your PC someday.
    ML; Jack

  75. A big congratulations hug to both of you. You guys will do great!

  76. Very cool stuff!!!

    VWD Mosey!

  77. Thanks DSM,
    The stats look pretty grim and the Org insolvent, 4 months ago. Looks like there’s creditors which haven’t been paid in over 3 years! I don’t think they had a good Christmas…

  78. And with another STANDARD auditor added, once again, Casa Blanca wins the Birthday Game, while DM and company just play games.

    Well done, Mosey.


  79. You did it, Mosey!! Yaayyy!

    Yours and Marty’s place is super safe–I had no somatics to blow but I’ll tell you what blew when I first showed up–any bad feelings I had whatsoever concerning my entire time track with the BS. When we got into session there was no out rud! Finally! Because the whole environment was made safe and the whole intention was to make auditing *for the pc* happen, not for the reg, for the stats, for a reputation, for dirt to spread around about the pc later on, or for the king of squirrels. Blechh!

    How many years has it been since someone could go in session, in an establishment run by the C of $ administration, and be genuinely interested in their own case and willing to talk to their auditor about anything? Well, now it happens at the Casa. A long time ago I had some very good auditors but Marty has absolutely been the best. And Mosey has helped to make that all possible. She is a true product of the tech–someone who genuinely wants to learn and do more because of the gains she received. Now she’s going to do the same to others!

    This is great news, you guys….meeeeYOW!

  80. Thanks Mosey,

    I know you’ll make a great auditor and have many winning PCs.

    When all is said and done.

    That’s what the game called Scientology is all about.

    You were already one of the most valuable beings on the planet.

    So now it is just a matter of more training and practice.

    It seems you’ve already got the basics covered.



  81. OTDT,

    Could you thank Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s UPI for giving us such a timely update.

    Rumor has it that Tom bit a shark on the way into the Gulf of Mexico.

    Is there any truth this rumor?

    Plus other one about a shark that was about to attack David Miscavige deciding he was too small and throwing him back on board.

    (Also there may have been something about professional courtesy as well)

    Hopefully you can get the full story back to us before it goes to press at THE WASHINGTON TIMES.

    Signed DM Press Off KCET

  82. Marty and Mosey,

    You two sound like you were *destined* for one another in this time and place and I mean by those Higher Powers who are rooting for us poor mixed up humans (yes, I believe there are such and you two are on their side – and ours).
    So, now you have the Casablanca Tejas Field Group. Well, keep going like this and before you know it, you’ll be the Casablanca Tejas Mission of Independent Scientology and so forth!
    With my highest regards,
    Michael A. Hobson

  83. Awesome you thetan, you theta doll!

    I consider all auditors my friends.

    I consider them that even when they squirrel.

    I believe they have a right to express themselves and their opinions.

    I would not for a moment hamper their right to think.

    I think of auditors and Scientologist as the free people.

    I don’t expect auditors or Scientologists to instantly agree with
    or seize upon whatever I say.

    I would be offended if they did and would feel they weren’t free people.
    Since they are intelligent I expect them to think over what’s said,
    try it, and if it’s good for them, use it.

    L. Ron Hubbard
    from ‘What do I think of auditors’ by L. Ron Hubbard

    Bruce Pratt

  84. Yay Mosey!!! You are the best.
    Love you to pieces. 🙂

  85. Very well done Mosey. I once thought Marty had some other fish to fry and said so as I still don’t get the reason he let a certain girl post (can’t recall name) that she wanted the copyrights to be desolved so to speak along with Marty appearing to work on such a thing. As well, she said that she then could just sit down and read some NOTS and she did not see why not. I cannot understand how on one hand your a champion of standard tech and then that, as well why the other following: why have a video entitled and intro to L Ron Hubbard then have a J and D guy with his bare ass hanging out as he walks away from what was a mocked up comm crse? Why to give a platform to an “auditor” who when I commed to him came back with his own tech of handlings with psych drugs included (for wogs of crse), then too why have a video championing the discovery of little brain nerons when it was all about the brain and is was a psych influenced video.

    I want to believe you, that is the problem, but the above still lingers and makes me wonder how is it you can have the above along with a purported purpose to only be standard tech. This is sincerely not a critique, but an honest …..don’t get it , does not add up. How can you think Scn is behind the times and the little brain neron video was more advanced??? If I misunderstand any of the above, then please post. As to your sticking your neck out to “out” Miscavige, that I agree with 100%. I just did not see how the above added up and made me think that you had other fish to fry. I hope I am wrong , as sometimes Marty you do come off as a very sincere and genuine guy of standard tech. I support that, I may not like what Hubbard is now, but his works are and always will be brilliant and the only thing that will save all Beings anywhere. The only problem is, if the real OT levels are kept to Hubbard and Miscavige (and maybe a few others), then there really is a ceiling on the Bridge. You say the real OT levels were not finished. That is definately not true for I know for certain on this as there is no way the things I have seen first hand are simply the results of an )OT8, but of much higher levels (like can rearrange mest body particles, cause thunder etc), and frankly in the hands it is in well let’s just say we are not exactly in good hands (both missed their FPRD apparently or were purposely screwed with). If a mad man has that power (and they do) then one wonders whos hands is that level of power safe with. If a Being can mockup invisibility then they can say theoretically go into say the Pentagon, or maybe cause Tidal Waves (theoretically), anyone on a lower level cannot control them. Should that potential power exist beyond in the hands of God ? I wonder as the two I know who have such exhibit extreme evil tendencies like threatening one’s life and showing one how it would be if they mocked up cancer in one only to use it as a means to blackmail one for “the cure” within their reach. Unreal? Well, that is unfortunate and makes it all the more possible that they can get away with crimes they cannot be charged with. In HOM there is reference to “don’t be surprized if a few thetans take over the remaining race and pull the air cover off”, well not to be Debbie downer but this is actually not that unreal as far as some of the efforts that are on going. Since both parties are somewhat Mad they probably will not complete their cycles of actions. That is the good news. However that data exists and if in the wrong hands it is evidence to me already that this is not just about a bunch of OT’s who say screw the C of M and let’s do our own standard tech. If Hubbard were gotten by you and cleaned up he could be gotten back on the rails to put back in “the actual Creed of the Church”, you know really free Beings (not get them up to the existing highest level then overrun them and bankrupt the rest), or as I have been apparently at times a guinea pig for procedures of how to enslave, imagine if you had someone knowingly keep in restim whole track 2d stuff so as to knowingly be able to overwhelm one’s body and place anchor pts within the body (implanted ones) by use of radiation beams they mockup repeatedly and place on one. I have had efforts to take over my body by both of them and it is not imaginary. Why this is most likely to be gotten away with is, who would believe me? It is not within the realm of any past Scn history or phenomena. And, if one reads Hubbard one thinks of him as the most compassionate, caring, brilliant Thetan to ever live and how would he, or why would he ever do such criminal things to one, let alone confess to other let’s say much grosser crimes (not to be mentioned here).

    You really want to save Scn or are you all talk? Perhaps Hubbard really does not plan on ever fulfilling “The Creed of the Church” (I know Miscavige does not). I think the only chance is to recover him and false data strip him of the idea that Miscavige was his only savior and correct the out Tech on his case and clean him up overall. If he really has some “mission” to be “Lucifer” as some writings infer (don’t know) then some good ole FPRD would clean that up. Who’s gonna do it? I am not auditor trained, but I know what I see and have experienced is accurate. Over to you.

  86. “It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are amongst the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings. Their will to do, their motives, their ability to grasp and to use are superior to that of any other profession.

    I think of an auditor as having INITIATIVE. He is able to grasp or make a mock- up and put it into action.

    Auditors survive better than other people.

    If this world has any faintest chance of surviving it will be not because I write, but because auditors can and will think and do.

    I think our auditors came from beings lately arrived on Earth who, seeing where it was going, decided to band together to send it elsewhere.”


    Congrats Marty and Mosey. 🙂

    Let me know you if you need someone to train to Class XII


  87. AMAZING NEWS!!!!!! Real expansion!!
    Mosey, you are one of the most gentle and powerful souls that I have ever met.
    Much Love

  88. As I read this great win I am reminded of a statement made by the Bishop of London to Prince William and his bride: “Marriage should transform as husband and wife make one another their work of art.”
    Wishing you continued wins and success in your works of art.

  89. Thank you, Mosey!!! This is just wonderful news. We are so proud of you!!!

  90. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Theta is as Theta Does! Gotta love the M&Ms 😀

    Mosey, Thank you for being who you are!

    Love and ARC,


  91. Cossack Jones

    Dear Marty,
    As a concerned Scientologist and staff member, I would love to send you personal, theta comm. But I can’t find an e-mail address!

  92. Dear Marty,

    As a young, but life-long Scientologist. I have to say that I absolutely love your blog. I discovered it just last week and ever since have been “burning the midnight oil” as another commenter so eloquently and correctly said.

    While I simply cannot take on faith that all you say is 100%, without-a-doubt true, I am not stupid, and I am not blind. A lot of what you have said rings true to my integrity as a being and as a Scientologist. The most real of these outpoints which you have laid out is the obvious falsification of statistics, as well as exaggeration of irrelevant stats (Total minutes of ads playing on TV? Really?…) Our “Ideal” Orgs are far from any sense of the word: “Ideal”. Ideal Morgue has been used, and, unfortunately, it’s an accurate description. To me, it is the single most depressing thing to walk into a big course room with lots of tables, chairs, books and seeing two people on opposite sides of the room. I remember my days as a youngster in a Mission, and feeling at home and bloody PROUD to study my Student Hat in a packed course room.

    In my opinion, if the title “Ideal Org” existed, an Org should have to work fucking HARD to get that title. Hauling ass day in, day out. Getting those PCs in those chairs, giving them their cans and AUDITING! An Org should not be declared “Ideal” simply because it is poshed up and looks fancy. Though now that I think about it, aren’t those Orgs called Saint Hill size?

    As for me being on staff, I feel that while there is awful suppression on the upper lines, there have to be enough theta, well-meaning and ethical people on the lower lines to at least attempt to preserve some resemblance of the intentions of LRH: to HELP PEOPLE!!!!!

    Thankfully, I get to do that. If only by shooting a smile and a greeting to grant a passerby beingness.

    I do hope that I’ll see the day that something big happens and things begin to change back to how it was laid out to be: A trust and a crusade.

  93. The Queen of Hearts is always your best bet.

  94. Scott Campbell

    July is coming soon!

  95. plainoldthetan


    Excellent! Welcome to the party, pal!

    And good on finding a way to train that suited you and didn’t subject you to endless drilling in the clutches of The Church of Scientology.

    One makes auditors by auditing.


  96. Words.
    “… Monique “Mosey” Rathbun is a natural auditor. From the day I met her she had an innate ability to listen interestedly, duplicate, understand and without evaluation or invalidation acknowledge in such a fashion as to communicate that she got it. …”
    A wog would have said something like: “I love her.”.
    When wogs love they develop this innate ability to listen interestedly, duplicate, understand and without evaluation or invalidation acknowledge.

  97. There is a little eye-witness report from on-lines public at “Ideal” London Org from Feb here:

    “The class room never contained more than 6 students at any point in time in the theory, between 2 and 5 in the practice, 2 or 3 I think were staff though.

    In the div 6 I have been only once and I remember about 6 students.

    HGC: never seen anybody there apart from one auditor and a couple of times another auditing room saying in session, terrific.

    The staff I have met was:
    Lorraine, ED
    James Fraser
    Stefania Cisco, DSA
    Omayma, Sup
    Nic Greene, Auditor and his wife can’t recall her name, Examiner
    Nicole, OT8, sometimes as a receptionist
    Adam, Ethics Officer
    Christine?? div 6 sup
    then I have seen five or six more staff but I can’t recall the name or post

    Most of the org was empty, LOC course room with lights off, I had the impression there was no new public, zero traffic of people passing by and entering asking around, but I might have observed the scene for too little time.”

  98. Now, there’s a great example of “aligning your dynamics”. Congratulations, Mosey!

  99. martyrathbun09

    Spend more energy in finding out who you are, rather than speculating as to who others are, and I think you’ll become a lot less confused.

  100. EIGHTH DYNAMIC, superior life beings is all that is a dynamic of. There always are going to be superior life beings around so it is a dynamic, a definite dynamic. (SH Spec 30, 6407C15)

    When two such beings unite for an ethical common purpose…lord knows what might happen.

    The future bodes well.

  101. Cool nick. A rebel solo auditor perhaps? 😉

  102. Bravo! Bravo! 🙂

  103. Dear Mosey and Marty,
    What a theta blog to read as I begin my day. It’s truly inspirational and a reminder to myself to keep my auditor’s hat on and TR’s in, basically stay in valence. Mosey: A VWD to you for making it go right in order to expand “function junction”. My postulate is that I will be arriving there asap for auditing and training.

  104. Dear FA,

    Welcome! I was young once, and on staff with the purpose to Help people, so I know how it feels, standing in an org when Tech is in and the flows are wide open. Like standing on the deck of a sailing ship with all sails open and the wind at your back…..nothing like it in the world. As Tom M mentioned above “Function Monitors Structure”, so get trained, audit, go ahead and help others. You don’t need a fancy building or thousands of dollars of electronics to sit down and help another being…just the purpose to help and some “know-how”. Good luck, and hope you can keep us posted on how things are going.

    And congrats Mosey and Marty! You are already a power team, so who knows how far “up” is up.

  105. GetTheConcept


  106. Thanks Linda! The future is really exciting 🙂

  107. Thanks J-Man! Say hey to the kid and family for me!

  108. Ciao Bella!! Ciao Bello!! Miss you guys! Congrats on the new family addition. She is just wonderful!

  109. Hey Lady! Thanks miss ya!

  110. Hey Sargio buddy! Thanks!

  111. According to Deep Fax’s barge worker contact, Tom was seen letting go of the tow rope momentarily while he chomped down on a six foot hammerhead, shaking it vigorously back and forth in his mouth before spitting it back into the water, just to give it some of its own medicine.

    Also, according to the barge worker, DM was seen trying to imitate TC, but using a minnow instead of a shark. When he tried to spit the fish out it caught on his lip and cut it whereupon he threw a tantrum, tried to get the barge worker who was watching him and laughing, RPFed, but the worker wasn’t even Sea Org, just a civilian worker.

    DM now has to talk out of the other side of his mouth until the wound heals.

  112. Sammie!!! Thanks lady! I am really looking forward to this next chapter! Cna’t wait to see you again! Love to you and your lil ladies!

  113. Christie girl! Hi sweetie. Thanks I am really excited. Love to you guys!!!

  114. Theta smiles all around!

  115. 🙂 🙂 right back at ya babe!

  116. Jimbo! 🙂

  117. What is your point ?

  118. Thanks Ingrid!

  119. Thanks Tony!

  120. Rebel Girl! Thank you so much! We miss you already!

  121. Thank you Steve!

  122. Thank you, the future is REALLY bright 🙂

  123. Hey Miguelito! Thanks so much. VWD to you!

  124. Hi Karen
    Thanks so much. This is going to be quite wonderful!

  125. Hey Haydn, Thanks. Give my love to your family!

  126. Laura lady! Thank you, it is so wonderful to be back on purpose! ❤

  127. You got it Jack! 🙂

  128. Hey you! Thanks so much, I am very fortunate to have him. With each new visitor at Casablanca I am amazed at how powerful the tech is, and can’t wait to experience it on the opposite side of the meter. 🙂 Love to you!

  129. Will do! And maybe a pick up game or two between study 😉

  130. Truth! Hello my friend! Thanks. Love ya

  131. Thank you Free. Hope to see you soon!

  132. CBP, 🙂

  133. I hope you keep burning the midnight oil, not take anything on faith and look. For sure something big is going to happen to you. The more email adresses of Scientologists you collect while doing so, the bigger it will be.

  134. Why don’t you get auditor trained? Plenty of choice now: if not by Davey, there’s the Freezone and Indies. It’ll answer a lot of your questions.

  135. Enjoy this next season in your life, Mosey. Congratulations.

  136. You are very good at duplicating 🙂

  137. The support of auditors in this group is positively heartwarming. I feel safe.

  138. Mosey, this is great news! With Marty, you’ll be providing an invaluable service. Thank you.


  139. Dear Mosey,
    Very, Very Well Done on your training, and your moving up to the next post, the one that is such an expansion for you, Marty, Casablanca, and those of us who would like to visit and share in your wins! (Hint, hint.)


    One of my favorite Latin phrases: Illigitimae non carborundum. (Don’t let the bastards get you down). You know whom I’m talking about!

    Much love,

  140. Exactly Catherine daaaarling!

    Those “bastards” are just on the wrong end of history.

    Actually the butt end to be exact 🙂

  141. Thanks Luis. Send you queen my love!

  142. “why have a video entitled and intro to L Ron Hubbard then have a J and D guy with his bare ass hanging out”

    Is this some racist slur ?

  143. Maybe you are Alan. Are you him ?

  144. I hate that word “wog”. To me, if you wish to differentiate (rather than divide/conquer) it could be a more clear communication to state “non-Scientologist” in your post.

    I get you are trying to say that Marty explained about Mosey using “Scientologese”. Yes?

    No offense, because I know those of us who were so insulated from all outsiders that the word “wog” seemed perfectly natural to try and explain one who is not a Scientologist. But in my view, the continued use of this word laid in a false view that “we, Scientologists” were the only sane people with decent aspirations, true kindness, valid abilities – in short – way better and of higher value than others – the wogs.

    It is hard to peel this ugly stuff off.

    Do you remember the times when you were “out” of the COS and saw that – Wow, people out here are really nice, kind, good, able…… What a shock it was, coming out of our unreal cocoon of the COS world.

    Like wow, there really is GOODNESS outside the Church. How sick we were, but trying to get well now……Some of the old “Scientologese” shows the old “colors” we wore, the degrading beliefs we had of others, and of ourselves.

    Inferiority complex has long considered to be a bad sickness. The superiority complex seems so much sicker and its hurtful “products” so much farther reaching.

    Returning to the main point of this post – Mosey is obviously so very able, caring, aware, with beautiful abilities to communicate and try to add to happiness in the world rather than make things worse, i.e. a good person striving to do better, be better. A person of good INTENTIONS. A person of good will. I believe that is what makes our world good, not Scientology itself – which you can use for good or for bad.

    Sorry I’m rambling. I think there are so many truly good and kind people in this world. Many are not Scientologists. And many so-called Scientologists are just plain bad. I no longer choose my friends by whether they are “one of us” or not – rather, what are their intentions, what are their products?

    Does this make me a wog? I’d rather be one, then.

    I really do hate the use of this term.

  145. Great news Mosey, it is terrific. You are without a doubt the fitting “Queen Pin” to be with Marty and I am glad you are together!

    For you both here is a song-chant from the Incredible String Band:

    May the longtime sunshine upon you
    All love surround you
    And the pure light within you
    Guide your way on

  146. Good News!

    This one is for Mosey:

  147. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Mosey, You Rock!

    What a team! I’m so excited for the two of you and the rest of lucky us!!

    Love the song, too. Perfect!

  148. Dear Mosey and Marty, already listening to all those lectures is an impressive piece of work. You are in good company. Please accept both my very best wishes for effectiveness and fullfilling joy.

  149. The Code of a Scientologist:

    15 To stress the freedom to use Scientology as a philosophy in all it’s applications and variations in the humanities.

    Other points too, but that one sticks in my mind recently.

    The Church of Miscavige has no right, legal or otherwise to interfere with the practice of Scientology.

    This to me may be a more real legal point than the human trafficking angle.

    It seems like violation of constitutional right to freely practice ones religion of choice.

  150. Snow White, great to see you back here in your new incarnation. I have missed the wild rides on your logic rollercoaster.

  151. Mosey,
    It seems to me as though you are similar to Columbus or some other early New World pioneer who’s going for freedom newly, in a new place, outside the oppression and suppression of the King’s Establishment that has deteriorated beyond acceptance, but with fresh strength and guided by the wise, based on the postulate of bringing yourself into a new state of nenewed beingness of yourself, a new person of earth, unencumbered by the past, and inspired by the magical ideologies that once existed across the boards for Scientologists in general, before it became a Third Reich DM Reality Show meant to please the Fuhrer, inundated by encouragement meant to propitiatingly approve of his capers, obsessively proving of how he has supposedly been succeeding in his pretended takeover of the world, validating his speeches that are filled with lies and propaganda, his delusions and even his methodologies supported by those fueling his financial rocket ship, driving him onward towards his ironic ultimate demise, despite the collateral damage which is justified on the basis of a mathematical/algebraic formula of the greatest amount of hard cold chrome steel for the greatest amount of hard cold chrome steel.

    Enjoy your continued exciting adventure!

  152. Lucy James

    Wonderful news! Truly wonderful!!!

  153. Sinar:

    That is good news to me, it doesn’t matter where the Org is, just as long as it is one of them. You can’t trust those people in that church. They are either crazy already or getting there.

  154. Yvonne Schick

    Mosey and Marty,

    My most sincere congratulations to both of you. Clearly, the love and support you have for each other makes all your other dynamics stronger. We all benefit from that. I am happy for you and look forward to all the good news to come from this new beginning. Look forward to seeing you again before too long.

    Much love, Yvonne

  155. Mosey is a wonderful being, I can attest to that. She is a true power source and people who will be audited by her are truly lucky…
    Well done Mosey and Marty… what a great team you are!!

    Silvia Kusada

  156. I can’t get through the whole thing dude. Too jumbled and bad grammar. My mind drifts to other things.

  157. Mosey, you rock! I bet you will be an awesome auditor; one of the most valuable beings on the planet.

  158. Howard Roark


  159. Howard Roark

    Welcome. Well done on LOOKING.

  160. Howard Roark

    ??? I’m confused after trying to read that comment.


  161. Mosey the Maserati – goes from 0 to 160 in a blink.
    Sounds like lots of fun ahead.

  162. This news is like refreshing rain… on a dry hot day in hell.

    Marty, your heart is so good!

    Nothing on earth is greater and more enjoyable then being on purpose, doing what you know is your basic goal or Beingness. I think you found that Mosey!! The wins you will have are the best and easiest, those of your PCs, in Standard Tech. in good hands. (Ron really did his job.)

    That said, let me add …a few things;
    I been with this blog long enough to see it grow where it’s free, truly.
    It is free in time; It is free in space; It is free in energy.

    I believe it is in no chance, some kinda fluke, Mosey is with Marty. She belongs with him, and thank God for that. (whatever I am doing here, I don’t really know. But I AM.) And You too! If you are here, reading this with me…well, that mustn’t be just some kind of luck and some kind of “OMG!”

    I came across a Limited print “getting moldy” in my garage today, I looked it over and over and thought of Mosey, and not much else. You should see it too…here’s a link my dear:

    Or here;

    I want you to have it. It’s in the mail.

    1941 was an interesting year. So we work. (that won’t mean much sense unless you see where I am coming from. I’m an odd ball. But so are you! )
    The old adage “now we are supposed to” is LRH saying; ‘Go on and look!’ “DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT!” He was remarkable…. I wouldn’t share this if I felt it too steep a gradient, for Mosey or yourselves here. And this is heavy. So, I trust, you are ready. Fate isn’t entirely ours, I’ve learned. We are just a bit behind…so I try to help, and find, more help is on it’s way.
    Deepest blessings to all of you.
    77 minutes.

  163. Well done to you both!

  164. Wow! What an incredible piece of writing, the sentiment of which I say +1!

    Sorry to go off topic for a moment now, but I have to say that I have never seen such an awesomely-composed single (!) sentence, which at a quick parsing I found to be grammatically correct, with correct spelling and punctuation, (and only one typo 😉 ) – on top of showing great intellect and wit as well as capturing the spirit of the occasion and delivering a very fit tribute. OTDT – you inspire! (Hope I didn’t misspell or commit any gross writing errors, myself, now. :-)) And here I thought you were “just” a great satirist.

    But speaking of inspiring – I agree, Mosey and Marty are doing it in the greatest tradition of freedom seekers! Kudos!!

    By the way, do you remember the story LRH told of having composed a sentence that was so long (how many words was it – 500?) and yet was totally correct – and by so doing challenged his English teacher somehow and incurred his wrath?

  165. Oops, forgot to hit the follow-up comments button so will do it here.

  166. That describes exactly how Davey wants his outfit to be; it’s his ideal scene and thus it’s an Ideal Org. He loves MEST, is utterly careless of others doesn’t listen to anyone. He is in a complete withdrawal from people; it’s exactly his tone level, corroborated by his regular foot bullets, uncontrolled action, wild lies, parasitic lifestyle and other death wishes.

  167. It’s wonderful to see Mosey bloom and study tools that help her with her purpose to help others.

    It’s always peaceful and reassuring seeing people use Scientology, the technology in and of itself — pure tech, true to its purpose, and the ideology in action sans the political times in which it was once enmeshed and sans the current regime that is abusing elements of it to wield the exact opposite results of its science.

    Wishing you all the best, Mosey, in your love and continuing purpose of helping others. I appreciate your respect for the tech as a phenomenal body of work, for not listening to regimes or noise about it, for having it directly and purely, and applying it for its intended purpose (to help and free from anguish and ignorance) and I admire your and Marty’s respect for the person who innovated it ( I personally share that respect, founded in nothing other than observable results and understanding).

  168. Hi Mosey, sorry to be late to the party, but I also wanted to say how awesome this news is. You reminded me of when I first started so many years ago. I wanted to be an auditor more than anything and I was lucky enough to train before Miscavaige changed the tech. I co-audited to Clear and it was just amazing. I loved getting trained and loved co-auditing. There’s just nothing like it. And here we are, so many years later, with the Independents making training (the way LRH intended it), possible again! Your timing is impeccable!
    Every person who has posted who has met you, has had nothing but truly great things to say about you. What a testament to your character. It’s a certainty that you will be an excellent auditor and you will continue to help people as you have been doing all along. I can’t wait to meet you someday.

  169. You made a very good point, DFB. The First Amendment protects us Indies. By interfering with us, they are violating our Constitutional rights. These are actions punishable in civil court, and some of the violations, such as stalking and trespassing, are actionable in criminal court. They have no right to interfere with our religion. Also, some of the activities witnessed could be considered “hate crimes”, which have severe criminal penalties.
    I am going to check with my sttorney on these points. The Indies have experienced way too much activity that should and could be deemed “criminal”. This is not O.K. WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  170. That’s a typical Davey product so you might be right.

  171. Theo Sismanides

    Dear Mosey, it is so good to have this alignment of the dynamics. From the day we met you here we see a peaceful, calm and powerful being who is more and more interested in life. This is powerful. Now imagine you get the data and then the certainty of it all, because that’s what is all about: Certainty.

    I am so happy that you not only helped Marty as his wife and woman on his side but that you now can help many others as an auditor. To Expansion!!!

  172. Shining Star

    Congratulations Mosey. You are truly a beautiful being. thank you for helping to make the world a beautiful place.

  173. D-) I get it – I commend you on your wonderful, 200 word single sentence and you ack me with zero words – funny!

  174. Marty,
    I’m sure you remember the Policy by LRH about what to do when the organization has gone to “H**” in a basket, and you are looking at the huge horrible mess.

    Doesn’t matter about the mess — He said “Strip it down to basics”

    And that is exactly what you are doing, while DM is imploding.

    “Strip it down to basics — get a PC, get him in a chair with auditor,
    exchange happens

    That’s it

    It is truly that simple. And that is the road I see you on, Simple.


  175. I have another point/question for you. I was speaking with an old selectee of mine. She is way off lines, got very complicated. But we simply went back to her and her connection with Scn. Life Repair changed her life!!, seriously changed her life. And if the mission had let her go and live those changes freely
    she would probably be speaking its praises…

    LRH did say someplace, take what works and leave the rest.

    That woman’s life was changed and she wanted to go back and play in it, but instead she was told she needed her grades and then her OT levels.. and things got more complicated, and she never did get to simply put her wins and change of viewpoint into her life. Life Repair, may have lasted her a lifetime.

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