Why the Federal Government Must Be Held to Account

Please see the documentation of illegal and unconscionable conduct of David Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS) intelligence network the Office of Special Affairs at the end of this post.   I covered this conduct in a post date 27 April, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/04/28/latest-corporate-scientology-felonies/ and we now have the documents to back it up.

My phone services have been on the account of Monique Carle (my wife’s previous married name) for the past five years.  Mike Rinder’s, as you can see by the second letter below, have been under his own name. Both of our accounts were illegally accessed at the direction of David Miscavige in order to identify and harass those who might communicate with us.

Nearly two years ago Mike Rinder and I reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that our phone records were regularly being stolen by the RCS and utilized to harass those in close communication with us.  At the time, both of us were intensively involved in assisting victims of Federal Human Trafficking violations by the RCS with escaping virtual slavery. We shared precisely how the RCS gets at the records, having been parties ourselves to such activity when we worked for RCS.  We provided the FBI with the names of those people (and even some of the phone numbers) conducting such operations against us in real time.

We also provided the FBI with the exact modus operendi of RCS’ continuing and blatant hacking into airline reservation computers to track our every move and disrupt our efforts to free people from illegal human trafficking operations of the RCS.  We gave them the precise locations of the computers the RCS was conducting these illegal operations from. We also pointed out to the Feds how with relative ease they could document this ongoing criminal activity. The highest levels of the Department of Justice in Washington responded by busting the veteran Human Trafficking agent who originated and had spent a year working up the case.

Months later a replacement agent met with Mike and I and told us to our faces that the FBI did not have the capability of confirming our claims of phone tampering and airline reservation hacking.   I have yet to meet a Federal Aviation Administration agent or Homeland Security agent at airports who has not shook his or her head in disbelief and disgust about the FBI’s ostrich-like behavior – and I have met many.  They – like most rational citizens who hear of this conduct – react something like this: “Wait a second. Here we are xraying grandmothers day in and day out, all the while Al Qaeda could just be monitoring like Scientology waiting for a couple key Congressmen to get onto any given flight, and boom!”

But, the Department of Justice reigns supreme in Washington when it comes to law enforcement.  And they apparently have other fish to fry.

Incidentally, that very meeting with the FBI was surveilled by a dozen RCS private investigators whom Mike and I documented with video tape attempting to prevent us from getting to the meeting physically:


If you are offended by your tax dollars subsidizing this type of expensive, oppressive, criminal behavior there is something you can do about it. If you haven’t already done so, please sign the petition demanding that the Administration act lawfully and ethically with regard to this domestic terror organization that has apparently been given carte blanche to ruin the lives of responsible citizens:


If you have already signed, urge friends and neighbors to do the same – and use the information provided here to educate them.



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  1. We absolutely, positively, must step up the efforts to get this petition through, If the 5,000 signature are not procured by the 24th, the threshold increases to 25,000 signatures. There are many, many people who would want to sign it if they only knew about it. Thanks for the reminder Marty.

  2. My gosh Marty, I admire so much your and Mike’s confront of this evil, and am behind you all the way. I have to get my first guy into session right now, but will write more later. Again, my thanks and admiration. My group has all signed the petition and we are disseminating to everyone to do same. We need to win this battle.

  3. Plan A – Press expose’s

    Plan B – Government police agency intervention

    Plan C – Personal Responsibility for fixing it
    1. Sign the petition & get others to do so as well
    2. Get “off the fence” out from “under the radar” and don’t “wait for Marty to handle it”
    3. Spread the word that thousands of Scientologists demand that “DAVID MISCAVIGE RESIGN”
    see http://www.freeheber.com/index.php?title=Reform_Strategy

  4. I just made this comment on the previous topic. I repeat it here:
    “I have posted a press release at this location: http://www.briefingwire.com/

    If we should do another press release, please suggest a title and I’m sure we can get it put together and out. Rachel


    And while the facts of the below case may not be properly represented, the spirit of it can not be denied:

  6. Just signed. Happy to join the cause.

  7. Your humble servant

    It is evident that there is something very improper going on. My surmise is that POB has paid for “protection” by someone or some group in the higher levels of the U.S. Justice Department. This might simply be the payment of money, or it might be an agreement to see by whatever means that the subject of Scientology does not flourish and spread in its influence. DM has done the latter effectively by altering the tech and making the public face of Scientology so bizarre that the public now holds the Church of Scientology and Scientologists in scathing contempt. The suppressive elements within the power structure of our society and government have long feared Scientology because of its promises of freeing man. They were never able to destroy it overtly. What better way to succeed, they would think, than by subverting a corrupt leader who would pretend to be forwarding the subject while actually perverting and sabotaging it.

    You say, “The highest levels of the Department of Justice in Washington responded by busting the veteran Human Trafficking agent who originated and had spent a year working up the case.” What explanation could there be for such behavior other than a corrupt agreement between Miscavige and someone high up in the Department of Justice?

    Between the two possible scenarios of Miscavige simply bribing someone so that he could have free reign and “protection” for the performance of illegal acts, and Miscavige agreeing to effectively destroy Scientology over a period of time in exchange for the same protection, I am inclined to think the latter is more likely, but it could be both. With the hundreds of millions garnered by DM under false pretenses, there has certainly been plenty available for bribes.

    The financial decimation of Scientologists through excessive fees and fraudulently procured donations also fits in very well with an intent to destroy the subject of Scientology gradually while at the same time immensely enriching Miscavige. If Scientologists are wrecked financially, they won’t be very effective in society, will they?

  8. Interesting post.
    But why Marty and Mike didn’t publish books like all other people who have a lot to say?

  9. It seems to me like Indpendent Scientologists are more at cause over life than members of the church. Anyone that has left the church is aware of what the real Church of Scientology is really up to, and you don’t see any of these people impersonating people from the church to try and hack and corrupt their activities. Only members of the church do this to people and I have known this about this church since I was nearly a kid. That is the reason why I never get anywhere with them. There is no way for the church to make their complaints about me official and stick in any way. I found out about them before they found out about themselves. I am not offended at all that the federal government may opt to investigate the Church of Scientology. They have done so before {the 1977 F.B.I. raids). I want to live an be happy and if it means the church goes out of business, well then I guess they should have known better than to no apply LRH tech. 🙂

  10. HereNow



  11. scilonschools

    I can’t help think of the Machiavelli quote as used by Julian Assange in the Oslo Freedom Forum 2010, actually his whole presentation!
    (Link to part 2, quote at 7:55)
    No matter what you may think of Julian Assange it is well worth a listen.

  12. I’d say this is undeniable proof!

  13. Martin Padfield

    Thank you HereNow. Why it’s such a task to get the 5000 signatures is beyond me. I guess the world at large simply sees the CofS as an utterly irrelevant squalid little cult and frankly, who can blame them. However the prospect of POB gloating in the propaganda value if the target is not met is sickening to contemplate.

  14. Update on petitions signed as of Saturday, Afternoon October 15th,
    as of signature #2,990

    The top ten states:
    1. 446 California
    2. 183 Florida
    3. 153 Texas
    4. 123 New York
    5. 95 Washington
    6. 78 Illinois
    7. 70 Ohio
    8. 67 Oregon
    9. 62 Pennsylvania
    10. 60 Massachusetts

    Next in line:
    11. 57 Arizona
    12. 49 Michigan
    13. 47 Missouri
    14. 45 Georgia, New Jersey
    15. 43 Virginia
    16. 42 North Carolina
    17. 41 Minnesota
    18. 40 Maryland
    19. 39 Tennessee
    20. 38 Colorado

    signing with no location indicated.

    681 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    64 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  15. Signed the petition. No. 2992, from TX.

  16. Marty ~~
    Recent blogs have been tremendous.
    A lot of back channel praise from *LURKERS.* Good job Marty.
    I have been in good touch with Verizon and AT & T on the selling and access of phone records for some time now. (You can escalate your phone call issues to higher authority on phone hacking and the selling of monthly phone bills). Perhaps I was not surprised that both Verizon and AT & T were all too familiar with the “Church” of Scientology tactics re illegal use of PIs to pay for phone records.
    Here is a little more helpful info I obtained for all on this blog ::::

    1) There is a fingerprint and ID that is used internally for anyone who accesses anyone’s phone records. it is not helter skelter with any employee being able to access any phone record. An employee has to use his ID and there is a “paper trail” which is all to visible for a later investigation on who accessed the phone records.
    2) In addition to extra passwords, for a complete lockdown and privacy both phone companies suggested something to me which I accepted. The phone bill will contain NO LISTINGS of tel nos on anyone inbound or outbound. The bill simply contains numerical values. This works for me. I do not need the specifics and
    I do not believe the phone companies would “cheat”. The bill amounts for cell phone are identical monthly in most cases (service contract) so I do not care that the phone numbers #s are listed. Apparently this system is used for CIA and other sensitive accounts. The print out does not contain anything other than $$$ the bill.
    3) Buried deep deeply in the phone company are records ~~ the actual lists of who called who and a judge can subpoena the records, but in the meantime, phone bills come in with only an amount and NOT a single number listed either inbound or outbound.
    Has worked well for me for the last year.

  17. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Karen for the great advice.

  18. martyrathbun09

    Thank you.

  19. martyrathbun09

    We are winning the battle precisely because of what you are going – getting people into session.

  20. Karen, WOW, as usual, validative news! 🙂 But of course Verizon is more than hip to the tactics of the Church of Scientology! They host my web site! 🙂


  21. Karen, as a matter of fact, my web site was even considered by Verizon to be posted as the “Web Site Of The Month”. This is a very good phone company! 🙂

  22. With an inane comment like that I understand why you aren’t willing to pony up a name. My fingers are getting stupid just typing a response to it. Jio’eoan9o flo ‘[poeinm.

  23. Marty wrote above:
    the FBI did not have the capability of confirming our claims of phone tampering and airline reservation hacking……..
    We also provided the FBI with the exact modus operandi of RCS continuing and blatant hacking into airline reservation computers to track our every move ….
    We also pointed out to the Feds how with relative ease they could document this ongoing criminal activity. …
    I have yet to meet a Federal Aviation Administration agent or Homeland Security agent at airports who has not shook his or her head in disbelief and disgust about the FBI’s ostrich-like behavior – and I have met many…

    FBI sensitivity to their bungling failures are of some renown. How The FBI hates being criticized and maligned. But we are a vocal group and these issues will not be hidden and only keep exploding on message boards, blogs, DIGG, Twitter, Facebook……FBI incompetence and orDOJ compromised is going to continue to go viral til the point of extreme discomfort of these agencies.

    There is a certain amount of FBI incompetence which boggles the mind. For 25 years Robert Hansen, in charge of Russian Counter Intelilgence was working for the Russians !! Even when he purchased houses for cash and staggered around drunk as a Lord, they still did not detect the spy in their midst !

    The FBI couldn’t even bust the Chinese spies stealing U.S. nuclear-weapons secrets,~~what intelligence experts call the worst national-security breach in U.S. history~~bust the Chinese spies stealing U.S. nuclear-weapons secrets..
    FBI budget to handle crime ?
    $8.3 billion dollars….of our Tax payer money.

    The Cof$ gets a free pass with a 501C3
    The FBI get $8 billion or so….

    and here we are. You can laugh or cry.

  24. Exelent web site, a must read for all independets.

  25. Tony DePhillips

    Plus one!!

  26. There is a lengthy news article in The Phoenix New Times entitled “Scientology’s Newly Purchased ‘Ideal Org'” Have read better. Have read worse. It’s not the major Phoenix newspaper – somewhat akin to The Villiage Voice I suppose. The article has been trending on the local home page of Yahoo for 4 days. Has 43 comments.
    I just posted a comment telling people to sign the petition. Hopefully it will move Arizona up the participation ladder!!

  27. What needs to happen for the petition to get movement is people need to call in favors and make calls to any media contacts that they have to run an editorial piece/article discussing what Independent scientologists are trying to do to get the Church of Scientology stopped and how public at large can help by signing this petition for the government to make the Church of Scientology be accountable legally. This would include Tom Tobin at SPT, Tony Ortega at Village Voice, German media, Lateline in AU, CNN, etc… the pleas to sign need to get traction outside of the non-scientology community. Petitions and Protests start out small, but as they get traction and become more and more visible people start to take notice that otherwise would have never signed.

  28. Well, Karen, you know that above LRH quote about like minded criminals sticking together is pretty much the story here to a large extent. The FBI was a corrupt organization for all of the 48 years that Hoover ran it (I know it has changed since then, but how much is the question). For decades the FBI refused to even recognize organized crime, much less go after it (while viciously harassing Martin Luther King and others who wanted to improve conditions in our country). So maybe the FBI just recognizes a kindred spirit in the COS at this point. I think Marty’s current action of expose, expose, expose is the best one. It would also be fantastic if there was a very competent lawyer who would want to devote him/herself to filing lawsuits and taking on these abuses, but it would be a big task to take on. And at least we can know that it ONLY hurts Miscavige/COS when they keep doing these things. Every single abuse they commit is another shovelful of dirt digging their graves. Along with exposing their crimes, these continual overts will be what eventually brings about the collapse of the current COS. I only mention that again, because it is not necessarily a BAD thing that these abuses keep continuing (and yes, I realize this does not lessen all the bullshit and pain that those abused have to bear).

    David Miscavige sets a good example and it trickles down to outer Orgs.
    Local staff feel it is OK to slug someone, steal the camera….

    Remember Axiom142 who vidoed lunatic OT VIII George Baille ? (see You Tube) when he was at St. Hill yesterday,….

  30. Your Humble Servant

    You asked; “What explanation could there be for such behavior other than a corrupt agreement between Miscavige and someone high up in the Department of Justice?”

    Perhaps there several other possibilities. One that comes easily to mind is that the “government” is simply allowing a very stupid, self serving, thug to carry out his suppressive little schemes unhindered. It is possible that they simply do not want to interrupt him while he is continually making stupid mistakes, that may well forward their purposes somehow.

    Or it could be that they have personal or “political agendas” , or some such, that they do not want revealed, that an investigation might bring to light. With Miscavige’s “dirty tricks”, and “fair game policy”, and “spy network” (OSA) some may well be legitimately concerned.

    Or perhaps they are very much afraid of overtly “attacking” a supposed “religion”, and all the possible outfall from that.

    David Miscavige and his enforcement arm OSA are very good at using every device possible to destroy their enemies. They ( the “government”) might simply see some value in pretending there is nothing they can do rather than deal with the attacks that would inevitably happen. It could wind up being “political suicide” if they do not handle it carefully. In other words they would be (or are) PTS to the “church”.

    It is likely to have elements of everything you said and I presented here, and other possibilities, all smooshed together.

    In my opinion, what it is not likely to be is “sane”. It seems to be the stuff of which power mongers, criminals, and bullys choose to forward their ends.

    Eric S

  31. It is evident that there is something very improper going on. My surmise is that POB has paid for “protection” by someone or some group in the higher levels of the U.S. Justice Department.

    They are still feeling the Black Eyes from Decades past.

    Although we see dudes like Cruise and Travolta in the Limelight, I bet there are tons of lesser known and very influential people who are doing Scientology behind the Scenes.

    Although the Ideal Morgues are near empty, and aside from the usual IAS & NOI Rakings, me thinks they are getting tons of money in from other background Participants, possibly of powerful political caliber.

    And I agree, that’s in part why Action isn’t being taken.

  32. Here is the direct link to the petition.

    Some people have had trouble signing it, and these are helpful instructions:

    1) Click this link to sign up for White House account to register

    You do NOT have to fill in a zip code.
    You do not have to give your real name if you prefer not to.
    People from all countries can sign.

    2) Check your email to confirm your registration

    3) Then click this link and sign the petition

  33. I got two B city petition sigs, Boston and Brooklyn

  34. Tony DePhillips

    I hope they press charges on this guy, it appears they have all the evidence that they need.

  35. JOE=====

    I am leery of calling all FBI Special Agents this and that and painting all FBI analysts in a BLOB characteristic.
    I think you would agree that when you are talking about any large group, …there is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly….

  36. Theo Sismanides

    Guys I have been monitoring the stat for the last 10 days or so. The rate is about 3-4 per hour mostly. Before when we started, the 1st week was up to 10 per hour.

    We need 250 people signing up every day.
    This means more than 10 people per hour.
    Otherwise we are not making it.

    Now today we got back to 10/hour.



    1. 20 people who want to help BIG TIME on this and GET A DONE, not words,

    get 200 Indies and Freezoners
    to work under them

    2. those 200
    10 people each to sign the petition, in the next 8 days
    10 X 200 = 2000
    this is the estimation of effort
    wanna be with the 20 or the 200




    the woman next door, your partner at work, your boss (lol)… a person you know and trusts you, your nephew, your uncle, mom and dad for sure, grandma (lol)

    No need FOR THEM TO HAVE EMAIL. PAT KRENIK AND I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SET UP A LINE AND PAT CREATED EMAIL FOR MY MOM IN GREECE. LOL. So no email needed and the guy a computer idiot. No need for him to use computer.

    Only thing we need is decent and honest agreements to sign up! No stat push.

  37. Theo Sismanides

    Martin if we stick to the plan above we can get it done. 20 tough INdies get 200 Indies to chase up 2000 NON SCIENTOLOGISTS to sign. Actually is 11 per person in 8 days and not 10 as i said before.

    So those 200 INDIES need to sign up at least 1.5 people per day for 8 days in a row and then we are safe.

  38. Theo Sismanides

    It’s getting a bit late here lol is almost 5 am and i lost it. IS 10 people to be signed up by each of those 200 INDIES in a time span of 8 days we have left.

  39. Indie-saurus-rex


    In this post, you commented again about the White House petition – I finally made the move to go and sign it and came across two issues:

    1) In order to sign up for an account, it asks for a Zip Code, then an American city and state name. No other options are given. As a Canadian, I do not wish to falsify this information just to sign the petition as it would delegitimize the petition (to have fraudulent name/address attached to it). Any suggestions? You mentioned that anyone can sign it but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

    2) I looked into this myself under the “Terms of Participation” and while I wasn’t able to gain any further information, I did come across this tidbit:

    AS OF OCTOBER 3, 2011:
    -To cross the first threshold and be searchable within WhiteHouse.gov, a petition must reach 150 signatures within 30 days.
    -To cross the second threshold and require a response, a petition must reach 25,000 signatures within 30 days.

    I can’t remember the exact amount of signatures you had mentioned we needed to push this petition to be viewed by government officials (might have been 5000), but it definitely was less than 25,000. If it’s 25,000 we’re in a bit of trouble as we’re nowhere near that number.

    Do you Marty, or does anybody else have any info to expand on my queries?

  40. Sindy,
    I completely agree. Everybody who cares, needs to not only sign it, but get as many other people to do so as possible. We will only make the target by having many people work on this and see it through to a done. I got about 5-6 signatures today and sent out a lot of communication to get more. Many Non-Scientologists will sign this petition because they care about Human Rights. We do need to get the word out – let’s get on the stick, my friends! 🙂

  41. The bottom line on the hijacked applied pratice of Scientology by the Corporation that has set up shop as a “Church” pretending to be such is not religion, is not spirituality. The problem from dissdents is not bigotry, nor religious differences, nor all the other red herrings thrown out to introvert and distract the real issue.

    The real issue is Corporate Greed, complete with all the spawned maggots thereof (delusional self-importance, vanity, oppression, delusion, justification of doing the inverse opposite of what one professes to represent, iving a pig life by deceiving and oppressing and manipulating the more naive or earnest of humanity).

    The word “Corruption” is from the Latin “corrumpere” meaning to Break into pieces, to destroy. It is the opposite of Integrity, meaning Whole.

    Scientology as a whole body of knowlddge has been corrupted by the Corporation Scientology. The Corporate entity calling itself a “Church” is hiding behind false facades of help, while actively, behind the glossy veneer, perpetrating vile, heinous, egregious violations of its own purported policies and the law of the land and countries. More vile, it has no regard for the protection and practice and wide distribution of the philosophy that has been its meal ticket, pretense, disguise and shield.

    This matter, this complaint and query into the conduct of the Scientology Corporation, is ultimately beyond religion. It is about the travesty and blatant trampling of universal principles accepted and embraced internationally as decent human conduct. It is about Corruption.

    The world is waking up to Global Chnage. It is time to ally with every group and person who truly stands for humanity, and right now there are thousands, millions and growing protesting the abuse of human and universal human rights arount the globe. Global Change and Occupy Wall Street are among the movements of people waking up and standing up to the fact that we are not “disposable” numbers” and commodities to be deceived and milked.

    The one fundamental ire behind the Occupy Wall Street movement has been surveyed and defined as a stand against deception.

    The Scientology Corporation is right in lock step with the out ethics that makes this planet a hell hole, instead of the POTENTIAL we have of being a real civilization, cooperating and sharing knowledge, discovery and benfits.

    When one thinks about the fact that just air conditioning alone in warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan costs $20.2 billion a year, it becomes absolutely clear that the BEST PLAN for Earth and humanity is not being implemented.

    Now is the time to start living up to being *intelligent Life*, and calling out insanity and the arbitrayr agenda of the few.

    Contact allies who are now activating. Call the mickey mouse “corporate Scientology Sham” on its #FAIL to practice what it sells, it does not deserve the pedestal puplit upon which it stands. Marble and gold leaf do nothing for the human spirit and heart when people are being destroted behind the facade.

    The “Scio Corp” management running these scurilous ops to ruin lives is not about religion, it is not about bettering the world. It is a Corrupt Corporation. Period. It has stolen Scientology, just as bank bail outs have stolen from hard working people who consider their labor and paying bills a point of honor.

    So, call and email some newspapers, find your local papers, contact some websites of the millions around the world standing up for global change, who are mobilizing for a true civilization and tribal cooeprative world, that one little way they can help is to sign the petition against this corrupt Corporation.

    The world is waking up! http://www.15oct.net

    Man is basically good. Love to each and every one of us WE the PEOPLE.

  42. ☼ Sorry, that link above should be http://15october.net/
    if we can replace the link with this would be good … if not, this is the right one!

  43. Cool!

  44. This is an excellent action. I suggest tying the petition in as part of the movement going on for Global Change, because that is exactly what it is in the bigger picture (I commented a little more at length on this below). It is a call for accountabiitym responsibility, and cessation of abuse by those who delusionally appoint themselves as the elitist few by doing precisely the opposite of what true power is. Power is service. Period. Today we have a global dramatization of the inversion of power — it is a PARASITE of people and humanity. It operates as coercion, deception, oppression and maniuplation to control and “farm” the majority of people for the “power” (delusional) of teh self-appointed elite. This is not leadership, nor greatness.

    And the Sceintology Corporation is not about religion, the White House petition is asking to look at the violation and transgression of universal human law and rights by the Scientology Corporation — the fact that they hide behind a corss and do-gooder activites does not disguise the agenda and corruption of the actual activity and abuse.

    Some headlines:
    Global Change, Occupy Wall Street Call on Investigation of Corporate Religion

    We are far bigger than the specific issue. We are talking about humanity. About decency. About a better world, for REAL.


    Keywords #Corporate #Corruption, #OccupyWallStreet #GlobalChange

    PS I’m outraged (and bored) by the intrusion and destructive psychotic operations by the Scientology Corporation into the Rathbun’s and so many thousands of lives, as evidenced here in this Blog and a myriad of other places. It’s time to create our world and civilization.

  45. The White House changed the threshhold for such petitions after this petition was already created. We are grandfathered in to the original quota of 5,000. But if that quota is not met by the 24th of October, then it goes up to the 25,000 which is what all new petitions require at this point.

    Many people have signed it from all over the world. Look over the petition and you will see their signatures. If you don’t want to sign it – you don’t have to. Nobody is asking people to do anything illegitimate.

  46. Indie-saurus
    Adding one’s zip code is not mandantory.
    The signatures are over 3000 now …. a total of 5000 are needed by Oct 24.

    200 signatures a day.
    email your local paper
    contact #Globalchange support groups
    Look for The Widow Denk’s press release (see post above) and dsitribute it.

    Link to the PETITION http://wh.gov/4Os

  47. Your humble servant

    All excellent observations, Eric. Thank you.

  48. +1 Great idea! I can tell you things are hopping here in Manhattan! BIG coverage!

  49. There are plenty of people out there that will smack someone for harassment. When you haze and bullbait people you have to take into consideration they may not be flat on their TR’s.

  50. Tony, an interesting project would be to discover EXACTLY in WRITING the LRH reference or law upon which camera grabbing members of the church do this with people. If I were the judge in such a case I would have to by analytical, because aside from the video, their motive, their reason, they written WHY behind their acts needs to be found and nullified so others do not follow this example. They have to be operating on some kind of policy somewhere, something? Is it just that they are nuts? That is too simple of an answer. 🙂

  51. martyrathbun09


  52. martyrathbun09

    This is so insightful. It was my perception of these planetary conditions – and the recognition that Corporate Scientology had taken Scientology out of the solutions category by selling out to the criminals the world is now overtly protesting – that got me going in the first place. For you Dolphin Play:

  53. martyrathbun09

    Good on ya Komra.

  54. Indie-saurus-rex


    “If you don’t want to sign it – you don’t have to.” What a negatively, obvious and subtly aggressive statement. Why would I go through the trouble of posting a “help me figure out how to sign it” post, if I didn’t want to sign it? Sheesh.

  55. Indie-saurus-rex

    @ Dolphin:

    Thank you for pointing out that the zip code wasn’t a requirement of creating an account. I missed that when I made my first attempt. My name has been officially added and I will be sure to pass the word onto friends and family.

  56. It would be worthwhile for the petition signers to also write to the Senate Judiciary Committee which has as one of its duties the oversight of the FBI.
    (cc your senators and representatives as well).


  57. Hello friends. Marty, Mosey, Rinder, Tony, Magoo, et al…..

    Special thanks to my Grandmother #3028 on the petition.

    My Amazing Villet, is next.

    Miss commenting to you “kooks”.

    Keep yo heads up!!!!

    See ya soon.

    Love always, The Bed Freaking Man

  58. 500,000 people gathering in Spain this morning, listening to Beethoven 9th, all assembled for #GLOBALCHANGE ohhh ODE TO JOY 🙂 and this video is just Spain, one of 82 coutries and 951 cities.

    Aren’t the beautiful? Isn’t it exhilarating to people worldwide owning their own beauty and occupying their own space!!?

    Get on social media and with some of these #occupywallstreet #occupyLA #occupyEarth #globalchange to get the remaining signatures for the White House petition to investigate human betrayal and abuse of the highest order

    Look how many wonderful people there are in this world. Wonderful! They don’t deserve condescending, introverting tactics to maneuver them into subserviant slavebots. We can educate, discover, explore, solve housing, disease, beautify and elevate.

    It’s about OCCUPY. Don’t concede any right for anyone to be in your space whom you don’t want there. That goes for the planet. MOST HUMANITY is good, unlike the condescending snarling Corporate Scientology attitude that it’s doing riff raff a favor by selling them their soul freedom.

    The moment an appointed leader does not do what he/she was elected to do, he/she is DIS-appointed.

    It’s YOUR space. It’s OUR SPACE!!! Pass around the petition to our many brohters and sisters around the world who truly hold the vision of a better world, and lack of deception, and trust.

    Sign it all good people! (zip codes are NOT mandatory) http://wh.gov/4Os

  59. Beautiful! Love his deep voice. We really need to get that petition up to 5000 and I will seek more signers!

  60. Exactly what Corporate Scientology is doing! You put it well, that the Corporation has taken Scientology out of the solution. They are like the other criminals the world is protesting. Whether the leadership abuse is housing, lending, business, religion, cars, the point is that there is off-purpose and betrayals of magnitude in many sectors of life and industry.

    With the Corporation that hogtied Scientology with Trademarks and other proprietary stakes, they then blythely went about using bits of it enough to get people in, like bait, on the hooks of OWN agenda, not the Creed and original genuine subject/practice.
    And the criminals are in the MINORITY. And we have them in the spotlight now.

    love the song. I look behind the curtain, I ask about the crime, I ask who gave the orders, and keep demanding why.
    no bark. all bite. Substance. Ditto squared to the nth. In solidarity as are many.

    One promise I’m keeping tonight and forever
    I cross my heart, I take the vow. I’ll never turn, I’ll never bend,
    I’m with you now, until the end.

  61. I still have a bit of a button on these anonymous protesters.
    Thats probably it- you should be able to lay sombody out if they are being that annoying.

  62. I’d like to know more about who started the protests and why before I support it. Some of the external reasons people give sound pretty good, but I feel these are more like buttons being pushed by some third party. I don’t know who the third party is.

    My initial reaction on the DOJ handling of the church investigation was that someone higher-up seems to have put the kibosh on it for some reason.

  63. Jethro Bodine

    Man, these government web sites are horribly incompetent. I can’t get pass the first box which looks like it asking for the words in the box at the bottom of the screen, but I try to type them in and nothing happens. This is on the “Create a WhiteHouse.gov Account” web page.

  64. Joe Pendleton

    Karen, you’re right. I’m just looking at the general organizational culture. Cetainly each person has to be looked at as an individual. Same in the COS. Despite the church culture which is fostered from above by Miscavige&Co, I know there are still many individual staff members who would like to truly be of service their fellow staff and public.

  65. Indie,
    I signed it, from Nova Scotia, with NO difficulties.

  66. + 1, 000 000 000

    The 99%

  67. Yes, yes, and yes, Miscavige sold out to become part of the new world order, hence the protection he receives from all those either consciously, or unconsiously propping up the eilte’s new world order. This battle is part of a larger global battle, between the “elite” and the ordinary, decent people who are waking up to the fact that the parasitic criminal elite of sociopaths have been covertly stealing power, subverting democracies and legitimate organizations, and placing “their people” in key positions.

    And those at the top of the pyramid pleasure themselves by attending secret occult ceremonies, such as the Bohemian Grove rituals (The “cremation of care.”). More here: http://www.infowars.com/bg1.html
    You may not believe in satanism, but they do.

    To belong to this new world order, you either need to be a willing slave, mindlessly obeying orders, not questioning anything, accepting whatever abuse is thrown at you, or, to get to the top, you need to be a sociopath, willing to sacrifice your humanity and soul in exchange for “power” and “perks.”

    If anyone thinks this sounds like a load of conspiracy theory horseshit, use Occam’s Razor. There is plenty of information on the internet about the dark network that controls this planet, and it is the only explanation that makes sense of occurances, such as how on earth the FBI could stonewall and betray Marty and the others who went to them to address the criminal operations of the Co$.

    It is good that people are finally wising up to the fact that the “authorities” are not on their side, not interested in the welfare of their people and are only there to serve the elite. Once people wise up to this, they are better equipped to understand what they are dealing with. Marty has done an invaluable service to humanity here in exposing this, so people can see how it really works, with the evidence before their eyes, and wake up.

    Things like this are happening all over. Hubbard was right all along, he mentioned “the 12”, he knew what their plans were, he knew that Scientology was one of the few ways to assist people, a weapon against the satanic global elite’s plan for global enslavement of humanity. Hubbard saw it.

    The good news is:

    1) The Elite eat their own, hate each other, fight among each other. They discard each other the minute they lose the edge (Conrad Black, Rupert Murdoch) They are eating themselves already. Because they are anti-social, they cannot tolerate life, and so they will inevitably self-destruct. They FEED off misery, despair, anger, hatred, violence. So we need to stop feeding them, and stay uptone, creative, and life-affirming.

    2) People ARE waking up, the corruption of the planet the by the criminal few is becoming simply too blatant now for it to be dismissed as “conspiracy theory” any longer.

    3) There are many tools for people to deal with this – the first, and most important is to tend to one’s own consciousness, ensure it is in a good state (whatever works – proper Hubbard auditing, or any practice that raises consciousness, and moves us up the tone scale.). And then take action with other awakened human beings wherever appropriate, as is happening here.

    Life-affirming consciousness will prevail in the end, and the “death-eaters” will lose, it is guaranteed.


    One of the 99%

  68. scilonschools

    And people say ZOMBIES are an urban myth!!!

  69. Until we in the Independent field realize, confront, and take responsibility for the fact that the US Government is *complicit* in the usurpation of the religion of Scientology for its own uses, we will *NEVER* get the results we need.

    It is long since past the point where true Scientologists should have taken, again, to the Sea, and worn the hat of the Sea Org to provide a safe place for Scientology to be delivered. It won’t happen in the continental US until we confront those who are using the Church – and the US Government – to destroy Scientology completely.

  70. Update on petitions signed as of Sunday, AM October 16th,
    as of signature #3,042

    The top ten states:
    1. 452 California
    2. 184 Florida
    3. 154 Texas
    4. 123 New York
    5. 100 Washington
    6. 79 Illinois
    7. 72 Ohio
    8. 69 Oregon
    9. 62 Pennsylvania
    10. 61 Massachusetts

    Next in line:
    11. 58 Arizona
    12. 49 Michigan
    13. 47 Missouri
    14. 46 Georgia, New Jersey
    15. 44 Virginia
    16. 42 Minnesota, North Carolina
    17. 41 Maryland
    18. 40 Tennessee
    19. 38 Colorado
    20. 33 Indiana

    signing with no location indicated.

    700 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    66 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  71. Andrew Robertson

    Thanks Theo. To me the important thing to stress when asking someone to consider signing this petition is that it is not an attack on a religion, but a request to determine why the FBI’s investigation into the criminal activities of the current management of the Church of Scientology was abandoned. It has nothing to do with denying the right of people to believe what they choose. I’ve just been rereading the account of the second Mission Holders’ conference dated 7 November 1982 which effectively destroyed the Missions ability to introduce new people to Scientology. There’s a transcript of SO ED 2104 INT here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/68394425/SO-ED-2104-INT and it’s obvious that POB’s tentacles were already sucking the life out Scientology’s expansion 29 years ago.


    Andrew Robertson, Wellington New Zealand

  72. Alrighty. Sunday is going to be spent personally rounding up as many signatures as I can 🙂

  73. One aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is the use of key lawmakers by the “church” to put pressure on agencies like the FBI. Mike & Marty know this well. Although, with Kurt & Leisa G. out of the picture I don’t know if this line is still used as much. I know that one of the key lobbyists, Mike (wife is Lynn) no longer does work for the church. This is easier (and “cleaner”) than trying to pay off law enforcement…

  74. Why haven’t you posted that question 1000 years ago?

  75. BriefingWire keeps stats on # of views of each press release. Of 96 press releases posted on October 15, ours ended up in fifth position based on the stats. Working on another … Rachel

  76. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Chris,
    I would think that if the cult gaurds were more in comm they probably wouldn’t have such big buttons. If someone is being annoying it is no justification to assault them. Look at what the psych busters were/are doing to Marty and Mosey. For that , Marty could be justified to do all sorts of things. If he did the cult would hold him accountable. I feel the same way about the cults gaurd, if he breaks the law he should be charged.

  77. Tony DePhillips


  78. Dolphin Play,
    I like the way you say it.
    May all beings be well and happy!

  79. This may seem like an odd question but how do you enlighten a non-Scientologists on what has been going on in a concise manner if they are not familiar with the Scientology abuse history?

    I am not having problems with those who are in the know and have gotten a few to sign but many of my connections have little reality on Scientology.

  80. Sir, I think you nearly hit the target with the sentence:

    “Wait a second. Here we are xraying grandmothers day in and day out, all the while Al Qaeda could just be monitoring like Scientology waiting for a couple key Congressmen to get onto any given flight, and boom!”

    The information we have on how to track phone records, airline reservations and stuff is indeed interesting for various security agencies as well as terrorist cells.

    My experience with those so-called law-enforcement agencies is not so positive. Whilst their higher purpose should be safeguarding the safety of citizens, they are worse than a c-grade Police Academy movie.

    Maybe it’s the guns, maybe it’s the trills, or the endless 007 movies on TV, but they are basically a bunch of assorted nuts who would not be able to find Bin Laden if he was standing in line in front of them.

    Telling them how Phone records could be traced, or how airplane reservation records could be accessed (they still have the terminal in HGB? 🙂 it does not solve the security issue, on the contrary they are going to use themselves those methods, or worse, like teaching them to Afghan people so that they can use those methods against the evil anti-capitalist communists, with later consequences like 911. Go figure.

    I would be very vary in sharing any info with any “Secret” service: they are going to make the worse use of it. We are not in an ideal world,

    My 2 cents.

  81. You don’t need to to enter a Zip Code.

    Like Jim, my wife & I are from Canada and we both signed it.

    No problem.

  82. scilonschools

    Very ‘non reactive’ mind 🙂

  83. Karen — The press release at http://www.briefingwire.com/” is written for those not necessarily familiar with Scientology. It is entitled “Inventor Harassed by “church” of Scientology.” Rachel

  84. Yay! I spent all my free time on this yesterday. It takes direct 8C, but people are signing and one of my Non-Scientologist friend even shared it with her friends on FB on her own origination. 🙂

  85. I did say “should”.

    I guess my problem is with pushing peoples buttons- hoping and trying to get this type of response. This was a “win” for these guys. They high-fived each other and then rushed home to put it on the internet.

  86. Emoticons are creepy dude.

  87. There are so many places to start, for me if it is a friend or somebody that knows me (but not a Scientologist) I start with the fact that my entire family was forced to disconnect from me. That’s pretty outrageous to people and they are horrified when I explain the details and that leads to a more in depth conversation. The Human Rights abuses (forced abortions, stalking, PI’s following us all the time, the fact that DM is using the money to fund his own luxuries, his tanning bed, his servants, his special shoes ordered in from the shoe maker who makes shoes for the Queen of England, etc). When he came to South Africa he went out for dinner and spent $9,000 on one meal – meantime the staff members in South Africa were lucky to get $15 a week. The videos of the squirrel busters, the hacking into phone accounts, airlines, etc……. this is not acceptable to the regular world.

    As somebody mentioned above the petition is not about religious beliefs, or denying them to anybody, it’s about Human Rights. This is a very good point to differentiate.

  88. Thank you!

  89. Your grandmother is a good lady! 🙂

  90. Lawrence

    “…They have to be operating on some kind of policy somewhere, something?…”

    Yes, they are certainly operating on some kind of policy, but I wouldn’t waste much time looking in LRH POLICY for it. You are very likely looking at DM POLICY, or some “trickle down” version of it. If these guys cannot duplicate straight LRH Policy, they have no chance in hell of duplicating DM Policy.

    DM’s lawyers could probably run a pretty good defense simply on the fact that DM is totally incomprehensible. When people act “on DM’s behalf” or “orders”, what you are almost certainly looking at is someone who is so confused and PTS (under mental stress due to suppression and threats) that pretty much all they have left to work with are their own aberrations.

    Eric S

  91. Indie-saurus-rex

    Hi. I am from Canada, living in Canada. You will find that you are not required to enter either State or Zip code. Actually what I did was enter my Province and my Postal Code. They do not appear to be concerned about much of what you enter except a valid e-mail address. You will need that because they will send a confirmation code to it, that you will need to “sign” the petition.

    Hope this helps, and please keep trying (follow the “easy steps” posted above or any one of a half dozen places in the last few days.)

    Eric S

  92. And Tony, I am being a bit facetious because obviously it’s the wrong response to punch these guys. Maybe men should get one “Get out of jail” card per year for punches. But only if it one good clean upper cut and it knocks the guy out like in the movies.

  93. Indie-saurus-rex

    Well done, and thank you.

    Eric S

  94. Anyone in Clearwater happy to hand out some fliers? I am guessing there could be hundreds (if not thousands) of locals interested in this petition if they only knew of it.

  95. Robert Almblad

    Karen B
    No one condones forced abortions… “get an abortion or we will take away your husband and send you to Australia.” This was done to 1,000’s of pregnant women on staff to keep these wedded couples chained to their desks to make more money for Dear Leader.

    Ask your friends to sign for those young lives snuffed out before they had a chance to sign themselves.

  96. Signed, with pleasure.

    Working on getting a few more to sign before the day is out.

    Cheers all

  97. Exactly! They don’t operate on LRH anymore – see videos for proof of that.

  98. Dolphin Play,
    Don’t know who you are but you said it again extremely well.
    May all dolphins be well and happy!

  99. It is good thing that people like me can count my blessings that this never happens and never happened to me, Windwalker. I cannot imagine myself responding to anyone in that fashion and calling myself a Scientologist at the same time. Since when do Scientologists have the reputation of doing criminal things? Only since someone in the church put the idea it was OK for them to do that in their heads. Thanks for heads up! 🙂

  100. Thank you for the ideas, they are helpful. Robert, your suggestion is very real to most people. I like it a lot.

  101. tell your grandmother ‘thank you’!!

  102. I called around to some folks I’d sent my email to. Wanted to find out why people weren’t signing up.
    Many different reasons, but the main one was they just were not really paying attention to any of the things that concern us.

    With a few folks I sat on the phone and walked them through the procedure:

    Go to http://wh.gov/4Os
    Now scroll to blue register button and clik on it
    Now sign up with our without your name and zip
    Now wait just a minute
    Now minimize your browser and open your email
    Now copy the password they give you
    Now open http://wh.gov/4Os again
    Now click to sign the petition
    Now you’re done.

    I’m going to get 10 more registered by Tuesday night.

    I hate this “everyone” thing…but the bottom line is that if “everyone” on the indy 500 list would just walk 8-10 people through the procedure, we’ll make the goal.

  103. One more thing. I had a real problem with the “FBI” investigating a “church.”

    Thinking things through, I came to this conclusion.

    If we had a lunatic running around the neighborhood shooting people’s dogs and threatening people, I would call the cops. They are being paid to handle that type of thing.

    Well, we have a lunatic with hundreds of millions of dollars who is corrupting the tech, committing fraud with his position, destroying people’s lives using these hundreds of millions of dollars to stop decent people from using the tech and practice their religion in peace.
    This is a proper function of the FBI to dig in and handle the lunatic.


  104. Robert Almblad

    I got 20 each on both Saturday and Sunday. And, Sunday’s not over in the US.

  105. I have a button on them too. They single out Scientologists to harass because they know they are not supposed to fight back because it would be “out P.R.”. You don’t see them over at the Catholic Church Sunday morning protesting about the sex scandals and cover ups with the Bishops, or hazing the Catholics leaving Church up in Spanish Harlem.
    But there are people who really don’t care about “out P.R.” or anything else , when they get pushed they push back. I was a lot of things before I ever heard the word “Scientology” . If they show up in my front yard their fixed ideas about what to expect aren’t going to be working out for them.
    They have some value but honest people have rights too. They protest abuse and fair game anyone on the property, that’s a little sick.

  106. Hello Dolphin… you’re sounding a bit undolphin like and unsplashy today, so let me tell you something that might perk you up and get you leaping a few waves if not blowing bubble air rings. The tacttcs that Sceintology Corporation uses already are espionage tactics. They have the same bag of tricks as OSA.

    Also, there are no “generalities”, simply as in a generality does not exist because it cannot be true (including this one) — There is no “FBI” There are people on posts operating in a structure called FBI. Among those employees, who vary widely, there are many good, family and value-loving people who work in national security. Yes, the profession draws all kinds, just as any profession does. Most are on purpose, many are there for other reasons

    Personally sepaking, having to live with that kind of UNspontaneous living and interaction would not be my choice of how to help the world. (eeeerrrgggh can you imagine not being able to leap and twist in the air and splash in joy?!)

    But, bottom line, I expect law enforcement to do just what they signed up to do: To Protect and To Serve. Some might need help, and law enforcement appreciates being appreciated and assisted. Many may be mostly admin drones (not said pejoratively, just functinally). which is who Coporate Scientology easily manipulates and deceives or bribes to their ends.

    But you know what? MOST people are amazingly good, and amazingly respond to the same universal human values. I find that where ever I go.

  107. Thank you, George M. White … I would make you a perfect air bubble ring of appreciation and swim through it, ( and I especially appreciate your overlooking my various typos as I dash off my thoughts). Thank you for getting the concepts, almost as good as sonar! 😉
    I join your beautiful wish May all beings be well and happy!

  108. Each and every person has to decide for himself which consequences for his actions he can live with. What he is going to have to pay out for the life he is living and where he is going with his plans. This is ethics, decisions and choices and outcomes. Optimum survival is a personal plan and can mean different things to different people.I don’t think we can compare Marty to anyone else. He has uncanny abilities most people do not possess with regards to holding a position in space and control on the environment. He can also keep on a purpose line without permitting himself to be shaken. Most people do not possess these skills with a lot of power. Most people are not visionaries. Most people rely on social props. Every person is very different. The best place you can get to in social intercourse is “Not Know” when it comes to other people. That said, you are taking a gamble when you move in on another being and work to degrade them. You cannot possibly KNOW what reaction you will be met with. You can only guess.

  109. Yes, 99%. The “conspiracy theory” may not even be aware of what they are doing. They simply aggregate with the magnetism of their greed mutual objective, and set up shop.

    The nature of a being is to create, to serve. That’s why business was the first social activity. The market is a beautiful thing when people are trading, purchasing, exchanging their wares and talents to complete and enhance life. Today’s pplanetary climate has been hijacked, just like Sceintology was hijacked — infact, by the same disease. The Zombie Predators have turned business into a predatory activity.

    The Zombie Game, their tactic is: identify what People t (to them, menere “masses”, numbers, disposable) cannot live without, then jack up the price. Water, Air, Utilities, Energy, Spiritual Relief…. They force people to start scrambling and looking for themselves, and going against their own integrity to obsess about GETTING rathering than service.

    The world population is waking up. The Occupy Wall Street and #GlobalChange were not started by one person or vested group. It has no leaders. It is social media drive, world in communication saying… We are taking back our SOCIAL, well-meaning, loving lives. The criminal war and chaos monger ARE the minority. And we are breakign their grip. I love how th eworld in communication has made us all so savvy about 3rd party and the corruptions Machiavelli wrote about.

    Absolutely you’re right on this one, 99: Life-affirming consciousness will prevail in the end, and the “death-eaters” will lose, it is guaranteed.

  110. signatures needed to get government investigation started and tax exempt status striped from this so-called “church.” It only takes seconds and easy as pie to register below. It’s so very important to those who have come out of this cult (a close friend being one) and are being threatened and harassed daily. They’re encouraged it will come to an end if they can generate 2,000 more signatures. Please pass on if you wish. Thank you so much. Judy

    Mark “Marty” Rathbun’s Place (a glimpse of Scientology Crimes)

    Please sign petition below and kindly forward to others:
    (any country may sign petition)

    1. Click this link to register White House account:
    You do NOT have to fill in a zip code or give your real name. Check your email to confirm registration.

    2. Next click this link and sign the petition:

    this is from a friend of mine who is not a scientologist and put this piece together to send to all of her friends. hope this helps!

  111. Oh Karen, she included a picture of POB on stage!

  112. same here!

  113. Sounds familiar…

  114. Once again, Very good essay Marty.
    Some really good postings on this blog. Lots of good input.
    I am cutting out a window of time later today to focus on the Petition sign ups with a target of 50 new sign ups.
    We can look at the slow down and we need to fix that, but I think it is tremendous that 3000+ unique individuals in a matter of 3 weeks, put in writing that the ABUSES, the COVER-UPS, the UNDUE influence and the CORRUPTION of the Church needs to be addressed.
    Previously the Church has tried to minimize the whistle blowers and the critics.
    The boiler plate SP declares state +++
    So and So has joined a  Small group of squirrels.
    Example from my “SP Declare”
    De la Carriere is knowingly connected to a small group of squirrels and is supporting the activities of this same small clique .

    I think the Petition is an eye opener as to how many easily signed the petition in sheer quantity by the hundreds in the first week.
    As a group we are vociferous and vocal.
    You hardly hear a peep out of Seventh day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pentecostals and so on even though there are plenty of internal disputes.
    The Petition is only the beginning. We are not going away, we are growing by the hour.
    Vengefulness, Harrassment, outrageous Abuse do not go hand in hand with a “RELIGION.” and the Internet and the media hears all about it.
    We who exit no longer have “thought police” kicking in. There is no thought control outside the Church. We can call it as we see it.
    Someone called Radical Scientology a cross between the Moonies and the Mafia !
    One of the lies I object to the most is promoting to one and all “TOTAL FREEDOM” ~~ The Bridge to attain TOTAL FREEDOM, whereas in actual fact progress inside the “CHURCH” leads to more and more ENTRAPMENT, the higher you go, the more entrapment.

    Complete control on who can befriend
    Complete control on who you can or cannot talk to
    Complete control over your family to disconnect from you.
    Complete control over business connections to disconnect from you.
    Attempted control on family life, your schedule, your course time,
    your finance to the point of bankruptcy
    are some examples.

    Radical Scientology ~The Bridge to becoming a Cult Leader’s slave.

  115. Yeah Robert. Good on ya man!

    Eric S

  116. Chris Mann.
    It was battery. Plain and simple battery.
    If there was an issue Police should have been called for alleged trespass.
    The Sea Org security member committed battery.
    Have you not seen or read on this blog how they tried and tried and tried to get Marty arrested and jailed for a lot less ?
    OSA has sent out their buffoons to people’s homes here in Los Angeles with cameras “Squirrel Busters” right to private homes multiple times ~~ and they obviously feel they have a RIGHT to to do that.
    Well I will tell you, not one of us knocked the “documentary filming camera” out their hands.
    Here’s to Axiom 142 making a lot more videos and putting them right on the web.

  117. WestCoastT16

    Chris Mann – You wanted to know who is behind “Occupy Wall Street”
    I just did a little research and found out. This quote is from a group called
    “Alliance for Global Justice” —– “In the intervening years we have participated in the formation of many coalitions including the Stop CAFTA coalition and the Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition. We also act as fiscal sponsor to over two dozen projects that do not have their own tax-exempt status – our newest being Occupy Wall Street.”

    You are right to question such activities – these are not nice people which you can easily find out by doing a bit more research on “ANSWER”.

    Just my 2 cents worth.


  118. Theo Sismanides

    Karen, all we need to do is tell them it has to do with Human Rights and Protection of Religion and its people.

    All of the above ideas can be used and examples given like 1.000 abortions made on our members and people harassed if they follow policy.

  119. Theo Sismanides


    That’s exactly my viewpoint on this too. A NEW RELIGION is needed on this planet to drive the masses and keep them in order. So they got now Scientology to do that. And tons of money and other stuff going on. DM is NOT ALONE on this. Anything anyone knows we should now know. All of us. I didn’t spend my life there to be in the dark about what is going on now.

  120. People keep asking why nobody ever fought back when they were getting hit by DM. Well, here’s your answer. Scientology was supposed to be a freeing thing, not a pair of handcuffs. The first time someone yelled at me in the Sea Org I slapped him so hard he spun. OH LORD! What a scene! Still, that was the last time anyone ever came up to me and started yelling and spitting in my face while I was on staff. I never agreed working as a volunteer meant I was subject to abuse. Someone tried to slip that in there and that was their mistake. Maybe if people had fought back promptly towards DM Scientology wouldn’t be in the midst of a sunset. It is not criminal to fight back. In fact, it is the price of freedom. If you can’t fight back no amount of reading books and bawling to an auditor is going to get you out of this mess called Earth. Just keeping it real.

  121. And no, I do not mean to imply fighting back always means physical force. But the common denominator of all losers IS Incorrect estimation of FORCE.

  122. Theo Sismanides

    Indie Pat Krenik (her email is p_krenik@hotmail.com) can help you on the signing up.

  123. Theo Sismanides

    I don’t know if this is gonna work here but I made this video about the Petition and the plan I proposed.

    I am sorry to say the Petition right now is NOT making it. Whoever does not see this cannot confront reality. We need to do something on this and the key word is Organize it. No words will do anything about it.

  124. Imagine there is no suppression.

    No Babylon (Rome, Venice, London) Central banking cartel.

    No genocidal agenda. No fluoridated drinking water,
    no created illiteracy, etc., etc., etc……………

    Isn’t that what luminaries like Hubbard were searching for and trying to achieve? And us too? The 99%. How about a friendly, cousin-like, world-wide reunion?

    Please take the time to sign the above referenced petition.

    It’s a start. And potentially a finish.

    We are kindred ‘souls’. And here it goes.

  125. I was able to get another couple of signatures. I keep being amazed at how little the rest of the world actually knows about Scientology (and this to me has Miscavige’s name all over it). But when you tell them about the abuse going on, I’m finding that people who I’ve spoken to, really DO care about that. And they want to help.

  126. This all just reminds me Keith closing another day as an O.S.A. officer.
    Dear Keith, how are you holding up? This one’s for you:

  127. The Oracle, listen here. DM IS bad news. This is an established fact. However, in my opinion, where did he get the idea it was good news to be bad news? By any chance there wouldn’t be anybody in the church that perhaps set such a bad example so freely that ignorant moron David Miscavige saw fit to follow and build a church upon? Just my two cents. But if you are looking for some ARC take my word for it, my conduct has not always been pristine but I hardly think that I influenced David Miscavige in any way to try and wrap the church around someone’s neck including my own. Just my two cents. That is sure as hell wasn’t me whose bad example he followed to wind up the pain in the ass that he is.

  128. Cool. I don’t see how this makes anything I’ve said untrue. I’m not looking for ARC. I’m looking for truth. So I speak it too. My truth is different than yours, that doesn’t mean either one of us is living a lie. We are different people. We have different values in all meaning of the word.

  129. Outflowing…. got about 5 more.

  130. Or, DoJ/CIA are using Co$ as a front for cutouts and money laundering. I have long believed this is the case.

  131. The 99% - Occupy Scientology!

    Amen, Dolphin Play. Thank you! And here on this blog and the activity streaming from it, we are Occupying Scientology. 🙂

  132. The whole process literally takes under 5 minutes.

    1) Sign up with name and email. 2 or 3 fields.
    2) Get a confirmation email (took 3 minutes or the process would have been even faster).
    3) Click Sign This Petition.


  133. Yeah, I’ve read pretty much everything on the blog.
    This is not really a big issue for me- the anons.
    I guess I would just say lets remember the golden rule or something like that. I dont have anything against local orgs or the guys in this video. I think thats off target. I have never been more certain in my belief that David Miscavige if not a full out SP is at the least someone who is destroying the Church and harming a lot of people in the process.
    For me this is about continuing the application and preserving the tech of Scientology and second in importance removing Miscavige and handling the church so it is safe to do the first part.
    The only effective action I can think of for the orgs would be contact people as individuals and brief them and get them to decide. Picketing the orgs and harassing Scientologists just doesnt seem like a rational action and I don’t understand why some of these guys keep showing up for this.
    Honestly, I have always suspected they are keyed in.
    I know it is not within me to show up repeatedly to push someones buttons and then to celebrate a violent reaction documented on video. I don’t think you would do that. I doubt any of the Scientologists here would.
    Theres something not quite right about it. It’s abberated behavior.

  134. Greetz …

    There are plenty of Auditor’s, C/Ses and Academies in the Freezone/Independent Movement. They need to be supported and people moving up the Bridge.

    The Church makes sure this Blog/Independents and other Freezone Community Mediums get their weekly dosage of entheta and enturbulation by anti-social Acts committed against it’s Opinion Leaders. The Intent is to divert Attention away from the Bridge to cause its members to motivate on and dramatize these harassment tactics.

    CO$ only wants to stop Freezone/Independent Scientology, and their Guns only fire Blanks of “misdirected Focus.”

  135. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Oracle,
    I am not saying that physical force should never be used.
    There is a time and a place for everything.
    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.
    A person has to choose his or her battles and decide which battles are worth drawing blood for and which ones could be won with the old grey cells as Hercule Poirot would say. 🙂

  136. I reported the Airplane reservation security issue in 1996 to a security agency.

    That’s why Mike & co could not find me at the time: I safely flew to destination half way thru the world, and did not even pass thru custom clearances, just to gain some time over OSA: a strategy which worked out quite well. 🙂

    Whilst the security agency solved my immediate issue of flying without being registered on a plane, they did not even think about solving the actual computer security issue, which you describe as a “crude hack”. I do not want to post or describe here how it is done, because it’s ridiculously simple.

    15 years have passed, the security issue remains, they did not do ANYTHING with that information. I stopped taking airplanes as a form of personal protest. 🙂

    Strange? no.

    You might want to read this story:


    Basically was a computer engineer in some university who found out some unknown individuals from Germany were using his network as a jumping platform to US Military networks, and happily transferring huge amounts of classified data. He reported it to the FBI, which they did nothing, so he decided to escalate the issue, well… it’s worth a read, and it gives also the reasons for such strange abberrated behavior.

    From a technical prospective, if you read that book carefully, the FBI has more interest in protecting and defending Miskavige than you: he is the one who brings a larger pile of money into the country, the blood on his hands can be cleaned with some tissues.

  137. My support with a musical song


    Marty maybe this one leads to confusion:


    Great Show Sir, carry on 😉

  138. Update on petitions signed as of Monday, AM October 17th,
    as of signature #3,145

    The top ten states:
    1. 468 California
    2. 189 Florida
    3. 160 Texas
    4. 124 New York
    5. 101 Washington
    6. 82 Illinois
    7. 72 Ohio
    8. 69 Oregon
    9. 64 Pennsylvania
    10. 61 Massachusetts

    Next in line:
    11. 59 Arizona
    12. 52 New Jersey
    13. 49 Michigan
    14. 47 Georgia, Missouri
    15. 45 Virginia
    16. 43 Minnesota, North Carolina
    17. 42 Tennessee
    18. 41 Maryland
    19. 38 Colorado
    20. 33 Indiana

    signing with no location indicated.

    746 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    67 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  139. Andrew, thank you so much for posting the transcript of SO ED 2104 INT. It is very valuable data. I had no idea such a transcript existed. It explains a lot of things. I was at the first Mission Holder’s conference in December of 1981 at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, and heard horrific things later about the second Mission Holder’s Conference. This document actually PROVES the abuses done to the Mission Holders, and the treatment of them in this way is completely off LRH policy in dealing with missions. I appreciate this contribution to the history of the Church of Scientology, as it is certainly helping to clear up the group engram. The Church cannot deny what they did, when they published it in their own transcript!
    Thanks again, and please keep posting any other resources you have like this!
    Catherine von Ach
    Austin, Texas

  140. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

    Well said. Now, you look at the prison the Int base has become. If ever people are doing time and if ever there was a prison warden this is it. And those folk are already doing heavy time. And they feel like criminals already because they are doing the time and there been a lot of crimes behind those walls. And you see the crimes flowing across the walls with the stalking and the hacking and the false testimony and the bearing of false witness and the fraud, embezzlement, bad faith, internet crimes etc etc.

    Those folk know they can do time. And those beings have essentially been degraded into criminals. And we are fighting back, and they are making us wrong for fighting back. And most of us have been labeled Scientology criminals for fighting back. And that is more or less the bottom line. The entire justice flow has been perverted because of social props.

    And I’m not going to join that game because it has side effects like blindness.

  141. Sign and you get to ask me a tough queston

  142. Theo Sismanides

    We have gotten a Highest Ever in the last hour. 25 sign ups in the last hour. It dropped a bit now JUST BECAUSE we need to APPLY AFFLUENCE for the last hour and I don’t know WHO did WHAT. Please if you know what happened between 12 pm – 2 pm LA time let me know. At a rate like that we COULD NUKE THE TARGET IN 3 DAYS.

  143. Look for the Who (person or persons). Not the generality. (agency). Generalities don’t handle.

  144. Yes:) So it is! Occupy Scientology! Life rules.

  145. Theo Sismanides

    Marty Karen de la Carriere has been working flat out on the petition and we now are at a range of 18-25 per hour for the 3-4 laste hours. This shows the amount of traffic ONE person CAN HANDLE. We need an OT number by 4-5 more guys and we are done.

    The scene has completely reversed at his pace. We are now at 1723 signatures in 6 days. This is 287 per day or 12 per hour. We are way up at 18 or 20. But Karren guarantees 500 SIGNATURES in 6 days. What about the REST 1223?

    We need to seriously get GUYS FLAT OUT ON THE PETITION. Karen has been doing something VerY successful so more people need to duplicate that before it’s too late. We now have a BIG CHANCE.

  146. Chris, it is unheard of, UNHEARD OF, that a member of the church is filming you for whatever reason is on their mind, and you decide to photograph them, that’s all, and the guy comes up to you and says “Hey!
    Hey!” and whacks your camera in your face! 🙂 It is supposed to be OT or something for them to do that, and of course DM would be behind that theory 100% as usual. When is DM NOT behind a bad idea in the church? 🙂

  147. TroubleShooter

    Dear Martin,

    IMHO – FEAR.

    The church’s stasi actions to obsessively stop people – good people, people who have never even done a Scn service – this is a “too gruesome” that cob and his osabots are dedicated to perpetrating on those targeted to be stopped. THIS is my educated guess. The INTimidation factor.


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