Silvia Kusada – Independent and Happy

Silvia Kusada New OT7,GAT Class VI, with her best friend Mary Jo Leavitt, New OT VIII

I’m proudly waiting for my “Golden Rod”.

 As many of you might know I have dedicated the past 15 years of my life studying and practicing Scientology as the pure philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard aligned with my desire to help people and to create a sane, happy world. I’m today one of the few Scientologists that has achieved top levels of training and spiritual awareness.

I’m now part of the many Scientologists that have chosen to leave the Church due to Management that I believe to be corrupt (NOTE: I’m officially leaving the Church of David Miscavige, I’m not leaving Scientology. Scientology being the pure technology from Ron Hubbard ONLY). 

I’m today one of the few that has had the courage to openly leave, disconnecting from a Cult that I observed turning a philosophy of freedom into an activity of entrapment called Black Scientology.  I personally witnessed several incidents of injustice, of flagrant lies, extortion, cases where unethical and violent people were protected, where false PR prevailed and where good people were deprived of their rights.

The true Scientology by Ron Hubbard has nothing to do with lies, blackmail, extortion, censorship, human trafficking and racketeering.

L. Ron Hubbard says: 

“I think of (…) Scientologists as the free people.  (…) I don’t expect (…) Scientologists to instantly agree with or seize upon whatever I say. I would be offended if they did and would feel they weren’t free people. Since they are intelligent I expect them to think over what’s said, try it, and if it’s good for them, use it.”  

(L. Ron Hubbard from “What Do I Think of Auditors?” also published in The Auditor.)


 “And then someday — me gone, other guys gone — all of a sudden there sits this thing, this organization. And somebody has to rise up and say, ‘Auditors of the world, unite: Overthrow this monster!’ And everybody would see it go down very plainly, you see. Down it’d go. Then they’d say, ‘Fine! Now we are free.’ And they would get another handful of letters cancelling their certificates.”  (L. Ron Hubbard from a lecture What Scientology is Doing, 6 June 1955)

 I’m proudly waiting for my Golden Rod.

 Ask yourself “Am I free to have an opinion and/or to express it?” If no, whatever you are doing is not Scientology.

Silvia under cover (kinda) with friends in South Texas

For the full reports and KR’s visit:

Silvia Kusada’s blog:



44 responses to “Silvia Kusada – Independent and Happy

  1. Thank you Sivlia K for speaking out. You and Mary Jo are amazing powerhouse and make a great team to help the Latin community.

    Thank you Marty for sharing this with us.

    What an amazing year 2010 is for all of us!!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for maintaining your integrity and taking a stand. The world just got a lot brighter!

  3. Silva (AKA Hannah),
    I can publically say Welcome to our Family!!!
    It is great to see you looking so Free and Happy
    Big Hug to you and to you Mary Jo!
    Love Mosey

  4. Martin Padfield - UK Indie

    Welcome Silvia! I think DM’s outfit is all out of goldenrod supply outstripping demand – too bad!

    Well done on standing up and joining the fast-growing legions of free-thinkers who don’t tolerate suppression and squirrelling. Especially well done for getting a KR for “lack of interest” on attending an IAS event, and not attending, from the D/Snr C/S for Training. What is breathtaking about that one is that this terminal, responsible for training, pulls you off study to get regged by the IAS!!! Then KRs you!!! You couldn’t make it up. You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

  5. Theo Sismanides


    Silvia thank you, we are ALL awaiting more and more people to come out and speak up. Thank you so much for standing up.

    “I am proudly waiting for my Golden Rod”, this IS the attitude of a true Scientologist.

    I am Soooooo Happy! Sooooo Happy!!

    You are a Power House!!

  6. Sylvia

    I just visited your site and read, among other things, your many KR’s on the criminal activities of certain church staff terminals. Jeeez, even with all we’ve learned recently, it’s still hard to believe the “rot” is so far down the command chain and so obvious to the naked eye.

    You admirably did your due diligence in writing these things up. Unfortunately, the standard handlings no longer work. Thanks for being brave enough to disagree, out loud.

  7. Welcome aboard Silvia. I’ve just thought to take this opportunity to give DM some inspiration on how to call the next Extorting IAS status to be promoted for the 2010 How about Super Dupe Meritorious Moronic Platinum Excalibrated. I’m sure Tom Cruise can have that Honoris Causae.

  8. Kathy Braceland

    Awesome Silvia! Welcome to the bright side of life. Glad to have you with us.

  9. OMG, Sylvia I know you & I can attest you were a very upstat student. I don’t think you would know who I am. I was just telling my friend that you were like the 6th grader (when moving along with lightning speed on your BC & getting rave reviews from your PCs & Sups) & I was like the 3rd grader (struggling on the first few Levels of the BC) looking up to you.

    I just read your blog. My god you really got put through the ringer at Flag. Oh, so you had an encounter with Alfonzo. You are not alone!!!

    In DM’s Church if you roll up your sleeves & get serious about going up the Bridge & training but you don’t drink your kool-aid you’ve got to watch your back.

    I don’t know very many people that can pull off getting themselves up the Bridge, Solo auditing 5-6 sessions a day, train to be Class VI “GAT” & audit others. Despite all the pressure you had on your lines you refuse to drink the Kool-aid. In my book, you’re a & hero!!!! And one more time, now more than ever I’m looking up to you. Thank you!

  10. David from England

    As I’ve said on other postings, I have never considered myself to be a Scientologist, although I did the Comm Course, the PTS/SP Course and a few hours of auditing. I would have needed greater involvement to be ready to make such a commitment. Indeed, my greatest encounter with Scientology ended up being quite antagonistic (partly due to misunderstandings on my part). But I did see good things in the auditing (however beyond my financial means at the time !) On the advice of people here I have bought copies of Self-Analysis and HFP to do further reading. But I should say that I have been reading Silvia’s website, and that this site, along with the contents of Marty’s site and affiliated blogs makes me realise that there is a great deal more to Scn that I was able to see, and that the Independent movement is uncovering a universe of exceptionally decent people who are maintaining their dignity under very difficult circumstances. Silvia’s blog made me want to cry and laugh at the same time. I wish you all the best

  11. *applause*

    ~~~ Brilliant and to the point! ~~~

    And the joy you’re each beaming in those photos travels here beyond lightspeed.

  12. Thought provoking

    HELLO Sylvia,

    Your story was riveting. You ARE a powerhouse! I am so glad that you found a terminal in Mary Jo and Marty and that you were able to get the correct tech applied.

    Your shared experience and courage will open the way for others, for sure. I wish you much future success and happiness, free of suppression enabling you to do what you seem to do best, heping others.

  13. Please pardon me if I’m misusing terms here, but that blonde wig is totally theta. 🙂

  14. Silvia Kusada

    Thank you! I haven’t been so happy for so long!

  15. Silvia Kusada

    Thank you! the sun is shining!!

  16. Silvia Kusada

    Mosey thank you so much!!
    You are a gorgeous woman and so theta!! Thank you for being here for me.
    I love you

  17. Silvia Kusada

    You do it for integrity and you do it because you want to help others. As the Church has stolen LRH theta goal to its own ends, it is difficult for many to let go… they still associating LRH to the Church.
    I have to thank few people that had the courage to openly say what they observe… so is my turn now.

  18. Silvia Kusada

    Thank you! you made me smile with all my heart! I would love to know who you are…
    when ever you are confortable write me:

  19. Silvia Kusada

    Thank you!!

  20. Silvia Kusada

    I have seen changes in better in DM’s church, not out of loyalty to the tech and LRH or because they care about their parishioners, but out of fear…
    So even if we are “the SP” we are actually making things better for the one inside, by disclolsing the out tech…
    I like it!!

  21. Silvia Kusada

    Thank you!! I had lots of fun!

  22. yourfriendtoo

    I co0ngratulate you! Your blog is incredible.
    You are amazing!

  23. Congratulations for being true. I read your blog, pure Science of Survival, absolutely awesome in context of the current scene at the fake “church” that has hijacked Scientology.

    Onward and upward. Auguri inifiniti, perche’ l’infinto di ogni bene e tuo! (Infinite good wishes, because the infinity of every goodness is yours/you!)

  24. Silvia, thank you for the “Science of Survival” quotes in your blog. All of it was useful as checkpoints that confirm the tone level of the real current scene, and I refer to the scene of “Scientology” as it is abused/perverted both culturally and within the puppet structure.

    There was one point that brought huge relief of recognition, and that is how Covert Hostility deals with artists.

    The current “celebrity culture” is kind of a degraded one that really has the least amount to do with true artists IMHO. While artists exist who are also celebrated (celebrity), the general tone level of what is “popular” in the mass culture is not Creativity…it’s demographic targeting of “art product” and “art personalities” that pander to sucking in $. Yes, some real art and movies get made. But here could be so much more!

    There goes the nourishment of the culture!

    Compare it to cultures such as Italy, where opera was the “common man’s entertainment” … or even the era of music when *individuals* in the US were still celebrated.

    Anyway, it is an audacious statement but one I make and will have the opportunity to back up with details one day, but the ™Franchise Mestology fears true writers, poets, artists, actors.

    Why? Because 1) it’s kind of hard if not impossible to tell a true poet what to think ( using the term “poet” loosely, to mean a creator of whatever medium). And 2) the job of true artists throughout the ages has been to uplift and free through shared perception.

    Given that…imagine the tears and oppression caused real artists by a 1.1. (Covertly Hostile) organization … and look around….where is the massive theta, thinkers, artists who have the innate power to move people to life, wisdom and amazement? They are NOT “celebrated” (root of the word ‘celebrity’)

    Art is a hugely spiritual activity, one that champions as much total individuality as there are beings. The last person on Earth or anywhere to be a puppet is a true artist.

    Reposting the exceprt from Science of Survival by L. Ron Hubbard: —> (thank you Silvia!)

    “A totalitarian state, following its usual line of perversion of truth, talks endlessly and raucously about its subsidization of the artist, but it subsidizes only those artists who are willing to work for the state exactly as the state dictates. It regiments the artist and prescribes what he will do and what he will write and what he will think. This is in direct controversion to the function of the artist in the society. Because the artist deals in the future realities, he always seeks improvements or changes in the existing reality. This makes the artist, inevitably and invariably, a rebel against the status quo. (…) The artist injects the theta into the culture. And without that theta, the culture becomes reactive.”

  25. How ’bout Patron Withtheirheadsuptheirannus another one Tom and others currently on the Honor Role have truly aspired to 🙂

    I know I welcomed you on Steve’s board but I was still somewhat apoplectic after reading how DM and his myrmidons terrorized you for having the audacity to demand standard policy and tech.

    The incident of the IAS interrupting you while you were on course and the “Course Supervisor” allowing this to happen was so surreal that I thought for a minute my drug rundown was unflat!


    As one poster aptly noted earlier “you can’t make this stuff up”!

    Well anyway you are safe now. You no longer have to be connected to Davey’s Lil’ Mk Ultra subproject.

  26. Hi Dave,

    How’s it going on SA?

    I enjoyed reading your post.

    Yes tragedy and comedy.

    But hey ain’t that what life’s all about?

  27. p.s. adding to the above ….can you imagine how *terrifying* the idea of a true artist is to the few individuals who fear free and thinking beings? The artist embodies the essential fabric of what we each are…Creators!

    Well, I’d rather be surrounded by live, intelligent, loving, ethical rabblerousers (most of that rabble is Life Sparks!) any day than the “serious” quiet haughty living dead.

  28. You are amazing to have done all you did in training and life under that immense suppression ,you truly are a Big Being.

    DM better watch out if you and Mary Jo confronted him together. That photo is Power plus WOW!

  29. Veritas,

    You have a huge understanding of artists and their true role. I fully agree with everything you said about the nature and role of a true artist. It was a blowdown for someone else to say this. Art has been so commercalized and downgraded that it’s the true artist, who wants to raise the culture to higher levels (not to make money, or merely to entertain, or to be popular) who has to struggle to be given a chance. This, of course, is completely backwards.

    There is so much agreement with the superficial-ization of art that an artist who wants to use art to change conditions can finally go into agreement that only the superficial, the high-concept money-magnet “art” that appeals to the lowest common denominator, belongs in the culture. And then there you are, saying what is true about art and knocking down that silly agreement with the downgrading of art and artists. Thanks. 🙂

  30. Very true again, Veritas — you’re inspiring me tonight. Rabble as Life Sparks — how wonderful! Here’s to a planet with only rabble and no serious, quiet, haughty living dead!

  31. martyrathbun09

    Veritas and Tone 41, Tom Paine writes in the Age of Reason that the root of the word “poet” is “prophet”; that indeed, back in the day, poets were looked upon as prophets.

  32. Independent Spirit

    Silvia, well done on getting rid of the SPs. It hurts to become the subject of evil purposes.
    You have done very well despite all the counter-efforts.
    And welcome to the Independent/Free Zone: the land of Self Determinism.

    I just wonder for how long the US Department of State with its annual country reports on Human Rights Practices can look at the concentration camp know as INT/GOLD base in California, the home of David Miscavige.
    A concentration camp known for its gross human rights violations, genocide-like atrocities and torture. Right there on the mainland of the US jurisdiction.
    I just wonder if the US Department of State will mention it in the country reports that are due very soon?

    Or if we should petition the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in the Hague to open a trial case on David Miscavige?

    No matter what, we are looking at a very interesting and theta 2010 here at Marty’s place.

    Nice photos 🙂


  33. Lise,
    I’ll second that! Amazing that when the stops were put in her way, she confronted them to handle, found a broken line, by-passed it and went forward anyway. Now that’s making it go right. That’s persistence on a given line. That’s tenacity and the dynamic to the nth degree in action.

    Eponymous, that’s theta too. Life exerted towards a survival goal for the rest of life with verve, tenacity, aesthetic and…well, you can see it manifest in the playful, happy, ‘ballsy’ powerhouse that is Silvia.

  34. Silvia, I rejoice in your new-found freedom and your capacity to laugh again. I pray you will continue to heal, your capacities will be restored and you will enjoy a fullness in life that delights you.

    Be kind to yourself. Celebrate every step forward.

    With love.

  35. David from England

    SA and HFP both arrived in today’s mail. I’m setting aside the weekend to discover what Scientology is about….

  36. thank you so much for every one of you for your theta, friendship and support!! I feel great, having my integrity in…
    I always went in the direction of truth. I still walking in that direction… much more than ever since I’m not part of a lie anymore…
    We are here for each other… I love it!

  37. Marty,

    Right on. I see it the same way. A great artist (poet) is a great thinker. When such is the art of a culture, that culture will value all the things we value and will rise to greater heights.

    Thanks for the reference.

  38. Underground For Now

    Hi Silva;

    Your are one OT powerhouse and a welcome addition to the growing INDEPENDENT world wide group.

    My head is spinning with how fast the INDEPENDENT particle flows are moving about. This is living proof OT’s have a unique way of confronting evil and delivering solutions.

    When I took a look at your blog I had to smile a bit when reading about all the effects in this universe you continue to create.

    I hope to meet you some day.

    Lady, you are one hot pistol and this universe is all the better because of thetans like you.

    Enjoy your new Freedom…it grows daily once you’ve announced your INDEPENDENCE.

    Jack Airey

  39. That’s great Dave!

    Enjoy the adventure 🙂

  40. Hello Tone41! Cheers! I’m humbled, exhilarated by your company, and encouraged…! 🙂 Lots more life sparks (especially on this subject) whenever needed.

  41. That’s great, Marty ….because poets earned their laurels by the ability to move people. No vision (prophet), no tears, no laughter ….no laurels. It is a sacred position, one respected very much in most countries of the world. It used to be in the USA. Edna St. Vincent Millay was like a rock star (Madonna) in her day…a mere hundred years ago. That’s how low junk imitation art product has fallen and overtaken the market. It’s a measure of publif awareness (which is today intentionally dumbed down into an obedient consumer mentality).

    Today “celebrity” is fabricated, manufactured (tmostly talentless…ouch… or safely mediocre) personas to sell stuff.

    Celebrity as a word and phenomenon has hit bottom of the barrel with complete inversion, synonymous with mediocrity, ignorance, avarice, abuse, and sucking the public.

    Stars were once called such because they lit up the world.

  42. I just want to say…thank you Marty. You have so many friends around the world in many places. You deserve all the esteem and appreciation we have for you. *THANK YOU*

  43. Smiling reading your post… Looking at the number of great people we meet…. and starting a new life of sanity and truth.

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