Sarge’s LRH recollections – Part 1


 It began when I was living in Michigan in the spring of 1975 and I saw an ad in a magazine for ‘Fundamentals of Thought’. I sent for the book, loved it and sent for more books. Then began a phone reg cycle that led to a weekend trip to FCDC (Founding Church of Scientology, Washington D.C.) in May 75. At the time I was 30 years old and my life was going well. I had a good job, a new house, new corvette convertible, lots of friends, my family loved me and I had women knocking my door down (so, I exaggerate once in a while). Just ‘stuff’. I was bored. I needed adventure. Well, I sure got it.

During my first weekend at FCDC I did intro course, Life repair (which didn’t take long) and I was blown away. I bought the bridge! I flew home, quit my job, put my house up for sale, ARC broke everyone, packed up the vette and was back at FCDC as a full time public by the end of the week. Wow, did I make things go right!

 Initially, I was disappointed when I found out there were other Orgs and that LRH wasn’t at FCDC. I really wanted to meet him. Regardless, I burned the midnight oil at FCDC and had comp after comp. I became a Dianetic auditor and CS, did drug rundown, grades 1-4 (floating TAs) ARC straightwire, XDN and was a class four auditor and CS. My OCA’s were all redlined and my needle floated all the time. Life was good! I spent two days touring all the Missions in Connecticut with a mission holder I’d met. I was going to work for him for a while, then open my own missions in Mich. I wanted to bring Scientology to my family and friends. During this time the CO of FCDC, Greg Wilhere, was trying very hard to get me on staff. Sorry Greg. I was interning in the “ivory Tower’ as a CS when Sandy Wilhere (SO Rep) paid me nightly visits trying to get me to join the SO. How can you not love Sandy. She was persistent and found my buttons: ‘LRH needs your help. He’s setting up a hotel and needs you to help him.’ The help LRH button worked.

 I signed a billion year contract and left the next day for the FOLO in New York. This was Nov. 75. I was then flown to Clearwater where the Fort Harrison was just purchased. I was assigned to the renos crew and was again disappointed as there was no sign of LRH. I did renos for a while and became friends with Marcus Swanson. We then were assigned to the security force and I was made HAS. I worked for Wayne Marple (great guy). I was then assigned as a security guard at the Duneden complex. Finally! LRH was there. I was blown away but very nervous. Please Steve don’t mess this up. Well, I did.

 LRH was bigger than life. He went for a walk with a messenger about my second day on duty. The complex at Duneden was a long row of apartment buildings, mostly empty. The complex was at the very end. There was a two story building with apartments and garages where all the berthing and offices were and across from it was a one story building used for storage. Most of the other buildings were vacant. I was told to protect the complex. Well, when LRH went for his walk, I stayed around the complex. LRH walked with the messenger up to a recreation building, spent a little while, came back to the complex and looked a little upset. They went inside without as much as a nod.

Disappointed again.

 Then the messenger came out and told me LRH was upset that I didn’t follow him out to the rec building. That’s when I first met my wonderful friend Lois Jory. She was so nice and we became friends. From then on I followed LRH like a shadow. The next day when he came out for his walk he asked my name and was very friendly. Over the next few months I became a fixture around there. I met everyone. Great group of OTs. LRH always stopped to talk on his walks. Life was good again.

 I hadn’t completed my bridge purchase at FCDC and needed money. Someone told me to petition Mary Sue for a refund, I did and got my money within a week. I always loved Mary Sue. She was a special lady. I then asked for a couple weeks leave to go back to FCDC to pick up my mest left there. While at FCDC I saw some old friends and was asked if I had met LRH and I said yes I was a security guard for him. I was very proud of that. While there I saw some people I recognized but couldn’t place. Upon arrival back at Duneden I sure found out who they were.

 They were messengers Claire and David Rousseau, who apparently reported on me for out security. The G.O. assigned me to my first lower condition. I felt destroyed. But, I worked with the ethics officer and had my liability formula signed by all. LRH, Mary Sue, included. Wow! I didn’t know it at the time but I had gone back to FCDC just when LRH went to DC with Claire and David.

 I then got on LRHs good side. We were being surveiled by the the Saint Petersburg Times wanting a story about LRH . I was on duty one day when I saw a car pull up by one of the empty buildings. A man got out of the car, saw me and went into the courtyard of a building and started walking through toward our complex. I headed him off and told him he was trespassing. He said he was from the SP Times and wanted to interview LRH. He was a nice guy so I told him I sure would like to meet him too, but this is a United Churches property and I’m here to protect their privacy. I watched him like a hawk till he left, then reported the incident to the G.O. LRH loved the story and I got my first very well done. What a kick! LRH left soon after and I went on warehouse duty in Tampa.  Then came WHQ.

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  1. Kathy Braceland

    Oh man, that was fun Sarge. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Sarge,

    I enjoyed reading that Chapter and look forward to reading more.



  3. Welcome back, Sarge. You sure command that stage.. look! Everyone is here, some are looking a bit nervous..

  4. Thank you Sarge for your great recollection. Your writing is so fun to read.

    Can’t wait for Part 2.

  5. Sarge,
    I was at the FLB in Jan 76 walking down Fort Harrision Blvd one Sunday morning coming back from the laundramat. I was whistling some tuneless tune, checking out the foliage of Florida and avoiding being attacked by the little lizards that are on the sidewalks.

    I looked up from my lizard watch and saw a copper Caddy with this great big forearm hanging out the window in a short sleeve. I looked at the driver and saw these Wayfarer Ray Bans and a grin as big as the grill. LRH tooling around on a Sunday morning on the Gulf Coast. I looked at him, he glanced over at me and we exchanged smiles.

    Unlike you, I didn’t tell anybody until sometime later 🙂

  6. Okay! Another great story rolling out (another piece of Scn history from the trenches). I’m now ready for Part II and my scroll key is lubricated. 🙂

    Sarge, I’m wondering, did you ever know an SO member by the name of Bill Lazarony?

  7. Lemme see…. May of 1975 first service, CL IV auditor and C\S by November.

    Yes, those were the “high particle flow” days of FCDC, and quite possibly the “Golden Age” of the first Scn expansion period. I was bodyrouted in to FCDC during that time, and wound up buying and reading every LRH book there was….

    I seemed to have “gotten it” despite the”evil transcriptionists”…lol. And so did you Sarge!

    Looking forward to moar stories!

  8. Fellow Traveller

    Wonderful. Simply wonderful. Well done. You have whetted my appetite for more. Thank you, Sarge.

  9. Another Friend of LRH

    I’m following your posts with great and intense interest. I can relate to your story and I myself joined the Sea Org to get closer to LRH. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to directly meet the man, Great to hear about your early days up to the point of you going to WHQ. You don’t know how much I appreciate you being willing to speak up and tell your story and give your own insight in how it was to work directly for LRH. Can’t wait for your next post!

  10. Unity Mitford

    I’m gonna take a wild guess and bet by tomorrow there will be at least 50 comments on how “theta” this story is.

    *Unity ducks and covers* : )

  11. martyrathbun09

    Miltford, I bet you are right. If you can isolate the impulse that prompted you to put the quotation marks around theta, and as-is it, you might find some dark mass lift from over your head.

  12. Good stuff, very theta.

  13. Yep – it is theta.
    Happy to prove you right Unity and as for the attempted barb – pretty weak – it really doesn’t warrant a counter-attack so really no need to duck and cover. Got anything worth going a couple of rounds on?
    Sarge – love it, keep it coming.

  14. Dear Sarge,
    What an amazing story. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one!

  15. Yes, Unity Mitford, this story is as fresh as a morning sunrise, and your comment is indeed as “theta” as a stormy monday. Have a good week!

  16. UM,
    Marty, in an incredibly succinct manner, has suggested something for you that is such sooth, so workable, and so simply stated, that IF you took his suggestion your life would change utterly.

    There is something about this posting by Sarge which may have escaped your notice: the time period. It may have escaped your notice due to above ‘impulse’ Marty has mentioned. See, that sort of thing can cloud perception, color it, and with bad perception, well, how rational can one’s conclusions be?

    I’ll give a clue to the significance of the time period and the obviously relaxed atmosphere surrounding Mr. Hubbard. He’s freely traveling, to and fro on the Gulf Coast, to DC, all over da’ place. Doesn’t that contrast to how he’s been depicted in some of the diatribes written?

    He sure looked pretty chillin’ to me when I saw him, out for a Sunday drive, all by his lonesome and with a smile as big as the grill on that copper Caddy.

  17. I did see Unity fidget all throughout Sarges´ speech and the impulse is consistent with the dark mass.

    Now Unity, prefer blue, or is a pretty yellow rock most appealling to you?

  18. TheEmporerIsNaked

    That post was way, way, way theta. And I can’t friggin’ wait for more.

    Marty, Almost as good was your response to Miltford.

  19. theo Sismanides

    Thanks Sarge, we are all waiting for part 2. And yes it’s theta.

  20. I’ve posted this observation before but I thought I would say it again. What is important about the ‘old-timers’ stories’ is that it leaves a legacy of what Scn was like in the older pre-DM days. For those of us around during that time we have a view of a more ideal scene of Scn. I am not saying everything was an ideal scene in those days, it was not, but knowing what Scn was like in the 70s or 80s and what it is like now, I think many of us can see the many more outpoints that exist now.

    The younger generation of Scn and SO members who do not have that experience only know the current Church scene and management. They don’t have the comparison of the earlier days and thus cannot envision a more ideal scene and thus cannot view the current outpoints. They won’t see them. So old-timers like Sarge are leaving a sort of legacy for future generations. I think that is very valuable.

  21. David from England

    Just out of curiosity, and with nothing implied, why do you use the tag Unity Mitford? As you would know, Unity was a fascist (sister-in-law of Sir Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists, and would-be girlfriend of Adolf Hitler – she attempted suicide when war was declared). It’s just a rather odd nom de plume of the sort that one might expect to find on Stormfront or a white supremacist site, but not here…

  22. My posts are meant to support LRH and my friends If you don’t see me post comments
    its because I learned a long time ago to only
    comment on what I know to keep from exposing myself as a fool. Wish others would do the same. Thank you for all the ‘Theta’ comments! Love Sarge

  23. p.henry, Yes I knew Bill. If you talk about the old days at ‘W’ etc., I think I knew everyone and I hope they all remember me. I had no

  24. Hi Unity.
    If one of your goals is to be becoming a more powerful, a freer, happier, more genuine, and more soul like human being then please just examine, for your and that goal’s sake , what fueled the comment you wrote. A desire to enlighten and help grow or a desire to make wrong and cause pain.
    The latter, in my viewpoint, weakens, burdens and dims the soul, the life force, plus the admiration for and tremendous enjoyment of the type of person we are being.
    Wanting the best for you is also good for me.

  25. Great story, chock full of ….wait for it… THETA;)

    Thanks for writing this Sarge, you’re a good storyteller.

  26. Two things stick out to me when I read a lot of these personal accounts of interactions with LRH. One is that he was a bit of a nerd (which is not meant as a knock…after all, so was Einstein!). The other is that, more than anything, he enjoyed the camaraderie of his fellows. One of the stories I read, and I forget which one it is now, told of how he regaled some folks with bawdy pirate songs of the 17th century. Now, whether they were what he said they were, whether he BELIEVED they were such, or even if he knew that he was making them up himself, what an utterly charming thing to do!

    Seems to me like his primary motivating impulse was wanting to be surrounded by people who respected and cared for him…much like us all! MOST of us, anyway…

  27. SARGE ~~
    You have us entranced.
    Thank you for making Marty’s blog totally unique and special.
    So very few ~~ less than a handful of SO had the time track and proximity to LRH that you had for so many years.
    Rare LRH stories are just about the hottest button of what an audience like ours wants to hear.
    You DA MAN !

  28. Wonderful story, I wait on baited breath for more – longer please, haha.

  29. Freedom Fighter

    Sarge, both your story and Jim’s gave me goosebumps! Very theta, indeed!

    I got in the year after LRH dropped his body, so I was never fortunate enough to meet him in person. I always imagined him to be bigger than life and wondered what I’d say to him if I’d had the opportunity.

    Thanks for posting this. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.

  30. Eponymous,
    Here’s a story, and we weren’t surrounding LRH, but were at the Flag Land Base again, this time it was 1979. My fellow SO members and I put a little band together and some of them were formerly in the Apollo Stars, Craig Ferreira and Billy Potter.

    We rehearsed in the bowels of the Fort Harrison and put a tape together. Craig, being on the ship and knowing all sorts of people from that time, got one of them, who worked in LRH External Comm to send it up to Ron. We got a telex back, maybe a week later, and it said ‘Wonderful music. Get me a tape when you get your chops together L(ove) – R’.

    Well, let me tell you, that telex was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen. We parlayed it into a full time music project. His wish for us ‘to be rich and famous’.

    I think I was the one that experienced his respect and care, and you’re right, I sure did like it.

  31. Jeez, I thought everyone had lightened up just a notch since leaving DM’s anti-humor world. If you could not detect the humor in my post, I’m sorry. It’s called “ribbing” us wogs do it occasionally.

    To be perfectly clear I only used quotes around the word theta because its not one I use and therefore am not totally comfortable in its proper usage. I know what the term means generally, but its not in my everyday vocabulary. I was also future quoting people on here who would be using the word in its proper sense.

    I also have one bone of contention with the Scientology vocabulary that I will go ahead and mention since this has reminded me of it. Many cults try to isolate people by using their own internal language – its a way to ensure that only other members of the cult truly ‘understand” you once you become accustomed to using the jargon. I understand there are quite a few concepts in Scientology that merit new words since existing ones may not fit the bill – however this is far from the case in most instances. I think a lot of the terminology and constant use of acronyms does a disservice to Scientology and its attempts to communicate ideas to the general public. Scientologists could easily have a conversation with each other, in English, that most English speakers would not understand 90% of. This may give scientologists a sense of belonging or group understanding, but by that same token it’s also alienating. Like I said, I think this was done on purpose on some level – and its far from the only instance of a group creating an internal lingo, but Scientology takes it to an extreme.

    I say all this because you all seem very intent on spreading what you feel are the positive and good aspects of your philosophy but I think you will find that very difficult when the average man can’t understand what your talking about.

    Integrating ideas is always healthy and helps them grow, isolation makes them rigid and stagnate. I think DM’s cult is a good example of that in action and hope this new group of independent Sceintologists takes the other route.

  32. martyrathbun09

    Yo Patrick Henry – email me my password on your ning site to I want to respond to your comments but didn’t keep record of username and password.

  33. Freedom Fighter, I love the handle. LRH was
    bigger than life and scarey. I’ve seen him get
    mad and blow people off their anchor points
    and out of the bank. LRH was not stuck on
    the tone scale. This first story is just a way to
    help explain a soldiers viewpoint of his hero.
    After all I’m Sarge. Had you had the priveledge
    of working for him as I did you would never forget it. I am going to tell the truth in posts to come. Next is ‘WHQ, Over The Rainbow’.

  34. This is thetalicious and thetantastic!

    More, more! can’t get enough LRH sightings or stories.

    Is theta a noun? But how can nonmatter be an object? And it has no place. Maybe it’s a vernoun, action and particle combined….just thinking.

    Keep these thetantabulous stories coming! So thetaful. Like how the world was meant to be before the Grinch stole Christmas.

  35. What a great Part I to the story! Can’t wait for the rest.

    It just occurred to me, Sarge, between you and Ken Urquhart, you guys could probably produce quite a firsthand bio of LRH from 1960-1986 (even if it came out in two volumes).

    Talk about an interesting read! I hope you guys consider it.

  36. Thanks Sarge. I’m glad to finally cross paths with someone who knew Bill from the old days. I met him in 96′ in Clearwater. Yes, there is a rest of the story but not here.

  37. Undisturbed, I’m glad you posted your observation again. I’m with you!

    It appears that there are now two books of Scn i.e., Book I – Scn with LRH; Book II – Miscavology and, we’re currently working on the preface of Book III, The Fall of DM subtitle: Rise of the Independent Movement.

    And that train of thought leads me to this…

    Back in early 78′ when I became a Scientologist, I recall thinking to myself, “I have walked into a real life Science Fiction story. Only it’s not fiction.” I no longer think that. I know it.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Mitford, Thanks for the advice. To get an idea why nomenclature is necessary – for reasons other than you incorrectly surmise Scientology uses it for – try fully clearing the word THETA in the Scientology Tech dictionary.

  39. Jim, LRH always signed his dispatches to
    me Much Love (mlv). If anything less I knew
    he wasn’t happy with me. Hows come you just
    got an ‘L’? Just kidding . Thanks for the great
    support. Love, Sarge

  40. Jim, Pardon. Should have been MLV!

  41. My friend John Axel used to tell us stories from the good old days and the man until one day he was acused of black PRing LRH even though the story he told at a staff meeting was so hillarious and not black PR at all. There are not many left who can tell us the real story of LRH. I am so waiting for the next part.

    A source briefing we never get to hear from the fascist camp. Thank you!

  42. You have actually noticed something that is a problem with scientology, the cultural disconnect from the “non spititual seeker”.

    We do have our own words and a bit of disdain for those who haven’t realized the brilliance of Ron.

    I recognize your discomfort at using others private language….

    And humor on the internet is why there are smileys…it doesn’t communicate as easily as in person.

    I don’t feel, as a long time scientologist, that the special language is deliberate, as an attempt to isolate.

    But rather than focusing on a narrow path between wog and OT, perhaps we should be involved in a broader sphere of action in life. Prothelisize by example. See scientology as something more than just a personal path to awareness, and more as tools for life.

    Or maybe this applies more to the church culture than those who have made it here at this point…

    Outside input is valuable.

    So welcome.

    Curious….as someone else asked….why the Unity Mitford ref?

  43. Or better yet, Unity, give us a common English word that expresses everything we mean when we say “theta”. I’d be happy to use it. ML, M6

  44. Time, Place, Form and Event is the universal solvent. Keep it comin’, Sarge. You’re providing a great service.

    Tell it like it was and in your words. It’s your story, after all.

    And I totally get the Sergeant viewpoint. Nothing like a good, crusty but unfailingly loyal sarge; every officer needs one.

    Unity Midford, I did get your intent but, to be honest, sarcasm’s tough to make work at the best of times and certainly difficult to decipher on blogs, which are by nature tone deaf.

    When sarcasm’s done with a smile – a genuine one – it’s fun but most often I find that it’s a sly attempt to denigrate the other person.

  45. Actually I kind of agree with you Unity, I mean I don’t think that LRH intended it in the way that you explain, but I get annoyed with having to use a lot of the terminology in my everyday conversations with Scn’s, I mean most of the terminology can be said in regular words and communicate to everyone instead of alienating others around who are not Scn’s. I was just experiencing this last weekend at a party, where we had to be “careful” about what we said as their were lots of non-scn’s around. Tech terms are different though.. these have had to become new words to put a word with the item like e-meter, or c/s etc. But you have stated your opinion and I respect that.

  46. Sarge, I too like you had woman knocking on my door back then. It may have been the back door though thats why I couldn’t hear it. Sarge keep em coming your posts are the most anticipated.

    MLV Murray

  47. While I don’t think the nomenclature of scientology was/is intended to isolate, it often can and does.

    scientologists don’t realize how different they sound — not just the words but the cadence, the syntax.

    I was frankly a bit shocked to see the knee-jerk jump on Unity Mitford when I suspected that his “quotes” were because he was unfamiliar with the word himself.

    Let’s please please not become yet again a hyper-sensitive obsessed group who cannot 1) take a slight teasing without instant J&D attack 2) cannot laugh at themselves.

    Laughing at oneself IS healthy.


  48. Freedom Fighter

    Thanks, Sarge. I don’t doubt it and I totally know what you mean (ex-military here). Can’t wait for the next chapter. After all the PR of the last (for me) 23 years, the truth is very refreshing.

  49. martyrathbun09

    WH, I have very little difficulty speaking with non-Scientologists; about Scientology or any other subject. The “knee-jerking” that has gone on unabated is to take every perceived shortcoming of a Scientologist and generalize the source as some defect in L. Ron Hubbard. I don’t consider I knee-jerked at Mitford at all. I simply called him/her out on a 1.1 dig. I can take a lot of teasing and j&d attack and do. To not recognize the intent of the comment several people here did as a 1.1 attempt to enturbulate, and say it is not hypersensitivity. Instead, it is open expression of their understanding of SOS and the other body of very workable tech on the tone scale. Trained Scientologists with independent minds have a right to express their views too. That is a primary purpose of this blog.

  50. Neat! I think a slogan of the Independent movement should be “Less Reggin’, More Rockin'”.

  51. Unity,
    Thanks for the additional ‘R’ factor. Now, what I mean by that is the you have given more communication about what you meant. That in turn increases my duplication of what is real to you. That’s the ‘R’ factor. As well, my affinity is higher. See, it’s not so tough. Theta is defined in the dictionary of Scientology, the Technical Dictionary. It is ‘life force’ ‘elan vital’, it’s the life energy that animates creates and then animates matter, energy in space.

    Another thing, if you take the time to search these terms, the modern equivalent of looking them up in a dictionary, then you are well on your way to grasping a whole other chunk of living. With a little practice, heck, you’ll be jabbin’ Scientologese as good as any of us. It’s never been meant to alienate or isolate. It’s always been a matter of those learning a whole new body of expression. And again, thank you for the further info. No wuckers, mate. (That’s about as much Aussie as I can muster.)

  52. veritas,
    The Grinch came through in the end.

  53. Sarge,
    It was telex traffic. Economy of words. I sure felt MLV!

  54. Hear, freakin’, hear!!!!

  55. EXILO, you wrote “There are not many left who can tell us the real story of LRH”.

    Do you think that’s not intentional?

    People like Sarge have all been taken out of the picture in one way or another so David Miscavige can control the message. L. Ron Hubbard is becoming who COB tells us he was.

    Which takes us to the next evolution: COB=LRH=COB.

    Power is assumed. When DM saw the opening, he went for it faster and with more force and intention than anyone else. That’s why he is COB, a post which didn’t even exist. He is the leader of Scientology because he said he was and there was no one left with sufficient power to say he couldn’t be. It had nothing to do with LRH.

    As for what you remember of John Axel: isn’t it interesting that the one thing LRH wasn’t was serious yet that’s precisely what he’s become in the New Order. Very, very deadly serious.

  56. Is this comment #50? I did get your sense of humor in your above comment Unity, I did. Thought it was a bit slapstick ish.

    *Duck & Cover*… You got it, and a bit of “Momma Bear”. Keep your ass down!! lol

    I don’t think you’re any less theta for it.

    As for your natter on nomenclature, or vocab. I see it differently. Is Chemistry a “cult”? Is Engineering a “cult”? What about Astrology? And all the other -ology’s and -ism’s? Most of which, make me feel alienated and isolated. Fact. Damn them. Well it’s “the cult-of-Earth.”

    Well, you know what to do about that? Know what the words mean. In those subjects, only then would you have any hope to know any subject.

    LRH spoke of exactly what you are taking about, however, and suggested to all of us to have that ability; to turn-it-off at will, smoothly, able to switch back and forth, and talk “normal” to nice folks, not to estrange or “alienate” them. He really did. Don’t natter. Clear your words.
    Oh ya, and we can do that! But you’re here.

    And if you don’t have a Tech(nical) Dictionary. Find one. You’ll thank yourself.

    The word “theta” means a few things, and your it. Add an N to it and you got Thetan. That’s you. And you, pardon me, a Thetan can’t be killed.

    Well, anyway, if your going to be in this Universe at all, might I suggest you join Us in the Independent Movement for the next Billion Years? (Dang, there’s that nomenclature again. True, it’s confusing.)

    Become Free, forever. Free Forever.


  57. TheEmporerIsNaked

    Let’s not introvert on the fact that Scientology has some specialized terms. I’m having more trouble ramping up on the blogging terms. At my job there is 10 times as much specialized terminology. My spouse is ex-military, try that out for gratuitous specialized terminology.

    LRH managed to keep Scientology in the simple range of specialized terminology, especially relative to the scope of the work.

    If you can’t handle a little specialized terminology, where can you go on this planet to avoid it?

    Again I find myself agreeing with Marty on this.

  58. TheEmporerIsNaked

    Oh and one other thing. Dang this post was theta!

  59. I laughed out loud at Marty’s response to Mitford.

    There was not one nano drop of malice in it, not in Marty’s reply, nor in my laughter.

  60. The story isn’t over until it has a happy ending. 🙂

  61. The closest equivalent in the general vernacular is “cool” … and cool is cool but it just doesn’t come close to the sparklingticity of the meaning of **theta**.

    Saying “wow that’s really chock full of the infinite potential of uplifting pure Life power” is too long!

    I love the idea of creating words though.

    I love how Marty protected the word, too.

    And I love all the different viewpoints here.

    Communication is life-freeing!

  62. I remember my bewilderment once during a crush reg cycle and I found myself saying, “Wait, you don’t understand…I *want* this .”

  63. For SARGE!! ♥✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩∞

  64. Mockingbird6, why limit yourself to one word when you can use a range of words to give your communication colour and vitality?

  65. Martin Gibson

    I hung on every word… really appreciate you relaying the past into the now, so we finally have the truth now and for the future…

    I look forward to Part 2 as well!!!

    Kind regards,

  66. Unity Mitford

    To do some more “r-factor” as Jim said:
    One — I did clearly state there were some “new words” needed for Scientologists to communicate ideas. Sure some new concepts need new words to clearly define them, absolutely, but usually I think that’s the exception not the rule. (Outside of the “tech” stuff – I’m talking everyday conversation here) English is an amazing language (and far from my only one) but I can tell you the amount of adjectives and number of words makes English a writer’s dream language compared to many others. (Unless you’re angry and want to curse a lot – then it’s Russian all the way.)

    Two – I am a woman, not Australian, born and raised American.

    Three – I have looked up the definition of “theta” and many, many other Scientology words. In fact I usually have absolutely no problem following written communication between scientologists – but if I don’t know something I look it up or “word clear” if you will. I didn’t need Scientology to know its a good idea to look up a word if you aren’t sure of its meaning. However, you must admit words that get used mutate and adapt to their users. I do notice that “theta” is sometimes used outside the strict definitions given within Scientology – sometimes it seems to be a catch all for all that is uplifting and spiritual to scientologists. (Positive energy if you will)

    Four – I think its great you guys like to tell stories about LRH and its life and times – helps demystify certain aspects about the man. Just be weary of the cult of personality stuff. I’ve noticed some things about LRH come off sounding like a groupie and a guru rather than someone who is the student of a philosopher.

    Five – You all know the Scientologist terminology can pose a problem in everyday life and conversation. Many exs and current Scientologist have told me they have to “watch” themselves in general conversation outside of the group. Many exs have said that dropping the use of the Scientology terms (and the thought concepts that go along with them) was one of the hardest things they had to do. Many Ex’s, who no longer follow any tenants of Scientology, have told me that to this day when something bad or difficult happens their first automatic thought is “how did I pull that in?”

    Six – Joking around and ribbing is usually done when you like someone – so take it as a compliment rather than anyone get their panties in a bunch over it. It was meant to be friendly and humorous.


  67. Hello Ms. Mitford,
    Peace indeed! You’ve ‘jacked up’ the R factor hugely. Much thanks.

    There is no ‘cult’ of LRH in my stories. Think of them like me relating experiences with one of my best friends. You can recall, say back in school maybe, when you had a friend that you always were excited about seeing. That kind of joy, that kind of ‘theta’, is what it is.

    I’ve read those stories of guys trying to avoid using the terms which they had while active in Scn. Funny, those terms describe concepts just as you say, and they are pretty good at it, once you get them conceptually. I’ve always found that I can describe the concept in other terms, but sometimes I just define the Scn term for the person and use it, since it nails what I’m trying to get across. Your point of communication is senior to the ‘mechanics’ of the specific word is well taken.

    On the Scientologese, I think on this blog it’s an issue of lots of us are talking excitedly and to persons with a common reality (R). In that excitement , and because we’ve used these terms and understand the concepts they communicate, we talk comfortably among us.
    Sometimes that talk, is listened in to by those who haven’t the same R. While there is a responsibility for us Scientologists to make communications to non-Scientologists, real to them, on this site, there is a responsibility for those new to the subject to work to ‘get up to speed’.

    When I studied the Supreme Court cases dealing with the First Amendment, I had to do the same thing. You get the idea.

    As to takin’ a joke and my panties, well, how the heck do you know I have on …

    They’re just more comfortable!!!!!

  68. I totally got what you’re saying Unity!

    However, this blog is mainly for Independent Scientologists and those who are thinking of becoming independent, as far as I understand it.

    You are welcome to post here as a “wog” (just kidding 🙂 ), but you are going have to put up with specialized terminology. No one here is should have to repress their communication.

    I am on a discussion group that deals with espionage, intelligence and security issues that has many FIOs posting on it in the language of their chosen profession.

    There are also researchers, authors and journalists who are subscribers such as myself, who in order to communicate to these individuals have had to learn the lingua franca of the “Craft of Intelligence” ourselves.

    None of us would ever suggest to these people that they “speak english” so we could understand them!

    Personally, I’d consider it rude!

    However, asking for clarification is always alright, which I think would apply here as well.

    So, if there is something you don’t understand in what we say at times. Many of us here, I’m sure would be happy to clarify it for you. I know I would.

    I think that would work better than demanding that people limit their communication.

  69. After reading Sarge’s story, I was talking with a long long long term friend and confidant of LRH about the story and was told some more personal stories and it made me realize that it would be great someday if everyone who had personal contact with LRH, particularly those Senior Executives in the Sea Org, former Messengers and Techies who had daily contact, would write up their stories in detail.

    There are lots of books out there telling the “public history” of Scientology and LRH, but nothing really that relays these personal contact stories like Sarge’s and so many others.

    I know I would read it.

  70. I agree Mark that would be so cool and very theta.

    My own encounter with Ron this life time was very brief and by pure serendipity.

  71. Question: if it’s not available in the local library, where could one get a hold of a book like the Scientology Tech Dictionary without lining the pockets of the current regime? I imagine there’s some used books available on Amazon or even eBay, but is there an alternative, Independent source we should know about?

  72. Unity Mitford, I appreciate your use and respect for language, and spirit of communication.

    I get very enthusiastic about L.. Ron Hubbard, he is a person for whom I have great respect and admiration, and love. It is not blind, nor is it for a “cult personality.”

    You said “Please be weary” (I think you meant to write “wary”?) –“of the cult of personality stuff. I’ve noticed some things about LRH come off sounding like a groupie and a guru ”

    How is one supposed to be enthusiastic about a philosopher? Calmly, with glasses on, in only cerebral utterances? I wonder if the group following Aristole or Plato to hear them in cypress groves kept their praise to a conservative dribble.

    What is the demarcation point between fan and groupie? Between joie de vivre and cult personality? And do we tell screaming crowds of millions who’ve been uplifted out of their minds and bodies to “tone it down” lest they sound like groupies? 🙂

    The warning of being “wary” might be applicable to throngs cheering Britney Spears or other pop “nutrients” 😉

    But seriously how is it fitting to warn people who are excited about Hubbard, a person they’ve known or whose work has remarkably, tangibly uplifted a life, to be “wary” of their enthusiasm?

    Forgive me if I mistook your warning as a little condescending, but it came across as if you were speaking to an undiscerning someone who is Svengali prone. (Svengali, fictional character who was an evil hypnotist with powers over people).

    Just saying, let’s not mistake enthusiasm and even exhilaration for something negative.

    Life really can be amazing.

  73. p.s. And yes, conceding some do “follow blind.” They’ll follow anything blind… they’ll make food or fashion or a person a religion. However, not all who rave are Kool Aid drinkers.:)

  74. Sarge, thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your story. Truly enjoyable and I look forward to the next chapter.

  75. Marty, used this email add but it bounced back (took a couple of days to do so). If you’re getting alerts of comments I’m posting then those coming to the email add that you signed in with. I don’t have access to your pw. But if you use the email add and try to sign in you can click the, Forgot your password? tab and reset your pw.

    Cheers, PH

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