Bravo to Roberto Sanchez

First, a repost of October 21st’s post on DM’s attempt to bury one of the first announced independents Roberto  Sanchez:


“I would rather die standing than live on my knees.” – Emiliano Zapata

October 21, 2009 · 47 Comments

An OSA mission to Mexico rounded up virtually every family member of Roberto Sanchez (Mexican Amigo) and used what ever means, fair or foul, to turn them against Roberto for having spoken his mind.  Roberto is standing strong – even at the potential cost of losing his entire family. Please communicate to him your support, let him know he has family across the world who would never turn on him no matter what. Thank you.

“I would rather die standing than live on my knees.”  – Emiliano Zapata

Next, today’s new post – an update from Roberto  Sanchez:

I´m putting this info about me for all those who went on mystery about me after the drama at late 2009. I make a promise that I will flourish and prosper more than ever. So after the crush this happen…

I was elected as the president of the business association of the 3 cities in the west of my state.

President with business association

  One of the main assistants of the president of my country, México, the National Health secretary, came to officially appoint me on this.

Roberto with National Health Secretary

 We have now a close communication line on health and mental health subjects with the department and brief them in detail about some interesting subjects.

Roberto Sanchez front page news

More Roberto Sanchez front page news

 I open a factory out of almost nothing and it is working big time now.

I was elected as member of the citizens board of advisers for the government in my city.

I am happy with my family and searching for new, true friends this time.

I’m improving conditions of people and groups with this posts.

I am facing challenging environments and am making things go right and carry on when hard to achieve.

I can go on and on and on but that´s the summary of it, a brief one.

Stand tall; there´s nothing to fear at the end of the day but to compromise one´s integrity.

PS: May I suggest you hear this moving lecture by J. K. Rowling:


156 responses to “Bravo to Roberto Sanchez

  1. Bravissimo Roberto!

    Very impressive example of flourishing and prospering by an OT!

  2. Kathy Braceland

    BRAVO Roberto! You ROCK!!

  3. Rock on Roberto!!!!

    You da man!!!!!

  4. Hola Roberto

    Este el mejor ejemplo de derrotar la supresion florecer y prosperar
    amigo muchas felicidades.
    y esperamos este ano tendremos muy buenas noticias acerca de DM creo que ya se va a ir muy pronto.
    y espero que los cienciologos de mexico empiezen a abrir los ojos y ver el alter is de la tech por DM y dejen de estar donando dinero sin nada a cambio ( intercambio criminal)
    un abrazo.

  5. Roberto, Andale! Andale!
    Ever since reading your story and comments, I have been thinking about you — and, truth be known, worrying about you. And now look at you — you are flying. You have not been sitting around on your booty, but working your booty off. You should be proud of yourself, and we are so proud of you.

  6. Felicidades Roberto! Eres un ****gon!

    Your newspaper articles are great — you are a terrific communicator and a very generous being. Not to mention very hard working and disciplined!

    I am so proud to be in your group!

  7. Hi Roberto!!

    Well done for all of your success!! That drives the SP’s crazy when you flourish and prosper, which it is obvious you are doing!


  8. Roberto,

    What an upstat! You’ve demonstrated how to handle suppression by flourishing and prospering.

    I’ve had some attention on how you were doing since Marty’s first post about you. Some day I’d love to hear how you were able to keep your family from going PTS. Knowing the story might help others in similar situations.

    VWD, amigo!

  9. Thought provoking


    You are a shining star! You have led the way many times and this is a superb example for all Indepepndents – flourish and Prosper!

    J.K. Rowling’s speech was incredible! Filled with truth and I saw so much of Scientology’s philosophy in what she said. So many similarities that I will have to listen to it again to really appreciate it fully. And her example of imagination just made everything fall into place. It is what we do here to help our friends. It was very spiritually uplifting, thank you for adding this link.

  10. Tiziano Lugli

    Well Done Amigo !!!

    There’s nothing better than flourishing and winning the way you are doing.

    The Church’s only disgusting tactic is to try to invalidate and push your anchor points IN.

    They want you to cave in, doubt your knowingness, shrink your space, play with your integrity so you’ll eventually lose your awareness level to a degree where you’ll be once again looking for a “need of change”, and there the sharks will be waiting for you and your nice AtoE steps.

    There’s no better picture of a 1.1 than what they are TRYING to do to us man. And nothing demonstrates Reverse Scientology more than this.

    Sting once wrote in a song: “Be yourself, no matter what they say”.

    And remember, when you put in order, confusion blows…just don’t concentrate on the confusion, just keep on putting in order. But I know and see you have already been doing it.

    Roberto, we will never live on our knees either, because we were never slaves.

  11. Gracias Mary Jo.

    You know that Joanna and you have been crucial to get me going.
    I never forget something important.
    You are VERY important for all the ones that habe the bless of knowing you.

  12. Thanks Sinar.

    Just following my basic purpose of help to improve conditions on my fellows.

    Thanks for your open hand all this hard weeks.

  13. Gracias compadre!

    Remember I´m still here for anything you need.

  14. Can anybody explain to me what this actually means in real life?

    “We have now a close communication line on health and mental health subjects with the department and brief them in detail about some interesting subjects.”

  15. Thanks Kathy.

    Thanks for all you´ve done so far.

    You are a hero for going public; like the others here.

  16. Roberto,

    I’m in awe of what you overcame to be where you are right now, and I admire your strength, courage and integrity.

    You have set a stellar example for the rest of us, and I have a feeling you will inspire many people with your refusal to succumb to attempts to suppress that great spirit of yours.

    May you continue to prosper and flourish!



  17. First of all thanks for your helpful comments all this time.

    I´m nothing but a humble hand wanting to contribute to my fellow man.

    Happy to see you like JK´s speech.
    It was incredible for me also.
    It means so much for me.
    I have listen to it four times already!
    Good feeling being duplicated.

  18. Very well done, Roberto. Congratulations!

  19. My T41

    Doing my best.

    About your question on family a summary would be a lot of love and good actions behind to support me.
    Nevertheless this are not easy times for many of us.
    We are not doing what we are doing for the confort it gives back.
    Not for people who like to quit.

    But let´s not put our attention on it; OK?
    At the end; everything is turning all right!

  20. Nice work Roberto, you’re quite a fella.

  21. Thanks Tiziano.

    I went to tears when I see in your declaration that your wife back you up on all your moves.
    It´s a blessing.

    I appreciate all your kind words and advices.
    I´m duplicating all this and using Fo communication to grasp all of them.

    A to E steps would do wonders to a real enemy of a goodwill group to help him to recover from his actions. Too bad I will never use that because my record is not a evil one.

    You are spot on in all you tell me.

    Thanks again.

  22. Gracias.

    No importa quien se vaya.
    Ya jamás hay que bajar la guardia.
    Alerta constante; disposición constante para contraatacar.
    Que nunca nadie vuelva a apagar la luz de la esperanza.

  23. Yes John; I can.

    It means that in México the mental health department is below the Health Secretary. They have regulations on all groups that enter into the mind and self-improvement field and can check his correct functioning.
    They have also an International relations bureau on this subject.
    I have communication with all of them.
    I don´t want to give more details of it now.

    Do I make myself clear?

    If I don´t; then give your real name and describe who you are and maybe I will decide to brief you more deeply.

    Do very well my curious friend.

  24. It means that you cannot grant beingness!


  25. martyrathbun09


  26. Luna…

    It´s not the first attack I recieve and it will not be the last.

    It was my prize after years of service to the church.

    Thanks for your words.

  27. Congratulation Roberto! You are awesome. 🙂

  28. You too Christie.


  29. Thanks Boyd. You too!

  30. No more worries.

    Thanks for your words.

  31. Thank you for that J.K. Rowlings speech:

    “The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you are, ever after, secure in your ability to survive. You will never truly know yourself, or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift, for all that it is painfully won, and it has been worth more than any qualification I ever earned.” JK Rowlings

    Had no idea the woman was so deeply in tune and is so applicable to what is happening now. She is another great warrior along with you winsmexico.

  32. Got it, Roberto. You’re very theta and courageous!

  33. (oh, gosh, i shouldn’t laugh at this, Alex, but I am)

  34. Wow Roberto, Talk about blows to the SPs- it looks like you can help your Fellow Countrymen to bring real Scientology-not the squirrel DM version, I am sure LRH would be most proud of you. Salvaging your family-You are my new Hero- I live right next to Mexico in San Diego and would love you to visit sometime. Note to Sam- wouldnt it be great to have the Mexican contingency at the Independents 4th of July party you all are planning.

  35. Fantastic gains in beingness, doingness and havingness by kicking out the suppression and de-PTSing your life. VWD, Roberto!

  36. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Wow. Well done. You are invincible.

  37. Marty,

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea if the Independants could build up their own legal fund/department?

  38. Looks to me like the definition of an “OT in Action!”

    Thank you for setting such a GREAT example!

  39. War and Peace

    Roberto ~~
    Your update is very important ~~ more than you know.
    The “Ethics Officers” and other Execs spin stories of how terrible it will be if you leave the Church ~~
    “You will be flipping burgers” is a common one.
    In an effort to hang on to someone who wishes to depart grim tales are told of how MAD it is in the WOG world, how paralysed and down the chute one will slide if one left the Church.
    Nothing is farther than the TRUTH.

    Thank you for showing that you can WIN all the way outside the Church.

    VIVA LA RAZZA !!!!!!

  40. Roberto,
    I’m in awe. Wonder ahd amazement. I would be honored to help you in any way I can. Wow.

  41. Way to go Roberto!!……Congratulations. What a fine example of flourish and prosper you are

  42. Hi Roberto,

    Yes, I am curious, thanks for answering me. I don’t except you or the Department to provide me with any confidential information but I just wonder how a Scientologist can deal with psychiatrists on a cooperation basis as you know so very well that we are opposed to them prescribing drugs and e-shocking etc.

    Your position sounds very unusual to me. It seems to me that you worked long and hard to get there. Did you already work on it while you were in the C of S? What is or was the attitude of the C of S to those connections of your with the Dept. of Health?

    They have regulations, I am sure but can they also regulate a religion as ours, and what we do to free the mind, which is not psychiatry and LRH surely is right saying that they and nobody else really knows what a person consist of, what the thetan and the mind is.

    So, as they don’t really know, should they regulate our practices as Scientologists and should we submit to them? Or better not?

    What is your or anybody else’s opinion?

    Roberto, can you write an essay or a posting as to how you envision the cooperation with psychiatrists and post it on this Blog or your website for all Scientologists and others to read , once you have time to do so?

    You are an amiable person – I understand why people like you but I am from the old Scientology school and I do not trust psychiatrists. They really see us as competition and do not like us. I heard it from themselves.

  43. Roberto, a beautiful win!

    It’s a validation of your choice to follow the path of truth and righteousness. And love.

    I think often of AR Rahman, who lost his father as a young boy, grew up poor in India and converted to Islam, his mother’s religion, at the age of 8, which only made a hard life even harder in a Hindu country.

    “All my life I’ve had to choose between hate and love. I chose love and I am here,” he said while accepting the Oscar for the score of Slumdog Millionaire.

  44. Roberto = SuperStar, Love, Honesty, passionate, caring, hero, intelligent, handsome and many more great qualities!

    You ROCK my brother. Keep it up! 🙂

  45. Ciao Roberto! Your presence in the comments is always bright. I always “knew” a sense of you and now I “know about” more, and can admire and celebrate specific things.

    I really enjoyed reading about your success and expansion.

    Nicole Kidman spoke in an interview that when she and Tom Cruise broke up she stayed in bed, cried, caved in, feared she would never work again and that life was over. Some say on the inside DM refers to her with the “c” and other hostile words.

    She went on to win Oscars and have a family.

    Roberto, they tried to scare and intimidate you. Now you can have true friends and bring all the wonder that is you and your skills to your areas in life. Bravo bravo bravissimo!

  46. Roberto rules!!

    Again, congratulations, you are an inspiration to me and am proud to be part of your expansion team.

    Paparazzi better behave now : )

  47. P.S. I love the photos! Again, a wonderful presence (you!)

  48. “I can see clearly now the rain is gone”

  49. I’m sure that when I got booted out, the Church expected that I would end up carrying a cardboard sign on a freeway onramp reading “Will erase engrams for food.”

    Instead, I am doing better than ever in every way. But that is what happens when one disconnects from suppression. You are a stellar example of this.

  50. Great stuff Roberto!

    This is a REAL example of ‘flourish and prosper’. I’m guessing that this was a lot easier after leaving the suppression of the Cult of Mestology?

    You refused to be beaten down and stood tall, showing us all how declaring independence is the first step to achieving freedom for real.


  51. Roberto
    I have nothing to say to you but….

  52. Roberto,

    You set an example for all of us!

    Your true friends support you for who you are and what you are doing, and do not let their affinity be altered because of orders from some organization.


  53. Underground For Now

    A big high 5 to you Roberto.

    You are the, “INDEPENDENT” anchor point for Mexico and your success is a big win for all “INDEPENDENTS”.

    When we get to meet I want to toast you with a shot of Herradura’s Selection Suprema…lets make it two….hell if we do two three will be easy.

    Much affinity from one of your many American, “INDEPENDENT” friends.

    Jack Airey

  54. Way to go Roberto! You are setting quite an example! Love Mosey

  55. martyrathbun09

    Just as a head’s up. This sounds very much like a troll. And realize DM will mince your words to attempt to black PR you.

  56. THIS is what I am talking about!

    VVVVWD to you Roberto!

    Thank you for maintaining your integrity and pouring the coals on the purpose. You win, I win, we ALL win!

    Who wouldn’t want that?

    Maybe we should give Texas back to Mexico…..;) Ooops…don’t know how Marty and Mosey would feel about that….lol.

  57. congratulations you rock! You have really set a great example. You are full of truth!

  58. I´ve said it many times:

    You, Dan, Marty, Jason, Jeff, Steve, Jackson and the rest of early ones were THE example.

    We owe you too much.

  59. LOL!

    You make me laugh BIG TIME!

    “Flipping burgers”. That´s a good one!


  60. Jim.

    You have help me already a lot.

    And I mean A LOT.

    Maybe don´t aware of it yet.

    I will never forget your kind words when the drama was high.

    You got a lot of us in awe with your knowledge of the tech and words.

  61. Thanks Lise.

    Doing my best.

  62. Dear John:

    Thanks for the true interest.

    I´m almost ready to answer.

    Will you forgive my auditor background and my tendency to understand before answering anything.
    Bear with me.

    I need some clarifications:

    A) Have you seen personally all the psy´s in the world and are they all evil and all they give e-shocks and all they know scientology?

    B) What exactly do you mean by “we”. By your comments you seem to be a follower of the tech; maybe if you apply it to change conditions for the better of you and people arround you (and I don´t doubt is that way, but don´t know your products) should I call you a scientologist.
    My little mind is unable to easy understand all this “they” and “we” stuff. Too much separation.

    C) Why do you assume that I´m working with psy´s?
    In org boards governements have communicators, advisors, PR assistants and no need to get in comm with anyone else.

    D) What position should I take for it to be “usual” for you?

    E) “Did you already work on it while you were in the C of S?”
    What are you talking about?
    I´ve just meet them and they like me. Yesterday the assistant of the State senator phone me to participate in the politic reform of the country.
    It´s called ARC and you may ask the one´s who know me.
    It´s hard for them to find me disgusting.

    F) “What is or was the attitude of the C of S to those connections of your with the Dept. of Health?”
    The attitude of the C of S is a wrong source to give that question to me.
    Ask them.
    I can give you the phone numbers if you wish.

    Let us know about you dude. Hide no more in a John Doe nickname.
    You fear us or your church?
    There´s nothing to fear but fear itself.

    Now some answers:

    I´m opposed to anything that harms mankind, included but not limited to shock therapy and abusive drug use.
    If you were a trained auditor you will know when moderate sedatives are recomended.
    Are you?

    Have you personally helped a type 3 case in your hands for let us say 3 weeks in a row?
    Have you?

    A scientologist knows the tech; not just a small portion of it.
    I can co-operate with anybody with good and pro-survival products and not be part of any contra-survival.
    I´m not a dumb for not seeing the difference.
    One of the many abilities and auditor has is the one of get in comm with anybody and grant beingnes to anybody.
    Have you noticed this?

    Can they regulate a religion like ours?
    Damn, they can.
    Check mexican constitution and the Secretaría de Gobernación org board for clarifiation. They can regulate what they wish.
    They are the governement and the authority.

    An essay “Roberto cooperating hand on hand with dear old psy´s and happy forever after”.
    Not my friend.
    Thanks; no thanks, for making a try to position me as that.
    Is an incorrect assumption.
    Please don´t offend me with more assumptions.
    You can ask and I will answer.
    That´s the good old comm cycle; remember?

    And yes, I´m a amiable “amigo” and I love that you want to help and highly respect that in a Ex-scientologist, a scientologist, an anon, a independent or in anybody out there.

    John is asking for more opinions; can anybody else give his honest opinion of it?

  63. John,

    It would be very helpful to readers of your posts if you would choose a pronoun that reflects a single viewpoint, preferably your own, when referring to the church you’ve been a member of for so long. Either choose to refer to the church as “we” or “they”. It will cut down on the confusion we feel when reading your thoughts, when we are trying to figure out who you really are.


  64. Thanks for yor kind words.

    Thanks for listen to JK.

    She is in tune with real life for sure!

  65. Murray:

    You left me without words.

    This is not ok.
    You and Linda were my heros first.
    I said it first; ok? (Jokingly)
    I´m proud of you both and looking forward to meet you in the near future.

    About family, as I said, I have some big casualties, but I´m fine.
    It was a gift CofM give me: Knowing who really is with me at the end of the day.
    Big gift; isn´t?

    Thanks OSA and HCO
    I appreciate that.
    And I´m not say this as a joke.

  66. Murry
    We should have EVERYBODY!!!!!!

  67. There was such covert hostility in that comm you could use it as part of a tone scale spotting drill.

    And how about that dub-in “So, Roberto, you are working with psychs, eh” …

    You can see the little hamster spinning the wheel in DM’s head faster and faster.

    I never got anything like that dub-in from Roberto’s comm. I got that he has a comm line to the country’s Health Secretary and that this terminal controls policy – and money – and maybe good things could happen from that comm line.

    But that’s just me, I tend to read just what’s there …

    Anchor points OUT, Roberto. You are one big being. Rejoice in your BIGNESS and let the Liliputians keep slinging their little arrows.

  68. Dear Roberto,
    I think you should take John’s proposal very seriously. We all want you to explain yourself (not that anyone is implying you are a liar or a sham or just plain stupid).
    Obviously based on your stats (being a downstat and degraded being) you have nothing better to do than sit down and write a 10 page essay so that we on the blog will be able to trust you. Explain yourself!
    Marty please get more in line with the way things should be done and order every single person on this blog take time out from their dilettante, meaningless lives and study and word clear Roberto’s essay fully.
    Each blogger should be given 24 hours to report compliance.
    Anyone caught in non-compliance or protesting these orders should be ordered to report to Marty so they can be pounded into the ground and be forced to pay for an intensive of sec-checking to find out why they are not fully on-board with the rest of the group.
    Does that sound good to you John?
    I too am an amiable person. I totally get you! And as you can see I fully support your suggestion that Roberto prove himself worthy not only to this group but to the world at large.
    A word of warning Roberto. If you do not immediately write this essay we will all disconnect from you and you will be thrown off this blog. Then we will spread rumors about you and you will never again be trusted by anyone in this group again.
    Now are we all in agreement?
    PS – John a clue to the tone level I consider your communication to be in:
    My response is around 2.0 (which actually may be a little too high to hit the mark).

  69. martyrathbun09

    re: Roberto’s answer to John. zzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg. Amigo, you never cease to amaze me.

  70. martyrathbun09

    Sam’s reply to Robert re John; I never thought it would happen, but You just topped ‘escaping out a windown and down a tree.’ I’d gladly take a bullet for you.

  71. Hi winsmexico.

    This response above was meant for John, who I felt was sort of 1.1 with you Roberto.


  72. Martin Padfield

    Roberto, you are a fantastic example to us all! Well done – don’t let the buggers get you down. There is maxim here: You don’t need a licence to survive – unless you’re a WISE member!

  73. Robero, Lunamoth, Sam, Marty, and anybody else…

    Please keep in mind that some people still try to figure out what to support. Asking DM critical questions is getting me in troubles. Asking you critical (but friendly) question, results also in an attack against me.

    No, I did not meet all psychs in the world, Roberto and I am sure glad about that.

    The Department of Health consists not just of psychs but neither does a company that produces psychiatric drugs or manufactures e-shockers.

    My opinion at the moment is this: If I don’t cheer fully for DM, I am out. If I don’t cheer fully for you guys, I am out too.

    I am looking for the absolute non-cult but I don’t find it.

  74. Go, Sam!!

  75. Roberto — you are going to truly change things in Mexico – I just know it.

    To John: Coming from the “old scientology school” myself, my understanding was that we (those in the old school) were going to work hard at REFORMING the mental health profession.

    Not nuking it, blaming it for everything nor making it our op-term.

    I personally know only one psychiatrist. A Harvard educated – mother of 6 – civil leader AND a woman who refused to give drugs to her clients. She was DENIED medical insurance by who? THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY because she didn’t give drugs and said so on her renewal form.

    So — she now counsels at risk kids as a social worker.

    Cognitive therapy by the way, came in the early 80s — no drugs, take responsibility for ones actions etc.

    OH — and the Abhidharma is considered the core of Buddhist Psychology. Dealing with thousands of various mental afflictions. Over 2,500 years old.

    Do you suggest we get rid of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and all Buddhists?

    Jeez — honestly – the sad sad thing about this new flock of corporate scientologists is their utter lack of wisdom, education and knowledge of the vary world around them.

    Their own personal curiosity to LEARN is stultified. They are satisfied with a soundbite of knowledge taken from the glossary of The Basics.


    Always …


  76. Roberto – you are a model OT!. Your posts here are just incredible and the way you handled John – the plant – was excellent.

    Thanks for the JK Rowling speech – I never knew she was so OT and alive. Thanks for being here Roberto. You make things fun!


  77. Roberto, I am now officially in love with you — not that way, but the other way, where I adore your POV and am laughing my ass off.

    And, Sam, you rock, girl!

    Now we are officially having fun.

  78. Bravo amigo, should we do an HCO sec V on this guy? Sounds like a bunch of out points to me. Am I too suspicious or what? Sorry, just secV er beingness crawling up.

  79. Ditto Marty

  80. John

    “I am looking for the absolute non-cult but I don’t find it”

    Try the yellow pages

  81. Thanks for your help Steve.

    You help me a lot.

  82. theo Sismanides

    Roberto, those cowards can only attack individuals. They cannot attack our group and our ideas.

    I am not worried about you since I know you are way up the tone scale!

    You should let us know how it’s going and if you need something from us.

    I am passing this to people through Facebook.

    Miscavige uses his Apparatus now to get Jettero Heller! Who is pissing against the wind now?

    Ha ha ha.

    Let us hear from you, how it is going and I didn’t know about all your success with the business association and the government. Very well done.

  83. Wow.

    Thanks for this validation assault!

    I hope to live up to it.

  84. theo Sismanides

    o all the OTs: we are fools to make war on our brothers in arms

    You need to stand up now and be counted

    This is dedicated to you Roberto:

  85. Thanks Veritas.

    Life is becoming better and better.

  86. Thanks my dear friend.

    It´s not my team. It´s “our” team. IMHO the team of all the good intended humble human beings that search for justice and freedom regardless of beliefs.

  87. Yes.

    I can see clear now.
    One never stops to learn in life.
    I also love the rain by the way. 🙂

  88. Thanks Martin.

    Thanks for the words but I feel as same as anybody. I will never claim to be a role model and don´t want to. Is nice the feeling of equal with all the rest of us.

  89. John,
    Sincerely, I recommend that you ask LRH the same questions. How? Well, simple my fellow Scientologist, search the materials. In order to do that you have to HAVE the materials.

    For me, after lots of study, reading, looking, applying, I’ve found that LRH materials seem to invariably provide an ability to evaluate data I’m presented with and come up with sensible answers, MYSELF.

    For instance, I just went through a tape, 8 June 65, Handling the PTS and LRH describes how he used psychoanalysis at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. He sure didn’t sound like he’d become the ‘evil psych’ in that. Heaven’s sake, surely you understand that LRH never considered anything other than the eventuality that the field of mental healing would have to be cleaned up. Well, how can you begin unless you establish a line on which to clean it up?

    There are various remedies available, Remedy A, and for those who have mis-u’s in earlier allied practices, such as are being discussed, Remedy B. Heck, Method One word clearing will sort out the area to a very large extent. And also, for those who are in fact suppressive in the field, well there’s plenty of ethics AND tech for them.

    Read LRH materials. Get auditing. Continue. And if you want, write to me and I’ll help you help yourself, never mind ANY ‘cult’. Had enough of them haven’t you. Me too. Time to open the lines, that’s what this is all about, and that plainly is the responsibility level that Roberto is demonstating for all to see and even emulate.

  90. Dear John:

    I apologize if you feel any attack.
    I can regret a wrongdoing or understand that I did something you feel wrong.
    I don´t need to be right.

    You give litle light about you; but is an advance.
    I understand your position and is not easy.
    I can´t speak for someone else; but I´m not making a try to fit on anybody´s preconception of how an atractive group should be.

    I´m not looking for approval , cheer on all I say and supporting words. I don´t know the rest.
    Sorry to ear you feel out for that.

    I wish you luck on finding “the absolute non-cult” whatever that means to you.

    And smile.

    Life is a gift.

  91. Sorry Exilda for changing the name.

    Murray and Exilda should have said.



  92. Alex, Just don’t come around asking me for a donation!

  93. Huck…

    Yes; excelent example.

    I do know that I don´t hate anybody.
    Don´t matter what some of “they” think of “us”.

    Love is the essence of some people.

  94. Thanks Trey.

    I have heard only good comments about how good auditor you are.

    I do know you are doing very well.


  95. Marty, a point John made is valid: there is more than one of us out here still trying to find our way around in the slew of independents, critics, exes, ‘zoners,antis, pros, trolls, spies, whatever.
    Some of us (oops, I guess I have to change that to I but I think I’m not the only one) will ask stupid questions from time to time.
    But I would ask posters at least on this board, to love me anyway and just get on with it.
    Love to each, M6

  96. Axion 142


    It has never been easy.
    But it doesn´t suposse to be easy anyway nor am I expecting that.

    I do know what you mean; don´t get me wrong.

    Fully agree on independence is the first step to total freedom.

  97. Thanks Sam.

    A big hug and besitos to you also.

  98. Hi my big Jack.

    Herradura reposado would do wonders.

    You will need to carry me after 2 or 3 of them.
    It wouldn´t be hard for you.

  99. Thanks for all Mosey.

    Let´s get more good things done.

  100. Tom:

    Santana will back to life again if this happen!


  101. Thanks a lot.

    Hope this help you in some way.

  102. Wind Horse:

    This was THE point I was trying to make about some psy´s.

    Not all of them are “the root of all evil” and not all of them want to put us in hell.
    Another big circus on the CofM.

    What about Dr. Szasz for example?

    I mean: are we all totally blind?

  103. Thanks for your words.

    I just get in communication with John.

    I always do that; at least since the age of 6 I remember.

    It seems that people like my communication cycle since before Scientology.

    Glad you like JK

  104. Thanks for the interest Theo.

    I will keep you in touch.

    If you need help also; let me know.

  105. Thanks Marty for the advice.

    It could be.

    I will be alert.

  106. Just Me:

    I know what you mean.

    Nice to see you having fun!

  107. Thanks Theo.


    very true the lyrics.

    I love artists and music.

  108. Not yet Ignazio.

    Thanks for the advice.


  109. martyrathbun09

    Mockingbird, Understood. I guess they will need to understand that a great number of folks who regularly frequent this blog are trained and know the tone scale cold.

  110. And invite the St. Pete Times to show up and do a human interest story.

  111. It could be called some kind of tax. There’s gotta be less charge on that name.

  112. Thanks Old Auditor.

    I agree on the description of the friends you tell.

  113. I agree Huck.

    The question to Roberto should be: Do you have control over Mestology and their abuses?

  114. Thanks Huck for the duplication.

    Ability to see something without alter-is; a very valuable one.

  115. Interesting that you should bring him in to the mix. An ardent freedom fighter, this exchange occurred between him and one of his captors after his capture in the Battle of San Jacinto:

    While captive in Texas, Joel Roberts Poinsett — U.S. minister to Mexico in 1824 — offered a harsh assessment of General Santa Anna’s situation, stating:

    Say to General Santa Anna that when I remember how ardent an advocate he was of liberty ten years ago, I have no sympathy for him now, that he has gotten what he deserves.

    To this message, Santa Anna made the reply:

    Say to Mr. Poinsett that it is very true that I threw up my cap for liberty with great ardor, and perfect sincerity, but very soon found the folly of it. A hundred years to come my people will not be fit for liberty. They do not know what it is, unenlightened as they are, and under the influence of a Catholic clergy, a despotism is the proper government for them, but there is no reason why it should not be a wise and virtuous one.”

    Even he was aware of the folly of attaining “freedom” without the ability and technology to create and maintain it for others.

    Yes, I think he is back to life already…. 😉

  116. martyrathbun09

    Tom, don’t get me started. Santa Anna was bought off by the States and betrayed the Mexican people. More like an Emiliano Zapata who went one step further by actually LIVING, with some fine insouciance at that, on his feet.

  117. winsmexico,

    no you are not, neither me. I can see. Sometimes there are some tears and my visio is blurred or sometimes I stare in disbelief, but I CAN SEE !
    What a joy at the end.

  118. Yup — not blind exactly more like brain frozen. Unable to think for oneself, unable to apply scientology – instead just spouting platitudes that SOUND like scientology.

    It’s a sad situation. Most really THINK they are educated because they have read a two line bio in their glossaries. Ask a scientologist what was the last non-fiction book he’s read, the last biography, the last history book. You’ll come up EMPTY.

    They have been programmed NEVER to read a paper – online or otherwise — never to watch the news and ONLY to vote for the favored party ( hint, its color rhymes with dead) — they ALL sound the same.

    AND because all their friends all sound the same too they think EVERYONE thinks like they do.


    Anyway — as I said — Mexico is going to have some wonderful changes!! I can just see it.


  119. Roberto,

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is one that many of us know all too well. Indeed, the history of the origins of the human race on this planet are braided from the fiber of forceful suppression.

    I watched the very compelling commencement address video you posted of the Harvard University graduation at which J.K. Rawling, author of Harry Potter, validated the components of any struggle for freedom: imagination vs. failure.

    As LRH said, The Power of Postulates is the foundation on which universes are built.

    The components of a game condition can be “good” or “evil”, or fanciful entertainment vs. brutal reality, or both. But above all of these, LRH has given us a game to play.

    It is the game of reversing the dwindling spiral, of recovering ourselves as OTs. The game is stated exactly in the LRH lecture, “The Free Being”.

    Creation, suppression, and revolution are each a part of an evolutionary process through which we move the tone-arm of our personal and collective universes.

    Whether it goes “more solid” or “floats”, will be determined by our determination to apply standard, LRH technology to ourselves and universes.

    Thank you for continuing to move the TA in the direction of a better tomorrow.

  120. Hi Alex,

    I knew that was what you meant, but I don’t think John was being 1.1 at all. It’s hard to know where people are coming from sometimes on a blog when they write frew words, but I think it’s always best to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume good intentions unless they make it clear that they mean otherwise. It better promotes understanding and 2wc.

  121. Dear John,

    Roberto seems to be applying the HCOBs written by Ron (I’m sure you vaguely remember him) called “What We Expect of a Scientologist” (hint: it has nothing to do with laundering money through the IAS) and “Scientology Zone Plan” (again something about actually applying Scientology to society at large which is something I’m sure Miscavige and his controllers don’t want) and that if you were a real Scientologist would be applauding, instead of complaining about some connection to “psyches”. A generality for sure along with the royal “we” thing.

    By the way who the hell is “we” John?

  122. This is great, Roberto. We should never label any individual and say we know his or her spirit and who he is because we think we know the whole group (such as the group of “psychs”). ARC and all its component parts work and should be used, with psychs as with anyone else.

    But we also should maintain good ARC with John (as I see you’re trying to do), even if we don’t agree with some of what he says. He’s not the enemy, and I think we’d all agree that he’s right to seek a non-cult.

  123. Old Cuff

    You´re welcome.

    Agree on your remarks.

    It will take a lot of work and patience to bring about a total recovery of tech and sanity on the world.

    But it worth the effort.

  124. Happy to hear that.

    Do well.

  125. Spot on RJ.

    What we expect of a Scientologist is a key one.

    The five conditions is another one.

    Org board and livingness one more.

    And last but not least “Did you help?”

  126. Hi Tone 41,

    I don’t feel I need to be that careful. Thanks for the advice though.


  127. BC Boy,
    Thank you for the belly laugh!

  128. Mockingbird6,

    You can be our first Patron Meritorious!! LOL!


  129. Mockingbird6,

    We will “try” to love you anyways but don’t push your luck…


  130. Good on you, Roberto, for being out there in the world and using your training for the betterment of others. This, IMO ,is what it is all about…using the tech to improve conditions. And this is what you are doing. Mexico is lucky to have you! Gaia

  131. Alex,

    I’m not promoting carefulness, I just don’t want us, as a group, to flame anyone unless we really know they deserve it. 🙂

  132. Senor Roberto, my hat is off to you — for your accomplishments, or without. You are my brother forever and always proud.

  133. Good point but in all fairness, two people can read the same thing and interpret it in completely different ways! And sometimes one may come across in a totally different way than it was meant….that’s just a small setback when non verbally communicating…..I might seem sarcastic and 1.1 to someone. But I assure you, I am NOT 1.1 🙂 Sarcastic? Yes but I love sarcasm and “smart-assedness”. Just my opinion.

  134. Jeez, If John doesn’t cheer for DM is out!!! Man are you kidding??? I’m out after having produced at least 60 million $ worth of auditing for the church!! Do I give a flying fu.. about cheering DM? No!! I even wrote him on facebook how his senseless reply to my comm was, telling me my last service was the LOC and asking me if I needed assistance for my going up the bridge!!! Are you mad? I’m an OTV Nots auditor who was given a non clear R-factor by the squirrel tech people following DM’s advices! Miscavige would never buy my loyalty to him as his money is worthless in my space.

  135. This is one of my favorite songs Theo! There’s an older concert version on youtube – I think in Israel perhaps – which is beautifully haunting. Knopfler’s a very underrated guitarist.

    What I love about this song is that it says the truly heroic soldier is the one who leaves the life he yearns – “your valleys and your farms” – to fight for the right of good people everywhere to live in peace.

  136. Marty, yes, after reading Santa Anna’s comm about how Mexicans aren’t able to have freedom, I was thinking that if you’d gotten him on the cans, you’d ask, “How else have you justified that overt?”

  137. WH
    I love this sentence:
    “Their own personal curiosity to LEARN is stultified. They are satisfied with a soundbite of knowledge taken from the glossary of The Basics”

    well said. I hate those glossaries. It give you a semblance of knowledge, but it’s not a substitute for real wordclearing or a real education.
    It’s like fast food. You have a good feeling for 2 minutes and then you really feel bad.
    We should call the academies “Mc Basics and Mc Knowledge course room” as it’s that what you get, knowledge for 2 minutes and then it’s gone.

  138. Thanks SK.

    Count on me if you need anything.

  139. Yes.

    This is what is all about.

    Using tools learned for the betterment in all flows.


  140. Dear Roberto,

    Whatever they do, remember you are not alone.

    My hearth is with you, mexican friend. Again the C of S is showing itself for what it really is: a total pretense and a total fake church.

    What they ignore though is that LOVE is what makes the world turn and that whenever you tamper with love or try to manipulate it, you gonna be hit back very badly.

    Carry on my friend, best of luck to you.


  141. Congratulations! Roberto!

    Carry on, flourishing and prospering. That’s what LRH wanted. Not Miscavige.

  142. Roberto, You’ve made my heart sing. I’m so happy that you have created such a wonderful new life for yourself. You deserve it! Love, Sherry

  143. Love it is my friend.

    Not the sweet and light type but the love that makes a high awareness scream of passion and understanding. Full of compassion and strength.

    Lets carry on.

  144. Thanks FOS.

    We MUST carry on.

    Going backwards not even for taking impulse.

  145. Sherry.

    I´m creating it day by day and step by step.

    It´s like always has been: an adventure. Full of emotions and LIFE.



  146. Roberto, this is fantastic! I can tell you’re a good man. If I was closer I’d volunteer to help you somehow. Let me know if there’s anything I can do from afar.

    One thing that as always bothered me is when at Events I hear “we are the only one that can save the planet, the only one that can effectively help” (especially when someone would say it with kind of haughty expression on their face). Through my years of volunteering in my community before & while I was an active member in the current Church, I’ve met wonderful people that truly help their community. I’ve always felt that that statement was such an inval of their efforts.
    I love seeing you flourishing & prospering Amigo! Keep setting a great exemple for all of us! Thank you!

  147. FTT…

    Here´s how you can help me:

    Do very well in your life, have success, help a lot to others, don´t hurt anybody and make a lot of money.

    While we are thinking inside our CofM box that we have the monopoly on the betterment of conditions WW there are a lot that have stop talking and start acting by his own means and without any support. Like the heroes presented some weeks ago on CNN.

    There´s a lot of bright and giant people out there for sure; not only scientologists.

  148. That’s a deal Roberto! I will! But still don’t hesitate to contact me if I can do anything else from afar. Sending you a big hug!

  149. Dear Sarge. The idea is to get rid of Miscavige so as to return the church to the intention of LRH, not to bury him because of your own overts.

  150. martyrathbun09

    John Boice, Get a life.

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