OSA Third Party Operation

Mike Rinder’s article on the Third Party Law was very timely.

 I’ve been on the road since Tuesday. I’ve noted before on this blog that the OSA operatives always come out to play when I hit the road. They have my name wired into their airline agent reservations computer system so know in advance where I am headed. Like clockwork, 48 hours after my reservation was made and 36 hours before my depature the attempt to terrorize me into canceling my plans was launched:

 First, a locksmith arrives saying he’s got an order to change all the locks in my home.

Then, the pizza deliveries I never ordered start arriving.

Then, dozens of calls from an internet ad soliciting casual sex put out by OSA with my number.

Then, dozens of calls from an internet ad OSA put out under my name and number offering free computers.

 But all this is a distraction for the more insidious ongoing program. That is, COINTELPRO. That was the title of the “counter intelligence” program J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI ran in the sixties to disrupt and destroy anti-war and civil rights groups throughout America. In essence it is a Third Party Campaign run to cause internal dissention, jealousies, and and ultimately betrayals within the targeted groups.

 I was informed by two reliable sources in the fall – both of whom were Scientology public recruited for this program – that this was THE main line of attack being invested in by C of M. We have picked up a lot of corroborating evidence since; and even managed to out OSA operatives involved.

 The past week has been chock full of anonymous emails arriving with Independents and people who frequent this site directing attention to black PR on myself and other independents. Amongst friends this usually has very little effect when one can rapidly side check facts and rumors with one another. The trolls are fairly easy to spot.

 However, having been inundated with a number of projects and not having the time to keep in the close type of comm everybody that I’d like to, I’ve noticed a couple people getting effected by the operations.

 One in particular involved an OSA operative phoning the wife of a friend claiming to be a member of “Anoynmous.” The caller enturbulated the wife with a story of how independents had been instructed by Marty to start harrassing members of Anonymous and now this individual was going to make my friend pay somehow.

 Of course, as every single independent knows, the story was manufactured. But, the friend – apparently subject to such a targeted barrage of black PR – thought maybe there was something to the story and began to treat me in a weird, distant manner.

 Remember, when order goes in, CONFUSION blows off. The CONFUSION in our case is complicated and exacerbated by DM’s troops intentionally creating more, injecting THIRD PARTY from multiple channels, and covertly and overtly harrassing the AUDITOR (who is US).

 If you begin to feel the slightest bit alienated with any of your independent friends, I suggest you re-read Mike’s article , https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/02/06/the-real-third-party-by-mike-rinder/, and look up LRH on the subject of the THIRD PARTY LAW. See if it might have been put into play on you. It is in knowing, forceful application (and as has become the habit of C of M it is being applied in REVERSE to enturbulate, rather than to disenturbulate). 

Don’t think that all of this is not a wonderful indicator.   A number of LRH lectures on the confessional process (which some OSA troll accused me yesterday of not knowing or not applying) will tell you that this kicking, screaming confusion is a great indicator to a confessional auditor dealing with a particularly criminally inclined pc.

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  1. crashingupwards

    What a bunch of bullshit. To get someone into communication you can mimic them. Perhaps putting asho and aola and osa’s phone numbers into a craigslist add for sex will get them to smarten up. If they actually think that those stupid ops will get you to change the course of your life or purpose they must be retarded.

  2. Great post Marty, very insightfull and a showcase for everyone on how to spot merchant of chaos wannabees.

    “The caller enturbulated the wife with a story of how independents had been instructed by Marty to start harrassing members of Anonymous”

    Clasic troll: Next thing you know the story will be Freezoners and Ex-Scientologists battling it out in the streets.

    “The trolls are fairly easy to spot.”

    Right on: seems you have to do some troll hunting.

    I wish you good luck exposing and maybe nailings some of the nasties.

    Note: To the wife of Marty’s friend, the story is moonbatshit and there is no need to put on a tinfoilhat. Carefull now OSA trolls maybe be lurking.

    Translation: The story is as far from the truth and reality as you can get and there is no need to be guarded against your fellow independants because of it, the onley ones you have to watch out for are OSA goons trying to get some kind of reaction out of you for their own purposes.

    With regards CD

    (PS: DM=King of the Trolls)

  3. Marty,
    Well, all my pleadings for some direct comm from OSA have been answered, sort of. ‘George’ from the preceding thread wrote to me. In this missive, he mentioned the lines being pushed in the described Reverse 3P op and also talked to me about my article on Scn Cult regarding the blatant rewrite of LRH materials by DM. He said it was too ‘subtle’ to be understood by anyone but an ‘academic’ and really didn’t mean much as it was only a few ‘paragraphs’ and what’s the big deal. He found my article ‘hard to read’, despite his having done the Student Hat, M1 and KTL.
    He also complained that he had to look up LRH references to get ‘mass’.

    Considering the article is in the main (except of course for the spurious DM altered ‘HCOB’s) LRH tech and policy, it’s kind of curious after doing all the above student training in DM’s GAT ‘church’ that he found LRH hard to read.

    The Reverse 3P op is in full play just as pointed out here. I’d say, with all this attempt to sow dissent and create confusion, DM is feeling the pinch. Right tight. Honed in. And with as steely a determination as has ever been gathered by free theta beings, decent citizens and life itself saying, ‘we got your number and we’re calling it’.

    Geez George, I asked for live comm, not canned circuitry and some GPM playing off. Putz.

  4. Many thanks for your courage. The process seems to be biting 🙂

  5. Marty,

    Thanks very much for the alert on this, I’ve noticed also that Independents have been targeted on Facebook with these type of actions as well.

    However, I believe that our actions, along with Mestology’s desire to do themselves in have resulted in far greater effects as shown in Rebel’s recent great article:
    http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/2010/02/15/the-silent-revolt/ whereby he mentions that only 61 people out of 800-1000 summoned by Austin Voss showed up!

    That’s 8% compliance – which is pretty significant “SRA”(severe reality adjustment) to Mestology.

  6. Marty, I told you about the call I got Sunday
    night. Some guy named Kevin said he was a friend of yours and wanted me to checkout
    a web site called ‘Who’s Marty Rathbun’. I
    tried getting his last name and he said he was
    anonymous. I checked out the web site and
    was immediately discusted. I ran a security
    suite scan and got an item that was deleted.
    The next day I got an e-mail thanking me for
    my subscription to their newsletter. I replied
    saying to cancell it, I don’t like entheta. I got
    an answer saying whats entheta and telling me
    I had my head up my ass and a few other choose
    words. Myself and others are receiving phoney
    e-mails on facebook. I myself am now only using Hushmail.

  7. Theo Sismanides

    Marty wrote:

    “A number of LRH lectures on the confessional process (which some OSA troll accused me yesterday of not knowing or not applying) will tell you that this kicking, screaming confusion is a great indicator to a confessional auditor dealing with a particularly criminally inclined pc.”

    Hey Marty, awesome point on the indicator.

    Alright… well… we can be the auditors for that particularly criminally inclined pc.

    I thought though we would have some western action, like Lone Ranger or something, in it. Oh, well…

    Just kidding. I guess I was just taken away by Cowboy Poet yesterday’s poem. So here it is once more:

    Word’s on the street, it’s all over town
    There’s an angry mob and they’re fed up with the clown
    Their money they’ve pooled, they’ve turned in their chips
    Hired a pro, no more service off their lips

    Dressed in all black, it’s the Renaissance Man
    He has organized comm lines from all over the land
    With his fingers a blazen, he’ll have something to say
    When they open their In Box, it’ll be Hell to pay!

    (from Cowboy Poet)

    Talking about insouciance or what!!!!!!!!!???
    Who the hell in the CofM is going to write something like this? A Poem for DM? Talking about enforced aesthetics here.

    OK Marty let’s keep on with the process!

  8. Marty,

    I believe this LRH reference is one of many applicable to this situation:


    “When working with the criminal, one can get a very good idea of that person’s mental state by getting him to say what other people want and do or are guilty of.

    “It is incoceivable to the criminal that anyone could possibly be decent or do a selfless act. It would do no good whatever to try to convince him, for he KNOWS all men are like himself.

    “Thus, one gets another datum:

    “Fortunately, there are still a lot of decent people left in the world.”


    “Thus one gets

  9. Marty — so sorry to hear about the incredibly unpleasant things that OSA is doing.

    The 3P amongst the independents doesn’t surprise me and I would just say to all of us — that even though we do not all share the SAME ideas about what should happen to the existing church and all the things we discuss on this board — I think we can ALL agree that the abuses at Hemet are morally reprehensible and must be stopped.

    SOOOOO — until we hear from the dm himself and each one of those imprisoned execs an APOLOGY for what has occurred —- then DONT believe anything any OSA operative is telling you.

    And since an apology will happen only when HELL FREEZES OVER, I think we are safe in assuming — any enturbulation and strange comm about Marty and any of us is just pure — rantings of the devil.

    Remember the Claire and Marc Headley’s lawsuits are moving forward. dm wants to silence any potential witnesses.

    We don’t have to agree with each other but certainly we must NOT give up on each other.


  10. The problem Marty is that you are what is considered a High Value Target by the opposition.

    What they are trying to do is create factionalization under the simple precept of “divide and conquer”.

    This is how the FBI’s COINTELPRO and CIA’s MH/CHAOS handled the Peace Movement of the ’60’s by creating contentious infighting among the participants.

    As Mike says it is done by suppressive use of the Third Party Law which is what happens when actual suppressives get their hands on the tech. They use it suppressively or pervert it towards their own “war like ends”.

    Our best defense against this is knowing that this is the game that is being played. Knowledge of who exactly is playing it is secondary.

    Just knowing that a Third Party Action is in progress and that they are going to be taking “active measures” (the former KGB term for spreading disinformation) against us is part of being less effect and more cause over the scene.

    Any way I suggest everyone on this board get familiar with the HCOB on the Third Party Law and the Justice PLs on False Reports and Injustice, since knowing the tech and policy is part of the battle.

  11. To say that OSA’s behavior is childish would be an insult to children.

    It is laughable, a pain in the butt I’m sure, but I laughed out loud when I read what they have resorted to doing. No one will take them seriously as they dig themselves into a deeper and deeper hole. All they are doing is proving that the C of M is off the rails and has become a cult, and not even a successful cult at that.

    Even Jim Jones took his membership from 80 to 900 in a relatively short period of time. I saw an interview with his son on Oprah yesterday. Most if not all class V orgs don’t have that many public on service, and they have been around for decades.

  12. I’ve been trying to leave a comment for an hour with all these stupid messages coming up — even that I wasn’t connected to the internet…. but then could immediately go to another site.

    OSA you’re so funny! (oh yeah, and predictable.)

    Kathy True and Neal O’ Riley and Ben Shaw –the dirty tricks you attempted when I was going through my divorce….maybe campfire stories for another time but, yawn, I’ve got a life to continue to create that I dig.

    I was quite alone then, and isolated (common tactic.) Not one of us are alone now. We stand strong, and we’ve got each other’s back, and there’s a loyalty that runs very, very deep.

    Theta is sooooooooo much more powerful than entheta.

    Oh yeah, one more thing — I am very much of a lady, but you can kiss my ass.


  13. Marty, thank you for fleshing out the behind the scenes drama. The “heads up” and correct targeting are much appreciated.

  14. Well, that program didn’t work too well in the 60’s. I’ve had a black boss, a hispanic boss and several women I’ve reported to.

    It’s hard not to feel hateful and be angry, but this is the “…fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run…” part Kipling talks about. And the rest of the line follows suit.

    Perhaps that “run” is the arrival itself. The right feelings will catch up to the right actions. As Soto Zen Masters say “Zazen is enlightenment.”

    And to translate that to Kipling “Running the unforgiving minute is forgiveness and victory.”

  15. Can you say desperation? When I look back at all of the Scientologists I know that used what they learned to open up a business, and the crap they got from I Help and Wise. I used to think you have got to be kidding me, pay them for what I paid for that I received and went on to build my life with? It just falls in line with so many things that are happening in the World today. We have the tech and WE ARE applying it. I can honestly say that when you mess with ones spirituality that is low man, all it makes one is the evil doer. Evil doer’s get their just rewards in the end.

  16. “Then, the pizza deliveries I never ordered start arriving”.

    Man, that’s just plain childish.

    Remember Marty, OSA ops will use Identity Confusion and run the auditors handbook in reverse.

    Everything an auditor is not supposed to do to a PC is what they will try to do to you. For example instead of staying on the same subject they will try to Q&A, they will try to disperse you, overwelm you, instead of allow you to reach they will try to scare you into witholding your reach. They want to put you on a withold.

    I’ve dealth with all their tricks on ARS since 03′ and I know most of them. If you need my help, let me know. Remember, figh fire with fire. Use “mirror tech” on them. Mirror back to them all the techniques they are using on you.

    Your doing good Marty, keep up the good work.

  17. Marty,

    OSA’s harrassment tactics are not merely suppressive, they’re childish beyond belief. These OSA operatives remind me of sixth grade bullies. The silliest and most criminal part is the harrassment of innocent bystanders.

    Do you have any way of docmenting the connection between the harrassment and OSA? If there’s any way to prove that OSA ordered this stuff, I think it would be well worth while to be able to demonstrate that OSA is the source (and maybe even to take legal action).

  18. Regarding the 3rd party law – it is good to be careful of people who make less of it. Sometimes a real SP is exposed and then they say “who is the 3rd party?” when they were it. One prime example is the entity posting as “Dart Smohen” on ESMB.
    The 3rd party law works but sometimes SPs use knowledge of it to obscure data.

  19. Fantastic!

  20. Whoa, it just gets better and better! Party On Wayne! Party on Garth! – Jackson

  21. Congratulations on hitting them where they live.

    Trolls are like lice. All bloggers have them and they get more mileage on your blog than on almost any other. I admire your forbearance in letting them comment at all, but think your willingness to let them distract and invalidate others does not serve you all that well. Exposing them quickly is an educational process that helps all of us recognize just what we are up against.

    As for those who rush to point out sources of Black PR, they are playing the old game of “Let’s you and him fight!” and could be given short shrift also.

    Your real friends are placing comments on those Black PR articles which dead agent false sources and put time place, form and event information to set the story straight.

    I have seen more of this lately so it is a positive trend. Someone will post a rumor-laden screed claiming all sorts of “unholy” activity by those connected to this website and others will post rational comments which focus on the real upset and which clarifies what you and others are doing to improve conditions outside the church.

    There is an incredible amount of unhandled charge that folks leaving the church are carrying around and some of it has persisted for many years. These people can be exploited by OSA and be made to attack almost anyone.

    Many of these people gave years of their lives to the church and the betrayal they experienced has never been handled.

    Those of us who are on the mend and have tech training can do a lot to rehabilitate those who are still stuck in the CofS engram. Those who have admin and PR training can help defuse OSA’s Black PR campaign.

    We outside the church need to recognize our common goals instead of concentrating on our differences. There is a lot to be done and more people are joining us every day. If we can orient newcomers to the realities of independence outside the walls of the church, they will be able to make their own decisions and find the path that fits their goals.

    With the right kind of support network, new independents will be less likely to fall prey to OSA efforts to enturbulate them.

    I feel that you and the others who are working in that direction deserve all the support I can provide. Please continue!

  22. This kicking screaming criminally inclined pc has financial irregularities. You do not have a tiger by the tail, but a weasel by the woolies. This DM person has failed in a criminal way in his fiduciary responsibilities to his non-profit, therefore publicly accountable organization, church or no church. Did I say HIS non-profit, oops….This is the real reason he has removed all his management – oops, did I say all HIS management – I mean all Int Management – because this way NOBODY will ask for his ACCOUNTING – quite literally his receipts for expenditures. NOBODY will ask to review his FP, only his minions around to sign it off now. The ultimate traitor action. This is the thing he is frizzling out about. Almost found out his financial crimes. THE COS CANNOT POSSIBLY GET AUDITED – but the sad point is – who will even ask to have a standard audit done?? Only people OUTSIDE, it seems.
    Hang in there Marty. This crap you are going through is atrocious, you are righteous and just and LOVED and APPRECIATED. Gawd help us all.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, Guess what. Of the 61 – 30 were full time FSMs. So in C of M apparently it is roughly one reg per public.

  24. OSA!

    Are you there?????
    I want you to know that I am still in “good standing” with the church and have over 300 e-mails list of your on-lines parishioners. I am making sure they all know what all their donations are buying, hiring PIs, computer experts to hack good intended people’s e-mails and facebooks as well as your threatening calls to them.
    Guess what, OSA! The responses I am getting from your parishioners are amazing and they are very supportive of our Independent group, especially Marty & Mike. Just for your knowledge, more people are leaving the C of M as we speak. Less people will be attending your “Mandatory Meetings”. So don’t be surprise if in your next meeting less parishioners show up.

    Aren’t you angry that DM is paying millions of dollars to all these PIs and lawyers, but you, Sea org guys are working for free? Do you still want to play DM’s nasty game and go down with him?

    Well, it is not too late and you can leave C of M NOW!
    What do you think, OSA?

  25. Hello Marty, My name Is Helmut Flasch and I have just left the church but not Scientology.
    Leaving with me is my wife an OT VIII , and about 50 (maybe 100) selectees. Their case level ranges from OT VII OT V, Clear, trained auditors, and rather new. But the most important thing is that they are all disseminators. Good dedicated ones at that.
    Personally Am OT IV, auditor trained and OEC ++ my wife and I have achieved Power, and Elite FSM several times over. I also opened a mission in Bombay India and run it for two years where we introduced about 40 000 people to a first service. Way to up stat for OSA which put me into two years of seck check – actually it was something else, but what would I know I am only a class V and have not been trained on how to tell PC’s what an overt is yet. 
    Anyhow, I have enjoyed this Blog, especially the ones where LRH is quoted and compared to the actual scene – current or past. Kind of like a pink sheet. Cool!
    You can look at my letter to DM on http://www.Scientologyprinciples.com
    You see Marty, I do windows, toilets, and anything else, but I do not do things quiet.

    I am sure I will see you araund

  26. Marty,

    What the heck…..why not have some pizza, get new locks, get laid, get a new laptop and live a little?

    I seem to remember LRH saying that if people didnt fear cannonballs, then the enemy would stop hurling them over the wall.

    Life is good, eh?


  27. martyrathbun09

    Welcome Helmut. I look forward to meeting.

  28. Helmut,

    Wow, I read your declare of DM, and it’s spot on! I hope you do get it read by hundreds of thousands of people.

    VWD on bringing so many of your selectees with you into the independent field, into sanity.

  29. Helmut Flasch,

    Welcome to our Independent group. You and your wife as well as all your selectees have high integrity for not buying into DM’s BS and left the C of M. Very Well done!!!! 🙂

    I read your blog and watched your clips. Thank you for exposing DM’s crimes.

    Keep up the good work. We are winning!! 🙂

  30. The Guardian’s Office, which swelled to 1000+ staff in 1982, was off the rails in breaking the Laws of the Land.
    These actions were business as usual, standard modus operandi.
    4)Smear Campaigns
    7) Frame-ups
    8)Deceptive sales and recruitment
    9)Use of Tax-exempt funds for unlawful purposes
    10)Improper Use of highly personal confidential priest/penitent pc folders
    11)Suppression of Free speech
    12)Illegal stalking and harrassment
    13) Civil rights violations, forced periods of confinement, extended periods of interrogation

    Sound Familiar ?

    The C of S put out in puff pieces and press releases after the 1977 FBI raid the idea was that Scientology had gotten into the hands of a very few criminals and that the members of the Church had now thrown out their suppressive management meaning the old G.O. and were cleaning up their act.

    The FBI has done it’s job. It has arrested the criminals, the courts have found them guilty. They’re going to jail. Members of the Church did never condone these actions and have now re-aligned themselves to L. Ron Hubbard. And now there’s a new management and a new mood and a renaissance within our Church.


    OSA replicates each dirty deed and modus operandi as listed above on orders of DM. He is far more off the rails than Jane Kember ever was. And he runs the show.
    Every day there are new leaks to the web and more dirty deeds are being exposed.

    I do not consider OSA actions on Marty “childish”.These are illegal acts in many cases.

    Senator Xenophon of Australia had been deluged with crimes committed within the Church ~~cited by the Senator: false imprisonment, coerced abortions, child abuse, perjury, persecution of ex-members, forced labor, blackmail and torture and called for a Parliamentary enquiry into what he considered “A Criminal Organization”

    Senator Xenophon so eloquently stated~~
    “This is not about religious freedom. In Australia, there are no limits on what you can believe; but there are limits on how you can behave. It’s called “the law” and no-one is above it”

  31. This type of nonsense is ghastly. What a waste of time.

    A “Church” that professes beliefs, then attacks people who want to practice them — what is that?

    Can you spell *insane* *greed*? Can you spell *off purpose*? There is enough money in the world and enough Truth for all.

    I have been off lines over a decade. It went down when years ago I wrote multiple KRs of fraud — over $300K of fraud — that the Church and parties *knew* was fraud and embezzlement.

    What I didn’t know then, what took me years to put together, was that the Organization had changed. It was a corrupt good ol boy network: the fraud perpetrators (OTs whom I trusted) put a lot of the $ they fraudulently obtained from a person I brought into the “Church”. The parties ( Celebrity Centre included) forbade a selectee to remedy the fraud with legal channels. It was routed –by threats that if they used legal channels to remedy the torte they would not be able to get services — to WISE, which charged more $ for a complete sham ‘handling’.

    It’s only been a few months that I found out I wasn’t the only person who had severely gross and manipulative experiences inside the “Church”. It wasn’t “just me.” There was and IS gross misapplication and abuse of tech going on.

    All I can own is what is mine. I did assign the “Church” a condition years ago, and informed them, after failed attempts to handle via standard channels, they would need to set it right and earn my trust back.

    They probably thought I would wither and die. What happened to my “friends”? Where did all the “care” go?

    I didn’t wither, and in fact I flourished, although there was no doubt suffering.

    Marty Rathbun gave me back Scientology. Everyone here and the Independents gave me back Scientology.

    And what is that about? Simple. Auditing and Training. Improving life and lives. *Application* and Delivery.

    Among my colleagues are persons considered some of the most “brilliant” minds on the planet. Recently, despite all the crap in the news, I beamed in wonder that Scientology was not a dirty word anymore to some people around me.

    Despite the bad PR that had me embarassed and determined I would not give people the MU that I was a Scientologist (because I do not ascribe to nor endorse the unethical, dishonest and reprehensible behavior the “Church” perpetrates) recently — effortlessly — by simply sharing wins from auditing as a matter of course, by those wins being obervable to people around me, by discussing it as a technology, the word “Scientology” has become routine, a thing to DO.

    It’s like, “Cool. Well maybe you can take that up with your auditor.” “Hey don’t you have a Scientology appointment today?” This, a comment by a nonScientologist, is awesome.

    This from top level empirically oriented, brightest, most creative people! The poitn is people who months ago were dissing and horrified by the stigmatization of anything Scientology because of the MISREPRESENTATION of it perpetrated by the likes of Tommy Davis, Tom Cruise, David Miscavige and other zealot bot goons. Yes, guys, goons. Wake UP.

    Hear what I’m saying? Scientology is the stuff of life.

    All the other crap has *no place* anywhere in the world, let alone within a spiritual practice.

    This nonsense in which the “Church” is petty, heinous nonsense that is one thing: CHEATING. Trying to win by gaining an UNFAIR advantage over people. For what? Practicing Scientology?

    This society is one of our 3rd dynamics (urges of survival.) I personally love my community, my city, my state, my planet.

    The rest of this heinous illegal stuff is WRONG. I will avail myself of my legal rights as a citizen.

    It is insane for a “Church” to persecute people who want to practice the beliefs it purports to maintain.

    Thank you Marty for giving me back Scientology.

    Let’s keep our eye on the mountain. Yes, we have a fight, and we will not back down. But the very best way not to back down is to audit and train and get through our personal auditing, and bring others up around us.

    The universe has and is a soul. It loves LIFE, and those who play Life. Does that sound theetie weetie Davey Tommy and Mo? Well, only Stooges are too busy running around in circles to miss the fact that THETA is more real than concrete.

  32. Thank you. Big. Sigh. of. Relief.

    Helmut wrote:
    “Basically, LRH teachings are not in use in orgs around the country, and surely not at Flag.”

  33. The policies that OSA works on work, WHEN OSA IS IN THE RIGHT and OSA is dealing with real criminals and real SPs attacking the church.

    When OSA is not in the right they won’t work. How can they? For them to work, the target must be bogged down in mass, stuck in a the past, have lots of crimes and be unaware of what’s going on.

    Always remembers this my friends:

    You can not be the effect of something you are aware of. If you understand and know all of OSA’s tricks, you can’t be the effect of them.

  34. If I were you I would report everything to the police so that it is registered. Later on, it can be used against the criminals.

  35. exsolonotsdofp

    Great talk TRUTH! Now, here is the deal. Recently, Marc Headley started a Civil action against the “Church” for Violation of labor codes. And guess what? I am gonna do the same thing! Because i believe that this is the best way to break the back to the Basic Human Rights Violations permanently perpetred by the “Church”.

    Here is a copy of the letter i sent to FLB Justice Chief.

    19 BEBRUARY 2010

    Four days without any news!

    So, here is the deal. Without any news, regarding Alexis and Eleonore sent back to France and the refund of all the money I spent in Scientology($500,000.00), in 48 hours I will ask my lawyer to start a Civil case against the church of Scientology with the following charges:

    Violated Labor Code sections:

    LAB 98.6 Retaliation for filing a labor complaint
    LAB 201 Wages due upon discharge
    LAB 204 Timely payment required
    LAB 206 Any release or waiver of wages is null and void
    LAB 226 Proper pay records
    LAB 226.7 Proper meal breaks must be provided
    LAB 432.5 Improper statement cannot be required
    LAB 510 California overtime laws
    LAB 512 California meal break provisions
    LAB 551552 One day rest in 7 day week
    LAB 1102.5 Employee right to report violation
    LAB 1175 et. seq. Records and rates on minor employees
    LAB 11941197Minimum wage must be paid
    LAB 1290 et. seq. Improper employment of minors

    The Fair Labor Standards Act applies to religious organizations. There is no
    “religious exemption” to Federal labor laws.

    I have been employed for 6 years by the ”Church” as Interior Designer, not as “Minister”.

    I will ask for the payment of $2,152,800.00 in wages as per the Law.

    Michel Puzzolante

    You are all welcome to do the same thing! The legal basic minimum rate per hour id $7.25. Make your own calculations!

    Good luck!

  36. Helmut is my Hero !

  37. Helmut
    Today you gave to me reassurance. Thank you new friend.

    “When you hear people growling, when the lines are all awry, when the auditor has flubbed and the world of Scientology looks black, just remember that in the dozen years of sometimes despairing work and heart-breaking set-backs, the dream has yet come true. We have it now. We can and are clearing them all—and you.

    In Scientology just remember this when all looks dark:


    L. Ron Hubbard, from HCOB 2 October 1962, When You Need Reassurance

  38. O.O.
    Does anyone have the temerity to require that DM turn in his POs for his expenditures? Is there any kind of executive structure left at Int to run an FP? It’s possible that everyone is so incompetent that ‘poor’ DM has to run AC and EC all by himself. 😉

  39. Dear Marty

    Nothing new, we are used to such kind of operations of the OSA since times immemorial.

    We just have to go on, to continue, not to become intimidated, not PTS. They are just like moscitos.

    Actually I would love that all those who has been in OSA would confess what they did so we can learn from it and expose it. And for doing so they should get a full amnesty for what they did.

    I have enough jobs but if someone would organize it, I would be very happy.

    I know the legal system in the US is different, so I don’t know if you can apply it there, but I went to court with them twice to show them that I am not willing to accept all and everything.

    Exposing all those suppressive and criminal actions they do in a blog is btw a real good methode – keep it going!!!

    Much love Max

  40. And since I’m in the mood for quoting LRH today – here’s the obvious one to respond to your post Marty:

    “Whenever we’re really winning, the squirrels start to scream. You can tell if somebody is a squirrel. They howl or make trouble only when we’re winning…”



  41. Awwww Jim, now you’ve done it…’ole George is gonna have to go get a dictionary to look up “circuitry”, “GPM” and probably “putz”…expect more complaints to follow.

  42. exsolonotsdofp

    Great job Helmut!

    I read your declare of DM! I fully agree!

    I have been working for 6 years on the New Flag Buiding designs, from 1999 to 2005, and the funding of the entire building was over by 2003! But DM ordered Laurie Webster to keep going with the fundraising! And the New Flag Buiding is still not done!

    Then, i was posted as Solo Nots D of P EU and i saw the most horrible scene. There was about 5300 Solo Nots Auditors in 2006 and about 2400 of them auditing on the level! Do you know why! There was only 6 Solo Nots C/Ses to handle 5300 Solo Auditors. Make your math!

    But, in the meantime, there was 85 Nots Auditors “6 months sec checking” full time!

    Unfortunately, i have also done the designs for the new FLAG AO in 2000, and i did set up the new Solo Nots HGC with 12 more workstations…empty workstations since then!

    DM doesn’t want OT’s! It’s a fact!

    Michel Puzzolante

  43. Helmut – Your videos are fantastic and pull no punches.

    Incredible to hear a disseminator and top FSM, now turning those same skills and drive to pull his group and others OUT of dm’s travesty which calls itself scientology.

    Thanks Helmut.

    This will mean a great deal IN the LA field — which is the biggest field of scientologists.

    Means a lot to me personally as many friends/family are still caught up in the snare of dms web – right there in LA

    Thank you for your courage.


  44. Welcome Helmut. Thank you for speaking out.

  45. Marty

    Sorry to pop up unannounced twice in the same post but thought I’d better mention something. It may, or may not, be a piece of the jigsaw as to what’s afoot.

    The “Why We Protest” site has been discussing the fact that a list of 850 Scientologists has fallen into their hands and what to do with it. With the timing of this post and the actions you have mentioned it all just seems a bit too cute. I wouldn’t put it past OSA to be fomenting division between Anonymous and the Independents and those they suspect of leaning your way.

    Of course, you may be aware of this and already onto the game. I bring it up because I see the “Why We Protest” site is not mentioned in your blogroll and you may not know.

    Be lucky. Be strong. Times will change.

  46. WH

    “Even though we do not all share the same ideas…”

    This point is foremost in my mind lately. As we get more in comm with each other, it’s natural that our differences will come to view. There WILL be differences. Each of us has had our own unique set of experiences, experienced from our own unique viewpoint. I want to underscore the unique viewpoints here.

    It’s not an unfortunate” thing, it’s an inevitable thing, and I would add a pretty wonderful thing. It’s how perspective is gained, and the unique viewpoint of an artist is at least partially responsible for the emotional impact of his/her art. Each of you on this blog are immensely interesting to me and your various viewpoints enrich my own.

    Some of what we may consider fundamental
    realities may be different between us. But what we DO agree on is a lot more important right now. We share a major purpose: The prisoners of the c of m, must be freed, dm must be brought down, and control of the spiritual technology of scientology must be removed from the hands of anyone who would harm or suppress it.

    It’s so easy to put attention on points of out-reality. It’s so easy to foment conflict between beings who feel passionately about a
    cause. I hope we are all able to remain vigilant
    to that occurring within the loose group of individuals which supports this blog, even when the conflict cannot be blamed on OSA or other whackjobs.

  47. “We outside the church need to recognize our common goals instead of concentrating on our


  48. Alright Helmut!
    I saw Helen’s selectees a few days ago and thought there would be a huge impact if She, and of course you, ever joined the ‘movement’.
    Great to see you here.

  49. The dyke is leaking and DM is running out of fingers fast.

  50. Helmut, You wear your helmet well. Welcome aboard! It takes a lot of courage to be brave.
    Once you do the right thing , no fear. VWD, MLV.

  51. At some point, DM will have to say SOMETHING, right? Maybe in court, maybe in the press. Even Tiger Woods (sort of) faced the music today. LRH spoke about how a group’s leader needed to be where the cannonading was heaviest. Yet, not a whisper from David Miscavige to anyone but on-lines public and staff at events. Not a single public announcement or appearance despite what is unquestionably the worst PR scene in the history of Scientology. Worse than Time/Eli Lilly from 1991, worse than the CIA-inspired “Rock festival” in Portugal in the 70s. Worse than anything. And yet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . silence. This year’s March 13th Event should be interesting. At some point, someone from the audience is going to stand up and shout something. It won’t make it into the final edit but it will make it to the ears of everyone present and to the guy onstage. And that will be the end of Int Events. You watch.

  52. Cardinal De Retz:

    “A man who doesn’t trust himself can never really trust anyone else.”

  53. Marty,

    Like Joe Howard said on another blog, OSA now has so many situations to handle it is like ‘wack-a-mole 24/4′. And more moles a-popin’ every day!

    Because you are so very dangerous to the teetering house of cards that is the C of M, they are diverting a lot of “resources” your way.

    Stand strong, friend. You are being effective. It is your name and reputation from decades past that greatly influenced me waking up and starting to look for myself. Thank- you again.

  54. Lotus Miyamoto

    Ha! I met Helmut in the late 1980s and I have remembered him all these years as being a man who does nothing quietly! EVER!

    Welcome Helmut!

  55. Theo Sismanides


    Hi and welcome on board! Way to go, way to go! Complete insouciance and Spirit of Play is the name of the Game AKA Scientology.

    Thank you for standing up and thank you to your wife.

    I am off to your site now to read your letter to Miscavige.

    See u!

  56. It’s a compliment when one is so moved.
    But I stand with the thought that doingness,
    Should never be so far removed.

    Seems there’s plenty who know how to write
    But vary techniques and divide, the enemy’s ranks
    In order to win a fight.

  57. Theo Sismanides

    Helmut! I am having a ball watching your videos on YouTube.

    You are brave and have huge Integrity as well as Sanity to differentiate between C of M and Scientology.

    I am on video 3 and it’s getting more and more interesting.

    All I admired in you apart from your bravery is the fact that YOU declared DM ! You didn’t just declare your Independence but Declared DM!

    This is a very sane thing to do!

    Way to go Helmut!

  58. Martin Padfield

    Yay Helmut! Fantastic! Perfectly said, and perfect execution. I think you made a lot of Independents happy today!!!

    I sense the end-game is not far away, or as the great Winston Churchill said: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”.

  59. Freefought Indepenents.

    As you all might be better informed about OSA members ,I have a general question: Who can we take of this list of alleged OSA members that are allready out of the Church now. Thank you.

    Linda Hamel – Kirsten Caetano – Tom Whittle – Acky Heinrich – Ken & Joan Long – Karin Pouw – Ed Parkin – Bob Adams – Charlie Earl – Jim Morrow – Judy Ross – Jeanne Gavigan – Celine Muir – Lynn Farney – Jean Callaghan – Steffano & Wendy Beccaccini – Beth Bond – Neil O’Reiley aka Joe Neal.

    It is to have the correct information.

    With regards CD

  60. Theo Sismanides

    Helmut as I finished watching video part 3, let me tell you that all of the materials of LRH are on the Internet for free! As you said.

    Contact me or Max Hauri (posting below here) to ask for details.

    Your postulate has come true.

  61. Wow!!

    Helmet, I remember you from Sterling….welcome to the Independent Field. Again we need more capable people like you in the IF, and I know you are quite a producer.

    People, I can personally attest to Helmet’s capability and dedication to LRH.

    That he is leaving MestSavage and his squirrel sideshow is a testament to his dedication.

    Welcome, Helmet


  62. Theo Sismanides

    Watching your 4th video I see your dissemination skills and knowledge and exposing Miscavige (OMG) just from one little point: he never disseminated any Scientology in his events and he never did a cheap marketing campaign (Div 6) to drive millions of people into the church.

    My hat is off to you my good man!

  63. I can add a bit here in support of this post.

    These are some of my comments about the difference between the Guardian’s Office (“GO”) and the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”)/what took over from the GO based on my having worked at the top of both.

    “In the GO “Intel” was Bureau 1, otherwise known as “B1”, PR was “B2”, Legal was “B3” and Finance was “B4”. The idea behind the GO org board was that Intel could handle most things but if Intel didn’t handle it then it became a PR matter. If PR didn’t handle it, then it became a legal matter. And if legal didn’t handle it, then it became a finance matter (for example paying off damages, etc.).

    Those in control preferred handlings done by B1 (witness Operation Freakout, Snow White, etc.). It was considered that B1 could create “an amenable frame of mind on the part of all enemies”. LRH also wrote a lot about PR and pushed their use as well. He was concerned if Intel or PR could not handle it as legal was often an unsure result and he hated it getting as far as finance as he did not want to pay out anything to the “bad guys”. The “preferred” use for legal was to back up intel and PR actions to harass in litigation or to cover up things in the corporate area”.

    Miscavige constantly bragged about how he had disbanded the GO and he started a great internal and external campaign to paint all the GO people as either criminals or “off source”. He also stressed how the Sea Org (“SO”) took over the GO, stopped all the “off policy” criminality and abuses and got it all straight. The GO and its members were mostly held in contempt after that.

    IMHO Miscavige even committed perjury after this when in the 1990s he wrote very misleading declarations on this exact point.

    The truth is that what was set up under Miscavige to take over from the GO was not just the GO under another name. It was actually WORSE. And part of it was hidden.

    Yes the GO needed to be disbanded and some in there were total criminals who deserved to go to jail. Actions like Operation Freakout and Snow White were just unforgivable. And yes some were also head cases in the GO who were on power trips, etc. and they needed to be gotten out of any position of power or influence. But most folks in the GO were not into that bull.

    As most know, OSA was created to take over part of what the GO did. And OSA was initially run directly by missions of the Commodore’s Messenger Organization (“CMO”) But what most did not know is that there was a secret organization that itself ran the most vital “external affair” functions and it was not OSA. Yet it was senior to OSA. That unit was known as “Special Unit”. At one point I ran Special Unit and was also WDC X.

    While OSA, like part of the GO, was set up with divisions for Intel, PR and Legal, so was Special Unit. One key difference between OSA/Special Unit and the GO was that OSA/Special Unit did not have a finance division.

    Instead of that, Miscavige created the “International Finance Police” and they carried out more abuses BY FAR on scientologists than the GO Finance Bureau under Herbie Parkhouse ever did. Hundreds, even thousands of people were horribly abused by the Int Finance Police far beyond anything done by the GO. And this was under Miscavige’s direction. See these three links for a bit more detail on this. The first two links are to postings written by myself and the third is in effect a videoed confession of this happening by a key person doing it then under Miscavige:






    The beatings, gang bang sec checks and other abuses of scientology staff and public in 1982 alone under David Miscavige far exceeded all abuses ever in the 15 or so year history of the GO. The point again is that what was created to take over the GO was worse under Miscavige, far worse, not better.

    Additionally, it was the GO that often interfered with LRH’s staff (such as “LRH Accounts”) taking all the money they wanted out of scientology for LRH . In 1982 alone Miscavige funneled over $40 million dollars to Hubbard gotten based on wholesale abuses of mission holders and many other scientologists. With the GO gone there was no longer a “check and balance” between the GO and SO and so Miscavige took everything he wanted for LRH using the most immature and blind followers in CMO Int, as directed by Miscavige.

    The legal part of Special Unit was divided into two areas. One was corporate which I ran as “Special Unit Corporate Execution” before I became the Special Unit IC. The other was litigation area. As mentioned above the other key divisions were Intel and PR but at the time there was also a section running what was to become known as “OSA”. In part this was done by overseeing the CMO missions that actually were running the groups in areas like East Grinstead and Los Angeles managing the people that were left over from the GO and who were soon to become known as “OSA”.

    Miscavige, sometimes through Norman Starkey, often took over the running of the Special Unit Litigation and Intel areas and directed all of any dirty tricks or “litigation/PIs to harass” that were done by those areas.

    In my opinion many otherwise decent people became to one degree or another abusive under Miscavige if they were to last long under him. Some of us did not but too many did.

    The abuses carried out by and/or under the direction of Miscavige back in the early 80s were horrific. Stories on this are countless and they continue through the next decades as per statements of many Exes now out and speaking.

    For more details of how Miscavige took over these areas and repeatedly perjured himself in courts about this later, here is a link to an ebook I wrote on the subject that is free to anyone who would like to read it: “The Miscavige Legal Statements – a Study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection” by Larry Brennan:


    My blog with even more details can be found at:


  64. Marty,

    I’m no one’s idea of a sheltered being and I’ve been on all kinds of comm lines this lifetime.

    I need more reality on OSA.

    I have a view that they’re mostly an over-worked, under-staffed bunch of S.O. non-pros bumbling along reacting to flare-ups in a usually ineffective way.

    But maybe I’m wrong and underselling them? Though the pizza delivery/locksmith stunts are very amateur hour to me, getting data from airlines internal reservation systems is not. How’d they get that?

    Can you provide us with the SOP of OSA? What kind of activities are we talking about here. What level of sophistication, how many people in OSA, what kind of operations do they engage in etc etc.

    Basically, a hat write up. Interesting to compare/contrast the LRH set up to the DM mutation that exists now.

  65. Helmut!!!
    Brilliant! I loved your videos too. ‘Read a goddamn book!’ Beautiful stuff. Just wonderful stuff.

    And, no apologies needed for any lag in publishing DM’s declare. None. You’ve been there doing it all along. Thank You and I’m ecstatic to make your acquaintence and stand beside you and support your statements and whatever the hell else I can do with and for you!

  66. blip,
    My isn’t that ‘cooincidental’ the list just plop, into their hands. Curioser and curisoser.

  67. WH,

    You mentioned:

    “Remember the Claire and Marc Headley’s lawsuits are moving forward. dm wants to silence any potential witnesses. ”

    Perhaps this is what’s wanted, but the guys being deposed for the cases witnesses like Jeff Hawkins? I’m sure Jeff did not witness anything odd at the Int Base and loves DM.

    He mentions this in a press conference last Friday in LA – that he was subpoenaed to appear at a deposition the time he was scheduled to give a press conference.

  68. Sarge,
    I got the same mail. I didn’t answer mine back to them, but forwarded it for investigation to the appropriate persons.

    It occurs to me that AnonKat/Cat Daddy and Heather G might let the Anons know that unless the aim of Anon is chaos, which it doesn’t seem to be to me, but I’m not an anolawyer, then they may want to take note that they are being made scapegoats in this little disturbance.

    It seems to me that ‘wisebeardman’ has pointed up the issues for Anon with this type of illegal activity and WBM speaks sooth in this regard.

    Yous fellas might want to clear the air and out OSA for usurping your cause to its own ends. Remember the caper with C.A.N.?

  69. Helmut,

    Welcome to the Independents! Your videos are very well done and says it like it is.

    Great dissemination by a power disseminator!

  70. Welcome Helmut!!

    This is a group where it is OK to be there and communicate!


  71. martyrathbun09

    Huckleberry, you wrote re OSA: “I have a view that they’re mostly an over-worked, under-staffed bunch of S.O. non-pros bumbling along reacting to flare-ups in a usually ineffective way.

    But maybe I’m wrong and underselling them? Though the pizza delivery/locksmith stunts are very amateur hour to me, getting data from airlines internal reservation systems is not. How’d they get that?”

    Your description is pretty darn accurate. On the reservations computer, I am sure I described that in the second round of SP Times video interviews. They have registered agents, with access to computers, obtained through making so many reservations.

  72. Someone there should yell “MISCAVIGE BEATS HIS STAFF!” at a well-timed moment. Or better yet, place a couple of wireless loud-speakers somewhere in the theatre, then from a remote location, keep yelling “MISCAVIGE BEATS HIS STAFF!!” “MISCAVIGE BEATS HIS STAFF!!” until the security guards go crazy trying to track down where the yelling is coming from.

    That would be perfect.

  73. I believe all OSA needs is someone with a “travel agent license” and they would have access to this data.

    Which, if true, in itself is pretty alarming from a public privacy standpoint.

  74. Joe Howard wrote: “At some point, DM will have to say SOMETHING, right?”

    My guess is that DM is trying to avoid “repeating the enemy line” for as long has he can. He is likely watching the national headlines, and whenever something flares … he sends Tommy boy in to respond.

    What we need are some national news headlines on the order of what the St Pete Times did … coming out with a really hard-hitting series. A series of stories by 60-Minutes or 20/20 or CNN would be great … especially a week or so right before a big event.

  75. Marty,

    I had another moment of “click” as the pieces come together.

    You stated earlier that DM has no idea how to release OT IX and X. This is a huge revelation! DM’s been making people re-do everything from the purif all the way to OT VIII and adding all kinds of second checks in between. This whole “basics” push is just another act of mass Q&A from actually going up the bridge. He’s actually trying to make going all the way up the bridge as unattainable and as expensive as possible in an aberrated attempt not to release the highest levels of OT! Not to mention he’s destroyed and or mentally lobotomized all tech terminals who could have done the necessary research to get these levels released. I have many friends who would love to get auditing but who just don’t have thousands and thousands of dollars and who know they’ll never get all the way up the bridge so he’s turned the public into this apathetic group of “followers” that never progress on the bridge. Eventually they just totally fall off the lines…

  76. Yes, Dart and Roger Barswarva have both been active in 3ping Marty in Australia.

    And “Dart” (Neville Chamberlin) is one of only a very few people who forwards “first hand” stories of LRH using drugs while researching the OT levels. Alan Walter was another.

  77. I’m disgusted that they would involve innocent third parties like the lock smith and pizza place. They’re getting really desperate with these immature pranks.
    I’m appalled that your flight data was accessed as this is against the law.
    I’d certainly pursue this Marty. The airline would have logged the ip’s that accessed your records.

  78. I knew Alan Walter a smidge in the late 70’s early 80’s — while undoubtedly he did build a strong Mission network I would not take anything he said as the gospel.

    Not one thing. Especially not his LRH stories. He embellished his background and life to suit his ends.



  79. Alex,

    Are you sure that Roger has been 3P’ing Marty? I know Roger and he has mentioned Marty to me once or twice, but only to say good things about Marty, never anything bad.

  80. Not sure if this song has been shared in other posts, but the liberation I read about on all blogs alike sparked a need to find a feel good song to listen to. This one made my heart skip a beat or two just as some of your facts of past experience and new-found life do…

  81. Lotus Miyamoto

    I am laughing so hard at the vision of security looking all over for where the voices are coming from. But this is a great idea!

  82. That sounds very self determined but it’s not real. I may know someone is playing a “trick” on me by ordering pizza to my house, but I become effect in the very least by answering the door.

    It’s dirty tricks and Scientology has turned it into an artform even prior to dm. It’s preying on people.

  83. Lotus Miyamoto

    OSA’s actions are laughable and are just another sign of DMs desperation.

    His OSA is about to flat line and Miscavige is frothing at the mouth. Pity…

  84. Helmut

    Welcome to this Blog. Hope you share lots of stories including the BIG reg cycles on the those you put on the Bridge.

    You are one of a kind ~~ 40,000 people put on the Bridge ~~

    WOW !

  85. Well actually Huck there is no LRH mock up for OSA, since OSA doesn’t exist on any LRH approved Org Board. Nor do any actual policies cover OSA’s functions.

    You could say that it carried on from where the Guardian’s office went astray when it became a Clandestine service instead of being a Guardian’s office.

    Interesting that the decline of the GO to OSA is parallel to the decline of CIA where most of its budget is now spent on covert ops instead of actual intelligence which explains why the Church of Scientology currently has no idea or concepts of which way “cats are going to jump” or how to “walk back the cat” when its out of the bag.

    They don’t even have any concept of what a cat is!

  86. Helmut,

    What a rip-roaring ride your videos are! thanks for the theta, the encouragement, the honesty. WOOP!

  87. More dirty tricks. One of my ex Sea Org friends sent me a video link on Facebook, which I stupidly opened and it hijacked my Facebook friend list and sent out the same video from me to try and infect their computers.

    To all of you on my Facebook friends list, my apologies. I have new anti virus software and taken other actions.

    What a childish waste of time.

  88. I remember being at Flag in the mid 90’s and somebody yelled something in the middle of an event or graduation. Anybody remember that? What I heard is that the person had a psychotic break or something. If I remember correctly, he was just “over-enthusiastic”, maybe sarcastic. All I know is, it threw everybody off. That must happen again.

  89. This is how OSA would do it if they didn’t have access to an agent and could be done using a PI or even an OSA bot who playing Marty or anyone they happened to want to track would to the airline desk they just happened to forget their global distribution system (GDS).

    After getting this information they would take the following steps, as covered in this link:


    Just a little spooky tradecraft. You should be aware of.

    Funny how all these anti-terrorist “safe guards” are used against law abiding citizens, since before this you didn’t have to give the airline any name or ID before booking a flight and could even travel under an assumed name.

    Anyway forewarned is forearmed I guess.

  90. Childish indeed. When Pizza’s are cross ordered the Staff get them, or they are given to local families in the Comunity who can appriciate them… actual fact, in many cases. But Plain Cheese?? The most popular Pizza is Pepperoni and Hawian. OSA, grow the fuck up !

  91. veritas,
    You know reading your post here it became even clearer to me that the hostility that is at play here, both covert and overt is the ‘new Sea Org attitude’ that arose in the early 80s. I was reading the Gang of Five write up on Scn Cult again, and the SF Mission Holders conference transcript and it is that attitude. Violence, accusation, antagonism, bitterness and hostility. It is the evidence of a being, David Miscavige, in a constant fight against the world around him.

    Your story at the office is in complete contrast to this. It’s excited, happy, encouraging. That is the real atmosphere of theta winning.

    The SO has had from its inception a certain ‘toughness’, and ethics presence, maybe too much at times and something more than was the correct estimation of effort. That’s not the attitude I’m talking about. It’s the ‘new attitude’.

    It doesn’t work. It doesn’t make any sense and it contradicts the real atmosphere of a real Ideal Org.

    Heck, take even the extreme handling for an SP case, in the references it’s simply a matter of declare and the steps of A-E, the ethics in in other words and a recognition of the continuing overt act, and then that case too can gain the heights. If they so choose.

    There’s no malice in that. What use does maliciousness have in any of this, from the toughest of cases, the SP, and those adversely affect of it, the PTS, to the guy who just walked in and wants what ‘that guy has, he’s cool’.

    Anyway, it’s just such an incorrectly included bunch of hostility. That’s such a glaring outpoint. It is the manifestation of DM’s case, his fight with his track, that he cannot see or it would end, that is at play here. It’s not us fighting. It’s him, the SP and we unfortunately have been caught up in it.

    Well done on your work scene and thank you for winning and positively affecting those around you.

  92. Very good cognition, Truth. Intended or otherwise, fewer PCs – by making auditing too expensive or putting up other barriers, like endless sec checks – has been the result of DM’s policies.

  93. Marty,

    I can’t express the gratitude I feel for all you’ve done — all you continue to do.

    At present I’m resolving how to nudge my staunchly-DM-type Scn parents to your community.

    Forgive me if you’ve addressed the matter elsewhere, but: do you believe the Scientology you’ve left, the corporation, will eventually collapse? If yes, how do you see it going down? And what (more) can we do to grease the rails?

    A related and perhaps more significant question: how will we know when the old Scientology is gone?

    Also: I remember touring, wide-eyed, the ASI promo building and Hubbard museum. I do not recall the name of the particular group — only that its logo was a pair of circles linked into a mandorla, two diamonds centering the circles — but I remember the incredible material science and engineering they had put into planning the — was it ten or fifteen? — subterranean apocalypse vaults. What do you think will happen to these facilities once management fully crumbles? (I can think of many fun secondary uses for an etched steel Dianetics). Were the vaults, and their impervious libraries, ever completed in the first place?

  94. Lieber Max

    I read a success story of a student that did the Shsbc in your Org.
    Are you working with the Lrh checksheets ?
    Can you deliver it in German ?

    Alles Liebe


  95. What a wonderful “Labor Law rundown” Any money you cabn get away from Miscavige he will feel as a defeat. It sends him a message that “you are not going to take it anymore”

    I wish you well pursueing your rights.


  96. Helmut;

    These videos of yours, flat nail the cancerous problem within the current Church of Scientology. Your OT integrity sets the perfect example for others to follow.

    Your “Spirit of Play” is infectious and I predict these videos will be watched and studied by millions as they circle the globe and become viral.

    You have done LRH and the valid original work of LRH proud.

    My very best to you, your wife and all your followers.


  97. So sorry to hear of OSA’s continued harassments Marty. I saw that “who is Mark Rathbun ” blog too and frankly I’m surprised those guys have anything that looks that professional as blogs go. I have my online detractors too but in this case the Indians just come with the scenery I guess. Hang in there my friend and don’t forget the strength that dwells in unity.

  98. Helmut again great work. I’ve got to start my own website too but I’ve been so busy recently I only have a few minutes at a time to log onto this one.

  99. Kathy Braceland

    Well, well OSA. What’s next? Are you going to put gum in Marty’s hair?

    Help me out with this guys. The way I see it is, either you guys haven’t reached puberty or your combined IQ’s is that of a mothball. I’m not sure which it is.

    See, behind door #1 — haven’t reached puberty yet — that means you’re not using the good manners your mothers taught you, for which you should be sent to your room.

    Door #2 — politely, that means you’re not too bright.

    Now, don’t take this the wrong way but I’m picking door #2. I chose door #2 because you’re doing this whole cloak and dagger thingy and quite frankly, you’re not doing it very well. You’re slavishly and blindly following the dictates of a madman, i.e. David Miscavige without questioning his insane orders.

    I wonder what LRH would say if he knew you were doing this.

    You might want to look at why you’re being ordered to do these silly things and ponder if LRH would ever give orders like this. And I stress LOOK, not LISTEN to why.

    You just might find some juicy tidbits in your own camp. Your Scout Master Miscavige has more than one skeleton in his closet that he’s successfully hiding from you. He’s making you look elsewhere and he’s doing a good job at that!

    Prove me wrong and show me how good you are at what you do by looking in your own backyard.

  100. Hi Helmut, welcome aboard mate!

  101. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Marty,

    Good to know. I do however feel that the less we grant them beingness or pay attention to them, the better. we all should be aware and posting it here is good. I don’t think legal or other actions should be taken as I think this is what they are trying to provoke, especially those that are reciprocal.
    We are not them, we play clean and openly and we will win. I would like to see more LRH stories, true stories, and more WINs from independents moving on the bridge, applying the tech, rocketing their stats as they cut away. That sort of thing. The current content of the site is good, just would like to see some more flourishing and prospering too.

  102. Concerned Citizen

    As Usual, your words are profound and inspiring.
    I second your sentiment
    “Let’s keep our eye on the mountain. Yes, we have a fight, and we will not back down. But the very best way not to back down is to audit and train and get through our personal auditing, and bring others up around us.”
    I feel this way too. Something tells me my work inside will end soon and I will be able to proceed with real auditing and training.

  103. OSA: If this is true, you guys are really sick. Get your freaking shit together. People are leaving the miscavige cult left right and center and all you can come up with is harassing hard working people who are trying to make a living in these rough times. Shame on you. That you are still supporting Miscavige shows that you are suppressive too and should be declared along with DM. Will you ever wake up and see that the church is being run over the cliffe by your Fuhrer?

  104. Marty,

    You are a Big Being to us. Please continue to hold your position and radiate what should be the ideal scene for our chuch and it’s members and freely communicate the out-points.
    Sticking with references from the green on white and red on white will put OSA in a bad light because if they attack you and you represent and forward the ideals of LRH they will look like the bad hats they are and endear others inside to question whats up.
    Shine bright!

  105. Helmut

    Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph!


  106. I think “HCO BRING ORDER!” and have him escorted off would be good.

  107. They (OSA, David Miscavige) are acting like those who crushed, punished and oppressed them — eons worth.

    We must always remember what we’re doing — freeing life.

    Marty, from a technical point of view: You are an ACE, seamless, stellar, power, true auditor.

    From a personal point of view: how does one thank an auditor for nothing short of saving lives?

    If this world can have Scientology, it will be because of Marty Rathbun and all Independents.

    Scientology is not what is happening in the trademarked agenda of Org$ — and this is why so much animosity has been generated toward the subject, because the purported Church is a facade, a pretense, a swith n’bait degrade and usurp operation.

    But pure, standard Scientology, complete with its Code of Honor, compassion, commitment, dedication, wisdom, love of Truth, IS happening among the Independents, in the independent field.

    WOW. As a being, as an auditor, I say WOW!! till I can find the words.

  108. In addition, ordering pizza’s for someone that didn’t want them isn’t an OSA trick and wasn’t what I was refering to.

    The other things I spoke of in the last passage are some of the “tricks” they do that one needs to become of aware of.

  109. Truth, the point about Q&A really is a good one, thank you for posting it.

    At this point, even if DM released the pre-NOTs OT levels as IX and up, there’d be few in who would know it, so why not even do that? Seems like an outpoint.

  110. Helmut, your videos were absolutely fantastic. Thank you.

  111. Jim, thanks for thinking of us. The strength of Anon (over CAN) is that there is no organisation that can be controlled and put out of business and purchased for peanuts. On the downside, anybody can be Anonymous. None of us can control the actions of others, including OSA.

    All I can say is that I’ve not heard any murmurs among Anons of conducting ops against Marty or the Independents. It sounds to me that you guys are awake to the issues and aren’t fooled. It does sound like OSA to me, especially as Anons don’t access travel data and we know that OSA does.

  112. Great post.

  113. It’s the Church of Spiritual Technology symbol. See the Wikipedia entry under Trementina Base.

  114. The problem OSA has is that we are dealing in Truth while they are protecting one puny, weaselly, little criminal. What must it be like to wake up each morning knowing that your purpose in life is to cover up the little trolls crimes?

  115. “that means you’re not using the good manners your mothers taught you”

    Some are “born”into the church

  116. Thought provoking

    Marty, Thanks for the info and carry on. We’ve got your back!

    Helmut, What you have done speaks volumes, I especially aprreciated the Treason Condition Assignment…very telling indeed. Thank you.

  117. The aim of Anon as a whole is free Internet. They just happened yto stumble across a fanatic suppressor of information to be put on the internet.They reacted in a “not on my watch” kind of way. They did their website block on the Church but then WBM was asked his opinion and his advice for legal peaceful picketing was followed. Along the way protest anonds learned about more wrongdoins insuide of the church and began to focus on them more. They/we are fully aware of the church its methods mostley their attempts to mimic the modus operandi is pathetic and easily to spot. I have noticed that “OSA” is actiuingg klike its 2008 again. All the old acts to harras are pulled again. To get AVO’s in Austrtalia, To flyer a neighbourhood in San Jose with the, and this is hilarious, EXACT same flyer as 2 years ago with a by than dead weblink on it. Thank you mr. Allender the website is now a fully operational Anon site. More aggression is sused again and bullbaiting is back wich isn’t gertting what they want because it actually atracts new protesters.

    Marty is not our target how veil some may talk about him of wich I have been guilty of myself.

    C.A.N. had assets or MEST. The internet collective has none. All “paperwork” is floating around on the net and data is stored in servers all around the world.

    Our cause is to dismantle in its present form. The chaos you may percieve is the soil on wich creativaty can grow. It does not seem pretty but it safeguards from being taken for a ride by a third party.

    The church has always acted this way sending itself bomb threaths and death threats. The police has become sick of the church calling them every time.

    I am concerned for the people in the RPF, nobody should die in those circumstances.

    This is the year we say “End The Fight”

  118. My apologies for my bad spelling, I rush too often.

  119. Marty,

    This dm Treason assignment is an incredible summary of the situation we are facing.
    Would it be possible to post this in full on your blog as well?


  120. Helmut wow I have sent your video around to many many people . These people have known for a very long time something was not right. Well guess what they are leaving now and they are p—ed off bigtime. It goes back to doubting your own knowingness man many of these people saw this for years and kept on “Waiting”.
    This is so conduct unbecoming of an Officer. This madman has got to feel it now! I’ll bet his cash register isn’t ringing anymore!

  121. Marty,

    I’m addicted to your blog man! And you’re inducing withdrawal symptoms! 4 days withour my fix is KILLING me! I need to move on up a little higher!

  122. Sending the incapacble Tommy Davis may actually work in DMs favour for the public dos not see any criminality in him. They get to sdee an od goof and generalize that the wholew scientology scene must be like that. The reaction”See they are just a bunch of silly sods nothing to be worried about” will have them go on with their daily lives strengthened with the belief that every scientologist is like good ol’ Tommy.

    Just a thought.

  123. Also it’s not even OSA’s hat. An OSA hat pack reading would put the external enemy on the inside and we’re the good guys. You aren’t under the umbrella of good Karma OSA.

  124. Lo you put your name up! Well done. You should contact Marty or Steve and do a profile.

  125. Growing my beard right now Joe.

  126. Is the Church of Spiritual Technology ABOVE DM? Who runs that joint? Who are the board members?

  127. Mark, who was it that sent you the link? Was the person also duped by the originator or did he/she just out and out dupe you?

  128. Cat Daddy,

    You may be right that the *general* public see Tommy Davis as an “odd goof.” Still, I don’t think his major audience is the *general* public, but instead the *Scientology* public – that is, the CoS solid citizens, the no-longer-certain ones, the truly-on-the-fence ones and, especially, celebrities and near-celebrities.

    When I look at Tommy Davis trying to do his job, I don’t see an “odd goof.” I see an exhausted, weighed-down, unhappy, overwhelmed young man. It’s clear he doesn’t have the natural combination of gifts one needs to be an effective spokesperson. For one thing, he can’t deliver his messages with authenticity – he doesn’t seem to believe what he’s saying. For another, he doesn’t seem to like the people he’s communicating with – he’s either naturally a low-affinity guy or he’s been driven to the point where he doesn’t like the human race anymore.

    So, in response, ¬I don’t particularly like him either. But it’s also hard not to feel sorry for him. I’m not being the least bit snide when I say the guy needs a nice, long vacation.

    Just Me

  129. Thanks Larry,

    I downloaded your book and thanks for the additional information here which aligns with my personal feelings about the whole scene and something I knew instinctively about OSA.

    I.e. that it was everything bad about the GO only on steroids!

    Personally, I word cleared a lot of GO staff and audited some of their covert operatives since they couldn’t be audited on routine lines and one for one most were good people.

    Of course there are always exceptions and one case I audited I had to keep my TRs really in to prevent my hair standing on end!

    I felt like the auditor in that training film narrated by Ron on the Comm Cycle auditing Ivan the Terrible. If anyone remembers that scene.

    Any way thanks for the run down, Larry.

    It’s all good data.

  130. DM might have the CST in his pocket because they are in on it or they fear him. The Wiki page gives you the structural. Jim Logan has more detailed knowledge.


    Alsoo Anonymous made an Org-Chart of the Church of Scientology with notes.

    A1. Church of Spiritual Technology. Shadow ruling non-Scientologist lawyers, who can yank the trademarks away at will for $100. “RTC…gains its legal authority …through the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology. CST owns the copyrights of the religious Scriptures” quote from Miscavige.

    “RTC received…trademarks… subject to an additional “Option Agreement” between Hubbard, RTC and CST. In two so-called “Option Agreements” from May 1982, Hubbard granted CST the right to purchase at any time from RTC the “Marks”, the “Advanced Technology” and all the rights to them for the sum of $ 100″ from (1)”Option Agreement (Marks)”, Notarized Agreement between L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Spiritual Technology, County of Los Angeles, California, May 10th, 1982/July 9th, 1982 and (2) Option Agreement (Advanced Technology-U.S.) – Notarized Agreement between L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Spiritual Technology, California, May 10th & July 9th, 1982


    Alsoo a read that is educational:


  131. exsolonotsdofp

    Dear LO,
    This is not the OT7 adresso. This is the WISE 2004 directory that you can find all over the Internet. I didn’t steel anything when i left the SO.

  132. More stupid lies by “Alex.”

    I don’t think I have ever even mentioned Marty to anyone in Australia. The only comments I’ve made on any Scientology related subjects is on ESMB . . . there for all the world to see.

    And since I’ve never met Marty and know nothing of him other than what has hit the media, I frankly have nothing to say on him and his doings.

    Alex is just doing his evil shit stirring thing as usual.


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