Stepping out of line

Do not confuse the Reformation with the reform of the Catholic church. The latter was a consequence of the former. The Reformation refers to the reforming of the religion of Christianity. That entailed the breaking of the monopoly the Catholic church held up to that point on Christianity the subject. Reformation began by pointing out to the Pope and Christians what was wrong with the monopoly, setting forth its abuses so that they might be corrected. The all powerful monopoly reacted much like the C of M of today. That is, rather than reform itself it branded the reformers as ‘heretics’, prounouncing them guilty of “blasphemy”. Instead of accepting the labels and conforming, the founders of the Reformation recognized they did not need the church in order to practice their religion.

 The “Counter Reformation”, wherein the Catholic church begrudgingly began to change some protested practices, occured long after the Reformation was in full bloom, only when it became clear that the monopoly had been broken and that in order to survive the Catholic church would have to compete in the marketplace of ideas.

 In the early 16th century Martin Luther didn’t consider then-reigning Pope Leo X was such a bad guy. He recognized however that the Curia and the priesthood had been so thoroughly corrupted over time – and its vested interest in keeping matters corrupt so precious and innate, the only reform of the institution would come as a reaction to enough people refusing to continue to empower and enable it. That is, discontinue lemminmg-like compliance to the church’s anti-Christian practices, and cease contributing to its vast building fund and war chest coffers.

 Luther’s attitude toward Leo X serves to demonstrate how the Scientology Reformation is that much more necessary and inevitable. In contrast to Leo X, Miscavige himself is the author of Reverse Scientology. He micro manages every action and utterance of Scientology management, ruthlessly controlling his kingdom with an iron fist.

 If you think the Catholic church analogy is far out, consider the fact that Miscavige doesn’t. He has directly ordered both Mike Rinder and Tommy Davis to position Miscavige as “the Pope of Scientology”.

 If you believe that Scientology managers will magically arise, topple Miscavige and right the ship you should consider the following facts. The last three people who I witnessed advise Miscavige contrary to his own spontaneous evil impluses on matters of importance were myself, Shelly Miscavige and Mike Rinder. When Mike Rinder told Miscavige which way was up, he was subjected to dozens of ruthless beatings and torture in the Hole (yes, torture by any current, civilized definition of the word). When I attempted to advise Miscavige against insane dictates one too many times, he threw a several hour tantrum at Int HQ whining that nobody in the Sea Org, no public, no media, not even the Internal Revenue Service backflashed him, but I did. His handling was to sentence me to the Hole jail house, where he tried to turn me into a mouse. Mike and I opted out of the game when it became apparent to us that independent thought had been oppressed into oblivion on the Int base and was about to be extinguished in ourselves. Shelly Miscavige was similarly handled by Miscavige. She was sent to do years of hard time at the Church of Spiritual Technology fortified compound near Lake Arrowhead, subjected to personal invalidation to the point of apathy and silence.

 There has been no, NO, check on Miscavige’s evil impulses since. None. The people who remain at Int have long since be neutered of the notion they could ever confront Miscavige. Those who dream of an internal uprising are whistling past their own graveyards. No one is left in Miscavige’s perimeter but mice.

 The idea of declaring independence from the C of M was not an arbitrary one. From long, hard experience we learned that the only way to break free of DM’s stanglehold on thought is to discontinue investing DM with power. In his 1998 profile interview with the SP Times DM defined power as “will people listen to you?” He rose to power on that principle and continues the practices of imprisonment of body and soul on the same principle. To play DM’s game requires you let DM win. He innately and instinctively applies the most ruthless and violent measures to squash dissent or even percieved disloyalty in his environment. This is a man who cannot even play a game of cards without overtly cheating.

 Exercise of independence, both physical and mental, is the historically proven solution to overcoming tyrany. It worked during the Reformation, it worked during the struggle for American Independence, it worked for India following Gandhi’s lead, it worked during the civil rights movement. It is working now.

 It was the factors outlined herein that prompted us to encourage people to overtly declare their independence. The initiaters of the Protestant Reformation did not publish in anonymity or shyly sneak around in the shadows. Nor did the American founding fathers. Nor did Gandhi. Nor did Martin Luther King. They didn’t hide in little cliques and natter about how victimized they had become. A victim causes nothing but his own continued suffering. The only way to ultimately handle oppression and suppression is to turn around and face down the demons that have been hunting you. Only then do suppressives lose their power. Their only strength lies in others’ reluctance to step out of line.

 If you want to be at effect, stay in line, hunch your shoulders and remain silent. If you want to move on over to cause, step out of line with authority and sound off.

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  1. Good points, Marty,

    I have often wondered why nobody ever hit that midget back. Perhaps there were reasons such was not possible, but I would never have let him hit me without some kind of attempt to defend and return the blows.

    I am so glad I am no longer supporting that gangster. I woke up far too late even though I had seen signs that something was very wrong within managment, a year after discovering Scn. It took me 7 years later to leave, but only quietly for now.

    I plan on stepping out much more loudly when the time is right for me to discuss it with my friends who will most likely remain.


  2. Freedom Fighter


    One of the things you said: “The people who remain at Int have long since be[en] neutered of the notion they could ever confront Miscavige.” reminds me of a question I’ve had for some time:

    Where is Diana Hubbard?

  3. Man, if that isn’t the sound of a gauntlet being thrown down, I don’t know what is.

    Marty is absolutely right that there will be no mutiny, no rising up from inside the ranks. Someone will need to establish a real project force to rehabilitate those pulled from the spiritual rubble when DM comes tumbling down.

    The Tommy Davis’ and the OSA’s of the world will be left hanging, you can be sure, when things begin to crumble in earnest.

    There’s only one thing needed: individual Scientologists to actually say, out loud, “Enough!”

    Inside of 24 hours there wouldn’t be enough OSA-influenced public left to comb through all the Facebook pages.

    What are you all waiting for?

  4. My god Marty. I’ve heard the Lone Ranger thing. It’s kinda cool. Lets mount our firery
    steeds. Let’s go off fighting for truth and the OT
    way. Why do we need masks to do it? We all
    have loved ones. We all have so many justifiers.
    My name is Steve Pfauth aka Sarge. I am hiding in plain site. Bevis and buthead are messing with
    me. I’m getting on my horse without a mask and
    yelling “hi ho Silver”!

  5. Marty,

    I am going back and forth between following this suggestion:

    and just flat out standing up and taking a clear stance. The latter is my preference but family situation, DEEPLY entangled with the local org, makes things very sticky.

    Still working on it. Getting close.

  6. Nice summation! You have inspired me.

    For every Scientologist who has spoken up there are hundreds who have ventured to comment anonymously on this and other sites. I have been among this number until today. Most of us are hung up at Step 6 of the Doubt Formula. We say we are not in Doubt anymore, but we hesitate to announce our disconnection from those who have turned our church into the most oppressive cult in years.

    There are tens of thousands more who are not able to bring themselves to comment on the Internet or to discuss their feelings with close friends or family members. Most of these are not able to admit they are in Doubt for fear that it will come up in session and affect their “eligibility” for further services.

    Both of these groups are PTS and are unable to handle or disconnect. Wow! Were we not trained intensively that being PTS is worse than being terminally stupid? Well, our continuous hang up at Doubt is one sign we are connected to a suppressive and it has paralyzed our ability to think for ourselves.

    Perhaps the new church of Miscavige expects you to be PTS so that you will meekly follow orders that are counter survival. It certainly has worked on the Int Management people. How long before staff and public rout themselves into RPF type projects to show fealty to Dear Leader?

    Being PTS means losing your gains, making big mistakes, getting ill and dying. It seems that a lot of that is going around right now within the church of Scientology. Too many OTs are dying of cancer, while others are comitting suicide.

    Meanwhile familles are sending their members off to Flag for more auditing in the fond hope that they will get gains from the GAT style auditing and heavy sec checks that are currently in vogue at Flag and elsewhere.

    I have spoken to my friends who are still on lines and have urged them to read my website and find out what is going on so that they can protect themselves from the suppression in their environment. What I have failed to do is to set a good example by speaking out publicly as my self.

    I have not been in doubt about the church for at least 15 years. I just have failed to complete the Doubt Formula by announcing the fact publicly to all concerned.

    My website is and contains my observations about the Church of Scientology and its Founder.

    I feel that there is some value in the technology that can be salvaged, but I see little that can be salvaged of the church itself. There are too many lies embodied in the organizational structure and in the purposes which it purports to achieve.

    I am dedicated to helping those outside the church who are rekindling failed purposes and hope to contribute to the growth and stability of independent scientology and related subjects.

    If there is anything I can do to help someone leave or recover from the suppressive environment of the Church of Scientology, send me an email at

    I am truly out and will do what I can to help others get out.

    David St Lawrence
    AKA Old Auditor

  7. Well okay Marty.

    Good article as usual.

    However, not quite true about the American Revolution. The fact is that many of the Founding Fathers acted in anonymity until they signed the DOI.

    Believe me I don’t feel cowed by Miscavige at all.

    Me I’m not afraid of the little twerp. It’s his “friends” that concern me more. Remember his “friends”? He mentioned them back in ’93.

    There are also other logistical and strategic reasons aside from simple paranoia as well.

    I’m sure you know what I mean.

    Aside from that I have big plans for my coming out party 🙂

  8. Beautiful article, one of the best.
    “Their only strength lies in others’ reluctance to step out of line.”

    One of the best parts of the philosophy side of Scientology for me is so many times LRH takes it to the extreme and says you’ve got to be able to be crushed by the universe to live, and those type of ideas. So few philosophers are willing to go all the way like that.
    I don’t remember if it was LRH or not, I think it might have been some guy saying what he got out of a lecture in his own words, but he said “You’re not living if you’re not living dangerously”.
    It’s a reminder that dangerousness and problems can be seen as a game.

    There probably won’t be another time like this which affects so much future track yet the group bank hints you shouldn’t act yet the facts so clearly say you should. There is no downside to standing on your feet again in this situation, there’s only two options; we lose because of inflation or some earth crisis, or we win. A third option of we were wrong isn’t an option because we’re not wrong by stats. The worst choice is to do nothing when DM is sending the stats down. If he were to get the stats up it would be because of us. All the more reason to help get us bigger. But case-wise he’s incapable of that at this point. You’d have to be at the Guatama Buddha level of ego extinction and DM is that, inverted.

    The structure that he’s set up of a long training runway, the cut reach of div 6 compared to the 70’s, the high cost of services, these are the keystones of how you expand. He can’t do a 180 because he specifically created the unworkable structure which changes the exact points of the tech which can cripple expansion. To make it worse for himself, he’s broadly announced that these changes are from him.

    So in brief the stats are down, and the squirrel setup to ensure it doesn’t revert back to source is in concrete. On top of that we have us targeting exactly what we need to to turn it around sanely. What’s not to like? The situation doesn’t require as much delicacy or caution as it might seem, just forget the maneuvers and charge.

  9. Here, here! Let the silent step out.

    Ted Horner

  10. Very well written, the truth speaks out loudly. Well I suppose those on wait will have to do some moving on up a litter higher! Thanks Marty.

  11. For all of you lurkers this sounds like a “CALL TO ACTION TO me.

    Marty states, “A victim causes nothing but his own continued suffering. The only way to ultimately handle oppression and suppression is to turn around and face down the demons that have been hunting you. Only then do suppressives lose their power. Their only strength lies in others’ reluctance to step out of line.”

    Your future as a free OT is on the line. Just ask yourself what would LRH do with this call to action.

  12. Marty ~~

    Congratulations on one of your best BLOGS yet !
    This was indeed well thought out and expressed.

    I write computer software (advanced) and wanted to add and illustrate some key points you made in above post and share some comparisons with Life outside INT BASE the psycho DM and within.

    The WOG equivalent of a CSW is an “RFP” = Request for Proposal.
    It is an invitation for providers of a product or service to bid (mainly used in Informational Technology (IT) but in other areas as well. Multiple vendors are asked to RFP at the same time, so that the RFP offering most benefits, most cost effective and usually highest speed is the winner.

    Stakes are very high in an RFP presentation. These contracts can be half a billion to a billion dollars. The RFP has all the attention of the key execs.


    There is no sleep deprivation of staff.
    There is no demand for 60 – 80 hour weeks.
    There is no screaming attack and violent explosion from the CEO even if the RFP needs to be redone or tweeked.
    There is no threat that the RFP submission was done maliciously to “Destroy” the company.
    There is no taking away keys so you can no longer drive and incarcerating you on Campus.
    There is no putting your name on a Perimeter Watch list so that Security Guards watch you like a hawk.
    There is no forcing you onto beans and rice.
    There is no forcing you to sleep under a desk and not go home.
    There is no enforcement that you urinate only into a plastic bag in front of others (SP Hall)and not be allowed to use a toilet.
    There is no savage beating and punching and thug activity of brutality on senior execs.
    There is no rice and beans penalty.
    There is no tortured confessions on any kind of lie detector.
    There is no threat of further and further “ethics” punishments.
    There is no need to have a trusted crew to keep the CEO’s explosive reaction to the RFP in check…..CEO’s are not normally raving psychopaths.

    Note : the above can occur from DM for something as minor as a submission to do with Cine, or a Script, an org board revision and certainly not a CSW (RFP) for 1 billion dollar contract.

    In addition, most large IT companies offer a huge amount of restaurants/cafes with free gourmet food
    Pregnant mothers are given 12 weeks leave with full pay
    (In SO ordered to abort or (more recently) kicked out of the SO due to fear of more law suits)
    Free Massage therapists, Free hairdressing, haircuts, dry cleaning, video games, Staff are encourage to CREATE for the company. THINK for the company, come up with BRIGHT ideas. No squashing of the individual.

    All of the perks are available and encouraged WHILE being responsible for a major RFP.
    No abuse, no torture,
    Companies built into empires EBAY, GOOGLE, APPLE, ORACLE, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, AMAZON , grew into giants within 2 decades with little turnover of staff and gentle benign treatment, full of rewards and perks of personnel that do not turn against the company even if they do leave.

    To work in an environment of safety and security with no dramatized fits of madness OUTSIDE of the Church was
    a huge paradigm shift for me.

    The intense abuse of staff is a David Miscavige special. I do not believe such abuse occurs without a Madman at the helm.
    I applaud your succint handling in 3 lines of text ~~
    “The only way to ultimately handle oppression and suppression is to turn around and face down the demons that have been hunting you. Only then do suppressives lose their power. Their only strength lies in others’ reluctance to step out of line.” (Marty)

  13. martyrathbun09

    Tom Paine never went anon. And he was the architect who made the patriots, without whom – no independence.

  14. martyrathbun09

    David, Thank you for the great summation on the technical aspect of it. It really does come down to the application of the doubt formula. That one gets hung up a doubt should serve as subjective proof to that person of what we have been revealing. The answer is in the Hung Up At Doubt issue; and we are trying to facilitate the solution. I always assumed your name was out there. If this is the first of it, congratulations! You’ve done one hell of a lot for people over the past several months, name or no.

  15. martyrathbun09

    FF, she’s neutered at Int.

  16. I re-watched Jenna Miscavige-Hill’s appearance on Nightline in April 2008 again last night. I was struck by her feistiness. She bucked the authorities, including DM. It’s what saved her.

    (no advanced materials)

  17. Oh hell yeah, two more already. How about a section where people can put there name if they aren’t going to write a full profile? Then it’s one big list.

  18. Thank you for an awesome post Marty! To those of you who are considering coming out in the open, just know this: It feels so good and so free out here in the sunshine, free of the dark clouds we’ve left behind. I know that my fellow Independents feel the same way and most of them will tell of some incredible wins and achievements, attained just by stepping over the line and being counted and how their lives have changed for the better forever. I’m looking forward to having more of these friends. 🙂

  19. Wohoo! Hello David! Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do.

  20. I’m in the open and soon more will know my name.

  21. True Marty,

    However, Tom Paine wasn’t the only patriot and with out them there wouldn’t have been an independence movement.

    Do I detect a symbiosis?

    Also you don’t want to cross intelligence with PR.

    Those of us who toil on the dark side have managed to act as agents of change as well.

    Yes it may feel nice to come out in the open but doing so also loses our value as covert assets.

    Lest I remind what Sun Tzu says about the use of spies:


    1. Sun Tzu said: Raising a host of a hundred thousand men and marching them great distances entails heavy loss on the people and a drain on the resources of the State. The daily expenditure will amount to a thousand ounces of silver. There will be commotion at home and abroad, and men will drop down exhausted on the highways. As many as seven hundred thousand families will be impeded in their labor.

    2. Hostile armies may face each other for years, striving for the victory which is decided in a single day. This being so, to remain in ignorance of the enemy’s condition simply because one grudges the outlay of a hundred ounces of silver in honors and emoluments, is the height of inhumanity.

    3. One who acts thus is no leader of men, no present help to his sovereign, no master of victory.

    4. Thus, what enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is foreknowledge.

    5. Now this foreknowledge cannot be elicited from spirits; it cannot be obtained inductively from experience, nor by any deductive calculation.

    6. Knowledge of the enemy’s dispositions can only be obtained from other men.

    7. Hence the use of spies,

    Besides how much more fun can one have keeping Scientology’s I/C guessing.

    I could represent one or maybe I represent hundreds 😉

  22. To every auditor, to every friend ever, to all the Independents, to LRH …

    I chose to fight.

    “When the stars have all gone out you’ll still be burning so bright.”

  23. To me, another interesting element in the rise of Protestantism as a religious schism is how it then splintered into separate groups because, mostly, there was debate about how much authority one or more people should have as the head of the church and whether churches should even have a central authority at all. For instance, the church I grew up in (which evolved from Calvinism in some ways and would be very Baptist except for the thing about having a central authority to make decisions for the whole church) didn’t even give ministers in individual church titles because they said the only authority within the church was God and his word.

    Another good example is the early years of Mormonism, when Joseph Smith was murdered and the fight over who should take his place ended up in the formation of at least a dozen splinter groups. One of them, known informally as the Reorganites, ended up establishing succession through Smith’s children and subsequent generations. Another group that has become famous are the FLDS, who broke off when they believed that the mainstream Mormon Church was violating Joseph Smith’s revelation that true salvation was only possible through polygamy. So the debate over leadership and whether it is correctly following the doctrine that Joseph Smith proclaimed as the truth that would lead his people into the Celestial Kingdom.

    So by creating a schism within the CoS, it will open the door (well, at least keep it open, to interpreting LRH’s writings and how they should be best carried out. There are already many different FZ and alternate Dianetics groups, but it’s going to be interesting to see how people like me explore all of the different ways to study the tech in the manner in which it was created, and to examine what comes closest to being “standard tech”. That also means that the ammunition being used that you and other former CoS execs are trying to wrest control is not particularly logical, since so many of you have different ideas in how the direction of Scientology should go.

    On a tangential note, I actually went into my first CoS ever yesterday (one of the Ideal Orgs that opened last year) and I must say it was busy. However, I was told they have 100 on staff there, so that could account for something. Very nice staffers, but they literally wouldn’t let me out the door without doing some Dianetics auditing (which was good because I had a major win dealing with a hugely traumatic time in my life and I now know how to proceed with SA and getting Indie tech elsewhere.) They even tried to sell me ACC lectures! In all a very shiny place. I wonder what Indies could do with all the MEST without all the glitter and gilding and more focus on being a true place of communication and learning. I’d love to say more just to ask if my first experience inside an org having read LRH a lot beforehand is typical, but I don’t want to take up your whole blog with that, heh.

  24. I received a “are you ready to make history” promo about superpower release from the sea org today as a come on to join staff. Further the peice says: “we are preparing for the imminent release of superpower ….. This is history in the making and you want to be part of it. To be on the Mecca team, you need to arrive now. Final construction of the Mecca is months ahead of schedule and is going flat-out to full completion. Super power is closer than ever to bing released.”

    It even goes on to say that the “exterior planter work, irrigation and water-proofing is also in progress.”

    So there you have it. The release of super power is even closer than before. And it is even closer now and now and now …

    But sh*t I couldn’t find the date it was originally scheduled for completion anywhere in the peice. But anyway it is months ahead of that old date anyway – so that is probably why they didn’t include it. So join and become history.

  25. Wow, what a fantastic post Marty. “Here, here!” is all I can say.
    And to everyone else — Centurion, Sarge, Dan, Old Auditor, Christie, RJ, W & P, Boyd… et.,al, thank you for your posts/contributions and originations. Awesome.

  26. Post well taken.

    The vibration of truth emited from here I believe is being felt inside the Orgs.

    So far there is not much donations going on lately. There are few call if any to sell the newly released ACC’s (I have not received one).

    I for one being in good standing am actively getting TA having people look to LRH tech and policy and not the DM PR, with the support of the data and viewpoints here.

    So I think a joint effort helps (external and internal) in an effort to reform.

    By the way Old Auditor, not all of us “insiders” are PTS, in Doubt or “in line” but really do want to help our friends cog.

  27. Well said Marty. By actual experience, I’ve felt a resurgence since my declaration and there is nothing Miscavige can do to prevent me from using scientology to get people up the bridge!!!


    Diana wrote this poem. It was published in Advance! magazine issue 45, March/April 1977.

    She saw it is not all sweetness and light.

    Here’s to you, Diana. Semper Fi. Your voice is not lost.


    The night casts silence
    And darkness hides fate
    Here is death’s stillness
    And life hung in wait
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    And blindness is his mate.

    When the time cometh
    Beck’ning truth will show
    Dreams thread all that’s real
    You alone shall know
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    And it’s time you must go.

    Time and space mingle
    You challenge the stream
    For in all shadows
    You think to catch the dream
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    Haven’t you looked and seen?

    You made the blindness
    For sight stabs pain
    You knew all along
    Disowned pieces of game
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    Breaking from slumbers lain.

    Thrilling future’s song
    Flowing on the brim
    I heard just your voice
    In the shaking dim.
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    You cast him and you rode him.

  29. The main reason for anything in a person, in a area or in group of people going wrong is the following:

    There is something that person or that group is not confronting.

    What is it the people around David Miscavige are not confronting?

    What is it David Miscavige is not confronting?

  30. When I read the wisdom and sanity expressed in ‘Old Auditor’s’ posts and essays, I perceived that the author was a very special being.

    Knowing now that this is you David, confirms the truth of my impression.

    Thank you so much for your sage and valuable contributions.

  31. Theo Sismanides

    When I left the church I knew there was the Freezone and all the materials outside the church. So I knew I could turn to somebody for help, if needed.

    However, as a Sea Org member I had signed a contract saying “To put Ethics in on this Planet and the Universe”.

    So I knew I wasn’t betraying LRH because that’s what I was going to continue to do and actually much more really and effectively.

    Find a safe ground and speak.

    Moreover my contract was not saying “To Go Up the Bridge”, my contract was saying “Ethics”
    and this is the one and only thing that puts you immediately Up the Bridge.

    If Integrity is Out there is no Bridge. If Ethics is Out there is no Tech.

    I am not particularly saying that lurkers are out ethics. But if you take a look at the world today maybe you can see that we have enough now to Do Something About It. And our training/processing is enough. We now need to DO something.

    The world is going down fast, very fast. People around the world are starting getting to such a low level as far as their awareness is concerned that a New Movement needs to begin BIG TIME to re-start the whole operation LRH started. Actually continue it. The church is not going to do that. We are.

    We are the only free people on Earth.

    Not because I am arrogant in saying this.

    It’s because we KNOW A LOT, we know the Tech and we know what is happening in the church and that that is NOT Scientology.

    So our responsibilities are greater now than ever.

    The World is going down and we are just thinking about things.

    It is time we did something and “unfortunately” it comes back to organization. We are doing the functions of an org board. We are a group, we help each other, we process particles, make new understandings, process PCs within the Independent field, make new recruits.

    ALL of this is happening, the functions are happening, this is inevitable.

    So, the only way to go is to make a new creation of an organization, one based on the very principles of what we know and proceed even stronger.

    Those who have MUs or misconceptions on organizations are going to back off. But it’s only misconceptions. Sooner or later they will see that organizations are good and stop reacting.

    We have a safe place here in the Web.

    The Web is our new found land.

    We have a web organization.

    We don’t need bodies to operate

    Just A-R-C.

    Comm lines and a common purpose.

    Then there is hats.

    But it’s not like the “old organization”, this is a ne w start.

    This is an OT organization. No bodies.

    I haven’t seen Marty’s body since 1994 I think when I bet him accidentaly in Leb Hall. ha ha ha.

    But I am here.

    A thetan doesn’t need a body. Actually it’s a degrade. Thus such an organization, such a theta organization wouldn’t need bodies. It’s such a passe’ . It costs and bodies have to be fed and slept and taken care. We have done this.

    Now it’s the web. And this is a Web Organization.

    And what happens with ethics and people who don’t get it etc. etc.

    Actually that’s all taken care by itself. Such people drop out. People who know what the organization does will forward its purposes and do its functions. Comply in other words by their own volition not by controlling bodies.

    Actually this is DM’s tone level. CONTROLLING BODIES.

    We have moved out of that. We either apply Ethics or we don’t move.

    So, here we go. To our newly found Land, the Web and to a Web Organization of OTs.

    There has been no more appropriate point in time to do and have this.

    The Web is offering us a tremendous opportunity for Reform as Printing did years ago with Martin Luther.

    Let’s splurge on it.

  32. Marty,

    I noted a peculiar trait in myself. When I ceased to listen DM and left the church few years ago, I started looking and thought I ought to take part in ex Scn community talks, but that never happened. Why? Because I could not say something under an assumed, other identity, and wasn´t so sure back then if I would dare bring out the whole package called Kirsi. Also, when you are in doubt life is sort of paralyzed, nothing much flows and things does not get done. And yes, I had done my LX Lists, too..

    The concept of conformist instantly brings the rebel out of me, never again. LOUD and clear : )

    Thanks for the most awesome post!

    Kirsi Ojamo

  33. My name is David Friesenbichler, living in Munich Germany and I stand for independence.

    I hope so much that the suppression within the church gets smashed soon, so that can reconnect to the friends and relatives, which we loose now.

  34. How cool is it to again be able to introduce people to the tech of Scientology without concern that they will be manipulated and abused?

    It was pure music recently when I heard someone, a nonScientologist, say “I really like Marty. He’s a straight up guy.”

    I had no back off, NONE, introducing Marty. I have no back off sharing wins and would have no back off introducing Marty to any person I know, to any “VIP” in fact, it’s an honor.

    Isn’t the response Marty got how most of humanity would respond to an auditor, to an OT, to someone with understanding, wisdom, compassion and the technology to help people. Wouldn’t ya think? Well, yes. They would. And they DO.

    Conversely, after this experience, I imagined introducing my friends and colleagues to Tommy Davis or David Miscavige. Ouch. I wince. First, I would never do that to a friend. But if I did, I know — my colleagues, being intelligent, highly competent and perceptive — would not be saying about the C of M bots (even the well-meaning) “Wow, I really like that guy. He’s straight up.”

    That, sadly, says it all. That is the driving dynamic behind why the Org$ classrooms are empty. The world is not stupid. C of M is a hugely downtone activity, using tech as bait but only delivering the hook. That is not Scientology.

    War and Peace makes an excellent point citing expansions comparisons between Idle Org$ and companies such as Google, eBay, etc.

    Thank you Marty and every Independent who has made that possible.

    It is just so good. It is just that simple.

  35. exsolonotsdofp

    You are right Joe! Let’s get into ACTION! I took my decision. I am going to sue the “Church” for violations of Labor Codes. DM IS A DICTATOR! And thanks God, i had the balls to blow the SO with $900 in my pockets, leaving wife and kids, to sleep 3 nights in a row in the street before i found a nice being who helped me, and restart a decent life. After 3 years of silence i am now ready for some justice action. There is no more fear in me. Just the willingness to make known what is going on in this so called “Church”….dominated by a Dictator that permanently violates Human Rights. I am not gonna be anymore DM’s complice.

    Michel Puzzolante

  36. How telling is it when most companies are more uptone than a place (Orgs) that are supposed to be havens and sanctuaries of well-being, theta, wisdom and life?

    But even without comparing, by simply inspecting the activities of the C of M, to use the aptly put words of Paul Haggis, the actions of the Church of Scientology are morally reprehensible.

    Topping the list of reprehensible actions is the Org impeding (alteration and nondelivery) of Scientology, and furthering a campaign that pivots on promoting the self-importance of a mighty moron (sorry, but that’s literal), hence creating global animosity toward the real subject and LRH.

    My choice to inform the Church it was in a lower condition to me was based on criminality I observed, how I saw others I had entrusted there treated. It further violates my personal integrity to contribute to what goes on within the walls of the “Church” i.e., abuse of some of the most well-meaning persons on Earth (staff) that includes.
    -sleep deprivation
    -screaming attack and violent explosion from the COB
    -threats that work was done maliciously to “Destroy” the company
    -taking away keys so you can no longer drive and incarcerating you on Campus
    -putting your name on a Perimeter Watch list so that Security Guards watch you like a hawk.
    -forcing you onto beans and rice.
    -forcing you to sleep under a desk and not go home.
    -enforcement that you urinate only into a plastic bag in front of others (SP Hall)and not be allowed to use a toilet.
    -savage beating and punching and thug activity of brutality on senior execs.
    -rice and beans penalty.
    -threat of further and further “ethics” punishments.
    etc etc

  37. Marty — I tread lightly with my response to your most recent post as I consider you, from my side at least – a friend.

    Firstly, I completely agree that dm will not be taken out from the inside by any sort of coup. He took a page from Sun Tzu and effectively beheaded his top most trusted people (you, Mike and Shelley).

    I venture to say that all 3 of you, evoked some fear at Hemet and therefore logically if you could die, then lesser men/women had no chance. Shock and awe.

    dm appears to be running scn exclusively from the art of war. Which is exactly that — WAR. (the antithesis of LRH’s world — without insanity, criminals and WAR)

    But beyond this in your post, I humbly disagree.

    None of us can truly say what is best for others. It is impossible to really know exactly how the house of dm will fall, but it will.

    However, it will fall less quickly IMHO if those on the independent side, or those who have left scn entirely feel, as I did while reading this, that I was being called OUT for my lack of courage and lack of willingness to stand UP.

    What appears to be building up as a ground swell of support could lessen or worse stop cold, if others lurking feel that they will be brought up short for not standing up.

    Those who have stood up and make themselves known are of course to be loudly applauded – and I do.

    However, we must be very very careful – I feel – not to start pointing fingers at those of us who do not speak out publicly and perhaps never will.

    Each wave in the ocean doesn’t need to be identified – but each wave helps create others who can join the flow and thus become a tidal wave.

    dm will fail because he cannot self-reflect, he cannot share his human fears, he cannot see beyond his pillars and gold and standing ovations. He is stuck.

    There is another book — not nearly as old but written by the greatest marital artist — Morihei Ueshiba – the father of Aikido – The Art of Peace

    Ueshiba felt that the “The Way of the Warrior has been misunderstood as a means to kill and destroy others ….
    The real Way of the Warrior is to prevent slaughter – it is the Art of Peace, the power of love.”

    I believe we will help mankind the most by remaining open, fluid, willing to look at ourselves, ever cautious that we are not becoming fixed, are open to other wisdom philosophies, read great books by great men and thus are constantly learning.

    Basically that our inner core remains true.


  38. “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

    -From “Who Moved My Cheese?”

    Hmm. That would make a great repetitive question. . . I need to run that one myself.

  39. Jack: It’s easy to study out what LRH did when faced with detractors. It was a combination of white PR actions, intelligence gathering, quietly establishing safe points, putting people in positions inside and outside of Scientology quietly and effectively with and without fanfare and often anonymously, outright attacks, and many, many actions combined.

    To my mind there is a big difference between being PTS and being an activist. I have never been PTS to the C of S even at its most extreme. I have always used my own strategies and own op basis to address what I have seen that is awry. I do not feel compelled to be involved or not involved. For me, an anonymous actions is far more effective as ideas are powerful, powerful beyond any sword or any direct confrontation, and can outlive any activist measure, eroding over time like water over rocks.

  40. Big “high five” to David St Lawrence & Ted Horner who have set a good example for others to follow.

    You will love the sunshine and all around good vibes as an “Independent”

  41. This is my favorite article so far. Thanks, Marty!

  42. I, too am a long-time lurker and looker, having stayed away from the Church for 15 years.

    Early on, my wins in Scientology were sensational and it saved my life. Being in a wonderful Mission like Mountain View CA, you were part of a wonderful caring “family”. But, during my first visit to Flag in 1987, I immediately ran up against very abusive, militaristic behavior on the part of staff. The reging was intense and I just wasn’t prepared for that pressure. That increased over time. Fortunately, I moved to LA and was able to get my OT levels there. So, I continued having wonderful auditing and best of all — met my husband David, who was running the South Bay Mission at the time.

    After OT V, I knew from some of the weirdnesses that began to pop up, that I was never going back and never did.

    We use the incredible technology in our lives every day, without pressure, reging, phone calls, etc. to make us wrong for not going back.

    And so, with my husband, David, I am officially announcing my intention to remain active as an Independent, helping where I can to heal the hurt that others have experienced.

    My very best wishes to you all!!

    Gretchen (Gilbert) St. Lawrence
    OT V

  43. Marty, it sounds like you might be losing patience with the middle way. I hope it ain’t so. When I first discovered your site a few months ago I thought I had found a tent big enough to hold us all.

    Everyone who posts here with a psuedonym probably has their own unique, and valid, reasons for doing so. In my case, it has less to do with me personally than with the counter-survival situations that could be created for certain friends and family members. Lost livelihoods, broken marriages, stuff like that. I’m looking forward to circumstances changing soon and you, sir, will have had much to do with that. In the meantime, however much I might want to be one of the front-line heroes in this cause, I’m not willing to shatter the lives of people I care about in order to add my real name to the List of Independents, and there are effective things that can be done from this position besides just participating anonymously in the discussion.

    Before I realized the psychopathic nature of Dear Leader, my biggest disagreement with the Church was that no matter how much time, energy and money I put into it, it was never enough. After years of weighing this disagreement against Scientology’s undelivered promise to save Mankind, I made the decision to withdraw my support from the organization, but not the goals, of Scientology. Now here you are, basically telling me “that’s not enough”. To which I reply, it’s a wrong indication and I’m not taking that item. If anyone wants to consider that I’m caved in with hunched shoulders, or hung up at doubt, or whatever, that’s their consideration, not mine.

    Your frustration is understandable. Ghandi himself probably had the urge at some point to go buy a gun. All I’m asking is please leave the big tent open, and don’t let the bastards get you down.

  44. Thought provoking

    Boyd said, “There probably won’t be another time like this which affects so much future track yet the group bank hints you shouldn’t act yet the facts so clearly say you should. ”

    There are so many considerations that enter in as one contemplates whether or not they can stand publicly in this reformation. That alone discloses that we are indeed faced with an intention counter intention scenario not only with our group but with ourselves. It is during these times that I have often looked to LRH for guidance.

    A long time ago a reg at SFO Day, (back in the days when reges really cared) shared a reference with me to help me understand and get through what I considered an unsolvable problem. (I think that speaking publicly against the church can, for some, feel like an impossible reality for fear of threat, loss or stability.) While studying this reference I had to demo out each sentence multiple times before I fully got the concept that I could apply it in my situation.

    Application of this datum proved to be so successful that it changes my life forever more. My unsolvable problem resolved (effortlessly and magically, continuing in momentum far beyond what I expected…from that day forward) and as a result, this reference has become a stable datum for me in dealing with problems in life. I have shared it with two others who were having difficulty going up the bridge, both attested to clear within a year of doing so.

    This datum takes one out of the realm of the MEST universe and properly places one in the Theta universe. I hope it can be of use to you in your life as well.

    Here are selected excerpts from 88008, chapter entitled, Affinity, Communication and Reality.

    “Agreement is an inflow to the individual; disgreement is an outflow from the individual; no opinion can be established by the proximity of the individual to the center of a dispersal or by a ridge. Because of its wealth of energy and energy forms, the thetan finds himself ordinarily outdone in energy emanation by the MEST universe. Thus he is the target of an almost continous inflow which causes him to have a consistent and continual agreement with the MEST universe. He seldom disagrees with the MEST universe, and the best processing one can do is to break this agreement and turn it into an opposite flow, for only in this wise can a preclear’s ability to handle energy and be responsible for it be re-established.”

    Later, in the same paragraph LRH states, “It is found on processing, however, that a preclear is in poor condition in direct ratio that he has accepted and agrees and complies with the MEST universe, and in good and active condition in direct ratio to the degree that he can break this flow of agreement and establish his own flows and thus create his own universe.”

    I do believe that it is time to disagree and I invite you to apply the above reference to your life and in your own dynamics.



  45. Wow!! Again I come to read Marty’s blog and see another OT out and public. And, wouldn’t you know it? It’s my very first auditor! Hello Old Auditor! I cannot come out publicly just yet but I am steadily heading that way. Good to see you again. We will catch up again some day soon I hope.


  46. Martin Padfield

    Thanks Marty – another very timely post. I do have some sympathy with those (many I’m sure) who read this and other blogs who falter at the step of announcing themselves by name. Many have been wondering openly recently about the “strategy” and where all this is headed. Perhaps some believe that the dismantling of the current suppressive set-up is a be-all in itself, and balk at that point.

    I was reading Viktor E. Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”, and also recently saw The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – both vivid and chilling pictures of where extremism can lead – I recommend both.

    On the one hand there is the very obvious need to remove supression and its source from the organism calling itself the C of S. But that’s a kind of negative gain, isn’t it? What then? Well for what it’s worth, I concluded a couple things:

    The action of stepping out publicly and saying “I won’t be the effect of this any more” is itself wonderfully liberating. Many, I would guess all, who have done so will testify. But that’s just the beginning. If that is the only objective then maybe that isn’t reason enough. Beings (thetans, spirits, whatever), and I suspect Scientologists especially, want to create and play big games. So if you put your attention on the positive things and what to create, it all starts making sense. Some will want to rebuild the Church in a way that Scientology can be practised without suppression, the IAS, OSA, all the now-we’re-supposed-to’s etc, but others won’t. And hey, that’s ok too. If you want to get auditing and training outside the Church – great! If not, not a problem, but focus on the positive things you do want to create and do with your life. There was a very “lively” debate on Rebel’s blog about what Independents means. The conclusion, if there is one, for me anyway, was that it is a broad spectrum of views and intentions – there can NOT be any “now-we’re-supposed-to’s” else we start going down the same dead-end as before, no?

    When I went Independent last October I said in my write-up that I only wanted people to get all the data – the truth – and assimilate it, not to presume what they did with the data, and I reiterate that here. No, it’s not “nice” that your 7-year old daughter is “disconnected” from her friends, that lies and innuendo are spread about you across the field, and that friends who you supported in their hour of need suddenly disappear off the radar. But it is also a fantastic opportunity to see what you really value in life, what is good and should be supported, what real friends are, and how, without any artificial other-imposed blinkers or filters, you can be, do and have, what is meaningful.

  47. I choose to be FREE! My name is Jan (AKA Sims) Weiss. I have been DM free for a number of years and have been doing very well ever since. He has NO power over us NONE; I know he thinks he does but he doesn’t. I saw the insanity in the early 90s; I left many wonderful friends (many that are still there). I have quietly been an Independent since. Great post Marty! You and Mike have my total support.

    Love, Jan (AKA Sims) Weiss

  48. exsolonotsdofp

    Hi Marty, my name is Michel Puzzolante, ex solo nots d of p. The following answer might help.

    what is the most actionable illegal crime the Co$ is currently engaged in?

    The one that would technically get them in most trouble is their abuses of Children. The public in general will ignore quite a bit, but abuses of Children they will not. The problem is that Children don’t always know to speak up for themselves and it therefore has to go through the local Child Services or your countries equivilant.

    To just go to Child Services without evidence though is wrong, so you need the proof.

    The other way to approach it is to go after their violation of labour laws. That is another way to get them. The whole RPF is a massive violation of Labour Laws, both Federal and State.

    Hope this helps give you some ideas.

    Martin, J.D.
    Lawyer and Corporate Schill
    Civil Liberties Expert
    Member, Former ACLU
    Member, Southern Poverty Law Center
    Founding Member, Campaign for Tolerance

    I have 2 kids in the SO and wasn’t allowed to talk to them since 3 years.

  49. Speaking of Tommy Davis, you know he failed in his project to recover ex-Int staff, because now Marion Prawn is now saying she is the only terminal for ex-Int staff, and whereas earlier Tommy Davis kept repeating that he was the sole authority, and DM had nothing to do with it; now Marion Prawn is admitting she reports directly to COB. Marion needs to go back to District 9 where she came from. More on her to come.

  50. martyrathbun09

    Yeah Jan (Ex-RTC). For the rest of you, she is one very wonderful, loving, alive person you ought to get in comm with!

  51. martyrathbun09

    Martin, thanks and we are tracking. I’m going to post on this subject later this week. I recently witnessed what the power of creating community really means in application. Suffice it to say that for every “negative” gain, there is free theta restored to the being; and thus for every negative gain there is “positive” gain that goes with it. What independents are doing with that positive gain is beautiful.

  52. martyrathbun09

    Aeolus, I wouldn’t read too much into my opinions. I’ve spent several months helping to de-pts people. And at the end of the day with each it comes down to the decision “am I gonna tip toe on egg shells around the beast, or am I gonna walk with my shoulders back in the sunshine.” At some point everybody gets to that point. I understand the nuances of navigating one’s way. But, for me to encourage people to spend their lives navigating around icebergs for long I’d be doing them a great disservice in the long run.

  53. martyrathbun09

    Gretchen, Welcome! You and David have done so much to help de-pts others. You are very much appreciated. Take a look at all you have done and people you have effected positively. You are a very impressive being and have my admiration.

  54. martyrathbun09

    Kirsi, well put. I am with you.

  55. I want to thank everyone who has ever disagreed with wrongnesses in the Church; who has ever gathered the courage to LOOK, quietly or noisily; who has found their way to Marty’s blog, whether you’ve added your comments on not.

    Just as we all incrementally built up agreement with the Church, so will we tear down that agreement by increments. Some will tear away in large chunks and be very noisy about it. Others will chip away slowly and quietly.

    Some may choose to carry a flag and charge the castle, others will choose to quietly withdraw their support from the Church, speak quietly to their friends, and offer succor and support for the warriors and the wounded. Both are needed. Both are valid expressions of the common factor: DISAGREEMENT.

    Throughout history, underground resistance has always played it’s part in repelling invaders or toppling oppressive regimes. So as the call goes out to rally more warriors to the flag, let’s not let that call invalidate the actions and disagreement of the silent resisters who, by their mind-shift alone are helping to weaken the foundations that will make it easier for the warriors to push down the walls.

    We are all in this together. Calls to courage and fiery speeches make great set pieces on the stage of history but the small, unsung expressions of disagreement by the many also play their part in bringing down the house.

    Let’s be sure to validate and include everyone in the effort. Not just the noisy.

  56. HELLO Jan!!
    WELCOME (publicly) 😉 Love Mosey

  57. I second that!!! Absolutely Wonderful!!

  58. martyrathbun09

    Craig, thanks for this. There are a number of very valuable people making very quiet and significant contributions. I hope people don’t take this post as an encouragement to “out” people. Instead it is an encouragement to those tiptoeing on eggshells (hundreds of which I am aware of) to step out from under the cloud of oppression.

  59. martyrathbun09

    David, thanks for this. Great dramatic representation of what we are talking about here.

  60. WH
    Thank you for that response as it’s certainly how I feel. People need to come out when they are ready and calling people out won’t help that process.

  61. Marty, Old Auditor took your advice and just declared his independence!

  62. exsolonotsdofp

    Ciao Kirsi. I remember you now. The first time we met was in 1996 at Flag, when i was a public. We did a bunch of photos for the Source mag. Then, we met again in 1999 when i was in the Landlord Office. It’s good to see that you are out of hell.

    Michel Puzzolante

  63. Thank you both for the kind validation. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you both. Love, Jan

  64. Thank you for your kind words, Marty.

    David and I are so grateful for the incredible work you and other contributors are doing with this blog. Your posts and comments are inspiring hundreds, if not thousands of people!!

  65. Dear marty,
    Very well said.
    We are a very varied field as far as the degrees of our attachments to scientology tech and the organization as well as to the image of LRH as presented by the “church”.Some are independent scientologists ,some do not consider themselves scientologists any longer,and there are many shades in between.We are free to make those choices.
    But we do have one thing in common and that is the outrage about the horrific human right violations and abuse that went on and continues to go on .More and more very couragous people are speaking up and making the world and the authorities become aware of this outrage.

    There is a lot of change going on and there is a snow ball effect happening very rapidly here.We will be seeing much action and reaction in regards to the outragous human right violations and other aspects that are being revealed daily.

    A movement has been formed and this movement is rapidly growing.And it is also healing in the process,as people are speaking up and standing for what they believe in.

    One aspect which i respect is that you are there as a friend and terminal to all sorts of people,not onle those who call themselves independent scientologists but also those who chose to maybe no longer be called scientologists at all.You have an invaluable ability to truely grant beingness.
    You are important in this movement.
    Maybe inadvertantly,you are probably seen in the field as the leader of this movement.

  66. OK, Marty. I’m stepping out of line. Independent Scientologist here since 1998.

    Maurice Green

  67. Beautiful post, WH.

    While we know from which book dm is taking his direction in his “war,” we do not have to choose to play by the same book.


  68. Craig Houchin;

    You viewpoint is well stated. The “Independent” tent expands as needed. All are welcome.

  69. David,
    It is an unfortunate situation that the body of policy and tech on PTS/SP has been abused and misused with capricious ‘SP’ declares and subsequent enforced disconnections. It is my considered opinion that this was a campaign of abuse with the express intention of bringing the subject and the technology of the area into screaming disrepute. To lose it to use and for the purpose of preventing the truly Suppressive Person behind that campaign from being discovered. Sort of ‘when everybody is an SP, nobody is an SP, especially DM’.

    Any practice, central org, mission, or especially a field practice needs this vital subject so it can actually deliver.

    You are absolutely right, despite ‘reading all about’ PTS/SP on a course, actual life is calling and the phenomena exists.

    What is needed is a renewed faith in actual justice and sane, equitable handling of a very real, very apparent area of living.

    That will go a long way to desensitizing this area and get some sanity back in and accurate application of an incredible breakthrough body of work on the topic of PTS/SP.

  70. Hello Jan! Wow, nice to see you again, well, virtually anyway. Wow! This is cool.


  71. Freedom Fighter

    WH, I have to agree. There can be other reasons why someone chooses not to come out yet.

    In my case, I don’t have any family in, I don’t work for a Scn company, and I don’t give a rip what my friends think. I’ve learned that times like these are good for cleaning out the chaff from one’s comm lines, if you know what I mean.

    There can be other, perhaps, more formidable reasons that might keep someone in the shadows for now (I can e-mail you the reasons), but I assure you, we’re not as dormant as you might think.

  72. martyrathbun09

    Maurice, Welcome!

  73. Marty,

    My understanding from what you posted is that you’re saying the movement you’re heading up is to reform the application of your religion, as opposed to taking over the existing organizational entity. Is that right?
    Not a trick question. There’s a vacuum on that front that seems to me gets filled by what you wrote unless I’ve misunderstood.

  74. District 9. LOL!

    Nice one Steve!

  75. Winston Churchill said:
    “There is nothing quite so exhilarating as to be shot at with no effect”

  76. Marty,

    Your comparison between what is happening now with Scientology and the attempted reformation of the Roman Catholic Church is an interesting one and very relevant, I think.

    If I may, I’d like to ask some questions regarding this.

    Are you hoping that enough Scns will declare their independence to pressure the current CoS to change and become more like the organization that it should be?

    (My own view is that the current ‘leadership’ will never recognise that anything is wrong with ‘them’ and fight to the bitter end. This will result in a cataclysmic schism and years of protracted and bitter in-fighting. When the dust settles, there will be a central organization, with very few members, but all of the intellectual assets and the bulk of the remaining (most will have been sold off to pay for the legal costs) physical assets. And opposing it will be the majority of the remaining Scns with lots of enthusiasm and purpose, but little in the way of tangible assets.)

    Also, could you say a little more about the exercising of Independence and what this means for Scientologists? How can this be achieved when CST owns all the copyrights and RTC has historically used its massive legal resources to crush anyone attempting to deliver Scientology outside of the CoS? Do Independents use the existing materials, courses and processes, but call it all something else? Should they create their own courses and processes?

    Since the CoS is apparently unable to deliver OTIX and OTX (and beyond), should the most highly trained Independents work together and conduct their own research into the OT levels beyond OTVIII with a view to mapping out a path?

    I know these are difficult questions for some to face and will perhaps be considered ‘heresy’ by many Scns, but I think they should be considered. If the CoS cannot be persuaded to change, surely there needs to be a plan ‘B’?


  77. Last time I came across an article on it, the Church owed over three million dollars in fines for code violations and etc. I believe this was in regard to the superpower building.

    Yeah exterior planter work, NICE considering my dearest friends father
    dies of melanoma after spending his life being the groundskeeper for the sandcastle and other properties.

    He saw the orgs Dr. earlier on and she didn’t find any problems with these marks on his skin.

    When my girlfriend showed up to see her father die (who hadn’t been speaking to her because she left the church) the security guards took her bottled water away? She had her four month old baby and was breastfeeding, but the water wasn’t allowed. We never figured that one out, she was just glad to get out of there.

    Yeah, okay I am way off topic… I don’t feel like a victim really, but man a lot of damage has been done, much of it very painful for people whom I love.

    I hope the ones that are leaving now try to recover some monetary damages… that’s just something that wasn’t done back in the eighties very often.

  78. Marty and our group of Independents:
    You have my deepest respect and admiration.
    The mere writing of my name as an attestation to my support for this group is the least I can do and I give it freely, gladly and with love.
    My Personal Integrity is more important than my immediate life.

  79. Theo Sismanides

    Maurice, so simply said: “OK, Marty, I’m stepping out of line”.

    But such a powerful statement.


    Thank you to all the 4-5 people who till now stepped out of line.

    And thank you to all those who are here and listen and talk and keep pouring theta into this group. No one is to blame anyone, each one has his own hat and his own contribution to this.

    Everybody is welcome! We are moving on up a bit higher, definitely this time.

    This is just incredible!!


  80. Thanks Jim. Great to hear/see from you too, virtually speaking. ML, Jan

  81. Dear All, Dan Koon came up with an idea, now implemented: “The Indie 500.” Get your name on the list and help break the back of disconnection, reverse Scientology and everything DM stands for. What do you think?

  82. Theo Sismanides

    The Indie 500

    by Thoughtful, guys!!! 🙂

  83. Alexis de Tocqueville

    I did grok and appreciated both diaries re the Reformation. Personally, I’ve noticed the similarities between the C of M and the vanguard of the Protestant Reformation and the actions Martin Luther, and John Knox and others. Took some “courage of one’s convictions”.

    This next is purely an aside but as I read other’s comments I noticed the Code of Honor quoted with respect to Personal Integrity being more important to one’s immediate life. By this, I could not help but be reminded, again, that yesterday marked 40th anniversary of the death of Malcolm Little, or Malcolm X, and I wanted to include as a remembrance to the man. It requires a closer inspection of that man’s life, particularly after his conversion to Islam while in prison as a young man, before one can discount him as evil-doer Hoover led America to believe.

    Sorry to digress and thank you.

  84. That was well written Craig!

    You’ve articulated it precisely!

    If you’re not a professional writer now, I personally think you should be.



  85. Well Spoken Freedom Fighter.

    I am doing so much more (behind the scenes) than meets the eye.

    Hence the non disclosure of my name at this time.

    LOOSE LIPS can sink SHIPS.

    But Marty said ~~
    “If you want to be at effect, stay in line, hunch your shoulders and remain silent. If you want to move on over to cause, step out of line with authority and sound off.”

    and all of this can be done without revealing name. One can speak up in many ways~~~

  86. Civicus & Gaia

    This has been a long time coming…We have been under the radar for the past 15 years after the Church out-nesses became intolerable (and we weren’t tortured, beaten, or subjected to horrific conditions).

    Reading this blog has opened our eyes to the origination of these out-nesses and who is responsible for the deteriorating conditions. While many of these outrages have been fully and eloquently documented here and elsewhere on the net, we are particularly concerned about the way in which Heber has been treated in all of this. This treatment is reprehensible and another example of the degradation of the Church. As someone who has contributed a lifetime to Scientology, Heber should be honored as an elder Statesman, not kept in a Hole (and this is true for all of those Int Strata Execs who have given so much to support Scientology).

    That being said, we are in full agreement with the Treason Assignment found at (brilliantly written by the way). We are completing our Doubt formula with this Declaration of Independence. We still have a few friends in the Church and will mourn if they feel they must disconnect from us because of this declaration.

    We support Marty and Mike, and consider this community to be a foundation for the Reformation of Scientology. Thank you for being there…

    Vic and Vicki Krohn

  87. Saaaaaarge…
    (whine whine)
    Can we have some more story?

  88. Where is a list of auditors and practitioners to whom we can refer our friends and associates?

    People with whom I come into contact usually want to know what I do … and they say “I want that!” I used to refer them to orgs.

    My certainty is pretty calm, and it’s like “Well… this is what I do, and I love it because it’s like breathing.”

    While the opposition troops are gathering at the gates … the practitioners are freeing people in the fields. Who would stop the population from breathing?:)

  89. This is probably a better summation of what I was asking.

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  91. The choice to be in or out, anonymous or not should be personal decision for each persons U of the Code of Honor, my top 3 favs are:

    1 don’t allow your affinity to be allyed
    2 Keep your own counsel
    3 commununicate or not to whom you want

    I believe following that you will not have to “walk on eggshells”.

    Get yourself to the point you can say “well if you want to send me to ethics for violating the code of honor please route me now” the response is usually “oh don’t be so dramatic” and then they walk away.

    That is also reform. Lets attack it from all angle.

    Be the Sunshine for yourself and others.

  92. crashingupwards

    WH, your posts always contain wisdom. But I also want to say that I think Marty would be remiss if he did not urge anyone in the shadows to come out into the light. Its vital to the long term success of the Independent movement. He has to take that position. And I think that I have to agree with him that anyone who feels they have to stay hidden is at “effect”. Its no ones first choice of positioning. It may be valid and necessary, but its not the way its supposed to be. All the more reason to keep urging everyone to move from “effect” to cause by declaring themselves as soon as they possibly can. Its a judgement call for each person and no one can judge for them. That is very true. But the urging to do so is warranted and a leaders role, in my opinion.

  93. Your analogy with the Protestant Reformation is valid, but it misses a couple of points:

    The Catholic Church had already lost its monopoly – the Eastern Orthodox Churches finally broke with Rome in 1484 after much agonising on both sides on doctrinal issues. Protestant scholars were quick to seize on Greek texts as evidence that Rome was not propagating the True Word of God.

    Martin Luther was the latest in a long line of priests who fell out with Rome. Like them he would have been crushed except for two factors, printing and Henry VIII of England.

    Printing has an obvious analogy – the Internet. Anyone can access and discuss Hubbard’s writings without having to venture into an Org. That monopoly has also gone; pretty covers, leather tooled editions and letters from Moxton & Kobrin won’t bring it back.

    England provided a safe place for heretics to meet, a place where Rome’s writ did not run. That role belongs to the non-Scientologist critics of the Church and the media, who were prepared to stand up and speak when the Church still had the power to hurt them.
    Sure, DM pulled most of this in. But the responsibility for the cesspit that the Church has become is not his alone, it rests on all scientologists and indeed on all of us.

    Something CAN be done about it (!). Not everyone will be doing the same thing, but perhaps we can take a lesson from those Protestants – it is possible to squabble and work together simultaneously.

  94. martyrathbun09

    Vic and Vicki, Welcome. You two are a couple of major league power houses! This ain’t insignificant folks.

  95. martyrathbun09

    Alexis, Thanks for reminding us.

  96. Craig. Beautifully stated. Thank you. We each have our own paths to follow…whether it be right or wrong by another’s standards; in agreement with others or out of agreement with’s all part of the process of learning and growing, of finding out for yourself what your own truths are.

    For those who were ready, this thread has given them the encouragement to come out publically. It was their time.

    We all have our own…

  97. Thank you, RJ.

  98. “Agreement is an inflow to the individual; disgreement is an outflow from the individual; no opinion can be established by the proximity of the individual to the center of a dispersal or by a ridge. Because of its wealth of energy and energy forms, the thetan finds himself ordinarily outdone in energy emanation by the MEST universe.</a?

    Given that MEST is an outpouring of thetan activity, how is this statement logical?

  99. The one that would technically get them in most trouble is their abuses of Children. The public in general will ignore quite a bit, but abuses of Children they will not

    Yes. Yes. Yes!!!!

  100. bulletproof,
    Ted, surely you fish Dorato, and if not, go fish them.

    I tell you this as fact, the pinnacle of game fish is Salmo Salar, the ‘leaper’, the Atlantic Salmon.

    This creature, which flows from the Well of Knowledge according to Irish Lore, when it takes your concoction of hair and feathers, is a straight line connection to that knowledge, shared by the beast at the end of your rod and that offering of tied feather and hair.

    I, a player in the game, invite you, Ted Horner, to come to my cabin and place an offering on the alter of the river, to the fish which arise from the Well of Knowledge. I release them, every one, as knowledge has no ‘owner’. This the lesson the great creature instills.

    Slainte. Health.

  101. Karen,
    Wise as I am, until this moment, having read this, I did not truly understand the power of opinion with regards to theta at cause, rather than mere
    “opinion” with regards to theta at effect.

  102. The simple and abiding fact is that Miscavige is a bully. He uses scare tactics, emotional and physical torture, intimidation and similar maneuvers to hold sway. Why he holds the church and its executives in his bully-grip is less important than the fact that he does.

    As it happens, the overriding purpose of ethics is the creation of safe environment.

    The equation is a simple one. Miscavige is a vicious bully plus ethics creates a safe environment = Miscavige has to go.

    The way you handle a bully per LRH is you stand up to them (remember the story of how LRH created a safe neighborhood for all children by standing up to the family of bullies when he was a kid?).

    Look at his tactics and the way he operates — the man’s a coward — but Miscavige keeps on going because he thinks he can continue to bully us. The moment he realizes that that is not the case things will change. But he will ONLY get that idea if people tell him they are no longer going to stand for it.

    I understand why some people fly under the radar, but let’s not confuse flying under the radar with passive or peaceful resistance.When Gandhi stood up to the British government, they KNEW about it. Dr. King may have been peaceful in his struggle for equality but he was vocal — his arguments reverberated around the White House.

    History has shown many times over that peaceful but demonstrated or vocal resistance can accomplish extraordinary things. I see no reason to think that this situation is any different.

    But the simple fact is that to put an end to this madness enough people are going to have to stand up and be counted.

  103. Hi Vic and Vickie,

    Gretchen and I are happy to see you joining the independents.

    We share your concern about Heber. Extracting him would be a highly desirable accomplishment.

    We will be looking forward to getting together for a visit once the snow melts.

  104. I’ve submitted my name to Steve’s Indi 500 ( I’m WAY OUT OF LINE!

    Ronald Ramirez
    Class IV, Course Sup, Grade II Release

  105. Hey Jan!! — Jackson

  106. martyrathbun09

    Yo Ronald! Welcome!

  107. I don´t know Dan; I really don´t.

    I´m doing my damnest effort to step out the ring in this subject but I can´t!

    This is a heavy subject for me. I´m doing my best to be polite and understand and actually rationalize all this “can´t go public now” stuff. There is a level below the one of posting here with a “pen name”.
    Is the level of read daily the blog ASAP and post nothing.
    A level even below that one is the one of being able to see something is terribly wrong but unable to reach for information in the internet or any other source.
    And the level even below that is the one of being perfectly happy with all the dub-in “incredible expansion and totally right actions we make in CofS”
    History will see who was really dreaming at the end of the day.

    Centurion can beat a midget but unable to go public; give me a brake! Wake up!

    “Calling people out” Damn. Maybe we must start a campaign of “please don´t go public; that can be uncomfortable for you and nobody wants that”.

    I don´t become a permanent auditor by being sometimes in and sometimes out of my personal integrity. People needs help. The world is full of spectators and betrayals.

    “Someone can handle what he can face” we might say?

    I don´t care if nobody loves me after this.
    Stop dreaming.
    The days of changing your dirty diapers are over.
    The ship is sinking and some of us keep on dreaming.

    Wrong indication. Wrong item.

    Cowards. Simply cowards.

    I prefer to be alone than to be in such a company of dedicated losers.

    If anybody, and I mean ANYBODY is in disagree with what I said go find a forest and lose yourself on it! I don´t care.

    Michel Puzzolante, Steve Pfaut, David St Lawrence, Gretchen St. Lawrence, David Friesenbichler, Jan Weiss, Maurice Green, Vic and Vicki Krohn ; welcome my friends. To all the independents and non-scientologist public supporters; all my respect to you. Forgive me for my tone, for my aberrations and mistakes. I´m doing my damnest.

    Let the justifications come…

  108. I would like to see more than one established “Church of Scientology”- perhaps a “Reformed CoS” alongside the existing one for starters, to break the monopoly of the CoS.

    This would facilitate rehabbing the PR of the Tech with the public, as well as provide a competitive incentive for each to provide the best services at reasonable cost and more free services.

    Is it possible?

    There is this tantalizing little section in Larry Brennan’s declaration as published here:

    Here’s the relevant quote:

    “(vi) Church of Spiritual Technology (“CST”) gets created to eventually receive most of Hubbard’s fortune, the rights to his copyrights, etc and will work on the “preservation” of the tech. Very important is that CST, for $100, can take all rights to the trademarks and service marks from RTC should they ever be at risk in RTC. If needed, CST could then license the churches itself or create and license another body like RTC;”

    Other churches of scientology can be started, if CST will license the trademarks out, which CST has the power to do.

  109. because,

    Thanks for this short and to the point comment -I’m with you and the others who’ve commented along this line. I’ll just continue communicating as I choose. I enjoyed Marty’s article very much, and did a quick check of my position and state.

    For me I’m just not accepting any more “supposed to’s”. I’ll make no excuses for, nor feel compelled to explain my decisions here – see, I have a boss at work, and if I want another one I’ll get a second job.

    Most days I don’t consider the CoM worthy of any communication from me, active or in response – somedays I reply with non-cooperation and non-support.

    I am 100% in support of stopping the abuses and cleaning up the corruption. And although I find myself very much aligned to what I read in this organic reform movement, I’m not ready yet to pledge allegiance anew – afterall, we’ve barely met.

  110. J.D. Martin,
    Thanks for stepping up. I disagree that we should bring DM to court for this. This isn’t a situation where you can get Al Capone for anything as long as he goes to jail. Afterwords the Scn. public and staff will not have learned a single thing except that the Independents are trying to destroy Scientology by taking down the most uniquely qualified person to clear the planet, in their minds.

    I don’t know what legal action is called for, I’m not an expert. But I do know that it has to include a way to get around this point, which would be a PR failure for this movement. When we’re huge and the majority of scientologists understand the true scene then legal battles would be much easier to get the right end result with.

    But even then I’d like to see some charges against DM with teeth. Trumped up child abuse charges are in effect an attack on LRH policy and it’s not even true unless it’s stated in a really roundabout misleading way.

  111. Roberto,

    The last time you posted your viewpoint about Independents who are still not public by name, I tried to ignore the make-wrong and make you right because you’re such an upstat. But the degree of make-wrong and entheta in this post toward members of your own group, the group of Independent Scientologists, cannot be ignored. (Cowsard? Dedicated losers? Changing our dirty diapers? Go lose ourselves in a forset?) This kind of entheta is guaranteed to drive people away and to rive the group apart.

    You made your decision; grant others the beingness to make their own decisions based on the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics in their own estimation, not yours. I find this kind of inval of other good, well-intentioned people who are trying to survive across the dynamics quite destructive. It’s something I never would have expected from you, Roberto, as you seem much more the “granting beingness” type than the “making wrong” type.

    I and others have posted the extremely sane reasons some might have for chosing not to have their names be public at this time. Some of those reasons, your invalidative attack notwithstanding, are quite uptone and quite survival for the group. For others, the reasons may be mediated by PTSness and down-scale factors. Your rant makes everyone using a nickname wrong across the board.

    My interest, and I think that of most of the group, is to promote communication and theta that attracts others to the group, strengthens ARC among members, and increases understanding of the scene. From that will precipitate better and faster solutions to the scene, and a synergy of action. All of this is regardless of any member’s personal decision whether and when to “go public.”

    Stating your viewpoint about the superiority of going public, as long as it’s without any entheta, is perfectly fine and constructive. Invalidating and making members of this group wrong for their personal decisions is a mistake that will make the group smaller and less friendly, and thereby postpone the goals and purposes we all have. You’re a very strong and able person, Roberto, and whatever you want to communicate to members of your own group can be done by granting beingness. If you stick to that as a policy I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

  112. To everyone who’s stepped forward in the last 24 hours, thanks from me to you individually, you all have me F/Ning right now. I have to go to sleep but can’t.

  113. And make sure you let Steve Hall know so you go on the list.

  114. You make a valid point Haydn, but this isn’t India under British rule or the Selma, Mississippi of Jim Crow.

    In my opinion historical comparasions get old after

    The fact is that we covert operatives applaud all those who have come out in the open. However, there are those who do not because in some cases to quote Falstaff from Shakespeare’s Henry the Fourth:

    To die is to be a counterfeit, for he is but the counterfeit of a man who hath not the life of a man; but to counterfeit dying, when a man thereby liveth, is to be no counterfeit, but the true and perfect image of life indeed. The better part of valor is discretion, in the which better part I have sav’d my life..

    Or as commonly misquoted:

    Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

    Please allow us who toil in the vineyards of secrecy to do our jobs. While you do yours.

    A spy who’s any kind of spy would not stand in the middle of the Kremlin and openly admit he or she works for CIA. Not unless her or she has suicidal tendencies!

    To me this whole effort to out others, when they are not ready to be outed smacks of forcing a cognition on a PC.

    Yes by all means if you’d rather stand in the bright light recognition by all means do so.

    Sign up with Steve’s Indy 500!

    The more the merrier!

    However, respect the wishes of others who for now covertly support you. And also respect their reasons for doing so for.

  115. Craig,

    This is beautifully expressed. I don’t see how it could be put better.

    And, by the way, I have no issue with the way Marty expresses his encouragement to go public. As he says, he’s helping people who are walking on eggshells, which is a PTS manifestation. And as a leader he’s encouraging people to be counted by name, which helps the cause. But there is no make-wrong from Marty and he grants beingness to those who choose not to be named for whatever reasons.

    We should all realize that not everyone who chooses not to go public is PTS.

  116. Theo Sismanides

    Boyd H. I agree with you that such a thing is more of an attack on LRH policy. LRH had messengers. Was that child abuse?

    I think a solid ground for charges against DM is

    FRAUD. There are numerous cases where he deceitfully has sold us something else than Scientology.

    I know in my own case which is well grounded, on translations.

  117. The Church of Miscavige gets more bad media:

  118. Lets keep “Anonymous” in perspective. Marty gives us several examples of famous men who said, “No.” (Using the Camus definition of a Rebel) and those men put their name to the deeds of their movement. But those men were not the movement.

    Those men were all great leaders! But behind those men stood legions… many, if not most, anonymous. If not anonymous by intent, certainly anonymous in history.

    Sometimes, the leaders themselves were Anonymous. Our founding fathers themselves used the older version of the Anonymous concept when they published the federalist papers as “Publius,” which means, literally, “the public”.

    Sometimes entire movements have been anonymous by necessity, see the French Resistance in WWII and The Underground Railroad.

    Every ideological battle has its face, or faces. Every idealogical battle has its anonymous forces that are forgotten to history when sometimes only the face of the struggle is remembered.

    It’s a Faustian bargain — Anonymous takes solace in the fact that they are hidden, and a harder target — thereby making their actions safer. But they relinquish the credit for their actions. They don’t get their names in the history books — but make no mistake, they are there in every significant action of men.

    As Marty points out, there have been men who have said, “no” to DM. There will be those men again. Behind all those men saying, “NO” are multitudes of those wishing they could. Given the right moment of weakness in the oppressor, there will be no shortage of the oppressed ready to crush his windpipe — even among those who never said “no”.

    DM is one slip…. one accident…. one small inattentive moment… one bad decision, away from losing it all. It must be a terrible fear to live with.

  119. Thanks David.

    It will be good to get together again!

    Free Heber!

  120. Blip,
    Is this a serious question or an attempt at ‘sarcasm’ of a sort?

    If it’s serious, then again, study the rest of the material and get auditing. It will unfold for you soon enough.

    If it’s sarcasm, or you are hung in the logic and pointing up a paradox, then, again, study, audit.

    The first clue to the answer is Factors 20,21. You’d do well to study ‘automaticity’ from the pre PDCs and throughout those lectures.

    Then, get a Purif and go on to twinning on the CCH’s and other objectives. Someday you might get what’s called a ‘cognition’ and those are the milestones of case gain. You may even understand for yourself the answer to the question you posed and that after all is what it’s all about.

    Good luck.

  121. You’re right, tip-toeing on eggshells is no way to live (unless you choose that as a game). And if your post helps someone to dePTS, I can’t argue with that either. I realized much of my reaction was not to you but to the comments of some others that seemed to start, ironically enough, with the post on Insouciance. Those of us posting with pseudonyms were called fencesitters, PTS, in hiding, hung up at doubt, etc. etc., and it was even implied that if we didn’t all jump up right now and proclaim our identities, the whole future track of mankind was in peril and it would be Our Fault. Talk about wrong indications!

    I didn’t join the fray at the time, but when I thought I heard an echo of those sentiments from you, I felt the need to speak out. Perhaps I was wrong-targeting. Not that that’s ever happened to you.

  122. martyrathbun09

    Aeolus, You probably did hear an echo of that. But, that doesn’t mean we all – including me – couldn’t use some reining in from time to time.

  123. Hayden,

    LRH himself teaches us, as you well know, that battles are won first with Intelligence and if that fails with PR battle and if that fails ir becomes a Legal battle. And you know what comes after Legal fails — it becomes an LRH matter.

    Sun Tzu teaches us the same thing. And for good reason LRH recommends Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War ” to all those who want to win wars.

    Too often have I — and for that matter you as well — seen battles fail and people suffer because leaders did not know this sequence and the specific technology for Intelligence , PR and Legal. There is standard tech for this and as far as I am concerned all of this is part of KSW as well.

    We do live on planet earth and there are battles one must win if one wants to survive! Standard tech correctly applied will win the skirmishes and the wars.


  124. George Orwell:

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

  125. Mohandas K. Gandhi:

    “Non-cooperation is a measure of discipline and sacrifice, and it demands respect for the opposite views.”

  126. “without any artificial other-imposed blinkers or filters, you can be, do and have, what is meaningful.”

    Edmund Burke:

    “Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth.”

  127. Albert Einstein:

    “The ideals which have lighted me on my way and time after time given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. . . . The ordinary objects of human endeavour — property, outward success, luxury — have always seemed to me contemptible.”

  128. Marty, One of the many things I respect about you is your humility while obviously being a big player. Many opinions and feelings have been expressed on the subject of this thread, all very intelligent.
    But, if we put all those aside for the moment, and just look at the stats of this group as best we are able, they are UP in a big way. Which would indicate don’t change anything, and one of those is the inclusiveness of the group. HCO PL “Group Sanity” has a lot to say on this point. It is a great read.
    There is a groundswell abuildin’ !

  129. You remind me of a certain Ex-SO person from Australia, very enthousiastic and in his MUST-ACT-NOW mind-set he had put his foot in his mouth on occasion, but don’t worry the story ends well because for all the critisism he gets and gives he got he remains a loved of the collective of individuals and exes. Free at last !

    Lead by Example and people will follow sooner or later but don’t expect people to be your pesonal army.

    And to say it the scientology way: Don’t paint people with brushstrokes of generalities. (I oftentimes dispise this rebuttal from scientologists but there is truth in it).

  130. “Ghandi himself probably had the urge at some point to go buy a gun.”

    Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi

    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

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  132. RJ & KSW

    There is nothing disrespectful in my statement. I thought of quoting Henry V (for he that shed his blood with me … etc.) but thought better of that. I am simply appealing to those that can stand in the light to do so.

    I agree that it is only one part of the battle, an important one yes, but only one part. But there are many people out there who could do it and stepping out of line might be their defining, meaningful contribution. The bully point applies.

  133. Aye laddie!

    But you should have quoted Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech anyway, since it is such a fine piece.

    Allow me 🙂


    What’s he that wishes so?
    My cousin Westmoreland? No, my fair cousin:
    If we are mark’d to die, we are enow
    To do our country loss; and if to live,
    The fewer men, the greater share of honour.
    God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more.
    By Jove, I am not covetous for gold,
    Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost;
    It yearns me not if men my garments wear;
    Such outward things dwell not in my desires:
    But if it be a sin to covet honour,
    I am the most offending soul alive.
    No, faith, my coz, wish not a man from England:
    God’s peace! I would not lose so great an honour
    As one man more, methinks, would share from me
    For the best hope I have. O, do not wish one more!
    Rather proclaim it, Westmoreland, through my host,
    That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
    Let him depart; his passport shall be made
    And crowns for convoy put into his purse:
    We would not die in that man’s company
    That fears his fellowship to die with us.
    This day is called the feast of Crispian:
    He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
    Will stand a tip-toe when the day is named,
    And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
    He that shall live this day, and see old age,
    Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
    And say ‘To-morrow is Saint Crispian:’
    Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars.
    And say ‘These wounds I had on Crispin’s day.’
    Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot,
    But he’ll remember with advantages
    What feats he did that day: then shall our names.
    Familiar in his mouth as household words
    Harry the king, Bedford and Exeter,
    Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester,
    Be in their flowing cups freshly remember’d.
    This story shall the good man teach his son;
    And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remember’d;
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition:
    And gentlemen in England now a-bed
    Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

  134. Thanks RJ, that is one hell of a piece, the most stirring pre-battle speech of all time and often re-written, especially by Hollywood, as in Mel Gibson’s rousing rally in Braveheart.

  135. It’s getting boring, the way the C.O.S is handling pr. This will be my last comment on that kind of stuff.
    It is unbelievable how Tommy Davies is handling the reporter, who seems to be a straight guy.
    And to those people here, that know the celebrities that were interviewed, a question. Are those people really as stupid as they were shown by the reporter ?
    Did the reporter use some reporter tech to let them look stupid ?
    Or were they very badly trained and put onto fear before the interviews ?
    It doesn’t make any sense that people high up the bridge are so feary, can’t explain what Scientology really is.
    It could also be they are pts, but to whom ?
    To that reporter ?
    I’ve my own eval for it but don’t fully trust it, as it could be the reporter doing some tricks.

    Have a nice Day !

  136. It’s nice to see the comaraderie and excitement back in a SCN group. I LOVE IT!!! Keep the theta and games going, great to be a part of this, thx Marty for being there and speaking out, I know it is not EZ!

  137. Its nice to see someone is standing up and saying enough is enough!!

  138. I am not clear about the last comment, the stats of WHAT group are up?

  139. Marty,

    Definitely right – you gave what I think is the only way to get Mr. Miscavige out and get scientology running the way it should, which in my opinion is free, without any modifiers on the term free.

    Your article gave me an idea. Thus I have written a post on my blog regarding taking action.

    Let me know what you think!

  140. This is so very brilliant. Thank you for posting this, David! God, it gives me chills, moves me to tears with the unmistakable beauty that is the truth of the human soul. What a powerful scene. And it applies perfectly to us and to this.

  141. Hiya Marty,

    Glad to see you’re up and at it. Very nicely written post. And the discussion you’ve started here is just as enlightening.

    In all my dealings with scammers, one thing showed up – they can’t stand being revealed on the Internet. Practically, unless you are bold-facedly lying about them, they have no defense.

    So I would recommend that everyone start their own blog with their own stories on it – and then cross-link to others who have blogs and comment on others’ blogs and so on.

    Practically, this is simply the most effective way to get the word out about the C of $. And so cut out people who would otherwise fall into their clutches.

    Thanks again for posting. Great to see you got out. We just have to continue helping others, which is by simply continuing to communicate what we know to be true.

  142. martyrathbun09

    Robert! Wow, thanks for checking in. It is great to hear you are well. I’m sure a lot of folks that frequent this blog will feel the same way.


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  147. I know this site provides quality based articles or reviews and extra
    data, is there any other website which presents such data in quality?

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