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Compliance Report

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Idle Orgs – The Great Ponzi Scheme

by Mike Rinder 

To quote David Miscavige (in classic Dan Sherman speak) from the recent March 13 event :

Our theme is relentless expansion, which you might also describe as both astounding and astonishing – and you can add staggering and even bedazzling…”  

 Not to mention “utterly incredible” as in: adjective not credible; unbelievable.

First, let’s examine one aspect of this incredible expansion. The Theory of Expansion is to put a stable point there and expand from it. LRH laid it out — open groups around the world to provide introductory services which expand and graduate to Mission status at which time they can move people up through higher levels of training and auditing. The Missions in turn expand and become new Orgs, the stable points in society. Missions cannot Clear anyone and more importantly, they cannot train auditors, that can ONLY be done in an official Church of Scientology Class V or above Org. Of course, without auditors, you can’t do much (though you can reg for building donations, IAS donations, book donations and staff pay donations); to generate real expansion of Dianetics and Scientology there must be an ever growing number of Orgs. In 1992, the Church informed the IRS that there were 156 Scientology Orgs around the world. In the ensuing 18 years of bedazzling expansion there has NOT BEEN ONE NEW ORG added to that total (There was a new org in Greece and maybe one in Taiwan, but there were a couple that shut their doors elsewhere).

Second, the big fudge stat that DM trots out is “more than 8,000 Groups, Missions and Orgs on the global map.” But with 150 or so orgs, about 300 Missions, no more than 100 Narconons, a couple of hundred Applied Scholastics Schools and groups, no more than 100 total CCHR, Criminon, Citizens Commission on Law Enforcement groups (according to the official websites) – he is thousands short. Sure, there are some Dianetics groups. Let’s take the wildest estimate of 1000 around the world (try and find one in your local area, just look them up in the phone book). Still “short” more than 6000. Perhaps there are WTH groups somewhere? One would imagine even if there were 1000 of these you would see SOME result, but let’s take 1000 WTH groups. Dave, you’re still “short” 5000. Add Volunteer Minister “groups” — they probably count a couple of thousand of those, though every time there is a disaster it seems the same people are rounded up to go off and put on their yellow t-shirts. So, presumably the balance must be thousands and thousands of “WISE groups” that have nothing to do with getting people onto and up the Bridge. So, the 8,000 plus orgs, missions and groups is less than 500 orgs and missions and more than 7500 uncategorized “groups.” But, it is impossible that with this many “groups” there aren’t hundreds of new expanding Missions and from that a dozen or two each decade would become an Org? Would ONE new Org a year be “bedazzling” expansion? Is ZERO?

Somehow, Dave, it just doesn’t add up.

Third, the results of the International Birthday Game leaves a bit of a credibility gap for the discerning viewer…

The best Mission in the world and winner of the international Birthday Game (evidencing the greatest expansion rate over an entire year) for the THIRD time is the Mission of Los Feliz. But the oddity is that if they have had the fastest rate of expansion for 3 years, why do they only have 25 staff? There used to be Missions with more than 100 staff back in the 70’s and 80’s? OK, let’s ignore that and move on.

The World Champion Class V org is the Idle Org of CC Nashville. And who was on stage to accept the award? None other than Sea Org member Renee Duszak, known to many in the LA area from her time at AOLA and CC Int. This seemed a little strange, but then I met someone who was recently an outer org tech trainee at the Friendliest Place in the World. Here is the bizarre tale of what happens with those outer org trainees unlucky enough to be sent to Flag for training. Upon completion of their training, INCLUDING internships, they are put onto “apprenticeships” in the Flag HGC and are required to get 5 public from lower orgs arrived to do Grades before they can “graduate”, or they are made to do a “Div 6 apprenticeship” supervising “Basics” courses. But the worst fate for an outer org trainee is to be sent to the newest undermanned Idle Org (and believe it, they are ALL undermanned). The tech resources for the “Idle Orgs” are manned by staff imported from other orgs and they are there until they replace themselves. The Flag Outer Org Trainee weekly staff meeting announces how many staff have been recruited for Idle Orgs by other orgs (“Sacramento recruited two tech staff for Las Vegas this week”). The Hey You that has been the norm at International Management for years (Guillaume Lesevre “from International Management” – NOT “ED International” – presented the Birthday Game Awards) has become the standard operating procedure in the orgs now too.

But, how low does it go on perverting everything in the land of DM? The LRH Birthday Game has now officially been reduced to a farce. They list the winners for each Continent and of course, if there is an “Idle Org” in that Continent they had to win, otherwise Emperor DM would have been standing on stage with no clothes. So, the biggest and best org in Europe was the “Idle Org of Malmo”, somehow managing to beat out Milano, Munich and Moscow (not to mention all the other letters of the alphabet). Anyone who saw the report from Dan Koon when he visited the morgue in Malmo knows how “astonishing” this is. The top of the heap in the UK is the Idle Org of London Foundation. I saw the empty, dead London Org several times in December and if this is the biggest booming org in the UK then the “bedazzling” expansion is really something. And the WUS winner was the Idle Org of Dallas. Again, eyewitness reports show the place to be empty – what happened to the hugely booming San Francisco? Mountain View? Orange County? LA Org? Surely Dallas isn’t the brightest star in the entire Western United States?

So, the Ponzi scheme rolls on, with Scientologists around the world being hoodwinked into giving money for the Idle Org strategy believing that this is what is going to expand Scientology in violation of all LRH policy on the subject. Those orgs are being manned with SO members Hey-You’d from management and staff from other orgs sent to “apprentice”. And when the video is shown at the event, the resources are poured into the next org to be video’d. Anyone been to Buffalo Idle Org recently? San Francisco? Madrid? Or any of the other “old” Idle Orgs? They are not booming. The bright lights of the video crews are gone and they are back to the small, failing orgs they were before DM breezed into town to bask in the limelight.

In his usual rousing finale at the March 13th event, DM rather aptly described Scientology as “a southbound train on a downward slope”. Freudian slip?

Sad as this whole scenario is, I must thank Dan Sherman for providing at least a little humor. Get a load of this passage that must take an honored place in the Hall of Shame of Ridiculous Hype: “This is the occasion when we celebrate Source—utterly and emphatically. It is also an unqualified and unconditional occasion, which means this is nothing else except unbridled celebration. While just for good measure, it might even be called an unequivocal and uncompromising celebration, especially in a world where the economic and political gurus will tell you the global recession is not a depression, it is the decline and fall of Western civilization.” Phew…

A picture tells a thousand words

Clearwater retrospection

I just returned home after six days in Clearwater area.  The most glaring fact I observed was that DM is sparing no expense to put a lid on my best, good buddy Michael John Rinder.  I estimate, conservatively, that they are spending on the order of five thousand dollars a day solely on surveillance of Mike.  We had several cars on us at all times during daily trips throughout Pinellas county.  If it weren’t so potentially hazardous to innocent bystanders, it would be funny. They had a number of late model, tinted-window vehicles running stop signs, running red lights, crossing center islands, running the wrong way on one-way streets, and even had a guy going sixty miles an hour on top of the center island on U.S. 19 for some distance in pursuit.  They have infiltrated our cell phone carrier system to track us electronically.  We let them be in hopes of preserving some of the parishioners’  hard earned donations,  protecting the well-being of innocents, and throwing some interesting red herrings his way. Still, DM is so demanding of our every move his PI corps are putting the lives of Pinellas county citizens at risk each day.  With the amount of in-your-face tailing Mike is receiving, it is wonder to me that he remains so cool.

The Iceman

I, on the other hand, have received some emails from friends suggesting I cool my jets for a bit. After watching the video of our Wednesday Fort Harrison video, they suggested I take a long weekend.  I wasn’t in the best of moods.  The night before DM, in his inimitable style, while he knew I was far away in Clearwater, sent a couple goons to pay a visit to Mosey at our home in Texas.  Despite being alone she was quite a bit more dignified, composed and friendly than the Fort Harrison welcoming crew we met.

DM’s Texas mission again was fixated on finding out my “prices” for service.  Seems DM just can’t accept the reality that not everyone is a money-motivated, greed-driven power addict like himself.  Please get this through your thick head:  I don’t need a lot of money because, unlike you, I don’t want to control, surveil, oppress and suppress people.  In the meantime, I’m taking my friends’ advice.

Chillin' at the Shack

Look Who’s Disconnecting Now

Mike Rinder, Mareka James and I went to the Fort Harrison Wednesday afternoon (driven by the irrepressible Christi King and video’d by the omnipresent Haydn James) so that Mike might have the opportunity to speak with his son Benjamin (who was also a lifelong friend of Mareka).  DM has been misinforming the media and Scientologists that Mike is the one that disconnected from his family, that it was not the other way around.  Each member of  Mike’s family, with the exception of  Benjamin, had many months ago sent Mike perhaps the most vicious disconnection letters I have ever read.  They were quite apparently dictated by the dictator himself. The church’s reaction to our simple request for Mike to have a word with his son was predictable, but nonetheless bizarre.  You can catch some of the live action on You Tube: cleaner version:

For cleaner/clearer version here is the link:

In all, our peaceful and polite request was met with six security personnel, six private eyes on foot with video cameras, two private eyes in vehicles circling the scene with video cameras, and five Clearwater Police squad cars with as many officers. In the face of all that, Haydn did a yeoman’s job documenting the incident.  While he couldn’t get the final result on camera, he did get it on audio tape. It is transcribed below:

Officer: Mr. Rinder. I spoke with him (Benjamin). At this time, he said he doesn’t wish to come out and talk with you. If he wants to contact you later on, he will do that.

Rinder: Thank you, Officer.

Rinder: Peter (Mansel – CO OSA Flag), will you stop telling the media that I refused to talk to him?  Peter, tell DM…this is a copy of the D/A (dead agent) pack that is out about CNN right now (shows Mansel). It says ‘Benjamin had cancer, and I refused to talk to him, that my wife came to Denver and I refused to talk to her when she was there.’  You all know that that is not true.  I was never told that she was there. I was never told that he had cancer… If he doesn’t want to see me, that is his option.  But, if you are going to continue to tell the media that I am refusing to talk to him and that I don’t want to have anything to do with him, then that’s on your head. Because now I actually have the evidence that I will take back to the BBC and show them compared to the letters they are getting from DM and his crazy attorneys saying that I’m refusing to talk to him.  That isn’t the case.  So, if you would stop doing that, that will be appreciated. 

Mansel: I’ll have a talk to you Mike, without the tape recording goon (indicates Marty holding a tape recorder).

Marty: Peter, please, you’ve got five PI goons videoing everything that is going on here…

End of comm cycle.

The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard

For those who have not already watched it, I recommend The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard. It is a low-budget but highly entertaining and poignant documentary on the subject of Scientology, and more particularly Scientology outside the C of M.  I have included here the first 7 minute segment. Check it out and see whether it doesn’t lead you to watch the other five parts, all viewable on You Tube. I tip my hat to all the Scientologists who participated in this as well as to the fellow who narrated his own journey.

Here is the You Tube link to part 1 of the 6 part series.  The other five parts can be found by following this link.

Sarge’s Recollections of LRH, part IV

Blogger note:  I’ve heard some din from bitter people about Sarge “sugar-coating” his LRH stories.  Makes me shake my head with a mixture of amusement and pity.  They don’t get it.  You get what you give. The way you get treated in life has a little something to do with the way you treat life and others. I’ve known Sarge since 1978. He’s the closest thing to Forest Gump I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. As I have said from the outset, those who want to natter and tear down the Old Man post-humously, you’ve got plenty of forums older and more widely read than mine to do so at your heart’s content. Have at it. Over there.

CINE by Sarge

After my adventure as Supercargo WHQ, in 1977, I was happily a courier again. The Old Man had written up scripts for a new project called Cine. One day I was at the stables washing my vehicle when a messenger came and asked me to paint a backdrop to go behind a window. The Old Man was doing camera tests as a pre-production project called ‘get your feet wet’. The ‘date packing plant’ had been turned into a studio for ‘Cine’ shoots. I was chosen to paint a simple backdrop because I had been an artist since a kid and knew how to mix colors etc. I found an old sheet of plywood and used some house paint left over from renos. I painted a simple mountain landscape. I even added a tree or two.

Well, next day after my courier run, a messenger came up to me all excited and said LRH wants to see you. I was thinking about telling him I could do better if I had more time and some better materials, etc. Lots of justifiers. When I arrived at the Studio (makeshift affair put together from an old date packing plant), I found a very happy and excited LRH looking through a camera lens. He had me come over to look through the lens at my backdrop neatly framed by the window. Wow! Did I do that? It looked real. I was as impressed as he was. The Old Man called me a genius (again) and also called me Rembrandt.

During Cine the whole crew, including those with full-time posts were used as extras, and held other part time Cine posts. After Cine was in full production the Art Director at the time was found wandering around the alfalfa field talking to himself. Well….yes, (gulp) I was next. It’s amazing how it happened. Instead of the Old Man just posting me as Art Director, he sent Maria Starkey to ask me to help LRH out. There’s that help button again. Maria was now Supercargo WHQ. Well, I figured if I had a way out, I was going to take it. I said no thanks. Then, came Maria and Norman Starkey with their best reg hats on and talked me into it.’ Shame Sarge, LRH needs you.’ Norman was the Producer (held half the org board) and I was to be Art Director (and hold the other half). Scared to say the least. The Old Man was happy to have me on post and started me out on gradients again. I would read the scripts and submit a set design while I was also reading Cine hat material.

The first few set designs were approved with VWDs. Then it got rougher. It seems I was also in charge of Sets, props, wardrobe, makeup and special effects etc. I had to handle a whole lot of natter, crying, temper tantrums, etc. I never got another approved set design. (justifiers again). I soon became overwhelmed. When I was reassigned to LEC (LRH External Comm) I was relieved and also felt I let the Old Man down. I assigned myself confusion as it seemed to fit.

Toward the end of Cine and WHQ, the Old Man looked sick. The atmosphere was one of group bank against LRH and the CMO. LRH invited anyone who didn’t want to be there to leave. Many did. I was walking from LEC in ‘Olives’ to the ranch house as many with bags were leaving and the Old Man was there with messengers. He walked up to me and I was surprised when he said, ‘well, are you leaving too?’. I looked him in the eyes and said ‘no Sir! I’m staying!’ I could tell he was not well, but he said ‘Good!’

Cruise Missile or Scud?

For those of us who assumed Cruise was wisely distancing himself from Miscavige, I’ve got news.  DM is still deploying Tom’s lawyer Bert Fields as an attack dog.  After his failed attempts to shut me up Fields is now trying to shudder Amy Scobee into silence.  I have included a link to a letter recently sent from the august Mr. Fields directly to Amy.  TC 4.6.10 L-Amy Scobee

Now, I have some unsolicited advice for Fields (and by extension his nominal client Tom and his de facto client Dave):

Re drugs. Amy simply recounted a conversation wherein DM’s wife and Assistant Shelly Miscavige  told Amy that Tom was “so gung-ho” that he wanted to join the Sea Org but he didn’t qualify because of his previous drug history. Bert, you “doubt” Shelly ever said that? Then why not talk to the wife of your client’s best friend and find out? She is at the CST Mile High property near Lake Arrowhead California. She has been under constant surveillance by my former wife whom DM has turned in to a prison guard. But, I am sure Tom’s pal DM can get you brief visitation.

Re Break up with Nicole.  Amy doesn’t cover it in her book because  she did not have any first hand information about the circumstances of their break up.

Re Tom’s money being lost by Scientologists.  Amy covers her first-hand experience with Alan Hollander. He was sent to Amy to get him to join the Sea Org (even though he had huge pressing debts). DM had Alan immediately put in the bilges on the ship for punishment – for what reason, Amy did not know at that time. When Alan served his sentence and resurfaced, he told Amy he had been assigned to hard labor because he messed up on some investment for TC. She then was ordered to post him in CC Int. She complied, but he had to leave the Sea Org shortly thereafter because his debts were so bad and were not getting handled.  Bert, first check your facts with Hollander and your client. Then what you need to do is apply some “varying of the question” and ask DM about the Feshbachs. DM got Tom to invest a bundle with them as he had also done personally. The F brothers were making DM so much money personally from their short selling DM wanted to impress Tom with the caliber of his brand of OTs.  The Feschbachs lost  Tom’s and DM’s (new) investment money. In order to stay in with the in-crowd (perhaps so that their progeny might one day pimp for DM) they put their own money up to cover both Tom’s and DM’s losses.  It seems the more DM tries to muscle people, the more he refreshes my memory.

Re church paid staff working for Cruise. Amy did a project to hire Scientologists for TC’s household.  Amy went to Tom’s house and Jenny Gaynor (LRH Household Unit staff member) was there working for TC at the direction of Miscavige. Gaynor told Amy that Amy was replacing her on all the functions she was performing for Tom… (executive housekeeper, maid, cook).  Again Bert, why don’t you ask Jenny whether that is true, or DM, or Shelly, or perhaps even your nominal client?

It would appear to me that all you have accomplished for your client over the past year is to write letters that position Tom as being as  paranoid and aggressive as the cult leader he apparently follows.

Bert, I have some more fundamental advice for you.  You damage your client’s reputation more each day by aggressively pursuing DM’s agenda to bury TRUTH than by any TRUTH that Amy, or anyone else for that matter, might impart. 

As Mr Hubbard put it: truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails.

PS: Don’t bother bitching to Amy about this post. She simply forwarded the letter for informal advice, since I had dealt with you qua DM’s lawyer in the past. I decided to post this on my own initiative, because I find your cover up tactics (particularly after being put on notice so thoroughly by me) are deplorable.

Carol Kramer

Carol Kramer is our first End of Endless OT VII completion.

She is an incredible being.  Artistic, yet unbreakable; theta, yet unyielding.

My blood brother Jason Beghe has my eternal admiration for questioning GAT from the get go, and never compromising his reality despite endless ethics, sec checking and eval and inval to get him to introvert and bend. Similarly, Carol drew the line on GAT for OTs and endured twelve years in the wilderness cut off from most friends she made during her adult life.  Yet, when she welcomed me into her Arizona highlands home she was as bright as a lighthouse on alert. No rancor, no motivating, no self-invalididation. Just pure ARCU.

As I returned home flying over the Western Texas flat lands, contemplating the wood we chopped together these words came to mind: the way out is the way up.

Carol and her Rock of Gibraltar David

Hello to all. I am truly not the type of person who tends to talk about herself. I post as “NCT,” short for Navajo Code Talker – a name a very dear friend gave to me. My name is Carol Kramer. I am OT VII, Class IV, OEC, KTL and LOC trained. Most of my training was done in the Bay Area. I left there 6 years ago just to clear my head.

I was originally attracted to the tech in order to truly help people. I spent years on tour for Flag helping enlighten others on the L’s, which for me were truly fantastic. I experienced wonderful auditors and wonderful gains.

I spent years touring with some dedicated SO Members, and headed up a Flag office in the Bay Area. I truly had some great times and met some special people. I held the post of ED at the Baton Rouge Mission when the Mission Holder would go to the FSO or ship for services. I worked for the San Diego and Miami orgs and for field groups. I even did PR for the Church in Washington, DC.

Things changed for me when the GAT came out. I said to myself, “This is truly arbitrary.” Then to hear DM make the statement that the Why had been “the blind leading the blind,” my thought was, “The only blind person here is DM.” Anything I wrote up at the time went unhandled; never a response. I waited and watched. Then I observed changes that were not the sort of thing I got in for. I saw auditors and pcs go into a very dark place. The worst memory of all was seeing my beloved Class XII auditor, Claire Reppen, die. 

I knew this GAT business would not work for me. I remember thinking at the time that GAT was really just a marketing ploy: make a few non-LRH changes, repackage it, call it something new (GAT) and charge for it all over again. Hoping I was wrong about this, in 1998 I decided to try the Solo NOTs Certainty Course. To my horror, what I saw was that LRH’s tech had been thrown out and DM’s squirrel tech ushered in. If that weren’t bad enough, I saw people – from RTC staff all the way down to public – marching in lockstep to this “new brand” of Scientology. I finished the course, but did not go on to do any of the auditing. I quietly made my exit, and once again watched and waited.

Now I come to the level of Solo NOTs itself. Here is what I have observed – what is true for me:  Achieving the results of any auditing level or rundown takes what it takes. Since the arrival of GAT, I have observed a very long runway for those on Solo NOTs. No one has ever produced any LRH reference that states it takes ______ hours to complete the level. According to DM, the level took LRH 1000 hours to complete. Okay, well hey – it may have taken Ron 1000 hours of research and auditing to get through, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to take that long. After all – he was blazing the trail, and we’re using the end result of all his research work! Imagine being told you aren’t Clear because you didn’t audit as many hours of Dianetics as LRH did while trailblazing and refining it over twenty years and then being made to carry on with intensives of NED. I can only go with the datum LRH insisted on: What is true for you is what is true for you – not what someone else tells you is true. People are being run on this never-ending rundown for one purpose: money. This is not the LRH tech I signed up for. For all of you out there who feel stuck on the level, I say be true to yourselves. There is so much of life out here to experience. When the right indication is made, you will see the difference. Your world will open up. You will come to life and live beyond what you could ever imagine while stuck in this cycle.

Hooking up with this group – independent Scientologists – has been an awesome experience for me. I am me again. Marty Rathbun is such a being of character. Seeing his granting of beingness, knowledge of the tech, and genuine caring about mankind completes the true cycle for me.

I truly know that for me not to announce who I am and what I stand for would not be freedom. I’ve realized I couldn’t ever be free without standing up for what I know freedom truly means. Marty, I cannot thank you enough. You are welcome here anytime. What you offer is true Scientology.




It is amazing how powerful Ethics tech is when used as a “personal thing” as originally prescribed in The Basics of Ethics.  I’ve experienced and seen quite a few “Chrisitan like resurgences” as described by LRH when you decide to figuratively “drink the quinine ” when suffering from spiritual malaria.  I came across a great artistic depiction of the initial pain of admitting your faults and the resultant resurgence back into insouciance. “You get what you give, it comes ’round full circle, and oooh I paid the price, ’cause I lost love so fast, I won’t make the same mistake twice.” Check it out.


I’ve been around the great state of Arizona this week. I have had the privilege of meeting and auditing a number of very high quality folk from the mountains to the desert. 

I was hosted by none other than the Cowboy Poet. It turns out he really is a cowboy, in addition to alot of other interesting things. Dean Thomas is an OT and man’s man (definition:’s+man). He has done a lot of good things for Scientology over the years in his own intelligent and big think ways. Not the flash-in-the-pan antics that garner phony IAS videos and trinkets.  It is a godsend to have Dean on our team.

Chillin' with the Cowboy Poet

Dean took me staight to LRH’s historic 1952-1954 home by Camel Back Mountain.  He arranged for the CMO PAC LRH PPRO tour guide to give me a personal tour.  It was a wonderful experience to occupy the space where LRH first worked with exteriorization processes among many other tech milestones.

LRH's Phoenix home

Meanwhile back in Texas, DM repeated his pattern of stepping up harassment directly upon Mosey exclusively when I am out of town.  In addition to anonymous hang up phone calls, she received an anonymous email beseaching her to seperate from me. The email cited a number of suppressive traits quotes from LRH writings. Fortunately Mosey is so well versed in LRH that she immediately recognized the entire thing as a description of DM and a study in the criminal mind. Here is the real kicker. The email contained clues which Mosey and I pieced together to identify yet another spy DM has attempted to send in on our lives.  DM’s cowardice and stupidity are bccoming more evident by the day, which is a great inverse-ratio indicator of just how effective we have been of late.

With Dean riding shotgun independence is secure in Arizona; and will soon likely be throughout the southwest in my estimation. Dean will be weighing in here shortly with his view of things.