Briefing from the shack

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  1. UnDisturbed

    Love the concept.

    Love the message.

    Thanks Marty

  2. Oh yeah. What a flub! The Church is on a downward spiral socially. The middle class ser fac. “My home is nicer than your home!” Trying to keep up with the Jones these days are they? At least you are not inside your home beating your friends! What about SAFE SPACE? What about the CLEARZONE? Nobody gives two f*&%^s about their real estate acquisitions!
    I wouldn’t go in there for a pedicure!

    And I think it is obvious by now the rest of the Independents wouldn’t either!

    They are really coming across as SOOO off purpose!

    This just makes them look like off purpose mest priority assholes, which they are, so I am not too surprised!

    Don’t worry about your home.

    Hubbard retired in Creston in a trailer.

  3. Penny Krieger

    Dear Marty,

    You are going to WIN. You are so REAL and true and honest.
    Your recent posts, and tonight’s video, say it all.

    I did my comm course in a ramshackled building on Offeral St., in San Francisco somewhere around 1967 and was blown out of my head.
    I will buy your book and promote the h… out of it, as best I can.

    I will grant no power to the lost souls that are led by Lucifer.
    They will have to work out their own fate.

    Thank You!

  4. Kathy Braceland

    That was great Marty. Nice to see you again! May I be of some assistance at this crossroads?

  5. Hubbard retired in Creston in a trailor, and DM had a 70 million dollar building built just for him and his “personal” staff..butlers maids whatever..

    What does that tell you?

  6. martyrathbun09

    Kathy, Hi! Yeah, we’re gonna have that little tech round up I spoke to your friend about.

  7. The Shack sounds like metaphor for casting off any must-have on shiny MEST and pouring the coals on the fires of pure intention in a good cause.

    That works for me. We have a lot of work to do and aligning our intentions will produce desirable change at a faster rate.

    The video hits home on several levels. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  8. Marty –

    First I want to say – great medium for your comm. Seeing and hearing you live is awsesome, cuz you are awesome.

    And secondly – Long live the Shack! We don’t need no stinking badges.


  9. martyrathbun09

    baaajjjeeees? Baaaaajjjjeeeeees?

  10. Biga Watts

    “The divine worship of mestology MUST take place in a glitzy, spiritless environment. It helps to confirm the MEST being’s rightness, afterall. Hail the Marcabians! Woe to those lightness of being thetans that would opt for a theta-filled shack. They just can’t see how wrong they are! Now, bring me another scotch!!”

  11. Hey Marty; this is too much!


    We have here real and live one on one communication.

    We don´t need a fancy building to get a job done.
    I have never needed one.
    Just a small room, a checklist fully in and a pc.

    Now, that is “getting the job done” not the dev-t form of “having to have before one can do”.

    People don´t need any via to duplicate Scientology.

    Not even a church for that matter.


  12. War and Peace


    Long before I was born, President Franklin D Roosevelt did a weekly radio briefing (no TV then) which our grandparents listened to and the Nation loved. It was an informal “chat” and briefing right into everyone’s living room~~radios were still a novelty.

    Marty ~~I felt like you were right in my living room giving me that “Fireside Chat”

    I encourage you to do more of these. Well received.

    Can you also very specifically state what is NEEDED and WANTED from us, the blog participants and lurkers to assist you more for the bigger picture ?

  13. Freedom Fighter

    Marty, thanks for this. For years I haven’t wanted to so much as read LRH or listen to a lecture because, I thought, what’s the use. Because of all of the obsticles put in my path by the C of M, it was as if I’d had a carrot dangled in front of my face for decades that was always just out of reach. I wanted to stay connected to Source, but I was tired of chasing after it. Listening to your description of The Shack and the parallel you make between LRH data and the C of M, completely handled that for me. There’s nothing standing between my comm line with LRH and me. Nothing.

  14. AlexMetheny

    Loved the briefing Marty!!

    I look forward to many more if these.

    I will take “The Shack” over an Idle Org filled with bots anytime!!



  15. Freedom Fighter

    Oh, and in honor of the shack:

  16. Great idea on doing a video. Thanks for the book recommendation too. I’m always looking for something good to read.

    I’ll take the shack over the casino by the way.

  17. Thanks for the briefing Marty.

    I remember the old days in the Las Vegas Org. It may not have had the glitz and glamor of the new Idleorg, but it did have winning pc’s and students.

    We did get wet from time to time from the leaky roof due to rare rainfalls in the desert. But we were getting the tech and the wins. I’ll take that old building over any status, and enormous debt for little or no gains.

    Look forward to next videos.

  18. Yeah, seeing you and hearing live is awesome.
    You’ve got the beauty, charisma and sincerity.
    You could get any building you want. What can DM get with beauty sincerity and charisma? A “Yes Sir” from a CMO robot. Every piece of mest they have is ill gotten gain. It is out now that A.B.L.E. gave all the donations for charity to the CofS. Instead of helping kids off drugs DM was using slave labor to build his 70 million dollar space out at Int. Their buildings become prisons with in mates. Who the hell wants to go get auditing over the dead bodies?

    But for the record, whichever 14 year old with a sixth grade education is handleing the web site to attempt to degrade Marty, for the record, Marty was recently offered a beautiful home in an exclusive resort area to live in or use as he wanted or needed. I happen to know this is true.
    And he obviously prefers to stay where he is.

    Just because he isn’t pulling the 5 figure salary a year David Miscavige is, is no reason to get all snooty!

    Beyond that, Hubbard says a man’s wealth is in his number of friends, and I agree.

    David Miscavige has minions, not friends. He is at best in treason therefore, is incapable of friendship. His poverty level is tragic.

  19. Jules Drool

    They may have a few glitzy casinos, but I would take your shack over any of their “idle” orgs anyday! I just came from visiting the “new and improved” LA Org, and the place is a GHOST TOWN. Just one person in the Div 6 area besides the receptionist, and there were about 4 or 5 people in the academy… and this is on a Friday night!

  20. VandalFuse

    If it ain’t from the Shack, send it back.

  21. The church by definition cannot decide who is and is not a Scientologist. People who insist on this are violating a point of the Code of Honor:

    Never require praise, approval or sympathy. Who in the church is looking for approval? I would submit that whoever does so loses a lot of personal power.

  22. martyrathbun09

    Bryon, you got it.

  23. But since the Church is flinging Las Vegas real estate out as a product, please contact the Mayor of Las Vegas with a personal letter or send him a book about the current scene at the top in the CofS. Please tell him of your concerns or experiences or knowledge about abuse or criminal activities. The contact information is to the right:

    Send your KR’s to Las Vegas!

  24. martyrathbun09

    Natalie, give me a holler after you read it. I’d like to hear your views.

  25. martyrathbun09

    FF, good for you. Mosey listens to LRH lectures to and from work every day. Completed all Congresses and well i/p on PDC. Just straight LRH; her depth of understanding of the subject puts DM and his entourage to shame.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Yes, Sir.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Roberto, hola. I am with you on that.

  28. martyrathbun09

    Biga, brilliant.

  29. martyrathbun09

    David, Yeah, I underlined a great section from a PDC transcript on that very point today. Will post under comments tomorrow. Details how obsessive collection of MEST leads to death. One reason why I said ‘the church is dead.’

  30. Well done. Love the video concept.

    I am telling you, Marty, fax your stats in to Int every week. You will win the Birthday Game.

    As they say, “Once you go shack you wont go back, baby!”

    Centurion (here all week)

  31. Mike Lemeron

    Scientology – true Scientology – is about the soul, the spirit of man. People live life wherever they happen to be. Fancy buildings never was what Scientology was about. You appled Scientology here, Marty; affinity, reality and communication = understanding. DM is a psycho. Why? Because he deliberately crushes understanding and wipes out A, R & C. His forceable creation of misunderstanding will prove to be his undoing. Thank you Marty. This is great.

  32. Marty,

    So grand to see and hear you, made my day.

    The casinos of the world never impressed me. I grew up in a shack, it was safe and a secure not because of hidden cameras and wired fences, it was secure because there was love and compassion as put there by my mom. An activity void of ARC would turn me off and I would be looking for it elsewhere till I find it.

    And here I am.

    I will take you up on the suggestion about the book.

    To Mosey and you, have a great weekend!

  33. Marty that was excellent and a lot of fun. Exilda said “do we get to see a picture of the shack?”

  34. I loved the book, “The Shack”. It was nice to hear the viewpoint of a non christian. As a Christian I felt it gave a great picture of the trinity. I loved the way it also stripped away stereotypes I had in my head, kind of like what your blog is doing with me and my opinion of scientologists.

  35. Appreciate the Vid.

  36. Amy & I just watched your video and we LOVED it!
    Its a joy to see you free and enjoying life being true to yourself. You have ALOT to offer the world.
    Hopefully Amy & I will be able to revisit you and Mosey at the Shack soon.

  37. Marty! Mar-ty!! Marty!!! So great! your theta twinkle rules and exudes. Thank you for thetafying the airwaves.

  38. Good seein’ ya, Marty. Thanks for the briefing.

  39. dm,

    You just experienced Shack and Awe!


  40. I’m trying to imagine what it would be like to have the leadership at the church, people who are genuine and real and concerned with real things instead of PR and money.

    Like in the early days when LRH was here. You felt like there was real ARC with the whole thing, but I never felt that from DM. I always thought he was a 1.5 pushy PR guy or something. Back in the late 80’s, early 90’s Heber Jentzsch, Guillaume Leserve and others seemed to still have leadership positions and spoke at events. I felt like they were real, gentle and powerful and had good intentions. But I could really feel a difference with DM. He had that criminal shifty smile and I just got a 1.5 or lower vibe from him. Maybe it was 1.1 in hindsight.

    I’ll trust my knowingness next time.

  41. Marty, what do you think of the new books? I do think some read easier. I’m not sure if they are totally correct as promoted, but I dont know. I had a lot of trouble with SOS and other books before. Still had some trouble with APA and a few other places.

    I’m just wondering because I turned in bokes of old books. A complete set or two of the old green books that are the basics now. Also lectures and other stuff. We were told to being in all our old “out tech” books and stuff that had been replaced. …KSW you know.

    It just seems to me that if the books were that messed up LRH would have known and done something about it. Or known and decided it didnt matter- that they still communicated ok.

  42. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Marty, Love the message, very much – so thanks. Just cuz I know you really for whom and what you are all about I was waiting and waiting for you to throw in a little humor and say …. — “Welcome to The Gun Show Miscavige! While you raise your arms up and kiss them guns of yours ( I figured that may be why you were wearing the sleevless Tee. I know, it’s the proper attire and southern thing to wear) and then you point to your left and camera pans right and focuses on a sign where you say… “Sign says, stay away fools – cuz Love Rules at the Sha -a-a-a k ! It’s a little ol’ place down in the south….. ( played with a quick musical snippet from the song we all know so well). Anyway Marty. I am impressed with your applicapably referenced conceptual understanding of the exact path we all have uniformly come together on to travel and take a stand. How can we forget this quote…. ” Definition of a Team… TEAM – A Team knows what the other Team Members are doing and thinking and coordinates thereby and therewith, that is the definition of a team. It is people, who one with another, push forward a common purpose and they normally get along great! (Jimbo – help me here. I was oddly disturbed while trying to remember the very quote I used to Chineese School every friggin Saturday Morning.) But I think there are enough of us here who know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Thank you Marty and THANK YOU to the rest of the Team reading here who have actually done something and continue to do something to REVEAL THE TRUTH behind the current madness in the Sea Org and Scientology known as DAVID MISCAVIGE!

  43. Joe Doakes

    Thanks for the briefing. I haven’t read the book yet (is there going to be a Marty’s Book Club?) I couldn’t help thinking of a Christian facing the dilema of worshiping directly, in a shack, or being fed the “correct” worship in an oppulent cathedral.

    I for one would take the shack any day!

  44. AlexMetheny


  45. Freetothink

    Very nice, Marty. Very Nice!

  46. theystolemychurch

    Yes, the Idle Org Program is the epitome of PTS to the middle class with a good dose of “mine is bigger than yours” thrown in! LOL…

    The absolute best, most thriving Orgs were in the late 70’s. Booming and bursting with Theta and perhaps rundown, but ALWAYS filled with Theta and people actually going up the Bridge!!!

    Great Video Marty, Please do more!

  47. Mark Fisher


    Thanks. I did this myself after the grand opening, sending the Mayor the SP Times stories particularly the ones about what DM and Scientology has been doing in Las Vegas for the past 20 years.


    Great video. Please keep these briefings going. Love your written briefings too, but it is nice to see your smiling face again!

    Yours, Mark

  48. Chris Black

    If you want to do a teleconference at some time and want any input from me, let me know. I amy be of some assistance.

    Hey Kathy! Your pc friend, I turned him into a dynamo! lol.


  49. Martys Shack, that where it’s at.


    Great to see you on video.

  50. Cowboy Poet

    It was so nice to hear personally from you. Thanks!

    “The meek shall enherit the earth”
    Back when that was written, meek did not have the same meaning that we use it in today.
    It meant the teachable.
    And those are the ones who will walk out with the skin on their teeth. 🙂

  51. Too cute for words

    Hi Marty,

    Just wanted to drop a note in here to say I’ve done OT VII and OT VIII both ways and have seen many changes over the years.

    In my humble opinion I feel one of the biggest W/H’s for the FSO is making the 6 month checks/refreshers appear to be LRH.

    Way back in the early 80’s when I was at the Sand Castle for a 6 month check the Solo Board I/C told me off the cuff, with a wink in his eye, that the first guys on Solo NOTS (he called them old timers) did the course and then took their materials home and didn’t come back till they finished with the level.

    That was of course before RTC took over things and implimented 6 month checks just like getting your teeth cleaned at the Dentist.

    If you ask a terminal at FSO to show you the LRH reference requiring 6 month checks they can’t produce one.

    The way you get shamed into coming back on time is when you complete your current 6 month check, you sign a form that says the day you will return. You each get a copy of the signed document.

    That way, if you don’t come back on time you’re breaking your word (not LRH’s word). Who doesn’t want to keep their word?

    In the 80’s there wasn’t a 6 month C/Sing fee either. Many things have changed over the years.

    I do have to give credit however for the improved needle performance soloing on OT VII the current way it is being delivered. Definitely many more blowdowns.

    Can you imagine what it would be like for the planet to get rid of the 6 month check arbitrary?

    Too cute for words

  52. So nice to see you.

    They’re trying to MESTify you but I do think many people will recognize how catty and hypocritical that is, especially staff.
    It violates some very basic moral tenants that every religion tries to instill.

    One of my faves by B52s is Love Shack
    …Cuz Love Rules at the Love Shack!

    The video:

    I live in a Love Shack at the moment. It’s in the Cajun swamplands “down da Bayou” and has the best schools good simple hard-working country people can find. Lots of Love!

  53. Yep! Love Them! Always have…always will!

  54. Marty my friend, I rather be in your “shack” any day of the week, than step foot in any of those gaudy monstrosities the C of S is calling “Ideal”.

    I remember well those ol CCLA days when a “new” carpet was squares of rug remnants we laid down working all night to complete.

    The place was packed with public too…despite the lack of toilet paper.


  55. Theo Sismanides

    Great on the video Marty,

    It’s good to see you from the shack… My first meeting with Scientology in Athens in 1987 was in an old building but the Academy was packed, it just contained 30-40 people like an old school class. But the theta it exuded was awesome.

    Thanks for bringing back the true spirit of Scientology. We don’t need structure, we need to have funtionality.

    And seeing you on the video is good. It’s a very direct comm line. Very alive.

    Great on the PDCs and Mosey being i/p on listening to them.

    That’s a high order of knowledge in there.

    And yes nobody can tell us who we are or aren’t. This is made very clear to everyone now. Even from the shack.

  56. Hi Marty, good to see you in a very real comm cycle, we don’t need much make up to speak truth!
    Got some good news, my contacts and requests for auditing on the field are escalating like wild fire, I’d need to hire some other skilled auditor to keep up with the demand. Anybody there fluent in italian?

  57. great Marty!! I love this IDEA OF YOU REACHING OUT TO THE VERY MANY!!


  58. Marty,

    So what you’re saying is that you don’t need Jeff Pomerantz’ nausiating voice over work to back you up at the shack?

    Well….do you at least have any styrofoam columns?

    Do you perhaps give out medals?


  59. In my opinion as a person who grew up a “Christian” (not practicing), I see a lot of the actions of CoS as very “Satanic” by nature. The Devil asks you, would you sacrafice your soul for the wordly riches, palaces, gold, and sin beyond imagination? Or will you be a simpleton by nature, follow the words of Christ, in turn live a fruitful life, set forth for the ultimate afterlife? I see these executives up top living glamarous lives, instilling in people a belief that being negative, confrontational, rude, vindictive, and flat out evil as truth. But it isn’t truth, it’s your soul being sold to the works of the “Devil”. That is my interpretation of the current structures of the Church of Scientology. That is why I respect the Independents so much, because you have taken what they told you was THE way of life, and transformed it into something positive, through the stigma of being labeled an “outcast”. For that I commend you all, though I am no one to judge.

  60. Awesome, Marty. Thank you! You are glowing.

    So true, so simple.

  61. I believe a post on this blog refered to courtcases keeping him in hiding that could haver been bought of with 1,6 million wich DM did but onley after the founder died.

  62. Standard tech is applied at Marty & Mosey’s shack.
    Squirrel tech is applied in D of M’s fancy buildings.

    Thank you Marty for your live communication, it really hits home.

    BTW, you are looking better and younger every day. Keep it up.
    We are here for you and all the Independents.


  63. Marty, great theta way for you to communicate with us! Much appreciated.

    Maybe register “

    How about incorporating as “Shacks of Scientology International”?

    That would be as opposed to “Church of Shackles” (the CoM). Ugh! Wish I hadn’t thought of that! Major bummer.

    I loved the video format and the way you come across is outstanding, I look forward to more of your briefings. Thank you!

  64. Your praise is welcome to me and my brothers.

  65. Quicksilver


    Thanks for this! It’s definitely a plus to fill any voids with clear concise communication – it keeps that nasty dub-in at bay.

    I agree that we are at a crossroads. Although these are exciting times and conditions are changing by the minute, actions taken must be strategic & have a clear objective.

    It is blatantly obvious that the existing scene is unacceptable. Decisions must be made and a statement of intentions & goals (Ideal Scene) needs to be laid out. This is easy although moving from that existing scene to the Ideal Scene will take a bit of planning and coordination – but we have the know-how to do that.

    A clear statement of these items will allow others to evaluate the info for themselves and lend a hand if they desire.

    The future does indeed look bright. This is fun stuff! It’s like pioneering all over again!

  66. “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.”

    – Denis Waitley

  67. Ne Obliviscaris


    One of the things I have noticed about you is that you understand and acknowledge the fact that others “contribute to the motion” in this game we are playing.

    Your realization of the importance of acknowledging the profound influence of others such as William Paul Young, author of “The Shack” speaks volumes to your Pan-determinism.

    LRH always openly acknowledged the ideas of great thinkers past and present and characterized himself as someone who merely codified their ideas into a workable system – his own brilliant and unique contribution to utilizing the accumulated wisdom of the ages.

    Having left the Sea Org 16 years ago, I was still struggling to come to terms with what happened while I was there, and the blackness of despair at having seen and heard what had come to pass since I left.

    The deification of LRH had led to a cult of personality in Scientology – in which the person who most savagely applied (misunderstood) “LRH” policy (David Miscavige) was allowed to rise to the top and stay there by claiming that he was applying “Source” and only source. It’s a pretty good angle.

    But not quite good enough, is it?

    I stumbled upon your website while searching for answers to my questions. In it, You recommended reading “Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor Frankl.

    What is this? A Scientologist recommending someone other than LRH? Intrigued, I immediately bought and read the book. The effect it had on me was immediate. First, it validated my personal struggle and let me acknowledge the fact that I had NOT failed and that mankind had NOT failed. Second, It allowed me have a win from the writings of someone other than LRH.

    What kind of squirrel “other” practice is this?!? Some outraged morons might say. I say no. I say that you, Marty – have gotten us back on track and shown us the way out.

    Only by acknowledging the contributions of others and by validating the virtue of individual men can we escape this trap we have built for ourselves. Because of LRH’s workable system, we also have the advantage of gaining a true conceptual understanding of the contributions that others make (good or bad) to the game.

    The profound question “Did you contribute to the motion?” has never meant more than it does now. Individuality DOES contribute to the collective. We need to be cognizant of this fact as we struggle against the forces at work in the world who would rather homogenize us into an oblivion of slavery.

    Bravo, Marty! Now I know how LRH came to rise above the bank.

    Thank you.


  68. Hi, Marty. LRH said, “The public knows us by our MEST.” At the time it was written the idea was that it should be clean and presentable.

    I believe that the current management has taken this literally to show off perfection in MEST.

    I’m sure they did not consult or survey the public as to what the public considers the acceptable MEST for a Church should be.

    So it became to be known as the “rich man’s religion.”

    Odd, considering that Scientology started in the basements of people’s houses before it graduated to store fronts and buildings from 1920 or thereabouts.

  69. Marty,

    You look very clear and radiant, and I loved the communication. I haven’t had much time to contribute lately, but I wanted to say this was wonderful and I’d like to hear them often.

    And I will read The Shack as soon as I come up for air. It sounds right up my alley.

  70. freebeing11

    Well said Biga. Very well said.

  71. Oh, Wow, the best moment yet on your wonderful blog, Marty.

    Your wonderful smile and words of truth are true ARC.

    Please give us more “Shack Moments”and know that you have our love and encouragement.

  72. freebeing11

    They do lose so much personal power. I am quietly out in CW and I have to tell you when my friends come in for their “refresher” they are weaker every time. Very very sad but OMG very true.

    Not one is an exception to this rule

  73. freebeing11

    Very well done! Please do more of these.

    Also, I am with War & Peace on the needed and wanted list. Please let us know.

  74. Roberto,
    It just hit me hard, like running into a brick wall.

    Enough vias and you get a stop. (Creation of Human Ability, Route 2, #41 R2-41).

    “If we examine communication we will discover that all communication lag is the introduction of Matter, Energy, Space and Time into communication. The more time has been introduced into communication, the less communication there is.” Dianetics 55! under ARC Processing.

    From the Scn Axioms, Axiom 51:

    Look at all the matter, energy, space and time that DM has introduced into what is essentially supposed to be postulates and LIVE communication – the operative aspects of auditing itself.

    His ‘events’ are all MEST. MEST stages, props. MEST ‘awards’ for donation of MEST to attain more MEST.

    The Int Base is a sprawling collection of MEST. So much so that virtually NO auditing occurs there and no postulates or live comm emanates from the place. How can it?

    The ‘ideal’ church for DM is manifestedly a MEST building with machines presenting the subject. This is one of his triumphs in fact – the MEST of the introductory machine. NO BEING NEEDED. Huh! How can any LIVE comm occur? It can’t. It doesn’t. And so NO AUDITING occurs.

    Look at his suits, his houses, his cars, his hair for God’s sake slathered in the latest ‘product’ of MEST.

    You know what all this is really, it is contraction, NOT expansion. Matter is energy with less space. It is in fact, technically, contraction of space.

    All this MEST represents is DM’s withdrawal from life, and the vain hope this stuff will protect him.

    What it does for the application of Scientology is it introduces more vias and with all these vias what do we have? STOP SCIENTOLOGY.

    There it is, right in front of us, so obvious. The Ideal Org program is stopping auditing.

    Two chairs and a table is plenty of ‘wherewithal’ to accomplish postulates and live communication and thus auditing can occur.

  75. There are fundamental TWTH principles that people should apply, after all one of the big buttons that got most of us into SCN was Freedom and Happiness.

    1. Seek to live with the truth: False data can cause one to make stupid mistakes. It can even block one from absorbing true data.

    One can solve the problems of existence only when he has true data.

    If those around one lie to him or her, one is led into making errors and his survival potential is reduced.

    False data can come from many sources: academic, social professional.

    Many want you to believe things just to SUIT THEIR OWN NEEDS.

    What is true is what is true for you.

    No one has any right to force data on you and command you to believe it or else. If it is not true for you, it isn’t true.

    Think your own way through things, accept what is true for you, discard the rest. there is nothing UNHAPPIER than one who tries to live in a chaos of lies.

    17. Be Competent: Look, Learn and Practice (to much to write, so check it out in a new unit of time)

    10. Support A government designed and run for all the people (COS is a form of a government): Government organized and conducted for self-interested individuals and groups gives the society a short life span. This imperils the survival of everyone in the land.

    If everyone just applied TWTH to the current scene of the COS, you would see for yourself that it is so far from the basic principles outlined in The Way to Happiness!

  76. You continue to rekindle the spirit and zest of Scientology in others.
    It amazes me how Dave continually demonstrates the fact that he doesn’t get it. He’s not a stupid man – in fact he is quite sharp, but he’s totally blind.
    Thank you brother. Can’t wait for the next installment!

  77. Marty, Hi
    Thanks, yeah, ok, I felt you were talking directly to me in the vid. guess I’ll have to come visit the “Shack” sooner, rather than later.
    IDK, maybe with of all the DM attn. on more and nicer MEST “Ideal Orgs” and Objective processing at the CoS, the intention is to have the pc admire all the pretty little trickets and introvert and crash their hav. as opposed to extrovert and go exterior, just agree, agree, agree, it would be dangerous to arrive in PT and see. Guess, y’all had that thought before too, oh well, my comm lag is what it is…
    “The only thing you can be upbraided for by students and pcs is ‘no results.'” I do believe we are witnessing that in real time in the local churchs.
    “Admiration” per Tech dictionary, “is the very substance of a comm line, and is that thing which is considered desirable in the game of the three universes” I think you got that one IN Marty and your expansion is almost guarenteed, KSW 1-10! Last I knew, it’s the being who mocks itself up, to be what is chosen, or resisted to be. As the word “Scientologist” is a trademarked word/symbol to reflect a member of the CoS, not just one who applys LRH Ethics, Tech and Admin writings, and a “squirrel” is doing something entirely different, those who engage in actions altering Scn, change and invent processes, the choice is clear, where to recieve ones’ next service and the label is a matter of defintion applied.
    Among the public “in good standing” it takes a little more bravery and leap of faith to ask the CoS for their own golden rod badge of bravery. It’s much more comfortable to quietly walk away, not contribute to the CoS, not to play the game, many have been betrayed by ‘standard tech’ by people they trusted.
    Love the vid. up close and personal.

  78. martyrathbun09

    CD – I wrote about that somewhere on the blog.

  79. martyrathbun09

    Lucy, so true.

  80. It’s was really great to see and hear you Marty!!

    That DM and his goons made the comparison between your place and the Idle Org says it all. Marty’s place, the real home of standard tech and the resultant wins -v- vacuous building, home of reverse tech, inverted ethics and the resultant pain, financial ruin and succumb.

    We would have to remember back quite some years now, but our greatest orgs of yesteryear were all modest looking places – usually obtained by LRH – and they were all inclusive, rocking happy places, packed to the rafters — standing room only.

    You are carrying on the true LRH tradition of Scientology.

    Long may your flag fly!

  81. “Two chairs and a table is plenty of ‘wherewithal’ to accomplish postulates and live communication and thus auditing can occur.”

  82. Marty –

    Actual crimes inspired by Scientology need to stop, and ethics needs to be gotten in, before you can ever hope to have any kind of strong, sustained, independent Scientology movement.

    So could you and Mike do a video providing information for the police in Italy, letting them know where more of the files are kept to blackmail officials, and provide more evidence for the Australian Senate and Judicial Inquiries, so that they can stop the criminal abuse down there, too?

    Then, could you do a video for law enforcement in the US, so they can follow up and root out the criminal activities going on in the US?

    That is the only way, after all the crimes, fraud and abuse are fully exposed, to have Scientology rise again stronger and freer than ever before.

    I think, deep down, you know that. So does everyone who reads this board.

    This IS the way to a stronger Scientology future.

    Won’t you please help?

  83. Hey, Marty!

    Love the video post.

    Love the analogy.

    Love the mock-up: a real person, in a real person’s clothes, sitting in front of a real person’s bookshelf. With Tech Vols. Just Tech Vols, not multiple copies of everything DM ever needlessly repackaged.

    (Oh, yeah – and no used-car-salesman intro, no faux-fabulous columns, no styro-glitz podium, no exploding graphs of you’d-have-to-be-highest-ever-to-believe-them pseudostats, no Rasputin glare and no language only Big Brother could love.)

    Thanks for the briefing, and all you’re doing.

  84. It known as (I’ve heard both) “The rich man’s religion” and “The white boy’s religion.” To be exact.

  85. martyrathbun09

    Ignazio, Hey Paisano. Great news. Demand is a problem. A good problem to have.

  86. martyrathbun09

    Tara, love bayou country. How long a drive from the Big Easy?

  87. martyrathbun09

    Jackson, we love you man.

  88. martyrathbun09

    Mat, you know you all are always welcome. Fish are getting so plentiful they’re jumping into the back yard from the canal trying to wriggle their way to the damn bbq.

  89. Yes we Anons have noticed a considerable shift in trying to recruit spanish speaking people in LA now the general english speaking American is more informed.

    And notice who of all people the Inchurch Scientologists is picked to do the dirty work.

    Begins at 1:19 in but the part before is intresting as well.

  90. martyrathbun09

    Chad, thanks for your observation. I hadn’t thought of that, but you are absolutely right – it erased stereotypes I had constructed about Christians. I began to understand and appreciate sincere Christians so much more.

  91. martyrathbun09

    Murray, Hey. Yeah, kinda gotta show it now I suppose.

  92. If you’re in the Ideal Org, you be hangin’ with the Borg.

  93. I read “The Shack” some months ago – wonderful book. The image is very appropriate.

  94. Marty:

    I’m ready. Let’s start!


  95. Yes , I remember it as you making a comment to another person to clarify the role DM had in those court cases not to settle. As long as they were not settled DM had power having set himself up as the onley “messenger” to the founder.

  96. OSA/DM crafted “dirty propaganda” coming at you, is part of their marching orders, it’s actually LRH, it’s OSA Network Order 15, unfortunately:

    15, 18 February 1988 Confidential BLACK PROPAGANDA (Originally written by LRH on 12 January 1972. Issued as OSA NW Order on 18 February 1988.) … To cease to be the effect of classification and become in our turn the cause of it, the classifier, is to win the propaganda game. Our propaganda is dirty…. We do this trick by survey and attack…. we become re-classified as attackers and the enemy as bad hats as they’re for the evil if they attack us… We just run propaganda campaigns….It reclassifies our attackers as evil people… we (1) Seek to avoid opportunities for the enemy to classify us. (2) Contest or expose any previous classifications as false (dead agentry, etc.) (3) Engage in a series of campaigns which confuse past classification. (4) Achieve for ourselves a dominance in classifying ourselves and others.” “L. RON HUBBARD, Founder , Adopted as official Church policy by CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL “

    I hope Scientologists who are out of official Scientology will help provide raw info to this survey:

    James R. Lewis was the editor of the 2009 anthology “Scientology” published by Oxford Univ Press.

    For sure, once raw data shows the actual trends of people leaving Scientology, and continuing to practice Scientology OUTSIDE official Scientology in numbers, THAT will be a noteworthy trend.

    But the former official Scientologists statistics and participation has to be credibly recorded, and Jim Lewis is NOT in good graces with official Scientology, due to the “Scientology” 2009 anthology having numerous anti Scientology concepts, and also multiple mentions of Xenu and body thetans.

    Official Scientology is trying to NOT have attention shift to ex official Scientologists practicing Scientology.

    So, please, those of you who have NOT filled out the survey, PLEASE, fill it out.

    Better survey questions can be emailed to Jim Lewis, he gives contact info for himself.

    Chuck Beatty

  97. Marty, it was good to see your face and hear your voice. I wish it was 2-way and you could see the thousands of us out here listening to you. I’m looking forward to the next one and your take on the “crossroads”.

    In my opinion the second-most important concept in Scientology, right after “you are an immortal spirit” is that something is only true if it is true for you, and I’ve never been able to really reconcile that with the top-down authoritarianism of the Sea Org. Those two concepts lead down different paths. And in my opinion, the CoS came to its own crossroads back in the 60’s and took the second path, which is what made it possible for the Devil Man to seize power in the 80’s (and we know the rest).

    Perhaps there is a middle path, but among the posters on this blog, I see a division between those who would like to recreate the Sea Org and enforce KSW, and those who want to be free spirits and decide just what is true for them.

    Don’t know if this is what you see, but I’m looking forward to your next chat.

  98. Mockingbird6


    “Goldenrod? We don’t need no stinkin’ goldenrod!”

    This refers to the fact that a person belongs or doesn’t belong based on their own determinism, not on whether or not the church has made some kind of statement. The church is not cause. I am cause. Love ya, M6

  99. Freedom Fighter

    Holy cow, guys! This is so spot on! Wow! Totally makes sense!

  100. Jackson,
    You got the quote. All that Chinese school!

    Now, hearing it again, the lines ring true don’t they. I like the last one even more, since it’s actually happening – they normally get along great!!

  101. Quicksilver

    Files can easily be moved. Impromptu raids like the recent ones in Europe get results.

    There has been a lot of media coverage of crimes committed and that will continue.

    As for the Independent movement, that will continue & likely evolve into a loose organization similar to the early ’70s where there was a central office with a pubs division and mission/org holders were generally autonomous and stats were booming.

    Continuous differentiation between what the ‘church’ is calling Scientology, and what real Scientology IS, will definitely help in the PR area.

    As it stands, we have orgs staffed with old-timers who really DO know what is happening but are suppressed into silence, and, a younger generation of newer members who have NO IDEA what Scientology is. They only emulate what is being promoted from up-lines. The treatment of fellow staff members & public is far from what occurred when Ron was on the lines.

    It appears to be a long haul, but in the grand scheme of things it’s an evolution and the time to correct it will be relatively short.

    As for the subject dying … just ain’t gonna happen.

  102. martyrathbun09

    Aeolus, very accurate observation in my view. Perhaps there is a middle path for those two factions you mention.

  103. theystolemy,
    In Toronto in the 70’s we had an old funeral home. It was packed on the weekends, with about 250 people jammed into the Academy and the Div 6 area standing room only. With staff, there were some 5-600 people in that place. All moving, in action, auditing going on in every room, spilling out into the houses down the street since there weren’t enough auditing rooms.

    There were so many people in the building, and it was so old and factually decomposing, there were clouds of dust stirred up from the old place to where you could hardly see across the course room.

    It was no longer a funeral home, but a maternity ward for new life.

    We now have mausoleums to David Miscavige. He can have them and listen to the clack of his $800 shoes racket on the marble echoing his swan song – MEST, MEST, MEST – MARTY MUST BE STOPPED!

    “The main trouble with Freedom is that it does not have an anatomy. Something that is free is free. It is not free with wires, vias, by-passes, or dams, it is simply free. There is something else about Freedom which is intensely interesting, it cannot be erased.” Dn 55!

  104. Too Cute,
    The main reason they don’t give you a reference for the 6 month checks is because THERE ISN’T ANY REFERENCE!

    In fact, there are explicit references forbidding interference with persons on the OT levels. These include CS Series 73, in any version, and Confessionals and the Non-Interference Zone, any version.

    What the f#!k is any person doing accepting this utter, total, complete, arbitrary.

    Clay pigeons. Target practice. Test cases for DM’s Mestology.

  105. Bob Johnson

    The Shack has my back. And unlike an “Idle Morgue” with it’s Italian marble toilet seats, there’s a lot of love and theta in that shack:

  106. martyrathbun09

    While I appreciate your scholarly approach to things, I believe you have exposed yourself to be conducting quite a slick black PR campaign of your own. I’ll illustrate. You quote from an alleged OSA NW Order as follows: “Our propaganda is dirty…” Now, compare that to what goes where you put in the elipses:

    “Our propaganda is dirty but it is not black because it is true. Black propaganda
    is essentially false.”

    This is why I find anti-Scientologists – whether they intend to be or not – are DM’s best friends. Their obsession with playing gotcha with L Ron Hubbard continually finds justifications and defenses for DM’s sickening conduct. They are usually clever, but upon inspection strained – and against the facts, from those who watched DM in operation completely unjustified and deceiving.

    If find this type of activity not just a distraction, but the second biggest barrier to achieving justice (the first being DM’s intense obstruction of justice and intimidation campaigns).

    I’ve let you get away with that clever edit job a few times on this blog…simply because I don’t have the time to do research on every comment that gets made here.

    But, I’ve done it now. And if you persist with this type of sleight-of-hand, you may wind up having to go back to tooting your horn on the natter boards. In the interim, I’m not letting on lengthy posts by you providing specious, covert defenses for DM.

  107. The first auditor I ever met used to tell stories of auditing in her kitchen. You really picked up on the energy and enthusiasm of the discovery and use of Dianetics.

  108. Marty, Great to see you again buddy, but you
    just set ole Sarge off again. Jim you shine again!
    Gonna get sudden…. (Sargio, I cut the rest of this out because this is far too important to be a comment. Want to post it tonight as its own post. Check your hushmail, please Sir.)

  109. Ne,
    My ex-wife, Annie Tidman, worked with LRH closely for almost two decades. She asked him, as a young woman, how he came to ‘know so much’? Her words.

    He responded ‘READ!’ He had an extensive library and did just that. Nothing on his ‘forbidden list’ as there wasn’t any such list.

    It isn’t accurate however to summarize Scientology as mere codification of the thinkers of the world’s ideas into a workable system. That is true on many counts, that the sea of data was evaluated.

    However there are two critical points I can think of that were breakthroughs. They are the ‘facsimile’ and its source, theta. These were not just codification. They were and are vitally important to the whole shebang. There are many others.

    I am not intending to take the wind from your sails here. In fact, I’m looking at those wonderful sheets billowing again and it has put wind in my own sails!

    By all means, READ! Gobble it up, and thank you soooo much for coming back to us with your breath of life to fill our sails.


  110. “something is only true if it is true for you, ” or “What true if it is what you observed yourself”

    The first requires NO action , the second screams for action.

    The first is introvert. The second outgoing in nature.

    Thoughts anyone ?

  111. (insert -for you-into that second one.)

  112. Freedom Fighter

    Mosey, you go girl!

  113. Joe Howard

    Marty, you realize that these briefings of yours will become the Int Events of the Indie movement, don’t you? At a cost of next to nothing. No telepromted speeches labored over for weeks. No gold phallic symbol columns in the background and no two foot high podiums and come up to a normal sized person’s knees. I love it!

  114. TheEmperorIsNaked

    That’s hilarious Dog!

    We used to check caller id whenever the phone rang (can you guess who we were trying to screen out?) If I saw an org number I would yell out “Honey, it’s the Borg!”

    Thanks for reminding me, and for the laugh.

  115. You quote written materials but edit without ending the quotations. It’s bad grammar and confusing. Obviously intended to mislead the reader into a different understanding than was actually in the original materials.

    Minimally you should end the quotation, explain any edits and give the reader some chance to understand. Anyone’s words could be edited to look bad.

  116. While I agree that external pressure does need to be continued to end the criminal activities of the church, I also believe that we must foremost apply the precept Flourish and Prosper.

    I think Marty, Ignacio, Chris, Kathy, et all are doing a splendid job of this.

    In just a short amount of time the Independent field has greatly expanded, more “insiders” are looking at blogs and even some of those are beginning to communicate. As someone mentioned, Facebook is getting others to question why so many “friends” are disconnecting. More and more people are hooking up to independent auditors. It is already evolving.

    I think that telling the truth of the crimes is only beneficial to the degree that it ends the abuses and gives opportunity to those with familial ties to leave the church, no longer able to be blackmailed into subservience.

    Who needs to promote, word of mouth is doing just fine. This is exactly how Dianetics started. The success of Scientology is dependent only on superior delivery.

  117. Marty, love it…well done. video truly communicates and so good to see you my friend.

    I will pick-up my copy of the “Shack” today.

    I don’t need no stinking permission to survive, prosper and be free!

  118. Great message Marty. I think the DM bots have the feeling that pretty, shinny MEST presented in glamour, floodlights, etc. is what people are yearning for when looking for spiritual freedom.

    This is actually not a button for me. Quite to the contrary, I find having such extravagent spaces and building to be a distracion spiritually.

    Spaces need to be clean and orderly. There is no need for the gloss, marble, stained glass, etc. while studying or while being in session. It’s the wront target and off purpose.

  119. Thank you Marty and all of you who have contributed to this blog. It has been my main source for truth and theta after a long drought.

    The church is dead but in the independent field we are experiencing a renaissance of theta.

  120. Prometheus

    For millenia seekers of truth have sought out repositories of knowledge in disparate and far flung places. Many of these were holy men living in caves and “shacks” as hermits pursueing knowledge. Even LRH traveled to Tibet in search of truth.
    Ideal Orgs and Soaring Cathedrals are not nessesarily dispensaries of the knowlege we seek. And In fact these glitzy building can be Theta traps whose sole purpose is to entice the easily ensnared and simple minded in order to further the aims of those who seek power and wealth, rather than the freedom we pursue.

  121. Virgil Samms

    Marty – re Chucks entry; I wholeheartedly agree with what you. Nicely put! The anti – Scientologist always seem to try to make LRH look bad or false. I stopped going to Jeffs blog for that reason.

    Thanks for putting your foot down on this. Love it.

    ML Tom

  122. Marty,
    It is plain that you can’t beat a person into enlightenment. Any bludgeon is ANY bludgeon.

    The path of Scientology is the one described in Safeguarding Technology. It isn’t titled Safeguarding Philosophy, nor Safeguarding Policy. It certainly isn’t titled Safeguarding Fixed Ideas.

    The workable path is one where rightness is the correct estimation of effort. The processes, the disciplines of the Auditor’s Code, Model Session, the correct Case Supervision of preclears and pre OTs, are all accurate estimations of effort, that take accurate estimations of effort to apply to the end of – results.

    These two factions are artificial in the world of Scientology, IMO. The path is neither militant authoritarianism nor laissez-faire ‘let’s smoke a fattie and run some OT III’.

    Your Shack represents the path. It’s a correct estimation of effort = rightness. Sufficient wherewithal to do the job, your smiling face welcoming the guy to the chair. And, when needed, a steel hand in a velvet glove to the degree necessary to get case gain. And the case gain is achieved with application according to the workable disciplines of the technology. You are Safeguarding Tech. No wonder your lines are flooding with requests!

  123. TheEmperorIsNaked

    I have to ack you for that response. That was incredible. I feel like I just saw the hat and beingness of a Cram Off for the first time ever. You are good.

  124. Neils,
    Yes, here’s a thought. From the 1st Advanced Clinical Course, combine the two as a clinical trial for best results.

    Try this: Spot 3 spots on the body alternated with 3 spots in the environment. Take to a win. Let us know how it went.

  125. Too cute for words

    My point exactly! I’m thinking most of the FSO staff think it’s LRH because it has been such standard practice for so many years….and if it’s on a “Routing Form” it must be “true”.

  126. Joey,
    What! No pyro? No Flavor Flav medals? NONE!?

    How the heck is THAT going to dazzle us into the new Ideal Implant stations?!

  127. Reverse Scientology?
    HAVE, BE, DO
    Oh dear DM, when Ron used to say “Do the opposite”… Well… how can I say this (without upsetting you too much)… well… he didn’t mean reverse the tech!
    Do you think perhaps a certain someone is being maybe just a little itty bit too literal perhaps?
    Marty – love seeing that mischievous face popping out of my screen.
    I’m half way through ‘The Shack’ and loving it. Thank you so much.

  128. Kathy Braceland

    Excellent Marty. I’m ready.

  129. oops I mean HAVE, DO BE
    all this mixing things up is gettin’ me confused

  130. Kathy Braceland

    I knew you would Chris. You’re awesome!!!

  131. DM re-issued it because it suited him. In 1972 when this was written originally the founder was on the ship.

    The whole uncut thing. Not copypasted but linked too.

  132. I will scout for the Original.

  133. Ne Obliviscaris,

    Welcome. I noticed your appearance here earlier this week. This sounds like a conversation you’ve been yearning to have, and you sure do sound like someone I’ll enjoy listening to.

    Just Me

  134. Interesting point, but I don’t like the SO structure at all, yet I’m a hardliner KSW 1 person, so those two factors don’t necessarily go together. (I do think admin tech is brilliant though,I just don’t like the militant flavor or aspects of the SO.)
    That said, if something LRH says isn’t true for oneself, then my take on that is, OK, one has every right to take Scn or leave Scn, or even do altered Scn on themselves. But pleasee don”t subject others to that, and please don’t call that altered version “Scientology”, because is isn’t.
    Basically, i think the tecch and admin are laid out in a way that could work perfectly, if it were applied perfectly. I think what people object to are the misapplication of tech and policy, which is rampant, and therfore it becomes an a=a situation; off policy means the policy is bad, out tech means the tech doesn’t work.
    It really does come down to KSW 1.

  135. martyrathbun09

    CD, Note how he talks about people who attack “us”; not him in particular? I do not adopt this thing as an operating policy personally, but in the context – particularly within the context of what the Old Man was facing at the time – to use this as a justification to run “black propaganda campaigns” against myself and other independents is plain A=A=A psychosis right out of Book One.

  136. martyrathbun09

    Sam, you gotta get hold of me and share your thoughts when you are finished with it.

  137. martyrathbun09

    Hey, don’t dis the Flav (cold chillin’ in the fat, homes). He used cheap, gaudy alarm clocks as medals.

  138. Theo Sismanides

    Yes, guys, we get along great and ooooover a loooong, loooong distance… Space is not there anymore, we are Cause over Space! Freak out Dave! We ARE back!

  139. martyrathbun09

    Just me, He’s a fascinating individual. He won’t bore you. As God said in The Shack “I am especially fond of him.”

  140. Marty I noticed that and I can put it in context. It is alsoo an observation on what the nature of Black Propaganda is. A mini lecture.

  141. martyrathbun09

    CD, you are right. And that is how I treated a lot of those OSA NW Orders, Guardian’s Orders, and GO briefings of his. Didn’t take it literally enough in the end to remain in the stable.

  142. martyrathbun09

    I generally don’t like these 9 minute diversion from any topic at hand — and that is why I do a lot of rejects on your posts. However, this one graphically illustrates something entirely different from the point I think you are suggesting it makes. In my view, it demonstrates “live” the truth of my old post “The Great Middle Path”. DM and the antis deserve one another, are cut from the same cloth, and create and perpetrate one another. To fully appreciate it, one would have to be somewhat familiar with the extensive series of lectures of LRH on the nature of the Goals-Problem-Mass (GPM). Here is a modern day example of the creation of a GPM. Left to their own devices they will become ONE: which if you stick with Scn all the way through the OT Levels you will find is the great lie of the universe, convincingly propagated by some very wise sounding folk. Taken to its logical conclusion, another exhibit for the proposition that the church is dead.

  143. Virgil Samms

    In 1972 we moved to downtown Detroit because the body traffic sucked where we were.

    We leased three floors of a building that had a huge fire in 1950. We renovated the new place after post every night and made it look okay, but understand there were bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Nothing fancy at all. Shag carpet remnants in the courseroom.

    We moved in and body routed. We brought up a couple hundred per day. It boiled down to 2-3 academy students per week and about the same in new pcs. Lots of comm course.

    Our MEST was not the best, but the org thrived as we St Hill sized in our modest ” shack.” Ask LaCroix. It wasn’t the mest that attracted all them people, it was the spirit of play and the free theta.

    ML Tom


    — Page 132, Vol II, Tech Vols, Address to Congress Delegates, January 16th, 1955


    Viva LRH! Viva The Shack!

  145. “The way to spoil an org image is of course to subdue or kill what successful Scientology orgs have always been noted for – a happy, friendly, busy atmosphere.” LRH, HCO PL 11 Dec 1969R APPEARANCES IN PUBLIC DIVS

  146. It is not compatible with the Middle Path Redux. I keep that in the back of my head when posting here.

  147. Theo Sismanides

    Jim, it is incredible how such a basic and self evident issue like what can one read, as if there was such a thing as we are not permitted to read certain stuff, can become so confused and so mistreated.

    Thanks for the winds of change. We are sailing back to sanity here.

  148. Freetothink

    FF, you got me dancing now! Woohoo!

  149. I will try to refrain from posting 9 minute pieces that distract from the subject from now on

    Brian Mandigo, uses his constitutional right to protest but I understand were you coming from.

    What you are seeing the guy do is Kim Bullati’s work. Brian was caved and made to cry when he was on Staff and ganged up on.

    They try to get him to react to suggestive things that refer to his PC-folder so than they can use it.

  150. CD,
    Here’s another note on ‘attack’, much more to the point than these titillating snips so popular among the great unwashed (just kidding on the last. C’mon, crack a smile Neils, it’s easy as caek):

    “When you diverge from a constructive purpose to “stop attacks”, the purpose has been abandoned. You get a stop. The real way to stop attacks is to widen one’s zone of responsibility. And pour the coal on the purpose. Thus all attacks one makes should be in THE DIRECTION OF ENLARGING ONE’S SCOPE AND AUGMENTING BASIC PURPOSE.” HCO PL 14 Jan 69, OT ORGS.

    You see, it’s all about full understanding, getting the spirit of the thing, understanding purpose, not just ‘policy’. Playing the piano means ALL the keys and it takes real talent to make music.

    I hope this one quote will give you something to compare to the ‘attack’ quote you protest so heavily. That one, by itself, with no Purpose or Goal as the senior operating datum and parsed down to one or two sentences of the entire subject…well, you’re a smart guy, you can get the idea here.

  151. I do understand you seeing them holding each other in a deadlock so that both vcan not go further in live and prosper.

  152. Marty,
    Great video, I can trust same one now,You!! I was a public, left the church two years ago, in bad condition. Now I can see scn books again.
    Thank you.

  153. Prometheus,
    Thank for the fire in your Reports. Handy stuff delivered from the Gods.

  154. Sam!
    ME DO HAVE BE fuseconfed, alos 🙂

  155. David LaCroix

    “Me and my mate were back at the shack
    We had Spike Jones on the box

    She said ‘I don’t like the way he sings,
    But I love to hear him talk’

    Well that just gave my heart a thump
    to the bottom of my feet

    And I swore, as I took another pull
    My Bessie can’t be beat”

    The Band – Up on Cripple Creek

  156. It’s amazing to me that the church is so lost in their crazy viewpoint that they don’t even see the outpoint in their own Black PR, that is, that the MEST mock-up is more important than the tech. Their smear line isn’t something concerning the tech, like,”where would you rather get auditing, in an in tech place or out tech place”, no it’s “which MEST is better, ours or Marty’s”. Amazing they don’t even see how this sounds to any Scientologist, as of course we all came in to go free. If we’d wanted MEST we would have devoted our lives to making money, not going OT and helping others.
    Just shows how far out of touch DM’s minions are, they can’t even pretend to talk like Scientologists anymore, they’ve become little Miscaviges, where MEST really is the most important thing.

  157. Jack Airey


    Just finished reading the 120 respones to your “Briefing from the Shack” using video instead of the written word. You have hit a Communication home run!!!

    The excitement and high ARC coming from the various responses would make any TV producer salivate.

    I was looking at your video and trying to figure out why this approach is working so well as a communiction tool. I think you have DM to thank for your grand success.

    IMO your verbal communication, your costume, your makeup, your hair, your set design & your magical ARC to your audience is the antithesis of the many overly produced, over the top, phony looking out of ARC, David Miscavige controlled & produced events.

    Very easy for the viewer to vote on this one.

    So many people do not like to read. They prefer a video communication. The use of video is growing on the internet at a rapid rate. Video’s have a habit of going viral much quicker than the written word.

    Being able to see and hear what you have to communicate is 100% more powerfull than your written communications. Your audience can get into ARC with you much quicker and your message will impinge more broadly via this type of video presentation.

    I would like to see some Independents speak to the video camera when they to go public. Telling their story from the heart will attract much more audience and help spread the word that the Church of Scientology is dead and there is an Independent Movement expanding world wide.

    Can’t wait to watch your “Crossroads” video broadcasted from your beautiful TV studio in downtown Ingleside.

    Marty I won’t be the last to tell you that you’re one of the real “STARS” helping to enlighten mankind.

  158. martyrathbun09

    Jack, Thanks for the advice, especially meaningful coming from a true professional.

  159. Marty, you had me at Howdy. 🙂

    I finished Amy’s book this morning and was wondering what next to read. Great video, thanks!

  160. martyrathbun09

    LaCroix, Great song – particularly the Last Waltz live version.

  161. martyrathbun09

    Jim, you just launched my anchor points way out to the other side of the bay.

  162. HEBER’s own son came to my city last year and explained that the psychs are winning right now.

    This, of course, led to fundraising for our Idle Org, which he touted as the “solution” for taking down the psychs! True story. Where that came from, I have no idea.

    Consequently, it’s a total bypass of Jan “cover-up” Eastgate’s apparently failed CCHR. And, of course, it’s utterly rediculous.

    Idle Orgs: Apparently, you have to have at least 40,000 sq ft of BLING to be able to effectively deliver a session! Or take down the psychs. Or……..

  163. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks for the welcoming reception, guys. I love flowing power to power!


  164. What was the most noticable thing when I discovered DN/Scn in 1980?

    It was the Theta, Tone level and desire the staff had in helping you reach your self-improvement goals.

    NOT the building. That would not have made a difference.

    Where is the survey or eval stating the need for these Big new Buildings?

    How many services would the Ideal Org and IAS donations have bought since it started?

    What a creative way to Stop the delivery of the Tech.

    Thanks Marty and others here who deliver the tech from where ever it may be.

  165. Hi Marty – love the format and the analogy.

    I too have been in a virtual shack of sorts separating the wheat from the chaff for a little while.

    I see in this community that you are building that we have all been in our shacks of sorts stripping away the BS we’ve bought or seen bought over the years.

    I myself realized that I’m in need of some serious false data stripping – so much has been as-ised by learning the truth, but its those hidden stuck ideas that may still lead us astray – I can see that auditing and other actions with the Tech will really hit their mark as never before!

    Thanks and highest of ARC to all who read this.

  166. I don’t think making a dig at Jeff’s blog (and thereby Jeff and all the contributors to his site) is a constructive or really even appropriate thing to do on this one, Tom. Unless you wish to further faction the group we have forming here.

    There are a lot of different opinions and viewpoints on this blog, too, that do not exactly align with your own. Will they be your next target?

    Most people are respectful of the tone and sensibilities of each blog as all are a little different from each other. I don’t believe I have ever seen posted on Jeff’s site, btw, a comment that made less of you or your opinions, or of Marty’s blog, for that reason. Neither of you deserve to be attacked, even obliquely as you just did to Jeff, for your viewpoints, your priorities, your loyalties. I would ask you extend that same consideration to others.


  167. David LaCroix

    Hey Tom…three words – Facebook -…lol
    Love to find out Tom …who
    Love to swap some stories & contacts

  168. Alan,
    You’ve gotta get a new sense of what’s going on here. Shift the picture.

    For instance, what’s this: “I think, deep down, you know that. So does everyone who reads this board.

    “This IS the way to a stronger Scientology future.

    “Won’t you please help?”

    Come on. This sort of generalized needling. This pernicious duplicity. This abject posturing. Whaaasssuuppp wi’ dat?

    Marty has accomplished more this morning, in an hour, to help, than all of your natter, criticism, harangueing and sophistry has in however many years it is now you’ve been doing it.

  169. David LaCroix

    oops…me moi stupido!!!
    Of course I know Tom who…the M man
    As amends I’ll find YOU on Facebook

  170. David LaCroix

    Last Waltz is my favorite movie…all time

  171. DM and Tom Cruise need their BLING!!!

    Don’t you guys understand?

    When you live in Disneyland, with abundant wealth and undeserved power, you check-out of reality.

    Why, oh why, does this happen sometimes when people get into positions of power?

  172. Hi, new poster here. Marty, thanks so much for the video. My husband and I were smiling ear to ear. I would be honored to be audited by you at the Shack. You and your lovely Mosey are my kind of people. I started at CCLA back in the 70’s near Alvarado Street–not a beautiful place at all, but clean and full of theta. I went Clear co-auditing Dianetics in a funky livingroom. Old card table and wobbly wooden chairs and all. But man, we had theta in spades. Bravo to all of you for speaking so eloquently. There really ARE more of us out here than you know. I’m sure of that. Keep it up, more troops are on the way. P.S. Ignazio, you are one mighty fine auditor. Thank you for continuing auditing.

  173. Ne Obliviscaris

    DM’s latest briefing to all Scientologists.

  174. Jim The Church atacked free speech and has done that since well you pick a date, we are just taking responsibility having widened the zone by stepping out of the internet protesting.

    The church never stops atacking, we will augment our basic purpose wich is “protest the church”when it is no longer a treath to Socïety. Untill than we use our freedom of speech and freedom of assembly as well as our right to protest.

    Believe me we have studied the churches tactics and it is going into the direction we want.

    Do you mean this Atack qoute I made earlier:

    “NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to investigate the attackers….This is the correct procedure: (1) Spot who is attacking us. (2) Start investigating them for FELONIES or worse, using our own professionals, not outside agencies. (3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them. (4) Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press….Don’t ever submit tamely to an investigation of us. Make it rough on the attackers all the way….You can get “reasonable about it” and lose …. so BANISH all ideas that any fair hearing is intended and start our attack with their first breath. Never wait. Never talk about us — only them. Use their blood, sex, crime to get headlines. Don’t use us.”

    >From HCO policy letter of 25 Feb. 1966, “Attacks on Scientology.”

  175. Theo Sismanides

    Excerpt from PDC Tape 35 (The D.E.I. Scale, Desire Enforce Inhibit)

    My comment before the excerpt begins:
    It’s interesting to see how costly Scientology has become. If you listen to that particular tape you will see Scientology is at inhibit right now. It has gone through it’s enforce cycle and now it’s even lower to inhibit. it’s too scarse now in the church, theta is too scarse there.


    “Recently some dame uh… some babe uh… pardon me. I… I keep classifying her correctly.
    Uh… some „lady“ uh… paid His… His… His uh… Royal – uh pardon me, uh…

    His uh… I don’t know. What do you call the guy? Oh, yeah. His… His uh… uh… Pope Pius?

    Pope Pius, that’s right. Paid him a million bucks-dollars cash to ratify her divorce properly. I
    mean, it had all been granted by states and bishops and everything else, but she finally had to pay him a billion bucks-dollars to knock it out.

    But inhibition… inhibition, it’s got scarce. The mercy of God became very costly. It
    became more and more costly and more and more costly, more and more costly until it isn’t
    available at all now. You know, practically outside of one or two guys like Pope Pius, and I
    suppose there’s some whirling dervish up in the middle of the Stygian wastes or some place
    that you could go in and give ‘em a quick buck and they would say, „All right, we’ll give you
    a God – there you are, signed receipt.“ And it would be about the level.
    Christianity has gotten to the point where it’s terrible scarce. You wouldn’t think so
    with all the churches you’ve got around, but I was talking about Christianity.”

    End of excpert.

  176. Overdriver

    Dear Marty, Thanks for the video briefing!
    “Ideal Orgs” means nothing to me. They are extravagant, materialistic, communicating a selfish, negligent, lavish lifestyle and the fact that only the rich “can make” in scientology. (To be honest I have the least idea what “spiritual jewel” can be achieved through this system seeing the ignorant highly trained and processed public…)
    A materialistic building, communicating the above values can be named “ideal” only by an ignorant being.
    Throughout the ages religions knew that wealth is/can be a big stop towards spiritual progress. And yes, with this IO project we have the actual evidence that it is. It is not just a stop, it is satanic.
    We are in the last hours here on Earth. She is actually eroding around us. We do not have time to paddle in Luxury. We are actually betrayed by our Church and those yet in deep sleep.

  177. Isn’t it ironic that so much Psychology is used to make people donate.

    Jan Eastgate failed as a human being IMO.

  178. I have no disagreements on David Miscavige’s ill effects and the benefits of him retiring however that happens and as soon as possible.

    It’s not appropriate to take up the other points, and I won’t be repeating those issues.

    You are doing good at un suppressing Scientlogy and Scientologists.


  179. We are learning. And from this learning, new conditions emerge.

    Though life is basically a static, learning is not static. Learning is dynamic. Learning is change. Learning is a transformation of awareness.

    Education, like so much in life, occurs on a scale. One can be educated to be cause or to be effect–or somewhere in between.

    We are learning to be cause. Cause over the knowledge and conditions of the subject of Scientology. And the subject of Scientology is life.

    And the “tech” of Scientology is the means and skills acquired to transform ourselves and others from effect to cause.

    Learning is change and transformation. Fixation prevents change and transformation. The more solid our walls, the less we can change.

    I feel the winds coming off the ocean. The walls of the shack creak; and scent of salt and seaweed permeate the room as we lean back on the couch…

    And smile.

    Today we will fish.

    Today we will become fishers of men.

    And the world will be transformed.


  180. I prefer an Ideal Org by far.

  181. for the record, Marty was recently offered a beautiful home in an exclusive resort area to live in or use as he wanted or needed. I happen to know this is true.

    Yes and the person who offered it told me the offer is on anytime.

  182. Impartial English Girl

    Loved the clip. Good points, eloquently made. Quiet, well-thought-out dignity like Mr. Rathbun displays in the video is so powerful that it’s bound to rattle DMs’ tiny, guilded, cage.

    Nasty, angry crooks are not equipped to deal – and cannot cope – with well-spoken and calmly-delivered rationality such as that displayed in the video. They don’t understand it. All they want is people screaming at them, so they can scream back in a louder voice.

    Softly softly catchee monkey…

  183. Marty, great to see your smiling face. I hope you do more video talks.

    When I first got into Scientology it was at the old LA Org on 9th Street. Nothing to look at, really, but always packed with hundreds of people every night in reception, in the intro lecture room, in the courserooms. If it had been too slick, I think alarm bells would have gone off in my rebel brain.

    I’ll check out “The Shack.” Always appreciate a good book recommendation.

  184. Wow, that’s bang on. DM is totally Billy No-Mates. Slaves? Check. Acquaintances? Check. Assistants? Check. Friends? (Apart from BFF TC) …? Who would stand up and admit to being a friend of DM? LRH had thousands of friends.

  185. Hi Marty
    I know this is too much to ask and I don’t know how difficult this could be, but as english is not my language and I loved to see your videoconference, and future videoconferences can be a way to have close captions????

    I can read english better than I speak.

    And I know there are a lot of people like me all over the world, and this will help a lot.
    PS (sorry for my english)

  186. I meant english closed captions

  187. For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
    For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
    For want of a horse the rider was lost.
    For want of a rider the battle was lost.
    For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
    And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

  188. Jim, As you may know I loved Annie. We were very close for a while. I have always been
    careful not to say anything, glad you brought
    her up. We need to talk. Not here.

  189. Jack, thats a good one.

    That could be a good starting point to look at because thats for sure OUT right now in every org I’ve been in.

    If one found out what killed it he would probably know who did it.

  190. AlexMetheny

    Birds of a feather flock together.

    So do bots!!

  191. Christianity has gotten to the point where it’s terrible scarce. You wouldn’t think so
    with all the churches you’ve got around, but I was talking about Christianity.

    LRH, PDC Tape 35


  192. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with the information you have been providing. Since you are the guy in the trenches, I started wondering if you might not need some support from the folks whose future you are trying to insure. I’d would like to make some contribution$ to your efforts from time to time. If you will send me an address that would help. In the event you are independently wealthy, I’ll send you my address. Best regards,

  193. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Marty,

    I have the answer to their promo piece question, it is measured bythe stats diference between your blogs visitors and theirs. It is measured by the amount of “crossings over” it is measured by the hundreds of people staying away.

    So obviously most real people would rather be here with us and in the Shack. Oh and those who’d prefer the glitzy empty halls of cruely? they deserve nothing more than what they get, their mest fixation will certainly turn their spiritual journey into a 8-0 one. THey think they have something, because they have MEST. Phoo they have an illusion, it is brittle and fragile like nothing else. We? we is got theta, we is got ethernity, even if our language is not “Danny-Sherman-ornamented” we is got all that counts

  194. Logan Jim.
    It rascal stop uoy!

  195. you betcha

  196. Jim, I appreciate reading thhis, expressed so well.

    There is the composite of existing knowledge, and then the quantum leap forward, with discovery and innovation.

    I have observed and admired the same about LRH — I appreciate how he acknowledges all wisdom that came before (and the various sources, such as the Vedic Hymns, Durant, etc), and he also dared to peer beyond the edge. LRH observed and recognized fundamental axiomatic aspects of existence as Thought & Matter and, more, piloted tools that empirically can be applied, with observable results toward digging human beings out of limiting (and painful) reality’s “illusions.”

    I agree what you point out, the facsimile and theta were definite breakthroughs. It would be a very worthy paper from a standpoint of a graduate thesis, the breakthroughs.

    Nice to read and share everyone’s thoughts here. Thank you!

  197. AlexMetheny


    Great observation IMHO.


  198. Because
    Me too. I started out in Birmingham Org around ’89. It was a small, run-down, shabby building. I didn’t give a hoot. Within an hour of being in that space and meeting the people I was in love and I was hooked. I had never experienced that before in my life.
    It’s the people that matter.

  199. Fantastic comm Marty!
    I’d take real Scientology in a comfortable, laid back and safe environment applied by real Scientology friends ANY DAY over a grand implant station under constant stress and duress.
    Long Live The Shack!

  200. Fellow Traveller

    IO —
    Speaking for myself, seems to me what Marty is handing out is Acks and Whacks. Acks and Whacks from the shack.

    I definitely love to see both in action, good old fashion Axiom 10. No sticking badges, no stinking Styrofoam and definitely no voiceovers. Ah yes – no vias. (Thanks Jim!)

    Marty’s got shack.


    Bruce Pratt

  201. Fellow Traveller

    Marty — Sorry for slighting my ack of your shack video. Too theta for words.

    Lucy — Damn if that ain’t astute, insightful and generally precise. LRH has a definition of government from Scientology Clear Procedure:
    “It could be said that a government is the aggregate irresponsibility of a people. They are
    not taking responsibility for the course of
    justice or protection of the state from foreign
    aggression, and they shove all this responsibility
    over onto a government.”

    Wow. I am blowing charge on this revelation. Thank you.

  202. So good to see you!! The Shack is my favorite 😉

    Gave one to my cuz, read it to my Man, gave it to my Mom-in-law & my Momma-sita. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  203. Do Be Do Be Do.

  204. “Whole areas of London, jammed with small but customer-filled shops, have been swept away to make room for chromium high-rent modern stores which stand empty of buyers. Birmingham, where you could get anything made, had all its tiny craft shops swept away and replaced with high-rent huge new buildings all on some progress-crazy psychotic break. Possibly the new stores and the huge new shops fitted somebody’s “ideal” but they did not match an actual operating environment. It is this difference between an ideal scene and a practical scene which brings down many old businesses and civilisations. Therefore, to have an ideal, familiarity with what works is desirable. It is quite possible, without any familiarity, to imagine a successful ideal. BUT IT MUST NOT HAVE ANY FIXED IDEAS IN IT. It is the fixed idea that knocks a practical operating living environment in the head. Do-gooders are always at this. They see in a row of old shacks, not economic independence and a lazy life but P-O-V-E-R-T-Y. So they get a new housing project built, shoot taxes into the sky, put total control on a lot of people and cave in a society.” — LRH, HCO PL 19 May 1970 Data Series 8, SANITY.

    “The atmosphere of Scientology is a lot more important than new buildings or modern furniture.” — LRH, HCO PL 27 Dec 1963 THE “MAGIC” OF GOOD MANAGEMENT.

  205. More, please.

  206. I’m half way through the book, it is remarkable, unlike anything I’ve read. For me though the Great Sadness after losing Missy is so powerfully articulated that all the dialogue going on between Mack, Jesus and God is hard to focus on – I keep thinking Yes, fine, but what about Missy?

  207. crashingupwards

    Hi Marty. Nice to see you on the video.

    I love how grounded you are. My take on all is is that LRH was a voracious reader and as a result he distilled thousands of years of learning and observation into a truly workable system. He stripped away the ceremony, emotion, add-ons and falsehoods from many ism’s and ologies. From Plato and St. Paul to Gurdgieff and Crowley, he skimmed off the truths and created powefully effective processes.

    From that effort, came books and bulletins which word for word have as much richness and understanding as almost anything ever written.

    Unfortunately, from the teaching arose an institution which, like others before it and presently, find the protection of the institution more important than he preservation of the truths on which it was based.

    This is an old story. A recurring story throughout history. And what i am saying is known to many here. When the wisdom schools become decadent the true believers somehow find a way to carry on the tradition outside the school to forward its transmission. So said Gurdgieff who was an LRH source.

    Scientology is a prime example. The independents are those who will salvage the works while the institution diverges and dies off.

    The Shack is a great emample of stripping away from a system all of the unimportant “via’s” such as mest and beaurocracy. Strip it all away down to the basic teachings and attempt to understand and apply them.

    Just as LRH stripped away the dross and unnecessary from other teachings and systems, independents must strip away their need for an institution which seeks to control them.

    Dependence on the institituion is part of the problem. Dependence on the “packaged” product. People need to start thinking for themselves and re-empowering themselves. They need to get back to basics. Pick up a book and remove the institution as a “via”. Form study groups. Co-audits. Find that Shack of their own and realize that the work LRH did is theirs and no one can authorize or deny it to them.

    If students and practitioners need a sense of belonging and organization, they will develop it. If they need an auditor, they will find one. The more its a grass roots activity, the better for the subject matter. The more its an individual effort and search, the better for the seeker.

    Your badge of honor today is the shack. But more importantly going forward it is your “giving”.

    “No man was ever honored for what he recieved, but for what he gave”. Calvin Coolidge

    “for it is in giving that we receive” St. Francis of Assisi

    Words to live by. LRH was a lot of things. As much as anything, he was a giver.

    And if you aquire wealth, be like Steve Martin in the movie “the jerk”, and keep that shack right in front of your mansion. We all need a Shack.

  208. These “Ideal Orgs” are a lie. Beautiful buildings maybe, but expanding churches no.

    I was told about a week ago by someone in Las Vegas (an “Ideal Org”) that there were only two paying public on course that weekend, the rest were staff and there was one person in the HGC that was paying public the night before we spoke.

    Additionally 7-10 staff are in the process of trying to route off staff. I’m sure they are having a hard time making it on the $12.00 a week average staff pay.

    Doesn’t sound anything like what LRH talks about in HCO PL “Ideal Orgs”.

    I’ve heard from two people at Tampa org that staff pay averages to be $50.00 a week. It is promoted to new recruits for staff that the local WISE group will set them up with moonlighting jobs. Didn’t Tampa go St. Hill Size?

  209. Pingback: Top Posts —

  210. what is “dirty” propaganda?

  211. The church can absolutely accomodate with you with these, you are one lucky fellow. And as additional incentive, you can pretty much have one for yourself alone soon.

  212. I won’t comment on the egg-hen phenomena here, but aside from that, this video shouldn’t even exist by the churches own standards. It is incredibly bad PR and we thought they wouldn’t be running that script anymore if there is even a slight chance of an external camera/microphone nearby.
    Question for the ex-execs: Was any policy issued regarding on-camera behaviour once the, err, Mark-Bunker-vids hit the internet? Anons always was waiting for handlers LMT-style, but they never showed up until now.

  213. Watching Eyes

    Loved the video. What a great idea.

    Especially loved your “uniform”. Nothing like a sleeveless tee for comfort! What a refreshing change.

    Kind of reminds me of the good ‘ole days before the CofM became the religion of MEST.

  214. Titus Andronicus

    Thanks for the briefing and thanks for the tip on the book as it was very enlightening. I remember when it was published a year or two ago; initially very interested in it I later concluded (wrongly) that it was a book of the horror genre meets end-of-days novels. Guess I was grossly mistaken.

    Lastly, watching your video web briefing made me feel like I had a group again.


  215. martyrathbun09

    Upwards, Thanks for these thoughts. I saw LRH’s library. It was huge – bigger than the public libraries of small towns I’ve been through over the past few years. And the books were read – worn spines throughout the place.

  216. martyrathbun09

    stay with it.

  217. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Jake.

  218. Sarge,
    Yes, we’ll talk. Soon.

  219. Cured Robot

    Interesting how the spin doctors do their paparazzi style reporting on the shack before you occupied it showing it as a run down garbage filled place. Like Ron did, he found run down garbage filled places for a bargain and spruced them up and lived within his means and although not fancy he turned them into places where people could afford the Bridge and actually go up it.

  220. Mike Lemeron

    Awesome! I could almost catch fish without even touching them, haha.

  221. crashingupwards

    Natalie, WOW.

    You relayed that the “local WISE group would set them up with moonlighting jobs”.

    If my memory serves me correctly, one of the reasons behind WISE’s creation was to ensure Scn businesses do not distract staff from being effective staff through recruiting the Org staff.

    Now WISE is acting as the on-site employment agency as the ORGS are recognized as unable to pay their staffs and with this arrangement always will be as the need for production and expansion is undermined.

    Incredibly Ironic. Incredibly off purpose. Apparently nothing anymore in Scn is as it was intended.

    Whats next? CCHR staff chasing down escaped Int Staff.

  222. Couple thoughts on the staff pay thing:

    1. The staff pay system is completely broken, as most of us know. The pay scale mentioned by Natalie is the same in other orgs, if not worse (there were many weeks I didn’t get paid at all, and I was the highest trained auditor – not to mention I was on the highest technical post in the org – Senior Case Supervisor.) The reasons for this are numerous and are covered throughout this blog.

    2. “Moonlighting” thus becomes a vital necessity. With that view in mind, I didn’t like having the rule that WISE companies couldn’t hire me. Scientologists were the ones who knew that my auditor training/experience and administrative training/experience equated to something meaningful in the workplace and thus would pay higher wages compared to another non-scientologist/WISE company, or let alone even hire me.

    This actually was a prime motive of mine in leaving staff – I was broke and “knew” that I could go to work for a Scientologist WISE company once I left staff and make a good career without a college degree, etc.

    So in a way I think it’s clever they have a WISE group helping the staff find jobs, as with their pay scale, outside work is vital. On the other hand, it is an outpoint-correct handling and not addressing the underlying situation. Ie., the pay sucks because of all the out-tech and off-policy in the Church.

  223. I prefer to apply straight LRH to my definitions, so I use the tech dictionary. Nowhere in the tech dictionary does it refer to “Scientologist” as a trademarked term, to be applied to a member of a particular group. Rather, a Scientologist is someone who applies Scientology to improve their own life and the lives of others. One could get an LRH book from the library, read it drill it and do it and become a real Scientologist and never have any connection with the church.

    LRH stated emphatically that there is no hidden data line. I will take him at his word and reject your hidden data line. I do agree that the trademarks are now used to suppress Scientology rather than protect it. The Catholics thought they had the trademark on the term “Christian”. They were wrong.

  224. For ya’lls viewing pleasure

    The movie on line, too!! Whoohoo……

  225. one of those who see

    What a treat. Loved the briefing! Looking forward to the next one.
    As you have mentioned Marty, it really is Reverse Dianetics at the Church. It can’t get any wilder than magazines with page after page of pictures of empty rooms. Scientology is a Spiritual Movement! And now DM is using MEST to try and discredit you??? It’s so rediculous. You gotta laugh out loud.

    Well done to Mosey listening to and from work. I am doing the same thing. Wonderful. Tons of case gain.
    To Freedom Fighter – you made me so happy that you will once again connect up with LRH. Marty, what you are doing here is really Big.
    Thank you.

  226. Well, I’ll be shipped in dit!

    Bruce Pratt…..another of my friends from the old mission. I had always wondered what happened to you after Sterling. And look, here you are with the real Scientologists in the independent field. You were a smart cookie then, and you are now. Glad to see you here, really glad.

    I wish I could place my name here, but alas, I need to remain under cover for a bit longer. Friends and such that I need to remain in com with, so not too pro-survival to push the bailout buzzer just yet.

    Anyway, damn good to see you aligned with the best, and I look forward to meeting again sometime and debriefing.

    Take care…and much affinity..


  227. I kinda liked Joe Howard’s auditing space in the Pro TR’s video. Well….maybe after he took a vacuum cleaner to the place, but, you get my point.

  228. Well here’s my reasoning, Jim.

    Check it over for any outpoints:

    If the Scientology philosophy inspires criminal acts in its practice, then a government inquiry is a threat to the philosophy itself – and it should be boycotted, ignored and even fought against by independent Scientologists in order to protect Scientology.

    But if Scientology has nothing to do with inspiring criminal acts, then exposing those criminals who have perverted the philosophy for their own ends can only strengthen it. In that case, the government should be helped to find all the crimes, and to prosecute those who committed them in order to emerge clean and strong, just as a pc does after a well done confessional.

    No Scientologist ever signed up for criminal abuse. That was never part of the deal.

    As heads of the Church for decades, Marty and Mike both have intimate knowledge of the Church and of all their corrupt operations. Helping the authorities can only make Scientology stronger – if Scientology is not built on crime.

    So why not help?

    Thanks for letting me say my piece.

  229. “Shackelisious”

  230. absolute power corupts absolutely

  231. There’s a reason that the King of Kings was born in a stable.

    Nice one, Marty.

  232. martyrathbun09

    Allen, “So why not help”? Put the reefer down for a moment, have a strong shot of coffee, and examine what’s been going down.

  233. Doc "Smith"


    Great post. Some one gave me a copy of the shack a year or two ago, but with my (seemingly endless) tech training I haven’t taken the time to pick it up. I now find myself with 20 hours a week to study what I want and will take a look at it.

  234. martyrathbun09

    Doc, you’ll have a leg up. You’ll easily identify with the surrounds, takes place in the great pacific northwest.

  235. Jim,

    God insight. Estimation of effort is one of those critical concepts that seems oft overlooked.

    I think a point that gets missed about KSW is that life organizes into specific forms. Scientology tech has a specific structure aimed at achieving a specific end. When you begin to alter that structure you begin to get “something else.”

    Cancer is a big concern. But cancer is mostly cells doing what cells do-dividing and expanding and making new structure–without restraint. From one viewpoint you could admire the cancer cells and say, “wow, now that’s how life should be: powerful and expansive! Those cancer cells just demonstrate the very best of what life is all about: FREEDOM!”

    And yet, cancer destroys the structure. A body is meant to be a certain thing. Correct estimation of effort gets you there. Misestimation of effort gets you something else. And the effort applies according to plan, according to the blueprint. And KSWis merely the architect demanding that the craftsmen follow the friggin’ blueprint so the building ends up as specified.

    I believe that the middle path is great: for the middle path. But, we do not all live on the middle path. Some of us like to climb mountains. Some of us like to explore caves.

    When someone tells me I’m weird, I look at them with great curiosity and ask, “Hmmm. What are you, an advocate of mediocrity? To the average mind, genius and insanity look the same.”

    For this movement toward a better world with greater understanding, we will need individuals with widely differing views to keep ourselves alert and expanding.

    IMO Scientology is not an end all, but a first step. You want that first step to remain stable because it will support all steps that follow. So we will need a group of individuals hell-bent on KSW.

    And once a person has moved through the grade chart, he will discover before him vistas of unimaginable possibilities. And then he can expand from there.

    A baby bird must attain the physical structure which will allow him to fly. If he leaves the nest too soon, he is basically doomed. To advocate that the bird leap from the nest before attaining that adequate structure for flight is criminal. And the grade chart will give one the strength and the wings to leap into flight.

    So, it is not really two opposing positions we are viewing when we discuss those who wish to KSW and those who wish freedom. We’re talking about attaining the correct means to achieve both. Both are necessary, but each has a place in correct order.

    One of the points of data evaluation is correct sequence. I suggest pulling down your britches before you squat in the woods–getting that sequence wrong is just uncomfortable.

    So, to Aeolus and Marty and all of you, the middle path is fine, but I’m climbing.


  236. Fellow Traveller

    Sovereign Centurion —

    I thank you for the acknowledgement. I too look forward to renewing friendships. I may have grown a bit slower, less tolerant in the years. I am working on those. And I am sorry I have no names to place on you from the mission. Your identity is secret here.

    Feel free to chase me down via earth_resident (at) hushmail (dot) com

    I owe several folk, including me, a debrief of recent events. When they have subsided, I will do so.

    Thank you for the ARC — the real deal.

    Bruce Pratt

  237. From Daniel Boorstin’s “The Amateur Spirit”

    ” All this is because I share Einstein’s belief that there is nothing more beautiful than the mystery of things. The world would be a desert if we knew all the answers – yet each of us has the desiccating power to make the world less interesting by our pretensions to know.

    In our age we are menaced by the cost-effective syndrome, which is the more menacing because it masquerades as prudence. It is a way of promoting the extinction of cultural species. The best things in life are free! Love, knowledge, art, music, literature, community, have no bottom line. I worry when I see the leaders of great cultural institutions – universities, publishing houses, museums, libraries – measuring our hopes and possibilities in the homogenized hash of cash. With the momentum of technology these assassins of the bottom line can impoverish our lives by removing from our daily experience countless passenger pigeons and whooping cranes that once enriched our view. How will this stunt the experience of my grandchildren?

    I am, then, a short-term pessimist but a long-term optimist. If our mission is an endless search, how can we fail? In the short run, institutions and professions and even language keep us in the discouraging ruts. But in the long run the ruts wear away and adventuring amateur reward us by a wonderful vagrancy into the unexpected.”


  238. Titus Andronicus

    Ronald Reagan and the badge of honor —

    The following is not intended to take anything away from Marty or ‘the shack’. It is merely to flesh out the Reagan so-called badge of honor of 1983.

    Ronald Reagan was given authorization to proclaim 1983 as “The Year of the Bible” by Public Law. He decreed is to be so at the National Prayer Breakfast of that year to which the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took exception. His doing so was not done within the framework of his taking on or wearing the burdensome mantle of the ‘Christian soldier’, nor was it even accomplished by Presidential Executive Order – he was so authorized by Public Law 97-102 of the 97th Congress of the US citing that the famous Christian book, the Bible, was nigh onto the very foundation of the republic of the United States of America, which is not really factual. Many of the Founding Fathers, despite current popular myth, were not of the bible-thumping Christian ilk. Many were Unitarians while many more were Deists who had no use whatever for the bible – the beloved Thomas Paine was a Deist. They were students of European Enlightenment and the concept of ‘Freethought’.

    More, the US is rich in religion diversity. It so happens that since the time of Barry Goldwater the Christian religion and politics have been being infused by force in a nation founded upon the clear cut separation between religion and the laws of the land. We tend to be a people of exclusion here in the US: whites exclude any race other than their own; powerful religions like Christianity exclude Muslims, Jews, atheists, and yes, Scientologists. ‘White Christians rule’ remains the framework of the social ideology.

    1983 could have just as easily been decreed as being “Recognition of the European Enlightenment, that very bedrock of our nation” at the National Prayer Breakfast, but that would have been way too freethinking than praising the Bible and could likely give rise to the riffraff hooking up with those kinds of ideals.

    The ACLU, to my lights, was upholding the Constitution.

    To borrow a line from the character President Shepherd of the film, “The American President”:
    “For the record: yes, I am a card-carrying member of the ACLU. But the more important question is why aren’t you, Bob? Now, this is an organization whose sole purpose is to defend the Bill of Rights, so it naturally begs the question: Why would a Senator, his party’s most powerful spokesman and a candidate for President, choose to reject upholding the Constitution? If you can answer that question, folks, then you’re smarter than I am, because I didn’t understand it until a few hours ago. America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.”

  239. martyrathbun09

    Titus, I didn’t think I needed to divert with a parenthetical two minutes explaining my political views. I’ve written chapters on how Reaganomics can credibly be demonstrated as the basic on the chain of the materialistic age of greed that followed. Nonetheless, I don’t think anybody can credibly argue that the Gipper did not have a geneous endowment of wit and charm.

  240. Moving Forward

    FF – I’ve had this exact same feeling for years. In fact, I had to completely stop going to Flag World Tour events specifically because I would just end up in tears — auditing and training seemed so far out of my reach.

  241. Moving Forward

    Having visited my local empty shell of a building called an ‘Ideal Org’ a few times in the last months, I have to say that the shack wins, hands down.

  242. Marty,

    I enjoy Ian Buruma’s writings, here’s a link to a recent interview with Ian:

    The above is an interview with arguably one of the world’s top current writer intellectuals.

    I like this website also for discussion about world religion.

    Best, Chuck

  243. Moving Forward

    Titus, I feel the same way about Reagan and his policies, but took Marty’s comment as purely analogous and not as a political statement about Reagan.

    As for Reaganomics being “the basic on the chain of the materialistic are of greed that followed” — indeed. I still feel that trickle-down economics parallels the CofM’s idea of ‘trickle-down Scientology’ complete with the redefining of ‘able’ as ‘rich’.

    This has led to ‘ideal org’ meaning fancy and posh.

    Someone commented in another thread how a Scientologist can be on course, actively volunteering and helping people and yet be considered ‘out-ethics’ because they aren’t mortgaging their house to donate to the ‘ideal org fund’.

    I’ve had it pummeled into me that if you aren’t making loads of cash, you’re a ‘downstat’ and ‘unsuccessful’.

    It’s all about the almighty dollar.

  244. “Reaganomics can credibly be demonstrated as the basic on the chain of the materialistic age of greed that followed”

    I can’t let this go by. I respectfully disagree.

    Reagan correctly epitomized in his politics what LRH talked about in HCO PL Rewards and Penalties.

    In that PL LRH states:

    “The whole decay of Western government is explained in this seemingly obvious law:


    If you reward non-production you get non-production.

    When you penalize production you get non-production.

    The Welfare State can be defined as that state which rewards non-production at the expense of production. Let us not then be surprised that we all turn up at last slaves in a starved society.

    Thus went Ancient Greece, Rome, France, the British Empire and the US. THIS was the decline and fall of every great civilization on this planet: they eventually rewarded the down statistic and penalized the up statistic. That’s ALL that caused their decline. They came into the hands of Suppressives and had NO technology to detect them or escape their inevitable disasters.”


    During Jimmy Carter’s last year in office (1980), inflation averaged 12.5%, compared to 4.4% during Reagan’s last year in office (1988). Over those eight years, the unemployment rate declined from 7.5% to 5.3%. Eighteen million new jobs were created.

    The top tier tax bracket rates were lowered from 70% to 28%, with tax cuts across the boards for all producers. Reagan’s policies proposed that economic growth would occur when marginal tax rates were low enough to spur investment, which would then lead to increased economic growth, higher employment and wages. This is exactly what occurred.

    He also put an end to the Cold War. General Secretary Gorbachev said of his former rival’s Cold War role: “[He was] a man who was instrumental in bringing about the end of the Cold War”, and deemed him “a great President.”

    Reagan also launched a massive war against drugs in our society, making big strides in getting drugs out of our schools and workplace.

    The list could go on, but I have said my piece.

    God Bless Ronald Reagan.

  245. Titus Andronicus

    I agree and would like to clearly state that I was not of the opinion that you needed to or were expected to expand on your political views. I took it upon myself to state the details surrounding the Reagan incident with the ACLU as he was not critized by the ACLU for, by way of example, his anti-toture position and policies. I tried to write mine as as not to take anything away from the message of your video or reflect negatively on you, including any tacit “you shoud’ve said…”. Merely, whilst listening to your video briefing –more than once — the notion caught me that few would remember or know the particulars. And yes, his sure wit and charm gave him a leg up on other less clever mortals to spin things to his advantage — like the ACLU merit badge.

    As it seems appropriate and allows me to ‘get my share on’, I would add that as a young person about to vote for the first time in a general election, I was beyond being an ardent supporter of the man, circa his first GOP presidential primary campaign in ’80. This was long before he was beatified or canonized by the right.

  246. Moving Forward

    Luna — whether Tom’s comment was appropriate or not I don’t know, but I don’t see why you’re calling Tom out on this so strongly.

    I didn’t necessarily see his comment as an attack, he was stating his personal reason for not visiting a blog anymore. He wasn’t slamming anyone that I saw.

    I haven’t seen him ‘target’ anyone so that accusation seemed a bit harsh to me (as did the implication that his comment was factionalizing).

    Isn’t one of the great things about this blog that it is a place where we can actually communicate our differing ideas, opinions and thoughts without having to fall in line with group agreement? I don’t mean bickering, name-calling or personal attacks, but actual communication… It’s something I find really valuable here.

  247. martyrathbun09

    Titus, understood. thank you.

  248. martyrathbun09

    John, Wow, sounds like the Sean Vannity show. Rather than let this blog degenerate into a policital debate, I’ll suggest that you read “American Theocracy” by Kevin Phillips (former strategist for Nixon) when you get the chance. Then let’s discuss politics in private.

  249. Marty, Sounds good on all points. I’ll check that book out. From what I know, it points out the Republican Party has lost its way as to original party principles, which I can firmly agree is the case.

  250. Avenue Road was a beehive of enthusiatic activity and the main reason I got into Scn.
    had it been one of the empty mausoleums of today I would have avoided it at all costs.

  251. Because Jeff is a contributor to this blog, and a friend of mine and of Marty’s.

    And just because you didn’t “notice” that it was a dig against a fellow contributor and a member of the team that is standing up to dm, doesn’t mean it wasn’t.

    And because I object to Jeff or myself or most of the other contributers to Jeff’s blogs being characterized as anti-scientologists or always making LRH look bad. Did you even read his comment?

  252. Loved seeing your video. Then seeing the newest post about dms pitifully nouveau riche office/AKA-end-of-times-bunker, especially having just returned from a week long solitary retreat.

    In a cabin in the northeast woods , with no electricity, no TV, no internet, no running water, no cell phone just me.

    It was a palace to me. A place where for the first time in my life, I was able to spend comfortably and uncomfortably with just me. Nothing to entertain me or distract me.

    Where I could truly engage in the most basic of truths —
    it’s ALL up to me.

    AND of course, to be thankful for the guidance of my teachers — first LRH, and now Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

    A simple cabin, in the woods.

    Thanks again Marty for keeping it real.

    A simple shack, on the coast. Says it all.


  253. martyrathbun09

    Windhorse, perfect. You kind of passed some of it along just now. Thanks.

  254. Moving Forward


    It wasn’t me ‘not noticing’ something, but rather that I don’t consider that he was really trying to characterize Jeff and all of the contributors to his blog as you say.

    Based on everything else I’ve seen him post, it just didn’t seem to me that he would be intending to marginalize, factionalize or target people so generally. Those accusations seemed unfair.

    Right after I hit ‘submit’, I figured it was probably a mistake to jump in, but I’m never one to leave well enough alone.

  255. 2 hours from the Big Easy down I-10. Let me know if you come on over!

  256. It was probably also the lack of $4,000 intensives and emeters.

  257. What a couple of great quotes, Jack. Thanks!

  258. Awesome and perfect – here is something, when I first left the SO in June 1986 – and for quite some time, I stopped reading LRH, which was a huge mistake. In discovering your blog, getting Amy Scobee’s book, and listening to the on line interviews with you, Don Jason and others – what is makes me want to do is read (or re-read!) every bit of LRH I can get my hands on. In other words, its motivating me to re-connect to source. Thank you so much.

  259. I won’t get into the political party debate … but I think it’s pretty clear that the idealism and spirituality of the 60s and 70s in society, were replaced with a corporatism and materialism in the 80s. And more importantly, the Church leadership seemed to go into this “winning valence” right along with it, instead of maintaining their/our spiritual roots.

    While much of society seems to have largely “come back to center” politically from the 90s onwards, the CoS seems stuck in this materialistic think from the 80s. Like being stuck in an incident, and out of present time.

  260. martyrathbun09

    Margaret, I think there is a lot of truth to that.

  261. one of those who see

    Hi Chris,

    This is great news. I have found myself with more reach for the subject as well.

    Marty, Mike, Amy and all others. What a product!

  262. Good point Margaret.

    My final thought on this is: Correlation does not equal causation.

  263. @One of those who see: Same here. I have had more interest in Scientology after reading this blog (as well as scientology-cult and Jeff’s) than I ever had when I was “onlines”.

    Thanks for helping me rekindle my interest. Thanks for helping me realize that I wasn’t the bad guy.

  264. Jim,

    Smoke a fatty and run some OTIII? Really? If you want to abandon the infinite-valued logic recommended by LRH in favor of the black-and-white of reductio-ad-adsurdum, that’s your right. However, if you’re going to use it to discredit the idea that an individual should decide for themselves what is true for them, well, maybe it’s time for you to take a hard look in the mirror.

  265. Marty,

    Sometimes coincidences are just too coincidental to be coincidence.

    One night many weeks ago, I was outside having a smoke (I know, bad.) I was depressed, my heart was aching and I was in tears. I came inside and wrote to you about “lack of faith” and how it was hurting, bad. You recommended “The Shack”.

    I procrastinated and then you made this post. The next day, I ordered my copy. As soon as it arrived, I began reading. It’s had such an impact, I’ve had to read in spurts, letting it sink in, read more, sink in, etc. I’m about 2/3 of the way through now. (I was raised in the Christian church and became extremely disillusioned with their dogma once I entered my teens.)

    Almost to the day that I began reading the book, a 7 year old boy went missing from his elementary school, about 12 miles from my work. They still have not found him and it’s been about two weeks now. I couldn’t help but notice the parallel with Missy. Call me crazy, but how odd is that? These things don’t happen often around here, where children up and go missing.

    Tonight, I received an email from a friend of mine. Right now he is a missionary in China, helping earthquake victims. When he’s done, he’s moving on to the Philippines. He’s a wonderful person. But get this — the message was that Wm. Paul Young, author of The Shack, will be in Portland next week, to speak. OMG. My friend in China had no idea if I’d ever read the book or was reading it right now. It was just a group email to some of his friends stateside.

    I am SO going to hear this man speak. I am just curious as hell to meet this guy and hear what he has to say. He has changed my idea of “God”, the 8th dynamic, spirituality, the whole gamut.

    If anyone else in the Portland/Seattle area sees this and wants to go, email me.

    It is Friday, June 25th at 7:00pm, Concordia University.

    Anyway, thank you, Marty. And I WILL get in touch as soon as I finish the book. You can count on that.

  266. martyrathbun09

    Shelly, Wow. Please get in touch with me after you hear Young.

  267. I hope you received the book. It was pure pleasure to meet him after reading “The Shack”. The man is capable of massive ARC. That’s worth thinking about, IMHO. ❤

  268. It appears that the time has come where I am now to read The Shack. Returning to this blog post, which I do remember reading when it was first published, makes three times in less than a month that this book has come into my awareness. In view of my somewhat odd reading list and the seemingly peculiar sequence of that list that I have been guided to over the past year and a half, I am very intrigued about reading this book. I sense an opportunity for integration is near. Thanks for the link Marty. Nothing is random.

  269. Monte, The book came into my awareness in a similar way – too coincidental to ignore. It completely changed my outlook and journey with regard to religion, the Bible, God, spirituality, responsibility, suffering … definitely a game changer for me. Not to mention, the author lives in my city so I was able to meet and talk to him! I wish you a rewarding read.

  270. Hi Shelly,

    I am no stranger to synchronicity. It’s the manifestation of what has become an increasingly more trusted guidepost in my journey through time and space. It seems to be Bob’s (one of the names I assign to my “higher self”) primary way to give me guidance. For whatever reason, this time…with regards to this book, The Shack, I decided to see just how important or necessary it was for me to read it. Therefore, I did not pursue the book. Instead, I decided that, if indeed, it was a step in my path, it would show up.

    There is a local thrift store I frequently go to on Monday’s as it’s 30% off on Mondays and in this store they have a used book section. Since the synchronicity with The Shack, whenever I’m at this store I check to see if the book is there. Yesterday they had a 50% off sale and the first thing I did when I entered the store was go to a spot somewhat in the middle of the used book section, turn to my left to face the six densely packed rows of books, looked down, then a bit to my left, and my eyes focused on a thin book squeezed between two much larger books. On the edge of the book I read the words, The Shack. I will begin reading it today! ‘Bob’ made his point. 🙂

    BTW, I also got this lesson…there is no need to go looking for ________, if it’s on my path, it will arrive when and how it’s supposed to. My job is to recognize it.

    Shelly, thank you much for sharing your story with me. ~Monte

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