Abolish the IAS

Much talk has been had of the Who.  But, the Data Series teaches us we need to operate on WHYs.  I am rather convinced DM’s donations-for-no-exchange operation is a major one. And while the Idle Orgs has been a recent mother of a money vaccum, the original and grandaddy of all Condition One exchange rip offs has been the IAS.

By way of background, you might want to take a look at a June 09 St Pete Times interview segment where I spoke of the twenty year stat slide.  http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/rathbun.shtml (Scientology on the decline? segment).  Since that interview, at least a dozen former Int staff have confirmed the  facts I covered there.  International church stats have been on a downward trend, unbroken, since summer 1990.

I covered in past posts how IAS was an off-policy, off-Source solution to a problem (defense) that L Ron Hubbard represented long-ago was to be covered by the donations one pays for services.  Even under DM’s reasoning to Scientology managers for maintaining an IAS – i.e. to survive the war with the IRS – the fund was moot after October, 1993 when tax exemption was attained (incidentally, despite propaganda to the contrary, the IAS was useless as teets on  a bull in attaining exemption; in fact it was an impediment). Yet, since IRS exemption IAS has extorted hundreds of millions of dollars under the tight-fisted, dictatorial control of DM.

Now, here are some hard figures that I believe sheds light on the ‘date coincidence’ for the beginning of the international stat decline.

These come from the figures we supplied to the IRS during the exemption process. We gave lists of the top paid fundraisers for the years 89, 90, and 91.

The total FSM commissions paid to the top ten FSMs internationally are listed below. They are broken down by commissions paid for services donations vs. commissions paid for IAS donations (no service).

(percentages means, the percentage of total fsm commissions that type of fsming constitutes for that year – of the top ten)


services:  914,027.40  (55%)  IAS:  746,167.29 (45%)  Total:  1,660,194.69


 services: 981,424.20 (56%)  IAS: 777,748.94 (44%)   Total:  1,759,173.10


services: 698,567.60 (31%) IAS: 1,562,905.30 (69%) Total:  2,261,472.90

         It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to extrapolate where it went from there. What with DM subjugating orgs as servants of IAS,  TV actors jettisoning their careers to go where the real money was (e.g. Pomerantz and Roberts), IAS donations being touted as the means to attain eligibility for OT levels and the means to get out of lower conditions.  I would venture that donations for services are  not even in the double digit percentile when compared to IAS at this point.

Handling: Abolish the IAS and refund the donations.  Prepare to deliver to meet the guaranteed demand of tens of thousands of public who for the first time are able to afford Scientology services.

Exhibit A in support: The following report from the former ED and Snr CS of the Birmingham Org:

Hell Marty, stand well back you really lit the fuse when you brought up the IAS.

In addition to their other crimes, the IAS is and always has been a huge burden on the backs of orgs and there is absolutely no doubt they have seniority over and rule the roost when it comes to Scientology orgs and management, in fact they run the whole shooting match. Run it right into the ground.

Not only do the IAS extract untold sums from Scientology public, they extract huge sums from struggling orgs to pay the costs of their events while commandeering org staff as free labor – all the more “profit” for them.

Every year they hold the big international IAS event at St Hill. And every year the St. Hill Orgs go broke because the IAS make them pay the costs of the over the top, lavish event (hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Most every year as part of the “extravaganza” there is an international org ED’s conference (except when DM cancels it as a make wrong at some perceived slight – talk about hissy fits). Anyway, every year at that conference Org executives from around the world stand up and complain to ED Int about the IAS, their tactics, the demands they put on orgs, frequency of their events, on and on. And despite overwhelming evidence that the IAS is the biggest distraction to and external influence on the backs of our orgs ED Int did absolutely nothing. After a number of these conferences it became clear that there was nothing ED Int could do about it.

Around 2002 UK management execs invited Lucy and me down to an IAS event being put on by the London Orgs because Miscavige was now beating the drum for his idle org “strategy” and somebody had to foot the bill. It was held in a fancy London hotel, paid for by the London orgs of course. But despite the opulent surroundings and fancy food it was a bomb. Clearly the public had had enough and for once they weren’t coughing up the money.

Lucy and I witnessed furious IAS Execs rip into UK management execs who in turn put pressure on the London Org execs about this “flap”. The result? They sabotaged the orgs by regging the staff! The staff of the London orgs were themselves pressured and regged hard to take out loans, extend credit cards and go into deep financial trouble, which they did. It was incredibly sad to see, they were going to be moonlighting for the rest of their lives and to hell with LRH policy about when Day and Foundation staff train. The IAS had just demonstrated that they had the power to get management and org executives to crash their own orgs.

On the broader scale the IAS has crashed Scientology.

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  1. AlexMetheny

    That sounds like a great handling.

    I would like to add if the cost for services were made more realistic as well, then you would see a real boom.

  2. Impartial English Girl

    Sound words, Mr. Rathbun, hope they hit home. x

  3. Fire in the hole

    I’d always wondered who ended the HASI. How was it swept under the rug and who instituted the IAS. Was there ever a paper trail?

  4. Giving back IAS donations so people can pay for services is good, but there are no good services to pay for anymore. If you want to pay for robotic training, endless ruds, sec checks, objectives, purifs, and lots of overruns (since the few auditors are now trained to take up non-reading items and also to ignore F/Ns), you have just moved up to the next level of exchange, Poor Exchange. I would be more interested in moving up the Bridge without all the artificial stops and barriers.

  5. martyrathbun09

    Who said C of M services?

  6. Watching Eyes

    “Abolish the IAS and refund the donations.”

    I’ll second that. Is it possible to get a refund from the IAS? I think a couple in Clearwater got their money back but I don’t know of any others. Can it be done especially if you have no receipts, just your name in the Impact magazines?

  7. I agree. The IAS is off-policy, evil and needs to be disbanded. Also the money collected needs to be payed back if possibly.

    The truth is memberships are covered in HCOPL Memberships by LRH. This reference can be found in OEC volume 6. I do not have that reference handy but the bottom line is that memberships cost about 50 pounds and the money goes into the Org’s HCO Book account not DM’s slush fund.

  8. Ne Obliviscaris


    Maybe this is like the TV show “Lost” and we are really in Purgatory. Could life be any more bizarre if it were true?

    If you recall, when the IAS was first formed in 1984, the first major dono push was for the purchase of the Freewinds. All sorts of nonsense was being promoted about the release of OT VIII. “The planet’s gonna change after OT VIII is released.” “What, you think someone is going to go back to selling insurance after doing OT VIII?” NO WAY!” “The whole crew is going to be OT VIII!” etc.

    Needless to say, none of this stuff happened and OT VIII’s did go back to selling insurance.

    After the purchase of the ship, we couldn’t just abandon a cash cow like the IAS, now could we?

    Thus, the legal defense funds. thus the ever escalating “status” symbols to match the ever expanding empire of MEST that institutional Scientology has become.

    It sickens me.

    And to all of you Scientologists out there (staff and public alike) that are operating out of fear and just pushing cycles away from you – I say this:

    How does it feel to accomplish what you have?


  9. Virgil Samms

    Marty,the handling is rock-solid: “Prepare to deliver to meet the guaranteed demand of tens of thousands of public who for the first time are able to afford Scientology services.”

    I’m very down with that concept. Been waiting for that for decades!

    ML Tom

  10. Totally the correct target and handling Marty!

    Around the year 2000, in Birmingham, England, the IAS insisted on us holding an IAS event “in exchange” for the What is Scientology? Cavalcade rolling into town as part of their UK tour.

    The Birmingham Org staff did all the work while holding their own posts and put in extra time to call all the public, get an event hall and set it all up. Birmingham org paid for the hall, the food and all the special equipment the IAS demanded as well as the call-in telephone costs (not small amount of money in England).

    Jeff Pomeranz showed up on the night to MC the whole thing, speaking long and pleadingly about the need to raise money for all the worthy causes in the world.

    Since they didn’t know any better at that time, the Birmingham public turned out in their droves, and bless them gave generously, very generously. Many gave money I know they didn’t have, following the lead of the org staff who did most of the work on the night and even gave money themselves though they had precious little.

    $120,000 was raised that night alone, I think even the IAS were surprised by the amount donated by the regular hard working folk of Birmingham, it was like they’d hit the jackpot.

    A couple of days later, when I found out Pomeranz had walked away with more than $12,000 of that money as his fee, I puked.

    There are 8 orgs in the UK, Pomeranz did them all on that tour, he made a small fortune at the expense of the British orgs and public, pure unadulterated graft.

    And London Org was driven over the edge financially as a result. They went insolvent because the IAS insisted they hold the event in a big fancy London Hotel which of course the org had to pay for. All the more opulence for Jeff to work his “magic” in!!

  11. In the WUS IAS Office, fundraisers are either sent to the galley to scrub pots or put onto an O/W write-up if they aren’t “putting money on the board” (a daily running total of closed cycles written on a white board) for a number of hours.
    And IAS reg Howard Becker outdoes Pomerantz and Roberts by a long shot. I’m not sure Pomerantz still regges for the IAS – last I heard, he had switched loyalites to The Preservation of the Tech with ASI.

  12. I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrated I have been for the last two decades about getting paid the FSM commissions that I honestly deserved. It seemed that every twist and turn there was a new rule about who could and couldn’t collect. Each org seem to follow different rules, and they enforced them differently. Spouses were off limits, except if it was 1:55 PM on thursday and they wanted your help to get money from your spouse. I found that you would submit an FSM slip and the next thing you knew someone else got the check. When it was all tracked down, it was supposedly upstat longterm FSM’s (wendy and Joanne) who behind your back and your selectee’s back submitted a slip. Because they were such upstat scn’s you couldn’t touch them with any sort of reports, etc… you were told to just go and collect your money from them and work it out with them. It wasn’t the org’s problem.

    Onto IAS commissions. One night at an event in LA, I was trying to leave. I couldn’t take the locked in a room until early morning hours, so I started to walk out. Bridgette corned me and said you can’t leave until you do something. I told her it was against my personal FP at that time. So she asked me if I could commit to doing $500 at another time. I said yes if I have it then. Fast Forward a few months, I go to the ship for a dubug service. I go through the routing form and get to the IAS and they tell me I filled out a slip but never provided the funds. I made a promise that I didn’t keep. Long story short, I had to cough up the money in order to get onto service and to stay on the ship. I was furious because I have never filled out a slip and Bridgette totally lied just to get her own stats up that night and filled out the slip for me.

    To this day I have never given another dime to the IAS. I felt like what was the point if it wasn’t on my own terms. They completely turned the whole cycle around on me as if I was the out ethics person.

    Don’t get me started on account nightmares that never seem to go away!

  13. Quicksilver

    Great post, Marty!

    Here in Canada, the main thrust of the IAS campaign was to help Germany. This went on for YEARS and YEARS … and look at the scene in Germany now … whatever ‘handling’ was done with our dono’s was totally ineffective. I’m not sure whether this was the same story given to other countries when they had their IAS events.

    My wife & I gave this money along with dono’s to ABLE, WISE, etc, etc, etc as a clean help flow. There was never a thought that this money was being hoarded – we were led to believe that these monies were going to finally handle the scene not only in Germany, but the Toronto raid case.

    I was floored when at an IAS event around that time, DM made a big announcement that said the Toronto scene was handled … finished … we won! Nothing could have been further from the truth. A number of us looked around at each other and said WTF!!??!! I was in court when the church got fined … millions, and most defendants found guilty.

    So the PR game goes on, and, what is shown on the screen is bogus, or fudged at best.

    I feel totally let down by a group that was to ensure the future of Scientology – very sad as my wife & I have never had a lot of money. We thought we were helping.

    Despite all that, if a refund did occur, I’d be sending my wife off to see you, Marty, right away. At least I’d be assured she would be getting standard LRH and treated with respect.

    Thanks, again.

  14. Nice to see you ticked off a bit. Cheers. – Tanya

  15. I’m surprised DM hasn’t invented a Turbo Tax type software system for the IAS.

    The Scientologist gets taxed by the IAS proportionate to their annual household income. Something like 85%

    You get a tax break for every child you surrender to the Sea Org, but only for that year, and only 10%

  16. Quicksilver

    Yeah!! What happened to my freekin’ HASI membership??!!??

    Ahh, the good ol’ days 🙂

  17. This avoids having to pay the failed actors such huge IAS commissions as well.

    Yet another bonus for DM is that the Scientologist is expected to buy the software!

    DM has really dropped the eight ball on this one…

  18. As someone who has been the Dissem Sec and the Treas Sec for the FSO I can tell you that the gauntlet of “direct donation” units at Flag is a formitable barrier to public service.
    On both the Arrival Routing Form and the Departure Routing Form the public person is made to see (in turn) each “direct donation” unit on the base of which the IAS is just one.
    If a rich public is arriving at the airport the IAS would frequently pick up the person themselves,
    bypassing the Flag airport van.
    If a public sits down in Dept 6 and agrees to buy services, but first needs to go to their hotel room to get their check book or credit card – it is standard procedure to walk the public to their room “arm and arm”. Why? Because far too often the person would be hijacked by a “direct donation” reg on the way, who would take the money first, leaving the public with no way to pay for services.
    Bonuses are paid to staff for helping or directly getting a public to make a “direct donation” but they are paid nothing if the public pays for an actual service.
    Direct Donation regges are KING at Flag and the IAS regges are above it all. They are protected by RTC and no service reg or staff member with a half a brain would complain about them or show any indicator of CI (counter intention).
    Ten years ago it was known at Flag that the average New Major Service Arrival would pay $50,000 before they left the base. Second mortgages, retirement funds, extended credit cards (with help from the reg), selling property,
    borrowing from family and friends……
    The reg units competed for that money like vultures on a bloody carcass. God help the poor guy that thought he was going to “the friendliest place in the world” for some actual help to become more sane and able.

  19. Marty, I totally agree abolishing the IAS. I remember when it was started and many of us saw no policy and when we questioned we were told to shut up that this was the new HASI membership and when those of us who already had HASI memberships wrote it up we were told by RTC that this was the new membership we were required to have.

    I saw many of my friends screamed at, made less of with verbal trash, locked in rooms, absolutely humiliated into paying money to this mafia group.

    The stories told to get this money were responsible for at least one psychotic break that I know of.

    The entire group is criminal and to think of the ethics cycles and o/w write-ups and in session o/w ‘s asked for on the IAS. yeah right! Oh and those who are still paying off credit cards with huge amounts of money that was paid to the IAS accumulating interest daily.

  20. craig houchin

    Love it. Sign me up for a full Honor Roll Patron refund.

    Actually, I have heard of a class-action lawsuit specifically addressing the IAS donations. Perhaps someone with more info about it can post the info here.

  21. It sounds like another one of those “bait and switch” scams. Is it that DM is aspiring to be a used car salesman after he’s out of Scientology?


  22. YES Marty, abolish the IAS.

    I just opened the OEC POLICY INDEX to search for policy regarding the IAS.

    Guess what?

    There are zero, zippo, nope NONE.

    NOT ONE HCOPL! What the Hell!

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  23. Darla,

    Pomerantz is still working for the IAS at an event as of about 4-5 months ago.

  24. Yeah, I had a fun one with Bridget, too. I remember one story in particular. She told me how someone they were regging had recently refused to give them a donation and the next day was involved in a near-fatal car accident. “If only he had given us the donation, he wouldn’t have pulled in such a terrible motivator.” Well, I had little kids at the time and, NO WAY, did I want to pull in something bad and leave them motherless. Out came the credit card. This sort of cycle repeated many times. Howard, Mike, Bridget, Marian…over and over. Boy, did I feel hoodwinked every damned time. Still do.

  25. Well, its a start. The bigger (concurrent) why is that Tech is OUT Internationally. We know the WHO, and his bogus eval “the blind leading the blind” was a huge arbitrary jammed in to the scene. We know where “blindness” comes from…
    Reverting the Tech Scene has to be priority, otherwise there really is no reason to have organizations at all. Off the top of my head, I would:

    1. Make it easy to open and maintain groups, and for field auditors to audit.
    2. Allow Cl V orgs to deliver up through OT III at least. Being away from home for so long caused huge PTP’s and many quickie completions. This would allow the community to become a community around the orgs.
    3. Put the emphasis on TRAINING in the orgs.
    Once on is on the OT levels, you need to be the best you can be. Otherwise, you do yourself a major dis-service.
    4. Internships are where auditors are made. Not GAT drills.

    5. Make training affordable.

    etc. In other words, put the VALUE BACK INTO the services.

  26. Doc "Smith"

    As staff members at our local org for 9 plus years my wife and I had to go to every IAS event and sit through the whole event, and were expected to cough up anything we could. Niether my wife nor I moved a whole grade chart step during that time, and though the E/D (reg) was happy to ask for money for the IAS ( from which he made commissions and paid his bills while the other staff, not on reg lines got nothing) he never did a reg cycle with me to work on me moving on the Bridge.

    As far as I know the finance scene is different now as all IAS, book and org FSM commissions now go into the salary sum for the whole staff, still very few staff can survive without a moonlight job or a sugar-daddy, also I don’t know what happens with Idle org commisions.

    Just before I resigned from the church, the 7 man SO recruit team for the Idle org was asking all scientology employers to hire staff for moonlight positions so they could make it as staff. This was against all previous anti-external influence policies I remember.

  27. Didn’t the IAS take over the role of the HAsI?


    >…a problem (defense) that L Ron Hubbard represented long-ago was to be covered by the donations one pays for services.

    Watch out – this is a bit of DM squirrel tech. LRH’s original piece used the word “Fees” (PDF of original here.

    DM and crew changed it to “donations” in 1991, well after LRH’s death. I don’t think I have to tell this crowd that “fee” and “donation” have different definitions. I assume this was part of gearing up for the IRS fight.

    Either way, I agree, the IAS is BS.


  28. As I recall it the first IAS briefing i had was during the Portland crusade.At the time the regging was done to create a war chest in case the Orgs were forced to close by the Government in which case we would simply open up orgs across the street under the banner of the IAS.
    Due to the circumstances at the time it seemed a sane proposition to have a back up plan in place.Apparently the cash cow became simply too lucrative to kill once the original target was met.
    Now it is all about “status” with the self-important in Scientology continually holding up their IAS status as a banner of their superiority over those peons with only yearly or lifetime membership.LRH has a comment on status in Hymn of Asia.
    As a PES in the 80’s I used to dread seeing my new public get regged for dono’s and often spent the next week after an event doing handlings.
    Oddly enough i was removed from my PES post by a mission when my stats were all in long term affluence.
    That was in fact 1990 and the Org has never come close to reaching those stats since.(e.g. 10 to 15 First Starts a week)
    In fact on my latest visit to the org after being in another part of the country for about 4 years I was given a tour of the org and saw many old friends.I was quite happy until it dawned on me that I knew every single staff member and public in the place except perhaps 2 or 3!
    Damned near made me want to sign up and be the PES again! Except apparently as I saw it my new GDS stat would probably have been “dono’s to the Ideal Org”or # of IAS promo pcs mailed or some other complete BS.I would have lasted all of about a week before another mission walked into my office!
    I need to calm down 🙂

  29. Contact attorney Barry Van Sickle about claiming donations back from the IAS. He’s got a good number of clients interested. barryvansickle@comcast.net

  30. Virginia McClaughry

    Yes, it can be done.

    Both my husband Mike, and I got our IAS donations back.

    It is probably not known that WHERE I first wrote for the refund, was key.

    Willie Sutton’s law – follow the money.

    The money is banked in the Dutch Antilles (part of the Kingdom of Netherlands). I sent my request directly there.

  31. Great analysis! Thank you…real data helps to run the 3rd dynamic engram, at least. Also, gives a ray of hope.

  32. What have I done?
    I just checked my inbox and saw an email from an IAS reg.Since we were on the topic here I opened it read it and sent the following reply.

    Hi (IAS reg)

    I have always been of the opinion that booming orgs and the delivery of Standard tech is the way to salvage the planet.

    I believe the IAS should concentrate on its original purpose and that the public should be encouraged to take the next step on the Bridge as their primary target. It is not up to the public to salvage the planet but rather per LRH references it is the duty of staff.

    As someone who supported the IAS in the 1985 Battle of Portland and who spent many years on staff I think that LRH would back me in saying that there have always been natural catastophes in which help is important but getting in standard tech and moving people up the bridge is the key to our salvation.If my donations were to be used to help contact salvage and bring to understanding the peoples of earth on the incredible value of Scientology I may reconsider but even then I believe that encouraging public to take their next service,field audit or becoming active as an FSM would be LRH’s and in fact is LRH’s advice.

    Thank you and best wishes in all your endeavors.

    (Axiom 38)

    Wander what the reply will be?

  33. Alexander the Great


    When I open the page , I saw an advertisement of AC360 Vedio from Freedom Mag , just below todays blog.

    It has on top shown as google add.

    Now how it happened, I do’not know, whether its with me only others have also witness that , I can not comment on that, HOWEVER, I can tell you the consequenses of hitting that link — it would let you linked with Freedom Mag web page and they automatically get the IP address and worst case senario is that they now knew that link was forwarded from Marty’s blog.

    Sooner then later , they will find out the whereabouts of your IPs.


  34. Everybody in the house clap your hands like this. Come on, everybody say Oh Yeah!!

    Let’s get the delivery STARTED!

    I’m with you, Marty. Point well made.
    You can’t argue with numbers.

    Abolish the IAS. The best and only way to defend Scientology is to utilize it, make it available, and help those who want it move on up and out!

    “Shining star for you to see what your life can truly be!”

    (it’s 10 minutes…but sooo awesome! each person in this band is a total individual. and they are orchestrated in a dance of Earth Wind & Fire!)

    Yeah, hey
    When you wish upon a star
    Dreams will take you very far, yeah.

    When you wish upon a dream
    Life ain’t always what it seems, oh yeah.

    Once you see your light so clear
    In the sky so very dear

    You’re a shining star, no matter who you are.
    Shining bright to see what you can truly be
    That you can truly be!

    Shining star come into view.
    Shine is watchful light on you, yeah!

    Gives you strength to carry on
    Make your body big and strong.
    Future roads for you to pass
    Love to watch your mug past.

    The shining star, lucky you
    The sinful redeeming shall be true
    On an adventure of the sun, yeah!

    Yeah it’s all awake and just begun.
    Yeah, thought I had to stir the mood
    That’s it now I got my own oh yeah.

    So if you find yourself in need.
    Why don’t you listen to his words of heat?
    Be a child free of sin
    Be some place, yes I can!
    Words of Wisdom: Yes I can!

    You’re a shining star, no matter who you are
    Shining bright to see what you can truly be
    You’re a shining star, no matter who you are
    Shining bright to see what you can truly be!

    Shining star for you to see, what your life can truly be…
    Shining star for you to see, what your life can truly be…
    Shining star for you to see, what your life can truly be!

  35. I have the volume cranked up really loud and I am *dancing* at the thought, Marty! (the last 4 minutes of this video are throngs of people ChEERING!) 🙂

    Prepare to deliver to meet the guaranteed demand of tens of thousands of public who for the first time are able to afford Scientology services.

  36. Absolutely brilliant!

  37. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, totally correct and those stats are very revealing. With you on the helm and proposing this refund of the IAS donations, which is a bright idea (actually it’s just putting Ethics in), and getting back to Standard Tech, the stats are going to go rocket high!

    This is a great handling, IAS donations back and Standard Tech back. I think this should be turned into a campaign by us and needs to be promoted to every Scientologist AS IF it was a fact:
    “Now you have money on your account from your IAS donations for your Bridge”.

    If the cost of services gets to reasonable standards also and per policy as I remember there is some policy on that, Scientology will be moving again.

    It’s the responsibility of every Scientologist with this handling to do something about it. They can no longer remain silent or worse, keep playing that suppressive game. Now, for the first time they can be real Cause over what is happening to their church and their philosophy AND their Bridge.

    I repeat, we should make this into a campaign and promote it to every Scientologist we know. It will indicate big time.

  38. marty, all is good you are making great waves in your space, the speed of particle flow has not arrived yet to another’s,. from a man that seeks only good, and wishes no un good on another..
    arc krc darren may
    peace only comes from you.

  39. I remember those feelings Quicksilver.
    Yeah, it’s a terrible abuse of a help flow… but look at all of us out here, the wiser for it.

    That’s what we got going, one of the last real things on this planet.


  40. I know from the CST Bylaws, it seems LRH’s wish was for the establishment of a “scholarship fund to provide assistance to those seeking advancement on the Scientology Bridge.”

    And so I would love to see the establishment of such a scholarship fund, especially for those seeking training.

    Perhaps a portion of the IAS monies could be used for that as well.

  41. This is important for many reasons. One of which is that auditors, auditing, training, and course supervisors — i.e., the reasons for the existence of the COS — become increasingly economically less important.

    Another reason this is important is that it makes the COS less manpower dependent. Indeed, manpower becomes a cost of business that generates less and less income. (Even if it is just food, room, board and $24 a week, or Class V salary.) Auditing (excluding some OT levels) is a one-on-one activity. It requires auditors. Auditors require training. Training requires staff — course supervisors, word clearers, qual, and support staff. In contrast, squeezing the last dime out of a COS public requires only a Reg.

    In addition, as others have mentioned, the more money the public spend on the IAS and Idle Orgs, the less money they have to spend on auditing and training. The result is that the public becomes discouraged, disillusioned and disaffected.

    And as Marty has mentioned in previous posts, increasingly status is bought, and not earned. Becoming an Auditor takes time, discipline, effort and study. Same with any training. Even though some looked down on the *receipt* of auditing when I was in (i.e., being “merely” a PC, as opposed to doing training), being a PC also takes time, effort and discipline.

    One can become a Patron Gluteus Maximus by simply writing a check.

  42. I always wondered what Pomeranz made. I knew it must be a lot. Sickening it sure is!

  43. I can’t believe IAS was a stop on the routing form even! What a crock-o-shit!

  44. War and Peace


    Sent to me by someone in Southern California.

    “PLEASE post on Marty’s Blog.

    In recent times visits to AOLA show almost no photos of LRH. The whole of the 1st floor is emptied of LRH Photos in the corridors.
    The only videos playing are David Miscavige and his standing ovations at Int Events.

    Instead of LRH photos on the walls, the new decor is pictures of Ideal Orgs and Statuses.
    Outside the examiner’s office, (no LRH photos) I noticed a brightly colored poster of Barbara Dakin naming her “Gold Meritorius” of the IAS.

    Barbara is about 75 years old, a widower and hardly a person of means. I used to volunteer with her in that Los Angeles beautification project.( clean the graffitti, pick up the trash. )

    I ran into her in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles and congratulated her on her celebrity IAS status and mentioned her photo and award as the only photo image on the first floor of AOLA.

    I asked her “how much do you give IAS for Gold Meritorius status?”

    She replied “One Million dollars”

    “Whew ! How did you do it ?” I asked knowing she had no such wealth.

    She looked at me with a tired smile.

    “My husband died, and he had life insurance, and the IAS got that, plus his 401K, and I owned my house free and clear in Silverlake and took out a mortgage. The combination of my husbands’ 401K, his life insurance and mortgaging my home got it to $1 million.”

    “They were with me til 2am on the Reg cycle” she added.

    75 year old widower, no job, with a mortgage so IAS could take get the $1 million in one evening.”

  45. Correct indication! Truth always gives a line charge 🙂

  46. Marty for president. Seriously.

  47. Marty,

    I already told you once, that when the sit. gets handled there will be a demand for services that is enorm. I guess that it will be millions of people. They are all waiting that Scientology becomes Scientology again.
    In the last 60 years millions of people had wins in Scientology and as soon the word spreads around they’ll come.
    Your why really opens the door to the handling. I would be very pleased if you also do an eval about the prices. As that is very funny. Before the prices rising, we had as staff enough salary to survive without having to moonlight. When the prices started to rise, suddenly our salaries went down and we had to moonlight. This doesn’t make any sense. Where there less public coming in ?
    You are a genious and you propably are not fully aware of what you already achieved. You are making history.


  48. Man, this is one I’m sure lost of people have a lot of charge on. My feeling is that at this point a good percentage, possibly majority of Scientologists, even ones who attend IAS events feel in their gut that somethings wrong with the IAS, but are group pressured to go with the program. I’ve dealt with and actually spent some time with most of the IAS reges.

    It causes many problems I have seen over the years. Some being:

    It keeps OT’s crippled in debt and unable to move and act freely. One of the reasons the field is largely inactive and ineffective with Scientology. (In my area anyway)

    It prevents people from affording services.

    It is a burden for orgs, sucking all the money from their feild.

    It kills Div 6 when new public are invited to IAS events. It’s out R and for many it’s their last time in the Org. At best it takes money they would have paid for services. Either way they often dont return.

    It creates a status system of Scientology. You are no good unless you are Patronus Maximus now are you?

    I have thought of trying to get a refund, but I’m sure it’s not easy and it would take some confront I guess.

    I figure it’s lesson learned and chalk it up to experience. I try not to get too serious about money. It was sort of a financial hole in the boat that is now plugged. It is taking me some time to get out of debt though.

    I have said for a long time that people want Scientology- real Scientology. If real Scientology is available, people show up in droves to get it as they did in LRH’s day.

  49. Only 85% ??

    I’ll asume you meant to type 185%

    The IAS advance man Ben (drawing a blank on last name) used to brag about donating 200% of his income to the IAS or some such figure. “How is that possible? It’s not-it’s OT!…”

    I never quite got how going into debt and maxing out credit cards to a dangerous level proved your OTness.

  50. Felicitas Foster

    Yeah, it would be nice to get back the donations one made to the IAS and then get some real LRH Scientology. I think after all these years a lot of us have deserved to truely achieve the freedom we were looking for when we entered this game.
    I did not have the money but I also donated a lot more than was healthy for me – and I also thought I help to get rid of the suppressions on this planet and buy some safe place – and now I have to confront that my money bought supression.

  51. Theo Sismanides

    Independently of what I said above about the IAS and Marty’s idea and handling I would like to point out to all one very important fact in the whole game.

    Miscavige is playing his own game (and I am very suspicious as to how he is playing it and how he is assisted and by who). He has been denigrating Scientologists for insisting on Standard Tech and whoever dares to criticize his squirreling practices and High Crimes.

    However, whatever his role is in this game, one thing is for sure:

    Miscavige is giving to everybody an excuse as to why we failed.

    We are the only beings on the planet who know about implants and such.

    Chasing Miscavige IS one thing. Carrying on with the mission is another.

    It will take tremendous responsibility on the part of each one of us and as a team as well, to bring it off.

    Admin policy and Ethics policy applies more than ever. I am sorry if this is unpalatable to a lot and I am sorry that I myself have been fooling around.

    It’s time we grow up. Honestly Miscavige may very well be playing a role there and focusing our attention on him exclusively gives us losses on other frontiers which we very well know may grieve a thetan.

  52. Marty, I sure hope someone releases the same information with more PT dates, because it’d really be interesting to see that as a 20-year trend.

  53. Another Anonymous

    Thank you! This is very a interesting (the comments too) insight into the inner workings of CoS. It’s good to see some hard numbers too!

  54. planetaryclearing

    I once sat in my auditing room at home on OTVII while some IAS reg waited in my lounge. I outwaited him , had a couple of sessions and a good sleep. This was after walking out on an IAS dinner the night before after I agreed to attend on the basis it was a briefing and not a reg event. It was a reg event and I walked and left my then wife there after asking her if she wanted to walk with me. I told her I would do this prior to going to the event and would only go on the basis she understood i would walk. I really enjoyed walking at the time and by all reports I was a bad guy and this reg came to my home to see what he could get. He failed. No-one ever stood up to me on this in those days (early nineties) I couldnt stand their lies then and still cant now. I didnt get any KRs by the way. It is a fond memory times of integrity like these. The IAS is just a bank account(s)

  55. Geez, that’s devilish!! Aahh, how I like that one!
    Marty, thank YOU.

  56. Saw how that worked – and now getting the background data… I am out for now with disgust.
    Thanks, Haydn.

  57. Hell Marty, stand well back you really lit the fuse when you brought up the IAS.

    In addition to their other crimes, the IAS is and always has been a huge burden on the backs of orgs and there is absolutely no doubt they have seniority over and rule the roost when it comes to Scientology orgs and management, in fact they run the whole shooting match. Run it right into the ground.

    Not only do the IAS extract untold sums from Scientology public, they extract huge sums from struggling orgs to pay the costs of their events while commandeering org staff as free labor – all the more “profit” for them.

    Every year they hold the big international IAS event at St Hill. And every year the St. Hill Orgs go broke because the IAS make them pay the costs of the over the top, lavish event (hundreds of thousands of dollars).

    Most every year as part of the “extravaganza” there is an international org ED’s conference (except when DM cancels it as a make wrong at some perceived slight – talk about hissy fits). Anyway, every year at that conference Org executives from around the world stand up and complain to ED Int about the IAS, their tactics, the demands they put on orgs, frequency of their events, on and on. And despite overwhelming evidence that the IAS is the biggest distraction to and external influence on the backs of our orgs ED Int did absolutely nothing. After a number of these conferences it became clear that there was nothing ED Int could do about it.

    Around 2002 UK management execs invited Lucy and me down to an IAS event being put on by the London Orgs because Miscavige was now beating the drum for his idle org “strategy” and somebody had to foot the bill. It was held in a fancy London hotel, paid for by the London orgs of course. But despite the opulent surroundings and fancy food it was a bomb. Clearly the public had had enough and for once they weren’t coughing up the money.

    Lucy and I witnessed furious IAS Execs rip into UK management execs who in turn put pressure on the London Org execs about this “flap”. The result? They sabotaged the orgs by regging the staff! The staff of the London orgs were themselves pressured and regged hard to take out loans, extend credit cards and go into deep financial trouble, which they did. It was incredibly sad to see, they were going to be moonlighting for the rest of their lives and to hell with LRH policy about when Day and Foundation staff train. The IAS had just demonstrated that they had the power to get management and org executives to crash their own orgs.

    On the broader scale the IAS has crashed Scientology.

  58. martyrathbun09

    Haydn, Thank you very much for contributing these facts from the eyes of an org. So vital, I am adding it to the post as an addendum. Exhibit A.

  59. martyrathbun09

    Theo, wish I could do the same. But, the hundreds of millions are being used to shut me and my main compadres down. I don’t think you want that to happen; unless you want to be next.

  60. martyrathbun09

    Prices are really easy. LRH already figured that formula out – so that an average working Joe could make it up the Bridge without grossly altering his lifestyle.

  61. Chairman of the Bored

    I’m embarrassed to admit I got bamboozled out of almost 100 grand. Why? The lie that the IAS operates on is that “we need all your money right now to save Scientology”, which of course we now know is total BS. I hope, for their safety, I never come across Jeff Pomerantz, Michael Roberts or Howard Becker anytime soon.

  62. martyrathbun09

    War and Peace, thanks for sharing this. I am familiar with dozen of similar stories of unconscionable conduct in the name of IAS. It is good to get the particulars known.

  63. martyrathbun09

    Kha Khan, thanks for your insight.

  64. Chairman of the Bored

    BTW, the Scientology public absolutely detests the IAS. The first thought any public has when they hear about yet another “IAS Briefing” is “how do I get out of it?” I’ve known a few public who have had to pulled guns on IAS reges who show up late at night and unannounced and uninvited at their homes. The IAS reges promptly leave. Apparently force is the best way to deal with extortionists. Feel free to pass it on.

  65. Pulling the string on the IAS, one finds it’s administrative headquarters are in the Netherlands Antilles. Off shore so to speak. It’s incorporation was done by two persons in Cyprus.

    Scientologically speaking, there is no Admin Scale published, no org board available to public, even those who apparently are members, and no accounting to them either.

    It is an organization much like the Federal Reserve set up. It only APPEARS to be part of LRH Scientology. It is indeed a sort of autonomous, ever-shifting ‘hump’ like Igor’s in Young Frankenstein.

    It has become, under DM’s direction, an entirely separate appendage, based on zero LRH policy, and it is obvious today, is the strategy and tactic of David Miscavige to have for himself his very own, unaccountable, entity.

    The IAS is set up FOR the IAS. It is not part of any Scientology policy or org board. It delivers NO Scientology services, not a one, no auditing, no training. NOTHING.

    It, bluntly, is a cancerous growth on Scientology taking all and giving nothing but the destruction of its host.

  66. martyrathbun09

    Alexander, I appreciate you concern. However, dude, chill. We are way past the tipping point. They don’t have the resources nor the time to do a damn thing about anyone they find frequenting this blog. STOP WALKING ON EGG SHELLS PEOPLE, BEING PTS SUCKS.

  67. Ugh, I remember this well…there was one of these held in a hotel in the Bournemouth area for the mission there. A horrible experience (it was my first ever IAS reg event, but “sold” to me as a “briefing” of monumental importance! I was livid). Pomerantz was there too, waving a sword around his head like a mad man whilst raging against the psychs/SPs (or whatever it was at the time we had to “fight”). The pressure to donate was like nothing I had EVER experienced. To know that some supposed “celebrity” (with a questionable moustache ) took a cut makes me sick to the stomach.

  68. And there is the divorcee, retired, about 70 at the time who joined the SO and was regged for her 400K nest egg, all for the IAS. She later felt she was unable to make it in the SO, routed out.

    With NO money. Try starting over at 70.

    Unconscionable is a kind word for this type of reg cycle. Purely evil. It was bad when it was supposed to be going to defend the church. Now that we know the life style of the small and infamous – it’s just horrific.


  69. martyrathbun09

    Axiom, if you do get a reply we’d love for you to share it. Incidentally, IAS has ZERO to do with Portland. ZERO. That was a rewrite of history by DM to use the great images we had from Portland, and the great deal of emotional significance it held for so many, to ruthlessly extract the life blood out of IAS marks.

  70. Cowboy Poet

    Wow, what an opening paragraph for a wonderfully written piece–really puts you in your seat and tells you to buckle up.
    Great post, Marty!

  71. martyrathbun09

    Doc, thanks for this vital information.

  72. martyrathbun09

    because, you absolutely right.

  73. martyrathbun09

    Mat, thanks, this is a very revealing perspective.

  74. Axiom38

    Made the same experience as you did ! Never had any problem to fill up an Org with new public. I try to cool down since 28 years, but still today I explode sometimes when a Scientogist wants to explain to me why it is difficult to disseminate because of the Sp’s. My game always was to create so much traffic that the staff were overwhelmed and the lines falling apart, and I had fun then. Was I a mean boy ?
    I did this to demonstrate that it is no problem to disseminate, as I already was charged on being musical chaired around the org board.
    I hope one day we old divsixer can complte this cycle to our satisfaction and turn over the hat in a power condition.
    I calmed down a bit 🙂



  75. V, You did it again my beautiful theta friend.

  76. Wow !
    Times are changing !

  77. Doc,
    It is utterly counter to an LRH eval and program from the late 70s on ‘external-influences’.

    DM is directly cross-ordering LRH by this scene you describe. No sugar-coating possible here; it’s diametrically opposed to L. Ron Hubbard and his intentions for service in Class V orgs.

  78. I fully approuve the abolishment of the IAS!
    Additionally I want to share another interesting experience while auditing OTs in the field. While doing a tailored FPRD confessional I noticed that the pc came up with an answer that would fit DM enforced moral code on the church’s victims. I took it up and took the chain to ep. Shortly after the pc was upset and after handling the immediate reason for it, I took the chance to make sure I was auditing her against her own moral code as opposed to what the church might have enforced on her. She brightened up immediately and realized it was the case. Needless to say that the amount of wins following that increased noticeably.

  79. even if they have your IP address they have no way to track down your exact address. Ip Locators are only good down to a regional suburb area. For example Glendale, or La Canada.

    as Marty said they don’t have the resources at this point in the game to knock on every single door in Glendale tracking down who is looking at Marty’s blog. Their game is only to make sure everyone see’s their video, that is why they have done paid google ads!

  80. darren,
    What does that mean?

  81. Peace Love and Happiness

    I think all of us should go to the libraries in our area and see how the latest IAS evolution, LRH Library Campaign that was spearheaded through CLW just a little bit ago actually panned out…

    Every single library in the united states is supposed to have a complete set of the new LRH Basics and expose that one for what it is… and show ppl how many libraries are missing the books…

    hmm wouldn’t that get these “in” scientologist to HAVE to start looking because tens of millions of dollars was regged by eneryone, every post on the FLB for this project…

    how sad that you can’t walk into the “friendliest place in the world” without getting bombarded

  82. Ben Elkington – I’m pretty sure that’s who you mean.

  83. Watching Eyes

    Virginia, do you have an email address where I can write to you? Or, can you post an address where you wrote?

  84. Nightmares Getting Less

    Much has been documented about Int Stats declining since the summer of 1990. (BTW, whatever happened to the old FBDL weekly issue, of all Org’s GDSes that was published?).

    Can someone please confirm to me that IAS’s stat are PRESENTLY downtrending? That would really make my day.

  85. froghopper

    IAS get rid of it and those along invold

  86. Thank you both Jim and Marty for these valuable truths.

  87. Freedom Fighter

    I’ve been hesitant to respond to this post for fear of frying the entire internet with my rage. This is one topic that gets me very “sudden” as Sarge would put it.

    The IAS is the biggest Merchant of Chaos I’ve ever encountered. From the Germany campaigns, to the psychs, to the squirrelled VM program, to the starving children in Beafra (o.k. I made that last one up, but you get my point), we are made to feel that if we don’t donate everything we have and then some NOW, Scientology and the planet will go down in a ball of flames. It would take me days to destim from all of the dangerous environment firehosing put out in just one IAS event.

    There was a time when I swallowed the IAS BS hook, line, and sinker. I had family members who needed my financial support who I neglected so I could donate money I didn have to the IAS “because it was the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”. I had to reach Patron status like yesterday. “But what about my Bridge?”, I asked. Never fear! There are plenty of stories (fabricated I’d wager) of the guy who won the lottery right after he donated to the IAS. Uh, yeah.

    I finally got so discusted with their total lack of regard for whether or not I could financially afford to get up the Bridge if I kept donating to the IAS that I started making a game out of how quickly I could blow off an IAS reg. For the most part, I’d avoid them like the plague, but if they were foolish enough to persist, I’d hit them with so much logic and counter arguments that they’d finally get discusted with me and leave. A major part of any planning for a trip to an upper org for services included a strategy for how to escape and evade the IAS regges. Talk about a PTP (present-time problem)!

    I’m VERY curious to know how they got started and by whom. I have a strong feeling that this string leads to a very large elephant at the other end.

  88. Yeah, that’s what makes it BRILLIANT!

  89. Nighmares Getting Less

    Lucy and I have been wracking our brains trying to recall the exact date we ceased to receive that Flag Bureau Data Letter (FBDL) which had all the stats of all orgs around the planet. You could really tell what was going on around the planet with that issue.

    It ended in the later 90s. There are two date co-incidences for its disappearance. The first was the “huge flap” when supposedly the greatest org on the planet (Hamburg) was discovered to have been keeping two sets of stats, the real set of modest stats they used to manage with and the completely invented set of “stellar” BS stats it reported up the lines. That must have been a huge embarrassment for Dear Leader.

    The second was the post GAT era (1997 onwards) when that FBDL would have told the whole Scientology world that orgs were NOT booming with the so called GAT.

    But then you also had the IAS flat out driving orgs into the ground so it is likely all of the above.

  90. Lucy James

    As the Executive Director of Birmingham Org I had numerous public upset about the continual harassment from IAS registrars.

    One public was harassed so hard and for so long she finally gave $10,000 she didn’t have (on top of the $100,000 she’d already donated along the way). She ended up bankrupt. She was upset and tried to get help from the IAS. No communication came forth from them. She finally snapped and got a tough lawyer and refunded all her IAS donations. The IAS told her she would never do Scientology again so she went further and got a full repayment of all monies. I had to meet with her and have her sign all her forms. It was heart breaking — she told me how much she loved LRH, Scientology and all the Birmingham staff but she felt the IAS actions were wrong and she had to take a stand.

    Many public including OT’s came to me in tears. They just wanted to come to the org and get their services and not be harassed by the IAS. The main Reg of the org who was loved by all the public started telling public he would ensure they were not hounded by the IAS in the org so they could get their services. This was early June 2005. Guess what? He was ordered down to St Hill by the RTC Rep and put on the meter for hours. His wings were clipped. He routed off staff shortly after and the org went insolvent and couldn’t pay its staff. He had been on staff for 19 years.

  91. NOTsaware,
    With good reason it is called the False purpose RD.

  92. “How I got my IAS refund”

    “All right. Here is how I got my money back from the IAS (International Association of Scientologists). I got the check for $5,350 last Saturday, Nov. 1st, 2008. Doesn’t get much more recent than that. This included annual and lifetime memberships going back to the 80’s. No, I didn’t ask for interest – didn’t want to push my luck!”…..



  93. If any reges show up at my house for any reason, i tell them I’m going to call the police. I haven’t had to do it yet, as they leave and don’t come back. The reges seem nonplused at my threat, like they’re used to hearing that.

  94. I wrote to LA, and got a letter back — no refunds. I need the address you have, and a copy of what you sent might help me with my own letter. In fact, why don’t you post ALL of that here? You would be helping a whole lot of people.

  95. Yeah, and as far as I am concerned HEBER rounded up the Portland event.

    I’d already laid eyes on DM by then and quietly withdrawn my support of what was coming down the line, but it was Heber who convinced me to go sleep on a park bench in the rain for a week. No small feat that.

    I see Portland as pretty much the end of truly sincere public who were willing to make it go right to back up their church. It was a great distraction to what was really happening right in front of our eyes, and in the end seems it got used to create that aura of danger and attack against the church.

    There were special reg trailers set up around the place, no one ever managed to drag me into one, but a friend of mine that spent a couple of hours in there told me he’d had a confidential briefing about the big beings from another planet that were circling for an attack. No shit, that’s exactly what he said

    So was DM already lounging in the pool with TC back at int while we were sleeping in the rain and throwing our coffee money to desperate reges?

    Well at least I’m finally getting some TA action after all these years.

    I recently spent an entire day MAD AS HELL about this bullshit offloading of Sea Org members. Way to treat your friends guys!

    They work like slaves for the cause and as soon as their health fails or they have some trouble in their lives you boot them out. WOW, what a group…sure to save the planet eh?

    That is the single most bogus crock of shite I could ever imagine, to put it in layman’s terms.

  96. Durn it – I was going to say Ben Dover

  97. Marty, right on! being PTS does suck…People other than a bomb going off I don’t get what will wake you up. You are free to the degree to admit and do something with that freedom. Stand up!

  98. @ Everybodty. Data to be found HERE


    Number: C1967046 Date Filed: 4/23/1996 Status: surrender
    BOX 3335

  99. She is one of the most vile individuals I know. With stories to abound- I will leave it at that.

  100. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Great point Kha Khan,
    Plus, if you purchase status you are effect. Someone says, give me cash and I will grant you this here status.

    If you earn status, you are cause. You do stuff. You amaze yourself. You did it. You know you can do it again. You are controlling your environment instead of it controlling you. You are achieving freedom!

    Which do you prefer?

    P.S. Note that Kha Khan was definately not something that could be bought with cash.

  101. The rapaciousness of the IAS just gets worse and worse, if that’s at all possible.

    Less than a year ago, my then boss asked me to meet with a lady to see if I could help her. I met with the lady — I was shocked by what I found.

    She was an American in her late 60s, a Flag public who had been a hard working professional all her life. She was ready to retire but couldn’t. In fact she was financially worse off than at any time in her history. You see she had attended an international IAS event at which she was hammered by the IAS to lend a 3rd party a huge sum of money so he could donate it to the IAS. She was made to cash in her pension, her 401K and anything else she could get her hands on, more than half a million dollars. Problem was she couldn’t get it back and the IAS weren’t helping, not at all.

    Their solution, if you could call it that was to get my boss (a mini-DM and big ass kisser of the IAS) to help this aged lady “make more money”.

    The real solution is stated by Marty in his article. End this criminality. Abolish the IAS and give these people their money back

  102. Actually, one more thing to say- who was the SP that the accident victim encountered just before “the motivator”? She also regges elderly SO ( a relative) with dementia- easy prey.
    I think I am getting sudden.

  103. Any questions anymore?

    Lucy, praise to the James Family for all that data! Q.e.d.
    Best, Fidelio

  104. Let’s not forget Rex Fowler- embezzles funds from his partnership to give to the IAS and then blows away the partner as part of the dispute over the funds. His wife infoed the IAS that the funds were ill-gotten and they would not return them.

  105. Thanks, Marty, for this article and to the many posters who shed more light on the details of the IAS scam and their experiences. I’ve been planting seeds for taking action to get our $$ back from this corrupt organization and today’s information was just what my husband needed to tip the scales.

    We’ve started by contacting Barry VanSickle this morning, and I’d appreciate hearing any and all suggestions in posts or to me directly at marta.willson@gmail.com

    As an aside, one of my favorite integrity-moments was having the pleasure of calling Michael Roberts a fucking asshole in all honesty, to his face outside AOLA with several snickering witnesses. I placed that in my “warm fuzzy” theta-file and re-live it whenever I need a personal booster 🙂 the witnesses no doubt still do as well.

  106. There’s also some useful info about this here: http://www.robertdam-cos.dk/refund.html

    In particular,

    “The IAS is the membership organization that unites all Scientologists, regardless of nationality, into one strong, dedicated group. Its purpose is:

    To unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world, so as to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard.”

    If you are a Scientologist you should be united with other Scientologists through your membership of IAS. If this is not the case, then IAS are not delivering what they promise and should therefore return your donations. Lets say you have been SP declared for demanding your local org, Flag or Freewinds to uphold and apply original LRH tech, like many Scientologists have, then you are automatically expelled from the IAS. So the IAS is doing the oppsite of their stated purpose. In other words, if you can prove that IAS does not at all unite, advance, support and protect Scientology and Scientologists you should demand your donations back, since the whole thing is based on fraud.

  107. War and Peace, this comes under Elder Abuse. This is beyond insane. All in the name of some bullshit made-up scene (drama created by the dwarf).

  108. Doc,

    Interesting information, it reminded me of the fact that a veru good friend of mine who was on staff with me at LA Org got comm eved and declared by a Flag mission in the late ’70s for refusing to give up his moonlighting job which he vitally needed in order to support his family. The declare was cleared up and he refused to go back on staff.

    If you look at it, the IAS or any direct donation entity which was never approved by LRH, actually fit the bill to be labeled as “external influences” as they are blood suckers and suck the energy from public to go up the Bridge!

    This scene with direct donations is way worse than having Peter Gillham or Ruth Minshull’s books being sold in Org and Mission book stores at that time. It is akin to the creation of “special properties” sold by ASI in the ’80s in terms of leather-bound books and soft porn prints during DM’s tenure as COB ASI.

    Have those leather bound books now been assigned to the kindling pile with the event of the revised “basic” books?

  109. Wow, the first hand accounts and solid data here is incredible. Bravo Marty for taking on the bull by the horns. And thanks to all who shared their own experiences to paint the truth for what it really is.

    I’ve never had any direct involvement with Scientology in any shape or form aside from being a human right advocate. So I have a hard time relating to the points about looking and the “who” vs. looking at the “why”. To me, it is a simple of matter the “what” —


    And fwiw, that “what” screams out 4 things loud and clear after the huge amount of disgust left in the pit of my stomach by the time i finally the comment box at the end of this page:

    1. RTC & DM = Den of Thieves
    2. OSA = Merchants of Chaos, protecting the interests of the Den of Thieves
    3. IAS = Masters of Extortion, doing the dirty work for the Den of Thieves
    4. International Management as a whole = The Embodiment of Pure Evil who uses all of the above to ride out their reign terror at the expense of parishioners.

    My heart goes out to everyone who was a victim of the IAS massively corrupt extortion scheme. You were all unwillingly tricked into feeding the machine that’s purely criminal in nature. Abolishing the IAS is following the money straight into the pockets of the Den of Thieves.

    So here’s hoping everybody demands their lifetime membership dono’s back. (e.g. of doing so has been recorded here: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?t=8526)

    Especially if you have been declared or threatened with disconnection… if they have the audacity to threaten your eternity, they should have a check in hand for a full refund of everything ever given to the IAS.

    And if the demands for your IAS refund goes nowhere, please please please consider joining the Barry Van Sickle lawsuit that Heather mentions above. Details of such are covered on ESMB on the following links:




    Hit ’em where it hurts most – the largest revenue streams. /SALUTE

  110. Nightmares Getting Less

    T Paine,

    Thanks. The Last FBDL on stats I remember seeing was around 1995, pre GAT. So your sentiment about GAT sounds about right. Exposing the stats with the FBDL issue would have exposed GAT was a failure!

    Of course any idiot already knew GAT was a failure. Just look at the number of techies that were busted from it.

  111. Sorry, I’m little bit late with that post but I wanted to give my opinion about the counter-attack of the C.O.S.
    As for the the response video from the C.O.S it seems to me that their Marketing/Pr guys are smart and are working on getting rid of DM.
    If you talk about “workers paradise” any educated and intelligent person will instantly think about communist paradises (Russia, Cuba, Northcorea etc…). No intelligent PR will ever use such a word to describe a working environment, as they know what it means. It’s a cynical word.
    Seems like the staffs at Int want to let the world know where they are living and are already supporting Mike and Marty (perhaps they are not fully aware of it yet).
    Any person that has some knowledge of history will instantly recognize the videos as pure propaganda and they know what propaganda is (lies).
    So what’s the problem ?
    Mike and Marty you are on target, you have achieved much more that you dreamt of.
    Also, to name SO members “workers” is an invalidation. Look up the definitions of it;
    a. One who works at a particular occupation or activity
    b. One who does manual or industrial labor.
    2. A member of the working class.
    3. a sterile female member of a colony of bees, ants, or wasps that forages for food, cares for the larvae, etc.
    Compare it to the definition of what a S.O Member is.
    I never have seen a Scientogist or a Sea.Org Member calling himself a worker ????
    Any person that read “Brave new world” will know what those videos mean. They are straight out from the book of Huxley.
    I can’t imagine that the people working in Pr and Marketing at Int. didn’t know what they put out. It’s 100% supporting the report of CNN.
    They are on our side.




  112. The onley resource needed to “save” Scientology is people who practice it.

  113. Well, if it all does come crashing down and it’s all gloom and doom and we’re all going to die, y’all can come over to my house and I’ll change my living room into a course room and we will carry on.

    Besides, some of you are supes and I could use your help.

  114. Haydn & Lucy,

    Thanks for these facts, I had no idea the Orgs paid for the IAS extravaganzas which were over the top.

    I knew the top notch Caterer (Terry) of Alison Price used for the Patron’s ball and Medal winners fancy lunch served by butlers in their tails outfit in the monkey room at St Hill manor. This outfit serves ministers as well as Elton John parties & are expensive.
    Terry gave me a signed copy of their first book.

  115. Theo Sismanides

    Mat, this is gross!

    A public can be hijacked in the corridors of Flag by “direct donations” units staff.

    This is Homo Sap destroying everything a Homo Novis built.

  116. V,

    Thanks for the reminder. I remember attending a concert at Ruth Eckerd hall in Clearwater of Earth, Wind and Fire with DM. We had pretty nice seats towards the front, near the stage – it was I think in 2000. Marty and Mike were busy working extended hours on the Lisa McPherson civil suit case.

    He walked out after a couple of songs (and we all had to go as well) because he thought the sound sucked.

  117. Lives Well,
    There is more to the ‘string pull’ too. The administration of the IAS has offices registered in various states in the US. Basic fact: whatever ‘offshore’ protection DM thinks this off-beat entity has, it hasn’t.

  118. How we erradicate the IAS????
    How can we get our money back??

    If the IAS has nothing to do with Scientology,o with the orgs or flag and is not part of the church, and is not a church, it is legal that people who sign SO contracts work for the IAS???
    regging for the IAS is part of the SO contract??

    I found this regarding Status

    LRH ref PDC TAPE dec9, 1952 page 230 : FLOWS: CHARACTERISTICS OF.

    “But, therefore, a group could only exist as long as there was no difference in castes in the group. You couldn’t have a lot of artificial castes in a group, like ranks and …..There’s one thing you can say about the military services: Some people are ranker than others. Now, here you- second you get a disparity and you get this introduction of rank, of course the group falls to pieces and its effectiveness goes to hell”

    I was reading this and I remember IAS statuses.
    ( definition rank dict Thes: status).

  119. Another fascinating Blog entry. Reading “Moving On Up a Little Higher” has become a daily ritual for me.

    But to be honest, when I peruse the IMPACT magazine I see nothing but great works being accomplished. So whatever donations are being made, they must be being put to good use. I hope!

  120. About the LRH Public Library Campaign, it’s unfortunate that many libraries choose to resell the books to raise funds. That’s always has been a issue with me because I know during the early eighties, I could ALWAYS find a good selection of L. Ron Hubbard’s books in all of the library branches in my city.

  121. Marty, some former CoS members and critics have stated that DM spends advanced payment monies contrary to LRH policy. As a result, the claim is that CoS has an enormous AP liability. In order raise cash without adding to this AP liability, IAS became increasingly attractive because Flag and the Orgs were not on the hook to deliver future services for which the cash had already spent or banked.

    Can anyone comment on CoS’ AP liability? Could CoS deliver all of the services that have been paid for in advance but not delivered.

    Also, does CoS reg people to donate AP to IAS? This would be one way to bleed off AP liability.


  122. Theo Sismanides

    Carol this is how it is done. This is their tactic.

    Force, force, force to enforce off policy and whoever protests is screamed at, defamed and all that you are mentioning.

    I see the same tactic in the one worlders out in this world. Always made me curious with DM and C of M how much similar of a tactic they have.

    In Scientology we used to have policy to protect us from arbitraries and squirreling. Stable data, written up, covering almost every aspect of administration and surely basic things.

    Then little by little policy was substituted by “Command Intention” and enforcement of off policy and “SP” declares in case one wouldn’t conform.

    How similar to this world where there is no policy of course and there is just “Command Intention” and Law Enforcement.

  123. craig houchin

    mina bobi,

    You could also apply that reference to the Sea Org, its pyramid-style ranks, and its assertion of rank altitude over other Scientologists.

    “Shoulder to shoulder” became “boot heel to neck.”

    It’s all a bit rank (stinky).

  124. Derek,

    You can honestly see some the donations being put to good use in the latest video on Freedom mag org titled “A Worker’s Paradise ‘slave camp”. This video shows DM’s 70M office building and LRH’s Mansion of 30M at the Int base.

  125. Derek the 164 Staff members at DC Org are a lie.

  126. Virginia McClaughry

    Attn: George Praag
    P.O. BOX 3335


  128. Sinar,
    Playing night clubs, especially in blues bands, I’ve been in some pretty hard-core ‘juke joint’ type venues. The sound systems were not state-of-the-art by any means. BUT, the house was packed with an audience from 18 to 80, and they danced and appreciated the band till the wee hours.

    I think DM would walk out of a Harry Belafonte concert.

    I think he wouldn’t be able to move to Tito Puente.

    I think that genetically speaking, his body has the additional ‘uniquely qualified’ aspect of having the only human form on earth today with ZERO Mitochondrial DNA traced back to Africa.

    He has NO soul, and if I’m not mistaken, that is less than a ‘clinker’.

  129. But please know that Barbara isn’t a deceived “little old lady”. She is on (likely through by now) New OT VII (did OT VIII in ’89) and was nearly through the Briefing Course when I last saw her 2 years ago. Also has done L12 and many other auditing/training/admin actions. She was quite the ball of energy and intention when I knew her. She is not “innocent” but like many of us did, myself included, believes that the end justifies the means. Hopefully she will wake up and really LOOK at what the CofS has become.

  130. LO,

    That video clearly violates LRH tech on the subject in that it forwards “enemy lines”.

    Can you guess who has to approve the script, shots, editing, mixing and final approval of the piece?

  131. I may have screwed this post up a bit since I wrote it and then hit a button and things went weird, so I’ll repost what I wrote, since the original may be floating around in some other unniverse … forever.


    Could you confirm something for me that I read years ago.

    My understanding is that the ‘Scientology Religion’ is an entirely separate entity than the ‘Church of Scientology’, and that the membership for the ‘Scientology Religion’ is the IAS, whereas the membership for the ‘Church of Scientology’ is/was HASI, and that the ‘Scientology Religion’ being a separate entity was NOT the ‘Church of Scientology’.

    I also read that the IAS would accept as members, members of the Church of Scientology.

    I know that for years I was bugged to get an IAS membership, but I always refused and kept my HASI, which I still have to this day, since per LRH, it will never expire. When I get asked for my membership, I aways claim HASI, which confuses the staffer, who usually just puts in that I am an IASer, which of course I reject and insist on the HASI. It means I don’t get the IAS discount, but I can’t be bought off that cheaply!

    Anyway, the creation of the ‘Scientology Religion’ as a separate entitiy than the ‘Church of Scientology’ is an area not well discussed in the last few years.

    Can you clairfy any part of it for us?

  132. Theo Sismanides

    Hey, there is 2 great disseminators, Axiom38 and LO.

    I am sue we can work out something and disseminate the Independents!

    And there is so much new public, hohoho!

  133. This story makes me even more committed to exposing Scientology’s abuse (if that’s even possible). Only evil vultures could do this to an elderly widow.

    Abolish the IAS and help SAVE LIVES.

  134. Also, that when you buy a membership for the IAS, you are a member of the ‘Scientology Religion’, you do NOT have a membership in the ‘Church of Scientology.’

    Is this true?

  135. Theo Sismanides

    Go Marty, if Heber made Victoria and others sleep one week on benches, imagine what we are going to do! All of us need to stand up!

  136. Doc "Smith"

    Theo, although I agree with your idea from the point of viwe of expanding space and sphere of influence, the field is PTS, so the first step is to handle the SP; if he is in bed with other SP’s cutting his power will stop or slow them to some degree and will bring them to light in the long run and we can take care of them too. The SP’s want to stop us able beings cause they know we won’t allow their games of slavery and suppression. First things first.

  137. LOL!

  138. Derek, look harder and dig deeper. What the IAS actually does is, for instance, produce a few TV ads for TWTH (at Gold, using SO labor) and get them placed for free as PSAs or on the internet, or spend a few bucks to place them on TV for a few days, then write a glowing article virtually taking credit for everything the TWTH Foundation does. The fact is they take in millions for a “campaign” like this, spend a fraction on the campaign and sock the rest away in DM’s slush fund. One year they produced a bunch of VM tents as a “VM Campaign” (again, costing only a fraction of what they took in) and then claimed credit for all VM activity around the world. TWTH, VMs, Narconon, and all the other Social Betterment programs are NOT supported by IAS. They are expected to make their own way as separate profit centers. They send money TO the Church, not vice-versa. And as far as Ideal Orgs, these are funded through direct public donations. Maybe IAS chips in a pittance so they can claim total credit. What should happen is that Scientologists should demand a complete accounting by IAS of where their donations go, penny by penny. Otherwise, the IAS can spend a few percent of their “take” on these programs, pocket the bulk of it, and then take TOTAL credit, as they regularly do in Impact Magazine.

  139. >I would be very pleased if you also do an eval about the prices.

    LO, there is a really good article on this topic at http://wiseoldgoat.com/papers-scientology/hubbard_vs_pricing_policies.html

  140. Bridgett is a perfect example of a sweet being gone to the dogs/hell/black coal of a heart domain – after too many years of committing overts against others BECAUSE of dmology.

    Can’t remember where I first met her but it was before the IAS. And I left kinda early (’93) before the IAS went completely nuts.

    She is herself in name alone — her heart has been turned into stone and a clone of her boss.

    Tragedy abounds in the realm of dmology.


  141. Theo Sismanides

    Marty not quite sure what you mean by “wish I could do the same”. Please clarify. Honestly I don’t get it.

    Now I know they want to shut you down. This is why I am saying for Christ’s sake let’s ALL pitch in, do something and get some more force into this thing. You are way Tone 45, man, hahaha.

    Jokes aside you really act 45 now Marty. Gee, not bad at all, I personally wouldn’t want to pull you down. Like LRH, he did act, Tone 45, the dogs were after him, man, and he wouldn’t give a shit. But, but, he would have quite some shields, theta shields around him. You had to pass through those to get to him. You… this is completely 45. Complete insouciance.

  142. martyrathbun09

    You got it Doc.

  143. martyrathbun09

    Maybe Haydn can field this; he’s studied it all out.

  144. To Victoria – “So was DM already lounging in the pool with TC back at int while we were sleeping in the rain and throwing our coffee money to desperate reges?”

    No — he and a few others, Norman Starkey etc. were staying at The Benson – historic landmark hotel within walking distance of the protest. Fantastic food, room service 24/7 and a great bar.

    I don’t believe the IAS paid for this – it was through the donations of a very wealthy LA scientologist.

    Google The Benson — you’ll see it was a far cry from those tents.

    PS: I happened to be staying at the Benson sometime later, with my ex and who should be sitting a table away from me — dm, norman and an attorney I didn’t know – discussing the Christopherson case. Which we lost btw.

  145. Ohhh — now I’m cranked up!!

    Same trip to Portland, while staying at the Benson my ex would go down to the bar at night — AND oh yes — dm would be walking through the lobby with a scotch glass in hand — he saw this a couple of times.

    Now — this same time — KISS was staying at the hotel – did dm or any entourage get them a DMSMH book? Leather bound?

    hmmm —


  146. One thing I’m curious about….and maybe Haydn has some insight on it…does the Landlord Office charge money from the donations to the Ideal Org, for design services that are done in the Landlord office? Also, some of the furniture is possibly made by the RPF? I’m just trying to determine if the Ideal Org donos are a money maker for the Church, other than the fact that we have just now bought the Church a new building that someone owns (not even sure who owns it by the way.)

  147. Cat Daddy,

    “The only resource needed to “save” Scientology is people who practice it.”

    You have done it again!!!!

    Truer words were ne’er spake!

    Lady Minn

  148. @ Quicksilver you sound like someone who might apreciate this site complete with the od scan of actual Aberree’s


    “The Aberree was a ‘zine, or newletter, published from 1954 through 1965. The editor, Alphia Hart, and the publisher, Agnes Hart, put out ten issues a year.”

  149. This is so bad I can barely bring myself to repeat it. But it must be told. When Heber was arrested in Spain and thrown in jail, the Int Execs had a party to celebrate because of what it was going to mean in I.A.S. donations.

  150. Huckleberry

    Ingenious little parlor game set up by our Sith Lord and his apprentices:

    1. Stop Scientology from working by denying it or altering it;

    2. Create enemies in the name of LRH policies (which have been altered, perverted or deliberately misinterpreted);

    3. Reg vulnerable and confused Scientologists – able, independent thinkers wouldn’t fall for this shit because they’d see what is there, not what they’re told is there – and raise large sums of money to combat the enemies who are trying to ‘deny Scientology’.

    It’s a whole track dramatization, used many times on this planet by captains of industry when they’ve needed a good war to get their profits up.

    As a wise old man once told me, if it doesn’t as-is, follow the money.

  151. ubiquitous

    My comment is simply the following quotes from green on white. I suggest reading the referenced PLs to get the full context. Then do your own thinking with it. P.S. I’m sure there are others that may apply as well.
    Finance series 3-1RB
    “Advance collections are obtained by industrious collection from “hot prospects” and other potential students and PCs. The essence of it is signing up the person for service, collecting the money for it and getting the service delivered. (unused prepayments are subject to refund)”

    Finance series 24RA SPECIAL INCOME
    “There is a type of income called “special income”. It is huge lump sum income that might have to be returned. It can’t be immediately delivered and consequently can’t be included in the CGI (*corrected gross income) It does count on the Org. GI but must be deducted as part of the computation Of CGI on the allocation form.
    The crux of special income is that it is huge lump sum income for something the the org cannot now (and may not be able to in the future) deliver.
    There are many possibilities of what could be classified as special income. A few of these are:
    A. A huge sum donated for the training of staff for a yet to be established organization. The liability being that the funds may be requested to returned as “unused” before such organization comes in to being.

    B. A huge sum donated for services which the organization does not deliver currently or which it may not deliver in the future. A specific example could be someone wishing to donate to an organization for upper-level services he hopes may be deliverable in the future at that organization.

    C. A huge donation for an unspecified service or services. For example: A person donating his life savings to Scientology without having specific services in mind but simply feeling it to be the best place for his money. The org could then possibly be in a position of not being able to deliver fully and in the future might be in a position where the person or even his estate would request the funds back for services at a higher org or any of a
    number of other things.

    D. Variations and other possibilities exist.”


    “Beware of people who change workable finance systems”

  152. This does not have to do with the IAS subject, but I ran across this email which proves that the Church does not care about families and keep separating them with the disconnection policy.
    Check this out. The original email is in Spanish but the English version of it follows it.

    Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 17:19:08 -0700

    Subject: Fw: Hola a todos

    —– Forwarded Message —-
    From: marina v
    To: ADRIAN KELSEY ; dany_ruizgo@hotmail.com
    Cc: pagsarefacc@prodigy.net.mx; cgonzalez@grupodabsa.com.mx; celsogv@gmail.com; debbiesalame@yahoo.com.mx; diegosantosi@hotmail.com; emontero.focus@grupodabsa.com.mx; peramadero2003@yahoo.com; excalibur88008@hotmail.com; feli8008@aol.com; gmendoza@pielesfamosa.com.mx; gigi12@earthlink.net; isabelolivares22@hotmail.com; jesuschaconf@hotmail.com; elmegaot@hotmail.com; jribarguchi@msn.com; corriedutko@aol.com; lramirez.focus@grupodabsa.com.mx; mar.frleongto@gmail.com; mj_leavitt@yahoo.com; osvaldo_schely@prodigy.net.mx; pilarg@hotmail.com
    Sent: Wed, May 26, 2010 8:53:06 AM
    Subject: Re: Hola a todos

    Querido Adrian,

    Como Cienciologa te exijo que no estes en comunicacion con ningun Cienciologo hasta que manejes tu condicion.

    Tu linea por politica es el International Justice Chief.

    Utiliza SOLO esa linea y corta tu comunicacion hasta que tengas ok, para comunicarte con el resto del grupo.

    Copio a todos los cienciologos en este email, pues Adrian Kelsey esta Declarado Supresivo.

    Marina Simon

    Dear Adrian,
    As a Scientologist I DEMAND that you do not be in communication with any Scientologist until you handle your condition.
    Per policy, your line is the International Justice Chief.
    Use ONLY this line, and otherwise cut your communication until you have ok to communicate with the rest of the group.
    In this email I am informing all Scientologists because Adrian Kelsey is declared a Supressive Person.
    Marina Simon

    To: dany_ruizgo@hotmail.com
    Cc: pagsarefacc@prodigy.net.mx; cgonzalez@grupodabsa.com.mx; celsogv@gmail.com; debbiesalame@yahoo.com.mx; diegosantosi@hotmail.com; emontero.focus@grupodabsa.com.mx; peramadero2003@yahoo.com; excalibur88008@hotmail.com; feli8008@aol.com; gmendoza@pielesfamosa.com.mx; gigi12@earthlink.net; isabelolivares22@hotmail.com; jesuschaconf@hotmail.com; elmegaot@hotmail.com; jribarguchi@msn.com; corriedutko@aol.com; lramirez.focus@grupodabsa.com.mx; mar.frleongto@gmail.com; marina_villarreal1@yahoo.com; mj_leavitt@yahoo.com; osvaldo_schely@prodigy.net.mx; pilarg@hotmail.com
    Sent: Tue, May 25, 2010 8:13:04 PM
    Subject: Hola a todos

    No say si todos aqui mi conocen pero para los que no.
    Soy Adrian Kelsey soy el EX esposo de Fransyl Marmolejo hijo de OTVII Francisco Marmolejo.
    Espero que ja mi ubican y que tambien perdona mi espanol por que ya saben que no es mi primer idioma.
    Hable con mi hija Estefania de 13 anos el sabado y estaba llorando.
    Para no hacer este correo largo voy hacer muy directo.
    Mi hija estaba llorando por que ya no puede tener contacto conmigo. Lo pregunto porque, y mi dijo que estoy declarado suppresivo. Yo le dijo que yo no tengo ese escrito y que no sepa nada de eso.
    Hablando con Fransyl mi dijo que cuando estaba en Flag lo ensenllaron mi SP declare.
    No hay hecho nada para romper el camino de Cienciologia para mi hija o Fransyl y bueno seguro ustedes van a escuchar algo mas.
    Lo que si hay hecho es hablar en contra de un incidente con mi primer hijo antes de que case con Fransyl y el abuso que el recibe.
    No hable en contra de la Tech pero a lo que paso con mi hijo.
    Lo unico que hase eso es meter responsibilidad se algo malo paso y nadia habla de eso pues eso es muy mal.
    Y mi enojo mucho con Cienciologia por todo la gente que estaban aclarado pagaron por eso y despues Cienciologia dijo que perdon pero ne es tienes que pagar otra ves.
    Para mi la tecnologia siempre era 100% como es possible que eso paso.
    No es impotante que meto en todo los detalles y hay mucho en los dos lados del historia.
    Pero a mi no mi importa no es perdonable que hace que una ninja de 13 anos tiene que manejar algo tan duro que decir a su Papi que nunca habla.hasta que vuelve a Cienciologia.
    La batalla epenas comienza.
    Gracias por tu tiempo
    Adrian Kelsey

    I don’t know if everybody knows me. For those who don’t know me, I am Adrian Kesley, ex-husband of Fransyl Marmolejo, daughter of OT VIII Francisco Marmolejo. I hope that you all remember me and that you also forgive me for my poor Spanish but Spanish is not my mother language.
    I spoke to my thirteen-year old daughter Estefania last Saturday and she was crying. For purposes of not lengthening this email I will be very straight forward on what went on while on the phone.
    My daughter was crying because she can no longer talk to me. I asked her why, and she said that it was because I was declared a suppressive person. I told her that I don’t have anything in writing and that I was not aware of it either.
    Then, while being on the phone with Fransyl she told me that when she was at Flag she was shown my SP declare. I haven’t done anything to prevent my daughter nor Fransyl to practice Scientology but I am going to tell you something that I did do. I spoke out against an incident that my older son went through and the abuses he is getting. I didn’t speak out against the Tech, only against this specific abuse. I only tried to make them take responsibility for this incident but they don’t to talk about it because it is a very bad one. With Scientology, I am mad at the fact that you had to pay to go Clear and now that things were revised and some Clears are no longer Clear, they have to pay again. For me the Tech was 100% standard so how is it possible that it wasn’t. I don’t want to go into all of the details as each one has a different side of the story. What is important to me is that I cannot forgive the fact that a thirteen-year old girl is being put through this painful situation and is being made to disconnect from her father.
    The battle has just begun.
    Thank you for your time.
    Adrian Kesley

    (End of email)

    Sorry for the translation but Spanish nor English are my first languages.

  153. Dear Jim,

    Wow! Incredible observation! Thanks Marty and Jim for the data and background and stats on the IAS. Always felt weird about it, especially, like others on this blog, we had our Lifetime HASI cards costing $75.00 I ended up donating plus or minus $16,000 and realized it was bogus when a SO org member told me only a few percentage points of the funds, like one or two per cent were actually used for the purposes for which they were regged. Later, I confirmed this with another SO member. After that, I never donated any more. Did offer to buy pizza one night if we met our “target” by 10:00 P.M., instead of the usual 1:30 or 2:00 A.M. We raised $30,000 in record time, and it cost me $50 in pizza! Now I feel guilty about that, but it did get us out of there fast!

    I realized many years ago it was draining orgs of their publics’ money so that there were no funds left to get up the Bridge. Always felt so badly for the Class V Orgs, who worked so hard only to have their publics’ funds stripped for “Saving Scientology!” WHAT A CON GAME!!!!

    Marty, DM is going to hate you even more for the inevitable “run” on IAS monies due to refund requests, that this blog is going to generate. You are going to hit him where he lives — you are interfering with his scuba diving and scotch fund!

    We’ll have to have a big Texas Hoe Down on a percentage of the refunds for our “Chillin’ and Grillin’ Fund!

    Or should I say a big Texas Ho Down, and you know who the “Ho” is. And, he is going DOWN!

    Love and laughter,
    Lady Minn

  154. Theo Sismanides

    Craig, the Sea Org was doing great when LRH was around. And does very bad with DM now. Why is this?

    It is my opinion that life and live organisms do have a pyramid in as a structure.

    You see you have members supporting other members and parts of the body (even).

    The point that the whole system goes bananas is when there is NO thetan, there.

    This is why “Shoulder to shoulder” became “boot heel to neck.”

    No Thetan (and an Operating one it better be) to run that pyramid. This of course is my opinion but is based on observation I have made in life. One prefers to lose an arm than a head in an emergency. A rank IS needed but it doesn’t have to be always a sacrifice. LRH knew how to create abundances and few sacrifices. DM as a clueless thetan does not know how to create but with slavery, extortion, force, intimidation and Ranks. Thus the Boot Heel to Neck. But who said DM is that type of thetan who can run a sane organization. DM has no clue of true Ethics and what is really Ethical. He thinks he does but he has confused Power and PR with Ethics. Big difference.

    A true thetan is needed to run the pyramid correctly, justly and ethically.

  155. I can witness that one of my friends told me: ” when I did OT 8, my only purpose when going in session was to avoid the constant crush sell on donations. I didn’t get any wins from my auditing and decided after completion of the level that I would never get auditing anymore.”
    What a pity……………… The definition of compassion is: “Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.”

  156. CD,


    WOW, what a beautiful statement.


  157. Dave Adams

    “Didn’t the IAS take over the role of the HAsI?”

    Didnt HASI once own the copyrights to LRH’s writing? (I believe so)

    Perhaps that is why it disappeared. The the copyrights could be again monetized.

    Evil done.

  158. Dave Adams

    Or lets everyone click on the google ad and cost the church some “pay for click” money!

    And overwhelm them with the ip address’s of “SP’s”!

    Or even better yet, post with our real names and let them know where we stand.

    I have not been contacted by any ethics terminals so far, and have been using my real name.

    But I still do get called to reg me for stuff.

    It is becoming ever more apparent that it is all about the benjamins.

  159. She is 1.1, right?

    Looking back, recalling her facial expressions, responses to my statements and everything I think she’s 1.1 or something. She seems very robotic or out of PT at the least.

  160. martyrathbun09

    theoracle, this does not ring true to me. I handled getting him out and was on it day in and day out for several months. I witnessed nothing like this. And I never knew the Exec Ints to have anything but resentment toward IAS for draining their potential public of money.

  161. martyrathbun09

    I had to be there, I was in on every meeting from pre through post trial.

  162. The last 2 teams of IAS agents to drive 1 hour to our homes left with a donation of a glass of cold water each.

    Boy was I polite back then.

    But, I was never bothered again.

  163. Dear Marty,

    (Perhaps this has already been covered)

    Is their anything you can recommend that we can do to effectively get the IAS shut down from the outside?

    Can we write to the IRS? Or complain to our congressional reps? Demand and Congressional investigation?

    Anything you can suggest that we can do, in addition to withholding our support and passing the word to others who are still members, would be very helpful.

    Keep up the attack!


  164. Agreed.

    The IAS takes money and misuses it.

    It’s obvious that people misled about how their IAS donations were used, should get their money back, since the money was and is NOT used as promised.

    If the orgs aren’t expanding and delivering good service, the IAS deserves NOTHING.

    Give that money BACK!

  165. Mike Hobson

    Gross generality. What is the source of this report?

    BTW, “The Oracle” is the moniker Janis Grady is known by on Mick Wenlock’s XSO Yahoo Group, but I reckon you are not she.

    Michael A. Hobson

  166. Bobo,

    I used to share an office with all the corporate documents of all the old corporations, their minute binders, dusty incorporation papers and what not (HASI, HCO WW Limited, you name it) at St Hill in the 70s. When I had a spare few minutes I thumb through them and read LRH and MSH minutes, motions that were passed etc.

    The HASI is covered in LRH policy and was exactly what those incorporation papers stated — a membership organization, the membership fees were nominal and as a member you received a small discount and other benefits. Its purpose was to foster the idea of and create a group, for its own sake.

    The IAS is a fund raising unit masquerading as a membership organization. The membership fees of the IAS are far higher than those of the HASI (because they want money) and it’s not really trying to foster the idea of “group” except as that increases the number of people that can be regged and from whom funds can be extorted. Though Larry Brennan would be able to give more details, the membership aspect of the IAS is there because it provides a certain legal strength and protection (the lawyers came up with that part) not to mention anonymity; after all “we are the IAS” so “everybody” is the IAS.

    There is no legal relationship that I know of between the HASI and the IAS and no other relationship save the fact that the IAS has been pushed to the fore as the “membership organization” for Scientologists.

    I think you used some clever semantics and distinctions to evade the IAS vultures, backing them off by missing their basic wihhold which is that there is no Scientology scripture justification for the existence of the IAS at all. And there never was.

  167. Oh,man, dont get me started on that….

    Either the books were not sent or they got sold by the libraries because they are not on the shelves. Check the libraries in your area if you dont believe me.

    I love libraries and thats how I got into Scientology. I went to the library and read everything they had, which is more than they have today and I think it’s the remainder of the same old books I read.

  168. More stats on the IAS regging machine. Looks like they’ve soaked people for another 200 million dollars in the past 3 years.


  169. Thats exactly what I have thought for years. So much on this site is exactly what I have thought for years…

    They used to say that you needed to confront it. That you were the elite beings who had the guts and confront to show up for the event.

  170. I was never asked to take money off account for IAS. I think thats still considered off limits for some reason.

    I do know that my CLV org has an ongodly large undelivered services for which they accepted money and I assume spent it. In fact, most of their income (aside from Ideal Org donations) is for money paid for services that people dont need at that time, dont even plan on doing and will probably never do.

  171. You’re absolutely right Alex. The Orgs should be forbidden from regging for anything other than services, and the pricing should be structured so that a adult of middle class means can afford to get up the bridge in a reasonable amount of time by a profressional auditor. The church seems to only care about entreprenuers, actors and trust-fund kids; but ignores school teachers, firefighters and others with important jobs who don’t necessarily make a lot of money. How can we clear the planet if we only focus on the top 5% of income earners? Since when is “upstat” defined only by income?

    Of course they will also need to streamline training so that there are auditors available, and pay a reasonable wage to so that good people are willing to join staff, and give the orgs enough autonomy that the CLOs, Flag, and INT aren’t constantly cross-ordering each other and micromanaging. Then by golly, you might actually have something.

  172. I agree with you completely, Marty and I’ve been waiting for you to bring this subject up.

    I’ve come a full 360 degree on the IAS since starting these blogs. I was a true believer in all the hype, donated every cent I could. It used to toatally piss off my reg because he would try to get me on service and I’d say I had no money and literally five minutes later I’d be writing a check to the IAS. Finally, I got smart and decided it was my turn and walked right past them.

    I think of all of my new Div 6ers taking their firsts steps on the bridge, filled with hope for a better future only to be blown right off of it at an IAS event. You spend all this time working with them and caring for them, making sure they are winning and then you get ordered to make sure they attend the event. And with false enthusiasm about what a wonderful event it is, you get them confirmed. You secretly hope they don’t show and watch anxiously as your precious lambs being sent to slaughter are taking their seats. You try to catch them at the end of the event so they won’t blow from their course. And at the same time you are ordered to tag on some of the big donor cycles. It was a mess.

    Even though I was always part of the team to reg guys for their next status, I sucked at it big time. I must have known in my heart there was something wrong with it because I never had a problem taking a guy in ruin, through a reg cycle and on to the bridge. Knowing what I know now, I would have put my money into training.

  173. Concerned Citizen

    Veritas, As usual just so right in the mark

    “The best and only way to defend Scientology is to utilize it, make it available, and help those who want it move on up and out”

    I wholeheartedly second that one, like someone else said before, the main why is the global outtech accross the planet and the bridge. And though the IAS are a major major external influence, I feel that the orgs are shrinking in direct proportion to the suppressive use of the tech.

    I have mentioned before that there is a vast diference between imperfect auditing and suppresively used audting. Same with training.

    Thank god for people like Marty, Dan, Jim, and all others delivering standard tech out here ( to the best of their ability)

  174. LookingIn, well I will tell you what, if I were the IAS I’d be given all that money back with no questions asked! This will flap big-time you watch.

  175. Magnolia,

    The “field regges” make lots of money personally by getting Idle Org donations in just the same way as the IAS field regges. Same model, same extortion system.

    Miscavige has to have the Landlord design offices because they are a crucial part of his PR machine. They produce the renderings, plans and pretty pictures he shows at events. So even when he doesn’t have a building to show he can always shows those and it even looks impressive at first glance. But they whip them out real fast and really it is smoke and mirrors.

    I am sure orgs are charged for those services on the back end but not up front. On the front end Miscavige makes damn sure those landlord design production lines are cranking because his very image depends on it. In 2006 Linson and Blankenchip were constantly at the Flag Landlord premises in LA, making sure those pretty picures were produced constantly.

    The real scam is what you originally thought, beat up the public to donate money, waste millions of the donations on outside contractors which is a huge no no per LRH, waste millions more on fancy furniture which depreciates rapidly (another thing prohibited by LRH) and you are still left with a big fat asset owned by corporate Scientology.

  176. Libraries have been bombarded by donated Scientology books.

    They did not resell to raise funds , they did it to clear space for other books. In some cases books where given away or…. Well at least that is Anons expierience. I think a considerable amount own their own Scientology Books now, oh irony.

  177. Concerned Citizen

    Nope, we need him right where he is and doing what he is doing, to make him president of anything, immediately opens up the door for other HATs to take up his time, aside from publishing his blog and providing the facts, Marty’s highest greatest and most valuable contribution is the effective dissemination and honest delivery of the tech.

    If we as a group, as religious people, and even as a free society have any prayer left at all, it is the work of the auditor auditing.

    So, Marty, please don’t go off to be president of what ever, please please please keep on doing what you are doing.

  178. theoracle, I do remember the IAS telling people that more money was needed to release Heber. That being quite different that what actually happened. Any excuse the IAS could use to raise money, they used.

  179. I went out in 1985 when I discovered that the staff members I audited were PTS to the Organization. And they were not allowed to look at it. So undetected PTS´ness = no case gains.

  180. War and Peace

    Good posting Mat

    I know of OT 8s and OT 7s who handed in their folders NEVER to return to Flag because of the Routing Form VULTURE activity.

    The new FCCI (Flag Public) arrival is descended on like hitting a field of blood sucking leeches to suck out every dime they can….max every credit card, mortgage your home…

    HECK ! DM needs that Money to show off INT
    Taj Mahal structures to dazzle the media ….

  181. Don’t forget about SO recruiters adding to the guantlet of hard sell!

  182. They use the SP word in the exact same way the word “terrorist” is being manipulated now. As a cover for an evil agenda.

    I wish for Adrian plenty of sane friends to help him extricate himself and his family from the net of lies they are caught in.

  183. If it is true, then the IAS is not the correct target, the ‘Scientology Religion’ would be the correct target. Once that wasundone, the IAS would evaporate, along with the SPDs.

    I think the creation of the ‘Scientology Religion’ is DM’s bait and switch operation. It is where he has shunted the church aside, and uses it to get people in, and then sells them membership in something entirely different, the ‘Scientology Religion’. It is this new creation that alters HCOBs and HCOPLs into ‘scriptures’, something LRH never approved, as far as I know.

    Anyone here who has a HASI membership still has it. LRH never cancelled it. I know an issue was put out over his name, but if you read it, the tone in it is a make wrong, and so obviously LRH never wrote it.

    Of course, I may be wrong, which is why I am bringing it up here.

  184. LookingIn, here here. Saw it, reported on it and got sec-checked on it! However, at the end of that day I won!

  185. Last time I was getting class VII auditing at Flag even the sessions were no escape, my auditors TR’s consisted of zero ARC and lots of sideways glances that made me feel like I was lying no matter what I said!

    Since it was my first class VII auditing I thought it was some special secret technique they were given to make sure their PC’s were squeaky clean.

    Because I had attested clear and then had that revoked and had to go to Flag to “straighten it out” I got the distinct impression that they thought I was trying to get away with something. It was just so very strange. And, needless to say so very expensive!!

  186. Ah yes, the IAS…the world is coming to an end! You didn’t know that? Well, let me tell you all about it…

    What a scam! Organized religion has always only been able to survive because FEAR is so easy to stir up.

    Adrian, I’m so sorry about your family…this is completely unconscionable! What kind of religion routinely bullies families into disconnecting? ML, Songbird

  187. Well you know their attorneys haven’t spent ALL their time stalking the media and people like Marty, part of it I am sure is spent on fancy footwork putting together legal entities. In the real world it’s called theft, misrepresentation embezzlement and lies but in the banking world it’s just called good business sense.

  188. War and Peace

    In DM Church of Miscavology a huge amount of Man hours, personnel, space (A new dedicated building as part of the PAC complex) on Fountain is for IAS regging.

    You are right on.

    There is not one policy Green on white on it.
    Money, Big money is needed to cover up Dirty Deeds, like the $1000 an hour Criminal Attorney recently hired to protect DM.

    Money is needed to put 4 Private Investigators on Mike Rinder 24 hours round the clock. Money is needed for huge amounts of Lawyers and PIs.

    Not to mention DM living like a rock star.

    This is bled out of Parishioners.

    Too bad you will have no money for Bridge when we are done with you. (IAS motto)

  189. “It is an organization much like the Federal Reserve set up. It only APPEARS to be part of LRH Scientology. It is indeed a sort of autonomous, ever-shifting ‘hump’ like Igor’s in Young Frankenstein. ”

    When I went to my first IAS event I was given the r-factor that the autonomous nature of the IAS was set up to ensure the SPs could never destroy Scientology and at the time, it sounded like a sure proof way to make sure Scientology always stayed around.

    I always try to apply “clean hands” to my life and never dreamed that the actual benefit would be to one of Scientology’s most active SP, DM.

    My confront of evil has come up a lot since then.

  190. Keep your eye out for glowing vague generalities in place of solid statistics.

    I remember thse old cognitive disconnects when I’d watch films about huge events… even though I was at the org literally every day of my life I increasingly felt like real Scientology was happening somewhere “out there.”

    You ever feel that way Derek? Like Wow look at Milan, whew they have quite an ideal scene, good for them!

    Eventually it dawns on you that none of that is happening in YOUR universe which really should have been the first place you checked into way back on TRO.

    What burns me up is I think Scientologists are hugely pan determined as a group. They are selfless in many ways and that gets ABUSED.

    I say the IAS, the IRS and the Federal Reserve get together and duke it out.
    The lines between the three are starting to blur.

  191. Speaking strictly for myself and from the bottom of my heart — the Church of Scientology has become such a criminal organization and has been one for so many years now (per everybody’s stories on this and other blogs) that I would not trust any reformed Church of Scientology that did not have a multiplicity of checks and balances and unprecedented transparency and lay oversight and eradication of freaking alphabet soup unpierceable corporate veil entities … I could go on and on.

    Therefore, I simply cannot imagine that the Church of Scientology, reformed or not, with or without Miscavige as its leader—and I do think he will be gone soon—would permit the kinds of structural changes I view as essential to any sane organization, especially an organization devoted to spiritual evolution.

    Therefore, I think the Church is doomed. It is D.A.I.D. daid (with apologies to the non-Americans on this blog who didn’t know “dead” was spelled like that).

    I know my take on things may disturb those who would like to clean up and reinhabit the church and return to what—ten, twenty, thirty or even forty years later—now looks like its glory days.

    But I do not think Scientologists can go home again. They must go forward and create something new, something better, something without the seeds of fascism and despotism and self-destruction.

    I don’t begin to know what Scientology’s best future should look like. But I cannot imagine that Scientology’s future lies in the old Church of Scientology or the organizations in which it now “officially” exists.

    And I didn’t even mention the idiocies that now characterize the Church’s culture that no sane person would ever want to get near and that may be completely unremediable in those locations. Blech!

    Sarge, I’m getting’ sudden!

    Just Me

    P.S. And to the two of you at this blog whom I care about most, although I don’t know what your reactions to this message will be, I sincerely hope it does not add to your heavy burdens.

  192. ♥ this, Li Po –>

    ✩The definition of compassion is: “Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.”✩

  193. Concerned Citizen


    Since I used to check up on these and still do, I can tell you that Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank and several Los Angeles libraries do not have “All the new books” they do not have WIS, or the handbook either, they might have Dianetics and Sof S, one in Burbank had a FOT.

    They do have a number of the anti books. Just goes to show the actual product against the hype.

  194. Has NO ONE ever stood up to this little Hitler, David Miscavige?

  195. LOL! DM walked out … OK, well that’s anyone’s perogative. In his mind, he was “superior” — yet, the truth is perhaps these artists are too “alive” for DM?

    Aside from cool song writing, Earth, Wind & Fire’s arrangement is a rich banquet of unique texture: big horn section, interesting interval vocal harmonies, rhythm that rivals a metronome but with human spark, edgy guitar (love how he picks last riffs with his teeth!) and in the groove of joy joy joy. They’re a sound feast.

    At about 6:32 on this video is the amazing sound of thousands of people out of their heads.

  196. Concerned Citizen

    You know? may be we shuld put out a declaration of support for AC360. Just get people to log on ans sign it, not connected to this or anything else, just to DA their line that he is the elast respected name. Bet we could garner a few million signatures around the world.

  197. Yes that is how the problem is solved. Get into criminal exchange and ask for something for nothing. That is all this group does now, other than sell overpriced rehashed books and lectures.
    The liability I have heard is over 1 billion and now that we have been asking for money on account back, the noose is tightening.
    If we as “members” felt we were (or are) PTP’d, think of the staff with 2 buildings and little to no GI and the SO with no food or sleep. They are living in a PT HELL. And I think it will be them who will tip the scale of course with more and more of us standing in the light and openly protesting this and all the other abuses.
    All they reg for is IAS now, as that is supposed to be the “mother ship” that solves all problems and funds all things. I was told (with pride too!) by an IAS reg that “nobody really knows what the IAS is funding” = there is a hidden data line about how terrible it all is but no worries, the IAS is handling it all. All you have to do is give, give and give. But still no guarantees it will work which is why they can come back and ask for more.

  198. Adrian Kelsey, now there’s a name from long ago!

    If anyone knows Adrian, tell him Alan McKinnon from Pretoria says hi. He did a PTS course in my org in (I think) the late 80s, and I also knew his ex-wife Lesley quite well.

    It saddens me that yet another BS declare has been invented just because someone spoke out.


  199. martyrathbun09

    CC, you can add E/O or Justice Chief – which you all will hear a lot more about shortly. Not something I wanted; but something that has become a vital necessity in order to accomplish the tech and admin targets I have in the works (all designed to make standard tech availiable in a completely oppression-free, de-monopolized fashion). So, yeah, kinda got my plate full – and mobility is key to pulling it all off.

  200. Just like the achievements that medal winners are involved in have ZERO support from the IAS. And after you win a medal, you need to report weekly stats, show up to the IAS event in England, all expenses paid and be at their beck and call for reg cycles. Very HEAVY medal!

  201. The IAS is off Policy and David Miscavige invention to extort millions to have it at his disposal to dispense how he wishes.


  202. I meant to say all expenses paid by the “winner” – again the IAS gives NO support. MUST BE CONTRIBUTED TO!

  203. “TWTH, VMs, Narconon, and all the other Social Betterment programs are NOT supported by IAS. They are expected to make their own way as separate profit centers. They send money TO the Church, not vice-versa. And as far as Ideal Orgs, these are funded through direct public donations. Maybe IAS chips in a pittance so they can claim total credit. What should happen is that Scientologists should demand a complete accounting by IAS of where their donations go, penny by penny. Otherwise, the IAS can spend a few percent of their “take” on these programs, pocket the bulk of it, and then take TOTAL credit, as they regularly do in Impact Magazine.”–Jeff

    Hmmm… The question that then comes up is how do this programs become self supporting? I think the only programs that would have a chance is Narconon, Applied Scholastics and Criminon, and probably because of government funding.

    TWTH and VM are probably money losing ventures. I can’t imagine those two not being able to survive without the IAS. But, if what you say is true (and a sinking feeling in my stomach is telling me you probably are), then I have to completely re-access everything I have come to believe and respect about the Church of Scientology.

  204. Matt,

    “Gauntlet” is the correct word.

    At the Shrine events, I did one measly event as public, after routing out of the Sea Org, in 2003.

    The public were made walk down a red carpeted exit path that took them through the reg gauntlet.

    I love these ex member stories, sad to hear their savings and accumulated wealth was sucked out of them though.

    I have had one or two calls from OT 8s, answering my public internet questions on other chat sites, when I asked what did they get at the end of the Bridge. Some were happy with their wins.

    LRH says in one PL that the Regs have to be kept abreast of the “wins” of the parishioners so the Regs don’t get burned out from thinking they are frauds selling pie in the sky, or something like this.

    My thoughts are enough people are happy with the gains, which keeps the subject going.

    But it is ironic, that only the group of ex members are free to complain.

    I imagine were LRH alive, he’d have inevitably caught wind of this overregging long ago, and I highly highly doubt he’d ever approve of that whole wing at the FSO that has all the direct donation projects with their causes on display and their Regs to gather funds.

    That section would be turned into a service delivery space again, most likely.

    I think he even approved of the FSO space plans, or wrote those space plans, and that Reg corridor along the pool today, no way would LRH approve that as prime Regging for direct donations. I’ll bet some ex Int Landlord people know that he never included any Reg spaces for the other units to soak the public for funds for their causes.

    DM’s gotta go, and a lot of you people who know what LRH wrote, thanks for speaking up.

    I’d give all the people their money back in a heartbeat, and if that meant coming close to bankruptsy, so what.

    The subject of Scientology is the spiritual practice stuff.

    At least that battle is “won” and the spiritual procedures are in the public domain for people to have and use if they choose.

    My guess is LRH would make some simple new policy rule like before a person can be a “Patron”, or any other “direct donation” cause glorious “status” label, that that person has to have donated for their entire Bridge FIRST.

    And the prices, for sure, they’d have to be something people can afford.


  205. Another reason if the Exec Strata could be salvaged, you should be in the Eval Corps or D/SEI or something at ILO.

    We so need to have ALLSIR in the public domain.

    Those inside the movement are NOT using ALLSIR.

    Might as well have ALLSIR out here where people care!



  207. Jim: “I think that genetically speaking, his body has the additional ‘uniquely qualified’ aspect of having the only human form on earth today with ZERO Mitochondrial DNA traced back to Africa.”

    OK, Jim, that was a good one. Got me laughing now.

    Just Me

  208. It would be very enlightening if someone could walk us through the creation of the ‘Scientology Religion’, why, who, etc.

    LRH tech indicates it was the solution to some problem.

    Given that virtually no Scientologist is aware of the bait and switch, it may cause some to take notice.

  209. War And Peace,

    More people need to tell their LRH stories.

    David Ziff, sadly deceased, was fond to tell, when he was alive and in the right company or to defend his lifestyle, he’d tell the story of what LRH told David that David should do with David’s inheritance.

    David Ziff, was heir to the Ziff Publications fortune, and David wanted to donate his inheritance to LRH/Scientology.

    LRH told him, per David, that “You should keep it. You may need it when you get old.”

    This alone is sufficient to NOT go after ANY of the existing Scientologists’ nest eggs!

    My thoughts are when someone proposed to change the corridor along the pool at the FSO into the Flag direct donations Reg gauntlet, that he’d have written a simple new policy, saying a parishioner had to donate for their full Bridge first, before donating to any org causes.

    This direct donation thing is a whole major line of goof/corruption that DM’s responsible for, as he continues and condones it.

    Another major strike, were the Ghost of LRH around today as umpire of this ballgame.


  210. EXACTLY! It was the same with the public too.

  211. Just Me, I don’t own sudden, hell get as sudden as you want. We all should!

  212. OEC/FEBC
    But PLEASE first have a sane leader in place. Of course DM would be showing a bit of sanity if he implimented it, wouldn’t he!

  213. Sinar,

    For years, a few echelons lower on the totem pole, us lesser Sea Org staffers heard of the “standards” patter, which frankly struck me as DM’s striving to make others wrong.

    The line that filtered down to the HGB level was:
    “COB has incredibly high standards.”

    How does DM’s “standards” compare to LRH’s?

    LRH would never walk out on Earth, Wind and Fire because of their sound system.

    DM’s gone past the point of being an only one, and cannot receive sensible communication of any type.

    I hate to focus on him, but he’s like a black hole with a huge hold on the movement.

    But comparing him to firsthand LRH stories will at least be something that the regular parishioners WILL feel okay to listen to.

    I highly recommend you tell more LRH stories that show the difference between LRH and David Miscavige, when you have a moment.


  214. Now we are operating in the band of Brilliance! Got the juices going! Let’s see, there’s enough for an L with Trey and maybe 8…..ruminating…..

    Perhaps those that are out could run a pilot! Eventually, one by one we can do the job needed!

  215. I rather be Homo Ludens

  216. Marty, this is an extremely interesting thread. IAS needs to be unraveled and scrutinized. For those Independents interested in studying how CoS is constructed in terms of corporations, I highly recommend looking at Don Carlo’s chart at this website: http://wiki.whyweprotest.net/COS_Organization_Chart_with_footnotes

    This brilliantly researched chart was created by my esteemed colleague Don Carlo of OCMB.
    He spent hundreds of hours working on this chart. As always, any new data is always welcome.

    The critics have studied the structure of CoS for a long time. Larry Brennan worked on the Mission Sort Out and was I was “Special Unit In Charge” and “Watchdog Committee Member X”. His blog is a masterpiece of research into Corporate Scientology: http://larrybren.blogspot.com/


  217. Here Here Marty,

    You guys are way more powerful that you think.

    If you continue practicing Scientology, that is all that counts.

    Believe me.

    Scholars want only proof that you continue to practice as Scientologists.

    With things about as easy to do Scientology with each other as ever, don’t forget what you have won.

    You have a tremendous networking capability with this internet.

    When I got out, I contacted Dan Garvin, ex OSA Int staffer, and asked him what why’d he, Dan Garvin, go public? Didn’t he fear getting toasted?

    Dan said to me, “Chuck, they don’t have the personnel to hassle everyone. They got my brother to disconnect from me, but I anticipated that anyways.”

    All a person will get, is official Scientology will push a person into becoming a full service for real public Scientologist free to speak like a normal citizen!

    Just become a free speaking normal citizen high principled free Scientologist!


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  219. I say they get to the bottom of the alteration of the tech and sue for fraud.

    But I get the feeling there are quite a lot of legal instruments in place, such as that comment about The Scientology Religion being seperate from the Church of Scientology.

    Not only that but don’t they use Rons name as part of the book titles? So they may even have an out for the alteration.

    It would work sort of like that sitation with the organic food that occured lately, companies are allowed to use the word organic in the name of the product but it doesn’t actually have to BE organic. Doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

    The thing about the law I guess is it isn’t designed to keep people honest, it’s designed to protect criminals that can hire the best attorneys. The law is intentionally made omplicated and couple with the fact that scientologists wouldn’t suspect such criminality in the ranks means we were all just ignorant and that is no excuse.

    Deep down I think Miscavige has been running a drill for several years and someone is crunching the numbers and setting up the models.

    Scientology has every element for that.
    Sane and able people, conned out of a lot of money, completely controlled and censored, with the third dynamic and religious elements thrown in.

    It’s been hijacked I suspect in the most terrible way. Were it just a little greedy mofo like Miscaviche none of this would be happening.

  220. Dear Dave,

    Are you the Case Supervisor Dave Adams, weren’t you auditor of the year, or C/S of the year, back in the day?

    I remember in 83-84, Int Base, the Auditor’s Day event held at the Palm Springs convention center, Int Base staff all bused over to hold their closed event in the event hall, and videos and snacks afterwards.

    I remember Colwel Garth getting Auditor of the Year, and Craig Wright I think also got NOTS auditor of the year, like Base auditors that is.

    Further, a couple years ago, and anyone can ask Bruce Hines and Jeff Hawkins, there just WON’T be anything more than the disconnection penalty applied to one.

    They don’t have the personnel and don’t want to spend the money to harass everyone.

    It just is not happening.

    We’re so overdue an amnesty, but there’s so much LRH policy NOT available, due to the leader of Scientology NOT being capable of seeing what LRH would do.

    Oh what a mess.

    Thanks Dave Adams for being a citizen.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org, 1975-2003
    412-260-1170, Pittsburgh

  221. Meisha,
    The sad part is that if DM isn’t behind bars he will be skiing on San Moritz with the personal gain he diverted over the years.

    Does anyone have data on DM’s personal stash? We have all heard about the $500 shirts etc but did he stash anything anywhere?

  222. AlexMetheny

    War and Peace,

    Boy what a sickening story of greed and abuse.

    I knew of a guy who was very old and seemed slightly demented who was regged for 100K for the Idle org and then was passed to the IAS who soaked him for another huge amount. (I think around another 100K) he was then struggling to make ends meet.

    All to help “salvage” the planet..gross!!


  223. AlexMetheny

    Maybe this is as close to Shakespear he will ever get!!

  224. AlexMetheny


  225. AlexMetheny


    Yes, I remember good old Ben Elkington. He was very proud of how “OT” he was in giving away every cent and more, of what he had.

    He was a dupe of magnitude and he has a lot of company.

    Can anyone spell “betrayed help??”

  226. Derek — don’t know how VM programs are supported by I’ll guess that someone decides to do a VM project, gets others to get involved and they reg the hell out of friends and family.

    TWTH used to be majorly funded by the Concerned Business Men of America or something like that run by Barbara Ayash? — she would reg $$ from scientologists and they would put programs into the schools. It’s been awhile so not sure how it’s going now but it was ALWAYS done by people buying packets of TWTH — LOTS and LOTS of packets. Used to be a standard way to get out of ethics trouble at Flag. Buy hundreds or thousands worth of TWTH … depending on your “sins” —

    Definitely time to re-access everything … not about LRH but about dm’s operation. As LRH was fond of saying – it’s a real dogs breakfast (now).


  227. Concerned Citizen, That is so true. Little (if anything!) is more heinous than suppressive use of the tech… like using a life saver to pull someone to the bottom of the sea.

    And yes, thank heaven for people like Marty, Dan, Jim and all others delivering it!

    I say that more than once a day … every time I stretch out and don’t bump into things. And Marty’s sphere of influence as an auditor continues to improve life for all I come across. That’s why it’s a forever thank you.

  228. 😀

  229. TheEmperorIsNaked,

    Excellent point about the purchase of status putting one at effect. Not only does that make logical sense, I’ve seen it at the events. The Patrons Gluteus Maximus look and act very passive. Kind of desperate and clingy. Like that kid in school who tried to buy everyone’s friendship because well, to be honest, he was kind of a nerd. I have to admit watching the latest Patrons Gluteus Maximus and asking myself, “Who *is* that person?” “What the hell did they do other than be wealthy?”

    It also puts one at effect in a more important, more profound way. If one develops one’s TRs, or skill as an auditor, or gains insight through auditing, and DM pulls your certs, you still have your TRs, skill and/or insight. If you experienced and earned those things, you have them for the rest of your life. In the end the piece of paper is not important.

    If you are awarded Patrons Gluteus Maximus, and DM later causes you to be declared, what do you have? A well-deserved sense of humiliation and embarrassment; of having been duped.

    — Kha Khan

  230. AlexMetheny

    DFB and Marty,

    You know this item of the IAS must have been really charged. You know when an item is REALLY charged that the pc can’t even look at it. Well, we have been talking a lot on these blogs and it really didn’t come up that much.

    Now Marty it is like you did an assesment and gave the group a HOT ITEM and getting good TA action!! I can feel the TA flipping around.

    VWD Marty!!

  231. Just Me – I completely agree!!

    Scientologist cannot go home again BUT they can move forward having learned invaluable lessons and create something free … in spirit and financially viable for everyone.

    The future is completely open.


  232. I can’t believe it either.

    In 1989 I was the Computerized Routing Forms Researcher and Writer, doing a revision of ALL of the Class 5 organization routing forms.

    I was asked, by IAS and Exec Strata, to put IAS regs on the Class 5 computerized routing forms.

    I did NOT put that person on the routing form.

    There is NO LRH reference for doing so, and the “Routing Forms How To Write One” policy letter (policy compiled from LRH despatch traffic of 1982-83) is quite clear that it SHOULD NOT occur.

    All that policy will allow is offering a person the advantages of membership. That’s all LRH policy allows.

    Offer membership. NOT require membership.

    All I put on the routing forms is a paraphrase of the LRH phrase to offer membership.

    I could NOT force membership on Scientologists.

    Free 6 months membership is also offered, and must be accepted, and it almost always is accepted, since one gets that free discount for the first 6 months of whichever Scientology services one chooses!

    Membership is only OFFERED. It is NOT required.


  233. AlexMetheny

    planetary clearing,

    That was a funny story!!

    I kicked Michael Roberts and Howard Becker out of my house one time. It was fun. I actually liked Michael and hope he cogs. I never cared that much for Howard and he never really forgave me for kicking him out of my house. Boo -hoo!!



  234. Concerned Citizen

    Got you brother,

    Tech will not go in when ethics are out, You are definitly Justice/Cheif for DM, OSA, etc. E/O? You got my ethics in, got me to look, to de PTS my self. You are one hell of a guy Marty and I’m just so happy you are there. I was pretty broken for a while, till I realized Scientology was not gone, only the symbol for it (viewpoint of dymension) I had assigned the Church

    Even as we speak, I’m saving my pennies, so I can get to your place, because I do want Scientology and I know I will find it at that wonderful shack!

  235. Good story!

    I can tell you, were I in the Sea Org, and I saw vulture IAS Regs and their IAS FSMs trying to feast on the well off Scientologists, I would have ROOTED for you public who made those vultures fail. Although I felt sorry for them too when they failed, since they are being set up to be vultures and are unfortunately pawns in a sick game also.

    But as a lowly Sea Org member, I rather the public NOT be pushed to do things LRH would sure as hell NOT do!

    He’d never spend more than me makes, he’d never hock everything. His policy for orgs is so tightwad, they are NOT allowed to overspend.

    It’s ironic that the IAS tours are organized policy violating machines that blight the orgs and provide a completely unnecessary game for the public to try to avoid them.

    I loved public who stood up to the off policy idiocies.

    As an admin course sup, LRH’s written word or spoken word, is the arbiter of all disputes.

    I told my Scientology business boss to just use Vol 3 to argue to the IAS Regs, Bridgette Kellerher (whatever her current name is), that he has a right to follow LRH policy and NOT go into debt. My boss was over 100 Gs in debt, which is what his donations to the IAS accumulated to.

    Good for you!


  236. I was living in a half way house, I call it, when I got out of the Sea Org, about 4 blocks from the complex. LA Fdn staff, one rich one, owned the house, and other LA Fdn staff and a few odd Scientologists, me included, lived there.

    Sure as rain, Michael Roberts came for a visit to soak the “gotbucks” LA Fdn staffer, NOTS case level, hard working business person, and I too wished Michael would just get the hell out of there. I like Michael too, he bailed me out years earlier, at Flag when I was performing badly, he came along and helped me out, Linda (Darla), I think I told you about that time Michael Roberts bailed me out one evening.

    Naw, these poor vulture IAS Regs are stuck in that game and they push the envelope of what DM allows, since no f-ing way would LRH condone what they g-damn do!

    One scholar is interested in this whole FSM stuff, and is thinking of doing a chapter/paper on the FSM, Service Completion Award stuff.

    It’s not really good religious image to be so focused on commissions and payback schemes to get donations out of parishioners.

    I bet NONE of the freezone has this type of obsessive FSM commission greed going on, nor Service Completion Awards stuff to prompt people to buy/complete services do they?

    Just do Scientology procedures and training, if that is what you want to do.


  237. Yes, the briefings are pretty heady stuff. And whatever issues one has with David Miscavige, he is a really blessed public speaker. He is charming and really sells the Church of Scientology and it’s progress. Of course that charisma is what clouds one’s reality to what is being said about him and the documents being presented online that shows the Church of Scientology is faltering. One just doesn’t want to believe it, one wants the fantasy. Sort of like the movie “Pretty Woman”, one knows the reality of street walkers on Hollywood Boulevard and their harsh reality, but watching the movie , one just throws reality out the window and believes what Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are selling up there on the screen.

    (BTW, if that analogy is a little distasteful, my apologies.)

  238. martyrathbun09

    Derek, I think the analogy is perfect and appropriate.

  239. Freetothink

    FF, my thoughts exactly! Thanks for saving me the time to write it all up!! 🙂

  240. Okie doke, Sarge. But I never heard that expression ’til you used it here. It is a great word.

    Just Me

  241. martyrathbun09

    Chuck, thanks for you astute comments this evening. I don’t know why that religious scholar is monkeying with SCA’s given the issues and revelations we are talking about here. Sorta like doing on a paper on which New Orleans restaurant is best in the middle of hurricane Katrina.

  242. Maybe you wisened ex members who know the best excuses, you could maybe set up a private consulting firm: Banner the site

    Foolproof TIPS to avoid unwanted Reg interviews

    There ought to be somewhere for existing members to gain advice without them getting in trouble.

    It’s such a predicament.

    I saw Kirstie Alley publicly stated she was a tightwad and didn’t let anyone overreg her.

    Maybe a modified poster showing Kirstie, and that quote (as opposed to Kirstie and her glowing pro IAS quote) , should be sent around to Scientologists in good standing.

    “IAS Member in good standing, Kirstie Alley says: “I never let them overreg me! I’m a tightwad anyways.” ”

    “And don’t forget what LRH said to David Ziff:
    “Keep your inheritance. You may need it someday.”

    “And don’t forget OEC Vol 3 policy, “DON’T SPEND MORE THAN YOU MAKE!”


  243. Derek, not arguing with you, but just expressing a different opinion: I think DM is an appallingly bad public speaker.

    Watching him up on a stage is like watching a dry, scaley cobra doing his little dance. (Ugh!)

    Just Me

  244. Good points guys – you got the whole picture.

    I know the sound was not totally great (one project I was on established AV facilities for LRH at the Int Base) but the theta of the live playing of the song was enjoyable, and I hated to leave like that.

    The so called “high standards” allows hissy fits to occur, it was a waste of the ticket as all just went home to the Hacienda and watched a video.

  245. TheEmperorIsNaked

    I believe that per the reference, DM is stuck – surrounded by FBI agents or Martians with ray guns. Kinda hard to really enjoy anything.


    How can he be chillin’
    When he’s surrounded by killin’

  246. Is it true that the local Class V Org has to turn ownership of the building over to CSI (or some other corporate Scientology entity), even though the local Class V Org public and staff paid for it?

    Is it also true that the Class V Org has to pay rent to CSI (or the corp Scn entity), for the building that the Class V Org bought?

  247. Quicksilver

    Wow, Thanks for the link Cat Daddy

    This is great stuff!

  248. Freetothink

    LOL, I like Michael Roberts but I wish I would have been there to witness this. Knowing you, if you called him an asshole he must have been one at the time.

  249. Might as well call them road kill.

  250. A $40,000 wad of cash here and there is very very very easy to lose….

  251. Peace Love and Happiness

    I can tell you that the last IAS event in Clw had the target of 10 million in the week of the event and they regged it.. which is sick… who would take that much money from public instead of encouraging them to put that money on their bridge… well don’t answer that… of course I know the answer….

    what the f was that money used for cus it sure as shiat wasn’t used for the PSA’s seeing as I’ve only seen one commercial one time!

    then a few weeks after that was the fundraiser for the public because we needed to get ready to handle the health care bill that was about to pass and ummm what planet are these people on?? they reg 10 million and a few weeks later asking for more money to fund a goverment action??? LIKE THE TEN MILLION WASNT ENOUGH???

    and the public still buy it fundraiser after fundraiser and the sad part is that there’s a large percentage that knows its a lie knows its redonkulous but do it over and over again

  252. Freetothink

    Goddess, watch out, we might take you up on this, LOL

  253. Freetothink


    I was feature in the IMPACT mag once. Not a dime was ever given to me for any of my accomplishments. It was exciting to be in the Mag & I was even mentioned at an event once. But that was the beginning of the end for me because I realise what a bunch of BS it was.

  254. Freetothink

    Mary Jo don’t forget that they’re also regging for Idle Orgs.

    I told one of my friend a few years ago that I thought all the violations & not-isness of LRH financial policies were the Achilles tendon of Scientology. At the time, he told me about an awesome latin OT lady that was up in arms writing all sorts of reports to RTC about this exact subject. Once I saw your report, I figure it must have been you he was talking about. Hope to meet you in person soon 🙂

  255. Alex, Aside from the monetary upsets, IAS cycles were a lot of people’s introduction to the heavy eval/inval, make-wrong, etc that pervades the church. We got the lesser version of what was going on daily uplines, but still left its impression.

  256. Freetothink

    Victoria, I hope it brings you some solace to know that you’re not alone 😦

  257. Good for you Carol. I think they have a checklist of items that if you are critical of, you get sec-checked on it. I got sec checked on Cruise because I bitched about his poor PR and the flaps he created for most parishioners.

  258. Thanks Mike, your right “theoracle” on Marty’s
    blog is not me. He must be a “pretender” but has been on this site a long time from what I can see. My title was bestowed on me by others and I wear it proudly. As Marty points out, the Int Execs resented the IAS as a distraction to the purpose of delivering real Sceintology services and moving people up the bridge. I too never heard of any celebrating over Heber being jailed in Spain though it did create an incredible amount of concern from all and am sure was used by regges to get the public to cough up more money.

  259. I’m with you Marty. No celebrations anywhere near where I was. I hardly slept for months working to solve getting Heber out. But I know the IAS used it to raise money (but then again they were all arrested at an IAS event, including Janet Light). Maybe the only time the IAS was actually involved in one of the flaps they promote so far and wide!

  260. Yes, because the SP has infiltrated into all the nooks and crannies, into all aspects of the tech, all aspects of its management, its people, its personalities to the point it’s unrecognizable as suppression, like it’s sprinkled with magic dust. Maybe I was trained enough to see “something” but I didn’t know what because it was so diluted and palatable with that magic dust allover it.
    I’ve been suppressed just enough to know I’m gonna be hit or my kids are gonna be hit some way. If you’re alone out here with your own reality, you’re screwed because if you reach you figure you will get hit. It’s happened to a whole lot of people, that’s real. That’s not an imaginary SP. The SP’s minions are not imaginary either.
    BUT, when you have others who share your reality and you know they’ve got your back, and others who dissolve the one and only hold the CofM had over me ~ the Bridge to Total Freedom ~ it gives you(me) power. You see what the SP cannot do to you and cannot take away from you.
    I want to scream it out in the theta universe
    You have NO reason to stay

  261. Lady~LMAO ho ho ho! I can totally see it!

  262. Same mechanism at work as problem gamblers have?

  263. What part of the country are you in? I missed that somewhere.
    Yep, we just might have to do that! =o)

  264. Mike Hobson

    HCO PL “Mistakes, Anatomy of” comes to mind immediately. Assuming the story wasn’t entirely made up, how about: the victim was so completely and thoroughly suppressed by the the IAS Reges with Black Scientology that they went PTS and had suffered a fatal accident ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  265. Victoria~that’s just outright disgusting!

  266. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Kha Khan,
    How true.

  267. martyrathbun09

    Janis, thanks. Maybe the guy had Int Execs confused with IAS (now I could imagine the IAS celebrating it).

  268. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. But, to be fair, are not the IAS events all about contributing to insuring Diane tics and Scientology are safe?

    Excuse me, it’s going to take some effort to shake off the glamour aspect of the IAS events. Every IMPACT issue I get I not only read cover to cover, but I save them as keepsakes. I don’t do this with any of the other CoS magazines with exception of Advance! Magazine.

  269. Huckleberry

    The supreme irony is that you all worked so hard and the IAS raised so much money to free Heber just so he could be imprisoned by the Darth Miscavige.

  270. flap or not it is the hideous truth

  271. Margaret if it makes the money flow to IAS it is most likely the truth. There were instances that the local Org members had to rent it after aquiring it.

  272. Excuse me, I posted as the Illusioness and switched to “the Oracle” on ESMB and announced it loudly when I did. This was even before Janis was posting as “The Oracle” on ESO. No, I have interest in pretending to be Janis. No offense intended.

    I was at the F.S.O. when when a group of Execs from Int came down to do the briefing to the staff and public on Heber. I do not know if Marty was part of that group. I do know after the briefing what was going on in the room those execs retired to and what was said to me. Also I am not a “he”. I am not the one dubbing in here.

  273. And for the record Janis, any time you announce findings and recs about me on the internet that = false reports I am willing to come down the road to your place and sort it our with you directly face to face so we are on the same page.

  274. I was extremely upset. I was told it was a good thing and to cheer up, it was going to mean billions in revenue for the I.A.S..

    As if I could or would invent something like that!

  275. Huckleberry,

    Your comment on Heber being imprisoned by DM is spot on.

    I don’t know what the policies are in Europe but US prisoners have many human rights protection given them. They have exercise time, leisure time, decent food (comparably to what those in the hole get), they get to see doctors and dentists, they can study. Their greatest loss is that of mobility. Older prisoners are generally not a threat to general ppulation and are left alone.

    Freeing Hebert actually lessoned his quality of life. If the public knew and confronted that, there would surely be an uprising.

  276. The truth is, there is profit to be made on people’s misery. Doctors profit from other people’s misery. Police attorneys judges and prison staff, profit off of other people’s misery.
    If the I.A.S. did profit off os Heber’s misery, how is that new news? The Church of Scientology has always profited off of other people’s misery. It is like a big unspoken or not ised issue. But if someone has a “ruin” or a reactive mind or implants or is depressed or keyed in or even plain blind and ignorant, everything sold in the Church is a promise to handle that misery. All profit is based on some misery. So, it follows reason the Sea Org has profited from our misery. If nobody had any misery nothing could be sold from the Church.
    Every aspect of profit there is a profit from someone’s misery. Do you think any doctor wants to wake up and find no body in the world has a health problem? Do you think anyone in the justice system wants wake up and discover there is no crime? These people have mortgages they were sucked in to, and payments to make or they are out on the street. Do you think any mortgage wants to wake up and discover everyone is flush and in affluence and does not want to borrow? There is plent of profit from misery. And if you think David Misdcavige wants to wake up and find a planet full of clears and OT’s think again. What a shock someone would consider profit from Heber’s misery???
    That is all the profit to be made in Scientology, from misery.

  277. And the reason I have been supporting Marty, is because he has been the first of “Sea Org Royalty”, to stand up and use his “Sea Org Royalty” to object to the misery put on people , after they were sold Scientology as a solution to their misery.

    As far as I am concerned, he and Mike Rinder are the only Sea Org Royalty I have seen. The other’s are clueless Marie Antoinette’s.

    All the rest of us were never royalty, we were just Les Miserables who cared more about other people than ourselves. Especially the auditors.
    Those are the ones with command of the high magic.

  278. Int management, IAS execs, upper management, Church execs…all the same thing to me at peon level.
    You guys lived it and know the jargon/lingo/lines.
    I still have to look up some of the IXY IJ/C DLB NPs if you know what I mean?
    At my level it was ED, OES, PES…that lowely kind of stuff. I try to keep my abbreviations right but mostly just don’t use them at all.
    I’m 2nd in command at my house, boss is DH (dear husband), I have 3 juniors (kids) and some minions of my own (furry/4-legged).

  279. mina bobi,

    Thank you for this data. I cross-posted this data to both the Ex Scientologist Message Board and Why We Protest, the home of Anonymous on the web.

    Please know that Adrian thanked me on the Ex Scientologist Message Board for cross-posting the e-mail from here to that board. He also expressed appreciation for the translation.

    For those interested in other information on this particular disconnection situation, the Ex-Scientologist Message Board (ESMB) has the following threads:



    Why We Protest (WWP), the home of Anonymous on the web, has the following threads on the subject:



    I cross-post this information in an effort to further communication and understanding. I recall learning somewhere that communication is the universal solvent.

    I’ve cross-posted between WWP and ESMB for awhile now in order to hopefully further communication and understanding between the these somewhat disparate communities. Recently, I added Marty’s board, Moving On Up a Little Higher, to my review rotation. (Again in my humble effort to further communication and understanding between various groups.) Generally, I’ve posted *from* this board *to* WWP and ESMB as I find the information interesting or relevant to their interests. (Sadly, some Anons from WWP will not read here, just as some here will not read WWP. Hence, my selective cross-posting.)

    This is the first time I’ve cross-posted from ESMB and/or WWP to here. Please believe I have done so selectively.

    FWIW, I can heartily recommend ESMB as a good place to read, find support, etc. Despite its name, it has Freezone and other Tech oriented people. Indeed, it had Independent Scientologists (who stressed they were “non-COS” Scientologists) before that term became generally known through Marty’s efforts.

    On the other hand, WWP can be rough crowd, to say the least. While I post there, I have been trolled, criticized, invalidated, insulted, etc. I’d like to think, however, that I have pretty good confront. Thus, I still post there.

    Also, to be fair, as rough as WWP and Anons can be, a very painful disconnection situation came to my attention on ESMB that I posted about on WWP. While a few Anons gave me crap, others, and in particular the Anon cell local to the Scientologist, treated the situation with great love, care and concern. The situation has not been resolved, but I know there are some local Anons who I can call on who do care, are concerned, and will make an effort. Not all Anons are the same.

    [There is also evidence DM’s agents provocateurs post on WWP and ESMB, and act like assholes, in order to discredit those forums. I’m sure that Marty has had to deal with the same thing here.]

    I know by posting this I am contributing to a irrelevant sub-thread, but thought mina bobi and others might be interested in this data. I also thought Marty might hopefully find the above of interest when he reviews this before approving the post.

    — Kha Khan

  280. windwalker

    re: “I don’t believe the IAS paid for this-it was through the donations of a very wealthy LA Scientologist”

    Yes, You are right according to my understanding. I was in Portland with my wife and we were assigned to Marshall Goldblatt’s staff in the Benson. I was Masrshall’s “runner” and my wife was working in the office. I believe Marshall put up the money to rent the entire 5th floor of the Benson. He answered directly to Heber . He was responsible for arranging flights and ground transport for most, if not all, of the dignitaries and “talent” that were brought in. I believe had his own Travel Agency. He was a very good friend to Heber. Any time Heber asked, Marshall seemed to just write another cheque. Besides that, he was a wonderful, high ARC, being.


  281. The beauty of being declared (or not caring if one is declared) is that one is free to communicate with any one on any subject.

  282. I remember how I detested that direct donations routing form. They called it, “The Flag Experience R/F”, and boy was that apt.

    And that woman! That IAS reg in the Fort Harrison. What was her name, she had the creepiest demeanor of any of the flag staff I met.

  283. Ugg. Bridget. For some reason, I was always able to shake her off. “Icky space” is what comes to mind.

  284. He’s been invalidating others’ taste in music since at least early 1979. Saw one messenger completely introvert when DM invalidated that messenger’s totally favorite band, invoking something LRH supposedly said about not having more than 3 guitars in a band.

  285. Thank you so much for this article, Marty. The IAS was definitely one of those things that kept me away from the orgs for years.

    The IAS is a parasite. It lives off of the energy and productivity of scientologists. And their future energy, for decades.

    Like all parasites that go unchecked, eventually, they kill the host. AND themselves.

  286. Derek, this sentence caused me to look up the definition of “glamour”. I was surprised at the results:

    1. The American Heritage Dictionary – http://ask.reference.com/web?q=dictionary:+glamour&qsrc=8&content=ahdict|15370


    1. An air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement, especially when delusively alluring.
    2. Archaic A magic spell; enchantment. ”

    (emphasis added)

    2. http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=glamour

    “Key: “S:” = Show Synset (semantic) relations…


    * S: (n) glamor, glamour (alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal))


    * S: (v) hex, bewitch, glamour, witch, enchant, jinx (cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something)”

    3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glamour_(presentation)

    “Glamour originally was a magical-occult spell cast on somebody to make them believe that something or somebody was attractive. In the late 19th century terminology a non magical item used to help create a more attractive appearance gradually became ‘a glamour’.[citation needed] Today, glamour is the impression of attraction or fascination that a particularly luxurious or elegant appearance creates, an impression which is better than the reality.”

  287. HBO’s True Blood vampires glamour their prey…

  288. Just Me ,

    I’m revisiting this blog a few new days after the fact, so this is kind of stale-dated and you may never read this. But I do want to say that I agree with you completely.

    I am selective about what I post on this blog these days. I know the temperature of the water and what is going to get agreement and what is likely to be difficult for others here to experience. It’s not a patronizing thing but rather, I feel, good manners. I admire and respect most of the “usuals” here, but I don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye anymore on many issues.

    So glad to see you say it, and absolutely agree with you.


  289. Heather G.,

    “…Today, glamour is the impression of attraction or fascination that a particularly luxurious or elegant appearance creates, an impression which is better than the reality.”

    LOL! Yeah, that would describe my experience watching these events. I see your point.

    BTW, the “Independents” , FreeZoners , or whatever name those outside of the CoS are going to go by, are going to have to sell the alternative and use strategies to create “glamour” to induce people to use these services.

    Another thing, the CoS owns not just the real estate, but just about everything LRH created. I’m not sure if his pulp fiction is in the public domain or not. All of LRH’s creative works give him an aura of a “Renaissance Man”, which has a strong appeal as well.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

  290. Mike, it looks as though no others are running before me to explain me so to answer your inquiry now, I am not on ESO neither am I Janis Grady. I have a blog and have posted as “The Oracle” for approx four years. Sorry about the generality with “Int Execs”. I have no idea who they were. They were Execs from Int sent to do a briefing as I mentioned. I had misgivings about sharing that scene and I see now I should not have. In fact I am at the threshold of falling into things I just should not repeat. Thank you for being curious. T.O.

  291. Cat Daddy, do you know of any first-hand accounts (from former staff in the know, preferably with names) who state that this is the case? It’s just outrageous to me that staff and public (if this was known about) would let this happen. When I heard about this as a rumor (when I was still in) I didn’t believe it. I’d like to get to the bottom of it.

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