IAS – an intentional fraud?

You may not realize it, but the Internal Revenue Service was onto the IAS way back in 91-93 during the tax exemption negotiations. But, under Miscavige’s leadership, we got them right off of it.  In our own defense, neither Mike nor I, nor anyone else with the possible exception of Monique Yingling, really knew what DM’s ultimate designs for the IAS were. The IRS was intensely interested in the IAS on the issue of “excessive reserves.”  Stockpiling “excessive reserves” is one indicia of commercialism. 

The IRS was considering taking IAS reserves into account when examining Church of Scientology International’s (and RTC by extension) reserves. It seemed to them that if DM and co in Hemet were controlling IAS, then its then-fledgling, but already substantial, reserves ought to be considered CSI’s.  If IAS membership – and thus donations – were required as a condition precedent in order to take services in a church of Scientology, then clearly IAS – and what it did with its significant sums of money – would come under a tremendous level of scrutiny.

The IRS  came up with independent evidence to support their concerns. Read the church’s response:

You have called our attention to an advertisement in issue 75 of SOURCE magazine containing statements to the effect that IAS membership is required in order for a parishioner to participate in religious services. These statements are erroneous. There is no Church policy or directive which sets foth such a requirement, nor has there ever been such a Church policy or directive.  The relevant Church policies approving IAS as the official membership organization, previously furnished to you, contain no such requirement. Neither HASI nor any other membership system in the United States has ever required membership as a condition of participating in religious services at a Scientology church.

Following your letter, we investigated to determine how this advertisement came to appear in the issue of SOURCE magazine you cited. We believe the error was caused by the misunderstanding of a SOURCE magazine editor newly appointed early in 1991. She mistakenly used from issue 74 of SOURCE an old, rejected advertisement that contained the misstatement, apparently not realizing that it had been expressly rejected for publication…

…We are taking steps to ensure that all future advertisement and other statements regarding IAS membership made by Church organizations correctly state the facts of the matter as described above. Keeping certificates in force was and continues to be a benefit of IAS membership; requiring membership in the IAS in order to participate in religious services never has been valid and membership in the IAS was and remains wholly voluntary…

Now, you want to know sensitive this area that the IRS was probing was to DM?   Judge for yourself based on the content and tone of the final two paragraphs of the church’s answer:

Finally, we would appreciate being informed of how you received issue 75 of SOURCE and why you did not simply bring it to our attention in the first instance. The wording and tone of this and other questions here, as well as in earlier questions, is disconcerting. The simplest, most straight-forward method for the Service to address legitimate concerns is to inform us of the precise character and source of your concerns as they arise, or at least to bring them up in person when we meet. Instead, we receive what appear to be trick questions that assume the truth of the information the service has received from third parties.

Questions that directly or implicitly assume untruthfulness are contrary to the general spirit of cooperation and candor that we have developed over the past eighteen months. Much of the disinformation about Scientology is spread by individuals and groups who have personal and financial disputes with Scientology. The credibility of information from such sources is at best suspect, but if we do not know where the Service is getting its information, we cannot give the Service context within which to evaluate the credibility of such sources, who certainly do not willingly divulge their motivations to the Service.  It is particularly troublesome to us that significant elements within the Service will automatically assume that heretics and apostates are truthful while Scientologists and Scientology organizations are not.

Seems to me that if DM and company continued to require IAS memberships and/or enhancement of statuses within the IAS, in order for folks to be deemed eligible for continuing church services – he might be in a heap of trouble.  If he carried that out without explicit, written policies – but instead verbally so as to cover his ass – it might even smack of fraud. 

For what it is worth, Mike and I have no “personal or financial disputes with Scientology.”  And we have never fit under this description, “certainly do not willingly divulge their motivations.”  In fact, we have repeatedly stated, and demonstrated that we live by, our motivations as doing what we can to salvage SCIENTOLOGY from DM’s greedy death grip.

I’m not saying  these facts are of any use to you all who have been coerced into abandoning your homes, retirement accounts, and college funds.

I’m just sayin.

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  1. The IAS may prove to be a ball breaker as far as the ‘Scientology Religion’ is concerned. All it takes is one whistle blower …

  2. Thanks for sayin’, Marty.

    ‘Em R some pretty fancy gold gilded dancin’ shoes ya got there, DM.

  3. “Keeping certificates in force was and continues to be a benefit of IAS membership; requiring membership in the IAS in order to participate in religious services never has been valid and membership in the IAS was and remains wholly voluntary…”

    Without your certs being valid about all you COULD do is attend a Sunday service.

    Looks like Miscavige has stated it right here.

    It’s kinda like the DMV saying you don’t have to pay yearly registration fees on your vehicle. You can still keep your car but you just can’t drive it.

  4. Marty, WOW. Well done.

  5. Watching Eyes

    Great post. Nothing like getting the true data to move people back over to cause. Kind of like 3D auditing. Fabulous!

  6. What DM stated is a lie. I remember well when my whole family was required to pay the IAS membership, or we could not receive any services. It is a requirement to buy the membership. Period. I was furious when I found that later that the money was to pay PIs, and the lavish life of DM.
    I think it is time to the IRS to make a full investigation of that matter.

  7. I wonder how fast they will take down the issue written by the Captain FSO that is up in the AO which says you have to be a Patron of the IAS to attest to OT VII.

  8. Wow!

    thanks for the history.

    I so wish we had LRH’s full lineup of writings in the public domain.

    The views of those around LRH in his final 10-15 years are so important to get shared.

    How David Miscavige came to sideline LRH himself, needs a lot more filling in the details, and a lot more quoting of LRH’s traffic.

    Miscavige made numerous gross errors, and hasn’t ceased at that.

    From Jesse Prince’s writings, I got that DM even black PR’d LRH to Jesse, or that Broeker black PR’d LRH to DM and thence from DM to Jesse.

    It will all come to an end when DM writes his memoirs, from some foreign country someday, Bulgravia I believe it will be.

    Excellent history.


  9. OK, this is a new one for me. I had never heard that before.

    Just Me

  10. Now that this can of worms, the IAS, is opened, I spent the better part of the day researching what is available on the internet to understand it better.

    There is a link to the negotiations between the church and the IRS that is here (caveat, I have experienced no adverse computer effects using this link, however if you do, then it’s your responsibility):http://www.xenu-directory.net/documents/corporate/irs/1993-1023-csi-questions-2.pdf.

    This is a long document. The parts directly related to IAS are way down in it. It’s very, very interesting. Includes some of the monies spent by IAS in the late 80’s early 90’s, with Jeff Pomerantz’s name on the list.

    It also includes DM’s statements that are the ‘policies’ (not LRH policy) that describe the relationship he told the IRS that this distinct entity, the IAS, has with ‘church related entities’.

    Much different that those described by Scientologists actually experiencing the ‘relationship’.

    This is the ‘black hole’, that is swallowing the orgs. It is NOT in any LRH policy. It is a travesty and it is very different in practice than DM describes it in theory to the IRS.

  11. Watching Eyes

    Anybody have a copy of that issue?

  12. I have had a few ethics cycles myself that I was told by the EO that I had to buy IAS memberships for my kids (under the age of 8) or else I wasn’t going to be cleared for more auditing and cleared with my sec check program.

    I had no choice!

  13. Quicksilver

    Nice!! Thanks Marty!

    A copy of that letter, and the one that ‘First’ mentions …

    First // May 28, 2010 at 12:43 am | Reply

    I wonder how fast they will take down the issue written by the Captain FSO that is up in the AO which says you have to be a Patron of the IAS to attest to OT VII.

    … will surely create some waves and may expedite refund cycles 🙂

  14. OMG. I had to have my Lifetime status paid for in order to get onto the OT levels. No tickee, no washee……

  15. War and Peace

    Al Capone committed some 75 homicides, some directly, some through his command to lower level thugs.

    The mighty DOJ, the mighty FBI, all the local Chicago state and City prosecutors were unable to nail Al Capone.

    But the IRS did !

    Tax evasion……..


    When all else fails, Uncle Sam does have the IRS.

    Previously when a 501c# charity committed a lot of financial irregularities and criminal acts, the IRS could ONLY
    (1) ignore the transgression or
    (2) revoke the nonprofit’s tax-exempt status.

    Revoking Tax exempt status is a lengthy tangled job…..it occurs further up the line.

    Congress created intermediate sanctions on July 30, 1996,



    Read more:

  16. Re: salvaging Scientology from Miscavige’s greedy death grip–more power to you.


  17. Wow!!

    Miscavige and Co. are more than just up to their necks in deep, deep crap on this one!! They are drowning in it.

    When enough people come forward with evidence they will easily show that the IAS was plugged into RTC’s power (by DM) and became an organization senior to any other, including church management (CSI), giving it the ability to order around the staff of any org or bypass them at will and go straight to their public.

    And that the IAS used that power to make buying or having a membership or increasing status in the IAS a mandatory prerequisite to:

    (a) Doing church services, auditing or training in many orgs around the world.

    (b) Starting OT levels.

    (c) Getting out of many and various ethics situations or conditions in order to continue said training or auditing.

    (d) Continuing or completing OT VI & VII.

    (e) Dong OT VIII.

    Lucy and I are putting our evidence together now.

    Drowning in deep, deep crap …

  18. Quicksilver

    Wow, this is getting interesting … even hilarious …

    MAA: You won’t be able to get on to OTVII with this Confusion condition I just assigned you

    Pre-OT: Can I still donate this $40k cheque for my Patron cycle before I start my condition write up?

    MAA: What condition ?

  19. I do not. To anyone who tries to take the issue down to copy it, good luck getting it out of the building! The issue is up in the ETHICS space no less.

  20. Thankyou Jim!

    In 1983-84, I helped on the computerized routing forms, and then again in 1989 I did the update revision of them.

    IAS and Exec Strata terminals pleaded with me to put a line in the Class 5 org routing forms stating memberships HAD to be gotten to do services.

    That of course was an impossibility, due to NO LRH reference saying to do that.

    LRH only says OFFER memberships. And offer the advantages of memberships.

    The accumulating “statuses” of membership are NOT in ANY LRH policy, nor in any ASI traffic either.

    Policy says offer membership, NOT require it.

    So the Class 5 routing forms I helped author, they only “offer” membership in paraphrase language from LRH policy.

    It looks like Tony Kinzl, who took over for me, in the 1990s, of the routing forms, must have put the requirement into the FSO routing forms.

    Looks like someone buckled to the pressure that this was command intention (David Miscavige).

    It’s what LRH would have called an “arbitrary”, to require a person buy membership before starting a service. One can still do service and just pay full rates. Memberhip policies by LRH only stressed the discount one obtains by buying a membership or accepting the 6 month free membership if one is eligible and a newbie.

    Black hole is right! DM isn’t a Scientologist, so what do you expect. And that he and Starkey shout that Marty and Mike and you guys aren’t Scientologists. What a strange reversal of reality.


  21. Sure, let’s tell the IRS that they can’t trust their own eyes because we have bitter ex-members that have it out for us. That’ll get them on our side.

    Brilliant there, DM. Brilliant.

    I hope more people supply them with information, like the advert I just got from the IAS to give them money.

    Yeah, right. Hold your breath for that to happen, DM.


  22. If the quality of private dining room is any indicator of seniority of orgs, then the IAS is senior to CMO which is the highest echelon of Church Mgmt. (RTC is not supposed to count as mgmt, as most of us know). At PAC the crew and officers ate together, then CMO had their private dining room, then the IAS had a fancier dining room seperate from CMO. The RTC reps dining area was actually NOT nicer than the IAS, but it was more private.

    On a related note, I think that if the sea org, and class v orgs TRULY treated auditors as the mist valuable beings on the planet, the orgs could actually weather any storm.

    But the auditors are not the most valuable beings to the Church. It’s the reges. And not the reges selling Scientology either, but the reges who sell pins.

    That is why the church will not weather this storm.

    On the 1st dynamic it is the flows of exchange that gives the being space and keeps the case off of him.

    On the 3rd dynamic, the church has gone out exchange with it’s public (among other wrongs) and it has lost all it’s space and is now caving in on itself.

    I think one could view the ideal org program as DMs effort to force out the church’s anchor points in the face of actual contraction, but in doing so he forces the Church even more out of exchange with it’s public. IAS donos and Ideal Org donos, what a major double whammy!!

    Not to diminish the actual crimes that have been committed, but if DM would focus the church on delivery, there could still be a future for it. But he won’t, so there won’t

  23. Cal Cole, the CO AOLA, told me as he was regging me to try to get me to pay for Patron status in the IAS a couple years ago that he doesn’t allow people onto their OT levels at his org, unless they have at least attained the level of Patron in the IAS. I’m not sure if that is truly the case, as he may have said that just to give me another reason to pay since I wasn’t budging, and I am sure he was feeling the heat somewhere.
    I hate to throw him under the bus, becuase he has always been overly kind to me personally, when I was on staff there, and as a public, and believe he is sincere, but I thought it was applicable to the post.

  24. Chris Black

    Keep on sayin’, Marty. Well done.


  25. I will just leave this here:


    “How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

    If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with the tax laws, you may report this activity by completing Form 3949-A. You may fill out Form 3949-A online, print it and mail it to:

    Internal Revenue Service
    Fresno, CA 93888

    If you do not wish to use Form 3949-A, you may send a letter to the address above. Please include the following information, if available:

    Name and address of the person you are reporting
    The taxpayer identification number (social security number for an individual or employer identification number for a business)
    A brief description of the alleged violation, including how you became aware of or obtained the information
    The years involved
    The estimated dollar amount of any unreported income
    Your name, address and daytime telephone number
    Although you are not required to identify yourself, it is helpful to do so. Your identity can be kept confidential.”

    Anyone have the EIN for the IAS?

  26. W&P,
    That link on guidestar is very, very, very apropos.

  27. What a farce. In a Class V org, one intensive of auditing FULL PRICE is 4,000.00 but with an annual IAS membership of $500.00, the intensive drops to 3,600.00 and with a Lifetime membership it drops to 3,200.00.

    I suppose someone could, out of principle, stick their guns about not having to pay for a membership and continue to pay full price for all their services but a) that would be financially ridiculous and b) one would be sent to ethics for doing something that nuts as it would show that he/she must have a problem with management, DM, LRH, etc.

    Seeing someone about membership Is on every routing form upon starting a sevice and though it is not explicitly stated (in writing) that you have to get a membership to start, it is strongly implied and enforced.

    If the membership was not “mandatory” then one should get one if they want to but not because you get a better price on services. If it were really, purely true, the cost of service would be the same for members and non members.

  28. Penny Krieger

    Another amazing post, coupled with the last one! Well done, Marty.
    You lead with truth and it’s helping. Thank you.

    Becker, Roberts, Pomerantz and every other IAS reg should truly be ASHAMED. Obviously they have all descended into criminality in the name of “helping others and preserving the teck”. The stories I have read on this blog are heartbreaking.

    Anyone notice the mortality rate of reges? It’s not good.
    I loved Enid at the AO. She has moved on.
    Grethen, veteran Flag reg, passed away. Lovely being and one great reg.
    Ruthie, one of the original 12 staff at ASHO, passed away.
    These gals were not very old…quite telling, if you understand the PTS teck and living daily with suppression.

    I personally was regged for my lifetime, not much compared to what many have given, in order to get my OT levels. Regged, non the less, by a Cl 6 auditor that I met on tour, which should have been auditing, not closing AO public on their lifetime memberships.

    This was such a waste as she had impeccable TR’s and was a very good auditor. I know this because a year earlier I had sat across from her on the meter in a 15 min interview once and left feeling better than I had in years.

    I have not set foot into the AO for 5 years. I can’t believe they have a sign up, as stated about the Patron Status. John Gottie would definitely be jealous.

    For anyone out there that needs more information about the teck and what’s up. Look over the Friends of LRH site. It has some great information.
    You are among friends

  29. Ne Obliviscaris

    Seems to me, Marty – that you’ve hit the nail on the head once again.

    According to your brilliant “why finding” acumen, all that is needed is to match one’s payments to the IAS to one’s Bridge progress. The date coincidences that reveal shall be undeniable.

    The “pay for play” connection between the IAS and the C of S is Dave’s dirtiest secret.

    It is THE RIGHT WHY.

    Thank you for the correct indication and handling.

    We owe you buddy. If you need anything from me – just name it.


  30. The IAS is 100% fraud and 100% contrary to LRH policy. International Accomplishment of Swindle…

  31. John Peeler

    Thanks Marty, No doubt! And this letter from CoS to the IRS sounds like a classic shore story, like what LRH and the SO applied, back on the Royal Scotman, not to mention the Diana and later Apollo days. Interesting how the CoS in this case is basically CREATING a third party, or an “erring employee” (kinda like the SP Transcriptionist theory), as a tactic to distract the IRS off of the whole matter. What an F’n curve ball – and How DARE You’s.

    I don’t question the authenticity of this.

    Please Marty, if this is a reply from CoS to the IRS on their tax-exempt status recognition, provide a scan, or a link to the scan of the original document. This is something that is THAT important that we must have the actual evidence on. In fact, I think required.

    Many people were busted from posts and sent to the RPF based on ZERO evidence of any crime or policy violation, nor any prior ethics gradients, or Comm Ev at ALL under the reign of DM.

    We have to be better than they are, and we ARE. But we must have PROOF about anything of this magnitude.

    This is Missing Data.

    You also mentioned that this would be information that DM and Yingling had, possibly no one else. Would that mean that this CoS response was written directly by DM or Yingling bypassing any lines? Very revealing.

    We need to make sure we have correct source of this info – “The farmer would be a wrong source for accurate naval reports.” Not saying you’re a farmer, but you know what I mean. 😉

    A scan of this would be much appreciated.


    John Peeler

    Scientologist from 1977-2000.

    Ex-President’s Secretary CC Int under Karen Hollander.

    Ex Fully Hatted Marketing personnel in both CMU and PDO (worked under Bill Dendiu, Jeff Hawkins and Becky Miscavige).

    Ex-MAA/Chief MAA Gold and Int Base De-PTSer, (ENTIRE Base, including some RTC staff.) Fully Hatted on all posts, and Ethics Specialist Comp.

    Worked with Security Gold for a number of years on both Intruder, Blow and SP “Baby Watch” Drills.

    Book 1 and Class IV, both original and GAT. Coached by Dan Koon himself on my TR’s, which were flawless after having done TR’s since I was 6 years old.

    Just throwing in my credentials unless anyone wonders who in the hell I am. I also post occasionally as BTs2Free.

  32. becomingAware

    First – Oh my. Posted in Ethics no less and it stayed posted! The list of outpoints are tipping the ship a bit, more and more, despite the aluminum upper deck of the Freewinds.
    Hope the lifeboat drills are being run for real.

    Excellent Marty – money and vanity. Keep exposing please.

  33. theystolemychurch

    I was just thinking, with all the begging for “donos” for the IAS and the Idle Org Campaign (real estate purchasing) that I should do a little research and find out WHO really owns the real estate that the “donos” are buying!

    What do you all think?

    Anyone have a list of newly acquired real estate for the Idle Org program? Post it somewhere her on Marty’s site and I will pick it up!

  34. WOW – this is hot Marty.

    Wish my parents knew about this. Every single visit to Flag for a 6 month check included another donation to the IAS “or else no forward progress.”

    My very frugal parents hated the IAS and never donated a penny in their lives until this new policy was enforced at Flag, and I was completely shocked to hear how much they had unwillingly donated as a result.

  35. They really send some nice commendations though. “YOUR NAME HERE is truly a hero of our generation…” or whatever it says. Really hyperbolic fantastic language.

    Makes you feel like you saved the planet with your donation. And they started sending out bigger ones too.

    They used to be little plaques but I guess they have to keep making them bigger to keep people interested.

    You can get to feeling pretty smug with a 16×40 framed award that says you are a superhuman who single handedly saved humanity.

  36. In the late 1980’s when we renovated the Fort Harrison, the Flag Crew reges had a nice big open space just off of the lobby reception. I estimate the space is about 1,000 square feet. Eventually the IAS reges took over that space and moved the Flag Crew reges into a tiny office that is about 150 square feet.

    Here is another tid bit from my years as an exec in the FSO. There used to be a Dept 6 Reg Receptionist named Cathy Carlson. When a public was routed to Dept 6 in order to buy a service, the first person they saw was Cathy. She sat at the entrance to Dept 6 in a desk.
    At the start of each week an Arrivals List is printed of every public who is confirmed to arrive for service that week. The IAS would provide Cathy with the information on every single arrival as to whether they were an IAS member, what their status was, if they had a yearly membership -what date it would expire, etc. Cathy did not pass a public to a reg without ensuring they had a valid IAS membership. She would personally work them over at get them to pay and believe me, this girl was no nonsense. For this she personally got the commission paid to her by the IAS. This girl was rolling in the bucks and loved to catelog shop for jewelry etc.
    Realize that as the Dept 6 Receptionist FSO she was supposed to handle and route the body and phone traffic into the area. Being the “IAS Membership Enforcement Officer” at the same time didn’t enhance her post efficiency but it was coped with as to do otherwise would have been stepping on IAS toes for which there would have been hell to pay.

  37. becomingAware

    I was public when the IAS came into being and we were not required to join but got a discount on books and services so it was a good deal.
    I never had any money so wasn’t reg’d for any donations.
    Then I joined the SO and sometime later we were given Lifetime memberships. Hmm. . . Wonder if it is still valid .
    While in the SO I was too busy to even raise my little head and look around being in the lowest org at Int.
    After leaving I heard from family that were lied to and reg’d for IAS money under false pretenses and then still denied services after they paid thousands.
    From my experience I’m not sure it was always a scam but it certainly became one and is today.
    Whatever happened to Janet Light?

  38. The job of any registrar is to enlighten the public on his next service and the benefits it will provide then to sign him up. Pretty easy really, particularily when the public are keyed out and reaching.
    I was a registrar for many years, from PPO to Dissem sec to PES.Oddly enough in looking at this data it occurred to me some of the problems I ran into. I was much better at regging new public as I simply told them the truth .I followed LRHpolicy to a T with my lines and juniors and built a booming Div 6. Nothing great about me, just standard actions.
    When it came to the IAS about the only incentive it ever provided me was to make damned sure my Div 6 public was cognited and routed onto a major service before the free six month membership expired. If I didn’t accomplish that it became almost routine that instead of a keyed out re sign cycle I would be dealing with a keyed in one.
    Point being what does an IAS reg generally enlighten people on? Anyone who said entheta step to the head of the class.They specialize (In my experience ) in keying people in. Then they tell them that the exchange for giving them money will be that they will be keyed out again.
    No tech applied, just give us money and you will bw keyed out. Wow. Of course the “gains” don’t last.
    This to me is virtually the same trap that problem gamblers fall into. They are searching for that rush. The Key out of the win followed by the inevitable crash and burn.
    Why do many (not all) public continue to attend IAS events and move very slowly on the Bridge if at all. Those many who are huge contributors to the IAS and Ideal Orgs who are not even Clear.And there are (or were) many. I often wondered why these public had money for the Ias but not the Bridge. The answer is above.. problem IAS gamblers or better put…Black Dianetics.
    Hey DM , I have a simple request, could you please turn out the lights when you leave this trap since i expect you to be the last one out!

  39. OK all you amatur and pro photogs let’s get those creative juices flowing. There are cellphone cameras, tiny instant cameras. It’s amazing what technology is siting on our dressers at home. Marty will be the judge and the first place winner of the clearest copy gets ….

  40. Hey Chris,
    How you doin’ bud?
    To all concerned Mr Black is a fantastic CL VIII Auditor and CS and possibly the first “Head on Pike” after the release of the GAOT.
    We were on staff together at the time and believe me Chris I knew you were one of DM’s sacrificial lambs. Wish it would have been an org comm ev with me as chairman rather than the RTC but things will all work out.

    The reinforcements are finally coming mate!

  41. Lady Lancelot

    That issue written by the Captain FSO which connect being a Patron of the IAS to attesting to OT VII sounds like good whistle blowing material to me.
    Of course, it would be spun as a “mistake” by DM and Co.
    Worth a try though.

  42. Lady Lancelot


  43. Hey Marty
    Very well done, what a score. Thank you so much for helping me open my eyes to all that is going on.
    Geez, could sure use some of my patron plus funds that I paid in over the years. I have a friend who went through OT VII and VIII and she isn’t a patron. She just stuck to her guns and would ask where was it written, she never did any conditions either. So, I would say that if pushed then they can’t uphold that line.

  44. Even if they ‘take down’ (hide) the issue written by the Captain FSO in AO that states you have to be a Patron of the IAS to attest to OT VII … somebody got a copy or a picture, right? Yep.

  45. ditto ✩✩✩✩✩✩ !!

  46. Oh, Haydn and Lucy,
    keep on investigating and exposing the slimy crap!
    I love what you do and hail to you when you – along with M&M – are “quite rude” as Jenny Linson would put it.
    Thanks for that invaluable job and I personally cannot thank you enough…
    Best, Fidelio

  47. Penny Krieger

    Oops, tech, sorry about that!

  48. Lucy James

    When I was the Executive Director Birmingham org I had IAS reg’s come to the org and on numberous occassions demand I take public off service who did not have current membership. I wouldn’t do it.

    The IAS reg’s would sneak into the PES office and take a copy of the Bodies in the Shop list and go through the list to see who didn’t have memberships.

    Another tactic they used was to take cell phones of staff when they weren’t looking and go thru them for phone numbers of public. (There were some public who did not want their numbers given out to IAS rege’s. )

    They also made attempts to not recognize HASI memberships. (I bought mine in 1976)

    Their actions were underhanded.

  49. IAS is just another word for offshore banking.

  50. The IAS has been a major engram for me, as I know it’s been for many others. Thanks for shining a light on the issue.

  51. Chairman of the Bored

    BTW, “H.D.B. Consultants” listed in the IRS document is Howard David Becker, IAS Field Reg. They paid him:

    1989 8,502.48
    1990 124,460.13
    1991 225,295.41

    Nice living for an IAS reg, that’s for sure. However, what really gets me is this question from the IAS:

    “Are donations to or for the benefit of IAS solicited at or through the auspices of any Scientology-related organizations?”

    To which the answer is:

    “… The Membership Tours generally do not solicit donations on the premises of Churches of Scientology…”

    Oh yeah, then why were the last 25 IAS events at my local org held in the org’s course room with org staff members there to keep people from leaving?

  52. >Neither HASI nor any other membership system in the United States has ever required membership as a condition of participating in religious services at a Scientology church.


    I was told by the ED of London Fdn that I HAD to renew my IAS membership before I could do any services there. This was fairly recently too – Sept/Oct 2009.

    I was also told by NEP that I HAD to renew my membership to get The Basics! (This was AFTER I had paid what I had originally been quoted. They refused to ship them unless I paid more to cover the IAS renewal).

  53. Thank you for putting the truth out for all of us to see, Marty.
    I always knew this whole IAS regging was crap and hated all the IAS events. I even asked if LRH wrote a policy about this. But was never shown one.

    I am glad you share this truth with us.
    Keep say it.

  54. MostlyLurker

    I bet this isn’t the only lie you (Co$) told the IRS. Reading Co$ answers to IRS it is like to listening to Anna of the Visitors talking to the Earth population. Astonishing lies. Wouldn’t be nice if you Marty and Mike would review all Co$ statements to IRS and set the record straight on every point?

  55. Impartial English Girl

    Heretics? Apostates?!? All this sounds like the reign of Queen Mary Tudor (“Bloody Mary”) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marian_Persecutions. Anyone who doesn’t agree or conform? Burn ’em. Jail is too good for DM.

  56. As bit of an aside. Not intended to start ANY bit of conversation off the current subject. However, I thought it was pertinent overall to this cause …

    On the “Abolish the IRS” blog posting, Jim Logan mentioned another website — an anti-site where he had found important documents. Some here have mentioned never going to the anti sites as too yukky.

    I on the other hand, found Marty’s site through zenu.net – as well as visit it (never posting there though) with fair regularity.

    I think this bit by Mr. Obama says it better than I can:

    “If you’re someone who only reads the editorial page of The New York Times, try glancing at the page of The Wall Street Journal once in awhile,” he said. “If you’re a fan of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, try reading a few columns on the Huffington Post Web site.” Mr. Obama has followed his own advice, a White House spokesman said afterward, and tunes in to his critics on the cable television channels, particularly when he has time during travel on Air Force One.

    “It may make your blood boil,” the president said. “Your mind may not often be changed. But the practice of listening to opposing views is essential for effective citizenship.”

    In any case, just sayin’


  57. Yes. Try and do ANY service without an IAS membership. Can’t be done. The IAS reg is even on the routing form on the re-sign line. It’s a lie that you don’t need a membership.

  58. There’s also the Executive Directive ordering every OT at FSO to move up to the next IAS status immediately. When we were regged at Flag we were reminded that his was an order from COB.
    This issue was posted in HCO. You can’t take any of these issues off the notice board as all ethics orders and notices are locked behind a glass panel. Wonder why?

  59. Could someone please take a photo (your cell phone) of this sign before it’s taken down. Then post it, along with the previously quoted statement that membership is voluntary. Please.

  60. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to drive the greedy money people out of the temple. And if anyone has any questions about religion and righteous indignation:

    “When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to
    Jerusalem. In the Temple courts he found men selling cattle, sheep
    and doves and others sitting at tables exchanging money. So he made
    a whip out of cords and drove all from the Temple, both sheep and
    cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned
    their tables. To those who sold doves he said: ‘Get out of here.'”

    (John 2:13-16)

    Hey! I’m with Jesus on this one!

  61. martyrathbun09

    COBored, good point. That was noted too.

  62. martyrathbun09

    Becoming aware, Mike Rinder will fill us all in on Janet, final installment of DM’s final purges

  63. martyrathbun09

    Mat, your evidence is priceless. Gonna get you connected up with Haydn, who is compiling a complete prosecutorial file.

  64. martyrathbun09

    John, Thanks for posting. Logan gave the link to the docs. I take issue with your LRH shore story business. Apples and Oranges. The Old Man advises a shore story be given to get into and out of a port without getting hassled. DM tells bold lies in order to fleece sincere Scientologists for nearly a BILLION DOLLARS. Similarities are NOT the came category of things here. IMHO

  65. rory medford

    Why is the link to Freedom Magazine on your blog site?

  66. martyrathbun09


  67. Be thor I came to earth, I did a spell as an inter galactic loans diplomat for bank intergalactic. It was no easy stake. But before I got retired from the banking confederates, I sailed out to this planet of reptilian-almost crocodile backed inhabitants. They wanted to use the loans to purchase weapons and arms for nearby planetary warfare. I did not see eye to eye and they became hostile hot on my ship tail as I made a lightning exit.
    Sometimes we meet up against a systems temporary obstacles. Trust it will be resolved for the greater good. As an aside the “Alexander” The Great who posted recently on your site was not the original Alexander of Marcedonia. He and others similar were actually again Asgards right hand man.

  68. “You may not realize it, but the Internal Revenue Service was onto the IAS way back in 91-93 during the tax exemption negotiations. But, under Miscavige’s leadership, we got them right off of it.”

    Marty, I never could understand what IRS got in return for exchange of letting IAS off the hook.

    I heard a story, that there were a meeting of IRS administration with DM and few more top Scientologists (were you amongs them?). The legend says that during that long hours meeting some IRS admin was made to realize a suppressive nature of their treating the Church as a profit corporation, and that he changed his mind to give a church tax exemption.

    I didn’t buy it then nether do now. I think that somebody god a finantional interest and share in IAS money.

    Would you please comment on that?

  69. Synthia,

    A family member of mine wanted to do the Purif at CCI a few years back. We had the money for a Purif, at full price, but not an IAS membership. We were told categorically that he could not do the Purif without the membership even though it meant he would not be able to start. We were okay on paying more. It was an extra 750 for him to do and we did not have it.

  70. As a “substantial contributor”, Cruise would be subject to penalty on the “gifts” he has received from dm- parties, free auditing for family, etc.

  71. WH,
    I have found several observations in Scientology very useful:

    a) Search for different viewpoints in order to broaden reality. Changes reality. (Chart of Human Eval, Column M).

    b) The mulitple-viewpoint system of management ( a key technique, previously used as essential Sea Org Mgmt op basis).

    c) That which is not admired, tends to persist.

    d) Randomity is achieved by selecting out areas of life that one denies any cause or responsibility over. Thus one can be effect.

    e) Pan-determinism is responsibility for both sides of a game = no game.

    f) having and knowing the full tech and KRC of an area, one cannot be adverse effect of it.

    Yes, there are some really ‘yucky’ sites out there. Sometimes you have to weed through the noise and distraction to find the useful stuff. The noisiest and mostest downtonedest, seem to be dramatizing GPMs, either side. In amongst the
    nyah, nyah, nyah, ‘ you’re a poo- face – NO YOU’RE a poo-face’ back and forth, occassionally there’s something being said.

    Hey, I read Once Upon a Time’s stuff and he IS a poo-face (Hah!)

    OK, enough Q&A, back to the matter at hand: what was that about the IAS is ‘voluntary’, DM?

    Oh yes, it’s right here in the IRS record.

  72. axion 38, so true so true, briefings given by the IAS were designed to Key people in, I would bet on it.

  73. It occurred to me last night while talking with a bud that the policy on refunds, 23 Oct 63 Refund Policy, and its penalties of no further training or processing, reiterated in the 9 Nov 74R policy Refunds and Repayments, state those penalties are for refunds/repayments of money for either training or processing.

    The 23 Oct 63 issue says it clearly:

    “1. Refund any fees when and as demanded, whether for training or processing.
    2. Refuse further and all future training or processing to anyone demanding a refund as the condition of refund.”

    From the original SP Acts PL, 23 Dec 65, Issue I, now dated as 7 March 65RB, it lists this:

    “Demanding the return of any or all donations made for standard training or processing actually received or received in part and still available but undelivered only because of departure of the person demanding (the donations must be refunded but this policy applies.)”

    The IAS is not covered by ANY LRH policy. The donations aren’t for ANY service. There is NO training or processing delivered by the IAS. Hence, the above Scientology policies do NOT apply to a refund of IAS donations. Hmmmmm…

  74. AbbeyRose,re. your friend, did someone tell her or did she read it somewhere she had to be a patron? That would be an interesting read.

  75. Jack, Hey ask for it all back.

  76. Add to the above policy points, since it is patently clear the IAS membership is voluntary, as stated, under oath to the Federal government in the IRS record, and that no such membership is required to take a service, either training or auditing, in a Scientology organization, that if one were to demand and get a refund of IAS donations, which are NOT covered by any LRH policy, then they are still eligible for service in any Scientology organization. Hmmmm…

  77. Poo-poo face — I’m gonna remember that! 🙂

    Absolutely have to wade through an enormous about of crud but there are some gems in there.

    ALSO — have you noticed how some long time posters of the anti-sites have changed their tone … it’s rather amazing and I attribute it to Marty’s site and others offering a different, non-poo-poo face viewpoint.


  78. for the EIN, they are supposed to legally have it on your donation statement. So look for it on of that.

  79. Speaking of the Light family, whatever happen to Judi Light who was David Light’s first wife who was on the ship with LRH and then was moved to Flag as a reg in the late 70’s?

    Is David Light still in the SO?

  80. I know a credit collection agency that uses this service: http://www.einfinder.com/

    Its subscription based service, but it says “Free Trial allows for free searches”


  81. By 1996, at the annual International IAS event at St Hill, the Executive Directors of all attending orgs had to go to a mandatory meeting with none other than Janet Light herself where they had to show their stat graph of memberships sold. Those with increased IAS memberships sold to public were patted on the back those that didn’t have such were put on the spot. And god help anyone who was allowing the public on lines without memberships. My wife Lucy went to the one in 1996, you really had no choice because a whole team of IAS staff made damn sure you arrived, there was no place to run and no place to hide.

    In succeeding years the Org EDs clearly wanted out so they sent their Public Executive Secretaries and Field Control Secretaries to these annual IAS name, blame and shame fests.

    Then starting in the late 90s there were a series of IAS ordered evolutions, the threat level
    increasing with every month that passed, to post single hatted Membership Officers (IAS regges) in EVERY Class V Org on the planet. This of all things demonstrated the sheer power the IAS had to order orgs and management around and set aside LRH policy because such orders utterly violated LRH policy on how to man up orgs and shoved aside and took priority over existing management orders to orgs.

    It became ridiculous; IAS staff were running around the UK beating up the EDs of small and failing orgs to post IAS Membership Officers with local and international management powerless to stop the craziness because they had their orders too. So you would have the ridiculous scenario of a Class V Org that had less than ten staff and one of them was a single hatted membership officer!!

    In Birmingham we held out for some years but it got heavy, real heavy so by 2003 even we posted one. And we were hold outs.

  82. do a google search with the following syntax exactly as shown for advanced search features, and several links to freedom mag show up:

    freedommag.org site:markrathbun.wordpress.com

  83. to our knowledge it works like this: the public of org XXX coughs up the money for the idle org. the money goes to a little known fund. org XXX then borrows the money back from the fund to buy the new building and has to pay that mortage back over the years.

  84. W&P,
    On the link you’ve provided it states:
    “Intermediate sanctions, known formally as “excise taxes on excess benefit transactions,” are fines that the Internal Revenue Service imposes when particular individuals associated with a tax-exempt organization receive compensation or benefits that exceed the value of services, goods, or donations they have provided the organization.”

    Interestingly enough, in HCO PL 16 Nov 66, Admin Know How, Executive Facilities, Facility Differential it states:

    “When a senior executive has the ability to make money for the organisation or greatly raise statistics and when this ability has been demonstrated, that executive should have facilities.

    “This ability is often discoverable by the absence of the executive from post for a period or when the executive is pulled off by emergencies. In such a time the income of the org may sink.

    “The degree the income shrinks is the “facility differential” of that executive.”

    There is given an example of a difference in income of $3,000 for a week. Then LRH says:

    “Of course nobody expects the org to spend $3000. It just shows the extreme amount it could spend. One cannot afford not to spend some of it for facilities for this executive. The moment it does spend some of it-providing this executive does have this influence on income or production-the differential rises as the org makes more money or as the stat goes up. This trend can be pushed up and up.

    “Executives don’t deserve secretaries or communicators. They earn them. If an executive has no “facility differential” he should not have special personal help.”

    And what type of facilities?

    “Facilities normally include:
    (a) Those that unburden lines
    (b) Those that speed lines
    (c) Those that gather data
    (d) Those that compile
    (e) Those that buy leisure
    (f) Those that defend
    (g) Those that extend longevity on the job.

    “One can think of many things that do each of these.

    “The bare minimum is accomplished by giving the executive a Communicator.

    “The Communicator more or less covers all the categories above. Then, as the facility differential rises the Communicator sheds hats by providing other people to take over these functions as outlined above.”

    Nowhere on that list are the motorcycles, the diving lessons, the personal jets, the houses, the stylists, the $5,000 suits, the $70,000,000 offices, the parties for ‘disqualified persons’ and the list goes on, all recorded, all verifiable, ALL way beyond any ‘facility differential’ that LRH policy describes.

    DM and the rest of the ‘disqualified persons’ who have gone along with this knowingly, or unknowingly, are, as Haydn has mentioned, in very, very, deep, deep crap. All the way up over the top of those fine suits and designer black T shirts.

  85. Marty,
    I am not sure if there is another link the above writer is pointing out, but I am suspecting it is the one on your main intro page just under the first blog center column, it is an ad by google, probable rotated in depending on rankings and placement funding, not something under your control, and likely a CoS push to get it there. No doubt your IAS funds hard at work.
    Mr. B

  86. Tom,
    I found this one without too much difficulty:
    Us I A S Members Trust
    1311 N New Hampshire Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
    EIN: 521840679

  87. martyrathbun09


  88. Marty, when you google your name, the link to Freedom Mag is at the top of the page above all your links. So it is on the google page only, as far as I have seen.

  89. its called wagging the dog… excellent movie with Deniro and Hoffman… heres a clip:

    You gotta watch the whole movie in context.

  90. rory medford


    I saw it yesterday on your blog but its gone today.
    I was like What? a little confusing to me but also when u put marty rathbun in the google search that link shows up as a sponsored ad. Good job you are making them spend money and you are a threat to them. Keep up he good work in exposing the criminal abusive controlling organization who would take your last penny if you would allow them to.

  91. martyrathbun09

    LookingIn, I guess that is one way to attempt to uncross our graphs – back to the way it used to be with them on top – on Alexa Stats. Here is the text I pulled off their ad:
    Who was the inside source for AC360
    story? Truth they refused to tell.

    Anybody have any idea what on earth they are referring to? Or is this an “unauthorized” cut and paste from 91’s The Story Time Wouldn’t Tell?

  92. “underhanded” is an understatement. Their actions were criminal in nature and a blatant example of extortion:

    From http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/extortion

    Definition #2: “the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one’s office or authority. ”

    Thus, everyone who was coerced into paying $ to IAS in order to continue receiving religious services is a victim of the crime of extortion.

  93. martyrathbun09

    By the way, I haven’t seen such glutz PR since the Freedom magazine they put out in response to last year’s St Pete Times Truth Rundown series.

  94. And on that topic, the filings, forms and everchanging character of the Igor’s ‘hump’ the IAS, (to which DM replies ‘what hump?’) here’s an interesting link, provided by AnonKatDaddy from AnonMary originally:


    If you go to the first couple of additional links provided in the above, say this one: http://www.xenu-directory.net/documents/corporate/iasadministrations.html, you’ll find some interesting data that will help you in your KR to the IRS, should you decide to report this NON LRH parasite and any ‘excess benefits’ DM and other disqualified persons seem to think they have a caste based right to.

    Just sayin’.

  95. The above is Part One. This is Part Two.

    Globally, I really wasn’t totally sure how the IAS managed to hold the Scientology world in its grip while they extracted those huge sums, because I spent most of my time on the ground in the UK. But in 2005 I returned to management in LA (the overall management body over all orgs, WISE, SMI etc.). And when I became the Deputy Commanding Officer of that management body I witnessed things that made it perfectly clear.

    My desk was in the same office as my boss, the Commanding Officer, just a few feet away her desk. The office right next door was the RTC Reps and she would march in every half an hour and run my boss. My boss’s job was to send out and enforce orders to the Scientology heads of every area and continent (Flag Land Base, UK, ANZO, West US, East US, Canada, Latin America, Europe). The traffic would of course include RTC’s latest orders on idle orgs, IAS donations etc.

    Add that to the fact that there was a full time IAS Representative posted in that management org to make sure IAS orders were being followed around the globe, and that this IAS person was NOT junior to my boss and you begin to see how they did it.

    One day an ethics officer within the management org had the temerity to take this IAS Rep to task. Suddenly an even higher IAS exec arrived into the building from god knows where and the next thing I knew my boss and I were hauled into a room and had to stand and watch while that ethics officer received a royal dressing down from this IAS Executive. Who the hell did we think we were?

    When I said in early comments that the IAS rules the roost, I meant it.

  96. WH,
    Yes I have noticed in cases, the change in reality and tone in a couple of places. Bless his conflicted-heart, even Alan shows up so much good in the worst of us, occassionally 🙂

    (Careful A, you don’t wanna let go that stuff too fast, your havingness will crash.)

  97. Oh man… when did Enid drop the body?

    Is this another one of those deals where after a while you notice they haven’t been around and when you ask you just get told they’re “on leave?”

  98. Somewhat off topic, but I need to originate something. I feel great. I bet I have a real FN as defined by LRH…

    I was reading Silvia Kusada’s blog and something just popped. I think all the reading on Moving On Up a Little Higher and other places as taken a lot of charge off me. I prefer to hear what scientologists have to say rather than the Anon or anti folks.

    There was an article on Silvia’s blog about the independent movement and something from Geir Isene and I think I just went from being pissed off and scared about all this to being free from it.

    I’m starting to feel like I can live again and maybe actually move up the bridge.

  99. I probably need to write up a doubt. .

  100. axiom38,

    did the exact things you did, had same posts you did. I had constant troubles with Seniors because of sticking to how I understood what Lrh wants me to do.
    It’s a pleasure to see other were thinking in the same ways I did.


  101. Mind-boggling, Haydn. In DN 55, LRH describes trying to comprehend the incomprehensible. And the related mechanics thereof. And as an aside, this is the chink in the armor legally.

  102. Virgil Samms

    DFB, doubt is the next step and after that you will notice something – you’re no longer PTS and it is a wonderful feeling.

    ML Tom

  103. This post on ESMB seems timely:

    “a guy (will remain nameless and is still in scien.) was talking to someone i know about flag. “guy” recently got his L’s. however, before he could get them, he was informed by ias that he had to buy his patron. he was shown a local issue stating that all people on their L’s had to be patrons. so he paid for the patron.

    he was so pissed off that when asked to speak about it in front of the hgc, he declined doing so, saying he was so upset by the blatant coercion that they would not like to hear what he had to say.

    furthermore, during his trip, the lead d of p said she would grease the lines in the hgc for him to get through faster if he donated $500 right then.

    it’s so blatant that regging is going on now during post hours when he had an exam after session, and then was immediately hit up for a donation by the examiner.

    “guy” currently is not recommending anyone go to Flag because he doesn’t want to see them stripped of any and all money. he was also wondering how to handle this, but writing it up seemed pointless since they were obviously operating under orders from above.”

  104. The IAS vultures can’t/won’t stop their pecking until they are caged.

    PT data,

    A friend called this week with the “happy” news they were going to FLAG to do a service. After putting it on their credit card, the next call they got was from the IAS to “bring to her attention that her Membership had expired” and was “required” to pay for it before they arrived.

    The call after that they were told by the reg that they had to pay for accommodations to stay at the FH or Yatchsman and could not stay off base, at cheaper hotel or fellow Scn home unless they were sick or were getting ethics handlings.

    So a simple Flag Case turns into an $8000.00 cycle.

    This crazy stuff is happening in PT.

  105. correction; Flag Case = Flag Case Check

  106. Work for the IAS as a reg is part of the SO contract???

  107. Tom,
    Here’s another EIN, or Federal EIN, Employer ID Number, this one is used in all the filings on the link from AnonMary referred to here on the blog:

    98 0136o14

    This one appears to be for the IAS in various manifestations in the US, Clearwater being one.

  108. John Peeler

    Hey Marty, Thanks! The IAS is an arbitrary and obviously a huge scam. In regards to the shore story business, got it on how LRH may have operated with that. However, I would like to indicate that while being a member of Perimiter Council and training with and under others such as yourself, Greg Wilhere, Chris Guider, Hansuili Stahli, Danny Dunagin, Matt Butler, Gerald Duncan, Jasmine Fiandica, etc… we always operated on shore stories when it had to do with outside entities or parties regarding operations and activities going on at the base. While we were all working like slaves for DM, never getting a day off or an approval to go visit family, the “shore story” to family as an example was that we were way too busy, and that what we were working on was too important that our absence from post would be destructive. etc.. etc… In other words, there was always a shore story in use, in a variety of ways to excuse or cover up wrong doings and activities of the CoS. There was most definitely a shore story for Operation Snow White for example. That LRH had no idea any of that was going on, and that Mary Sue and the GO were all to blame. I don’t think the secrecy, slave labor or the rip-off scams started with DM. I think DM enjoyed those factors that were already part and parcel of the CoS and exploited it, all to his benefit. That’s why I brought up the fact that this letter from the CoS to the IRS was simply a cover-up and a “shore story” to hide reality and the truth. Something we were all familiar with as SO members. And not just in recent times, but going way, way back as an operating basis. While I think it’s very important that DM’s crimes come out into the open, and that he be held accountable for those, I think it would also be wise for people to study up on the history of crime and rip off that has been part of the CoS since earlier beginnings. For example, the WIS? book as well as other publications such as the Ron Mags, paint a certain picture of LRH, mostly complete fabrications that have been proven false through FOIA and his own writings and admissions as exposed by Jerry Armstrong. His military record for example shows that he never even saw battle, wasn’t blinded or wounded in the war and was discharged. The whole closing point of the sell of Dianetics for me in the first place was that through his research and application of Dianetics, he was able to cure his blindness from his war wounds – shrapnel incident. That’s a shore story or complete lie that goes way, way back. Yes, DM needs to go down for sure, but I think people should be aware of how long this has really been going on IMHO. Unless of course you or others would deny the truth or accuracy of those records and documents. And in that case, I would ask for proof that would DA and fill the vacuum so to speak. The Co$ is a monster that was created earlier on the time line than DM. Hell, there was Parkhouse and Bill Franks for example. I’m not here to stir the pot, I’m just saying that there’s a bigger picture and a history to look at. I applaud the recent efforts to bring out even more truth to light. Thanks!

  109. Jim,

    And all this time I thought that poo face was when you partied too hard.

  110. So what does this mean? Do your certs get pulled if you aren’t a member of the IAS?

    Would the IRS know what “unenforced” certs means?

    A few thousand affidavits about IAS coersion ought to get the road on the show.

  111. To Lucy:

    Judi Light left the SO around 1983 with their young daughter Keira – David was pretty broken up. He remarried Janet Light, and was posted as a reg on the Freewinds – for services.

    Heard he had a major heart attack — whether it was on the ship or after he and Janet divorced, I don’t know.

    Last I heard he was regging in New York Org. And remarried.

    Judi was living in Salt Lake City and can be found on FB – her friends are out of the corporate scientology sphere.


  112. It is so obvious and simple, in fact just a cheap trick and nobody of us saw what was going on. In S.O.S Lrh talks about that the 1.1er uses also hypnotism to handle others.
    This 3rd dyn. deaberration session is great. It’s not my case or my out-ethics or eval.. eval…that was my problem in the last 30 years while being a Scientologist and not moving up or having continous disagreements and ethics-cycles for speaking my mind.
    I slowly calm down and the whole subject starts to make lots of sense again for me. My introversion is blowing. blowing…..Just hearing and understanding the truth is such a release….
    Marty you are doing a wonderful job to get Scientologists back to sanity by showing them the exact suppression they have on their dynamics.
    I never cared about the Ias as nobody could show me a LRH reference about it, nevertheless I was able to take services in 3 different orgs and proudly paid the full price for it and always got my certs for it. I just Q&ed with the regges and handled it with altitude. I was even accepted in an AO without a IAS memberhip and paid the full price and there the Maa told me that when I’ll start on my eligibility I should have handled it, and me fool I paid my life time, but wasn’t happy at all.
    Our child which did a major training course, decided to pay the full price and thought doing something good for the staffs so they have more money, he never got a cert after completion because he had no membership. What an arcX. The reg didn’t inform him but avidly took the money.
    You are right, those actions are criminal.
    Another enlightening experience was when I once helped out Osa and went with them toa trial against an exscientologist that was disseminating weird stories about Scientology. This guy was obviously nuts, everybody could see it, even the judge and nobody took him serious. Nevertheless Osa was continously going to court with him. The trial was so childdish, I couldn’t believe it. I thought we have better things to do than prosecute crazy people. Nevertheless on our way home I told the Osa guy that surely the IAS is paying to handle that evil SP. Totally cool he said : “no its the Org that has to pay all the costs of it” and he told me the figure of it. It was a very high figure and I just thought to myself what ? the staffs have no pay and the money goes to fruitless court proceedings ? My god what the hell is the IAS doing ?
    I bet that most Orgs on the planet are paying for all those troubles in the courts and the public doesn’t know and propably staffs neither.
    I’m sure that in Germany the Orgs are paying the legal battle, but not the IAS. Could somebody please confirm it.
    Oh yeah, just now I can remember another cycle long time ago, when our Org was in heavy danger to be closed down trough legal proceedings and lots of money was needed to handle it. My thought was: “no problem the IAS will handle it as it’s that what it is for”. No way ! It was the public that was handled to pay for it and donate huge amounts of money to handle the evil supression from the government (no to mention that the sit. was created by outethics of the org).
    To pay or not to pay that is the question.



  113. over the radar

    Just saw an onlines public for several hours. She has been getting auditing at a major Cont Org outside the US. Amongst many little nuggets of info I got:

    • Mary Jo’s legendary KR has been widely circulated amongst PT public.

    • Those who are telling the truth about the current scene are not being declared or Non-Enturbed, the public are simply being told “Not in good standing with the Church – don’t talk to them”. (This public’s retort: If it isn’t written it isn’t true)

    • Even SO members know of some of DM’s violence

    • Basic admin procedures such as routing forms are not even being done.

    • This public didn’t trust he would get standard tech and has given up and quietly withdrawn.

    • The entire field is “disaffected” and no longer believe what they are being told at events.

    • A friend from another Cont visited this Org and noted to this public “Man, the place is dead”

    • The Idle Orgs crush-selling is pissing people off big-time. IAS reg actions are even more hated. Most public have simply stopped donating altogether.

    Seems like DM’s empire is crumbling faster than anyone anticipated.

  114. Mike Hobson

    Marty has spoken of this previously.

    The IRS were facing over 2,000 individual lawsuits from Co$ members with regard to their donations not being allowed as charitable deductions. This mass of lawsuits would have destroyed their operating budget!

    McSavage offered to make all those lawsuits go away in exchange for the special exemptions. After the agreement, he promptly declared SP everyone involved in Citizens for an Alternative Tax System (CATS), which was a Co$ sponsored front group in the first place!

    Michael A. Hobson

  115. Tom,
    Again, on this link; http://www.xenu-directory.net/documents/corporate/irs/1993-1023-csi-questions-2.pdf, beginning of page 224 of the pdf file, under ‘Question 8’, begins the official DM description of the various IAS data on the record with the IRS.

    The section starts with a fascinating letter written by M. Yingling, wherein she gives the portrayal of the “IMU”, which is one of the first incarnations of the vulture squads now ruling the roost at church-related activities.

    As a curious turn of phrase M. Yingling says this, in answer to the IRS question ‘what does IMU’ mean.

    “IMU was incorporated in Florida as ‘IMU Services, Inc.’ Thus, the letters ‘IMU’ as part of ‘IMU Services, Inc.’ do not stand for anything. However, to Scientologists, IMU means International Membership Unit.”

    Is it possible that the same people writing for DM have association with those writing as M. Yingling?

    Has lost technology, in plain view, that is Golden, now, not meaning anything, but known to Scientologists as IMU, turned up in obscure IRS records?


  116. Tell your friend to ask for the reference for staying off-base. It’s a non-LRH local issue. I never let them enforce it on me and I got away with it. FSO doesn’t care what Accomos thinks. So it’s very unlikely it will come up as an Ethics matter. It’s worth a try. Of course the IAS is a different story.

  117. It degrades staff. Besides taking them off post it makes them seem like out-exchange beggars, begging you you for “Just a couple thousand” every time you turn a corner in the org.

  118. I believe that in the fine print on the IAS donation form it clearly states that it is a donation and ISN’T refundable.

  119. COS is buying these “sponsored ads” from google. They have put in key terms (which must be things like Marty, Rathbun, Rathbone, etc. etc.) which pull up their ads, PROVIDED they have bid a certain amount of $ to generate the ad from the key words.

    It is COS generated and paid for – not something that Marty is doing. Marty is just using words that COS has keyed into their ads.

  120. Marty,

    In ’07, I was under massive pressure, against my purpose, to join staff at my Class V Org.

    The OTVIII E/D was the individual pressuring me to do so over many hours and multiple recruitment cycles.

    At one point he began pushing for me to become the local IAS registrar. I was confused as to why that post would even exist in an org and by a non-SO person such as myself.

    Well….that OTVIII was under DM’s thumb to the degree that he was actually auctioning off jars of jam, neck tie’s and bags of potato chips (true story with lots of witnesses), for Idle Org Mest.

    In other words, he was and still is being hideously out-ethics under DM.

    And by encouraging me (with much force), to become the IAS reg, he was undoubtedly, although perhaps unwittingly (?) trying to get me to go out-ethics, too.

    Make sense?

    Well, I didn’t take that post. I knew it was wrong in my gut.

    What a mess!

  121. “Seems like DM’s empire is crumbling faster than anyone anticipated.”

    Time to demand your donations back to IAS before it hidden away.

  122. resourceful2010

    Penny Krieger’s post about the friends of lrh website reminded me of an article they wrote about this whole subject of the IAS and what they’re really all about.

    I just went back and reread it. Guess what? THE IAS IS A COMPLETE CROCK! This site proves it! The IAS has nothing to do with LRH or real Scientology. The whole freakin justification for the IAS is a quote LRH made in 1958! He was talking about a one dollar membership in a totally different group , for Christ’s sake!

    Don’t take my word for it– or anybody else’s for that matter. Check it out for yourself. Go to:


    Click on, “What happened to Friends of LRH” from the menu, and find Topic 3 — The use of LRH quotes. It’s about halfway down the page.

    Just the absurdity of seeing all the statuses and trophies and diamond-heads is worth the price of admission!

  123. Another Layer

    Amen to that! Since I started in Scientology 35 years ago, membership has uniformly been presented to me as a mandatory prerequisite for Div. 4 and 5 training and processing. With the exception of Div. 6 services, membership has always been mandatory for public, in complete disregard of LRH policy.

    While I was on staff, paid membership was not required, but apparently that has changed since the IAS stepped in.

    So, no choice! What a bald-faced lie to say otherwise.

    Thanks for the great report, Marty!

  124. YES ! Anonlover is their alsoo something on Misleading and such ?

  125. Martin Ottmann

    I can confirm this as I sat in during the daily GI meetings at the Dept 6 reg office. There was a standing order that no public could begin his Flag services unless he/she had a valid IAS membership. CO Debbie Cook stressed it several times that the IAS membership of any arriving public had to be checked and that Cathy was responsible for that.

    Because of this, Cathy Carlson made it onto the “Senior Honor Roll” list of the IAS.

  126. Martin Ottmann

    Additionally, CSI paid $ 12,5 million to the IRS – as a compensation of some sort.

  127. 60% of the visits of scientology.org are per Alexa through ads, but those people don’t stay long time on it . But it costs lots of money to c.o.s.
    Marty doesn’t pay a cent for his readers. They are more and stay longer on the site.

  128. wow he’ll get his motivator !

  129. Vicki,
    Yet it is apparent that they DO give refunds, as evidenced.

    I’m going to get a tad ‘sudden’. It seems to me that if some fool wants to pay a ‘user fee’, a tithe, a tax, quite in addition to a donation for an actual service, that is completely arbitrary and in conflict with the tenets of the joint, the policy of the place and as it turns out, in contradiction to statements to Federal officers, then by all means, be a clay pigeon, be a target. DM likes to shoot guns.


    There is LRH policy on Certs, Provisional and otherwise, and NOT ONE OF THEM says anything about any God-damned ‘IAS’.

    SOME people don’t bend to this suppressive parasitic, no-exchange, criminal, squirrel bullshit.

    Others…well to those others, stand-up. Straighten that back and do something about it!

    Fine print! For fu@#’s sake, now ‘fine print’ is CAUSE!!

  130. John Peeler I think you uncovered the number one WHY

    If an organization or person proclaims to celebrates the truth but practises shore-stories for advancement or cover-ups it or one will never be taken seriously in this present day and age. Not with the internet in place.

    Can The Church Scientology as a keeper of Scientology as the body of knowledge shake of it’s falling back on Shore Story Tech (and TR-L)?

    I think not.

    Can Scientologists as practisioners of Scientology as a body of knowledge do it ?

    I am curious enough to say that I am waiting to find out.

    Thank you for making clear to me what was hidden for (not from mind you) me. It was the thing that I sensed but I could not define in words.

    I feel suprisingly uplifted.

  131. HMMM is correct,
    I never paid for my IAS lifetime membership, it was given to me by someone doing lower conditions, part of their amends, who said you can’t buy your way out of lower conditions? I never got certs for NOTs, the Solo-Nots course, or any re-dos, makes sense now.
    Looks like the sword is being pulled out of the stone and the torch is being (by)passed. great post

  132. HCO PL 14 June 1965 “POLITICS, FREEDOM FROM”
    “The reason for this declaration is the consistent disaster visited upon her “allies” by the United States government and the efforts of that government since 1955, stepped up since 1963, to seize Scientology in the United States rather than forbid or stop it and the role played by the United States in inspiring the Victorian State attacks in Australia. ”

    Kind of makes you wonder if they didn’t finally succeed.

  133. martyrathbun09

    Which I suppose is the reason I am about to let you go back to ESMB, WWP, and the other natter, victim boards. You guys apparently find victimhood so precious, left to your own devices we’d probably degenerate into a discussion of how one was “brainwashed” by the first Welcome to the Sea Org tape.

  134. martyrathbun09

    I don’t spent a cent (unlike the hundreds of thousands they do) for search engine optimization and other tricks. We just talk here.

  135. “faber est quisque fortunae suae”

  136. Martin Ottmann

    “I’m sure that in Germany the Orgs are paying the legal battle, but not the IAS. Could somebody please confirm it.”

    In the nineties, a former German staff member told me that the German orgs and missions had to pay a regular fee that went into some kind of a “legal defense fund”. It basically was a steady income source for one particular law firm that handled the most cases for the various Scn organizations in Germany. We critics often wondered if the main attorney had any other clients besides Scientology orgs. He definitely had a lot of business thanks to his connections ot the OSA office in Germany.

    What I personally know is that when a legal non-favorable judgment came down (f.e. a suit by a former member) and the affected org couldn’t pay the judgment and no appeal was possible, it was the “Scientology International Reserves Trust” (SIRT) who jumped in and paid the bill. The money then came from one of the CSI accounts in Luxembourg. Technically, SIRT is under the control of the “International Central Reserves Committee” of CSI. SIRT paid a few of such judgments in Germany and France.

  137. Alrighty then! We can all just ask for ALL of our donations money back for the IAS, and carry right on receiving church services.


    P.S. Who do we write to at the IRS to complain about the IAS scam? Not only is the IAS illegal, per LRH policy, it is MOST CERTAINLY NOT an non-profit corporation!

  138. Oooooooh! So spot on, thank you Sam!

  139. DFB
    Very well done! Getting the ethics condition done on top of the cognition (for me) cleaned up the last vestiges of PTSness and helped me to complete my journey out of the madness. Do it, not because it’s the ‘right thing to do’ but because there are even more gains to be had 😉

  140. Mike Hobson,after the agreement, he promptly declared everybody…Gawd sounds about right, what a crock. Many Scientology CPA’s and tax consultants were involved in that one.

  141. PS
    This was one of the biggest wins ‘in Scientology’ LOL.

  142. John Peeler,
    Please tell me your like, 22 or something. Please tell me you have some other language than English as a first. Please. Otherwise, WTF is wrong with your computer that it can’t get off that same old webpage, over, over, over again.

    Just like a record, over, over, over again.

    ‘Mommy, I just keep going around in circles!’
    ‘ Shut up JP or I’ll nail your other foot to the floor.’

    I’m sure you do feel vindicated. Nothing like being right, real ‘right’, and others, well let’s just say ‘not so right.

    Back to ESMB and WWP, please. Shut the door on your way out (we’ll leave it open, just a crack.)

  143. Tom,get a copy of that issue. That would be interesting as I am sure it is something made up to get money. Talk about a heist? They all deserve to be locked up for criminal acts. I would call my Credit card company or bank and cancel that one within 30 days. I would let them know right up front I was put under duress and was threatened.

  144. Concerned Citizen

    There are documents in the CofM’s posession that can effectively DA some of the points you bring up.

    Doubt any of us could in fact produce them for you due to that fact. But it is a Matter of record that the military more than one has “lost” records, false reported on someone’s location on their records and generally covered things up, so given that, we can’t take their records as final.

  145. theystolemychurch

    I really think the “deal” made with the IRS was about CST being formed and the Board of Directors, including Meade Emory as director was how the dwarf did it…. I really think that is how the dwarf gave (or sold) our church away from us… that and his squirreling…. look at this link: http://the-scientologist.com/Meadeemory.shtml

    I honestly continue to be amazed at how asleep at the wheel I have been for almost 30 years!!!

  146. Concerned Citizen

    About 3 years ago, the IAS had a “change of policy” in which freeloaders were now allowed to donate and reges went around to several Ex -SO whoo were still FL and regged.

    But thought they are elegible to pay, aparently they’d not get a card, or a status until fully paid. A friend of mine bought his and his wife’s though they are both paid up on their FL, since he was at Int, he is ignored, recieved no card, has had no response to querries and has a sinking feeling he has been deadfiled. (But they took his money)

  147. I was wondering about the “voluntary” aspect of membership. As a reg, I was told that anyone doing Div 4 services had to have a membership.

    This may have been a complete arbitrary introduced by my org but I was wondering if any documentation exists which would confirm that operating basis and connect the dots from IAS to CSI.

    Does anyone out there have access to Div 4 routing forms or even the release waivers, both would be preferable? I’d love to get them scanned and emailed to me.

    I know originally the membership was not required but with all the changes we’ve seen, this may also have been changed.

  148. Vicki,

    If the money paid is a requirement for service (easily shown to be the case), then by definition it is not a donation. And then the fine print about no refund falls away entirely.

    Sometimes the law does work in our favour.

  149. War and Peace

    MJ ~~

    Thanks for posting this.

    This DM Church has morphed into something that is ONLY about the money.

    NO IAS $$$$ = NO Purif.

    This is not about giving the public the wins and gains of the tech, the entire flow from Org staff is how much can be bled out of the prospect.
    DM’s Miscavology.

    I have some old time friends. The husband went for an L to Flag Land Base.

    After paying $20,000 he was told no L will be delivered til you buy a Patron $40,000.

    He was told New Policy is ~~No more Ls til Patron $40,000 is paid for.

    He sullenly paid it. He came home and was silent. His wife was puzzled. Not a word, no wins voiced, no comment on the Flag Trip, she could FEEL something not right….

    I am willing to bet the L was delivered OVER the ARC break of the gouging of the $40,000 and the enforcement/leverage, PAY or you get no L.

  150. Marty,

    ESMB is NOT a victim board. It provided a refuge from the insanities of the CoS when I was in a state of severe emotional and spiritual travail. And for many others as well. Yes, there is a wide variety of viewpoints being expressed there, some of which may be upsetting to those who call themselves Scientologists. Sometimes people say things that I don’t agree with. But I don’t call it natter just because I don’t agree with it. Some of the finest people I have ever known hang out on ESMB. I wouldn’t call any of them ‘victims’.

    And, I would like to remind you and everyone else here that ESMB provided a place where people could voice their opposition to the CoS well before Anonymous and before many of the current Independents spoke out publicly. It was the advent of websites such as ESMB and Operation Clambake that helped pave the way for those coming afterwards.

    I respect what you are trying to do here, and I am confident that you, Mike and your comrades can deal an effective, perhaps fatal blow to the monstrosity that the ‘CofM’ has become. When I spoke to you, you stressed to me the importance of multiple viewpoints. I hope you are not dismissing some now because they are inconvenient.


  151. martyrathbun09

    Ax 142. I highly recommend the State of Man lecture series. Barrages of communications that invalidate anything other than victim viewpoints is below 2.0 and leads toward victimhood and death.

  152. From SO ED 3164 INT, 13 Nov 85, Enforcement of Membership Benefits,
    “From this point on, it is Church policy, that public routing onto their next service shall secure their membership with the International Association of Scientologists PRIOR to commencing that service. In the case of an individual who has not been fully enlightened on the purpose of the IAS and his part and responsibility in forwarding this as a Scientologist, he is to be briefed on the spot by the Membership Officer in Division 6C or the registrar so that he comes fully aboard and is signed up.”

  153. martyrathbun09

    And if you ever forget that, you’ll be miserable.

  154. Mr. Peeler, just curious, approximately how many hours have you audited other people?

  155. Concerned Citizen

    Yes, but this can not be all there is to it, teh Inter Pol Capitulated and so did CIA, FBI etc.

    These agencies collectively are amongst the dirtiest players in the world. I’m sure CATS was a psrt of this, but it would have taken far more to back them down to their knees.

    I suspect black mail of some sort. I know through some OSA friends, that the Church’s well documented use of PIs and other Counter Intelligence Methods were effective in gathering crucial info to assist in the efforts.
    “But” said my friend “You know what LRH says,- ‘If you leave us alone we will leave you alone,’ works like a charm”

    I always wondered what he’s got on them…

  156. From the booklet “Description of the Scientology Religion” Oct 1993 CSI:
    “The International Association of Scientologists (“IAS”) is a membership organization open to all Scientologists from all nations. The IAS provides support to churches of Scientology and IAS members engaged in activities which assist the expansion of Scientology and is also a unifying force which enables Scientologists to respond to and counter threats to freedom of religion in any corner of the world.
    The founders of IAS included in its constitution provisions that the IAS would take no action which would subject it to the jurisdiction of any country which tolerates and/or engages in the oppression of any religion or of mankind. Thus, the IAS is constituted as an unincorporated association of individual Scientologists from around the world. It does not participate in management or church affairs and is not part of the ecclesiastical hierarchy. The IRS has recognized the IAS as tax exempt.”

  157. Bit of a digression, but this reminds me of the DSA coming to me to FP for legal fees (ie contribute to OSA) for the church defense of the Slatkin debacle.When I asked why, he said that Slatkin was in our field. Told him it would never happen, and it didn’t.

  158. 3 Feet,

    This is proof that there was church policy written prior to the church response to the IRS noted above. An outright lie to the IRS, WOW!

    Can you tell me who is named as the approval on this specific reference?

  159. I remember Enid. She loved fresh flowers on her desk.

  160. Concerned Citizen

    Links please, or at least name the articles so we can find them.

    I was reading Jeff’s on blind fait and knowledge, definitly food for thought, still chewing that one around.

  161. Theo Sismanides

    And Ruthie? She was not that old. I used to be at ASHOD back in 1993-96! We worked together.

  162. Martin Ottmann

    Hey Mark,

    are you comfortable to talk about the so-called “Church Tax Compliance Committee” (CTCC) of CSI, which was mentioned in the Closing Agreement with the IRS? Was this a mere front that only existed on paper to satisfy certain IRS demands? Or did it actually perform some of the tasks for which it was created?

  163. I know victimhood is diametricly oposed to taking responsiblity in ones live. I rather like to see them with a picketsign or creating succes in their lives. Supressive are those for example who keep you in the victim role and block your ability to take responsibility in your life by feeding you half truths or plain lies. Stop you in your tracks so to speak.

    Now the layers of the onion have been peeled away it opens a real oppurtunity to stack Scientology up to other workable philosophies by all of you no longer hidden away in a bussine sminded church. I think Jim , Marty and all the others herewill suprise me, I honestly think that.
    Times ahead are much fresher and cleaner.

    Scientology AS-IS without the golden sprinkles

    What you see is what you get.

    ‘Warts and all’

  164. Theo Sismanides

    I think a ship, a MEST body, a live organization, a car is driven by a Thetan. When that thetan has gone or is mad you get accidents and deaths.

    I think this is a why. We left the church to a thetan who is just mad.

    Now we got to be the thetan on top of things.

    I was thinking the other day if eating olives and bread and tomato instead of some well cooked meat was OK for me. Actually nothing wrong with olives and bread and tomatoes but to some may sound a bit of a poor lunch. Like rice and beans. And I had the cognition that ethics is inherenet to a thetan, one might eat that if no production has occured but still it depends WHO and WHY is assigning to him to eat rice and beans or olives and bread.

    I wonder if ever DM assigned to himself to eat rice and beans.

    So the Sea Org is not bad, it gets bad when it is taken over. The Sea Org is the structure to handle force and other things. Not easy to do. It just that now it has become a black operation in the hands of DM.

  165. Danke schön Martin !

  166. Regardless of how bad Cof$/IAS is, regardless of any lies they told the IRS … it is IMPOSSIBLE for ANY group or individual to out lie, out cheat, or out steal the IRS. For Cof$ to get into it with the IRS, I don’t take sides, I eat popcorn. Its like watching the two neighborhood bullies, both of whom picked on you at one time or another, making each other’s nose bloody.


  167. War and Peace

    Jim Logan,

    Superlative research. Very Well Done.
    Quoting your LRH Policy excerpt on a
    ” Facility Differential” :::

    “Facilities normally include:
    (a) Those that unburden lines
    (b) Those that speed lines
    (c) Those that gather data
    (d) Those that compile
    (e) Those that buy leisure
    (f) Those that defend
    (g) Those that extend longevity on the job.

    what is this ?

    Birthday Party for Tom Cruise aboard Freewinds 2004 $250,000.00
    Birthday Party for Tom Cruise aboard Freewinds 2005 $250,000.00
    Flights for David Miscavige & staff for events only (past ten years
    David Miscavige’s office sound systems throughout the world $
    Custom hand crafted motorcycle custom made for DM $ 25,000.00
    Renovations at Hacienda Gardens for Dave Miscavige berthing

    To mention a tiny amount of DM inurements.
    It is puzzling that Monique Yingling, a so called #1 Tax Attorney lets him do this.

    There is a WATERGATE story of magnitude here. INTBASEGATE. The cruelty, the abuse, the slaves that built the Taj Mahal structures…the life of luxury of the Leader at the Helm.

  168. I retired my poo-waders a long time ago, so I truly appreciate those who still wear them occasionally and pluck the gems out for me…
    Thank you!

  169. DM declaring the CATS people espee after working the deal with the IRS … that is reminiscent of what Hitler did to the Brownshirts after they got him in power.


  170. Becker’s income went up from there. Sometime in 92,93,or 94 (or so) he had his income capped by IAS headquarters. Don’t now what the cap amount was, but he always made it. The WUS Office I/C (Pirak for some years) and Howard would get into a fight and Becker would end up donating a chunk back to the IAS. Howard has donated over 250K of his “pay.” I guess you could say at least he believes in his own bullshit.

  171. DFB~I know exactly how you feel!

  172. Theo~were you BSO at ASHODay by any chance?

  173. Oh, absolutely! I used to see people leaving in tears from an IAS briefing, the personal kind where they get you alone in a room and prove how your failure to donate is going to crash Scn. Charts, diagrams, stats, all entheta about all the “attacks” internationally, how horrible it all is. That step was on the routing in form at Flag. When I got off staff and became a public, I devised all kinds of ways to get out of that step. I remember one person arriving for their OT levels, giving it all to the IAS and caving in and leaving without doing the service. Some kind of policy was made up to forbid IAS from taking money off someone’s FSO account, but I don’t know how that stands today, this was 20 years ago.

  174. SO ED 3164 INT came from Fields Exec Int (I don’t know who that was at the time). The approval says ” Approved by ED INTERNATIONAL and WATCHDOG COMMITTEE, Authorized by AVC International for CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL
    copyright 1984, 1985 CSI”

  175. Thanks, 3 feet. GL is G. Leserve but I don’t know who MG is.

    Anyway, this is what I needed. You don’t by any chance have a scanner do you? I’d love a copy of this.

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  177. craig houchin

    Hey Jim and Marty,

    John Peeler is bringing up some very valid questions that a lot of us out here have. I don’t think it’s victimy at all to want answers.

    Now, I agree with you that addressing questions about LRH should wait until the present scene is resolved and the abuses are stopped, but at some point you guys or anyone else attempting to restore Scientology’s credibility after the fall will have to address those nagging questions about LRH and a lot of his seemingly cruel policies. The cat’s out of the bag and your future public have heard them all.

    I’m a twenty-year Scientologist and I would never pick up the cans or set foot in a church again until I got some answers. If LRH was mad genius with an occasional flash of evil then let us have the truth. It doesn’t effect what good things he developed. But nor does the GPM known as LRH (good or evil?) AS IS as long as these stories go unanswered.

    Now, as I said, I don’t expect an answer from you now. I agree that we should concentrate on the current problems and end the abuses, lying and cheating.

    Afterwards, during the clean up. I’d be happy to hear something besides a shore story.

  178. martyrathbun09

    Craig, it is total q and a. A shore story is what I told him a shore story is. It has nothing to do with a Billion dollar fraud.

  179. Actual scanned documents. “Application for Recognitionof Exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code


  180. War and Peace,

    I dunno if you’ll ever see this note, but where did you come up with the $ numbers on this itemized list of DM’s “expenses” for over $35 million?

    Also, am I correct in assuming you have proof they were paid for out of the IAS slush fund?


    Just Me

  181. You betcha. I’ll do it tonight and send you the link.

  182. Again, War and Peace,

    You are in posssession of some amazing time/place/form/event information.

    That story of the $40K extortion the guy had to pay to get his Ls made me ill.

    Still, thanks for the data.

    Just Me

  183. Axiom 38,

    Those “keyouts” experienced by Scientologists who attend the hyper-sensation events and regging sessions are IMO nothing different than Christians flipping out rave-style when the revival preacher comes to town with his worship music dance band.

    To me it all looks like one big fat self-hypnotic experience, with the EP of mental aerobics done to the point of hyperventilation. It’s no different than fainting of infatuation for Elmer Gantry.

    Just Me

  184. WH,

    I concur with your advice that we all make at least occasional efforts to expose ourselves to viewpoints we don’t agree with.

    So many good reasons to do that — from flattening my buttons to gaining information I didn’t have to seeing the same old data through a different filter (and suddenly getting new, better meanings).

    I do that all the time on as many Scn blogs and boards as I have time to scan, as well as with talk radio and newspapers. Good people are everywhere — sometimes mainly because they feel loyal to other people who post there.

    Besides, it’s good exercise that builds my evaluation skills.

    Just Me

    P.S. I missed you while you were gone on your retreat.

  185. Sam, Jesus got sudden!

  186. martyrathbun09

    I agree.

  187. John Peeler, You bring up Ron mags and military record appearently being wrong and abuses have gone on since before DM, etc. Well, maybe, there were some abuses before and maybe some of the stuff in the Ron mags were not correct, bla bla bla. Honestly, whatever. Take a look at what LRH produced. How much tech he has developed that works.

    Here is the truth: When LRH was on the lines and running the show, Scientology was expanding and people were having huge wins and moving up the bridge and becoming better beings. Now, thanks to DM, Scientology has become a dangerous cult.

    Personally I owe big time to LRH. So I do not appreciate the LRH bashing.

  188. craig,
    OK, I’ve been looking at this stuff longer than you. I’ve been declared since 92, just as the internet came to be and in its stages prior to the world wide web’s take off.

    I’ve read every single one of these things. I’ve researched every single one of them, well, not the one where he apparently eats babies, but every other one. I’ve read the books.

    Take just one that Peeler brings up, the military record. Well there are two valid refutations of that data that I’ve seen that handle this one. One put out by Fletcher Prouty and the other a simple research cycle by Maria on Geir Isene’s forum.

    These things can be found. My point to John Peeler is to stop going to the exact same websites that, like any other propaganda, say the exact same things. That’s just good invest tech! There are outpoints, and that means pull a string. It doesn’t mean to play with it like a ‘cat’ (pun intended).

    You’ve studied SOS. Well the Tone Scale applies to data too. Just because Gerry Armstrong says it’s ‘true’ and Russell Miller prints it, and John Atack says it again, and Margery Wakefield spent ‘ten minutes’ on OT III doesn’t mean that LRH was dramatizing a GPM. Does it? I mean really, you’re a smart guy. You’re telling me that you accept this at face value!

    This thread is on a specific topic. John Peeler’s mere forwarding of information that he hasn’t taken the time to check, other that that other website which merely repeats what the first one said (just like some new study which is in fact a rehash of the old one), and his failure to complete a cycle of action to find the truth, doesn’t mean I have to do it for him.

    You are very, very welcome to write to me at home, my email is bluecharm@hushmail.com, and I will go over every single thing that sticks in your craw about whatever it is that is there.

    I was snarky with John. I’m not always pan-determined and select out certain things now and again to play with. The nonsense he put in that post today is one of them.

    Again, you write to me personally and I’ll turn over any and every rock you want to. Straight up, facts, and till it’s done.

    Someday along the line here, this data has to be put together in one spot as a package. I agree with you that for many, the ‘shocking revelations’ are very hard to take. Believe me, sincerely, I have gone through it. From the lowest depths up. I didn’t back off from any of it. John is. Or at least he’s being cursory and that ain’t the deal. Not with something this significant.

  189. In the early 80’s we had the Choice to purchase either annual or Life-time memberships to set-off Scientology Services by 20%. That was a good deal, but then they kept coming back holding IAS panic-news events almost bi-monthly, utilizing the “Merchant of Chaos” Tech to extract big $$$ from the membership. Doors were locked, some people physically surrounded and detained in tears racking up their credit cards and even followed them home for all-night squeezers if they thought more could be pummeled out of them.

    The reges were ice-cold, oblivious to any sense of heartlessness, and often stalked org public for days after to milk some more. This was as good a time to blow course as any, which usually resulted in Threats of SP declares after having pulled the same IAS evasion stunt a half a dozen times before.

    The Crs Sup was often sympathetic, but still had to route me Ethics, where it was deemed a Sec Check was required to raise Responsibility a bit. None of this had anything to do with any progress up the Bridge.

    Then things got interesting. The majority of those sessions were taken up with … on LRH …, on Scientology …, on the org … I had no idea what kind of dirtbag I had become in the last 4 years of my whole track existence since joining RTC’s Scientology.

    Fortunately a John Wayne type FLAG-trained C/S came back at that time, canceled the sec check, tore up the ethics order and put me back on course. Happiness lasted until the next IAS Extortion brigade arrived I was unable to shake.

    Looking back on that now, its takes a monumental amount of PR & conditioning to stick up with that shit, and I have no idea why I never lept at their throats. I could not restrain myself today.

    One time Pomerantz wanted to meet me in his hotel room to give me the “inside track” in secret reserved only the special few. I refused, same with the org and called for a public place.

    He wanted $50,000, tag-teaming with a new OT-8. I called his event horseshit story for what it was, and then handed me another implausible one, which had twice as many holes in it as the one before it.

    And that’s fraud. All of it, incl. the sec check pawned off on me.

  190. craig and any others,
    We’ll take up the ‘Admissions’ or ‘Affirmations’ too. My oh my, how could he say such things 🙂

  191. Becker’s income went up from there, so that in either 92,93 or 94, IAS headquaters put a cap on his income. He’s likely a millionaire – but then when he made buttloads of money and he pissed Pirak off, he’d get pulled in and made to make a large donation. He’d pay back some of his “pay” and has done so repeatedly so he’s a Gold Meritorius or some such.

  192. Karen, Here you go. Just quick pdf’s (no OCR) for now.

  193. Tara,
    I have ‘hip-wellies’. When it gets too deep, chest-waders, after that, I’m outta there.

  194. I dont know that it was a specific datum.
    I was checking out the links on the side of Martys site here and I hadnt read Silvia Kusada’s blog yet so I just started reading it. It’s one of those scroll-down type things so I cant really link to an exact article.

    There was a quote from Geir Isene: “What scientologists become skilled to do
    is justifying the out-points
    in order to stay in the Church”

    I can agre with that.

    Maybe it was the pics and stuff about independents. Seeing that pic of happy “staff” independents got me I think.

    I dont know if a pic will link here.

    Or as html?

    “We should let them know that the standard tech is available outside the monopoly of the Church.

    They do not need to give up their income, their business, their family and friends and still achieving freedom.

    The highest tech terminals, class IX’s, class XII’s, C/S’s and executives are outside.

    They were punished for not agreeing with the alter-ising and squirrelling of tech.”

  195. craig houchin


    Thanks for the honest feedback. I really do appreciate it. And no, I do not take all of the anti-LRH at face value. Nor do I, any longer, take all of the pro-LRH at face value. I’m giving everything the “once over.” I appreciate your offer to get in comm and I’ll take you up on it.

    The main thrust of my previous comment was to let you guys know that there are a lot of people like me, who are not Scn and LRH bashers, but who are wrestling with all of these apparent dichotomies regarding LRH and his tech.

    The closest we can get to source is through those who worked with LRH, and even they still break into two camps — those who love him and beat the drum for all of the Church PR, and those who think he’s a criminal.

    A lot of you guys have stood on the deck with the man. Your personal experience is our best chance to resolve some of these questions. Through you, we’re trying to get as close to source as we can. Just don’t blow us off. That’s all I ask.

    Just understand our dilemma and, if nothing else, just ack us with a little ARC and point us in a good direction to find more data.

    I think you idea of compiling everything together as a package is vital to any reconstruction of Scientology’s reputation in the world.

    Now, having said all that, I do feel that this particular topic is best left to the clean up phase of this story. Right now, we can all agree that PT abuses need to stop.

    Thanks again for giving me your time on this. See ya on the blogs.

  196. Yep,agree with that also.
    I recall jay walking to walk into the front door of a Church of SCN inthe early 80’s and demand “What the hell is this?”
    The guy at reception (during lunch) said do a personality test! No just tell me what it is. He insisted so i sat at the back of a chapel and started the test with my girlfriend. A babbling psychotic walked in and sat down next to us.he was obviously nuts and I thought “Oh great this is a church they will probably be very sweet and give him a bowl of soup or something. Well the “receptionist walked over and 8C’d him out the door without any HE@R and i recall being VERY impressed with this “Church”.
    5 hrs later after being 8c’d myself,my girlfriend and I were on the comm course with one of the coolest guys I’d ever met.
    Point being this was unlike any damned church I’d ever seen and being a rough and tough Oil rigging farmboy’ I knew competence when i saw it and if my early experience had included some old time preacher revival IAS event as you put it I would have been out the door faster than you can say,No Cognition!

  197. Joe Pendleton

    Some comments on some of the comments.

    Add to the list of legendary SO reges who died, Mr. (Amir?) Geuron, just in his early 50s.

    I’ve known Cal Cole for 35 years or so, a VERY good guy. Sorry to hear how he’s been co-opted, but without absolving him of his own personal responsibility, you have to realize he WOULD NOT BE ABLE to hold his post, or even be in the Sea Org unless he made the postulates of the current culture his own. Or he could drop his body (and for his sake, his wife’s, children, and grandchildren, I certainly do not want to see that).

    Likewise, I was a close friend of Ruthie’s for the same 35 years. A really WONDERFUL being, one of the best.

    Religion! When you agree to a church holding the POWER over your own personal salvation (AND access to your moolah)…this my friends is what you get. Sorry to say that LRH also had some responsibility for this. It took me 40 years to cognite on this. Just understand the history of this planet and before this planet. Ron no doubt thought that Scientologist’s higher awareness would make them not prone to these pressures to dramatise these phenomena. You decide if he was right.

    Thought control. Extortion. Imprisonment. All I wanted to do was to get rid of my reactive mind and become a great auditor and help others.


    Just got an email inviting me to NY Org to hear the Roberts/Pomeranz IAS Road show.

    Can’t someone video this? And also record some reg cycles that get really nasty?

    Marty – keep fighting the good fight.

  198. To repeat the obvious, you are a wise man Jim Logan.

    I too have read everything that has ever been written (that I know of) about LRH — Miller, Armstrong, Atack, Wakefield and more. I have also spent time with Gerry Armstrong, John Atack and many others. I have had access to the entire LRH biography files and have spent a LOT of time reading them.

    When all is said and done though, anyone who has really looked comes to the same conclusion. Judge the man by his work. What has he given to mankind and does it improve conditions? That is all HE ever asked. He repeatedly stated that he was just a man, that he was not a God and that he didnt lead a perfect life. Did he have aberrations? Thank God he did. A man with no reactive mind would not have had the necessity level to do what he did that resulted in Dianetics.

    It is easy to judge him. It is easy to make up your own mind. Read a book. Listen to lectures. Experience auditing for yourself.

    Hanging up on “electrifying” tidbits is an altered importance. It’s not difficult to understand why it happens, especially when people begin to look outside the walls of the C of M and come across all sorts of information. But, the work is there for anyone to see. And that is all that matters. If you had gains in auditing or were better able to live your life after reading a book, would it matter if the author had two left feet or an ugly wife or wore polka dot underwear?

    It is perfectly acceptable to have doubts or wonder about things. It is foolish to not be able to think for yourself and analyse information.

    But, with the perspective of having seen so much, I must note that every time I looked into the man’s life, I came to the conclusion in the end that the outrageous statements that sought to undermine his credibility were just that, and that while he was not perfect, his life was, as you might expect, a reflection of what you find in his works. His care for his fellow man was astonishing. He did not enjoy the comforts of a wealthy lifestyle. He could have retired when he was young. Instead, he worked every day of his life dedicating his efforts to making it possible for everyone to achieve freedom and happiness.

  199. I’ve been away but the IAS articles I have nothing to say because they cover it well. Nice job Marty, I’ll be recommending them to people.

  200. Thank you, 3 feet!

  201. Craig,
    Thank you much for your reply. Mike Rinder’s remark ‘When all is said and done though, anyone who has really looked comes to the same conclusion. Judge the man by his work’ is much the same as one by William James, which is apropos:

    ““In the natural sciences and industrial arts it never occurs to any one to try and refute opinions by showing up their author’s neurotic constitution. Opinions here are invariably tested by logic and experiment, no matter what may be their author’s neurological type. It should be no otherwise with religious opinions.”pp 17,18 The Varieties of Religious Experience.

    LRH was alive and in living color in that life. What he did on a Saturday night in 1935 has precious little to do with the fact that when my perception is poor in a given area and I’m backed off, screw it up, and am frustrated and nasty about it, then a wonderful person called an ‘auditor’ asks me some questions, and within the space of a session, it is resolved and I am able to be, do and have in that area.

    Does it matter to me that Isaac Newton was a Mason, an ‘alchemist’ and collected the eye of bat for some concoction that he poured over a virgin black cat under an oak tree down the road from Trinity? (Hey, I just made that up. But it IS on the internet and you watch, without this disclaimer, it will be taken as ‘fact’ by some).

    Calculus is still what it is. Mechanics in the macrocosm are still used to load my lawntractor on the back of my beat up pick-up truck. And frankly, I like Masons. My great and grandfather were both Masons. I’ve got their certs and awards in the attic. Plus other secret stuff 🙂

    There is MUCH more to this than some ad hominem about the man. Or even the man for that matter.

  202. Thank you.

  203. I love the way you get sudden, Jim. I don’t know about the “tad” part but I have always enjoyed a good reason for a deserved rant and this was definitely one of them.

  204. Quicksilver

    Hey 3Feet,

    I get an invalid image when I download that file … is there another way to post that SO ED?

  205. Freedom Fighter

    Ruthie was incredible. I came across a few e-mails she’d sent me a while back. Very caring being, that one. Last I heard, Phyllis Houlihan had taken her place as a reg. I always thought that was odd as Phyllis is an incredibly good Auditor. Anyone have any details on this?

  206. I hope this posts to the right comment thread, it’s getting a little long.


    You continue to amaze me with your willingness to help people sort out the fact from the fiction in the most self determined way. You are my ideal qual terminal.


    Your response to Craig was also very well written, truthful and honest. I have to admit, I am envious of all of your resources of information.

    You made one point that based on my own personal experience was true for me, “His care for his fellow man was astonishing.”

    When I started to read the internet, I did read many things until I was certain of one fact and then all the rest seemed to have less importance. Despite all that was written or said about him he still was an amazingly giving and thoughtful person who cared for his fellow beings far beyond anyone I have ever known.

    He really did understand the difference between the reactive mind and the being, never condoning one for having a reactive mind just wanting them to see it for what it was and get on with the creating the future.

  207. Perhaps someone could take a photograph of it? 😀

  208. If anyone is wanting to send evidence to the IRS, can I suggest you get in contact with Larry Brennan, who can ensure the info gets to the right people.

    email larrybren12345 at aol.com (remove the spaces)

  209. Another masterpiece, Steve. International Accomplishment of Swindle it is.

  210. Sometimes, once the chosen property has been identified, it is purchased by a corporation owned by a Scn public. The Ideal Org fundraising gets going (or continues on) and when the funds have been raised, the CoS then purchases it from the corporation.

  211. martyrathbun09

    Well put Jimbo

  212. If you had gains in auditing or were better able to live your life after reading a book, would it matter if the author had two left feet or an ugly wife or wore polka dot underwear?
    Hell no, it wouldn’t!

  213. Ascard, what the hell are you talking about?
    please enlighten me.


  214. Sam, I had that precise incident in mind just yesterday when reading one of these IAS threads.

  215. craig houchin


    You wrote:

    “If you had gains in auditing or were better able to live your life after reading a book, would it matter if the author had two left feet or an ugly wife or wore polka dot underwear?”

    No, it wouldn’t. Which is my point. Why make up all of the “superhero” stories about LRH in the first place. Just show me the polka dots and three feet.

    I’m not questioning his achievements or even the character of the man himself. I’m happy to accept LRH as a man with foibles and faults and some damn good ideas. What I’m questioning is, why did the mythic character “LRH” have to be created at all, if, as you say, it doesn’t matter? Lies persist. The truth as-ises.

    I’m not trying to be challenging to anyone and I know this conversation would be over in ten minutes it we were sitting together over a beer or two but — alas — we’re not. So I’ll try to make myself understood through this imperfect, entered-time communication medium then await your response.

    We can also drop this line, too. Everyone will make up their own minds anyway. I just like to get comments from people who have first had experience with the guy. That’s all.

    Thanks for all of the input from everyone.

  216. It’s a zip file that you have to unzip first.
    I just checked it and it worked fine.

  217. Joe,
    Amir was one of my all time favorite people. We did the RPF together at Int. I love that being, wholly. What a wonder he is.

  218. Argh~ Craig ~hope this reply comes out in the right spot…
    I also am curious how many hours you have audited others? I use that as a bit of a marker – a stable datum of my own.
    Honestly, I don’t and never did give a hoot what LRH’s personal accomplishments were or weren’t. I mean, if he’d been some Manson or such, yeah, different story. I read DMSMH and many other books before I really noticed even. I very quickly went from reading his books that made total sense to applying what’s in those books making total sense.
    And you know, actually, if I then found out he’d been a Manson and dealt with it…so what? That basically good thing is real to me and I know people can change. That wouldn’t then change my reality of present time. It wouldn’t make those wins of my own or in session with others invalid. I was never pretending. My PCs weren’t either. We got what we got and changing the past ain’t changing that!

  219. Me too! I had the exact same experience as DFB about 6-7 months ago. Members of my family and I have been getting auditing outside the CoM, and we’ve been having terrific wins. It has been incredibly liberating not being in the CoM.

  220. There are some interesting posts by Larry about the creation of the IAS. Google ‘LarryBren IAS Chris Cobb’.

  221. I’m a Scientology because I want to be, nobody is forcing me, if i donate to the IAS is my free will.. To bad some of you can be here….. Such a big effort to damage the church and we keep expanding and the attackers keep loosing, few of them in jail…. so sad, not really!

  222. Free Will,

    Thanks for your comment. That is a different point of view and may be one that everyone on this board should take into account.

    For example if you, of your own free will, want to fund private investigators at thousands of dollars per day to follow and harrass people solely because they are exercising their human right to practice their religion as they see fit then you should be able to do do. If you, of your own free will, want to fund David Miscavige’s scuba diving trips and 70 million dollar quarters and, and, and, well, you are free to do so. If you, of your won free wish to fund the absolute mountains of unnecessary legal fees accumulated by the church for its horrific treatment of its own people in the form of human trafficking, forced abortions, slave labor, and a host of other things (that I am sure I don’t need to detail because you already know all about it), well, truly you should be able to do that.

    I agree with you on that Free Will. I think most, if not all, of us here are operating off of the belief that most people don’t really know exactly where the donations go and if they did, they would choose not to do so. However, if you do know where all the money goes, then by all means don’t let us try to stop you. Goodness!

    Just one last thing, you do know that you are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens within the official Church of Scientology, right?

    I guess if you’re gonna get blood on your hands, as long as you know about it, it’s okay. That’s if those things don’t end up getting prosecuted as crimes in the “real world”. Just sayin’ Ya might want to think that…of your own free will of course.

    Carry on.

  223. When I moved to Flordia a few months ago I was having a very hard time, so naturally I turned to the church,that was what I had been taught to do. I contacted Paula White ministries and told her of my problem. I had no money to eat,was almost out of housing. I was told come in fill out paperwork and we will see if you qualify for help. I told them I did not have the gas to get there, not any relatives here. I was desperate.On the fourth of July I had one hot dog to eat. Does any her ministry know what this feels like? I no longer look to any church for help. God alone is my source, he has brought me a long way.

  224. Pingback: IAS – ein vorsätzlicher Betrug? | Der Treffpunkt

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